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The first time Jimin met Jungkook is at the freshman welcoming party in college.

It took place in the second week of the semester and since it was a welcoming party, many upperclassmen showed up to greet the new students, maybe even make new friends or just to have a fun night out before all the studying occupies most of their time.

Jimin was standing at the makeshift bar at the far end of the auditorium, red cup in hand, chatting animatedly with his best friend and mutual omega Taehyung. They were both freshman, very new to the whole college thing and very happy to share this experience with each other. They were roommates, of course. Sharing a room at college had always been their dream when they were in high school talking about their future plans. Luckily, they got into the same college, even if they didn’t share the same major. Jimin was proud to have gotten into the dance department, had worked his ass off in his senior year to get that scholarship. Taehyung settled for general business, he didn’t really know what he wanted to do later on and business just kind of sounded easy, too.

Jimin remembers giggling hard when an alpha came up to him complementing on his outfit and he got so shy that he buried his nose in Taehyungs shoulder to hide his red cheeks and flustered expression. The alpha had tried to start a conversation but Jimin just kept giggling and hiding so he soon gave up. He remembers his best friend shoving him playfully saying he’s too shy for his own good, which only made him chuckle more.

What came next, though, is something Jimin remembers as if it happened yesterday. Or even an hour ago. The doors to the auditorium had swung open and in came three tall guys that took Jimins breath away. The light from the hallway behind them illuminated them like halos and their confidence radiated from them like expensive cologne. Taehyung had squirmed next to him, pulling on the hem of his button up and squeaking like a school girl. Jimin felt like he was inside one of those popular dramas like boys over flowers, the only thing missing was a cheesy soundtrack playing in the background. He loved these shows and he was definitely not the only freshman (and most certainly not the only omega) who was whipped for these three guys. They had turned all heads, alphas and betas looking at them with envy, omegas with flustered puppy eyes.

The three crossed the hall easily, people making way for them like they were some type of celebrities. Jimin felt his heart stop when he realized they were directly walking up to the bar. Where he was standing with Taehyung, who was practically drooling now. The closer they came the closer Jimin was examining their appearances. The one on the right was the smallest, but he was still taller than Jimin by a couple inches. He had an oval face and light brown hair that was parted neatly down the middle. His shirt was colorful with cute flowers, a little uncommon for an alpha or beta (Jimin was almost sure he’s a beta, just by the look in his eyes) and the top two buttons were undone, exposing his collarbones and part of his undoubtedly muscular chest. He had a slight jagger to his walk and a bright smile on his lips and gave off a very friendly and approachable aura (definitely beta, but still intimidating to some extend).

The one on the right was quite the opposite. He was the tallest amongst the three, towering Jimin by at least a head and gave off a sophisticated vibe that screamed alpha like no other. He rocked an undercut even if it was not in style anymore, the silver color making it look like it should always be on the cover of barber shop magazines. He wore a white short sleeved V-neck and had a grey blazer flung over his shoulder. His dress pants matched it in color and design and those shoes were definitely polished, black sparkling in the fluorescent lights.

The guy in the middle caught Jimins attention the longest. He was an extremely handsome alpha. Taehyung would later call him “sex on legs”, and Jimin would shove him so hard on that comment, that he bumped his head on the lockers while blushing furiously.

His face was truly a work of art. His features were sharp and defined, cheekbones high and prominent, nose long and slender and eyes big and bright. His messy dark brown locks fell onto his forehead carelessly and Jimin held his breath when he ran a hand through it. The way his black leather pants hugged his thighs had Jimins mind going into overdrive. I wouldn’t mind choking in between them. The thought send a deep red creeping up Jimins neck and he was suddenly grateful for the dim lighting of the room. Complementing the pants (if that’s even possible, those are a killer for sure) was the black button up that was just slightly too tight on his upper arms, showing off his biceps and Jimin doesn’t want to think about what kind of other strong muscles he was hiding under the fabric. He looked the fittest amongst the three, and certainly the most confident. His strides were long and self-assured, clearly knowing where to go and what to do. And he definitely knew the kind of effect he had on the people around him. He flashed a few smiles here and there that had omegas squeaking and almost falling unconscious.

Jimin was frozen in place when they stopped in front of the punch bowl, suddenly blocking out all his surroundings. He didn’t even notice Taehyung taking a step behind him (who’s the shy one now?) and clutching onto his shirt for dear life. He had grown roots and wasn’t strong enough to pull them out of the ground anymore.

The three were talking now, certainly not noticing the two omegas ogling them from the side when two girls, also omegas, tiptoed to them and offered to pour them punch while giggling in the palms of their hands. All three of them smiled, the beta surely said something funny because the girls broke into a ringing laughter but Jimin didn’t catch it. Sure enough after the girls made the first move, suddenly a crowd emerged around the three. Many omegas buzzing around them like flies being pulled in by a light source. Jimin and Taehyung got shoved to the side of the table and when an especially eager omega runs past he brushed Jimin and sent him stumbling backwards to land on his backside hard. He frowned and looked at the feet in front of him, expression showing pain and embarrassment. He had always been a little clumsy when he was walking or standing. He hated it, mostly because he was doing perfectly fine when he was dancing. Sometimes he thought it would be easier to just dance through the hallways than walk in a straight line tripping over his own feet.

“You okay?”

Jimin expected Taehyung to speak these words, but the voice was unfamiliar. When he saw a hand appearing in his line of vision he looked up and immediately regretted it. In front of him, offering him a hand, was standing none other than Mr. gorgeous alpha himself, curly hair hanging down into his eyes and Jimins breath got caught in his throat. He swallowed hard trying to get the lump down that was forming and forced his gaze away from the strangers face towards his hand. Jimin knew it would be considered rude to refuse the man’s help, but he considered it anyway. He was almost sure his legs would give up if he let this beautiful creature take his hand and pull him up from the ground. He fought his internal battle for a second too long, considering how the strangers eyebrows were furrowing and he asked again, in this dark voice that sent a shiver down Jimin’s spine.

“You okay?”

“Y-Yeah. I-I’m fine. I’m fine.” Jimin managed to somehow choke out. He tried hard to ignore the stares on him. He was sure the whole freshman year and maybe even sophomore and junior year was looking at him now. He propped himself up on one hand and without further thinking about it grabbed the guy’s hand.

What he didn’t consider was the alpha’s strength. Jimin had given himself a push up so that the other wouldn’t have his whole weight to pull up. But he got yanked up so fast and easily like he weighed nothing and it sent him stumbling again, though forward, this time. When he stopped his eyebrows went skyrocketing and his heart was sent into overdrive. He face was now only inches apart from the alpha’s and he could smell his intoxicating scent. Jimin had never smelt anything comparable. It was rich and heavy. A mixture of fresh peeled apple and the crispness of fallen leaves—it reminded Jimin of fall, his favorite season. There is also a dash of lemon zest and a hint of pumpkin and it makes him think of an afternoon on a gorgeous autumn walk in the park. He couldn’t believe someone could smell this good. He caught himself breathing in a little too long and his vis-à-vis smiled a crooked smile that was not quite a smirk. Jimin realized he they were still holding hands.

“Hi there, cutie.”

The words hit him hard and he wanted to be swallowed by a hole in the ground. He was embarrassed but also incredibly flustered and flattered and he was almost sure the alpha could feel his heart beating out of his chest. He pulled back immediately, face bright red, palms sweating and knees wobbly. He turned around hastily, grabbed Taehyung, who had been standing frozen, and jolted out of the auditorium and down a few hallways before he had to stop and catch his breath.

“What was that?” asked Taehyung in disbelief, staring at his friend with a mixture of awe and third-person embarrassment.

“I have no idea but I think I want to die now.”

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It is now mid-semester, right before Christmas break and Jimin has gotten used to college life. He also wants to think he has gotten over his incredably embarrassing encounter with the schools most popular alpha Jeon Jungkook, but that’s just a lie he tells himself. He gets reminded ever so often by Taehyung, calling it “the fateful night when Park Jimin fell on his ass” and Jimin slaps him for it every time.

Jimin doesn’t see Jungkook very often. Right after the incident he found out a few things about the alpha. He didn’t ask, but people had come up to him to question him about the encounter. They told him the alphas name and that he’s a junior majoring in music production. He also found out that he plays basketball and the two guys were his best friends Hoseok and Namjoon. Jimin had been right about Hoseok being a beta and Namjoon another alpha. The latter was captain of the basketball team and studying in the same field as Jungkook. No one had to tell him Hoseoks major because he soon met him after class in one of the dance studios. Jimin had immediately recognized his bright smile and the radiant colors of his outfit was another obvious indicator.

That day Jimin had wanted to practice a little more and since the door wasn’t locked he just walked in without thinking twice. Hoseok had fortunately already been done with his practice and let him have the room for the rest of the afternoon. Right before he left though, he had turned around and given Jimin a careful look.

“You are the freshman…” he let his voice trail off and Jimin sighed. Before the older could say anything more he answered.

“…that fell on his ass at the welcoming party, yes. That’s me.”

The beta had cracked up on that, laugh bouncing off the walls and Jimin couldn’t help but join him.

“That’s hilarious. I’m Hoseok, by the way.”


“Jungkook was right, I guess.”

Jimin wanted to ask what the beta meant with that, but then the latter left, closing the door behind him with a short “Have fun!” and another blinding smile.
They’ve met a few times after that. Always exchanging short conversation, light and easy, mostly about dance and music, and Jimin grew fond of the elder, he always felt a little happier when he was around and his smile could certainly light up anyone’s day.

When Taehyung was with him one time though, things got a little awkward. They were walking down the hall to the practice rooms when Hoseok left one of them and skipped towards the two omegas.

“Hey Jimin!”

“Hi hyung!”

Jimin continued walking but Taehyung had stopped dead on his track and Jimin through a glance back. His best friend was standing there like someone shot him in the head, right before fainting and stared at the beta with wide eyes and shaking knees.

Hoseok also stopped because of that and the two stared at each other for good ten seconds and Jimin felt a little like a third wheel. He had never seen Taehyung like that, head over heels for someone he had only seen once and it was such a funny sight that he snickered a little, effectively pulling both of them out of their haze.

“I’ll leave you to your practice.” Hoseok walked past them, eyes never leaving Taehyungs until he reached the corner and got out of sight. That was when Taehyung came crashing down on Jimin, showering him with questions about the beta for the rest of the afternoon and even though Jimin was happy that his best friend had found a liking in someone and it was quite obviously mutual, he really wasn’t so happy that it interrupted his practice and distracted him from doing anything productive.

Now Taehyung can’t stop talking about Hoseok. He talks about him when they meet for lunch in the cafeteria, he talks about him when they’re at home, he talks and talks and talks. And even though Jimin loves his best friend’s loud personality and can put up with it longer than probably anybody else, he catches himself snapping at him more often and he hates himself for it, especially when Taehyung pouts and leaves the room or mumbles something along the lines of “so much for a best friend”. He is extremely thankful right now as Taehyung is standing in his room suggesting they should go out.

“You are so grumpy these days. I think you need a change of scenery.”

“What do you suggest?” Jimin sits up in bed, putting aside the book he’s been reading.


Jimin frowns.

“We both can’t play basketball for shit, Tae.”

“I didn’t mean we should play, dummy. We’re gonna watch.”

“Watch what?”

Taehyung face-palms.

“The basketball game. Tonight is game night. It’s Thursday.”

Jimin never pays attention to other sports than dancing so he has no clue that Thursday is gameday. He raises an eyebrow.

“Since when are you interested in sports?”



“Hoseok hyung will be there.”

“Ah, I see.”

“Please, Jimin! I’m sure it’ll be fun! The whole school will be there and a lot of hot alphas in shorts!”

“You only care about one hot beta, though.”

The statement gets skillfully ignored.

“Please, Jimin!”


Taehyung jumps up and down excitedly and immediately makes a run for Jimins closet.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m picking you a cute outfit.”


“Did you not hear the part when I said hot alphas in shorts?”

Jimin rolls his eyes but blushes nonetheless. He likes dressing up all cute. He’s a fan of sweater paws and pastel colors and since he has a toned body he knows he looks good in almost anything. But the way Taeyhung suggests him dressing up is not for him but for someone else. For an alpha to notice. And Jimin doesn’t think he’s ready for that. He’s just too shy. He has a lot of problems in class because of it. There are many alphas in the dance department, since they presenting themselves and showing off is part of their biology. And there are a lot who tried to talk to Jimin, complementing him on his skills or his outfit. He always finds himself blushing furiously, stumbling like a teenager and looking at his shoes in an attempt to hide his embarrassment. They find it cute, most of the time and many want to flirt with him, but he always turns them down. Not because he doesn’t like them, but because he doesn’t really know what to say or do.

So when Taehyung lays out a pair of black ripped pants and a pink oversized sweater Jimin squirms a little in his seat on the bed.

“Tae, I’m not dressing up for a basketball game!”

“Yes, you are! I’ve seen how alphas and betas look at you. You’re popular, they like you a lot and you’re just so oblivious! I want you to go out there and own them all!” He makes big hand movements and grins widely and Jimin throws a pillow at his head.

“I don’t want to own anyone! Can’t I just go to college like a normal person? You’re making me all nervous!”

“A normal person puts himself out there! Especially in college!” Taehyung puffs out air and throws the pillow back in Jimin’s lap.

“You’re being prude!”

“Am not!” Jimin pouts even though he knows it’s true. He’s just shy okay, let him live!

“Change and come out in ten minutes. No discussion.” With that his best friend leaves his room and Jimin sighs heavily. It can’t hurt to put this outfit on. It’s not showy, it’s just cute. And cute is always nice, isn’t it?

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When they get to the gym it’s already bustling with students. There are people from every major and Jimin finds himself a little lost in the crowd. There are so many people that he almost finds it suffocating and for a second he thinks about asking Tae to go back to the dorm, but when he sees his best friend radiating happiness he swallows his anxiety and pushes past the crowd towards the bleachers.

They are lucky enough to find a space somewhere in the middle, squeezed in between a few other omegas and Jimin can almost taste the pheromones in the air.

He tries to spot familiar faces in the crowd and he’s sure Taehyung is looking for Hoseok. Jimin sees almost the whole dance department scattered across the gym and when the person in front of him turns around, he is happy to see his classmate Yugyeom.

“You here, Jimin? I’ve never seen you at a game before.”

“Yeah, I’m not really interested in sports.”

Yugyeom snickers.

“I don’t think most of the people here are into basketball. They’re just here to see Jungkook and his guys.”

“I thought Namjoon is captain.”

“Well, he is. But Jungkook’s hotter.” Yugyeom snickers again and Jimin feels his face heat up, immediately reminded of the encounter with the older alpha. He starts playing with the hem of his sweater, not sure what to say, when Taehyung squeaks next to him. Jimin looks up to see him waving animatedly at someone on the playing field. It’s Hoseok of course. He’s wearing a red basketball shirt even though Jimin is sure he’s not playing and a pair of white skinny jeans. He makes his way over to the bleachers and grins so widely his teeth are almost blinding.

“Hey guys!” Hoseok greets them while bouncing on the balls of his feet.

“Glad you could make it.” It’s probably meant for both of them, but Hoseoks eyes only look at Taehyung’s and Jimin feels the urge to leave again.

“I’m gonna get us something to drink.” He states and tries to get off the bleachers without any damage to him or other people.

“Hey Jimin, wait!” Hoseok is now actually making eye contact with him while talking.

“If you’re going that way anyways, can you fetch my gatorade? I left it near the changing rooms, it has my name on it.”

“Sure, hyung.”


Jimin nods and squeezes through groups of people. When he bought two water bottles from a much stressed beta he makes his way over towards the changing rooms. He looks around for a bit, but Hoseok’s drink is nowhere in sight.

“You looking for something?”

It’s a tall alpha that is standing in front of him. Jimin doesn’t know him but he immediately feels uncomfortable when he feels the strangers gaze roam over his body. He is obviously one of the players, he wears the red uniform with a big red 5 on the back and Jimin feels even smaller under his determined eyes.

He shifts a little.

“A friend of mine left his gatorade here but I can’t seem to find it.” Jimin is glad that he sounds more confident than he feels.

“Oh, you mean Hoseok’s? I think they put it in the changing room thinking he would come back to get it.” He motions towards the closed door behind Jimin.

“There’s no one in there right now so you can go and check if you want.” He pauses for a second. “Or I can help you find it if you want?” the last sentence is clearly meant to be suggestive and the alpha wiggles his eyebrows knowingly.

“No, t-thanks.” Jimin looks to the ground and blushes. “I can look for it myself, thank you.”

He bows and turns around, not daring to look at the alpha one more time.

“God, you’re so cute.”

He grabs the door handle and yanks it open to quickly hide inside. He lets out the breath he’s been holding and wants to slap himself for being so shy. He’s not so shy around Hoseok, what’s the difference?

When he breathes back in his knees almost give in. His vision goes blurry and his hands are shaking. The room is so full of alpha pheromones, mixed with the salty smell of sweat and excitement and Jimin’s omega personality is so overwhelmed with the urge to submit and to please that he has trouble standing up straight. This is the difference. Hoseok doesn’t smell as strongly as alphas do. He’s easier to be around, his scent slightly sweeter, like oranges and a sandy beach. It’s not as sweet as an omega’s scent, of course. Taehyung smells like cherry pies and tulips.

An alphas scent is richer, muskier and it’s made to have an effect on omegas. But Jimin is not going to give up on his task. He shakes his head once, twice, before straightening his back and proceeding further into the room. His nose gets used to the scents slowly but surely and soon enough he is able to walk around the lockers looking for the drink.

“Damn Hoseok with his damn gatorade!” he mutters as he makes his way to the next line of lockers. He has his eyes on the banks where he supposes the drink to stand so he doesn’t notice someone standing there. Surely enough he bumps his nose against something soft and warm, immediately freezing on the spot. He holds his breath as he slowly averts his gaze from the ground upwards.

He can’t believe his eyes.

In front of him is standing Jeon Jungkook in all his glory. Quite literally. He is only wearing the bottom half of his uniform. Jimin never thought he would be able to confirm his idea of what the alpha was hiding under his shirts. He sure doesn’t have to hide anything. He has abs to die for and a rock hard chest and Jimin gulps as he watches his biceps move as he picks up his shirt.

Upon realizing his staring Jimin stumbles backwards, now probably as red as a tomato and he almost falls on his ass again. He squeezes his eyes shut expecting to hear a thump and then feel the sharp pain through his back. This time though, he feels a strong arm snake around his hips to prevent his fall and when he opens his eyes he finds himself in Jungkook’s embrace, faces only inches apart and surrounded by the alphas scent that glosses over every other scent in the room. Apple and pumpkin blending together so perfectly Jimin wants to nuzzle into the alpha’s neck, let himself drown in the calming smell of fall and wrap his hands around him to never let him go. He doesn’t blink, only stares into the brown orbs of the alpha that are so deep he thinks he can look straight into his soul. He’s afraid of what he would find there. He stares for what feels like hours or seconds, he’s not sure.

“We keep meeting like this.” His tone is warm and his voice so soothing it makes Jimin think of cuddles on a cold winter night.

“I’m s-sorry.” He breathes out, not sure if it’s even audible enough for the other to hear, even if they are only inches apart.

Jungkook smiles his adorable crooked smile just like last time. Not quite a smirk but with a hint of playfulness.

“I’m not complaining.” His breath fans across Jimins lips and he licks them subconsciously.

“Why are you here though? Not really a place for an omega to roam around.”

“H-Hoseok…drink…” Jimin furrows his eyebrows. The alphas scent is engulfing him fully and he’s finding it hard to form full sentences. “The other a-alpha said it w-was…”

“Other alpha?” Jungkook is still holding onto Jimin’s waist and he can’t find it in him to step away just yet.

“Yeah. N-Number five?” His voice is scratchy and breaks at the end. If he dies now he is certain it would be the best death ever. Dying in Jungkook’s arms sounds like a good idea to him right now.

“Oh. Jeabum? What did he say?”

“T-That hyung’s d-drink’s in here.” Finally a sentence that makes a little more sense.

Jungkook smiles widely now, teeth showing and Jimin bites down on his bottom lip hard trying to contain a whimper. He’s being pathetic now and he knows it but his wolf is screaming at him to just let go and melt into this alpha’s arms and nuzzle close to his scent. He wants to scream back. Or punch himself in the stomach. Whatever helps to make this situation go away.

Suddenly, Jimin sees a glint in Jungkooks eyes and the alpha swings him around with only one arm, presses him hard against the lock in front of him so that his legs give out and he sits down on the bench in front of it. His legs are parted and Jungkook stands between them, towering over him and Jimin feels so small and fragile like never before in his life.
The alpha bends down slowly and for a second Jimin feels the urge to close his eyes and let him come even closer, but then he catches himself and watches as the alpha grabs a bottle from somewhere to his right and holds it in front of Jimin’s face.

“This one?” he wiggles the purple bottle in front of him and Jimin can spot an H and a few other letters on one side.


Jungkook fully laughs now, low and melodic and Jimin wants this sound to be his morning call. Then he steps away, pulls his shirt over his head and leaves a very flustered Jimin sitting on a bench in the boys changing room, not without shouting a “bye bye cutie!” over his shoulder.

Jimin doesn’t know how long he sits there, staring at the gatorade in his hands and feeling the apple and pumpkin smell slowly fade away.

Chapter Text

When Jimin finds a small green box in his locker the day after the basketball game, he doesn’t really know what to think. He turns the velvety form around in his hands and hesitates a few seconds before opening it. He’s quite surprise by what’s inside. It’s a small key ring pendant. Two transparent dice dangling from a silver key ring as well as a small chain with a tiny flower at the end that has a white sparkling diamond in the middle. Even though it’s simple it looks quite expensive and Jimin doesn’t know what to do with it.

It can’t be. No one does that anymore, or do they?

Jimin picks the delicate piece up and finds a small note underneath it.



It’s one of the most fragrant flowers and also one of my favorites

It is also the fragrance that brought us together by chance

I hope you like my gift and it puts a smile on that beautiful face of yours


“Oh my god!” Jimin stares at the note in his hand and then inspects the key chain further. The small flower must be the heliotrope. Jimin has never heard of it.

“What’s up?”

Jimin almost jumps out of his skin at Taehyung’s words. He was so caught up in his thoughts he didn’t see him coming at all.

“Tae…?” Jimin still stares down at the gift.

His best friend hums in response, fumbling to get his locker open.

