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Love and Lust Between Heroes

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Olivia wouldn’t normally consider herself a jealous person. Being as shy as she was, she felt like the concept of jealousy should never really affect her. Considering how half the time she was practicing by herself and the other half of the time she was performing by herself, at least here in Askr, she really didn’t think she had the time to feel envy towards anyone else for any reason.

That is, until a certain summon.

Olivia had been present when Kiran had summoned more Heroes from the World of Genealogy. She was there when Ares arrived, leading to a slightly confusing, slightly tear-inducing meeting between him and his father, Eldigan. When Ishtar arrived, both versions of Reinhardt in the Order immediately bent the knee to her, much to her seeming elation and confusion.

Then came Lene.

Olivia had only known one other dancer in the Order, discounting her other self with the darker robes and her future son. Ninian was a wonderful person to talk to, and after that time Olivia had spent with the dragon and her husband, Eliwood, she knew that Ninian was also a wonderful person to sleep with. Being the only other dancer made her attractive to Olivia in more than one way, but with Lene’s arrival, Olivia felt strangely envious. Perhaps it was because of how much more outgoing she was compared to the pink-haired beauty, despite them having similar outfits.

It wasn’t so much that Olivia was jealous of Lene’s skills. Usually, she would watch the other dancer practice, and reached a conclusion that their skills were similar. It was more about her personality, and the way she didn’t seem to mind who was watching, in fact often encouraging others to watch, provided they also took her shopping. That was something that somehow pricked her nerves. Olivia liked shopping as much as the next person, but seeing someone else use her craft to further her shopping goals like made her both angry and jealous. She couldn’t tell which was which.

Perhaps because of all this, Olivia found herself outside the Hall of Heroes, away from prying eyes, to practice her dance routine. Having found herself a suitable spot of grass, the dancer gave herself a few seconds to prepare her breathing and stretch, twisting her torso and bending to touch her toes. Closing her eyes, she took a step forward, moving into a vaulting position for her opening acrobatics. A vault, spin, and twist later, she had landed on her feet, standing with them pressed together and her arms up in a V. Her breathing remained steady, and she turned back to her little area.

Her right foot stepped forward first, twisting her into a spin that brought her arms up to her chest and forehead, pirouetting and driving the tips of her slippers into the grass. Spinning out with a leg outstretched, she stepped onto the grass with her left foot, effortlessly moving into a vault. She could feel the white cloth attached to her arms drag through the air behind her, and her pink hair float before she touched down again, moving into a position with her knees bent and ankles crossed.

“And a kick,” Olivia said to herself, kicking her right leg as high up as she could before coming down into forward splits, muscle memory kicking into gear. Her flexible body was a wonder to behold, as she seemed to float back up from the split, bringing her right leg up into a bent position across the left leg, moving into another spin before stepping out, opening her arms. The cloth continued to drag behind her, her body spiraling forward at an angle as if she was a top. After three turns, she stopped. Her left foot stepped forward, waiting on the tip as her hands and head also moved ahead, outstretched towards her front. After half a second, she stepped back, crossing her legs and throwing her arms and head back, as if baring her soul to the world.

Once the world seemed to clap excitedly, however, Olivia’s eyes flew open, and she yelled out, falling backwards flat on her back, thankfully protected by the grass.

“That was wonderful!” Olivia could hear a female voice react, still clapping and getting closer, “Oh, I’m so sorry about messing you up, I just really liked your dancing!” Groaning, the pink-haired dancer sat up, rubbing the back of her head and looking at the hunched-over figure that was currently blocking the rays of the sun. For a second, she swore that she was looking at her reflection, but one she shook her head and adjusted her vision it was all clear.

“You have such a nice form,” Lene, the dancer from the World of Genology, said. Her hands were on her lap as she bent over, looking at Olivia directly. “I mean, I have my own and I think it may be a bit more garish, or something, but yours was so nice! I’m Lene, by the way.” She held out her hand, allowing Olivia to take it. The green-haired girl helped Olivia up, smiling the entire time.

“Th-Thank you,” Olivia said, sighing, “I’m Olivia...though, I already knew your name. I was at your summoning.”

“You were?” Lene asked, separating their hands, “Oh, wait, I think I remember you! Weren’t you hiding in the back?” Olivia blushed. Was it really that obvious?

“I was.” Her clothes had a tint of green, she noticed as she looked down. She’d have to scrub them thoroughly later. “I’m not the most...outgoing person. It’s a bad habit of mine, really.” She could tell by Lene’s expression that the explanation did not work well on her.

