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Dirty Little Secret

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Leonard was having a bad day.

For one, he absolutely hated asking the Flash for help. It wasn't that he hated the kid (far from it), but he liked to be in control. And whenever the Flash was involved, he certainly wasn't. The second reason for him being in a sour mood was, that he hadn't received an e-Mail from Science that morning. Normally, he received an e-Mail in the morning and replied at night. Always. But this morning, his inbox was empty and it unnerved him immensly. Even a great thief like him could have self-image issues and feel insecure from time to time, thank you very much.

He just hoped it wasn't him. He hoped Science was held up at work or had overslept or anything like that, really. He still had this nagging voice deep inside his chest that said 'you wrote something he/she didn't like', when he made his way into one of their safe houses, where Shawna was currently holed up. He placed the pizza he had brought on a table and called her name.

When she finally appeared, she looked like she hadn't slept at all.

“How are you feeling?” he asked. He had asked a couple of times since she had had her run-in with the new meta-human but she had yet so say something useful about the meta.

“Okay,” she said weakly.

Leonard nudged the pizza towards her.

“You should eat. And tell me things about the meta, for example what it is exactly that he found out about you. We need to eliminate him or it could turn out very bad for our business.”

Shawna was just about to bite into one of the pizza slices before putting it back down.

“That's all life is about, huh? Business? Can't you just be a normal human being, for once? Just you know...?”

She seemed tired and exasperated and properly shaken up, which is why Leonard chose not to say anything about her little outburst and just squinted his eyes at her instead.

“Eat,” he commanded.

“Sleep and tell me what happened. That's all I ask.”

Neither of them said anything for a while and Shawna picked up her piece of pizza again. Finally, she spoke up:

“It was this man in the bar. I was just going for a drink because I had such a stressful day, right? With, you know, what we did before...”

Len nodded. He did know. Shawna was with them 100% but he knew how much her powers could take out of her sometimes.

“So he was just coming over and I told him no and suddenly he kept telling me about...” she paused and blushed.

About my past and all of the things I just want to forget...”

Len could see tears in her eyes and decided not to push it.

What did he look like?”

She shrugged.

I don't know, about 6 feet? Very hard, blue eyes, tattoo sleeves... blonde relatively short hair,” she considered Len's head, “Like maybe a couple of inches more than you have but there wasn't really a proper cut in it? Like he'd just shaved it off at one point and it grew a bit?”

Len couldn't help but smirk.

Well, you got quite the good look at him, haven't you.”

Well, I saw him coming and was considering talking to him, so yeah he got a once-over?”

Len nodded and left it at that.

Tattoo sleeves, blue eyes, blonde short hair. She had just described every second guy in Central City.


When he got to his apartment, he sat down on his couch and tried logging into his neighbour's wifi. Somehow, they had noticed him using their connection and changed the passwords every couple of weeks. But today he was in luck, after a couple of minutes he was in.

He placed the laptop on his knees, while it set itself up, leaned back and groaned.

He didn't like this day at all .

He first wrote a quick e-mail to STAR labs with his business account, telling team Flash what he had learned. Half a minute after he sent it, Cisco wrote back:

That's all, Snart? It could be anyone!

Len rolled his eyes.

As if he didn't know.

He then logged into the e-Mail account he used only for writing e-Mails to Science, hoping that he would have gotten an e-Mail. He watched the refresh button do its thing, until... a new e-Mail was announced.

Len sat up straight and clicked on the small icon that was the subject and read.


From: ScienceIsCool

To: Snowflake

Subject: Re: 900 years




Sorry for the late reply but something came up at the usual time I talk to you. I had to take care of a couple of things and didn't find the time to reply, I hope you can forgive me.


Anyway, I know exactly what you mean. I have those friends, too. Especially two people, who always have my back and are real heroes so to speak but never get any credit for what they do. I get it most of the time instead and it makes me uncomfortable because we are a small team in my line of work and we are equally important, I'd say, but it seems that some people disagree. I would be absolutely lost without them.

Flattery will get you everywhere, by the way! I actually kind of blushed when I read the bit about my e-Mails making your day! That is actually such a sweet thing to say! Also: not so sweet, how can you talk about yourself like that? I am sure – nay, absolutely certain, that you would be the very last person to deserve being behind bars. You are one of the nicest people I have ever met and you have all of the right opinions about the world (from what I can tell).


I am glad your family outing went well. I am just about to have dinner with my... sister. I think she wants me to meet her new boyfriend, so fingers crossed I won't hate him completely. So far, I hated them all but hey, I am open for surprises!


All in all though, I have had a pretty exhausting day and I can't wait to indulge in an episode of the Doctor, later. I was thinking about maybe the one with the dinosaurs on the spaceship? I absolutely love that one and could watch it over and over again.

I've got a gang, yes!”

I want a gang.


Alright, talk to you later!

- Science


Len read the e-Mail and hat to snort a couple of times. He was glad that Science would still talk to him, especially since their e-Mails were so funny and nice and made Len's insides do funny things (not that he would ever admit to that. Evil Mastermind that he was). He walked into his kitchen and returned with a bottle of beer. Replying to Science's e-Mails was the best part of his day and he would enjoy every moment of it. For the next ten minutes or so, he would just put all thoughts about meta-humans who read minds and the Flash out of his own head and just... relax.