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Love and Lust Between Heroes

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It was a calm, quiet morning for the Order of Heroes. Considering how the day had just barely broken, nobody expected anyone else to actually be fully up and about. Even the strictest Heroes, who in their own worlds would be yelling to wake everyone up at the sound of the first rooster, were sleeping in their beds, waiting for that same rooster that never came.

In one of the Hall’s training rooms, this sense of sleepiness didn’t reach a certain Princess. Sharena, with her trusty Fensalir, was busy making mincemeat out of a variety of training dummies. Thankfully she wasn’t actually destroying them (that was usually done by Chrom), but she left little nicks and cut from her deathly precise jabs and slices. Her skill with a lance was so proficient, she was capable of slicing an apple in half from three feet away, using a single slice.

The training room was padded entirely, so that Heroes could train against dummies and each other without fear of really hurting themselves. Of course, there were the outside versions that were little more than dirt enclosures surrounded by wooden fences. Sharena usually trained in those areas, but today she felt like staying inside. The morning clouds looked shifty, and Kiran had mentioned to her that it seemed it was going to rain, so she didn’t want to risk it.

With a yell of strength, she hopped and stabbed, nicking the wooden dummy on the neck and slicing it open, just barely leaving the head attached. She gasped, running to try and stop it before it fell off, only to slip and fall right in front of the dummy, leaving the head to snap off and fall on her head, making a loud bonking sound. Sighing, she stood, rubbing her head and feeling a welt already starting to form. She kicked the disembodied wooden head across the room, letting it hit the wall. As she bent over to pick up Fensalir, which she had carelessly tossed to the side, she heard someone walk in behind her.

“My, my,” said a soft, womanly, accented voice, “That is quite a sight, I must say.” Sharena blushed, realizing that the sight from the door would be directly up her skirt. Thankfully she was wearing her shorts like always, but it was still a tad embarrassing.

“Lady Tiki,” she replied, recognizing the voice of, well, the Voice, “I didn’t expect you here. Did you need something?” Sharena picked up Fensalir, twirling it a few times as she stood back up, before placing it hilt-first on the floor hard enough to cause a thud. She looked over at the Manakete, who was wearing her usual red outfit that left very little to the imagination, a fact not lost on the princess, who was struggling to keep her eyes focused on Tiki’s face.

“Not particularly, no.” Tiki closed the door to the training room behind her. “I’ve never really been in one of these. Well, I once saw Olivia practicing her moves in here, but I’ve not had the need to be here.”

“Well, it’s not really a surprise,” Sharena admitted, “Considering how, you know, you can turn into a dragon. I’ve seen you flying around outside, in the area reserved for dragons. I really hope it’s not too small of an enclosure. N-not that it’s actually, like, an animal enclosure! I meant no disrespect!” Sharena was certain she would end up on the receiving end of a fireball, but was met only by laughter from the other woman.

“It’s fine, Sharena,” Tiki said, already on a first-name basis with the princess, “Yes, it’s probably better for everyone that I practice my dragon form outside, much like the others do. Though, I hear Fae desperately wants to try out one of these rooms. Ninian and I won’t be able to hold her back for long, you know.”

“She’ll learn,” the princess chuckled, walking over to the bench by the side of the room and setting Fensalir against the wall, “You caught me at a bad time, Lady Tiki, I was just about to wrap up and get someone to replace the dummy.” Tiki walked over to the bench as well, while looking at the headless wooden figure.

“Looks like you had some aggression,” Tiki mentioned, “Or was it just a slip?” Sharena’s face went slightly red again due to Tiki’s proximity, and she tried to hide it from the dragon.

“Just a slip,” she stammered out, “I don’t like to damage these too much, and I already know I can handle real enemies.”

“Oh?” Tiki said, “But you can’t seem to handle being around me, can you?”

Sharena gulped, turning back to her. “W-well, Lady Tiki, you’re quite a wonderful looking woman, er, manakete, and…” She couldn’t help herself, her eyes now trailing the entirety of Tiki’s body. Her curves were incredible, from her hips to her chest, and her thighs. Sharena refused to believe that she was actually thousands of years old. Her imagination was cut short by a hand on her chin lifting her head, making her look directly into the eyes of one of the most beautiful women she’d ever seen.

