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Stronger Together

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Maggie swallowed hard, trying to force down her nerves before leaving the apartment for the hotel. It’s for a good cause, she repeated to herself like a mantra, using it to steady her breathing and slow her racing pulse. It wasn’t like she had never gone out in drag before, but Alex had certainly never seen it. Plus, it had been a number of years since she’d been one of the contestants in the annual drag show her LGBTQ group did during Pride month to raise money for Project Trevor. It was the charity that kept her feet moving toward her doorway. The knowledge that she’d be getting up on stage in front of a very large—even if they were friendly—crowd was what kept drawing her back into her living room. Finally she sucked it up, threw on her butchiest leather jacket, grabbed her helmet, and took off for the hotel ballroom where the event was being held. Nothing like a swanky venue to get the well-to-do gay gentry to open their wallets.

On the ride over, Maggie wondered about Alex’s reaction. It wasn’t like either of them were high femme, but still, her wardrobe rarely looked like this. She had called Jay, an ex and a very good friend, to come over and help her get ready. They brought plenty of supplies, and, having participated in the show in years past and performed with a few of the local drag king groups, they knew exactly what they were doing.

“Your girl won’t be able to keep her hands off you,” Jay had winked, swatting playfully at Maggie’s ass when the woman had bent over to lace up her Tims.

“So long as she doesn’t laugh, that’s all I care about,” Maggie had grumbled in reply. She reached down and none too discreetly adjusted her silicone package.

“Look at you! Getting into the spirit already,” Jay teased, knocking the brim of Maggie’s snapback.

“Shut up. You know I hate it when guys do it. I’m just, ya know, trying to make sure it stays in the right spot and all.”

“Mhm, right spot meaning where it’ll feel good when your girl—”

Maggie cut off Jay’s comments with a loud hushing motion and a chocolate chip cookie being shoved into their mouth. “Nope! Your teasing will have to wait for when I don’t feel like I’m going to have a panic attack about having to strut on stage in front of all the rich people and my girlfriend.”

“Come on, just relax a bit. Wanna smoke a little? Always helps me to take the edge off.”

“I’m a cop,” Maggie deadpanned.

“Buzzkill,” Jay retorted, a playful lilt in their voice.

“Employed,” Maggie shot back with her tongue out.

“As am I, dear. But okay, you know what you can try? I like to remember that when done right, drag fucks with literally everyone in your audience. Like, you want to be so real that you’ve got the gays boys trying to figure out why they want you.”

Maggie smirked at that image. It was just like Jay to play to Maggie’s competitive side; she never could resist a challenge.

“Hate to knock that smirk off your face, but I need you to take your top off. C’mon, let’s bind your chest.”

“Hmm, an innocent bystander might think you just want to see me topless again,” Maggie teased.

“In your dreams, Sawyer,” Jay shot back, spinning Maggie around as they carefully wrapped the binder around her chest, pulling it snug but not so tight that it would hurt Maggie. “How’s that feel?”

“Eh, like it did the last time we were in a drag show together. But seriously, you’re a lifesaver. I couldn’t have done this without you.”

“Don’t I know it. And that’s exactly why you’re buying me brunch tomorrow morning.”

“Of course.”

Jay tossed Maggie a tight white t-shirt and a white Oxford, helping to fix her collar while Maggie tucked the t-shirt into her black jeans. “Do I tuck in everything?” Maggie asked.

“Nah, you don’t have a tie or belt, so leave it untucked. It’s not long enough to look sloppy.”

“Lifesaver,” Maggie repeated, pulling Jay in for a long hug.

“Now get that cute ass over to the hotel,” Jay yelled out, while packing up their stuff. “I’m sorry I won’t get to see you out on that stage, but you better send me pictures. And tomorrow I get to hear all the dirty details at brunch.”

“It’s called ‘no shame brunch’ for a reason,” Maggie shot back with a grin.

Of course, it had taken another half hour for Maggie to work up the nerve to finally leave her apartment, but now she was just a few blocks away from the hotel. She just kept reminding herself that the event was one she had helped to spearhead many years ago, that it raised a ton of money for people in the community.

While Maggie was parking her bike, she felt her phone buzz in her pocket. Once everything was settled, she read through the text messages she had missed:

Alex: “Can’t wait to see you tonight babe!”

Jay: “Kick ass, Mags. Just remember how hot you look and you’ll be great. Keep replaying drag ball 2008 if you need a reminder.”

Maggie rolled her eyes at Jay’s texts; they always knew what to say to get her confidence back up. Back in 2008 she had come in a full tuxedo, and she would neither confirm nor deny leaving with a woman on either arm. But she would absolutely confirm the number of phone numbers that were suddenly in her contact list. Sure, she had gone for a different look tonight, since it wasn’t black tie this year, but she just had to channel the same cockiness she had as a young, non-white, non-straight, non-male rookie cop who needed to make up for everyone else’s judgment with her own self-assuredness.

With a newfound spring in her step, which she widened to a more traditionally masculine swagger, Maggie made her way into the hotel, slipping her snapback on and making sure her hair had stayed pinned up and off of her neck. She smirked at the sight of a twenty-something woman biting her lip and clearly checking her out. She wondered how the woman read her, and she found the ambiguity delightful.

“Donna!” Maggie yelled out when she got to the ballroom, finding the redhead strutting across the stage and barking orders at her helpers.

“Why, Maggie Sawyer, is that you?” Donna called back, openly appraising Maggie’s outfit.

“Don’t I get a new name for the night?” Maggie joked.

“Oh I think you’re still going to be Officer Sawyer. I’ve got too many handcuff jokes ready to give you a new identity this year. But come in here, baby!” Donna opened her arms wide, pulling Maggie into a tight embrace. “How are you?”

“Good. Little nervous. But good. What about you? I’m sorry I had to miss the last fundraiser. Work emergency, you know how it is.”

“Don’t worry about a thing. You do more than the pretty boy who took over your spot on the planning committee ever could,” Donna reassured her, raising her voice enough that a lanky blonde boy looked up and rolled his eyes, shrugging off her teasing reproach. He had been around long enough to know that Donna was only openly mean to those she cared about. Plus, she had known him since he was a new fresh-out-of-the-closet baby gay, and she knew damn well that he got his work done, even if he took a long break every now and then to chase down a particularly cute guy.

“I got Jay to do my makeup, so I figured it was okay to come a little closer to show time than usual. Anything I need to do?”

Donna looked over Maggie’s face, giving her contouring and shading a nod of approval. “Jay does good work. Tell them I want them back in my show next year! No excuses! You can store your stuff in the back with the other participants. Do you want scruff or any facial hair? I think Diamond has a station set up for it in the back.”

“Nah, I’m just gonna stick with the shadows Jay gave me this year.”

“Your girl doesn’t like the feel of stubble?” Donna asked with a knowing eyebrow raise.

Maggie blushed slightly. “Not so much. Hell, I don’t even know if she’ll like this.”

“Please, you look hot, Sawyer. And there’s nothing like seeing a bunch of other women fawning over your girl to make a woman want to claim what’s hers, unless of course you’re looking to take home a third tonight…?”

Maggie blushed again, shaking her head. “No!” she squeaked. “Nope, not this year.”

Donna cackled and shoved Maggie off toward the back to hang out with the other volunteers. “Play nice!” she called after Maggie, earning a dismissive wave.


Alex hurried Kara along. “Come on! We can’t be late. I don’t want to miss Maggie!”

“I’m coming,” Kara whined. “It’s not like we’re going to be late. Lena is giving us a ride, and she’s their biggest donor. I doubt they’ll start without her.”

Alex chuckled. “I still can’t believe you didn’t realize she was gay all this time.”

“There are allies,” Kara grumbled, pouting at Alex.

“Mhm, because allies totally look at their ‘friends’ the way she looked at you…”

“We figured it out eventually. Give me some credit!” Kara protested.

“Thanks to a healthy serving of alien alcohol and the courage of a one Lena Luthor,” Alex sassed back.

“And yet you still get all weird when you find us together.”

“There’s a difference between seeing that you two are both flirting and actually having to see you two hooking up on your sofa. One involves the idea of romance. The other involves the reality of ‘oh god, that’s my sister!’”

Kara giggled and tossed a pillow at Alex, who just barely dodged it. “Lena’s here!” Kara squealed, grabbing her clutch and running for the door.

By the time they arrived, the show hadn’t started, but the room had filled to near capacity. The silent auction in the back was going swimmingly, with donations already reaching above and beyond the ask price for the items with another hour or two to go before they closed. Alex looked around for Maggie, but, when she couldn’t find her girlfriend, she figured she must be in the back with all of the other volunteers. Plucking a glass of champagne off of one of the waiter’s trays, Alex turned to survey the room while Kara and Lena made their way around the perimeter, checking out all of the items up for auction. The crowd looked amazing, having taken “business attire” in very different and very creative directions.

A little while later, a stunning woman in a black dress took the stage, tossing her mane of curly red hair over her shoulder as she waved to the audience, half of whom seemed to know her already. “Good evening, ladies and gentleman, bois and queens, and everyone in between! Welcome to our annual National City Drag Ball! As a reminder, tonight’s donations will go to the Trevor Project. They have representatives all around the room if you want to sign up to volunteer or learn more about the wonderful work they do. Keeping that in mind, don’t feel guilty about opening your hearts and wallets for us all tonight! And as payment, we have quite the show lined up for you. We’ll be bringing our kings and queens out on stage for you to admire as they strut down our homemade catwalk, then we’ll set them loose among you to mingle for the evening. And, new this year, we’ve decided to let you all vote with your entrance ticket to crown this year’s drag ball winners. Think of them as the prom kings and queens you always wished you had! Now, without further ado, let me introduce our first queen!”

Alex applauded with the rest of the crowd as Donna, she learned the woman’s name from Lena, began the show. The show began with the drag queens, and Alex had to admit, they were amazing performers. They strutted their stuff across the runway, most of them stopping to dance to the music with some very impressive dance moves—moves made all the more impressive by the sky-high heels most of them were rocking. When all of them had gotten their turn, Donna brought them all back onstage to go over their names one last time for the voting portion, then sent them to the back for the drag king show.

Kara jumped up and down and pulled at Alex’s arm. “Do you know when Maggie’s up? Did she tell you? What does her outfit look like?” Kara whispered excitedly in Alex’s ear.

“I don’t know! She left it all as a surprise,” Alex hissed back. “Now quiet down! I want to pay attention.”

The women stood in rapt attention as the first drag kings made their way across the stage. They chuckled along with Donna’s witty commentary and remarked upon all of the outfits. The first volunteer, a lanky Black woman with a bright smile, strode across stage in a three-piece suit, flashing her pearly whites at the women in the front room who seemed to actually swoon at her attention. Next up was a short, muscular woman who came out in full army regalia, followed by another participant in bright white sneakers, jeans, and a Chicago Bulls jersey with the attitude to match.

Finally Alex heard Donna announce that “Officer Sawyer” would be taking the stage, making some joke about what this king might do with his handcuffs. But beyond that, Alex didn’t hear a word Donna said because all she could focus on was Maggie—or rather, Officer Sawyer. Alex didn’t even care that she must look like a drooling idiot watching her girlfriend strut across the stage in full-on swagger mode. Alex could swear that from back here, it looked like Maggie even had a bit of five-o’clock shadow. Her black jeans weren’t tight, but she could still see the outline of Maggie’s toned ass through them, and she had rolled up her sleeves enough to show off her muscled forearms perfectly. But what Alex took note of most of all was the attitude Maggie was exuding—sheer cockiness, like she knew damn well how hot she looked. Alex was too enamored to pay attention through the rest of the show, silently apologizing to whatever drag kings followed Maggie’s act for not even noticing them. She had managed to pull her jaw back up, but she was sure her pupils were still blown with desire by the time they set the contestants loose into the audience.

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Alex watched as Maggie mingled with the audience, looked on as women flirted with her, ran their fingers across her upper arms and giggled at comments she was sure weren’t that funny. But they were also pulling out their checkbooks as Maggie referred them over to the Project Trevor volunteers. And Alex didn’t mind seeing what a hot commodity her girlfriend was—it was true. She had eyes; she could see it. All that mattered was that Maggie was going home with her, and they were going to keep that sexy persona on a little longer.

Maggie looked for Alex in the crowd as she made her way through the spectators, many of whom were all too happy to talk to her, tell her what a great job she did out there. She got plenty of “sir” and “officer” addresses, which made her smirk with pride as she texted Jay to thank them again for all of their help that night. She also snapped a few pictures of her with the stage in the background and women (and a handful of men) surrounding her. Once she felt like she had done her part in getting the generous patrons over to the donation stations, she focused all of her efforts on finding Alex.

Maggie grinned broadly when her eyes finally lit on Alex’s from across the floor. It felt like a scene from a cheesy 80s movie, but Maggie couldn’t deny the palpable attraction drawing her across the floor toward Alex, who looked stunning in a sleeveless black dress that showed off her arms and the top half of her back.

Alex was delighted to see Maggie stay in character as she wove through the throngs of people, finally getting to Alex. “I couldn’t help but see you staring,” Maggie said, her voice low and gravelly and her eyes dancing with amusement.

Biting back a full-blown smile, Alex demurred, “It’s hard to take my eyes off of someone so handsome.” But then she was done with the Southern belle act because she also needed Maggie to know just how sexy she was. She drew closer to Maggie and whispered, “All that matters is that I caught your attention. Because now I get to tell you just how hard I want you to fuck me tonight.”

Maggie bit back a whimper, her eyes growing wide as her gaze raked up and down Alex’s body. Her voice was even raspier than before when she husked, “I’ve got some surprises in store for you, don’t worry.” And with that, she stepped forward, leading Alex to the makeshift dance floor and pulling her girlfriend tight against her to dance, hoping that in the process Alex might notice one of the surprises she had planned for the night.

At first, Alex was too distracted by the thrill of following Maggie’s commanding presence on the floor, earning envious glares from many of the folks who had been flirting with “Officer Sawyer” from the moment she stepped down from the stage. She let herself be pulled in tighter, noticing how much flatter Maggie’s chest was and how close she was able to get to the other woman. Alex looped her arms around Maggie’s neck, tracing her fingertips across the skin that her hair being pinned up had left exposed.

Maggie hummed into Alex’s touch, arching her back slightly at the contact, especially when Alex started licking her lips. “I have to stay through the crowning of the king and queen of the ball, but then we can leave whenever you want,” Maggie murmured, her breath hot against Alex’s ear, as she followed her words with a trail of kisses down Alex’s neck.

Alex nodded eagerly, counting down the minutes until she could get Maggie back to her apartment, to her huge bed. As Maggie’s arms drew her ever closer, Alex felt something against her hips. She paused for a moment before pushing more firmly against Maggie’s hips with her own, grinding down onto something that was definitely new. “Are you…?” Alex paused. “Are you packing?” she whispered, her voice low but excited.

Maggie bit her lip and nodded. “I mean, most of us have something to give…uh…shape, down there, but if you’re asking if I’ve got something on that we can use later tonight, the answer is yeah. If you’re okay with it, of course!” Maggie rushed to add, never wanting to make Alex uncomfortable.

“I’m good with anything,” Alex reassured Maggie. “You know I always appreciate your asking, but now I want you, knowing that I’m happy with anything, to just own it—no blushing or hesitation. Just know that I want you so fucking much and do whatever comes naturally. I promise to stop you if there’s anything I’m uncomfortable with, okay?”

“Deal,” Maggie grinned. She was surprised at just how excited she was by the prospect. Sure, she had filled this role in the past. Some of her exes saw her and the police uniform back before she made detective and just assumed she’d top all the time. And she could do it well enough. She got into it, even. But she liked the give-and-take that characterized her relationship with Alex even better. Now, having the opportunity to tap back into the stud persona she’d taken on in the past without it being a given, Maggie was ecstatic (and turned on, so very turned on).

With Alex’s permission in mind, Maggie spun her girlfriend out, then drew her back in, wrapping her arms around Alex’s waist and pulling her in so that Alex’s back was pressed into Maggie’s chest, her ass grinding deliciously against the bulge in Maggie’s jeans. As the crowd had gotten increasingly inebriated, the dance floor had grown increasingly raucous, and at this point, couples were hitting the floor, hooking up, and being their best damn selves all over the place.

As the bass dropped, Alex let her hips roll, giving in just a little bit to the muscle memory still so firmly ingrained from her years of clubbing and dancing away her gnawing suspicion that there was something more to her failed friendships with the women in her life. She smirked as she heard Maggie groan behind her, her grip tightening around Alex’s hips. Alex played it up a bit more, dropping her hips and tossing her hair over one shoulder, giving Maggie full access to her neck.

“Alex,” Maggie panted in her ear, “you feel so fucking good.”

“Mhmm,” Alex murmured. “Good enough to get you out of here early?”

“Ten more minutes til they announce the winner,” Maggie said, assuring herself as much as Alex that they would be able to make it until then. But with each beat, Alex drove her hips back further, pushing the base of the dildo into Maggie’s clit and providing just the right amount of pressure to drive Maggie wild. It wasn’t enough pressure to make her come—no, she wanted so much more—but it was more than enough to make her wet, to make her drip for the thought of all that she had in store for Alex that night.

The ten minutes seem to drag by, though they spent the last four accompanied by Kara and Lena, which at least kept the overt foreplay to a minimum (though Maggie caught Lena’s gaze drop to her pants, and the smirk she received in return told her that Lena knew exactly what they had interrupted). Finally, Donna made her way up onto the stage, calling out for all of the volunteers to join her to crown the winners. With a parting kiss, Maggie left Alex for the stage.

“We had some close calls tonight, folks!” Donna teased, trying to ramp up the crowd’s enthusiasm. “I’m going to bring out the winner and the runner-up for both categories before telling you exactly who your king and queen are tonight! Can I hear some noise?”

The crowd erupted into applause and some loud whistling. Alex clapped with the rest of them, but she couldn’t focus on the show; she only had eyes for Maggie.

“Your top two queens for tonight are…drumroll please! Raven and Pandora!” The two queens made their way to the front of the stage, curtseying and waving regally at the crowd, which had gone wild at the announcement.

“And your top two kings…” Donna paused for effect, “are Duke and Officer Sawyer!”

Alex was pulled out of the fantasies that had been playing in her head at the sound of Maggie’s name being called. She smiled at the look of surprise that crossed Maggie’s face, disappearing moments later behind the cocky façade she put on with the outfit—a look that recalled the first day they met on that crime scene so many months ago.

As it turned out, Duke had won, though only by a couple of votes, as Donna whispered to Maggie on her way back to Alex, but Maggie was happy enough to be heading toward Alex. She didn’t need a crown to make her night special.

“You should’ve won,” Alex purred in her ear, draping her arms across Maggie’s shoulders and guiding her toward the edge of the dance floor.

“Mmm, but I still get you, don’t I?” Maggie asked, a cocky grin spreading across her lips.

Alex bit her lip and nodded, not letting go of Maggie’s hand as she dragged them farther and farther away from the crowd.

“I need to get my stuff, baby. Give me a minute?”

Shaking her head, Alex clung to Maggie’s hand. “I’ll come with you.”

“Okay,” Maggie shrugged, guiding Alex to the back. She gathered her belongings quickly, throwing on her jacket and buckling her helmet to her bag strap, but when she turned to leave Alex was nowhere to be found. “Alex?” Maggie hissed. “Where are you?”

“Come find me,” Alex sing-songed, her voice echoing in the empty area.

Maggie traipsed through the rows of lockers, finally locating Alex in the back, where a curtain had been draped across a section of lockers to create a makeshift changing room. “C’mon, I’ve got my stuff. Let’s get out of here and get you out of that dress, huh?”

Smirking, Alex shook her head. “Not yet.” And with a raised eyebrow that could only mean the best kind of trouble, she dragged Maggie behind the curtain by her leather jacket.

“Al,” Maggie warned, “this room is so not soundproof. And there’s no lock.”

“What happened to all that bravado?” Alex taunted. “I thought you told me you couldn’t wait to take me. I thought maybe I made you hard.” Alex looked into Maggie’s face, trying to figure out if she was taking it too far, but all she found was desire as Maggie’s blackened eyes drank her in.

With a small growl, Maggie pushed Alex up against the lockers, throwing her hand behind Alex’s head to protect her at the last second. She yanked the curtain close as her lips met Alex’s in a heated kiss, her teeth gently pulling at Alex’s bottom lip.

Alex moaned into the kiss, teasing Maggie’s mouth with the tip of her tongue until she was granted access. She dropped her hands, grabbing roughly at Maggie’s ass and earning a loud groan of approval. As their kiss grew ever more heated, Alex let one of her hands trail to the front of Maggie’s jeans, cupping the bulge she found there and grinding it against Maggie’s sensitive clit.

“Fuck, Al,” Maggie whined. “I want you so badly.”

Done waiting, Alex spun them around so that Maggie’s back was up against the metal lockers. Nipping and sucking at Maggie’s neck, Alex’s fingers deftly undid the button and zipper on Maggie’s pants. “How does this work?” Alex asked quietly, not wanting to pull them out of the moment completely just yet.

“There’s a wire inside it. It’ll bend and stay put if you want it up.”

Before Maggie could begin to ramble or try to explain further, Alex covered her girlfriend’s mouth with her own, sliding her tongue cross Maggie’s lower lip as she pushed Maggie’s boxer briefs down enough to get to the toy, which she carefully bent into a position that would work better for her plans.

“Mm, baby,” Maggie moaned, “should we get out of here?”

“Not just yet,” Alex smiled with a shake of her head. “I think you deserve a reward. After all, you did get all those votes and raise all of that money…”

“You’re killing me, Al,” Maggie groaned, letting her eyes drop shut and her head hit the lockers as Alex teased at her neck with her lips and teeth.

Suddenly, Alex’s lips were gone, though. Maggie wondered idly whether they were finally going to leave and fuck. But before she could get very far in her imagining of all that they would do, she felt pressure against her hips. She snapped her head forward, finding Alex kneeling in front of her, her hand wrapped around the base of the dick and her tongue teasing at the tip.

“Is this okay?” Alex asked, her voice rough and low.

Maggie could only gulp and nod, not trusting her voice to stay steady. She stared, her jaw nearly dropping, as Alex took the tip of the now-hard cock into her mouth, moving her head up and down as she took more and more of the length. Once Alex got into a rhythm, she engaged the hand at the base of the toy, gently—and then more forcefully—thrusting up and against Maggie’s clit with each bob of her head.

Maggie’s breath stuttered as her knees buckled. She crashed hard into the lockers as Alex let the dick pop out of her mouth with an obscene noise, then ran her tongue up the length of it from the bottom, big doe eyes looking straight up at Maggie and holding eye contact the whole time.

Alex ran her tongue along her lips at the sight of Maggie completely and utterly losing control. She ran a finger between the leather straps of the harness, finding Maggie dripping wet already. Switching so that her left hand was at the base of the cock, keeping pressure against Maggie’s clit, Alex moved the fingers of her right hand between Maggie’s legs, navigating the tight confines of her jeans, which were still resting just below her ass. She managed to slip two fingers inside of Maggie, moaning at the feeling of her girlfriend’s walls surrounding her.

Maggie struggled to catch her breath, her heart racing and her legs trembling as Alex fucked her. But then Alex moved her mouth back to the tip of her cock, taking it between her lips and thrusting it firmly against her clit. And Maggie knew she was a goner.

“Fuck, Alex, fuck, fuck fuck,” Maggie cried out, too turned on to care about the fact that they were in a locker room behind a flimsy curtain just yards away from a room full of some of National City’s wealthiest gays and allies.

Hearing Maggie fall apart was just what Alex wanted, but she also knew they needed to be fast if Maggie was going to get this loud—which is precisely what Alex wanted. She curled her fingers, running them along Maggie’s front wall as she rubbed the toy in gentle circles against Maggie’s clit.

“Al, I’m gonna, I'm gonna,” Maggie panted, trying to stay on her feet. She threaded her fingers through Alex’s hair, while her other hand gripped at the top of the lockers, holding her up as her whole body shook. Just as she felt a semblance of control returning to her, Alex let out an obscene moan and hooked her fingers inside of Maggie. For a moment, Maggie froze, all of her muscles drawing taut before the tension exploded out of her body. She collapsed against the cool metal, sighing loudly as aftershocks racked through her body under Alex’s careful ministrations.

Before she could draw Alex back up and thank her properly, Maggie heard the sound of a slow clap echoing through the locker room. “Fuck,” she grumbled, watching as Alex’s cheeks turned a deep scarlet.

“Maggie Sawyer, didn’t know you had it in you to be so dirty,” Donna’s voice drawled out, as she poked her head around the curtain, finding Alex hiding behind Maggie’s small frame, while Maggie’s dick was literally still out.

Stuttering and shuffling, Maggie shoved everything into her boxers and drew up the zipper, muttering a hurried goodbye and “please never speak of this again!” as she dragged Alex behind her and toward the back elevator.

“Oh my god,” Alex giggled. “Tonight really was like gay prom.”

“Ugh, don’t want to know that story, Danvers,” Maggie muttered, shaking her head.

“I’m here with you now,” Alex reminded her, “now take me home.”

“I’ve got something even better,” Maggie said with a smirk, pulling out a room key for the hotel. “We’ve only got to make it up a few floors.”

Chapter Text

The fact that they only had to make it up to the fifth floor did not make the waiting any easier. The second the pair stumbled into the elevator, giggling like drunk teenagers sneaking around after curfew, Alex had Maggie up against the wall, her dress hiked up and her leg hooked around Maggie’s waist. Figuring she couldn’t be more embarrassed about being caught, Maggie abandoned all restraint, sucking on Alex’s neck as her hands groped at Alex’s ass through the thin material of her dress.

When the elevator doors slid open at the fifth floor, Maggie grabbed Alex’s hand, rushing them down the hallway to room 506. She steadied her hands just long enough to jam the card into the lock, impatiently tapping her foot while she waited for the lights to blink green. As soon as they did, the pair was in the room, slamming the door behind them, leaving a path of bags and bike helmets strewn behind them in the entryway.

Maggie pushed Alex’s dress up enough to pick the taller woman up, holding her tight against her waist as she continued lavishing her attention on Alex’s neck and chest. Alex’s hips jerked against Maggie’s stomach, searching for any kind of friction.

“Take me to bed,” Alex pleaded.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Maggie strode across the room, making it to the bed in just three steps. She lowered Alex onto the mattress and dropped to her knees. Lavishing kisses all across Alex’s inner thighs, Maggie used her hands to push the dress up and out of her way. Her hands traversed the expanses of smooth, muscled skin, as her lips moved higher and higher up Alex’s thighs. She ghosted barely-there kisses across the thin layer of lace—the last thing separating her from Alex.

“Please,” Alex whined, her hips bucking up, desperate for Maggie’s mouth, her hands, whatever she would give her.

With a smirk, Maggie hooked her fingers under Alex’s waistband, pulling down the lacy garment and tossing it over her shoulder. “Better?” she teased.

Winding her fingers into Maggie’s hair, Alex pulled the other woman closer. “Getting there,” she murmured. When she felt the warmth of Maggie’s breath ghosting across her clit, Alex let out a whimper. “Even closer.” Finally she felt Maggie’s tongue on her, as the smaller woman parted her lips, tasting her, before switching to broad strokes up the length of her pussy. Alex let out a groan of approval as her head fell back to the pillows.

Maggie had planned to tease Alex, to get a bit of petty revenge for Alex’s getting them caught in the locker room. But when she felt how wet Alex was she found that she lost all restraint. She needed to make Alex come—and now. She dipped her tongue inside of Alex before moving up to circle her hard clit, earning a loud, low moan. As she continued to gently suck at Alex’s clit, Maggie let her hands wander, trailing a light path along her upper thighs and around her hip bones, then ghosting up her stomach. Alex reached out and grabbed one, drawing it up to her chest to play with her breasts as best as she could through the dress. Maggie dragged her other hand back down Alex’s body, leaving a trail of red lines down Alex’s abs that made the redhead hiss in pleasure and buck her hips up into Maggie’s mouth.

Moving Alex’s leg over her shoulder, Maggie threw herself with renewed enthusiasm back into her ministrations, licking long strokes up the length of Alex’s pussy and tracing teasing circles around Alex’s clit. When she let herself pause for longer than usual at Alex’s clit, lavishing it with quick flicks of her tongue, she heard Alex pant out a breathy command: “Don’t, don’t stop, please!” This was quickly followed by a series of obscene moans as Maggie took Alex’s clit between her lips, sucking lightly while swirling her tongue around the tender bud. “Fuck,” Alex moaned, feeling her muscles all tense as her thighs tightened around Maggie’s head. Finally, with a stutter of her hips, Alex came, collapsing back down onto Maggie’s shoulders.

Maggie gently lapped up the excess wetness, helping Alex to ride out the end of her orgasm. Before everything crossed the threshold of pleasurable and painful, Maggie trailed her lips from Alex’s pussy to her thighs, kissing back up toward Alex’s torso. “Can this come off?” Maggie asked, pulling lightly at Alex’s dress.

With an enthusiastic nod, Alex sat up, leaning forward to allow Maggie access to the zipper. Once it was down, Alex threw the dress off and pulled Maggie up on top of the bed with her, kissing her soundly.

“You seem to be wearing far too many clothes,” Alex murmured, her breath ghosting across Maggie’s lips.

Looking down and pretending to survey the situation seriously, Maggie nodded. “There do appear to be discrepancies,” Maggie got out before giggling. “Wanna help me?”

Alex nodded, pulling back and deftly undoing the buttons on Maggie’s shirt. Once the Oxford and undershirt were off, Alex carefully helped to undo the chest binder, making sure that Maggie stretched a bit and felt alright, even though she hadn’t had it on for more than a few hours. Once she was sure that Maggie was okay, Alex’s hands drifted down to the button on Maggie’s pants, toying with it as she bit her lip.

“Alex,” Maggie whined.

Alex shook her head, laughing softly at Maggie’s increasingly desperate attempts to push the button into her hands. “What, you’re already hard for me again?”

Maggie blushed but played along and nodded. “Have you seen you? Why wouldn’t I be hard?”

“Mmm,” Alex moaned. “Good, because now I want you to fuck me.”

With that, Maggie flipped Alex over, moving to straddle her girlfriend’s hips as she leaned down and crashed her lips into Alex’s. Before Alex even realized what was happening, Maggie was shimmying out of her pants, the dildo still standing straight up from their earlier activities and quick escape.

Alex rolled them over again, straddling Maggie’s hips and grinding against the toy. “I want you inside of me,” she whispered, her breath hot against Maggie’s ear.

“Let me just…hold on…condoms, in my bag,” Maggie stuttered, getting increasingly distracted by Alex’s wandering hands and the sounds she was making.

“Baby,” Alex whined, “I know that we’ve been playing tonight, but it’s not like you’re gonna get me pregnant.”

Maggie chuckled softly. “No, it’s just, we put it back into my pants sort of wet. It might have lint or something stuck to it. Better safe than sorry.” As she was talking, she had shuffled out from under Alex and hurried over to her bag, grabbing the condoms and jumping back onto the pillows.

“Ah, right. Thanks,” Alex said with a smile. “Here, let me,” she offered, taking a condom out of the box and tearing it open. Before pulling it out, she carefully adjusted the angle of the toy, then slipped the condom on over top of it.

“Do you want to be on top?” Maggie asked, tearing her eyes away from the sight of Alex’s fingers sliding down her dick.

“Why Maggie Sawyer, are you asking me to ride your dick?” Alex teased, already swinging a leg over Maggie.

Maggie grinned mischievously and nodded. She wrapped her hands around Alex’s hips and helped to guide the taller woman down, groaning at the toy slipping inside of her.

Once she got used to the length Alex placed her hands on Maggie’s chest and began rolling her hips, getting into a rhythm. Once it became clear to Maggie that Alex was ready for more, she thrust her hips up in time with Alex’s movements, whimpering with every loud moan that Alex let out.

Alex gasped as she leaned forward slightly more and found the toy rubbing up against her clit. “Maggie,” Alex whined, picking up the pace as she felt the familiar waves of desire coiling low in her abdomen.

Maggie shuffled slightly up the bed—far enough up that she could prop her back up on the pillows and wrap her arms around Alex, taking a nipple into her mouth as she kept her hips thrusting in time with Alex. When Maggie felt Alex still in her arms, she kept the rhythm and roughly sucked on the nipple in her mouth, dragging her teeth lightly over the surrounding skin, until she felt Alex’s body shudder on top of her. With a guttural moan, Alex collapsed into Maggie’s chest, pumping her hips to ride out the end of her orgasm before finally settling down. Her head rested against Maggie’s chest, as she listened to her girlfriend’s heart rate finally begin to slow.

“So,” Maggie began with a cocky grin, “should I start dressing in drag more often?”

“If you give me a couple more minutes, we can pull off the last of your outfit, and I’ll give you even more motivation to do it again.”

Chapter Text

Alex twisted the small red straw in her hands, nervously folding it and rolling it into a state of uselessness. She took a small sip of her drink. Then a slightly larger one—not quite a gulp, but not a ladylike sip either. She popped her heel out of the pumps Kara had talked her into wearing, then toyed with the buttons on her blazer. She checked the time: 6:59pm. Sure, the other woman—Kristen, she corrected herself—wasn’t supposed to show up for another minute, but she wondered whether she was being stood up. This sort of nervous anticipation—and not the good kind, only the kind that gnaws at your gut and convinces you that no one would ever want to be around you—was precisely why Alex didn’t do blind dates. Yet here she was, waiting for some friend of Kara’s to show up and whisk her off of her feet or something.

She wondered whether it would be appropriate to text Maggie letting her know that she still missed her. It had been over a full month since their reasonably amicable breakup. No breakup was ever without its shouted insults and teary fights, but all things considered, Alex felt they had been reasonably mature about it. She didn’t cope well the first week. No, that week she skipped work at the DEO in favor of drinking herself into oblivion by day and curling up to cry over romcoms with Kara by night. That weekend, Kara had staged an intervention, finally forcing Alex to talk about what had gone wrong.

A month out, Alex sort of understood how their relationship fell apart. It had far less to do with her being fresh off the boat when it came to dating women than it did with her being pretty new to the very idea of a romantic relationship with anyone that lasted longer than a few dates or even just one drunken night. And Maggie, experienced as she might have been, could be just as quiet and reluctant to burden another person with her emotional baggage as Alex. So instead of having one person to guide them into conversations about their emotions, they had begun bottling them up, letting resentment and fear win out. By the time they were shouting back and forth about all of the things they had dealt with separately, both women were fighting back tears not only over the bitter memories but also over regret—regret for not speaking up, for not recognizing that their partner needed them just as much. But it had seemed too late then, too late to apologize and move on. Too late to deal with months of pent-up emotions and painful memories. So they had let each other slip away, watching as the best thing to happen to either of them slowly fell apart.

Shaking her head, Alex squeezed her eyes shut, willing the tears not to fall. Tonight was about moving on and starting over. This time she knew better. She knew that being in a relationship meant admitting that her day wasn’t “great” or “fine,” and taking solace in another person, instead of a bottle or a fight.

As Alex was rolling the tension out of her shoulders, she heard a woman’s voice behind her, thanking the hostess for bringing her to the table. “Alex?” the woman checked.

“Hey, yeah, that’s me,” Alex stammered, standing up and debating between offering a handshake or a hug. She was more of a handshake woman, but her date looked sweet, looked like she might see a handshake as stiff and formal. Alex settled with an awkward little wave and a nervous grin.

To her credit, Kristen seemed to take it in stride, offering her own small wave as she cut through tables to get to her own seat. Alex took the moment to assess the other woman, noting that she was rather cute, with brown hair that hung in loose waves down her back and a silky pink blouse tucked into a black skirt. It certainly wasn’t an outfit Maggie would wear, Alex thought, before chastising herself for thinking about her ex while out with another woman.

“How was your day?” Alex asked before she could get sucked into the mental time warp that were her ruminations on Maggie.

“Oh, not bad. I had to meet with one of my students’ parents after our monthly staff meeting, which is why I’m running a few minutes late. I’m so sorry, by the way. I hope I didn’t keep you waiting!”

“No, no, just a few minutes. I got here early. I was little nervous,” Alex admitted, rolling the balled up straw between her fingers.

“Honest, I like it,” Kristen replied with a genuine smile. “How was your day? Kara said that you work for a federal agency, but I assume that means I don’t really get to ask specifics.”

Alex chuckled drily. “Probably not. But my day was actually fairly boring. Lots of paperwork and very little time out in the streets.”

“Ah, well, I suppose I don’t hate the idea of you staying safe,” Kristen offered.

“Yeah, no, it’s, uh, it’s fine. Sorry, we don’t have to talk about my job. I want to hear more about you. Kara just said that you were a new friend, but really didn’t say much else, except for the fact that she thought we’d get along. So how did you meet my sister?”

“Oh,” Kristen worried that perhaps she wasn’t living up to these expectations already. After all, Kara had at least given her a bit more to work on before she agreed to the blind date. “Well, I’m a high school English teacher. I met Kara back when she was still Cat Grant’s assistant—I tutored Carter, and she picked him up a few times. Then she was covering a few education-related stories for CatCo Magazine, and I guess she remembered me from back then, so she asked me for some quotes about curriculum and things like that. And, well, I’m sure you know how Kara is. Once you’ve met, she treats you like an old friend. After one of our interviews, she asked if we could get coffee as friends that weekend, and we just got along right away.”

Alex nodded. It did sound like Kara, who got to know even the DEO recruits who barely made it through the first week of basic training and made a point to keep in touch with them to hear how their new careers were going. “And I assume friendship with Kara comes with getting set up on blind dates? All very well-intentioned,” Alex reassured Kristen, hoping the woman would hear the joking tone in her statements.

“Of course,” Kristen laughed back. “Somehow I ended up opening up to her. The year I tutored Carter was actually my first year in National City. I had been all the way out in Boston for many years before, and moved across country after a particularly bad breakup. I’ve dated a handful of women in National City, but nothing serious. When the last small fling ended a few weeks ago, Kara suggested that you and I should meet. I’ll admit, I put it off for a bit after hearing that you had just gone through a breakup yourself, but eventually I figured there was no harm in meeting a woman related to someone as kind as Kara.”

“I think she gets a bit more of the good, but hopefully I’m not too much of a consolation prize,” Alex said with a forced laugh. Maggie had at least gotten to know her prickly exterior before anything ever happened. She knew that Alex would never be the pure ball of sunshine that her sister was, and she fell for her anyway. But now wasn’t the time to dwell on what might have been.

“Hey, just because I have to set a good example for the kids at school doesn’t mean I’m a saint.”

“Oh really?” Alex challenged, a flirty smile on her face as she tried to remind herself that a very cute woman was sitting across from her. “Tell me, what is it that so aggravates high school English teachers?”

“Hmm, poor grammar. That’s a big one,” Kristen said with a laugh.

“Ah, nothing like a misplaced comma to incur your wrath?”

“Damn straight.”

Alex let herself relax a bit in her chair, enjoying the witty banter and the feeling of being out with someone who wasn’t her sister or her sister’s friends for the first time in many weeks.


Across town, Maggie was leaning up against a wall at National City’s only gay bar with a ladies night. She picked at the label on her beer, wondering why she had even picked this kind. It was always Alex’s favorite, not hers, but somewhere along the way she had gotten used to ordering one—whether it was for Alex or for herself, knowing they’d end up sharing anyway. She felt her stomach clench at the thought of Alex. Every day since they had broken up, she’d wondered whether they had made a huge mistake. She had so many drafts of texts and emails and Facebook messages that she never sent, though on nights when she’d had a little too much to drink, she’d come awfully close.