“I think I’m being courted…”


Jimin jumps again this time almost dropping the box and he glares at his best friend.

“You’re kidding right? No one does that anymore! It’s so outdated!”

“Well, if you didn’t put this in my locker then I have no other explanation.” Jimin holds up the key chain and it jingles in front of Taehyungs nose.

“Oh my god! This is amazing!”

“I thought it was outdated?”

“Well, yeah, but it’s sooo cute!” Tae snatches the gift from Jimin’s hands and starts to sniff it.

“Hey!” Jimin exclaims, scandalized. But his best friend just lets out a high pitched laugh.

“Who does it smell like?”

“You tell me, you dork, you’re sticking it up your nose.” Jimin tries to get the key chain back, but Taehyung is quite a bit taller than him, he just raises his arm to keep it out of Jimin’s reach.

“It doesn’t smell like anyone. Just plain new smell. Who gave this to you?”

“No one, I just found it in my locker. There’s no name on it either.” Jimin holds up the note for Taehyung to read. His eyes widen with every word and he has a huge boxy grin on his face.

“I’ve never seen something so cute! I wish I had a secret admirer!”

Jimin frowns at this choice of words. He’s still not sure what to think of the whole situation. Taehyung is right, courting is outdated. It was used before cellphones were invented, or facebook. His grandmother once told him how she was courted by his grandfather. It’s really old fashioned, and takes quite a bit of dedication. The alpha showers the omega of his choice with presents, they give them anything that reminds them of the omega or think they would like. Of course, the omega can always reject the approach, especially when the alpha reveals his or her identity or the omega finds out. Jimin always thought it to be extremely romantic. The alpha actually has to work to get the omega’s attention, trust and eventual love. Nowadays people just ask each other out via twitter or make out at a party while drunk. Courting is not something anyone thinks about anymore. Which makes this small gift extremely unique.

“What is this, though? Don’t they usually give jewelry or clothes or something?”

“I don’t know. I’m glad though, because I don’t like jewelry that much.”

“You wear rings and necklaces and I think you own fifteen watches!”

“Yes, but I bought them because they look nice. It’s nothing personal, you know. Someone actually put an effort into this. They clearly thought about what to get me.”

“Do you like it? It’s just two dice and a flower.”

Jimin scoffs and playfully shoves his best friend’s shoulder.

“Yes, as a matter of fact I like it. I don’t really know what it stands for but I appreciate it very much.”

And the fact that someone thinks about me in such a romantic way makes my insides all warm and fuzzy.

He doesn’t say that out loud, though.

He puts the silver ring on his backpack. It doesn’t quite fit together since the fabric is old and washed out and the gift shines so bright and new the contrast is almost hilarious. But Jimin doesn’t know where else to put it. Whoever gave him this wants to see him putting it to use, and bay putting it to his keys it would just end up somewhere in the back pocket of his jeans to never see the daylight again until he unlocks the door to his room. No, this secret alpha should see that Jimin likes his gift. So he shows it off on his backpack, always trying to put it on display whenever he can. He sets his bag down carefully so that the front is exposed and the dice reflect the artificial lights in the classroom.

When he walks down the hallway at the end of the school day he carries his backpack on his chest, pressing it to his heart and playing with the little flower absentmindedly. He doesn’t look at the floor and sure enough trips over his own feet twice, almost face-palming the floor but catching himself just in time to not make a complete fool out of himself. He then proceeds walking while actually looking where he’s headed, but that doesn’t prevent him from almost tripping, again. This time it’s not because of his clumsiness, but for the fact that Namjoon, Jungkook and Hoseok are walking in his direction from the other end of the hallway. Jungkook looks gorgeous, as always, with a dark blue v-neck exposing his collarbones and a pair of simple black skinny jeans. His hair is as messy as always but it looks so soft that Jimin feels the urge to run a hand through it and twist the locks between his fingers. He blushes at the thought.

Hoseok waves animatedly when he spots Jimin and he leaves his two friends to skip the last few steps before he’s standing right in front of him, bouncing on the balls of his feet.

“Jimin! What’s up?”

“Hi, hyung.” Jimin feels his face heat up even more when he feels both Namjoon and Jungkook looking at him. The former with a questioning, the latter with a smug expression.

“You’re alone?” Jimin would be laughing at how Hoseok gazes over his shoulder to search for Taehyung, but he’s too flustered at the moment to do anything else than blush furiously and hope for the ground to swallow him whole.

“Yeah, Tae has afternoon classes.” Hoseok’s expression falls dramatically and it’s so obvious that he likes Taehyung that Jimin wants to make a smug remark. He opens his mouth but gets interrupted by the betas loud voice and animated hand gestures.

“Guys, you know Jimin? He’s a freshman. Really knows how to dance.”

“Hyung!” is it possible for his face to be on fire?

“You’re Tae’s friend?” Namjoon has a deep voice and Jimin sees pure curiosity in his eyes.

“You know Tae?” He gets a snort for an answer and then Namjoon chuckles quietly.

“Only from stories.” The remark earns him a punch on the shoulder from Hoseok and now the three are laughing together. Jungkook’s laugh stands out to Jimin. It’s low and melodic and reminds him of the time he had laughed at him in the changing room. Where is his hole in the ground?

“Oh!” Hoseok exclaims, pointing at Jimin’s backpack that he’s been holding onto tightly, fisting the fabric. He reaches out and almost grabs the key chain but upon a reflex Jimin takes a step back and presses the bag impossibly closer. He’s not sure what has gotten into him, he’s usually not the possessive type, that’s more an alpha thing.

“That’s mine.” He whispers.

Hoseok looks surprised and a little offended but before he can say something Jungkook steps between the two, right in front of Jimin.

“It’s cute, where did you get it?” The alpha takes one of the dice between his fingers and turns it lightly. Jimin’s heart stops. For a second there are apples and pumpkins dancing around like figures in a Disney movie and he’s not entirely sure if he’s hallucinating.

“I...It-it’s a…” he doesn’t finish his sentence as Namjoon pulls Jungkook away.

“Guys, we don’t have all day. Sorry Jimin but we have to be in class in like three minutes.”

Jimin smiles shakily and watches the three leave down the hallway. Hoseok waves at him one last before they disappear behind the corner.

Fuck you, Jeon Jungkook! Why do you have to be so hot? Why do you have to smell so good? Why are you so perfect?

Jimin manages to get home without further accidents and when he reaches his room he throws himself on his bed and fumbles the key chain of his backpack. It smells like Jungkook now. Jimin rubs it on his face close to his nose and he should be embarrassed but he just wants to drown in this scent, wants to bathe in it and smell it on all of his things. He hopes this mystery alpha smells just like it. And for the first time this day he lets his mind wander to places of impossibility. For example a place where Jungkook is his mystery alpha, giving him presents and smothering him with complements and smiling at him and touching him and…  


A warm feeling settles deep in his stomach, making his insides turn to liquid and he knows he should feel bad for being aroused just by the smell of an alpha but the apples and pumpkins dancing in his room while brown and orange leaves are falling from the ceiling tell him otherwise. He peels his pants of, throwing them across the room and palms himself over his boxers. The key chain is still on his face, slightly jingling with each movement and the alpha scent is strong in his nose. He teases him like this for a while before pushing his boxers down and stroking himself to full hardness. He smears the precum down to make the slide easier and closes his eyes in bliss. Images of Jungkook’s face flash before his eyes, his dark eyebrows, his long thin nose and his beautiful plump lips with his tongue darting out in between. A quiet moan escapes him at the thought of what that tongue could do to him right now.

His hand reaches in between his thighs and he is surprised at how wet he is already. The first finger slides in easily, making him grunt lowly at the sensation. Jungkook’s scent clouds his mind and he quickly adds a second. He scissors his fingers, stretching just right but not enough. He hates his small hands especially while doing this. They’re not long or thick enough and can never quite reach the spot inside that he needs to stimulate so badly. But he is too far gone now to search for the dildo somewhere in his bedside table so he settles for stroking himself hard while thrusting three fingers inside.

He’s not really surprised that he comes with Jungkook’s name on his lips, but the guilty feeling spreads nonetheless. He shouldn’t be jerking off to the scent of the most popular alpha in college. The one he’s embarrassed himself in front of so often and the one who surely didn’t give him the key chain. He should be focusing on finding out who this mystery alpha is not droning in some one-sided crush without hope.

He sighs as he puts down the dices on the bed and makes his way to the bathroom, gathering his pants and boxers on the way and coursing his omega hormones and a certain alpha for making him feel this way.

Chapter Text

Jimin is sure someone noticed him jerking off to Jungkook’s scent. There are no more gifts for weeks and he feels devastated. He can’t help but think he offended someone.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have put it on my ugly backpack!” he whines while clinging to Taehyungs arm like an anchor. “It was probably really rude and now he hates me!”

“No one hates you, Jimin!” His best friend tries to peel him off of him while dragging Jimin to the cafeteria.

“Maybe he’s just thinking about what to buy you next. It might be something big.”

“No! He hates me! I am a horrible person! I’m going to die alone!”

“You’re being really ridiculous right now.”

Taehyung manages to get Jimin in line for the food but he just stares at it as soon as they sit down, stabbing the baby carrots like they’re his worst enemy. He ignores the scolding look on Taehyung’s face and continues to wallow in self-pity. He knows it was a bad idea to interact with Jungkook too much. The mystery alpha probably saw him taking the gift and then spreading Jungkook’s god-forbidden scent all over it. Now he was either highly intimidated or extremely angry at Jimin for letting it happen.

Jimin slams the chopsticks on the table, ignoring the surprised stares he gets from the people around them and roams through his backpack (it’s a new one, he bought it the second week after the incident in his bedroom), searching for his phone. What he retrieves though is not his beloved samsung, but a plain white CD case. The sight sends his eyebrows skyrocketing and his stomach to summer saults.

“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! Tae!” he screams, waving the CD in front of his friend’s face.

“Do you know what this is? Oh my god!”

“It’s a CD.” Taehyung obviously knows what Jimin means but he plays oblivious just for the look on the other omega’s face.

“You’re a horrible friend!” Jimin laughs despite the not-so-nice remark and turns the square shaped object around a few times. There’s no note on the outside, so he opens the lid to find a white CD with the words “Park Jimin” neatly written on it. It’s the same handwriting as on the note with the key chain and it makes Jimin’s insides liquefy and his heart beat just a little faster.

There’s another note on the inside of the lid and Jimin reads it twice before his eyes glaze over and his vision goes blurry from happy tears.


Music makes my heart grow fonder

I was thinking about you when I made this track

About your blinding smile and gorgeous eyes

About your sweet voice singing the lyrics to this track

(I hope you can make my dream come true one day)



“Tae, I’m skipping my afternoon classes,” Jimin announces, voice shaking.

“What? Why?”

“Something important came up.” He got up, leaving his baby carrots to die from heir stab wounds and rushes out of the cafeteria while pressing the CD to his chest. He would later get a text from Tae, saying “who’s a horrible friend now? You just left me there!” but he doesn’t care at the moment.

The only thing that’s important right now is his mystery alpha and this incredibly cute present.

He fumbles with the key to his apartment (the dice are attached to its chain now) and storms into his room in search for his laptop. It takes too long to boot and Jimin mumbles curses under his breath until he can slide the CD in and open the music application.

The file playing is named “Park Jimin” and as soon as it starts, it has Jimin going into a trance-like state and he flops down on his bed. It’s instrumental only, a mixture of piano, guitar, soft drums and bell sounds.

It flows like a small river from a stream in the mountains, over hard rocks and through green forests. Then it turns into a torrent rushing down huge waterfalls and pulling sand and fish with it to finally find its piece in the deep sea. It’s an emotional rollercoaster and Jimin finds himself crying softly at the end of it.

He has never heard anything quite like it, and his ears certainly enjoy not only the uniqueness of it. What makes this present so lovely is the fact that this was made while thinking about him. It fits his personality perfectly. It’s sweet and light, but at times deeply emotional. There are parts that make him want to cuddle into a pillow and others that speak to his feet - for him to just get up and dance the soul right out of his body. He can’t believe it’s possible for a track like this to even exist and he listens to it ten more times until his eyes can’t shed any more tears.

After reading the note countless more times he decides to spend the rest of his now free afternoon (he can’t go to class looking like an emotionally wrecked panda bear) rehearsing a dance routine for the music. He’s no good with words and for some reason he believes that his mystery alpha has already written the lyrics, so he opts for dancing instead. It takes him longer than anticipated to come up with the perfect moves for the sweet melody. He tries to incorporate as many modern dance parts as possible since he feels like they fit best, but then he finds himself throwing in some hip hop and ballet as he dives deeper into the song.

He is sweaty and exhausted by the time Taehyung gets home and throws him a questioning look. He doesn’t react, only makes his way to the shower and stands under the hot stream for a little longer that night, loving the feeling of being warm both inside and out.He lets Taehyung listen to it the next day and certainly enjoys the way his eyes widen and he spins Jimin around excitedly when it’s finished.

“This guy must really love you!” he states when they came down from their happy high, sitting on the couch watching some random tv-drama.


“You don’t sound too excited about that.”

“Oh no. I am.”

“Jimin.” Tae puts the TV on mute and turns to look at his best friend. They have their legs entangled and Jimin is absentmindedly petting Taehyung’s stomach.

“No really. It’s just…” he trails off, not really sure how to voice his emotions.

“It’s just what, Jimin. You don’t like being courted?”

“I do! I really do, I just don’t know if I should accept this.”

“Why for god’s sake? This guy must’ve put a hell lot of effort into this. And how can you reject someone you don’t even know?”

“That’s the thing, Tae.” Jimin shifts in his seat uncomfortably. “I don’t know this guy. He could be creepy and scary and ugly and…”

“I’m sure he’s the nicest alpha in the universe! He wrote you a song, Jimin! He can’t be that bad!”

“I know, but…” Jimin scratches the back of his neck. This is so stupid.

“But what? Jimin?”

“I kind of have a crush on someone…”

The omega breaks out in laughter at his friend’s words.

“Wow. Our little Jiminie has a crush! I am so proud of you!”

“It’s one-sided, though.” Jimin looks at his hands and tries to hide his embarrassment.

“A lot of beautiful relationships start with a one-sided crush. I mean mystery guy here obviously has the same problem.”

“That doesn’t make it any easier, Tae.”

“Sorry, sorry.” Taehyung raises his arms in a defensive gesture and almost hits Jimin in the face because they’re so close. “So, who is it?”

“Jeon Jungkook.”

“I knew it!” Now he actually hit Jimin in the nose and he shoves him so hard Taehyung tumbles to the floor.

“Can’t blame you, though. He’s hot.”


“Maybe he sent you this. He’s a music major.”

“Don’t be ridiculous Tae. He thinks I’m a weird omega that can’t speak or walk or stand properly.”

Jimin thinks about this sentence a lot. It’s true really. Every encounter he has with the older alpha ends with him inevitably embarrassing himself and he hates that there is nothing he can do about it. Jungkook just has that effect on him. It’s like he can’t control his body when he’s close. He’s almost surprised he hasn’t peed himself yet. He doesn’t want to think about the stories that would go around about him the next days, or weeks, or years. He would probably change schools.

He gets to validate his theory the following Thursday. It’s game day again and the whole school is excited. Jimin has stayed away from basketball and its players as far as possible. The memory of the last game is still vivid in his mind and he’s not so eager on repeating it.

It’s early afternoon and most students are already home probably dressing up for the game or checking the latest statistics on the opponent. Jimin is going over his routine for one of his assignments. It’s a hip hop medley and he really enjoys the heavy bass and fast rhythm. He’s halfway through it, slaying every move, when suddenly the tape stutters and then stops all together. He frowns as he looks at the machine in the corner. He doesn’t know shit about technology and when the thing starts to feel hot he takes his hands off and leaves the room for the tech department. It’s close to the practice rooms so he doesn’t bother changing out of his practice attire.

The hallways are completely vacant and all doors in the tech department are either locked or empty. He shakes his head.

“Stupid game’s more important than my practice.” He mumbles to himself as he keeps searching the house for another living soul that might just understand a tad more about expensive stereos than he does.

He spots a familiar figure standing at the water fountain and immediately sighs in relief.

“Hyung!” he announces himself as he approaches the elder and Hoseok turns around, grinning his signature all teeth grin.

“Hey Jimin! You still here? Are you coming to the game tonight?”

“No, can’t make it. Is still have to practice this one piece…” he trails off as he watches the beta wiping the remaining water off his face.

Hoseok hums understandingly. “Yeah. Freshman year was a hard one. Too many assignments.”

“Uhm…hyung?” Jimin shifts from one leg to the other. “I was wondering if you could help me with something?”

“Your dance?” Hoseok is a little too excited about that for Jimin’s taste. He doesn’t really like other people watching him practice. It’s fine when he can do it perfectly, but he’s never been fond of people seeing him fail.

“No, no. I was trying to get someone from the tech department but there all flown out and I think the sound system broke.”

“Oh! Hm…” Hoseok seems to think about something hard. He comes to some sort of conclusion after a few seconds because his grin gets impossibly bigger.

“Sure. I’ll be there in a minute. You should go and check before something bursts into flames.” He chuckles and waves Jimin off, running away into the opposite direction. Jimin can’t help but find his behavior a little odd, but he doesn’’t think about it any further and just shuffles back to the practice room.

He waits longer than a minute and nothing’s on fire yet. The device is still hot though and he prays for Hoseok to hurry up before his usb melts. He sits down at the mirror wall and plays with his phone, while absentmindedly humming the music track named after him. He has it on repeat on his playlist and it’s been stuck in his head for days. He’s not growing sick of it, though. It seems he even grows fonder of it as the days go by and the first line of the note keeps repeating alongside with it.

Music makes my heart grow fonder. 

A knock on the door pulls him out of his thoughts and he puts his phone aside.

“Come in, it’s open!”

He doesn’t look to the door as he gets close to the sound system again while explaining the situation.

“It just stopped suddenly. I didn’t do anything. I wasn’t even here for long, only a couple hours but know it’s heating up and I really hope it didn’t break. I can’t pay for this, I’m broke as hell!” His voice gets louder and more desperate towards the end. He really can’t pay for such expensive technology. He’s on a scholarship yes, but he still has to eat and sleep to survive!

“I’m sure it’s not irreparably broken.”

Jimin freezes upon hearing these words. Well not the words, but the voice. It’s not Hoseok’s, as Jimin was expecting. But it’s just as familiar. He doesn’t dare to turn around to meet the owner of that heavenly voice. He just keeps staring at the task at hand.

“I swear I didn’t touch anything! I left it as it was when it stopped playing!”

“I believe you.”

“I have no clue how this can happen. Or why this would happen to me. I tried to get someone from the tech department but they’re all out probably preparing for that stupid game and I don’t want to be a bother but I really have to get this routine right and I’m gonna die if my usb is melted because then I have to copy all these songs all over again and that takes so much time because my laptop is old and stupid and I hate it and…”

“Jimin.” It’s the first time he’s said his name. His name. It sounds so pure and the way his deep voice curls around the syllables makes Jimin’s heart flutter and insides turn into swarming butterflies. He holds his breath as he waits for the alpha to continue.

“You’re rambling.”

“I’m sorry.”

Jungkook chuckles, light and soft. Jimin feels the blush creeping up his and a shiver down his spine.

“Don’t be.”

Nothing happens for the next seconds and Jimin is still holding his breath. He knows what’s going to happen when he breathes in and he really, really doesn’t want to go there.

“Uhm… Jimin?” There is his name again! Does he really want to kill him?

“Yeah?” He breathes out, almost inaudible.

“Can you…move? So I can take a look at it?”

Jimin hasn’t realized he’s been blocking the stereo with his body. He quickly slides away, effectively bringing a couple feet between him, the alpha, and the problematic machine.

“Sorry.” He bows his head down and risks a sniff of the air around him. The alpha’s scent is there but it’s not as mind blowing as the last few times for a couple of different reasons. First, they’re not as close (at least not anymore, but Jimin tries not to think about that). Second, Jimin has been in this room for hours and his scent has fully consumed the atmosphere inside. It’s also mixed with the heavy smell of sweat and exhaustion and for the first time Jimin is actually happy for the gross odor. He keeps breathing shallowly, careful not to let Jungkook’s scent into his mind.

He watches the alpha work from the corners of his eyes. His long, slender fingers are moving around with practiced ease. He surely knows what he’s doing as he unplugs the machine and opens a few lids here and there.

As time goes by Jimin starts to relax in his seat on the floor. Jungkook’s scent gets stronger by the minute, but Jimin can slowly get used to it and it now calms him more than it arouses him. He even starts humming his song again at a certain point and grabs his phone to check his messages.

He then feels a heavy gaze on him and when he looks up he stares directly into Jungkook’s dark orbs.

“Sorry.” He mumbles again, directing his eyes back on the screen and biting his lower lip.

“You keep apologizing.” The alpha says, but continues with his task.

“Sorry.” Jungkook only huffs in response.

The silence following is not awkward at all. Jimin doesn’t feel the need to hum, he enjoys the nothingness and focuses on his phone again. He can’t refrain from throwing glances in the alphas direction, though. He looks a little exhausted. Probably from a long school day, since he hasn’t changed out of his day to day clothes. It’s a button up and a bomber jacket this time. Maybe he’s been outside before getting here? His skinny jeans are ripped at the knees and Jimin can spot the bottom of his muscular thighs peeking out. He bites his lip hard to have the pain erase some thoughts that are definitely not pg-13.

“All done.” Jungkook’s voice startles Jimin and he almost throws his phone away.

Jungkook smiles at him. But it’s not his typical crooked smile. It’s more pure, almost innocent, no smug whatsoever and it reminds Jimin faintly of a bunny. He wants to kiss it. Oh god.

“Let’s try it out.” With that statement the alpha plugs the stereo back in and it starts with a soft “pling”. He presses a few buttons (Jimin’s eyes never leave those long, nice fingers…) and then a soft tune starts playing.

Jimin sighs, happy to finally be able to finish his practice. He smiles at Jungkook, but it immediately falters when he sees the look on his face. It’s a mix of so many emotions that Jimin’s not sure if it’s good or bad. He sees relief, happiness, sadness, anger, embarrassment?, fondness and a couple others flash over the alphas face and that’s when he recognizes the song that’s playing.

