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Livin' Fast, Livin' Free

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“Daddy?” Louis waddled out into the living room of their house, baby bump just barely visible in her lacy night gown. Her ring glittered on her hand, where it was resting against her 7 and a half months pregnant belly. Harry looked up from where he was reading the paper to just enjoy the sight.


God bless Saturday mornings.


“Yes, my love?” He asked.


Louis sunk into the couch, resting her legs in her father’s lap.


“I’m horny, daddy.”


Harry pets her thigh, nodding understandingly. With each upward brush, he got closer and closer to her cunt.


“And what do you want me to do about it baby?” He asked, finally putting pressure on her panties, already soaked through the fabric. Louis whined, her left leg jerking outward at how turned on she was. Since she had become pregnant, she’d been constantly horny, always asking for her daddy’s fingers, or tongue, or cock.


“I need you to help me daddy,” she whimpered, hips pushing up into her daddy’s hand.


Shushing her, Harry gets on his knees, pulling her panties down as he goes. Her bare lips glistening, her clit just peeking out and it’s all for him.


Man is he lucky.


He swipes his tongue between her labia, putting his hands on her covered breasts. Louis moaned.


“Daddy, with your- add fingers,” she demands, already so close due to being sensitive in her pregnancy. Harry complies, unceremoniously shoving two fingers into her, nibbling on her sensitive clit. Louis cries out, gripping her father’s hair as she shoves him onto her cunt further. He pushes his fingers in and out of her pussy as fact as he can, all the while sucking tight on her clit. Louis cried out as the came, the pressure too much, too good, as her daddy continues to lick up the juices that remain. After a moment, she stops him.


“Sensitive,” she mumbles, pushing his head away from her cunt.


Harry picks her up, places her in his lap, and cuddles her close. “Hows our little boy?”


Louis giggled. “He’s fine daddy. A bit restless, but fine. Wanna see if I can wake him up so you can feel him?”


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Cory. Her sweet little boy is an absolute angel. His beautiful, big blue eyes, her daddy’s nose, dark curls already coming in wisps on the top of his head. As she guides him to her nipple, resting on her and her daddy’s bed, the radio softly playing in another room, she can’t imagine how she got so lucky. At only 3 weeks old, all Cory does is sleep and cry, and need nappy changes, but it’s all so wonderful to the new mom.


Harry watches as his little girl feeds their little boy from their bedroom doorway, not yet noticed, and he too can’t believe how they got so lucky. This beautiful sight in front of him- the most beautiful woman in the world, his little girl, and their son , wow, holy shit.


He wants to fuck her.


The sight of her nursing little Cory is a marvel to watch, and he can’t help himself. He slowly undoes his pants, hard cock springing free, and climbs up onto the bed, opening her legs as she goes. She smiles up at him, but makes no move to stop him, continuing to nurse the babe in her arms. He pulls her little shorts down, tossing them across the room for him to find later, slowly entering her. She sighs happily, and let’s Harry do what he wants. He plays with her clit, rubbing it slowly, watching as Louis tries to continue feeding her baby, and letting her daddy use her.


The pleasure is written all over her face, as her daddy fucks her and her baby nurses. Louis’s always had sensitive nipples, and the pleasure of the baby feeding is making her mind go a little hazy.


She comes, and the way she tightens around him makes her father come too, emptying himself inside her. Cory pays no mind, falling asleep as he feeds, and Harry gently kisses his head, before pushing his way into Louis’ mouth. She hums as his tongue all but fucks into her, sucking on the appendage.


She pulls away slightly, and Harry chases her, bringing her lips back to his in a wet, open- mouthed kiss. She giggles, before pulling away for real.


“I love you, daddy,” she tells him. He smiles at her.

“I love you too,” he replies.

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Niall sees the papers in his car only when he’s already at home.


“Fuck me,” he mumbles, and starts up the car again. It seems he’s headed back to Harry’s.


The drive isn’t long, just a hassle. He pulls up to the Styles’ driveway, grumbling about what a forgetful ass his business partner is the moment he gets to his house, it’s like he only cares about getting a little tail.


Granted, if Niall had a daughter-turned-wife-turned mother of his other children, he’d probably forget a lot of things just to get a little action from her.