But this morning she’d run into James at Noonan’s—not like she’d been hanging out there recently on the off chance that she might run into Alex. In inviting her to come out to the bar with him and the gang that night and promising that Alex wouldn’t be there to mind, he’d accidentally let slip that Alex had a date tonight. Maggie had felt her stomach roll and had scrambled to find an excuse to say no and get the hell out of the coffee shop before she said something she’d come to regret. She thought about going home with a bottle of something a bit harder than beer and losing her cool for the night, but that would only remind her of the fact that she was still alone while Alex was clearly moving on.

“Now what is making a pretty woman like you so sad on ladies night?” a teasing voice rang out from Maggie’s right. She turned, finding an androgynous-looking Asian woman grinning up at her. She had on skinny maroon jeans with black vans and a white button-up, and Maggie had to admit, she looked good.

“Ah, thoughts of an ex,” Maggie admitted. “Never good for morale.”

“Who could be dumb enough to let you go?” the woman flirted, moving slightly closer to Maggie.

“Eh, it was mutual,” Maggie replied, shrugging her shoulders. She really didn’t want to get into it tonight.

“Fair enough. Name’s Samantha, by the way, though I go by Sam to just about everyone around here.”

“Maggie. Nice to meet you, Sam.”

“You too. Care to leave thoughts of your ex behind for the night and join me for a dance?” Sam asked.

With a thick swallow and a shrug of her shoulders, Maggie nodded, “Yeah, sure,” and let herself be led out onto the dance floor.


Back in the restaurant, Alex found herself laughing at one of Kristen’s stories about a student who wrote a whole paper about Romeo and Juliet using Taylor Swift’s song as a reference, rather than the actual play. “I just wanted to scream!” Kristen laughed, “I mean, I spent the whole first day of the unit talking about what it means to call a play a tragedy, then I get this paper about how true love conquers all, and eventually every relationship can overcome biases and prejudice, which does lead me to believe that perhaps the student read the first couple of scenes at least.”

“Oh man, what do you even do in a situation like that?”

“Office hours. So many office hours. I felt badly nearly failing her, but then she tried telling me that as a lesbian I should really support the idea that love wins. Then I stopped feeling so guilty.”

“Wow! That’s so brazen,” Alex said, shocked by what students were capable of doing for a grade or a shortcut on a paper.

“Eh, I’m not exactly closeted at work. I’m the faculty sponsor of the school’s GSA, and I make a point of integrating some texts that aren’t overly heteronormative into my syllabus, which is so easy to do if teachers are willing to have those conversations. I mean, hell, just throw most Shakespeare plays out there and let the kids, who are so much more perceptive than we give them credit for, have at it.”

“That’s really awesome. I sort of wish I had teachers like you back in high school.”

“You didn’t get any of it in college at least?” Kristen asked, slightly surprised. Sure, she had personally chosen to take her electives in courses on queer theory and LGBTQ literature, but she figured that even the basic literature courses these days offered at least a text or two by a canonically queer author.

Alex rubbed at the back of her neck, suddenly looking sheepish. “I was pre-med and went very heavy on the science classes. I actually didn’t take humanities classes, other than a required into to philosophy course.”

“Oh, wow, you’ve totally got me beat on the sciences! I actually liked chemistry, but the others—I could happily live my whole life without ever needing to see them again,” Kristen laughed.

“Yeah…I mean, once I came out I tried to read some of those books everyone is supposed to already know, but I was pretty far past my years of schooling at that point,” Alex admitted. She didn’t add that her secondary education had come straight from Maggie, who would read to her in bed at night, immersing her in the worlds created by women like Virginia Woolf and Patricia Highsmith and Alison Bechdel. It wouldn’t do to dwell on the evenings Maggie spent reading her the poetry of Audre Lorde and Adrienne Rich or the hours she spent between Alex’s legs afterward, giving her a whole new appreciation for poetry. No, those definitely weren’t thoughts to entertain on a date with another woman.


Maggie relaxed into Sam’s arms, feeling her body sway in time with the music, her ass pressed against the front of Sam’s pants and Sam’s fingers tracing circles on her hip bones. She finished off her beer as she tried to drive away memories of dancing with Alex, of feeling the other woman holding her tight against her chest, of awkwardly trying to negotiate who would lead in their few attempts at formal slow dancing. She shook her head at the nostalgic thoughts. Alex was out with some other woman.

As the song changed, Maggie felt Sam’s breath hot against her neck as her hands gently spun her around to face Sam. “Hey, you okay?” Sam asked.

Maggie nodded quickly, driving away the last of her memories as she looked at the sexy woman standing in front of her. She wasn’t Alex, but—no, Maggie chastised herself, she was Sam, and she was her own person totally separate from a certain redhead who would not be mentioned for the rest of the evening. “Yeah, I’m good. Sorry.”

“Don’t apologize. I just wanted to see where you were at. You okay with dancing still?”

“Mhmm,” Maggie said, pulling Sam into her. Maybe she was overcompensating, but it had been a month; she was a woman with needs, and it wasn’t like Alex was sitting around waiting for her. “I don’t, I don’t want a relationship. I just, I wouldn’t want to lead you on,” Maggie whisper-yelled over the music.

Laughing softly, Sam shook her head affecting a cocky attitude. “Trust me, I’m 25, and I look like this. I’m not trying to settle down just yet.”

Maggie grinned in understanding. She had certainly felt that way for many years, especially as a young detective in a brand new city, making her mark far away from family and old friends. Having successfully driven away any sense of lingering guilt, Maggie fought to stay in the moment, not to dwell on how nice Alex had made ideas of domesticity feel. She wound her arms around Sam’s neck, drawing her in closer as Sam slotted a thigh between her legs.

Within a few minutes, Maggie’s lips were on Sam’s, as they grinded together, totally oblivious to the music pulsing from the speakers around the floor. In response to the tongue running across her bottom lip, Maggie parted her lips, granting Sam entry. For a while, they stayed like that, kissing desperately as teeth dragged across lower lips and breathy moans escaped parted lips. But when Sam’s hands dropped to Maggie’s ass and a ragged voice rasped in her ear, “Do you want to get out of here?” Maggie found herself pulling back and shaking her head.

“I’m sorry, I just, not yet. Maybe if I see you again in a few weeks, but not tonight. I’m sorry,” Maggie stammered, extracting herself from Sam’s hold and backing across the dance floor.

“You’re fine. I hope, I don’t know, I hope you get some closure,” Sam offered, waving at Maggie until she disappeared into the crowd.


“This is me,” Kristen said, motioning to the brick building behind them.
Alex shuffled her feet nervously, shoving her hands into her back pockets. “I, uh, I had a really nice night with you.” And Alex was being honest. Kristen had been perfectly sweet and fun and entertaining—charming company for the evening. Alex suspected that they would be good for each other, or at least Kristen would be good for her. She had a disarming manner that made Alex almost want to open up or at least not put up new walls.

“Me too, Alex, me too.” Kristen smiled, spinning slightly away from Alex. “I guess I should be heading up.”

“Yeah…” Alex replied, drawing out the moment. She didn’t want to fuck this up. With a shaky breath, she stepped forward, wrapping her arms around Kristen and leaning forward, stopping a few inches away from Kristen’s lips, needing to make sure she wasn’t forcing anything on the other woman. Kristen leaned forward and met her in a kiss—not overly aggressive, but suggestive of things to come.

When Kristen pulled back, the corner of her mouth was pulled up into a lopsided grin. “Goodnight, Alex. Sweet dreams,” she called over her shoulder as she unlocked the front door.

Once she had seen to it that Kristen got in safely, Alex walked down the block. She thought about calling a cab or Kara to come pick her up, but she decided some fresh air would be nice. She wanted to process the night. Processing, she thought to herself, look at her willingly dealing with her own emotions; she really had grown since the breakup.

Kristen had been great and the kiss had been nice and sweet and still so much better than anything she had felt with the boys she’d been with for so many years, but it wasn’t Maggie. Kristen wasn’t Maggie. Alex constructed extensive pro-con lists in her head as she walked, trying to figure out if it would be awful to continue to date Kristen while her feelings for Maggie still ran so deep.

She paused on a street corner when she felt her phone vibrate. She wondered if it was Kara, asking how her date went. She didn’t have a perfect answer, but she suspected the ethically correct choice would be to admit to Kristen that she just wasn’t ready to date anyone new yet, no matter how wonderful they seemed like they could be.

But the text wasn’t from Kara; it was from Maggie. One word: “Hey.”

Alex bit back the emotions that threatened to choke her. “Hey,” she sent back. She watched as the three dots appeared, then disappeared, then reappeared once more. She continued walking to distract herself, jumping when her phone vibrated again. “I don’t know if I should say anything, but I miss you, Alex. So much.” Alex toyed with her phone, watching as another text came through: “Sorry. I’ll go.”

“No!” Alex sent back. She didn’t have a reply ready yet, but she also couldn’t bear the thought of ending the conversation already. “Just…I need a minute.”

“Okay,” Maggie replied.

Finally Alex admitted, “I miss you too, Mags.”

“Can we talk?” Maggie quickly sent back.

Alex debated whether it would be a good idea to talk tonight or if she should wait for the next day. It would probably be prudent to wait, but she had never acted more impulsively than she had when it came to Maggie—whether it was coming out or pulling her in for that first kiss, Alex had gotten over her nerves when it came to the smaller woman with dimples to die for. She nodded to herself, well aware that Maggie couldn’t see her. When she looked up, she realized that she had walked the twenty blocks to Maggie’s building as she debated whether she should be with Kristen or wait for Maggie. If anything was a sign, surely it was that fact, right? Her subconscious wanderings meant something.

Alex buzzed herself into Maggie’s building, having memorized the code many months ago. “Alright,” she sent from outside Maggie’s door. With a deep breath, she brought her hand up and knocked.

“Hey,” Maggie answered the door, slightly out of breath but with a broad smile on her face.

“Hey,” Alex replied, biting her lip as she fought not to grin in return as she stepped into the apartment.

“I know we have to talk,” Maggie began.

“But can we just skip that part for tonight?” Alex finished Maggie’s thought, stepping forward as Maggie rushed into her arms, their lips finding one another as they sighed into a kiss that finally felt like coming home.

Chapter Text

The next morning, Alex stretched out, startled for a moment by the warm weight of an arm draped across her waist—a feeling she had learned to live without over the past month. She smiled at the sight of Maggie curled into her, limbs flung across her body as if to hold her in place. She had never been the artistic one in the family—no, that honor was reserved for Kara and Kara alone—but the sight of Maggie’s golden brown skin, her dark hair curling around her face, the morning sunrise brushing sparks of light across her cheek made her wish she could paint, could capture this moment more perfectly than a camera could ever hope to.

Rather than risk disturbing the moment and waking Maggie by getting up, Alex settled back into bed, content to watch her girlfriend (her ex?) until she awoke. Eventually she too dozed lightly, her dreams filled with scenes from the night before: Maggie’s lips desperately crashing into her own; the pile of clothing they left behind them as they dragged each other toward Maggie’s bed; the red claw marks that now marked Alex’s back from what felt like hours spent above Maggie, between her legs. They had fought sleep for as long as they could, both fearing what the morning would bring when they were forced to confront reality, to discuss what had gone wrong and make sure they weren’t setting themselves up for failure once more.

As Alex stirred again, she noticed Maggie looking down at her, smiling fondly. “Hey,” Alex murmured.

“Hey,” Maggie whispered back, running her fingers gently through Alex’s hair as she pushed it back and out of her face.

They sat like that, basking in the silence and domesticity. Both of them knew that once they started talking, the moment would be over; it would be time to talk. Eventually Alex—always brave beyond her own expectations—cleared her throat. “Breakfast? I can get it if you’ll make the coffee.”

Maggie nodded. “Bagel—”

“Plain and double-toasted. Yeah, I got it…weirdo.”

Biting back a smile, Maggie nodded again, finally pulling herself out of bed. She stretched out, only then noticing her state of undress. She wondered whether she needed to cover up. Had she and Alex grown so estranged that the bodies their eyes, hands, lips had memorized were now objects of shame? Of course, Alex was looking at her like all she wanted was to drag her back to bed for breakfast, but when she caught Maggie looking, she quickly averted her gaze. With a harsh swallow, Maggie pulled on an old NCPD t-shirt and a pair of raggedy boxer shorts, quickly leaving for the kitchen before Alex had to extract her equally naked body from the tangled white sheets.

A few minutes later, Alex slid a plate with Maggie’s bagel in front of her and curled into the chair opposite Maggie. “So…”

“How ya doing?” Maggie asked, attempting to affect a tone of nonchalance.

“Oh, you know.”

“Not really, not anymore,” Maggie mumbled. Alex looked chagrined, starting into her bowl of cereal as though it might contain the answers. “Okay,” Maggie began, “we need to just suck it up and talk. How have you been this month?”

“Honestly? Not great, but not bad. I mean, if you asked me after the first week, I would have told you to fuck off because everything pretty much sucked. But these days? I’m alright. Not as happy as I was when we were together—no, I don’t think anything quite compared—but I’m living my life. You?”

Maggie shrugged. “Been working lots of overtime. Mainly to distract myself. I used to love coming home to an empty apartment after a long day at the office or on a case. I fucking relished the moments of silence. But I miss having silent moments with you there. I mean, I got used to it, like you said. But there’s a difference between adapting and preferring something.”

“Yeah…so what finally got you to text me?”


“It’s the only way we’re gonna move forward, Mags.”

“I went out last night…to one of the bars. I had, well, I heard from James that you were going out. On a date. And I might have needed to prove to myself that I could get over you as much as you could get over me. So I went out and had a bit to drink and tried to get myself to feel something for anyone else, you know. And there was this woman. I’ll admit, we made out on the dance floor. But when she asked me to go home with her, I just couldn’t. She wasn’t you, Alex.”

Alex bit back an angry retort born of the jealousy roiling in her stomach. She had also kissed someone else, had been on a date, had been the very reason why Maggie felt the need to try to compensate. None of that made it hurt any less, of course. “Right. Because we were allowed to be with other people. Because we broke up.”

Maggie nodded, though the agreement didn’t quite reach her eyes.

“So, yeah, like you said, I was on a date last night. A blind date. Kara set me up. Kristen. Kristen was her name. She was…sweet. Really sweet. And pretty. And it was, all things considered, a pretty great evening. And at the end of the night, we kissed on her doorstep and did all of the things you’re supposed to do. But walking home, I couldn’t help but compare her to you. And when I looked up, I realized I was walking to you, to the apartment we used to crash at on nights when we wanted to be farther away from the DEO, on nights when we wanted Chinese food from the restaurant that only delivers in your neighborhood, when we wanted to have loud, wall-banging sex without having to look Mrs. Egan in the eyes in the elevator the next morning. Sorry, I probably shouldn’t be delving into the past. I just, everything feels tainted—in the best way—with memories of you, of us. When there was an us.”

Shuffling closer toward Alex, Maggie wiped covertly at her eyes. “I guess we should still talk about why there stopped being an us, huh?”

Alex shrugged. She knew Maggie was right, but god, it felt so much better to just think back on the good times they shared than having to delve into what had finally wrenched them apart. “Can I just say, I get it. I understand now why things ended. At first, I wanted to protest, but it sunk in eventually. I wasn’t used to letting myself be open. Hell, I’m barely open with Kara, and she knows me better than just about anyone. And because of that, I didn’t push you to open up, I didn’t create a space where you felt you could open up. But I shouldn’t have foisted my expectations onto you. I’m sorry, Mags, because honestly, nothing hurts me more than to think that I failed you in some way.”

At this point, Maggie was crying and had given up hiding it, allowing the tracks to dry on her cheeks as she composed herself. “You were right, though, Alex: I don’t open up for the most part. I am scared, so fucking scared all of the goddam time. I’ve been burned more times than I can count, and I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, kept waiting for you to realize that you were only with me because I was there when you came out, kept waiting for you to see that you could do so much better than me. And so I hid all of those moments when I was anything less than perfect, anything less than strong and stable. Because if you saw how much I needed you too? God, I don’t think I could survive you knowing that and still leaving me.”

Choking back sobs, Alex dragged Maggie’s chair all the way over to her. “I never needed you to be perfect, Maggie. I just needed you to be in my life.”

Maggie didn’t want to ruin this moment, but she knew they needed to push forward. “I need you too, Alex. But I need us—as a couple and as individuals—to be better going forward. We need to be honest with each other about our needs and our feelings, which, yeah, I know we treat it like a dirty word, but it doesn’t have to be. I couldn’t stand it if we let the same damn shit tear us apart again. I don’t think I could survive losing you again.”

“I’ve been better, ya know. I’ve been talking to Kara, hell, even to a therapist. I’ve been working on learning how to talk about my emotions. I should really thank you for that. I don’t think I’ll ever be the kind of person who comes home wanting to process my entire day, and I won’t remember to start every sentence in a fight with, “I feel…” but I can promise you that I’m trying, Maggie; I’m working to be better. Not just for you, but for me, and for us.”



“And I’m working too, Alex. I started up a bit of therapy again, and I’ve been going back to yoga and journaling. Like you said, I don’t think I’ll ever want to dive straight into heavy emotional work when something bothers me, but I will come to you as soon as I’ve figured out my own thoughts, once I’ve worked through it on my own terms, just a little bit, and gotten to a place where I can know and understand what exactly it is I need from you.”

“I can be there for you, Mags, but I can also be there before you know what it is you need from me. I can’t promise I’ll always react the right way, especially before either of us knows what that way will look like, but I can promise that I won’t abandon you or give up on you.”

Maggie sniffled as she snuggled under Alex’s shoulder. “So do you think we can work? Do you think it’s alright to give us a shot again?”

“I really hope so because I don’t think I can go home alone again knowing we didn’t even try.”

“Hmm, never were a quitter, Danvers,” Maggie teased, introducing a much-needed sense of levity into what had become a rather heavy morning.

“Though I think I need to go quit on Kristen…ugh, she really was sweet.”

“Yeah, that’s never fun. At least you have an easy excuse in me?”

“Eh, nothing about this has ever been easy, Sawyer. But it’s what I love about it too.”

“Me too, Al, me too. Because I’m gonna fight for you. And for us. Just you watch.”

Chapter Text

Kara woke up panting, sure she would be drenched in sweat if that was a thing that happened to Kryptonians on this planet. She tried to close her eyes again, but kept returning to images from her dream—Lena Luthor smirking at her, teeth flashing behind bright red lips; Lena pushing her down none too gently onto the bed and hiking her tight pencil skirt up just enough to straddle her hips and hold down the girl of steel; Lena clinging to Kara’s headboard as Kara’s tongue—no! she chastised herself. Lena was a friend, a good friend. She didn’t deserve this sort of treatment, even in the land of fantasy.

Kara took a steadying breath and got out of bed, methodically remaking it with tight, army-style corners in an attempt to clear her mind. She paced around her bedroom, debating whether she should reschedule breakfast with Lena for a day when she was more in control of her fantasy life, which had really gotten out of hand at this point, taking over her dreams on an almost nightly basis.

A shower would make her feel better, she decided. She grabbed her towel and her new coconut-scented soap and took off for the bathroom, humming showtunes as she adjusted the water to the right temperature. When she realized that she was humming “Changing my Major” from “Fun Home,” she blushed, even though no one was there to judge her for her (telling) choice in music. She just needed to get in the shower and wash away all those thoughts.

Leaving her sushi pajamas folded up on the side of the sink, Kara climbed in, sighing at the feeling of the hot water streaming down her back. She was still more turned on than she would like to be this early in the morning, but she tried to drive those thoughts away as she got into a routine. By the time she was finished washing up and doing her hair, she could still feel a nagging, throbbing heat between her legs. She debated the ethics of doing something about it. It felt…dirty…wrong somehow, but then again, having a fantasy life was healthy. At least that’s what Eliza had told her during a rather awkward and blush-inducing talk she’d given to Kara around the time she turned 16. Besides, she’d heard way more people than she’d ever like to think about moaning out Supergirl’s name during their late night activities, including a one Ms. Lena Luthor. Sure, the woman didn’t know Kara Danvers and Supergirl were the same person—Kara was certain of this fact—but at least she found her attractive sometimes.

Kara shook her head, deciding that now was not the time to debate whether Lena might ever actually like her as Kara, the bumbling reporter who sometimes blanked on their kombucha dates and played with her glasses whenever she got nervous, rather than as National City’s caped hero, Supergirl. She dropped one hand down between her legs, feeling the wetness that was so different from that of the shower water running down her body. She narrowed her senses, focusing on her body alone as she let the sounds and sights and smells of the city surrounding her fade away. Her other hand came up to play with her nipples, squeezing them harder than would have been enjoyable for most humans, but relishing in the slight touch of pain that only she could inflict on herself. She circled her clit lightly at first, finding it already hard. She moaned softly as some of the tension she had been holding in her shoulders since waking up began to dissipate under her careful touch. As she increased the speed of her circles and dropped her other hand down, letting one finger, then two, slip between her folds and into her wet pussy, she allowed her mind to wander back to her dream. She whimpered as she remembered the image of her fingers kneading the flesh of Lena’s ass, pulling her down onto her mouth as she groaned at the heady taste of Lena on her tongue.


Lena knocked again, harder this time, on Kara’s door. She hoped Kara had remembered Lena’s offer to pick her up and drive her to breakfast this time. Sure, she knew Kara could just fly there—as though flying on a bus was a decent cover story to her slip of the tongue that first interview—but it was nice to have a few extra minutes with the woman who had come to so thoroughly capture her attention over the past few months. After another minute or so with no answer, Lena fished out the key Kara had given her after a few dinner dates—no, friend dates, Lena corrected herself—for which Kara had stumbled up a few minutes late only to find Lena leaning against her front door waiting.

When she got inside the apartment, she first heard the sound of the shower running. She rolled her eyes, wondering whether Kara had been up early for a Supergirl emergency and lost track of time again. It wasn’t as though she minded; she was a few minutes early after all. She let her mind drift for a moment, imagining the sight of the blonde Kryptonian naked and dripping wet just one cracked open door away from her.

As she opened her mouth to call out to Kara, she heard what sounded like a moan. At first she shook her head, assuming it was probably a hum or some other noise that her dirty mind was construing as something else entirely. But then it came again—and louder. There was no mistaking it; that was definitely a sexual noise. Lena should know—she had fantasized more than once about the kinds of noises she could get Kara Danvers to make in bed. For a moment, she froze, panicking. Was Mike in there with her? Was he the one earning those breathy moans and causing the whimpers that were now floating out from the bathroom? But then, as if to assuage her unvoiced fears, Kara breathed out, “Mmm, Lena, harder.”

With a wicked smirk on her face, Lena strode across Kara’s apartment, dropping her coat and purse off on Kara’s couch. She knocked lightly on the bathroom door before pushing it open.

“Oh my god, fuck!” Kara squealed at the sight of Lena in front of her. She swung her arms away from her body, pulling her fingers out from inside of her, promptly crashing one hand through a tile on her shower wall. Blushing furiously, she stammered, “Oh, that, that tile, it was broken, yeah, just in here doing some work. Sorry! I should have been ready in time!”

Lena leaned forward and put a finger against Kara’s lips, effectively silencing the other woman. “I always did wonder what the girl of steel fantasized about, who she got off to. I suppose I should be flattered,” she purred.

“What? Girl of steel? Touching myself? Fantasies? No! I, uh, nope, no, just doing some early morning tile work in the shower, ya know. Multitasking! Always a millennial, I am!” Kara blushed an ever-deeper shade of red as she realized that while gesturing wildly, she had left her body completely exposed to Lena’s near predatory stare.

“Darling,” Lena murmured, “I’m neither blind nor naïve; I’ve known you were Supergirl for a very long time. And those noises? They are not the noises one makes while doing construction, unless you have a very specific fetish, which I am, of course, more than happy to accommodate. Lastly, if you think I’m going to be upset about you fantasizing about me, I do worry about how subtle my flirting has truly been these past few months.”

Kara could only stammer and nod. Alex and J’onn were going to kill her, but she found that she didn’t care just now.

“Now, do you want those fantasies to become reality?” Lena asked, her voice low and enticing.

Kara gulped and nodded rapidly.

Lena smirked as she peeled off her clothing at a slow pace that seemed to torture Kara, pushing her patience to its limits. Once she had carefully folded each article of clothing, she stepped into the shower, wrapping her arms around the other woman and threading her fingers through Kara’s blonde hair. She pulled her in for a searing kiss, pausing only to whisper, “Stop me if you need to at any point, okay?” Once Kara had nodded enthusiastically, Lena grinned. “Alright, then, Supergirl, get on your knees.”

Chapter Text

The walls seemed to shake with the heavy bass as some top-100 song blasted out through the speakers set up all around the living room. Alex wove through the crowds of sweaty bodies as she sought out Lucy and Kara. In that moment, she was incredibly jealous of Kara for the special earplugs Jeremiah had made her to dampen her senses.

“Here!” she yelled over the music, shoving two cups of beer at them as she took a rather large gulp of her own.

“Beer? Really?” Lucy whined, teaming up with Kara to give Alex double puppy dog eyes.

“I’m not carrying your wasted ass back to the room again because you ‘liked the taste’ of the jungle juice too much!” She turned on Kara. “And you! You’re lucky I’m even letting you drink, freshman!”

“It’s not like it does anything,” Kara pouted. “I don’t like the taste of beer.”

“Then maybe you shouldn’t be drinking anything at all,” Alex huffed. “That’s a good idea for all of us, actually. Why don’t we go on home? Kara, you’ve made your point; you’re in control enough to deal with a house party.”

“Just one more dance?” Kara whined, pulling Alex’s free hand into hers and dragging her deeper onto the makeshift dance floor.

“No!” Alex cried out, mainly joking but also running through the extensive to-do list she had been making in her head.

A smirk spread across Lucy’s lips at the sight of Maggie Sawyer walking into the party. “Danvers, we can’t go now. The love of your life just arrived.”

“Who?” Kara squealed, clearly upset about being left out of the gossip.

“No one!” Alex barked over Lucy’s cackle.

“Just the woman that makes Alex here blush scarlet and stammer and trip over her own feet and run into walls on a daily basis, that’s all,” Lucy teased.

As if drawn over to their group by the sound of Lucy’s loud laughter, Maggie sauntered toward them, causing Alex to whisper a whole litany of curses at her luck.

“Hey, Danvers, Luce. Who’s this?” Maggie asked, gesturing at Kara and giving her a small smile.

“I’m Kara, Alex’s little sister,” she happily chimed in, offering a small wave.

“Nice to meet you, little Danvers. I’m Maggie.” Maggie smiled back more broadly this time, confident now that the pretty blonde wasn’t any kind of date—at least not to Alex.

“We were just thinking about heading out,” Lucy began, a devilish grin on her face.

“No! Nope, no!” Alex corrected. “The party’s just getting started, so obviously we’re also just getting started…on our night here…” she trailed off lamely, ignoring the fact that the party had hit its peak about an hour ago when they actually arrived and had begun to dwindle down. “And you? How’s, uh, how’s your night going?”

“Eh, I was the on-duty RA until midnight, hence the late start to my night. But now I’m finally free! If you’ll excuse me for a second, I want to grab a drink.”

Alex continued to nod as she watched Maggie weave through the intoxicated crowd, carefully maneuvering past the flailing limbs of those students still giving it their all on the dance floor.

“Earth to lovesick Danvers,” Lucy whisper-yelled in Alex’s ear.

Alex turned back around, scowling at Lucy. “What do you want?”

“I want to make your night so much better. Do you trust me?”

“Not even a little bit.”

“Hmm…Kara, don’t you think she should trust me? I’m an excellent influence.”

“I don’t know,” Kara answered, biting her lip. “I mean, anything would be better than the total failure at flirting going on over there,” she giggled, shrugging at the look of betrayal Alex was giving her. “It’s true,” she mouthed at her sister.

“Then just play along, yeah?” Lucy checked in, grinning like the Cheshire Cat when Alex finally nodded.

Once Maggie got back, they stood around for a little while longer, chatting as more and more people began filtering out of the party or off to the couches to hook up with their dates. Alex tried to keep her breathing under control as she waited for Lucy to pull whatever stunt she was sure would get Alex and Maggie together.

As the opening notes of Hayley Kiyoko’s “Sleepover” filled the room, Lucy’s eyes lit up. “Oh my god, I love this song! Alex, you have to dance with me,” she said, lips pushed out in a full on pout while a glint of something mischievous flashed in her eyes. Shrugging, Alex let herself be pulled a few feet away from Kara and Maggie. “Trust me,” Lucy whispered, her voice low and rough in Alex’s ears, doing things to the redhead that she hadn’t quite expected.

“Uh, yeah, okay,” she nodded, breath stuttering slightly as Lucy wound her arms around Alex’s neck and slotted a leg between hers, grinding their hips together to the beat.

“What are you doing?” Alex hissed, her voice breathier than she would have liked it to be.

“Trust me, Alex. Just let your hands go wherever feels natural and move with my body.”

Alex gulped but did as she was told, starting with her hands on Lucy’s hips as she figured out the slow, sensual pace that Lucy was setting with her hips. As Lucy felt the tension dissipate from Alex’s shoulders, she grew bolder, winding her fingers through Alex’s short hair and chancing a slow dip of her hips before swaying back up Alex’s body. Without thinking, Alex dropped her hands slightly lower, resting them on Lucy’s lower back, as she drew the woman in closer to her. She glanced up and saw Maggie glaring at Lucy’s back, her arms crossed and what looked very much like jealousy etched into her features.

Maggie tapped her foot impatiently, waiting for the damn song to end already. “Are they together?” she snapped at Kara.

“Who? Alex and Lucy?”

Biting back a sarcastic retort, Maggie gave a curt nod.

Thinking that she should play along with the game Lucy was clearly running, Kara shrugged. “Not yet, but I mean, after tonight? Who knows…”

Maggie’s grip on her empty cup grew even tighter, as the plastic caved under her fingers. She ground her teeth together, counting out the beats until the song would change.

When the song finally ended, Lucy pulled back, grinning broadly—both at the jealousy she knew she had inspired in Maggie and in the look of confusion and arousal currently playing across Alex’s features. “Keep following my lead,” Lucy whispered, taking Alex by the hand and dragging her back to Kara and Maggie.

“Oh my gosh, guess what I just found out Alex has never done?” Lucy gushed.

“What?” Maggie snapped.

Grinning broadly, Lucy declared: “Body shots! So I told her she has to do one before we leave tonight. Obviously Kara can’t be the person she takes it off of, so I offered! I mean, I just assumed, it doesn’t really seem like your thing, Maggie…”

Maggie bristled at the implicit challenge in the statement. “No, I’ll do it,” she offered, pushing her chest out ever so slightly as she stepped up to Lucy.

“Okay, then. People were already doing them in the kitchen, so we can just go to the table. Unless of course you want to back out?”

Maggie shook her head, leading the way to the kitchen and trying not to let her nerves get to her. She played rugby and taught kickboxing at the campus gym; she knew she was in-shape, but still, after the display that Lucy had put on, she worried that she couldn’t possibly compare.

Alex hurried after them, trying to keep her breathing under control. It was just another woman’s stomach—something she saw daily with roommates. Nothing weird about the fact that it would belong to the woman she had been crushing on for what felt like years. Nope. Nothing at all.

“You okay, Danvers?” Maggie whispered in Alex’s ear when they got to the (blessedly empty) kitchen. “We don’t have to do this.”

Steeling her nerves, Alex shook her head. “No, no, I’m fine. I want to. Unless, do you not want to? Because that’s totally fine!”

Maggie shook her head. There was no way she was going to leave it to Lucy. “Nope, all good on my end.”

“Great,” Alex said, grateful that her voice didn’t crack.

“Well, come on now, chop chop! Shirt off and get on the table,” Lucy instructed Maggie, a smirk playing across her lips.

Maggie glared at Lucy but obeyed, pulling her shirt off, leaving her in just a black bra. She was pleased that she had actually fished one of her few real bras out for the occasion instead of just throwing on a sports bra like she did most days. Not that she felt there way anything wrong with a sports bra, but she suspected Lucy was probably wearing some lace lingerie shit under her top, and she wasn’t trying to compete without at least a little preview of what she could offer.

Alex’s brain nearly short-circuited at the sight of Maggie’s abs rippling as she leaned back on the table, her chest hidden behind just a thin layer. She was pulled from her thoughts by the sound of Lucy clearing her throat and placing a bottle of tequila, the salt shaker, and a lime wedge on the table.

“Open your mouth,” she instructed Maggie, looking all too pleased at the amount of power she was wielding in the moment. When Maggie complied, she popped the lime in between her teeth, winking at her.

“Alright, Alex, you know what to do?”

Alex shrugged. She had a general idea.

“Okay, well, first wet her skin with your tongue so the salt sticks.”

Alex blushed but pulled Maggie’s hand up. As she opened her mouth to lick the back of Maggie’s hand, Lucy scoffed. “Really? Prude…”

“Excuse me,” Alex choked out.

“I mean, everyone knows the acceptable place to put salt when doing body shots is on the stomach. Then it’s just a short distance to the tequila.

Alex braced herself, looking up at Maggie’s expression to figure out what to do. When she received a small nod from Maggie, she braced herself and moved down to Maggie’s abs, trying not to drool (though she suspected the salt would definitely stick that way). She licked a slow sensuous path below Maggie’s belly button as Lucy’s jaw dropped. She didn’t realize that she would need to specify that Alex should lick above the shot of tequila, but hot damn! Leave it to Danvers’ naïveté to make her way bolder than she even realized.

Maggie focused all of her energy on not bucking her hips up into Alex’s mouth, on keeping away thoughts of what else Alex’s tongue might be doing that low on her body lest she let out a whimper that would give away how dirty her thoughts had become. She tuned back in just in time to hear Lucy telling her that she was going to pour the tequila now. She braced herself as she felt the cool liquid pouring into her belly button and dripping down the sides of her stomach.

Taking a deep breath, Alex leaned forward, tracing her tongue across the same path it had licked earlier as she gathered the salt she had sprinkled there, then moving up to suck up as much of the tequila as she could get, flinching just slightly at the burn of the liquor in the back of her throat. Figuring it was now or never, she moved back up and quickly plucked the lime from Maggie’s mouth, her lips grazing across Maggie’s ever so slightly before she jumped back up, sucking the juice out of the lime and shaking her head at the sour taste.

Maggie knew she needed to sit up before it got weird, but after that near-kiss, she could still barely feel her limbs. Finally she managed to roll up into a sitting position, catching Alex’s glance as she did. The other woman—so bold while taking her shot—was now blushing a bright pink as she struggled to make eye contact with Maggie, embarrassed by her own forwardness.

“Hot damn!” Lucy laughed, finally breaking the silence and earning a glare from Alex. Shrugging it off, Lucy grabbed Kara’s hand. “I’m gonna go take your traumatized baby sister out to the dance floor. Call me if you need help setting up Alex for a body shot if you want a turn, Maggie.” She winked before pulling Kara, who was an even brighter shade of pink than Alex, away from the kitchen, leaving the two lovebirds alone.

Alex stammered as she was left with just Maggie. “Did you, um, did you want a turn? Sorry, it was rude of me not to offer earlier.”

Maggie chuckled. “You’re fine. Besides, I can think of less…messy ways for me to see your abs, if that’s what you’re offering,” she flirted, dabbing uselessly with a paper towel at the sticky tequila tracks running across her stomach.

“Oh here, I can get that!” Alex exclaimed, wetting a paper towel and running it across Maggie’s stomach. “Shit, now I didn’t even ask. Fuck. I’m fucking this up,” she rambled, shaking her head at her own awkwardness.

‘”Hey, you’re okay,” Maggie reassured her. “I promise, you didn’t do anything to me tonight that I didn’t want. Because I like you, Alex, a lot.”

“Okay,” Alex said quietly. Dropping her voice even lower, she whispered, “I like you too.”

“Do you want to get out of here? Go for a walk, maybe? I bet we might even have a real conversation away from this racket.”

Laughing, Alex nodded. “I think that sounds excellent.”

Chapter Text

“Alarm! Superman is coming!” Winn yelled as he fell out his bed, his feet tangled up in the sheets. Groaning softly in pain, Winn rubbed his eyes, trying to figure out what exactly was going on. The blaring fire alarm soon cued him in to the situation, and he shoved his laptop and his backup hard drive into a backpack, along with the small photo album James and Kara put together for his last birthday. Once he threw on a gray sweatshirt, he was out the door, remembering to lock up, having learned from Lyra that setting off a smoke alarm was a great way to get access to a ton of apartments. In retrospect, he should have realized earlier that she was bad news. As it was, he had waited much too long to finally end things with her. But, so it goes, he figured, shuffling down the hallway and into the crowded stairwell.

Once outside, Winn yawned trying to get himself to wake up a bit. He looked around to see if people looked genuinely concerned about there being a fire or if it was just another false alarm. Overall, people just seemed pissed to have been dragged out of bed at 2 in the morning, especially the families with kids who were now crying and scared. Winn casually shuffled away from the family group and toward the other twenty- and thirty-somethings who had clustered on the other side of the building.

“I like your pajamas,” a woman’s voice came from behind him.

He looked down, blushing at the sight of his novelty Supergirl flannel pants. He sighed, preparing to have to give some snarky retort. “Yeah, well—” But when he spun around to face the woman, he noticed that she was wearing Supergirl pajamas too—top and bottom—and was grinning with what looked like genuine excitement. Correcting course, he cleared his throat, “Yeah, well, if we can’t show thanks to National City’s hero in our pajama choices, what other options do we have?”

She giggled. “Jessie, by the way. I don’t think I’ve seen you around the building before.”

“Winn. Nice to meet you, Jessie. I just moved in a few months ago, and I work sort of weird hours.”

“Hmm, shame we haven’t gotten to meet before this. I always like to know where my fellow superfans are, ya know?”

Winn grinned. “Of course. So, how long have you been a, uh, superfan?”

“Oh, from the start, man! That woman saved a damn plane on her first trip out!”

Winn was starting to really like this woman; it almost made up for being pulled out of his bed in the middle of the night.

“So, you said you work odd hours. What do you do?” she asked.

“I’m a spy,” he deadpanned, earning a laugh, then a cocked head as though she was considering the possibility. “Nah, I do IT work for the government.”

“Ah, but you just say the government, which means it’s totally one of those secret ones. CIA, FBI, NSA, you know the kind. Well, of course you know, since, well, you work at one of them,” she rambled, running her hand across thick dark curls, which she had allowed to stay natural.

Winn thought she was fairly adorable, especially with the rambling. “You, what do you do?”

“Oh, I’m a professor at NCU.”

“Very cool!” Winn gushed. “Do you work in the one of the science departments? Do you ever get to use their massive telescope?”

Chuckling, she shook her head. “Sorry to disappoint, but I’m actually a philosophy professor.”

Winn nodded, looking very impressed. “I have to ask, how do you put up with all the old white men? I mean, I really wanted to like philosophy in college, especially because there may or may not have been a girl I had a massive crush on who worked as a TA in the department, but I just couldn’t get past the world’s driest lectures. And oh man, I tried to bring up some science stuff—like, ya know, astrobiology, life in space type of stuff—and they just lost their shit.”

“Well, then, maybe you should drop by my class. I do teach the philosophy of science, and I bet I’m a lot more fun than your professors could ever hope to be,” she added with a crooked smile. “But, yeah, I mean, NCU has a better balance than most schools, but it’s still hard just to be a woman in the department, let alone a Black woman. But then I get to see someone like Supergirl out there, powering through and saving our asses over and over again while people like Max Lord still complain that she isn’t Superman.”

Winn nodded before adding, “I mean, he’s great too! I wouldn’t want to, you know, disrespect any of the Supers. But, if we’re being honest, Supergirl is my favorite.”

“Mine too,” she whispered conspiratorially, throwing in a wink for good measure.

After a few more minutes of conversation, a fireman came out of the building and yelled the all clear, explaining that it had been a small, contained fire in someone’s microwave—news that left everyone grumbling angrily. Winn paused before heading back inside. “Hey, I, uh, I don’t mean to be forward, and I definitely don’t want to be one of those awful guys who turns a nice conversation into something more, but I just, I liked talking to you. Would you want to maybe grab a cup of coffee? As a date? With me? But if not, that’s totally fine. And if you just want to be friends, that’s chill too,” he rambled, remembering how poorly he had handled asking Kara out the year before.