“Oh god!” He exclaims and sprints to the sound machine, immediately turning it off. “I’m so sorry.” He doesn’t know what he’s apologizing for but his omega self is telling him to make the alpha feel better. Apologies usually are the first go-to.

“Were you…” Jungkook seems lost for words. He’s lost for words? He clears his throat before he continues. “Were you dancing to…this?”

“Oh no! No! I-It’s not this one. This is… different. I-I was practicing another song, well dancing… I did dance to this one before but not today. T-this is not an assignment. It’s just something I like and…” Jimin knows he’s rambling but he can’t help it. There is no need for him to explain but he still wants to. Wants the alpha to understand him but the confused look in Jungkook’s eyes is upsetting him.

“So you did dance to this?”

Why is this so important?

 “Y-yes. At one point. Yes.”

Jungkook lets out a breath he probably held in and then that same fond smile spreads on his face again. Jimin’s inner omega preens at the sight.

“Can you show me?”







Chapter Text

Did I just hear him wrong?

Jimin searches Jungkook’s face for any sign of a joke but he seems completely serious.

“Can you show me your dance?” Jungkook repeats, incredibly patient.

“Uhm…” Jimin feels like a lost pup. Jungkook wants to see him dance?

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to. I was just thinking. Hoseok had told me you are a good dancer and since I’m in music production, I enjoy everything related to music…” he trails off, not quite rambling yet.

Jimin wants to say yes really bad.

For one, the dance is already finished and he knows he would slay the whole thing. He also knows it looks good because Taehyung has watched him a few days back and ended up crying while smiling foolishly.

But he also feels this familiar guilt building in his stomach. It’s cold like a wet hand soaking his shirt. He thinks of the mystery alpha again. He wrote this song for him and showing his dance to any other alpha just doesn’t feel right. Even if Jungkook is his crush and he wants to impress him so badly. He hasn’t made a fool of him yet and the afternoon could get impeccably better when Jungkook liked his dance. He fights this internal battle and doesn’t even realize the scowl forming on his face until Jungkook speaks up again.

“Sorry. It was a stupid idea. I’ll just leave you to your practice.”

“No!” Jimin’s mind goes blank as he gets up and grabs Jungkook’s arm, sparks immediately flying through his veins leaving him breathless. And he didn’t even touch his skin, only his jacket! Taehyung’s words ring in his mind like a witch’s spell. “Maybe he sent you this.”

Or in other words: Maybe Jungkook is courting you, Park Jimin.

Jungkook freezes in his tracks and looks down at the omega almost with a pained expression. Jimin lets go straightaway.

“I’ll show you.” He blurts out, not really caring about the consequences if he’s wrong.

Why else would he want to see me dance? Especially to this track? That’d be one coincidence too many!

Jimin feels his whole body heat up at the idea. Jeon Jungkook, the Jeon Jungkook, the hottest alpha in college, in Jimin’s world, might actually be interested in him.

It’s not possible, but then again, what other explanation is there to the situation they’re both in right now?

Jungkook looks surprised but sits down near the wall anyways and watches as Jimin awkwardly walks over to turn the music back on.

There’s no turning back now. He stands in the middle of the room staring at his own reflection in the mirror as he waits for the tune to start.

The all too familiar first few notes pool out of the speaker and Jimin almost forgets that Jungkook is in the room. His scent is prominent around him and he wants to get lost in the feeling of dancing with apples and pumpkins. He moves his body like every muscle knows exactly what to do. It’s swift and flowing at times and then hard and fast just like the music. He honestly wants to pat himself on the shoulder for creating the perfect routine to this track.

He gets lost in the dance and closes his eyes at some point. His feet know every step and his arms cut through the air like samurai swords.

He doesn’t even dare to glance at Jungkook, to see his reaction. Knowing that it would surely make him loose his rhythm.

The song is almost over, the last few notes slowly fading away, when Jimin feels a sudden emptiness settle in his chest. When he opens his eyes the happy apples and pumpkins are gone and the spot Jungkook has been occupying is empty. There is just the plain wall staring back at him mockingly and he topples over his feet, falling to the ground without feeling any pain at the impact. The track stops and no other follows, since it was the last one on the folder. Jimin feels the cold wood of the floor against his thighs, then his hips, his chest and finally his cheek as he lies down and closes his eyes.

The silence is so thick it’s strangling him.

He doesn’t know how long he lies there. It could be hours or minutes or even days, but he doesn’t care. He can’t care about anything else than the turmoil in his stomach and the sting in his heart. A myriad of emotions wash over him as he lies unmoving, letting it pass by like the tides.

There’s sadness. I guess he really doesn’t like my dancing.

Embarrassment. I just humiliated myself in front of a hot alpha.

Denial. Maybe he just went to grab a drink?

Anger. How dare he leave like that! Without saying a word like a coward!

And Acceptance. I knew I wasn’t good enough for an alpha like him. I bet he left so that I wouldn’t see him laughing at me.

It was so stupid to think that Jungkook could have found a liking in Jimin. There is nothing special about him. He still can’t talk properly when he’s around the alpha. He’s incredibly clumsy when it comes to everyday tasks and he’s not very socially outgoing. Jimin really should have known better than to let his mind wander to dreamlands of impossibility.

The janitor finds him like this. He knocks on the door hesitantly and Jimin jolts up, apologizing twice saying he had fallen asleep after a particularly draining practice. The old man gives him a weird look but doesn’t ponder and Jimin’s thankful for it. He knows he must look like shit right now from riding such an emotional rollercoaster.

It’s dark when he steps outside the school building and it fits his current state of mind. Darkness. He sighs heavily as he walks over the campus towards the dorms and engulfs himself in the depressing sights before him. Like the way the street lights flicker and naked bushes paint scary shapes with their shadows. Or the way the school flag sways in the night wind making dinging sounds every time it smacks against the pole. No soul is out and he briefly wonders what time it is or if the basketball game has ended yet. He growls lowly at the thought of the game. Or better, at the thought of a certain alpha only in gym shorts pressing his legs between Jimin’s in the locker room. He kicks harshly at a stone on the pavement and sends it flying into the dark wet grass.

He gets home to an empty apartment. A sticky note on the fridge tells him that Tae’s watching the game with Hoseok (there’s a freaking heart behind his name!) and that there’s leftover ramen for him to heat up. Thinking about food makes Jimin want to vomit so he settles for a cold shower and a glass of hot milk instead.

Sleep washes over him as soon as he reaches the bed, pulling the covers tightly over his head, wishing he could just hide under the duvet forever.



Jimin goes for all black the next day. He never wears all black. It’s just too gloomy, too dark for his personality but it fits his mood more than anything else. Tae’s still not there when he leaves for his morning classes and he sends him an unnecessarily harsh text asking about his whereabouts.

The teachers are considerate enough not to ask him many questions, presumably sensing his melancholy and Jimin is grateful to some extent. But a few also try to be especially cheerful, laughing too loud at nothing and cracking shallow jokes as a failed attempt to lighten the mood.

Jimin doesn’t seem to be the only sad one around this day. He observes omegas rushing by with their heads down and alphas throwing temper tantrums like they’re five year old pups instead of grown adults. He shortly wonders what this could all be about, but then a headache knocks on his temples and he opts for blaming it on the foggy weather.

Taehyung is unaffected by it, of course. His bright personality leaves no room for hung over skies and missing sunlight. He’s practically glowing when Jimin goes to meet him at their usual spot in the cafeteria. Jimin has a lonely orange on his tray that almost drops to the floor when he catches the sight of a familiar figure sitting next to his best friend at their table.

Jimin sets his tray down with too much force and the orange bounces dangerously close to the edge. Taehyung grins widely at him totally oblivious of the anger boiling in Jimin’s guts.

“Hi there, Jiminie!” He beams.

“What is he doing here?” Jimin doesn’t sit down, ignoring Taehyung’s greeting. Taehyung’s face remains glowing when he pouts.

“I’m sorry for not texting you last night, Jimin. It was a mess after the mess ended. People were all over the place and I kind of forgot what two bottles of remorse soju do to me. Hoseokie hyung here was generous enough to let me sleep over.” His face turns scarlet as he throws an almost shy glance at the beta next to him. “I apologize for worrying you.” Taehyung bows his head down, but a giggle escapes his lips as Hoseok’s hand brushes over his and Jimin wants to flip the table over like people do in those ridiculous commercials.

“I don’t care who you fucked last night.” Jimin snarls and he feels bad seeing his best friend’s face fall as he looks at him in utter disbelief.

“What?” Taehyung’s voice is strained, worry and uneasiness swinging with it.

“I don’t give a shit about you’re nightly encounters. But right now, I want him gone.” Jimin looks at the beta for the first time now. He looks just as surprised as Taehyung, staring up at the omega still standing. He doesn’t utter a word, clearly lost as Jimin all but growls at him in anger and frustration. That makes Jimin jump out of his seat grabbing Jimin by his shirt sleeve.

“What the fuck, Jimin? What’s wrong with you?” Concern is still more evident than anger in Taehyung’s voice.

“Nothing’s wrong with me! But his face makes me want to puke. I don’t want to see him.” He points his finger at the beta’s face, not looking him in the eyes. Hoseok gets up now as well, obviously uncomfortable as Jimin’s outburst attracts the attention of the surrounding tables.

“Well if you don’t care about me, I’m not gonna be considerate of you either.” Taehyung lets go of Jimin’s shirt and stems his hands on his hips. “I want him to stay. He’s my friend! And I thought he was yours, too.”

“Friend my ass.” Jimin mutters. He’s aware that he’s overreacting but he can’t control the anger forming out of the gnawing pain and fear threatening to swallow his heart.

“I think I should go. Something’s upsetting him; maybe you should give him a hug.” Hoseok shifts uncomfortably and goes to grab his tray. Taehyung’s at his side in seconds, preventing him from leaving as he holds onto the beta’s wrist tightly.

“No don’t go. Jimin’s being a little shit. He’s probably going into heat or something.” The words draw a growl from Jimin’s throat, low and threatening.

“It’s fine, Tae. I’m sure he doesn’t mean it. I’ll let you sort this out. Meet me at the front after class, okay?”


“It’s really fine. Take care of your friend, I think he needs you.” And with that Hoseok exits the cafeteria, leaving the two omegas glaring at each other.

“Look what you did! Now he’s upset!”

“I don’t give a damn about his ass!”

“Jimin for fuck’s sake what has gotten into you? Are you really that riled up about a lost match?” That throws Jimin off for a second. His eyebrows furrow as he tries to process Taehyung’s words. What lost match?

“What are you talking about?” He doesn’t snap at his best friend now, curiosity and unawareness taking over.

“Seriously, Jimin! You shouldn’t let some stupid crush get to you like that! They lost the game, so what?! Get your act together!”

They lost the game? The basketball game? Jimin has totally forgotten about that. That’s probably why the whole school seems down today. It’s not common for the team to lose; it’s one of the best in the area, apparently.

Jimin puffs out a breath. “I don’t waste my fucking time or thoughts on shitty basketball games. Or basketball players! Or music majors! Or alphas! Or…” He’s practically panting at the end, hands fisting into the material of his shirt and nose twitching at the unpleasant smell of irritation coming from the omega in front of him.

“Then why are you so fucked up? Yelling and growling at people like they’re garbage?!”

Is this what he’s doing? Treating people like trash? Like Jungkook treated him last night?

Tears start to form in the corners of his eyes, threatening to spill any second.

“I-I don’t” he stutters, blinking frantically in an attempt to calm down the growing panic. Taehyung is still glaring at him. Waiting for a response and Jimin does the thing he does best in situations like this.


He runs away.

Chapter Text

Jimin doesn’t stop running until he reaches the boy’s bathroom. He slams the door to the stall shut as the dam brakes and he starts sobbing uncontrollably. All the emotions from the previous night wash over him again and he feels so lost and small that he just wants to go hide somewhere to never see the sunlight again.


He lets out a whimper at the voice saying his name. It’s thick with concern and so so soft it makes him want to bathe in it. He curses his imagination for bringing up this heavenly voice in such a situation. And he wants to slap himself even more for the calming effect it has on him.


Go away, Jungkook! Go away, go away, go away!



Same name, different voice.

Jimin bites down on his bottom lip hard to keep it from trembling and in an attempt to contain the sobs and whimpers from spilling out.

“Jimin, where are you? Tell me what’s wrong.” Anger has totally evaporated from Taehyung’s voice. It’s a little shaky and full of care.

“Jimin, please. Talk to me!”

A quiet snivel escapes him as his friend knocks on his stall door.

“Come on, Jimin! Open the door! There’s no use in crying on the toilet.”

He knows Taehyung has a point. Crying on the toilet doesn’t solve any problems or makes difficulties magically disappear. But the guilt bubbling in his stomach kind of makes him nauseous and sitting close to the toilet sounds like a good idea at the moment.


He hasn’t realized he didn’t lock the door until his best friend comes barging in pulling him up from his seat next to the lavatory seat. He gets manhandled out of the stall and briefly wonders if Taehyung has been working out these days. Long gangly arms wrap around him as the omega engulfs him in a bear hug. Tears fall on his friend’s shoulder as he cries quietly in the otherwise empty bathroom. They stand there for what feels like an eternity until Jimin has no more tears and Taehyung steps back, grabbing him shoulders.

“Do you want to tell me what’s wrong?”

They sit down with their backs against the heater, not really caring about the dirty floor. It takes Jimin almost thirty minutes to get the whole story out. He keeps hiccupping in between sentences and a few lost tears roll down his already damp cheeks.

When he’s finished, he hears Taehyung sigh heavily.

“Wow.” He breathes out. Jimin hums in agreement.

“Jungkook’s an asshole.” Jimin chuckles brokenly.

“Well… yeah.”

“I’m going to beat his arrogant alpha ass! Who does he think he is? Playing my Jiminie! Hah!” Taehyung is now standing, imaginary steam erupting out if his ears.

“He thinks he’s oh so mighty because he looks decent? I will knead his pretty ass face like playdough until he’s unrecognizable.” The young omega squeezes his fists together, cracking his knuckles. Jimin shudders at the noise.

“I will roast his ass like a hamburger and then feed it to the seagulls!” Taehyungs colorful comments manage to put a small smile back on Jimin’s face.

“You say ass a lot.”

“Duh!” Taehyung playfully rolls his eyes. “He deserves it!”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“That reminds me…” Taehyung trails off, presumably remembering something quite important.

“Jungkook did look like shit yesterday.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know.” Jimin watches as his friend paces up and down the small space in between the urinals and stalls. “It was out of character. He didn’t really pay attention to the game, had countless bad passes and I think he tripped five times. One time he almost high fived the pole with his head, it was hilarious.”

A scowl forms on Jimin’s face as he listens. Was Jungkook so disgusted by Jimin that he couldn’t focus on the game? Is that why they lost?

Jimin felt guilty for an entirely different reason now.

“I should go talk to him.” He concludes airily.

“No, dummy, you should go yell at him. Scream at his face; make him so small he wishes he was born as a snail! He’s a huge douche for not seeing how lovable you are. You know what? Don’t even talk to him, don’t look at him. He doesn’t deserve your attention!”

“You’re being overdramatic.”

Taehyung sends him a scolding look.

“Says the one who chased Hoseok out of the cafeteria, cursed like a maniac and ran to cry in the bathroom.”


The two friends smile at each other and Taehyung pulls Jimin in for another tight embrace.

Jimin ignores the stares as best as he can as they make their way to the lockers. People sure saw him when he bunked from the cafeteria. There’s gonna be quite a bit of gossip going around for the next days. Jimin’s not one to throw a fit so his emotional outburst is a rare sight. He’s unmated and people like him. But he doesn’t make friends easily and thinks of himself as socially constipated. He even heard other omegas calling him weirdly antisocial.

He’s still immersed in his thoughts as he roams through his locker for his books about dance evolution. Tae has to clear his throat twice to get him to snap out of it.

“Did you get any more gifts by the way?”

“No, why?”

“Well, since we now know it’s not Mister Ass-Cookie, we should focus on finding out more about your secret admirer.” The omega snickers, looking around tentatively as if expecting someone to watch them from afar.

“And what’s your plan? It’s not like I can do anything to lure him out.”

Jimin is more than wrong about that.

Two days go by and he is as miserable as ever. Tae tries to lift his mood by telling him jokes that are not that funny and then laughing obnoxiously loud at himself. It doesn’t help much, not even Hoseok (who he apologized to immediately, bowing ninety degrees and stuttering like a fool) can make him feel better with his big toothy smile and encouraging pats on his back.

He shuffles through the hallways like a zombie on crack, refrains from putting on makeup because he detests anything cute these days.

His locker protests screeching when he pulls it open with too much force and the door bounces back twice. He glares at the inside of the door for a second and debates on whether he could pull it out of its suspension. When he decides it to be a bad idea because he’s broke as hell and can’t afford to replace it, he focuses his attention inside and the sight and smell! leaves him stumbling backwards. Three white tulips are lying on top of his books, neatly tied together by a light pink ribbon. They look fresh and radiate a strong fragrance reminding Jimin of the sun in the spring. He takes them out carefully, holding it close to his nose and breathes in deeply. The petals are velvety soft to the touch and Jimin’s hands tremble as he tries hard not to hurt the fragile cream-colored blossoms.

Tears are forming in his eyes as he stares at the flowers, not really able to grasp the feeling of happiness that warms his tummy and stitches together the marks on his heart.

He can’t see it at first but there is a small piece of paper attached to the ribbon, folded neatly into a letter shape. It takes a bit of maneuvering to open it since he can only use one hand but he manages to unfold the note without ripping it.


A flower is worth more than thousand words

I can’t bear to see you unhappy

My heart stings when you frown

My whole body hurts at the sight of tears rolling down your cheeks

I hope my three envoys of spring can bring back the smile on your face



Jimin’s breath catches in his throat as he reads the words over and over, completely blocking out his surroundings.

Where on earth did this guy get tulips? In December?

“Hey Jimin!” No reaction.

“Oh my! Is that what I think it is?”

“Is he okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, I think he’s just blissed out. Wow this is exciting!”

“Why is he staring at flowers?”

“They’re a gift.”

“From who?”

“The MA!”

“The what?”

“The Mystery Alpha! Jimin when did you find them?”

“The what now? I’m confused.”

Jimin finally gets back down to earth, now standing in between Taehyung and Hoseok who are currently having a conversation over his head.

“What are you guys doing?” He asks.

“Oh, you’re back.” Taehyung points at the flowers and giggles furiously. Hoseok has a confused look on his face that reminds Jimin of that of a lost pup at a fairground, looking for his mother.

“Ok, can somebody please tell me what’s going on?” Hoseok points from Taehyung to Jimin to the tulips then back to Taehyung.

“So, Jimin has this secret admirer. We call it the MA, Mystery Alpha.”

“You call him that, you literally just made that up!” Jimin interrupts, scowling a little at Tae’s choice of words.

“Whatever. Basically, he’s getting courted. It’s so freaking cute, don’t you think.” Tae’s voice is overflowing with suggestiveness, wiggling his eyebrows at Hoseok, clearly hinting at something. Jimin has to suppress a chuckle.

Hoseok only hums in response.

“He got you flowers this time?” Taehyung knows better than to snatch the gift away like last time so he holds his palm out, waiting for Jimin to place the delicate blossoms there.

“He wants to make me feel better.” Jimin shows him the note.

“Is it working?”

“Yeah.” A smile spreads across Jimin’s face.

“They’re white, though.” Both omegas glance up at Hoseok in confusion.

“So?” Jimin doesn’t see a problem with that. White is pure isn’t it? It’s not obtrusive or bold, it calms him down rather than riling him up.

“You don’t know what white tulips stand for?”

“Well, no.” Jimin really hopes it’s nothing bad. Is he being played again? God, his feelings are all over the place these days. Going from crying to smiling to frowning. It’s exhausting, really.

“White tulips are the representative of forgiveness. Giving them to a loved one is like conveying a sincere and complete apology.”

Taehyungs mouth falls open as he listens to Hoseok’s explanation. Silence falls upon them as the beta just shrugs.

“How do you know that?” Jimin observes the flowers again. An Apology? For what?

“I’m older than you, I am allowed to be wiser than you.” Hoseok snickers and raises one eyebrow suggestively. Jimin’s can’t shake off the weird feeling that there’s more to the matter than the beta’s revealing.

“Wiser my ass.” Taehyung scoffs, shoving at Hoseok’s shoulder playfully. “Jimin, why is you’re mystery man apologizing?”

“I have no clue.” Jimin answers truthfully. “There was nothing wrong, I love his presents!”

Taehyung hums in response. “He probably doesn’t know the meaning. I’m sure he just liked the color. Not everyone’s a flower expert like our Hoseokie here.”

“Yah! It’s hyung to you, you brat.” Hoseok’s not mad though, showing Taehyung his blinding smile and Jimin thinks these two are just way too cute.

“You’re probably right.” Jimin agrees with Taehyung’s version more than Hoseok’s. The mystery alpha has turned into his anchor and he certainly doesn’t need to apologize. For anything. He’s so sweet! So much better than that stupid Jungkook!


“Jimin, are you alright?” Tae is shaking his shoulders, forcing him to meet his eyes.

“Yes, I’m fine. Why?”

“You…” Taehyung has wrinkles on his forehead as he examines Jimin’s face closely. “You’re crying.”

“I am?” Jimin’s hand reaches up to touch his cheek. It is indeed wet. He hasn’t even noticed the tears forming in his eyes.

“But I’m happy?”

“Ahem.” Hoseok clears his throat. “Jimin, you’re emotions are a little out of control lately, aren’t they?”

Jimin’s not sure where this conversation is going. So he just answers with a simple “yes”

“You’ve yelled at me, which is uncommon for you.”

“I already apologized for that, hyung.”

“And I told you it’s no big deal. But that’s not the point.” Hoseok just waves him off. “You’ve been bawling you’re eyes out according to Tae and then you completely zone out on us. The other second you’re smiling foolishly and now you didn’t even notice that you’re cying.”

“What is your point, hyung?”

“Jimin.” Hoseok looks deeply into Jimin’s eyes, leaning a bit closer.


“I think you’re going into heat.”

Chapter Text

Jungkook is staring at his hands. He has been doing so for the last hour trying to decipher the meanings of the lines running down his palms. He’s never been into fortune telling, but he wonders if the broken wrinkle in the middle represents his love life.

He should be studying, he has a few test next week, or doing at least something remotely productive. But he can’t seem to find the strength to get up from his seat on the edge off his bed.

