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Love and Lust Between Heroes

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Kiran was absolutely brain-dead right now. Today had been a day for Wargames and strategy, and after the day-long events he just didn’t want to think about tactics anymore. It wasn’t even his idea, or Anna’s. Marth had come up with the idea to do Wargames originally, after some ideas that he had made back in his own world. It had been quite the ride, the first two times he did them, but this time it was all him selecting them.

First, Kiran had to make sure he had enough teams for the games. According to Marth’s rules, Kiran was supposed to pit eight teams in a sort of tournament against each other, rallied around a Hero leader. This time, for some reason, Marth’s suggestion was to have each team be led by a different cleric. After taking volunteers, Kiran had all the leaders necessary, taking note that strangely, they were all little girls.

Passing over that small detail, Kiran let them choose their teams. Unsurprisingly, they all went with Heroes they knew from their worlds. Not caring much about it, he got them ready, setting up the brackets and reminding everyone that they were supposed to give it their all, holding nothing back. Yes, it was possible that they could fall in battle, but they would be revived as per the Breidblik’s abilities. The pain of death would still be there, however.

Their mission was to collect as many flags as possible over a course of many simulated battles, across different realms with different portals. Kiran was able to overlook them, and boy, was it a sight to see. The clerics themselves tended not to attack very much, but everyone else was relentless. It was almost traumatic to see the battles, but at the end of the day, they all came back to the Hall of Heroes as friends in good spirits.

Eventually, Elise and her Nohrian family reigned victorious, with the blonde cleric smiling and cheering as Kiran announced her victory. Priscilla, in a close second, congratulated her, even if her team was glaring daggers at the Nohrians. After the celebrations and festivities were done, Kiran was walking back to the Hall from the fairgrounds, looking out onto the fields. In the distance, he was able to catch six people in conversation. Trying to peer closer, he noticed the bunny ears and carrot weapons, immediately being able to ascertain who it was.

Chrom, Lucina, and Xander were out near the fairgrounds, having casual conversation with their spring counterparts. Seeing both Lucina and Spring Lucina made him remember the time they spent together, and he had to flex his muscle to keep the blood from rushing elsewhere. Along with those thoughts, he couldn’t help but reminisce on the time they summoned Heroes during the so-called Spring Festival.

It had been weird enough to find out about the practice, which, with the eggs and rabbit themes, reminded Kiran vaguely of a practice from his own world. What was truly strange to him was the Summoning. At the time, they didn’t have enough orbs to summon all four Heroes they had met, and as such were only able to summon Lucina, Chrom, and Xander’s alternate forms. By the time they were able to scrounge up the orbs to summon again, the portal to the Spring Festival world had closed. Kiran couldn’t understand it, but some worlds seemed to exist in a strange pocket of the Outrealms, one where after some time, they simply disappeared, never to be seen again.

As such, Camilla was the only one of the group that was without equal, literally. The flirtatious woman didn’t seem to mind, however. She was still as happy as always, and judging by what he heard when he passed by her room some time ago, she had also gotten into the habit of getting to know other Heroes. Kiran swore that he heard Olivia in there, but he couldn’t be certain. Even just remembering all of this was tiring him, and he just wanted to get back to his room. The moment he entered the Hall of Heroes, entering the hallway to the canteen for a quick drink, he was stopped by a pair of arms grabbing him from behind, and a very soft, very familiar feeling on his back. Once again, his muscles flexed.

“Camilla!” Kiran cried out, as the Nohrian woman chuckled behind him, “I’ve told you not to scare me like that!”

“Aww, but you’re just so cute when you’re flustered!” Camilla hugged him tighter, making Kiran very unsure about the integrity of his will. Of course, her armor didn’t help, as the metal felt like it was jabbing into his skin. He coughed loudly, hoping she would get the hint. After one more squeeze, she did, but still turned him around and looked at him, hands on his shoulders.

“You did a fine job today with the Wargames,” she said with a smile, “I’m obviously glad to have seen my little sister win, of course.”

“That’s another win for Nohr, huh?” Kiran smiled back, his eyes focused on Camilla’s almost magenta eyes, “I still remember how you won when we just had a bunch of fliers.” Camilla giggled, her eyes closing up. Kiran’s heart skipped a beat whenever she did that, or when any female Hero did that. It was just so....he couldn’t describe it.

