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Love and Lust Between Heroes

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Kiran couldn’t exactly remember who it was that gave Anna the intel about the hot springs located a ways away from the Hall of Heroes, but he was certainly glad that it had happened. According to the stories, there were several different hot springs hidden around the World of Zenith, ones with green colored water said to enhance one’s attributes and cure illness and health problems, as well as being wonderful place to relax. Legend also says that these hot springs are guarded by legions of musical soldiers, phantoms that are easier to defeat than regular enemies, but come in much greater numbers.

Kiran had to admit that it took them a while to clear the way to the first springs that they found. Every few times they passed through enemies, they needed to take a break, until they were finally able to break through the ranks of the musical phantoms. Different floors seemed to present different styles of music, and Kiran made a note to see if the tunes had names in Zenith. The phantoms came in droves, but they were beaten back until the very end of the “dungeon”, where the greenish light emitted by the hot springs was in sight, glowing against the walls of the caverns.

It seemed that these hot springs were elusive, however. After some weeks, they seemed to vanish, only to reappear elsewhere. This, of course, forced the Order of Heroes to once more beat back legions of musical phantoms, until they once again reached the green waters of the spring. This time, Kiran was determined to get some time in the refreshing water. It seemed that everyone else in the Order was able to visit the last springs but him, a fact that irked him somewhat. Thankfully, he was able to find some free time, delegating a few tasks to Anna (who was surprisingly eager to do so after she and Kiran spent some time alone in her office again).

Even as he walked in his swim gear, simply consisting of white and gold shorts and a plain white shirt. He brought a rough towel with him, realizing that it was his only real option in this world, and he wore his Summoner’s cloak, never going anywhere without it or Breidablik, which was currently clipped to his shorts, causing them to slip a little, much to his chagrin. The length of the cavern seemed to have gotten shorter, as Kiran had barely walked for two minutes when he could already see the glow of the water in his vision.

“Thank you, Zenith,” he muttered, picking up his pace, “For your wonderful, magical green waters.” As he approached, he took notice of something strewn about the nearby rocks. Paying it little mind, he came upon the water, his grin turning into a look of shock, and his face reddening greatly.

“Oh, hello Summoner,” said an adult, feminine voice from the waters, “It’s quite nice seeing you here.” That voice, Kiran knew even without looking, belonged to the paladin by the name of Mathilda, from the World of Shadows. What struck him wasn’t her presence, though. As Kiran looked back towards the rocks, he was finally able to determine what those items were. They were clothes. He could see Mathilda’s armor, as well as what Kiran only assumed was underwear. A look back to the pool confirmed it: Mathilda was laying against the edge of the springs, looking up backwards at him. Though the water was opaque, not letting anything be seen under its surface, he could see enough of Mathilda’s chest floating above water to know that she was entirely naked.

“This has to be a dream,” Kiran thought to himself. “Hello, Mathilda,” he said out loud, somehow able to maintain his composure, “Would you mind if I joined you?”

“Not at all,” said another, much silkier and smoother voice, causing Kiran’s heart to jump. Evidently he hadn’t looked at the rock carefully enough. In the middle of the water, floating vertically, Kiran saw another woman from the World of Shadows, the mage Sonya. Her purple hair cascaded around her shoulders, and her chest floated in a similar position to Mathilda’s, where the water line reached just above where her nipples would be. Kiran realized he was staring, only because he heard Sonya then giggle.

“Is something the matter, Kiran?” Mathilda asked, turning to lean her arms on the edge of the spring, looking up at the Summoner, “The water is perfectly fine, I insist you join us.” He gulped, but nodded, going to leave his cloak and towel, as well as Breidablik, on one of the rocks next to their clothing. As he went back to the spring, however, Sonya made a tutting noise.