He has never felt this way before in his life. So utterly stupid.

You ran away you coward! You left him alone you jerk! You made him sad you socially constipated fool!

He doesn’t know what came over him that night. Well, he does, but the situation remains a puzzle.



** Flashback **


“You should court him.”

Jungkook’s on the phone with his brother Jin. They don’t see each other very often since Jungkook lives on campus and Jin doesn’t go to college. He doesn’t have to, either. Being one of the youngest chefs with a Michelin star in Seoul kind of pays enough money to get him by. Jin tends to complain that they don’t talk enough and their “brotherly bond” is fading away. So to keep the older omega happy and content, Jungkook calls him at least twice a week, sometimes even making up interesting stories after particularly boring days.

His brother always loves it when Jungkook tells him about college life, especially when it involves cute boys. Jungkook might also like the glint in his brother’s eyes when he listens to him, but he won’t ever admit that out loud. But when he told Jin about a cute freshman omega at the beginning of the school year, he didn’t intend for it to escalate like this.

It was almost predictable that Jin would be whipped about Jimin. Jungkook doesn’t mingle much with omegas. His popularity is not unknown to him but he doesn’t dwell in the fact that they are drooling over his body. Let’s face it, it’s just his body they like, not himself or his personality. There has also never been one he had found particularly interesting or worth more than a small talk. Some of them are bold and too forward, shoving their scents up his nose and dressing up in revealing clothes to get his attention. It kind of makes him want to throw a blanket over their heads and tell them to go wear something decent. He’s old fashioned like that. A sucker for cute things and romantic gestures (a well-kept secret only his inner circle of friends know. They still tease him for it whenever they get the chance).

His brother loves this trait of his personality. Being an omega himself, Jin thinks it’s utterly adorable and keeps saying that he wants to find an alpha just like him. It’s a weird compliment, especially when it comes from your brother.

 “I should what?” Jungkook’s oblivious to what Jin means with courting. It’s the day after that fateful basketball game, or more like the “locker game” and Jungkook can’t deny that he has a tiny thing for the young omega that walked in on him changing. It was merely too cute the way he blushed and stuttered and Jungkook wants to cuddle him into unconsciousness when it happens.

“Court him. Like flirting, but on a different level.” Jin giggles excitedly on the other end of the line. “It’s a little outdated but sooo romantic. You give him little presents that show how much you care about him.”

“Like the sticky notes in preschool? ‘You wanna date? Yes, no, maybe, I like toast?’”

“What? No!” Jungkook pictures Jin putting a hand on his forehead and banging a fist on the table.

“It’s much more than that. It’s like asking for permission to date him. You give him attention, show him affection and try to impress him. That’s how dating worked in the old days.”

“You’re not that old, hyung.”

“You know what I mean.”

“I could just text him and ask him out.”

“That’s boring as hell! And not romantic whatsoever. That’s like saying: ‘Hi, I’m Jungkook. I am an emotionless shell that only wants to see you submit.’”

“I would love to see him submit, though.”


“Sorry, hyung.” The alpha laughs hard at his brother’s exclamation. The omega is probably bright red now.

“Ok. So let’s say I want to court him. What do I give him?”

“I don’t know. What does he like?”

“Cute things.”

“Well that narrows it down.” Jungkook senses the eye rolling.

“Ok, ok. Let me think. Hoseok told me he’s a dance major. He likes to talk a lot even though he doesn’t manage complete sentences when I’m around. I do take that as a complement though.” Jungkook has to giggle at the memory.
“He moved here from Busan, is an only child and has a loving family. He’s neither rich nor poor but he can only afford college through a scholarship. Hoseok says he exceeds the expectation when it comes to dancing. He’s supposed to be especially great at modern dance and hip hop, but also enjoys ballet.”

The line is silent for a few seconds.

“A gift that has to do with dancing is hard to find. Is there anything else that’s special about him.”

“His scent.” Jungkook blurts out and his brother chokes on whatever food he was just stuffing his face with. He clears his throat a couple of times and fails to hide his excitement when he asks:

“How so?”

Jungkook wants to punch him in the face but he knows it wouldn’t help much.

“Well…” he struggles a while to find the right words to describe it. “It’s different. Not as sweet as other omegas. It’s rich and fresh and reminds me of spring. Like freshly cut grass and small strays of sunlight bringing flowers to bloom. There’s a pinch of daphne and wild garlic and more herby fragrances I can’t name. The strongest part is the heliotrope, though. I couldn’t believe that a person can actually smell like my favorite flower. To me, the mix is the smell of optimism and inspiration and I want to roll around in it like a pup.” Jungkook’s face is incredibly hot. He can’t believe he just told his brother he wants to bathe in another person’s scent.


“I hate you, Jin.” The alpha wants to disappear in a hole in the ground. Or better, he wants the phone to disappear in a hole in the ground.

“No, for real. I’m cringing over here and I really want to give you a hug right now. But it’s still hyung to you, you brat.” There’s a pause and then Jin’s voice is at least two octaves higher.

“My little Jungkookie is in love!”

Jin tells him to get jewelry. Like a necklace with a flower pendant. Or earrings. He packs his wallet as soon as the phone call ends and takes the bus two stations to the nearest mall. He has no classes today and it’s early in the morning so there aren’t many people present. A nice beta lady shows him around the store and takes out a few items for him to look at. But nothing seems to satisfy him. The charms are all cute and shiny, but he feels like it doesn’t match what he feels in his heart. He doesn’t love Jimin like Jin says. Not yet, at least. So the hearts and gemstones appear a little bold to him and he doesn’t want to scare the omega away. He spends at least an hour in the shop until he thanks the lady for her time and apologizes to her on the inside as he leaves empty-handed. He strolls through the hallways looking at random shop windows and grows more frustrated by the second. He hasn’t even started courting Jimin yet and he’s already failing on the first stage.

He comes across a small shop at the far end of the house and he almost walks by because it looks vacant and closed, but something sparkly catches his eye and he stops dead on his tracks. Walking closer, he identifies it as a key chain. It’s not what he was going for but it fits so perfectly that he basically runs inside and buys it. The man behind the counter (an old omega with a grey beard and a bandana around his head) gives him a weird look when he asks him to wrap it as a gift. It’s not expensive, not much, and Jungkook debates if that’s a good or a bad thing.

He sprays scent-removing spray on it as soon as he reaches home.

“You don’t want him to know in the beginning. Makes it more exiting!” Jin’s told him.

He texts Hoseok on the way to school, telling him to meet in front of the lockers.

“What’s up?” The beta waves at him animatedly from a couple feet away.

“I need you to do something for me.”

Hoseok raises an eyebrow.

“Can you put this in Jimin’s locker?” his voice cracks at the end of the sentence and Hoseok’s eyes widen to an extend Jungkook never thought possible.

“Are you for real?” The beta takes the dark green box from his trembling hands. God, why am I so nervous?

Since Hoseok’s beta scent is not very strong and he’s only touching it for a brief second, Jungkook really hopes Jimin doesn’t notice anything. For some reason he really likes the idea of keeping the omega in the dark about his identity. There is something exhilarating about playing a cat and mouse game.

Jungkook watches as Hoseok fumbles with the combination lock.

“You didn’t think this through, did you?” the beta asks after a minute. Jungkook growls in frustration. He’s really not good at this courting thing. He pulls Hoseok away from the locker, scared that they might attract attention. The beta snickers and mumbles something that sounds a lot like “I feel like a spy”.

“I think I’ma call Yoongi.” Hoseok’s smile fades.

“You’re kidding? He’s gonna kill you if you call him this early.”

“It’s two in the afternoon, hyung!”

“Exactly!” Hoseok pokes his side like that explains everything. Jungkook gets out his phone anyways.

“If there is no asteroid or a zombie apocalypse or a million dollar check I have no clue why you would call me at this hour.”

Jungkook ignores the very nice greeting and the grumpy tone in Yoongi’s voice.

“I need your help hyung.” He says instead.

“That’s not one of the options.”

“Please, hyung. Just this once.” Jungkook pleads. He hears a long sigh on the other line. “I’ll owe you big time for this.”

There is shuffling and Jungkook can’t help but think that he really woke his hyung up.

“I’ll be there in five. I want a pack of skittles when I get there.”

“I love you, hyung! Were at the lockers.” There’s no answer before the phone call ends.

It takes Yoongi twenty minutes to get there but Jungkook’s not in a place to complain. He awaits him with two packs of skittles and grins so widely his face hurts. The older but physically smaller alpha takes the sweets without a word and nods at Hoseok. The beta stares at him like he’s just seen a ghost and backs up without noticing. Yoongi huffs at him and pops a few red skittles in his mouth.

“What do you need, kid?” He doesn’t look at Jungkook as he watches a few students walk by with a disgusted look on his face. “I’m a busy man.”

Jungkook wants to tell him that he was sleeping when he called but decides to keep it to himself for the sake of his head attached to his body. He explains the situation with a trembling voice, getting nervous all over again. He’s so close to his first goal!

Yoongi rolls his eyes and walks over to Jimin’s locker. It takes him exactly three seconds to find out the combination. It’s 1310. Jungkook thanks the heavens that he knows a technology freak like Yoongi.

“That’s his birthday.” Hoseok whispers into Jungkook’s ear, half hiding behind his frame, peaking out to glance at Yoongi. Jungkook makes a mental note to put a red mark on the 13th of October in his calendar.

“You’re the absolute best, hyung! Thank you!” Jungkook takes a step towards Yoongi and is tempted to give him hug. He’s stopped by the offended look on the other alpha’s face.

“Why am I such a nice person?” He mumbles more to himself than to Jungkook. Hoseok snorts behind the alpha.

“I owe you one. Just call whenever.”

“No earlier than five pm!” Jungkook chuckles. “I’m leaving. Don’t call me again.”

When Yoongi’s gone, Hoseok visibly relaxes. Jungkook gives him a questioning look. The beta shakes his whole body and puffs out air a few times.

“This guy gives me the heebie-jeebies!” Hoseok makes large hand gestures. “I mean, you’re socially awkward. He’s socially dead!”

“That’s ridiculous and you know it. He’s just a grumpy old geek whose best friends are called hard drive and software.”

“Ahem. I hope that pun was not intended.” Jungkook smacks the back of the beta’s head as an answer.

“Change of topic. What made you decide to court Jimin?”

“Jin.” Hoseok’s laughter fills the hallways as they walk back to the dorms together.

“Why am I not surprised.”

“He’s a sucker for romance.” Jungkook shrugs.


“Just like his little brother.”


Jungkook can’t say he’s wrong.

Chapter Text

“Congratulations, romeo.”

Hoseok pats Jungkook’s shoulder, effectively making him jump. He takes his earphones off and glares at the beta. Hoseok simply shrugs and pulls a chair from somewhere to sit next to him. The cafeteria is almost vacant, since afternoon classes are over soon. Jungkook enjoys the loneliness here sometimes, only listens to music and stares out the window absentmindedly.

“Did you say something, weirdo? Didn’t hear you.”

“I was just congratulating you.” Hoseok snatches his phone away and studies his playlist. Jungkook’s used to it, so it doesn’t irritate him anymore. It’s just Hoseok’s personality.

“For what?”


The name makes his head snap up. His eyebrows skyrocket and he shakes Hoseok, forcing him to look at him.

“You saw him?”

The beta hums in response and grins widely. It’s all teeth and Jungkook sometimes thinks it’s his friend’s strongest feature.

“And his backpack, too. There was a small silver thingy attached to it, that definitely hasn’t been there this morning.”

Jungkook can barely keep himself together. He feels the urge to jump around like a five year old screaming “I did it”, “I did it”, “I did it”. His heartbeat speeds up and there is a warmth spreading through his warms that makes him feel numb.

“Oh god. He accepted it!”

“Who accepted what?” The two friends haven’t even noticed Namjoon approaching. I swear sometimes he’s like a ghost. I would be scared shitless when I meet him in the streets late at night.

“Jimin likes his courting.” Hoseok explains shortly. Namjoon’s eyes widen, otherwise his face stays emotionless. He takes a seat across from them and studies Jungkook’s face to the point that it makes him uncomfortable. He shifts awkwardly on his chair. Namjoon makes him feel like he’s being scolded by his father and he kind of went to college to get away from that family life.

“Who’s this Jimin guy?” Namjoon finally asks, looking away, focusing his attention on a crack in the plastic table.

“He’s the omega that fell on his ass at the party. You know, Jungkook’s mentioned he’s a real cutie.”

“Ah, that one.” Namjoon now starts tracing the crack with his index finger, showing a polite lack of interest.

“Whatever. Did you talk to him? What did he say, does he like it? Does he want me to continue?” Jungkook’s hands are trembling, waving them animatedly to get Hoseok to give him more information.”

“Woah, woah. Easy there, tiger!” Hoseok lifts his palms in a defensive manner. “I didn’t talk to him, but he was practically beaming when I saw him. He had that swing in his walk like he was about to dance around the hallways like some type of High School Musical actor.”

“That’s so cheesy.”

“Shut up, Namjoon. Just because you’re no fan of romantic comedies doesn’t mean you can condemn other people’s interests.” Hoseok looks more offended than Jungkook feels. Sometimes he doesn’t understand why they are all friends. Jungkook himself doesn’t mind both of their personalities. But they’re like fire and ice and just don’t do well together. One is bright and funny and radiating joie de vivre. The other is the impediment of indifference. Arguments between them emerge only five minutes into their meetings. They bicker like an old married couple and if they weren’t beta and alpha, Jungkook would almost ship them together.

“I don’t judge, you should know that. I was merely stating a fact.”

“Pff.” Hoseok obviously doesn’t appreciate Namjoon’s vindication.

“We are still talking about me, aren’t we?” Jungkook asks, snickering.

“Why, of course! I am so happy for you!” the beta is back to his old smiley self and gets up, pulling Jungkook with him while ignoring the third person.

“Come on, you promised me to help me with my dance!”

“We have practice in fifteen minutes, guys.” Namjoon is also rising from his chair, following them out of the cafeteria.

“I don’t give two shits.” It’s mumbled lowly but both alphas catch it thanks to their enhanced hearing. Jungkook elbows Hoseok’s ribcage for it.

They turn around the corner into the hallway leading to the dance studios and Jungkook almost falls over when he spots a familiar figure walking in their direction. Jimin looks absolutely stunning. His small frame almost disappears in a deep red oversized sweater. The sleeves cover his hands and Jungkook can’t help but believe this is the cutest thing his eyes have ever come across. Snug dark grey pants hug these thighs just right and Jungkook wants to dig his fingers in the flesh and ravel in the feeling. The omega’s dyed peroxide blonde hair is neatly parted down the middle and Jungkook wonders if it’s as silky to the touch as it looks.

When Jimin notices the three friends, his steps falter and Jungkook is sure he would have been at his side with lightning speed. He catches himself, though, keeping Jungkook from embarrassing himself.

Hoseok greets him first and Jungkook can hear Namjoon say something, but he doesn’t pay attention. He studies Jimin’s face. The way it turns pink just a tad looks so delicious that Jungkook kind of wants to sink his teeth into it. He’s unbelievably glad that no one can hear his thoughts.

Jimin’s eyebrows furrow ever so slightly when Hoseok takes a step closer to him, eyeing the key chain on his backpack.

“That’s mine.” It’s just a small whisper but it makes Jungkook’s heart swell to a size it threatens to break his ribcage. There is just a faint hint of possessiveness in Jimin’s voice and the alpha side of Jungkook gloats at it, proud to have such an impact on the younger.

Without thinking twice, Jungkook pushes between Hoseok and Jimin, effectively urging Hoseok backwards and cutting his chance to touch the charm. The distance between him and Jimin is closer than socially acceptable and the omega’s smell is so strong it makes him dizzy. The flowery fragrance dances around him, flows through his veins and sets his insides on fire. He still can’t believe how Jimin can smell this good, reminding him of all his favorite things in life. He preens for the natural perfume to linger around him forever; clouding his mind and making him feel sooo good.

“It’s cute, where did you get it?” It’s a stupid question, but Jungkook loves to watch the omega’s reaction. He seems lost, hands shaking subconsciously and he opens his mouth twice before he can get a tone out. The inner alpha pulls Jungkook forward, leaning just a tad closer to the heat radiating from Jimin. It draws him in like honey attracting bees.

The omega stutters and his breath fans over Jungkook’s face, successfully making Jungkook dizzy. He sways unnoticeable. He wants to be even closer to the omega, preferably touching him, feeling the milky skin and breathing in his scent like a drug.

But then he’s pulled away unexpectedly. His alpha side whines at the loss and he has to bite down on his bottom lip hard to keep from growling at Namjoon, who blurts out some form of excuse before dragging the Jungkook down the hall.

“What the fuck, dude?” Jungkook glares at his alpha friend and withdraws his arm from his grip.

“Sorry man. But you looked like you were going to literally eat him any second.” Namjoon shrugs, totally unaffected. Jungkook lets it go because it wouldn’t change anything and he knows he can’t irritate Namjoon, even when he’s mad like this. He stomps away, though, leaving the two others behind as he rushes off to the locker rooms.

Basketball practice is… uncomfortable. His head is definitely not in the game and he makes a few unnecessary mistakes. Namjoon doesn’t comment on it but he’s surely not happy with it. Jungkook can’t help it, he has this itch under his skin and feels hot all over. He sweats more than usual and the fabric feels damp and irritating. His body is overly sensitive and he wants to growl when someone touches him unintentionally. He can’t hold it twice and his teammates give him a puzzled look.

He is insanely thankful when Namjoon calls it a night and he rushes off to the locker rooms. He doesn’t bother changing out of his gym attire; he’s not planning on showering at school tonight. The alpha simply grabs his bag and leaves without saying goodbye.

When he gets home his shirt lands on the floor somewhere in the living room. The gym shorts follow quickly and he’s lying on his bed in a second, one hand on his length and head thrown back on the pillows. After a few strokes images of Jimin in his red sweater flow through his mind, drawing out a content sigh. He lets his thought wander, to the blush creeping up from the omegas collar down to his meaty thighs that stretch out his pants so nicely. He imagines the omega’s plump, round ass in his hands and he’s sure Jimin would stutter at the touch. He would blurt out incoherent sentences and probably whine or whimper and Jungkook feels himself succumbing to the pleasure spreading through his body.

His imagination runs wild and now he’s kissing Jimin, reveling in the sensation of plump rosy lips on his, moving ever so carefully and letting out a soft moan when Jungkook bites the lower lip and inserting his tongue to start exploring the omega’s mouth. He hopes Jimin tastes just like he smells. Fresh and rich, sweet flowery fragrance that blooms from his milky skin and when his nose remembers the perfume, Jungkook stirs, pumping faster and closing his eyes.

“It’s mine.”

The memory of the small whisper sends a shiver down his spine. Mine, mine, mine. He wants to use the word for Jimin so badly.

My Jimin.

It sounds so good in his mind and he finds himself staring down at a naked Jimin. The omega’s pupils are widened and dark, eyes half lidded and mouth hanging open. He’s panting, staring up at Jungkook with a pleading look.

A strangled “fuck” escapes the alpha and he spits in his hand to make the slide easier, too far gone to search his bedside table for the lube. But his hand is not enough, not nearly sufficient in hot- or wetness and he groans in frustration. He wants to feel Jimin around him, whether it’s his red lips stretching around his cock, choking ever so slightly, or his wet, clenching hole swallowing him whole. Both thoughts at once are enough to send him over the edge and he comes with Jimin’s name and a possessive growl on his lips. He strokes himself lazily through his orgasm and it takes him a minute to come down from his high.

The realization hits him hard when he stumbles to the bathroom. It was the first time that he thought about a specific omega during masturbation.


What are you doing to me, Jimin?

Chapter Text

“I am absolutely clueless! I’m a shitty alpha, I suck at this courting thing!”

Jungkook whines in the phone and hears his brother sigh on the other end.

“Would you stop pitying yourself and help coming up with an idea?” Jin’s patience is surely a blessing. They’ve been talking for almost two hours now, trying to figure out what gift would be a good follow up to the key chain. Jin wants it to be something more personal, but Jungkook doesn’t want to reveal himself yet. He’s afraid Jimin might not like him, only the key chain. There’s a high possibility given that they don’t really know each other.

“I don’t know anything, I am not creative!”

Jungkook growing more frustrated by the minute and he knows he’s gonna yell at his brother pretty soon if they don’t come up with something. He doesn’t want to be unfair and accusing his innocent brother wouldn’t change anything either.

“Yes you are! You’re a creative beast! You write your own songs!” There’s a short pause as the alpha hears his brother inhale sharply.

“You write your own songs!” He repeats, sounding incredibly excited, to Jungkook’s surprise. He doesn’t know why that fact could be of any help.

“You can write him a song!”


“I could.” Jungkook admits after a while. “But I would still show myself, though.”

“You don’t have to sing. Just write an instrumental piece! You might not be good with feelings, but you’re definitely good with sheet music.”

The alpha only hums, thoughts already circling around flats and sharps, drums and guitars and his fingers on the controls.

The idea is enticing and scary at the same time. Music is extremely important to Jungkook which makes the gift deeply personal. But it’s also his most vulnerable feature. He’s insecure when it comes to his own tunes, tries to perfect them to a point that is impossible to reach. He’s hurt easily by criticism and slumps down under pressure. Writing a piece as a courting gift for Jimin would involve all problems at once. He’ll feel pressure to finish it in no time and to make it perfectly perfect. Jimin would be his only and scariest judge and he would surely break down at a rejection.

But Jimin is worth it.

It takes Jungkook four weeks, gallons of coffee and countless of encouraging phone calls from Jin at three in the morning.

When the tune is done he feels exhausted, proud and thrilled at the same time. He honestly thinks it’s the best thing he’s ever produced and that makes the two missed deadlines on the way worth it. He has holed himself up in the studio at school and kept working on his laptop when he got home. He only ate when Namjoon reminded him or Hoseok brought him take out. They’re amazing best friends for keeping up with his mood swings since he seemed like constantly hanging off the edge of a break down.

Hoseok also offers his help again with the locker, but Jungkook finds it a little unthoughtful. The beta then offers to ask Jimin’s friend Taehyung (Jungkook had to ask about this guy twice, he doesn’t remember him one bit! Hoseok was highly offended) to slip it in his backpack discreetly. He feels extremely anxious when he hands over the CD. The thought of a USB drive had come to mind, but Jin said it’s too small and insignificant. A CD sits comfortably in the hand and has just the right amount of vintage (Jungkook had protested that the CD is nowhere near vintage yet, but he got the point).

