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A Curse Dyed Orange

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"So it seems that the two of you really like to butt your heads in other people's business", said Fiona with a smirk. Her hair was a little disheveled because of a tantrum she threw just before, and Raika was behind her fixing the now not so perfect bun.
"No not exactly, because I made Raika and I'm sure you know that", I said and she seemed pretty annoyed of the prolonged boring conversation that was still going on.
Then suddenly, Raika just appeared in front of me and she was carrying a smaller-length rope. "If so,right now I'm about to finish my creator once and for all, and I'm pretty content about it", said Rajka and her eyes were shining. I think i knew what was going to happen and sure it was happening. Raika put the rope around my neck and started to tighten it. She was trying to choke me to death! I started choking and trying to catch air to breathe. This is the first time I was so terrified for my own life and i was utterly helpless just grabbing the rope with my hands and trying to loosen it but Raika was trying to tighten it even more while maniacally laughing. And then right when I thought this is the time that my life will come to its end there was a loud knock on the door and I could feel Raika dropping the rope paralyzed. I also saw Fiona and she was just sitting there not even flinching. Then I heard a voice coming from outside yelling "Auntie Fiona!" and Raika had a puzzled expression. Then she looked at Fiona.
"Who is that,Fiona?" she asked.
"That's just my little niece Lia... I guess she's looking for me",said Fiona.
Then I could hear murmuring from the back and it was Rika. I was kind of sure she was asleep by now but guess I was wrong.
Then the door opened and i could see a girl a little taller than me with purple medium-length hair, wearing Rika's school uniform. Does Rika know this person?
Anyways I could see that the girl is clearly shocked to see two girls laying on the floor and one of them being strangled to death in her aunt's house.
"I can explain everything. No,I actually don't have to explain anything to you,child. Now go to your room and clean up the kitchen after. Why are you so filthy?",Fiona said with a disgusted expression.
"No Auntie, I need an explanation. Why is Rika here all tied up and who is that woman holding the rope. I demand you to let her go,what the hell did she do?", the girl said, seemingly pretty shaken. She was on the verge of a crying outburst.
"Watch your words! This is none of your business. And I'm demanding you to get out of here or you will join your friend as well!". Fiona started yelling and the girl looked pretty scared as if she knew that Fiona was not joking with the threats. She just looked at Rika and silently said "I'll be back" after she just left the room.I watched her just leave and i felt hopeless again,the only hope I had has now gone through the doors. And then i just felt two slams to my head after which my mind fell into complete darkness.