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Family Healing

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Family Healing

Chapter One

Yuuri looked around the rink. He still couldn't believe he was here in Barcelona for the Grand Prix Final. Today was the Free Skate. He didn't think he was going to make it at the Rostelecom Cup. But he did, surprising himself. Now he was in fourth at the moment, but he wanted, no he needed to pull that up, he wanted to win the gold. He glanced to the side, seeing Viktor standing beside him. Things were still a little cold between the two of them after their argument last night.


"Viktor," Yuuri called out softly gaining the older man's attention, "Can... Can we talk?" he asked, glancing around to make sure no one was listening in. "We have some time before the Men's Free Skate starts." His voice was hopeful. He wanted to try and sort things out between them before he got onto the ice. Yuuri didn't want whatever it was between them to end. He had seen it, that Viktor missed the ice and the thrill of competitions and he didn't want to take that away from the other. But there had to be a way around it.


"Sure," Viktor nodded, a strained look in his aquamarine eyes. He turned and walked out of the changing room. Yuuri quickly following him as they tried to find somewhere out of the way and quiet.


They came to a stop and just stared at each other for a moment. Viktor was hurt, it was in his eyes and Yuuri hated the fact that he had been the one to do it. He loved Viktor, wanted nothing more than to see him happy. But last night, Yuuri had taken that spark that had normally been in his eyes.


"I..." Yuuri began, he was unsure where to start, "I... I don't want this to end," he voice broke as he held back the tears that were beginning to form.


"I thought we were going to settle this after the Free Skate?" Viktor pointed out. They had agreed to make their decisions later on that night.


"I know," Yuuri looked up from the floor, "I know we did, but..." he paused gathering his thoughts and feelings, "I can't let it hang over me. Viktor... I love you. I don't want to be away from you for a second." A tear ran down his face.


"Then... then why did you..." Viktor trailed off with a heavy sigh.


"I can see it, each time we come to a competition I can see that longing to be back on the ice. For competition as well. I can see it and I don't want to take that away from you. You try and hide it, but it is there right under the surface all the time," Yuuri said softly, wiping his eyes, "I..."


"But I want to be with you. Yuuri you have given me back something I thought I lost a long time ago. All inspiration I had was gone, the wish to skate and the thrill was gone from my life. It was all gone. You, it was you who brought it all back to me. The joy of being on the ice. The fun I once had is now back," Viktor shook his head, "I love you as well Yuuri. I never want to be from your side."


"Then we need to find something that will work for us. That's why I thought of retiring," he said a soft smile on his face.


"But you don't want to. I can see it Yuuri," Viktor pointed out.


"I know, I don't, but to let you go back to the ice, it would be worth it," he smiled as he reached for Viktor.


Viktor took hold of his right hand and brought it up, kissing the ring, "Then what can we do. I need to be with you as a coach, and if I wish to compete again I would..." he trailed off as an idea struck him.


"What?" Yuuri asked, frowning stepping closer.


"I am thinking. I need you to be with me for coaching, yes?" he asked. Getting a nod of agreement. "I know Yakov will be willing to coach me again. He has said that he would plenty of times over the last several months."


"But I'm in Hasetsu, and Yakov is based in St Petersburg?" he queried, pointing out the flaw in the plan.


"I know. But there is nothing to say that we need to remain in Hasetsu. Would you be willing to come to St Petersburg with me?" he asked, his voice excited.


"I..." Yuuri was shocked at the questioned. Could he do it? Could he move away from Hasetsu once more? He smiled, "Yes, I would like it. I want us to be together. But... do you really think it would be a good idea to carry on coaching me while you are training as well. It would be a lot of hard work Viktor?" he worried about the stress that could be placed on Viktor's shoulders.


Viktor smiled, "I know we could do it. We would need to talk to Yakov, maybe we could do that now. I would like to know what he thinks," he said.


Yuuri nodded in agreement. "I don't mind doing so, we have over an hour and a half before the competition starts," he said, quickly pulling out his phone to check the time.


"Then, we should go and find him," Viktor grinned, the spark that had disappeared from his eyes last night was now back. And Yuuri was happy with that. It would be hard since he knew no Russian, he just hoped that Viktor would be able to teach him some before they left for St Petersburg.


"Wh... When do you think we would be moving?" Yuuri asked, a little afraid that the answer would be very soon.


"I think it might be a good idea for me to start getting back into the routine of training while we work with your programs for 4CC's and Worlds," he said with a nod.


"Don't forget that I have Japan's Nationals as well after this. It's only a couple of weeks away," Yuuri reminded him.


"Yes, how could I forget," he smiled at Yuuri, "We shall be ready for it, so do not worry," he reassured pulling Yuuri close.


"I trust you," Yuuri smiled to him as Viktor leant down slightly and kissed him, "Now, do you want to go and find Yakov before or after?" he asked.


"I think we should go and see him now and talk with Yurio," Viktor grinned as he then pulled Yuuri along to go and find his former, and hopefully future coach.


Yuuri shook his head, he was happy that they were sorting it all out. he just hoped that they would be able to work it right. He didn't want to lose Viktor as his coach, and he didn't mind the thought of moving again. It wasn't like he was home in Hasetsu, it felt a little odd to be there at times. He was used to the city life, Hasetsu was quiet compared to Detroit.


Viktor led the way and smiled when he saw Yakov talking quietly to Yurio and Lila. "Yakov!" he called out, gaining the attention of all three of them.


"What do you want Old Man?" Yurio glared at him.


"Don't talk like that little Yura," Viktor grinned to the teenager.


"Vitya," Yakov greeted the young man as he and Yuuri stopped before them.


"Could I talk to you?" Viktor asked. Yuuri looked around, wondering if he should be there for the talk or not. He didn't really know Yakov, just the reputation he had of being one of the best coaches out there.


"I'm going," Yurio rolled his eyes as he walked away. Lila nodded to her ex-husband and followed her student.


"What do you want Vitya?" Yakov asked as he turned his attention to the two men standing before him.


"I know that this will be hard, but I would like to come back to competition," Viktor grinned.


"Vitya, you've had almost a year off, it will be hard you know this. And what about Katsuki?" he asked, looking towards the Japanese man still holding onto Viktor's hand.


"I will still be coaching him. I know that it will be hard work. I know also that I may only be able to do this one last time. But I would still like to do so," Viktor said, his voice going soft, the smile subduing a little.


"So what is the brilliant plan that you have come up with?" Yakov sighed, knowing that he would end up agreeing to whatever it was that Viktor had planned.


"We will move to St Petersburg. We will both be training at the rink with you. I will be Yuuri's coach still," Viktor smiled, "And you, if you are all right in doing so will be mine."


Yakov sighed and shook his head, "Vitya, you know it will be hard work. It will not be easy to come back after a year off. You have let yourself go since then." He had noticed that Viktor wasn’t as trim as he once was.


"I know. I will have to come back properly for the Grand Prix. I know I will have to take part in the qualifying rounds, much as Yuuri had to do this year. But I’m willing to work at it," Viktor stood straighter, holding Yuuri's hand tightly within his own. The reminder that Yuuri was there strengthened his resolve to bring everything together.


"When are you planning all this?" Yakov asked glancing to Yuuri, "I know that you have the Nationals coming up for your country. And there is the Four Continents as well as the World's."


"I believe that it would be best for me to carry on in Hasetsu for a while longer, and come back to Russia after Worlds. It wouldn't be good to stress over a move to another country in the middle of the season," Viktor agreed as he glanced to Yuuri, smiling happily, "This is going to be hard, but it is well worth it."


Yuuri smiled back, happy that the two of them had been talking in English, "It will be."


"Then if you are going to come back you need to get back to training. Make sure that you get back into shape. Proper diet and exercise," Yakov said as he turned a critical eye onto Viktor. He was trying to get an idea of where the young man was.


"As soon as we get back to Hasetsu we should go to the rink. Go through one of your older programs or something, to see where you are. We can send the video to you Yakov," Yuuri suggested as he looked from Viktor to the older coach, "you might be able to get a better idea of where is is like that?" He hoped he wasn't overstepping at all. He just wanted the idea to work, and work well.


Yakov chuckled dryly, "Yes, that would be a good idea Vitya, make sure you do so when you return. I look forward to seeing where you are."


"Of course," Viktor smiled.


"Katsuki," Yakov then called before the two of them could leave.


"Yes?" Yuuri puzzled, wondering why he was called.


"That is a good idea, but I’m going to be relying on you while you are still in Japan to make sure Vitya keeps on track with his exercise and practice," He said, ignoring the pout that Viktor was giving.


"Yeah, I will. I know he has a habit of running off," Yuuri laughed quietly.


"Very much so. He will always try to find a way to go off alone. Or to go somewhere else when he should be training," Yakov warned him.


"Yuuri!" Viktor whined as he pouted towards Yuuri. "You're supposed to be on my side?" he complained.


Yuuri turned to him, his eyes soft and warm, "And I am, if you want to do this then you are going to put the work into doing so," he said firmly.


Viktor huffed and then looked to Yakov, "I will do so Yakov, I promise," he nodded.


"Good, I want to see what you can still do. A year off doing nothing much is not going to make it easy for you to return Vitya," he said, looking at the young man that he had been training since finding him at the tender age of eleven.


"I know, there is also my age. I know that this maybe the only time I can come back, and it might only be for the year. But I want to do it. I need to try Coach," Viktor said seriously.


"Work hard," Yakov advised him as he turned and walked to where Lilia and Yurio would be waiting for him to join them before the Free Skate.


"I'll make sure he does," Yuuri promised as he watched Yakov leave them.


Viktor and Yuuri shared a smile, "I think it’ll work," Viktor said.


Yuuri nodded, "Yeah. It... You're going to have to teach me Russian before we leave. I want to at least know enough to be able to live there." It was daunting to learn a new language. He already knew two, and to make it a third would be hard, but Yuuri was determined to learn.


"I will, we’ll start after the holidays. We’ve plenty of time to work on it," Viktor said as he raised Yuuri's hand and kissed Yuuri's ring once more.


"Good, I want to be able to understand what I'm hearing, I know that learning Cyrillic will take me even longer, but being able to speak it will help," Yuuri smiled softly as he moved a little closer to Viktor. He was feeling as though he was on display. He could feel the eyes of those around him on the two of them.


"I'll make sure, don't worry Yuuri," he grinned, reassuring the younger man.


"So, you're going to be coming back then?" came a smooth voice from behind the two.


Yuuri jumped as he felt a hand brush his arse, "Chris," Yuuri squeaked, face going red as he turned around to face the Swiss skater.


"Chris!" Viktor grinned, though there was a cold glint in his eyes as he took the hand that had touched Yuuri and pulled it away, "Leave alone," he warned.


Chris smirked, "Of course Viktor," he said as he winked to Yuuri, "So, are you planning your comeback?"


"I am, won't be for the Nationals, but for next year, I will be back," he answered.


"Good, it's not fun without you on the ice as well," Chris said, he glanced at Yuuri and asked, "What are you going to be doing Yuuri?"


"I will still be his coach. We will be moving to St Petersburg after the World Championship, so I can continue to train with Yakov. Yuuri will be with me and I will continue to train Yuuri," Viktor was the one to answer.


Yuuri was looking around a little nervously as he could feel even more eyes on them as Viktor was talking. He could see the excited looks on people's faces. It didn't take long for people to start going over to the three of them.

"Are you really coming back?" an excited young woman asked from the crowd that was beginning to form around them.


"I will be, but not until this season is over," Viktor smiled, the fake smile that Yuuri saw often when Viktor is confronted by the public or press.


More and more questions fired towards Viktor and Yuuri was beginning to feel the panic creep up on him. He tried to squish it down, but he knew that this time he couldn't. He glanced at his phone and then to Viktor they still had plenty of time before he had to be on the ice. He didn't want to interrupt Viktor at all and glanced to Chris.


"You all right?" Chris asked, his voice barely audible.


"I... I... need to get away," Yuuri answered, his voice shaking.


Chris nodded, looking concerned as he saw that Yuuri's breathing was beginning to pick up, "Let's get you out of here, and we'll text Viktor all right?" he suggested.


Yuuri was going to protest about leaving Viktor but a hand grabbed his arm and pulled him away. "Vi..." he began but stopped when his breath caught in his throat.


"Away, somewhere quiet," Chris said as he led the way through the corridors and to a quiet area, "here," he smiled softly as he made Yuuri sit down on one of the chairs in the room.


Yuuri slumped in the chair, trying to get his breathing back to normal. He had gone through this often enough to know how to help himself. Though he took comfort in the hand that was on his back, knowing that someone was there and cared always helped that little bit more.


"I've texted Viktor to tell him where you are," Chris reassured him.


Yuuri gave a tiny nod and concentrated on trying to breathe. Letting his water bottle drop to the floor. It took a few more minutes but he was finally able to breathe.


"You all right now?" Chris asked, a smile on his face.


Yuuri nodded, "Yes, I'm fine. It-" he was cut off.


"Yuuri!" came the panicked voice of Viktor as he burst into the room.


"I'm okay," Yuuri smiled, reassuring Viktor that he was fine as he was wrapped up in Viktor's arms.


"Are you sure? You should have grabbed me and we could have come back here," Viktor said, worried aquamarine eyes searching warm brown to make sure that Yuuri was really fine.


"I think it was best that you stayed there Viktor, it kept the eyes of Yuuri," Chris pointed out as he looked to his friend.


"Thank you, Chris, for watching out for him," VIktor smiled at him.


"Welcome anytime my friend, as are you Yuuri," Chris smiled at the both.


Yuuri was barely able to peek around Viktor to smile back at the Swiss skater, "Still, thank you."


"Are you sure you are all right Yuuri?" Viktor fussed.


Yuuri nodded his head as he pulled back a little, "I'm fine, honestly. It was just too many people around for a moment. And half of the questions I couldn't understand, and I was beginning to feel lost," he answered. Trying to tell Viktor what it was that set him off, though he only had a feeling of what it was that had done so.


"All right, if you are sure. We can go out and be with the others for a while before you have to skate," Viktor said, letting Yuuri go and standing up.


Yuuri nodded, smiling as he took the offered hand and was pulled to his feet. The three of them slowly made their way out of the room and towards the waiting area where most of the other skaters. Yuuri looked around, smiling at Phichit who waved at him from where he was standing with Celestino. He would be going third on the ice, but there was still time to ponder as he knew that it would be at least another twenty minutes before he would have to be there and onto the ice.


Yuuri looked around, looking for his water bottle. "Damn," he muttered to himself when he realised he had left it in the small room that they had been in.


"What is it?" Viktor asked him, puzzled at the sudden outburst.


"My water bottle. I let it behind, in the small room we were in," he sighed.


"I'll go..." Viktor began but with a shake of Yuuri head he stopped.


"No, no, I can get it myself. It should be fine for me to go and get it," Yuuri shook his head, smiling, "And on the way back I'll grab my skates as well since they are still in the changing rooms."


"If you are sure?" Viktor said finger on his lips, "I don't mind going with you."


"Vitya," came a call from the other side.


"Look, Yakov wants to talk to you, so I'll go and get my water bottle, and you can talk to him," Yuuri smiled as he began to head out of the small area.


"Where are you going Katsudon?" Yurio asked as he was waiting just outside the area.


"Just going to get my water bottle. I won't be long," Yuuri answered, "You all right?" he asked, he hadn't had much chance to talk to the young teen.


"Fine," he brushed him off as he went to walk past, "Don't take too long Katsudon," he told him.


"I won't," he said, "It's that small room, near the changing rooms. I'll be stopping by the changing room as well since I need to grab my skates."


Yurio nodded his head and the continued through. Yuuri watched him for a second and then jogged down the corridor towards the small room that Chris had pulled him into. Yuuri opened the door and walked in, smiling as he saw the water bottle on the floor by the chair that he had been in. He jumped as the door slammed shut behind him.




Yurio huffed glancing around and sneered as he saw JJ heading to the ice since he was the first. "Idiot," he snorted as he watched the other skate go out into the middle of the ice. "Where is the other idiot," he cursed as he noticed that Viktor was still talking to Yakov and Yuuri wasn't in sight.


"What are you thinking?" Otabek asked as he walked over to the young teen.


"Yuuri isn't here yet, and he should have been back by now," he answered, glancing around again, just in case he had missed seeing him.


Otabek looked around as well, noticing that the small Japanese man wasn't there. "Do you know where he went?" he asked.


Yurio nodded his head, "Yeah, he went to get his bottle and skates. So let’s check the changing room first."


Otabek watched as Yurio started to head off on his own and went to catch him up, "I may as well go with you, he will be on in a moment," he said.


"Thank you," Yurio nodded as they went to the changing room.


They walked in and looked around. It was empty. Yurio went over to where Yuuri's things were and frowned when he saw the skate bag still there, skates still inside.


"Not here," Otabek said as he finished looking around the corner.


"His skates are still here. I'll go to the room he said," Yurio muttered, getting angry that Yuuri was taking his time just to get a stupid water bottle. There was something else worrying him as well. He knew that Yuuri sometimes suffered from his nerves and he remembered Sochi and the bathroom and wondered if that was what was going on with the other man.


"Let's check," Otabek suggested, "it shouldn't take us long, and if he's not there then we can go and get Viktor. He should be able to get hold of Yuuri," he said as he watched Yurio nod.


"I'm going to bring his skates with us," he said, zipping the bag and picking it up.


"Good idea," Otabek smiled slightly as the two of them left the changing room.

They walked along the corridor, glad that it was empty of people. He knew that people would be tempted to stop them and talk to them if there were. The stopped as they began to hear noises coming from a room further down. A pained cry came from there and they shared a concerned look. They gave each other a nod as they rushed as quickly as they could to the room. it was the one that Yuuri had told Yurio about, where he had left his water bottle. Another pained cry came from inside and words were yelled out as they reached the door and opened it.

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Chapter Two

Yurio pushed the door open with enough force for it to bang against the wall. Green eyes went wide as he took in the scene before him. Otabek ran into the room behind him, looking in shock at the scene the two of them were greeted with.

"Get away from him," Yurio yelled out as he rushed forwards, dropping Yuuri's skate bag on the floor and pushing one of the men away. The other two took a step back, dropping Yuuri's arms from where they had been holding him up.

"Fucking kid," one of them cursed as he took a step towards Yurio.

Otabek stepped in the way, glaring at the man. Yurio took a protective stance over Yuuri, who had fallen to the floor gasping, He was holding his chest and stomach, trying to ease the pain he was in.

Otabek took a step back stood next to Yurio, "What do you think you are doing?" he glared.

"Teaching the fag a lesson," One of them sneered as he got up from where Yurio had pushed him to the floor. A security tag hanging around his neck, swinging out and glinting in the light, drawing the attention for the two skaters.

"Sick bastard," Yurio cursed as he took a menacing step towards the three men.

"Yurio," came a quiet call from behind the two skaters.

Yurio didn't glance back, he bit back a sigh, he knew that Yuuri wouldn't want him to do anything to the three men. The Japanese skater was too soft hearted for his own good, "We need security here and a medic," Yurio said, still glaring at the men before him.

The three men looked to them, one moved forwards fist raised and swinging. Otabek got in the way before he could reach Yurio brushing the punch aside and delivering one to the man's side, winding him slightly. The three men shared a look as the one recovered quickly. One went to move towards them as the two other ran towards the door, it didn't take long for the third to follow them.

"You better fucking run!" Yurio yelled after them as he then turned to look at Yuuri. He was pale and wiping his mouth, coming away with a little blood on his hand.

"Thanks," Yuuri smiled softly at them both, barely able to see without his glasses, he had left hem with VIktor.

"What the fuck?!" Yurio exclaimed as he knelt down, hands shaking as he reached for Yuuri.

"I'm all right," Yuuri reassured, beginning to sit up straight.

"What happened Yuuri?" Yurio asked, taking hold of one of Yuuri's hands, just to reassure himself that the other was there.

"I got in here, they must have followed me. They started talking about Viktor how I took him away from the ice. I told them... I told them that he was coming back," Yuuri sighed, wincing as his ribs hurt and ached from the punches and kicks that had been delivered to his chest.

"Why...?" Yurio couldn't understand why they would harm another person.

"They didn't like the fact that I'm gay, and that Viktor and I are together. Two of them grabbed my arms and held me back as the other began to hit me. When I... when I fell to the floor. He started to kick me. They held me up again and began to hit me once more," his voice was beginning to shake as what happened to him began to sink in. He wanted to curl up, ease the pain that he was feeling, and have Viktor beside him.

"Fuck!" Yurio swore, shaking his head.

"I'll go and get the rink doctor," Otabek said as he began to head for the door.

"No!" Yuuri called out to him, panic in his voice, "Don't do that. I'm fine, really," he said, trying to hide a wince as he moved.

"The fuck you are," Yurio said, his voice beginning to shake as well as he began to realise what had happened to Yuuri.

"Yurio," Yuuri said softly, gaining the teenagers attention, "It's all right. I'm just fine," he said brushing off what had just happened to him. In truth he want to curl up and sleep, his head hurt from where it had bashed against the wall. He had been kicked and punched around the chest and abdomen the most. But he had to push that aside the pain. He needed to skate, he couldn't let Viktor down, or his friends and family. Or even himself.

"We just walked in with you being beaten up by three guys, how the fuck can you just say that you are fine? BUllshit, I saw blood and I know that brui..." he began, almost collapsing in on himself, he couldn't continue to speak.

"Katsuki," Otabek called to his attention, "I don't think you should skate," he said as he got closer, kneeling on the floor beside Yurio He could see that Yuuri wasn't fully focused, and he was almost hunched over, there was pain in the brown eyes as well.

It was hard to ignore and Yuuri knew that he shouldn't skate in that condition. There was no telling what he had hurt, or what skating would do to him. "I have to," Yuuri pleaded, "I need to get to the changing room." He breathed in, wincing as his ribs protested the deep breath he had just taken. He started to stand, a hand on the wall and the other around his waist, trying to ease the pain he felt.

Yurio looked up at him, "I... I brought your skates," he said quietly. Looking to where he had dropped them.

"Thank you," Yuuri smiled to him, taking his hand away from the wall and placing it on Yurio's head.

Yurio went to knock it away, but stopped and bowed his head when he saw Otabek looking at him in disappointment, "He'll skate Otabek. He's stubborn not to. He has something to prove like most of the people here. He will do what he can. He will ignore all we say or even do. I… I know that because I would be doing the same thing," he sighed and glanced at Otabek, "The other thing we can do is to wait for it to be over," he finished softly.

Otabek looked to Yuuri who was walking unsteadily towards the dropped bag. He sighed and nodded his head, "Very well," he said as he went over and picked the bag up. "Sit down Katsuki," he told the older skater.

Yuuri looked at him and then nodded, "thank you," he smiled softly as he went over to the chair he had been in before and sat down. He went to lean down only to find Yurio already there unlacing his trainers and Otabek pulling out his skates, "I can.."

Yurio cut him off with a snort, "You're hurt, no matter how you look at it, you're hurt. I'm doing this only because I know you will make yourself worse if I don't. And..." he said turning his head and grabbing the first skate from Otabek and putting them on, making sure to lace it tightly.

Yuuri smiled, "Thank you, I have to do this Yuri," he said, using the teen's proper name.

"I know, I get it, stupid katsudon," he muttered as he began to do the same for the second skate.

Yuuri chuckled a little, he was happy that his mind was too muddled to actually think and what had just happened to him. All that he wanted on his mind was the free State, and that was all. Yurio stood up and glared down to Yuuri, "Thank you, Yuri," the older of the three smiled.

Yurio nodded, "Let's go little piggy," he muttered, shaking still not only from anger at what happened but in fright, though he would never admit it to any of them. But what he had seen had scared the teen, he had never really thought that the love between Viktor and Yuuri could cause such a reaction from people. From total strangers.

Yuuri slowly got up, giving a small wobble as Yurio and Otabek went on either side of him to help him keep his balance for awhile as he found his feet. "Thank you," he said once more as the three of them left the room. They were close to the rink when they heard the music. It was Terra Incognita, and it was almost over. It would be Yuuri's turn soon enough. Yuuri stood straight and put a smile on his face. He hoped he didn't look too bad.

Yuuri knew that Viktor would be looking at him, and he would know that something is up. He hoped that he would be able to brush it off. He reached the area where the other skaters are and his fake smile turned real as he saw Viktor looking around for him.

"Yuuri!" he called out as soon as he spotted the younger man.

"Viktor," he smiled, relieved and feeling safe and better as soon as he was wrapped up in gentle arms.

"Are you all right?" Viktor asked as he pulled back to look at Yuuri's face, as though to see if the other would lie to him.

"I'm okay, will be better when this is over. Feeling a little nervous now," he said, not really giving a full honest answer, but it was the only one that Viktor was going to get for now.

Viktor looked at him, frowning when he noticed a little blood at the corner of Yuuri's mouth and the slightly unfocused look in his eyes, "What happened?" he asked.

Yuuri shook his head, fighting the wince at the movement. His head was pounding, but he wouldn't give in. He couldn't give in. He wouldn't let them take this away from him. "I'll be okay Viktor. All right. I need to do this. So don't worry about anything," he smiled leaning forwards as the music ended and the crowed went wild as Phichit finished his free skate.

"Are you sure?" Viktor asked.

Yuuri pulled back and headed for the gate to get ready. He said nothing as his mind was going blank, thinking of all that they would be able to do when this was over. The adrenaline started as the rink was cleared of the gifts thrown onto the ice and Phichit received his score. Yuuri waved to him as he was given the signal to go onto the ice. He ignored Viktor calling to him once more as he got into his starting positioning.

The music started and his mind going blank. The adrenaline began running through his veins, pushing away the pain he was feeling as he started to move across the ice. He felt like he was flying for a moment. The first of his jumps came and he landed it cleanly. The jolt of pain that ran through him, just on the edges of the feelings that were now running through his mind. He pushed it down, pushed it aside. He didn't need it, he didn't want it. The ice was the only thing that was there, the only thing that should matter in that moment in time.

The blur of everything around him faded around the edges as his combo jump came up. He heard gasps coming from people, but they barely registered in his mind. He landed them cleanly enough, without a slightly wobble that was barely noticeable to the crowd, and that was all that mattered to him.

Viktor watched from the sidelines. There was something wrong with Yuuri. He was skating beautifully, but every now and then there was something on the younger man's face that told him that something else was going on. He glanced over to Yurio, "What happened?" he commanded to know. Yurio said nothing. Viktor was soon in front of him, "Tell me what happened Yura?" he asked, his voice was soft, but there was something in it that told Yurio he needed to answer.

"There were three men in the room with him when we found him. He was on the floor," Otabek was the one to say as he went and stood beside Yurio. A comforting hand on his shoulder as he could see the young teen was starting to shake.

"What did they do?" Viktor asked, going pale as he went back to the side and watched Yuuri go into another jump. There was a slight wobble to it, though it was barely noticeable, but it had the right number of rotations and he had landed it.

Yurio brushed off Otabek's hand on his shoulder and tried his best to calm himself. "I think he was hurt," Yurio said, not really telling Viktor what had happened. There was no point in teeling him while he couldn't do anyhting. "That's all I'm saying," he added seeing that Viktor wanted to ask him more, trying for his normal attitude as he spoke, but what he had seen still affected him. He couldn't get the words out to tell Vitkor what Yuuri had told him. It was as though they were stuck in his throat, not wanting to move. He looked down at his hands and saw that they were shaking again. Yurio looked up as he saw a hand on his arm. He smiled to Otabek, subconsciously leaning towards him, taking that little bit of comfort that he would allow himself for now.

"He's stubborn and determined to win," Viktor said a fond smile on his face. "it will have to wait until after now. There is no way that I would be able to get him off the ice," he sighed as he saw the pain that was beginning to show a little more on Yuuri's face.

Yurio and Otabek stood beside the older Russian and watched as Yuuri continued to skate. Yuuri went in for his last jump. Landed it, with no wobble this time. They watched, tense with worry as Yuuri went into his final spin. And then gently came to his ending pose. Viktor smiled and teared up in pride as he took off towards the gate to make sure that he would be there for Yuuri.

Yuuri looked, tears in his eyes as he saw viktor waiting for him. He had done it, he had skated it. The adrenaline was beginning to wear off. But he needed to know, did he do it, was it enough. He skated over to Viktor and with his help put his skate guards on. Viktor paused as he knelt there, looking up at Yuuri, he was worried. Yuuri was pale and his breathing was coming in short gasps, and not because of the skating he had just done. There was pain in his features and he wondered if he should take Yuuri to the medic now.

"Yuuri," Viktor said softly, standing.

"Kiss and Cry," Yuuri smiled as he started to head over, wobbling slightly as he did so.

