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Love and Lust Between Heroes

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The Hall of Heroes is a vast building, created explicitly to cater to the whims and needs of all Heroes and members that reside within its walls. Every Hero has a room they can personalize, there is a massive canteen and dining hall, the kitchens are stocked, the training rooms are innumerable, and the training grounds spread far and wide. However, after some missions or training runs, some Heroes care little for these material comforts and wish more for the comfort of their own bed. Some even go so far as to wishing for the comfort of their own bed, but with someone else in it.

This was the feeling that fell upon Camilla of Nohr. Just about an hour ago, she was a part of a team that Kiran, their Summoner and Tactitian, had brought together to strike at a group of Emblian soldiers, as part of his so-called “Training Tower”. He was curious in how he named things, and he loved to call the different levels of training “stratums”. According to him, Camilla and three other heroes had just gone through the “8th stratum”, against two lance wielders, a mounted healer, an armoured knight with a sword, and a mounted axeman. Camilla, alongside the Hero-King Marth and two others named Lukas and Klein, had fought and bested the soldiers easily, but Kiran’s insistence on increasing their “merit” meant fighting more and more groups of them.

The Summoner had some strange ideas.

Now, Camilla was leaving the stables, where she had handed off her wyvern to a very
anxious stablehand. A quick kiss on the cheek from her, however, and the boy went straight to work. She loved how she had that effect on others, but sometimes it felt almost stressful. This feeling was multiplied a hundredfold now, as she felt exhausted and needed something to perk her back up. This is how, as she walked through the halls, she stopped to see exactly what the noises were coming from a certain training room. Passing by the doorway, she heard grunting and saw a blur of pink and white, something that caused her to stop and return to the entrance, placing a hand on the entryway and peeking in, resting herself against the entrance. The sight before her was one that definitely helped to lift her spirits.

Inside the room, on the padded floor, Camilla witnessed a flurry of movement. Twists, twirls, spins, and pirouettes galore were showcased, as the princess saw Olivia, famed dancing Heroine of the World of Awakening, practicing what appeared to be a new routine. The pink-haired girl twirled and twisted in the air, her graceful maneuvers a wonder to the eye. What was even more impressive was how she seemed to do all of this with her eyes closed. It was as if the world was shut out around her, with nothing else to worry about save for the way her hands and feet moved.

Camilla stepped into the room and leaned against the wall, arms crossed underneath her voluptious chest. She continued to watch as Olivia’s dance no longer flew through the air, but instead stopped and remained in one place. She recognized the style she was doing now. Apparently it was called something akin to bellydancing. And the way her hips moved, seeing her body shake and rattle along with her jewelry, and especially paying attention to her rising and falling chest, simultaneous with her breaths...Camilla was feeling re-energized just looking at the dance, but she was also starting to feel something else. It was a feeling she was very, very familiar with, and as the dancer before her finished her movements with a pose, one hand raised to the sky and one to the ground with her legs crossed and knees ever-so-slightly bent, she pushed off the wall, clapping and moving towards Olivia.

“Eek!” the pink-haired girl cried, turning to see the purple-haired woman walking towards her, “Camilla! How….how long have you been there?” Her cheeks were turning the same color as her hair now, perhaps even a few shades darker. The sight of it drove Camilla wild.

“Am I not allowed to watch such a wonderful performance?” Camilla asked, her trademark coy voice on display, “You have a gift, dear, and I admire you for it. How long have you been doing this?” Camilla was standing only two feet from Olivia now, and was intentionally bending back a little to put her chest on display, a tactic that seemed to work, as Olivia blushed more, retreating into herself.

“Um….most of my life,” she responded quietly, “It’s been….It’s been a lot of time...I like to do it…”

“Come on, dear, chin up!” Camilla knew exactly how to trap her prey when she wanted to, and always in a way where they both come out better off. “No need to be nervous, it was a nice dance! Who’s it for? A special someone?”

