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don't bite the hand that feeds you

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Les Inferno is shaking with the base of really good speakers, light dancing off the disco ball in the center of the room. But disco no longer reigns supreme here; the B boys and B girls have invaded. Napoleon feels honored to be part of such an important move for the get down brothers, as much as it is terrifying to be back here where both his brothers died. He uses the music to distract himself, focuses only on rocking out.

That is, until Cadillac storms onto the stage and slams his hand down on the record player, stopping the music with a squawk. He yells:

“Cut that shit.”

He’s so close Napoleon feels like he’s going to panic, what if he’s recognized? He trusts Shaolin and his brothers to keep him safe, but Cadillac's presence is still terrifying.

Shao snarls back:

“What the fuck are you doing, man?”

Cadillac leans in, all threat and gold jewelry, and orders:

“You best put on some real man music, because I’m about to school these young bloods. You know what it is? Rock steady, nigga.”

Shao glares back, but nods subtly and turns to Napoleon, who is keeping himself turned away from Cadillac and his head down, hiding as much as he can in plain sight. The sunglasses he’s wearing feel like a paltry defense. Shao says:

“Yo, give me the record.”

Napoleon leans down over the crate and pulls out the record, handing it over. Shao puts it on and lets it play. Cadillac throws his hands up victoriously and crows:

“Yeah, sucka!”

Then he struts back down off the stage and begins to dance, joined by other people waiting for disco. Shao watches for a long moment, blowing out cigarette smoke, before also stepping off the stage.

Cadillac yells out challengingly:

“Disco magic, baby!”

Then the record skips and jumps, overlaid with a voice saying

“Shaolin Fantastic”

The get down brothers whoop and join Shao on the dance floor. Shaolin begins to dance against a backdrop of cheering B boys, much to Cadillac’s disgust. The B boys begin to join in the dancing, leaving Saholin to return to the stage and the performance to continue. Napoleon watches Cadillac’s humiliation with glee and returns to having fun.