“Well, I feel as if a thank you is in order,” Camilla continued, leaning in. Kiran, sort of hopeful, started leaning in as well, but Camilla’s face went to his ear, slightly disappointing him.

“A very special thank you,” she whispered into his ear, “And not just from me. Your room, one hour. Don’t be early.” She pulled back, patting him on the cheek, and let him go, walking away with her hips swaying like usual. Kiran’s mouth hung open in a wavy smile, and he had to steady himself against a wall to still his heart. He gave up on flexing to stop his arousal, and decided to just make sure it wasn’t visible.

Heading to the canteen, he stopped by the area where the drinks were stored. It seemed that the Askr kingdom was relatively advanced, in that they had giant rooms with enormous ice blocks meant to keep food and drink cold. To warm it up, they simply lit a fire or used a fire tome. Kiran decided to forgo that room, instead taking a wooden cup and pouring out water from the kitchen spigot, which was directly connected through the castle’s aqueduct system. A little bit of water came out, and he drank it immediately, leaving the cup on the table for now.

Kiran had an hour to kill, according to Camilla, but he wasn’t sure what exactly her surprise would be. As such, he decided to go to the Hall’s library, a vast room filled with books and tomes galore. Thinking he was alone, he climbed up the movable ladder to reach the books on the top shelf, which was 8 shelves up. Thumbing through, he found one that seemed interesting, titled “What to expect when you’re a Spearman”, with the subtitle “A manual for footsoldiers”. He stepped down from the ladder, looking up instead of down, and turned to his left when he landed, only to be met by a white-haired, robed male. Both of them cried out in alarm, Kiran first.

“Robin!” Kiran said, extending a hand in greeting, “Forgive me, I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“I would say likewise,” Robin chuckled, shaking Kiran’s hand, “But I actually followed you here. I’ve been meaning to ask you something. Something rather important, to me.” Kiran gestured for him to sit at a nearby table. Robin took a seat, with Kiran taking the one in front of him. Kiran set down his book on the table and crossed his arms over it, while Robin leaned back, intertwining his fingers in his lap.

“Kiran,” Robin started, mulling over his words, “You and Sharena, exactly...exactly how open is your relationship?” Kiran raised an eyebrow, clearly surprised at the topic of conversation.

“That’s an interesting question,” Kiran replied, smirking, “But I would say relatively open. We both have deep, strong feelings for each other, but we also have feelings for other people. It’s really a sense of us knowing that we care for each other more than most other people, but we aren’t...exclusive? I think I’ll call it that.” Robin nodded in agreement with Kiran, rubbing his chin in thought.

“I see,” he finally said, after a few moments of silence, “Do you two ever talk about your times with other people to each other?”

“Why wouldn’t we?” Kiran said immediately, chuckling, “Sharena and I enjoy having so many Heroes here, and I can see that we’re making an interesting atmosphere with everyone else. I don’t know how much of it will be retained when you all return to your worlds someday, if at all.” Kiran frowned, wondering about that for a few seconds.

“My point is,” Robin continued, “Did Sharena ever tell you about when-”

“When you and Corrin had sex with her?” Kiran finished bluntly, making Robin try to stammer out an excuse, “No need to be embarrassed, Robin. Yes, she told me about it. She was a bit disappointed in how little time you spent there, actually. Sounds like it was fun.” Robin scratched the back of his head, regretting bringing this topic up, and Kiran laughed.

“Don’t worry so much,” Kiran assured him, “Just, well, try not to be so high-strung about it. Even if anyone else found out, with Breidablik’s charm they won’t mind. How else do you think we managed to get Michalis and Minerva on the same team? Marth tells me that in their world, they would be tearing each other apart.”

“I’m not trying to be high-strung about it,” Robin said, now with his own smile, “I mostly wanted to, you know, get some advice about it. Lucina actually told me what the two of you - or, well, the four of you - did. How was that?” Kiran shifted in his seat, memories giving him a new feeling.

“It was...surprising,” he said, “Incredible. Amazing. Um, it was marvelous, and any other synonyms you could get for those words.” Both men laughed, Kiran holding the side of his head in his hand with a smile.