That did it. Olivia covered her face and turned away, squealing. Camilla giggled, pulling her back and into a hug, purposefully smushing Olivia’s face against her chest and patting her head. Olivia, being the shorter one, had her hands on Camilla’s stomach, feeling the armor protecting the soft skin beneath. Her eyes were the size of dinner plates.

“It’s okay, dear,” Camilla cooed, “You’re just always so nervous, it’s worrying. I worry about you, dear.” Olivia looked up at the Nohrian woman.

“ do?” Camilla softly smiled, pushing Olivia’s hair out of her eyes.

“Of course,” she reassured her, “And you know, I know just the thing to help you get over your nervousness, even if it’s just a little.” Now Olivia’s blush lowered, and she seemed genuinely curious, pressing more against Camilla, who gently took hold of Olivia’s chin with two fingers.

“Just close your eyes, dear, and I’ll tell you.” Olivia nodded, shutting her eyes tight. She waited, eager to hear what Lady Camilla had in mind. She was sure that it would be something important, a life lesson she’d never forget. Until she felt something soft on her lips, followed by a pressing feeling and an arm snaking around her back. Her eyes flew wide open again.

Camilla was kissing her. The purple haired woman’s lips pushed against hers, and she could feel the warmth and litheness of her body. Olivia quickly became accustomed to the kiss, amazingly. She couldn’t help it, because she knew that there was something about Lady Camilla that attracted Olivia to her. Then again, Olivia’s issues with nervousness seemed to have made her attracted to many people at once. It was strange, but at this moment, the strangeness was replaced by Olivia accepting the kiss and returning it gladly.

Much to her dismay, however, Camilla’s lips left her own, leaving Olivia with a soft moan of sadness. Camilla wiped her lips, placing her right hand on Olivia’s cheek.

“I’m glad you enjoyed that,” she whispered, “But if you want my help, come to my room in fifteen minutes. I’ll be waiting.” With a kiss on the cheek (and a playful smack on the rear), Camilla turned and left the room, pausing at the entry to look back and wink, before heading to her room, leaving Olivia stunned for a few seconds before she ran to get her things and get ready.

Camilla, meanwhile, reached her room and stepped inside, making sure to leave it unlocked. While her quarters back in Nohr were much more extravagant, Camilla took no time to garnish this bedroom as her heart desired, and her heart desired a lot. Keeping with the colors of Nohr, she left a lot of purple and black in the design, but because she was considered higher royalty, her room had two rooms connected by an entryway. The first room, the entrance, had a fireplace, a small dining area, and even a nice kitchen, with a large ornate rug on the floor. Through the entryway was her bedroom, and while it had dressers and a makeup area, the crown jewel was the massive mahogany king-sized bed, much too big for just one person but perfect for a pair. And a pair is just what Camilla hoped would share this bed tonight.

Stepping into her bedroom and near her dresser, she casually removed her armor, humming a tune from Nohr that she remembered. Her armor usually covered only the important areas, and now she let it all fall, leaving her in just her undergarments. However, knowing that she was meant to entertain a guest tonight, she opened her drawers, ready to change into something worthy of attention.

Exactly at the requested time, Olivia arrived at Camilla’s door. Entering the room and marvelling at the grand display, she locked the door out of habit. She was wearing her usual dancer’s garb, but she had quickly stopped by her own quarters to leave behind her loud and distracting jewelry. Now, all she had to do was undo a knot and all her garments would fall, leaving her at the will and mercy of Lady Camilla...but no, not right away. That would be just tasteless. Although, the thought of it did beckon her hand to go lower...and lower...and lower…

“Olivia, dear!” Camilla’s voice called from the other room, “Come on in, I’m waiting!” The sound of eagerness in Camilla’s voice made Olivia’s hand tremble as it reached its destination, but she removed it. Clearing her throat, she walked to the entryway, stepping inside the bedroom to receive the sight of her life.

Laying before Olivia, on the bed, was Camilla herself, laying sideways on her right in such a way that her curvy figure was on display. Her right hand was propping up her head, letting her look at Olivia vertically, while her left hand was laying on her side, stopping right on her wide hips. She wore a set of black underwear, both bra and panties, that really looked like they could barely hold her sizable chest. Olivia audibly gulped, and her legs shook at the view.