He heads right in, doesn’t bother to knock, and later, Niall will never admit to Harry that was the best decision of his life, for fear of getting kicked out of their house. Again.


He can hear cartoons playing in the living room, probably where Cory and Cara are watching some tv show Niall would fall asleep within the first 5 minutes of.


Louis’ feeding their youngest kids, Kirsti and Mia, who are sitting in their high chairs, baby food goop all over their faces. But that’s not the best part.


Louis is completely naked, sitting at their kitchen table, and her body is completely angled toward him. For being a mother of four, she looks amazing, heavy boobs that look great for squeezing, and are… bouncing?


That’s when he realizes her legs are spread on either side of someone still wearing their business suit, with his face buried in her hair. Her cunt is completely bare, and a hard cock is moving in and out of her, slowly, like their savoring each inch that they’re inside her. One hand is holding one of her thighs open, and another is gripping her hip hard enough to leave bruises.


Man, Harry is one lucky bastard.


Of course, that’s when Louis notices him, her eyes looking like some sort of fucked out, lazy glow.


“Hi uncle Niall! Are those papers for Daddy?” She asks him, her voice breathy. His cock is totally hard in his pants.


Harry immediately stops moving. Niall is still kind of frozen for a moment.


“Harry, you left these in my car. I’ll just leave them on the table, shall I?” He says, his voice full of amusement. He drops them on the table, then bends to place a kiss on Louis’ cheek, stroking one of her nipples and toying with it gently as he does so. Louis giggles.


“By uncle Niall!” Louis calls as he leaves. “Come over for dinner tomorrow, okay?”


“Will do!” he calls back, walking backwards to keep his eyes fixed on her pretty bald cunt.


Man, is Harry gonna kill him.

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Her baby is graduating college. Cory was finally graduating. 

Cory sat with his siblings on their couch, resting his head in Mia's lap, the kids all sitting in the living room to watch a movie. Louis couldn't help but smile at her babies as she cooked dinner, naked except for an apron, Harry chopping up veggies for her as she made gumbo. Their youngest, Toby, attached himself to her nipple as she kept working, suckling on her even though she no longer was producing milk. After 9 kids, she had been more than ready to shut down the baby factory, much to Harry's dismay. 

Cory walked into the kitchen, opening the frigde for a beer. 

"My baby," she cooed at him, kissing his cheeks and petting his hair despite him being so much taller. 

"I'm just getting a beer, mom."

"But you're graduating! And you're becoming your own man. You're breaking my heart," she told him, adjusting her apron so her oldest could reach down and tug at the nipple his brother wasn't attached to. "I can't believe I'm getting so old."

"Still sexy, mama," Cory reassured her, and she moaned into his mouth as he kissed her deeply. Not only did he look the same as his father, his tongue had the same sinfulness that made her simply melt, her pussy growing wetter as he kissed her. She could feel Toby's hand right by her pussy as it rested on her inner thigh, only making her grow even more wet as her oldest reached his other hand to grab her ass. Toby was trapped between them, and he whined around her nipple. 

Breaking the kiss, Cory ruffled his brother's hair as he smacked his mother on her bare ass, before heading back into the living room. She turned back to cooking, right as another smack landed on her ass. 

Harry slipped his hand between her legs. "Still sexy, mama," Harry purred, and she spread her legs a bit more, allowing her daddy to slip inside her as she cooked. 



Once Harry had emptied his balls inside of her and dinner had been consumed, Louis ushered her children into helping her clean up and get ready for bed. Toby, and his two older siblings Madison and Charlie, were always a hassle to get to bed on time, but Harry could easily wrangle them up. Mia and Kirsti went into their room, giggling over their phone as they facetimed with a friend from their college. Cara lounged in a thong on their couch, playing on her phone as Thomas joined her, burying his face in her breasts as he laid naked between her legs. Andrew and Jamie smacked each other as they fought on some game in their PS4. Louis relaxed next to Cara, as her daughter's hand snuck between her thighs. 

"Mommy," she whined, and Louis spread her legs for her. Shoving her brother off, she flipped over and began eagerly licking at her mother's cunt, sighing softly. Louis pet her hair, scraching her scalp and encouraging her daughter to enjoy herself. Thomas curled up on top of her, rubbing his cock on her thong. Cory wandered into the living room, flopping on his mother's other side as he pulled his cock out of his boxers. Louis absently reached over and began stroking him. 

