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Love and Lust Between Heroes

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She had no idea how she survived that summon without suffering a heart attack.

Fjorm’s mind was racing the moment that the bright beam of light shooting into the sky dissipated. It took Sharena’s kind hand on her arm stopping her from blasting past Kiran and wiping out the three summoned Muspell soldiers with her bare hands. The rage evident on her face was directed at the three figures before her. Laegjarn, Laevateinn, and Helbindi. Three of the people that were commanding figures in the army of Muspell, the very same one that marched on her homeland, murdered her older sister and mother, and led her to the Order of Heroes. The same army that they had surely defeated with the death of Surtr, king of flames, and even Laegjarn who stood before them. Fjorm had seen with her own eyes as the general gave herself to the fires of Muspell, giving her life to increase her strength, and begging with her dying breath that her sister be spared the same fate.

It barely helped when Kiran explained to her the situation. These were from an alternate version of the World of Zenith, one where Muspell never brought about war with Nifl. Her near-bloodlust prevented her from seeing clearly, leading to Kiran and Alfonse having to reason with her away from the rest of the Order, as these new fighters were welcomed by the rest. Only after a short explanation, and a lengthy discussion, was she able to come to terms with the summon. Kiran had to remind her of the Laegjarn of this world, the one that had died practically in their arms, for Fjorm to calm herself to the point where she could even look at the new summons. The memories of witnessing the eldest princess of their most hated enemy beg them to save her younger sister was heart wrenching.

It took only a day for Fjorm, with the help of her recently summoned siblings, to be open to the idea of having these new summons on their side. Between their appearance from another world and Breidablik’s “pacifying” effect, Fjorm came to trust these newcomers like she would any other Hero on her side. She found herself having genuine conversations with them, glossing over the fact that doppelgangers of these Muspellians attempted to strike her and her family down, succeeding in some places. Of course, once she discovered her family had been summoned as well, albeit not her family from this world, her demeanor was softened. She was particularly curious about how Ylgr and Helbindi seemed to get along the best out of the group, with the Muspell General taking on a much more caring, almost older brother persona, one that Hrid seemed to coyly resent.

Fjorm found herself very enticed by the eldest princess of Muspell, however. Sure, Laevateinn was a younger sister just like herself, but being able to converse with a version of Laegjarn separate from the tragedies of the Muspell flame that took her life was surreal. Fjorm’s talks with the dark-skinned beauty grew so long and so varied, that one day she suddenly realized that she’d been thinking of Laegjarn as a beauty, and not an ally. Curious about this, she had spoken to Sharena and Kiran about her feelings.

Sharena, ever the friendly optimist, was overjoyed that Fjorm was making more friends, and got a bit flustered when Fjorm started to mention her more intimate thoughts about the Muspellian. Kiran nodded along to all of Fjorm’s statements (“I mean, she is very attractive, isnt she?” Fjorm recalled him saying), and casually suggested that, perhaps, Fjorm should try and get more “attached”. Aside from Kiran admitting that it sounded very “hot”, he acknowledged that doing so would allow the two princesses to bond further and increase their combat effectiveness on the battlefield. The Summoner claimed to have read that in a book, but Fjorm didn’t care, liking the idea so much that she planted her lips on Kiran’s and prevented the threesome from leaving the bed that night.

The following day, Fjorm had chosen to puff out her chest in anticipation and go speak with Laegjarn more. Deciding to ease herself into it, Fjorm had accompanied the general on a mid-morning walk around the Hall of Heroes, waving hello to the allies they passed and basking in the morning sun’s glow. Once they had rounded the Hall once, Fjorm thought it pertinent to voice her feelings to Laegjarn. After only a few weeks of knowing each other, or meeting again in Fjorm’s case, the ice princess told the princess of flame that she harbored some feelings in her heart, among other regions, for the taller woman. Laegjarn’s initial expression was one of surprise, but Fjorm could see the upturned corners of Laegjarn’s mouth, and suspected that the Muspellian was waiting for this confession for some time. The kiss that followed was soft, and Fjorm had to almost stand on her toes as Laegjarn leaned over to kiss her, but the warmth of the Muspell princess’s arms and mouth was intoxicating, bringing Fjorm into an aura of passionate peace with the woman she once believed to be her greatest enemy.