“But in any case,” the Summoner said, standing up, “If there’s another Hero you might have feelings for, just...say it. Or they might tell you first. You know, I’ve seen a few Heroes giving you the look every now and then.” Robin’s eyes widened, and he shot out of his chair.

“You’re kidding me,” he said, excited, “Like who?”

“You’ll have to find out,” Kiran replied, “Though, and I’m not joking, your female self was checking you out the other day. Try her, first. You two should know each other pretty well.” Kiran patted Robin on the shoulder, leaving the Tactician with an open mouth of surprise, before heading out of the library. He had no way of knowing how much time he needed to wait, so he decided to take a stroll around the Hall, maybe patrol a bit. Having taken the book with him, he simply began to read and walk simultaneously, a tactic he had perfected over the past few months.

After a long while of walking, and having made it over halfway into the book, Kiran looked up to realize that he was, coincidentally, right in front of his room. Closing the book and memorizing what page he was on, a page about people expertly double-flipping spears before stabbing with them, he went to his room, ready to unlock it, only to find that someone had done that for him. Remembering Camilla’s words from earlier, he smiled. Kiran couldn’t wait to see what was awaiting him behind that door.

“Camilla?” he called out, entering his small little foyer and locking the door behind him, “I think it’s been an hour, hasn’t it?” His calling was met with a strange silence, but Kiran swore he could have heard giggling. Curious, he hung up his robe, heading towards the source of the sound, which was, interestingly, his bedroom.

“Oh, Kiran!” Camilla’s voice rang out, “We’re waiting for you!” We? Kiran couldn’t fathom who the other person could be, but he still was very interested in hurrying in there.

“I’m here, I’m here,” Kiran said, stepping into the room, “What’s this big thank you-” The words died in Kiran’s mouth, as he saw his bed, which was currently occupied by two individuals. Not only were both individuals dressed in outfits similar to the Spring Festival, but one of them was completely on top of the other one, who was lying faceup on the bed.

“Oh, Kiran!” Sharena said, laughing, “I thought you would never show up!”

“Kiran,” Camilla said, her voice cooing at him, “Be a dear and get undressed, please? I have something for Sharena I’ll take care of first.” Not letting Kiran say anything, Camilla simply looked back down at Sharena, bringing down her face to kiss her. The blonde girl kissed back immediately, passionately moaning. Their hands were clasped together, pressed onto the bed, and Kiran was transfixed for a moment before he started to wise up, getting his clothes off quickly.

Once he had strewn his clothing around the floor, leaving only his tent-like underwear, Kiran allowed himself to look at the women again. What he saw caught his breath in his throat. Camilla and Sharena’s tongues were pressing into each other’s mouths, and they had both started moaning louder. Looking at them, he was able to see Camilla’s breasts pressed against Sharena’s smaller pair, how they almost molded under their outfits, how the bunny ears they both wore flopped about lazily…

Kiran’s fantasy ended, when Camilla stopped kissing Sharena, moving off the girl and sitting on the bed. Her legs lay to her side, but she held herself up with her left arm. Kiran could see that she wore exactly the same outfit as her never summoned Spring counterpart, somehow. Sharena sat opposite her, in a similar position. Her outfit was interestingly similar to Spring Lucina’s, only this one was white and gold, and (in Kiran’s honest opinion) filled her chest area more.

“I, uh,” he stammered, not bothering to hide his obvious interest, “This is quite the thank you, honestly…but how did you get the outfit, anyway?”

“Sharena here helped me,” Camilla explained, “There’s a nice little tailor in the nearby town, and when we faced the Spring Festival heroes, she borrowed one of Anna’s picture-taking tomes. It was easy after that!”

“Come on, Kiran,” Sharena said, standing up and walking over to him, “I heard about you and Lucina. I thought you would enjoy, well, this. Camilla did too!”

“I could tell,” Kiran said, holding Sharena’s face in his hand, “You look incredible in that, you know.” His words made her smile and blush, holding his hand pressed to her face. Kiran kissed her on the cheek, chuckling.