Louis enjoyed being close with her babies, turning her head towards her son so he could kiss her. His tongue seemed to fuck into her mouth and she moaned, tightening her grip on his cock and pulling Cara's face in a little more. 

"Busy mommy," Harry whispered in her ear. She hummed happily into Cory's mouth. "I'll be upstairs with the girls, okay?" 

Louis broke the kiss with her son to offer one to her daddy, who happily planted one on her before heading back upstairs. Cory quickly captured her lips again. 

Cara pulled her face away from Louis' pussy. "Mommy, can I have special kisses?" she asked, and Louis pulled away from Cory to lie down on the couch, angling her pussy towards her oldest son, who quickly put his face between her legs. Cara hopped off the couch and hovered her pussy over her mom's face, letting Louis eat out her pussy. It didn't take long for Cara to come, rubbing quickly against her mom's mouth. "Thank you mommy," she said, kissing her. Louis could taste her pussy on her daughter's lips, and knew that her daughter was tasting herself on hers. 

"I love you sweetheart," she called after her.

"I love you too."

"I love this pussy," Cory said, and Louis giggled as she stroked her son's hair. Thomas whimpered from his place on the couch, coming all over his hand. 

"Come here baby, let mommy clean you up," Louis cooed at him. He crawled his way over, dangling his cock in front of her face as she cupped his balls and sucked his cock into her mouth. She ran her tongue over the veins in his cock, allowing him to rock his hips into her mouth, tasting her son's come as she lapped at his foreskin.

Cory pushed off his boxers as he began to push into her, enjoying how good it felt to be inside her. The very first time she'd let him into her pussy, she'd told him that it was his first home, that he belonged inside of her, that he'd come from her pussy and he could go back anytime he wanted. And since he'd been allowed, he'd taken full advantage of wanting to slip back into his mom. 

Louis loved her sons, loved knowing that they were enjoying her body. She felt one of her twin boys begin playing with her tits, but she wasn't sure which one had decided to join them. 

"Mommy," Jamie whimpered, and she reached a hand out to try and feel his cock in his pajama pants. He was already so hard, even though he was so young, and she felt her heart swell with pride. Her little man really was becoming a man, and his little cock told her so. In the corner of her eye, she saw Andrew sit on the back of the couch, little cock also out, and she reached her other available hand to stroke him too. 

Hands on her twins' cocks, Thomas' in her mouth, and Cory in her pussy, she tried to convey how much she loved her boys with how enthusiastically she fucked them. Her tits bounced as Cory fucked her, and she felt two different hands reach over to play with her nipples. 

Andrew came first, getting come all over her stomach and tits. She pulled off Thomas to clean him up with her tongue, until he whined at her to let him go. Jamie followed his brother by coming on her tits, and she cleaned him up as well. The twins caught their breath, watching as their other two brothers continued to fuck their mom.

Thomas came again, this time with Louis swallowing him down, sucking him in to the root as he came in spurts down her throat. He pulled away, oversensitive, before kissing her goodnight. 

"I love you mom," he told her, and she smiled at him. "I love you too baby."

"Love you!" the twins shouted as they ran up the stairs, racing Thomas to their rooms. Louis watched them go, happy little smile on her face as her oldest continued to fuck into her. 

"My good boy," she cooed at him, reaching up for him. He obliged, leaning down so his mother could press kisses all over his face as he fucked her, loving how wet she was around his cock. Louis sighed. 

"You look so much like your dad when you come," she told him. He reached up to play with her nipples and rub his brothers' come into her skin. "My sweet little man."

"Mama," he whined at her. 

"It's okay baby, you can come. Mommy wants you to fill her pussy up."

He came inside her pussy, grinding his hips into her. At the feeling of being filled with his come, Louis felt her own orgasm rock through her, enjoying the way he desperately thrust into her. 

"My baby," she purred, feeling her son inside of her.

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Harry smiled as he watched Louis allow her children to use her body, eyes raking over her tits. Cara's face was buried in her mom's cunt, and he took a moment to appreciate how similar her body was to Louis, how much it turned him on watching the two of them. And his son's seemed to be appreciating their bodies as well. 