She should have guessed where that one kiss would lead, but Fjorm certainly didn’t expect to be sitting on a stone bench in the gardens of the Hall of Heroes a week later, gripping the limestone seat with white-knuckled hands and raising her face to the heavens, as the green-haired princess between her legs did wonders with her tongue.

“Oh, Gods!” Fjorm cried out, her thighs tightening around Laegjarn’s head. The Muspell general had her tongue buried deep inside of the ice princess, her hands gripping her thighs. Laegjarn massaged the pale white skin of Fjorm’s legs, her brown fingers digging deep into the soft area. Her eyes were closed, lips sealed around Fjorm’s slit, her top row of teeth gently nibbling at the Nifl princess’s clit. A sharp gasp left Fjorm’s mouth, blasting upwards in the garden and barely escaping her lips before it was followed with a drawn out moan.

“H-How are you so good at this, Laegjarn?” she was able to ask, staring down her body at the face between her legs. Neither of them were entirely naked. In fact, only Fjorm was even partially nude, as Laegjarn was forced to lower her clothing somewhat to reach her crotch. Fjorm had been taken by surprise, having been walking around the safe confines of the garden when Laegjarn had appeared. Almost like a shadow, she had come up behind the ice princess, wrapping her arms around the smaller woman’s waist and leaning her head down to kiss her neck. Fjorm could almost immediately tell it was Laegjarn, since she had used a similar tactic just a few days prior near the training grounds. Now, however, it had been followed by a very handsy Muspell princess, leaving Fjorm a quivering mess long before she was able to sit on the cold stone bench.

Laegjarn gave no answer, but instead opened her eyes, staring up to Fjorm’s face as her tongue twisted and turned. Fjorm couldn’t shut her mouth due to her continual gasping for breath, and her back was curved as if she were stretching, further preventing her from looking straight at Laegjarn. The pressure was welling up in her core, begging to be released, but she swore that she would hold out just a little longer. She certainly didn’t want to appear weak or of low stamina before her...well, her new lover, she assumed. And hoped.

Laegjarn returned her attention to Fjorm, pulling her face away for a second. Fjorm had no time to react, as Laegjarn was now sticking her tongue out, using the tip to trace a fine line up Fjorm’s slit, flicking her clit and feeling the blonde shiver. Moving her tongue back down, Laegjarn once more shoved her face more into Fjorm’s entrance, now tickling her clit with her nose.

“Laegjarn!” Fjorm squealed, “By Nifl, I...I’m going to…” The pleasurable sensation was overwhelming, to the point where the feeling in her chest prevented her from speaking. Instead, Fjorm was forced to let her body declare her desire. Her thighs clamped Laegjarn’s ears between them, embracing her head as her orgasm rushed through her body. Laegjarn was able to have a taste of Fjorm’s climax, with her tongue still inside of her, and did so willingly. Even the princess’s climax felt cold on her lips, and the flame princess had to cough, pulling her head away once Fjorm’s legs loosened around her. She stood up between her legs, cradling Fjorm’s cheek in one hand.

“Did you enjoy that?” Laegjarn asked, a soft smile on her face, “I figured I would give you a surprise for today.”

“Wh-what’s the occasion?” Fjorm gasped, leaning her head into Laegjarn’s palm, “Not that I would have said no to this…”

“I simply wanted to show you my appreciation,” Laegjarn admitted, giving Fjorm a light kiss on the forehead, “I’ve heard about the exploits that have been made around this Hall. I do not disapprove of them, and I wanted to partake in them, so I may see what they were like. I am not disappointed.” She leaned in more, touching her forehead to Fjorm’s. “And I know that you do this regularly with princess Sharena and the Summoner himself...what is that like, I wonder?”