Biting back a laugh, she nodded, “Hey, Winn? Yeah, I’ll go on a date with you. In exchange, though, will you do something for me?”

He nodded rapidly, trying to figure out if this was all a dream—a beautiful woman actually agreeing to go out with him and not seeming crazy or punching a man before she did it.

“I want you to read an essay from one of my favorite philosophers of science, okay? I wouldn’t want you to forever hate my discipline.”

“Deal!” He grinned widely as she held out her phone to get his number.

“I’ll text you when I’m running on more than a couple hours of sleep, alright?”

“Sounds great. Sleep well, Jessie!”

When he got back up to his apartment, he texted Kara: “Just got a date with a superfan thanks to the PJs you got me! I owe you potstickers, k?” He then promptly fell back asleep.


The next morning, Winn found 8 new text messages from Kara, all of them wanting to know about why he was picking up women in the middle of the night and who this person was and whether it was an alien and if so was it a good alien who wouldn’t partake in abusive relationship patterns. He smiled at the concern being shown in the (excessive) texts and sent another back: “She’s human, I think. Lives in my building. Professor. So, ya know, basically brilliant. And super cool. She’s going to text me today, I hope.”

Kara quickly sent back a string of happy emojis, followed by: “Don’t think I forgot about those potstickers!”

“Lunch today?” he asked.

“Deal!” Then, “*Barring alien disasters.”

Winn chuckled, padding into the kitchen to get breakfast and try to distract himself to keep from checking his phone obsessively to see if Jessie had texted yet. Luckily, a call came in from the DEO, so he was up and out to work before he could give it a second thought.


By the time lunch rolled around, Winn was exhausted. J’onn had him tracing a series of wire transfers that he believed were connected to an intergalactic human trafficking ring. And man, did those aliens know how to hide their signals. Eventually he managed to get a solid lead on at least one of the hotspots, so J’onn released him until further notice, allowing him to get back to the day-to-day DEO operations after lunch.

“Winn!” Kara sang out, striding toward his desk in full Supergirl regalia. “Did your mystery woman text you back?”

Before Winn could respond that he actually had been too busy to check, Alex was over his shoulder, grinning at him. “Did she say mystery woman? Who is she?”

Winn huffed out indignantly. “Not everything has to be public knowledge.”

“Hmm, probably not. But after your last few exes…yeah, I think your love life should be. At least among the DEO employees,” Alex clarified.

“She loves Supergirl, so she’s definitely better than Siobhan,” he offered up. “Besides, I don’t even know if she’s texted me back yet.”

“Oh, we should check that,” Alex said, winking at Kara. Before Winn could react, Alex had his hands pinned to his chair as Kara pulled his phone from his bag, scrolling through his notifications.

“She texted!” Kara squealed.

“Read it!” Alex called out, ignoring Winn’s protests.

“I’m not your little brother,” Winn whined.

“Then why does it feel so right to treat you like one?” Alex teased.

Winn had to admit, ever since Maggie came into her life, Alex had been a lot nicer. Or at least she smiled more after her threats. “I will lick you,” he stated matter-of-factly to Alex. “That’s what little siblings do when their hands are being held down.”

Alex’s mouth twitched as she considered her options. “Read fast,” she called to Kara as she released Winn’s hands.

Kara did one better by simply floating out of reach. “It was great meeting a fellow superfan,” Kara began reading, “even if we had to get pulled out of bed in the middle of the night. Coffee tomorrow after you’re done with work, Mr. Super Secret Spy? I leave for a conference on Friday morning and won’t be back until Sunday night.” Winn smiled as Kara paused. “She sent another one too! ‘If you text me your apartment number, I’ll slip a print copy of the article under your door. Paywalls are the worst.’”

“Did she give you homework?” Alex asked, biting back a laugh.

“It’s not…it’s just about a conversation we had,” Winn explained, trying not to get overly defensive. “But can you please give me back my phone so I can respond? I don’t want her to think I’m ignoring her.”

“Fine,” Kara relented, handing over the device. “So…whatcha going to text her?”

“None of your business!”

“Do you need advice?” Alex asked.

“You have had one successful relationship in your thirty years on this planet!” Winn retorted.

Shrugging, Alex conceded, “Yeah…but have you seen my girlfriend?”

Winn kept quiet, knowing there was no answer to that question that wouldn’t garner him threats of bodily harm. He focused his attention on his phone, quickly tapping out a reply with his apartment number and the suggestion of a few different coffee shops, asking which one was most convenient for her. He debated apologizing for the delayed response but figured she’d recognize that his response came in at lunchtime and assume he was busy at work during the first half of the day. And if she didn’t? Well, then it was a nice big red flag that he’d notice for a change.

His phone quickly buzzed. “Running to my 12:30 class, but sounds good! Noonan’s tomorrow at 5? Or is that too early for you?”

“Make it 5:30, and I’ll promise not to be late,” he offered, getting back a thumbs up emoji.

“Guess who’s got two thumbs, speaks limited French, and has a date for tomorrow? This moi!” Winn cheered.

Kara laughed, ruffling Winn’s hair, then turned to Alex looking serious. “We should switch to 30 Rock for sisters night this week. I need something light.”

“Whatever you say, Supergirl. Anyway, unlike you two slackers, I’ve got work to do.” And with that, Alex was off to her lab.

“I maybe caught an intergalactic gang this morning,” Winn yelled after her.

“Where are my potstickers?” Kara asked, suddenly aware of how hungry she was.

“They’ve been ordered. Should be here any minute now.”

Supergirl seemed to tense, honing in with her hearing to listen for the deliveryman. “He’s three blocks away. Go get your money ready!”


Winn jiggled his foot nervously as he waited for Jessie to arrive at Noonan’s. He had arrived a bit earlier than he’d anticipated and was now stuck with a few more minutes of anticipation.

“Hey!” he heard Jessie call out to him. She made her way across the café, dodging waitresses and weaving through tables. Winn thought she looked great in her work clothes too; instead of Supergirl pajamas, she had on black skinny jeans with a silky white top and a gray blazer. He felt a bit underdressed in just a button up and khakis now, but she didn’t seem to notice. “Sorry, am I late? I had office hours, and I hate kicking students out of my office while they’re still asking good questions.”

“No, no! I was just early. Maybe sped here a little bit,” he admitted, running his hand through his hair.

“Ah well, luckily you work for the government,” she teased. “This isn’t a pop quiz, but did you get to the article? Today can be about just getting to know each other, at least at first, but I want to know if you liked it.”

Grinning, Winn nodded. “Yeah, I read it on my lunch break today. I actually really loved it. Makes me wish I had found people like that while I was in school, though, I’ll be honest, the Computer Science Department was always calling my name.”

“The author was my advisor in grad school,” she explained. “But okay, we’ll circle back to the paper later, unless you want to start there?”

Winn shrugged. “Maybe we order first? I’m sort of hungry. But then I’m up for anything.”

“You can’t tell a philosophy professor that, Winn. Next thing you know I’ll have you so far in hypothetical land you won’t even be certain the chair you’re sitting in exists.”

Winn didn’t want to jinx it, but he was fairly certain this was the best first date he’d ever been on.

Over the course of the evening, they talked about anything and everything—philosophy, their years in college, the places Winn had always wanted to travel and Jessie’s list of her favorite (and least favorite) conference destinations, their favorite types of food, Jessie’s newest book project. But of course, the conversation eventually ended up back on Supergirl.

“So, government suit, have you ever met the girl of steel?”

“I have, actually. Quite a few times.”

“Wait. Really?”

Winn smiled broadly and nodded.

“I am so jealous right now. What’s she like? Is she sweet in person? I feel like she’s the exception to the whole don’t meet your hero thing.”

“She’s amazing. Very sweet. Really humble, even though she’s amazing.”

“She is! Okay, random question, but were you ever close enough to tell what material her cape is made out of? I’ve noticed that her costume can be damaged ever so slightly, though it’s still crazy durable. I mean, if they could make pantyhose out of that material, I’d save a damn fortune. But the cape—it can stop fire and bullets, but it looks so lightweight.

Winn barely bit back a squeal when he realized that not only was Jessie a superfan, but she was also a super-suit-fan. “Can I tell you a secret?”

Jessie nodded, eyes bright.

“I designed her suit!” Winn whispered with all the glee of a child being handed a present.

“Shut up!” Jessie’s jaw dropped. “No. I don’t believe you. Really? What? Really?”

“I did! I have all the rejected designs in my sketchbook back home, plus a few of the rejected early attempts at a suit.”

“So who made them?”

“You mean who did the sewing? I did.”

Jessie grinned, happy that Winn had absolutely not qualms about admitting that he sewed out of some misguided attempt at masculinity. “And what makes it so durable?”

“Trade secret, but it may or may not have been a polymer I made.”

“I’ll admit, I’m still skeptical, but that all sounds amazing.”

“I’ll get you proof! I promise,” Winn chuckled.

Eventually, their waitress came over to inform them that Noonan’s would be closing in the next couple of minutes. Winn quickly passed over his card. “You can get the next one,” he promised when Jessie offered to cover her half.

“So there’s going to be a next one?” she asked.

“Only if you want there to be…I mean, I know I do.”

“Sounds great,” she whispered, leaning over and kissing him lightly.


When Jessie returned from her conference in Opal City, she dropped her bags off before heading down to Winn’s apartment. He had asked her to come over whenever she got the chance. Having spent one more long night chatting with Winn before leaving and exchanging quite a few text messages with him while she was away, Jessie was only too happy to see him again.

Winn pulled open the door, greeting Jessie with a big smile and a chaste kiss as he invited her in. “You ready for your proof, Professor?”

She looked at him quizzically. Following him into his living room, she gasped at the sight of Supergirl lounging on his couch. Kara shot up and into her trademark hand-on-the-hips pose at the sight of the other woman.

“Hello, ma’am,” she said in an overly formal tone.

“Supergirl! Wow, hi! This is amazing. You’re amazing. Thank you so much for everything you do!”

Kara smiled—a genuine one, not the trademark one that went with the suit and the pose. “Of course.” She turned to Winn and stage whispered, “I like her. Good choice!”

Winn blushed, while Jessie preened at the compliment. “So, uh, I asked Supergirl if she might be able to confirm who designed her suit.”

Jessie turned to him. “Did you drag her out of her very important work to prove a point, Winn?”

Stammering, he nodded. “She’s, uh, a friend, ya know.”

Supergirl swooped in to save Winn. “It really wasn’t a problem. I meant to drop by to see Winn’s new place anyway. But yes, Mr. Schott here did design my suit. Now, I should be off—back to work, you know—but it was great meeting you, Jessie, and it’s always nice seeing you, Winn.” With a nod and a smile, she was out through the window.

“So…you really do know Supergirl,” Jessie surmised, still shocked by the visit.

“I really do. And I really did design the suit.”

“Can I be honest with you?”

He nodded, “Of course.”

“That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever heard.”

Chapter Text

Detective Sawyer strode across the tarmac, surveying the situation as best as they could with the sheer number of feds swarming around it. Sure, they understood that theoretically airports fell under federal jurisdiction, even if this one did fall within the precinct’s limits, but it wouldn’t stop them from investigating. They didn’t get promoted to detective at age 26 by sitting back and watching others work without putting up a fight first.

As they dropped down into a squat to survey the burn markings—Infernian, they guessed, though possibly Kryptonian (always so hard to tell when all that remained was charcoal)—Sawyer heard the sound of heels clicking toward them. They looked up, squinting in the bright midday sun, to find a rather gorgeous woman in a black suit standing over them, crossing her arms against her chest.

Before Sawyer could even get their flirt on, the fed was talking: “What are you doing on my crime scene.”

“Your crime scene?” Sawyer huffed indignantly. “Airport is in National City, isn’t it? And I’m National City Police Department,” they explained, flashing their badge.

“Science Division?” Alex asked.

Maggie groaned internally, assuming the lack of comprehension meant that this fed wouldn’t even know the type of perp to look for. “We investigate the…non-human, ya know, things that go bump in the night. Now I showed you mine; show me yours.” Sawyer smirked at the flush of pink that tinged the fed’s freckled cheeks. They wondered if this fed might be alright in the end.

“Alex Danvers, Secret Service. Now I really need you to get out of my investigation. I can’t have you contaminating the evidence.”

“Me?” Sawyer spat out. “Your lackey over there is bagging bits of charred carpet and crispy limo into the same Ziplock.” They tried not to laugh at the sight of Alex clenching her jaw and balling her fists up—the second sign they’d received that maybe the agent had some human in her after all.

“Look, I still need you to let me do my job. It’s my crime scene.”

“Whatever,” Sawyer shrugged, “I just hope your people can tell that the suspect is either Infernian or Kryptonian based on the burn patterns. Otherwise I’m sure gonna feel like I’m leaving this investigation to a bunch of rookies…”

Alex arched an eyebrow. “Thanks,” she mumbled before turning around and walking back toward her agent, slapping him on the back of the head as she chastised him for contaminating their own samples.


Alex rubbed her eyes as she rolled across the command center in Winn’s “backup chair,” annoying the IT man to no end.

“Alex,” he whined, “what if you break it? What will I do if my primary chair breaks too? I’ll be forced into one of those terrible monstrosities they have in the basement conference room.”

“Oh the horror,” Alex teased. “This is basically the first time I’ve been able to sit down in 24 hours. Cut the whining, Schott.”

“Go nap in one of the break rooms! It’s not like we’re having any luck tracing down our escaped prisoner,” he suggested, his tone softening as he took in the bags under Alex’s eyes.

“Can’t. Not yet,” Alex huffed out gruffly. “Hey, Winn?” Alex asked, her voice suddenly sweet.

Winn narrowed his eyes, suspecting that a large favor was about to be requested. He hesitated before responding, “Yes?”

“Can you look up a cop for me?”

“Oh, uh, sure.” He hadn’t expected something so straightforward and, realistically, quite legal.

“M. Sawyer, NCPD Science Division.”

Winn nodded and quickly began typing into his computer. “Detective, not cop, just so you know.”

“Hmm, yeah, okay. How old? Married?”

Biting back a smile, Winn asked, trying to keep his tone casual, “This is all information needed for a case, I assume? 29 and single, by the way. Well, maybe not single, but not married.”

Alex nodded, ignoring Winn’s knowing stare as she looked at the small photo provided at the top of the profile sheet Winn had pulled up. The detective was adorable. With big dimples and shaggy, short brown hair that flopped into big brown eyes… Alex was pulled from her musings by the sound of her phone ringing.

“Danvers,” she snapped, hoping it was information about their prisoner.

“Wanna see how us local cops do it?” Sawyer teased.

Alex stammered for a second, wondering whether it was a good idea to go anywhere else with this Sawyer person who had already figured out that she was DEO within a few minutes of seeing her the second time. But then she caught sight of the photo again. “Yeah, okay. Text me the address?”

“On it. Oh, and don’t go all black-ops tactical gear. Not that it wasn’t a good look on you, Danvers, but let’s not stand out too much tonight.”

Alex blushed and nodded, quickly grunting her understanding when she realized none of her responses had been verbal. “I’ve gotta go,” she murmured, tossing what was left of her bag of M&Ms to Winn on her way out.

“Enjoy your date!” he yelled after her, fully willing to accept the threats that would result from his comments when Alex returned.


Sawyer drummed their fingers against their motorcycle as they waited outside of the alien bar they had begun frequenting a few months after their arrival in National City. They wondered if they had misread Alex; the DEO wasn’t exactly known for its ethical treatment of aliens, but somehow Alex had seemed…different. Maybe it was just how hot Alex was, Sawyer thought. The woman looked good (and even better in her tactical gear than in the suit), and they swore she might have been checking them out at the crime scene.

At the sound of an engine coming down the alleyway, they looked up, finding Alex swinging her leg over a very nice Ducati. They tried not to drool, but there was something about a beautiful woman on a beautiful bike that just did things to them.

“So, where the hell are we?” Alex asked, overcompensating for the way her heart had jumped when the handsome detective had clearly given her a once-over.


Sawyer pushed their hair back and out of their eyes. “You’ll see,” they teased before knocking on the door and giving the password.

“So…a shitty dive bar?” Alex asked, taking in her surroundings—the dingy lighting, scuffed up floor, handful of pool tables with only a couple of mediocre cues.

Sawyer shook their head at Alex’s quick judgment. “Look a little closer, Danvers.”

She did, taking in the…eclectic crowd. As she looked closer, she saw the swish of a tail, then a set of pointy green ears wiggling, and finally a woman looking her up and down with eyes that blinked sideways. “Oh,” she gasped, reaching for her gun on first instinct.

“Hold up! No,” Sawyer corrected, guiding Alex’s hand up and away from her gun. If their fingers happened to linger on Alex’s warm, calloused hands a little longer than was absolutely necessary, well, could you blame them? “We’re just gonna have a drink. Talk to some locals. Get some information.”

Sawyer slid into a booth, motioning for Alex to sit on the other side. Just then, Darla came up, flinging two menus at them. “You sure moved on fast,” she spat out before spinning on her heel and walking across the bar.

Alex bit back a smirk. “Nasty breakup?”

“Er, yeah, a little bit. More that it was somewhat recent, I think.” Nodding at the news, Alex fiddled awkwardly with her menu. Seeing the woman’s reaction, Sawyer figured now was the moment to get it out in the open: “You don’t have a problem with it, do you?”

“What, dating aliens?”


“No, no! I’m gay!” Alex rushed, her volume getting a bit louder than she had intended it to in her need to correct any assumptions that might have been made. She blushed at the sight of the detective smirking in her direction. “I just…does that mean you’re single now?” Alex asked, her voice nearly a whisper as she overcompensated for her earlier volume.

“Hmm is that an offer?” Sawyer teased.

“I—uh—what? No? Maybe? Are you thirsty? I could use a beer. I’m gonna go get one.”

Fighting back a laugh at how adorably awkward the agent had become, Sawyer pushed the menu toward her again. “Let me just wave for Darla.”

Once they had ordered drinks, Alex couldn’t help asking: “So…do you prefer dating aliens?”

Sawyer shrugged. “I prefer them to most humans when it comes to company, yeah. I mean, growing up a non-white, non-straight kid who didn’t even fit into the arbitrary gender binary system we’ve got going on this planet—well, at least among most white folks in this country—I felt like a bit of an alien myself.”

Alex shot the detective a sympathetic look. “I can see that. People are…well, I don’t much like people myself. Not that I’m saying I prefer aliens. Me? I like wine a lot. Or whiskey. Beer can make good company too,” she joked, earning a laugh from Sawyer. “Can I ask, just so I don’t fuck up, do you want me to stick with Sawyer and they/them pronouns? I don’t want to make assumptions.”

Sawyer shot Alex a small grin. Maybe this fed wasn’t so bad after all. “They is great, and so is Sawyer. Some people still call me Mags, but never Maggie these days and only Margaret if you want it to be the last thing you say to me.”

“Ugh, I feel that way about Alexandra. Only my mother gets to call me that, and there’s a reason we’re not on the best of terms.”

“Sorry,” Maggie murmured, not wanting to get into their own family drama, but also not wanting to leave a statement hanging as though they wouldn’t acknowledge it. “So, should we get to chatting up the locals for info?”

“Oh, right, yeah. This was…just about work then?” Alex asked, a look of disappointment flashing across her eyes before she schooled her face into a more neutral expression.

“Tonight? Yeah, tonight is about work. But what about tomorrow night being a date?”

“Between us?” Alex asked, wanting to confirm.

“Yeah, between us, Danvers,” Maggie nodded, a smile lighting up their face.


As it turned out, work kept them both very busy, so their date was pushed back, first by one day, then by two, then finally to the following week. Even though they had seen each other quite a few times at crime scenes, when date night rolled around, Alex was still nervous. She had ten minutes before Sawyer was set to arrive—they had decided on a night in, since neither one of them had spent much time in their own apartments for over a week as alien crime seemed to hit a peak. She called Kara.

“Hello?” Kara answered, her voice cheery even as Alex could hear the wind whistling in the background, indicating that she was out on patrol.

“Any chance you’re flying near my apartment and can give me some real quick outfit advice?”

Kara laughed a bit, glad to see Alex finally getting back out there again. “On my way, sis!” A few moments later, she was knocking at Alex’s window, finding her sister running around in just a sports bra.

“Hey! Thank you! Okay, date tonight. I need a top. Pick one?”

“Okay, deep breaths, c’mon,” Kara laughed. As she sorted through Alex’s closet, pulling out a couple of options (since she knew Alex would reject the first two she tried on out of principle), she asked, “So who’s the lucky lady?”

“Lucky person,” Alex corrected. “Sawyer.”

“Ah, sorry, didn’t mean to make assumptions!” Kara apologized, shaking her head. “Been on your planet too damn long…”

“Yeah, well, I don’t hear you complaining about our pizza and potstickers.”

A dreamy look came over Kara’s face as she thought about what she might order for dinner. “No, I can’t complain about two of the seven wonders of the world,” she giggled.

“Yeah, yeah. Now quick, pick a shirt for me so that I’ll be ready for Sawyer!”

“I’m sure they’d be just as happy to find you without one,” Kara teased before wrinkling her nose as she realized she was still talking about her sister. She threw the first shirt at Alex—a white button up.

“Too dressy. We said we were keeping it casual, just dinner and a movie at my place.”

“Hmm,” Kara hummed, holding up the silky blue top she had ready to go next. “This one is too dressy as well?”

Alex nodded, looking anxiously at her watch.

Kara dove back into the closet, rummaging through the shelves. “Oh! This one!” Kara squealed, pulling out a maroon sweater. “You look cute in it, and it looks soft enough that they’ll want to snuggle or your money back!”

Alex rolled her eyes at Kara’s excitement, but pulled it on, concurring that it was soft, and she did look okay in it. “Aright, thanks for your help, but now I need you to leave, so they don’t think I’m weirdly dependent on someone else to dress me. Love you, bye!” she yelled as she shoved Kara toward the window.

“I want all the details and a dozen donuts tomorrow morning!” Kara called on her way out.

Before Alex could rethink her outfit again, she heard a knock at the door. “Hey!” she waved, opening the door all the way to let Sawyer in. She let her eyes glance down to appreciate Sawyer’s look. They had on gray, slim cut jeans, tucked into scuffed up black motorcycle boots, and a white henley that was just fitted enough to show off their sculpted physique.

Alex looked up when she heard Sawyer laughing softly. “You still too busy checking me out to hear me?”

Alex blushed scarlet. “Oh, uh, I was just, uh, admiring your shirt. It’s nice. It’s, um, very clean looking.”

Biting back a smile, they nodded. “I did wash it special for you, Danvers.”

“Er, right, yes, well. Um, please come in. How are you?”

“I’m good, excited to finally have a night off. And a night with you of course,” they added smoothly, kissing Alex gently on the cheek as they walked farther into the apartment. The first thing they noticed was the prominence of Alex’s massive bed—a sight that had their mind in the gutter faster than they could chastise themselves to be more chivalric.

Alex, having clearly noticed where their attention had been diverted, cleared her throat. “Right, uh, we can start our night in the living room,” she explained, blushing furiously again as she realized how forward her phrasing had sounded. “I mean, we can, you know, eat and watch our movie in the living room,” she clarified, motioning to the sofa they had walked past on their way in. “I’ll let you pick the movie, since I’m very sweet like that.”

“So sweet, Alex, so very sweet. That’s definitely what I was thinking about you two nights ago when I watched you bring a literal grenade to a fight,” Sawyer teased.

“Yeah, well…we won, didn’t we?”

“We did,” Sawyer conceded with a grin. They had a feeling this woman could be the death of them, and they couldn’t wait.

Chapter Text

It was supposed to be a quiet night in, just watching some TV together and cuddling on the couch. Of course, they both knew that there was always the possibility of an alien threat that would call Kara away or, less frequently, an L-Corp PR emergency that demanded Lena’s attention late at night. But still, the goal was a relaxing night at Lena’s place.

“What do you wanna watch?” Kara called from the living room as Lena readied their plates in the kitchen. She had made Kara’s favorite, breakfast for dinner, and in return, Kara forfeited her right to choose their show.

“Oh, I’m so behind on all of my shows. Scroll through my Netflix queue and see what I’m in the middle of watching?” Lena replied, carefully stacking more French toast onto a plate than anyone should consume in a sitting (and knowing that it would only be the first course).

Kara nodded and began scrolling. “Okay, we’ve got Merlin, which I don’t watch—”

“Oh, you absolutely should!”

“I don’t want to make you start at the beginning again, though. Uhm, let’s see…Wynonna Earp. I can’t watch that without Alex; she’d totally kill me for cheating on sister night shows. Oh where did you leave off in Orange is the New Black?”

“Somewhere early in the third season, I think,” Lena mused, bringing their plates over to the living room. Normally she had pretty strict rules about where eating food as sticky as maple syrup should occur, but she just couldn’t say no to Kara’s adorable pout.

“Okay, so long as it isn’t too close to…well, I won’t ruin anything,” Kara trailed off, grateful that she wouldn’t have to relive a certain scene that had left her in shocked tears for hours. Before Lena could press her on what exactly happens in a later season, Kara cleared her throat and pressed play on episode 3, moaning as she took her first bite of French toast.


“Another episode?” Lena asked while the credits rolled and Kara rinsed off their dishes. “Quick, Netflix only gives you a few seconds to decide if you’re going to be productive today.”

Kara chuckled. “Please, who has a night in and only watches one episode of a show? You need to learn how to relax.”

“I think I’ve helped you relax plenty,” Lena purred, letting her eyes take in Kara’s long, muscular legs, which were on full display in a pair of tiny boxer shorts.

“Hush, tonight is supposed to be about relaxing in a different way! We’ve kept each other up until Rao knows what time every day this week. And unlike me, you don’t get your energy from the sun.”

“No…but I do find myself rather energized by what we do in bed,” Lena flirted.

“Insatiable,” Kara chuckled, nuzzling into Lena’s chest and pulling the blanket around them as the next episode started.


Kara tried not to notice the way Lena’s pulse sped up just slightly, the way her breathing became shallower, slightly more ragged, at the sight of a busty woman riding Big Boo’s cock—because that’s the only word there was for it, right? I mean, she wore it like it was part of her, not like some silicone appendage strapped to her with an elaborate series of leather snaps and buckles. She knew these sorts of sex toys existed; she wasn’t quite the prude everyone believed her to be—she just hated the sheer number of times she had to accidentally see or hear people having sex thanks to her powers. Some things were really best left unseen.

In her attempt not to let her body betray her own reaction to the scene, which she may or may not have rewatched a few times the first time she saw it out of curiosity, Kara didn’t realize that she had gone completely still—unnaturally so—until Lena was rubbing her shoulders whispering in a worried tone: “Kara, love? Are you okay? Kara?”

“Huh! Oh, uh, yeah, sorry. Just zoned out for a minute there.”

“Oh…okay. You went really still there.”

“Right, yes, my mistake.”

“Are you…uncomfortable? We don’t have to watch the show right now.”

“No! No, no, no. I’m totally fine, really great. Besides, you know I’m all caught up on the show. Not like anything is going to surprise me.”

“Alright,” Lena trailed off, readjusting slightly as she focused her attention back on the show. But now Kara was fidgety, her fingers tapping on the edge of the sofa as she crossed and uncrossed her legs. Lena finally paused the show. “Darling, do you want to tell me what’s bothering you?”

“Bothering me? Huh, nothing.”

“Kara, please. Was it the sex scene? Did it make you uncomfortable?”

“No…not uncomfortable.”

Lena bit back a smirk. “Was it perhaps…intriguing, instead?”

“That might be the word,” Kara said, blushing slightly.

“Hey, you don’t have to be embarrassed. Is it something you might like to try?”

“I don’t know. Maybe? Have you, uh, have you used them?”

Nodding, Lena answered, “I have. Would you be less uncomfortable if you saw them?”


Lena wriggled out from under Kara and stood, stretching before reaching out and offering her hand to Kara, who followed her back to her bedroom. She pulled a small box out from her closet and opened it up, letting Kara look inside. “I like to start over whenever a relationship ends, so you don’t have to worry; they’re all perfectly clean.”

Kara nodded, grateful to have someone like Lena to be so calm and sweet about her newness to everything, especially when it came to sex with anyone who wasn’t a cis man. “So, uh, which one would you use?”

Lena pointed to two options, “These are the kind of toys that work with a harness. You’d pick one based on what size you wanted.”

Letting her mind wander, Kara fantasized about what it might be like to have Lena in that smooth brown leather harness. Feeling rather hot in the face, she pulled Lena close to her, crashing their lips together in desperate need a distraction—even if that distraction was the very thing that was making her blush in the first place.

Quickly recovering from her initial surprise, Lena threaded her fingers around the back of Kara’s neck, pulling her closer as they kissed. When she felt Kara pressing her body impossibly close, she dragged her teeth across Kara’s lower lip, then sucked it between her own lips, earning a low groan from the blonde. She wondered what had brought on this desperate need to touch, to be close. Could it be that Kara was just as turned on as she was by the thought of Lena fucking her with a strap on?

Kara whimpered into Lena’s mouth as Lena dropped her hands lower, tracing teasing patterns along her lower back, then dipping even lower as they caressed her ass. “Bed?” Kara asked.

Lena smirked and pushed Kara back onto the bed, motioning for her to move up toward the pillows and quickly following, throwing her legs over Kara’s hips as she brought their mouths back together in a heated kiss. As she slid her tongue across Kara’s lower lip, she gently pushed up Kara’s shirt, splaying her fingers out across her girlfriend’s abs. When Kara bucked under her touch, Lena moved her mouth, tracing kisses across Kara’s jaw, then pulling Kara’s shirt up and over her head. “Is there something you need?” she purred, tracing the edge of Kara’s ear with her tongue.

“You,” Kara whimpered.

“I figured. But how do you need me, Kara? Use your words,” Lena instructed, her voice low and smooth.

“Uhm,” Kara hummed, blushing as her gaze fell on the box of toys on the other side of the bed.

“Is that so?” Lena asked, cocking her eyebrow.

Kara nodded quickly. “Please.”

“Well, since you asked so politely…” Lena swung one leg across Kara’s body, shuffling off the bed. She quickly shed her clothing, leaving on just her bra, then pulled the harness over her hips, adjusting the straps. She smirked when she caught Kara staring and biting her lower lip. “See something you like?”

“Mhm,” Kara nodded, shuffling out of the rest of her clothing to match Lena’s state of undress.

“Now why don’t you come pick which toy you want.”

Kara hurried over to the box, looking at the two options. “Uh, I don’t know. What about that one?” she suggested, pointing at the purple one that curved up with small ridges down the top side.

Lena quickly threaded it through the opening in the harness and tightened the straps. “You have to let me know if you need me to stop at any point, okay?” Lena checked in with Kara, earning a nod and promise from the blonde. “Do you think you’re ready, or do you want me to go down on you first?”

Kara whimpered, wanting both. But this was new, and she wanted to get right to it. “I think I’m ready,” she mumbled, still a bit shy about the newness of it all.

Lena ran a finger gently between Kara’s legs, letting out a low moan at just how wet Kara already was. “Good girl,” she praised, smirking at the whimpers coming out of Kara’s mouth. She grabbed the lube and made a bit of a show of coating the toy, stroking her hand up and down the length as Kara looked on, pupils blown and mouth slightly open.

She lay back on the bed, moving a pillow under her hips as she flicked on the red sunlight lamps she had installed in her room once Kara had revealed the reason why she was so reluctant to let Lena touch her.

Kara cocked her head to the side. “I, uh, I sort of like it when you top. I thought you did too?”

Biting back a smirk, Lena bantered, “It’s called topping from the bottom, darling. Now I want to watch you ride my dick.”

Blushing but so very turned on, Kara quickly positioned herself over Lena, who helped guide the toy inside of her.

“Are you okay?” Lena asked. “This doesn’t hurt, does it?”

“No, not at all,” Kara exhaled, sinking slightly farther down on the toy as she got used to the feeling of it inside of her. “So I just…move my hips?”

Lena wrapped her hands around Kara’s hips, guiding her up and down for the first two thrusts until the other woman seemed to have gotten the hang of the rhythm. Kara’s hands dropped to the headboard, grasping onto the reinforced metal she had asked a mildly disturbed Alex to design for Lena’s new bedframe. As she got more and more into it, Kara gradually increased the speed of her movements, groaning as she felt Lena pump her hips back up to meet her, driving the toy even deeper inside. Adjusting the position of her hips, Kara moaned loudly, finding that the new angle left the toy dragging pleasurably down her front wall with every thrust. “Fuck, Lena,” Kara whined.

Lena groaned loudly with Kara, as the blonde’s movements drove the base of the dildo into her clit with every thrust. Trying to stay focused on Kara’s pleasure, she moved one of her hands up to Kara’s chest, rolling a nipple between her fingers as it hardened even further under her touch. Her other hand came up to wind through Kara’s hair, pulling the blonde down into a searing kiss. “I want you to come for me,” Lena purred. “Tell me what you need.”

“Harder,” Kara whined.

Lena quickly complied, dropping both of her hands back down to Kara’s hips and gripping them firmly as she drove her hips harder and faster into Kara, watching as the blonde’s breasts bounced almost pornographically in her face. She gave up entirely on trying to stay relatively quiet, panting out obscenities with every thrust as she felt herself rushing toward her own orgasm between the pressure and the visual she was getting.

“So close,” Kara gasped between breathy moans.

“Touch yourself,” Lena commanded, her own hands occupied keeping the punishing pace she had set.

Keeping one hand on the headboard to keep her balance, Kara dropped her other hand down between her legs, gently circling her clit, then moving faster and harder to match Lena. She froze as she felt her whole body tense, her abs and thighs clenching as time seemed to freeze. Lena, seeing how close Kara was, kept up the pace, finally pushing Kara over the edge. Kara let out a low guttural noise as she slumped into Lena’s chest, her body still trembling as the aftershocks shuttered through her frame. The constant pressure of the toy on her clit, coupled with the heated kisses Kara was leaving up and down her neck quickly pushed Lena over the edge herself into a small, but nonetheless satisfying orgasm. She lurched forward, wrapping her arms around Kara’s torso and biting her shoulder to stifle a loud moan.

After a minute or two, Lena gently helped Kara off of the toy, pulling her girlfriend into her side as they basked in the afterglow. “How are you doing?” Lena checked.

“Amazing,” Kara breathed out. “We can do that again, right?”

“All night long, darling.”

Chapter Text

Maggie collapsed into the sofa as soon as she walked into Alex’s living room. “Babe? Alex?” she called out, disappointed when she didn’t hear a response. It had been a long day at the precinct full of paperwork and interrogations with a particularly recalcitrant suspect whose lawyer made Maggie want to punch walls. On her way out of the office, she had gotten a text message from Alex in response to her litany of complaints telling her to hurry home so that Alex could make it up to her. But it looked like she had hurried a bit too fast, beating Alex home.

In the bathroom, Alex tried to stay quiet, but then realized she should probably yell out that she was home—god forbid she surprise her detective girlfriend and end up with a gun pointed at her. “Mags?” she called out.

“Alex?” Maggie yelled back, rather confused.

“I’m just changing in the bathroom. Be out in a second.”

Maggie wondered why the sudden need to only be naked behind closed doors, but she shrugged it off. Sometimes she had days where she didn’t feel particularly sexy too—no need to judge. She sat back and closed her eyes as she waited for Alex to come join her, hoping that maybe they could watch some old reruns and snuggle up with pizza and beer.

Back in the bathroom, Alex carefully tightened the ankle strap of some of her black heels that she hadn’t worn since her clubbing days, checking her reflection in the mirror. With black heels, some very revealing black lace underwear, and a matching black lace bra, Alex felt very…exposed. But, she reminded herself, it was for Maggie. Maggie, who had endured a long day at the office, who had willingly gone out in public packing again for her when she wanted to try out a particular fantasy, who would never judge her or laugh at her even if her sexy act didn’t quite go off as she wanted it to. Taking a deep breath, Alex popped on the black and red Chicago Bulls snapback Maggie still had from her drag king outfit and cracked open the bathroom door.

Quietly exiting the bathroom, Alex dimmed the lights and hit play on the remote controlling her speakers. The opening notes of Beyoncé’s “Naughty Girl” rang out through the apartment.

“Wha—?” Maggie asked, confused by the sudden lighting and music changes. Any protest she might have made effectively died on her lips when she turned around and caught sight of Alex standing—posing, really—in the doorframe, one hip cocked out to the side, backlit by the bright lights of the bathroom.

Maggie’s awestruck reaction gave Alex the confidence boost she needed to strut into the living room. “I thought you could use a reward after your long day,” she purred, offering her hand to Maggie, who scrambled up and off of the couch, eager to follow Alex wherever she may lead.

Maggie gulped as Alex pulled a high-backed chair out and into the middle of the room, pushing her down into it. “Don’t touch,” she instructed, her voice low and seductive. Maggie could only nod, not trusting her voice not to crack. “Good girl,” Alex whispered, smirking at the effect she was so clearly having on her girlfriend.

As the music built, Alex let herself get into it, strutting around the chair, pausing behind it to run her hands down Maggie’s chest all the way to her thighs, then back up them, taking a beat to tangle her fingers in Maggie’s hair, scratching slightly and enjoying the strangled moan that Maggie was trying so hard to bite back.

Making her way back to the front of the chair, she turned, facing away from Maggie as she straddled her lap, dropping her hips down and hovering, never giving Maggie enough weight to ease the tension that was building between her legs.

Maggie could only sit and watch in rapt attention, trying not to completely and utterly ogle Alex’s ass as it dipped and swayed seductively in front of her and across her lap, sending waves of chills up and down her arms. Just when she thought it couldn’t get any better, Alex was turning toward her, resting one stiletto-encased foot between her legs as her arms fell on either side of Maggie’s upper body, gripping the back of the chair. Clenching her hands into fists by her side, Maggie fought the urge to touch, but it was so damn difficult, especially as Alex let her chest come to rest directly in Maggie’s line of sight.

Alex swung her leg down and over Maggie’s lap, now facing the other woman head-on—the better to observe her reactions as she tested her thigh strength by dropping her hips and grinding against Maggie’s lap. Seeing Maggie’s already blown pupils and hearing her ragged breathing, Alex decided to give her a small reward for playing by the rules so well. Tugging the snapback around so that the brim faced backwards, Alex leaned forward, leaving a trail of hot kisses and small bites up Maggie’s exposed neck and across her jaw, then switching to do the other side.

“Al,” Maggie finally whimpered, having just about reached her breaking point. Either Alex needed to stop touching her or accept that she was about to have Maggie’s hands all over her, picking her up and carrying her to the bedroom to ravish her.

“Yes?” Alex purred, her voice hot in Maggie’s ear.

“Please,” Maggie begged. She could remember the music video. She knew that Usher had gotten to touch Beyoncé at this point.

“Well, since you begged…” Alex conceded, grabbing Maggie’s hands herself and guiding them to her hips. Maggie promptly moved them back just slightly to better grab onto Alex’s ass as she finished her dance.

Before Alex could even swing her leg over Maggie’s lap, Maggie was up, her arms under Alex’s ass as she carried her into the bedroom, throwing her down onto that gigantic bed.

“So you liked it?” Alex teased.

Maggie responded with an animalistic growl, climbing up and on top of Alex as she roughly kissed her way down Alex’s body, giving her hands full access to all of the parts of her girlfriend she hadn’t been allowed to touch throughout the performance. “You okay?” she managed.

“Yes,” Alex sighed, relaxing into Maggie’s desperate touches. “What happened to my helping you relax, though?”

“This is the best thing I’ve done all day, babe,” she rasped, her voice low and gravelly.