“So,” he said, “What were your plans, Camilla?” The purple haired woman didn’t answer, but instead also walked up to him, taking a place at his other side. She nodded to Sharena, and both girls took his hand, one in each, and brought him to the bed. Kiran willingly let them pull him, eager to see what their plans were. What surprised him was when they turned him around, and Camilla pushed him back onto the bed with one hand, making him fall flat on his back. Scurrying to sit up, he felt himself pushed back down, this time by Sharena. The blonde girl was crawling onto the bed on his left, while Camilla was on his right.

“No need to be so hasty, Kiran,” Camilla said, brushing the hair away from his face, “Sharena, be a dear and help him out?” The Askrian princess nodded, kissing Kiran on the cheek before heading down his body. Coming to Kiran’s “tent”, she easily removed the underwear, taking sight of the erection before her. Facing it from above, she licked its entirety on the top, going from his base to his tip, which she spun around on her tongue. Kiran sighed happily, wanting to pleasure her back, so he placed his hands on Sharena’s pantyhosed rear, squeezing it. The little cottontail on her shook adorably, and Kiran swore he felt himself getting harder, as Sharena’s licking evolved into her mouth covering his tip.

“Don’t forget me,” Camilla’s voice said. Kiran turned his head, and was greeted by the Nohrian’s soft, plump lips on his. They both closed their eyes, gliding their lips against each other. Sharena’s warm and wet mouth was now surrounding his dick, starting to suck as hard as she could. It was like a tunnel of air was trying to take Kiran’s dick, weird as that thought was to him. He couldn’t focus on that, though, since Camilla’s tongue pushed into his mouth, making him the first of the pair to moan. Not ready to be one-upped, Kiran’s hand went to Camilla’s breast, holding the large mass in his hand and feeling her hardening nipple through her clothing (he was hesitant to call it a bra).

Camilla started to suck on Kiran’s lip, keeping her hands on his chest. Kiran felt himself pushed down into the bed, but didn’t care, as his other hand went to Camilla’s other breast. Kneading them in a circular manner, he could feel her nipples in between his fingers, and her clothing was starting to feel a little restrictive. As Sharena’s mouth continued to envelop his dick, now fully slobbering on it, Kiran lowered the front flaps of Camilla’s “bra”. The woman disconnected the kiss, moving herself up so that Kiran could greedily attach his mouth to her right breast, his tongue immediately going to work on her nipple.

“Gods, Kiran!” Camilla cried out, “I can see why Sharena likes you so much!” Kiran simply nodded, popping Camilla’s breast out so as to focus on her other one. She seemed to be in agreement, letting her hands hold his head right on her breast, almost as if he were a babe. Camilla looked down, seeing the top of Kiran’s head but feeling his tongue flicking and rolling her nipple.

Kiran was going to continue his treatment of Camilla’s breasts, but the woman had other plans. Moving her breast away from his mouth, she moved to join Sharena, tapping her on the shoulder so that she would come off Kiran’s dick. Sharena obliged, and Camilla gave her a quick kiss, before she brought her own mouth down, sucking Kiran’s dick and bobbing her head up and down. Sharena, meanwhile, let her tongue pass over whatever Camilla’s mouth couldn’t reach. Having two soft tongues on him at once wasn’t a new feeling to Kiran, but nevertheless it was always extremely enjoyable.

Camilla let her mouth come off his dick, letting Sharena come closer. Now the two of them had their lips pressed to his tip, their own lips barely touching, almost as if they shared a kiss with Kiran’s dick in between them. Just the feeling of their touch was mind-blowing, but combined with their dual attempts to cover his entire length, Kiran couldn’t help but discover how close he was to orgasm.

In fact, with a cry of pleasure and a bucking of his hips, Kiran couldn’t hold it in any longer. He climaxed, his seed coming out and landing all over Camilla and Sharena’s faces, both of them waiting with their tongues out, catching some there. Kiran was left breathless, staring up at the ceiling. The sound of soft moaning and smacking brought his attention back down.

Camilla and Sharena, both still with some climax in their mouths, were making out fully again. The very sight of this, coupled with the bunny ears and the slightly revealing clothing, brought Kiran right back to full-mast once again. The girls stopped their kiss, leaving a line of whitish saliva between them.

“How was that, Kiran?” Sharena asked, still somehow sounding so innocent despite what just happened. Kiran could do naught but nod and give a small thumbs up, with a half-smile and a cough. Camilla got on her knees, rising above him.