“Wait,” Lene started, holding her hands up, “If you’re so shy, then...why are you...well…” She gestured vaguely to Olivia’s form, making her furrow her brow and cross her arms.

“What are you trying to say?”

“Well, you know, if you didn’t want people to stare at you, you wouldn’t dress like that! I mean, I’m fine with people staring at me when I perform, mostly because I can usually get some sort of shopping out of them by the time I finish.” There she went with the shopping again. Olivia sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose.

“ about this?” The dancer looked up, pointing a finger into the air, “A competition. What do you say? The loser has the winner whatever they want!” As Olivia saw Lene’s eyes light up, she cringed inwardly. Sure, she was confident in her abilities, but perhaps she was getting in over her head…

“Okay, challenge accep-wait.” Lene, in the middle of agreeing, stopped herself. “Who’s going to judge us?” Olivia’s face turned red again, and she bit her nails. It was a bad habit of her that she was trying to drop, to no avail.

“Um...well, maybe I could…” She looked around nervously. Obviously there was nobody else outside with them, which was troubling. Olivia racked her brain, desperately thinking of something, until an idea came to her from something she had overheard earlier in the canteen.

“Come with me!” Immediately after grabbing Lene’s hand, she ran them through the halls of the Order, passing bewildered and curious Heroes left and right. Lene almost struck a corner multiple times, as Olivia was just trying to get through as quickly as possible, finally reaching her destination.

The Hall of Heroes had no shortage of tacticians. Discounting Kiran, there were several from different worlds that were able to give their opinions on battle strategies the Order would use. As such, there are several rooms that contain more than enough material to look over, regarding positioning, advantages, and general tactics for use in battle. These rooms were all open, their doors laid bare for the Hall to see, save for one with its door closed. Olivia easily identified it as the one Robin, the tactician from her world, would be using.

“Robin!” Olivia said, pushing the door open immediately and hoping to see the tactician.

See him she did, in fact, with a guest. Robin looked up from his seat at the table with a map spread on it. Standing beside him, leaning on the chair’s arm, was Corrin, the prince from the Worlds of Fate. Both tacticians looked rather surprised at the sudden entry of the two dancers, evidenced by their red faces and huffed, out of breath looks. Lene immediately put a hand over her mouth, giggling, but Olivia paid her no mind. She knew that these two would be perfect for her idea.

“E-excuse me?” Olivia said, letting go of Lene’s hand and stepping forward, “Hello, Robin...and um, Corrin. Could I ask for a favor?”

“Sure, Olivia,” Robin coughed, standing up. His hands pulled on his shirt, and he seemed to be shifting uncomfortably, especially around his waist region. Corrin seemed to do the same, awkwardly standing up and stepping a few feet away, avoiding eye contact and putting his hands behind his back. Olivia walked right up to Robin, taking one of his hand in both of hers.

“I need your help,” she said, “I….we, need judges for a dancing competition. So, I thought you could help us. You just have to decide whose dance is better. Okay? Can you do that?” The tactician was forced to nod, partially due to his actual interest in witnessing this event and partially because Olivia, with her pleading face and slightly hunched over demeanor, was making the ache in his pants worsen, not lessen. Olivia was once again oblivious, but Lene’s smile turned much more mischievous. She had an idea brewing already, and she was going to capitalize on it.

“I’ll clear an area,” Corrin immediately said, jumping into action and pushing the table to the side of the room. The scraping, squeaking piece of wood made Olivia shudder, and even Lene and Robin seemed to be uncomfortable. Soon, however, it was over, and Corrin had effortlessly cleared a wide open area in the center of the room. The table was a mess, of course, as all the papers, books, and little figurines representing units had scattered, and the detailed battlefield turned into a sight akin to the aftermath of a meteor strike.

Robin took the chair he had been using and pulled it back, almost against the wall, and pulled over another one parallel to the first, both facing the performance area. Corrin sat down first, sitting straight with his hands on his lap, and Robin did so next, sitting back and laying in the chair, resting his arms on the armrests. One looked nervous, the other intrigued. Olivia stepped up first, letting Lene rest against the back wall, arms crossed.

“I’ll be starting,” Olivia said, curtsying to the two tacticians. Robin nodded, and Corrin leaned forward, eager to see. Olivia took a deep breath, remembering her training from earlier, and stepped forward, twisting her foot to the side. With a push, she started to spin, throwing her leg out and vaulting herself through the air. Her arms moved in tandem, swirling around her body with little issue or resistance, and her fingers curled and fluttered like leaves on a tree.

