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Was It Really Worth It

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Jotaro wasn't the same man that he once was. He had been through a lot over the years. New adventures, friends, family, but this new encounter was one that he was not used to and that he himself needed time to get used to.

Jotaro sighed before putting down his ink pen. He knew that he was supposed to have finished taking notes for his latest project but his mind had become so cloudy as of lately. He had recently gone to visit his 9 year old daughter and handled things with her mother. He had also gotten married to the love of his life "Yoshikage Kira". Sure they had been through a lot and both of them nearly died in the process but it was love that kept them going and kept Jotaro's head up.

Jotaro stared blankly at the picture of the of the blonde man sitting on his work desk. Such beautiful blue eyes that looked dead yet full of so much life, eyes that longed for more. Jotaro then shifted his eyes to the picture of the picture of both him and Kira together holding hands. Kira had a small smile while Jotaro was sporting a big grin with his teeth showing, which was usually out of character for him. But Jotaro was obviously lost in the moment. He wondered to himself, why go this far?

Jotaro was willing to sacrifice a lot for his lover. He was prepared to face whatever consequences or backlash that he had gotten for falling for such a "monster" but he didn't care because it was love that kept him by his side no matter what. It was love that made him lose nearly everything.

Josuke in particular, didn't speak to him anymore and had viewed Jotaro as a traitor. Jotaro was ok with this because he hadn't really gotten a chance to even get to know his uncle in the first place so, did his opinion really matter? What had actually hurt him though was that he had lost Koichi's trust and the worse part was that he never faced him to tell him the truth. He felt that everything was better left unsaid so he left Morioh with a guilty heart and his lover by his side.

Jotaro was now three years into the relationship with Kira and now happily married. Kira had even agreed with him on having his daughter Jolyne stay and live with them so that they could be a happy family,something that he had wanted for a while. Ever since the day that he rescued his mother he had realized that he wanted a family of his own some day. But he didn't expect it to happen in the way that it did. But why did it matter?

Isn't this what he really wanted?...

Jotaro was never the type of person to care about what other people thought about him or anyone that he had cared for but he couldn't help but question himself rather or not he had made the right decision. After all he was married to "The killer of Morioh". Even worse he had helped him completely get out of dodge and he didn't have to face proper punishment for his crimes.

But what about justice?...

Jotaro was number one when it came to delivering justice but for some reason he couldn't bring himself to do it in the case of Yoshikage Kira. Jotaro never truly understood why but for some reason, whenever he had spotted Kira in distress for any reason he would always swoop in and do whatever he could to assist him... even after he nearly murdered his friends. But why? What was wrong with him? Was love truly blind? And did it not discriminate, regardless of who you may be? Or was it Jotaro's insatable desire to get in Kira's heart and become a part of his world... None the less, was it worth it in the end?

'Was it all a mistake?' Jotaro thought to himself, fiddling with the large ring on his finger.

Was it really worth it?...