“I actually came here to speak to you about Kiran,” Tiki whispered, her other hand moving to and landing on Sharena’s waist, making the blonde whimper as Tiki moved closer, “See, I’ve realized that he is quite the special young man, and I wished to with him. As I had with Corrin, the other day.” Sharena was very aware of the heat in her core now. She often had to go and masturbate following training sessions, as her exercise caused her to become aroused, likely because her armor caused a lot of friction. Recently, of course, she had sought out Kiran or other Heroes to help her, but never before had someone come to her.

“However,” Tiki continued, tracing her thumb over Sharena’s lower lip, “I can’t just leave you here like this. It just wouldn’t do. What do you think, dear?” Their bodies were almost touching now, and Sharena was feeling very, very constrained in her armor. She wanted to feel Tiki’s body on hers now, and was very thankful that the Manakete had locked the door. She hoped.

“I’d love that, Lady Tiki,” Sharena whispered. Tiki smiled, causing Sharena’s heart to skip a beat. How could someone ever smile in such a way that it was arousing and adorable at the same time?

“First, however.” Tiki’s hands trailed up Sharena’s sides. The blonde hated that she barely felt her touch, thanks to her scaled armor, but clearly that was something Tiki wanted to change. The clasps of her armor unlatched under Tiki’s fingers, and soon Sharena was wearing only her white shirt and shorts. She breathed a sigh of relief, as her chest was finally able to breathe.

“Goodness,” Tiki exclaimed, genuinely surprised, “How do you survive with that armor? It’s practically flattening your breasts!” Sharena once again blushed at the woman’s candidness, but she had to admit that the Manakete had a point. While Sharena’s chest wasn’t exactly voluptuous, her armor made it seem that she was flatter than she really was, thanks to how restrictive it was. She felt it was a necessary sacrifice, however. If she didn’t have adequate protection, she’d be much more exposed. As such, she still couldn’t understand how Lady Camilla’s armor was designed, but she didn’t question it often, probably because she usually didn’t see Lady Camilla with clothes actually on.

“Yep,” she thought, “I’m definitely more aroused now.”

“Well,” Tiki added, taking Sharena’s right breast in her hand, “I’m glad to have something more to work with, anyway. Kiran is a very lucky man, for him to have you.” Sharena wasn’t listening, instead focused on the pleasure that she got from Tiki’s handling of her breast. They tended to feel sensitive after being cooped up for so long, and so she just wanted the dragon to caress them more.

“L-lady Tiki,” she gasped, moaning slightly, “Please, you’re teasing me so much, I don’t-”

“Shh,” Tiki shushed, gently caressing Sharena’s cheek, “I’m getting to it, dear. Do you want a kiss? Would that make it feel better?” The blonde girl nodded eagerly, and Tiki giggled.

“Of course it would,” she whispered, her breath bouncing off of Sharena’s lips, “It always does.” One second later, and her lips touched down. Sharena had had her mouth slightly open just like Tiki, and now their lips were melding in a heart-stopping kiss. Immediately, actually shocking Tiki, Sharena threw her arms around the Manakete, bringing their bodies together. Both of them were wearing simple clothing, which was the only barrier as their bodies came together, their breasts pressed into each other.

Sharena was ferociously kissing Tiki, and the dragon was almost having trouble keeping pace. They started to stumble, and before they knew it, both of them had fallen onto the padded ground, never breaking their liplock. Sharena had fallen on top of Tiki, letting her rest on top of the green-haired woman in order to feel as much of her body as possible with her own. Sharena’s kiss-fueled moans were music to Tiki’s ears, as Tiki’s moans were to Sharena’s.

“Lady Tiki,” Sharena moaned, in between kisses, “Your lips feel amazing, I want more.”

“You’re all worked up, Sharena,” Tiki noted, also in between liplocks, “Let’s see just how much.” Sharena’s moans rose in pitch immediately, as Tiki’s hand strayed down her body and into Sharena’s skirt, going underneath her panties.

“My, my,” Tiki gasped, ending the kiss suddenly and leaving Sharena whimpering, “You’re absolutely soaking down there. Do you need my help to relieve that?” The blonde princess nodded quickly, biting her lip and looking down at Tiki’s breasts. The manakete easily noticed this and brought Sharena’s chin back up to look at her, before slipping off her red shirt, revealing her body to the princess.