Alex moaned at the thought, feeling a rush of arousal between her legs. As if she could sense Alex’s growing desperation, Maggie ripped off the black lace, throwing both the bra and underwear to the side of the room, leaving Alex in just heels—the snapback having fallen at some point during the journey from the chair to the bed.

Knowing that now wasn’t the time for teasing or gentle, sensual sex, Maggie got right to it, kneeling between Alex’s legs, tying her hair up into a messy bun, and then bending down to finally taste Alex. As soon as she got the first loud moan from Alex, the first tug at her hair urging her closer, Maggie let her tongue slip inside of Alex. Now coated with her arousal, she flicked it back up and around Alex’s clit, moving hard and fast as the other woman bucked into her mouth. A chorus of “Don’t stop” and “Please” greeted Maggie’s efforts.

Alex could feel how close she was to coming already, the tension coiling hotly low in her abdomen as her heart rate raced. Just before she could pull Maggie even closer, she felt the other woman’s fingers playing around her entrance, then two fingers easily slipping inside her. She groaned, her head falling back to the pillows as Maggie set a deliciously measured pace with her fingers, even as she sped up with her tongue, leaving Alex hurtling toward her orgasm and fast.

“Mags,” she panted, dragging her head up to catch Maggie’s eyes. She wanted Maggie to see just how amazing she was making her feel. Soon, deep brown eyes—almost black from arousal—met hers, and she felt the corners of Maggie’s mouth quirk up into a grin. She moaned deeply as she took in the visual: Maggie fully clothed from work in skinny black jeans and an Oxford with the sleeves rolled up, kneeling between her legs with her fingers buried inside of her and one of Alex’s long legs thrown over Maggie’s shoulder, the heel of her stilettos grazing her back. Before Alex could comment, she was shutting her eyes tight, her head falling back to the pillow as Maggie curled her fingers inside of her and took her clit between her lips. She came with a long, low moan, which turned into whimpers as Maggie gently licked her through the aftershocks, then stayed between her legs to clean up the arousal that had spilled out onto her inner thighs and suck her fingers clean.

“Maggie,” Alex sighed. “That was…oh my god.”

Maggie smirked. “Whatever I did to you? Let me just tell you: still not as amazing as that dance.”

“Well then, let me win even more girlfriend points,” Alex laughed, sitting up and unbuttoning Maggie’s shirt.

“You don’t have to,” Maggie said, placing her hand on Alex’s.

“No, I don’t have to,” Alex repeated. “I want to.”

Maggie smiled and relaxed into Alex’s touches, letting her shirt be pulled off of her shoulders and her sports bra tossed behind her. Pausing before she undid Maggie’s pants, Alex reached down and quickly undid the straps of her own heels, kicking them to the floor. They had filled their purpose. As she got up on her knees, she pushed Maggie down onto the bed, undoing the button and zipper on Maggie’s jeans and tugging them down her legs.

“What do you want?” Alex husked, running her hands up and down Maggie’s abs before moving up to cup her breasts and gently tug at her nipples.

“Mm, Alex,” Maggie moaned. “I want your hands. I want you to fuck me.”

Grinning, Alex positioned herself so that she was straddling Maggie’s thigh, her right hand dipping down to Maggie’s pussy. “You’re so wet already,” she groaned. “God, I’ve missed fucking you.”

Maggie was too turned on to point out that it had only been a few days. She dropped down to the bed as Alex ran her fingers up and down the length of Maggie’s pussy, coating them with the copious arousal that had gathered there before slipping in one, then two fingers. She began gently, slowly increasing the pace to meet Maggie’s bucking hips. Dropping her head, Alex took one of Maggie’s nipples into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it, feeling it harden beneath her tongue, then biting gently, earning a low groan from Maggie.

Maggie could feel herself already embarrassingly close to coming. “Another finger,” she panted out, feeling how wet she was. Alex quickly obliged, smirking at just how easy it was to slip in a third digit. She kept her pace steady, curling her fingers forward as her thumb circled Maggie’s clit. “Come for me, Mags,” she whispered. Those words pushed Maggie over the edge, and Alex felt the walls of Maggie’s pussy pulsing around her fingers as a rush of arousal spilled out and onto Maggie’s thighs. Before Maggie could move to apologize for the mess or act like it was something other than completely sexy to Alex, Alex shuffled down the bed and gently licked up and around Maggie’s pussy, making a show of thoroughly sucking each one of her fingers before crawling back up the bed to curl around Maggie.

“So do I get all of the girlfriend points for tonight?” Alex teased.

“Oh, yeah. I’ll even make you a regular-milk Ben and Jerry’s ice cream sundae without commenting on how much cholesterol there is and how worried it makes me for your heart health.”

“So generous,” Alex laughed.

“You love me,” Maggie shot back.

“Yeah…I do.”

Chapter Text

Kara toyed with her engagement ring as Alex and Maggie put the finishing touches on her hair and makeup. “Stop fidgeting! You'll mess up your hair,” Alex chastised, though the grin on her face made it clear that she wasn't particularly upset.

“I'm just nervous,” Kara whined. “What if I trip? What if I mess up my vows?”

“Little Danvers,” Maggie began, gesturing for Kara to sit back down on one of the stools around the vanity. “Lena adores you. I mean, that woman has watched you run into (and crash directly through, might I add) all of her walls—both physical and metaphorical. If you trip? Eh, it happens. I dropped the ring my hands were shaking so badly when I was trying to marry this one,” she laughs, poking Alex in the side.

Alex picked up where Maggie left off: “You’ve always been so concerned with this idea that somehow you could do something that would make Lena realize that being with you is a mistake that you can't see the way she looks at you—like you hung the sun and the moon. She adores you, Kara Zor-El, just like anyone who gets to know you for more than a minute does. You could trip your way down the aisle and stutter through your vows and accidentally break the ring in half—”

Kara interrupted Alex, “No, you're the one who designed the special polymer for them. I know I can't break it, at least!”

Laughing softly, Alex dipped her head. “Fair enough, you won't break the rings. But all of those things that could go wrong? None of them are going to make her stop loving you. Because that isn't what love's about.”

Trying to keep from crying and messing up her makeup, Kara opted for sarcasm: “When did you become such a sap?”

Smirking, Maggie interjected, “I think I had a lot to do with it.”

Kara laughed and shook her head, trying to clear the air from all of the negative thoughts. They were right—of course they were—Lena loved her, and had been proving it every day, even when they were supposedly just friends. She thought back on all of the times she had worried that she might ruin her relationship with Lena...


A couple of months after her final breakup with Mon-El, she had paced restlessly across her apartment, wearing down the wood until she could see the beams separating her apartment from the one below it. Lena was supposed to be picking her up for lunch any minute now, and Kara had decided that today was finally the day to tell Lena how she felt about her. It had been a long time coming, a long time of trying to figure out why the term “friendship” always felt slightly unsatisfactory as a label for what they shared. It had taken quite a few long conversations with Maggie, the gay guru, to realize that she could be feeling romantic attraction toward Lena, followed by many worried talks with Alex, who reassured Kara that her feelings were real and valid and in no way diminished Alex's own later-in-life realizations.

Eventually, she had come up with a whole speech that she wrote out on a series of index cards. She had even color-coded the text based on the specific emotion she meant to convey at every juncture. But when Lena got to her door, Kara found that the speech no longer did her feelings justice. Because there was something so indescribable, so intangible, that came with just being in Lena's presence—it was a type of comfort similar to (yet unique from) the kind Alex gave her when she was still trying to adjust to this planet. So, throwing caution to the wind, Kara had asked Lena if they could take a quick walk before lunch, quickly shutting her door before Lena could spot the hole in her floor. Lena had, of course, agreed. She would have agreed to just about anything Kara might have suggested.

When they got outside, Kara rambled and stuttered her way through her explanation, eventually getting to the point: “I just, it's just, well, I like you, Lena. As a friend, of course! And I wouldn't want to lose that friendship, you know. But also as...more than a friend. And I really hope that I'm not ruining everything by saying something, but, Rao, Lena, I want to date you too. I want to call you up for a lunch date and not have to wince at my choice in terms, wondering if you're on the same page I am. And I want to be able to hold your hand while we walk down the street for more than just a minute while I tell you a sad story or get overly excited at the sight of some cute puppies out for a walk. And I want to be able to snuggle up next to you at the end of the day without trying to figure out why it makes my heart race. So, I guess what I'm trying to get at here, is that I like you,, romantically. And I would very much like to take you on a date sometime if you would be up for it too.”

Lena smiled, her eyes wide and warm. Once she had ascertained that Kara was, in fact, done talking and was waiting for her response, she motioned toward a bench, gently pulling one of Kara's hands in between her own. “Is this okay” she checked, earning a look of almost complete adoration from Kara, which was quickly followed by a nod. “Kara, I like you too. I have for a very long time, in fact. But you were with Mike, and I, well, I didn't want to make assumptions about your sexuality. Sometimes I really felt like we were flirting, like there was some undeniable spark between us, but then I would shake my head and think that I was reading into it, finding a spark where there was just the intimacy of friendship. All of this is to say that yes, Kara, I would absolutely love to go on a date with you.”

“Really?” Kara squealed, her eyes lighting up.

“Yes, really,” Lena chuckled.

“Oh my gosh, I have so much planning to do!”

“Can we at least do lunch first? I promise we can even hold hands on the way there.”

Blushing slightly, Kara nodded and reached out for Lena's hand, smiling at the soft touch.


A few weeks into dating, having officially declared themselves girlfriends, Kara realized that she desperately needed to tell Lena that she was Supergirl...and an alien, though that part would become pretty clear with the first revelation. She worried that perhaps she had waited too long, perhaps it would seem like she didn't trust Lena, couldn't see past her last name. They had been friends for such a long time already. What was Kara's excuse? But, powering through her anxiety (with the help of a few more pep talks from Alex and Maggie, both of whom privately agreed that Lena probably already knew), Kara finally spat out: “I have to tell you something!” before Lena could press play on their movie.

“Yes?” Lena asked. Seeing how nervous Kara looked, she ran her fingers soothingly across the back of Kara's hand—a gesture she had found really helped Kara to recenter herself when they were out in crowded places. “You can tell me anything, darling.”

Bracing herself, Kara took a deep breath, then pushed all of the words out in one go. “I’m Supergirl! Because I'm an alien from another planet—Krypton, to be specific.” When Lena didn’t immediately respond, she continued, “I'm so sorry I didn't tell you earlier! I just, it's not because I don't trust you—not at all! I trust you so much, Lena. But the people that I work with are so strict about who I tell, and actually now you'll need to sign a non-disclosure agreement, sorry. I would have fought them on it harder, but it's also, just, anyone who knows my secret, who knows me as Supergirl, becomes a target too. The more that information gets out, the more at risk those closest to me become. And I couldn't live with myself if you ever got hurt because of me.”

“Kara, first of all, I appreciate your telling me. It means a lot to be trusted with a secret so big. Second of all, I know a little something about do remember my mother, right? And that means I know what it's like to worry about putting people at risk simply because of who you are. So I don't judge you or hold it against you for not telling me sooner.”

Sighing in relief, Kara nodded. “Wait, but, you don't sound that surprised about the actual secret.”

Biting her lip and jiggling her foot, Lena tried to figure out how to say what she needed to say while remaining diplomatic. “Well, darling, we've been friends for so long. Now we're even closer. So we spend a lot of time together...and I may have had my suspicions about your being Supergirl, so it was more of a confirmation than a revelation.”

“You knew?” Kara’s face fell. “How?”

Lena could barely restrain herself from wrapping Kara in her arms. “When you spend as much time together with someone as you and I do, you notice little things. Like the scar above your eyebrow. Or the little slip-ups when you admitted to flying. Or the way you always had to leave just when Supergirl was needed on-scene for an emergency in the city.”

Kara blushed and smiled. “Right, right. But you're not mad?”

“No, Kara, I'm not mad; I'm honored that you trust me enough to tell me.”


A little later into their relationship, Kara found herself float-pacing in her apartment. Alex had been rather annoyed at having to help fix the floor in Kara's apartment the first time and asked that it not happen again. Apparently having to distract the suspicious downstairs neighbors long enough to bring in a construction crew was no easy task.

But Kara was nervous. Because Lena had been so perfect and understanding, and she had let Kara get used to each and every step of their relationship, and now it seemed like they were so overdue to progress into some sort of sexual territory. Even though Kara adored Lena—part of her wanted to say love, but she felt it was probably too early to admit to it—and loved when Lena held her hand or cuddled her at night or even kissed her lightly on the lips or peppered butterfly kisses across her nose and cheeks when she was feeling particularly affectionate…she didn’t really want it to go any further than that. The idea that Lena might think it was something she had done wrong scared her, and she was terrified of losing Lena, but she needed to say something before it turned into something bigger.

A knock at her door pulled her out of her spiraling thoughts. “Lena!” she exclaimed, pulling open the door and letting the other woman inside.

Lena strode in and hung up her coat. “How are you, dear? I didn’t see any Supergirl emergencies, so am I to take it you might have actually gotten to relax today?”

Shrugging, Kara made a noncommittal noise. It was true that she had been relatively free from Supergirl duties, but her day had been far from relaxing. “Come, sit down. Can I get you anything to drink? Eat?”

“Shall we have tea?” Lena suggested, earning a nod as Kara heat-visioned a pot of water and poured it into a teapot with some loose leaf to steep. “Hmm, dating Supergirl has so many perks,” she chuckled.

“Ah, yeah, well…about dating…and perks. No, nope, no, not the way I wanted to get here.”

“What’s wrong, Kara? Do you want to come sit down next to me to talk about it?”

Kara shuffled over and curled into Lena’s side. “So, um, you know how, um, we end our dates?”

“I think so? I mean, I remember all of our dates, if that’s what you’re asking. Why, did I say something wrong?”

“Oh, Rao, no! Sorry, I’m not being very clear. It’s just, well, I really like how we end them now. You give me a little kiss and then leave, or sometimes you fall asleep here and we spoon through the night.”

Lena smiled. “I like it too, darling.”

“Right, but, um, based on some of the things you’ve talked about in your past relationships—you know, back from when we were just friends—I know that you also like your relationships to…progress…when it comes to physical intimacy. And I just, well, I really like touching and the intimacy there, but I don’t like the idea of moving beyond kissing and just holding one another. And I’m sorry if I’m disappointing you somehow. And if you need to go to someone else for that, I understand.”

Lena gently cut in, “Kara? Do you mind if I respond really quickly? You can finish whatever you want to say, but I just want you to have an idea of where I am.” Kara hiccuped and nodded, her eyes wide and slightly fearful. “First of all, that’s okay. What you’re feeling is of course real and valid, and I hope that no one has ever suggested otherwise. I assume you’ve probably already done the research on asexuality and the spectrum, and it seems like you’ve gotten pretty comfortable with finding your place on it. And if it changes one day, that’s real too. And if it doesn’t, that’s fine! I won’t be expecting it. I don’t lo—like you any less because of it. It’s just another part of what makes you Kara.”

Feeling a bit too overwhelmed for words, Kara pulled Lena into a hug, holding her for a long time as she regained her sense of stability, reigned in her senses, and grounded herself in the moment. Over the course of the afternoon and well into the evening, they discussed what it all meant for them as a couple and Lena as someone who wanted to be exclusive with Kara but was also still a sexual person, and by that night they both felt comfortable with the progress they had made and how they would keep communication open between them moving forward.


Even thought the memories calmed her, Kara couldn’t spend too much time in them because suddenly Alex and Maggie were up and dragging her to the aisle. She tried not to squeal at the sight of Lena looking stunning in an immaculate white suit paired with a rather gorgeous pair of stilettos. They didn’t care much for the superstition of needing to wait to see one another, and they had decided that they both wanted to walk down the aisle—together. Lena didn’t have parents to give her away, and, while it wasn’t like Kara didn’t love Eliza, she also wanted to honor her birth parents’ absence. So, after their bridal parties processed down the aisle, they walked forward, hand-in-hand, to where J’onn stood ready to marry them. They grinned at the small group of their close friends who had gathered together to celebrate their marriage. Since Kara had wanted to follow some of Krypton’s rituals, they were rather limited in whom they could invite, but somehow it just felt right.

The ceremony was beautiful, with Eliza giving a short speech and J’onn speaking of the weight of carrying a lost planet and a way of life but in how finding someone to open your soul to often served to ease that burden in a way that nothing else ever could. When the time came to give their vows, Lena impressed Kara by reciting the traditional Kryptonian vows in the original language (her accent nearly imperceptible). And Kara managed not to drop the ring, even though her fingers shook as she carefully slid it onto Lena’s hand. When J’onn pronounced them wife and wife, Kara’s grin was the widest J’onn had ever scene it, and Lena looked at Kara like she couldn’t imagine her luck at being allowed to spend the rest of her life with this woman. Lena leaned forward, pressing a light kiss to Kara’s lips before embracing her and whispering again and again in Kara’s ear, “I love you. I love you. I love you.”

Chapter Text

Alex pulled the blanket tighter around herself. She had sworn up and down to Maggie and Lucy that she would be just fine without them for the weekend. Of course she understood that Lucy needed to go to Washington; it was part of her job. And of course it wasn’t Maggie’s fault that she also had to be gone that weekend to give a talk on training law enforcement officers to be more sensitive to the different needs and responses of the alien community. And honestly, she got it. She wasn’t going to hold them back—no, that was something she reserved for herself.

But by the time her girlfriends were gone, Alex couldn’t quite bring herself to get up and make dinner. Or even to go out for food. In fact, just about anything other than sleeping or sitting and staring at her ceiling sounded rather awful. So she cancelled plans with Kara, citing the long week they had had at the DEO. She swore that she didn’t need anything brought to her or any company showing up at her apartment. Why everyone thought she couldn’t handle herself for a few days was beyond her. She still managed to pull herself out of bed and through the door each morning, staggering through her day as though she weren’t carrying the weight of her failures on her shoulders.

And it wasn’t like she could even pinpoint one particular failure that was making her way, which meant there were no rational, goal-oriented solutions to devise, which just left her feeling increasingly useless. Not like her girlfriends, who seemed to have their lives so very put together, while she wondered what it was about her life that even made it worth continuing to live. Not that she actively wanted to kill herself—no, she didn’t actively want to do anything—she just had trouble fathoming a reason to keep on going. It wasn’t like she was Kara, whose heroics saved thousands every single day. It wasn’t like she was Lucy, who gritted her teeth and dealt with the white male politicians and bureaucrats down in Washington every month to try to pass real legislation that would make a positive impact on individuals’ lives. It wasn’t like she was Maggie, who fought day in and day out to reform a corrupt power system from the inside.

No. She was a soldier. The soldier her parents had never wanted her to be. A soldier who was still a doctor. A doctor who had taken a fucking oath to protect lives, to save them. And yet here she was, guns and knives strapped to her hips and thighs. An extra knife tucked into her heavy combat boot. A mental litany of tactics she could use to cripple a man twice her size even without a weapon. She walked around with death on her hands, the lives she had taken a constant presence. And what made it worse was that they didn’t haunt her in the way they should. The men—no, enemies, she chastised, needing to maintain some semblance of reason behind her decisions to pull triggers, to stab, to wound mortally—didn’t haunt her conscience because she had killed them. No, late at night she swore she could only see their ghosts because they reminded her of her own failures, of her failure to be a doctor, to be the daughter her mother hoped she would be, to be anything like her perfect “we don’t kill” sister. Instead she was an agent. A soldier.

By the time Lucy arrived back from Washington and Maggie back from Seattle, Alex was too deep in to pull herself out. She knew she needed to try, so she nodded at their responses, eyes vacant as she looked through them, never at them. Sunday night, they were both so exhausted, jetlagged and sleep-deprived, that they assumed Alex was just tired. It was after midnight. No one was up for deep conversations. So they excused the fact that the apartment looked exactly the way it had when they left, the only sign of life in the unmade bed. They let themselves fall back beneath the covers, their breathing soon evening out as they let sleep claim them.

Alex, though, she had slept for almost 48 hours. So she sat, and dozed, and stared at the wall. And come the next morning, that’s exactly how Maggie and Lucy found her.

“Do you wanna go for a run?” Maggie asked, her voice chipper.

Lucy, who had relished the chance to stop being a morning person once she left the army, groaned. “Nah, you wanna snuggle in bed with me, right?”

But Alex just stared, barely grasping the fact that her girlfriends were talking to her, were trying to engage with her. They felt a world away. Something she certainly didn’t deserve. Didn’t need. They would be just fine without her.

“Al, Alex, are you okay?” Maggie asked, concern lacing her words.

Lucy perked up at the tone. She had assumed Alex was just exhausted too. Bleary eyed, she peered up at the redhead, who was still sitting against the headboard. She barely nodded, trying to dismiss their concerns, trying to make them see that she didn’t matter enough for their concern, that they should go about their infinitely more important days. What would she spend today doing? Maybe get a few experiments done? Design a new weapon—one that was even more effective at maiming, at murdering? Would she be out in the field, sent to subdue enemy combatants, even if that involved lethal force? Would she spend her evening writing out a report detailing the justifications for her actions, reducing lives to utilitarian calculus as she justified murdering one for protecting untold numbers of others? Would she spend the hours devoted to sleep hearing her mother’s voice ringing through her head: “You swore to do not harm, Alexandra. That’s the oath you took. Do no harm permanently. I would call death permanent, Alexandra, wouldn’t you?”

At this point, Alex had been near comatose for ten minutes, her spiraling thoughts taking her far away from the action of her own bedroom where her two girlfriends rushed about around her.

“Alex, honey, please, please come back to us,” Maggie pleaded. She knew she had better training for how to deal with this type of situation, but she just couldn’t find it within herself to be the consummate professional when it was the woman she adored sitting there looking like that.

“Alex,” Lucy said, her voice soft and low, yet still authoritative, “I need you listen to me. I need you to be present right now, okay?”

While Lucy worked through exercises she had learned to deal with soldiers suffering from PTSD and all sorts of trauma-induced anxiety, Maggie stepped out of the bedroom, putting on a pot of coffee and calling them all out sick for the day. Thinking ahead, she called the therapist she had visited when she first started out with the Science Division, when she had to reconcile her own beliefs that aliens had inherent rights and needed to be protected with the job she was so often assigned as the enforcer of law and order in the streets. That sort of cognitive dissonance had eaten away at her, leaving her withdrawn from the world and her colleagues as she struggled to just get through the days. She had asked Alex to see her a few times after the kidnapping, and Alex had complied. She even conceded that she didn’t hate the doctor as much as she expected, which was a win in Maggie’s book. So she made an appointment for the following day, noting that it might involve Alex, or it might just be Maggie needing to talk, to find out how best to help Alex through whatever was going on.

By the time she was done, the coffee was just about ready. She poured three small cups—it was more for the warmth than anything today—and threw a couple of bagels and some of Kara’s reserve freezer donuts onto a plate. She carefully brought them all to the bedroom where she found Lucy holding both of Alex’s hands in her lap and running her free hand through Alex’s hair. It looked like she had succeeded in bringing Alex into the room just a little bit. They were breathing together with an app that Lucy had for her anxiety, for breathing through the panic attacks that still woke her every so often.

“I brought breakfast,” Maggie whispered, trying to keep the mood as calming as possible. Alex managed a small nod, the slightest upturn of her lips. She still didn’t know why they were around, why they were helping when she couldn’t even be bothered to help herself. But they were there. And they were placing a cup of hot coffee and a chocolate-covered donut in front of her telling her that it was hers if she wanted it. And they were holding her hands in their own. And they were stroking her hair and whispering gentle affirmations and promises that if she needed anything they would be there for her, no matter what. And it didn’t ease the stress of her own head. And it didn’t make her want to pull herself out of bed just yet. But somehow, it added another possibility. And somehow, it made the prospect of getting out of bed the next day just a little less daunting. And somehow, it seemed like maybe one day, she could start feeling like she was enough.

Chapter Text

“Hey Maggie…” Kara’s voice rang out over the phone, slightly higher pitched than usual.

“Yeah, little Danvers? What’s up? Is something wrong?” Maggie asked. Alex had left a couple of hours ago to help with what was supposed to a rather routine mission, but now Maggie was terrified that it hadn’t been as routine as they had expected.

“Wrong is a, um, strong word…maybe…a little out of sorts?” She heard a commotion on the other end of the line followed by a gruff voice. “Detective Sawyer?”


“Yes. As you know, Alex was out on a mission to bring back an alien that had been breaking into homes across National City. I will preface all of this by saying that she is alive and in perfect health; however, she happened to make contact with the alien’s hand with her own bare hand. And, as it turns out, there are certain…effects that can occur from skin-to-skin contact.”

Taking a deep breath, Maggie tried to keep her anxiety under control. “So what exactly is wrong with Alex?”

“Nothing we can’t fix in due time, though it would be easier to fix with her help,” he conceded. “She has,” he paused as if trying to find the best way to say it, “de-aged.”

Kara chimed back in: “Remember that movie, ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids?’ Like that, except instead of just shrinking, she’s also gotten way younger. Like, younger than I’ve ever known her.”

“Wait. Is she just younger or is she also miniature?” Maggie asked.

“Just younger, Maggie,” J’onn answered, having clearly wrestled the phone back from Kara. “I really need to get back to work to help our other scientists create a serum to reverse the effects, and I need Supergirl back in the field to catch the rogue de-aging alien before he can touch anyone else. I don’t want to leave Alex with just anyone. Is there any chance you could come get her? I’m sure others will be more than happy to help once the threat is contained.”

“Oh, uh, right,” Maggie nodded. She had once been a babysitter…for a couple of months before everyone found out she was gay and no one wanted her around their kids. She gritted her teeth, trying not to dwell on the utter hypocrisy of the fact that her homophobic heterosexual parents were the real threat to a child’s livelihood. But she could do this. She could take care of some little kid for a few hours. Sure, she hadn’t been around them in many years, other than a career fair or helping to keep them calm on scene, but it shouldn’t be that bad…

When she arrived at the DEO, a little girl with curly auburn hair was placed into her arms by an anxious Supergirl. “Enjoy!” Kara yelled before taking off to get the alien.

“We’ve packed up some childcare essentials,” J’onn explained, handing over a large bag that weighed heavily on Maggie’s shoulders. “I believe Agent Schott was very excited to help out, though I think he also wants to test if Agent Danvers was lying about just how brilliant she was as a child.”

“Right,” Maggie nodded, forcing a small smile. “So, um, I just…play with her for the afternoon?”

“Until we have a serum to undo the effects, yes. And, well, you do know what to do with children, right? She’ll need to be fed and bathed, if this goes on for longer than today, and quite possibly take a nap or go to bed much earlier than she does as an adult.”

“Mhm, yep, got it.”

Although J’onn didn’t look all that confident, he eventually let Maggie go, knowing the best thing he could do would be to keep his team on task.

“Alright, Al, you ready to go home?” Maggie asked, receiving a broad smile and laugh in return as the girl bounced in her arms. “Do you talk yet?”

“Yah,” Alex replied, her voice high and bright. “He says I am three. Or four,” she said, holding up three, then four chubby little fingers. “Who are you?”

“Oh, right, sorry. Uh, I’m Maggie. Maggie Sawyer,” she replied, feeling increasingly awkward as she tried to figure out how to talk to the kid in her arms who seemed at once precocious—as she had expected—and at the same time very much the little kid she appeared to be.

Little Alex giggled at the formality. “Where we going? To the beach? I like the beach. Do you?”

“Oh, uh, yeah, the beach is nice. We’re a little far away to go to the beach, though, Danvers.” In response to the slightly confused look she received, Maggie corrected, “Alex.”

“Oh…okay. That’s sad.” And unlike the grown up Danvers, this one let all of her emotions show openly as she looked up at Maggie, a dejected pout firmly on her face.

Scrambling, Maggie added, “But we’ll do something fun! I promise. We can, uh, go to the park! But first we need to stop by your apartment.”

Alex looked up at her with disbelieving eyes. “My own house?”

“Oh, er, no. Sorry, um, a grown up friend of mine…”

“I like grown ups. Kids are dumb,” Alex giggled.

“Aren’t you a kid?”

“I don’t act like a kid.”

“Right. Of course you don’t. Too smart, huh?”

Alex shrugged. “I don’t know. My dad says I’m smart. Do you know where he is?”

Maggie barely concealed her grimace at the thought of where Jeremiah truly was and what he was likely doing. “He’s, uh, at work. That’s why we’re all spending the day with you. Like babysitters, but definitely better.”

“Hmm…my babysitter gave me fruit snacks. Do you have fruit snacks?”

Maggie grinned, fairly certain that Alex was trying to pull one over on her. But she had never been able to say no to those big brown eyes. “I think my friend might have some, okay?” Alex nodded her acceptance of the offer. “We’re gonna walk. It’s just a few blocks can you make it?”

Maggie swore she saw the trace of an eye roll in response. “Yes, I can make it,” Alex huffed.

Laughing softly, Maggie held out her hand, which Alex deigned to slip her own small hand into. They chatted amicably while they walked the few blocks to Alex’s house. Once she found out Maggie was a detective, Alex wanted to know all about her job. So Maggie recounted the tamest stories she had, finding the moments of humor and inspiration in a line of work that could be all too bleak at times.

When they finally made it back to Alex’s apartment, the little Alex’s jaw dropped at the size of the bed. “Can I jump on it? Please, just two bounces?”

Maggie barely remembered not to tell her it was her own bed and that she could do whatever she wanted. “Oh, um, that’s probably not the best idea… What if you got hurt? How about you come help me find you something to eat.”

“Fine,” Alex whined. “Can we get pizza?”

“Some things never change,” Maggie muttered under her breath. “Let’s see if we can’t get you something healthier, okay?”

“Okay. But no brussels sprouts. Or green beans. Or peas. They’re yucky.”

Maggie rolled her eyes. “Fine, fine.” Eventually she got Alex to agree to eat some baby carrots with the promise of mac and cheese to come.

While she stood over the stove, stirring the noodles, Alex sat dipping her carrots in peanut butter. “Are you married?” she asked suddenly with all the enthusiastic curiosity of a young child who suddenly needs to know something.

“Nope,” Maggie replied, still stirring.

“Do you want to be married?” Alex asked—persistent as her older self.

“Maybe one day, yeah,” Maggie admitted, wondering whether Alex would remember any of this once they got the serum.

“Hmm, I don’t think I want to get married. Boys are gross.” Maggie choked on nothing and coughed quite a bit at that. “Are you okay? Do you think boys are gross too? Do you have a boyfriend?”

Maggie stalled, draining the noodles before she answered. “Well, I have friends who are boys. They’re not all that bad, especially when they grow up a little bit. But no, I don’t date boys. …If I got married, it’d be to another girl.”

Alex seemed to consider that for a moment before nodding. “That’s nice. My best friend is named Katie. Maybe she and I will get married instead. She always shares her fruit snacks.”

“Maybe you will,” Maggie replied with a broad smile, wondering how much different the world could be if people were just open about things with kids from the start.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” Alex asked, her curiosity apparently still running wild.

“I do,” Maggie conceded.

“What’s her name?”

Maggie hedged her bets. “Her name is also Alex, actually.”

“I have a friend named Alex too. But no Maggies.”

“That’s ’cause we’re special,” Maggie said, winking conspiratorially.

Alex giggled. “What does she do? Do you love her? Does she have a dog? I want a dog, but my mom said we can’t get one because we’re too busy.”

“Lots of questions, kid! Uh, she’s a scientist, but sometimes she helps me with my detective work. She’s very smart. I do love her. She does not have a dog, though I think she wants one. And I’m sorry, but it’s good to wait and make sure you have enough time to pay attention to a puppy. He’d get bored sitting home alone all day while you’re at school and your parents are at work! Now…what would you name your dog?” Maggie asked, thinking about how she could find some alternates to propose to Alex when she got back into her own, adult body.

“Uhm, I don’t know. Maybe Spot? But only if he had spots. Or Buddy? Because he’d be my friend.”

“Those are great names!” Maggie beamed. She dropped her voice. “Can I tell you a secret? Do you know what my girlfriend wants to name her dog?”

“No! What is it?” Alex whispered back.

“Gertrude!” Maggie laughed.

Alex paused and cocked her head to the side as if considering her options. “That’s a good name,” she declared. “I think I’ll name my dog Gertrude too.”

Maggie’s face blanched. Apparently even at 3 or 4 years old, Alex was wedded to that ridiculous name for a pet. She would be the laughing stock of the dog park. Deciding not to acknowledge that terrible decision, Maggie just scooped out a bowl of mac and cheese, realizing only after seeing the incredulous look on Alex’s face that it was far too much food for a kid and having to take half of it out again.

After lunch, they walked over to the park, where they were joined by Winn and Kara, both of whom were way too excited about seeing what young Alex was like. Kara spent nearly half an hour regaling her with tales of Supergirl’s heroics, ignoring Winn and Maggie’s eye rolls. They took a while to play with the Frisbee and soccer ball Winn had picked up on his way over, finding that the young Danvers was quite good at soccer but couldn’t throw a Frisbee straight to save her life. It was only after getting hit three times—first in the shins, then in the back, then in the shins again—that Winn finally called it quits. “Maybe we try a new game?”

But when Maggie looked down at Alex, she noticed that the little girl was trying to stifle a yawn as she hid the gesture behind Kara’s back. Seeing that it was already after seven and the sun had begun to set a little while ago, she suggested that they go back to her place. Alex protested, but eventually relented with the promise of a movie.

Maggie offered up all of the options in the bag that J’onn had packed, and it was soon decided that they would watch Brave, which Alex had never seen. Even though she seemed utterly entranced by the story, before it was over, the young Alex’s head had drooped down, and eventually she settled down on the couch, curling up into a little ball with her head in Maggie’s lap as her breathing evened out. Kara squealed and took about a hundred pictures, then rushed and got a blanket, then took even more photos. The adults stayed up to watch the end of the movie, which they were all rather invested in, then switched over to Friends—none of them wanting to disturb the sleeping child.

A couple of hours later, they got the call from J’onn: the serum was ready and could they bring Alex back to the DEO. Kara carefully picked up the sleeping girl, cradling her softly in her arms. After a sharp warning from Maggie, she promised to walk at a human speed with Maggie at her side. Deciding that he would get out before adult Alex decided she wanted to kill Winn for having seen her as a kid, Winn parted ways with the women at the front doors of the DEO.


An hour later, Alex was back to normal, if a bit disoriented. “What happened?” she asked.

“Do you remember anything?” Maggie checked.

“I have some pictures to help jog your memory,” Kara giggled.

“Let’s wait on those til tomorrow?” Maggie suggested, earning a loud sigh from Kara. “But really, do you remember anything?”

“Not really,” Alex admitted. “I just, I’m really craving fruit snacks.”

Chapter Text

Months after the long week Maggie and Lucy spent together in their apartment trying to help Alex, to show her how much she was loved even when she couldn’t see it herself, Alex had finally begun cutting back on her hours out in the field—a long overdue change that J’onn had been pushing for; after all, Alex had tallied more field hours since Kara had come out as Supergirl than any other agent by a wide margin. She started getting back to her lab more and more, to the kind of work that had first gotten her recruited by the DEO and that had taken up more of her time before the arrival of Supergirl and Alex’s personal investment in each and every mission.

Of course, Alex still fretted every time she wasn’t out in the field, knowing that if anything were to happen to Kara she would feel personally responsible, knowing that her mother would find her personally responsible, even though she barely respected the solder side of Alex’s job as it was. But Kara, Maggie, Lucy, and J’onn were all there to push her back into the lab every time a strike team rolled out on a new mission. Alex still went into the field, of course, but she was limited to the same number of missions as the rest of the DEO agents—a number that was low enough to allow for recovery, for therapy sessions, for time away from the violence and death that too often characterized their work.

So Alex grumbled her way back to the lab, only ever pushing if she believed the mission was dangerous enough to warrant an agent with a rank as high as hers to lead Alpha Team. And in those cases, J’onn conceded, though he still made Alex promise to sit out an extra mission later in the week, to make an extra appointment with her therapist, to take an extra hour of leave to spend time at home with her girlfriends (though that last one he couldn’t exactly mandate, but it was the easiest to talk Alex into doing).

Even with taking on fewer field missions, Alex’s reputation as the biggest badass at the DEO stayed relatively untarnished. Only one cocky, relatively young agent dared to make a snarky comment about her sitting out and staying back in the lab. And, well, let’s just say that Lucy Lane was more than happy to have to send herself to Pam for the paperwork and formal warning—so long as assholes like Peterson knew exactly what they’d be up against if they ever spoke in anything other than glowing terms about Alex Danvers. Because Lucy (and Maggie) could see the difference the split time was having on Alex’s mental health. They watched as little by little Alex began to return to them, began to crack a smile now and again without it seeming forced, began to speak passionately about her work again, began to get out of bed and eat breakfast and even accept her girlfriends’ praise for the progress that those small steps constituted.

So the following week, when another telekinetic alien who had been imprisoned in Fort Rozz for a relatively minor offense began stirring up trouble on the outskirts of the city, Alex trusted the agents she had worked to train to go out into the field alongside her sister, while she stayed back in the lab working on a new elixir that mimicked the properties of Kryptonian DNA to help humans heal faster and more efficiently. They would never heal at the rate at which Kara or Clark could, but Alex hoped to be able to treat her agents more quickly, to staunch wounds that might otherwise prove fatal or to expedite the healing process on trickier surgeries.

Lucy and J’onn texted Maggie to let her know that Alex was staying behind for a mission—something they had taken to doing when Lucy had to be out at the dessert base and wouldn’t be around to check in on Alex, make sure she wasn’t beating herself up for not being there for Kara—for, as she saw it, not being strong enough to be there for Kara. Since the day was relatively slow for Maggie, she decided to pick up some burgers and bring lunch to Alex.

One veggie burger, one cheeseburger, and an extra large order of fries in hand, Maggie knocked on the door outside of Alex’s lab. She had learned pretty early never to throw open the door without giving some sort of notice. After a close call with a laser being shot across the room, Alex made Maggie promise to be a bit safer.

“Maggie?” Alex called out from inside.

Maggie cracked the door open ever so slightly. “Yeah! I come bearing lunch. Is it safe to enter?”

“Yeah, yeah, let me just finish up over here, but it’s all safe.”

Maggie ducked inside, shutting the door behind her. She found Alex across the room, hunched over a notebook as she scrawled complex formulas and notes across the page in her thin blue pen, before moving back to peer into what Maggie was certain was an exorbitantly expensive microscope, then back to the page. After a few minutes, Alex finally pulled herself back, rubbing her eyes slightly. She ran her fingers through her wavy hair, pushing it out of her face as she shrugged off her lab coat and threw out her gloves.

“So, what’s my genius girlfriend working on today?” Maggie asked as she settled into the one table at which food was allowed in the back corner of the lab.

Alex just shook her head at the designation. “Please, I’m sure my mother would have already figured it out. This wasn’t, I mean, I’m still struggling, you know, and it’s just, it’s moving. But it’s moving really slowly.” She tried to draw her attention back to the positives, to all of the things that she had accomplished, as her therapist had taught her to do.

“Hey, Alex,” Maggie whispered as her hand came to rest on top of Alex’s, “first of all, you’re doing work that has literally never been done before. Second of all, I’m smart, right? I’m not dumb. I did science at the college level and got As and Bs. But the stuff you’ve got scrawled all over your notebook and whiteboard? Al, that stuff is so high level it’s…I don’t even have an apt comparison! You make me feel like a kindergartener that was just handed Gertrude Stein. So please don’t beat yourself up over the fact that your progress isn’t going as fast as the insanely high expectations you’ve set for yourself. You’re doing groundbreaking work, and you’re actually getting places. That’s what matters.”

“Right, yeah, no, I get that. Factually, I understand it.”

Maggie slid Alex’s burger toward her. “Well, to help you see even more how great you are, want to tell me a bit more about your work? Try to help me understand?”