“I’m glad you could join me,” Camilla said, sitting up with her legs over the side of the bed, “I know you want to get rid of your nervousness, and I’d just love to help you with that. What do you say?” Olivia gulped, taking a few steps forward.

“Of course...of course, Camilla,” she replied, “I just, um...I just don’t know how?” Camilla giggled, covering her mouth with a closed fist.

“All in due time, dear,” she said, “But first, how about a nice dance? I do so love your moves.” Olivia’s eyebrow raised. A dance, now? What good would that do? Her dances are mostly for the battlefield,and she really couldn’t see how it could do anything now.

“Um, okay,” she conceded, “I guess I can do one here…” As she got into a stance, however, Camilla cleared her throat, patting her lap.

“I was thinking of a...different sort of dance.” She smiled, leaning to the side to rest on her arm, left hand pressed into the bed as her right was on her lap. Olivia’s face went red, and her throat clenched, but she absolutely understood and loved the prospect. And considering how she was already wearing her bare minimum, this was going to be nice. These were her thoughts as she stepped closer to Camilla, intentionally swaying her hips before standing before her.

Reaching her arms over her head, Olivia started by moving her hips slowly in circles, letting Camilla see what was in store. Her feet started to turn her, giving off a good view of her rear and allowing a rhythm to be set. Very carefully, Olivia bent her back forward, causing her hip movements to pass her rear just barely over Camilla’s legs. Only the briefest skin contact could be felt, which made Camilla bite her lip, wanting to reach over and grasp the dancer’s milky white legs. She refrained, however, knowing that doing so would ruin the experience.

Olivia pressed on, now facing Camilla and moving more towards her. Her legs were to the sides of the purple-haired woman’s, and her hands moved to Camilla’s shoulders, letting her lift up to allow for easier movement. Her hips and chest waved, bringing Olivia’s bosom up to Camilla’s face and back, over and over again. Her legs and ass were now actually touching
Camilla, rubbing along the top of her legs, as Olivia’s dancer clothing gently moved over their bodies.

Olivia’s hands went to hold Camilla’s neck, holding her head in place as her motions continued. Getting up onto the bed, Olivia kneeled on the mattress, now moving her hips against Camilla’s stomach and crotch area, letting the fabric of her clothes drag on Camilla’s legs. Her hands started to caress Camilla’s arms, while her body continued to move against her, now fully and intentionally pressing her breasts against her with Camilla slightly moving her head back to not suffocate. The dance seemed to be breaking down somewhat, possibly due to how Olivia was now biting her lip. Camilla looked down and could see (and feel) a wet streak on her legs. Olivia was very, very turned on by this, despite being the one giving the dance.

“Olivia, dear?” Camilla whispered, “Are you ready to continue?” Olivia slowed her movements and looked at Camilla. The crazy look in her eyes, plus the drool slightly dripping out of her mouth, signalled a yes.

“Come here, then,” Camilla said, gently stroking the underside of Olivia’s chin with one finger, “I want to feel those lips of yours.”

Without hesitation and with a squeal of joy, Olivia crashed down into Camilla, lips pressing together in a hungered passion. The sudden force didn’t surprise Camilla in the slightest, but she did fall back onto the bed just to be safe. Olivia just would not let up, though, wrapping her arms around Camilla and kissing her with fervor. The Nohrian woman couldn’t help but giggle as it happen, casually moving her own arms around to Olivia’s back and undoing the one little knot that she had holding up the rest of her clothing. Doing that, she slid her hands up Olivia’s back, gently squeezing her rear first. This caused Olivia to moan, more than she already had been, and place her hands on Camilla’s face, letting their kiss be more intimate.

