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Ignite Infinity

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I honestly had thought that once I stepped down the Guardians and then helped Mika, I would be able to live the rest of my life without trying to save the world.

“Tusakanova, we should get going.”

“It’s Satomora, I’ve had it legally changed to go by my other last name. But even then, please call me Ami. I’m not that much older than you.”

I couldn’t refuse the call to save Gurhal.

After the initial shock that the woman we fought at GRM, Nagisa, had hired me Emilia brought all of us to my room. A part of me wondered why always in my room, but that was a small thing in the grand scheme of things going on with that day.

“Look, I don’t know what game you’re playing missy, but you’re not going to fool me.”

“Excuse me, game?”

“Ami, tell her! She used that frightening power, she must have come here to finish the job...”

“Emilia, now you’re being silly. If that was the case then Crouch wouldn’t have accepted her request. We’re not that hard up for meseta. Anyway, Nagisa correct? I’m sorry for my partner, sometimes she overreacts. But I do agree with her on some points. I felt something off from you and we did just fight, so my initial trust isn’t there yet. So explain why you decided to hire the person you just faced?”

To make the story short, Gurhal was in trouble again. Dumans appearing was a sign of something going to happen. She wanted to stop the trigger that created Dumans. Apparently, since we were investigating subspace, we had mistaken that it was the reason Gurhal was still in decline. When if fact, we should be looking at the Seed.

It was only natural that we tried subspace first, since the most recent crisis involved it.

Everything seemed to revolve right back to the Seed.

‘Ami darling, you’re wandering too deep into your thoughts again.’

“Wynarl, please stop adding darling.”

This also brought one of the reasons why she chose me to help her.

Wynarl is an Ancient who decided to take host inside Nagisa. The faint voices I heard during our fight in GRM was his. It was possible through my bond with Mika. Like Mika, he objected Kumhan’s plan to take over the human and was why he was able to still exist in Gurhal despite Kumhan no longer being here. Anyway, because of the bond with Mika, it was easier for me to understand Nagisa’s motives.

She’s...not very good at explaining things simply.

So our mission started in some remote area in Neudaiz.

“It’s nearby.”

“What is Nagisa?”

“Our target, but there is something blocking my ability to sense it clearly. We will need to clear it before continuing.”

“’re right. I feel it too and I know it’s not the area. The photon count here is way too low.”

“Ah, that’s right. I do remember you have some sensitivity to photons due to your Newman nature.”

“It’s only a trace. I’m officially classified as a Human.”

Our trip through the area brought us to the source of the interference, minerals found all over the place. There was something about the aura they gave out which blocked out Nagisa’s ability to feel for her target, so we had to destroy them. There were so many scattered through the area that it made me wonder about why these weren’t discovered sooner?

Could it be possible that it’s another sign of Gurhal’s decline?

We had gotten rid of about twenty or so of them before we had to take a break. The increase of creatures as well as we got further into the area was a concern for me.

I couldn’t help but wonder about Nagisa. There were more questions I had about her now that I got to be in this mission with her.

What was she doing in GRM?

Why was her target that stone?

Where did it go after she touched it?

I needed to find out these answers if I was going to continue this partnership with her.

“Hey Nagisa, I-”

Her response was to point her sword at me. She was immediately on guard. I was unfazed by her actions, being a former Guardian I wasn’t shocked by people doing this to me.

That and I think Nagisa wasn’t used to someone actually helping her.

“It’s only you Satomora. It’s best you not startle me like that. I might have killed you by accident.”

“Well I haven’t been killed by someone yet, so I think I’d take my chances.”

That response got a smirk out of Wynarl. I just showed him the second reason why Nagisa asked for me and not Emilia for her missions. She knew of my experiences before coming to Little Wing.

‘She knows how strong you are. That night at GRM she felt that strength.’

“I felt her power too, I wonder why she needs me.”

‘Nagisa is pretty strong, that I can admit to. She couldn’t do this alone, at least not anymore.’


‘I’m getting ahead of myself. She’ll explain in due time. Anyway, how do you feel about this entire Duman situation? It has to be weird to have a new race discovered in your generation?’

“Satomora, Wynarl, lets go.”

‘Think about it Ami darling, we’ll talk more later.’

I noticed that the closer we got to Nagisa target, the more hostile the creatures in the area became and in increased numbers. It was starting to feel more and more like a sign of things to come. Were they blocking our progress? That couldn’t be it...could it?