He made his way upstairs, beer in hand, heading to check up on his kids. Toby was out cold, as was Charlie, but Madison's eyes shone in the dark room. 

"Baby, what are you doing up?" he asked her. 

"I want special kisses, daddy," she told him, big eyes that looked just like Louis' staring back at him. He swallowed heavily, but began to pull down her pants and exposing her hairless pussy. 

"Okay, but just one, alright? You should already be sleeping," he told her. 

"Just one kiss." She pouted at him.

He sighed he leaned over to lick at her labia. She giggled, gripping her teddy bear tighter. He licked at her folds, enjoying her sweet smell and taste, not really capable of getting wet yet. She giggled as his five o'clock shadow tickled her. 

He tucked her back in, placing an open-mouthed kiss on her lips. Her little tongue tasted so sweet. 

"Good night, princess."

"Night, daddy."

He closed the door to her and Charlie's room, making his way toward Mia and Kirsti's room. He heard giggling inside. 

He pushed the door open, seeing that the two were naked, and still on Facetime with their friend. The guy on the other end was stroking his cock for them.

"You two are so sexy, god I wanna fuck you both-" he was telling them, and Mia rolled her eyes.

"We get fucked pretty well already, thanks." She told him. Kirsti leaned over and sucked one of her sister's nipples into her mouth.

"I could fuck you two so good, trust me-"

Kirsti hummed, pulling off with a pop and giving the guy a look. "You're allowed to look, but I don't really wanna fuck you."

Mia reached over and began fingering Kirsti, before finally noticing their dad watching them. "Daddy!" she called out. Her sister glanced over. "Daddy, let me suck your cock," she whined.

"Um," their friend said. 

"You can when you're done," he told them. The girls quickly said their goodbyes, ignoring the guy's protests, before getting on their knees and opening their mouths. 

"Good girls," he told them, unzipping his pants and letting his cock hang between them. Mia began to lap at the head while Kirsti sucked his balls. Harry hummed, petting their heads. 

The two girls continued to suck him off, enjoying the feel of sharing their father's cock between them. 

"Daddy, will you fuck me?" Kirsti asked. Harry nodded, and the girl quickly stood up, shucking off her pants, and lying down on her bed, legs spread open. 

Mia pulled off as well, lying beside her sister in similar fashion, letting Harry get a good look at their beautiful wet pussies lying side by side. 

"So beautiful," Harry told them, pushing into Kirsti. She whimpered, as her sister reached over to play with her nipples. He fucked into her hard and fast, already feeling so close to the edge from getting his cock sucked. 

He pulled out of her, letting Kirsti cry out at the loss, and pushed quickly into Mia, forcing her cunt to open up for him. He moaned, enjoying how she clenched around him. 

"So good for me," he told her, rubbing her clit between his thumb and pointer finger. 

She came quickly, moaning as she reached over to rub Kirsti's pussy. He pulled back out of her, forcing his dick back into Kirsti's cunt. She cried out, moaning as she played with Mia's overstimulated clit, but Mia let her even as pain and pleasure mixed. 

Harry felt his little girl tighten around his cock as she came, crying out. 

"What beutiful girls," Harry murmured at them. 

Cara walked into the room, hand on her clit as she played with it through her thong. "Daddy, will you fuck my pussy?"

Harry pulled out of Kirsti, allowing Cara to bend over between Mia's legs and begin rubbing her pussy. He pushed aside her thong, pushing into her and rapidly fucking her cunt. He blew his load, watching it drip down her thighs. 

"Thank you daddy," Cara said, slapping Mia's oversensitive cunt as she stood. Mia squealed. 

"Night," he said, kissing her. Her mouth tasted like pussy, and Harry moaned as he sucked on her tongue. 

Kirsti was already calling her friend back, showing the boy her and her sister's freshly fucked pussies. 



Louis came to bed not long after, waddling into the room as come dripped down her legs. 

"I love seeing how well my sons fuck their mother," Harry told her with pride. She crawled into bed next to him, lying on her stomach and spreading her legs as Harry moved to mount her. He pushed into her with a groan, feeling his sons' come and how well fucked her pussy felt. 

"Such a good mama," he told her, and she moaned happily. 

"Thank you daddy," she said. 

"Love fucking my little girl."