“If you take me to your room,” Fjorm replied, her climax high coming down, “I can show you...but I’ll need a few minutes. Gods, that was so sudden but so incredible…”

“I aim to please.” Laegjarn stood, staying before Fjorm. “My room has my name on it, much like the others here. I will await you there, is that alright?” Her tender smile warmed Fjorm’s heart as much as it did her loins. The ice princess nodded, and received a nod back from Laegjarn, before she exited the gardens. Fjorm lay down on the stone bench, slowly pulling her clothes back on to cover herself. Her head was spinning both from the revelations and the thought of doing more, and she had to resign herself to waiting patiently in the garden for her strength to return to her legs.

Once that finally happened, almost ten minutes later, Fjorm booked it to Laegjarn’s room, not paying much attention to those that she passed. Thankfully, the halls were relatively empty, since there was supposed to be training going on for several groups of Heroes. Fjorm was able to get through mostly unnoticed, once stopping to wave hello at the group of child dragons playing tag near the kitchens. Reaching Laegjarn’s room, she was gladdened to see the door was unlocked, turning the knob and entering.

The first aspect of this room that Fjorm had noticed was the relative darkness of it. Much like the fearful landscapes of the land of fire itself, Muspell, this room had an orange tint to it, as if a river of fire was flowing right beside it. The walls, floor, and ceiling had a design of rock and fire, but felt like regular wood once they were passed over. A banner showing the sigil of Muspell hung from the easternmost wall, proudly displayed for onlookers to witness, and somewhat triggering terrible memories of the Kingdom in Fjorm’s mind. The furniture in the room was sparse, almost a spartan style of living. No desk or bookshelf was in sight, simply a dresser and a table with two chairs, all of which looked to be made of black volcanic rock. Fjorm knew that the Hall was imbued with strange magic that allowed these rooms to form, but it seemed like said magic had done wonders to the living space she was currently in. Once her eyes migrated to the centerpiece at the back fo the room, a large four-poster bed of dark wood and red sheets, she saw what she had come here for.

“I see apprehension in you all the way from here,” Laegjarn, princess of fire, called from her bed. Fjorm felt her face redden, and not from the inherent heat in this room. Laegjarn was sitting on the front edge of her bed, one leg over another. She wore nothing but her green underwear, consisting of a bra and a pair of panties that, due to her position, Fjorm was unable to see. Laegjarn’s thighs were resting one on top of the other, with her hands at her sides on the bed. Everything about her seemed perfect to Fjorm’s eyes, and she had to gulp to clear the growing pool of uncertainty in her mind.

“Come here,” Laegjarn said, curling her finger in the air, beckoning Fjorm forward. The ice princess felt almost drawn by an invisible force, walking towards Laegjarn with a slight hump, too distracted by the beauty before her to straighten her back. Once she reached the Muspell princess, Fjorm immediately leaned in to kiss her, only to be stopped by Laegjarn’s hand.

“You’re troubled by me,” Laegjarn whispered, stroking Fjorm’s hair out of the way with the back of her hand, “Were your dealings with me in this world truly so bad?”

“There’s no need to speak of that,” Fjorm huffed, pushing her lips against Laegjarn’s harder than she intended. The two fell back onto the bed, Fjorm furiously smashing her lips against the dark-skinned woman’s,, all the while undressing herself with ease. However, once she had removed her upper armor and was just about to slide off her clothing, she was pushed up by Laegjarn, who kept the ice woman above her.

“I’m not naive, you know,” the Muspellian tutted, “You do not become the general of a Kingdom like Muspell by being tricked and deceived. I know you’re trying to find pleasure, but all I feel is anguish.” Her warm hand palmed Fjorm’s cheek, and the Nifl princess could feel all of the muscular strength behind it, even as the gentle caress calmed her nerves. She took a deep breath, then rolled off of Laegjarn, looking at the ceiling.

“I...watched you die, in this world.” The slight brim of tears in Fjorm’s eyes welled up more, as Laegjarn leaned on her side towards her. “You gave your life to the flames of Muspell to stop us...from killing your father. Your father, who killed my sister and brought my kingdom to ruin.” Fjorm sniffled, and Laegjarn leaned over, wiping her tears away.