All the same they felled to Nagisa and I’s weapons.

After clearing the area we found it, Nagisa’s target.

“The 108th fragment.”

Wait, 108?

The fragment she was talking about looked like that gem from GRM. I felt something really bad coming from the gem. Like it shouldn’t be disturbed, faint whispers in my head telling me that this was dangerous. I looked on in shock as she absorbed the gem into her body. That darkness of the stone went inside her body, coincidentally the whispers stopped as well.

This wasn’t natural.

I needed to know why Nagisa was gathering these fearful stones.

“Nagisa that gem. You did the same thing in GRM, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did.”


‘I asked you about the Duman situation earlier. These stones we believe are the source of their creation. We don’t know the specifics of the changes, but these stones have the power to completely change a being’s genetic makeup. Humans are just far easier to be affected by it.’

“Considering our makeup made it easy to create Newmans and Beasts, I’m not surprised. But what does that have to do with anything?”

‘That’s not all Ami darling-’

“Stop adding darling Wynarl.”

‘Anyway, we feel that these stones, these fragments are the reason that even after the Seed and Kumhan are gone from this place Gurhal still is in decline. You know about the photon shortage right?’

“Of course, my father is a researcher of Photon applications. He’s been concerned about the shortage too.”

‘Right, and since the sealing of Rykros is thanks to the power of photons...’

My face paled at the lingering sentence.

Wynarl went on to say that the darkness is manifesting into these gems in a way that Dark Falz manifests. The stones gain more power by absorbing more negative emotions which was affecting the nearby area. If nothing was done then Gurhal would be in a perfect state for Dark Falz to leave the sealing and plague us again. The creation of Dumans was a sign we didn’t have much time. This was Nagisa’s goal.

I had thought that when we sealed Rykros away, we eliminated any chance of Dark Falz returning.

Apparently, that wasn’t the case.

I wanted to ask her more about that, but she was passed out.




I did panic a little when she finally became unconscious. But she was breathing normally, which just meant she was exhausted and not injured. Wynarl assured he even more she was fine. Just sleeping off the absorption of the crystal. This revealed the main reason why Nagisa hired me, she needed a bodyguard. Having absorbed so many of those fragments have begun to reach Nagisa’s limits. Wynarl can only do so much not having a body of his own. If Nagisa were to get attacked during her blackouts, then Gurhal is doomed an absolute death. Nagisa didn’t seem like the type to openly admit this.

His words were on my mind as I carried Nagisa from our mission area to my room.

‘I feel a little bad asking so much of you already Ami.’

“It’s fine, I couldn’t leave her down there and the flyers are uncomfortable to sleep on.”

‘But still, thanks. I’m relieved you’re a girl though. If this was a guy’s room, I would be worried. Nagisa is a nice girl, if a little naive. Like a page out of one of those books, the female lead lets her guard down for a perfect opportunity for the interest to prove their love to her. But that won’t happen, unless you like girls?’

My face flushed with heat at his statement. I can see why Emilia called him a pervert.

Other than a fact he has basically unlimited access to a female’s whims since he’s taken host in Nagisa.

“I never thought about th-hey! Why am I indulging you with this talk? Whether I like girls or guys is none of your business.”

Luckily Emilia called before he could try to press an answer out of me. Emilia did some checking into Wynarl’s story earlier and his theory was correct. There was some connection between the genetics of Dumans and those formerly infected by the Seed-virus. At least, on a very basic level. Emilia needed to spend more time researching with Shizuru before she could get into details. So I would be working with Nagisa by myself a little longer.

I wasn’t mad about the situation.

Deep down, research is Emilia’s life.

But I still miss her being by my side like usual.

Anyway, when we disconnected Wynarl had a request for me. Not ordered by Nagisa, but a personal one from him.

“It’s not anything dubious is it?”

‘Of course not! Why would you ask that?’

“Did you not just ask me about my preference?”

‘So witty Ami darling, but not this time. I just want you to be nice to Nagisa and be her friend.’


He didn’t explain.

Wynarl didn’t need to ask me. I wanted to be friends with Nagisa. She’s a bit odd, I’ll admit. But I don’t think she’s a bad person. She’s pushing her body so hard to save Gurhal. I can feel that determination coming from her.

But she would need some guidance to better blend into society.

I think I can manage that.