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Midnight Revival

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Rea wakes up at midnight with her stomach growling. When was the last time she ate something? She can remember the last time she forgot to eat and definitely doesn't want to repeat that. So she gets up. Chihiro is still asleep in his bed, gently breathing. Her feelings for him have started to get stronger over the past few months that she's been staying with him. Those feelings have gotten so strong that she might even be in love with him. She wouldn't know though, she's never been in love before. A sigh escapes her. Their love doesn't stand a chance. She's dead and he is alive. Even if they could get past that, he might not even like her.

Shaking her head, she pushes those thoughts to the back of her head. She needs to get a move on, she can lose control at any minute now. Slowly and softly she makes her way over to the door and turns the handle. The door creeks when she opens it but luckily Chihiro doesn't wake up. Her feet don't feel the coldness of the floor when she tip-toes out of the house. When she gets outside, she doesn't feel the chill of the breeze either. She starts strolling through the forest, munching on hydrangea leaves as she walks.

After a while she finds herself in unfamiliar territory, but it's too beautiful to turn back so she just keeps on walking. Rea has to stop though when her path is blocked by a pool of water. Memories of when she was younger and she would go swimming with her friends, without her father, appear in her mind. Looking around, she makes sure that no one is around and watching her. Quickly she slips off her nigh shirt and sprints to the water. If she was still able to feel different temperatures, she would've been able to tell that the water seems to be lukewarm. The water starts getting deeper as she swims to some moss-covered boulders. When she rests her back against one of the boulders, the water just covers her collarbone.

This is so relaxing. Chihiro would like it here. The thought of him would've made her blush if she could. She shouldn't be thinking of him while she's naked. It is unacceptable, totally improper for a good girl like her to be thinking this way. But it would certainly be nice if he could be here with her. Maybe if he saw her in this state he would consider loving her, she would even settle for him only liking her. Her only wish is just that her feelings would be reciprocated by him.

Chihiro wakes up with a sudden apithony. For months he's been searching for a way to make Rea human again. Not that he doesn't like her being a zombie but he wants her to be able to feel what he feels. He's been in love with her for a while now but he isn't sure that she can feel the same way when her heart isn't beating. There is a piece of the parchment missing from the one where he found the recipe for the liquid that resirected Rea. He believes that that piece might hold the key to turning her back. Yesterday when he talked to his grandfather about this again, he muttered something about seeds and blood but Chihiro isn't entirely sure what that could mean. He plans on feeding Rea some blood, no matter how gross it is, and then feeding her some hydrangea seeds.

But when he looks to where she is supposed to be sleeping, she isn't there. His bedside clock says that it's 00:30. Suddenly he remembers that Rea should have eaten something by now. She probably woke up and went to go eat some leaves. It would be easy to find her in the forest, she always leaves a path of broken branches behind her. His bedroom door is open and she also forgot to close the front door. The cold breeze wakes Chihiro up further when he gets outside.

It is easy to see where Rea was walking. There are broken branches and half eaten hydrangea leaves leading in the direction of the secret pool. He used to go swimming there when he was younger and wanted to get away from his family. It takes him a while to get there but when he finally does, he can barely believe his eyes. This must be a dream. He is obviously still sleeping. There is no way that he could actually be looking at a very naked Rea leaning against a boulder at the far end of the pool.

It feels as if someone is watching her and she shivers out of habit. But when she opens her eyes, she is shocked to see that it's Chihiro that is watching her. A squeak escapes her and she immediately tries to cover her chest. Chihiro doesn't even move, he just keeps looking at her as if he is in a trans. But why is she so ashamed and shy? Isn't this exactly what she was wishing for a few moments ago. Slowly she she lowers her hands and takes a few steps forward, just enough that the top of her breasts are showing. Chihiro's adam's apple visibly bobs and he rubs his eyes, as if he is trying to wake up.

"Chihiro, don't you want to come swim with me?" Rea asks. She can't believe she was able to say that. It took all the courage she had in her body.

He immediately starts stripping. First he tugs off his shirt and then he pulls down his pants. His body is mouthwatering. He isn't very muscled but he is lean. There are a few defined lines on his stomach and a visible 'V' that leads down to beneath his boxers. He hesitates when he reaches his boxers. Slowly Rea nods her head and patiently waits for him to remove his last piece of clothing. She has never seen a man naked and she isn't disappointed when she finally does.

His shaft is quite large and stand erect in the moonlight. Rea obviously knows how sex works but now she isn't so sure. How was that supposed to fit inside of her. That surely can't physically be possible. But that thought gets forgotten when he strides in her direction.

The water moves graciously around him as he makes his way over to her. He stops a few inches in front of her. She wishes she was still alive so she could feel his warm breath fan across her face. Luckily she can still smell him. He smells of oak trees, rain and faintly of hydrangea. A shy smile graces her lips and for some reason Chihiro blushes. Rea decides to cross the distance between them and presses her body against his, keeping her hands on his shoulders. Simultaneously they gasp.

She can feel his member against her pubic bone and shudders. Just because she's dead doesn't mean she can't feel pleasure. That movement triggers a chain reaction and Chihiro pulses against her.

"Is this another dream? Because I'm not entirely sure, it feels too real." Chihiro whispers. Another? Does this mean he has dreamed of her naked on other occasions?