Alex grinned. Coming in and having Alex play teacher was one of Maggie’s favorite pastimes. As it turned out, Alex quite enjoyed getting to explain her work. The last time she’d had anyone to listen was Kara when they were growing up. But Maggie seemed genuinely interested, which made it so much better.

“Well, I’m still working on that serum that would expedite blood cell coagulation and skin cell regeneration to speed up the healing of wounds. Right now, it works on the blood cells, so the wounds scab really fast, but actually getting the skin cells to regenerate faster is proving much more difficult, which leaves scabs that are torn open again so easily, which means this is basically useless,” Alex huffed out.

“Hold up, that is not useless! Isn’t the scabbing going to help keep people from suffering huge amounts of blood loss?”

“Yes,” Alex conceded.

“And isn’t that going to help keep agents alive, especially if this serum becomes something they can bring out into the field?”

“Yes, but if they have to keep fighting, the cuts will open right back up again if they put too much strain on the skin,” Alex countered.

“Okay, but they wouldn’t have gone right back into action if they were dying or dead, now would they?”

Alex bit back a wry smile. “I’m seeing your point, Sawyer.”

“Mmm, you know nothing turns me on more than hearing you admit that I’m right.”

“And you know that nothing is a bigger turn off to me than having to admit that I’m wrong,” Alex teased back, finally biting into her burger and grabbing a handful of the fries.

“Semantics, semantics. I can be right without you being wrong. I’m only right now because you’re work is so right, even if you can’t see it. Boom, now we’re both right. And we can both be turned on…and do nothing about it because you’re at work.”

“Alas, the perils of a work lunch,” Alex laughed. She knew she needed to learn to rely more on her own sense of self worth than on other people’s words to find value in her work, but for now? For now she felt lighter than she had in a long time. There was something about the way Maggie in particular could find the absolute best in her work and get her to admit it.

“Do you want a lab cheerleader? I’ve got the rest of the day off if I want it. Captain pointed out that I need to take a few hours off before Friday from all the overtime I pulled last week.”

“Wouldn’t you be horribly bored?” Alex asked, looking at Maggie skeptically.

“You really don’t look all that serious with a mouth stuffed full of fries, Danvers,” Maggie teased. “But, no, I wouldn’t be bored. There’s something amazing about watching your mind in action.”

Blushing, Alex nodded her head. “It would be nice to have someone who knows what I’m talking about and already knows how to use a pipette around here to lend a hand.”

“Ooh…helping? See, I just offered to watch your cute butt in action…” Maggie deadpanned, cracking up only at the annoyed look on Alex’s face. “Yes, yes, of course I’ll help you. Finish lunch for me first?”

Alex nodded, stealing a few of the fries off of Maggie’s side while Maggie was distracted with her veggie burger.

They spent the rest of the afternoon hard at work together. Alex found herself falling into an easy rhythm with Maggie, their bodies moving in sync as Maggie seemed to keep up with the rapid, sometimes frenetic movements of Alex’s mind without her having to explain them. And Maggie, well, Maggie was just blown away by the speed with which Alex could correct course when something didn’t work, the way she pushed herself and drove herself to do better, to think outside of the box when her serum wasn’t improving.

This was exactly how Lucy found them late that afternoon when she dropped in to pick Alex up at the end of the day and let her know that the field mission had gone off without a hitch. But, once she got the news out, she was immediately distracted by the sight of her girlfriends standing side-by-side in matching white lab coats, their hair pulled back and safety goggles on. And sure, they looked nerdy as hell, but they also had complex formulas mapped out across the whiteboard—Maggie’s handwriting evidencing her presence and her assistance at points—and were grinning cockily at her, like they had just spent the day building something that might have impressed Marie Curie and Albert Einstein—and Lucy had no doubt it would have. And that image was enough to drive her a little bit crazy, to remind her of just how in love she was with those two nerds.

“Take off the coats and goggles, wash your hands, and meet me in the car in ten,” Lucy ordered, her voice low and commanding.

“But we’re making progress,” Alex whined, motioning at the board.

“You just admitted we were at a decent stopping point,” Maggie pointed out.

“For coffee,” Alex clarified, “not to leave.”

“What if I promise you something so much more energizing than coffee if you will get your asses out of those coats and back into our bed?” Lucy growled.

Maggie’s goggles and lab coat were put away before Alex could even come up with a counter-argument. But looking into the eyes of her two beautiful girlfriends, knowing that they were both looking at her like that because they thought she was smart, because they thought she was doing something worthwhile, because they thought that her lab work could be just as important as the way she wielded her gun, her knife, her bare hands—well, that helped spark something in her chest that was beginning to feel alive again, no matter how rare. And Alex wouldn’t give up a moment like that for anything.

Chapter Text

“Kara!” Alex scolded, slapping Kara’s wrist (and trying to hide her own wince at the effort). “What have I told you about touching stuff in my lab?”

“Don’t do it,” Kara parroted back, handing over the small metal rod. As Alex took it from her, both women felt warmth pulse through it.

“Dammit, Kara,” Alex grumbled. “Now we have to do tests to see if something just happened.”

Kara at least had the courtesy to look chagrined, though when nothing showed up on their tests, she stuck her tongue out at her big sister. “See, nothing bad happened!”

“Hmph, still. Get out of my lab before something does.”

“Yeah, yeah. You love me. Now wish me luck! I’m off to go turn in my nine-thousandth draft to Snapper.”

“Good luck!” Alex yelled at Kara’s retreating form as she went back to testing the rod, trying to figure out what it did (other than heating up, apparently).


The next morning, Alex woke up at her usual 6am start time. Stepping out of bed, she promptly put her foot through the floor, yelping as she jumped up and out of the floor and then shot up much further than a human should have. As she looked around the apartment, she managed to determine that it was Kara’s place, though she had a bit of trouble as she kept looking through the walls instead of at them. Very carefully, she tip-toed across the room, pulling out the extra pair of lead-framed glasses she knew Kara kept in her top drawer. Once she had them on, she began to feel a bit more in control, even though she did crush the bathroom door handle.

As much as she was, at this point, expecting it, looking into the mirror and seeing Kara’s face still came as an unpleasant surprise. Nothing like a gigantic problem to start the day… She reached for her phone to text Kara, but it wasn’t by her bedside. She tried to think of where Kara might have left her phone, but eventually resigned herself to the fact that it would be faster to just walk somewhere than to try to guess how Kara’s mind worked when she was flying back late at night after a fight.

Grumbling, she made her way back to Kara’s room to find clothes that weren’t sushi pajamas to wear over to the DEO. She eventually settled on a nice pair of navy pants with a white button up tucked into them and a brown belt. Seeing all of the options right out in front of her, Alex made a mental note to compliment Kara on the soft butch aesthetic she was rocking more and more recently.


Across town, Maggie was shocked to find herself awake before Alex for a change. Smirking, she decided to thank the other woman for the amazing night Alex had given her. Sliding her leg between Alex’s, Maggie pulled herself up on her elbows and began kissing Alex’s neck and down to her collarbones.

“Mmm, Lena,” Kara sighed, still half asleep.

“Lena?” Maggie snapped, popping her head up from its gradual descent and glaring at Alex’s still closed eyes.

Hearing an unfamiliar voice shocked Kara all the way awake. Blinking rapidly, she squeaked, “Maggie? What are you doing here?”

“What the fuck do you think I’m doing here?”

Kara took in her surroundings and promptly pulled the covers up to her chin, concealing a body that was most definitely not hers. “Why am I naked? Why are you naked?” she yelled, pushing Maggie away from her with a strength that was noticeably human.

“Alex, seriously, what the fuck is going on?” Maggie asked, now voluntarily moving away from the woman in bed with her and grabbing her shirt off the floor.

“I’m not Alex! It’s me, Kara!”

“What? Oh my god, I just tried to have sex with my girlfriend’s baby sister,” Maggie winced, her head buried firmly in her hands.

“Yeah, let’s never speak of that again, please,” Kara pleaded.

“Wait a second!” Maggie suddenly looked excited for the first time since everything had started. “You called me Lena before you opened your eyes! Are you two banging? I totally called it!”

“No! No, we are most definitely not doing anything of the sort!”

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks,” Maggie teased, gently swatting at Kara until she realized that they were both in a state of partial (or total) undress, and even though the body was nothing new to Maggie, it was certainly not the same when it wasn’t Alex inside it.

“Not true! I was just, I thought it was part of a dream, that’s all.”

“Oh, of course. So…is that a common dream for you?”

“Shut up,” Kara whined, burrowing her head under the comforter. After just a second she popped back up. “Oh no! Alex!”

“What? Oh!” Maggie exclaimed, finally realizing that Kara’s being in Alex’s body realistically meant that Alex would be in Kara’s super-powered body with no idea how to control her strength. “Should we go to your apartment?”

“Yeah, I mean, that’s where I went to sleep last night, so realistically that’s where I’ll wake up today.”

Maggie nodded, turning to get up and get dressed. “Avert your eyes, little Danvers. No need to see my ass—perfect as it might be.”

Groaning, Kara ducked back under the covers, trying to ignore what must have happened in the bed the night before for them to have both woken up without any clothes on.


On their way to Kara’s apartment, Kara got a text on Alex’s phone from J’onn instructing her to report to the DEO immediately. “I think I know where Alex is,” Kara muttered, showing the text to Maggie, who turned the car around and took them back to the DEO.

While going through security, they saw Winn and a few of the new recruits who Maggie vaguely recognized from her lunch visits to Alex. Kara promptly waved, asking each of them (by name) how they were adjusting to the new job. To say they looked startled would have been an understatement. Agent Danvers took turns with Director Henshaw and Director Lane in leading their drills, and she wasn’t exactly a smile-y person. Winn dared to say something: “You okay there, Alex? Did Maggie slip something into your coffee this morning? Or did you, ya know, start your morning off right?” he asked with a teasing wink

“Eww!” Kara squealed.

“Schott,” Maggie growled, “on Alex’s behalf, let me throw out some general threats: If you ever imply anything about my girlfriend and me ever again, so help me, I will demonstrate all of the most painful ways to incapacitate an attacker to our new recruits using you as my acting attacker.”

Winn gulped and nodded, scurrying along to his desk. The rest of the recruits hustled behind him, yelling out that they would be ready to go in the training room.

Before they could have any more confusing encounters, J’onn arrived with Alex in tow—Kara’s face looking surlier than Maggie had ever seen it. “How many times have I told you not to touch the things in my lab?” Alex scolded, pointing her finger at Kara.

“Oh…so that’s what happened?” Kara asked, looking sheepish.

“Ladies,” J’onn cleared his throat. “Unless you would like to explain your very different personalities to everyone at the DEO, I think we should move this somewhere more private.”

Alex and Kara both nodded.

“I, uh, I should really get to work. But please let me know if there’s anything I can do, okay? I can always come back—say I’m helping with a case or something,” Maggie added, feeling guilty as she caught sight of the time.

“Maggie!” Alex exclaimed as if just realizing that her girlfriend was there too. She swept Maggie into a very tight hug that stopped just shy of being actually bone-breaking.

Maggie smiled but put a hand up to stop the kiss that was coming her way; it was too weird to have Kara’s face coming at her, even if it bore an expression that was recognizably Alex’s.

“Right, sorry,” Alex mumbled. “We’ll go get this fixed before anything awkward can happen.”

“Ha!” Kara snorted. “Yeah, should’ve thought about that before you went to bed last night.”

Alex blushed scarlet, and Maggie tripped over her own feet in her hurry to get away from the DEO before a super-powered Alex could find out any more about exactly how awkward the morning had gotten.


After the meeting with J’onn and what amounted to the world’s shortest training session in how not to accidentally crush things, Alex was sent on her way to CatCo to cover for Kara with the promise that J’onn would at least handle any Supergirl emergencies until they could get back to normal. Despite Alex’s whining that she would be the most help to everyone if she could stay back and work in the lab, Kara shoved her out the door, insisting that she couldn’t skip work her very first week back. Seeing the pout she had given many times over, Kara promised Alex that she would at least call James to fill him in on the situation. Alex finally stormed out of the DEO, leaving J’onn and Kara alone to gather the troops to fix their situation.


“Ponytail!” Snapper growled at the sight of Alex stalking through the elevator doors.

“What’d you call me?” Alex asked, her voice low and dangerous.

“It’s almost 10! Get in here for the editorial meeting unless you want to be hitting the pavement again,”

Alex’s upper lip curled up into a near-snarl that was rather uncharacteristic on Kara’s face. Luckily, Snapper had already turned his back on her and missed the defiant gestures being thrown his way.

Throughout the meeting, Alex nodded at what looked like the appropriate moments, making a mental note to poison this Snapper man the next time she had the opportunity. Suddenly she noticed everyone looking at her and snapped her attention back into the meeting.

“Do you need me to repeat that, ponytail?” Snapper asked, his tone laced with condescension.

Biting back an angry retort, Alex nodded, trying to find an excuse that sounded right for Kara: “I just want to be sure I have all the details correct.”

“I said, go to L-Corp and interview Lena Luthor to get her take on that new tech startup that’s buying up space in downtown National City.”

“Yes, sir,” Alex nodded curtly, realizing that her movements might be a bit too military for the setting but not caring enough to soften them for Snapper’s benefit. It would do the man some good to be a bit intimidated.

After the staff meeting, she made her way to Noonan’s for an early lunch, finding herself starving after skipping breakfast. The waitress, recognizing Kara, simply checked, “The usual?”

Not wanting to raise suspicions, Alex nodded and paid the rather exorbitant cost for what she hoped was at least a large meal. When the waitress came back to her table, she was not disappointed. A BLT with extra bacon, an order of fries, a latte, and three cookies appeared in front of her, along with a takeout bag full of sticky buns. Despite her initial disgust at the sheer amount of food being placed in front of her, Alex soon found that with Kara’s metabolism it was just right, and she was grateful for the afternoon snacks she had to look forward to.

After Noonan’s, Alex braced herself for the interview she was sure to stumble through with Lena. She knew that her sister had a pretty close friendship with the CEO, but she wondered whether it would translate in an interview. Should she try to be friendly? Should she stick with professional? She figured she’d let Lena take the lead.


“Ms. Luthor, Kara Danvers is here for an interview,” Lena’s newest temp assistant informed her.

“Please send her in,” Lena replied, smiling at the thought of another afternoon with Kara.

Alex poked her head around the door. “Good morning…” she hesitated, unsure of whether to call the woman Lena or Ms. Luthor.

“What’s with the formalities, Kara?” Lena teased, making Alex grateful that she hadn’t tried out Ms. Luthor. “Come, sit down,” Lena said, gesturing at the couch.

Alex nodded curtly and shuffled forward, sitting gingerly on the edge of the couch.

“Is everything alright? You seem…out of sorts.” Lena sat on the couch next to Alex, resting her hand gently on the blonde’s shoulder.

Alex couldn’t exactly tell her the truth and admit that she was terrified of breaking what was surely a very expensive couch if she sat all the way on it. “Oh, I, uh, just dealing with Snapper this morning.”

“Ugh,” Lena groaned. “That man is awful. I don’t know how—or why—you put up with him.”

Alex smiled a bit, deciding that she might like Lena after all. “It’s my job,” she shrugged.

“Still, with your writing skills, I’m sure you could be out of there if you ever wanted a new job,” Lena complimented Kara, smiling softly at the blonde sitting next to her.

“Yeah, well,” Alex said, making a point of fiddling with her glasses as she knew Kara was prone to doing when flustered.

“You’re so cute when you don’t know how to take a compliment,” Lena teased, leaning in slightly toward Kara.

This time, Alex’s blush was genuine. She hadn’t been out of the closet long, but she was fairly certain this was flirting, that this was a lady flirting with another lady, who happened to be her sister, whose body she happened to be inhabiting. She cleared her throat, “Well,
uh, anyway, the interview!”

“So is there a real interview this time?” Lena asked, arching her eyebrow. “It’s not just another excuse to come have lunch with me?”

Alex wondered how often that happened, but decided she needed to stay focused. She would discuss everything with Maggie at home. “Ah, no, this is a real one. Snapper sent me and everything. He wants your take on the new startup in town.”

“Ah, you mean the man-child with his ragtag group of wealthy, Stanford-educated, hoodie-wearing tech bros who think apps are the solution to poverty and unemployment?”

Biting back a smirk and a snarky remark that she suspected would be a bit out of character for Kara, Alex nodded and laughed softly.

Lena rolled her eyes and gave a more diplomatic response, talking about the pros and cons of having new groups in the area. Alex listened as the woman spoke, finding herself impressed with the nuance in the response and the delicate way she balanced the need for L-Corp to have an amicable working relationship with other tech companies in the area with a more-than-reasonable critique of the exact way this startup was approaching some of their policies.

“Did you want to write any of this down?” Lena asked, noting that the other woman was just looking at her with what she thought might be admiration in her eyes.

“Right! Yes. Yes, I will do that,” Alex exclaimed, pulling out a pen and a notebook from the canvas bag she found at Kara’s desk.

“Don’t worry,” Lena chuckled, placing her hand on Alex’s forearm. “I can type up my responses and send them to you if you’d rather just enjoy a nice lunch date.”

“Uh, yeah, sure,” Alex managed to get out, trying to ignore the fact that Lena’s fingers were still on her arm. She wondered whether this was typical. Did straight women do this together? Had she just been closed off to all forms of physical affection out of some internalized sense of homophobia, worrying that she enjoyed it too much? I mean, she did enjoy it, only now she realized she enjoyed it the perfect amount.

“How was the rest of your day yesterday? You said you were going to see your sister, right?”

“Oh, yep! It was good, fine, nothing that eventful. Saw Alex. She’s great, as usual.”

“She and Maggie are still doing well?”

Alex was shocked to hear how much Lena knew about Kara’s life and her friends and family, wondering at the sincerity evident in Lena’s tone, even when she was asking about a woman who had arrested her for a crime she didn’t commit. “Yeah, they’re doing well. Really happy.”

“I’m so glad to hear that,” Lena said, squeezing Alex’s hand and smiling broadly.

Alex felt like she was messing up Kara’s friendship by leaving this friendly touching all one-sided. It wasn’t like she had any information ready to ask Lena about certain things. So she very carefully, very gently laced her fingers into Lena’s, hearing Lena’s heart rate speed up but seeing a smile that seemed to indicate that she was doing something good. She tried not to think about what a racing pulse meant for that platonic/romantic line Lena and Kara seemed to be hovering over. She searched her memories, trying to think of anything she had heard Kara say about Lena. “So…have you tried any new brunch spots lately?”

“I have!” Lena’s face lit up. “Two actually. One is very healthy, lots of vegan options, so probably not your style, unless you wanted to bring your sister’s girlfriend. But the other one was this old 1950s style diner that I think you would love. It’s a bit outside of the city, but I could drive you down one weekend. Unless, of course, you wanted to fly there…on a bus,” Lena teased, biting her lip as she forced back a smirk.

Alex gritted her teeth. She knew that Kara was bad at keeping her secret identity secret, but she didn’t realize just how lame her cover-ups could be. “I think a drive down with you sounds great,” she forced out, trying to keep her tone light, to not let on that the comment had bothered her.

“Does this Sunday work for you?” Lena asked.

Alex checked Kara’s calendar, noting a coffee date with Mon-El at 10am. “Hmm, yep! Totally free. Shall we say…oh, 10 o’clock?”

“That works for me,” Lena smiled.

“Perfect, it’s a date!” Alex heard Lena’s heart race again, though she was saved from further speculation by the sound of a knock on Lena’s door.

Checking her watch, Lena noted the time. “Shoot, Kara, I’m sorry to kick you out, but I’ve got some potential investors coming in for a meeting in just a few minutes. I’ll type up my notes and send them to you within the hour, though, I promise.”

“Right, thanks, Lena. I appreciate your taking the time,” Alex replied, standing quickly to take her leave.


Back at the DEO, Winn had finally figured out a way to reverse the body swap, and Kara was anxiously awaiting Alex’s return. Truth be told, she hadn’t minded spending the day in Alex’s body—awkward morning interactions aside. Sure, she almost threw up when she tried eating her normal lunch, and she actually got hurt when she stubbed her toe (though, for once, the table was left intact), but at least she didn’t have any powers to adjust to like Alex did. Walking down the halls as Alex, though, that was another story. Agents that she would normally stop and have a conversation with suddenly ducked into corridors and busied themselves on tablets, nodding respectfully when Alex walked past them but never lingering to talk.

When she saw her own body walking through the DEO doors, Kara couldn’t help the broad grin overtaking her features. J’onn waved Alex over to them and brought both women back to the lab where Winn was waiting.

“Are you two ready to switch back?” J’onn asked.

“Wait! Actually, really fast, can I try flying?” Alex asked.

Despite his annoyance at having to wait, J’onn was happy enough to let Alex experience the joys of flying for just a bit. “You’ll need a chaperone, which is to say, me, to accompany you.”

“That’s fine!” Alex rushed out, too excited by the prospect of flying to care about her over-eager attitude.

“Alright, then, follow me. You’ll need to put on the suit, though.”

While Alex went to change, Kara texted Maggie, letting her know that Alex was getting a chance to fly before they changed her back. Maggie quickly replied that she was on her way over.


“This is amazing!” Alex yelled to J’onn as they zipped through the sky. After a few rocky starts and one bad crash landing that would have been very painful had Alex still been human, she had finally gotten the hang of the whole flying thing. Sure, she couldn’t exactly turn on a dime, nor was she willing to try breaking the sound barrier just yet, and her landings were still a little too hard—often breaking earth beneath her feet—but the actual being in the air part? That was amazing.

Eventually, though, J’onn knew they needed to get back to the DEO and complete the swap. Better to start now in case there were any problems or if the device Winn built didn’t actually work. One day was doable, but more than that would start to raise suspicions. Alex reluctantly agreed and followed J’onn back to the DEO, managing to land inside without even cracking the floor tiles.

“Nicely done, Danvers,” Maggie praised, grinning at the sight of her girlfriend in full Supergirl attire.

“Why thank you,” Alex laughed, giving a small bow. “Now, ready to go back to seeing me in my normal body? Even though I can’t fly…”

“I can’t wait, babe,” Maggie replied honestly.

A few minutes later, the two women emerged from the lab with J’onn and Winn in tow. “Is that really you now?” Maggie asked the woman in Alex’s body.

“It’s really me,” Alex nodded.

“Oh, thank god!” Maggie wrapped her arms around Alex’s solid body, kissing her on the cheek. It was good to have her girlfriend back.

“It’s good to have both of you back,” J’onn declared. “Agent Schott, good work today.” Winn beamed and followed J’onn out of the room happily.

Rounding on Kara now that they were basically alone, Alex thought back to her interview with Lena—from the flirty touches to the flying comment, there was much to discuss. “First of all, you have to cancel your coffee with Mon-El for this Sunday because you have brunch with Lena instead. But, more importantly, you have got so much explaining to do!”

“I didn’t kiss her back! As soon as I realized it was Maggie I stopped everything,” Kara blurted out, holding her hands up.

“You what? Wait, what happened with Maggie?”

“What about me?” Maggie asked, poking her head out from behind Alex.

“What did you do to my sister? And what did you do to my girlfriend?” Alex asked, rounding on both women in turn.

“Oh, I, uh, I left something back at the precinct. Good to see you in the right body, babe!” Maggie yelped, quickly heading for the door.

“Yeah…I hear children calling for help! Supergirl emergency, gotta run!” Kara yelled as she shot up and through the secret exit of the DEO, leaving Alex with her arms crossed, alone in the middle of the room.

Chapter Text

Before Alex could rethink her outfit again, she heard a knock at the door. “Hey!” she waved, opening the door all the way to let Sawyer in. She let her eyes glance down to appreciate Sawyer’s look. They had on gray, slim cut jeans, tucked into scuffed up black motorcycle boots, and a white henley that was just fitted enough to show off their sculpted physique.

Alex looked up when she heard Sawyer laughing softly. “You still too busy checking me out to hear me?”

Alex blushed scarlet. “Oh, uh, I was just, uh, admiring your shirt. It’s nice. It’s, um, very clean looking.”

Biting back a smile, they nodded. “I did wash it special for you, Danvers.”

“Er, right, yes, well. Um, please come in. How are you?”

“I’m good, excited to finally have a night off. And a night with you of course,” they added smoothly, kissing Alex gently on the cheek as they walked farther into the apartment. The first thing they noticed was the prominence of Alex’s massive bed—a sight that had their mind in the gutter faster than they could chastise themselves to be more chivalric.

Alex, having clearly noticed where their attention had been diverted, cleared her throat. “Right, uh, we can start our night in the living room,” she explained, blushing furiously again as she realized how forward her phrasing had sounded. “I mean, we can, you know, eat and watch our movie in the living room,” she clarified, motioning to the sofa they had walked past on their way in. “I’ll let you pick the movie, since I’m very sweet like that.”

“So sweet, Alex, so very sweet. That’s definitely what I was thinking about you two nights ago when I watched you bring a literal grenade to a fight,” Sawyer teased.

“Yeah, well…we won, didn’t we?”

“We did,” Sawyer conceded with a grin. They had a feeling this woman could be the death of them, and they couldn’t wait.

--- [End of repeated materials] ---

“What’s for dinner?” Sawyer asked, pulling Alex out of her head.

“Oh! Uhm, well, there was theoretically going to be paella…but now pizza is on its way.” Alex blushed, hoping Sawyer wouldn’t notice the missing smoke detector or the lingering smell of smoke that she hadn’t quite been able to fan out the kitchen window.

“Pizza is always great. Plus, it’ll go well with the wine and brownies I brought.” They placed a bottle of red and a small tray of gooey looking brownies on the counter.

“Ooh, where’d you get them?” Alex asked, knowing that would be Kara’s first question when she raved about what were certain to be delicious desserts.

Cocking their head to the side, Sawyer laughed softly. “I baked them, Danvers. Think I can’t bake?” they teased.

“No! No, no, no, that’s so not what I meant. I just, they look really good. That’s…very impressive.”

“I think you’ll find there are a lot of very impressive things about me,” they flirted.

Alex bit her lip in response, trying not to let her mind stray too far from the present as she thought about all of the things that Sawyer might just prove to be exceptional at doing. Trying to bring herself back into the present, Alex cleared her throat. “I pulled up Netflix if you want to look for something to watch? You’re the guest, so it’s your choice. I’ve also got some DVDs in that cabinet over there if you don’t see anything you like.”

Sawyer nodded, making their way over to the couch and motioning for Alex to join them. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ll take you up on the offer to choose, but I want you to like whatever we watch too,” they clarified.

“So considerate,” Alex teased, sitting down next to Sawyer and immediately wondering whether she might be a bit too close for what was the very beginning of their first date.

Sawyer began clicking through Alex’s Netflix homepage. It was always fascinating to see what other people had listed; they were convinced it was one of the best ways to get to know a person. “You, uh, you like musicals, Danvers?” Sawyer asked, noting the long line of musicals in the “recommended for you” section.

“Er, my sister loves them. I like some…but not nearly as much as her. But you don’t have to like them! That’s fine too.”

“I’m just screwing with you; musicals are fun. Not always a fan, but give me something like Chicago any day.”

“I love Chicago!” Alex squealed. Clearing her throat and making a solid attempt at lowering her voice, she explained, “I really like the music in it. Also, I swear, my love of the 'Cell Block Tango' dance was a pretty early indicator of my sexual preferences.”

“Nothing like attractive, dangerous women, huh?”

“Nothing like attractive, dangerous people,” Alex clarified.

“Very smooth,” Sawyer grinned, throwing their arm around Alex’s shoulders. “All this talk of the song…should we bite the bullet and watch Chicago tonight?”

“Sounds great,” Alex nodded.

As they queued up the movie, the buzzer rang for what Alex hoped was the pizza. She ran over and buzzed the guy up, finding Jessy, the usual delivery boy who had gotten to know Kara far too well with the inhuman amount of pizza she ate.

“Kara’s big sister!” he called out as she opened the door. “And Kara’s big sister’s…friend? Date?”

“Shut up, Jessy,” Alex grumbled, handing the man a twenty and waving off any attempt at change. He knew better than to think the Danvers sisters would ever tip him anything other than generously, even on the days when they might get pizza delivered twice.

“You know I’m just going to ask Kara about date night pizza, right?” he asked, a broad grin on his face.

“Shut up, Jessy,” Alex repeated, biting back a laugh because truly, only her sister would make friends with her pizza guy, who was fairly decent, even if Alex didn’t like to admit it.

“You know you love me!” he yelled over his shoulder as he made his way back to the elevator.

“Get outta here! No one likes you, Dan!” Alex teased back, laughing as he grinned and waved.

“Did you just make a Gossip Girl joke?” Sawyer asked.

“Did you just recognize a Gossip Girl joke?”


After a moment of silence, they both cracked up at the slightly ridiculous situation, then made their way over to the pizza.

“I didn’t know what you like, so I ordered half cheese, half veggie. I’ve never seen you eat meat, and you seem to like sort of healthy food…”

Laughing, Sawyer nodded, “I’m good with both. For the future: no meat and no regular milk, but you’d be surprised at how great vegan ice cream has gotten in recent years.”

“Um, no thanks in advance on that offer to share.” Alex made a fake gagging noise at the idea, earning an exaggerated eye roll from Sawyer.

“Your loss,” they tossed back, pulling two slices onto a plate. “Should we eat before the movie?”

“Yeah, if you don’t mind.”

“If it means getting to talk to you more, I’m perfectly happy.”

Alex blushed and busied herself with her plate, trying to get herself out of schoolgirl crush mode before going over to the table.

Over dinner, they talked about anything and everything, learning about each other’s childhoods and joking about the things that had happened this past week. Alex talked about missing being close enough to the beach to go surfing every morning, and Maggie admitted that the ocean still freaked her out—in a good way, though—from having grown up in a landlocked state. Maggie reflected briefly on her years in Gotham and working alongside Batman and Batwoman, though she figured she’d save the point about Batwoman being an ex for a later date, and Alex talked about fighting aliens with Supergirl, leaving out the fact that she had also grown up with Supergirl in her pre-hero days.

While they were talking about their college years, Alex mentioned going through a bit of a party girl phase after finishing undergrad in just over two years and being left feeling unfulfilled somehow, as though she were still failing to live up to expectations.

“I feel ya,” Sawyer commiserated. “I mean, I wasn’t huge in the party scene, but I had some of that anxiety that comes from putting so much pressure on yourself to be perfect and to make the absolute most out of everything, especially when you’re not some rich white dude whose whole family has done the college thing already.”

“And of course it never helps when you’re trying to figure out who you are as a person at the same time,” Alex laughed drily.

“Cheers,” Sawyer toasted, holding up their cup of water. “So, did you come out in college, then?”

“Yeah, finally bit the bullet then. I mean, I think I knew in high school. In retrospect, I was totally head-over-heels in love with my best friend, but she had a boyfriend, and I was too busy to date anyone really. But in college, there was this really sexy, out and proud dyke—her word, which I think she even had on a poster hanging on her wall—living just one floor below me next to my lab partner. And she took one look at me and just went, ‘Oh, cool! You’re gay too.’ And at first I panicked, right, because…no? Not me! Totally looking for someone else. But then I’m like, wait, this very attractive woman is looking at you and letting you be part of her club. And damn, did I want to be part of whatever club she was leading.”

“So, bam, just like that?”

“I mean, it took a couple weeks and some gin, but yeah, it was sort of a domino effect there.”

Sawyer laughed. “So is this some story where you get the girl too?”

“Ah…not so much. We went on a coffee date, and I was a little too fresh off the boat for her liking. Still got nervous about being out in public and holding hands. But we stayed friendly enough. What about you? Come out in college too?”

Trying to figure out how much to say, Sawyer paused for a moment, taking a bite of pizza as they thought about whether it was worth it to open up to Alex. Truth be told, they like her…a lot. Enough that it sort of freaked them out. But also enough that Sawyer thought maybe they should open up for a change; after all, the whole refusal to be vulnerable was exactly what had driven her ex away. “For the lesbian part, it was in high school, actually,” they finally corrected. “Didn’t go super well…moved in with my aunt. Parents were a little too Catholic for the level of gay I was bringing to the house. I came out as non-binary in college, though. Finally had a girlfriend who let me realize that being butch didn’t have to be the furthest end of the gender spectrum I could reach while still being a lesbian. The rest, as they say, is history.”

“I’m really sorry about your parents; that’s fucked up, and I know there’s nothing I can say to make it better, but I really do appreciate your trusting me enough to open up. If there’s ever anything you want to talk about, or if, you know, you just wanna come over and spar or watch shitty television, my door is always open…theoretically. I mean, I use my lock and stuff. But, like, the offer still stands, you know?” Alex trailed off, blushing at the realization that she had started to ramble in earnest.

Sawyer bit back a smile at Alex’s response. It was nice to not get those godawful pitying looks in return or the suggestions about what they might do to restore ties with their parents. Just knowing that Alex, even this early in their relationship (or friendship, or whatever it was), was there for them—that was more than enough. “Thanks, Al.”

“Any time,” Alex replied, smiling softly. “Now, unless you’re trying to get all the embarrassing details about baby gay Alex, I suggest we move this to the couch and get Chicago started.”

“Oh, but you can’t just dangle something as enticing as embarrassing stories in front of me and expect me to just drop it!”

“Maybe later…I’m talking date five or six. Once I’ve proven myself to be such a smooth and competent partner that you won’t care.”

Laughing, Sawyer nodded, “I mean, you’re already being smooth with the whole suggestion that we’re gonna have a date five or six.”

“Yeah…well,” Alex huffed out, significantly undercutting the cool factor she had begun building. Trying to move past it, she shuffled over to the couch, motioning for Sawyer to follow her.

As they settled in, Alex pulled out a blanket. “If you wanna share or something, otherwise I can go find a second one.”

“I think we can share. Come on in, I think it works better if you cuddle into me,” they explained, pulling one of their arms back as Alex slid into their side, resting her head on Sawyer’s shoulder as Sawyer pulled the blanket around them.

After jumping back up to turn off the lights, Alex snuggled back into Sawyer and hit play on the movie. They stayed like that for a while, barely moving as they both tried to play it cool with the newfound proximity. When “Cell Block Tango” came on, Alex nearly held her breath, hoping that Sawyer wouldn’t notice her heart pounding against her ribcage or the way her breath was just a little too shallow. It wasn’t her fault that this song may or may not have played an integral role in her figuring out her own sexuality, and now she had this sexy ass human next to her, touching her, running her fingers up and down her arm, raising goosebumps in their wake.

Sawyer knew it was too early to be thinking about Alex the way she was, even if the whole system of rules for dating that magazines like Cosmo put out for women was absurd and sexist bullshit built on patriarchal notions that women’s bodies were items to traffic in and mustn’t be handed over too early lest the dear man lose interest. But still, they wanted to be respectful of Alex. Plus, they didn’t exactly have the confidence just yet to go through what they did and didn’t like in bed, to wait and see how Alex reacted to things like their binding or otherwise always being in tight sports bras. But god, Alex was so close, and so warm, and her one hand was resting just so on their hip, and if they just rotated Alex ever so slightly…

As the song came to a crescendo and the prisoners came forward to dance in the line of red backlit cells, Alex debated the merits of pausing the movie to get her hormones under control before she spun in Sawyer’s arms and just kissed them. People kissed on a first date, right? And people made out on first dates. Hell, Alex had even fucked on first dates, not that she wanted to go quite so far today. She wanted to respect Sawyer’s wishes and whatever timeline they chose to follow.

When the song ended, both of them cleared their throats, giggling slightly at the awkwardness. Alex hit pause. “Want to grab the wine and dessert? I’m so excited to try your brownies.”

“Yeah, definitely. Hopefully you like them.”

“I’m sure you’re delicious.” Blushing furiously, Alex corrected, “I’m sure they’re delicious. The brownies. The brownies you baked. Because that’s what we’re eating. Do you like wine? I’m gonna have some wine.”

Sawyer swallowed their laugh. They were feeling exactly the same way, so it wasn’t like they could make fun of Alex for it. And, more importantly, they wouldn’t want to make fun of Alex for it.

When they both had glasses of wine and the platter of brownies set up on the coffee table in front of them, Sawyer turned to Alex, who hadn’t said a word after her wording mix up. “Hey, Alex?”

“Hmm?” Alex asked, studiously avoiding eye contact as she chastised herself for surely making them uncomfortable.

Sawyer debated what to do, trying to figure out how to make Alex feel alright about what she had said. It hadn’t made them uncomfortable, and, honestly, it just reflected what they were thinking too. They shifted closer to Alex, making sure the wine was set firmly on the ground. “Can I kiss you?” they asked before they could censor themselves.

Eyes wide and hopeful, Alex looked up. She found no trace of mocking in Sawyer’s expression, so she nodded slowly, carefully, as though any sudden movements might ruin the moment. She licked her lips as Sawyer leaned forward, pausing to make sure that Alex really was okay. Alex finally closed the distance, closing her eyes at the feeling of Sawyer’s lips on her own.

As they both moved forward at the same time, they banged teeth and noses. But rather than let the less-than-graceful movement turn into some awkward moment that would hang over them for the rest of the night, Alex just smiled and shrugged it off: “Guess this means we need to practice. Luckily I don’t mind.”

Sawyer grinned and leaned back in to meet Alex. This time they met smoothly, kissing softly for a few moments until Sawyer lightly sucked Alex’s bottom lip between their own, coaxing a small whimper out of Alex that spurred them both on. Alex soon had her hands in Sawyer’s hair and her teeth dragging across their lower lip, as Sawyer let one of their hands drop to Alex’s waist as their other came up to cup Alex’s cheek.

After a few minutes, they pulled back, both panting slightly but looking beyond pleased with themselves. Alex bit back a grin at the faint trace of lipstick that had been left smeared around Sawyer’s mouth. She didn’t say anything yet, figuring that they’d probably do that again before the night was over.

And sure enough, they did. Once they finished their brownies, which were even more delicious than Alex had predicted, Alex found Sawyer’s free hand and cupped it in both of hers, tracing gentle patterns to match the ones being traced on her own shoulder. They managed to make it to the end of the film with only one short bathroom break, which lasted a little bit longer thanks to some kissing.

As the credits rolled, Alex looked unsure about what to do. She didn’t want to make any assumptions, but she also very much wanted to kiss Sawyer a little longer. Finally, she asked quietly, “Do you, uh, do you need to go home? Or did you want to maybe stay a little longer?”

Grinning, Sawyer answered with a chaste kiss that promptly turned less than chase as Alex surged forward. At some point, Alex found herself on her back with Sawyer on top of her. They carefully skirted around boundaries, always stopping just shy of crossing lines, toying with shirt hems and letting fingers glance quickly across sensitive areas, never stopping or even lingering. Alex gasped as Sawyer’s thigh came to rest between her legs, while their tongue teased her lower lip.

Feeling herself getting far too excited for the amount of clothing they were wearing, Alex shuffled back to the edge of the couch, quickly quelling Sawyer’s fears that they had gone too far too fast. There really wasn’t a diplomatic way of saying that it had been a very long time since she had gotten laid and that she was just a few hard thrusts away from coming even with her jeans still on, so she settled on reassuring Sawyer, “You didn’t do anything wrong. I just, I want to try to take my time with you, and it’s getting increasingly difficult for me to remember why I thought that was such a great idea.”

Sawyer grinned and nodded. “I know what you mean. Well, on that note, can I offer you a very quick kiss goodnight?”

“Of course,” Alex nodded, still smiling when Sawyer pulled back from their last kiss.

Eventually they made it to the doorway and, with a promise to text Alex to let her know that they had gotten home safely, Sawyer was on their way out the door. Before they had even gotten to their motorcycle, however, they sent: “I had a lot of fun tonight. Can I take you out on a second date this Sunday afternoon, barring crime, of course?”

“Absolutely!” Alex sent back, not worrying in the slightest about the rules on how long she should have waited to reply.