Viktor rushed to him and let Yuuri lean on him just a little. Not enough for people to see what was going on, "I know something happened Yuuri," he said gently.

"After," Yuuri promised as they reached the kiss and cry and sat down to await Yuuri's score.

"An almost perfect program from Yuuri Katsuki, such a beautiful skate," came one of the announcers.

"His score is in, and it's. I don't believe it, it broke the record, only just but it broke Viktor Nikiforov's world record score of 219.61 by 0.13!"

"Yuuri Katsuki score is 219.74. And he is learning in first place at 317.57. Will it be enough to keep him at the top? We still have another three skaters to come!"

"Yuuri!" Viktor grinned as he hugged Yuuri tightly, happy for his student to take over his record.

Yuuri cried out in pain and Viktor let go quickly. "I'm I'm," he repeated not able to say anything more as he tried to hold in all the pain that was now crashing over him.

"Yuuri?" Viktor asked, his voice worried as he saw Yuuri wobble on the bench. "Yuuri!" he yelled as the Japanese man fell towards the floor, his eyes sliding closed.

"What the hell?!" one of the cameramen asked, eyes going wide with what was going on in front of him.

"Get help!" Viktor shouted as the music began for the next skater.

One of the people there ran off. Viktor helped Yuuri down to the floor, worried about what was wrong. Yuuri was paling quickly and his breathing was uneven. "Everything will be fine Yuuri," he said softly, keeping hold of Yuuri's hand, pressing a kiss to the ring that was there.

"Please move aside sir," came a voice from behind him as two people ran over.

Viktor moved a little, so he was out of the way and they would be able to work. "What's wrong?" Viktor asked, knowing that they wouldn't really be able to answer him.

"Sir, just move away please, so we can work," he repeated as Viktor couldn't help but inch that little bit closer. He didn't want to leave Yuuri's side.

"Do you know of anything that could have happened to him?" one of them asked as he looked up from what he was doing.

Yuuri's eyes began to open and he glanced around until he was able to make out Viktor nearby. he smiled weakly and started to cough. he tried to turn onto his side as he felt something in his mouth. The medic's eyes went wide as they saw the blood. "Let's get him to the hospital now," he said as they treated Yuuri as best as they could on site before transferring him over to the stretcher beside them.

Viktor got up as they did, Yuuri's hand falling away from his as Yuuri's eyes closed once more. They rushed through the small crowd that was beginning to gather. Viktor was numb as he got into the ambulance with them, taking hold of Yuuri's hands, worry in his aquamarine eyes as they treated Yuuri on the journey. It was taking too long for Viktor's liking. They needed to hurry, something was wrong with his love.

They arrived at the hospital and Yuuri was taken away from him and he was left to wait alone. He sat down and looked at the doors that he wasn't allowed to go through. his heart was through those doors and he just wanted to be with him. Viktor lowered his head, trying to figure out exactly what had happened to Yuuri.

"Viktor!" came a yell almost twenty minutes later as he saw the Thai skate run towards him. he came to a stop, panting, "What happened to Yuuri?" he asked, eyes wide with fright and worry for his best friend.

"I don't really know. Otabek and Yurio said that someone was beating him before his skate," he said, shaking his head. All he wanted at that moment in time was for someone to tell him how Yuuri was.

Phichit nodded and sat down beside him, "He'll be okay. He's too stubborn," he told Viktor, though neither of them knew whose benefit that statement was really for.

Viktor just gave a hum of acknowledgement, not wishing to talk anymore and glanced once more at the doors. He didn't look away as he heard more people arrive. He almost jumped when he felt someone touch him. He glanced beside him to see a pale faced Yurio, who was standing there with his Russian team jacket thrown over his costume.

"An... any news?" he asked, barely able to look at Viktor.

Viktor shook his head. "Nothing, they haven't come out since they took Yuuri there," he answered. He looked at the blue-green eyes of the teenage skater and could see the worry and the fear in them. He pulled the teen onto the chair beside him and put an arm around him and pulling him closer.

Yurio stiffened at the movement at first but then sunk into Viktor's side. trying to keep a lid on the tears that were beginning to form in his eyes. "He wouldn't listen. We told him he shouldn't skate. But I knew, I knew that he would no matter what. He wouldn't listen," he murmured quietly, voice shaking slightly and full of emotion that he was trying to hide.

"He... he hates to lose," Viktor told him, understand the determination that Yuuri demonstrated all the time. How many times he had told Yuuri since becoming his coach to stop and take a break and the Japanese man had ignored him and carried on. No matter how much stamina a person had, they should break when told.

"He skated to prove himself to you, and to others and I think to prove to himself that he could do it," Yurio said, as he had thought of nothing else since Yuuri took off onto the ice. Why the man would put his health on hold just to skate.

"You better have done well Yurio," Viktor tried to smile, though there was worry in his voice, "Yuuri would not be happy if he caused you problems."

"I know, I got gold, he got silver. But..." he looked down, "it wasn't my best, and it wasn't his, it feels like a hollow victory."

Viktor nodded his head, "Yurio, tell me what happened?" he asked, "I know you know. Please, I need to know?" he was begging as he glanced to Otabek that was hovering near them.

"We got in, there were three men. Two holding him and one about to kick him. I pushed him away. The two dropped Yuuri and I stood over him, they tried to get to me as well and Otabek was able to wind one of them. They were facing us. Otabek and I stood in front of Yuuri, I..." he trailed off, shaking his head. His voice was shaking as he spoke. His mind going back to what he had found and quickly beginning to imagine what Yuuri had told them.

Otabek sat down on the other side of Yurio, taking hold of his friend's hand and giving it a squeeze as he took over, "Katsuki told us that they had followed him into the room. They were going on about... about taking you from the ice, from skating. He told them you were coming back, but I don't think they really needed an excuse. They called him a faggot when we asked what they were doing, I think that was the main reason for what they were doing."

Viktor looked ahead, staring at the wall before him. He held onto Yurio's other hand who was trying to hide the fact that he was crying by keeping his face pressed against Viktor. Viktor didn't bother as he began to cry.

"Why!" Phichit yelled, "Why would they do that to Yuuri? He... he wouldn't hurt anyone, he never could. No matter what they do to him he would never be able to fight back because he wouldn't want to hurt them," he said as he began to pace. His mind going over all the times that people had harmed Yuuri.

"I got in touch with security before we left," Otabek said as he looked to Viktor, "I gave them a good description of the three men and that one of the had a security clearance badge for the event. I have no doubt that the police will be involved as well."

"Good, they deserved everything that..." Phichit was cut off as Chris wrapped his arms around him, hoping to calm the irate skater down.

"They do, but you need to calm down Phichit," Chris told him, his voice almost soothing, there was no trace of the flirtatious man he usually showed the world.

Phichit almost sagged in his arms, "I know, but I just can't stand the thought of anyone hurting Yuuri. He... I met him four years ago. When I first got to Detroit. I was sixteen and Celestino had just taken me on. He was already training Yuuri at the time. We met and we got along. Ended up rooming together in a small flat, when his dormmate got too much for him," he smiled as he remembered the first meeting.

"He would have been at university then?" Chris asked.

Phichit nodded, "Yeah, I was attending a local college, part of the deal I made with my parents about going to America to train. I would carry on my education. I... crashed into him, on the ice. He was just skating, thinking. And I didn't look where I was going and we went down. He apologised over and over. Even though it was my fault. We went out for pizza, we got along, at the time I was staying with Celestino and Yuuri wanted out of the uni dorms. HIs dormmate was always partying and bringing it all back to their shared room. Ended up finding a place for the both of us, with Celestino's help," he remembered fondly, a small smile on his face.

They were quiet once more as they looked to the two people that had just walked in, "Are you from the rink?" one of them asked in simple English.

Chris looked at them and nodded, "Yes, what do you what?" he asked them, moving to stop them from getting near Viktor or Yurio. He could see that the two of them were very upset about what had happened. While Phichit was beginning to let go of the anger he was focusing on to stop the tears that he could see building behind the friendly brown eyes.

"We need a statement from Otabek Atlin and Yuri Piletsky," he said looking down at the names on the notepad he held. He butchered the names slightly, "Though we understand with Mr Piletsky is a minor and that he will need his Coach a, Yakov Feltsman," he said, as he winced as he knew he had not pronounced the names correctly.

"I can do that now," Otabek was about to get up when the hand in his latched on tightly. He glanced down to see Yurio barely peeking at him from underneath the hair he had let down when he arrived. His eyes were red from his crying and scared. "I'll be back soon enough, we need to make sure that they'll be caught and put away for what they did," he reassured him, giving him that small almost secret smile that not many got the chance to see.

"We will talk to Mr Priestly later on," he said as he looked to the youngest looking of them, wincing again as he mispronounced the name.

"I'll call Yakov to know that he is here," Viktor said, needing something to do as he pulled out his phone and called his former and future coach to tell him that Yurio was there at the hospital with him. He had no idea what was going on at the rink, and he really didn't care.

Otabek left with the two officers and Viktor was able to get through to Yakov, telling him quickly of what was going on and where they were. He found out that the Medals won't be given out until a later time. Not that any of the skaters or even coaches cared much at this point. One of their own had been attacked. Viktor put the phone away as he ended the call, with Yakov telling him that he and Lilia were on their way along with the other coaches. Yurio settled against Viktor again, bringing his legs up to just curl up partially on his chair and partially on Viktor. He was still shaking slightly. Yurio didn't even know how he had been able to skate his program. His thoughts were interrupted as was everyone else's when the doors that Yuuri had been taken through finally opened.

Chapter Text

Chapter Three

Viktor jumped to his feet, Yurio only just stopping himself from falling, as he had been leaning against the older Russian. Yurio looked up to see why Viktor had jumped up, only to see a young man coming towards them. He got to his feet as well and went to stand beside Viktor. The doctor walked over to them.

"Are you here for Yuuri Katsuki?" he asked, looking to those that were gathered.

"Yes," Viktor nodded, "How is he? Is he all right?" he asked, worried for his lover.

"Let's go to one of the side rooms so I can tell you what is going on," he said as he gestured to one of the doors along the corridor.

Viktor shook his head as he glanced behind him. "No, I think it would be best for you just to tell us here. I know you are thinking about his privacy. But they need to know that he is fine as well," he said, getting a few nods from the others.

"He's my best friend," Phichit said, voice trembling as he thought of Yuuri.

"Okay," the doctor said sceptically with a nod, "At the moment he is stable. He has three broken ribs, thankfully, they are still in place. So we don't expect much complications from that injury. We have located some internal bleeding, which is being seen to via an operation. He has a mild concussion from what we can tell as well," he answered, looking at the group that had him surrounded.

"But he will be okay?" Viktor asked, needing to know, feeling someone grab hold of his wrist tightly.

"As long as there are no complications, then yes he should be fine," he smiled, reassuring the man.

"Can... can we go and see him?" Viktor then asked, taking hold of Yurio's hand as the teen had grasped his wrist a moment ago.

"At the moment no, sorry but he is just going into surgery. It will be a few hours. So I'm going to take you to a more private room for you to wait. You can be alone there," he smiled softly, hoping that he would be able to give them some comfort that their loved one was going to be fine.

"Thank you," Chris said, as he could see how distraught the others were.

"Follow me," he said as he led the way to a room just off the corridor. the one that he had tried to take viktor into moments ago.

Chris watched as they all started to walk towards the room. He turned around to wait for Otabek.

"Are you coming?" Phichit asked the Swiss skater.

"I'm going to wait for Otabek to come, and then I'll join you. keep an eye on Viktor and little Yuri," Chris answered, no trace of his usual charm.

"Okay," Phichit nodded as he went and followed the two.

Phichit walked in as Viktor was sitting down, Yurio still in his costume, then again they all were. None of them had bothered changing when they heard of Yuuri being rushed to the hospital. Yurio, Chris and Otabek still had to skate before they could leave. As soon as Chris had finished his, the two of them had headed for the hospital. When Yurio and Otabek had finished they headed over as well.

Yurio sat down beside Viktor, grabbing his hand again and leaning against him. "He will be okay, won't he?" he asked, his voice sounding like a child for once.

Viktor wrapped an arm around him and pulled him close, "My Yuuri doesn't know when to quit, you know that Yura. He will be fine," he reassured, smiling, though it didn't quite reach his eyes. Phichit could tell that he didn't really believe what he was saying and that it was mainly for Yurio's benefit.

Phichit sat down near them, waiting for the others to come in. he looked at the door as it slowly opened, he smiled as Chris walked in, Otabek following behind him. The stoic skater went over to where Yurio was and sat beside him.

"I heard from Chris what the doctor had said," Otabek murmured to Yurio who glanced at him.

"Yeah," he said, nodding as he reached out a hand.

Otabek gave a small smile as he took hold of it and held it tightly, getting a strong squeeze back, "He'll be okay," he reassured.

Yurio just nodded as he leaned his head against Viktor's shoulder once more. They all settled back to wait for more news.

"What happened with the police?" Phichit asked as he looked at Otabek.

"They were just getting my statement, they still want to talk to Yuri, but they will do that when Coach Feltsman arrives. They told me that he's on his way, and they will be waiting for him by the entrance to speak to him first. And so they can leave us in peace while we wait," he answered looking at Phichit.

"Right," he nodded as they all went quiet again. Trying to have a conversation was hard. Phichit needed noise, something to keep his mind from wandering down darker paths. He jumped as he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"You all right?" Chris asked, worry in his hazel eyes.

Phichit tried to force a smile on his face, but it crumbled and he shook his head, "I just can't understand why someone would want to hurt Yuuri, he is so nice and kind," his voice wobbled as he spoke. He closed his eyes and breathed in deep, trying to get the emotions under control.

"It's all right Phichit, we understand," Viktor called to him, aquamarine eyes full of tears.

Phichit opened his eyes and looked up and nodded, "I know, but..." he shrugged as the tears began to fall.

Viktor wrapped both arms around Yurio as he gave a small sob, he could already feel Yurio crying quietly. Feeling the tears soak through his shirt. He didn't care, they were all hurting. The door opened some minutes later as Yakov walked into the room. He looked around, seeing Viktor and Yurio huddled together.

"Vitya, Yura," he greeted as he walked over to the two of them. Two police officers from earlier following him.

"Yakov," Viktor greeted, though Yurio didn't move from where he was sat.

"I'm sorry," he said as he looked at Yurio, "Yura, we are needed with the police, you need to come."

Yurio shook his head, "No, I'm staying here," he said, not wanting to leave, in case they got word about Yuuri.

"Yura, they need to get your statement as well, please, if we go now you can come straight back for a while," Yakov said, his voice was surprisingly gentle as he walked over to the teenager.

Yurio looked up, his eyes red and puffy from his crying, "I'm not leaving. I want to know if he is all right!" he yelled at him, keeping hold of Viktor.

"Yura," Viktor said softly, "you should go, I will be here for you. I will not go anywhere without you, all right?" he promised, a soft look on his face.

"Then come with me," he bargained.

Viktor looked at him and then glanced to Yakov, who gave a nod, "All right, I'll go with you," he said as he looked at Phichit, "as soon as they come with any word of Yuuri, text me," he asked, he didn't want to leave, but he could see the distress Yurio was in because of the thought of leaving Viktor's side.

"I will," he nodded back, smiling slightly.

Yurio, Viktor and Yakov walked out of the room, following the two officers as they went into a side room. They sat down.

"Right," the male officer said, "I'm Officer Lopez," he introduced himself "this is Officer Garcia, she doesn't have that much knowledge of English, so I'll do most of the talking," he said, a reassuring smile on his face.

"Okay," Yurio nodded.

"Right, we are going to record this, and all we want if your name, age, date of birth and for you to tell us what happened in your own words," Officer Lopez told him.

Yurio nodded his head, understanding what they were asking for. "Okay, let's get on with it, I want to get back," he said, trying to pull up his usual bravado.

"Okay, then please begin," Officer Lopez said as he put a recorder on the table and pressed record.

"Yuri Plisetsky, 15, March 1, 2000," he began. "I was worried about Yuuri, he went to get something. Telling me he would stop by the changing room after getting it from a room nearby. He left, but he was taking too long. So I went to look for him. Otabek Atlin came with me. We got near the room and we hear, we hear Yuuri. He... he was in pain, you could hear it and then we went in," he carried on, reaching out for Viktor.

Viktor took hold of his hand, He had heard some of this before. But it still hurt to know that he had been talking to Yakov instead of wandering or going with Yuuri. It could have been avoided if he had. How he wished he had.

Yurio looked at him, "There were three of them, one was tall, well built, dark hair, eyes, they were mean, and dark as well. One of them had a badge, looked official like he was supposed to be there. I know he had a badge, as it almost caught on my hand."

"can you remember a name?" officer Lopez asked.

Yurio frowned, "I... no," he shook his head. "I got him away. Otabek got the other, we stood there, and they ran. They left him alone, he was hurt but he wanted to skate," he shook his head, "no more, no more." He had begun to shake as he went through it all in his mind. he could picture it, but it hurt to say anything.

"I think this is over. I do not believe he will be able to tell you anything more," Yakov said, seeing the distress that Yurio was is as the memories played over and over in his mind.

"Okay, if you can remember anything more, please get in touch with us as soon as you can. We are looking for those that did this. And since you have given us that one of them was wearing an official badge, we can narrow it down. If we get pictures, we may ask for you to look at them," he said as he then stopped the recording.

Yurio didn't answer, just stared at the floor. The two officers got up and walked out of the room. Yakov going with them to get their contact details. Viktor looked at Yurio.

"Yura," he called gently.

Yurio looked up, fear in his eyes, "Viktor," he murmured, "I'm sorry. I should have gone with him. I should have looked for him sooner. If I had, maybe... maybe..." he said as tears began to form.

Viktor went to the floor before him and pulled him into his arms, "Oh Yura, there is nothing for you to be sorry about. You went to him, more than what I did. You help, you helped Yura, never forget that." he reassured him as best as he could. The teen crying in his arms. He had never seen Yurio like this before. Then again, he had never been in the situation where someone he knew had been harmed like this.

The door opened slowly as Yakov walked back in, "Vitya, Yura," he said as he looked at the two.

"Yakov," Viktor said as Yurio tightened his hold on him.

"Should I leave you two alone for a little while to talk?" he asked, he was no good when it came to comforting someone.

Viktor nodded his head, "just a moment. We'll go back to the other room soon."

Yakov nodded his head, "I'll go there now," he told him as he turned and walked back out of the room.

Viktor pulled back and wiped Yurio's face, "there, that's better," he gave a weak smile, "it hurts to know that someone could do such a thing to another human and for it to be someone we love and care about, hurts even more. For now, all we can do is to be there for when Yuuri wakes up. He will be fine," he said, believing it more now.

"Okay," Yurio nodded after a while, "He... will really be alright?" he asked.

"This is my Yuuri, you know he will. And I have no doubt he will be back and skating his best as soon as possible. He will need time to recover. But we'll be right there with him making sure he doesn't grab his skates and head to the ice before he should," he smiled.

Yurio gave a trembling smile, "Let's go back to the others. I want to know if there is any news yet."

Viktor nodded as he stood up, holding out a hand for Yurio to take. Yurio did so and was pulled to his feet. the two made their way back to the other room and walked in. Yakov was there, along with Caldini.

"No one came in," Phichit told them as he saw the questioning look on Viktor's face.

"Good," he sighed, though in one sense it was, that he hadn't missed anything. And on the other, it wasn't, as it meant that Yuuri was still being treated.

"We're going to stay to make sure he is okay," Yakov said as he looked at Yurio.

Yurio ignored him as he sat beside Otabek. Viktor followed him and settled down beside him. Yurio sat close to him, but not as close as he had before he left to talk to the police. Yurio shook his head, trying to get rid of the thoughts that now ran through it, the could have's and the what if's.

"Out of your head Yura," Viktor whispered.

Yurio turned to him and nodded, settling back and trying to follow the advice that he had given. The group went quiet, no one saying anything as they waited for more news. Hours passed them by until finally someone came to the room and walked inside.

"Hello, are you all here for Yuuri katsuki?" she asked, glancing at the large group.

"Yes," Viktor said as he shot to his feet, Yurio barely a second behind him. Phichit had quickly joined them, wanting to know what was going on with the other skater.

"He is all right, everything went fine and there were no complications. He will be in recovery for a little while longer as they prepare a room for him," she said, smiling as she saw the relieved looks on everyone's faces.

"He is really going to be alright?" Viktor asked, wanting to be sure, his voice shaking.

"Yes," she reassured, "he is going to be fine. We're going to keep an eye on his for a while, to make sure that there won't be any infections, but he should be good."

Viktor almost collapsed where he stood at the good news. He closed his eyes and pressed a kiss to his ring, "Thank you, thank you," he breathed.

"Welcome, someone will come and get you as soon as Mr Katsuki is situated in a room," she told, leaving them alone.

"He's okay," Phichit grinned widely, "he's okay!" he laughed, relieved as he fell to the floor and started to cry.

Chris went over to him, kneeling on the floor to comfort him, "Yes, he is fine," he said.

Yurio grabbed hold of Viktor, a smile slowly forming on his face, as he glanced back at Otabek. The stoic man gave him a small smile and nodded. He opened his mouth to say something when the door opened.

"Hello, I'm here to take you to Mr Katsuki's room," someone said as they walked in. His voice was bright and cheerful, though his Spanish accent came through strongly.

"Thank you," Viktor said, as he went to move.

"You can see him for a moment Yura, and then we are going back to the hotel," Yakov ordered, knowing that his charge would want to see the Japanese skate to make sure that he really was okay.

"No, I'm staying until he wakes Yakov," Yurio turned to him, hissing through his teeth.

"Yura, you need to sleep, and rest properly," he advised.

"I won't be able to do so without seeing him awake Yakov. I need to see him awake," Yurio was now pleading as he looked at his coach.

"Yura," Yakov began. his tone getting annoyed with his youngest skater.

"Yakov," viktor interrupted, "he will be with me. I'll make sure he goes back or even gets some sleep here if need be. It will be fine for the night. I know that I for one need to see Yuuri awake. Since Yurio and Otabek were the ones to find him. I would say that they would rather see him awake," he said softly as he turned to his coach.

Yakov sighed as he looked at the two of them, "You are too alike," he muttered. "Yura, you make sure to rest and I'll come with a change of clothes for you."

"Thank you," Yurio said giving him a nod.

"I'm doing the same," Phichit said as he got off the floor, drying his eyes on the tissue that Caldini had handed to him.

"I brought clothes," Caldini said as he looked at the bag he had brought with him, "I ask Madam Lilia to gather something for Yurio, and I asked Chris' and Otabek coach to get something for them as well."

"Thank you," Chris smiled to the Italian coach.

"Welcome, I had a feeling you would all need something to change into, and Yuuri would hate to see you lot not taking care of yourselves," he smiled, knowing what the young Japanese skater was like.

"Yeah," Phichit grinned, "he hates it when we put things off to make sure he's okay."

"Oh, do you all need to change?" the nurse asked as he looked at the group.

"Some of us do, is there somewhere where we can do so?" Chris asked as he walked over to the large bag and smiled as he opened it and saw their clothes.

"Sure, I can close the blinds around here and you can change here if you want?" he suggested.

Chris looked around and got nods from the others, "That would be fine." he said as the nurse joined him in closing the blinds.

Viktor and the others waited for the four skaters to change into street clothes and for their costumes to be carefully folded and put away.

"Okay, are you ready to go now?" the nurse asked as they were dressed.

"Yes now let's go," Yurio said as he was eager to see Yuuri for himself.

Viktor gave a nod as he walked behind the nurse to the room where Yuuri was now resting. Everyone was quiet as they walked, they were going to have to go into the room in groups.

"Okay, now, only four at a time for now," the nurse advised them, as he looked at the group.

"Viktor and Yurio can stay in there and we'll go in pairs, Phichit and I last," Otabek said as he wanted to remain with them as well.

Viktor nodded as he looked at the nurse, "can we go in now?"

"Of course, " he smiled as he began to open the door, "please don't be scared of any of the wires or tubes. They are needed at the moment," he warned them as he let them inside.

Viktor walked in first and looked at the bed, he almost cried when he saw his beautiful Yuuri lying there. "So pale," he murmured as he walked over to the bed and looked down at him. He carefully took hold of Yuuri's hand, no wires or tubes attached. He sighed, "Oh my poor Yuuri," he said, leaning down and placing a gentle kiss on his forehead, too scared to do anything more.

Yurio stood there near the door, staring at him. "H..." he choked, not even able to let the words past the lump in his throat.

Viktor looked over at him, holding out a hand. Yurio quickly moved to him, being pulled against Viktor and held as he broke down once more. "It's all right Yura," he did his best to soothe the upset teen.

"How could someone do this..." Chris sighed, shaking his head, as Caldini stood beside him.

"I know. Yuuri would never hurt anyone, no matter what was done to him. A softie at heart," Caldini sighed, "he does what he can for everyone, even if it means losing something of himself."

"I know," Viktor sighed, remembering that Yuuri would have retired just so he could go back to the ice.

"I'm going back to the hotel after this. The others what to know how he is doing. Expect the others to try and come and see him a little later on," Caldini warned, "JJ said something about joining you soon. He wants to help catch the guys that did this," he added.

Viktor nodded his head, "All right. Tell them that I will message you when he is awake. I think it should wait until after then," he suggested.

"Good idea, don't want to overwhelm him. It wouldn't help his recovery," Yuuri's former coach agreed.

"We'll let the others in now," Chris said as he walked out of the room, only for Phichit and Otabek to walk in.

"Yakov is going now. He'll stop by later when Yuuri wakes up," Otabek said as he looked at the unconscious man on the bed.

Yurio glanced over at them and nodded at Otabek, he knew what the other was feeling, the sense of guilt that they hadn't been faster. Otabek nodded back as Phichit walked closer to the bed.

"It's going to be a long night. I don't know how long it might be before he wakes, but I'm not leaving his side until he does," Phichit said as he followed Otabek to get closer to the bed and looked down at his best friend.

"I don't think any of us really want to leave," Yurio said quietly from where he was standing beside Viktor. He wiped his eyes, "I hate fucking crying," he cursed.

"I know the feeling," Phichit muttered, "but sometimes you just can't help but let everything out. It feels better after a good cry sometimes."

Viktor looked around and saw a couple of armchairs, he grabbed on and pulled it to the bed and sat down, "I'm staying here, Yura," he said as he looked at the teen, "I suggest that you get the other and try and rest. Today was tiring for you, for all of you," he said as he looked concernedly towards the two older skaters.

"He's right, we should go back to our hotel room for a couple of hours," Otabek said as he looked at the Thai skater.

Phichit shook his head, "I said I wasn't going to leave until Yuuri wakes up, and I'm staying here, I can just kip on the floor over there," he said gesturing to a corner of the room.

"Phichit, if Yuuri woke up and saw you there, he would not be happy. I suggest the hotel for a few hours. Even if he hasn't woken after you have had a few hours sleep. You are welcome to come back and wait with us," Viktor told him.

"What about you Yuri?" Otabek asked the teen.

"I'm staying here, I promised that I would rest, and I don't mind curling up on a chair for a while to have a nap," he gave in, knowing that Yakov would hit the roof if he didn't and Viktor would be on at him during the night as well.

Otabek gave a sigh, seeing that the younger skater wouldn't give in and go back. He looked at Phichit and got a small nod.

"I don't want to, but you're right. Yuuri will do his nut," he smiled softly. "We'll be back in a few hours. and if you need anything just send me a message or call me. You have my number Viktor."

"I do, see you later," Viktor nodded.

The two skaters left the room, leaving Yurio and Viktor with Yuuri. Viktor gave Yurio a look and the teen grabbed the other chair, pulling it closer and sitting in it. He moved around a little before he felt comfortable and slowly let his eyes close to getting the sleep his body was craving after all the distress that he had been in over what had happened.

Chapter Text

Chapter Four


Yurio's eyes opened wide as he looked around the room, his breathing was quick, there was a tinge of panic in the breaths. "A nightmare," he whispered to himself, trying to get his breathing under control, "A stupid fucking nightmare," he repeated shaking his head and pushing his hair out of his eyes.


Yurio looked at his phone and sighed, putting it away and looking around the room, seeing Viktor with his head settled on Yuuri's bed, fast asleep. Not that he could blame him, it was the early hours of the morning according to his phone. On the bed was Yuuri, the only free hand clasped tightly in Viktor's. IV's and tubes were all around him, monitoring his condition, giving him medication that he needed. Yurio couldn't help the shiver that travelled up his spine as he looked to his rival... and friend.


Yurio stood up slowly and walked over to the bed, he looked down at Viktor and shook his head. "Stupid old man," he murmured quietly. He didn't want to wake him up since he knew that it would be a while before they would be able to sleep normally.