“I blamed you for everything that happened,” Fjorm continued, now turning her body to face Laegjarn, their legs unwittingly touching, “But the way you wished to protect your sister...the lengths you went to simply so that she could have a happier caused me to hate myself for wishing you dead. My quarrels were with Surtr, not you...but you fought anyway. And you died.”

“And now?” Laegjarn whispered, touching her forehead to Fjorm’s and looking her in the

“Now…” Fjorm sighed, shutting her eyes for a second. Her lips curled into a soft smile, and she leaned into Laegjarn’s body some more as she opened her eyes. “Now I’ve been able to know you. To understand you. Dare I say…”

“Love?” Laegjarn finished the sentence for her, and Fjorm realized the other woman’s hands were now on the ice princess’s hips, sliding ever closer to her rear.


No more words needed to be spoken. Fjorm’s sadness was replaced with pleasurable relief, and Laegjarn’s hands gripped their target. Their lips clashed together, with Fjorm rolling them over again so that she could be on top of the duo. Laegjarn’s adept hands removed Fjorm’s clothes, tossing them aside without a care as to whether they landed on the bed or the floor. In no time at all, Fjorm was left in just her underwear as well, having moved off to remove her upper clothing only to come straight back down to Laegjarn’s lips. Each of their hands was scrambling to claim some part of their bodies. Fjorm found delight in feeling Laegjarn’s wonderfully toned thighs and large, soft breasts, while Laegjarn indulged herself in the Nifl princess’s smooth rear and silky hair.

“Let me show you the fire of Muspell in another way,” Laegjarn hissed, breaking the kiss for a second. Fjorm look confused, her hair now falling in front of her face, but soon found out what was meant when she felt her body start to warm up. Laegjarn pressed her face against the crook of Fjorm’s neck, licking up her skin before stopping to suck on one spot right beside her neck, giving the spot a few nibbles for added pleasure. Fjorm’s eyes shot open as wide as dinner plates, and she felt a jab of pleasure rock her body, causing her body to jolt in Laegjarn’s arms. She felt the dark-skinned woman vibrate, the tell-tale sign of a muffled laugh, and her hold around Fjorm’s back strengthened, burying her lips more against her neck. Fjorm let out her first moan since arriving in the room, shutting her eyes and arching her back as much as possible.

“Your tongue is wonderful!” she cried out instinctively, her fingers coursing through and gripping Laegjarn’s lovely green hair. The other woman didn’t respond, and Fjorm was soon able to feel why, as one of the hands holding her was now caressing between her legs, giving her another jolt of pleasure as two fingers rubbed circles over her clit. Letting go of Laegjarn’s hair, Fjorm reached around herself, unclasping her bra and tossing it aside, then bringing her arms around Laegjarn and doing the same with her. Now with their chests bare, Fjorm revelled in the feeling of their breasts rubbing together, their nipples pushed against one another while the dark-skinned woman continued her tonguework on Fjorm’s neck.’

This soon ended when Fjorm once more grabbed Laegjarn’s head in both hands. As if she knew what was coming, Laegjarn moved her head, looking up just as Fjorm brought their lips together once more. Their passionate makeout was both loud and active, as Laegjarn’s hand was now penetrating between Fjorm’s folds with her thumb caressing her clit. Even though this was their first time together like this, Fjorm felt as if Laegjarn had immediately known how to truly pleasure her, and she felt that she had to return the favor. As such, while their lips continued to slide against each other so much that saliva started to coat around them, Fjorm slid her panties off, giving Laegjarn unrestricted access to her lower body.

The Muspell princess immediately used this to her advantage. Fjorm’s body felt even warmer now, a strange but blissful departure from her usual freezing internal temperature. Laegjarn pushed Fjorm up, sitting them up with the smaller woman on her lap. Each of them had their legs behind the other, and once Laegjarn removed her green underwear with a ripping sound so loud it forced Fjorm to open her eyes in shock, she positioned them so that their legs were interlocking.

