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All Work and No Play

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“We’ve got a new job,” Jin says as he enters the office. As always, he loosens his tie and combs his fingers through his hair the second he walks in the door.

Jun looks up from his laptop, squinting slightly so his eyes can adjust after three straight hours of staring at the monitor, trying to hack into a stupidly complicated network. It doesn’t seem to help.

“I’m blind!” he wails dramatically.

Jin snorts and whacks him none-too-gently on the back of his head as he walks past to his desk.

“Ouch! Kyo-san, we really need to have a talk about the occupational health and safety standards in this office,” Jun complains with the biggest pout he can manage without straining a muscle in his face. “Or is this domestic violence? Am I a battered woman?”

“You’re an idiot,” Jin replies. “Stop trying to get into Mercury’s servers for shits and giggles, and start thinking about how we can get info on the Mitsubishi Group’s plans to take over Sumitomo Chemicals.”

Jun whistles. “That’s pretty huge. Where did you hear about that?”

“Where else?” Jin sighs. “If the takeover is successful, Toudou Chemicals would be hopelessly outgunned by Mitsubishi and lose a small fortune in government contracts. Saijou Chiharu is not about to let that happen.”

“Ooh, will I be reporting directly to Saijou-san on this one?” Jun asks, excited. He loves working up close and personal with Saijou, unlike approximately ninety-eight percent of Saijou’s acquaintances – partly because Saijou’s jobs tend to be a good challenge, and partly because it gives Jun a chance to fuck with one Toudou Kazuki. Hey, he works sixty hours a week; he gets his fun any way he can.

Jin gives him a weird look. “Yeah, he’s requested that.”

“Yes!” Jun pumps his fist in the air, and generously decides to ignore Jin’s eye roll. “So, which play are we going with?”

* * *

The play they go with is the one where Jun ends up with his shirt unbuttoned more than halfway down his chest as he plies a balding, middle-aged senior executive from Mitsubishi with too much alcohol.

“Jun-chaaaan,” he slurs drunkenly and tries to paw at Jun’s chest. “You’re pretty cute for a boy. Are you sure you’re a boy?”

“Yep, I’m just a cute little boy,” Jun says agreeably, expertly dodging the bad touch while still giving the impression that he’s snuggling up to the other man. “So, tell me all about your job, handsome.”

It’s almost ridiculously easy.

* * *

“Sumitomo is still holding out against Mitsubishi’s offer, but in this economy they’re really feeling the heat,” Jun mutters under his breath. He wipes at the glass on the vending machine, chasing invisible dust. “It’s only a matter of time.”

Saijou leans against the wall beside the vending machine, arms crossed; he’s pretending to look at his phone. “Unless we can persuade them to look elsewhere,” he murmurs.

“Should we?” Jun asks. “Persuade them, I mean.”

“Leave it to me.”

Suddenly, apropos of nothing, Saijou’s lips lift slightly in one corner, and Jun almost chokes on his own spit when he realises that the man is actually smiling. And then he realises that Saijou is no longer pretending to look at his phone, but is actually reading what must be a message from Kazuki.

“How’s the young master these days?” he probes, unable to resist even as those cold eyes turn to glare at him. “The last time I spoke to him, he still thought you were banging me in the staff toilets.”

If Saijou’s eyes could kill – a theory which hasn’t been entirely disproved as yet – Jun would be buried in a grave next to his sister and Jin would be bringing him flowers every month too.

As it is, Jun very wisely doesn’t wait for a reply, just grabs his cleaning supplies and scurries down the hallway to the safety of the elevator.

* * *

“Job done!” Jun announces as he bustles into the office. He throws himself down on the couch, then writhes in pain as the corner of his laptop digs into his butt. “Ouch ouch ouch! Occupational health and safety, it’s a thing, seriously, we have to look into it.”

“You’re finished already?” Jin stares at him disbelievingly, his scepticism somehow magnified by his glasses.

“Have I ever mentioned that your glasses are sexy? You should do me sometime with them on,” Jun says, and takes note of the fact that Jin’s death glare is remarkably similar to Saijou’s. “Also, yes, I’m finished already. I reported my findings to Saijou-san today, and he said he’d take over from here.”

“Fine,” Jin grunts, and turns back to the file on his desk. “Write up your report, then you can take the rest of the day off.”

“I’ve got a better idea!” Jun chirps, and firmly plants himself in Jin’s lap, his legs straddling Jin’s hips in the wide leather chair. He knows from experience that the first approach is the most important; if he can get himself into a strong position from the outset, Jin is much less likely to push him away and turn down sex for the sake of work. Who really does that, anyway? Besides, he deserves a reward for completing the job so efficiently and with a minimum of indecent exposure.

“Get off of me, I have work to do,” Jin grumbles, and shoves his hand in Jun’s face.

Undeterred, Jun simply licks his hand, dragging his tongue over the centre of Jin’s palm before sucking one, then two, then three of Jin’s long fingers into his mouth, his tongue sliding around and between each finger. He glances up at Jin’s face through lowered lashes, and slowly, slowly sucks from the root of his fingers to the very tips.

Jin’s eyes are hot, and so is the hardness underneath Jun’s ass. He gives an experimental wriggle, and gasps when Jin suddenly grabs his ass with both hands and stands up, shoving the chair away from the desk to bang against the wall. Jun clamps his legs around Jin’s hips and squeezes his arms tightly around Jin’s neck, ready to hang on to him wherever Jin takes him.

“Keep the glasses on, Kyo-san,” Jun says with a laugh.

And he does.