“Go ahead,” Tiki said, “I’m waiting for you.” Sharena didn’t need to be told twice. Immediately, like a thirsty person finding water, Sharena dove in. Tiki wasn’t loud this time, but as Sharena’s mouth took over her right nipple, she gasped, keeping her eyes shut and her head to the side. By now she had taken off her usual tiara and loosened her flowing green hair, letting it flow over the floor. She put her fist up to her mouth, and finally cried out once Sharena’s hand strayed down and passed against Tiki’s entrance, starting to rub it with two fingers.

The Divine Dragon was in the midst of a pleasure crisis. She had never been with a human female before, having only enjoyed the company of other dragons, regardless of sex. Even in her youth, when she had looked up to her friend Marth, she hadn’t ever considered the thought of doing such a heinous act with him. Now, however, she felt a want, or rather a need, to see what Kiran could possibly show her, yet she still wished to visit Sharena first. Perhaps she should have consulted the couple together? That certainly would have been quite a busy day.

“Ah!” Tiki cried, once Sharena’s teeth gently bit down on her nipple alongside the intrusion of Sharena’s fingers into her. The princess’s digits rubbed at Tiki’s inner walls, coating themselves with her juices. Tiki bit down on her hand, ineffectively hiding her pleasure. Sharena seemed to know every part of Tiki’s core that would bring her the most pleasure. Once the princess moved her head away from Tiki’s breast and trailed her tongue down her body, there was no doubt in the dragon’s mind that she made the right choice to come to her first.

“You’re so wet, Lady Tiki,” Sharena commented, causing the manakete to blush.

“That’s unbecoming of a lady,” Tiki replied, cracking one eye open to look down her body at the blonde, “Saying things like that is not very princess-like.” Sharena smirked, passing her tongue over Tiki’s lower lips while keeping eye contact the entire time. Tiki moaned once she felt her clit be pressed against. The soft, wet feeling of Sharena’s tongue was even better than the fingers she still had inside of her, but when they combined it was a purely blissful feeling.

“I don’t care,” Sharena told the dragon, licking at her clit, “I’m not very princess-like anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.” She lapped at Tiki’s clit, before slipping her tongue down her folds, eventually pushing through them and licking Tiki’s insides.

Tiki was no stranger to these actions, having done them before with other manaketes she has known. Sharena’s tongue, however, was heavenly. The Divine Dragon couldn’t imagine where this princess could have discovered how to pleasure another woman so well. Perhaps, and to Tiki this was a long shot, she had spent some time with Commander Anna, unbeknownst to the others? The thought of that image aroused her even more somehow.

“Oh, by Naga,” Tiki moaned, “Sharena, how-”

“It’s easy,” Sharena interrupted, raising her head out of nowhere and depriving the dragon of her pleasure, “I just do it the way I’d want it done to me.”

“That’s...understandable,” Tiki breathed, “I suppose...someone with less experience would want that.” Thinking of something, Tiki cupped Sharena’s cheek, confusing the princess.

“Why don’t I teach you?” she asked, seeing the receptive expression in Sharena’s face, “I’m sure Camilla has shown you a thing or two, but I want to make sure you’re properly...acclimated. I’ll need you to lay back for me, and I will help you learn how to pleasure another woman.” The blonde girl nodded, excited for what was coming, and was soon on her back. She still wore her shirt and shorts, however, a fact that wasn’t lost on Tiki.

“First,” the manakete cooed, crawling to the princess, “You should always start with teases. Nothing too much, of course, but also not too little.” She lifted Sharena’s shirt and lowered her pants some, kissing at her stomach around her hips. Sharena giggled a little, clearly ticklish, but Tiki wasn’t deterred, continuing her ministrations with her soft kisses. She continued to do so as she pulled off the white shorts, slightly poking out her tongue to pass over the soft white skin of the woman beneath her. Once her touches went lower, Sharena’s giggles turned to gasps, and then moans.

“Next,” Tiki said, letting her breath float on Sharena’s skin, “You have to focus on one specific location.” Her lips sensually closed around Sharena’s clit, and immediately the princess cried out in pleasure. Tiki’s tongue now fully came out of her mouth, pressing itself against the princess’s clit. Sharena’s moans were music to Tiki’s ears, a solo of pleasure.