It’s by pure chance that he gets to watch Jimin’s reaction when he discovers the new gift. The three friends have a quiet lunch in the cafeteria, each of them distracted in their own thoughts. Jungkook has been staring at Jimin since he entered the room. He looks a bit down and Jungkook feels a sting to his heart. The lowered head and frowned expression don’t suit the usually bright and glowing omega. His alpha self wants to go over to him and hug him, protect him from all his worries and put a smile back on his beautiful face.

The omega is with his friend, Jungkook notices and he makes a mental note to ask Hoseok a bit more about the other omega.

The two sit down at a table on the other end of the room and Jimin hasn’t looked in Jungkook’s direction once, too occupied with his thoughts to even just scan the room once. Jungkook doesn’t complain, though.

Jimin retrieves the CD a couple minutes later. Jungkook can’t hear what he says, but the way he grins widely and waves the CD in front of his friend’s face are confirmation enough. When Jimin’s face lights up like that Jungkook’s heart skips a beat and his wolf is swelling with pride. It’s definitely a sight and a feeling he could get used to having every day for the rest of his life.

Jimin basically sprints out of the cafeteria, leaving his friend who appears paralyzed for a second. Then his features contort in a boxy grin and he grabs his tray to travel over to Jungkook’s table. He greets them with a quick bow and a small wave in Hoseok’s direction.

“Well that went well.” Taehyung comments and takes a seat next to the beta.

“Why did he leave?” The omega doesn’t look at him when he answers and Jungkook briefly wonders if he should feel upset. But when he catches the way Taehyung stares at Hoseok his irritation changes to fondness (He also understands why Hoseok was offended when he said he doesn’t know him).

“He says he’s skipping his afternoon classes. I bet you my spicy chicken he’s listening to that thing ‘till midnight.” The omega snickers and stuffs his face with the chicken parts. Jungkook’s smile widens.

“Let’s hope he likes it.”

“It could be ‘itsy bitsy spider’ played on a guitar that’s out of tune and he would still love it.” Taehyung finally makes eye contact, smiling encouragingly. Jungkook snorts at him.

“That was not what I was going for.”

“Still, he’s whipped already.”

The impact those words have on Jungkook remains unknown to Taehyung and the rest of their little group, but the alpha feels it stronger than ever. The heat that settles in his gut, the increase of heartbeat and the happy glint in his eyes are just a few indications of his utter joy.


**Fast Forward – Game day**


“Dude!” Hoseok almost slams the door down as he barges into the recording studio. It’s already late afternoon and Jungkook’s trying to finish the chorus of a new rap tune he’s been working on with Namjoon. The piano is off and something is missing in the mix but Jungkook can’t seem to find the right instrument. He’s been sitting in the stuffy room for hours now and he doesn’t have a lot more time until he has to go get ready for the game.

“What do you want? I’m kinda busy.” He asks with a lazy voice.


“Excuse me?” Jungkook raises an eyebrow. He’s sure the beta is crushing hard on some freshman omega named Taehyung. He’s been going on and on about him for weeks on end.

“He needs help.”

Jungkook’s on his feet in seconds, rushing over to his friend and grabbing his shoulders.

“What happened? Is he hurt?”

Hoseok snickers and pats the alpha’s head, which earns him a scoff in the side and a low growl.

“Relax, dude. He’s fine. The sound system in one of the dance studios broke. He says it’s heating up so I guess it’s just a small error in the heat dispersion or ventilation. I told him I’d help, but thought you might wanna give it a shot.” Hoseok’s eyebrows bounce up and down suggestively as he wiggles out of Jungkook’s firm grip.

The alpha relaxes visibly. He’s been on the edge for days and there is an itch under his skin that fuels his constant anxiety. His inner wolf is longing for confirmation and the wait is making him nauseous. Patience has never been one of his best traits so he opts for working like a maniac, studying things he already knows and perfecting a rap tune that is mainly finished.

“I’m not that good with tech stuff, that’s Yoongi’s territory.” Jungkook breathes out, unsure whether he likes or hates the idea. He doesn’t want to embarrass himself in front of his omega crush (Yes, he calls it a crush now; Jin keeps telling him it’s way more than that).

“It’s no big thing, you know how the stereo works. Plus, if you can’t fix it just distract him with a platonic hand job.” Hoseok shakes his hand in the air and Jungkook wants to tackle him to the ground and punch that smug grin off his face.

“Not helping, pervert.”

“That was a joke, now stop being a coward and make your Jimin happy.” Jungkook swallows harshly. He gets a pat on the shoulder before he exits the studio. He doesn’t know what he would do without Hoseok. He makes a mental note to go buy him dinner one of these days.

It takes him forever to reach the dance practice rooms. It’s not a long walk, but his knees feel like jelly and he kind of wants to run in the opposite direction. His alpha self is yelling at him to just get going and help his omega, but he stops in front of the door nonetheless.

He takes a couple of deep breaths before knocking.

„Come in, it’s open.“

God, his voice is so velvety soft! Keep it together, Jungkook!

The alpha opens the door carefully and steps inside. He almost stumbles back out again, though. The smell hits him like a wrecking ball, knocking him off his feet and leaving him breathless. Strong doesn’t nearly describe its intensity. The room is filled with the flowery fragrance and it’s so sweet. Jungkook’s mind goes fuzzy and he sways on his feet. Part of him is glad that Jimin doesn’t look at him.

He can’t believe that Jimin’s smell could get better, but this is literal heaven. It’s like the concentration of the scent has increased considerably, doubled even. It’s mixed with the salty scent of sweat and Jungkook can’t believe it doesn’t turn him off. On the contrary. Images of Jimin covered in a glistening layer of sweat come to mind and he has to shake his head to force them away.

Jimin explains the problem but the alpha doesn’t pay attention. He’s too lost already and he curses his inability to restrict himself.

He says the only thing that he thinks fits in this situation.

“I’m sure it’s not irreparably broken.”

He can see Jimin tense up and he wants to run a soothing hand up and down his back. He’s still facing away from him, kneeling right in front of the sound system. It offers Jungkook the perfect view of his perfectly round ass and those heavenly thighs.

“I swear I didn’t touch anything! I left it as it was when it stopped playing!”

Jimin talks fast and breathy and Jimin feels the urge to assure him that everything’s okay.

“I believe you.”

The omega’s reaction to that surprises him. He starts talking without pausing once. Fast and blabby, without sense and an obviously nervous vibe. He has expected him to stutter like the last times. He smiles affectionately.

“Jimin.” His name rolls off his tongue so easily, like it was made for him. He feels his hands shake.

“You’re rambling.” It’s stating the obvious, but Jungkook wants Jimin to calm down. His alpha wants the omega to feel safe around him.

“I’m sorry.”

Oh my, why are you so sweet?

A small chuckle escapes him and he hopes Jimin doesn’t think he’s laughing at him.

“Don’t be.” He adds quickly.

He keeps staring at the omega’s back, admiring the slope of his spine and he wants to worship those legs. Jimin is wearing fucking basketball shorts. Jungkook licks his lips on impulse. He takes a step closer, unknowingly stretching out an arm to touch, but retreats him upon noticing. He glances at the machine in front of the omega and remembers why he’s here in the first place.

“Uhm… Jimin?” He doesn’t want to scare him away or make him feel uncomfortable.

“Yeah?” Oh shit, don’t sound so breathless, please!

“Can you…move? So I can take a look at it?”

Jimin moves so fast it leaves Jungkook a little dizzy. He moves away further than necessary and Jungkook’s wolf whines at the distance.


Jungkook doesn’t say anything but tries to focus on the task at hand. He finds the problem pretty quickly and it’s just like Hoseok said. He has to stop every couple seconds, though, to keep his hands from trembling too much.

After a few minutes he hears Jimin hum and it’s nice and soothing at first. He’s definitely musical, clearly hitting every note and Jungkook thinks he can listen to it for years on end.

But then he realizes what exactly Jimin is humming. It’s his song, the music piece he created for this ethereal creature and he is humming it like it’s no big deal.

Jungkook’s hands drop to his side as he stares at the omega, practically digging through his flesh with his eyes. When Jimin notices and looks up to him, Jungkook has to use all his mental strength not to just pounce at the younger boy and kiss him until he gasps for air.

Jimin mumbles another “sorry” and Jungkook clenches his jaw. Stop apologizing! You’re too perfect!

“You keep apologizing.” Is the only thing he can manage to say and prays that Jimin doesn’t catch the tremble in his voice. One more “sorry” follows, but Jungkook doesn’t pester.

He works in silence for a while and figures he must’ve scared Jimin because he keeps quiet, too.

“All done.” Jungkook feels prouder than he should, but considering the incredible distraction he finished his task to the best of his ability. “Let’s try it out.” He adds before turning the stereo on and listens to the first half second of the song.

It’s his song. Again.

There’s a nauseous feeling and he’s so light-headed he fears he’s going to faint any second. He can’t believe Jimin has this on his dance playlist. He actually can’t believe he’s listening to it at all and even liking it. His wolf is bouncing up and down now, dancing like crazy and stirring his insides.

“Oh god!” Jimin exclaims and suddenly the tune stops. Jungkook almost growls at him and wants to slap himself for it. “I’m so sorry.”

What is he apologizing for now?

After a couple seconds of silence Jungkook can’t hold his curiosity anymore.

“Were you…” He can’t get the words out. He doesn’t know what to say or how to say it. Oh god, he’s so lost. “Were you dancing to… this?” he manages to get out through gritted teeth.

“Oh no! No! I-It’s not this one.” His wolf cries out.

“This is… different.” Good or bad different?

“I-I was practicing another song, well dancing… I did dance to this one before but not today. T-this is not an assignment. It’s just something I like and…”

Jungkook catches two things from Jimin’s rambling.

I did dance to this one.

It’s something I like.

Jungkook can die a happy man now. His wolf is practically purring now, but he needs another confirmation. Needs to hear him say it again, so that he can be sure he’s not dreaming.

“So you did dance to this?”

“Y-yes. At one point. Yes.”

A long breath escapes his lips and he realizes he’s been holding it. Relief, pride and happiness wash over him as he smiles brightly at the omega. He doesn’t even care that he might give himself away with it. He grows braver when Jimin smiles back, small and shy.

“Can you show me?” He blurts out and immediately regrets it. That’s a weird question! He doesn’t know you’re courting him! He’s probably grossed out now!


“Can you show me your dance?” He doesn’t know why he repeats it, still sure he’s going to get rejected.

Jimin hesitates, shifts in his seat uncomfortably and Jungkook feels horrible. He back-paddles immediately.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to. I was just thinking. Hoseok had told me you are a good dancer and since I’m in music production, I enjoy everything related to music…” He stops himself before his word vomit escalates to rambling. He’s embarrassed as much as it is.

“Sorry. It was a stupid idea. I’ll just leave you to your practice.”

He gets up, disappointed and sad and heads for the door.

“No!” He feels a hand on his arm and he swears he can see sparks flying. Hope flashes through his mind. Please, please, please.

“I’ll show you.” Yes!

His stomach starts to perform summer saults and he wants to hug Jimin, pick him up and dance around like a maniac. But he forces himself in the other direction. He refrains from saying anything; he might blurt out even more embarrassing things.

Jungkook’s eyes follow Jimin’s every move as he turns on the stereo again and walks to the middle of the room. The all too familiar first few notes pool out of the speaker and Jungkook knows:


He’s fucked.

Chapter Text

As soon as Jimin starts dancing the atmosphere in the room changes. It goes from innocent with a glint of arousal to full on sexual tension. Jungkook squirms in his seat, feeling increasingly uncomfortable. There’s nothing he can do other than watch as he slowly falls apart. Hoseok’s words sound like an understatement now. Jimin is no good dancer. He’s fucking amazing!

His feet seem to know exactly where to go at all times. His movements are smooth and he makes them look so easy. There is not one wrong step or missed beat. He has his eyes closed and looks so content and relaxed it’s a harsh contrast to the demanding moves he’s pulling. Jungkook thinks this is the most ethereal creature he has ever seen in his life.

Halfway through the song the fabric of Jimin’s gym shorts starts clinging onto his thighs. It’s getting damp from the thin layer of sweat and Jungkook licks his lips thinking about how they would look like if they were soaked with something other than sweat running down between those legs. His alpha self urges him to find out what that would taste like. Or what it would feel like coating his fingers as he caresses Jimin’s inner thighs and slicks up his index to push in ever so slowly. Tight heat would be hugging it, walls clenching down and he would start moving carefully, watching fascinated as Jimin falls apart beneath him…

“fuck” he curses under his breath and prays that Jimin is too occupied with his dance to hear him. He really should stop thinking about the omega in such obscene ways. Especially since he’s literally a couple feet away and if he lets his mind go to even darker places he might as well be jerking off.

He still can’t believe Jimin is dancing to his song. The movements fit so perfectly, following the tune’s ups and downs, passion evident in every step. The whole situation, in contrast to his returning dirty thoughts, feels quite domestic. Like the two belong here together, doing what they love and just smell each other’s scents in the air around them.

But when Jimin does two body rolls in a row Jungkook thinks he loses it. The way his hips buck up just a little force his eyes down on his ass and he watches dazed how his butt muscles clench to support the movement. Jungkook swallows once, twice but the lump in his throat doesn’t budge. Instead it rises higher; threatens to cut off his ability to breath. He bites down on his bottom lip and the metallic taste on his tongue tells him he’s breaking the soft skin.

That sends his imagination to different highs, about marking the tanned skin on Jimin’s neck, behind his ears and above his collarbones. He would kiss and lick and suck on every inch of skin he can get his mouth on and he wants to hear the noises the omega would produce at the sensation. He wants to nibble on his earlobe, lapping his tongue around the sensitive area and then move down over his jaw to his throat over his adam’s apple to finally settle on the spot where his neck meets his shoulders. The one spot where he wants to sink his teeth into, drawing a permanent mark that would make Jimin his forever.

Thinking about sex with Jimin is heavenly, but unfortunately it does things to Jungkook. He can feel his arousal pressing against the tight fabric of his Jeans and it’s getting more uncomfortable by the second. He’s sweating and breathing with more force trying to control his feelings. He prays that Jimin can’t smell him, because he’s sure his scent is screaming sex right now. But the omega seems too lost in his dance to notice. He hasn’t glanced at Jungkook once and he’s oh so grateful for it. He’s sure if they would lock gazes now he would be pouncing on the omega like a lion on a deer.

And then the world stops.

Because Jimin literally drops on his knees, eyes closed and ass in the air. He doesn’t stay there for long and it’s over before Jungkook can even process what just happened. But by then he’s already out the door, sprinting down the hallway as fast as he possibly can. He runs to the nearest bathroom and has to hold on to the sink to steady his breathing again. When he looks up in the mirror he can’t quite believe his reflection.

His hair is a mess (he might have been pulling on it like a maniac without even noticing it), his pupils are dilated and his lips red and swollen from all the biting and licking. He has never seen himself like this, all high on arousal.

But he can’t really keep thinking about what he looks like when he has a more prominent problem down in his pants. There’s a tent in the front and the fabric is getting damp because of his constant sweating back in the practice room.

He slams the door of one of the stalls shut and pulls his pants and underwear down in one go. He hisses when his cock springs free and gets hit by the cold air.

“Jungkook.” Oh shit. Here we go again. Jimin has never said his name before and the alpha’s sure it would sound a million times better than in his imagination. But for now, this is all he can get. Imagining things, letting himself drown in the memory of Jimin’s scent that was oh so sweet in the stuffy room back there. He pictures Jimin with less clothing (even though he loves those gym shorts) and the way his muscles would tense up under Jungkook’s touch just to relax a second later.

There are flowers everywhere, heliotropes spreading their scent that seeps into Jungkook’s veins and fills his heart with strangling heat. He wants the smell to linger, to be with him at all times. He also wants his own smell to stay on Jimin, surrounding him like a cloud that protects him from obtrusive alphas. Scent marking Jimin would probably be heaven. Marking him with his scent while kissing the delicate skin. He would smell like him for days and when it fades, he would either do it again or have Jimin wear his clothes.

Jimin in his clothes is such a domestic picture. They would be too big on him, hanging low on his small figure and he would have to roll up the sleeves. There is warmth pooling low in Jungkook’s gut when he thinks about it. It’s sweet and innocent and such a harsh disparity to what he’s doing right now.

He strokes himself harder, with a firmer grip and practically whines because it just doesn’t feel right. This should not be his own hand, should not be him alone in a damn bathroom.

He comes anyways, when the pressure gets too much, but he’s not really happy with it.

And that’s when it sinks in.

What he just did.

I left him! I fucking left him! Alone! What the fuck is wrong with me? He must be so angry at me now. I’m a horrible person. He must think I’m such an asshole. I am such an asshole!

“Oh god. Oh god. Oh god!” Jungkook hastily pulls his pants back up, quickly cleans his hands and leaves the bathroom. He looks around confused for a second, doesn’t remember which direction he came from when he ran here in such haste.


He growls. What the fuck? It’s the wrong voice. He wants someone else say his name. The next growl sounds more like a whine.

“You ok, man? You look fucked up.” Namjoon puts a hand on his shoulder and he jumps from the sudden touch.

“I-I’m fine.” He presses through gritted teeth. His eyes linger on the hallway with the dance studios. He has to go and apologize. Right now.

“I gotta go.” He announces, but Namjoon’s grip tightens.

“Yes, but the game’s the other way.” Namjoon tries to pull him away and he growls again, louder this time and Namjoon’s nails are digging in his skin as a reaction.

“No I have to go!” Namjoon’s hand stays rigid.

“I don’t give a shit, Jungkook. I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with you, but were already late. I’ve been looking for you for ten minutes now! You’ve been out of it lately and I don’t like it! I am your team captain and I am telling you to come with me right now!” Namjoon doesn’t yell, but his words cut through the air like a knife. He stands tall and looks more like alpha than ever. It’s an order. And even though Jungkook is not as affected by it as a beta or an omega might be, he still feels the urge to do as he said.

“I can’t…I have to…” he protests weakly, letting himself be dragged away further from the dance room. He looks back with a pained expression and wishes for the world to stop and never start again. He surely fucked up now.



The game goes by without any memories for Jungkook. He knows it’s the worst game he’s ever played but he can’t find the empathy to care. Namjoon looks like he’s swallowed a lemon and probably yelled at him more than once to get his shit together but Jungkook didn’t hear him. He almost fell a couple times and wished he could just stay on the floor and not move ever again.

He’s so impossibly tired.

Sleep washes over him when he gets home. He’s sweaty and sticky and gross but he doesn’t shower, just falls to bed with a long sigh.

It’s a dreamless night.

The next day couldn’t be any more miserable. He feels awful, like he’s hungover and his muscles are stiff and sore. A look in the mirror is unnecessary since he’s sure he looks like shit. His hair’s a mess, his back is hunched and his eyes are red and swollen. Crying has been impossible the night before but his eyes still feel damp from unshed tears.

He tries to ignore the disappointed stares when he gets to school. They lost the game, of course. Besides Namjoon, he’s the best player and his team relies on him. They practically fell apart and he overhears stories about absolute disgrace when he walks through the hallways.

He doesn’t care, though. He doesn’t care about anything but what happened before the game. He’s sure Jimin hates him now. Hell, he hates himself now!

“Wow. You look like a zombie!” It’s a typical Hoseok greeting and normally Jungkook would smile at his silly remarks but now he just sighs and stares right through him.

“I was wondering what happened last night, but I watched the game and kind of figured.”

Jungkook really doesn’t want to talk about this now. He sighs again, longer this time and hopes his friend gets the hint.

“Did you guys fight?”

“For fucks sake, Hoseok! I’m not in the mood to talk!” Jungkook almost growls at the beta and it makes him feel even more miserable. He’s not just a horrible alpha but also a horrible friend. What a great life he’s leading.

Hoseok just quirks up and eyebrow and studies the alphas face. Jungkook breaks the eye contact and moves past him a little too roughly. He just wants this day to be over and sleep. Maybe sleep helps.

He doesn’t get what he wants, of course. Everyone seems to want to talk to him today. He has to answer a bazillion questions on why he played so shitty. Some are worried that he’s sick, others just yell at him to get his shit together. He’s more thankful for the latter.

Namjoon sits at their table in the cafeteria, Hoseok is nowhere to be found. Jungkook knows he’s not mad at him, but still feels like he should apologize a hundred times. The other alpha has a blank expression. He is surely still mad at him. He was late, lacking in concentration and played like a fourth grader. He’s in for a good lesson.

“I’m sorry.”

Jungkook blinks a couple times and then stares at Namjoon with the most stupid look ever. Wait, did he hear this right? Namjoon feels… sorry? He must have heard it wrong.


Namjoon sighs heavily and meets his gaze. There’s a look of sincerity and worry and Jungkook’s stomach drops. He feels nauseous.

“I don’t like to repeat myself. But you do seem quite out of it.” Jungkook pulls his eyebrows together even more. Namjoon lowers his sights for him? The world must be upside down.

“I am sorry.” Namjoon repeats.

“For what?” Jungkook asks after a few seconds of processing.

“For making you play. Fuck, for alpha ordering you. It’s inexcusable. I am truly and utterly sorry. I should never have interfered and I will do my best to make up for it.”

Namjoon doesn’t talk much so this is quite a word vomit for him. Jungkook watches in awe how his mouth moves. He can’t believe his ears. This must be hidden camera or something. Some dude will jump out any second and yell “Gotcha!” and then everyone will laugh at him. There’s no other explanation.

“You didn’t do anything wrong.” Jungkook tries. It’s true. Namjoon was thinking of the team when Jungkook was too caught up in his own world. He has neglected his duties as a member.

“Yes, I did. I didn’t know at the time, but it was still wrong. I should have listened to you. I was being selfish, only thinking of the game and its importance. But nothing’s more important than what I destroyed the same moment.”

Namjoon puts his head in his hands and closes his eyes. Jungkook’s not sure what to say. He still doesn’t fully understand what the older alpha is saying.

“Hoseok told me.”

“Told you what?”

“That you and… Jimin… had a fight.”

“We didn’t…” Jungkook trails off. It wasn’t a fight, it was him being a total disappointment.

“What happened, Jungkook?” Namjoon looks at him now, fatherly eyes boring into his and he kind of wants to hug him.

