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I Can't Deny

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When Thor walks into the temple there’s not a soul in sight. The usual sound of laughter and teasing voices was missing, in its place was the wordless get down beat that Shao was spinning. With his headphone’s on and him being so clearly in the zone, Shao didn’t seem to hear Thor enter.

It was perfect night for this, with the rest of the Get Down brothers busy at a family dinner celebrating the success of the Soul Madonna’s. The girls were back for a brief respite from their movie production which was a big deal for the boys. It wasn’t the kind of event that either Shao or Thor could come to. Despite feeling disappointed with the realities of the relationship he and Dizzee had, this had come to be a perfect night. Finally, Thor would have Shao alone.

Thor continued further into the temple walking up to Shao’s DJ station so that his presence could be made known. Shao nearly jumped when he finally saw Thor. “Fuck! You nearly scared the crap outta me man.” Shao said, taking his headphone off. He didn’t seem to be looking Thor in the eye. “Dizz ain’t here. He at a family barbecue or some shit.”

“I know.” Thor said simply trying to give Shao a soft smile to put him more at ease. “I didn’t come to see Dizzee though.”

Shao took a breath and walked away from his turntables. Most likely he didn’t want Thor to damage them if things got physical. Shao’s guard was up in a way that made him so closed off that Thor’s heart lurched. Thor wished that Shao could have the same level of comfortability that he seemed to have with Dizzee. Before Thor
could do what, he came here to do he needed to calm Shao down.

“Dizzee’s been telling me forever now that he’s gonna introduce us. I’ve always been a little intimidated about meeting you because of all those wild-ass stories that people spread. The moment that Dizzee showed me your signature in his book...I could just see.” As Thor spoke he left his gaze drift to the turntables that were still spinning the record, except they played more than the get down without their DJ to conduct them.

“See what?” Shao asked after clearing his throat.

“See that all those stories were dead wrong.”

There was a brief silence as Shao seemed to size Thor up and see why he was here. Thor decided to give up the suspense. “So I heard you’re trying to push up on my man.”

Shaolin must have been expecting this but he seemed to be unprepared to respond. Maybe he anticipated this to be as simple and Thor coming in to fight him. Thor would’ve probably fucked some of his shit up and maybe Shao might’ve let him kick his ass a bit. That seemed a lot simpler than actually discussing it.

“I just don’t really think it’s fair.” Thor said getting up into Shao’s personal space. “I leave our studio for just a few hours and I miss out on everything.”
Shao locked his eyes on Thor’s with a carefully blank expression. “Shit happens man.”

“I just feel a little…left out.” Thor said leaning in slowly until their lips were just a few inches apart. He gave Shao ample time to move out of the way if he wanted to. The other man stood very still. Until suddenly his lips were on Thor’s and his hands were in Thor’s long hair.

Thor knew for a fact that on his worst days he was still a good kisser. But he wanted this to be an earth-shattering kiss. In order to do that he needed to pull out all the stops. He grabbed the other man’s hips and pressed them against his own. Shao gasped in surprises and Thor took that as his opportunity to deepen the kiss.
Thor’s hand wandered to the edge of Shaolin’s t-shirt snaking upwards until there were on his bare sides. People said to never meet your heroes but they don’t say shit about kissing them. Or leading them over to the couch so that you can continue your make out session more comfortably.

Thor was straddling Shao on the couch when he broke away after a few moments. Thor found himself leaning forward to chase his lips only to have Shao hold him back by his shoulders. “Wait, man. Shit. Just wait a minute.” Shao threw his head back looking out of breath. He mumbled something that sounded a lot like ‘what the fuck is going on’ to Thor.

Thor felt like this would be an appropriate time to get off Shao, and made a move to do so. Shao’s hands quickly came up to hold his thighs in place. “Dude, I just need to know if Dizzee knows. About this.” Shao clarified looking slightly worried.

“You didn’t have a problem with that when you kissing him though.” Thor pointed out petulantly.

“Look, Pretty Boy.” Thor raised an eyebrow at the nickname but made no comment. “Dizz is my boy, one of my Get Down Brothers. I ain’t continuing this if he didn’t say it was cool.”

Thor found himself smiling at the loyalty that Shao was showing for Dizzee. It made him get ideas in his head about this not being a one-time hook up. As fond as Thor was of those, there seemed to be a potential for more. For more him and Shaolin and Dizzee. It wouldn’t have been Thor’s first non-traditional relationship.
“I promise you that I spoke with my boyfriend at length about what I planned to do tonight.” Thor said.

Shao smiled shyly at that. “Yeah, ya’ll talked about you doing this?”

“There ain’t nothing that I’d do tonight without my man’s explicit permission.”

Shao got a little bolder then, rubbing his hands-on Thor’s upper thighs a little before moving them to cup Thor’s ass. “And what you two ‘explicit’ decide?”
Thor simply smirked at him and gave a careless shrug before leaving in to get back to that kissing they were enjoying so much earlier. It was much more enjoyable with this new uninhibited Shaolin who groped at Thor was the confidence that his namesake would suggest. Thor and Dizzee had the understanding that things wouldn’t go too far tonight. A make out session with some heavy petting would be the limit. Shao seemed to be aware that they weren’t going to be getting too intense tonight also because he made no further advances.

Their make out session continued on and off for what felt like hours but probably wasn’t. Afterwards, Shao had asked—lips swollen and breathing a little heavier—if Thor wanted to smoke with him. Thor couldn’t say yes fast enough.

“It kind of sucks, that he couldn’t invite me.” Thor admitted as he started to feel looser.

“Fuck if I don’t know how that is. Zeke and them going on and on how we’s a family. But then they got shit like this and I sure as hell can’t come. I feel like I’ll always be a thug to them.” Shao said.

“I’m sorry man, I didn’t mean to ruin your high.”

“It’s cool. I probably would’ve been doing this shit anyway if you weren’t there. I just worry that even now that I got away from her I’ll never get Annie’s stink offa me.”
They continued to pass the joint back and forth in silence for a while. The same record from before playing. Thor think’s it’s a testament to how distracted Shao was that he didn’t feel the need to change it. “I think what you and Dizzee and the rest of everybody did was really brave. That whole concert you guys threw. And how you changed Cadillac’s mind with just words. Really powerful shit man.”

“I ain’t never really been good with words before. That’s why I got Books, ya know?”

Yeah, Thor knew all about ‘Books’. About how he was the first family that Shao had ever had. And how he was too much in heterosexual love with Mylene to ever see Shaolin as more than a friend and DJ.

“I think you’re just fine with words. You don’t have to rely on Zeke to convey every message. You guys are a great team but you’re able to stand on your own two feet just fine.”

Shao smiled softly at Thor. “You alright Pretty Boy. I thought I was gonna have to give you the shovel talk about some point but I could see how into you my alien brother was. I can see why.”

Shao seemed to get flustered and turned away at this as though he’d revealed too much. “If it helps I’m even more into him.”

Shao nodded and hummed along to the song playing before he drifting off to sleep. Thor finished off the joint before finding a blanket to tuck Shao in with. He put the records on the turntables neatly away before going back to Shao and giving him a kiss on the forehead. “Sweet Dreams, Shaolin Fantastic.” Thor made sure to lock the door before he left the Temple with a bright smile on his face.