“You already taste so good,” Tiki sighed, dabbing her tongue on Sharena’s clit and straying further downward. Sharena wanted to say something, wanted to tell Tiki just how good this all felt, but once the manakete’s tongue started to slide between her folds, the princess’s tongue twisted and refused to move any longer. Now she just moaned, eyes shut tight and thighs squeezing Tiki’s head.

Tiki’s lips now took over all of Sharena’s entrance, pushing her tongue into the blonde and closing her lips over her folds. The combination of Sharena’s soft thighs along with her sweet juices resulted in Tiki’s efforts quadrupling. She abandoned the lesson altogether, now deciding to indulge in the taste and smell of the woman below her. However, as Tiki’s tongue tasted more of Sharena’s juices, her sensitive Manakete ears heard something. Stopping her movements, she covered Sharena’s mouth with her hand. The princess’s muffled cry of confusion was expected, but soon she also heard something, and quieted.

There were voices outside the door. Tiki had locked it, so there was no way they would come in, but noises like Sharena’s weren’t always considered to be pleasure by some. She couldn’t quite tell who it was, but there were two people. A man….and a woman, it seemed. There was some talking, and she wasn’t sure how long it would be before they left. Therefore, she decided to have some fun. Prying herself away from Sharena’s crotch, she took her handof the princess’s mouth, shushing her. Sharena cocked her head, but understood what she was referring to when Tiki’s lips once more kissed and sucked on the blonde’s clit.

Immediately, she covered her mouth again, this time with both hands. Her moans were completely muffled, something that, in some strange way, only doubled Tiki’s desire. She opted for fingering herself during her ministrations on Sharena, curving her back so that she could reach her entrance. She slipped two fingers into herself, feeling her own wet insides as she pleasured herself. Sharena, meanwhile, was very close to failing Tiki’s impromptu challenge.

The voices seemed to be wrapping up their conversation, but Tiki wasn’t giving up. She took her tongue out of Sharena, kissing around her entrance instead now. The shock of Tiki’s removal hit Sharena like a truck, evident by her whimpers. Tiki wasn’t ready to risk anything, sadly, but when she fingered Sharena out of nowhere, feeling her slick enough to immediately use 3 fingers as well as lick constantly at her clit, she was certainly toeing the line.

Sharena’s moans came back, but as they did, Tiki heard the voices moving away. Satisfied, she calmed down how she played with Sharena’s entrance, until the princess actually pushed her away, confusing the manakete.

“Sharena?” she asked, sitting up, “Is something wrong?”

“Not at all,” Sharena gasped, “I wanted to try something.” Tiki was a little afraid when she said that and grabbed Fensalir at the same time. However, once Sharena placed the butt end of the spear on the floor, right in between them, she got the idea.

“My, what a naughty princess,” Tiki teased, holding her finger at the edge of her mouth, “I do like this side of you, dear.” Sharena smiled, pulling Tiki towards her, something that was irrelevant, considering how she was also moving towards her. Both women touched the lance shaft with their cores, gasping simultaneously. Tiki’s right leg went over Sharena’s left, and Sharena’s right over Tiki’s left as well.

“I’ve been wanting to try this for forever,” Sharena said, already starting to grind against the spear, “It feels so much better than I expected!”

“I’m glad you think so, dear,” Tiki said in return, “In truth, I think this is - ah! - a wonderful idea.” With mutual approval from both parties, the two of them grinded more against the staff, feeling both their folds and clits rubbing against the smooth shaft. Sharena’s right hand held on to Fensalir, keeping it steady, and soon they both ended up moaning to the ceiling. Tiki’s hands were behind her, holding her up, while Sharena only had one arm supporting her. Their hair was a mess and Fensalir would certainly need some cleaning, as well as the room, but they didn’t care. Right now, they cared about each other.

When their climaxes came, they came separately. Sharena succumbed first, coating both Tiki and Fensalir in her juices. She still held the spear up, however, so Tiki could soon after climax, moaning for the world, or at least Sharena, to hear. Once her climax high came down, Tiki pushed Fensalir out of the way, crawling over to kiss Sharena once more.

“So,” the princess asked, once their liplock was over, “When do you want to talk with Kiran?”

“Soon,” Tiki said, kissing Sharena on the nose, “As for you, though…” Tiki whispered something into Sharena’s ear, something that made the princess light up. Tiki pulled back, smiling, and Sharena tossed her hair back.

“The answer is yes,” Sharena giggled, “I can’t wait.”