“I ran away.” He admits. There are tears forming in his eyes now.

“From what? From Jimin? Did he do something?”

“No! Well, yes. But that’s not the point.” Jungkook has to take a deep breath. His voice is shaky when he speaks again.

“I watched him dance and it was so beautiful and I didn’t know what to do with myself. All these feelings came up and I got scared and just… ran away.” His voice cracks at the last words. A single tear finds its way down his cheek. Alphas don’t cry. Bullshit.

“Don’t be so hard on yourself. I hindered you from apologizing yesterday. But I can help you today.” Namjoon motions to the other end of the room, where Jimin is standing next to a table. He looks just like Jungkook feels and his heart aches at the sight. He seems to be talking to Taehyung and Hoseok (he should have known Hoseok’s with him).

“Just go and tell him how you feel. He’s a nice guy, he’ll understand. And I’m positive he has quite the crush on you.”

“Whatever crush he had, I crushed it yesterday.”

“Stop being so full of yourself. You alone can’t do that just by being your stupid self. Now go before I alpha order you again.”

It’s meant as a supporting argument, but Jungkook still feels smaller under Namjoon’s gaze. He’s just a couple months older but he’s already so much more mature.


Jungkook gets up on wobbly legs and slowly makes his way over to the omega’s table. Before he can reach it, though, Jimin is suddenly gone and Jungkook freezes on the spot. He catches the glimpse of dyed hair at the exit and doesn’t think anymore. His legs start moving on their own, running out the side exit and reach the bathroom door before it closes.

He’s full on shaking as he leans his back on the door. He can hear Jimin sobbing and it cuts through his heart like knife every time. There’s so much guilt bubbling in his stomach, mixed with self-hatred and disappointment. He wants to vomit and get it all out of his system but then again he knows he deserves it.

There’s nothing he can do but listen. And it gets harder by the second. He wants to hug Jimin, tell him that everything will be alright and that he will always be there for him. Wipe his tears away and put a smile back on his face. This big, eye-eating smile that makes Jungkook want to squish the omega’s cheeks. Another tear finds its way down his face.


He’s not sure why he says it or if he even wants to hear an answer. He doesn’t think he even wants Jimin to know he’s here. It would probably just make it worse.

His thoughts get interrupted by fast footsteps and he quickly hides in the stall closest to the door.

You’re such a coward!

He knows it’s Taehyung who busts through the door by the footsteps and the smell of the omega.


A sob quiet whine is the only answer Taehyung gets.

“Jimin, where are you? Tell me what’s wrong.”  No response. Jungkook’s still shaking.

“Jimin, please. Talk to me!”

Jungkook wants to scream and cry and hit his head on the wall all at the same time.

“Come on, Jimin! Open the door! There’s no use in crying on the toilet.”

That’s an easy thing for Taehyung to say. He hasn’t ruined his one-time chance of finding a soulmate.


Jungkook hears Jimin’s stall door open and uses the opportunity to escape. He’s being a coward again, he knows it. Running away again. But he also feels the need to give the two omegas the privacy they were seeking. The conversation they’re having was not meant for Jungkook’s ears in the first place.

The walk home feels like a walk of shame. Jungkook skips his afternoon classes, he can’t concentrate anyways. He skips the whole following day and Hoseok calls him twenty times, asking him if he’s okay. He’s not but he says so either way. Of course, Hoseok doesn’t believe him and when Jin calls late at night Jungkook knows who gave him the hint. They don’t talk for long, Jungkook’s voice is barely there and he can’t really do anything but listen to Jin’s reassuring words. Everything will be fine. Jungkook doesn’t believe it.

He doesn’t sleep well that night. He can’t really find rest since he’s been sitting in bed the whole day, with the blinds closed and his pajamas still on his body.

When he gets up the next day, he throws up twice. It doesn’t help.


**End of Flashback**


Now he is staring at his hands. He has been doing so for the last hour trying to decipher the meanings of the lines running down his palms. He’s never been into fortune telling, but he wonders if the broken wrinkle in the middle represents his love life.

He should be studying, he has a few test next week, or doing at least something remotely productive. But he can’t seem to find the strength to get up from his seat on the edge off his bed.

He has never felt this way before in his life. So utterly stupid.

You ran away you coward! You left him alone you jerk! You made him sad you socially constipated fool!

He doesn’t know what came over him that night. Well, he does, but the situation remains a puzzle.

He literally jumps when his phone rings next to him. He takes it with shaking hands.

“I have the perfect idea!” Jin sounds way too excited and Jungkook can already feel the headache.

“Sleep would be the perfect idea now. Or silence.” It’s rude but he can’t help it.

“Shut up, you brat, and listen to your brother. I am the master of romantic gestures, in case you forgot.”

Jungkook only hums in response.

“You will apologize to your Jimin.”

“Wow, what a great idea. Would’ve never thought of that.”

“Would you let me finish? You will apologize in such a way that he has no other choice but to forgive you. You’ll get him tulips.”

A dry laugh escapes the alpha’s lips at the proposal.

“It’s fucking December!”

“So? Ask Namjoon! He has a friend I think.”

“How do you know Namjoon?”

“He came to my restaurant the other day. We talked about you. Long story. Anyways, ask him, he has ways.”

“He has ways with flowers? I highly doubt that.” Jungkook tries to imagine the strong sophisticated alpha with a bouquet of roses. It looks ridiculous even in his head.

“Just shut up and ask him!” The line goes silent and Jungkook thinks that everyone in his environment has lost their minds.

But since it’s kind of his last anchor he texts Namjoon anyways, feeling incredibly weird as he types.


Can you get me flowers?

For Jimin.


He quickly adds. Hopefully Jin is right. This would be so awkward if he’s not.

He waits two minutes for an answer.



What kind?


This world is surely upside down.


Jin said something about tulips?

Ah, yes. Perfect apology flower. I’ll get you white ones.



Jungkook doesn’t know what else to write. He’s overwhelmed by the fact that Namjoon knows stuff about flowers. That just doesn’t fit. And Jin and Namjoon know each other? And they talked? Namjoon doesn’t talk to strangers, neither does Jin. So why? And how? Jungkook makes a mental note to interrogate either one of them as soon as he gets the chance.

For now, he googles the meaning of tulips. He kind of likes the idea, especially since he’s not very good with words. He really hopes Jimin understands.



He still doubts it and it makes his stomach twist.

Chapter Text

Jimin is not going into heat. He can’t. He just can’t!

It’s technically not even possible. He’s on suppressants, has been for years now. Heats are uncomfortable and unnecessary as long as you don’t have an alpha to go help you through it. They’re only function is for the omega to get pregnant. And since Jimin is not planning on having children any time soon, he’s been taking his pills regularly. Almost every omega does it. Going through a heat alone can even be dangerous for the omega since they lose track of time, forget to eat and drink even if they burn hundreds of calories. No one in his right mind would want to voluntarily starve for a weak while sweating bucketloads and fucking yourself on every possible dildo you can find.

So Jimin just can’t go into heat. He can’t even go into preheat. But that’s exactly what this feels like. It’s said that the first heat after going off the suppressants can be stronger than normal ones. The body tries to make up for all the lost chances and produces more pheromones, more slick, more hormone cocktails, more everything. And Jimin hates it. He’s constantly on the edge of bursting. He’s angry, happy and sad at the same time and he thinks his head might explode from all the emotions mixing together.

Preheat is like that. It’s there to attract alphas so that an omega is not alone during heat week. The suppressants were invented because of this. Omegas can’t control it and they smell so good to alphas that they can’t control themselves either. This ended in unwanted heat sex (it edged on rape countless times, the police was overstrained at one point) and pregnancies that resulted in single parenting.

The suppressants work on the hormones that are responsible for the heat symptoms. And since Jimin has been taking his pills every day for the past couple years, his hormones should not go crazy like this. He has three tests the following week and he would rather take them all at once than spending that week feeling like shit because he has no alpha to take care of him during that period.

And that’s when it hits him.

He jolts to his laptop, tumbling over a few books in the process and almost hitting his head on the bedframe. He yanks it open and types as fast as he can. Google spits out a couple thousand results for his search and he clicks on the first link. It’s an article written by some doctor from some fancy university. It’s older than himself, written in the late sixties, but that’s exactly what Jimin’s been looking for.

An analysis about the social dynamics in modern society, including courtship and bonds

The title sounds promising and Jimin eagerly reads on. The first few paragraphs talk about political laws and guidelines and then go on about omega puberty and fertility. Jimin skips through most of it until he finds a particularly interesting section.

“When talking about bonding, one may never forget the strong aspect of courtship. The two are inevitably connected and it is important to know that they can strongly influence one another. Courtship is never to be taken too lightly as it can cause permanent damage to both the bond and its holders.”

Jimin has to stop there. He gulps. He never thought that courting could be dangerous. A weird feeling starts to thread his stomach to a knot.

“Courtship is divided into three sections.
First, the alpha starts by delivering small gifts to the omega he/she is interested in. These presents may include jewelry, flowers, figurines and artwork either handmade or bought, depending on the alphas creativity and the omega’s preferences. Every piece must be well thought through and personally approved upon delivering for this stage of courtship is very vulnerable and easily broken. The time range between gifting can be anything from days to months, though one should refrain from presenting two pieces within one day. Too much time in between can also be damaging as the omega might lose interest or another alpha takes over.
As time goes by (it can take as long as years, but the most common period is one to six months) the gifts get more personal and the omega might discover the identity of the alpha. It is still common, though, that the omega doesn’t find out until the end of first stage or the start of the second. The alpha needs to put more thought into both the art of the gift as well as the delivering process as omegas generally like the factor of surprise. This may not be true for all omegas and the alpha should watch closely for the needs and preferences vary and need to be considered at highest rank.

The second stage is the hardest to reach. Most courtships end at the first stage and thus have no permanently damaging effect on either party. If a courtship ends in the second period, both the alpha and omega will be affected by the broken bond that usually forms during this time. If the omega has accepted all presents as has not shown any sign of unwillingness, fear, or retreat, the omega’s body usually releases an out-of-cycle heat. It is not stronger than other heats but the omega is more fertile than usual. The biological effect is a subconscious response to the pheromones sent by the alpha even if they are not tangible for the omega’s nose or touch. They infiltrate the body via bio- and neuronal interfaces and cause a constant distribution of the hormones adrenaline and nor-adrenaline. These result in stress-sweat and an accelerated cardiovascular system. These signs also appear in cycled pre-heats and most omegas adjust easily. After the common pre-heat phase, the male omega starts to produce androgens, publicly known as male sexuality hormones. Most importantly testosterone, which accentuates the omega’s natural smell. (Jimin skips the part about the female system mostly because he doesn’t understand a word anyways) Other hormones such as endorphin and erythropoietin help the body and especially mind adjust to the new heat. At this stage, the alpha should reveal him-/herself to the omega because the latter can get very emotional and protective and knowing the identity of the heat partner usually eases the mind. As the omega approaches the real heat it is going to be harder for the alpha not to show him-/herself, as the smell gets stronger and the alpha is affected by the pheromones. Since the smell also attracts other alphas, not only the courting partner, the alpha might get especially protective and even possessive and it is wise not to stay away from the courted omega for too long. Courtship should not be broken at this time! It can be severely damaging to the omega and later the alpha since the body is set on a heat that is not supposed to be spent alone. If there are circumstances that rip the courting partners apart one should pay close attention to their physical and mental health. The effects that broken courtship bonding could have at this late stage include permanent damage in the hypothalamus and pituitary, problems with the neurosystem such as tremor and heart injuries as far as heart attacks.”

Jimin’s heart is racing and beads of sweat have formed on his forehead. He doesn’t really understand most of the medical stuff but that makes it even worse. He feels like someone has just told him he’s having a bad illness that cannot be cured. At least not by a doctor. He needs an alpha, that is for sure. But not just any alpha, his mystery alpha! The one that’s been courting him. He fears that that alpha might not know about this since it’s forgotten knowledge and Jimin himself was clueless until he found this article. He also knows that he shouldn’t rely on one source alone, especially when it’s that old, but he feels like it describes his symptoms so well that he has to believe at least parts of it.

“The third stage is the real heat. It is spent like every other in-cycle heat and should not be feared by the omega. He/She is most fertile in this stage and most courting/bonding results in a new family. The bond is fixed at the first heat intercourse and results in a permanent psychological bond that is not easily broken. It is a biological phenomenon and happens on instinct. The bite mark can be set wherever possible and does not need to be on the neck, as some people nowadays find it to be more intimate and some even say stronger when it is not exposed to too much outer influences.

Additional note on consent:
It is particularly important to never forget the importance of the omega. The alpha might be the one courting but the omega is usually the one who decides on whether to keep the courtship or break it. The omega has a say in any stage of the courtship and should never be forced into anything as the results can be both physically and mentally damaging. Forcing a bond upon an omega also affects the alpha and is not to be taken lightly. The omega can always say no to a courtship and should always pay attention to his/her health first before accepting a courtship or bonding desire.”

Jimin reads it countless more times and even though he feels nauseous and a little dizzy, he’s happy for the last paragraph. It doesn’t help him much now since he’s already in too deep but it makes the whole courting and bonding thing not as scary anymore. He sits in his room for hours thinking about a solution for his current situation until he falls asleep without finding one.

“You look like shit.” Taehyung tells him the next day. They meet in the living room and Jimin just stands there in his most comfortable pants and stares right through his friend.

“I’m fucked.” He says and his eyes focus on a spot on Taehyung’s forehead.

“Why? Did something happen? You’re not really going into heat, are you? I’m sure Hoseok’s overreacting.” Taehyung’s hand waves through the air and Jimin watches fascinated.

“Oh no. I am.” The hand movement stops and Jimin’s look falls on a dust particle on the kitchen counter.

“What do you mean?” Taehyung’s usually cheery voice is thick with concern and he takes a careful step towards his friend. Jimin must look like he’s going to faint any second.

“I’m going into heat. It has something to do with the courting…” He trails off, still watching the dust that lies unmoving.

“I’m sure you’re just imagining things. You feel weird. So what? Everybody has that once in a while. It’s not the end of the world and certainly not a heat.” Taehyung reaches out to touch Jimin’s shoulder but stops in the middle. He drops the hand to his side and lunges forward, almost ripping Jimin off balance, and engulfs him in a bear hug.

“You’re just an emotional freak, that’s all.”

Jimin shakes his head. “I’m serious.” It’s muffled by Taehyung’s sweater. His friend looks at him in a way Jimin can’t quite describe. It is concern mixed with disbelief and a little fear. He doesn’t like it.

“You know what? If you’re so sure you’re going into heat let’s get you checked from a real doctor. What you’re doing is scaremongering and it needs to stop. We skip classes today and go to town. I don’t want the school nurse to gossip.” He let’s go of Jimin and reaches for his keys. Jimin doesn’t move.

“I don’t want to pester you.” He mumbles.

“You’ve never cared about that before. So shut up and come on! I’m driving.”

Jimin doesn’t want to visit the doctor. He’s not sure if he wants to know the result. He also doesn’t want to be seen in his ugly sweatpants and an oversized, ripped shirt but he doesn’t stand a chance when Taehyung pushes him out the door and into his car (Jimin is sure he works out more).

The drive is silent and Jimin stares out the window not showing the turmoil inside his brain. He thinks about all the possible endings this could have. He could die from a heart attack when his alpha doesn’t come for his heat. He can end up in a wheelchair. The alpha might get permanently ill. And then the other side of the coin. He might get pregnant. He’s not sure if birth control works in those weird heats and he’s not too keen on finding out. He can’t afford a child right now. He has no money to support it. He also doesn’t think he’s ready for a baby. Yes, he wants children at one point in his life, but not right now! He’s in college, doesn’t have a job and needs his dancing skills to keep up. He can’t dance with a big stomach! He starts thinking about children and how it is simply not possible for him right now to have them.

He doesn’t realize they reached their destination until Taehyung pulls him up from his seat and drags him to the medical practice. The lady at the counter seems nice but Jimin stares at the floor and only answers with yes’s and no’s. Taehyung does the talking. He explains that Jimin has a problem with his heat cycle and even though Jimin’s face heats up at that he is grateful that he doesn’t have to do it.

The waiting room is empty and Jimin’s glad for it. He doesn’t read the magazines like he usually would and just sits there like a statue. His mind is going to dark places about hospitals and heart attacks and mental health clinics. He hears his name being called to treatment room five and walks down the hallway like it’s a walk of shame.

A young beta in a white medical gown opens the door and invites the two friends into his office. Jimin sits down in a squeaking chair and doesn’t look up when his name is called.

“What brings you here?” He asks in a calm voice. Jimin doesn’t answer. Taehyung look at him shortly and then starts with the story.

Chapter Text

When Taehyung is finished, the doctor observes Jimin for a short while. He feels uncomfortable and shy and doesn’t know if it’s rude to just remain silent. He looks up in shock when the beta stands up and walks towards him with a stethoscope.

“Don’t worry. I’m just going to check your vitals. Just making sure your body can support a heat.” It sounds so confident and logical that Jimin wants to believe that this really is nothing to worry about. But the last sentence sends shivers down his spine anyways. So he might actually go into heat?

The head of the stethoscope is cold on his breast and back and Jimin watches the doctor’s movements carefully. He nods a few times and types something on his computer before checking Jimin’s temperature on his ear.

“Alright, Mr. Park. There is nothing for you to worry about. I can actually congratulate you. Your body is strong and healthy and even though you might have a stronger heat than what you were used to before, it will not be damaging or anything.”

“So I am actually going into heat?” Jimin has to have confirmation.

“Why, yes.” The doctor looks at him like it’s the most normal thing in the world. “Your friend told me you are being courted. That usually results in a heat. It is an absolutely normal phenomenon and not damaging of any kind.”

“But I can’t go into heat! I don’t even know this guy!” Jimin is too loud and he knows it but he can`t stop himself. It feels like the whole world is against him. “I can’t afford kids right now! I’m still in college! I can’t even lose a week of practice! What’s with my assignments? And exams?” He feels a first tear on his cheek. Taehyung looks at him with a worried expression on his face. He seems lost and a little scared as well.

The doctor looks at them with a puzzled look at first, then a fond smile places on his lips.

“Don’t be too scared about that. Courting might not be very common anymore, but there is still research happening. Since the suppressants don’t work in this kind of heat, the pharmacy has developed a formula to prevent unwanted pregnancies. I can prescribe you either a pill or a shot, whatever you are most comfortable with. You should refrain from trying to suppress the heat, though. It wouldn’t be beneficial to your own health, or the alpha’s. I will give you a form for your school so you can take a sick leave as soon as you feel too uncomfortable around others. Don’t wait too long with that or it will affect your heat either in terms of duration or force.”

Jimin is at loss for words or thoughts. His mind is empty except for a little relief that soothes his beating heart. It’s not as bad as he thought it would be, but still not easy. He isn’t sure if the alpha that is courting him knows about all of this. He highly doubts it since it’s not common knowledge, but that results in another problem. He needs to know his identity asap, or he might as well look for another heat partner. And he definitely doesn’t want that.

The two friends leave the treatment room in silence and Taehyung never looks at Jimin until he got all of his prescriptions (he decided to take the pills since he’s a little afraid of shots) and they are making their way to the pharmacy.

“What happens if he’s an asshole?” Jimin voices his concerns while looking down on the pavement. Taehyung looks surprised and nudges his friends shoulder.

“Don’t be silly. We talked about this. He can’t be an asshole. I know for sure that he likes you very much and is definitely whipped about you in every way possible. Just look at his gifts. He can’t be bad if he is so thoughtful. He put all his efforts into it.”

“What if he’s ugly?” Jimin whispers.

“Park Jimin!” Taehyung is too loud for his friend’s liking. “Since what time are you a superficial bastard? You’ve never been into looks. You care a lot more about character and kindness and romance and all that cheesy stuff. I know you better than that!”

Jimin wants to sink into a hole in the street. It’s true, he isn’t like that, not really.

“I don’t know, I’m just…”

“Trying to find excuses.” Tae hits the nail on the head. “Don’t be scared, everything will be fine, I’m sure of it.”

Taehyung gives him his brightest boxy smile and Jimin can’t help but smile back. He’s so glad that he can call the omega his best friend. He’s not sure where he would be now if it wasn’t for this happy and kind fellow, that always makes him feel better.

“I’m sorry.” Is the next thing Taehyung says, much to Jimin’s surprise. His friend is not looking at him, avoiding his gaze and playing with the hem of his shirt.

“For what?” Jimin can’t see anything that’s worth his friend’s apology.

“For not taking you seriously. Or helping you. For letting you handle this on your own.” Taehyung looks like he’s about to cry and Jimin stops to lay an arm around his waist. He pulls him to his side and rests his head on his shoulder.

“You brought me here. You helped me in the best way possible. And I know that you’re always here for me. You’re my best friend.”

“I don’t know. I feel like I’ve been mocking you all this time.” Taehyung absentmindedly plays with Jimin’s hair. Jimin pats his shoulder.

“Don’t be too harsh on yourself. I didn’t want to believe it either. But now we know for sure and you can and have to help me for sure now.” Jimin starts walking again, effectively pulling Taehyung with him.

“How?” his friend sounds a little more relieved now.

“I have to find out who MA is!” Jimin exclaims with a big hand gesture. He smiles a bit more brightly than he feels, for Taehyung’s sake. It works immediately. The other omega smiles a boxy smile and fastens his stride.

“Right. You need someone to help you. And I will have to warn Hoseok that I’m staying at his place for at least a week.”

“You want to give us the apartment?” Jimin is surprised that it came up this fast. He thought he would have to argue about this. He even considered a hotel even though he’s not keen on spending that much money for something only the evolution is to blame.

“Duh, dummy. I won’t let you go to any alpha’s house. Who knows if they have enough food or supplies for your heat.” Taehyung looks like a mother scolding her child.

“First of all, it’s not a party I’m attending. And second… What do you mean, supplies?” It sounds suspicious to Jimin’s ears.

“Well food, drinks, washcloths, clothes, pain reliever. You know, stuff one needs when he’s out in sex land.”

“Sex land?” Jimin huffs and has to smile at Tae’s choice of words. He expected more than that though. Something like “huge knotting dildos” or “cock rings for longer duration”. He’s surprised but also glad it turned out to be the mild version.

