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Damsel (not so) in distress and his knight

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It was one of those rare days where the members of EXO were free from all schedules. Some went see their family or just walking out their dogs for other. Or some -Jongin- were just catching up with their long lost overdue and needed sleep hours.


And then, there was Kyungsoo, reading a book, lying down on the old worn couch in the middle of their livingroom. The book was great, I guess. Full of clichés thrillers but still good and distracting enough for him. Kind of like those old tv show that you already saw hunderth of time but can't help rewatching it when it's on.


He was almost at the end of the boring book, waiting to see if his deductions were right on who was the killer. Of course he was right, this couldn't be more obvious that it was the old neighbor. He was weird from the begining. But he syill wanted to know who would be his next victime. Kyungsoo bet on the headmaster of the country club. He was thinking about what he would do if he was the killer, when suddenly Chanyeol head peeked over the armrest of the couch. Soft silver hair falling over his eyes and into Kyungsoo's forehead.


“Hey you, beautiful sunshine of my life." He singsonged while grinning widely.


"The only reason why I wake up every day. My best friend. My light, my reason to breath and live. My love." Continued innocently a beaming Chanyeol.


Kyungsoo knows that his big pretty eyes were probably sparkling so he didn’t even look up before asking Chanyeol in a bored voice what does he wanted.


And the fact that he didn’t even hear the tall man sneaking his way to him was highly surprising, since the latter wasn’t known for his discretion. Generaly very clumsy, tripping over air or his own long bowed legs. But more importantly Chanyeol was disturbing him. That, just when he had only a dozen pages left before knowing the denouement of this 'masterpiece'.


Who was gonna die next? (Please let it be the headmaster of the country club)


Huming, a light blush creept on his cheeks all the way to the tip of his cute big ears.


“Well you see, hahah, this is really dumb, but i missed you. Welle not really cause I just saw you, like around twen-"


"You're rambling Chanyeol."


"Yes. Hum well there’s a big spider in our room." Said a red and embarassed Chanyeol.


"Can you like...hum. I don't know....Like come and kill it." He shyly said, puppy eyes in full action when Kyungsoo finaly looked up to him. "Please." The last word was said so softly that Kyungsoo almost missed it.


Kyungsoo, who did abandon his novel to listen to his boyfriend did nothing but stare at him. Chanyeol began to blush harder under his gaze, his blush spreading to his neck, he looked like a beautiful red cherry red. How many minutes did he spend just silently looking at a red Chanyeol? He didn't know, snapping out of his dream when Chanyeol cleared his throat, squirming uncomfortably.


After all Chanyeol was still crunched beside the armrest, head above Kyungsoo's, waiting for his answer. His big grin still there despite being a blushing mess. 'Cute' muttered Kyungsoo under his breath, his own cheeks getting warm.


Chanyeol suddenly started talking again. A little louder this time.


“It’s almost as big as an apple, Kyungsoo!!” He sounded a little bit desperate and afraid.


At Kyungsoo's blank face, Chanyeol sheepishly corrected himself.


"Okay maybe not an apple, but U swear it's really is big Kyungsoo." His eyes getting wider each words.


Sighing softly Kyungsoo's right hand reached Chanyeol's warm and pink tainted cheek, softly caressing it before getting up from the couch with a groan, to save his damsel in distress like the knight that he is.


☀  ☀  ☀


When Kyungsoo reaches the door of their shared bedroom -that was widely open-  Chanyeol was almost bent in half behind him. Trying to hide behind his clearly smallest body, using him like a shield from the allegedly monster that was hidden in the room.


“Where is it?” Softly asked Kyungsoo, turning his head to look at a scared Chanyeol.


Chanyeol was determined to use Kyungsoo as a shield since he was still behind him pointing somewhere in the room. The braver of the two was now standing in the middle of the bedroom, trying to see where Chanyeol was pointing earlier. The latter was still refusing to enter the room, and only the top of his head full of grey hair peeked out from the door frame. Along with big eyes full of fear searching for the responsable of this situation. Searching for this huge spider acvording to Chanyeol's words.   


"There." whispered Chanyeol while pointing to the window, his big pretty eyes starting to fill up with water.


On the desk, lot of papers with black scrambling words were scattering everywhere, along with his laptop and a keyboard. Chanyeol was probably working on a new song when he saw the spider.


Kyungsoo made his way to where Chanyeol was pointing, expecting to find a tarantula or some sort of big spiders but was meet with a little spider. The kind that would fly away if you blown on it. 


“Is that the monster you were talking about, Chanyeol?” Asked Kyungsoo with his best deadpan expression. Turning to look at Chanyeol, he barely containing his laugh. 


Chanyeol was still hidding behind the door, eyes still as big as before but he seemed on the verge of crying now -dramatic as always.- Chanyeol nodded, a pouts on his face and cheeks red with embarassement. Sighing, Kyungsoo grabbed a random white paper on the desk, making sure nothing important was written on it before catching the little spider with it. 


“NO!" Screamed Chanyeol, just when he was going to thrown the spider out the window. "Kyungsoo," he whined. "You have to kill it or else it will comeback." 


This time Kyungsoo couldn’t contain his laugh at the adorably pouty and scared face of his boyfriend anymore, but the tears that were quietly rolling along the pink shaded cheeks of his sunshine that made Kyungsoo's laugh die and frown in worry.


“Chanyeol. Are you crying?” Softly whispered Kyungsoo, heading toward his giant.


“No." He quickly dried his tears with the pawn of his sweater. The fact is, Chanyeol really, really hated bugs. He knows he was bigger and they probably wouldn't harm him but he was still scared of them.


"The wind made the dust fly around and some got in my eyes.”


Kyungsoo thrown the spider out the window before envelopping his tall boyfriend in his tiny strong arms. Somehow, it’s working just fine and Chanyeol was already breathing better. But Kyungsoo was still murmuring quiet comforting words in his ear, only for him to hear.


“If it comes back, I will still be here to protect you, big baby.” Chuckled Kyungsoo.


Chanyeol gave him a beautiful tear-tainted smile and stick out his pinky finger. "Promise?"


“Promise.” Kyungsoo said, a burst of love sparkling in his chest while pinky promising with his silly boyfriend.


“Ok, because I think it will return soon. I swear to god it wasn’t a normal spider, it must be radioactive or something like that...”


Kyungsoo softly smacked his head, laughing at Chanyeol crazy theory before making his way back to the living room. Chanyeol promptly following after him like the big puppy he was. Both falling on the couch, Chanyeol on top of Kyungsoo, snuggling under his chin while his knight returned to his book.