“I would suggest not wearing that, Kiran,” the mage said, with a sly look on her face, “These waters are not friendly to any sort of clothing. They tend to...fall off easily.” The way she said that made it seem like there was a different reason for that happening, but Kiran wasn’t about to argue with a woman who was currently giving him some miniature heart attacks. He shrugged out of his shirt, then stopped, suddenly very conscious of his pants. With a sigh, he removed his shorts, exposing himself fully to the air and praying that this wasn’t an indication of a future career.

“Oh my,” he heard Mathilda say, “I suppose we should have turned around, sorry.” He heard the water slosh, and looked back to the pool, seeing that the two women had turned away. Mathilda was once again relaxing against the side, and Sonya floated to the center, laying her head back with her eyes closed, so that her hair floated on the surface of the water. Kiran went over to the pool, stepping in slowly. As soon as his crotch region touched the water, he couldn’t help but sigh in relief, feeling a wave of calm and peace wash over him. It was as if all the negative thoughts inside of him were forcibly expelled, and his energy seemed to shoot straight up, as if he had slept for days. He felt fully rested. Clearly Mathilda, who was sitting just a few feet from him, noticed his expression.

“Doesn’t it feel wonderful?” she asked him, resting her palm on the water, “Clive and I came to this spring the last time it was discovered. We felt born again, almost. It was such a wonderful time.” Kiran was going to reply, until he felt a hand on his shoulder. Looking back, he was faced with Sonya once again, who was leaning on him and smiling. Kiran was very aware of how soft her body felt against his.

“Of course,” she cooed, touching his chin and moving it to face her more, “These springs do something else entirely. I’ve found they’re very good at...stimulation. But you know plenty about that, don’t you, Summoner?” That last word was said with a hint of what could only be described as intense interest. Kiran felt that he understood what she meant, particularly when the waves of calm turned into waves of...arousal?

“So,” Kiran said, suddenly very lost in Sonya’s beautiful eyes, “This spring...causes heightened arousal?” Without even thinking, his face was moving closer to the mage, who was also leaning in.

“Now you’re getting it,” said Mathilda, who had moved up on Kiran’s other side, holding him similar to Sonya. Feeling two pairs of large, soft breasts on either side of him made Kiran feel even more aroused, yet claustrophobic at the same time.

“We know the things you’ve done with some other Heroes, Kiran,” Sonya whispered, gently kissing him on the lips, taking one of his hands under the water and guiding it to hold her breast.

“My Clive won’t mind knowing about this,” Mathilda said from the other side, gently taking Kiran’s dick in her hand underwater, rubbing her thumb on his tip, “As long as I do it twice as much with him.” She kissed the side of Kiran’s neck, pressing her breasts more against his body. Kiran was absolutely not complaining, entirely welcoming these advances. His hand on Sonya’s breast squeezed, causing the mage to let out an uncharacteristically cute moan, giving Kiran the opportunity to push his tongue through to her mouth, sliding against hers.

“You two need to learn sublety.” A third voice caused Kiran to stop, breaking away from his kiss with Sonya. The mage sighed, and the paladin giggled, as another body floated out of the dark side of the pool. Kiran was amazed that there was even a dark side in an illuminated hot spring.

“That isn’t to say that I haven’t experienced the same effects.” The voice belonged to a third woman, whom Kiran discovered to be none other than the beautiful ninja of Hoshido, Kagero. The ninja’s hair, even in a place like this, covered one of her eyes, and she was also entirely naked in the water. Kagero swam up to Kiran, effectively placing him in a position where he was trapped by the three women, and more particularly by a barrier of their breasts.

“Hello, Summoner,” Kagero said, giving him a shy, but adorable smile, “While this is a surprise...I was hoping that you would be coming to the springs today. Everything about your demeanor at the hall today suggested you would do it.” She leaned in, giving him a small kiss on the lips. “You are an easy target to track.”

“I-I am?” Kiran asked, looking at her, but focusing on the feeling of her moving onto his lap, feeling her thighs against his and her breasts on his chest. With Sonya on his left, Mathilda on his right, and Kagero in front of him, Kiran was glad that he was the height that he was, or else he would be suffocating at the moment. Not that he would mind that.