They get Jimin’s pills and head back to their apartment. The first thing Jimin does is placing them neatly in a box in his drawer and then taking a quick shower. He changes into his best skinny jeans and searches his closet for that one tight shirt that fits him so perfectly. It’s pure white and he probably got more muscles due to the more excessive dancing in college since it now hugs his abdomen a little closer than before. He throws over a light denim jacket and gels his hair back only slightly. He must admit to his reflection that he looks quite decent like this.

Taehyung’s eyes almost fall out when Jimin exits his room and closes the door behind him.

“Wow.” He says with his mouth remaining open. “You look like you swallowed a confidence pill. Where are you going?”

“WE are going to school.” Jimin states, pointing at the door.

“I need to find me a man.”

Chapter Text

When they reach the campus, Jimin isn’t nearly as confident as before. It’s mid-morning still and everyone’s in their classes. He’s now glad that he took the prescription for the sick leave with him; otherwise he would have a lot of explaining to do in front of his professors. There are people everywhere, and Jimin feels like he also sees alphas everywhere. And he smells them, more than before. He’s not sure if it’s because of the heat hormones or his imagination, but he feels the need to walk up to every single one of them and ask them if they need help with something.

Like a desperate puppy. He thinks to himself.

People notice him, which is not surprising considering his outfit, which is rather uncommon for him and also quite unusual for an omega. It’s far from cute and almost screams for attention. Jimin wants the ground to swallow him. He stops in front of the entrance which results in Taehyung almost bumping into him. They only exchange a quick glance, but Taehyung reads him like an open book.

“Oh no! You are not chickening out now! You said you were going to find your mystery man, so that’s what we’re doing! I am not letting you waste that outfit.”

“Fine.” Jimin doesn’t sound convincing, not even to himself. He takes a deep breath and opens the doors.

The hallways aren’t packed since classes are ongoing, but there are a few people out, leaning on the walls chatting or eating or sitting on the ground trying to memorize one last time before the test starts. When the two friends walk past, everyone seems to stop what they’re doing. They look up and sniff the air, like kids at the annual summer fair, when the smell of popcorn and cotton candy fills the streets.

“Do I have something on my face?” Jimin wants to find a way to convince himself that he does not smell like an omega in heat.

“Nope, but I’m sure most of these alphas would like to see some of them on your face.”

“Tae! You are not helping here!” Jimin hisses under his breath, blushing hard and looking anywhere but another face in order to hide his embarrassment.

“Anyways,” Taehyung swings an arm over his friends shoulder and pushes him forward, urging him to keep going. “How are we going to do this? Do you want to make an announcement? Or distribute a few brochures or posters?”

“What the hell? No!” Jimin elbows him in the side and walks a few steps away. But he has to stop his tracks, because he really doesn’t know how he’s going to do this. He has no clues about this alpha and he needs to find him fast, because he is growing more uncomfortable by the minute. He feels as if his heat is progressing incredibly faster, now that he is around people, especially alphas. And it’s certainly not a good feeling.

“Well who do we have here?”

Jimin jumps at the sudden closeness of the voice. It’s familiar but he can’t put a face to it. He turns around to see a tall alpha he’s met before. He is handsome and smells like confidence and a whole lot like alpha. Jimin feels incredibly small under his gaze.

“Hi Jaebum hyung!” Taehyung waves at him as if he knows him like a friend, but gets totally ignored.

“I haven’t seen you in a while. Almost thought I scared you the last time we met.” Jaebum smiles, but the teeth that are showing look more like a threat to Jimin.

“N-No, no. Don’t worry. I a-appreciated your help very much.” Jimin can’t look him in the eyes. He feels like a lost pup that needs saving. “Thank you f-for that.”

The alpha just waves it off. “Don’t worry about it. I’m glad I could help. Especially if the one needing it is such a cute little omega.”

Jimin hates that phrase. He doesn’t like to be called little, particularly because he isn’t very tall and also because it states that the alpha is superior to him. And reducing him to only an omega makes him feel like an object rather than a person. He smiles a small smile anyways; he doesn’t have the power right now to put him in his place. His inner wolf is telling him to bow down and submit to the alpha, but his pride tells him otherwise. He is not a toy and will not let himself get played with.

“I am looking for something, so sorry to cut you short.” He doesn’t sound as confident as he would like, but it’s better than stuttering, at least.

“What are you looking for this time?” Jaebum doesn’t budge. He stands there like a rock, not intending to go anywhere. “It seems like you’re always on the go when we meet. I would like to chat a little longer, can’t you make an excuse?” The last part is surely meant to sound sweet, but it sends a nauseous feeling into Jimin’s stomach. He has no clue why he reacts so extremely with this particular alpha, but all his senses are telling him to move away from him.

“No, sorry.” He says and ducks his head a little. He curses himself on the inside. “I really can’t right now. It’s something important.”

Jaebum moves closer and Jimin stumbles backwards. This is not getting any better for him.

“I’m sure you can postpone it for a while. I just want to chat. And I have to admit that I am a little concerned about you.” He takes another step. Jimin stares at the floor, not sure what to do or say to get him out of this situation.

“You smell different.” It’s like a blow to his abdomen. It’s his weak spot right now. He knows he smells like heat and he knows that he is attracting alphas, but hearing it said out loud makes it quite a bit worse. He furrows his eyebrows. Jaebum seems to have picked up his reaction and back paddles just slightly.

“It’s not a bad different. That’s not what I meant.” He moves forward again, now standing closer than Jimin’s comfort zone would allow, but the omega is getting scared so he is just standing there, frozen, hoping for Taehyung or anyone to come and help him. His inner turmoil of submitting and running away is getting the best of him. Jaebum now actively sniffs the air around him. Jimin twitches.

“You smell good, to be exact. Very flowery. I like it.” The alpha smiles, now all teeth and it looks more wicked than inviting. “But I am still concerned about you.” Jaebum raises his hand and Jimin wants to move away so badly but the only thing he can do as the alphas hand lands on his forehead is growl faintly. It must be obvious to the people around him that he is not comfortable in the situation and he briefly wonders why no one says something. Just a quick interruption would help him now. Anything to get him out of his freeze. But no one seems to care.

“See?” Jaebum doesn’t remove his hand. “You feel hot. Are you sure you’re not sick? Do you want me to take you somewhere?” Jimin knows his intentions, they are getting more obvious with every sentence he speaks and Jimin wants to puke because of it. He is absolutely sure that Jaebum is not his mystery alpha. He couldn’t be. He is way too slimy and slick and forward to be a romantic on the inside. And on top of that, he is making Jimin feel insecure, misunderstood and very, very uncomfortable.

“N-no, I-I’m not sick.” He stutters, praying for a miracle. “I’m fine, y-you don’t n-n-need to worry about me.”

The alpha grins widely, stroking Jimin’s face like he’s a cat. Jimin wants to bite his fingers off.

“I can feel that you’re sick, you know. I can take care of you. Jimin.” Hearing his name come from those lips makes Jimin want to punch him in the guts. The alpha leans down and whispers in his ear, voice thick and heavy: “I can take real good care of you.”



“Get you’re filthy hands off of MY omega!”



Both Jimin and Jaebum are startled by those words, frozen in the moment. But Jimin wants to scream “Yes, yes, yes!” and jump out of this situation and into the arms of…


Jaebum says his name first, Jimin still can’t move. He is too baffled by the sentence.


Then everything moves so fast that Jimin doesn’t know what happens. But suddenly, Jaebum is ripped away from him and lands on the ground on the opposite side of the hallway. He himself tumbles backwards at the sudden movement and bumps into the wall behind him. He watches amazed as Jaebum growls and gets up, launching towards the other alpha, effectively pulling him with him to the ground. They tumble a few times, and Jimin hears roaring and snapping teeth. Then they are up again; one of them is growling, long and deep and it sends shivers down Jimin’s spine. They crash against the wall opposite of where the omega is standing. He can’t see exactly, since so much is going on, but he hears a head getting bashed into the wall and the sound makes Jimin jerk. That is surely going to leave a bruise.

Jungkook’s voice is dark and more growling than anything as he repeats:

“I said. Get. Away. From. My. Omega.” He puts weight on every word and barks them out with force.

“He’s not yours, you little shit.” It’s a lot quieter and less confident, but Jaebum, though not as tall as the other alpha, is broader and thicker and he pushes Jungkook off of him.

“He clearly doesn’t want you, so get away before I bite your head off.” Jungkook’s threat sounds so real that Jimin almost gets a little scared of the alpha.

He launches towards Jaebum, forcing him off his feet and he crashes down to the ground, harder than the first time. Jungkook wants to get to him, but is halted by Namjoon, who doesn’t let go of his shoulder, even though he struggles quite a bit.

“Enough now. Both of you.” He sends a warning glance towards the alpha on the floor, who looks like a kid that didn’t get his birthday present. Jimin would find it funny, if it weren’t for the discomfort he caused him before. Jungkook is breathing heavily and stares at Jaebum as if he is his prey for the day. But when Namjoon says something Jimin can’t hear, he straightens up and forces his gaze away and towards Jimin. He must look like shit, judging from the expression he gets from Jungkook as a reaction. There is concern written all over his face and he stands in front of him in less than a second.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere? Did he do something?” He tumbles over his own words and Jimin can’t believe that Jungkook, the Jungkook, is actually caring about him. He looks into his dark brown orbs and finds himself getting lost in them. He can’t see the Jungkook that abandoned him in the practice room or made him feel insecure. He sees an honest, caring Jungkook, that genuinely wants to make him feel better. One that is romantic and sweet and…

“I’m fine.” Is all he can say.

Chapter Text

“What the fuck is going on?” Jungkook looks around the cafeteria and chews on his bottom lip.

“That’s what I’d like to know. You’ve been on the edge since yesterday and it is slowly but surely getting on my nerves.” Hoseok looks up at his friend with a frown on his face. He wants to keep him company and such and help him whenever he can, but this is just getting too much. Jungkook has been fidgeting around, growling at random things and jumping at any sound. He has never been very responsive to external influences, so this is highly unusual.

“It’s like you’re going into heat.” Namjoon doesn’t look up as he makes the statement, busy with poking holes into his meat.

“This tastes like parchment paper”, he adds, totally out of context. It earns him a puzzled look from both his friends but he just shrugs as if it was something obvious and normal.

“Since when do you care about food?” It comes out harsher than Jungkook intended and he hopes that Namjoon doesn’t take it too seriously. He’s lucky today.

“I’ve always cared about food. It is our life source, our energy and I genuinely think we should be more attentive to the things we eat.” It’s a normal philosophy phrase from the alpha, but something still seems off, but Jungkook can’t quite put his finger on what it might be.

“I think I’ve become numb in that matter. Jin used to try out all of his new recipes on me. They could either taste like heaven or hell. And he wasn’t always keen on hearing the truth. But to some extent I think I helped him earn his star.” Jungkook sits up a little straighter. He is extremely proud of his brother and everyone should know how great he is. That’s when he realizes what has been bothering him in Namjoon’s speech before.

“By the way, how exactly do you know Jin? He only told me that you came by his restaurant.” Namjoon looks him in the eyes and Jungkook tries hard to read his expression, without success.

“And that’s exactly what happened.” Namjoon deadpans. Jungkook decides to leave it at that since he knows he won’t get any more information out of the older alpha. He will just ask his hyung when they’re on the phone the next time. And for the time being, he doesn’t feel the need to find out anymore anyways, since he’s still on the edge with his emotions and doesn’t really know how to cope with it.

“Do you know the feeling when you think something is going to happen any second and you don’t know what and when? So you’re always tense and expect something.”

Hoseok looks at him like he’s gone completely mad. “I… guess.” He answers, even though Jungkook can see that he doesn’t mean it.

“That’s how I feel.” The alpha states nonetheless as if that clears up any confusion. Hoseok just shakes his head and tries to focus on his food rather than his friend.

“You remember what I said about Yoongi? Now you give me the heebie-jeebies.” He murmurs quietly, but Jungkook still catches it. It makes him giggle and he’s glad for the small distraction of thinking about Yoongi and his weird behavior.

When the bell rings for classes, Jungkook hasn’t eaten at all; he just puts his full tray back and follows his friends out into the hallways. Or more so, he’s tip-toeing; playing with the sipper of his jacket and almost trips over his own feet. There is definitely something going on with him and if he doesn’t find out soon, he thinks he’s going to explode. It started yesterday, just before he went to bed. Something shifted in his mind, without a particular reason and he was wide awake for the whole night. He couldn’t keep his eyes closed, spinning around in bed like a maniac because no position seemed comfortable. He thought about the strangest things. About flowers in the rain, pink waterfalls at midnight and dancing rainbows on the moon. Music was playing in his mind, but it was off tune and made his insides twist and knot and he put his hands over his ears to muffle the noise. It didn’t work, of course, since his imagination was playing tricks on him. So he couldn’t do anything but roll around until all his blankets were on the floor and he had to get up for school. And it didn’t get better from there. He feels like he drank too much coffee, his insides are trembling and his mind is overflowing with weird images and funny pictures that turn grotesque in seconds.

It seems to be getting worse the longer his journey down the hallways continues. He even starts to smell funny stuff now. It smells like rotten flowers, like someone stopped watering them so they die of thirst and let their beautiful heads hang low. Or like someone is putting salt on sweet fruits in order to make them inedible. He curses his mind for having such a vivid imagination. He is so lost in his own thoughts that he trips over and almost smacks his head on the ground when his name is called.

“Jungkook! Quick!” Taehyung stands in front of them, hands on his knees to support his weight while heavily breathing. He must have been running fast, if he’s so out of breath.

“What’s going on?” Jungkook is alarmed, all senses heightened to look for potential threats. So his intuition has been right, something is clearly happening and it must be out of the ordinary, judging by Taehyung’s worried expression.

“It’s Jimin.” Taehyung takes a few breaths to calm down, but Jungkook immediately wishes for him to hurry up. If Jimin is in danger, he can’t lose precious seconds. “Jaebum’s with him, and…” He doesn’t get to finish his sentence as Jungkook grabs his shoulder and runs in the direction the omega came from.

“Where?” he asks, his voice already almost a growl. He knows Jaebum’s flirty character. He knows how he approaches omegas with too much force, too many wrong intentions. Thoughts of Jimin in his hands cross his mind and he runs impossibly faster, dragging Taehyung with him, who can’t quite keep up with his pace.

“The front entrance.” The omega manages to blurt out between quick breaths and Jungkook lets him go, running in said direction.

The scene he observes as he reaches the main doors is almost too much for him to handle. Jaebum has Jimin trapped close to the wall. The small omega almost unnoticeably trembling, his bottom lip quivering with a hint of fear. His eyes are darted to the floor and his bangs hang low on his forehead so they almost hide his face. When Jaebum reaches out a hand to touch Jimin, Jungkook’s insides snap. He growls, low and threatening, but the alpha either doesn’t hear him, or simply ignores the menace. Jungkook sees Jimin flinch and when Jaebum leans down to get so close to the omega’s face, Jungkook can’t hold back any longer.


“Get your filthy hands off of MY omega!” He emphasizes the word, making clear who’s the one in charge.


Both alpha and omega are startled by his reaction. Jaebum only turns his head to look at him, hand still on Jimin’s cheek. He doesn’t seem to care much about Jungkook’s threatening tone or his hard expression. He smiles triumphantly and moves the hand on Jimin’s face, as to tell the other alpha that he has no intention in letting him go. When he cracks a wicked smile, Jungkook launches forward, alpha wolf fully taken over, and rips Jaebum away. He throws him to the ground with all of his strength. He wants to go to Jimin immediately, checking if he’s okay and he’s so worried that he forgets about the other alpha on the ground who’s furiously growling at him.

Then he himself crashes hard on the floor with Jaebum on top of him. His teeth are darting out and aiming in the direction of his throat. He bites back, not quite reaching anything but air and pushes himself up. They roll around on the floor, snapping at each other, kicking with feet and knees, trying to get the other off. Jaebum isn’t stronger than Jungkook, but almost the same size and his frame is broader than his. He’s also heavier, which makes it harder for Jungkook to keep his teeth away from his skin. He manages to smack the other’s shoulder hard and gets up on his feet in one quick motion, pulling Jaebum with him. He growls again, even more threatening this time and forces him against the wall. Jaebum tries to get a grip of his hands to keep him from punching him, but Jungkook frees himself and yanks at the alpha’s hair, whacking his head into the wall.

“I said. Get. Away. From. My. Omega.” He hisses it, emphasizing each word and continuously punches Jaebum’s lower ribcage.

“He’s not yours, you little shit.” It’s a lot quieter and less confident and Jungkook’s almost sure he can hear a hint of desperation in it.

“He clearly doesn’t want you, so get away before I bite your head off.” He answers, and he means it.

He has never been so angry in his life. He wants to see the other alpha on the ground in defeat, with bleeding bruises or broken bones at best. He wants to show him that he can’t have what belongs to Jungkook. That he can’t toy with omegas as he pleases, especially not when Jungkook’s involved. He will teach this slimy alpha a lesson, with full force if he has to. He launches towards Jaebum, forcing him off his feet and he crashes down to the ground, harder than the first time.

As he wants to go forward again, he is stopped by a firm grip on his shoulder, keeping him in place. Jungkook growls at the interruption and tries to get the intruder off of him. But the hand doesn’t go away.

“Enough now. Both of you.”

It’ Namjoon. And even though Jungkook is still high on adrenaline and wants to rip Jeabum’s insides out to feed them to the birds, he remains standing. It is a small satisfaction that Jaebum is sitting on the floor looking a lot more wrecked than Jungkook, with a few cuts on his face and a hard, but defeated look in his eyes. He even pouts like a child and Jungkook can’t decide if he wants to laugh or growl at him for being such an asshole. But Jungkook doesn’t want this fight to be over. He wants to show who has the upper hand, who is the strongest. For his omega. For Jimin.

“You should take care of him. He’s scared.”

The words turn all the anger off and replace it with worry. His omega is the most important. He needs to check if something happened to him, if he got hurt.

He turns towards Jimin who looks so small and fragile against the wall. His small frame is hunched to look impossibly smaller and more vulnerable and Jungkook wants to hug him and shield him away from all the bad things in the world.

He crosses the hallway with two long strides and stands in front of the omega, hesitant to touch him since he has no permission to do so. But he wants to take him into his arms so badly, warm him up and clear his scent. He remembers the weird scent he thought he imagined. It wasn’t his mind that played another trick. It was Jimin who was scared and powerless, scent clouded with fear. That’s what made the flowers rot and the fruits spoiled. Jungkook hates it. He feels the need to lick it all away, to shower the omega with affection so that he would bloom again and smell like everything Jungkook loves so much.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere? Did he do something?” Jungkook has to know. He just has to know if something happened before he came. Did Jaebum do anything to hurt his omega? Did he do more than touch his face? The thought makes Jungkook want to growl again, but he forces it away  and tries to read Jimin’s face instead.

“I’m fine.” It doesn’t sound convincing at all, but Jungkook can’t find fear in the younger’s expression. It has been replaced with confusion and Jungkook wonders why.

That’s when it hits him.


“Oh.” He says out loud. He takes a step back to give the omega space. Jimin is not his omega. He isn’t even his friend. He must think that Jungkook is the weirdest guy ever, reacting so harshly.

“I’m… uhm…” Jungkook is at loss for words. He has no clue how to explain this whole thing. He doesn’t know if it gave away that he is the one who’s been courting Jimin. He doesn’t know if he should say something for the matter.

“What is your favorite flower?” Jimin suddenly blurts out and Jungkook is taken aback by the topic.

“The heliotrope.” He answers truthfully. He’s still dumbfounded.

“Why?” Jimin looks straight into his eyes, dark orbs boring into his and Jungkook almost feels like he’s in an interrogation.

“Because it reminds me of you.” It’s the truth again and in the back of his mind Jungkook thinks that this must sound totally crazy.

“Or respectively, you remind me of my favorite flower.”

He doesn’t know why he adds it, but it seems to be the right choice of words. Jimin relaxes visibly, expression changing from determination to realization to incredulity and finally to excitement. His eyes grow impossibly bigger and Jungkook finds it utmost adorable how he now observes him like he’s a puppy’s shiny new toy.

“You’re him.” Jimin whispers almost inaudibly and Jungkook realizes what the questioning was all about. He lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding and steps back closer to the omega. It’s just in the right moment as Jimin’s knees give out and he drops a bit before Jungkook catches him in a tight embrace. He didn’t faint, but he’s surely a bit out of it as a small smile plays on his lips and he sinks into Jungkook’s arms. Jimin’s small hands grab the alphas shirt loosely effectively keeping Jungkook from backing away. It makes him smile so hard that his cheeks start to hurt.

“Come on, let’s get you out of here.” He says in a calm voice, but a giggle escapes him at the end. He pops Jimin back on his feet and snakes an arm around his waist to keep him steady.

Jungkook only remembers the situation before when he turns around to see Namjoon taking Jaebum away on wobbly knees. He can’t help but feel a bit of satisfaction at the sight.

Taehyung shows him the way to the omega’s shared dorm since Jimin is not very responsive. Hoseok catches up with them, informing Jungkook that Namjoon took Jaebum to the locker rooms to “talk”.

“I’m sure he is actually going to talk with him, you don’t need to be suggestive.” Hoseok laughs at that.

“Right, he’s not like you. Act first, think later.” Jungkook snorts. It’s not like he had much of a choice.

It takes them a while to get to the apartment with Jimin being a little slow in his stride, but Jungkook doesn’t mind. He enjoys the feeling of having the omega so close to his side. To feel his warmth against him.

Jungkook keeps observing Jimin’s features. He looks even more gorgeous up close. His long full lashes that surround those amazingly shiny eyes. His thin nose that is just perfectly shaped. And his plump lips that are still pulled into that small smile that never fades once. Jungkook is enamored.

Taehyung and Hoseok are chatting up front and Jungkook notices that they are definitely walking closer than before. He’s happy for Hoseok. He deserves this happiness and love so much since he is usually the one who spreads it.

The apartment is simple and clean, just as Jungkook expected it to be. Jimin is a neat guy and tends to be a perfectionist just like Jungkook. At least that’s what Hoseok has told him. Taehyung leads the way to Jimin’s room and Jungkook helps the omega up and into his bed. He tugs him in and feels empty already as he silently shuts the door behind him. He wants to keep him company; wants to hold him in his sleep and wake up to him every morning.

Taehyung offers him a glass of water and he quickly accepts upon realizing that he is incredibly thirsty. He downs two glasses in a row and sinks into the couch with a long sigh.