"No, Chihiro. This is real." Rea whispers back and a silence settles over them.

After a while he says, "You've said that before too, so I still can't be entirely convinced."

Rea sighs, she wanted him to kiss her for the first time they kissed but this might be the only way to make him believe her.

"Does this feel real enough?" she whispers before pulling herself up and gently placing her lips on his. It takes a few seconds for Chihiro to close his eyes and start kissing Rea back but only after that does she close her eyes. Their lips move very slowly, completely unsure but still pleasurable. But the pace starts to accelerate. The steam from the pool makes it easy for their lips to slide across each other. Her eyes shoot open when she feels Chihiro's tongue try to enter her mouth but they quickly fall close when he succeeds.

His tongue explores the inside of her mouth and he groans when she moves her tongue in return. Finally he puts his hands on her waist and presses her more firmly against his body, causing her to rub across his member. His hands slide lower and grasps her bottom, pressing her harder against his shaft. This time Rea moans too and slides one of her hands down from his shoulder to drag one of his hands away from her bottom and towards her core.

She has never felt something like this. There is a feeling in her center that she has never felt before. Somehow she knows that that it is diluted due to her death but it is till pulsing through her. All that she knows is that it needs to be touched and she wants it to be touched by Chihiro. So when he hesitantly touches the skin of her body that has never been touched before, she can't help but be surprised by the absolute pleasure and moan.

Chihiro is ashamed to admit that he knows the female anatomy well enough to know that he is touching her clit. When he was younger and before he met Rea, he had bookmarked quite a few websites that contain certain erotic videos. But that could also work in his favor, he knows how to pleasure her. But will those things work on her, she's dead. She's dead. How could he have forgotten. This is wrong, no matter how much he wants to, this is morally wrong. He should sto- Before he could complete his though, Rea starts kissing the base of his throat.

Rea is amazed to feel her pleasure increase when he starts to move his fingers. He is moving it over a special nub that has always looked strange to her, it seemed to hold no purpose. But now she understands. Chihiro moves his fingers in a circular motion around it and then swipes his fingers over it. She can't help but moan at the sensation. As he continues, she moves her hands to his back and starts lightly scratching it whenever he moves his fingers over her nub. He starts moving his fingers in a rhythm and she starts moving her hips up in time with this rhythm.

Her hips jerk upward when he inserts a finger into her slit. Both of them are slightly panting. In and out he starts moving that finger, all the while he still moves his other fingers over and around her nub. Chihiro surprises her when he inserts another finger. He is stretching her and it is just getting better and better. She can feel the strain it is putting on her inner walls but her undead state refuses to let her feel the pain and discomfort, only the pleasure. A third finger is added and this time she feels a slight uncomfortable pinch but it nothing that doesn't fade away after a few strokes.

Chihiro forces these words out while he is panting and still pleasuring her, "Rea, I'm in love with you. Deeply in love and, you can say no, but I would really like to make love to you."

Those words make Rea moan and she smiles, even though her eyes are squeezed shut due to the pleasure she is feeling.

"You don't know how much I've wanted to hear those words from you. I feel the same way. I would never say no to you." She pants and kisses him on the lips.

Chihiro removes his hand from her center and Rea softly bites his lip. He gently uses the hand that was still on her bottom to lift her leg and wrap it around him. Rea feels his tip brush her entrance and a takes shaky breath. Chihiro takes a deep breath and thrusts into her, pushing himself to the hilt. This time Rea experiences a bit of pain and her hands spasm on his back but it fades away almost instantly when he starts pulling slowly out. When he pushes in again she realizes how truly big he is. Chihiro is filling her to the brink and is hitting a spot inside of her that makes her want to scream.

As he continues to thrust in and out of her, she is pushed closer to something she doesn't understand. It feels as if she is nearing a finish line of something but she doesn't know of what. Chihiro speeds up and the finish line starts gets closer rapidly. He pulls her other leg around him and her ankles lock behind him. He slides in deeper and a guttural moan escapes her. Her nails scrape down his back and this time he is the one to moan. The final shove to the finish line is given when his one hand goes to her outer nub and the other starts to massage her breast.

It feels as if there are fireworks going off inside of her, her world is torn from it's axes. It's and overload of pleasure and her core constricts and massages Chihiro's member until he releases inside of her. His warm seed fills her completely and some of it leaks out, swirling in the water where they are still connected. Chihiro suddenly feels a stabbing pain in his neck and is shocked to find Rea biting into his shoulder. For some reason the pain is bearable and luckily Rea pulls away after a few seconds.

There is blood dripping from her mouth and her skin is slowly starting to turn to the ivory color that she used to have. A slight blush covers her cheeks and she smiles at him. The cold breeze from before blows over them and Rea shivers.

"Chihiro, can we go back home. I'm getting cold."

As soon as those words leave her mouth, both of their mouths fall open.

"I'm getting cold! I'm cold! Chihiro, what does this mean?" Rea asks excitedly. She can't believe it. All of the sudden her heart starts beating. Rea starts crying, but she's happy. So incredibly happy. She takes his hand and places it on her chest so that he can feel her heartbeat too.

Chihiro smiles and he looks into her eyes before he whispers,

"It means you're alive again."