Yuuri lay sleeping on the bed and Yurio couldn't help but wince as he saw some bruising peeking through the bandages on his chest. They'd had to operate on him, and Yurio couldn't help the twinge of fear and worry in his mind, "Stupid, why, why did you carry on?" he asked, knowing there wouldn't be an answer. But deep down, Yurio knew the answer, "You should have left it, maybe you wouldn't have been so bad if you had... I don't know," he said, tears in his eyes again.


Yurio closed his eyes, he opened them as the images from that room came to his mind. "No, don't," he whispered to himself, eyes opening. He looked at his hands, they were held out in front of him, shaking. He clenched them into fists and hid them behind him.


"You all right?" came a concerned voice from beside him.


Yurio jumped as he looked down, seeing the sleepy eyes of Viktor observing him, "I'm fine," he said gruffly, trying to play off his own fear as nothing.


Viktor shook his head, "Yura," he said softly, letting go of Yuuri's hand and standing up, "I know that you're not fine," he added as he wrapped his arms around him.


"I'm fine," he insisted. He tried to push the man away from him, he didn't want to give into what he was feeling, even though the tears were quickly forming in his eyes.


"Yura, stop," Viktor commanded, and with that, all the fight left Yurio and he leant into the embrace, wrapping his own arms around Viktor, "I know you're still scared, but he is right there, and he is going to be just fine."


"I know, but..." he shuddered, pushing the guilt that he was feeling away, tears running down his face.


The two stopped and looked to the bed as soon as they heard a small groan and the sounds of a body moving on a bed. Yuuri's free hand went towards the IV in his other. Viktor let go of Yurio and over to the bed.

"Leave it Yuuri, you need it at the moment," Viktor said softly.


"Don't be stupid Katsudon," Yurio said, trying to gather his usual attitude, wiping the tears from his face and sniffing a little as he calmed his emotions.


"Wha...?" Yuuri opened blurry eyes and looked at the two figures standing nearby.


"It's okay Yuuri, don't think too much, just rest," Viktor said, running his fingers through Yuuri's hair, trying to calm the panic that he could see in Yuuri's eyes.


"Why?" Yuuri puzzled as he realised he was in a hospital room.


"Don't worry about that for now, just rest and let's get you feeling better," Viktor said, trying his best to distract Yuuri from his thoughts.


Yuuri's eyes started to go wide as he remembered what had happened to him. "They, they were there, and Yurio, Otabek, they okay.... they okay?" he asked, beginning to struggle to sit up, ignoring the pain that his body was sending to his brain.


"Katsudon, lay down," Yurio commanded as he went and moved Viktor out of the way and push him back down on the bed, "Otabek and I are just fine. Nothing happened to us. It was all on you. You were the one that was hurt, not us," he rushed out, eyes wide and still a tinge of fear in them as he looked at his friend.


Yuuri stopped struggling and lay down, reaching out a hand he was met by Yurio's, "You all right?" he asked, his voice shaking with exhaustion and panic.


Yurio's eyes softened, "Yeah. We're fine. It is you that we have to worry about. you... you shouldn't have gone on the ice," he said, shaking his head.


"I did..." he frowned, not able to remember much past the attack and Yurio and Otabek coming into the room.


"Yes, you collapsed in the kiss and Cry, " Viktor said softly as he stood behind Yurio, an arm around the teen.


"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I... I didn't mean," Yuuri apologised as he looked between the two Russians.


"You only have to be sorry about going out onto the ice. you.. you didn't ask to be attacked," Yurio said, his own voice taking on a wobble, "you could... you could have..." he said, shaking his head.


Yuuri could see the worry in the blue-green eyes and the lingering fear. There was a puffiness around his eyes as well and knew the young skater had been crying. He pulled as much as he could on the hand he was holding and Yurio toppled towards the bed. "come here," he said, as Yurio stopped himself from falling with a little help from Viktor.


"No, you're hurt, badly," Yurio said, trying to stand up straight.


"I don't care," Yuuri said, his voice still weak.


Yurio leaned down a little closer to Yuuri and jumped a little when he felt arms go around him. They were shaking with the effort, but at that moment he didn't care. He couldn't help it as he began to cry once more, "I'm sorry, should have been faster, should have realised you were taking too long," he mumbled as he let himself rest on the side of the bed.


"Not your fault," Yuuri said softly. He held the teen for a while longer, a hand slowly rubbing up and down the young skaters back, hoping to get him to relax.


"Okay, let Yurio go, he is fine," Viktor said as he could tell by Yurio's almost restless movements that he had enough of the comforting hug.


Yurio was let go and got up, his eyes were red and puffy but he appeared calmer now that he had talked with Yuuri. "We should get the doctor in to make sure he’s fine," he huffed as he walked over to the back of the room.


"Yes, good idea," Viktor said as he went out of the room and hunted down a doctor.


Yurio and Viktor were sent out of the room as Yuuri was checked over, "Why couldn't they do that with us there?" Yurio huffed, glaring at the door, wanting to get back to the older skater.


"Just the way some hospitals are," Viktor soothed, feeling happier now that Yuuri was awake.


"You can come back in now," The doctor said as she opened the door and let the two inside.


"Everything all right?" Viktor asked as he looked to the exhausted Yuuri.


"Yes, he is fine at the moment. If he continues healing like this then he will be able to leave in a week if all goes well. Though it will take a good six weeks before he will be fully healed. An abdominal injury that Mr Katsuki has will take time to heal. If all goes well, six weeks healing time," she said and then turned to Yuuri, "You had some abdominal bleeding, so you need to be careful bending for a while. Remain lying down for a bit, and then we shall slowly ease you into sitting later on. Let your injuries have time to settle. You also have bruised ribs, with two of them being fractured, they will take between three and six weeks. Your bruising will heal over time as well, I believe that, if things go well, you will be fully healed in approximately six weeks."


"What about skating when... when can I get back to the ice, I have competitions that I need to do," he said thinking of the Nationals and then 4CC's.


"Yuuri, they don't matter, what matters is that you get better," Viktor said as he walked over to the bed.

"but we've worked hard to..." Yuuri was cut off when Viktor placed a finger on his lips.


"No Yuuri, you are going to rest, get better and then we will see about getting you back in shape for the next competition," Viktor reassured him. "I have no doubt that they will be fine with having you in 4CC's if you are well enough the month before, and Worlds, since you did just get silver at the Grand Prix," he said, a little smile on his face, hoping that his words would be able to reassure him.


"Yeah, even injured enough to require an operation, idiot katsudon," Yurio muttered from where he was standing near the door.


"I... Really..." Yuuri puzzled, eyes wide. How had he been able to manage that? He had no idea.


"You beat the old man's record as well, just goes to show that he wasn't putting his all into skating if you could beat it with being injured," Yurio said as he sent a glare to Viktor.


"Yuuri is just that good," Viktor gushed a wide smile on his face, "Now, let's get you to rest and heal. I know the others will want to come back again later to see you. They are all worried."


"I'll message Otabek and tell him that Yuuri woke up, he'll be able to tell the others what is going on," Yurio said as he escaped the room.


"You should get him back to the hotel, he doesn't look good," Yuuri said as he looked to Viktor, ignoring the doctor in the room.


"Before anything else, I would like to add that the police would like to speak with Mr Katsuki as soon as he is able to. At the moment he looks well enough and awake enough to answer some of the questions. I will be in the room with you, just in case things get out of hand. But I doubt it will be like that," she said, stopping them from talking for a moment.


"Ah yes, they will need to come by," Viktor nodded, understanding.


"Oh, police?" Yuuri frowned, a hint of confusion in his voice.


"Yes, they were informed of what happened. Yurio and Otabek have already spoken to them. We only found out what had happened when you collapse, and we informed the authorities of them," Viktor explained with a nodded as he looked to Yuuri, "Yuuri, were you going to tell me what happened?"


"I... Yes... I think," Yuuri said quietly, "I know that I didn't want to tell you when it first happened. But that was because I needed to skate. I had to, I couldn't let you down," he murmured softly, looking away.


"Oh Yuuri, you were hurt. I know you would never have let me down by telling me such," Viktor said softly, not noticing as the doctor left the room.


"But it felt like it would be like that. I know Yurio told me that I shouldn't. But he let me, and Otabek was against it as well. I needed to go out on that ice and show... and show that I could still do it, no matter what," he rushed out, hoping that viktor would be able to understand what he was trying to say.


"Okay," Viktor said, "Let it go, we'll talk more about that when you are better," he said leaning down and kissing Yuuri, "I'm glad you're all right," he sighed, moving back, smiling at the younger man.


Yuuri smiled back, "same, I... love you Viktor," he said softly.


"Love you too," Viktor returned the sentiment as the door to the room opened again.


"I told Otabek and he said he’ll tell the others in a bit. Since they are just getting ready for breakfast," Yurio said, and then rolled his eyes as he looked to the two being so lovey-dovey to each other, "Minor in the room," he reminded them as they kissed once more. Even though he couldn't help the slight upturn of his lips at the couple.


"That's good, I hope everyone else is all right," Yuuri said as there was a knock on the door.


Yurio went over to it and opened it, "Ah," he said as he saw the nurse.


"I've come to make sure that you can sit up a little, we're going to be doing this slowly. If the one that you will be staying with can watch, it would be better," he said as he walked over to the bed and held the remote in one hand and slowly began to ease Yuuri into an almost sitting position. Changing the angle of the top of the bed, "Make sure to press on the site of the incision a little, it helps with the pain believe it or not," he smiled as he saw the grey-haired man watching him intently.


"Okay," Viktor nodded as the nurse began to go over what he had done and how he should do it if Yuuri wanted to sit up or lay down at any time.


The nurse left them alone and Yurio walked over to the bed, "You okay?" he asked, his voice softer than Yuuri had ever heard it.


"I'm okay, tired, and in a little pain," he answered honestly.


"I should..." Viktor was about to say something when there was another knock on the door. Viktor went over and opened it this time, "Hello?" he said as he saw the two officers that had interviewed Yurio the day before.


"We were told that Mr Katsuki was awake?" one of them asked as he stepped into the room. The other following and the doctor from earlier rushing over to make sure everything remained calm.


"Due to his injuries, I would ask that you keep this short. He does need his rest," the doctor informed them as she looked at the two officers, repeating herself in Spanish to make sure the message got through to them both.

"Of course, we don't want to cause any undue stress," the officer said as he turned to Yuuri, "This is only going to be a short interview Mt Katsuki, I will be recording it to make sure that we have everything we need."


"That's fine," Yuuri said tiredly, leaning back into the pillows that were behind him.


"Okay," he said, and started the recorder, saying the necessary things in Spanish and repeating them quickly in English, "Mr Katsuki, in your own words can you tell us what happened?" he asked.


Yuuri gave a small nod, "I... I forgot my water bottle. Left it in a room earlier on. So I went back to get it. Told Yurio that I would be back soon, as I passed him in the hallway outside the skater's entrance to the rink," Yuuri frowned, trying to recall everything, "Sorry, things are a little blurry to me at that point," he apologised for taking so long in answering.


"I know sir, that is why I just want to know what you can remember," he said, his voice was prompting him to carry on, but not pushing him too much to do so.


"Sorry," he said again as he started, "I walked into the room, saw my bottle and went to grab it. The... the door closed behind me. I felt a hand grab my arms on both sides. I tried to get away but they hit me on the back of the head. I felt so dizzy when they did that. I don't know which one it was. They moved me around and I could tell that there were three of them. One of them had a badge I think, but I can't really see without my glasses, so it might have been a VIP pass or something. But there was something that was hanging around one of their necks. the main one in front of me started to say something, then another one did. But it was Spanish, sorry but I don't know what they said," he stopped for a moment.


"Did they say anything in English at any time?" the officer asked.


Yuuri nodded, wincing at the movement a little, "Yeah, one of the said that... I won't be able to understand them. so they started talking English then. Telling me that I'm a faggot, a homo, things like that. I told them to let me go and to get lost. At that point, they had only hit me on the head. But then the one in front of me started speaking again, but I couldn't understand it, he kicked me in the stomach, again and again. It... it hurt so much, and I couldn't get away I couldn't stop it, I.. I wasn't..." he stopped, shaking as he looked around the room.


"Yuuri," VIktor said as he took hold of his hand, "It's all right, you're safe now," he murmured softly into his ear.


Yuuri gave a small nod, "Sorry," he apologised again, "He was kicking me, one of them let me go to stop him. I tried to get away but one of them punched me in the chest and I went down. The main one was now next to me and another had taken over to trying to hit me, they took turned and then Yurio and Otabek came in and everything is going fuzzy. I know they were there, they stopped and I think they ran off. Yurio and Otabek were with me until I was able to go and get ready for my turn on the ice," he finished, closing his eyes. He felt drained after saying all that. "I don't really remember much at the end, from when Otabek and Yurio came into the room," he murmured, as opened his eyes slowly and looked to the two officers.


"Okay, we'll leave you be now, we can see that you are tired," the officer said as he stopped the recording. "I understand that as soon as you are able to, you will be going back home to Hasetsu Japan?" he asked for clarification.


"Yes we will, won't be for at least a week, maybe a few more days, I shall make sure you have all the details to be able to contact us when we are back home," Viktor said.


"Thank you," The officer said with a smile, "Get better soon and I’m sorry that this happened to you in our beautiful city."


"But they don't make up the majority of the city, they are only a minority. And your city is beautiful and I got to see a lot of it," Yuuri said softly as he opened his eyes and looked to them, glancing to the ring on his finger.


"That's good to know," he said as he and his fellow officer walked out of the room.


"Okay, I suggest that you rest while you can," the doctor advised him, "Sleep is best for you at the moment. And you will find that you tire out easily for the next couple of weeks as well," she added.


Yuuri nodded, "I already feel like I could go back to sleep," he smiled softly.


"Then I suggest you do so," she chuckled lightly as she patted the bed and then walked out of the room, stopping at the door, "I suggest while he sleeps that you go and have something to eat as well. I would call a friend or two to get you something clean to wear and a shower. There is a small shower attached to the room, so you can use that for now," she said. She could tell that the two in the room didn't want to leave Yuuri at all.


"Glad that's over with," Yurio said, shaking a little as he had listened to Yuuri's account of what had happened.


"Yurio," Yuuri exclaimed quietly, eyes going wide as he realised that the teen had been in the room with them.


"Yeah?" he asked, trying to keep his attitude to as normal as he could get it. He didn't want to let viktor or Yuuri know that he was shaken by what he had heard. He could picture the attack in his mind easily and have already gone through a nightmare of being unable to help Yuuri.


"You shouldn't have had to listen to that, you're still a teenager, you don't need to hear horrible things like that," Yuuri said, worry in his voice.


"I'm fine Katsudon," Yurio huffed, "Why don't you get a little sleep while you can. I know the others will be around as soon as they can get up and finish having breakfast."


Yuuri smiled and nodded, "Don't lay me down, no point. Should be fine like this if I can sleep."


"All right," Viktor said, a soft smile on his face as he took hold of Yuuri's hand and gently ran his fingers through Yuuri's hair.


Yuuri smiled, letting his eyes close. The smile remained on his face as he slowly went to sleep. Viktor placed a kiss on Yuuri's forehead, "Glad you are going to be fine," he said, tears in his eyes as he let himself feel all the fear, worry and panic that had been building since Yuuri had collapsed in front of him.


Yurio walked over to him, "We should do as the doctor said and see about getting something to eat. I’m hungry," he said as he looked around the room, wincing a little as his stomach gave a soft growl.


"Okay, let's go and see what we can find," he said, "Or we could call the others to tell them to bring clothes and something to eat as well?" he suggested, a grin on his face, though it didn't quite reach his eyes.


"I think we should call them and get them to bring something for us, who knows what the food is like here," Yurio complained, though Viktor could tell there was no real bite behind it.


Viktor nodded his head as he walked out of the room, giving Yuuri another glance before leaving. He didn't want to leave him alone, but he knew that Yuuri wasn't going to be able to eat for a couple of days and he didn't want to make him uncomfortable by eating in front of him.


Yurio sighed as he pulled out his phone, walking past Viktor, "Beka," Yurio smiled slightly when the phone was answered, "Yuuri's gone back to sleep. the old man and I are wanting something to eat, think you could bring us something good?"


"Sure, won't take me long to finish. I'll head over before the others so you can eat before Phichit and Chris descend on you," he said, a hint of amusement in his voice.


"Yeah, Phichit is Yuuri's best friend," he sighed, "Oh and see if you can get some clothes for Viktor and I. We need to shower and change. They are all right with us using the shower attached to Yuuri's room," he added quietly.


"Sure, I'll get a few things," he promised.


"Thanks, Beka," Yurio smiled, "I'll see you when you get here," he added.

"Will do," Otabek replied, a hint of a smile in his voice, "Bye."


Yurio smiled as he ended the call and put his phone away. "Otabek will try and get here sooner than the others so we can shower and change while they are here. We don't want to leave Yuuri alone for too long."


"Is he going to bring breakfast for us?" Viktor asked, hoping that he would be, he didn’t want to chance the cafeteria food, he had heard things about food in hospitals and didn’t want to put it to the test.


"Yeah, he is. Want to wait for him with me?" he asked as he headed to the entrance.


Viktor nodded and followed Yurio to the entrance of the hospital. It didn’t take long for Otabek to arrive, handing over the food he had brought for them. The two filled him in about Yuuri as they ate in the cold December air. Rushing through it all so they could quickly return to Yuuri side, Otabek following behind them.

Chapter Text

Chapter Five


Viktor was first through the door into Yuuri's room after they had finished their hurried breakfast. He went over to the bed as Yurio and Otabek walked in behind him. Yuuri was still asleep as Viktor bent down and place a kiss on his cheek. He murmured something into his ear, causing a small smile to appear briefly on the sleeping man's face.


"How is he?" Otabek asked softly.


"He'll be okay, but he has at least six weeks until he will be fully healed," Viktor answered him, turning towards the young man.


Otabek nodded, "The others will be here soon enough. So if you two are going to shower and change I suggest you do it now while there is only me around," he advised before he held up the bag in his hand, "Coach Feltsmen went into your rooms to get some clean clothes," he added.


"Thank you," Viktor smiled as he took the bag, "I'll go first, try not to wake him," he grinned.


"Like I would old man," Yurio huffed.


Viktor chuckled lightly as he went into the bathroom. Yurio sighed, letting himself relax as soon as Viktor was out of sight. Forgetting that Otabek was there beside him.


"You all right?" the older skater asked, as he saw the almost defeated posture of the teenager before him.


Yurio straightened and turned to him, "I'm... fine," he said, though he didn't even believe it.


Otabek gave him a look, "What is it?"


"I should have realised that he was taking too long," he murmured, letting the guilt he was feeling come to the forefront of his mind.


Otabek walked a little closer, "There was nothing more that we could have done. Yes if we were faster maybe he wouldn't have been hurt. But playing the 'what if'' game will only hurt us if we do it," he said wisely, "It's never a good path to go down Yura," he said softly.


"I... I can't let it go," Yurio said, looking at the floor. None of his normal anger or arrogance was present. He just couldn't muster it at all. It had fled him the moment that he had run into that room to see Yuuri being beaten.


Yurio stiffened as he felt arms around him. he looked up to see the stoic look on Otabek's face soften slightly, "Even I can't really. But I have to, I thought about it all last night until I fell asleep. And even then it plagued me in my dreams. What if we were too late, what if something else had happened? I have no doubt that Viktor is doing the same, and so are some of the others.


Yurio nodded, "I know. And Viktor is a little, blaming himself. I heard him talking to Yuuri last night when he thought I was asleep. He w... was wishing that he had gone with him to find his water bottle instead of talking to Yakov about coming back. Apologising over and over for not being there when he was needed."


"See, I know we are all feeling that little sting of guilt at the moment," Otabek said.


"Nothing to be guilty about. They were the ones that did this not you Yurio," came a tired voice from the bed.


Yurio broke out of Otabek's arms and rushed over to the bed, "Yuuri?" he asked, as sleepy eyes opened.


Yuuri gave a weak smile, "Yeah, don't think I could sleep for much longer," he said. His voice was tired and sounded weak to their ears.


"How are you feeling?" Otabek asked as he walked over to the bed.


Yuuri blinked slowly, "Otabek?" he questioned, unsure if he was actually seeing the young man there. He couldn't really see without his glasses.


"Yes," he confirmed a smile on his face as Yurio began to look around the room.


"Here, you're glasses," Yurio said as soon as he found them.


Yuuri took them with a smile, "Thanks," he said as he put them on, smiling, even more, when he saw the two in the room. he frowned as he noticed someone was missing, "Where's Viktor?"


"He's having a quick shower and changing clothes," Yurio asked him.


Yuuri gave a nod, letting his eyes close for a moment, "Can... Can you help me sit up?" he asked, glancing to Yurio.


Yurio nodded and helped him to sit up while Otabek realised the bed a little, "Okay?" he asked as he let Yuuri rest against the pillows.


"Thank you, and I'm okay," he smiled.


"You didn't sleep for long," Yurio worried.


Yuuri gave him a smile, "I know, but I couldn't sleep." Not really answering the worried question that hung in the air.


"Why not?" Yurio voiced it.


"Just couldn't," he said, not wishing to worry either of the two men in the room with him.


Yurio leaned in and stared at him, "Hmm," he hummed as he finally found what he was looking for, "If you're in pain, just say so," he huffed as he got up and left the room, hoping to find someone that would be able to help.


"Where..." Yuuri began but sighed wincing as he tried to sit up a little.


"You should rest. He'll be back, have no doubt he is looking for someone that might be able to help," Otabek reassured him.


Yuuri gave a weak nod and sighed, closing his eyes. Otabek went over to the chair that Yurio had used during the night and sat down in it. It didn't take long for Yurio to come back in with a doctor following behind him.


"Heard that you are in some pain?" he asked as he walked over to the bed.


"Just a bit, I can handle it just fine," Yuuri tried to brush it off.


"It's better for you if you can relax and rest, and with you in pain, you can't do that," he smiled down at his patient, "Now what type of pain and where is it centred?" he asked.


"It's a sharp pain," Yuuri said quietly, the doctor had to lean in so he could hear him, "in my stomach, and my chest is aching badly. It... it kind of hurts to breath," he admitted, feeling ashamed that he couldn't hide it from Yurio.


"Okay," he nodded, beginning to check him over, making sure that nothing was seriously wrong, "Nothing is wrong, just pains from the operation and your ribs," he said when he finished, "So I’m going to give you a weak dose of some pain medication. If that doesn't work we can get you something a little stronger. You need to tell us when you’re in pain. You did go through a shock to your system. you body is healing and pain will tell us if there is something more serious going on."


Yuuri gave a nod as the doctor left and a nurse came in and put the medication into his IV. "thank you," he smiled at her.


She smiled back, "You're welcome," she said as she then left the room.


"Listen to the doctor and tell us," Yurio told him.


"Okay," he said as the door to the bathroom opened and viktor walked out.


"All yours Yura," Viktor said as was towelling his hair dry.


"Thanks," Yurio said, going into the bathroom, the bag of clothes already in there, "You could pick up after yourself old man!" he yelled as he saw the mess in the bathroom.


"I was trying to hurry," he whined from beneath the towel over his head.


"Don't care, tidy up after yourself!" yurio yelled back as he closed the door, cursing up a storm in Russian as he did so.


Viktor finished towelling his hair and looked to the bed, expecting to find Yuuri still asleep, "Yuuri!" he exclaimed joyfully when he saw the younger man awake.


"Viktor," Yuuri said, holding out a shaking hand towards viktor.


"Glad to see you awake again," he said as he took the hand and went to sit on the edge of the bed, "How are you feeling?" he asked.


"I'm okay, a little sore, but they just gave me something for that," he said, playing down what he was feeling.


The two almost jumped when Otabek's phone gave a buzz, "sorry," he said as he glanced to the two of them before pulling out his phone and seeing who it was.


"You already had something for the pain?" Viktor asked him.


Yuuri gave a nod, "Yeah. Yurio told me off about it too, since I was trying to not have anything for it just yet, he said.


"Looks like Phichit, Chris and JJ are here, they are already heading up to the room." Otabek interrupted them before they could say anything else.


Yuuri smiled, "It'll be nice to see them," he said, though he didn't feel like he should be smiling. he wanted to hide away, embarrassed at what had happened to him. It was bad enough that Otabek and Yurio had actually been there to see what happened to him.


"Yes, they have been worried about you. You scared them all, and me," Viktor said softly.


Yuuri looked to him, seeing the fear that was in the aquamarine eyes, "I'm sorry."


"Nothing to be sorry about, you didn't ask to be attacked," Viktor said, a soft smile on his face as someone began to knock on the door to the room.


Otabek got up from his chair and let in the three skaters that had come to see Yuuri, "hey," he nodded as they all walked past him, giving him a quick greeting.


"Yuuri!" Phichit smiled as he saw his friend awake. He wanted to cry when he saw how weak and tired he looked. but he kept the smile on his face.


"Hey Phi," Yuuri smiled, using his nickname for the younger skater.


"Don't you ever scare us like that again, you got me?" he said, his voice shaking with his suppressed emotions, trying to make sure they kept hidden.


"I'll try not to," Yuuri smiled as Phichit went over to the bed, pushing Viktor from where he sat and gently hugged his friend, trying once more to keep a lid on the tears that were beginning to form in his eyes. "I'm okay Phi, well I will be, won't be able to compete for a while," he said sadly, "but I'll be all right."


"You better," Phichit warned him, making Yuuri's smile get bigger, "hey where's Yurio?” he asked as he couldn't see the blond teenager anywhere in the room.


"He is in the shower, should be finished soon," Viktor smiled at him, though he was still a little annoyed that Phichit had moved him away from Yuuri.


"How are you feeling?" JJ asked, none of his usual attitude showing as he stood at the end of the bed.


"I'm okay JJ," Yuuri answered, glad that he was sitting up and not lying down. he didn't think he would have liked to have been lying down when everyone came.


"The police are on the lookout for those that attacked you. everyone knows what happens, things are up online already,” Chris said as he pulled out his phone and loaded up one of the reports that had been put online.


"Most of the skating community is pulling together about what has happened, each of the coaches are at the rink, making sure the other skaters are going to be safe. The police are checking over the surveillance in the area where you were. Though we haven't heard anything back from them yet," JJ added, "my parents are over there as well, checking in on the younger skaters, making sure they are all staying safe. I don't think anyone is happy with what has happened."


"But everyone is pulling together to make sure that it won't happen again. When you said that they had a badge, they are pulling all pictures for Yurio and Otabek to go through. Hoping that they might be able to identify one of the attackers at least," Phichit said, he had talked to one of the officers that had been around the hotel, helping with security.


"Good to know they might be able to catch them. I would hate for this to happen to someone else, especially one of the Junior skaters," Yuuri said, smiling and looked at the other skaters.


"Anyway, fans need to know something Yuuri," Phichit said as he got out his phone and waved it.


"No chance," Yuuri said, shaking his head.


"Oh come on, you know they want to make sure that you are all right. and what better way that this," he grinned.


"Annoyance," Yuuri growled at him.


Phichit just grinned as he went to the head of the bed and sat beside Yuuri, putting their heads together Yuuri gave a smile as Phichit made sure his hair was neat-ish and then posed, Yuuri doing the same as he took the picture. "there we go," he smiled.


"You and social media,” Yuuri huffed playfully. He had given in easily enough as he had a feeling that Phichit wouldn't let it go until he gave in.


"Love me anyway," Phichit grinned as he typed away on his phone, "There, posted," he smiled.


"It will let a lot of people know that you are fine and healing," JJ said, "I know there were a lot of people, not just reporters, at the rink trying to find out what your condition was."


"Just a question, but what about Mari and Minako Sensei?" he asked, wondering if anyone had told them what had happened.


"I talked to them both at the hotel. They are going to stop by later. At the moment they are trying to reassure your parents that you’re fine," Phichit said.


"I forgot to tell them," Viktor said horrified that he hadn't told them what was going.


"It's okay," Phichit reassured him, "They had a feeling that you were going to be beside Yuuri all night and that you were going to be worried about him. They would have come as soon as they found out where you were. Ciao Ciao was caught talking to Mari and Minako, telling them what was going on. Unfortunately those that overheard were reporters and they started to follow them around. We were able to get them away after we got back, but they didn't want to lead them here to the hospital while you were being looked after," he told them as to why they hadn't turned up the night before.


"I had wondered why I didn't see them," Yuuri smiled, "the reporters aren't following them now?" he asked, wanting to be sure that his sister and Sensei were hassle free.