“I don’t think you should leave.” Taehyung leans at the kitchen table. He looks a bit worried.

Jungkook likes what he says but doesn’t know where he is going with it.

“He needs company right now. And I don’t think it’s me he wants.” The omega giggles and Hoseok grins widely from his position at the door.

Jungkook joins the laughter. “I don’t have a problem with staying.”

“The kitchen is stacked up with everything you might need. Feel free to take whatever you want.”

“Uhm… ok.” Jungkook isn’t sure what to reply.

“And if you need anything, just call me. Or Hoseok. I’ll be with him for the time being.” The omega explains it quite calmly, but Jungkook sees Hoseok light up as his name is mentioned.

“You’re okay with leaving me here alone with him?” It’s surprising since Taehyung cares deeply for his friend, that Jungkook is sure of.

“I trust you. But if you hurt him I will personally rip your head off and hang it on the school’s announcement board for everyone to see.”

The alpha has to laugh even though he is sure that Taehyung means it.

“Thanks. I guess.” He says with a smile.

A small noise interrupts their conversation. It sounded not quite like moan, more like a little cry of frustration and Jungkook’s head immediately turns to the door Jimin lays behind.

“I’ll go check on him.” Jungkook states and gets up before anyone can protest.


He turns the door knob and stops dead.


The sight before him is definitely not what he expected.

Chapter Text

Jimin is in his bed, which Jungkook expected, of course, since he put him there just a moment ago. But he is neither asleep nor is he exhausted like Jungkook thought he would be. He looked like a zombie during the walk to the apartment. A happy zombie, but still. The energy seemed to have been drained from the omega. Like the incident with Jaebum has been too much on his emotions and he just wanted to sleep.

Now he was up on his knees, throwing pillows and blankets around and huffing in frustration when it didn’t exceed his expectations of a perfect nest. He was trying to get more stuff on the bed; a few stuffed animals have fallen down the side and laid on the floor like dead flies

Jungkook can’t deny that he’s a little dumbfounded. He’s not sure what to make of this situation. He has heard and even seen other omegas nesting, but never with this much passion. Jimin is bouncing on the mattress, rolling up blankets to long snakes and placing them around him like he’s building a fort. Jungkook just stands there, watching, as Jimin picks up a bear plushy and sets it on top of a pillow on the head end of the bed as if it’s the king of his little castle.

He doesn’t understand any of it. None of this makes any sense to him. Jimin’s outbursts of emotions, Jungkook’s own temper tantrums and the weird change of smell that has Jungkook both scared and aroused and he doesn’t know if he likes either feeling.

He knows he’s missing something, something important. Something so vital and he feels like it’s right in front of him but he can’t catch it.

He decides to taste the air around him. Smells are strongly connected to feelings and he hopes he can find out whatever’s going on with both himself and the omega before him when he finds the alteration in the smell that has imbedded itself in his mind and heart. He carefully sniffs the air and the scene must look funny to an outsider. Jimin on the bed not giving two shits about anything but his nest and a dumb looking alpha sniffing like a kid in a bakery. Jimin’s smell is similar to what Jungkook has gotten used to. The flowers are no longer rotten, instead they are now blooming with full force, fresh grass glistens underneath them with the droplets of fainting morning dew and Jungkook, once more, wants to revel in it like a child. It’s stronger now, but that has to be expected, since it’s Jimin’s room and his bed and his things that have his scent all over them. Jungkook has gotten into Jimin’s space multiple times and even if he thinks of himself as quite self-composed, it still makes his knees wobble and his mind go hazy when the scent clouds his head and fills his senses. In here, he can almost taste Jimin. Everything is full of his favorite flower smell and the alpha finds himself holding his breath again, trying to get his thoughts back on track. He’s still missing something and it’s making him more frustrated by the second.

He takes a step into the room, though he’s not sure why. Maybe he hopes that the smell would be different there or it’s just Jimin on the bed, who’s pulling him in like he has him on a leash. Whatever it is, that makes him take that step, also affects Jimin. The omega stops his movements, drops the pillow he’s been holding and whips his head around so fast Jungkook briefly wonders if it hurt.

Jimin’s face is, again, different than what Jungkook expected. He estimated it to have a look of surprise, or a flustered state. Instead, Jimin’s face contorts as he spots the alpha standing by the door. His eyebrows knot together almost concerned and his eyes go wide like a puppy. Blown dark pupils stare right into his soul and Jungkook feels the urge to either cover up or undress rather quickly. The omegas plush lips form a thin line now and slightly twitch at the corners as Jimin’s gaze wanders over Jungkook’s features. Jimin seems to drink in his sight and Jungkook almost feels like a display item at an exhibit. His inner wolf enjoys it, though. It swells with pride and forces a smile on his lips as Jimin continues to ogle at his abdomen like he just won the biggest prize at the state fare. Since the omega doesn’t seem distressed and his smell is only getting stronger, Jungkook risks another step forward. Jimin doesn’t back away, he only tilts his head in an expecting manner, as if he waits for the alpha to do something.

Jungkook feels lost.

What is going on here? Is this some kind of prank?

“Are you ok?”, is the only possible thing he can think of. Someone needs to tell him what is happening.

And then, he doesn’t need no more explanation. With one word, realization crashes down on him and everything falls into place. Jimin’s change of smell, Jungkook’s edgy behavior, Taehyung’s words as he left the apartment. It all makes sense as Jimin drops on all fours and wiggles towards him on the bed. His eyes never leave his as he speaks in a raspy voice that has Jungkook’s insides turn to liquid.


Jungkook jumps away, tearing a whine from Jimin’s throat, who’s now making grabby hands at him. His back hits the wall hard and something falls off the table and shatters on the floor. Jungkook flinches at the sound more than the impact of his spine against the concrete. This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening. He can’t… I can’t… Even in his head he can’t form coherent sentences anymore. Jungkook has never seen an omega in heat before. In preheat, yes, that happens sometimes, even at school. But never in full blown heat. And Jimin looks too far gone to still be in the preheat phase. The omega whines again, as Jungkook doesn’t move from his spot on the wall and just stares at him, frightened.


It’s higher this time. At least an octave, and the vocals are dragged out almost like a moan and it sends sparks down Jungkook’s spine and he can feel himself getting hard just by hearing it.

“Jimin…” He starts and his voice breaks audibly. As soon as he realizes what the word does to the younger he wishes he could take it back. A shiver runs through his body and his eyes flutter as if Jungkook has just said the sweetest thing in the world.

“You’re… you’re not yourself. I should leave…” It takes all his willpower to get the last words out. He’s surprised at himself that he hasn’t jumped the omega yet. Every inch of his body is telling him to just get on the bed and make him feel better. Make his wish come true that he conveys so obviously in his scent. Jungkook is sure he’s trembling and his knees might give out any second. He’s not even sure he would be able to leave even if he truly wanted to.

“No!” Jimin’s high pitched outcry physically hurts the alpha’s insides.

“You don’t want this.” Jungkook tries to explain. “Not like this. We need to talk about this first. I don’t want this. It’s wrong.” He regrets the words as soon as they leave his mouth. Jimin flinches away from him, hides in the safety of his nest and blinks at Jungkook, confused. Hurt. Jungkook wants to die.

“Y- You d-don’t wa-want me?” Tears start to form in his eyes and Jungkook squeezes his eyes shut. He feels so hopeless.

“That’s not what I meant. Shit. Jimin.” He opens his eyes again and watches as Jimin sheds even more tears and hiccups whenever Jungkook says a word.

“Of course I want you.”

“Th-then w-why aren’t y-you h-h-here?” Jungkook sighs shakily.

“Because you wouldn’t want this. Not if you were in your right state of mind. This is your heat talking. You wouldn’t want this.” He repeats and tears his gaze away from the omega. He’s hard, he knows it, and his inner wolf is screaming in frustration. The distressed smell of wilting flowers is not helping. He needs to make the omega feel better. He needs to help him ease his mind. He needs to make him feel good. He needs to make him… He needs to…

“I want this.” Jimin’s voice is suddenly very clear and when Jungkook looks at him his eyes are sharp and the look on his face is one of determination.

“I want this.” He repeats and his stare is almost cold. “I want you. I need you. Please. I need you. I need you. I need… “ The words leave him and Jungkook sees and smells him falling back into the heat.

“I… need… you… alpha.”

Jungkook takes a deep breath. Probably not the best idea since it fills his mind even more, clouds his senses and leaves him almost choking. The smell of distress is still evident, but not as strong anymore. The heliotropes on the other hand are getting impossibly sweeter by the second and Jungkook’s alpha is slowly but surely taking over.

Even though his legs are still trembling, he crosses the room in long strides and halts in front of the nest, staring down at Jimin, trying to find something that would invalidate Jimin’s words. There’s nothing. The omega now stares at him in pure awe, once more climbing out of his nest and towards him in a catlike manner that is unlike him. It reminds Jungkook more of the dancer Jimin, not the omega that fell on his ass at the welcoming party. And the dancer Jimin reminds him of all the things the younger could do with his body. How he could move his hips and how his perfect ass would wiggle with each body roll.

Jungkook knows he’s losing it, but he only has so much power over his instincts. So he reaches out and touches Jimin’s face, slowly stroking his cheeks and reveling in the sparks that are so hot they almost sting on his palm. It’s like little fireworks erupt wherever he touches and Jimin leans into it and purrs.

The alpha’s other hand comes to steady Jimin’s face as he leans down to brush their noses together. It’s oddly intimate but Jungkook feels the need to let the omega know that he will be cared for, not taken advantage of. Jimin lets out small short breaths that fan across Jungkook’s face like streams of lava. He’s not sure his breaths are any steadier. As he moves back, Jimin looks at him with tears at the corners of his eyes and a smile so blinding Jungkook has no choice but to return one. He tries to remove his hand as well but Jimin grabs his wrist with a displeased grunt. He yanks it towards him with so much force that has Jungkook stumbling forward and as his knees hit the bedframe he almost lands on top of the omega. He fortunately reacts quickly enough to steady himself with his free hand, that’s now on the mattress right next to Jimin’s face, their noses only inches apart.

“You’re making this really hard for me.” He lets out through gritted teeth and Jimin just looks up at him with those god forsaken puppy eyes.

“I need…” Jimin starts but gets lost in a spot on Jungkook’s face and falls silent again.

“I know, I was just trying to take it slow.” Jungkook chuckles a tiny bit and Jimin rewards him with another huge smile that make his eyes disappear into crescents and his cheeks even plumper.

“Alpha.” It’s different than the first times he said it. Not as needy or wanting. He almost sighs it, content, happy, almost.

But the effect it has on Jungkook is still the same. It makes his insides turn to fire, his dick twitching and his wolf taking over once more. Before he can even think about it he crashes their mouths together in a breathless kiss that quickly turns into lip biting and teeth clacking. He doesn’t remember how they end up in the middle of the nest, Jungkook now fully on top of Jimin. He’s towering over him, alpha now full on display, but it’s not intimidating, at least Jimin doesn’t seem scared one bit. Dominance and submission are evident in both their smells and Jungkook’s wolf revels in it. He growls possessively and briefly wonders in the back of his mind if he has ever heard himself growl like that. He decides that he doesn’t care one bit and sinks down to nuzzle at the omega’s scent gland, taking in all the fragrances and letting them heat up his blood until it’s boiling underneath his skin.

Jimin moans loudly which makes Jungkook lick a thick stripe up the sensitive spot. The younger’s hips buck up in response, effectively rubbing their clothed crotches together and drawing another growl from Jungkook’s throat. He start’s sucking and licking along Jimin’s collarbones, pulling down his shirt in the process and grunting in frustration as it doesn’t go down further. He doesn’t want to rip it, though so he pulls back for a second and lets Jimin pull it over his head and throw it somewhere behind them. The alpha quickly dives back down, licking the omega’s toned upper body, revels in every curve of his muscles, kisses his belly button and sucks a purple mark right where his v-line starts. The action has Jimin reduced to a moaning mess, throwing his head back and bucking up every few seconds to find some relieving friction. When Jungkook looks back up at him he’s taken back to the thought’s he had about the omega when he was alone. They can’t nearly compare to the real sight. Jimin’s pupils are glazed over, tears at the corners of his eyes, his cheeks red and sweaty and his lips red and puffy from the kiss and the constant biting to silent his moans. Jungkook reaches up with one finger to carefully pull the bottom lip out of his teeth.

“Don’t be embarrassed, I love your beautiful voice.” Jungkook’s voice is darker than usual and raspier from his shallow breathing. Jimin seems to like it since his mouth falls open and he lets out a drawn “ahhh”. The alpha snickers and just as he’s going back to sucking another bruise on the younger’s ribcage, he gets pulled back up. Jimin doesn’t respond to his questioning look, instead fumbles with the buckle of his belt.

“I-I need…” he stutters and then whines. “Alpha.”

Jungkook gets it immediately and frees the omega not only of his pants, but also of his underwear so that Jimin lies underneath him now fully naked and in all his glory that Jungkook himself has to bite back a moan. Jimin seems to sense it as he flushes a deep red and squirms on the mattress, trying to hide. Jungkook takes his wrists and puts them next to his head. Jimin stops immediately and goes limp under his touch. The submission makes the alpha growl and his dick twitch in anticipation.

“You are so beautiful, like an angel.” He kisses Jimin, long and deep and the omega moans in his mouth, tongue scraping the back of his teeth. When they pull away, breathless, Jimin tugs on Jungkook’s shirt with a quiet “off” and Jungkook quickly undresses. He had to let go of Jimin’s hands in the process which gave him the freedom to now touch his upper body. He slides his fingers down from the collarbone over both his nipples (which earned him a strangled growl) to his stomach muscles until he reaches the first button of Jungkook’s pants.

Seeing these small hands so close to where he wants them does things to Jungkook. He growls and all but rips his jeans off his legs so that he’s back in place with only his white boxers which really don’t conceal anything. He’s bigger than Jimin, which is no surprise since he’s an alpha, but he still thinks that Jimin is so much prettier. The omega stares at the tent in his underwear and reaches a small hand up, almost as if he can’t believe that this is real. Jungkook shudders as he feels the first touch on his member. There’s still fabric in between, but it already feels like soo much. Nearly too much. He can’t just stay still so he dives down to kiss Jimin, hard and sloppy and everything starts to blur as he opens his eyes. Jimin is still palming him through his boxers but Jungkook growls and pulls away. The omega’s eyes widen and he sinks into the mattress like he’s done something wrong.

“It’s okay, baby. You make me feel so good. I want to make you feel good, too.”

He smiles a small smile as he reaches down between Jimin’s thighs and slowly pushes them apart. Jimin blushes so cutely that Jungkook has to hold back a snicker, since he knows it would only make the omega more insecure. He would never laugh at him, but he’s not sure that Jimin would realize that in his heat-clouded mind. He opts for kissing the insides of his thighs, licking up until he reaches the small balls. He takes them into one hand as he continues up the shaft and takes the head into his mouth. A strangled cry rips from Jimin’s throat and Jungkook’s wolf swells with pride. He carefully strokes Jimin’s balls as he sucks him off, the omega moaning and panting and fingers ripping through his hair to steady himself. Jungkook reaches further down and circles the tight ring of muscle while still licking up and down Jimin’s cock. The breath catches in the omega’s throat as both of them realize how wet he is. It’s coating his cheeks and the mattress underneath them and the intense smell of slick has Jungkook almost choking. He pulls off with a “pop” and kisses Jimin’s belly.

“Relax.” He says quietly. “I’ll make you feel good.” Jimin’s body is still shaking from all the sensations but Jungkook’s voice seems to soothe him a bit. Jungkook isn’t really sure what to do or say, but his instincts are more or less controlling him right now. He slowly inserts one finger, carefully watching Jimin’s expression, not wanting to hurt him. The omegas jaw goes slack for a moment, then his eyes open and his mouth forms a perfect ‘o’. Jungkook takes it as a sign to keep going and he slowly pumps his finger in and out, trying not to think about how good this will feel around something other than his fingers. He adds a second after a while and then a third, lazily hooking his fingers and brushing against that one spot. Jimin all but wails, body arching off the bed, sending a couple of stuffed animals and pillows falling down.

The movement makes Jungkook’s wolf growling excitedly, preening at the sight in front of him and Jungkook has to agree once (he would never admit that out loud though, no one likes to be under the control of mere instinct). This is surely a sight he will remember forever. And Jimin hasn’t even come yet.

But he’s definitely close, judging by the way he squirms and his legs tremble, making it hard for Jungkook to prevent his fingers from slipping out. He considers making Jimin come like this for a moment. Barely touched, only from the sensation of a few fingers rubbing against his prostate. But he quickly decides against it as more liquid flows down those heavenly thighs and Jungkook’s own dick practically hurts at the sight and the damn smell. God this smell will be the death of him he’s sure of it. He pulls out slowly, making Jimin whine in protest, but Jungkook shushes him quickly with tiny kisses up his belly. He takes his head in his hands and forces the omega to look at him.

“Jimin, baby, are you sure of this? Because I don’t think I can hold on for much longer.” His voice sounds strained, even for him and it breaks a little at the end. Jimin nods frantically, or at least as much as the alphas hold would allow him.

“Yes, yes, yes, god yes. Please, alpha please.” He puffs out each word between quick shallow breaths and tries to look away once the embarrassment hits him. His pupils aren’t as dark anymore and he seems to be himself to an extent.

“Do you have…” Jungkook trails off and hopes that Jimin gets the hint. He’s clean, but he’s not sure if Jimin wants him bare. If that’s the case he prays that Jimin has at least something prepared or they’re going to have a problem here. Jimin shakes his head violently now, still trying to wiggle out of the alpha’s hands, but Jungkook doesn’t budge. They need to at least take precautions. His wolf is not happy with that of course. He keeps thinking about Jimin with his knot buried deep inside him, and the images of the omega with a swollen belly flood his mind. It’s surely not helpful whatsoever.

“We don’t- don’t need…” Jimin is back to stuttering, blush creeping up his neck. “I’m on-on-on birth c-control and c-clean since I’ve n-never…” He hides his face in Jungkook’s palm and the alpha has to stop himself from cooing how well his small face fits inside his hand.

“Are you sure? That you want this?” he repeats once more, trying to get as much real consent as he can get without the heat or hormones talking. Jimin looks frustrated though and lets out a deep growl in response. It’s clear what he’s pointing at. That this is too slow for him, that he needs more. That he needs Jungkook and everything he can give to him. Jungkook shushes him again, peppering kisses all over his face and nods at him with a small understanding smile. He’s sure Jimin’s already hurting from the heat and the overwhelming emotions. The wolf inside him blames him for making his omega hurt. His omega. Only his.

The thought sends his body into overdrive and he reaches down and practically rips his underwear off. He sends it flying to the nearest wall and positions himself between Jimin’s legs. He doesn’t have to do anything since the omega has already spread them wide, welcoming Jungkook with an expectant look on his face, though Jungkook can still spot the slight blush of embarrassment. As soon as the head of his cock touches the leaking hole, the omega lets out a drawn moan, almost a whine and then falls silent as Jungkook slowly pushes in.

It’s hard. It’s fucking hard to not just go in all the way and hammer Jimin into oblivion. It takes all his will and maybe even a little pillow fisting to keep going slow and letting the omega adjust to the new feeling. At the time Jimin gives his permission with a close-eyed nod, Jungkook’s knuckles have turned white after holding on to the fabric so tightly. He still goes slowly, though. Pulling out slowly, pushing in slowly, repeat. His arms are shaking now. The feeling of Jimin around him, walls clenching ever so slightly and the wet warm slide makes Jungkook go so weak he thinks he might collapse on top of the omega. Just at that moment Jimin gets vocal again, moaning long and deep with each thrust and even pushing back to meet him.

“Please, alpha…ah” His words get stuck in his throat by a particular deep thrust and Jungkook halts his movements, afraid he might have hurt the smaller. But Jimin yanks him back down, effectively pushing him in even deeper while huffing out “Please, more, more.” right next to the alpha’s ear.

And more is what Jungkook gives him.

He gets back up, putting his hands next to the omegas head and changes the angle just slightly to push in all the way. His pulls out slowly one more time, just to slam right back in, making Jimin cry out and throw his head back in bliss. He doesn’t stop there, his thrusts getting harder and faster and Jimin gets louder and louder. He moans and whines and repeats “more, more, more” like a metronome. When Jungkook adjusts the angle again, he finds the spot he’s hit before and Jimin, once more, arches off the bed, hands flying to the alphas back, fingernails scraping down his spine. The alpha makes sure to hit the bundle of nerves hard with each thrust, drawing out more sounds of pleasure. He thinks he might faint, as Jimin clenches tight around him, body trembling with such force that he hears the bed screech. Just a second later he comes all over his abdomen, chanting Jungkook’s name and holding onto his shoulders for dear life.

It’s the first time he’s said his name and even though Jungkook was a little disappointed that he hasn’t said it earlier, he can’t complain. It sounds so heavenly, even with the strained voice and in between moans and hiccups. Jungkook wouldn’t want it any other way.

Jimin’s still clenching around him as he comes down from his high, whimpering as Jungkook continues to stimulate his oversensitive prostate. He still tells him to keep going, at least that’s what Jungkook deciphers from his cries and hiccups. As the forming knot starts to stretch him even further, tears start rolling down the side of his face. But Jungkook is too far gone to stop now and he doesn’t think that that’s what Jimin wants, either. He continues to thrust, mind going completely blank as his knot catches on the rim and he forces it back in, making Jimin wail loudly. Jungkook keeps thrusting, more and more, and deeper and deeper, and Jimin urges him on with short breaths of “yes, yes, yes” and then all he sees is white as he comes with Jimin’s name on his lips, followed by curses and growls. His arms give out as soon as his high ends and he collapses on top of Jimin, knot still buried inside. The omega kisses his cheek and smiles almost fondly.

When he finds back the strength in his arms, he props himself back up, careful not to move too much or too fast since he knows it might hurt the younger. There’s more cum between them than before so he figures that Jimin must have come again, which made him swell just a little with pride. The omega’s face is a mess, strands of wet hair are sticking to his forehead, dry tears form streaks down his cheeks and his mouth is swollen and red from all the biting and kissing. His lips are parted slightly and his eyes are closed.

He’s out like a lamp.

Jungkook carefully maneuvers them in a position that is slightly more comfortable to sleep in and quickly joins Jimin in dreamland.