Hearing Corrin’s gasps of incredulousness and Robin’s seat creak as he also leaned forward, Olivia was certain she had this in the bag. She continued her routine, keeping her eyes closed and thanking herself that her desire to win outweighed her shyness and anxiety. A hop led to a pirouette, which led to a wave of the arm as she somersaulted through the air once more, only to land in a split, her arms extended to the ceiling and her head facing up, gasping.

Corrin shot up, clapping quickly, his face curled into a look of surprise. Robin was clapping as well, though he stayed seated, simply smiling at the sight. Certain that she had cinched the competition, Olivia stood, bowing to the two tacticians and turning to Lene, who was also clapping.

“I think I’ve won,” Olivia giggled, clapping her hands together. She was met with a smirk from Lene.

“Step aside,” the other dancer said, “I have this, easy.” Olivia stood a few feet behind Lene, and watched as she stepped onto the performance area.

And kept going.

“Hello, Corrin,” she said, walking up to the dragon and not so subtly spinning to slide onto his lap. Olivia, Robin, and Corrin himself froze, mouths agape, as Lene wrapped her right arm around Corrin’s neck, tracing her left hand entirely on his chest. The green-haired dancer chuckled, leaning in to whisper in the boy’s ear.

“I do really want to win this,” she breathed, causing him to shiver, “So I’m going to perform a very special dance I know. Would you be interested?” Corrin, looking straight ahead, nodded, a smile wavering onto his face slowly. Lene nodded, standing up off of him and sliding her hands up her sides, paying close attention to the curve of her breasts. Hre legs bent in different directions, causing her to lower herself onto his lap again. Her hands rested on Corrin’s shoulders, giving him ample view of her tightly compacted bosom, which had most certainly been pressed together more by her upper clothing prior to her turn.

“H-Hey!” Olivia finally said, quickly stepping up behind Lene, “You can’t do that! That’s...that’s…!”

“Against the rules?” Lene asked, looking at the pink-haired girl, “We never established any rules, you know. And besides, this is a dance too. I’m sure you know how to do it, from what Camilla told me.” Olivia’s face could not have gone redder there, and she made a note to talk to Camilla about her loose lips.

“Well...two can play at that game!” Before he could protest (not that he would have), Robin found himself the victim of Olivia’s attack, as she slid onto his lap similar to Lene, grinding herself against him and moving her hips. She yelped, feeling the telltale sign of his arousal poking at her through his pants and her shorts, causing him to shrug with a nervous chuckle.

“Sorry about that,” he gulped, “I guess you two were…”

“Shut up,” Olivia sighed, sliding herself around on him until he was facing her back. She stood somewhat, bending forward and easily slipping into the same routine she had done for Camilla, where she displayed her ample rear for both Robin’s eyes and his legs, as she slid over his lap over and over. Lene, meanwhile, had moved up a stage. Putting a hand on Corrin’s cheek, she leaned down, continuing to feel his erection pushing up against her body as her lips kissed over his face. Her free hand took hold of his, laying it on her waist and pressing it there.

“I think I’m the winner here, right?” she whispered, teasing him with a near-kiss. When the dragon tried to move forward to seal their lips together, whimpering, she pulled back, smiling, only to come back and kiss him on the nose, continuing to feel his clothing rub against the bare skin of her thighs. Corrin’s eyes were fluttering, trying to get more of her, but Lene stopped every one of his advances.

“Careful there,” she cooed, “This is still a dance, you know. No matter how hard it gets down here.” Her hand rubbed his crotch, feeling the warm cock beneath. “Mmm...maybe I’ll make you a deal. If you say I win, then I’ll give you something fun to remember.”

“You’re cheating!” Olivia said, in the middle of a grind that sent Robin’s heart soaring, “You’re...that’s not dancing, that’…”

“Of course it’s dancing,” Lene laughed, twirling in Corrin’s lap before stepping off, facing him as she shook her hips, holding her arms above her head, “It’s simply a different form of it. And besides, like I said before, we never set any rules.” Olivia’s face reddened. If her head had gotten any hotter, steam would have come out of her ears, no question. Moving herself off of Robin, much to his sadness, she turned back, sitting on his lap fully.