"No, they've gone, but they are being careful," Chris said with a smile, "For now, just rest and heal," he advised, "I have no doubt that the reporters are going to descend here soon. I think someone slipped where you are."


"Yeah, I heard some talking near the hotel about this hospital," JJ sighed, "My parents were trying to lead them away but talking about another place, but I don't think they brought it."


"I... I should talk to them, tell them what has gone on," Viktor said as he tried to think of what he needed to do.


Otabek looked up from his phone, "I think it might be a little later for that," he said, "They know the hospital and they’re already camped outside," he sighed. "They’re also reporting what happened and there is a lot of speculation. But from what I’ve read nothing so far has been fully right," he finished.


"What hasn't been fully right?" Yurio asked as he stepped out of the bathroom, looking at everyone that was gathered.


"The news is reporting the attack, so far they are saying that Yuuri was attacked to try and sabotage him. That, someone, paid for it to happen. Each of us has come under fire from that," Otabek said as he got to the heart of what he had been reading.


"’ll have to set it straight," Viktor nodded as he pulled out his phone and began to head out of the room.


"I'll come with you," Chris said as he looked to the bed, "We'll be back soon and don't worry, I'll keep an eye on him," he said as he saw the worried look on Yuuri's face.

"Thanks, Chris," he smiled.


Chris nodded and followed Viktor out of the room. Phichit went over to the TV in the room and turned it on. He grabbed the remote and put the subtitles on in English so they would be able to understand what was being said, even if it was delayed a little. They read through, shaking their heads at the speculation from Yuuri's attack.


"How dare they," Yuuri growled from where he was sat on his bed. He was angry and hurt for his friend. This had nothing to do with his friend. This was an attack on him because he was gay and he was with someone, nothing more or less than a hate crime.


Yurio's phone rang, he pulled it out of his pocket and answered it, speaking in rapid Russian for a few minutes as he took the remote from Phichit and changed the channel to an English speaking news cast. On the screen was the front of the hospital. Viktor was standing there, with Chris next to him. Yakov to one side on the phone. Yurio ended the call and Yakov, on-screen put his own phone away.


"Yakov said that it might be an idea for us to watch," Yurio said as they settled down to watch the report.




Viktor stood before the reports that had gathered outside of the hospital. "May I have your attention," he called out, getting tired of the rapid-fire questions that were being sent his way, "I will not answer questions at the moment, I want you to listen," he said as he waited for them to quieten down a little.


"QUIET!" Yakov yelled beside him.


It was effective as they immediately shut up, "Thank you," Viktor said, though it was more to Yakov than to the crowd of reporters before him, "now, I shall first explain that Yuuri Katsuki is going to be fine. He will need a good month or two to heal from the injuries he has, but he will heal," he said, a soft smile on his face, "My fiance was attacked when he went to get his water bottle from a side room at the venue. He was alone when he went. He was attacked in the room, by three men," Viktor said, trying to keep a lid on the emotions he was feeling. He looked down for a moment.


"This was a hate crime against Skater Yuuri katsuki because he is gay," Yakov said as he took over, his Russian accent prominent, he could see that Viktor was still shaken by the events.


"You speculate that another skater hired someone to attack my Yuuri, but not one of them would do such a thing. At this moment in time they are all together apart from Chris and I," Viktor said, glaring at them all, “We pull together, we protect each other, and we are there for each other no matter what is going on in our lives. We are family," he said.


Chris stepped forwards, "We are all in shock at what has happened to a great friend. We’re doing our best to try and help catch the people that have done this before anyone else is hurt."


"The police have been involved and they are at the moment investigating the attack," Viktor said, "Now, any questions?" he asked, knowing the shouting match was about to start, "I will only answer if you put a hand up first," he warned before they could all start yelling out at him.


Viktor pointed to one of the reports, "Mr Nikiforov," he began, "Can you tell us the condition of Mr katsuki?"


"He had internal bleeding and bruised and broken ribs. There are other more minor injuries as well, but he is now healing," Viktor answered, voice shaking slightly as he did so.


Viktor pointed to the next reported, "Have you go any idea of who might have attacked him?" she asked.


"At the moment the police are trying to find any clues that have been left behind, there were witnesses to the attack, and they are helping police," he answered, trying not to give too much away, he didn't want to put Otabek and Yurio in any danger.


Viktor looked around and gestured to another reported, "How is Yuuri?" he asked, there was genuine concern in his voice as he asked.


"You're Morooka?" Viktor asked him.


"Yes," Morooka answered with a nod, "So, how is he?"


"In some pain from his injuries, which is to be expected," Viktor answered honestly, he had heard good things about the report from Yuuri. He had encouraged him not to give up skating after Sochi and had been supportive of him since almost the beginning of Yuuri’s career, "He is resting at the moment with our friends, making sure he is cheered up." he smiled, "Though I have no doubt a selfie will be spotted online soon," he added, thinking of Phichit.


"You mean on Chulumonts account?" Morooka asked, a smile on his face, "he tends to be the one to put up any pictures of Yuuri-kun since he doesn't update social media much."


"You're right on that," Viktor smiled at him, a soft laugh breaking through.

"Tell him I hope he gets better soon," Morooka said, the words coming from the heart.


"He's watching, so he heard," Viktor told him. "Next question," he said as he then pointed to another reporter.


"How can you be sure that none of the others skaters were the one to hire the men to try and abattage katsuki? It is well known that Yuri Plisetsky is a rival," he shouted out.


"I will not answer that question, as I have already said none of the skaters would do such a thing," Viktor said, almost growling at the man. it wasn't even a second later that Viktor's phone was ringing. He recognised the tone as Yurio's.


"Answer it," Yakov told him. he had a feeling that his student was biting at the bit to talk to the press after that.


"Yes?" Viktor asked as he answered, "oh, of course," he said, eyes going wide as he heard the voice. He held out the phone and pressed the speaker button.


"Can they hear me?" came the questioning voice.


"They can Yuuri," Viktor answered.


"Good, how dare you try and blame something so horrific on a child!" Yuuri yelled, somehow finding the strength to defend his young friend.


"NOT A Child!" came a yell from the background.

"You're not yet 16 Yurio, you're a kid," Yuuri told him, "Yurio would never do something like that. He finds a better way to beat me in on the ice, a friendly rival is what Yurio is for me, to push me to carry on skating when I was going to stop. Those around me at this moment would never do what you are accusing them off either. Phichit is my best friend, Chris and I have been skating on the same ice since I was around fourteen. Otabek is new to the group but welcomed and one of Yurio's friends, and JJ is..." Yuuri never got to finish.


"It's JJ Style!" came an amused cry.


"He's an annoyance that we need to beat on the ice to make sure he knows he is a crying loser!" Yurio yelled.


"AS I was saying," Yuuri took back control of the conversation, "none of them here would do such a thing. So, daring to even say such a thing is defamation of character, and I won't stand for it," he said, "Viktor, Chris, Yakov, I'll see you up here when you are done. Love you Viktor," he said as he then ended the call.


"I think that is all that needs to be said," Viktor grinned as he put away his phone and walked away, reports shouting questions as the three men headed inside.


Yakov turned and said, "You had your chance and ruined it, we will not speak with the press again, and I suggest that you all leave. As I will be following up what has been said here and I know the other coaches will be doing the same," he smirked as he then went after Viktor and Chris, heading to see Yuuri.

Chapter Text

Chapter Six

Yuuri had a satisfied smirk on his face as he ended the call and handed the phone back to Yurio. His brown eyes were locked on the TV screen, watching as Viktor and Chris turned and walked into the hospital. Yakov stopped and spoke to the gathered reporters quickly before turning and following the two friends into the hospital. Yuuri blinked as the screen went suddenly black.

"Well, no need for that to be on anymore," Phichit grinned as he turned to face Yuuri, "Hope they learned something from that," he added, though even he didn't truly believe that they would.

"They better," Yuuri growled from where he was propped up on the hospital bed. "How dare they say something like that about my friends. No one in the skating community would do such a thing. We all like to win yes, but we do so with honour," he ranted, wincing in pain as he thumped the bed with a clenched fist.

"Yuuri," Phichit called to him softly. Yuuri stopped and looked at him, "You need to calm down. getting all worked up isn't good for you," he pointed out.

"But..." Yuuri began to protest, a look of fury still on his face.

"I know, but you need to calm down. You could hurt yourself if you carry on. We'll make sure they don't get away with such slurs against us. For now, you should concentrate on getting better. I can see that you're in pain at the moment, especially with the way you've been moving around," he told his best friend calmly.

Yuuri sighed, it wasn't often that he lost his temper. Only Phichit had been one of the few outside of his family, Yuuko and Takashi to see it. "You-"

"I know," Phichit interrupted, "Drop it, we'll sort this out. You just see to yourself. So..." he mused wondering what they could talk about to stop Yuuri from thinking about the attack and the accusations the press had levelled against the other competitors.

"Hopefully the police will have something about the attackers soon," JJ said as he leant against the back wall, out of the way. His usual upbeat act that he portrayed out in public was gone.

"You're not too bad when the public isn't around," Otabek observed, glancing over to JJ.

JJ sighed, "You saw me fall apart during the free skate."

Yuuri nodded as the others did, "Nervous?" he guessed.

JJ nodded, "Yeah, it used to be like that all the time. Especially when I was in the novices. When I made the move to juniors it became a lot worse. I choked all the time, was last each time," he paused for a moment, "My older brother, Tristan, he got me to put on an act, fake it until I make it. And with that JJ style was born. A way to push the pressure aside, using a mask I built for myself."

"Wish you would get rid of it. It's annoying and so are you!" Yurio glowered at the Canadian.

JJ laughed, "People expect it of me these days. But I'll try and tone it down around you, my little princess," he teased the teen.

Yurio jumped towards him, Otabek grabbed the irate teen around the waist and held him back. "Let me at him, just the once?!" he was almost pleaded with Otabek to let him go so he could pummel JJ.

"No," was Otabek's simple answer.

"What's going on?" Viktor asked as he walked in on a laughing JJ, an amused Yuuri and Phichit. Otabek holding a struggling and snarling Yurio who was being held almost two foot off the ground.

"Nothing," Yurio growled, an almost pout on his face as Otabek finally put him down, still keeping a slight hold of him, by grabbing his wrist. Just in case he tried to attack JJ again.

"Just a bit of fun Viktor," JJ said, laughter fading away.

The skaters walked in fully. Yakov walked into the room as well. Closing the door behind the three of them.

"The police have just called me," Yakov said as the group turned to look at the elder coach.

"What did they say?" Viktor asked as he went to Yuuri's side and took hold of his hand. Giving comfort to Yuuri, and reassuring himself that Yuuri was still there.

"They will be here shortly. They have a few pictures that they would like Yura, Atlin and Katsuki to have a look at," he answered.

Viktor and Yuuri were the only ones to see the flash of fear in Yurio's green eyes. "Will we all be together?" Yuuri asked, pushing his own spike of fear aside as he thought of wanting to be there for Yurio.

Yakov shook his head, " No, I will be with Yura because he is still a minor," there was mild mumble of protest from Yurio, but to those in the room they felt the lack of true protest.

"When will they get here?" Otabek asked, slipping his hand down from Yurio's wrist into his hand.

"Soon," Yakov answered as he looked to his skater.

"Oh, Yuuri," JJ said as he remembered something.

"Yeah JJ?" he asked, glad for the distraction.

"Bella wants to drop by and make sure you're all right. She didn't want to be in the way with everyone else. And since we have to go back tomorrow night. So would that be all right? To stop by again tomorrow with Bella?" he asked.

"Of course," Yuuri smiled. He hadn't had the chance to truly meet Bella over the last few days.

"Thanks, I should go. I promised to take her out for lunch. Oh and don't forget that your sister should be by later as well. Miss Okukawa is dealing with some of the press too at the hotel. Your sister is looking a little unsure of herself. Bella is helping them, as she is working as my PR," JJ told them of some of what was keeping Yuuri's sister and his dance instructor.

"Thanks, and thank Bella for me as well," Yuuri smiled. He was beginning to feel tired, and Phichit was right in saying that he was in a bit of pain.

"I will," JJ smiled as he headed out of the room, waving and then patting Yurio on the head as he passed him by.

"Idiot," Yurio said as he punched the Canadian on the arm as he walked past laughing.

"I think we should be going as well Phichit," Chris suggested as he glanced at the Thai skater.

Phichit shook his head, "I'd rather stay here."

Yuuri looked at his best friend and observed him. Phichit had bags under his eyes, and worry within them. He smiled, tiredly at him, "Phichit, go back to the hotel. There's still the exhibition skate and banquet to go to," he reminded the two men.

Chris shook his head, "The banquet is going ahead tonight, but all of the men's singles are being told that attendance isn't mandatory. The same with the exhibition. Though they have to say if they want to do it or not," he added glancing at Yurio.

"I'm not doing it," Yurio said before Chris could ask him.

"I've already pulled you out of it, so don't worry Yura," Yakov informed him. He could see the turmoil that was bubbling underneath the surface of his youngest skater.

"Good," Yurio nodded, letting go of Otabek's hand and headed over to Yuuri's bedside and sitting in one of the chairs. He didn't plan to move at all.

"JJ has already done the same. He pulled out as soon as they asked us if we wanted to continue or not. They started to ask others, but none of us wishes to do anything for the exhibition at all," Chris added.

"I heard from one of the ISU officials that they were going to have offered the same thing to those in the other categories," Phichit said, "It's really shocked all of us, this attack," he said softly, glancing at Yuuri.

Yuuri nodded, "It would, we're a close-knit community, not many understand all the hours and the pain we put ourselves through to do what we do. But, while we all compete against each other, we've also become good friends," he smiled at those gathered.

"You're right on that," Phichit grinned.

"Mila and Sara Crispino have both pulled out as well," Yakov added, "They are most upset as to what happened."

"I don't think there is a person at the final that isn't upset by what happened, I know the community out there is just as upset. Twitter has exploded since it happened. Messages for you mainly Yuuri, hoping you're okay and that," Phichit said, pulling out his phone for a second and glancing at the number of notifications he had from all of his social media accounts.

"The picture of you and Phichit," Chris said, looking at Yuuri, "Has been all over the place. People are happy that you're okay," he smiled, as he saw the worried look in Yuuri's eyes, as well as the pain and tiredness. "Come on Phichit, we should go and let Yuuri deal with the police and get some rest," he tried once again to get the Thai skater to leave.

Phichit looked at his friend again, "Yeah," he murmured as he saw it the tiredness and pain. "Get some rest and we'll be back later. Maybe I'll bring Ciao Ciao," he joked.

Yuuri couldn't help but snort at that, "Only if you want him to panic."

Phichit laughed. The others looked at the two friend, puzzled by the reaction and their laughter. "It was last year, before the first event in the Grand Prix. I had appendicitis. Had to have it taken out of course. So I'm in the hospital for around a week. Yuuri visited every day. Then one day he brings along Ciao Ciao. Yuuri made me laugh about something. And I laughed a bit too much and busted a couple of stitches. Ciao Ciao saw the blood and began to panic."

Yuuri was grinning, holding his stomach as he tried to keep in the laughter in, "He tried to run out of the door to get a nurse or someone. But he ran into the door, knocking himself out. Phichit ended up having to have most of his stitches replaced because neither of us could stop laughing." Yuuri finally giggled, remembering the sight of poor Celestino running into the door and falling backwards as soon as he hit it.

"Yuuri finally got the nurse and someone for Ciao Ciao, he woke up later on and didn't come and see me again," Phichit pouted as he finished the story.

"Can you blame him?" Yuuri asked, a large grin on his face.

"Well, no, I suppose not. But we still bring it up all the time," Phichit returned the grin.

"It was a way for us to get out of his more menacing training routines when we'd had enough. He really could make us work for eight hours straight with only two small half-hour breaks," Yuuri yawned, giving a small tired nod.

"Okay," Chris said, placing his hand on Phichit's arm, "We should really get going."

Phichit nodded, looking at his friend, "Yeah Okay. I'm talking with Ciao Ciao at the moment, trying to get him to let me stay for a little longer. At least until you are able to go home," he smiled.

Yuuri frowned, "It's all right, you don't have to do that. You still have training to do."

"I can afford for a week off at least, Nationals aren't until after worlds for me, remember," Phichit grinned, "So my nearest competition is the Four Continents."

"It's not always a good idea Phichit," Yuuri pushed him, he didn't want the young man around. He was already feeling frayed with so many people around since he woke up. He just wanted to be left alone for a bit, with just Viktor.

"I can take a small break, I've not seen you much, and I've missed my bestie," he said, his voice firm, arms crossing over in front of him.

Yuuri gave a sigh. He was too tired to continue arguing and his stomach was throbbing in pain in time with his heartbeat, "Fine."

Phichit grinned, "Good, we'll be back soon,"

Chris smiled, "See you later Yuuri, Viktor, Little Yuri, Otabek," he said, signalling them all out one by one.

"Bye," Yuuri smiled as Viktor did the same.

"See ya," Yurio grumbled as Otabek gave the two of them a nod as they walked out of the room.

Yuuri lay back on the bed, closing his eyes as he tried to force the pain from his mind. VIktor looked at him, as he felt the hand in his shake slightly.

"I'm going to get the nurse to see about your next dose," Viktor worried as he rose from the chair he had been sitting on and leaned down and kissed Yuuri.

"Okay," Yuuri nodded, gratefully.

"You okay?" Yurio asked as VIktor walked out of the room.

"Will be fine, just in some pain. I asked them to take the morphine IV out earlier. Don't like it, it makes things..." he said. He said with a shrug, the morphine seemed to agitate him too much, make him feel as though he wasn't really there at all.

"Here," Viktor said, as he walked in, the nurse following him.

"Hello Mr Katsuki," the woman smiled, stumbling a little over the foreign name. "You were due almost an hour ago, we're running a little late today, we're short a few staff members today.

"I lost track of time," Yuuri said, smiling softly.

"That's all right, it happens," she said as she gave him the required dose through the IV in his hand.

"Thank you," Yuuri said, as the nurse smiled back and left the room. It would take a little longer for it to kick in, but at least he wouldn't be in pain.

Yurio curled up in the chair as VIktor took a seat in another. Yurio kept glancing to Yuuri, making sure that he was okay. It wasn't long before the injured man fell asleep.

"How long until the Police get here?" Yurio asked quietly, looking at Yakov.

"In around an hour from now," he answered after he checked the clock on his phone.

"We should go and get some lunch while we can," Otabek suggested, looking at Yurio.

"You should go and get something, and bring a little something back for me as well," Viktor smiled at the teen.

Yurio looked like he was about to refuse when all three men in the room shot him a look. He nodded reluctantly as Otabek went over to him and pulled him up from the chair. "Fine," he sighed as the two of them went out of the room.

Viktor watched them and then turned to Yakov as soon as they were out of earshot, "You need to keep an eye on him. This has affected him badly," he said to his former and so to be again coach.

"I know," Yakov nodded, "He’ll be fine, I plan to let him spend some time with Nikolai for a while. He’ll be able to make sure Yura is fine," he told him his plan.

"Let's hope it’ll help," Viktor murmured, not sure that it would. Yurio seemed reluctant to leave Yuuri's side since they had been allowed to see him. It took Yakov and Otabek almost an hour to get him to leave last night.

"It will all be fine," Yakov nodded.

The two went quiet as they waited for Yurio and Otabek to return. Viktor kept hold of Yuuri's hand, as the door slowly and quietly opened twenty minutes later. Yurio came through the door first and rushed over to the chair he had been pulled out of earlier. Otabek walked in, nodding to the two men and handing out the sandwiches that he had brought.

"Yura told me which ones to get for the two of them," he said, as they nodded their thanks.

"Thank you," VIktor said as he took the sandwich and began to eat.

"Welcome," Otabek nodded as he found a chair to sit on.

"Mmmm," came a mumble from the bed almost ten minutes later. All of them turned to look and saw that Yuuri was beginning to wake up.

Viktor ate the last couple of bites of the sandwich and put the rubbish away, "Hey," he said softly, approaching the bed once more.

"Viktor," Yuuri mumbled sleepily as he tried to sit up.

"None of that," Viktor said, shaking his head and make Yuuri rest against the pillows. He then highered the top of the bed, making sure that it wouldn't hurt Yuuri as he did so slowly.

"Thanks," Yuuri mumbled, as he began to wake up a little more, "Didn't mean to go to sleep," he apologised.

"Stupid Katsudon, you're hurt, you need to rest," Yurio snorted.

"Hmm," Yuuri gave a noncommittal hum, "Have the police come yet?" he asked, as someone knocked on the door.

"No, but I have a feeling that's them," VIktor smiled as Yakov got up and opened the door.

"Hello," came a formal voice in accented English.

"Hello," Yakov said as he waited for the two of them to identify themselves before he let them inside.

"I'm Detective Ortega and this is Detective Medina," one of them said.

"Come in," Yakov said as he saw their identification and moved aside.

"Hello," Yuuri said from where he was relaxing in his bed. He took hold of Viktor's hand, feeling a little unsettled now that he was once more faced with what had happened to him. While he was sleeping and not thinking about it, he could pretend that he had just hurt himself. But with the police there, it was all being brought back over and over again in his mind.

"We would like to talk to a few of you," the taller of the two said, "I'm Detective Medina," he said, inclining his head to them.

"Of course, who?" VIktor asked as he glanced to the group.

"Mr Yuuri Katsuki, Mr Otabek Altin and a Mr Yuri Plisetsky, as well as his Guardian My Yakov Feltsmen," Detective Ortega replied, have a little trouble over the two Yuri's names.

"Would you like to talk to them somewhere else or would here be fine?" VIktor asked as he watched Yurio stiffen in his chair.

"We should be fine here, we can take you aside one at a time and do it like that," Detective Ortega answered him, giving a reassuring smile to those in the room, "are all three of the ones we wish to speak to are here?" he then asked, looking at the group.

"Yes," Yuuri said from the bed.

"That's good," he smiled.

"I would suggest that you talk to Yuuri first. He has only just woken up, but his pain medication will start to wear off again, so it would be best to talk to him now before he falls asleep," VIktor suggested.

"Okay," Medina nodded as they walked to the bed, Yurio reluctantly moving aside and over to the other side of the room, Otabek joining him. He pulled out a file and said, "Mr Katsuki, are you sure you are all right enough to try and identify the ones that attacked you?" he asked, his voice was calm and reassuring even with the small stumble over Yuuri's name.

Yuuri nodded, "Yeah, I only remember flashes though. Not the whole of the attack. The doctor said that it would come back to me gradually over the next week or so. The bang to my head messed with the memories a little," he admitted with a wince.

"We understand," Ortega nodded, reassuring Yuuri that it was all taken into account.

Medina then placed the folder down and spread out ten photos. He made sure that Yuuri was the only one that could see the faces on them, "Can you pick out the one that attacked you?" he asked softly.

Yuuri looked at them all in turn. He winced a few times as memories assaulted him of his attack, "This one," he said picking one of them out. He looked through the rest of them and then said "This one, he was another of them," he added, his voice shaking.

"Thank you so much for your help," Ortega said as he gathered the picture up and put them in the folder as Medina recorded down which pictures Yuuri had picked out.

"Mr Plisetsky?" Medina asked as he looked to the young blond.

"Yeah," Yurio nodded as he moved from the wall.

"Let's go over here, with your guardian, Mr Feltsmen," Medina smiled as he walked over to the window and used the window sill to put the file he took from the bed.

Ortega spread out the pictures once again and waited for Yurio to choose which ones were the ones to attack Yuuri. It didn't take him long to pick out two pictures. Otabek went over and did the same.

"Well, I thank you all for your help," Ortega said, a smile on his face, "you’ve all picked out the same two men. We have their names, but the third one that attacked you was able to avoid all cameras around that time. We’re still tracking him, seeing if we can find out where he was before and after the attack. He split from the other two, that you have identified, quite quickly," he explained what they had been able to find out so far.

"We shall be arresting the two of them as soon as we get the warrant through. Which with your identifications we shall be able to do," Medina smiled.

"Thank you," Ortega added.

"We’ll be in touch if we need your help again," Medina added as the two of them began to head to the door.

"Thank you," Yuuri smiled to them both, "Let's hope you are able to get all three of them before they attack someone else."

"Let us hope, we still have some security videos to go through, so we are still looking for the third," Medina said as he opened the door, file now tucked under his arm.

"Goodbye," Ortega said as they left.

The door closed behind them and Yurio walked over to the chair he had left and settled down again. Otabek stood at the bottom of the bed, glancing around as people settled back down.

"I think I'll be going back to the hotel for a while. If you want anything from there, just send me a message and I'll bring it over. I have yours and Yuuri’s card key Viktor," Otabek said as he looked at the silver-haired man.

"I may need some fresh clothing," he smiled, grateful for the help. He didn't want to leave Yuuri alone just yet.

"I'll bring some later on if that's all right?" Otabek questioned, hands going into the pockets of his jacket.

"That's fine, thank you Otabek," he smiled, glancing up from Yuuri.

He smiled back and then looked to Yurio, "You coming with me for a bit?" he asked.

Yurio shook his head, "No, I think I'll stay here for a little longer."

"Okay," he nodded and then said his goodbyes and left the room.

"I’ll go as well, Yura, I’ll come for you later, at dinner time," he said to his student as he then said his own goodbyes and followed Otabek out of the room.

"I think I might sleep again," Yuuri said, feeling drained after the talk with the police.

"Then go to sleep," Yurio muttered as he looked at him with concerned green eyes.

"I will, though you should go back to the hotel and get some proper sleep as well," Yuuri pointed out, seeing the tiredness on the young teenagers face.

"I will later," he said as he went quiet.

Yuuri nodded as Viktor lowered the head of the bed. He smiled as he closed his eyes. He could hear the two talking quietly as he drifted off to sleep.

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Chapter Seven

Yurio looked at his coach, an angry snarl broke free. He had been arguing with him for the last hour, and hadn't been able to get him to agree, "I want to stay here Yakov," he tried again.

"No, you’ll return to Russia with me," Yakov repeated, "You have nationals coming up, and if you want another gold medal then you need more practice."

"I want to remain with Yuuri and Viktor," he growled out, eyes flashing in anger as they looked at his coach.

Yakov snorted and shook his head, "You’re not staying here. We’re going back, you can’t stay here without a guardian. You are only fifteen," he reminded the teenager.

"I don't care, I was in Japan just fine," he countered arms crossing in front of him, glaring.

"And Viktor had to quickly apply to be your guardian while you were over there," Yakov yelled at him, "You’re not remaining here alone."

"Viktor could be my guardian again," he protested. A part of him was freezing up at the thought of leaving Viktor and Yuuri.

"Yura, you need to go. Vitya can't be there for you like he would need to be. He needs to be here to look after Katsuki. He can't split his time between the two of you," Yakov told him, calming himself down.

"Fine," Yurio agreed, he didn't want Viktor to feel like he had to be away from Yuuri. He knew he didn't want to be away from him, and they were only... friends, somewhat.

"Good, now you can see him one last time, but we leave this afternoon," Yakov told him as he walked off, knowing the teen would soon follow.

Yurio walked into the hospital and the two of them made their way to Yuuri's room. Yurio took the lead and knocked on the door. He heard a call from inside and walked in.

"Hey," he said as he looked to Viktor, who was sitting on the edge of Yuuri's bed. Yuuri himself was sat up, a little pale, but smiling.

"Yurio," Yuuri greeted him, smiling, "You all right?" he asked as he saw the angry look on the blond. It wasn't his normal angsty angry look either, but a truly angry one. There was also some hurt in the green eyes as they looked at him.

"Fine," Yurio bit out, "You?" he asked, his tone lightening a little as he went over to the bed.

"I'm all right," he answered, "A little pain," he admitted when he saw the glare aimed at him from Yurio and VIktor.

"He was in some pain last night. But he’s had some painkillers now to help," Viktor said, holding onto Yuuri's hand.

"Good," Yurio nodded, "We have to leave today. I did ask if I could stay," he said, looking at the blanket that covered Yuuri's legs.

"Wish you could as well," Yuuri said as he held out his other hand to Yurio, "But, I'll be just fine with VIktor. Don't worry. Just concentrate on practice, because I want to see you win the Russian Nationals as well."

Yurio looked up and nodded, "I will."

Viktor let go of Yuuri's hand and walked over to his coach, "If he really wants to stay I don't mind looking after him for a while," he offered. He was still registered as being a second guardian to Yurio and would be until the teens eighteenth birthday.

Yakov shook his head, "No, while you could. I think you should concentrate of Katsuki. He’ll need your help more. Yura could always talk to you on the phone if he needs to speak to you."

"If you’re sure, I know that I’ll be here a lot. But another person can help Yuuri as well," he said as he looked to the two Yuri's.