Chapter Text

Maggie’s never been particularly good at dealing with her own emotions. That’s not to say that she lets them get the better of her; no, she works through them, over them, around them. She doesn’t think she’s Catholic enough anymore to call it repression, but sometimes it feels that way—at least that’s a word that’s been thrown at her more than once during breakups. To Maggie, it’s just the easiest way of coping; it’s moving on without being held back. It’s what she had to do as a 14-year old who found herself without a home. To have let those emotions—the feelings of hurt and betrayal that stung, that lurked so close to the surface—overcome her? That would have been the end. So she soldiers on, ever in control. She flirts with anger—that’s one emotion that has helped her in the past, helped her to push herself harder and do more just to prove everyone else wrong—but the others are subsumed into that anger, feeding it but never burning brighter than it.

With Alex? She lets herself feel love, lets herself get just close enough to something soft, something that tugs at parts of her she’d long ago left to die. And it brings its own host of new emotions—foremost among them, protectiveness. Because dammit, she was not about to let this woman get hurt, and least of all for being herself.

After Rick, though, Maggie isn’t quite sure which emotion to let win: the anger or the protectiveness. She knows there’s fear buried under that anger, but the fear is about her, is about whatever she felt, and she isn’t what matters right now. It’s Alex, always Alex, needs to be Alex. Because Alex is the one who spent hours locked in a tank, who carved into her own skin to try to wire herself into the surveillance cameras, who watched her cage fill with freezing cold water, wondering whether anyone would ever find her and, if they did, if she’d even still be alive.

Even though Alex puts up a strong front, Maggie rushes to keep anything away from her that might trigger her, that might draw her back to everything she had endured while she was away, while she was distracted, while she wasn’t good enough.

She tries to be methodical about it. What are the obvious things? Small spaces. Credit cards. Cameras. Water. Maybe blonde men. She takes it upon herself to help Alex avoid these things, or at least to be with her whenever she needs to deal with them.

For weeks after the accident, Maggie takes it upon herself to pay whenever they go out to eat. It’s not like she’s being particularly chivalric; they have a joint bank account. But she doesn’t need Alex to fish through her wallet and realize that she still hadn’t ordered a new card, to remember why she needed to in the first place. She sends Alex articles about how studies show that paying with cash, rather than card, does wonders for savings habits. She starts withdrawing cash for their week in advance. Alex laughs about it, trying to convince Maggie that she appreciates it, but honestly, her money is only ever spent on food, motorcycle maintenance, and leather jackets, but she goes along with it. It’s nice to see Maggie thinking so clearly about their future together.

Water is a little trickier, but Maggie tries as best she can to make sure Alex at least doesn’t have to be alone with it. She starts shifting her hours at work to better match Alex’s, ensuring that they can wake up together and go to bed together. When Alex needs to shower, she’s there too, playing it off with jokes, with flirting, with suggestions about saving resources. And the few times when Alex has really just wanted to get in and out without the time that washing one another takes? Those times Maggie sat in the bathroom with her, insisting that she really just needed to finish telling Alex this story and it absolutely couldn’t wait. And Alex is okay with it because really, it wasn’t like she tried to find time away from Maggie. What’s wrong with prolonging the honeymoon period a bit longer?

Maggie makes a point of keeping Alex in her own apartment with its open floorplan, unlike hers, with its doors and the small, windowless bedroom (good for sleeping in; bad for preventing nightmares these days). She’s had the whole place scanned three times for good measure, making sure that no bugs survived the DEO’s initial scouring of the place.

The idea that Rick had been following them, watching them, for so long puts Maggie on edge constantly. She feels like she’s undercover with the amount of time she spends looking over her shoulder and making mental notes about anyone she thinks she might have seen before.

One afternoon, as they’re walking home from an early day at work, it starts raining. And not just drizzling, but storming. Which of course means that people are running and bumping into them—the perfect situation to put Maggie on high alert. She has an arm around Alex as she maneuvers them down the sidewalk, desperately trying to keep Alex away from the masses of bodies running for cover. And she hasn’t been sleeping, hasn’t even been resting with the way her mind is constantly on alert, constantly watching for whatever threat might be next, because there’s always something; serenity is a privilege she can’t afford.

So when a blonde man who looks just a little too much like Rick runs straight into her and Alex, while she’s already trying to balance the crowds and the rain, she snaps. She shoves his chest that is still far too close to them, too much in their space, too unapologetically present, and tells him to back the fuck away from them. And he scoffs and rolls his eyes and tells her to calm down—because that’s always the response to a woman’s anger, to a woman of color’s anger. Calm down. Relax. Don’t overreact.

But Alex notices this, notices the way that Maggie is constantly tense, the way she twitches when people get close to Alex. When they get back to Alex’s apartment, Alex takes note of how quick Maggie is to get her the fluffiest towels she owns and a pair of warm, dry pajamas. It’s when she tells Maggie that she just wants to shower really fast to get warm before she puts on pajamas that it finally clicks for Alex. Because Maggie, who already had pajamas on and looked ready to snuggle in bed, is suddenly stripping out of her dry clothes and following Alex to the bathroom, insisting that she should probably shower off too.

“Maggie,” Alex begins, her voice soft. She’s trying to figure out how to tell Maggie that she sees her, that she sees what she’s been doing, that she appreciates it but also thinks it might be coming at the cost of Maggie’s own mental health, and that she can hold herself together, that they can hold themselves together, without one person having to be the strong one all of the time. “Maggie, I can shower on my own now. At first, I needed you there. And I didn’t know how to ask for you, but you already knew, were already there for me. But I don’t need you to stop everything you’re doing to shower with me or to just sit on the sink counter when I need to bathe. And I don’t need you to punch every blonde guy on the streets, though the guy today totally deserved it.” Then it dawns on her that Maggie hasn’t let her pay for anything with a card either, and she swears she feels her heart melting just a little bit at the level of concern it evinces. “And I can deal with my credit cards too.”

Shrugging her shoulders, Maggie just nods. She doesn’t know what to make of Alex’s apparent self-sufficiency. It wasn’t like she wanted Alex to be weak, to need her, but she doesn’t know if she’s stepped over a line in trying to protect her, if she’s made Alex feel like Maggie thinks she’s too weak to deal with the aftermath.

Alex swears she can hear Maggie’s thoughts spiraling. She was never one to be great with emotions—especially other people’s emotions, save, maybe, for Kara—but she had learned Maggie’s, and she could see her girlfriend questioning everything she had done for the past month. “I love you,” Alex whispered, stepping in close to Maggie, wrapping her arms around the other woman. “I love you so much, and I don’t want you to feel like you can’t need help too. What happened with Rick? That happened to you too. He sat in front of you, toying with you, dangling every moment of intimacy we had ever shared in front of you. And that, that is it’s own kind of fucked up abuse. And if you need to break or cry? I’m here for you too. Because we’re a team now. It’s not just you guiding me out of the closet or me showing you what a real high tech lab can do.” She pauses to smile, to wait for Maggie to chuckle softly, thinking back to their first meeting. “We’re in this together, Mags. Always.”

And so, for the first time since Alex dragged her ass out of the recovery bed in the DEO, Maggie lets herself break—just for a moment—lets a few sobs wrack through her body as she melts into Alex’s body. And even if it’s over fast, even if she’s soon pulling herself back together, she knows—and Alex knows—that it’s enough. It’s Maggie’s way of showing that she might not change everything about herself, that she might never be a highly emotive person, but that she’s willing to share whatever she does have with Alex, her partner.

Chapter Text

“What if they don’t like me?” Alex asked, worrying her lip between her teeth as Maggie adjusted her collar.

“They’re going to love you, Danvers, just like I do…well, not just like I do, but they’re gonna think you’re cool at least,” Maggie replied.

Alex shrugged, trying not to show just how stressed she was.

“Come on,” Maggie nudged her. “Badass Agent Alex Danvers is not afraid of high school kids.”

“I’m not afraid,” Alex pouted. “I just want them to like me.”

“You work with aliens, and even if you can’t tell them exactly which agency you work for, you still get to be a federal agent who fights crime and does crazy smart stuff in her lab. If that isn’t enough to impress them, then they’re just trying too hard to look cool.”

“Would you know from experience?” Alex teased, picturing an 18-year old Maggie in a beat-up leather jacket absolutely refusing to be impressed by anyone. Of course, knowing what she had gone through, Alex couldn’t fault Maggie for having that attitude.

“Psh, I didn’t have to try to be cool; I just was. Now what about you, Danvers? These are the smart nerds that got chosen for a summer program at NCU, so, ya know, basically little mini-Alexs. Just think about how impressive 30-year old you would seem to 17-year old you.”

Blushing slightly, Alex brushed off the compliments and grabbed her keys. With a kiss goodbye, she was out the door and on her way to the university’s main campus to meet Jessie, Winn’s new professor girlfriend who had asked if she wouldn’t mind coming to the career panel for NCU’s summer program. Each year, the university brought together high-achieving high students from across the state who would be the first in their family to attend college. For six weeks, the students took classes and met with faculty and admissions officers to learn about how to apply to college and fill out the financial aid forms and talked with current students about their experiences and what they wished they had known starting university, and with professionals in the area about what type of work they do and how they got there. Alex had been more than happy to volunteer (and she certainly didn’t regret her decision), but she found that she was more nervous than she had expected to be.


“Alex!” Jessie called out, waving her up to the front of the room. “How are you?” she asked, pulling Alex in for a quick hug.

“Good, good. How’s the program been going?” Alex asked, looking around at the groups of high school students milling about.

“It’s been great! They’re such a great group of kids. I mean, they always are, but this year in particular we’ve got some really interesting students. You’ll love them!”

“I just hope they like me back,” Alex joked, though there was more than a grain of truth in her statement.

“Oh please, if they can put up with me as a philosophy professor for two weeks already, they’re going to fall over themselves lining up to talk to you, Dr. Space-Alien-Bioengineer-Agent!”

Before Alex could reply, another professor with the program was pulling Jessie away to help greet a few more participants for the career panel. “Go, grab a coffee, find a spot at the front table! I’ll be up to moderate the questions soon enough,” Jessie called back to Alex on her way to the door.

Alex shuffled over to the coffee table, debating the merits of texting Maggie for a last minute boost of confidence before they got started. But by the time she had gotten through the line, one of the staff members was calling all the participants up to the front table to do introductions and get the Q&A started.

“Good morning, all!” the woman called out to the crowd of students. She seemed far too enthusiastic for 9am. “If you can all take your seats, we’ve got a great group of National City’s finest who are here to answer your questions. And, if we can’t get to you during the hour we have allotted for Q&A, don’t worry; we have another hour scheduled for you to mingle over coffee and snacks.” A sound of general approval ran through the crowd at the mention of food, but they quickly settled back down, looking up to the front to assess the panel of adults assembled before them.

Alex listened as Jessie, who had now taken over the mic, went down the line of panelists introducing everyone. She was impressed at the sheer breadth of careers; Jessie had really done a fabulous job of finding jobs that could fit a whole range of interests and possible majors. First up was an accountant, then a special education teacher, followed by Alex, who was sitting next to a journalist. Down the line were a political campaign manager, a lawyer, and a pediatrician.

“Now, I know we don’t have every career represented, but hopefully you’ll be able to find areas of overlap. Plus, you don’t stop having friends when you grow up, so you might just find that these wonderful people have friends and colleagues who do exactly what it is you want to do! Now, if you’ll all give the panelists your undivided attention—that means cell phones off!—I’ll give them a couple minutes each to introduce themselves and tell you what they do in their own words, then we’ll open it up for questions.”

Alex paid attention as the people before her spoke, trying to stay calm in advance of her own turn. There was something about teenagers that just made her a little nervous; perhaps it was the memory of how catty people could be during high school, especially to her slightly different foster sister. She managed to get out a few sentences that she thought sounded alright, earning a broad smile and a thumbs up from Jessie and a flurry of movement from some students who looked excited enough about having her there.

During the Q&A, Jessie did a good job of making sure that panelists got about an equal number of questions, so Alex only had to answer a few on her own—the first of which was (as perhaps should have been expected) whether she had ever met Supergirl. Her nod and smile garnered loud gasps of surprise and awe. Luckily the other questions were a bit more substantive, covering what she had studied in school and whether it was hard to find time for lab work if she was out fighting crime all the time.

Toward the end of the hour, one student asked about work-life balance, and Jessie directed it to the whole group. The responses varied by profession, with almost everyone conceding that the early years of their career were a lot more work-heavy and that they had to learn to find that balance as they went on. As a follow up question, another student asked about making friends and dating people after school; even though she blushed while asking it, Alex noted how many of the other students looked interested in hearing the answer.

As the pediatrician began talking about his wife and children and the friends he had made in medical school and then at his daughter’s play group, Alex began to get nervous. When the campaign manager talked about her fiancé and the difficulty of keeping up their relationship while she traveled with the candidates, Alex started tapping her foot in anticipation. She was still so new to this—new to letting her guard down long enough to make friends; new to being out and honest with herself; new to having successful, loving relationships. Could she possibly be the right person to answer this question? Did she want to be the spokesperson for “the gays,” and, hell, was she even qualified to do so?

Before she could even figure out the answers to those questions, Jessie was motioning for her to begin, to give some sort of answer after every single person before her had talked about maintaining close friendships for years and their straight marriages and engagements. “Well, I, I think I might have had a bit more trouble than everyone else,” she tried joking. “As an agent, I can’t always talk about my work, and sometimes I have to be gone for weeks at a time.” She didn’t add that she wasn’t even being honest now about the exact agency for which she worked, even if they knew that she worked with extraterrestrial life and technology.

“Especially when I was first starting out, I found it was easier to keep to myself. I had my sister, who is still my best friend, and sometimes we hung out with her friends, but I didn’t do too much socializing on my own. But recently, I started realizing how much I missed those close friendships many of you probably have. It can be easier when you’re in school, when you’re with people your own age every day—though, of course, sometimes it’s not! And that’s okay too. But I started opening up again, letting people back in, becoming friends with and dating people who worked in similar jobs and understood the unique set of demands. And, well, I’m not married. Or engaged. Not yet anyway. But I’ve got a girlfriend, and she’s a detective, and we’re, well, we’re really happy together. So yeah…” she trailed off, trying to keep her heart rate steady as she exhaled slowly. When she caught Jessie’s eye again, the woman was grinning and very subtly motioning to the audience, where Alex could see a few of the students beaming at her.


Once the formal questions had ended, Jessie directed everyone to the next room, where more coffee had been put out, along with trays of bagels and pastries. Jessie ran to grab Alex before she could get swept up in the crowed.

“Hey! Alex!” Jessie whispered, waving excitedly at Alex.

“Hey!” Alex called back, weaving through the crowds of students that had gathered to get back to the hallway. “Was that, uh, was it okay?”

“You were brilliant! Seriously, I could not have asked for a better answer to that last question. I mean, I would never have put it on you to give it or asked you to come out, but to admit that there are difficulties in adulthood is so important. And then to give these kids hope for a future outside of what they’re seeing far too often on TV, I mean, seriously, Alex, I don’t know how to thank you. I’m sure you’re going to have some starstruck students lining up to talk to you.”

Blushing, Alex shook her head at what she was fairly certain was undue praise. But when she turned around, sure enough there was a small line of students waiting for her.

“I’ll grab you something to eat,” Jessie said, patting Alex’s shoulder and winking before walking back to the food table.

“Uh, hey!” Alex waved, not quite sure where to start. “Did you want to follow up about any of the questions from in there?”

The first few just wanted to gush to her for a couple of minutes about how cool her job seemed and how amazing it was that she got to help Supergirl. The last three, however, seemed more interested in a longer conversation, so she asked if they might want to go sit at one of the tables along the sides of the wall.

Once they were settled in, one of the students offered a handshake with her name, “I’m Anika.”

“Nice to meet you,” Alex smiled. “Are you interested in bioengineering too? Or maybe the federal agent side of the work?”

“Well, sort of the bioengineering. I really like biology and health stuff, but I also like the research part. And it sounds like you get to combine research with other things. But really, I want to be a doctor for the new alien species that are here on our planet. I mean, they have all these formal rights now, but it’s not like we’ve got much in the way of services that cater to them. Since it would all be new work, I feel like I would get to do a lot of research too, you know?”

Alex nodded. “That sounds like an amazing idea that’s filling a real need in society. My mom does some work like that, but her work is almost all research, and I get to do a little bit, but not nearly as much as a whole career devoted to it. You know, if you want, I might be able to put you in contact with a few aliens who remember what health care looked like on their planet and might be able to give you some ideas. Obviously you’re still young, and you have time to change your mind, but it might be nice to get to hear from the people you want to serve?” she offered.

“That would be amazing!” Anika gushed. But then she hesitated. “I don’t live too far outside of the city, but my mom works on weekends. I mean, I really want to be able to meet them, but it just might take a little while to find a good time for the meetings.”

“That’s okay! And, you know, my office does have things like cars, and superheroes, so arranging for a ride to a coffee shop in National City wouldn’t be too difficult. Plus, you’re what? One year away from college? We’re looking to start a new program for interns—paid interns, I should add—for some of our less confidential labs. If you stay local and are still interested, it might be a nice way for you to get a bit of experience in the field and see if you like it. Plus, you might just get to meet Supergirl.”

Anika smiled and agreed that it sounded like a great opportunity. She jotted down her email for Alex and left with another thank you, leaving Alex with the other two students, who had returned from their trip to the food table.

“You two interested in biology too?” Alex asked.

“Uhm, not really,” a young girl in skinny jeans and a white t-shirt admitted.

“We, uh, well, we’re both queer, and so, I don’t know, we thought it might be nice to meet a grown up who’s also part of the community,” added the second student. “I’m Jay, by the way. They/theirs pronouns. And a flaming homosexual, if that wasn’t obvious,” they added as they pretended to toss their hair over their shoulder.

Alex grinned. “Nice to meet you, Jay. And you?” she asked, looking to the other student.

“Ah, Candace, sorry. She/hers. Just a boring old lesbian.”

“Nothing boring about it!” Alex laughed. “I mean, hell, it took me nearly 30 years to figure out and admit that I was a lesbian, so it’s gotta be something,” she joked, suddenly feeling more at ease with these students who were, in many ways, so far ahead of her.

“So…what’s it like being a grown up with a partner?” Jay asked.

“Uh, it’s pretty amazing, to be honest,” Alex gushed, happy to have the opportunity to share a bit about Maggie. “First relationship that’s ever felt like a partnership, something where I’m happy to see her everyday, you know.”

“Yeah,” Candace agreed, looking dreamy.

“Do you have someone?” Alex asked.

“Girl, she’s had someone for, like, three weeks, and I swear they’re about to go full-on U-Haul stereotype on me!” Jay exclaimed, cackling in glee at Candace’s eye roll.

“Shut up, Jay. You’re just jealous.”

They shrugged. “Maybe. But it doesn’t matter whom I date; I’m always going to have time to make fun of your fall first, ask questions later attitude.”

“Well, as long as she makes you happy, that’s what’s important,” Alex chimed in.

“She does,” Candace confirmed with a smile and a faint blush.

Catching sight of the time, Alex sighed. “I don’t want to hold you up; I’m sure there are some people you want to talk to about careers. But, if you ever want to chat or need anything, I’m always there, and my girlfriend is way better than I am about some of this stuff, so I’ll go ahead and offer her services to you as well. Did you get my email on the contact sheet that Jessie handed out?”

They both nodded and thanked her for taking the time to talk with them. Alex didn’t say it, but she couldn’t help but feel that the privilege was all hers. After a quick check in with Jessie and a few more brief conversations with students, Alex headed back out to her motorcycle to go to the DEO. Before she left, though, she pulled out her phone to fire off a text to Maggie: “Guess who’s the popular kid now? Also, they’re adorable. Can we be, like, gay aunts to all of them???”

Chapter Text

Once Kara saw how easy it was to switch places and then go back with the body-swapping device they had recovered weeks ago, she decided it was time to get a bit of revenge on Winn for some of the pranks he had pulled on her over the years. The number of times he’d sent her to pull snakes named things like Fluffy, Spot, and Mr. Cuddles out of trees was already in the dozens, so, she reasoned, she was perfectly justified in her search for a bit of fun at his expense.

For a while, she was simply planning to swap him and James, but with Cat Grant back in town, she didn’t want to jeopardize James’ job like that. She thought about Alex, but she suspected her sister might never forgive her (by which she obviously meant stop allowing her to eat all of the potstickers and the best slices of pizza).

While she was lounging in Alex’s lab one night waiting for some kind of emergency, the answer came to her in the form of a one Maggie Sawyer strolling through the door. Maggie always seemed so unflappable, and there was nothing like a good prank to show a new significant other that they were truly accepted as part of the gang. So she asked Maggie if she might go pick up the small metal rod from Alex’s office, where it was being stored for further testing, and take it to Winn.

Maggie shrugged at the odd request, but figured she could at least be helpful while she waited for her girlfriend to be done for the night. “Schott!” she called out, pulling him out of his coding daze.

“Wha—?” he asked, spinning around in his chair.

“Here,” Maggie said, offering the metal rod.

Without quite realizing what it was—after all, it had been quite a few weeks, and his eyes were still tired from looking at a screen for hours on end—Winn reached out and grabbed the other end of the rod, only realizing his mistake when a furious looking Alex grabbed the rod from both of their hands and rounded on Kara, who was pouting behind her.

“Kara! You could have gotten someone seriously injured!” Alex yelled.

“No! I planned it well enough. We know how to switch everyone back, and you even said that Maggie has off work tomorrow. So boom. No real harm done. Just a few hours of payback tomorrow morning for all those calls from Fluffy and friends.”

“And Maggie? What’d she do wrong?” Alex asked, gesturing toward her girlfriend.

“Nothing! We’re showing her how welcome she is in our group, ya know! It’s inclusivity at its finest.”

Alex rolled her eyes. “Schott, get to the lab and get this ready to switch you back. Based on the data I’ve gathered so far, it should work preemptively.”

“On it,” Winn nodded, sticking his tongue out at Kara when he thought no one would notice.

“Now what do you have to say to Maggie?” Alex demanded of Kara, looking very much the part of the responsible big sister.

“Sorry for trying to let you in on the fun,” Kara mumbled cheekily.

“Kara,” Alex warned.

“Fine, just sorry,” Kara conceded.

Chuckling, Maggie waved off the apology. “It’s alright, little Danvers. I know your intentions were…well, not bad at least.”

Alex just rolled her eyes at the exchange before hurrying back to the lab to check in on Winn’s progress.


“Now you two just grab hold of the rod together for a few seconds, and we’ll be set. Alright?” Alex instructed, motioning for Maggie to touch the other end of the device.

“Got it, Danvers. Really not rocket science,” Maggie laughed.

After a few seconds of their holding it, Alex shrugged. “I guess we’re probably fine.”

“Perfect, now are we still on for dinner?” Maggie asked, hooking her arm into Alex’s.

“Of course. Now you two, don’t get into trouble tonight,” Alex said sternly, glaring at Kara and Winn.

“This wasn’t even my fault,” Winn whined.

“Not this time…but there’s always next time.” Alex’s glare was softened only by the loving look she threw Maggie as she was led out of the DEO and off to dinner.


The next morning, Maggie stretched out, feeling aches in places she didn’t quite expect. Sure, the sex had been a little rougher than usual last night, but still, these were unexpected locations. She rolled over to check in on Alex, only to be confronted with her own face.

Maggie’s loud gasp woke the person next to her, who startled and immediately managed to get themselves tangled in the blankets. “Who’s there?”

“I don’t know. Who is in there?” Maggie asked, as she looked down and surveyed her body—or rather, Alex’s body, which she was now occupying.

“Okay, Alex, please don’t kill me,” came Maggie’s voice, “but this is me, Winn.”

“Why did we still switch?” Maggie asked.

“I don’t know! And where is Maggie? Do you think she’s in my body?” Winn began panicking.

“Oh, right, sorry, you don’t know. I am Maggie. Just in Alex’s body, which means that Alex should be the one in your body.”

“Oh god, that’s even worse,” Winn wailed. “She’s gonna kill me for not getting this properly fixed. Wait…how did Alex even get involved?”

“Shit, didn’t she grab that thing while we were both still holding onto it?”

“You’re right! But, I mean, we just need to get her from my apartment and all go to the DEO. It should be as simple as all of us grabbing onto the device again.”

Maggie shrugged. “Worth a try. We should call Alex to give her a warning.”

“I call not it!” Winn yelled, putting his finger to his nose.

“You’re such a child. Give me my phone to call…well, to call you, I suppose.”

“’Lo?” Winn’s voice crackled through the speaker of the phone.

“Alex,” Maggie began, “I need you not to panic, okay? But we all swapped bodies.”

“What do you mean?” Alex barked out, looking down and finding a body that was most definitely not hers. “Why am I even a part of this shit?”

“Remember how you touched the device to take it away from us?” Winn asked. “Yeah, well, we all switched.”

“Okay, who’s whom? I hear my voice and Maggie’s voice.”

“I’m Maggie, in your body, Alex.”

“And I’m Winn, but in Maggie’s body,” Winn explained.

“Don’t even think of looking at her,” Alex growled. “Meet me in the DEO in ten.”

“Uh, Alex,” Winn chimed in, “I don’t live as close to the DEO as you do. Maybe make it twenty?”

“Fine,” Alex snapped. “You get there faster and start getting the device ready to switch us all back again.”


Alex ended the call quickly, tossing the phone onto the bed. Quickly surveying her surroundings, Alex noted the proliferation of cartoon character collectibles and superhero memorabilia, as well as the high tech computer station she could see set up in the living room. She was surprised to find that, outside of the bedroom, Winn’s apartment was fairly subdued and not as childish as she had expected. She fumbled through his drawers and found a pair of boxers, jeans, a t-shirt, and a hoodie to throw on. Studiously avoiding looking at Winn’s body, Alex tried to dress herself as quickly as possible, not really needing to know what was going on under Winn’s cardigans and khakis.


By the time Alex got to the DEO from Winn’s apartment, Winn had everything set up for them to switch back. “Hurry! Before J’onn notices,” Winn hissed.

They all took hold of the device and then…nothing.

“Why isn’t it working?” Alex growled.

“I don’t know! Maybe because there are three of us instead of just two…”

“Does this mean I don’t get my body back for a while?” Maggie asked.

“It means I need to get back to work at least,” Winn whispered, quickly pulling his voice back up to normal volume at the sight of J’onn striding through the door. “As I was saying, Alex and I are just going to head on down to her lab. Bye, Winn!”

“Right, yep,” Maggie nodded, striding down the hallway looking as confident as she could muster.

“Wait,” J’onn commanded. “Alex, Winn, Maggie, you do remember that I can read minds, correct?”

“Uh, yes,” Winn nodded.

“And that when you’re basically screaming your thoughts, it’s almost impossible for me not to hear them.”

“Mhm,” Alex agreed, thinking back to how J’onn had already known about her struggle to come out and her new relationship with Maggie.

“So then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I hear voices shouting from your heads about hiding from me before I realize that you’ve all switched bodies, correct?”

The three stood around awkwardly shuffling their feet as they conceded that, yes, it made sense that J’onn already knew.

“Good. Now get down to the lab and get to work. I can’t have my agents compromised. We’ll talk about how this happened when you’re done. I would like to reprimand you in your own bodies.”

“It was Kara’s fault,” Winn whined.

“Don’t think that she won’t be hearing from me as well. I will ask you, especially you, Alex, to consider why you thought it was a good idea to go home without checking in with me first.”

“Yes, J’onn,” Alex nodded. “We’ll get to work now.”

J’onn nodded and dismissed them to the labs.


After many hours of testing (and failing), they were all frustrated and hungry and so not in the mood to deal with an amused Kara. She strolled through the door, biting back a laugh at the sight of Maggie with her hair tied back in the world’s sloppiest braid, Alex pacing and not taking control of the testing, and Winn looking angrier and butchier than he had ever looked, standing with his arms crossed and his stance wide.

“How’s it going?” she teased.

“Not now, Kara, not now,” Alex grumbled.

“I’m surprised you’re still all swapped. So, just to get this straight: Winn is in Maggie’s body; Alex is in Winn’s body; and Maggie is in Alex’s body?”

“Yeah. And, well, we don’t actually know how to get everyone back when there are three of us,” Winn explained.

A look of remorse flashed across Kara’s face. “I’m so sorry! I really, I would never have done anything if I’d known that it wouldn’t be an easy fix.”

“I know, Kara,” Alex admitted. “But right now, I need to be a little annoyed.”

“Right, yeah, of course. Can I do anything to help?”

“Keep crime down, so I don’t get called in at work,” Maggie chimed in, thinking about just how bad it would be to send Winn out in the field as a detective. Sure, he held his own out assisting Guardian, and he’d be much better at anything technological than she would, but her reputation would take quite the hit if she went running away from the bad guys yelling, “Not a red shirt! Not a red shirt!”

Kara nodded solemnly. “I will, I promise. Also, um, J’onn suggested that maybe I should treat you guys to an early dinner, so I placed an order for a ton of pizza.”

They thanked her, recognizing how apologetic she seemed. Maggie volunteered to get the pizza and bring it back to the break room.


Even though they had spent the whole day together, Maggie still startled at the sight of herself slouched uncharacteristically on the sofa. “Uh, hey, here’s the pizza.”

When Winn dove straight for the pepperoni, he found his hand smacked away. “No meat in my body!” Maggie corrected him.

Winn giggled, “In more ways than one,” earning a glare from Alex in his own body. “Anyway…scientifically, I’m super curious about something.”

“What, Schott?” Alex snapped. “Know that you’re treading on thin ice.”

“Well, you hate mushrooms. I love mushrooms. Will you eat one for me and tell me what you think? Like, how much of your hatred of them stems from a mental block?”

Rolling her eyes, Alex popped a mushroom off the veggie pizza and popped it into her mouth. “Okay,” she sighed, “it’s not awful. It tastes…different in your body. But I still don’t like the texture.”

“Fascinating! Man, there are so many other things that would be amazing to test,” Winn trailed off, looking lost in the possibilities.

“Yeah, well, you and James can go switch bodies and try all the things you want. I need Maggie back in her own body without it having undergone any weird experiments.”

“Fine,” Winn conceded, grabbing a second slice of the veggie pizza after having found that it tasted better to Maggie.

Once they had eaten their fill, they made their way back down to the lab to keep working on a solution. After a few more failed attempts, Alex sat down with Maggie to let Winn take the lead, hoping that perhaps switching out would open up a space for fresh ideas.

“It’s weird being a little taller,” Maggie whispered to Alex, trying to stay quiet, since Winn looked rather focused on the task at hand.

“What? You can finally reach the top shelf in my kitchen,” Alex teased back.

“Not my fault you didn’t design your kitchen to be properly accessible,” Maggie grumbled.

“I’ve got a sister who can literally fly. Sorry I didn’t think about dating someone vertically challenged,” she laughed, earning a gentle shove.

“Also, why do your ribs hurt, Danvers?”

“Oh, I, uh, might have gotten a little bit more banged up in that mission on Wednesday than I let on,” Alex admitted.

Maggie scowled. “C’mon, if you’re not gonna be careful, you can at least be honest.”

“Yes, yes, you know I try.”

Shrugging, Maggie rested her head on Alex’s shoulder, wondering if it was weird now that it was Winn. She giggled at the idea of what any of the other agents would think if they caught the great Agent Danvers cuddling into Winn, resident tech genius. “Ya know, I look pretty good. I can see why I was your big gay awakening,” Maggie laughed, gesturing over to her own body.

Winn was bent over the table, fiddling away with something that sparked every time he touched it to the metal rod. Having wanted to avoid getting in trouble with Alex and Maggie for spending any amount of time looking at Maggie’s body, he had thrown on the outfit that was still on the floor from the night before, but he had given up on trying to hook a bra and just pulled back on the tank top that Maggie had slept in. Now, with the leather jacket off, Alex realized she could see pretty much everything from her vantage point.

“You do,” Alex whispered back, letting her eyes rake up and down Maggie’s body as Winn stood back up and turned around, showing off Maggie’s impressive shoulders and ass.

“Not that I’m complaining about the view I get from looking down,” Maggie joked. But when she turned around, Alex-as-Winn was stumbling out of the chair and jogging toward the door. “Danvers!” Maggie yelled, chasing after Alex.

She finally caught up with Alex, who had locked herself in the unisex bathroom. “Alex,” she whispered as loudly as she dared. “I didn’t mean to objectify you! I’m not, I’m not trying to be creepy, okay? Can you please just let me in so that we can talk.”

“No!” Alex called out, Winn’s voice cracking mid-word.

“Please,” Maggie pleaded.

“I’m not mad at you, okay? Now please just leave me alone.”

“Then what is wrong?” Maggie asked. At this point, a few people were starting to notice her in Alex’s body pressed up against the bathroom wall. “Alex,” she hissed, “people are staring! Please just let me in for a minute. I need to see that you’re okay.”

“Fine,” Alex grunted, cracking open the door just enough to let Maggie slip inside, then slamming it shut and locking it.

“What’s wrong?” Maggie asked again, her voice soft and gentle—a tone that Alex reserved for Kara and Maggie only.

“I…I…I objectified you,” Alex admitted, her cheeks coloring brightly.

“Alex, I basically asked you to. When I told you to look at me, I figured you would. Just because you’re in Winn’s body and Winn is in mine doesn’t mean that you can’t still be physically attracted to that body. I know it’s not cheating or anything,” Maggie explained, hoping that she had managed to hit on whatever concern it was that Alex had and assuaged it.

Alex swallowed harshly, the Adam’s apple bobbing prominently. “I am still…physically attracted to you,” Alex whispered. “But now it, uh, it shows,” she admitted, looking anywhere but at Maggie.

“What do you…?”

“I’m hard! I have a fucking boner,” Alex hissed, needing Maggie to just get it.

“Oh…oh!” Maggie tried to bite back her laughter, but couldn’t help letting out an amused snort. “I suppose I’m flattered, Danvers. Even after all these months, one peek at my chest is all it takes,” she teased.

“It’s not funny!” Alex protested. “And I don’t know how to make it go away!”

“Didn’t you used to date people with dicks?”

“I’m not about to go give Winn’s dick a handjob,” she hissed.

“Ew, not what I meant. Don’t need to think about Winn. Or maybe you should—that might make it go away! Think about anything gross and totally non-sexual. Like…that big slug-looking alien we fought. Or that moldy tupperware of tofu stirfry that I accidentally left in your fridge for a month.”

Alex cringed, but tried to focus her attention on the least sexy things she could imagine. “You go back to the lab,” she instructed Maggie. “I don’t need Winn finding out and thinking he has a right to tease me. I’ll be back soon…I hope.”

Maggie nodded, and with another small chuckle, she was off.

A few minutes later, Alex rejoined them in the lab, her voice gruffer than usual as she tried to preempt any questions about where she had gone. Luckily Winn had been far too busy and frustrated by his failures to notice that she had even left.

“Your phone is ringing, Winn,” Alex interrupted his work a few minutes later, annoyed by the incessant beeping coming from her pocket.

“Shit! James. I told him that I would come out with him tonight for, you know, Guardian stuff.”

“I don’t know how to do the tech stuff!” Alex exclaimed. “What am I supposed to do? Just sit in the van?”

“You’re smart; you’ll figure it out, I’m sure,” Winn offered up, not taking his eyes off of the device.

“I’m smart, but I’m not going to magically understand what it is you do with James. And oh my god, this man won’t stop calling.”

“Hey, don’t hate on James!” Maggie protested.

“Hello,” Alex answered the phone.

“Emergency right outside the DEO, man! I could use a little back up,” James barked through the phone.

“Right outside the DEO?” Alex checked.

“Yeah, just come out the front door! Can’t miss us. Supergirl is busy across town. Need your help,” James grunted, and the sound of metal on metal clashing could be heard through the phone.

“On my way,” Alex confirmed. She hustled out of the room, grabbing her favorite stun gun and a regular old baton on her way to the door.

“Get her some backup,” Maggie hissed at Winn, who was already halfway out the door of the lab.

Winn nodded, grabbing a handful of DEO agents in case the problem couldn’t be solved by James alone.

By the time the group made it to the front of the DEO, James was zip-tying the hands of two of the criminals, while Alex-as-Winn had her knee pressed firmly into the back of a burly white man as she cuffed him and spat out his rights.

“Damn, Schott,” one of the younger, cockier agents whistled, “I didn’t think you had it in you to ever do something non-technological in the field.”

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me,” Alex growled back. “And unless you want to end up on your back, I suggest you stop talking.”

Winn bit back a smile as the agent nodded, not letting his confusion show as he hightailed it back into the DEO.

“Maggie, can you call NCPD and tell them to pick these guys up?” James asked, looking at Winn in Maggie’s body.


“I got it,” Maggie offered, stepping outside to give Winn and Alex a moment while she explained the situation to James.

“Thanks,” Winn mumbled. “You could’ve explained that it was you.”

“What? And let that little asshole get away with underestimating you? Not on my watch, Schott.”

Winn was practically glowing as he wrapped his arms around Alex, who allowed it for a couple of seconds. “You’re the best.”

“Yeah, well, don’t mention it. Seriously, don’t.”

“Fine, fine.”

“Now go and repay me by figuring out how to get us into our own bodies.”

“Aye aye!” Winn saluted and jogged back to the lab.


Around 2am, they finally came up with what they hoped was a solution. “Ready?” Alex asked, looking back to J’onn for his approval. After this morning’s threat of a stern talking to, she didn’t want to add any fuel to the fire.

He nodded, and the three of them moved forward, all taking ahold of the device.

With a flash of heat, they found themselves thrown back into their own bodies, stumbling backward with the force.

“Are you all…yourselves?” J’onn asked.

Each of them nodded in turn, looking down to make sure everything was in working order.

“Good. It’s been a long night, so I’ll let you go with just a warning this time. Take it as the gift that it is.”

“Thank you!” Alex smiled, receiving a small wink and a grin from J’onn in return.

Yawning, Winn headed for the door, while Alex and Maggie trailed behind.

“Should I come back to your place, Danvers? Let you get another look at this outfit? It did so many things for you earlier today…”

Blushing, Alex knocked her shoulder into Maggie’s. “I hate you.”

“Nah, you love me.”


Chapter Text

Ms. Smith called out for Alex after AP Bio, “Alex, would you please stay for a moment?”

“Uh, sure,” Alex nodded, throwing the rest of her things into her backpack and sitting back down while she waited for the rest of the class to leave. Given that it was the last class of the day, she didn’t have to wait long for the room to clear out.

Winn, her lab partner and, if she was being honest, her good friend, hissed, “Have fun, teacher’s pet!” before making his way to the door to meet up with Kara for a newspaper meeting. He hadn’t really been interested in joining, but he was very interested in spending more time with Kara, so somehow he found himself serving as the IT guy for Ms. Grant’s club, which she ran with an iron fist.

“Thanks for waiting, Alex,” Ms. Smith began. “We have a new transfer student this year who has asked to be placed into this AP course, but her grades simply do not reflect a student ready or capable of succeeding in my classroom. She’s spent this first week in the Honors course and seemed exceptionally lost during lab today. I told her that I would find her a tutor, but frankly, I don’t even know that she belongs in Honors, let alone AP. I remember you mentioning that you needed additional academic service hours for National Honor Society, and I wanted to see if you might be willing to serve as a tutor for me.”

“Oh, uh, yeah, sure. I’d be happy to help the new student. When should we meet?”

“She’s coming to talk to me in just a few minutes. Would you like to stick around to meet her?”

Alex shrugged, “Sure, I have some time today.” It was still early in the year, and unlike Ms. Grant’s newspaper club, most organizations hadn’t started meeting just yet. “Who is the new person?”

“Oh, I’m sorry!” Ms. Smith shook her head and laughed at her own forgetfulness. “Her name is Margaret Sawyer, though I believe she goes by Maggie. She’s new this year, just moved to Midvale from somewhere in the Midwest.”

