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A Curse Dyed Orange

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Well,hi.I'd like to introduce myself.I am 6×*8==D×.My name might sound weird but that will all be clear in a moment.The truth is that I'm actually not human,just partially human.But I still think people should treat me better no matter what.

Ever since i started going to school i constantly got bullied by everyone,including the teachers.At first it didn't really matter much to me,but later it slowly started getting through to me and i felt bad about myself.It was really hard living like this on a day to day basis.

But even though it was so hard for me i still had something to keep me going.And that was him.Bane Venerus.Or just Bane.He was the hottest guy in school and everyone seemed to like him.That's kind of expected since he was so perfect.A little too perfect for me.He would never pay attention to me.And he never did.

Until one day.As usual some random guys from my school were throwing bananas at me he suddenly appeared.I thought to myself:Is he going to join them?But i was wrong.He told them to leave me alone.And i felt protected first time in my lifetime.Like someone cared.

And that seemed to be it.I felt like my life was finally getting better.And i was right.He loved me and I loved him.If I had forseen my happineess in the future i might not have done something in the past.If only I wasn't so desperate..

At that time it seemed right.I just wanted revenge.I just wanted to get back at those kids.I wanted to create something that would do that for me.And make them and all their succesors suffer.