"He’s a teenager, he needs someone around to watch him,” he said with a shake of his head, "What has the doctor said?" he asked him, changing the subject. He didn’t want to get into an argument about Yuri staying behind again.

"Yuuri is doing well, and in a few more days he should be able to be released from the hospital. I'm to give it another day before we get on the plane though. It's a long flight, so I’m thinking about breaking it up into two or three smaller ones. With a good down time between flights. But I’ve a feeling that he would want to go straight home," VIktor sighed.

"As anyone would after such an attack," Yakov nodded wisely. He had a skater attacked just before Viktor joined him. They ended up retiring early because of it, afraid to go to competitions. "He’ll recover better at home, in a familiar place, than remaining here in Barcelona where it happened."

Viktor nodded in agreement, "I know, I’d be the same. I just want him to be well enough now. He has at least three more days here, and then one at the hotel. After that, it will be another week or two to heal enough to be able to go out on the ice. He... he skates when he is thinking and going through things. And for now, he won't be able to have that… release." he frowned, not able to think of the right word.

"But he will get better Vitya, think about that. So much could have gone wrong, but he’s still here with you and will recover," Yakov reassured him. He had never seen his student so worried.

"I... I know, but all I can picture is him collapsing. Crying out in pain and then lying in the bed before he woke up," Viktor said, voice trembling, "It's all I can see when I close my eyes. I have no idea how Yura is coping with it all. He saw Yuuri when he had been beaten up."

"I know, I expect a few more nightmares. I believe he had one last night. Though he isn't telling me anything," the older Russian said, shaking his head.

"He looks like he hasn't slept," VIktor agreed as he observed the younger Russian skater as he talked to Yuuri.

"I’m hoping that he will do better being back at home as well," Yakov told him, "It's why I mainly want him to go home. I would stay a couple more days to help you. But I want him back somewhere safe."

"Doesn't help that they haven't found the ones that did it. They said they are looking into two people so far," Viktor grumbled. "They have two names, and they’re just checking them out, they haven't even interviewed them or anything." He was frustrated, all he wanted was to know that the three men that had hurt his Yuuri were locked up and would behind bars for a long time.

"Unfortunately they take their time. Gathering evidence," Yakov tried to placate him.

Viktor sighed heavily, "I know, but they still haven't found the third attacker yet."

"They will," he promised. He looked down at his watch, and looked at Yurio, "Yura, we have to leave. You still need to pack for our flight," he told the teenager.

"Yeah, yeah," he said, rolling his eyes. "Katsudon, make sure to call me when you get out of here," he said, eyes narrowed.

"I will Yurio," Yuuri promised, trying to suppress a yawn. He was getting tired again, the medication they had him on always made him sleepy. He knew that Phichit would be by soon, and Chris and Otabek would as well."

"Good," he nodded as he went over to his coach, "See you at Worlds," he told the Japanese man as they then left the room, only for Chris to walk in along with another man that they had seen around the Swiss skater.

"I will," Yuuri called out as the door then closed, Yurio giving a wave as he went out and closed it behind him. "Hey Chris," he greeted his friend and then looked to the slightly taller man beside him.

"Yuuri," he said, a warm smile on his face, "This is Masumi," he said, introducing them all properly.

"Nice to meet you," Yuuri smiled from where he was sat in bed. Viktor walking to stand beside him.

"I finally get to meet you. You are always hiding when it comes to the banquet and the events," Viktor smirked as he gave a look at Chris, "So shameful," he teased playfully.

"Only making sure that your eyes didn't wander," Chris retorted, though they both knew it wasn't true.

"Ah, caught," Viktor said dramatically, "It's good to finally meet you Masumi," he said as he looked to the tall brunette.

"It's nice to actually meet you as well," Masumi smiled at the two of them, "And I hear congratulations are in order for your engagement."

Yuuri blushed as he looked at the ring on his finger. It had been taken off until that morning when Viktor had replaced it back on his ring finger, "Yeah," he said shyly. He still couldn't believe it, that he was engaged to his childhood idol.

"Thank you," VIktor said.

Chris walked to the bed, "How are you feeling today?" he asked, worried for his friend.

"I'm okay," Yuuri answered, "I feel a lot better than I did yesterday. They said that I should be able to leave in a couple of days," he added, smiling at the thought of being able to go home, back to Hesatsu.

"You going to be flying straight out, or waiting a few more days here?" Masumi asked, a slight frown on his face.

"Straight away I hope," Yuuri answered as he looked at Viktor.

"I think we should stay one night in the hotel and then fly out in the morning. I know you want to go back to Hesatsu. Though I would like it if we could have book smaller flights to get back over a couple of days. It's going to be hard on you Yuuri," he said, worry clouding his voice.

Yuuri reached out for him, VIktor took the offered hand and held it tightly, "VIktor," he said gently, "I know it might not be the best idea. But I want to go home. I don't want to be here anymore."

"I know," he nodded.

"It might be a good idea to stagger the journey back, being up in the air might not be a good idea for you Yuuri," Chris worried for him. They had known each other for almost ten years, even if the little Japanese man had stayed mostly to himself during the latter days of their Juniors and nearly all of their seniors together.

"I want to be home Chris. I..." he trailed off, wondering how he should word what he was feeling, "I feel as though I have been in a blender and then shook a million times and let go at the bottom of the ocean. I don't know which way is up. I... I feel lost and unsure. I want to be home where I know I'll feel safe."

Chris went over to him and hugged him gently, careful of the medical equipment around them, "I know. I just worry you’re a friend Yuuri, never forget that."

Yuuri smiled as he looked to the Swiss skater, "I know I am, and you’re mine as well."

"Good," he said as he pulled back, "Now, unfortunately, Masumi and I have to leave, our flight leaves in three hours."

"Sorry for just saying hello and then goodbye," Masumi smiled as he stood at the bottom of the bed.

"It's okay," Yuuri smiled, "it was nice to actually meet you. I know that Chris has talked about his mystery man for some time," he said as he glanced to Chris.

Chris laughed, "Well I had to hide him away from all the lovely handsome men that were around. They would steal my lovely wonderful beautiful man away from me," he joked, as he took hold of Masumi's hand.

"It was good to see you, and hopefully I'll see you at Worlds," Yuuri said, hope in his voice that he would be recovered by then and able to at least get some practice in. He also was hoping that he would get the invite. Even if not, he had plans to go and see Yurio.

"I will," Chris promised, "Take care of yourself," he said as the two of them headed for the door.

"Bye Yuuri, Viktor, it was nice to meet you both," Masumi smiled as the two said their goodbyes.

Yuuri relaxed against his pillow as the door closed behind them. "You should go to sleep for a bit," VIktor suggested as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Sit with me, I.. I want you close," Yuuri said, unsure if he would do it.

"Always," Viktor agreed easily as he settled beside Yuuri and place an arm around him. Yuuri snuggled closer and closed his eyes.

"Thanks," he mumbled as he felt sleep claim him again. Viktor stayed awake as he thought of all the arrangements that needed to be made. He had to make a claim on their health insurance as well, that would have to be done soon as well. He had so much to do, and all he wanted was to be back home with Yuuri.


Yuuri felt uncomfortable, he had been given a weak soup to eat, he had another day before they would give him something solid to eat. They wanted to make sure he was going to the toilet before they would let him try solid and that was the soonest that they would let him try. He settled against the raised head of the bed again and sighed as he looked at Viktor.

"Two arrests have been made in connection to the attack on Japanese Figure Skater Yuuri Katsuki," the subtitles said at the bottom of the screen.

Viktor snorted and turned it off, "At least they have finally done something," he said as he looked at Yuuri.

"Yeah," he nodded, "I just wonder if they are going to be able to find out who the third one is," he said as he reached out for VIktor, he shifted a little in bed before settling down once more.

"Same. They should come by soon and give us what they know. I ‘ve asked if they could keep us informed as to what they were doing," Viktor said, glancing at his watch. The afternoon visiting hours were half way through, Mari and Minako had come in to say their goodbyes as they too had a flight to catch in a couple of hours. Now, he was expecting Phichit to arrive so he could go back to the hotel for a bit and have a proper shower and change and to add extra days to their booking. He wanted to make sure that he had a place to go. They had told him that from tomorrow he would only be allowed in when it was visiting hours.

"Hey!" Phichit said as he walked through the door, "How are you Yuuri?" he asked brightly as he went over to the bed.

"I'm doing better," he answered, even though it came with a grimace as his stomach shifted uncomfortably and slightly painfully.

"Yeah, and I'm a fairy godmother," Phichit snorted as he saw the grimace.

"Fine," Yuuri said with a roll of his eyes, "I've had something to eat and it isn't sitting right. I feel like I might throw up at any moment," he huffed slightly. He was trying to keep it from VIktor as he knew that the Russian skater was worried about him and having something to eat. Even if it was weak soup.

"Why didn't you say anything?" Viktor cried as he looked to his fiance.

"Because it was to be expected, for the last two, three days, I've not had anything to eat. All I've had has come through the IV. So it's going to feel a bit weird to have something," he tried to reassure him as Phichit winced at landing Yuuri in trouble.

"You still should have told me, maybe they can give you something to help with that," VIktor said, a frown on his face.

Yuuri sighed and reached up, smoothing out the wrinkles, "It's fine Viktor, don't worry. This is what is supposed to happen."

"Anyway," Phichit said, distracting the two of them, "I've been able to talk Ciao Ciao into letting me remain here for a while until you're released Yuuri," he grinned. Though it left soon enough, "Just have to find a place to sleep, which shouldn't be hard, there are a few hostels that I could go to. Ciao Ciao is taking most of my things back with him, so I don't have to worry about them."

"Erm," Viktor said as he gave it a thought, "How about you stay in my room with me. There is another bed in there, so it should be fine," he added as he got a smile from Yuuri.

"Are you sure you want me there?" Phichit asked.

"It's a good idea," Yuuri said as he smiled at his best friend, "You should stay there. I know Viktor will be staying there tonight as well since he isn't going to be allowed to stay with me all the time now that all the danger has passed," he added brightly. Even though the two of them could see he wasn't happy about being in the hospital for so long on his own.

"All right, thanks, Viktor," Phichit said, "My things are at the front desk at the moment. They said they would be happy to keep them there until I found somewhere," he sighed, relieved that he had found somewhere he could stay.

"I called the hotel earlier," VIktor began, "And I was able to get them to agree for me to have the room for another four days, just in case," he smiled. "They told me if I need to add to it then they would be happy to add extra days. They know what is going on," he finished.

"That's good," Phichit grinned as he went over to the bed and took the chair that VIktor had been sat one, "Now go on and have that shower."

"You could always just stay at the hotel Viktor. I know you must be tired," Yuuri said as he saw the heavy eyes that his fiance sported, "To be honest I can see how tired you are. You should get some proper sleep in a bed."

VIktor shook his head, "No, I want to spend a little more time with you before they kick me out," he sighed, kissing Yuuri gently, "Now, you be good for Phichit, and no thinking about trying to short sheet any of the beds around here. I heard what you did when Phichit was in the hospital on his last day there," he said as he saw the two of them duck their heads and chuckle.

"it was fun and the nurses had annoyed me for the last time with the midnight wake ups. It wasn't needed," Phichit protested that it was well deserved.

Viktor laughed and shook his head, "I don't think they do here. They have been wonderful about things."

"Yeah, they have," Yuuri agreed, blushing.

"I’ll be back in about an hour and a half," VIktor told them, "Oh and if you want I can get your luggage and take it to the room with me?" he offered Phichit.

"Oh, that would be great," he said as he reached into his pocket and took out his wallet, "Here," he said as he handed over a ticket that they had given him so he could collect it, "I'll give them a call and tell them that you are going to be getting it for me. And VIktor," he said as he caught the man's eyes, "Thank you for letting me stay with you."

"You're welcome, you’re Yuuri's best friend. How could I think of letting you find a hostel to stay in," he said, shaking his head as he headed for the door, "I'll see you soon Moya Lyubov," he said, blowing a kiss towards Yuuri.

Yuuri blushed but held up his hand to catch in and held it to his heart and with his other hand he blew a kiss back, "Love you," he whispered, it was only the third time he had said it, and the first time he had said it in front of someone other than Viktor.

Viktor beamed, "Love you as well," he said as he walked out of the door and closed it behind him.

Phichit finished the quick call to the receptionist and sat back down beside Yuuri's bed. "So, how have things been between the two of you?" Phichit asked as soon as the click of the door was heard.

"Phichit," Yuuri gave him a warning.

"Yuuri!" Phichit whined, "I don't get to see you properly in ages, and you never tell me what is going on when I call you either. So I need to know? What happened after the kiss in China?" he said, excited. He had been there at the rink and saw the kiss. But Yuuri hadn't said a word to him about it when they did the exhibition skate afterwards. Not even when he had called the man to talk about it later on. Not a word had passed his lips about the kiss or its aftermath.

"Well," Yuuri smiled as he explained, "We went back to the hotel and said barely a word to each other. You know what I'm like. That... that was like my third kiss in my entire life and Yuuko was my first. And that was by accident," he admitted, blushing heavily.

"Yeah and?" he prompted.

"Well, we didn't talk for most of the night. I started to worry and I ended up in the bathroom, hiding. Viktor was able to get me out of there and we talked. He... he told me he had fallen for me and," he sighed, "Phichit it was so sweet and cute and I couldn't believe it at all. He kissed me again and we shared a bed."

"Ohhh, get you," Phichit said, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Mind out the gutter Phi," Yuuri warned him, "We've... we've not done that," he blushed, "I don't even know what I should do. I want to, don't get me wrong. God do I want to," he muttered, rolling his eyes.

"Well, gonna have to wait a while," Phichit said, “I'll send you a few things," he grinned.

Yuuri looked at him, something about that grin scared him, "I'm sure it will be fine," he said vowing to maybe ask Chris. It was then that he realised it wouldn't be a good idea either. Chris would just make it more embarrassing. "Hell," he muttered to himself.

"Don't worry I'll make sure you have all the information you need," Phichit promised him.

"if you say so," he said, still unsure what his best friend had in mind, "I'm glad you're staying," he said softly, "I know that Viktor isn't going to be happy about being alone. He... I don't think he does well being on his own all the time," he added.

"It's fine like I want to leave my best friend alone at such a time. I know VIktor is here, but I worry as well. You, we," he paused for a moment, taking a breath, "Yuuri, you have been the best friend I've ever had. You've helped me when I came to terms with the way I am, let me be free to explore," he said as he looked at his friend, "It's been great, I can be me more than not," he added, shrugging a little.

"Welcome, always," Yuuri smiled at him, "So, what are we planning for my last day here?" he asked, a grin making its way onto his face as Phichit began to go through all the things that they could do. Yuuri smiled and laughed, holding his stomach as it pained him. But he didn't care, he felt safe with Phichit there and that they had caught two of his attackers. They finished their plans of what they were going to do, just as the door opened and Viktor walked back in.


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Chapter Eight

Yuuri was alone in his hospital room. Viktor had gone back to the hotel for a while, to shower and change. He hadn't been able to stay during the night for the last day. Which had upset the Russian, when he had been told. Since he was going to be alone between visiting hours, Viktor had been kind enough to bring in the book he had brought to Barcelona to read on the plane. He blinked as he looked up, the door to his room opened slowly and he smiled as two people walked in.

"Hey little brother," Mari smiled as she went over to her brother. Mari hugged him as tightly as she dared with his injuries. While they were healing, they were still painful at times.

"Hey Mari, Minako-sensei," Yuuri greeted the two of them as he let his sister go.

"How are you feeling?" Mari asked him as she let him go fully and sat down on one of the chairs in the room.

"I'm all right," Yuuri smiled, "Just a little bored, glad you were able to make it today," he added. They had only been able to visit three times over the last few days.

"I'm glad too since our flight leaves this afternoon," Mari murmured, she didn't want to leave her brother in a strange country when he was hurt. But she knew that Viktor would take good care of him, he had already promised her.

"So soon?" Yuuri asked he had hoped they would stay around and enjoy the city a little longer before they left. He didn't think they would have had much time with all that had happened.

"Sorry Yuuri, but we need to get back. My Studio and Bar are in need of me. Ayako who is in charge of the bar is having some trouble with one of the supply companies again. And Masako isn't doing so well in charge of the studio," Minako told him, "We would have tried to stay a little longer, but I'm needed back."

"So am I, I've never been away for this long before. Mum and dad are having a little trouble coping with all the visitors over the last few days," Mari added. Neither of them wanted to leave, but work called and they knew that Yuuri would be in good hands with Viktor.

"Okay," Yuuri said, a soft smile on his face. He understood the need to return home. He wanted to go home as well, he missed the room he shared with VIktor, and Makkachin, as well as the family and friends.

"Sorry," Mari said, "I wish we could stay a little longer," she added, taking her brothers hand and squeezing it gently.

"Mari, it's fine, I'm just glad that you were able to come and see me before you had to leave," he smiled, squeezing her hand back, reassuring her.

"It's mainly thanks to Bella Wong that we've been able to get away from the press," Minako snorted, "They've been hounding us about you since your attack. Wanting to know everything about you, if you’re all right? What was going to happen to your career? And all manner of questions like that," she sighed. It had been irritating, to say the least for the two of them to be bombarded by the press whenever they set foot outside their hotel room.

"She has been great," Mari smiled, "She helped us get the press to back off enough so we could make it here yesterday," she was grateful for the help.

"Good to know," Yuuri said, as he went to put his book on the bedside table. He stopped as it pulled at the injury to his side.

"Here," Mari said as she jumped up and took the book and put it away for him, "I think you might be finished with that book soon," she noted as the book marker he had placed in it was near the end of the book.

"Thanks, I think I might send Viktor out to find another book for me," Yuuri smiled, "So," he said, wondering what he should talk about. He always felt awkward when he was in the hospital visiting someone. There was never anything that they should talk about.

"I don't think I should leave," Mari said softly, sitting back down.

"Mari, you need to go home. I'll be out of here in around three more days. And then I'll be flying home the next day as well," Yuuri pointed out to her. He was healing well enough.

"Yuuri, you've just been attacked by three people, you ended up in the hospital. Yuuri, you could have died and I... I would have lost my little brother," she said, her voice going quiet at the end, shuddering at the thought of losing him. He was always the one that needed her help, and then he moved away and she had been scared for him, scared that something would happen and she wouldn’t be there to protect him.

"But you haven't. I'm still here and I'm just fine. Soon enough I'll be back home and jog off towards the Ice Castle for training," Yuuri said a strained smile on his face.

"Yuuri," Mari said, shaking her head, "Just, don't," she tried to say something, but it all died before she could even say it.

"Mari," Yuuri said, his voice soft and gentle, "I'm right here," he said, holding her hand even tighter, to let her know he was still there.

Mari took the hand, "I know you are Yuuri, but something could still have happened, anything could have."

"But it didn't, I'm just fine, healing well, should be out in a few more days," he pointed out to her once again.

Mari nodded, "But it's still not safe though Yuuri, they could always try and get you again?"

"They've arrested two of them already. They are going to find the third one as well. They’re just having to wait for a little longer while they identify him. I'm safe here," Yuuri reassured her as best as he could. Even though he didn't feel safe at all with the thought of one person still out there.

"I... I want you to be safe," she told him.

"I know you do, and I will be," he said.

"I still wish I could stay," Mari sighed as she let go of his hand.

"Well, you need to go back to work," he grinned at her, "Now, how have you enjoyed being out here?" he asked her, changing the topic.

"Well, when we were able to get the press off our backs we were able to have a look around. I've brought a few things for everyone back home," Mari answered, allowing the change in subject as she could see her brother didn't want to talk about it anymore.

"Viktor and I did the same before the skating began," Yuuri blushed, as he glanced down to the ring on his finger. He had gotten presents for his family, as well as the ring for Viktor.

"How did you end up buying a ring for VIktor?" Mari asked, curious as to how her brother had proposed to his idol.

Yuuri blush, "I... I hadn't meant for it to be an engagement ring at first, just a good luck charm. But Phichit mistook them, and Viktor, well he ran with it. He's happy and he said he would ask me properly when I'm better."

"Well, sounds like VIktor," Mari chuckled, "But, I'm happy for you Yuuri."

Yuuri blush deepened, "So am I, I still can't believe that this is all real, most of the time. That he really wants to stay with me," he said, running his finger over the gold band.

"Well, I'm looking forward to the wedding," Minako smirked, "Prospects," she winked.

"Minako!" Yuuri exclaimed, "Not going to happen," he told her firmly.

"I can dream," she said, thinking of the wink she had got from Chris when she had given him the flower crown.

"You can dream, and for them, it would be a nightmare," Yuuri teased her.

"Okay you two," Mari said as she looked between student and teacher. She knew that the two of them were close, and it showed in the way that the two of them would tease and joke with each other.

"When does your flight leave?" Yuuri asked them softly.

"In around three hours," Mari answered, "We need to be going soon. The nurses were happy to hold our luggage out there so we could come and visit for a little bit," she smiled.

"They are really nice, they've been really helpful, even though some of them don't speak a word of English," Yuuri smiled.

"That's good, not many hospitals have staff that would be able to understand more than one language," Minako said, impressed.

"To be honest, I think we should leave now," Mari said, looking at her phone.

Yuuri nodded at the two of them, "Well, the day after I get out of here I'll be flying my way home," he smiled.

"Are you sure you're up for that?" Mari asked him, worried as she began to stand.

"I just want to be home Mari," he replied, a small smile on his face.

Mari looked at him closely, and nodded, "All right, I get it," she said, seeing the tired look on his face.

"Get a little sleep while you can," Minako suggested to him as she went over and hugged him lightly.

"I will," he promised, "Though for now, I wouldn't mind my book back," he said as he used his puppy eyes on his sister. She had never been able to deny him when he used them, not since he had turned two years old and able to turn them on his big sister.

"Here," Mari said as she grabbed it and handed it to him, "And I'll send Viktor a text when I leave and tell him to find another book or two for you," she added.

"Thanks, Mari," he grinned at her. She leant down and hugged him, "I'll see you soon."

"All right, you take care of yourself," she told him once more as she let him go and headed for the door.

"Bye Mari, bye Minako-sensei," he said as the older woman did the same and hugged him gently.

"Bye Yuuri, see you went you get back. I'll pick you up from the airport, save you taking the train down," she promised him.

"Thanks, that would be welcomed," he smiled.

"See you then," she said as she followed Mari out of the hospital room.

Yuuri watched them close the door behind them and he sunk into the bed. He was alone, and the fear he was feeling was swirling around his mind. They may have caught two of them, but that still left one of his attackers out there. He clutched the book tightly in his hands. He couldn't let it out, not yet. it wasn't safe to do so, and he didn't want to worry Phichit and Viktor. He closed his eyes and took a steadying breath and slowly released it.

Yuuri opened his eyes and looked at his book, unclenching his fingers from around it. He flexed them for a moment before opening the book once more to his page, putting aside the poodle bookmarker Viktor had gotten him and began to read.


Viktor let the water cascade around him. The water was hot and soothing to the worries he was feeling. There was still so much he had to do. He should be able to book the tickets back to Tokyo on another day. When he knew for sure that Yuuri was going to be released from the hospital. Phichit had already had a shower and had left before Viktor had even entered the bathroom.

The Thai skater said he was going to do a few things before he went to see Yuuri. There had been a grin on his face and an almost skip in his step as he left the room. Viktor had no idea what the man was up to, but he had a feeling that it had something to do with Yuuri.

Vitor gave a sigh as he shut the water off and grabbed a towel off the rack. He didn't want to take too long to get back to Yuuri. Viktor started to dry himself quickly, walking out into the bedroom with a small towel around his waist. Viktor gave a rueful smile on his face as he remembered how he had greeted Yuuri at the Onsen when he first arrived.

He started to dress, keeping a small towel on top of his head as he let it soak up the water that clung to his hair. He put on a shirt, leaving it unbuttoned as he then dried his hair. He blinked as his phone began to ring. Grabbing out one hand he answered the call.

"Hello," he called.

"Mr Nikiforov?" came the voice on the other end, though it stumbled some over the name a little, "This is Detective Medina," Viktor smiled a little as he recognised the voice.

"Yes, this is Mr Nikiforov, Detective Medina, what can I help you with?" he asked.

"I thought it would be a good idea to update you on the situation," he told him.

"Oh, that's good, I would like to know how things are going. I know that you have detained two of the suspects so far, but that is only what I have heard from the news on TV," Viktor said, almost sighing aloud.

"Yes, though we have actually arrested the two that you've heard about on the news. We have now charged them, and we have been able to locate the third one. We will be coming to see Mr Katsuki, later on, today, for him to make a positive ID. We've also contacted Mr Feltsmen and done a Skype interview with Mr Plisetsky to identify. We did the same with Mr Atlin as well. They both identified the same man, all we need now is for Mr Katsuki to do the same," Medina informed him of what they had done so far.

"What will happen after that?" Viktor asked, worried that they would have to stay longer.

"it will take a little while longer, but we have the evidence we need to convict them. Though you may need to come back a court appearance for them to give evidence," he explained a little.

"Okay, that shouldn't be too bad," VIktor nodded to himself, "When will you be going to talk to Yuuri?" he asked, wondering if he would be able to get there first.

"We're at the hospital now," Medina answered.

"Oh, he is alone at the moment," Viktor said, worrying.

"We won't be with him long, and if he asks, we will wait for you to arrive," Medina informed him.

"Please do make sure he is all right," Viktor worried, "I will be there shortly as well," he said.

"Very well Mr Nikiforov, we will see if Mr Katsuki would like to wait. If not, then we will do the identity fit with him and leave," he told him.

"All right, Goodbye," Viktor said as he ended the call. He rubbed his hair vigorously, hoping it was dry enough to go out in the cold December air.

Viktor finished getting dressed and rushed out of the hotel room, just having enough of a mind to grab his card key, wallet and coat. He asked at the reception desk for a taxi so he could get to the hospital quickly. He didn't want to leave Yuuri alone too long. Even though he had received a text from Mari an hour ago, telling him to find another book for Yuuri. He was going to do that, but now he just wanted to make sure Yuuri was all right.

Viktor arrived at the hospital and headed up to Yuuri's room, it had taken longer than he had hoped. He knocked on his fiance's hospital room door and walked in slowly, peeking around the door. He smiled as he saw Yuuri, and then frowned when he didn't see any sign of the police in the room with him.

"Hey Viktor," Phichit said as Viktor walked inside.

"Phichit," he smiled as he closed the door, "I thought that the police would still be with you?" he asked the two of them.

"They were here," Yuuri said, "They wanted to see if I could identify the third attacker. They said that I had picked out the same ones that Yurio and Otabek had, so I think they have found him," he smiled, relief was in his eyes and in his voice as well.

"That's good news. I thought they might still be here," VIktor said as he went over to the bed.

"No they left a couple of minutes ago, you just missed them," Yuuri smiled as Viktor leaned in and kissed him in greeting.

"Well, at least we know that all three of them have now been caught," Phichit smiled.

"Yeah," Yuuri agreed.

"You missed Yuuri having his bed bath," Phichit grinned, "They even let me help."

"Phi!" Yuuri yelled at his friend, turning red.

"Shame, I would have liked to have helped with that," Viktor grinned, winking at Yuuri.

"Oh no," Yuuri said, putting his head in his hands, trying to hide the deepening blush on his face.

"Oh Yuuri," Viktor said, as he pulled the hands down, "Oh you are so cute," he was almost squealing like one of Yurio's fangirls. He couldn't help but kiss Yuuri again.

The two of them jumped apart when they heard the noise of a camera shutter, "Phichit?" came Yuuri's warning tone.

"What?" came the entirely fake innocent remark as Phichit was tapping away at his phone.

"You're not going to post that are you?" Yuuri worried, biting his lower lip.

Phichit looked up, "Too late with that look Yuuri Katsuki," he said, giving the other a pointed look.

"Damn it Phichit," Yuuri cursed, "Why do you always post pictures of me," he whined.

"Because you are too damn cute not to," he argued back, "and plus, you're fans will love it."

"You can be so irritating Phichit," Yuuri sighed, rolling his eyes.

Phichit just grinned, knowing that Yuuri didn't actually mean anything by what he was saying, "Well, I'm already getting comments. Each of them are talking about the two of you, saying you're so cute together, belong together and all the Lovey Dovey stuff that anyone could say about such a cute couple," he winked at the two of them, "Though you do have a lot of fans hoping that you are recovering well and that they will see you on the ice again when you are fit and well."

Yuuri gave a soft smile, "It's nice to know. Erm," he said, a little unsure as he asked, "Do you think you can put a message out for me?"

Phichit rolled his eyes, "Of course, what you want?" he asked as he brought up his twitter and linked it with Yuuri's, so it would show up on his account as well.