Camilla was the first to push the kiss further. Opening her mouth, she let her tongue slip through when Olivia’s mouth was open, letting their tongues join together. This didn’t break Olivias stride, and in fact only seemed to make her even more lustful. In fact, Camilla realized that Olivia seemed to not even be human anymore, just essentially a pleasure machine. While she didn’t particularly hate that, she knew that she wanted to be more “strategic” with what happened. As such, and much to the disappointment of Olivia (complete with a sad moan), Camilla pushed her off, holding her over her with both of them panting heavily.

“Now, now,” Camilla whispered, once again with her smile, “We can’t just do that forever, now can we? Do you feel nervous at all, right now?”

“No...not at all,” Olivia panted, her chest heaving. Being raised above Camilla caused her clothing to finally slip off, letting her naked body be free. Seeing her delicious pink nipples on her cramy breasts made Camilla bite her lip, but first things first, after all. Leaving Olivia with one last peck on the lips, Camilla moved the dancer’s head lower, until her mouth was aligned with her breasts. Along the way, Olivia’s tongue and lips licked and kissed Camilla’s neck and collarbone, causing her to emit gasps at every touch. Her hands went behind Camilla’s back and easily undid her bra, tossing it aside to marvel at her perfect bust.

Once at her destination, Olivia’s mouth went to work, pressed against the hard pink nub on Camilla’s right breast, using her left hand to cup and then squeeze the other one. She kept her mouth open, swirling her tongue around the nipple before sucking it, repeating this in intervals. With two fingers in the middle and one on each side, with the thumb working as support, Olivia caressed Camilla’s other breast, keeping both of the soft mounds moving at the same time. Being quite big, they were very nice to feel, and for Camilla, they were very sensitive. Olivia’s other hand meandered down to Camilla’s crotch, feeling the wet spot in her panties, but Camilla moved the dancer’s hand away.

“There won’t be a need for that,” she gasped out, “Just keep going.” Olivia nodded, swapping the positions of her hand and mouth. While Camilla’s right hand remained on Olivia’s head, keeping her in place, the other was gripping the sheets, almost drawing them closer. The gears were grinding in her head, and she already planned for where this was going to go.

Without warning, Camilla flipped them over, letting Olivia land on the bed with her hands beside her head, surprised. Camilla started by stroking Olivia’s hair, pushing it out of the way of her face, and undoing her long ponytail, leaving her pink hair cascading. Camilla herself had already taken off her normal headband, leaving the two women with streaming hair mixing between pink and purple. After this, Camilla’s hands lowered to Olivia’s breasts, kneading them in circles as if they were dough. While they weren’t as sensitive as Camilla’s, the dancer still mewled slightly at the touch, turning her head to the side and closing her eyes. Taking that as incentive, Camilla’s mouth went lower, latching itself to Olivia’s right breast and sucking.

“Oh!” Olivia cried, looking down at the sight before her. Camilla, with her mouth still latched, looked up at Olivia and winked, before continuing. Instead of focusing on the other breast with her left hand, Camilla moved it lower, sliding over Olivia’s hips and thighs, then moving it around to feel between her legs, rubbing the outside of her now very wet core. The feeling of her fingers was a breaking point, almost, and Olivia had to cover her mouth as her squeals kept coming. Squeals that Camilla loved.

Camilla decided to take it a bit further. She bit down gently on Olivia’s nipple, continuing to stroke her lower lips and focusing her massaging on Olivia’s clit. The dancer’s hand flew off her mouth, and her moans became more evident, sounding out through the room. Camilla’s two fingers worked wonders between Olivia’s legs, even going so far as to making her legs almost go stiff from pleasure, the muscles straining to get as much as possible.

As quickly as it began, however, it stopped. Olivia was about to open her eyes, but felt Camilla’s finger on her lips. Feeling how wet it was, she anxiously took it into her mouth, slurping it clean. Camilla giggled.

“Keep your eyes closed,” the woman purred, “I have a surprise for you.” Olivia did as she asked, but still trailed down a hand to somewhat pleasure herself while she waited. She heard Camilla slip off her panties, which meant that she was now completely naked, and heard her rummaging through her drawers, followed by a small “A-ha!” and her coming back to the bed, giving off a moan of what sounded like pleasure and tapping Olivia on the shoulder. The dancer opened her eyes.