Alex nodded like she didn’t already know exactly who Maggie Sawyer was, like the whole school didn’t know all about this new girl. Sure, the stories didn’t all add up—sometimes Alex suspected that the other students were going more on conjecture and increasingly dramatic retellings of gossip than anything else—but she had seen the girl around school before, watched her strutting down the hallways in beat up leather jackets, her jaw clenched and her hands balled up into fists in her pockets. She knew the new girl sat alone at lunch by choice. She had heard she got kicked out of her old school for fighting; apparently she broke a guy’s jaw. She had also heard from more than a few people that the girl was a “dyke,” that the guy she’d punched was the boyfriend of the girl she’d tried to kiss. She didn’t know what to make of the uncomfortable swooping sensation she felt in her stomach every time she heard about the girls this Maggie Sawyer had kissed, dated, punched men over.

When Alex tuned back into the conversation, Ms. Smith was explaining what they had been doing in the Honors course this week. It was simple enough, and she nodded along, chastising herself for zoning out in the first place.

“Oh, Maggie, you’re just on time!” Ms. Smith waved at the new girl, who shuffled into the room, eyeing Alex suspiciously. “Maggie, this is Alex Danvers. She’s in my AP Bio class, and I thought she might be able to tutor you, help get you caught up with the rest of the class.”

Maggie nodded and said nothing, but Alex swore she saw Maggie’s jaw tighten upon hearing that she would be receiving a tutor. “I have to go and pick up a few worksheets that I thought you would find useful, so why don’t you and Alex exchange contact information while I’m gone. Then you and I can meet, Maggie?”

“Okay,” she nodded.

As soon as Ms. Smith left the room, Maggie rounded on Alex. “Look, I know you’re just doing it because your teacher asked you, and you’ve probably never said no to a teacher in your life, but I don’t need a tutor. I’ll tell her that you’re helping me or whatever, but I don’t want your help.”

Alex was taken aback by the girl’s gruff demeanor. “I, are you sure? I mean, I have to tutor someone for my NHS hours anyway, and I really like bio. I wouldn’t mind helping you to catch up, maybe even getting you caught up enough so you can get into the AP class like you wanted to take.”

“I don’t need your charity hours, Danvers. I’m not behind, and I don’t need your help.”

Alex bristled at the implications, even as her stomach clenched at the use of her last name. “Whatever, here’s my number.” She shoved the index card on which she had scrawled her name, phone number, and email address at Maggie. “Call me when you fail your first assignment.”

Maggie narrowed her eyes at this girl. Who the hell did she think she was? Where did she get off on assuming that she would fail? Before she could tell her off, Ms. Smith walked back through the door.

“Ladies, I am so sorry, but we have a last minute faculty meeting about the statewide evaluation that is apparently being moved up to this month. Alex, would you mind just walking Maggie through the labs we’ll be covering? My lesson plans are on my desk. Maggie, we can find another day to meet. I’m so sorry for cancelling on you like this.”

“It’s fine,” Maggie mumbled.

“Happy to help,” Alex chimed in, managing a small smile.

Once Ms. Smith left again, Maggie swung her backpack over her shoulder. “Later, Danvers.”

“No! I was given specific instructions, so you’re not going anywhere.”

“Excuse me?” A look of surprise mingled with anger flashed in Maggie’s eyes.

“You heard me. We’re going to go through these experiments. If you don’t know what you’re doing in the lab, you could get really hurt.” Not that she cared about whether this insufferable woman got hurt. “Or you could hurt all of your classmates.”

“I already took this stupid fucking class back at my old school,” Maggie growled. “I don’t need help doing something I’ve done a thousand times already.”

“Clearly you don’t remember your last class all that well if you need a tutor from week one,” Alex snapped back. Other than her own mom, she wasn’t used to being told she was wrong or not enough in such a consistent way.

“I’m just getting used to this school, that’s all,” Maggie muttered through clenched teeth. She didn’t need to explain to Alex that she didn’t want to be a stand-out student again, couldn’t deal with the burden of attention that came with being noticed anywhere, couldn’t risk anyone looking at her long enough to tell that something was wrong with her, different about her.

“Fine, well, come get used to the lab equipment with me. I am very serious about lab safety,” Alex demanded. She looked so serious, crossing her arms and glaring at Maggie from behind waves of long auburn hair. The sight almost made Maggie laugh. Almost.

“Whatever,” Maggie conceded, throwing her bag back down on the ground. If it would get Alex off of her case for a while, it would be worth it.

Nodding, Alex grabbed Ms. Smith’s lesson plans, thumbing through the pages to see what experiments she had them doing. “If you’ve already taken this class, I assume you know the basics of a lab, right? You know how to use the Bunsen burners and how to adjust the microscope lenses and how to die cells properly?”

Maggie shrugged. She didn’t need to tell Alex about how Eliza Wilke had been her lab partner and how she’d not even been allowed close enough to the girl to see what was going on with their experiments after the incident.

Groaning at Maggie’s unresponsiveness, Alex asked, “Who’s your lab partner?”

“James,” Maggie answered quickly, smiling for the first time since Alex had met her.



“Cool, he’s dating my sister. Which means that I care extra about his wellbeing and his not losing both eyebrows to some freak lab fire started by an inconsiderate lab partner. So we’re going to go over exactly how we use all of the equipment here.”

Maggie bit back a laugh at the image of an eyebrow-less James. She hadn’t expected to like him. With his booming voice and his ability to make everyone laugh, she had assumed he was popular, would be just like all the popular kids back home. But after school ended the first day, he had jogged up to her while she waited for her bus and given her his number. “I know how rough it is as the new kid—I transferred here last year—so if you ever need anything, just give me a call, alright?” Maggie hadn’t planned on calling him, even if she appreciated the offer, but the next day he had continued to be nice to her. Claiming the seat beside her in history and bio, he asked if she might want to grab a bite to eat after school. Suspicious as she had been, Maggie accepted the offer and found herself having a wonderful time. James even opened up about being bullied for not looking like everyone else at his old school, which had also been out in the Midwest—Kansas, not Nebraska, but he still seemed to get it. She didn’t tell him that her difference went beyond the color of her skin, but she suspected that he might not hate her. He might not like her, but she didn’t think he’d be the type to turn on her. Then again, she didn’t think Eliza would either. So she kept her mouth shut.

“Yeah, alright. Go on then, Danvers, teach me.”

Alex’s breath caught at the sight of the smirk playing about Maggie’s lips. She schooled her expression into a neutral, slightly annoyed one. After all, this other girl was a nuisance—nothing more, nothing that should be exciting to her.

As they went through the different machines, Alex was genuinely surprised by how much Maggie already seemed to know, at least when it came to the names and functions of everything. But when she asked her to use the equipment, the other student often froze and fumbled, never quite getting it right.

With each fuck up, Maggie grew increasingly withdrawn and frustrated. Seeing this change, Alex stepped in. “You’re clearly smart, right, I see that now. But have you actually taken this class? It seems like you read the textbook without ever stepping into a lab.”

Maggie shrugged. “Our school didn’t have a big fancy lab like this one. And when we did labs we had to take turns, so I didn’t actually get to touch most of the stuff.” It was partially true.

Nodding, Alex switched her approach, going back to the basics and giving a thorough demonstration, rather than just a verbal explanation, of everything she described. Maggie seemed to get it better this way, and was soon picking up on things much more quickly.

“Well, do you want to do one of the more advanced labs with me? I bet seeing you be successful at something like that might help convince Ms. Smith that you could move up to AP.”

“Yeah, alright,” Maggie replied. “Just…why do you want to help me?”

Alex shrugged. “I don’t know. It’s my job?” She wasn’t actually sure why she cared about helping this somewhat surly student do better or switch into her own class.

Maggie raised her eyebrows at that. She didn’t quite buy it; if it were just a job, Alex would have ended the lesson after she went over all of the basics. It was enough to ensure that she wouldn’t maim Alex’s sister’s boyfriend or seriously injure herself. But it wasn’t a point worth pursuing.

Shaking her head, Alex redirected the conversation back to the labs. “Okay, my favorite thing is titration. I know it’s chemistry, but whatever, applicable skills, ya know? Wanna see how long it takes to turn an analyte pink?”

Maggie actually laughed at that. She couldn’t help it; Alex looked so freakin excited by the idea of turning something pink in the lab. “Whatever you say, Danvers.”

Alex blushed, but began moving around the lab, collecting her solutions and preparing a buret. As she moved, she explained exactly what they were going to do. Maggie recalled reading about volumetric analysis in a chemistry textbook, though she definitely had never done this lab or even seen equipment like it in Blue Springs. Maybe her classmates did it during February, when she had been out “sick” from school for a couple weeks while she settled in with her aunt across town and let some of the hateful gossip die down at school. Well, no, she reasoned, they were taking bio, so they probably didn’t do a chemistry lab. Only Alex would think it was “fun” to mix all of her sciences.

“Do you know what to do now?” Alex asked. Maggie shook her head. This equipment looked expensive, and she didn’t need Alex to think she was dumb. Glad to see Maggie finally being open enough to admit when she didn’t know something, Alex smiled. She tried in vain to explain exactly how titration worked, but eventually she moved around the table to take a more hands on approach, figuring it was the best method with something as delicate as titration. “Do you mind if I…?” Alex gestured with her hands to Maggie’s, trying to make sure it would be okay to touch her.

“Oh, uh, sure,” Maggie stuttered. She figured Alex must not have heard the rumors about her. Otherwise there was no way she would come this close, no way she would touch her, no way she would let herself be seen this close to the known dyke when she might be declared gay by association.

Alex gently wrapped her hand around Maggie’s and showed her how to slowly open the buret, only letting the smallest amount of the titrant drop down into the analyte, lest they overshoot the subtle build up to the reaction entirely. She couldn’t help but notice how soft Maggie’s hands were under hers—so much softer than Rick’s. Rick, the guy she really wanted to like. Rick, the popular boy who had been able to overlook how different Kara could be her first year at the school. Rick, the one who had asked her out and kissed her on the beach, leaving her smiling outwardly but feeling absolutely nothing.

Maggie hoped her hands weren’t trembling under Alex’s touch. It had been a long time since she’d let someone this close, had let someone touch her without worrying about it turning into pain. She listened to Alex as she chatted excitedly, describing everything that was happening as they worked. “And now, we’re getting close, so we’ll be really careful about adding just a drop at a time, okay? And you need to really observe the analyte to watch for the start of the reaction. It can be different, depending on what you added, but this time we’re looking for the start of a really pale pink, okay?”

Maggie nodded, and let Alex continue guiding her motions, though she also felt herself being allowed to take control as Alex’s hands simply rested on hers—there to take over if anything went horribly wrong, but otherwise allowing her to be in charge.

“Hey! I see a little pink!” Maggie exclaimed, not caring that she sounded like just as big of a nerd as Danvers.

“Awesome! So now, let’s jot down all of these numbers; we’ll need then for the calculations.” Alex stepped back, trying not to notice the way her body seemed to miss Maggie’s warmth. Once Maggie had all of the numbers written out, Alex asked, “Want to see what happens if you fuck up and overdo it?”


“Do you need me to, uh, help you?” Alex asked.

“Sure,” Maggie answered. She definitely didn’t need help, especially help fucking up, but she already missed the feeling of Alex curved around her. She didn’t want to dwell on the implications.

Alex moved back around Maggie, wrapping her arms around to guide Maggie’s hands back to the buret. They opened the valve all the way and watched as their analyte went from a very light pink to a hot pink in seconds before Alex quickly stopped the flow of the titrant. “And that’s how you know you went too far,” Alex laughed softly by Maggie’s ear, her breath catching slightly when Maggie spun around and found herself just centimeters away from Alex.

Hearing the hitch in Alex’s breath, knowing that it could only cause more trouble, more pain, Maggie bolted, grabbing her bag and yelling a hurried thanks over her shoulder.

Staring after Maggie in confusion, Alex tried to figure out what had gone wrong. Had she crossed a line? Everything had seemed okay until it wasn’t. She shook her head and began cleaning up the rest of the materials.

When Ms. Smith came back, Alex had finished cleaning up the lab and was sitting at one of the tables working on her homework.

“Oh, Alex, I didn’t mean to imply that you had to wait for me! And you cleaned up the whole lab—so conscientious.”

“It’s okay, just getting started on my homework. I’ve got to wait for newspaper to finish up anyway.”

“Ah, Ms. Grant—never a moment’s rest with her.”

“Nope,” Alex chuckled as she shook her head.

“So how was Maggie?”

Deciding not to mention how things had ended, Alex answered, “Good. I actually think she would be fine in AP. Her old school didn’t have much in the way of lab equipment, so we went over everything in here, and she picked it all up really quickly. She even did a successful titration with me. And yes, I know that’s chemistry, but I sort of miss chemistry classes,” Alex admitted, laughing at how nerdy that sounded. “As far as the course material, I think she probably knows it; she just seems…shy, sort of slow to open up?” Alex wasn’t sure why she cared so much about knowing that Ms. Smith understood that Maggie was smart and competent, though she suspected it had something to do with how everyone but Ms. Grant had really underestimated Kara when she first began.

“Well, how about this? They have their first big test at the end of next week. If she gets an A, I’ll let her into the AP course on a probationary basis. You’ll probably need to tutor her to catch her up, but if she took as much bio as she claims to have taken, it shouldn’t be impossible.”

Alex nodded, thanking Ms. Smith before heading out to pick up Kara and Winn from newspaper.


“How was newspaper?” Alex asked, once Kara and Winn were settled in her car.

“So good!” Kara squealed. “Ms. Grant is promoting me from copyeditor to reporter this year! Most people have to wait until junior year to be reporters, but she told me that she suspected I would be extraordinary!”

Winn laughed from the backseat. “Yes, Kara, tell us more about how in love you are with Ms. Grant.”

“She’s a teacher!” Kara grumbled indignantly. “That would be so inappropriate.”

“I’m not saying that you’re trying to sleep with her,” Winn explained. “But everyone has a teacher crush! Just look at the way Alex followed around the AP Chem teacher last year.”

“Excuse me?” Alex interrupted, choking on her soda. “I did not have a crush on Ms. Weiss.”

“Oh, you 100% did,” Kara chimed in, glad that the teasing had moved away from her.

“She’s just…really smart. And funny. And she wore such cool outfits. And she let me do more advanced experiments in Chemistry Club.”

“Mhm, and you joined Chemistry Club why again?” Winn asked.

“Because chemistry is fun!” Alex retorted.

“Yeah, and you had so much free time on your hands…”

“Whatever,” Alex grumbled. “You joined it with me.”

“Uh, yeah, cause why would I let you beat me in chemistry?” Winn teased back. “Also, I’m not above admitting that I would have followed Ms. Weiss just about anywhere. Those leather jackets, man, am I right?”

Kara rolled her eyes, while Alex thought about another person in a leather jacket that had her a bit distracted. Not that she had a crush on Maggie Sawyer. She didn’t even have a crush on Ms. Weiss. Alex Danvers didn’t get crushes—not even on the boys she was supposed to like.


The next afternoon, Alex got a text from an unknown number. “Hey, this is Maggie. Smith told me about the deal you made with her about the first test. You didn’t have to do that for me.”

Alex narrowed her eyes. She had just been trying to help; after all, Maggie seemed adamant about wanting to be in the AP class, and if she were as smart as Alex suspected, there was no reason why she shouldn’t be allowed to move up. “Just doing my job. Now you do yours and get an A on that test, so I don’t look dumb.”

A few minutes later Alex’s phone buzzed. “Want to quiz me? Make sure I don’t mess up your perfect reputation?”

Alex couldn’t help a laugh. “Fine. Come over after school tomorrow?” She would have invited Maggie tonight, but her mom was strict about having friends over on weekdays. She suspected that tutoring would have been an exception, but she didn’t need to explain that Maggie was probably smart enough not to need tutoring because what did that even make their study session?

“Meet you in the parking lot at 3 tomorrow,” Maggie replied.

Chapter Text

During free period, Maggie and James sat chatting and sharing a bag of M&Ms. “What do you know about Alex Danvers?” Maggie asked, figuring she’d chance her luck.

“Oh, uh, she’s my girlfriend’s older sister. She’s crazy smart, like, I think she could give some of the teachers a run for their money. Well, maybe not the literature teachers as much, but math and science for sure. She’s super protective of Kara, which is really sweet. She punched three different guys Kara’s first week at the school for making fun of her. Almost got herself suspended, but I think she worked some deal where she got to do community service instead, which basically just meant calling the hours that she already spent volunteering with setting up labs and tutoring service instead of fun.”

Maggie laughed, glad to hear that Alex probably wasn’t that put out by tutoring her at least. She hadn’t expected the punching from Alex, though perhaps when it came to family, some people felt a strong sense of loyalty.

“Why do you ask?”

“Oh, uh, she’s tutoring me in bio,” Maggie admitted.

“But you get perfect scores every time we grade each other’s homework.”

“Hmm, yeah. But you’re the only one that knows it.”

“Oh, okay, well, I’m sure she’ll have you doing college-level-bio any day now. Have fun,” he laughed.

“I’m supposed to go over to her house after school today.” Maggie hesitated, needing to get some sense about what Alex already knew about her. “Do you, um, do you know how much she’s heard about me? I’m not stupid; I know people talk about me, and I know most of it isn’t good. But she just, well, she doesn’t seem to care, which makes me think she doesn’t know.”

“Oh, she’s not super tapped into gossip, but she’s probably heard it all. She just wouldn’t be the type to care.”

“Really?” Maggie asked. She didn’t believe it.

“Look at her friends. Her little sister was adopted and didn’t really fit in when she started. Winn was mocked from his very first day for being too geeky, too childish, too girly. She’s not exactly the type to pick her friends based on what other people say.”

Maggie nodded, considering everything James had said. “I mean, she didn’t ask to be my friend; she just offered to tutor me.”

“Right,” James nodded. “Still, not many people get an invitation to the Danvers house.”

Maggie shrugged, quickly shifting focus to the game of paper football she and James had been playing earlier.

While they flicked the folded paper back and forth between finger goal posts, ignoring the glares from the study hall moderator, James debated saying something about the rumors Maggie had referenced. They had spoken quite freely about all the racist bullshit they had put up with out in their original high schools, but James had heard the other rumors, even if they didn’t bother him. He wondered about the extent to which Maggie thought Alex would care.

Finally he decided to say something, if only to assuage her fears. “Maggie, um, about the rumors?”

“Hmm,” Maggie grunted.

“Well, the rumors about the girls…” he trailed off, trying to figure out how to bring it up without scaring her off.

“What about them?” she snapped. She knew this was too good to be true. Her budding friendships could never last.

“Just that…Alex really wouldn’t be the type to care if they were true. I mean, like I said, look at her friends.”

Maggie narrowed her eyes. James had said something about people calling Winn girly, but otherwise, she knew Kara and James were together, and nothing about Alex screamed gay (except perhaps that hopeful little voice in the back of Maggie’s head). “What do you mean?”

“It’s not my place to out people, but appearances aren’t everything.” James shrugged, hoping that Maggie would understand the implications behind his words, even if he wouldn’t explicitly tell her that Winn was bi and Kara was pan. Those identities were theirs to reveal (or not), but Alex hadn’t loved them any less for it.

Maggie, to her credit, understood the meaning of James’ words. She shrugged and went back to football, feeling like Alex at least wouldn’t hate her.


“Wanna go to the movies tonight? There’s a new scifi movie out. We can smuggle candy in and point out all of the inaccuracies,” Winn offered, grinning broadly.

“Can’t today, sorry. Maybe tomorrow night?” Alex offered. “I told Maggie I would tutor her in bio tonight.”

“No worries, we’ll find a time. But that’s nice of you. Does she need the help?”

“Honestly? Probably not. But she wants to move up into AP with us, and she’ll only get to if she gets an A.”

“Ah, makes sense. How is she?”

“Huh? Um, fine, I guess. Why?” she asked, scowling at Winn.

“She’s new, it’s not like I know much about her, except all that shit people said before she even got here.”

“Well, yeah, but, I don’t even know if any of that is true. She’s sort of rude, but it’s not the worst. She calls me Danvers. I just, I don’t know, it sucks that people aren’t giving her the benefit of the doubt. Like, I think she’s really good at bio, but she’s just not letting it show.”

“Wow, you really seem to care.”

“What? No. Shut up.”

Winn laughed. “Alright, alright. She’s cute, though.”

Alex felt a pang of something that felt suspiciously like jealousy shoot through her, something suspiciously like what she experienced when Vicky Donahue went off and ditched her for a boyfriend who held her hand in public and kissed her at their lockers. “Yeah, well, I heard she doesn’t like boys, so I wouldn’t try anything,” she snapped.

Biting back a knowing grin, Winn conceded, “I wasn’t going to, don’t worry.”

“Not worried. Just wouldn’t want you to get your feelings hurt again.”

“Ouch, you wound me,” he joked. “You have to admit, though, even if she would never want to date me, she looks good. Like, really good.”

Alex shrugged. “I don’t know. Her dimples are cute, I guess. If you’re into that sort of thing.”

“Into adorable people?” Winn suggested.

“Into women,” Alex clarified, looking down at her notes, even though she had long since finished her homework and was now working on next weeks’ assignments.

“I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that…” he suggested, thinking back to the long nights he had spent with Alex after her big fight with Vicky, the nights when she hadn’t wanted to face Kara and her innocent questions about why everything had fallen apart so quickly. He’d had his suspicions back then, had even explicitly come out to Alex, hoping to show her that he was open and wouldn’t judge her. But she’d shut down, and that had been the end of those conversations. She was always fine when he wanted to talk about a cute boy, but it was different when the conversation came anywhere near her.

“Hmm, well, tell that to my mother,” she laughed bitterly. “Not that I am. Not that it matters.”

“She didn’t get mad at Kara.”

“She never gets mad at Kara. Plus, Kara is dating the perfect, charming boy. No offense,” she added, thinking about how hard Winn had fallen for Kara and how crestfallen he had been when she told him that she only thought of him as a friend.

“I’m over it,” he said, waving off Alex’s apology. “I’m just saying, don’t sacrifice your own happiness because you think your mom won’t be proud of you. If I thought it would be a dangerous situation, that would be different, but I really don’t think she’s like that.”

Alex shrugged. She didn’t need to dwell on what her stupid feelings for Vicky might have meant, and she certainly didn’t need to have all of these thoughts racing around her head when Maggie came over to study—and only to study.

Sensing the shift in mood, Winn returned to the movie, listing off some of the most implausible elements he noted just from the trailer. Alex was soon sufficiently distracted and managed not to think about Maggie at all until she was walking to her car where Maggie was meeting them.

Even though she was perfectly on time, having spent only a couple of minutes after class talking to Ms. Smith, Maggie was already waiting on a bench. Alex waved to her as she jogged the last few feet. “Hey, sorry, I hope you weren’t waiting long.”

“No, just wouldn’t want to keep a lady waiting, ya know?” Maggie grimaced as she said it, already worrying about how Alex might take her words.

To her credit, Alex just grinned. “Well, we’re both stuck waiting a couple minutes for my sister.” A few minutes of small talk later, Kara bounded up to them, James in tow. “Hey, Alex! You must be Maggie! I’m Kara,” she said, sticking her hand out. “Can we drive James back to our place too? Eliza said he could come over, but his car is in the shop.”

Alex shrugged. “Yeah, that’s fine. Just throw whatever’s in the backseat into the trunk.”

Kara quickly obliged, tossing her own sketchbooks and art supplies into the box Alex had designated as hers in the trunk, then less carefully throwing Alex’s running shoes and sweatshirts into the back. “All clean!” she declared. Then, “Shotgun!”

James laughed, kissing her on the cheek as he squeezed himself into the backseat. Maggie jumped in next to him, smiling cheerfully at the familiar face. By the time Alex was backing out of her space, Kara was already fiddling with the radio, trying to find a station she liked.

“Alex! It’s our song!” she squealed.

“Your song, Danvers?” Maggie asked, her attention having been caught.

“Nothing,” Alex brushed it off. “Kara likes to sing, and every so often she convinces me to join in.”

“Excuse me, you have an amazing voice. Don’t downplay it,” Kara chastised her sister, though Alex just sat there blushing, gripping the steering wheel tightly enough for her knuckles to turn white.

“I think we should definitely get to hear it,” Maggie teased.

“Maybe later,” Alex replied gruffly, relaxing slightly when Maggie didn’t push the issue and Kara began belting it out on her own. Of course, she immediately tensed when one of Tegan and Sara’s new songs began blasting from the radio. She cursed their newfound mainstream popularity. She didn’t want Maggie to feel like she was directing the song at her, like she was trying to out her. Of course, it was a ridiculous thought; the song played on the radio at least once a day, and Kara was the one in charge of the music.

In the backseat, James put a comforting hand on top of Maggie’s when he noticed how tense she had gotten. She appreciated the gesture, even though she worried it might somehow draw attention to her.

Kara didn’t seem perturbed in the slightest, and continued to sing along with the lyrics until the song ended and the station shifted to some old school rap, at which point she transitioned right along with the DJ and began rapping, earning a hearty laugh from James.

By the time they got back to the Danvers, everyone was relaxed from having laughed so hard at Kara’s perfect rendition of “Baby Got Back.” Kara dragged James into the living room, calling dibs so that they could watch a movie on the big TV.

“Uh, we can try to study in the kitchen if you don’t mind the noise, or we can just head up to my room,” Alex offered, trying not to notice the way her heart raced at the thought of having Maggie in her room.

Maggie gulped. “Whatever’s easier. Your house, your rules.”

At the sound of a musical beginning, Alex grimaced. “Upstairs it is, or we won’t even be able to hear ourselves think.”

“Okay,” Maggie nodded and followed Alex, trying not to dwell on the fact that she was following a very cute girl up to her bedroom. It didn’t mean anything. Alex was straight. She kept repeating that to herself, hoping it would sink in eventually.

Chapter Text

Upstairs, Maggie grinned at the sight of all of Alex’s textbooks, many of which she suspected had been purchased voluntarily. She tried to fight away the blush that threatened to overtake her cheeks at the photographs of Alex in a tight wetsuit, clutching a surfboard and a trophy, at what she assumed were numerous surfing competitions.

Alex interrupted her musings, calling out, “Alright, I’ve got everything all set up. I already had some flashcards for that chapter, so we can start with them and see how you do. Then, if you’ve got your own notes or cards, we can move on to them?”

“Sounds good,” Maggie agreed, kicking off her shoes and sitting down across from Alex.

Within half an hour, they had already made it through Alex’s deck without Maggie having gotten a single one wrong. “You don’t even need help,” Alex laughed.

Maggie blushed. “I may have studied a lot last night. Wouldn’t want you thinking that I couldn’t keep up.”

“Well, you can do more than keep up. Is there anything you actually need to review? ’Cause right now, I’m fairly certain you’re getting an A+ on that test.”

Shrugging, Maggie answered honestly: “I’m pretty okay with all of it. I mean, I’m sure if I need to catch up with the AP class, it’d be nice to have your help, but this is honestly all a repeat of stuff I did last year.”

“Works for me. Do you want to do any other homework? Or…I don’t know, I guess we could just hang out.”

“The concept sounds so foreign to you,” Maggie teased.

“Yeah, well…whatever. I don’t have a ton of friends.”

“I have to assume that’s voluntary. I mean, you’re smart. You’re funny and even nice when you want to be. You’re athletic,” she added, gesturing toward the surfing trophies, “and pretty.” She bit her cheek, berating herself for having said something so obviously gay. “And, um, ya know, I think Rick likes you.” She didn’t add that she already hated Rick. It definitely wasn’t about the way he followed Alex; it had more to do with the way he sniggered at her whenever she walked by…and maybe just a little bit about the way he pined after Alex.

“Ugh,” Alex grimaced. “That didn’t work out. I mean, he’s nice enough, and he was really sweet to Kara, but there’s something that just, I don’t know, it didn’t click.”

Maggie tried to quash the hope surging in her chest. She knew what Alex meant about things not clicking with boys, but maybe it was just this boy, maybe Alex had felt things click with other boys. She realized she should have responded. “Oh, yeah. I mean, I’m sure you’ll find someone.”

Alex shrugged. “It’s whatever. Certainly not with any of the boys around here.”

“I, uh, yeah…yeah,” Maggie stumbled over her words, trying to find something to say that wasn’t, “Have you tried girls?”

Clearing her throat, Alex asked, “What about you? See anyone you like? Any of the…guys around here?”

Maggie made a noncommittal noise, not wanting to answer that she would never be attracted to the boys but that she was increasingly intrigued by the woman sitting across from her.

Alex sat there, looking at Maggie expectantly. With a shrug, Maggie figured it was now or never. At least James was downstairs and would help her get home if need be. “Boys don’t, uh, do it for me. So no, none of the guys here have caught my eye.”

She braced herself for the worst, but Alex just nodded. “They sort of suck anyway.”

Maggie let out the breath she had been holding as she tried to slow down her heart rate. “Mhm, yeah.”

“Do you have a girlfriend?” Alex asked, wondering if it was okay to ask, if it was okay to want to know.

“No,” Maggie shook her head.

“Okay,” Alex mumbled, unsure of where to take the conversation now. In a move she would come to regret deeply, she then proceeded to ask, “Any girls you like in Midvale?” She promptly turned bright red and stuttered out, “No, no, nope, no. Pretend I didn’t ask. Sorry, I shouldn’t have. I’m just gonna stop talking. We can watch some television?”

“It’s fine, I mean, you asked about boys. What’s different now?”

Alex wasn’t sure how to answer that. Because Maggie had a point; on the surface, there was nothing different now. But somehow this question felt so much more invasive. If she were being really honest, she might also admit that it felt like the stakes were higher, like she had an answer she really wanted to hear now. “Uh, I guess nothing is different. I just didn’t want to pressure you.”

“Thanks,” Maggie mumbled. “I don’t know, there’s maybe someone, but it doesn’t matter. I shouldn’t get into all that shit again.”

“Again?” Alex asked.

“I just…I liked someone back in Blue Springs. Turns out she was straight. And didn’t much care for the fact that I liked her. It was a whole big fucking shit show, and now I live in Midvale with my aunt. And I don’t want your pity,” she growled.

Alex wasn’t really sure how to respond. Nothing about what had happened to Maggie was fair. “Can I, can I hug you?”

Maggie shrugged, and Alex slowly scooted across the floor until she was next to Maggie. She threw one arm around her shoulder, drawing Maggie in close to her. She figured she’d leave Maggie one side for escape, remembering how Kara had panicked when Alex first tried to hug her, feeling trapped and being reminded of the confines of her small pod where she had spent years in the Phantom Zone.

Swallowing back tears, Maggie dropped her head onto Alex’s shoulder, mumbling a thank you that she wasn’t sure Alex heard. They sat like that for a while, Alex tracing circular patterns across Maggie’s shoulder and upper arm, while Maggie sought to recenter herself using some of the breathing techniques she learned at the yoga classes she attended with her aunt at the community center.

“If you, well, if you ever wanted to ask that girl out, I’d kick the ass of anyone who tried to give you shit about it,” Alex finally offered when it seemed like Maggie was ready to talk again.

“Thanks, Danvers, but I don’t need you getting suspended. I hear last time you got out on a bit of a technicality, pleading out of your crimes, huh?” She didn’t add that Alex’s words meant the world to her, that someone she knew for less than two weeks would already be willing to risk her surely perfect academic record for the weird new girl.

Alex laughed. “Let me guess: James told you?”

“Yeah, yeah he did.”

“Hmm, as far as boys go, he’s not so bad. Winn too.”

Maggie nodded, even though she hadn’t talked to Winn yet.

“So, um, want to tell me about her?” Alex asked, ignoring the twisting feeling in her gut at the idea of Maggie gushing about some other girl.

Letting out a shaky breath, Maggie shook her head. “It doesn’t matter; she…I don’t know, she doesn’t think about me like that.”

“Oh really? I have it on good authority that lots of people think you’re pretty cute,” Alex said, forcing out a laugh.

“So is she,” Maggie whispered. “She’s really pretty.”

“Hmm, that’s nice,” Alex nodded.

“But she’s also really smart. And I think she’s pretty cool too.” Maggie wondered how obvious she was getting.

“Ah, that’s, well, they all sound like great characteristics.”

“Yep, but, like I said, it doesn’t matter. Wouldn’t want to risk it.”

“But maybe you should,” Alex blurted out. She wasn’t sure why she was pushing Maggie toward someone else. She wasn’t sure why her heart was racing with the stupid hope that Maggie was talking about her. She wasn’t sure why all she wanted to do was kiss this rude, adorable, confusing girl sitting next to her when just earlier today she was insisting to Winn that she wasn’t gay.

Maggie bit her lip at the sight of Alex’s gaze flicking down to her own lips. Could Alex possibly know that she was talking about her? Could she want it too? Maggie shifted slightly, turning to face Alex more.

“She makes me want to do stupid things,” Maggie whispered, just a few inches away from Alex now.

“Maybe you confuse the hell out of her, make her want to do things she swore weren’t for her,” Alex whispered back, moving slightly forward.

Before anything could happen, Kara was barging through the door and asking what pizza toppings they wanted. Maggie jumped away from Alex at a speed that made Alex seriously question whether Maggie might be an alien like Kara.

“I better head home! Got some studying to do, ya know. Wanna ace that test,” she blurted out, shoving her feet back into her shoes and grabbing her bag before racing down the stairs.

Catching sight of Maggie bolting out the front door, James chased after her. “Maggie!” he called, “Maggie! Please wait!”

“What?” she asked, her voice cracking as she came to a stop at the edge of the yard.

“Take a walk with me?”

“Kara’s going to want to know where you’re going.”

“I’ll text her. Tell her that I’m going to walk down to the pizza place to pick it up, save some money on delivery costs.”

“Why are you being so nice?” Maggie demanded, her heart racing and her head swimming. Why was this popular boy being nice to her? Why was a pretty girl leaning into her and making her think that maybe she wanted her too?

“Because I care about you,” James answered as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. “Something is obviously wrong. You look like you’re about to cry, and you just took off from Alex’s home without any ride back to your place, even though I know it’s a 45-minute walk.”

“Yeah, well, walking is good for you.”

“Not with a bag full of heavy textbooks.”

“Builds character.”

“According to my mom, so did my bout with food poisoning, but it doesn’t make me ever want to do it again,” he laughed, finally getting a small smile from Maggie. “So,” he began again, “want to tell me what happened?”

“I almost kissed her,” Maggie admitted, slumping down and sitting on the curb.

“Wow, okay, that’s…good? What happened?”

“Kara burst into the room, and I bolted. Because how could I ever think that she wanted me back? She’s pretty and smart and perfect and probably straight.”

“Well, how did you get to that almost-kiss?” James asked, settling himself in next to Maggie, only to have her stand up and begin pacing, then walking again. He walked along with her, guiding her in the direction of Kara’s favorite pizza place as they went, and listened as she talked about her afternoon with Alex.

“Look, obviously I’m no expert on the nuances of women flirting with other women, but I don’t think you were misreading it that much. I mean, maybe Alex would have freaked. But it would have been because she’s Alex, not because of you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, it’s just, it’s more Alex’s story to tell. But she fights so hard to be perfect for her mother. Ever since her dad died, her mom puts a lot on her—stuff that she’s never expected or even asked of Kara. And Kara’s adopted; she’s got so much shit to deal with on her own, it isn’t like I want to see more being asked of her, you know? But because of those differences, Alex, well, she feels like she has to be perfect, like she could never compare to Kara. And so when it comes to doing something different, something less than ‘perfect,’ whatever it means, she’s always going to panic a little.”

Maggie mulled over James’ words. It was a lot to take in, but she sort of understood, felt like she got Alex a bit better now, why she had college-level science textbooks lining her shelves and beat herself up over not liking Rick the way she was “supposed to.”

They walked for a little while in silence, then Maggie shifted the conversation to something lighter, to talk of television shows and movies. She wasn’t ready to go back to their earlier conversation, though she did allow James to bring her back to the house.

“I come bearing pizza,” James yelled out in his booming voice as he walked through the door. Kara came barreling down the stairs, followed shortly by Alex, whose eyes were rimmed in red as though she had spent the time while Maggie was away crying and trying to hide it. She startled slightly at the sight of Maggie, but quickly hid her reaction, gritting her teeth as she came back downstairs.

A blonde woman with wavy hair came through the doorway leading to the kitchen. “Thank you, James,” she said, smiling at him as she gestured toward the table that had been set while they were out.

“Of course,” he smiled, carefully setting down the hot boxes. “Can I help get drinks?”

“No, no, you’ve done enough. Alex, can you grab the pitcher of iced tea and the water from the kitchen?”

Alex nodded and made her way into the kitchen, while Kara joined James at the table. “Is this a new friend, Kara?” the woman asked.

“Oh, sorry! She’s Alex’s friend.”

Alex, hands full of drinks, stumbled slightly but quickly recovered. “Mom, this is Maggie Sawyer. She’s new to Midvale. Maggie, this is my mom.”

“Mrs. Danvers, it’s so nice to meet you. Thank you for having me over.”

“Oh, please, Eliza is fine,” she said, waving her hand.

Maggie grimaced at the name, but quickly covered it with a forced smiled. “Well, thank you, really. Alex has been helping me to catch up in bio. She’s really quite brilliant.”

Alex blushed and ducked her head. “Not like she actually needs the help,” she mumbled. “She’s going to ace the test anyway.”

Eliza looked between the two girls, both of whom were blushing a faint pink and avoiding eye contact as they complimented one another. Biting back a grin at the idea that Alex might finally be moving on from that Vicky girl, she grabbed a slice of pizza and motioned to the basement door. “I have to finish writing up a few reports, so I’ll be down in the lab. Maggie and James, you’re welcome to stay as late as your parents will allow. Kara and Alex, be good hosts. Clean up after dinner and don’t forget to offer your guests dessert.”

Alex nodded her understanding and grabbed a seat as far away from Maggie as possible at the dinner table, reaching out for a single slice of pizza that she set on her plate but only picked at.

Not knowing what she had interrupted, Kara asked: “Why did you have to run, Maggie? You know you were always invited to stay for dinner.”

James cut in, seeing the way Maggie was shaking ever so slightly. “Oh, she had gotten a text asking her to come home, but once she explained that it was for school, her mom told her to stay.” Kara looked appeased, though Maggie cringed, knowing that Alex would hear it as the lie it was; she already knew that Maggie lived with her aunt, not her mom, and would be able to tell that Maggie had bolted for other reasons.

“I was just nervous,” she mumbled, hoping that Alex would understand the meaning there, while Kara would accept it as her just wanting to get home if her “mom” needed her.

Alex glanced up when Maggie spoke, still reeling over the girl’s abrupt departure and what it meant. Once Maggie left and she finished fending off the most pressing of Kara’s questions, she shut her door, locking it behind her. Trying not to cry, she had called Winn, asking him just to talk to her for a little while, keep her distracted. He had, of course, asked what happened with Maggie. Because he knew, always knew, when Alex wasn’t alright. When she finally broke down sobbing, she managed to get out, “I think maybe you were right. About stuff. About me. This morning. But it doesn’t even matter because she ran off, and I looked stupid. And I hate all of this, Winn, I fucking hate it.” He had tried to comfort her, offering to come over with ice cream and old Star Trek DVDs. She thanked him, but figured that tonight she just sort of wanted to be alone. Wanting to hear the crying end, at least, he regaled her with stories of his worst dates and attempts at flirting—most recently with a very cute boy from the prep school down the road who had kissed him then insisted that he was straight and they were just “bros doing favors for other bros.” That earned a watery chuckle from Alex, which eased Winn’s worries quite a bit. They hung up only when James got back with pizza. Had Alex known that Maggie would be with him, she might not have come down at all, but now it was too late. Now she was stuck at a table with a woman who confused her, who insisted on upending her assumptions about who she was and what she wanted, who left her confused and upset without a real goodbye.