"Can you say thank you for all the wonderful support and that I’m getting better and hoping to go back home soon. I will return to the ice as soon as I can," he said, going over it again in his head.

Phichit typed it out and then sent it, "Okay done," he smiled, "And I'll keep an eye on the messages back and respond if you want me to?"

"Sure, I know you know what I would say to them," Yuuri nodded. The two of them had done this before when Yuuri had a bad result. Phichit would take over talking to those online sending him messages. As Yuuri would ban himself, as he would always be focusing on the bad comments that would show up.

"Fine with me," he nodded, smiling as he had been given free rein to reply to any messages, including the bad ones.

"Thank you," Yuuri smiled, glad that was taken care of.

"Oh, and I got all I need for the thing," Phichit said cryptically.

"Great," Yuuri grinned.

Viktor frowned as he looked between the two of them, "What are you talking about?" he asked, curiously.

Yuuri and Phichit shared a look with each other and then nodded, "We're going to do something, like a prank. But not really to annoy or upset the nurses here. Just something that might cheer them up a little," Phichit was the one to take up explaining.

"Phichit and I have both had hospital stays in the past, the one time the nurses were, rather rude and abrasive and downright nasty at times to us. thinking that because we were from foreign places that we couldn't understand English at all. So we decided to play a prank on them, we short-sheeted the beds, as I told you. The other time we did nice things, like hiding sweets and chocolates in the nurse's station," Yuuri added, smiling a little.

"So, we started doing it each time we had to stay in the hospital overnight," Phichit smiled.

"And how many times have you both had to stay overnight in the hospital?" Viktor worried, a little concerned with the number of times they might have stayed overnight in a hospital.

"A few times, we both have a tendency to push things a little too much during training. And even up falling and getting a concussion and a stay overnight in the hospital. It happens once every two months. Though I've stopped pushing myself so much to keep pace with Yuuri," Phichit said, shrugging a little.

"In other words, the two of you together tend to push each other harder in your practices leading to injury," Viktor said with a shake of his head. He'd had to almost drag Yuuri away from the ice rink. Or find a way to distract him.

"Yeah," Yuuri nodded, smiling at his best friend.

"At least I won't have to worry about that," Viktor snorted, "So what are you planning to do here?" he then asked.

"Well the nurses here have been brilliant and rushed off their feet," Yuuri said, "So we're planning on putting up some encouraging cat memes and some boxes of chocolates," he smiled.

"Yep, which I've brought the memes for Yuuri to have a look at," Phichit added as he pulled out the wad of papers that he had in a bag beside him.

Yuuri took hold of them and began going through them. Viktor leaned over him and looked as well. The two of them smiling and laughing at a few of them. "Those ones are good," Yuuri said when they finished looking through them. "Here," he added, handing them back to Phichit to put away.

"So how are you going to do this?" VIktor asked, curious as to how this would work.

"I was thinking that the day before Yuuri leaves, I hide myself away somewhere and when night shift begins I'll start going around and putting things up. I know how to create a few distractions to get the nurses away from the station a little. Well, long enough for me to quickly do something," Phichit said.

"Well, how about we ask one of the doctors here?" Viktor suggested.

Phichit and Yuuri looked at each other, "You know, I've never thought of doing that."

"We leave things out for the doctors as well," Phichit reminded him.

"Okay, but getting one on side won't hurt,” he pointed out, getting a nod he then carried on, “then when the doctor comes in to see me, we should ask her and see if they would be fine for it," Yuuri said, happy that they might be able to have a little help. It was only once, but Yuuri had been chased from the hospital by security when they found him going around putting up bags of sweets around the ward Phichit had been staying on.

VIktor smiled, glad that he had been able to help. Yuuri began talking about the book he was reading, trying to get Viktor to agree to get the next book in the series, as he was enjoying it. Viktor made the promise as soon as Yuuri used his sorrowful puppy eyes, which had Phichit laughing at the two of them.

Chapter Text

Chapter Nine

Yuuri smiled as he was wheeled out of the hospital to the waiting taxi. Yuuri and Phichit had been there when the cat memes and chocolates had been found. And it was nice to hear them happy and delighted with them all. Viktor pushed him outside and went over to the taxi. Phichit was there, waiting for them, the door already open. Viktor stopped the wheelchair and helped Yuuri up and into the taxi.

"Thank you for letting me do that," Viktor said to the nurse as she took the wheelchair back to the hospital.

"You're welcome," she smiled, "And thank you for the chocolates," she added.

"And thank you for all that you've done during my stay," Yuuri smiled at her.

"Welcome," she smiled once more as she went back to the hospital entrance.

"Well," Phichit smiled as he got into the back with Yuuri before Viktor could make it around the car.

Viktor huffed as he got in the front with the driver, "Not fair Phichit," he whispered as he told the driver where to take them.

"I don't get much time to spend with my bestie, and he'll be whisked away back to Japan, and I won't see him for months," Phichit complained as he buckled up.

Yuuri did the same as he chuckled lightly, "I do miss spending time with you as well Phi," he admitted, "We did have a lot of fun back then," he smiled, missing his Detroit days and what the two of them often got up to.

"One day, we'll go and have some fun again," Phichit promised him.

Viktor pouted as he turned to them, "I want to join in next time," he hoped.

"Maybe," Yuuri teased him.

"We'll see how things go," Phichit added, the two best friends laughed together at the pouting and pleading look Viktor was giving them.

"I can't wait to be able to sleep in my own bed," Yuuri said, as he thought of having to spend one more night in Barcelona. Most of the memories were good ones. It was just these few last days that marred the whole things.

"I bet, one night and then we will be home," Viktor reassure him.

"I know," Yuuri sighed.

"So what’s the plan for tonight, it's our last night here?" Phichit asked the two of them, wanting to change the subject a little.

"I don't know. I thought I would be going back to the hotel, taking it easy and then sleeping until we're ready to leave for our flights?" Yuuri said as he looked between the two.

"Well, I have made reservations for dinner tonight, I spoke to your doctor about it, and they said it was all right if you didn't have anything too heavy and take it easy," Viktor said smiling, "We never got the chance to really celebrate your win or our engagement."

"Which is why I'll be remaining at the hotel for part of the night and setting up some films for us to watch for when you come back," Phichit grinned at Yuuri, Viktor had mentioned taking Yuuri out, trying to let Yuuri have some more pleasant memories of Barcelona so that they left with nice ones.

"Oh, it... it would be nice," Yuuri said, shocked at the idea.

"That's what I thought as well, we have plenty of time until dinner. Thought we could all watch a film in our room, have a light lunch," Viktor smiled to him as the driver pulled up at the front of their hotel.

"Okay," Yuuri smiled.

Viktor paid the driver and got out, "Here," he said as he held out his hand for Yuuri and helped him from the car. Yuuri leant on him a little, wanting to at least try and walk by himself. He had someone with him each time that he had walked up and down the ward exercising as soon as they let him.

"Thanks," Yuuri said as Phichit got out and got the few things that had been brought to the hospital for him.

"Here we go," Phichit said as he smiled to the doorman as he opened the door for them, "Thank you," he said, each of them doing the same.

"Right, to our room, and I'll order us some lunch," Viktor smiled, guiding Yuuri to the elevator and going inside.

Yuuri was beginning to feel a little tired. Not enough to fall asleep, but to just lay back to rest a while. "Would be good," he murmured, a soft smile on his face as he let his head rest on Viktor's shoulder.

They were quiet the rest of the way up to their floor. The lift doors opened and Phicihit peeked out, wondering if anyone had been able to find out that Yuuri was being released. He smiled when he didn't see anyone. He nodded to the two of them and they began to head towards their room.

"So," Phichit said as he turned to them and then paled as he saw two people closing up behind the group. "Fuck," he muttered under his breath, "Let's get the room quickly, press," he said to the two.

Yuuri nodded, he didn't really feel up to talking to them again. They had retracted their statements about one of the other competitors being involved in the attack.

"Mr Katsuki, can you please talk to us, we would like to know what your thoughts are on the recent arrests?" the reporter asked as he reached them.

"If you don't mind I would like to return to my hotel room and rest," Yuuri said as firmly as he could.

"Mr Katsuki, please, we would like to know what you think is going on with those that have been arrested?" the reporter pressed for some answers.

Yuuri sighed, he just wanted to get to his room. Viktor turned to them, as he moved in front of Yuuri, to protect him from the cameraman that was snapping pictures almost constantly of the group of three skaters.

"Please leave," Viktor said as Phichit began to lead Yuuri to their room.

Yuuri shook his head, "I need to say something," he told Phichit quietly, turning he placed a hand on Viktor's shoulder and softly moved him aside, "I would rather be resting at this moment in time and I will be speaking with your superiors about the harassment, but here is what I think. The police have done their job and have arrested three suspects. They have charged all three with the attack, and I trust them to continue doing their job," he said, "And that is all that I will say, now I am going back to my room to rest as my doctor has ordered I do," he finished as he nodded to Viktor.

The three of them turned and started walking to their room once more.

"One more question," the report said as his pen flew over the page, "I just want to know how you are healing?"

Yuuri ignored the question and the three carried on walking. They could see the reporter and his cameraman following him. Viktor had been able to get the details of which media outlet he worked for. Phichit was ahead of them and unlocked the door. They went inside and Viktor pulled out his phone and called the company.

"Yes, this is Viktor Nikiforov and at this moment in time, there is a report and their cameraman outside of my room. At this moment in time, they have barged in on me trying to get Yuuri to lay down after the journey from the hospital. He needs to take it easy, how can he do that where there is a reporter harassing him before he can even make it to his room?" Viktor ranted, saying a few more things about the man that had cornered them.

"Come on Yuuri," Phichit said, pulling Yuuri away from where Viktor was beginning to pace by the window and towards the bed that Yuuri would be sleeping on. The hotel had moved them to a room with a nice double bed and a single two days before.

Yuuri was a little reluctant but let Phichit lead him away. He climbed on the bed and Phichit insistence and lay down. He almost sighed in relief as he closed his eyes and let himself relax. In the hospital, he hadn't been able to fully relax, too many strange noises and the fear of knowing that they hadn't caught those that had attacked him at first, and then there was the lack of Viktor beside him. It was strange to think that after only a month of sleeping in the same bed as Viktor had spoilt him for sleeping alone.

Phichit went over to the hotel phone, and pulled out the list that the doctor had given them of the foods that were acceptable for Yuuri to eat for the next few days, "Hello, I would like to place an order for room 603," he said as he began to order the light lunches for all three of them.

"Okay," Viktor said as he put away his phone, "The reporter is in trouble now," he said, a smirk beginning to form on his face.

Yuuri nodded, "Good," he said, he had enough for the ones that had been hanging around, those that had bothered his friends, his sister and now himself.

"Well, they asked if we said anything, and I told them we did and told them exactly what you said to the reporter," he explained, "They asked if we wanted to let them have what you said to the reporter, they will keep what you have said away from the media if you want. I'm to give my answer later on. The reporter is going on, well report for misconduct. It's the second time in the last few months for him. One more and he'll be fired," he grinned, happy with the result.

Yuuri thought for a moment, "I don't mind releasing a statement," he said, opening his eyes, "But I would rather do it when I'm rested and able to trust the reporter."

"What about that one that's been following you since your Junior days... Muroka or something like that?" Phichit said, not remembering the name of the report that was one of Yuuri's biggest fans and supporter.

"Morooka," Yuuri corrected. The reporter was almost the same age as Viktor and had first interviewed him when he had won his first medal in the juniors. The man at the time was only just starting out and asked if he could, saying it might not be chosen to be published, but he wanted to try. Yuuri had been happy to help, even though he had been nervous as anything.

"Right," Phichit said, "Why don't you talk to him when you get home?" he suggested.

Viktor looked at Yuuri, "What do you think?"

Yuuri smiled, "Yeah, that would be fine with me. Might be an idea to have him meet us at Yu-Topia, don't think I will be up to going very far for a while longer," he admitted.

"Well, you are to rest more for the next week. Another week and a half before you are even able to get back onto the ice. And the doctor has to clear you before you can make any jumps, even singles and the basics," Viktor reminded him.

"I know," Yuuri sighed, even though he had argued with the doctor about the restriction from ice skating. He didn't need to jump, just to be on the ice soothes his nerves half the time.

"Just making sure, you were arguing a lot with Doctor Ortez this morning," Viktor said as he sat down on the bed beside Yuuri.

"I know, but I won't be doing much on the ice, you know how it calms me down," He said as Viktor got closer and snuggled down on the bed. Yuuri sighed as he was able to rest his head and closed his eyes, hearing the steady beat of Viktor's heart.

"Don't go to sleep just yet Yuuri," Phichit warned as he began to hook up his laptop to the TV in the room.

"I know," Yuuri mumbled, though all he wanted was to sleep for a little while.

"Rest for a while Yuuri," VIktor said, rubbing his back gently.

Yuuri smiled and let himself drift in and out of sleep. He jumped when the door was knocked. Phichit jumped up and answered, letting the man wheel in their lunch. Yuuri sighed as he sat up.

"Okay," VIktor said as he looked at what Phichit ordered. It was the same thing that Yuuri was eating, and he was happy about that. He didn't want to tease Yuuri because he was restricted in his diet.

"Thank you," Phichit said to the man as he walked back out of the room after putting the food on the small table.

The three of them began to eat and then settled in with a film as Yuuri dozed for a while to regain the energy he would need for their date out.


Viktor was on the phone, "Hello, may I talk with Morooka-san?" he asked, as he waited to be connected to the man.

"Hello, this is Morooka?" came the puzzled voice.

"This is Viktor Nikiforov," he introduced himself, "Yuuri is being harassed by reporters after his attack, and we’re wondering if you would be free. Well, when we arrive back in Japan and Yuuri is feeling well enough, for you to do a small interview about what happened."

Morooka was surprised at being asked, "I would be able to, though it would have to be before Nationals as I’m going there to commentate for it, and to write an article about it," he said, pulling out his own diary, the week before I’m mostly free. If you give me a few dates that you would be able to meet for an interview. I would be glad to help out."

Viktor smiled, "Would it be all right for you to come down to Hesatsu? Yuuri won't be up for travelling for a while," he explained his request.

"Yeah, that should be fine," Morooka agreed, he could understand that Yuuri wouldn't be up for much for a while longer. He had been beaten badly enough to need an operation after all.

"Wonderful, I'll talk to Yuuri when we arrive and wait a day or so to tell you which dates may be the best to do this," VIktor grinned, happy that he had been able to sort it out.

"Welcome, and tell Yuuri to take care of himself," Morooka told him.

"I will, bye," Viktor said as Morooka said the same and he then hung up the phone.

Phichit looked at him, "All sorted?" he asked.

"Yes, Yuuri and I can decide the dates when we return and get in touch with him again," he said as he glanced over to Yuuri who was sitting on the edge of the bed, all dressed up and ready for their little date out.

"That's good, Morooka is a good one. One of the more considerate reporters out there. He's more... happy to be a help than a pain in the rear," Yuuri said, snorting as he thought of some of the more pushier reporters that he'd dealt with in the past. Though after a while, he had taken to ignoring them all but Morooka and had been called a snob several times because of it.

"Yes, he seems it," Viktor smiled as he went over to Yuuri, "So are you ready for our evening out?" he asked, hoping that Yuuri was.

"Yeah, I'm looking forward to this," Yuuri smiled. They hadn't really gone on an official date since their kiss in China, they were going to several times, but in the end, they never did.

"You sure you're up for this?" Viktor asked, worry beginning to set in as he thought of what could happen if he pushed Yuuri so soon.

"Yes," Yuuri said as he got up, feeling stronger than he had when he first arrived at the hotel. He would be fine for a few hours. "Viktor, I'll be fine," he smiled, reassuring him as he walked over to him, "Now let's go and leave Phichit to watch the King and the Skater again," he said, grinned at his best friend.

"Hey, good movies and you know it," Phichit said, sticking his tongue out at him.

Yuuri laughed, "Come on, see you when we get back."

"Don't wait up!" Viktor then joked over his shoulder as the two of them finally left Phichit alone.

The two made their way to the restaurant, it was only a small taxi ride away since Viktor hadn't wanted to take them too far from the hotel. Yuuri had only been out of the hospital for a few hours, and he knew this was pushing it, but he worried that Yuuri would hate their time in Barcelona after what happened and he wanted him to have nothing but good memories.

"Here we are," Viktor said as he took hold of Yuuri's hand and led the way inside, "Two under Nikiforov," he smiled to the matrie'd.

"Of course," he replied in accented English, "this way," he said as he led them to their table. It was by the window, looking out into the city. "Your waiter shall be with you in a moment," he said with a small bow and left the couple alone to look through the menu.

Yuuri kept in mind of what he should and shouldn't eat as he made his choice, Viktor doing the same. Their waiter came over and introduced himself to them and waited for them to order. They both order sparkling water instead of anything with alcohol. Not wanting to risk anything mixing badly with Yuuri's medication.

"I shall bring your drinks over shortly," he said as he left the couple alone once more.

"This is nice," Yuuri said, a blush dusting his cheeks. He had noticed some of the looks that they had been given since they arrived. A few pictures had also been taken, but he knew that was mostly thanks to the attack that they were so well known.

"It is, we should do this more often," Viktor smiled, taking hold of Yuuri's hand, bringing it up to his lips to place and gentle kiss on the knuckles.

"Yeah, though we might have to ask Yuuko for some places where we can go. I don't really know any date type places these days. Never dated when I was at home," Yuuri chuckled, shrugging slightly.

"We shall," Viktor promises as their water was brought over to them, "Thank you," he smiled, Yuuri doing the same as there began to talk about the type of dates they should try and go on.

"Your meal," their waiter said as he gently lay down their food half an hour later.

"Thank you," Yuuri smiled to him as he then walked away.

"This looks good," Viktor said, as he looked to his meal.

Yuuri nodded, "It does, and I followed my diet as well," he chuckled lightly. He hated being restricted in what he could eat. But it was the same for most of his life with his skating and needs to keep away from the Katsudon all the time.

Their meal went smoothly as they enjoyed the small talk, each trying each other's meal. Giggling as they fed each other. When they finished, they made their order for a shared dessert, since Yuuri would be able to have much. Their empty dishes were taken away.

Viktor took a breath, he had planned something. He had wanted to do it properly last time, but it was changed with the so-called good luck charms that Yuuri had brought. He smiled as he saw the confused look on Yuuri's face. He had been talking to Chris over the last few weeks about what he should do. Now he had help in choosing this little thing. But he had used part of it already. But that was okay, he now wanted to add something to the ring when they actually got married.

Viktor moved and pulled a small box out of his pocket, "You somewhat beat me," he smiled as he opened it up and showed Yuuri, "I want to ask, Will you marry me?"

Yuuri blinked, "I... Of... Of course, Yes," he stammered out, "but the..." he said looking to the rings they were already wearing.

"We keep them, I don't want to let mine go," VIktor told him, as he took the two-tone twisted ring, with several small diamonds embedded within it and took Yuuri's hand and placed it onto his finger, settling it just below the gold band.

Yuuri looked at the silver and gold band, "I love you," he said softly.

Viktor's smiled began to bloom, it was the first time that Yuuri had said the words, "I love you as well," he said, leaning forward, kissing him deeply.

They heard clapping and photos being taken, but at that moment, there was nothing else in the world but those two. They broke apart as the waiter came with their shared dessert.

"Congratulations," he said as he set down the desert.

"Thank you," Yuuri blushed, subtly glancing around at the people around them.


Phichit was watching his film, happily going through his twitter when he blinked, something had just exploded. "About time," he muttered, Viktor had been going over his plan since the moment he started sharing a room with the Russian.

[Picture of Yuuri and Viktor kissing, a new ring shining on Yuuri's finger.]
Yuuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov on a date and getting engaged.

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Congratulations to @Y-Katsuki and @V-Nikiforov for their engagement. Nice to know that they are now properly engaged and all the rumours about them not being together and the rings only being Good Luck charms are now put to rest with the addition of a proper Engagement ring.

@Viktuuri_FC - this can't be real. VIktor would never go near that pig!

@Viktorhavemybaby - You've been living under a rock! They belong to each other, can't you see that.

About time. I better be best man @Y-Katsuki!

@V-Nikiforov, remember I'm your best man. -_o

About time, and stop being so gross. @V-Nikiforov.

Oh my, squeeeeee!!!!!! I can't believe it. Oh, this is wonderful and such good news. Good luck with the wedding. I hope I get a chance to see it. @Y-Katsuki and @V-Nikiforov.

Phichit smiled as even more comments began pouring in. there were a few bad ones, but they were quickly shut up by Viktor and Yuuri's fans, that were happy about them being together. Phichit helped out a few times when some of them began to get out of hand. Reminding them that Yuuri and VIktor are happy and that they should all be thinking of that.

It took almost another hour before Yuuri and VIktor walked into the room again.

"Well, you blew up social media again," he commented as soon as they closed the door behind them.

"What?" Yuuri blinked as he went over to the bed and lay down, feeling tired once more.

"A picture of you two kissing and your engagement is now online," he said as he quickly showed Viktor the post.

"Oh, is everything all right?" Viktor asked, not wishing to deal with the blow out just yet.

"Yeah, nothing that you guys need to worry about. We're all behind you and are congratulating you. A few are upset since the two of you are off the market, but nothing too bad," he smiled.

Yuuri nodded, "Well, if you don't mind, I think I might sleep," he yawned as he tiredly got up and began to change.

The other did the same and settled down for the night. Phichit and Viktor talking quietly as Yuuri slept the rest of the night.

Chapter Text

Chapter Ten

Yuuri groaned as he heard his phone begin to ring. He grabbed it from the bedside table, wincing at the pain in his stomach and chest at the movement. He frowned as he saw that it was a facetime call. He answered it and Yurio's worried face filled the screen.

"Yurio?" Yuuri asked, wondering what the teen wanted. He looked at the small numbers in the corner, seeing that it was almost five in the morning.

"Katsudon," Yurio's voice caused Yuuri to wake up fully. He could hear the distress and fear in the voice.

"Yeah, I'm here," he said, making his voice low as he could feel Viktor shifting around on the bed and Phichit beginning to mumble, as their sleep was being disturbed.

"I..." Yurio began but stopped, "This is stupid, I'm stupid," Yuuri could hear him mutter to himself.

Yuuri got out of the bed slowly and went over to the windows, looking out for a moment he sat down on the chair, "Right now we can talk properly," he said as he looked to the teen. He could see tears in Yurio's eyes, "Yurio," he called out softly.

"I shouldn't have called, I'm... sorry," he said, still not looking at the phone. The teen was looking at something else in his room, what it was Yuuri couldn't tell.

"Yurio," Yuuri called to him softly, keeping his voice low so he wouldn't disturb anyone else. "Yurio," he called again.

Slowly the teen looked at him, "I..."

"It's okay Yurio, now what's wrong?" he asked, coaxing the teen to talk.

"I..." he took a deep breath, "Dream, I thought... I couldn't..."

Yuuri smiled as he realised what was going on, "It's all right Yurio, I'm right here, I'm fine," he reassured him.

"I was too late," he whimpered brokenly.

"You weren't, you were there when I needed you," Yuuri told him, "I'm all right, honestly, and soon enough I'll be on a plane back home to really rest," he added, keeping his voice gentle and calm. Though he was worried for the younger and the distress he could see in the green eyes.

"I just," he sighed, "It was just a stupid dream, I shouldn't have let it get to me," he grumbled.

Yuuri smiled and chuckled lightly, holding his stomach as it throbbed a little, "Well, dreams are our way of coping with things," he pointed out, "And they are never stupid, its just showing you that what happened got to you, it scared you, or worried you," he said quickly as he saw the scowl when he said scared.


"It did, and it scared me as well, and Viktor, and Phichit, and everyone else. It scared them that something like this could happen to one of us. We all have to get through it, we all have to come through what happened together. We may not be blood-related Yurio, but you’re like family to me. So if you need to just call me, or facetime me, then do it. I don't mind," he reassured him.

"I was too late, I got there too late and I couldn't do anything, you just... blood, so much. I know that's not even close to what happened," Yurio said in a rush, his voice shaking with the emotions he was trying to keep inside.

"It doesn't matter," Yuuri said with a shake of his head, "A dream is a powerful thing, it can show you things and scare the life out of you. Talking to me is helping to reassure you that I'm still around and that you weren't late, you were there right when I needed someone," he smiled.

Yurio stared at him and nodded, "Yeah, it's helping," he admitted quietly.

"Then it's a good thing you called me," he smiled, "Now it's still early in the morning, are you going to be able to get to sleep?" he asked, he was still tired himself from the night out with Viktor and the surprise engagement.

Yurio thought for a moment and then shook his head, "I don't think so," he said hesitantly.

"All right," Yuuri said, "So, are you already going to start practice for the Nationals?" he asked, trying his best to find a good position to sit on the chair.

"I have a couple of days before I go back to practice. Thinking about going to see Grandpa for a day, I don't get the chance to see him a lot," he said, a soft smile on his face as he talked about his grandfather.

"I'll have to actually meet him one day. I'd love to learn the Katsudon Piroshki recipe from him. They’re really good, and maybe a few other recipes, if he’s up to sharing," Yuuri smiled, relaxing his head back.

"Potya," Yuuri said to someone off-screen. He reached around and pulled a cat into view, "Potya, this is Katsudon, Katsudon, this is Tiger Puma Scorpion, though I call her Potya for short," he said a large smile on his face as he was introducing the cat. The cat meows loudly, butting her head against Yurio's chin. Giving a small chirp as he scratched under her chin.

"She is beautiful Yurio, hello Potya," he smiled back, chuckling lightly.

"She is, so much better than dogs," he muttered.

"Dogs have their own charm Yurio, as do cats," he said.

"Hmm," Yurio hummed, not believe him.

Yuuri talked to the blond teen for another half an hour before he could see Yurio was beginning to nod off. He soon convinced the teen to try and get some more sleep with a promise from him to call if he needed to, or if he couldn't sleep. Yuuri left the phone on the small table and slowly made his way back to the bed. Climbing in, it wasn't long before he went back to sleep.


Yuuri woke slowly, he could hear Phichit and Viktor talking over the other side of the room. They were keeping quiet so he could rest. Yuuri sighed and began to sit up, wincing as his stomach and chest began to throb.

"Here," Viktor said as he quickly made his way over with the medications that Yuuri was to take, for the pain and to fight off any infections that wanted to take hold of the young Japanese skater.

"Thanks," he croaked, taking the water offered and downing the pills, grimacing at the taste. "What time is it?" he asked, glancing around for his phone.

"It's just after eleven," Phichit answered from where he was sat at the small table, "We had a late breakfast sent up," he grinned as he gestured to the food that was on the table before him.

Yuuri smiled at his friend, "When do you have to leave?" he asked a sad note in his voice. He had missed his best friend after going back home. And the couple of times they had met since then just weren't enough. Facetime helped, but it just wasn't the same as having them right beside you.

"I've got another four hours before I have to be at the airport," he answered, "I'm going to miss being with you again," he pouted with a sigh.

"I know," Yuuri said as he got out of bed, and with a little help from Viktor, not that he could refuse the adorable pout on the silver-haired man's face, he made his way to the small table and sat down in one of the comfy chairs.

"It's just isn't the same, no more late night runs to grab something from the nearest store," he smiled.

"No more getting in trouble with the locals for being a little bit too loud and having too much fun," Yuuri grinned.

"Seeing you drunk and going on the stripper pole whenever we go to the club," Phichit grinned back.

"Learning how to cry on command to get out of trouble with the cops," Yuuri added, smirking.

"Really?" Viktor said as he looked between Yuuri and Phichit in shock at what he was learning.

"Oh we were wild, we egged each other on most of the time," Phichit said grinning, "And while nothing of those days made it onto my Instagram, I have several incriminating videos and photos."

"Phichit, no," Yuuri said, wide-eyed.

"Phichit, yes," Phichit laughed as he looked at Viktor and asked, "Would you like copies?"

Yuuri groaned as Viktor nodded his head furiously, "Of course."

"Right," he snickered as he began to grab the files and send them over to Viktor's phone. Much to Yuuri's annoyance, "Oh Yuuri," he said, glancing up from his screen, "Eat."

Yuuri snorted and pouted, wincing at the pain in his chest at the move, but began to eat the food in front of him. Thankfully it was something light. he didn't think he wanted anything heavy at that moment in time. The medication was beginning to kick in a little and it was making him feel somewhat nauseous.

"So what should we do before I have to leave?" Phichit asked as he looked between the two of them. "I only have four hours."

"Well, how are you feeling Yuuri?" Viktor asked as he looked to his fiance, "It all depends on if you’re up for something."