“I hope he knows he’s not finished,” she said, sliding her hands down her body, “So, Sharena dear, where would you like to be?” Camilla turned herself, facing away from Sharena.

“Untie me, dear?” she asked, something Sharena did without question, “I know you enjoyed these outfits, Kiran, but some things are just so restrictive in them.” Once Sharena finished with the knots, the dress came off easily, leaving Camilla completely naked save for her bunny ears and her stockings. Both girls turned around, letting Camilla do the same with Sharena. Once Sharena’s dress came off, however, Camilla’s hands came up from behind, quickly taking a small squeeze from Sharena’s breasts.

“Camilla!” Sharena said, laughing, “What are you doing?”

“You’re just too cute, dear,” Camilla replied, taking her hands away, “You and Kiran are a lucky pair.” Kiran blushed, then realized that Sharena was crawling on her knees towards his face. He was just barely able to see Camilla raise an eyebrow.

“What?” Sharena said, “I wanted you to enjoy him there, Camilla. That’s what friends are for!”

Kiran was too intoxicated with the current situation to even attempt to tell Sharena how much that sentence made him love her. He showed this better when Sharena’s legs went over his head, and her entrance was right at his lips. As she lowered herself onto his face, Kiran held her thighs, starting to lick at her wet entrance. Sharena’s sensitivity rose up, and she moaned almsot immediately upon his touch. Camilla, not wanting to be left out, held herself over Kiran’s dick, sighing as she lowered herself as far as she could onto it. Kiran had a strange feeling in his dick, a mixture of Camilla’s entrance around him and of having climaxed so recently. He doubted he would do so again so soon, but he knew he could help these two do it instead.

“Oh Kiran,” Camilla sighed, letting herself rise and lower onto his dick, “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this moment.” The way that Camilla was moving on his dick was, to him, unreal. It was like she was trained in the arts of pleasure, somehow. Sharena was more of a “train as you go” girl, but even she was taking a page from the wyvern rider’s book, gyrating her hips as Kiran’s tongue was entering her, tasting as much of her as he could.

Camilla took the pleasure one step further. Leaving her lower body moving on Kiran’s dick, she leaned forward, once more kissing Sharena but also grasping at her breasts. Sharena, ever the pleaser, did the same, leaving them in a sort of triangle on the bed. Kiran thrust upwards along with Camilla, and his head craned up to try to get further into Sharena. Meanwhile, the two girls were french kissing by this point, all sense of passion or “amour” gone out the window, replaced with a simple lust.

Sharena, unsurprisingly, was the one who came first. She felt herself release all over Kiran’s face, head coming back and leaving Camilla’s embrace. Sighing, Sharena fell off of Kiran, catching her breath as she lay beside him. Kiran had no intention of stopping, though. In one fell swoop, he came to his knees, making Camilla yelp as he back was pushed into the sheets, with her rear held up by Kiran, effectively thrusting her down into the bed. And she loved it.

“More, Kiran!” she cried out, her breasts bouncing with each thrusts, “I’m nearly there, more!” Kiran complied, Not slowing down his thrusts, and Sharena, having somewhat recovered, came over to Camilla, latching her mouth to the Nohrian’s left breast. Camilla’s eyes were almost rolled up into her head, the pleasure completely overcoming her other senses.

Finally, she climaxed, yelling loudly as Kiran continued to thrust into her, slowing down once he felt her contract and spasm. Kiran pulled out of her, letting her rest, and lay back on the bed, his legs almost intertwining with Camilla’s, while Sharena lay to his left.

“So,” he panted out, “Who’s idea was this, again?”

“Would you believe it was mine?” Sharena asked, faking a pretty convincing look of innocence. Kiran chuckled, kissing her on the forehead. The feeling of something soft on his right side turned his attention to see Camilla there, smiling at him.

“Thank you for showing us a good time, Kiran,” she said, “Did you like your thank you gift?” Kiran kissed Camilla quickly on the lips, just a light peck.

“More than what you would believe.” Camilla smiled, kissing him on the nose. Both girls rested their heads on his chest, one on each side. With their warmth, there was no need for any blanket. As they slowly drifted to sleep, their post-sex fatigue arriving, only one thing was on Kiran’s mind.

How exactly *did* one double-flip a spear? It just didn't make any sense!