“No rules, huh?” She muttered, looking down at Robin, “I want to win this, okay?” The tactician nodded, and Olivia huffed, before smashing her lips onto his. She pulled no punches, wrapping her tongue around his instantly, with her right hand sliding down his chest, then up his shirt. She continued to grind against his erect pants, even as his own mild thrusts up made her moan ever so softly. On the other chair, both Lene and Corrin had stopped moving, with Corrin significantly more aroused at the sight of Olivia and Robin furiously making out with each other, both of them not letting the clothes between them get in the way of their movements.

“Two can play at that game,” Lene choked, finally working up to say something. She straddled Corrin as well, kissing him on the lips once, then pulling away. “You’re going to say that I won this, okay?”

“A-absolutely,” Corrin whispered, breathing heavily. Lene didn’t waste time with pleasantries, kissing Corrin hard and very, very passionately. Even if she wanted to win this competition, she had to admit the boy knew what he was doing. His hands gravitated to her rear, pulling her in, and for once she didn’t pull them away, letting him play with her while she gave him possibly the best kiss she’d given anyone, ever. Her free hand casually slipped into his pants, taking hold of his cock and brushing her hand over and against it. Her stroking was fast already, marvelling at how warm it was.

“Olivia,” Robin said, gently pushing the dancer’s face away, “H-how badly do you want to win this, anyway? What’s the prize?” Olivia, while Robin was talking, started to kiss his neck, sliding off her lower clothing and unzipping his pants.

“The prize doesn’t matter,” she gasped, unbuttoning his shirt and kissing his chest, loving the moans she received, “I just want to prove I’m good at this.”

“B-but you are!” Robin’s voice was equal parts encouragement and ecstasy, refusing to hear the dancer put herself down again, “Olivia, you don’t have to compare yourself to anyone else like’re great on your own!” The girl stopped kissing his chest, going back to his face. She looked like she had tears brimming in her eyes, and her mouth was barely open, trying to speak. Robin put a finger on her lips, smiling.

“I’d vote for you any day, Olivia,” he whispered, “No matter what the competition.” He replaced his finger with his lips, softly pressing them to hers. Olivia took a few seconds to realize what he had said. Her eyes closed, and her lips glided against his again, feeling their tongues mix slowly. Olivia had removed his cock, stroking it, and eventually grinded her lower lips against Robin’s length, moaning at the final contact.

“Thank you Robin,” Olivia whispered, breaking the kiss, “But...I still want to do this. And you’re still going to vote for me over Lene.” She tapped his nose with a finger, making them both laugh.

“What’s going on over there?” Lene asked. She had Corrin’s head firmly against one of her breasts, having slipped her upper clothing just above them, “Still think you’re gonna win?” Lene’s boisterous attitude was failing, evidence by the warbling of her voice due to Corrin’s licking. His tongue was running circles around her nipple, and his hand was freely sliding into her entrance, pleasuring her with two fingers. Even so, she was certain she could win that prize, and she was ready to rub it in Olivia’s face.

“Lene,” Corrin moaned, “Why...why are you two doing this, again?” His mouth was still connected to her breast, making his words a little muffled. Lene wasn’t paying attention, now focusing on how Olivia and Robin were in a much more passionate and personal makeout. Judging by how Olivia was moving up and down on his lap, it was also safe to say that she had gone the full way.

“What was that?” Lene asked Corrin, looking down at him, “Nevermind. I want to win this, though, what do you want me to do?”

Corrin blushed. “W-well, um...maybe...could you...Gods, I don’t like saying it out loud…” The dragon moved off her breast, eyes flicking from side to side. Lene rolled her eyes, moving off Corrin’s lap to kneel in front of him. Her eyes gazed upon his bulge, and once she pulled down his pants to reveal his cock, she licked her lips slowly, letting him see.

“I hope you were talking about this,” she giggled, stroking his length and popping the tip into her mouth. With her eyes closed and her hands on his base, Lene’s head quickly bobbed up and down, suctioning the sides of Corrin’s cock with her lips. The amount of spit she was leaving on him was incredible, as she completely coated him with her saliva. Corrin gripped the chair arms, gritting his teeth as Lene’s tongue rolled its way around his tip, even pushing gently against the slit at the top.