“Very much so. If I were an enemy combatant, you would have perished easily.” The ninja smiled again, leaning forward to kiss Kiran on his mouth, holding him in a kiss for a few seconds before pulling away. “However, you arrived at an opportune time. The hot springs’ effets had us three nearly tearing at each other. You will be a lucky man tonight, Summoner.”

“I already am,” Kiran whispered, laying back as the women got closer to him. He seemed to be getting so many lucky breaks recently, Kiran was worried his luck would soon run out. After all, there was no way that so many Heroes wanted to be with him like this...or was there?

“What are you thinking about?” Mathilda asked, kissing Kiran’s cheek and resting her right hand on his chest, keeping his arm between her breasts, “You look so deep in thought, Summoner.”

“He’s probably thinking about how lucky he is,” Sonya noted, kissing Kiran on the other cheek and gently stroking his dick under the water, “Like what Kagero said. You are a lucky man, Kiran. I already wanted you before, for multiple reasons...but this water is only making me want you more.” Kagero, meanwhile, simply kissed Kiran on the lips again, moving onto his lap just in front of his dick. Her arms wrapped around his neck, and she pressed her body to his, letting him feel her breasts on his chest. Mathilda moved her hand, lowering it to help Sonya with stroking Kiran’s dick.

The Summoner moaned, reaching his hands to the sides to try and touch two of the women. While he managed to get his right hand on Mathilda’s waist, sliding it around to hold her lower back, Sonya immediately grabbed his hand, forcing it to her breast again.

“You have work to do, Kiran,” the mage giggled, sighing in pleasure once Kiran’s hands started to massage her breast. He squeezed the soft flesh while it was still under the water, cupping it and weighing it in his hand. Mathilda, seeing the act, decided to use her other hand to move Kiran’s, sliding it back around to the front of her stomach, then gently down to her clit, moaning all the way.

“I want your fingers now, Summoner,” Mathilda moaned, pressing herself more to Kiran’s body, forcing his hand to rub against her clit, “I need to work through this arousal…”

“I-I’ll do my best,” Kiran said, breaking the kiss with Kagero, who licked his lips, begging to return to it. Without letting him restart it, Kagero starting to lick at his face, wrapping her arms around his head as her soft, warm tongue traced his cheeks. Kagero looked so wonderful, Kiran thought, licking him with her mouth open and eyes closed. As soon as her tongue got near his lips again, Kiran echoed her, sticking out his tongue and letting it rub against hers, before they slowly went back into their kiss, now much more anxious and passionate than the last one.

Mathilda and Sonya, still huffing from Kiran’s hands, looked at each other and nodded. Both women got on their knees beside Kiran, causing them to be halfway out of the water, revealing their breasts fully. They moved closer to the Summoner, putting their stomachs up against his shoulders and leaning over him, resting their breasts against the sides of his head. The two ladies then leaned towards each other, capturing their lips together in a kiss similar to Kagero and Kiran’s.

Kiran broke the kiss then, taking his left hand away from Sonya’s breast and moving it to Kagero’s. However, the ninja stopped him.

“You have another job to do,” she whispered, kissing his nose before she moved off of him. Kiran was confused, until he felt the two women over him move off, leaving just a smacking sound of lips separating. The three of them waded through the water, waving for Kiran to follow, which he did.

“The water is much more shallow over here,” Mathilda said, intentionally taking Sonya’s head and bringing it to her breasts, where the mag eagerly started to suck on the left one, “So we have much more movement.” The paladin breathed heavily, holding Sonya’s head to her breast as the mage pushed two of her fingers into her. Kagero, meanwhile, took Kiran’s hands, bringing him to the shallow end. At this point, the water reached Kiran’s shins, and he had a full view of the women before him. He gulped, taking in the sight of Kagero’s body.

