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The greatest minds of their generation

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Sherlock: I am the world's first consulting detective.

Shawn: OMG ME TOO.

Sherlock: What?

Castle: Me as well!

Sherlock: You're not a detective, you're some sort of writer.

Castle: Wow, you are good. I'm not even wearing my vest with 'WRITER' written on it!

Shawn: Ooh! Do me!

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Sherlock: From the way your tie your shoelaces I can tell that your father is a policeman. The splash on your shirt shows that you are obsessed with pineapples, and the callouses on your hands indicate a history of menial work followed by indoor employment. Your business card claims you as some sort of psychic, but from your clothes and demeanour this is not only not true, but you aren't even really trying to fool anyone. Why you're maintaining this ridiculous charade is anyone's guess.

Shawn: Wow! That's pretty good. You know, for an amateur. But wait! The spirits are calling to me! They tell me that you're...that you're....BRITISH. Am I right?

Castle: We are on fire. Go team consulting detective!

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Kate Becket from "Castle", Watson from the BBC "Sherlock" and Gus from "Psych" are sitting at a bar.

Beckett: It sucks that you guys are stuck in bromances.
This pointless love triangle business is bad enough.

Watson: I suppose there's always fanfic.

Gus: Oh, don't get me started.