“Olivia,” Robin said, grasping the dancer’s breasts as she bounced on him, “Olivia, I’m going to…”

“Are you going to cum?” Olivia asked, blushing as she used the word Camilla tended to, “Go ahead, Robin...I want you to.” The tactician struggled to keep up with Olivia’s speed, kissing her neck as she rode him. Olivia wrapped his head in her arms, cradling him as he pleasured her. His cock felt wonderful inside of her, and soon she felt his climax hit, coating her inner walls with his seed. Olivia moaned, feeling the intrusion, and kissed Robin again, letting him ride down his orgasm.

“He’s already done,” Corrin commented, grunting as Lene continued to suck on his cock. The dancer’s brow furrowed, looking at the other pair, and she got faster, now also massaging orrin’s balls with her free hand. The dragon couldn’t take it, and released his climax directly into her mouth, flooding her cheeks with his seed. Lene pulled her mouth off, coughing and sputtering, leaving Corrin to shoot a few more white beads against her face and breasts. The dancer’s green hair was still up in its ponytail, saving it from the shots, and Lene was ever grateful for that.

“Was that good?” she asked Corrin, leaning forward and pressing her breasts together for him with her elbows, “Did you enjoy that? Do I get your vote?” She blinked her eyes rapidly, trying to get a response from the prince, who at this point was lulled back, basking in his own post-orgasm world. Lene huffed, standing up and cleaning herself off.

“Well?” Lene questioned Robin and Olivia, who were just now separating, “I think there’s a clear winner here, no? I’m already thinking about what I want to get…” The two Heroes from the World of Awakening looked at Lene, then each other, smirking. Lene looked away from the two, but soon cried out, as she felt a body turn her around and push her down. Landing on her back, Lene looked up into Olivia’s face, shocked and confused.

“I think we can call it a draw,” Olivia giggled, kissing Lene directly on the lips. Both dancers moaned, Lene more so, as their uncovered breasts pressed against each other while their lips smacked. The moaned louder, however, when they both felt something hard press between them, rubbing up their entrances and grinding against their clits. Robin, still mostly clothed with only his cock out in the open, pushed himself in between them, rubbing against both girls at the same time.

“You really do know what you’re doing,” Lene admitted, eliciting a smile from Olivia.

“So do you, Lene. I shouldn’t have gotten jealous.” Before Lene could respond, Olivia claimed her lips again, able to taste Corrin’s climax on her tongue. Both girls rocked against each other with each of Robin’s thrusts, as he pushed his hips up against their rears, slapping their bodies together each time. While the three of them were on the floor, Corrin was just arising from his stupor. He groggily stood, walking over and standing next to Robin.

“So,” Corrin asked, leaning over to put his head beside the Ylissean tactician’s, “Who wins?”

“I think she said it was a tie,” Robin grunted, turning to give Corrin a quick kiss on the cheek, which the dragon replied to with a harder kiss on the lips. They both chuckled, and Corrin, thinking quickly, moved to the other side of the girls, where their lips were still connected, and kneeled down, moving his dick in from the side. Once Olivia and Lene saw it, they stopped their kiss, letting Corrin move his dick in between their faces so that each of them, on either side of his cock, were able to kiss, lick, and suck on it, letting the prince get in on the action.

Robin maintained a hard, fast speed, rubbing against both Olivia and Lene’s clits at once. The girls swirled their tongues over Corrin’s cock, and soon the dragon climaxed again, spraying his seed against both of the dancers’ faces and breasts. While they were sucking his cock clean, as well as each other, both of them were unable to maintain their orgasm. Olivia came first, moaning against Lene’s neck and coating Robin’s cock with her juices. Lene, after a very short period of pride at having beaten Olivia in time length, also climaxed, rounding out the coating on Robin’s cock. The tactician didn’t stop, however, until he himself also came, coating both of their stomachs and waists with his own climax.

“I’m going to need a bath,” Olivia sighed, as Robin removed himself from between them. Lene nodded in agreement, licking off a white drop on Olivia’s chin.

“So,” Robin said, watching as the girls got off of each other, “I don’t suppose you two are planning any more competitions any time soon?” Olivia and Lene looked at each other, shrugging. Robin crossed his arms with a smirk.

“Perhaps Corrin and I can judge again, that time. Make it an actual contest.” The dragon prince was over on the chair he was in originally, zipping himself back up and not paying attention to what was said.

“Perhaps you can,” Lene agreed, stepping up to Robin and giving him a kiss on the cheek, “Or can meet me in my room tonight.” She looked back at Corrin and Olivia. “All of you. What do you say to a more...friendly event?”

Olivia nodded enthusiastically, and Corrin finally looked up. The smirk on Lene’s face told him everything he needed to know.