“Wow,” he whispered, walking up to her and taking both of her breasts, one in each hand, “Kagero, you’re…”

“Beautiful?” the ninja asked, finishing the sentence for him, “Spare me the pleasantries, Summoner...I don’t care much for them.” She palmed his dick with her right hand, holding his cheek with her left. “And yet...coming from you, they seem genuine...and perhaps even exciting.” Without warning, she pulled him down to the water, causing Kiran to cry out as the water splashed around them, leaving both of them dripping wet. Kiran could feel himself being turned around and moved, and once he opened his eyes, he was seated on the floor of the spring, with just enough water to allow for his dick to be present above the surface. The three girls were before him, looking down at his body while sitting on their legs.

“So, Kiran,” Sonya asked, crawling up to the young man, “I believe you need to satisfy us right now, am I correct?” Kiran gulped, nodding excitedly. Sonya giggled, then pushed her hair back, going down to lick at Kiran’s tip, suckling on it. Mathilda came up beside him, kissing his neck and his lips, holding his head in her hands to steady their passionate make out session. Kagero, however, had other plans. Moving in front of him, she leaned down, wrapping Kiran’s dick in her sizable breasts. Sonya continued to suck on his tip, but now also ended up kissing Kagero’s breasts every time they came up on his dick, and used her right hand to gently massage his balls.

Kiran couldn’t believe any of what was happening, despite it being so real. His tongue danced with Mathilda’s, as the paladin moved his hand against her crotch once more, guiding his fingers into her entrance, which was wet both from the water and her arousal. Sonya moved a little, still suckling on Kiran’s tip, but now also resting her rear on his chest, allowing him access to her entrance as well. He gladly accepted the offer, pushing his fingers inside of her entrance for a few seconds, then pulling them out, breaking the kiss with Mathilda to hold the fingers up to her. The paladin smirked, holding Kiran’s wrist and looking into his eyes as she took his fingers into her mouth, sucking and licking them clean.

“I love these hot springs now,” he muttered, before Mathilda went back to kissing him, and Kiran’s fingers went back into Sonya. Kagero was rubbing her breasts faster on Kiran’s dick, and Sonya moved her lips off his tip, now smashing them against Kagero’s own lips. The two of them kissed hard enough to swap spit, with most of it falling onto Kagero’s breasts and onto Kiran’s dick, making it even slicker. He couldn’t take it much longer, and started whining into Mathilda’s mouth, feeling ever closer to climax.

“You’re not going to finish yet, are you?” Mathilda asked, moving off of his lips but still grinding against his fingers, “You need to let us ride you first, Summoner~” Sonya and Kagero clearly agreed, because they stopped their kiss, both of them moving away from his dick. Sonya was the first to return, however, squatting on top of Kiran and feeling him rubbing against her entrance, causing her to groan.

“Don’t let me down, Kiran,” she noted, “We’re about to give you the rides of your life.” She lowered herself onto his dick, moaning at every inch it went down. The other two women crawled up to his side, Kagero on his right and Mathilda on his left. They peppered him with kisses on his neck and chest, causing Kiran to lay his head in the water, moaning with his mouth open. Sonya moaned every time she went down on him, faster and faster until she was bouncing on his pelvis, letting her breasts bounce up and down.

During Sonya’s ride, Kagero brought Mathilda up into a kiss, then moved their heads closer to Kiran, letting him into the kiss. Their lips pressed into a triangle, and soon they all had their tongues out, licking at each other’s mouths, until both Kagero and Mathilda stuck their tongues into Kiran’s mouth at the same time, mushing their faces together. Kiran was confused by this, but at the same time he didn’t hate it. Rather, he welcomed it, fingering both women with two fingers to feel their inner walls.

Sonya’s entrance felt warm and inviting, but Kiran learned how close she was to climax once she cried out, slamming herself down as far as she could onto Kiran’s dick. He felt her tighten up around his dick, before slumping off, laying herself in the water as Kagero left the kiss, looking at Kiran and stroking him. Kiran looked to Mathilda, who shook her head.