Yuuri thought for a moment, "I don't mind doing a little, but I don't think I’m going to be up for much, to be honest. I'm in a little pain still with all the walking I did last night and we have a lot more to do later on when we go home, won't be able to relax properly on the plane," he said with a sigh.

"Right, so something with a lot of sitting down," Phichit nodded, "Well, there is always a few things that we can do. The markets are open, and there are plenty of places to sit down."

"We’ve been there before, though we might be able to get you another bag of those nuts,"  Yuuri said as he looked at Viktor.

"We could, but are you really all right for that?" Viktor worried.

Yuuri smiled, "Might not be able to go far, but I should be okay for a little while," he hoped.

"Okay, we'll go, but the moment that you feel any pain, we shop we take it easy and we sit down and you will not carry a thing," Viktor warned him.

Yuuri nodded, he knew this wasn't what the doctor told him to do when he left the hospital. He was supposed to rest for a while longer before doing anything too strenuous. "I will," he promised.

"Okay, let's get ourselves ready, and we'll go out for a little bit," Viktor smiled as Phichit went to get dressed, he as still in his pyjamas.

The three of them got ready, Yuuri taking it slow and with a little help from viktor. Viktor made sure to pack some of Yuuri's medication in case it was needed. Almost half an hour later the three of them went out into the bitterly cold December air of Barcelona for the last time before they had to split up and return home.


Yuuri sat in the hotel room, looking out of the window, Phichit had left a few hours ago now. He sighed and looked at Viktor who was doing the rest of the packing. Not letting Yuuri help at all. He glanced down at his phone, a message from Phichit and a link to all the pictures he had taken during their small trip into the city to have a little fun before he left. He smiled as he clicked on it and began to look through them. There was at least two dozen and he still didn't know how he had been able to take so many of them as they had only been out for an hour before Yuuri had to call it quits.

"Something good?" VIktor asked as he walked over, placing a hand on Yuuri's shoulder.

Yuuri looked up, "Just the photos from earlier," he smiled, "No doubt you have the link as well," he added.

Viktor nodded, "I think so, it did beep at me earlier, but I haven't checked it yet."

"We all packed?" he asked, wishing that he could have helped, or rather he would have been let to help.

"Yes, everything’s away, I've sorted out a bag for the plane, which has your medication and anything else that you might need," Viktor said as he gestured to the small bag that Yuuri took within him as hand luggage. Viktor's own small bag beside it.

"Thanks, I could have helped," he pointed out.

Viktor smiled "I know you could have but, I want you to rest a little. I know going out early put a lot of strain on you. You wanted to do it because you’ve missed your best friend," he said knowingly.

Yuuri sighed, "I have, it's just not the same with him being so far away all the time. I know that for a long time we never even knew of each other. But, he quickly became one of the best friends I've ever had."

"Then we’ll have to make sure that you two get to spend a little time with each other later on. Maybe have him come to see us in Hissatsu when the season is over," Viktor suggested.

Yuuri thought of it a little and nodded "You know we could always invite some of the others as well, maybe Chris, Otabek and Yurio. Something for all of us after Worlds, a way to relax. I know I'm going to be out for the rest of the season with this. It could take another six weeks before I'm fully healed and during that time I know I'm going to be gaining a little weight, and I'll need to get rid of that before I can even think about practising," he sighed, a little upset.

"It doesn't matter, there is always next year," Viktor pointed out, "And next year we'll be competing against each other as well as Yurio," he grinned, "Think how much more fun that is going to be as well?" he added, he was excited at the prospect of getting back onto the ice. He would use the next couple of months to get himself back in shape. He had done well in not letting himself go too much that he was still in good shape. He had, after all, did his best to always be on the Ice with Yuuri when he was practising, as well as taking to running with Yuuri after a few weeks of being there.

"True, but..." he sighed, "I just feel like I wasted all your time and my own a little," he murmured softly.

Viktor walked around the chair and knelt down in front of him, taking the phone from his hands and took hold of them, "Yuuri, you haven't. When I arrived in Heasetsu, I was expecting the man from the Banquet, what I got was a shy, adorable young man that had a hidden Eros that even he had trouble with. Then I fall in love with the real Yuuri Katsuki as much as I fell for the drunk one," he smiled softly. "This hasn't been a waste of time, it had been the most wonderful time I have ever had, I put so much on hold and now, now I can say that I have found what was missing from my life," he brought Yuuri's hands to his lips and kissed them.

Yuuri smile gently, "Love you as well Viktor."

"Good, now, rest up, we leave in an hour," he said softly, standing up and pressing a sweet kiss on Yuuri's lips. "Don't forget we have a layover in Moscow for a few hours, we can rest for a while there."

Yuuri nodded, "Okay, I'll see if I can get about an hour," he said, getting up and heading over to the bed. Viktor went with him and tucked him in, kissing him again, "Viktor," he said, laughing lightly.

"What, can I not tuck my fiance into bed with a kiss," he grinned down at him.

"You can do a lot more than that when I'm well enough," he winked, moving around to get comfortable.

Viktor laughed and then moved away, closing the curtains of the room and blocking out some of the light. He headed over to the table himself and sat down, grabbing his phone and setting an alarm to make sure he woke Yuuri up in time.


Yuuri yawned as the two of them made their way from the plane. They were back in Moscow, it didn't seem that long since he had been there for the Rostelecom Cup almost three weeks before. He was tired, he hadn't slept well before they had left for the airport in Barcelona, too afraid of sleeping and missing their flight home. And now was the layover in Moscow.

"Oh," Viktor said as he phone began to ring as soon as he turned it off Airplane mode, "Hello," Yuuri watched as Viktor started nodding to whoever it was on the other end. "Of course, see you soon," he said a smile on his face. Viktor soon ended the call after saying a few more things in Russian.

"Who was that?" Yuuri asked softly.

"It seems a certain someone went off on their own early this morning and made their way to Moscow," he grinned. Viktor was happy that they didn't have to fuss around with their baggage since the airline was sorting the transfer out.

"Oh," he frowned as he was led through the airport and towards the entrance, "Where are we going?" he asked, wondering why they were leaving the airport.

"We have five hours before we have to be back here, I wanted to make sure that you would be able to rest so I asked Nikolai if he would be able to have us over for a bit. You know Yurio's grandpa," he said.

"Oh, so we're meeting Nikolai?" Yuuri asked, "Then-"

"Hey Katsudon!" came a yell from the road a little further down as they exited the airport.

Yuuri turned a warm smile on his face as he saw the young blond skater headed towards them, "Hey Yurio," he smiled.

Yurio hesitated for a moment before he moved a little closer and carefully hugged Yuuri. Yuuri was surprised by the action, as the last time he had been in Moscow and he had tried to hug the blond he had run like the devil was chasing him. "How are you?" the blond asked, and Yuuri could clearly hear the worry in his voice.

"I'm okay, tired and in a little pain," he admitted, "And exhausted from the flight," he added.

"Well, Grandpa made some Katsudon Piroshki for you, and he also made up the guest bed so you can have a few hours sleep in a proper bed," Yurio smiled as he took the Japanese skater by the hand and led him over to the car. "Grandpa, this is Yuuri Katsuki," he said, "Yuuri this is my grandpa," he introduced the two of them.

"Nice to meet you," Yuuri said, holding out a hand.

"You as well," Nikolai responded, his English heavily accented.

"Grandpa's English isn't the best, but he's learning," Yurio grinned.

"It's good," Yuuri said, smiling at Nikolai, "It's a hard language to learn," he added softly.

"Come, let's get to my home, you can sleep, rest," Nikolai said as he opened the carr and got in. The others quickly did the same, Yurio climbing into the front of the small car. Yuuri got into the back with Viktor, feeling a little squished, but saying nothing as he let his head rest on Viktors shoulder, closing his eyes.

"Yuuri," Viktor called out as they arrived, "Yuuri," he called again, slowly waking the Japanese man up.

Yuuri groaned as he woke up, "Viktor?" he mumbled.

"We've arrived Yuuri, let's get you lying down okay," he said softly, coaxing the younger man out of the car and into the small house.

"This way," Yurio said as he led the way to the small bedroom, "here, I changed the sheets and made sure the warm blankets are on it," he said as he looked at Yuuri. "You okay?" he asked.

Yuuri looked at him, giving a tired smile, "I’ll be fine Yurio, I'm just going to get a bit of sleep before we have to go on the next leg of the journey," he told him. He sat down on the bed, it was soft and comfortable. He lay down and it didn't take him long to get to sleep. He barely heard Yurio as he left the room.

Yurio walked into the living room with his Grandpa, Viktor sitting down, "Is he going to be all right?" the teen asked Viktor, wanting to know the truth, "Katsudon will just cover it up and not tell me anything if he thinks he’s protecting me."

Viktor watched as Yurio walked over and plopped himself down at the table where the two older Russians were sitting, talking softly about what had happened. "He will be, but he’s out for the rest of this season at least," he answered, "He’ll be in a bit of pain for a while, and there is still a chance he could get an infection, but he is taking something for that at the moment," he was being truthful, as he could see that the truth would help Yurio more than being told that everything would be fine.

"What do you mean an infection?" Yurio asked wide eyes and frightened at the thought of something else happening to Yuuri.

"If it's not kept clean enough, or any number of factors, he could get an infection and it would make him ill. Hopefully, the medication that he’s taking will help with that," Viktor reassured him, smiling softly.

"It's... not fair," Yurio grumbled, "he was doing brilliantly, not as many falls as usual," he said looking up.

"I know," Viktor said, "He’s a little disheartened about it," he added.

"So he really is out then," Yurio slumped, "I just, I want to compete against him. I want to win properly, not... not because of..." he growled.

"I know, and he’s looking forward to next season, where he’ll have the both of us to compete against," Viktor smiled.

"So, you really are coming back?" Yurio asked him, sitting up.

"Yes, I was going to try and do it before Nationals, since I’m still in good shape, but with this, I think I will leave it till the new season," he sighed softly.

"You could still try," he said.

Viktor shook his head, "No, it would be too hard for me to do so while Yuuri is hurt," he said, "Don't worry Yura," he said softly, "I will be around next year for you to beat. For now, I need to be with Yuuri and not jetting off for competitions."

Yurio sighed, "Yeah, you're right, I was just hoping..."

"That you would be able to see Yuuri each time," Viktor finished for him when he went quiet.

Yurio scowled but gave a small nod, "So," he said, looking away, "I... I need to make sure he is okay so I can beat him properly," he defended himself.

"He will be and I'll make sure," Viktor promised him.

"Right, enough talk, let's have some food," Nikolai said, shaking his head before Yurio could say anything else.

"Thank you for letting us come here for a while. I think Yuuri needed a proper bed to sleep in instead of the aeroplane seats," Viktor said to Nikolai as he started to cook the Katsudon Prioski that he had prepared before they had gone to pick them up from the airport.

"You are welcome, I'm glad to see he is doing well. I watch on TV, to watch Yuratchka. Then the camera goes on to your Yuuri, he collapses. When the event is over the news comes on about the attack on him. I worry, Yuratchka looked so sad and scared when he was getting his medal. Yakov called me and told me what happened and that Yuratchka was with you at the hospital. I was so shocked that something like this could happen," Nikolai said, shaking his head.

"I know," Viktor said, "But we will be all right. The skating community is much like a family. You have seen the outpouring of support and anger at what has happened. They’ve been detained, and by the look of it, we won't even have to go to the trial. One of them is pleading guilty, and the other two look like they will end up doing the same."

"That's good," Nikolai said, "Now, let us talk about things more pleasant."

The two at the table nodded and they began to talk about other things. Letting Yuuri sleep for a while longer before waking him up for some proper food before they headed back to the airport for their next flight.

Chapter Text

Chapter Eleven


Minako slowed the car down as she pulled up outside the onsen. She looked back at the rear seats, smiling as she saw the two-fast asleep. There was still worry in her eyes as she took in the paleness of the younger of the two. He had looked so tired and worn out when she had picked them up at the airport. Once more she was glad that she had decided to go and pick them up instead of letting them take the train back to Hasetsu.


Minako got out of the car and went to the left side of the back seats and opened the door, “Viktor,” she called softly, not wanting to wake up Yuuri.


“Hmm,” Viktor murmured as he slowly opened his eyes, he blinked a little and glanced around, “Minako?” he questioned.


“Yeah,” she smiled at him, “We’ve arrived, I’ll start getting things into the house and you wake up sleeping beauty,” she told him.


Viktor glanced around again, realising that they were home. The hours had been going so slow since they had left Nikolai’s home. There had been a part of him that had wanted to take Yurio with them. He could see that what had happened was still affecting the young teenager. Yurio had clung to Yuuri as they had gone back to the airport. With a reluctant sigh, Viktor moved around and started to wake Yuuri up.


“Yuuri, love, please wake up, we’re home now,” he said softly, placing a gentle kiss on his cheek.


“Vik?” came the groggy reply, he blinked a few times, eyes watering from the light. It was still light out, glancing at his watch, he knew that lunch would be soon.


“Yeah, I’m right here, it’s time to go inside. We’re home,” he smiled as he got out of the car and rushed around the other side. Smiling at Mari as she came out to help Minako with their luggage.


Yuuri nodded as he was helped from the car, leaning tiredly against Viktor as he led the way into the onsen. Yuuri barely had his eyes open but he could already see his parents looking at him in worry. He gave them a weak and tired smile, “Hey Kaa-san, tou-san,” he greeted them, his voice quiet.


As soon as he did, his mother rushed towards him, tears in her eyes as she carefully wrapped her arms around her baby boy, “Oh my little boy,” she said as she held him, still afraid that she would hurt him.


“Yuuri,” his father said as he followed his wife and place a hand on his son’s shoulder, “How are you?” he asked.


Yuuri smiled a little brighter at the love and warmth he felt from his parents, “I’m okay, tired, but it was a long journey back home,” he answered him as honestly as he could.


“Then you should go to bed, it might still be a little early, but you need the rest,” Hiroko said as she began to usher him towards the family rooms. Viktor kept hold of him as they went.


Yuuri sighed as he sat on his bed, Viktor already going through their luggage to find something for him to wear while resting in bed. “Really, I could just wear something here,” Yuuri said, not really caring what he wore as long as it was loose and comfortable. He wanted to try and get a little sleep. He knew that Yuuko would be by as soon as she could, and with her would bring the triplets.


“I know,” Viktor said, “But I’m looking for those really soft pyjamas that I brought while we were in Barcelona,” he told him, “I already had them washed before packing them away, so I think you’ll be more comfortable in those,” he added as he grinned, “Found them,” he crowed as he stood up and handed them over, “Now, shall I help?” he asked, though he knew he would be. Yuuri found it difficult to raise his arms too high, pulling on his stitches and the bruised ribs.


Yuuri gave him an exasperated look, “You know you will be, so why ask?” he muttered.


Viktor pouted, “I’m being nice.”


Yuuri sent him a soft look, “I know, but you don’t have to be,” he reminded him.


“Love you,” Viktor murmured as he placed a chaste kiss on Yuuri’s lips, not wanting to start something when he knew that Yuuri would end up in pain.


Viktor helped Yuuri to change into the pyjamas and settled him into bed. Tucking him in and kissing him once more. “Your phone is right there if you need it. Just call me if you want anything. You have about four hours before Yuuko and the triplets will be coming by to see you. Takeshi will be with them as well. I can also wake you for lunch in about an hour if you want?”


“Thanks, but no to lunch, just tired,” he said, yawning as he turned onto his side and settled down for some sleep. He was so tired after the plane journey from Moscow to Tokyo. And then it was the ride down. And while he had been able to sleep a little in the car, it was exactly restful.


“Sleep well my Yuuri,” he murmured, running a hand through the dark hair before getting up off the edge of the bed and leaving the room. He closed the door quietly and started to turn. Only to stop abruptly when he saw Hiroko and Toshiya waiting for him.


“How is he really?” Hiroko asked him, he could hear the worry along with seeing it in every line of her face.


“Tired, and in some pain,” he said, walking away from them. He didn’t want to wake Yuuri up with their talk right outside the bedroom door.


“What happened?” Toshiya asked him, “We know he was attacked, but nothing more than that,” he added as he followed Viktor to the family dining room.


Sitting down he waited for his fiancé's parents to sit down as well, “Right. Yuuri went to one of the rooms…” he began as he told them what he knew.


“They have been arrested though?” Hiroko asked, her hands twisting a tissue that she had been using as she cried when she heard the details of the attack. Mari had refused to tell them anything, as had Minako.


Viktor nodded, “They’ve been charged as well. I don’t know if we’ll have to go back and testify, but he is fine with doing that. He doesn’t want anyone else to be attacked by someone. It was a… hate crime. Because he’s with me,” he finished softly, looking away and towards the small window in the room.


“Vik-Chan,” Hiroko called to him, seeing the look of guilt on his face.


“I should have gone with him, instead I was talking to Yakov about getting back on the ice,” he muttered darkly, resting his head in his hands, feeling ashamed and guilty that he had left Yuuri on his own.


Hiroko moved closer and wrapped her arms around him, “It’s not your fault at all Vik-Chan,” she told him, resting her head against his shoulder, “You have nothing to be sorry or guilty about. You couldn’t have known what would happen. It’s never happened before and that place is supposed to be secure, I know that,” she added quietly.


Viktor looked at her, seeing the truth in her words, “Thank you,” he whispered, hugging her back as tightly as she was to him.


“Now, I think you should have a little something to eat, and maybe join Yuuri in sleep,” she said to him, letting him go slowly.


Viktor nodded, “Thank you,” he said once more as she got up.


Toshiya watched her go and then turned to Viktor, “I’m glad that he has you, I know you’ll do what you can for him, look after him well. Though if you need us, we’re here as well, don’t forget that.”


Viktor smiled and nodded as Toshiya got up and left to go back to work. It didn’t take long for Hiroko to come back and place down a few dishes for him to eat. He was ravenous as he dug in with gusto. He had barely eaten on the plane, the last time he had something proper to eat had been at Nikolai’s and that had been almost thirteen hours ago. Finishing quietly, he took the bowls and plates out, only to have Mari take them from him.


“Go and get some sleep, you won’t have long before Yuuko and her family get here,” she reminded him.


Glancing at his watch he nodded, “Yes, thank you,” he said heading towards the stairs and going towards the bedroom. He stood there for a moment watching Yuuri as he slept. A soft smile on his face as he changed into something more comfortable and slide carefully into bed. It didn’t take long for Yuuri to rolled over and cling to him. “Love you Yuuri,” he murmured as he closed his eyes.


“Love you too,” Yuuri mumbled in his sleep as he clung that little bit tighter.


Viktor smiled and soon drifted off to sleep.




Yuuri woke to his phone ringing. He reached out blindly for it, almost dropping it on the floor before he was able to answer it, “Hello?” he blinked. He became more alert when he heard a sobbing breath.


“Kat… katsudon,” came a familiar voice.


“Yurio?” Yuuri asked, sitting up in bed, “What is it? What’s wrong?” he asked him, concerned about the young teenager.


“I… I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have called you. I’ll go,” he muttered.


“No,” he yelled out, waking Viktor up, and causing the silver-haired man to look up at him with a disgruntled glare aimed towards him, “don’t go Yurio, just tell me what’s wrong?” he coaxed, his voice gentle and soothing. He knew that the young teenager was having nightmares about what happened. They had talked about it a couple of times while they were at Nikolai’s before they had to leave for their flight. “Did you have another nightmare?” he then asked, when Yurio still didn’t say anything.


“Yeah,” he spoke quietly, sounding lost and small. There was no trace of the confident and hardworking skater.


Yuuri winced, wishing that he was next to the teen, “It’s okay Yurio, you got to me in time don’t forget that. You saved me, I’m at home now, resting in bed,” he soothed.


“I… I know you’re okay,” he muttered, “I know that but… I just keep seeing you hurt and there’s blood,” he added, sobbing quietly, as though he was trying to stifle his sobs.


“It doesn’t matter, you know it’s fine to call me if you want to just talk,” he reminded him, “How about tomorrow we facetime a little and talk, I know you have Nationals in a couple of weeks,” he added, thinking of what the schedule would be like for the Russian skater.


“Yeah, Yakov is already going on about going back for practice. I… I don’t know if I want to just yet,” he muttered, sighing a little.


“It would be good for you to get back into practice, it will give you something new to focus on, something to do,” he said softly, “I know it doesn’t feel like it should be, but this is what you need,” he told him.


“Yeah,” he agreed slowly.


“Okay,” Yuuri smiled, as Viktor leaned against him. He smiled down at him, and mouthed, ‘Yurio’ to him.


“I… I should go now,” Yurio said softly, “I’m sorry, for bothering you,” he added.


“You didn’t bother me at all,” Yuuri reassured him, “Now, take your time and think about going back into practice, I expect you to get the gold at your Nationals, don’t forget that,” he challenged him.


“Easy,” he snorted, some of the feisty Yurio coming through in that one simple word.


“That’s better,” Yuuri grinned, “Now, you get back to practice, and next year, I’ll give you a run for your money, okay?”


“Okay,” he huffed, “You better be in good shape, or I will-” he cut himself off, “I won’t be nice to you,” he muttered.


“I know,” Yuuri chuckled lightly, “Rest up and have a good think, I have no idea what time it is for you, hell I don’t even know what time it is for me,” he snorted.


“Time that Yuuko and the triplets will be here in an hour,” Viktor said from where he was started to get up from the bed.


“Right,” Yuuri nodded, “You take care, and don’t forget that you can call me whenever you want, okay,” he added once more.


“I will,” Yurio agreed, “bye Katsudon, and take care of yourself. Make the old man do everything,” he teased lightly, and Yuuri could hear the grin in his voice.


Yuuri laughed brightly, “I will, bye Yurio,” he chuckled him as they hung up, “Okay, time to get ready, this I would be able to have a shower?” he asked, looking hopefully at Viktor.


Viktor looked down at him, “We’ll have to cover some things up, but it should be possible,” he nodded as he then started to help Yuuri get ready for a shower.




Yuuri was seated in the dining area of the onsen, he had just finished a small dinner, not really up to eating too much. Though he could tell that his mother was holding back on what she wanted to give him. She watched him worriedly as he ate only half of what she had brought out. There was a lot of noise coming from the entranceway. Viktor looked to him with a grin.


“That would be Yuuko,” Yuuri smiled as there was a loud shout.


“Yuuri!” the triplets had called out to him as they barrelled into the dining area and over towards him.


Viktor reacted quickly and stopped the three of them from throwing themselves onto the injured man, “careful,” he warned.


“GIRLS!” Yuuko shouted out loudly as she tried to run after them, only to sigh in relief when she saw that Viktor had a hold of them. “Oh, thank you,” she sighed, closing her eyes for a moment before moving quickly and helping Viktor keep them away from Yuuri. “Right, sit down, no jumping on Yuuri, he’s not well remember,” she reminded them with an exasperated sigh.


Reluctantly they all complied with their mother, knowing and having been warned beforehand to behave or they would go straight home. Takeshi walked in and sat down, “Hey,” he nodded at his friend, “How are you?” he asked as he sat down near him, mainly to stop the girls from trying to climb on him.


“I’m okay,” he answered, “still in a little pain,” he added when he saw the warning look from Yuuko.


“See, that is why you can’t jump and climb all over him at the moment. I know you missed him, but he needs to rest,” she told them gently.


Lutz nodded and glanced over at Yuuri, “You got hurt, we saw you fall,” she said, and there were tears in her eyes as she looked at him.


Yuuri gave her a small smile, “It’s okay, I’m okay. I just have to rest a little and then I’ll be back and up to playing around like normal,” he told them, trying to reassure him that he really was fine.


“Can we hug you?” Axle sniffled, looking hopefully at him.


“You can, but you have to be a little careful and one at a time,” he told them, as he opened his arms and waited for them to come at him.


Loop was the first to reach him and wrapped her arms as best as she could around him, though she was being careful. Axle and Lutz took their turns, happy that they had been able to hug someone they considered family and someone that they looked up to.


“You really going to be okay?” Axle asked softly, eyes wide and scared, “You fell down and we know that someone hurt you,” she added. Though their parents had tried to protect them from what had happened, they had easily been able to find the story online as soon as they got the chance to look.


“I am Axle,” Yuuri said, as he held her again, “I really am, I just need to rest,” he said once more, giving her a little more of a squeeze he then let her go and sit back down.


“This is all crazy Yuuri,” Takeshi said, shaking his head.


“I know,” he agreed easily, “I still don’t remember much about the attack, just vague images,” he admitted, “Though I’m starting to remember more recently,” he grimaced, thinking back to when he was at Nikolai and he remembered more of the attack, some of the things that happened before Yurio and Otabek arrived.


“What’s going to happen?” Yuuko asked him, as Axle settled on her lap, still upset with seeing Yuuri.


“Well, they’ve all been arrested, from the last message I got all have been charged. They are looking to get a minimum of seven years. But we won’t know until things go to trial, they are going to be doing that in another month by the sounds of it. So far, they believe that we’ll need to go back unless they change their plea. Which is what they are trying to go for at the moment, and if they do, they might reduce the sentence by a few years if so,” Viktor was the one to answer her as he reached over and took Yuuri’s hand, as Lutz’s cuddled against his side.


Yuuri ran a hand over her hair, “it’s okay,” he murmured to her, she nodded and tried to get closer, almost sitting on his lap. With a little sigh, he pulled her onto his lap and let her cuddle him properly. Talk turned to other things, while they all let the girls get the comfort they wanted, they needed to know that Yuuri really was okay.




Yuuri woke early in the morning once more, this was the ninth time in a row that he had been woken by the ringing of his phone. It was so common that Yuuri would sometimes wake moments before his phone would ring as though he knew when Yurio needed him. He answered it quickly, “Hey,” he said softly, keeping his voice light and trying to get rid of the sleep that lingered.


“Katsudon,” Yurio said, his voice quiet and a little scared.


“It’s okay,” he quickly reassured as he could hear that fear, “It really is, you know I’m right here, I’m really fine and getting better all the time. I had the stitches out almost four days ago. In another few days I should be cleared enough to go out on the ice for a little bit,” he said, a smile in his voice, hoping that Yurio would be able to detect it.


“I… I know,” he sighed, “I just… when I wake up, all I want to know is that you’re really okay,” he said softly, almost disappointed in him.


“And it’s fine if you call me,” he reassured him once more, he felt Viktor shift beside him but remained sleeping.


“I know you say that, but… it has to be annoying. I keep calling and I know that I’m waking you up,” he said softly.


“It doesn’t matter, if this is what you need, then you do so,” he told him, shaking his head as he sat up in the bed, not feeling like he should be lying down while talking to Yurio. He didn’t want to accidentally fall asleep. He had almost done that last time.


“Yeah, and I end up calling you again later,” he muttered darkly.


Yuuri sighed, “Yurio,” he began, taking on a serious tone, “What happened scared us, all of us. Even I’m having nightmares,” he admitted once more, he had a few during the nights, thought having Viktor beside him each night helped him to calm down and get back to sleep at times.


Yurio gave a small growl, “I know, I know,” he repeated a few more times, “doesn’t mean that I’m happy about the need to call you to make sure you’re really okay,” he spat, anger colouring his voice. Though Yuuri knew that it wasn’t directed at him, it was all pointed at Yurio himself.


“Yurio,” he stressed, causing the younger to go quiet, “Right now,” he said, as he paused, wondering what he should say, “you call me when you need to, I know you’re pissed at having to do so. You’re used to taking care of things yourself, but don’t forget Yurio, you’re family, okay. You are family,” he repeated, hoping that the message got through to the young teenager this time.


“Okay,” he muttered, “I’ll… I’ll remember that,” he finished.


Yuuri smiled, “Now, how are you feeling?” he asked him, changing the topic.


“Okay, the practice has been hard, Yakov won’t let me do a lot of the quads at the moment, wants me to work up to it since I took a week off,” he muttered.


“I did say you should have thought about going back to practice a while ago,” he chuckled lightly.


“Yeah,” he huffed, “though you said you’ll be going back on the ice?” he asked, hope in his voice.


“Yes, I am, by the beginning of next week, I should be able to go out on the ice. No jumps and things like that at all, but at least I’ll be able to do a little bit of skating,” he said, a little sigh. He was disappointed that he would have to keep his feet on the ice for at least another three weeks. He just hoped he would be able to get back into the jumps as soon as possible.


“Well, at least it’s better than nothing,” Yurio said, trying to brighten the mood that Yuuri was going into.


Yuuri smiled, “Yeah it is,” he chuckled as he began to talk about something else. It would be another twenty minutes before Yurio ended the call, hoping to get some sleep. Yuuri slides down in the bed and sighed as he cuddled with Viktor and hoped he would be able to sleep as well. He knew he would need it, as he would be woken in the night tomorrow and would have another call later on, as it had been since he had arrived back in Hasetsu.

