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Come On Closer

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“Haaaaaah, god, more-”

I laugh, my voice an octave deeper than it usually is, and snap my hips forward. Reigen’s voice breaks down the middle as the dildo slides in to the hilt.

“Good, please, m-more-”

I rock my hips in a motion that I know from experience drives him even higher, and it doesn’t fail me now. His fingers twist on the sheets, and his moans are louder, more wild, more desperate.

I curl my fingers into his hips, hard enough to leave bruises. 

This is what gets his face off the pillows he always tries so hard to muffle his moans into, and his whole entire body jerks when I add the bite of my nails to my grip, moving my hips in just the right way. He’s always so expressive, and here is no different.

Reigen makes a noise caught between a sob and a moan, his fingers twisting the sheets into a mess.

At this point I’m so wet I almost can’t think straight, dripping down my thighs as I watch him thrash. I drag my nails down his hips as far as I can reach, spread his legs open a little wider as I slow my pace to torturous levels.

There’s nothing quite like it, having control like this. Holding someone in your hands and watching them fall to pieces because of you. For you.

God, what a rush.

“P-Please.” His voice is cracking so beautifully. “P-Plea-ahh!”

“Yeah?” I ask, unable to keep my voice as nonchalant as I want it. “What do you want?”

“D-Don’t t-tease me...please?”

“Do you want me to stop, then?” I ask, unable to hide the smile that curves my lips and teases my words as I pull all the way out. “Well, okay then, I suppose I can do that-”

“No, no, please no, don’t, please fuck me, please, I c-can’t,” his voice breaks on a sob as he reaches back for me. “Please, please don’t, I need you-”

My heart aches just a bit, even as the ache between my legs gets worse, throbbing insistently. He’s such a sight, his ass in the air, his face slack with pleasure as he looks over his shoulder, his cock dripping between his thighs.

“Well, then. Turn around and let me see your face properly...and I’ll see what I can do.”

Reigen nearly knocks me off the bed he moves so quickly to obey, his long limbs going each and every way. I muffle laughter that I know won’t be appreciated as he sprawls back against the pillows.

And oh, he’s even more a sight like this. Cock leaking against his belly, sweat dripping, his muscles straining. His neck is covered in bites, red-purple bruises that will linger for days.

His face is a picture too, mouth red from biting down and trembling, his pupils blown wide. God, but he’s so fucking pretty.

I swallow hard, and smile in a way that has him shuddering all over.

“Good,” I say, my voice hoarse. “So very, very good.”

I press the head of the toy against him, and push back in. 

His back arches, his mouth falls open in a wordless cry. I find the pace, and roll my hips again and again and again. I pull his leg up, letting him rest his calf against my shoulder, gripping his thigh with my hand.

More space. A better angle. I snap my hips forward, and go deeper.

Reigen wails.

And oh, oh-

Oh, God, I’m so wet, just watching him fall apart like this.

My hips stutter, and I feel light-headed.


Amazing, I think, half-delirious with want. I curl my free hand lightly around his cock, and stroke it. Long, and gentle, to contrast against the rough and now stuttering thrusts of my hips.

So deliberately gentle.

“Reigen,” I say, my mouth curling around the name, hoarse with want and desire and need. 

His eyes open, and meet mine.

Arataka,” I whisper, and he jerks hard. “So beautiful. And all mine, aren’t you? All mine.”

I kiss his leg, still watching him.

And he’s falling apart before my eyes, cum painting his belly in thick stripes, his eyes blind. My name is a prayer in his mouth.

I get my fingers under the toy strapped to my hips, the toy still in him, and stroke myself. It’s a burn, almost aching enough to be painful.

Static winks behind my vision, but I watch him as I fall as well.

I can’t stop my smile as I do.