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Hold On

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The wind, so merciless that you almost duck back into the helicopter on instinct, whistles against the side of the building. And there he is, you see him. He looks so ridiculously carefree, jumping and twirling on the side of a tall building, where the wind is fast enough to take you before you can even reach out for a handhold. He's so conspicuous that you don't even have to point him out to the pilot; he's already taking you closer, as close as he safely can. The trainee beside you is completely silent, studying the situation, presumably in an attempt to apply her theoretical knowledge to the practical realm. This wasn't supposed to happen on her first time out in the field, but you suppose that if she sticks around after this is over, she'll be motivated by the experience to grow even faster. That's good; you like her. She has great potential, and her mind works a lot like yours does, just without the fear of heights that has plagued you since you were young. She's going to be great someday.

The diamond thief turns a corner, still casual, still so blithe about it all, but when the search beam hits him in the face, he pulls up short. For a moment, you think he's going to roll straight off the edge in his surprise, but he doesn't. Thank God. You shout at him, through the megaphone,

"The only way you'll get out of the consequences for this is if you fall and die; the city is airtight, this danger is pointless."

He looks down at the diamond in his hand, then holds it up. The pilot edges the 'copter closer, and you extend a hand to him. Behind you, Trainee Fisher draws in a breath.

He holds the diamond out, and you sigh in relief-- finally this is over, you were afraid you'd have to stay out all night-- but then he...

He places his other hand over yours and tells you, "Hold on," with a roguish smirk that makes your heart stop. Firstly, because he-- she?-- sounds like a woman, and secondly because he's-- she's?-- they're plotting something, and you have a feeling that it doesn't involve getting into the helicopter and giving up the diamond. You hear Fisher make a shocked noise, and then she grabs hold of your legs. You spend exactly one second wondering why before the thief makes their move.

They jump off the edge of the building. You have no time to say anything to stop them, but in the back of your mind you're cursing yourself for telling them you didn't want them to die. They're taking advantage of your nature to... to do something. What exactly is the point of this? You're lucky that Fisher has good enough intuition and reflexes that she was able to grab your legs in time, but it's not like this will help the thief any. Were they trying to kill both of you?

Then they let go, and you stop breathing. They're going to die. And if you had been holding on tighter instead of thinking so hard,

Oh. Your momentum carries you around just enough to see them land on a ledge of some sort, probably leading to the back of the hotel... which would explain the strange vehicle your partner was asking you about just before the alarm went off. You told him to go after the thief in a different direction instead of investigating the vehicle further, which is a rookie mistake; in the case of a theft, all unauthorised vehicles are potential suspects. You explain this to Fisher as she pulls you back into the helicopter, figuring that you may as well make something good out of your mistakes. She looks rather shaken, but upon seeing that you're in one piece, she squares her shoulders and puts on a brave face. You wish you could do the same, but as it is, you're stumbling over your words.

You hate heights. You can't wait to get back on the ground.