Camilla was wearing a strap-on. At least, it seemed like one, a 7-inch long purple one that had a little black belt looping around her waist. From the sounds of pleasure from Camilla, however, that toy went both ways, with half of it currently inside of her.

“Turn over, dear,” Camilla said, right hand on her hip, “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.” Olivia gulped but gladly turned, raising her rear end in anticipation, pressing her breasts and sideways face into the sheets. She tried to look back at Camilla to see what she was going to do, but her angle wouldn’t let her. Camilla, meanwhile, had a bright smile on her face, as she put the tip of the strap-on against Olivia’s lower lips.

Slowly, Camilla pushed all the way into Olivia, who was gasping with every inch. After pushing in as far as she could, Camilla bent over Olivia, going to her ear to nibble it a little.

“Are you ready?” she whispered into Olivia’s ear. Olivia nodded frantically, and Camilla gave her a kiss on the cheek. She moved herself back up, kneeling behind Olivia as she started to thrust in and out of her, being particularly rough on the entry. Each thrust caused Olivia’s face to press more into the mattress, and seeing the pink-haired woman’s breasts squished against the bed seemed to turn on Camilla even more.

The bed started to creak from their actions. Camilla’s movements got faster, and her hand went down to stroke Olivia’s clit as well, giving her more pleasure aside from the strap-on. Minutes seemed to speed by as if they were nothing, and soon, Olivia was begging for release. Camilla toyed with the idea of teasing her more, but decided that she needed something too.

“How is it, dear?” Camilla asked Olivia, whose face was currently making out with the sheets.

“Wonderful!” Olivia replied, with one syllable per thrust.

“Come on, dear, why don’t you cum for me then?” Camilla put as much lust and sultriness into her voice here, trying to get Olivia to reach release.

“I...I…” Olivia’s words didn’t come out, because her moaning drowned them out. She yelled into the pillow, muffling her cries of pleasure and staining the sheets with her mouth. Camilla, due to both the movement of the strap-on inside of her too and the lewdness of Olivia’s moans, could barely contain herself. As such, she quickly removed herself from the dancer, and also unstrapped the toy, tossing it aside.

“Olivia,” Camilla said, now very much horny and at the edge of release, “Could you possible help me out here?” Olivia turned herself around to witness Camilla’s look of lust, and she nodded. Willing herself up, she moved herself right underneath the Nohrian’s crotch, her face looking right up into her womanhood. Camilla, very happy now, lowered herself onto Olivia’s face just as Olivia’s tongue went up, immediately going into Camilla and tasting her.

“Ah!” Camilla cried, her face rising to the heavens, “Oh gods, Olivia, yes!” Hearing Camilla talk even a little bit dirty inspired Olivia, and her tongue continued to explore the depths of the wyvern rider, tasting her sweet juices. Her lips brushed not only against Camilla’s outer folds, but her clit as well, tripling her pleasure by attacking three different sides. Olivia wanted to taste her forecer, constantly being able to keep her mouth against her core.

This was not to be, sadly. Camilla was already so close to finishing that just a few minutes of Olivia’s treatment was enough to trigger her climax. Since she had been holding it back, Camilla’s orgasm caused a veritable flood of liquids to hit Olivia’s face, drenching the woman’s head. Camilla, meanwhile, rocked her hips over Olivia’s face as she came down from the high, then slipped herself off, landing right next to her with their heads beside each other on the bed.

All it took was one look for them to start kissing again, the fervor still there, albeit a bit muted. Olivia got to share Camilla’s taste with her, as their tongues pushed into each other’s mouths and their hands roamed and squeezed once again. It took almost a minute for them to stop, but they kept each other in a tight embrace.

“Well, dear?” Camilla asked, “How’s that nervousness treating you?”

Olivia just had to laugh, then. “I think it’s settled, Camilla.”

“Good,” the purple-haired woman replied, “Because I know your dances can revitalize people, and I feel ready for round two.”

Olivia never danced so fast before in her life.