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Chapter Twelve


Yuuri settled down on the floor next to Viktor, tea on the low table in front of them as they turned into the Russian Nationals. Yuuri was hoping to see Yurio win the gold. Though with the way that Yurio trained, they believed that he would win even against Georgi. Yuuri was worried about the young teenager since he had called him twice each day since he had returned to Hasetsu. Yakov appeared on screen, behind him where Mila, Yurio and Georgi. Yuuri glanced towards Viktor, biting his lip when he remembered that Viktor had wanted to be back on the ice. Before Yuuri’s attack, Viktor was thinking about trying to get something ready for National. Yuuri was feeling a little guilty that he was holding Viktor back.


"Are you sad that you couldn't be there?" Yuuri asked quietly as he waited for Viktor to turn towards him.


Viktor smiled softly, as their eyes met, "I’m a little sad, but I would rather be here with you than out there knowing that you’re hurt and I should be by your side, so sad, but happy to be with you," he answered him honestly. He wished he could be out on the ice, but there was no other place he would rather be that with Yuuri.


"I'm sorry," he apologised quietly, looking back towards the screen, trying to avoid the sadness that was hinted at in Viktor’s ice blue eyes.


Viktor gently turned Yuuri to face him again, "There is nothing for you to be sorry about. You didn't ask to be attacked, you didn't ask to be hurt by such vile human beings. And as I said, I would rather be at your side than anywhere else in the world. Because I know that when I do go back out onto the ice as a competitor, I will have you waiting for me at the gate. Just as I will wait for you when you are out on the ice."


Yuuri gave him a smile as their attention turned towards the screen as Yurio became centre stage. They could see he looked tired and worn out. "He doesn't look good," he murmured.


"Hmm," Viktor hummed, nodding in agreement as he reached out and took hold of Yuuri's hand and gave it a squeeze.


Over the next couple of hours, they watched as one skater and then another went. Yurio went up third from last in the last group, along with Georgi going after him. The young skater had done well, but Viktor and Yuuri knew that it wasn’t his best. There were flaws in his step sequence that normally wouldn't be there. His jumps, while he landed them all, were not without small errors here and there. The scores came in, and while he had done well, it wasn't the high score they both knew he could get for Agape. They just hope that his long program the next day would go a little better.




The long skate was over and the scores were in. Yurio had done okay and was able to win the gold, but he had only just beaten Georgi for it, with only two points between them. The commentator on screen was telling them all that Yurio's win at the Grand Prix may have been a fluke because of how badly he had done during the Nationals, even though he had won the gold. Yuuri leaned against Viktor,  biting his lip as he watched the medals being handed out. The young teenager looked lost. He had called during the night again and had hung up after only hearing Yuuri talk for a moment. He hadn't been able to get the teenager to talk to him at all, he just said sorry and hung up on him. The Japanese skater was worried, really worried about the teen.


"Viktor, I'm worried about him," he murmured softly, glancing up at Viktor, eyes sorrowful.


"I know, so am I," he admitted, concerned eyes glancing down at him for a moment. They watched as Yurio quickly went off screen. "Think we should call him to congratulate him?" he asked, unsure if he should.


Yuuri shook his head, "No, not yet, let him change first and then we'll try and contact him and talk to him," he answered him wrapping an arm around Yuuri’s shoulders.


"Okay," he said as he then got up, helping Yuuri from the floor, the door to the place opened and Yuuko came in with the triplets.


"Did we miss it?" she asked, eyes wide as she glanced towards the screen.


"Yeah, I thought you were going to be watching it at home?" Yuuri asked, a little confused as the triplets began to look everything up on their phones.


"We were, the TV went boom," Lutz giggled as she glanced over at him.


"What happened?" Yuuri asked, rolling his eyes as he glanced to his childhood friend.


"Don't know, though we do need a new TV," Yuuko said with a shrug, "Takashi is trying to see if he can fix it, though I doubt it," she chuckled, shaking her head as she walked over to them.


"Right," Yuuri rolled his eyes, knowing his friend wasn't that good when it came to fixing electronics, give him a car, van or even a Zamboni and he could get them up and running in minutes. But something like a TV, it was just best to buy a new one before it blew up in his face.


"So how did Yurio do?" she asked, "I know he didn't look well yesterday, or when we saw him on screen earlier before his skate," she added as she went over to the two of them.


"He got the gold," Yuuri answered her as Viktor went over to the triplets and helped them find what they needed.


"He should be happy with that," she said and then moved a little further away from the girls, as they started to talk rapidly with Viktor. "Though, I noticed he wasn't doing as well as normal, is everything all right?" she asked him quietly, not wanting to alert her daughters of what she was talking about.


Yuuri shook his head, "I don't think he is. He's... he's been calling me every night, he just can't sleep-"


"Yuuri, can I have your phone for a moment, mine just went dead," Viktor called out, hand reaching out for it.


"Sure," Yuuri smiled, pulling it out of his pocket and handing it over, "go and put yours on charge," he added, giving him a look.


"I will," he nodded, waving his hand at the other as he went off with the triplets.


"You were saying?" she asked again, waiting for him to start talking.


"Let's sit down," he said, sitting back down, Yuuko moving a little closer again, "Right, he's been calling me every night since I got back from Barcelona, sometimes even twice a night. He's scared, he has nightmares about what happened and I don't know how to help him. I just..." he gave a heavy sigh as he trailed off, lost as to what he should do for his young friend.


"There isn't much you can do for him while you're all the way over here and he’s over there," she pointed out, "Isn't Yakov or the others trying to help him at all?" she asked, a slight frown on her face as she glanced towards the screen. The women's skaters were about to come out.


"They're doing what they can, but they don't have the same emotional response that I have, that he has. I wonder if he is talking to Otabek as well, he should be able to help a little as well if they are talking," he murmured, running a hand through his hair, his glasses moving a little lower on down his nose.


"True," she sighed, "Well, I think we'll stay here and watched the women's event then go back home after Takashi admits defeat," she said, trying to lighten the mood.


"I don't even want to know why you even let him try, you know he is just going to make it worse. You could have taken it to the repair shop," he pointed out, pushing his glasses back up his nose.


A few minutes later Viktor got back with the triplets as they all settled down to watch the women's event. It didn't take long for his phone to start ringing. Yuuri grabbed it, seeing the name he walked out of the room. He answered, "Hey," he greeted.


"Katsondon," Yurio's grumpy voice came through clearly.


"Congratulations," he told him, "You did well."


"No, I didn't," Yurio snapped, "I was all over the fucking place. I didn't land properly, and I know it. I know I shouldn't have gotten the gold. Georgi did fucking better than me," he spat out, angry at his own inability to skate correctly.


"Yurio," Yuuri murmured, keeping his voice calm, "It's okay, you did well still, and you can always practice a little more," he suggested to him.


"I... I did Katsudon, I practised so fucking hard and I still didn't do it right," he muttered darkly.


"Everyone is entitled to have a few bad days," he pointed out, "and you had one, so don’t worry about it at all Yurio," he comforted him gently.


"But it-" he cut himself off before he could even say anything more, "got to go," he muttered as he then ended the call.


Yuuri tried to call back, only for the call to be rejected. He closed his eyes and sighed as he walked back into the room and settled down with the others. He just hoped that Yurio would call him again later on and maybe then he can talk to him and make him see that he still did well.




The next morning Yuuri woke and blinked as the sunlight was coming through the gap in the curtain. He frowned, not understanding as he reached out and picked up his phone. Pressing the button his eyes went wide as he realised that his phone hadn't been on charge during the night. That the battery was dead. Plugging it in he turned it on as soon as it was charged enough for him to do so. It didn't take long for a number of dings and notifications to come through. Missed calls, and messages, all of them from Yurio and then nothing for a while. He looked at them all seeing that they were all during the early hours of the night, jut after he had gone to bed. The more recent ones were from Yakov.


"Viktor," he said, pushing the elder man, "Wake up." There was some panic in his voice, worried about what was going on and why Yakov was contacting him.


"Hmmm!" Viktor huffed as he rolled over and opened his eyes, peeking at him from where he lay, "What?" he asked.


"Yakov is trying to get in touch, call him," he said as he started to go through the messages on his phone. They were all from Yurio, each one a desperate plea to be answered. Yuuri's heart was in his throat as he read them, tears forming at the corners of his eyes. He had failed to be there for the young teenager.


"What!" Viktor yelled from beside him, "Yeah, okay," he said, a little calmer, though he was already getting out of bed.


Yuuri set aside his phone as he turned to watch, he heard Viktor mumble a few more things before hanging up the phone, "What's going on?" he asked worriedly.


"Yura disappeared. He isn't in his room, not answering his phone or anything," he said, voice shaking in worry as he thought of the teenager being alone, he didn’t like it. Yurio was able to look after himself, he knew that, but he was still a child.


"What?" eyes wide as he stumbled from his bed in search of clothes and then stopped, "Don't they have any idea?" he asked, turning to face his fiance.


Viktor shook his head, "They searched his room, it was cleared out. From what they’ve been able to gather he didn't even sleep there last night. He went to his room and asked them to leave him alone. So they did, Yakov went to check on him before he went to bed. But he wasn't there. They asked the staff and he left about half an hour after they last saw him."


Yuuri grabbed his phone again, looking at the messages and nodding along to himself, "My battery ran out soo, he couldn't get through to me," he paused for a moment when he saw a little icon in the corner of his phone, "Hmm, a voice mail," he muttered as he brought it up. Within a few moments, Yurio's voice came through.


"Kat... katsudon, where, where are you? I... You're gone aren't you, I've been dreaming and I didn't make it in time," it was Yurio's voice, shaking and full of fear. Yuuri could hear the tears and upset in the voice. "I thought you were in Hasetsu, so I'm going to go there, need to see for myself," he added, though it was a little more determined.


"He's coming here," Yuuri said as he looked up wide-eyed, "Can we see if we can find out what place would have taken off around the time he went missing that came here or close to here?" he asked.


"Yurio is still considered a minor, so I can make a check for his name, I’m also still considered his guardian from last year when he came over," Viktor said as he called up Yakov to tell him what he had just found out.


Yuuri went and finished getting dressed. Waiting for Viktor to finish on the phone. Sitting on the edge of the bed he felt guilty and horrible for not being there when Yurio needed to talk to him. Picking up his phone again and looking through the messages, he could see the desperate plea for Yuuri to be fine. He closed his eyes, only to open them a moment later when he felt a hand on his shoulder, "Well?" the Japanese skater asked.


"He got on a flight to Tokyo, that was almost six hours ago. It should be landing in around three more hours here. I got the details from Yakov," he said, reassuring him with a smile.


"So, he's coming here," Yuuri said weakly, nodding, "Good, I... I think we should get him to stay here for a while. He obviously isn't doing well over there," he pointed out.


"I know, Yakov said the same thing. He is listless most of the time, barely says a word to anyone. Normally he is the type to get into peoples faces and point out their mistakes. But he is just quiet at the moment from what he told me," Viktor sighed as he sat on the edge of the bed beside Yuuri.


"We should go and meet him at the airport, I don't want him to think he’s alone any longer than he needs to," Yuuri suggested, glancing over at him, arms wrapping around the Russian.


"We should," he agreed easily, holding Yuuri just as tightly, "we should get a room set up as well," he added, "I want him to feel-"


"Like he is welcomed here," Yuuri finished for him, getting a chaste kiss, "Yeah, we should, how long will we be able to keep him here?" he asked him, slightly worried that it won't be that long. Since he knew that Europeans was coming up in several weeks.


"Yakov told me that it might be for a couple of weeks, so he can go back and start practice," Viktor said as Yuuri pulled away, a pout on the Russians face as he missed the warmth of Yuuri resting against him.


"Not long enough," Yuuri told him, "give me your phone," he said as the man handed it over, he pressed a button and called Yakov.


"Viyta," came the gruff voice.


"it's Yuuri," he said, "I know you want him back after a few weeks, Yurio that is," he said, sounding slightly nervous.


"Yes, he has Europeans," he pointed out.


"I know, but I think it might be an idea for us to have him here for a while longer, until at least Europeans is over. Viktor and I can train him until then?" he added hoping that the others would go for it.


"I would rather he be here," Yakov told him.


Yuuri sighed, "Look, Yurio is going through something and he can't find the right support back there at the moment. Which is why he got on a plane without telling anyone, to come here. He needed to see us," he pointed out to him, "So I’m asking for him to remain with us for a while until he feels ready to go back. I don't know if that will take a few weeks or a couple of months. But at the moment, he’s having nightmares about what happened, and he needs to see or hear me be reassured that I didn't die, that he got there in time," he said, feeling Viktor's arms going around him, holding him tightly. He hated to confront people, but the words needed to be said.


"Very well, he will be able to stay with you," he muttered after a few minutes of silence between the two, his gravelled voice not giving away anything as to what he was feeling.


"Thank you, we'll take good care of him and you know Viktor is a good coach, he demands a lot from us," he smiled, feeling relieved that they would be able to have Yurio with them for a while. Hopefully, they will be able to help him with his nightmares and reassure him that everything's all right. That Yuuri himself was healing well.


"I know you will make sure he works hard, don't let him get away with not practising," he pointed out as he then started going through everything he could to make sure that his skater would be well taken care of.


Yuuri ended the call after a few more minutes and handed the phone back to Viktor, "So we have him until at least Europeans," he told him, a happy little smile on his face. Yurio may be a brat, but he was their brat in a sense.


"That's good, you know that I’ll be working him hard, I won't go easy on him," he told him, reminding Yuuri on how demanding of a coach that Viktor could be.


"I know, and I can't wait to see him. We should go and tell the others what is going on," he added, getting up and heading out of the bedroom. They needed to get the place ready for when Yurio arrived and Yuuri would need to grab the car so they could go and pick up the young skater from the airport. There was no way he was going to let the teenager find his own way there.


An hour later and things were ready and Viktor and Yuuri were in Minako's car, the dancer having volunteered her car for their journey instead of Mari's pickup as soon as she had heard what was going on. They headed out, giving a wave to everyone who had come to see them off. Hiroko had given her son some food for them all to eat before they started back towards Hasetsu. She didn't know if Yurio would have been able to have something to eat on the way to Japan. With one last nod to them all, the two headed off, hoping they would get to the airport in time to meet Yurio off the flight. The young teen didn't know that they were going to be meeting him after all.


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Chapter Thirteen


Yuuri looked through the crowds as the people from Yurio's flight started to come out. They had been waiting nervously, for almost an hour for the plane to arrive. And now that it was there, they were trying to spot the teenager. It didn't take as long as they thought when the crowds began to lessen a little and a listless teenager began to make his way, wearily pulling his suitcase behind him.


"Yurio!" Yuuri shouted out as soon as he spotted the teenager, wanting to run towards him.


Yurio looked up, eyes wide as he saw the Japanese man, with a choked sob he dropped his things, not caring at all as he ran towards the man and quickly held him tightly. "You're okay, you're okay," he cried softly as his hold on Yuuri tightened even more.


Yuuri winced a little, some of his injuries were still there and while he was fine to do a lot of things. It sometimes still hurt him when he was held too tightly. Ignoring the flash of pain he watched as Viktor went to gather Yurio's things from where he dropped them. With a soft smile he wrapped his arms around the teenager and held him, "It's okay, I'm right here, we should get you home, you'll be staying with us for a while, so you don't have anything to worry about, all right," he reassured him as Yurio carried on with his litany of 'You're Okay'.


Yurio nodded against him, not wanting to let him go and Yuuri tried to move away so they could get out of the airport, "No," he panicked as Yuuri tried again.


"It's all right, I'm not going anywhere," he said, as he then manoeuvred them around as best as he could so he could lead the way out of the airport. Yurio kept hold of him as they walked. He could feel that the teen was shaking and Yuuri didn't think it was just because of seeing him again. But most likely a combination of things, "Come on, let's get to the car and get you something to eat," he coaxed as they walked.


"Mama Hiroko made us all some food," Viktor said from behind them, placing a quick hand on Yurio's shoulder and giving it a reassuring squeeze.


The two carried on talking, as they could see that Yurio wasn't in the mood to speak, still too out of it to do so. Leading him to the car Yuuri helped Yurio into the back, letting the other hold his hand all the time, as Viktor got into the driver's seat. Yuuri handed out food to them all since the two had also missed out on having breakfast, wanting to make sure that everything was ready for when Yurio arrived and that they would be able to get to the airport before the blond arrived. They ate in silence, thought Yurio wasn't eating much, they were both happy to see he had something.


"Okay, let's go home," Viktor said softly as he and Yuuri put the rest of the food away when they noted that Yurio wasn't eating any more.


Yurio nodded shuffling over to the middle seat before buckling himself in. Yuuri glanced over at him and smiled, putting an arm around him he pulled the teenager close and let him rest against him, "Let's go then Viktor," Yuuri smiled.


Viktor nodded his head and started the car up, slowly getting out of the car park they had been in and heading back to Hasetsu.




Yuuri looked down at a sleeping Yurio next to him as they pulled up outside the onsen. He didn't want to disturb the inn at all. The door to the other side opened and Viktor sat down on the edge and glanced at him, "Should I just carry him inside?" he asked the younger skater.


Yuuri thought for a moment, "Yeah, might be an idea," he said as he then carefully unbuckled Yurio for Viktor to lift him up.


Viktor shifted towards them a little more and was about to start to try and pull the young Yurio away from Yuuri when green eyes opened and glared at him, clutching Yuuri even tightly, "It's okay Yurio, we're just going to get you inside,” he said, moving back a little at the hospital look on Yurio's face.


"Stay with Katsudon," he muttered.


"And you will be," Yuuri said from the other side, "But we need to get inside," he pointed out, "So you're going to have to let go for just a little bit," he told him, reassuring him that it would be just fine to let him go for a moment.


Yurio looked at him, eyes sorrowful, "Okay," he murmured after a moment.


Yuuri gazed at him in worry as the teen let go, he was shaking again, and there was fear in his eyes when he had looked at him, not just sadness. It was as though he feared Yuuri disappearing on him. With a breath he got out of the car and went around it, not even a second after he had done so, Yurio had latched onto him again, "Come on, let's get you somewhere to lay down for a bit," he said as he led the teenager inside. Taking off their shoes, he saw his mother head towards them, a worried look on her face.


"Oh, so thin and tired," she murmured in that motherly tone she had.


Yurio looked up at her as he was soon wrapped up in her arms, "Hmm," he just hummed, a hand still latched onto Yuuri's wrist as he was pulled away from the Japanese man.


"Thank you for saving my boy, thank you so much," she whispered in his ears, and with those words, Yurio broke.


Yuuri and Viktor moved quickly as they grabbed the teenager before he could fall to the floor, "It's okay," Yuuri said as Yurio turned to him and clung onto him like he was the only thing keeping him afloat, "It's okay," he murmured softly, running a hand through blond hair. It was getting quite long now, "Let's get you upstairs," he said, as he and Viktor helped the exhausted teenager upstairs and to the room, they had prepared for him.


"Don't leave me alone, please," Yurio begged as they went to let him go.


"I'll stay here, you need to get some sleep," Yuuri said softly as he joined Yurio on the bed, neither of them changed their clothes. Yurio was too tired to do anything more than lie there, eyes wide open watching Yuuri as he settled on the bed beside him.


Viktor watched as Yurio moved around and wrapped an arm around his Yuuri, a soft smile on his face as he grabbed the blanket and covered the two of them up, "You two sleep," he told him, kissing Yuuri and running a hand soothingly though Yurio's blond hair.


The two nodded before they settled down. He watched them as they fell asleep, quietly leaving the room only to bump into a very worried Hiroko waiting for him.


"Is everything okay?" she asked, eyes glancing at the door to the room Yurio was going to be using while staying with them.


Viktor shook his head, "I don't think so. Yurio has built up in his mind that Yuuri was hurt really badly," taking a breath, he didn't want to tell her that Yurio kept dreaming of Yuuri being killed. It would upset the motherly woman, it did him and Yuuri when Yurio talked to them about his dreams, which wasn't often.


"Oh, the poor dear, I'll make sure to get something good to eat later," she said as she started leaving.


"Thank you," Viktor smiled after her as he pulled out his phone and called Yakov, "Yakov," he greeted as soon as the call was answered.


"Viyta," he greeted back, "Have you found him?" he asked, there was worry in his voice and Viktor smiled at it. He knew that the old coach cared about them all and that he wanted to keep an eye on them all, all the time.


"We’re at the onsen now. He's just gone to sleep and is with Yuuri. I don't know how he was able to skate Yakov, heYs exhausted, there are bags under his eyes and he looks... he looks half dead Yakov, you should have pulled him from the competitions," he told him.


"I tried, he wouldn't let me," he sighed, "Each time it looked like he was too tired to continue I asked if he wanted to take a break, to take time off. But he wouldn't let me pull him out. I think, being out on the ice was all that was keeping him going. Please take good care of him Vitya, he needs you and your Yuuri," he said softly.


"I know, he needs Yuuri more at the moment, they are cuddled together, sleeping," he said, a soft smile on his face as he remembered the sight of the two skaters as they fell asleep.


"See if he wants to pull out of the competitions again, if he does, then make sure he rests and recoveries," Yakov told him.


"I will, though I know how stubborn he can be," he chuckled lightly, "He'll want to compete, if he recovers enough I'll let him, but if he shows any sign of not being fully recovered at all I am going to pull him. I don't need him to get injured because he was pushing himself when he didn't need to," he pointed out.


"Do so," Yakov agreed with him easily. He had seen how badly Yurio was doing, but the stubborn teenager didn't want to listen to him when it came to pulling out. He may listen more to Viktor and Yuuri.


"All right, I'll talk to you later on," he told him, "Bye Yakov," he smiled.


"Vitya, take care, of Yura and your Yuuri as well," he muttered back as the call ended.


Viktor smiled a little as he went downstairs to find something to do while Yuuri and Yurio slept.




Yurio looked at Yuuri as the two of them sat on the bed, "So," Yurio sighed, looking away from him and towards the window.


"Yurio," he called to him, getting the teenager to look at him again, "You need to talk about this," he advised, it had already been a day since Yurio had arrived, and while the teenager was sticking near Yuuri as much as possible, he avoided all talk of what was going on. Now, Yuuri had taken him to his bedroom and they were gathered on the bed, Viktor was off with Minako, doing goodness knew what.


"I... I know, but I just," he sighed heavily.


"I know," Yuuri said a rueful smile on his face, "Let me guess you feel embarrassed that the nightmares are waking you up, even though you know everything is fine," he pointed out.


"Yeah," he muttered darkly.


"I know, it's the same for me. I always wake up thinking that I'm still there, that you and Otabek didn't come at all," he told him, admitting to him what was going on in his dreams, hoping that it will help the younger to open up a little bit more with him.


Yurio looked up, "Really?" he asked.


"Really," Yuuri nodded.


"I always think that I didn't get there in time, that you were hurt so bad that... that you died," he whispered at the end, afraid that if he said it, it would come true.


"Well, you both got there in time, and I’m so thankful for that. I know it's going to take a while, but we're okay, all of us," he smiled, taking hold of Yurio’s hand and squeezing it gently.


Yurio nodded as the two of them carried on talking for a while longer until Viktor came into the room and grabbed them for lunch.




Yuuri smiled as they walked into the Ice Castle, he was excited as he would be going out on the ice. Yurio was also biting at the bit to get out onto the ice as well. The two of them had been told that they wouldn't be able to do any jumps at all. And Yuuri was restricted even more. But he didn't care he was going to be able to go out on the ice. He smiled as he laced up his skates, making sure they were tight enough and got up, Yurio was already waiting for him near the door. Following the younger out and into the rink eh waved towards Viktor who was waiting for the two of them.


"Right, Yurio, I want you to go through Agape, mark your jumps only," he reminded him sternly, "And Yuuri, go through a few of the figures, I want to see how you are doing at the moment," he told him, a soft smile on his face.


“Sure," Yuuri nodded heading out onto the ice first. He glanced back towards Yurio who was smiling at him as he stepped out onto the ice. He knew why the younger was smiling. the last couple of days they had talked a lot about what had happened and had gotten word through that the three men were going to be pleading guilty as well. It was a relief that they could really move on from what happened. The two of them had both woken up from nightmares, and instead of going to Viktor with them, he went to Yurio, talking with him, and the younger doing the same. The nightmares might still be there, but they would be for a while longer, they knew that. But just having someone to talk to was helping the two of them start to put what happened behind them.


Yuuri did a few figures, he could feel the pull on his muscles, even with his warm-up earlier. He wanted to jump, but he saw the look Viktor was giving him, and knew he would be in a world of trouble should he even attempt it. With a smile he carried on, going off to the side and then moving towards Viktor when Yurio stepped out onto the ice.


"He looks better," Viktor said softly as the music started and Yurio began to go through it.


"He does, he's still tired, we're both still having nightmares," Yuuri murmured as he watched, a fond and happy little smile on his face as Yurio marked his first jump.


"Which is why he isn't doing jumps. I want to wait until I know he is getting a consistent amount of sleep," Viktor worried a little.


"Hmm," Yuuri smiled, "I know, I hope to be out there soon, I really want to start up properly. I wish I could go to the four continents. I know Phichit is going to be there and so many of the others as well," he smiled softly.


"We can always go and see them and support them?" Viktor suggested, "I know someone who can get us tickets," he added.


Yuuri smiled, "We'll see," he nodded, "I want to, but he has his competition soon as well. I don't want to leave him alone so he would have to come with us as well. But that could be the wrong thing to do," he muttered, more to himself than to Viktor.


"A break is all good," he pointed out, "Yurio is already pushing himself with arguing with me about his jumps," he said, laughing lightly as they watched Yurio.


"True, we'll see how he does with this, for now, we still have three weeks before we should decide if we are going or not," he told him.


Viktor nodded and then called Yurio over as he finished, "You did well, but you need to clean up your spins a little more, they were sloppy," he said as he then began to list what was wrong with the basic routine. Then he started on things that were good.


Yurio listened to him, nodding along and really taking on what Viktor was saying. Though as soon as the elder skaters stopped he glanced over at Yuuri, "You coming back out?" he asked.


"Yeah, I might just do a few step sequences," he said, glancing towards Vitro.


"The smaller ones maybe, do not push yourself, if you find yourself starting to hurt, you stop straight away. I do not want you injuring yourself again because you are ignoring what your body is telling you," he warned the Japanese skater.


"I know, and I will promise," he smiled as he went out onto the ice, Yurio going with him a little and then starting going through some of his old sequences from previous skates.  He stopped after a few as his body twinged in pain, "Okay," he said, skating over to Viktor, Yurio following him again. The younger skating nearby as he went through the sequences just in case he fell or something.


"They were beautiful," Viktor praised.


Yuuri snorted, "No they weren't, they were anything but that," he said, shaking his head, "Anyway, what now?" he asked, looking at the two Russians.


"Well, Yura, go through the sequence again please for Agape, see if you can improve a little more, mark your jumps once more, I do not want to see you in the air until I give you permission," Viktor said as he gave his instructions to the younger Russian.


Yurio nodded, looking a little miffed that he wouldn't be able to do his jumps, but he knew he would be in trouble if he did. Going out onto the ice, he waited for the music to start again and started Agape.


"He has improved," Yuuri said softly as he watched.


"Yes, he has," Viktor smiled.


Practice carried on with Yuuri only going out a few times to skate, and his feet firmly remaining on the ice. He did no spins, even though he wanted to. Yurio had gone through both of his routines a few times, each time getting more and more into it. It was nice to see him with a genuine smile on his face. He looked so innocent when he did so. A hard day of practice after a week of barely doing anything around the onsen had Yurio feeling happy and as though he had achieved something. Smiling they walked back to the onsen, each of them eager for what every Hiroko had cooked for them all for dinner.

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So in May, she began to go through tests to try and find out what was going on. She collapsed at the end of May, but was okay and refused to go to the Hospital. While I was at a concert in London on the 2nd of June she collapsed again. Once more she refused to go to the hospital. They found not long after a shadow on her lungs. In the middle of the month, she became extremely confused, unable to understand things going on around her. Or even able to recognize me and the rest of the family. We finally were able to admit her to the hospital.


She slowly got a little better. She could no longer walk without help, and would occasionally mix up her words, but she was okay. We found out though, that the cause of her condition was lesions on her brain. Just over two weeks of being in the hospital she was let home. We still had no formal diagnosis of what was going on.


Now back at home, my family and I took to caring for her. Last week we got the diagnosis. Small Cell Lung Cancer and it was too advanced and my mother too weak and fragile for them to consider treatment. We were told we may only have weeks with her.


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