“I’ll be satisfied just with your fingers,” she whispered, “Kagero wanted to be the one you finish with, and I can tell you’re close to that.” Kiran nodded, kissing Mathilda quickly on the lips and doubling his efforts with his fingers inside of her. Mathilda hugged Kiran’s arm, smiling and gasping with pleasure every time his fingers went inside of her. Sonya, now occupying the spot Kagero took, simply rested next to Kiran, putting a hand on his shoulder and resting her head against his. Kagero, however, lowered herself onto Kiran’s dick, then leaned forward, laying on him and pressing her breasts into his chest. She was blushing hard, though whether it was from her actions or the spring heat, Kiran couldn’t tell.

“Summoner,” she muttered, looking bashful all of a sudden, “I...I’d like you to finish inside of me, please. If you wouldn’t mind...I just need it so much…” Kiran smiled, patting her cheek with his right hand, and kissed her on the lips. Kagero sighed pleasantly, moving her rear up and down to let him further inside of her entrance. Unlike Sonya, Kagero didn’t moan. Instead, with her mouth attached to Kiran’s, she yelped, rubbing her breasts against him with every movement she made.

“You certainly know how to treat a lady to a good time,” Sonya whispered into Kiran’s ear, playing with his brown hair as he kissed the busty ninja riding him, “I see Sharena wasn’t wrong about you at all.” Of course she had something to do with this, he thought. Sonya’s lips kissed his cheek, then nibbled on his earlobe, as the mage softly hummed into Kiran’s hearing. While focusing on Kagero’s lips and body, he felt Mathilda tighten up around his fingers. Thrusting them in and out of her more, and rubbing his thumb against her clit, Kiran felt a warm fluid, separate from the waters of the spring, wash over his fingers as Mathilda finally came, very quietly sighing but very obviously grabbing his arm tighter, squeezing it between her breasts.

“It seems to be just us two now,” Kagero noted, breaking away from her kiss with Kiran but still riding him. “I...I’m going to climax soon, Summoner...are you?”

“I-I think,” Kiran said, unable to speak because of the sight before him. Kagero’s position, as well as her riding, had moved the hair from her eyes, and now she was looking straight at him. “You’re absolutely gorgeous, Kagero.” The ninja’s eyes widened, and she blushed, but she didn’t deny his comments.

“K-Kiran,” she moaned, finally using his name instead of his title, “I’m...I’m….” She kissed him hard again, moaning as she came suddenly, continuing to ride him as she did. After a few seconds of her climax, she slowed down, then broke the kiss again.

“I am sorry, Kiran,” she said, the hair going back in front of her eyes, “We’ll help you climax, do not worry.” Kagero slipped off of him, quickly moving back down his body, laying kisses down his chest and stomach and to his pelvis. Kiran could feel Sonya and Mathilda move as well, and he propped himself up with his arms, only to see and feel all three of them put their breasts on his dick, squeezing it between them.

Kiran gasped, and moaned once all three women leaned down, kissing his tip and sharing him together. Unable to control himself, Kiran came, feeling his climax shoot out of his dick and onto the three women, splattering on their faces, their hair, and their breasts. He was left panting, even as the three of them, giggling, licked his seed off of each other, culminating in their own three-way kiss, their breasts still pressed against him. Once that was done, they looked to him, all of them smiling.

“Did you enjoy that, Summoner?” Mathilda asked, closing her eyes and nodding. Kiran shakily smiled.

“I enjoyed that very much,” he answered, sitting up. The women came up to him, each giving him a kiss on his face.

“Perhaps some other time, we can be somewhere less...wet,” Sonya suggested, tracing Kiran’s chest with a finger.

“I would certainly enjoy that,” Kagero concurred, kissing Kiran’s cheek and nuzzling his neck. Kiran patted the ninja’s head, and gave Sonya a quick kiss on the lips.

“It would be my pleasure,” he told them, setting a mental note in the back of his mind. The next time these springs appear, Kiran would be first in line.