“How does the heat of Muspell feel?” Laegjarn asked, pausing the kiss. Fjorm could now feel both of their slick entrances just barely touching each other, their clits separated only by a centimeter of air. Her chest heaving, Fjorm breathed heavily to catch her breath, her cheeks reddened from the exertion. After her recovery, she once more smiled, mouth still somewhat open while she breathed. Her hand came up Laegjarn’s waist, feeling her muscular form beneath her dainty fingers, and cupped the woman’s left breast, giving it a soft squeeze with the nipple between her index and middle fingers. She tilted her head down, looking upwards into Laegjarn’s gaze, which was slightly tilted down.

“Just as wonderful as the cold of Nifl.” Fjorm’s hips moved almost of their own accord, and it was now Laegjarn’s turn to gasp and moan, as their clits gently rubbed against each other. Their foreheads came together once more, with both women closing their eyes as their grinding continued. Fjorm continued to squeeze Laegjarn’s breast, reveling in the squish that she felt among the hardened muscle of the rest of the princess’s body, and her other arm wrapped around Laegjarn’s shoulders, grabbing on to the back of her left shoulder. Laegjarn’s hands did not stay idle either, with her right hand moving around to hold Fjorm’s lower back just above her rear, her left hand laying itself on the side of Fjorm’s thigh, just under her hip, to feel the curve of her body right before her rear.

“Your body is cooling me down,” Laegjarn moaned, hearing the bed creak beneath them as their grinding got faster.

“And you’re warming me up,” Fjorm chuckled, giving Laegjarn a volley of short kisses that were easily met by the Muspell princess, leaving the two smacking their upper lips together as much as their lower ones. The heat in the room now felt negligible to Fjorm, as the fire in her core, brought about by the woman she was up against, was overwhelming. Their rapid-fire pecks easily became a single, solid liplock, their tongues slipping into each others’ mouths to lick all over whatever they could reach. A large wet circle in the sheets began to form between them, where their combined lovemaking juices began to pool.

“Laegjarn...gods, this is amazing…” Fjorm broke the kiss just long enough to praise the other princess, holding the dark-skinned woman’s breast in a much tighter grip.

“No, Fjorm…” Laegjarn smiled. “You are the one that is amazing.” Laegjarn’s words made Fjorm blink twice in surprise, giving the Muspellian the perfect opportunity to wrap her arms around Fjorm, kissing her harder than before and letting their hips grind together at their maximum speed. Fjorm melted into this kiss, sliding her hands all over Laegjarn’s back after letting go of her breast. The couple’s moans reached an almost perfect harmony, and before long they both felt the end was near.

Fjorm had her tongue pushing against Laegjarn’s inside her mouth when her climax hit. Her back arched, pressing her breasts more against the other woman’s while her entrance tightened, feeling the powerful wave of pleasure rock her nerves. Once she felt Laegjarn’s body go through similar motions, it was easy to tell that they had both hit their orgasm simultaneously. Even as their climax continued, they still grinded against each other, partaking in a ravenous dance between the two.

Eventually, however, they were both forced to stop, with Fjorm still sitting on Laegjarn’s lap, their clits gently touching. Both of them had cherry-red cheeks, and both were trying to get their breath back under control. Their breasts were pressed against each other, as were their foreheads, and neither opened their eyes for a few minutes, simply content with sitting in this position together.

“Princess Fjorm,” Laegjarn finally breathed out, opening her eyes and looking up at the ice princess, “Is this the sort of thing you do often around here, then?”

Fjorm grinned, giving Laegjarn a kiss. “This, and more. It is quite impossible to be bored here.”

Laegjarn nodded, and smiled softly, caressing Fjorm’s hair and kissing her on the lips as well. “Then I shall be proud to lend my strength to this Order...and to you.”

The ice princess beamed, and their lips locked quickly, two bodies falling sideways onto the bed. Once their kisses subsided, and the two women cuddled into an embrace, Laegjarn cradled Fjorm’s head into her breasts, kissing the top of her head.

“And as for that voting gauntlet,” she chuckled, making Fjorm open her eyes in remembrance, “I think this counted as payback and a reward, no?”

Before Fjorm could answer, Laegjarn pulled her face back up. Their following kiss would last much longer than before, and the two princesses would not leave each others’ arms for the rest of the night.