“Alex, come on, you’ve gotta eat! Otherwise you’re gonna be exhausted surfing tomorrow morning,” Kara chastised her big sister.

“I’m going, I’m going,” Alex muttered, shoving her slice of pizza into her mouth.

“Do you surf every morning?” Maggie asked, wanting to somehow break the awkwardness that had developed between them.

“No,” Alex replied curtly.

“Oh, okay. So, uh, just weekends?”

Alex shrugged.

A rather confused looking Kara interjected, “If the weather’s nice, she’s out there every weekend, plus once or twice during the week if she isn’t up til all hours of the morning getting ahead on homework and correcting her teachers.”

Maggie laughed. It was everything she had come to expect from the other girl, even in the short time she had known her. Alex, however, just glared at Maggie, trying to figure out why she had just waltzed back in like nothing weird had happened.

James managed to keep conversation moving at the table, engaging Kara enough for her not to notice that Alex was deadly silent, while Maggie was only chiming in with pleasantries. Once they had finished eating, Kara asked if they all wanted to play a board game with dessert, but Alex cut in: “No, Maggie was saying earlier that she really needed to get home, so I think we’ll pass tonight.”

Maggie winced at the unsubtle directive to leave. “Uh, yeah, should make sure everything’s alright at home.”

“Aww, okay, maybe next time?”

“Maybe,” Maggie muttered, smiling at Kara but unwilling to chance a look back at Alex. “Thanks for your help, Alex. I, uh, I appreciate it.”

“Yeah, well, you’re gonna be fine on the test. Didn’t really need my help,” she replied coolly.

Maggie sucked her lower lip between her teeth and nodded, shuffling toward the door as she called out her goodbyes. Once she got outside, she gulped in deep breaths of fresh air, finally free of the stifling atmosphere of the dinner table. She called her aunt, only to be told that she had been called into work and wouldn’t be around to give Maggie a ride home until later. “Could your friend drive you back to our place? Or if she can give you a ride to the hospital, they think the rush will only last another couple of hours.”

“Uh, yeah, sure,” Maggie lied, gritting her teeth as she thought about the long walk home in the dark. Just as she was preparing to leave, the door opened up.

“Hey,” Alex said quietly.


“I, uh, I wanted to make sure you were alright getting home.”

“Uhm, yeah, just leaving now.”

“Is your aunt coming for you?”

“No, I’ll walk. It’s not so bad, just a couple of miles.”

“Maggie!” Alex exclaimed. “No, that’s ridiculous. I can, I can drive you.”

“It’s fine. I don’t want to be a burden.”

“Just shut up and accept the offer, okay, Sawyer?”

Maggie’s heart fluttered at the new nickname, but she didn’t dare comment on it. “Okay. Thanks.”

Alex yelled in to Kara that she was driving Maggie home and would be back soon, shutting the door and pretending that she hadn’t heard Kara’s request to pick up some ice cream on the way back. She was really going to go broke one of these days with the amount of food she got roped into “picking up” for the little alien.

The first few minutes of the ride were spent in complete silence. Finally Alex broke it, asking, “Why did you run out like that?”

Figuring in this case honesty really was probably the best policy, Maggie admitted, “I got scared. I panicked.”


“Why? Really, Alex? Because, because I’m stupid that’s why.”

“We’ve established through tutoring that you’re not stupid.”

“Oh my god, don’t be so literal. I’m stupid for falling for you! I’m stupid for thinking that I had a chance with the first girl in this stupid fucking town that so much as talked to me. And it wasn’t like you even talked to me because you chose to; you talked to me because the bio teacher told you to. And you’re friendly because you’re a decent person. And you’re willing to get close to me because I didn’t do something stupid like make a move on you. And now I’m losing my only friend here because I couldn’t help noticing how pretty and great you are.”

By the time Maggie finished, she realized the car was pulled over and in park, though they were only halfway to her house. Biting back bitter tears, she swallowed heavily. “I thought so. I’ll go.”

Before she could get her door open, though, Alex had a hand on her wrist. “You were right; you are dumb.”

“Fuck off,” Maggie muttered. It was enough to be turned down and left to walk home; she really didn’t need to hear about everything else that was wrong with her and why she had misread the situation.

“You’re dumb because you can’t see that I feel the same way,” Alex explained. Before Maggie could ask questions and try to construe that somewhat straightforward statement in any number of ways that would make it mean that Alex didn’t like her as anything more than a friend, she unbuckled her seatbelt and surged forward, kissing Maggie.

Pulling back after just a second, she asked, “Does that explain anything?”

Wordlessly, Maggie pulled Alex back toward her, kissing her in earnest this time. Alex swore she saw stars; everything that had felt wrong about kissing Rick was suddenly right with Maggie.

Eventually they pulled away, both of them grinning this time. Alex put back on her seatbelt and began the drive back to Maggie’s place. “That was, um, nice for me. Did you like it?” she asked, suddenly nervous that maybe Maggie had more experience and better experience.

“It was perfect, Danvers,” Maggie said with a smile. “But, I think I did it all wrong.”

“You asking to practice?” Alex laughed.

Chuckling, Maggie shook her head. “No, no, well, I mean, yeah totally! But what I meant was, I should have taken you out on a date first. If you want to. I mean, maybe this was just a kiss for you, and that’s fine too.”

Cutting off Maggie’s rambling, Alex chimed in, “I’d like to go on a date with you. If you’re still asking and not just rambling.”

“Shut up,” Maggie whined. “But alright, yeah. Next weekend?”

“We’ll celebrate your A and your transfer into AP bio.”

“Don’t jinx it!”

“Please, you’ve got the world’s best tutor—no chance of you not getting an A.”

“Yeah, well, now I might be a little distracted around my tutor.”

“Hmm, but you’ll be up against my self-control. You haven’t seen me before finals.”

Maggie chuckled. “Alright, alright. We’ll see how long you last against my dimples.”

“Looking forward to the challenge.”

Chapter Text

A few weeks after the drag show, Alex blurted out, “Would you do that again?”

“Do what?” Maggie laughed, knowing Alex would work her way up to whatever it was she wanted to ask.

Blushing, Alex realized that her question really only made sense if Maggie knew everything that was going on in her head up until that point. “Uh, right. Well, you know how you dressed in drag a few weeks ago?”

“Mhm,” Maggie nodded. “Do you want me to put the outfit back on?”

“Not, um, not the full outfit necessarily.”

“So which part of it do you want?”

“The part we had fun with,” Alex mumbled, her cheeks tinged with pink.

“See, I think we had fun with all of it.”

“Maggie,” Alex whined.

“I think it would be hot if you said it, Alex.”

Taking a deep breath and looking slightly above Maggie’s head, Alex rushed out, “I want you to go out packing again.”

Maggie bit her lip, feeling her body tingle in anticipation. “Yeah? I’d do that for you. Is there any place in particular you want this to happen?”

Alex nodded, but didn’t say anything.

“Is there a particular scenario you’re hoping to act out?”

Again, Alex nodded.

“Babe, you’ve got to work with me a little bit. What about this? You tell me your fantasy, then I’ll give you one of my own. And trust me, I’ll make it kinky.”

“Okay,” Alex finally gave in, recognizing just how lucky she was to have a girlfriend like Maggie. “Well, um, I just, I’ve been thinking about how I used to be, you know, back in grad school. And I wondered how different things might have been if I would have been out or had more confidence or any number of things.”

“Alex,” Maggie chimed in, her voice soft, “please don’t beat yourself up over the past. Look at you: you’re incredible and successful. We’ve all done things in the past that we aren’t particularly proud of, but it doesn’t define us.”

“No, I know! It’s not that. I just, well, I was thinking about how back in grad school, I used to go out and have this awful anonymous sex, but there was also something a little bit liberating about going out with a guy—maybe it was a date, more likely it was just meeting drunkenly in a bar or a club—fucking, and then leaving without it needing to turn into something. Don’t get me wrong, I’d take what you and I have over that shit any day, but there’s something sort of…sexy about the idea of you and me meeting in some bar and being, you know, so attracted to each other that you just had to take me then and there, even though we knew we’d probably never see each other again. Does that make sense? Or is it stupid? It’s probably stupid.”

“Hey, no! No, please don’t go to that place where you think that just because I didn’t interrupt you I don’t agree with you. I’m happy to, really. I think it sounds hot, Danvers.”

“Really? You wouldn’t just be doing it for me?”

“No, I wouldn’t do something I didn’t want to do. And beyond just not not wanting to do it, I really do want to do this with you.”

“Okay!” Alex grinned. “So, um, should we plan details in advance, or is it a surprise?”

“Hmm, let’s move this to the bedroom and think there,” Maggie offered with a smirk, and Alex followed her happily.


The next weekend, Alex found herself alone in a bar in downtown National City—not the alien bar, no, nowhere their friends might see them. It’s more upscale than they would usually frequent; if they’re going to fuck in the bathroom, they reasoned, they needed somewhere it wouldn’t be disgusting and, preferably, where individual bathrooms were an option. But it’s also popular enough to be crowded and noisy—the perfect conditions for slipping away unnoticed and continuing on unheard.

Dressed in a nicer black dress with heels and her hair curled softly, Alex spent the first ten or so minutes sipping her glass of wine and fending off male suitors until finally Maggie arrived. In black pants, a white button up, suspenders, and black dress shoes with her hair down, she looked like perfection to Alex.

Maggie pulled out the seat one over, smiling softly and nodding at Alex before returning her attention to the specials menu and flagging down the bartender. She ordered a beer and lifted her glass to Alex in a polite toast before turning back to her own drink.

After a few minutes of silence during which Alex fought to stay in character, to keep her eyes off of Maggie’s pants and the bulge she could just make out, Maggie cleared her throat. “How’s your night been so far?”

“Eh, nothing special. Yours?”

“Just got out of work. Needed a little something to decompress. I’m Maggie, by the way.” She offered her hand to Alex, who took it gently.

“Alex. What do you do?”


“Ah, very fancy. Long night at the firm, or the courtroom, or…?” Alex trailed off, leaving the possibilities open.

“Courtroom today. Finally got back a not guilty verdict on a case I’ve been working for months now,” Maggie explained, a small smile playing about her lips.

“Congratulations,” Alex offered a toast of her own glass, her voice low. “Sounds like you deserve some kind of celebration. Join me for a drink?”

“Isn’t that what we’re doing now?” Maggie joked.

“Now see, I was offering you the seat next to me—something I’ve denied too many men in here already—but if you’d prefer to keep things as they are…”

“No, no. I know how to accept a flattering offer.” Maggie slipped into the seat next to Alex, angling her body toward the other woman as she let her gaze flit down to Alex’s lips before returning to meet her eyes. “So, what do you do?”

“I work in politics. Just in town for the weekend, then back to DC Monday morning.”

“So is tonight about business?” Maggie asked.

“Today was about business, and tomorrow will be about business, but no, tonight is about me.”

“And what does a night about Alex look like?” Maggie’s voice was low and husky, and it made Alex want to quit the act and just fuck already.

“I think tonight it might be about helping you to celebrate,” Alex flirted back.

“I appreciate the offer, but I don’t know that a round of drinks is all I want to celebrate. After all, a few months is a lot of pent up stress I’m looking to rid myself of tonight.”

“I think I know a few ways you could do that. If you’re up for the challenge, come find me in the back,” Alex purred, slipping off the stool and sauntering toward the back of the bar.

Maggie quickly paid for their drinks and hurried toward the back, not wanting to seem desperate, but also not wanting Alex to think their game was over. When she got to the back, though, she didn’t see Alex. While she was looking around, a hand slipped around her waist and gently gripped her hips. “You came.”

“Of course,” Maggie breathed out.

“Good,” Alex murmured, her breath hot on Maggie’s ear. “Tell me if I’m misreading the situation.”

Taking control, Maggie spun into Alex. “You’re not,” she husked, moving forward and capturing Alex’s lips in a heated kiss.

After a minute of breathless passion, Alex drew back. “Not out here. I work in politics,” she offered by way of an explanation. “Bathroom?”

Maggie took Alex’s hand and let herself be guided to the single-stall restroom. As soon as they got inside and Alex had locked the door, she had her arms around Alex’s waist, picking her up to deposit her on the marble counter by the sink. She had to hand it to Alex, the woman had done her research when it came to a nice bathroom to fuck in.

Alex leaned forward and kissed Maggie deeply, running her tongue across Maggie’s bottom lip and sucking softly at first, then harder. Wrapping her legs around Maggie’s waist, she drew the other woman in closer, carding her fingers through Maggie’s hair and tugging lightly, earning a low moan.

“Alex,” Maggie panted, letting her hands drift up Alex’s thighs, pushing up and under the hem of her dress.

Alex slid down from the counter, pushing Maggie up against the door as she trailed hot, bruising kisses down Maggie’s jaw and neck as her hands wandered. When she came to the bulge in Maggie’s pants, she couldn’t help the needy whimper that escaped her lips.

“Feel something you like?” Maggie asked.

“Fuck me,” Alex growled, undoing the button and zipper on Maggie’s pants. With a small nod from Maggie, she pulled out the toy and stroked up and down the length, watching as Maggie’s jaw dropped at the sight.

Not wanting to carry lube around with her, Maggie ripped open one of the lubricated condoms she had purchased specifically for the evening and rolled it down the dildo. “Bend over,” she ordered, grinning at the loud whine Alex let out as she bent down, gripping the counter and sticking her ass out.

Maggie pushed Alex’s dress up and over her hips, groaning at the sight of Alex bare and dripping for her. “You okay?” she asked, needing to be sure.

“Yes,” Alex breathed out. “Now please just fuck me already.”

Slowly, Maggie slid inside of Alex, gradually pumping in and out of the other woman until the full length was buried inside of her.

Alex moaned at the sensation, bucking her hips back into Maggie until the woman got the hint and sped up. The speed was good, but Alex wanted the desperation that one night stands so often brought. “Harder,” she growled.

Maggie gripped Alex’s hips hard and pulled back, then thrust hard back into Alex. “Like that?”

“Yes,” Alex panted. “Yes, yes, yes,” became her mantra as Maggie fucked her hard and fast. Maggie whimpered each time the base of the toy hit against her sensitive clit, but tried to keep her focus on Alex. She let one hand leave Alex’s hips as she moved up to roughly palm Alex’s breasts through her dress, groaning at the feeling of Alex’s hard nipples pushing against the fabric.

When Maggie wrapped her other hand around Alex’s waist and snaked her fingers down to rub fast circles against Alex’s clit, Alex tossed her head back in pleasure, catching sight of the two of them in the mirror. “Fuck,” she exhaled.

Maggie looked up from her view of Alex’s ass to see where Alex was looking. She smirked at the sight of them in the mirror, feeling a gush of wetness soaking the harness as she got lost in the image in front of her. She could see Alex’s cheeks and chest flush with pink, the woman’s breasts bouncing obscenely with every thrust.

Meanwhile, Alex was lost in the sight of Maggie, still fully dressed in her black pants, her crisp white shirt with the suspenders styled just so. She looked powerful, commanding, and every thrust just made Alex wetter. She was pulled out of her thoughts by the sound of Maggie’s whispered command: “Come for me.” And then Alex’s muscles were clenching around the dick, her grip tightening on the counter, her back arching into Maggie’s grip, and she was tumbling over the edge, biting into her own arm to keep from crying out. Maggie held her up until her body stopped shaking, keeping Alex’s ass flush against her hips as she fought to keep herself in the moment, focused on Alex, not on the heat coiling low in her abdomen or the delicious pressure of the toy against her pussy as Alex’s hips rocked through the aftershocks of her orgasm.

When Alex finally slumped forward, Maggie carefully pulled out and threw out the condom. She tucked everything back into her pants and carefully fixed her shirts and did up her zipper and button, looking almost as presentable as she did before coming in the bathroom.

Alex drew herself up and pulled her dress back down around her hips. With a few runs of her fingers through her hair, and a quick touch up with her lipstick, she figured she looked as put together as she could hope for, having just been thoroughly fucked. Clearing her throat, she asked, “Did that help relieve any of that pent up stress?”

“Mm, yes, it was a nice celebration. And you? Was that adequate entertainment for the evening?”

“I’ll remember National City fondly,” Alex purred, her lips curling into a playful smirk. Strolling out of the bathroom, she tossed a kiss and a wink over her shoulder at Maggie, who was grinning and shaking her head at Alex, wondering how she ever got this lucky.

Chapter Text

Since coming out, Alex had fancied herself an ass woman. After all, even as a “straight” woman, she had definitely caught herself staring at (and appreciating) Maggie Sawyer’s ass as she walked out of the DEO and to her date with another woman, a date that caused a pang of something she refused to call jealousy to shoot though her. And it didn’t help that Maggie seemed to have an endless supply of skinny jeans and leggings that fit her perfectly, giving Alex a clear view of the curve of her ass.

Once they started dating, once Alex was allowed to drop her hands low while they were making out, she couldn’t help but feel like her closeted self had still known what was up, had still been able to recognize something phenomenal in front of her.

But after the first night when they took their shirts, then bras off, leaving themselves both bare-chested and staring at each other in wonder, something started to shift. Because Alex had never really taken notice of boobs before. She had her own, but she didn’t think about them as some great asset; they were just the things on her chest that sometimes made men’s gaze fall a little too low to be professional. Maggie Sawyer’s boobs, on the other hand, well, they were a different story. Because, god, was Maggie responsive when Alex touched them—tentatively at first, but growing increasingly bold with every whimper and moan. And when she tried to duplicate the attention Maggie had paid to her own chest, kissing around the whole area, then focusing her attention on and around Maggie’s nipples, she could have died happy. Because Maggie—the same Maggie who had been so in control every night that she told Alex they should take things slowly, that she would leave, go back to her place, leave Alex desperate and whining and wet—that Maggie suddenly had her hands buried in Alex’s hair, dragging her closer, as she let loose a series of low moans, gasping out obscenities with every flick of Alex’s tongue against her hard nipples.

Since then, since then Alex had definitely noticed Maggie’s boobs. She noticed and appreciated them, even on the days when Maggie wasn’t quite dressed to have them appear. Like when her whole upper body was taken over by that oversized police windbreaker, which Alex blamed in large part for her delayed realization about the wonder of boobs.

When they were down at the alien bar and Maggie left her leather jacket in the group’s booth while she and Alex played pool, Alex noticed. Instead of standing behind Maggie to watch her bend over, she stood on the other side of the table, watching as Maggie’s v-neck dropped lower, giving her an amazing view down the other woman’s shirt. As soon as Maggie noticed that Alex’s jaw was on the floor, she made it a point to toss her hair over her shoulder with each turn, to casually lean forward while Alex was trying to line up her own shots. It meant Alex lost every single game of pool they played, but she didn’t even care, barely even noticed. She didn’t notice much of anything outside of Maggie until Brian’s cousin came up to their table and asked if Maggie might want a drink, clearly directing his question at her boobs if the direction of his ogling gaze was any indication. And then Alex was with it enough to shove him away from the table and tell him to “fuck off.” Alex got to ogle because Alex respected the hell out of Maggie (and also because she had asked first, had asked if it made Maggie uncomfortable when she told her how amazing she looked).

Of course, Maggie was slightly less okay with it when Alex suddenly realized that other women also had chests. She didn’t think Alex was doing it on purpose, but she had the sudden urge to remind Alex where women’s eyes were when they were out together. Because the witness who was very interested in talking to Alex, and only to Alex, had shrugged off her cardigan to give her statement, leaving her in a low-cut shirt that had drawn Alex’s attention immediately. Sure, she remained a consummate professional, as always, but Maggie noticed the way the witness licked her lips and grinned each time Alex’s gaze fell. And then when they were out for happy hour with the whole gang and Lena walked in wearing a work dress with low v-neck that showcased absolutely everything, she watched as Alex’s gaze dropped along with her jaw. And when she looked across the table, looking for someone else to appreciate the frustration of seeing their girlfriend stare at someone else, she found Kara’s gaze trained firmly on Lena’s chest as well. In fact, she watched Kara flick her eyes back up to Lena’s face only when attention was being paid directly to her. The rest of the time she spent with her eyes down just a little too low, her lower lip pulled in between her teeth. Apparently it was a Danvers women thing, Maggie thought. Great, just great.

During yoga later that week, Maggie was glad to see that Alex’s gaze had returned to her chest and only her chest after their little post-drinks conversation. It wasn’t that Maggie was jealous per se, but if Alex was going to blatantly ogle someone in public, she’d rather it was her. A very embarrassed Alex quickly agreed, apologizing profusely. She had never noticed these sorts of things, and that comment about feeling like a teenage again? Apparently sometimes she was also going to feel like a stereotypical teenage boy.

Which meant that during yoga, Alex could barely help herself from watching Maggie bend over and stretch, each new pose giving her new and better views of her girlfriend. But when they got into pairs to work together on some advanced poses and Maggie paused to stretch out in upward-facing dog, a bead of sweat running down from her neck, over her collarbones, and down the valley between her boobs, Alex suspected she had stared. She knew she had even licked her lips. She did not, however, realize she had begun talking until it was out, until she had husked, “God, I want my mouth on you,” and watched Maggie—cool, unflappable Maggie—blush a delicious shade of red as she hissed out: “Not here!”

Alex was terrible throughout the rest of yoga, barely holding poses for the required number of breaths and consistently missing directions. When it came time to gently hold their partners, Alex let her hands wander, turning those guiding touches into hot caresses that left Maggie flushed from more than just the exertion of exercise.

Maggie wanted to be mad at Alex—really, she did. But she also remembered what it was like when she first noticed other women’s bodies. And sure, she might have been more discreet than Alex, who was practically drooling across from her, but she suspected that she might not have been with a girlfriend. So she leaned over to Alex and whispered, “If you can put your eyes back where they belong and behave properly through the rest of this class and our grocery shopping, I’ll let you touch them as much as you want when we get home.”

And apparently such an offer was all the incentive Alex needed.

Chapter Text

At first Lena had teased Kara about her near encyclopedic knowledge of old school rap lyrics. It had started one night at the bar, when Kara broke out into a perfect rendition of Naughty by Nature’s O.P.P., though Lena had assumed it was a fluke—one song she knew perfectly as a kind of party trick. But then she came home and found her belting out “It Wasn’t Me,” which quickly led into a barrage of Ludacris and Eminem. Distracted as she was, it took Kara almost five full songs to notice that Lena had gotten back to the apartment.

Blushing, Kara ripped off the DEO-issued special headphones that allowed her to actually block out the rest of the world (and, sometimes, replace it with music). “Uhm, how much did you hear?” she squeaked.

“Oh, enough,” Lena grinned. “So tell me, Ms. Danvers, what is your fantasy?”

“What?” Kara asked, her voice high pitched.

“Were you not just rapping Ludacris? I believe I heard you suggesting the library before you pulled off your headphones.” A broad grin had spread across Lena’s face at this point.

Kara stammered. Sure, she and Lena had been dating for a little while now, and they had absolutely gotten to know each other’s bodies intimately, but they were still new. They hadn’t gotten into the land of role play and fantasy—certainly not in the explicit terms that had flowed freely from Kara’s mouth during her sing-along.

“We don’t have to talk about it,” Lena reassured Kara. “Just know that I’m a very open person, if you catch my meaning. I’m not here to judge you. Worst case scenario? I say no, or we try it and I don’t like it. Best case scenario? I make your dreams come true. I’d say it’s worth the risk, but I suppose it’s your choice…”

Kara debated; on the one hand, dreams maybe coming true, but on the other hand, maybe she would be laughed at forever. Not that she thought Lena would actually laugh at her, but still, she had been on this planet long enough to absorb some of the shame around anything outside of perfectly normative sexual habits.

“Okay, what if we work up to it? We can both share. Does that sound okay?”

Kara nodded, but waited for Lena to begin.

“Alright, well, I like to be on top, I mean, dominating, not just physically on top.”

Kara grinned and bit her lip because she knew that, she had witnessed the change that would come over Lena in the bedroom when she took a bit more control of the situation. “I like it when you do that too. Also, um,” Kara hesitated, blushing a brilliant shade of red. Lena came over to sit next to her, pulling Kara’s hands into her own lap and stroking her finger across them. Taking a deep breath, Kara blurted out: “I’d maybe like you to spank me.”

Lena felt a rush of heat run through her. Trying to keep her tone neutral, she nodded. “I would be fine with that, more than happy to help.”


“Yes, really. Do you think you’d want to be on my lap, on the bed, across my desk…?”

Looking slightly overwhelmed, Kara backed off: “Um, maybe your lap to start? I don’t know. Can we come back to that question later?”

“Of course,” Lena reassured her, placing a gentle kiss to Kara’s cheek.

“Your turn,” Kara reminded her.

“Right. Um, I like desperation play.”

“What’s that?”

“Well, it can be a lot of things, but I’d like to fuck you until you’re so close to coming, but then make you wait. And maybe we repeat it a few times, so that you’re dripping and begging me to let you come. And then I’d decide if you were good enough to deserve an orgasm.”

Kara was silent, and Lena immediately began to panic, worrying that she had crossed a line. “I mean, we don’t have to do it! Obviously I enjoy sex the way we’re having it. It’s just a thing, you know, a thing I’ve done. In the past. Don’t have to do it again.”

Kara silenced Lena with a kiss. “I don’t have words, that’s all. I don’t have words, but I’d let you feel how wet the thought of you doing that to me made me. If you want.”

Surging forward, Lena captured Kara’s lips in a passionate kiss, letting Kara guide her hand beneath her pants to where she was soaked and waiting for Lena.

Lena pulled back. “Your turn. Tell me a fantasy. Let me make it come true for you. Please.”

Figuring that Lena had shared her own stuff, Kara forced the words out: “I want to touch myself. For you. With you. I want you to tell me what to do. And maybe, I don’t know, maybe you can tell me when to come too, since it sounds like something you’d like.”

Chest heaving with want, Lena nodded. “Should we play now?” She wanted it, wanted it so much. But she wasn’t going to push Kara into something she had only just now voiced.

“Would you?” Kara asked, trying to disguise the hopefulness in her voice, push it down into a neutral tone, as though she were asking an everyday question, like whether Lena might like to get dinner or if she would put on the laundry.

“Say ‘red’ if you want to stop, okay?” Kara nodded eagerly. “Then go to the bedroom. I’ll be there in five minutes, and I want to find you naked and dripping. But you can’t touch yourself. Just think about everything I’ll do for you. If you’re not wet enough for my liking, I’ll make you wait.”

Kara whimpered and nodded, scurrying off to the bedroom, where she promptly threw off her clothes and jumped onto the bed, sprawling out, before deciding to look slightly more appealing for Lena. She propped herself up on some of the pillows and clenched her hands against her stomach to fight the temptation to touch herself. She was fairly certain that the knowledge that Lena was coming to tell her what to do was enough to make her drip, but she suspected Lena wanted more. So she let her mind wander, thinking back to last weekend when they had cancelled brunch with the Superfriends because they simply could not drag themselves out of bed long enough to get dressed. Then she thought about what Lena had said, the desires she had expressed. The idea of Lena being that demanding, that in control, had her hips bucking involuntarily as small whimpers made their way out of her mouth.

When Lena came in, she found Kara, eyes squeezed tightly shut and hands gripping the comforter as her hips thrust into the air, desperate for relief. “Are you ready for me?” she purred.

Kara’s eyes flew open, and she could swear she felt her pupils dilate even further at the sight of Lena in her black stilettos and black dress pants with only a black lace bra on top. Theoretically, she understood that Lena had been wearing that outfit, that she had simply taken off her blazer and blouse. But the look was entirely new. And the way Lena was looking at her, drinking her in as she pulled blood red lips between her teeth—it was downright predatory.

“Yes,” Kara whimpered.

“Oh, I don’t think you get to answer that question. I think only I’ll be able to tell if you’re really ready for me.”

Kara felt her abs clench, and the sight of Lena strutting toward her nearly had her coming without a single touch.

When Lena got to the bed, she spread Kara’s legs and carefully drew one finger up the length of Kara’s pussy, smirking at just how wet Kara had already gotten for her. “Good girl,” she purred. Kara’s whole body shivered at the compliment. She waited for further instruction, not daring to move or even speak. Of course, she knew she could opt out if she ever wanted to, but she didn’t. God, she didn’t.

“Play with your nipples for me,” Lena instructed, standing back up and leaning against Kara’s dresser, giving herself a perfect view of the bed.

Kara quickly obeyed, rolling the already hard nipples between her fingers and tugging them hard enough to edge along the line between pleasurable and painful.

“You can make noise,” Lena explained, grinning when Kara sighed in relief. “Now use one of your hands to touch your abs, your thighs. I want you to be everywhere but where you want to be.”

Kara dropped one of her hands down her stomach, daring to let her fingers just barely graze across the top of her short curls before moving to the side and caressing the insides of her thighs. She could feel the sticky residue where her arousal had spilled out of her.

“Tell me how much you want it,” Lena demanded.

“So much. Please, Lena.”

“I don’t quite believe you.”

“Please,” Kara whimpered. “I’m so wet. I need to come. I need you to let me come.”

“Good,” Lena purred. “Now take one finger and run it through your folds.”

Kara obeyed, groaning at finally being allowed to touch herself. Her whole body shook as she circled her clit.

“Uh uh, not yet. I want you to make sure your finger is nice and wet, then I want you to taste yourself.” Switching out of the low, powerful voice she had been using, she added, “Remember, you can always say no if you don’t want to do something or don’t want to play the game at all, okay?”

Kara nodded, but she still wanted to play. Once she thought her finger was sufficiently coated in her own arousal, she drew it back up, flicking her tongue out to lap up the excess before taking it between her lips and sucking it clean. She moaned loudly, thinking about all the times Lena had done that, the way she would lick every drop of Kara off of her own fingers after she had finished fucking her.

Biting back a moan, knowing that would ruin the illusion of perfect control she fought to maintain, Lena turned her attention back to Kara. “Now I want you to fuck yourself. Just one finger for now. If you beg enough, maybe you can add a second one.”

Kara quickly obliged, dropping her finger back down between her legs and sliding it inside herself, groaning at the fullness that wasn’t enough, wasn’t even close to enough with how wet she was. But she would play along. Because it was something, and she could recognize it as a gift she was being given. So she fucked herself, slowly at first, but building to a steady rhythm. “Please, Lena,” she whispered, “please let me add another.”

“Hmm, I’m not convinced yet.”

“Please, I’m so wet. I’m not as good with my hands as you are. You do things to me that no one else can. Please, please just let me fuck myself a little more,” she begged.

Smirking, Lena nodded. “Only because you asked so politely.”

Kara groaned loudly in relief at the feeling of a second finger working inside her. With both of them fucking her hard and fast as she kept up a punishing pace, she could feel herself rapidly approaching the edge. She tried to keep her palm off of her clit, knowing that she was maybe supposed to ask first, knowing that the thought of having to ask just pushed her even closer to coming.

“Lena,” Kara panted out, “Lena, can I, can I come?”

“You’re so good to ask me, baby girl. So good. Can you wait a little longer for me?”

Kara nodded. She wasn’t sure she could wait, but she would do it for Lena.

After another minute, Lena decided that Kara would be allowed to come, but she wanted to challenge her a little first. “I need you to fuck yourself a little faster. Let your palm hit your clit with every thrust. Can you do that for me?”

Whimpering, Kara nodded, picking up her speed and dropping her palm back down. She could feel heat coiling low in her abdomen and her muscles tensing, stringing her taut as she fought back her orgasm. “I can’t last much longer,” Kara gasped, wanting so badly to last for Lena, to prove that she could be good.

Lena stalked over to the bed, getting on her knees in front of Kara, then dropping her hands down so they were around Kara’s shoulders. “Can you look at me?” she purred, coaxing Kara to open her eyes, which she had squeezed shut as she tried to keep control over her body.

As she forced them open, Lena watched Kara’s abs contract, tensing as her hand moved at an astonishingly fast pace. “You’re so good, Kara,” she praised, earning a loud cry as Kara bit her lip, clearly forcing herself to stay in control. “Now come for me, baby.”

Kara didn’t need to be told twice, and with a final thrust, she was falling over the edge as her vision flashed a bright white.

As she calmed her heart rate, she was vaguely aware of the feeling of a wet heat between her legs, but it was only opening her eyes that allowed her to see that it was Lena’s tongue lapping up the arousal that had gushed out of her when she was finally allowed to come.

“How are you?” Lena asked, her voice still low and seductive as she looked up at Kara from between her legs.

“Amazing. Shaky. But good-shaky. So good.”

“I’m glad. You were so good for me today. I bet next time we can make you wait a little longer. Would you like that?”

It sounded like the most exquisite kind of torture. “Please.”

Chapter Text

They had been dating for over two months at this point, and Alex couldn’t have been happier with the way things were going. Sawyer made her feel cared for and loved, even if they still hadn’t said “I love you” yet. They both felt it, but neither wanted to jump into anything too quickly. Despite their busy schedules, after the formality of their first few dates, they soon learned that if they wanted to see each other with any regularity, they would need to find time whenever they could. That meant that early morning coffees, midday lunch breaks at Noonan’s, late night excursions to make out in each other’s living rooms—they were all valid dates.

Around the time of their one month anniversary—they both noted the date, though neither was cheesy enough to try to celebrate it—Sawyer found themselves at Alex’s late one Friday night, propped against the wall by Alex’s door with Alex’s lips attached to their neck. It was supposed to be a goodbye, but it had quickly morphed into a full-blown make out session. It wasn’t an uncommon occurrence, if they were being honest, but something that night felt different. It might have been that the clock had long ago struck 2am and was creeping up to 3am at an alarming pace. It might have been the rather lengthy sex scene in the movie they had watched had left Sawyer feeling rather handsy and Alex flushing a deep red. Or perhaps it was their unacknowledged anniversary driving them together. But no matter the reason, Sawyer found their will to leave draining out of them with ever nip of Alex’s teeth against their throat, the pull of her hands against their ass.

“Spend the night?” Alex husked. “We don’t have to do anything more, but I worry about you out on your bike this late.”

“Alright,” Sawyer nodded.


“Year, really,” they laughed.

Grinning, Alex tugged them back toward her bed. “I have some pajamas you can borrow. Oversized t-shirts and boxer shorts for days,” she joked.

Suddenly Sawyer was acutely aware of what sleeping over would entail. Realistically, they had already been in their binder a little too long to be healthy. On nights when they knew they’d be out with Alex, they often switched into a tight sports bra instead, but tonight they had been running late and just threw on the clothes that were in their locker at the precinct.

Seeing the way Sawyer had frozen across the room, Alex moved slowly toward them. “Hey, are you okay? If you don’t want to stay over, that’s okay too. I don’t, I wouldn’t want to pressure you.”

“No, no, you’re fine. You’re perfect,” Sawyer reassured her. “I just, I, um, well, as I’m sure you’ve maybe figured out, I, uh, I bind my chest.” Alex nodded, indicating that she was following but wouldn’t interrupt until they were done. “Um, I can’t, it’s bad for you to sleep in it.”

“Oh, I mean, I won’t look if you need to change, but if you’re not comfortable with me seeing you without it yet, that’s okay too.”

Sawyer bit back a grin at Alex’s thoughtfulness; they shouldn’t have expected anything less from the woman they had come to care for so deeply, but somehow, after the bad experiences they’d had in the past, it still seemed shocking that someone could be so considerate without having to be instructed first. “Could I maybe just use your bathroom to change?”

“Yeah, of course. You know the way,” Alex smiled, handing over a big gray t-shirt and a pair of navy boxer shorts.

When Sawyer got back, Alex was already in bed in red flannel boxer shorts and a white t-shirt. She was, in a word, adorable.

“Now, I’ll have you know, I’m a cuddler,” they warned with a laugh.

“Excellent. Now get in and spoon me,” Alex teased back, getting under the covers and holding them up for Sawyer.

Of course, being the first time both of them had been that close with that much skin exposed, they spent a lot of time trying to breathe very quietly and pretending they were asleep until Alex finally broke the silence, whispering, “Are you actually sleeping?”

“Well, if I were, I wouldn’t be now,” Sawyer retorted.

“Either way, I now have a conversation partner.”

They quickly began chatting, talking about anything and everything. Sawyer brought up the binding again, explaining to Alex that they did eventually want to do more than the desperate making out that had come to consume most of their evenings, but they just needed a little more time. Alex was perfectly understanding, even if she had spent more nights than she would care to admit with her own hand moving frantically between her legs after Sawyer went back to their place.

“Can I ask you something?” Alex asked.

“I could be an asshole and point out that you just did.”

“Hmm, but you know I’d hit you with a pillow.”

“Fair enough. So go ahead.”

“I just, we spend some really late nights together. You know that, obviously. But, um, well, from medical school, I know that binding for long periods of time can put a lot of strain on your body.”

“Ah, yes, my M.D/PhD/agent/genius girlfriend,” Sawyer teased.

“Shut up,” Alex grumbled. “I don’t mean to ask you something that makes you uncomfortable. You don’t have to answer. But I just, I wanted to make sure that you know that, like, if you need to leave earlier, or if you need to take it off or something, I’m not, I don’t know, I’m not going to get mad or judge you or anything. I care about your health more than anything. So I guess it’s not really a question, but just, a voicing of my concerns. Which is probably stupid because I’m sure you’ve already thought of all of these things.”

“Hey, Alex?”

“Yeah?” Alex replied, her voice small and nervous.

“You’re okay. I don’t always bind. Sometimes I wear a sports bra instead. In fact, most of the time that’s what I’m wearing. Like, at work. I can’t really go chasing down a suspect with all I’ve got at a moment’s notice if I can’t quite catch my breath. And if I know we’re gonna have a long night in, I might just wear that.”

“Oh, okay. And you’re okay with that?”

“Yeah. I mean, everyone’s experience is different, but for me, it’s more of an aesthetic thing. I feel better, but more important to me is that I think I look better like that, like, when things are just flatter. But I don’t need them to be perfectly flat. If I’m going out in a suit or a tux or something, I’m definitely going to bind because it completes the look and makes me feel my best, but if I’m at the gym or just hanging out with my friends or my girlfriend, I’m okay with things being relatively flat.”

Alex nodded. “Have you, um, have you ever considered having surgery? Sorry, is that something I can ask?”

“We’re dating, and you’re being respectful, so yes, it’s something you can ask. If we had just met, no, definitely not the first question that should be coming out of your mouth.”

“Right, okay. I just don’t want to fuck up.”

“And that’s why talking is so important.”

“Yeah,” Alex nodded.

Sawyer pulled Alex closer and continued: “As far as surgery: I’ve thought about it, yeah. But I realized that it wasn’t for me. I mean, I have friends who are non-binary who have done it, and I have friends who are trans and haven’t. It’s a personal choice. But I just, I don’t always hate them. It depends on the day, on how I’m feeling, on how much I can disassociate a body part from a gendered identity. Because it shouldn’t have to be female just because our culture says it is, you know? And they can still feel good if I can know that it’s just part of my body, not an essential part of some bullshit binary system. Do you get that?”

“I think so, yeah. Or at least, I want to. I’m trying. I’ve been reading a lot.”

“Of course you have. Nerd,” Sawyer teased, placing a kiss to Alex’s forehead. Eventually they fell asleep like that, Alex curled into Sawyer’s side.

Thanks to conversations like that one, times when Alex had demonstrated again and again her respect for Sawyer, their body, and their boundaries, Sawyer felt perfectly comfortable when, over a month later, they found themselves in just a sports bra and boxer briefs straddling a lace lingerie-clad Alex.

“I need a break if we’re not going any further than making out,” Alex panted out, feeling heat pulsing between her legs as her hips bucked up involuntarily, seeking out Sawyer’s body.

“I don’t mind doing more,” Sawyer husked, their lips dropping to Alex’s chest, earning a loud moan from Alex.

“Are you sure? Don’t do it just for me,” Alex managed to get out, keeping her voice steady as she looked straight up into Sawyer’s eyes.

“I promise. I want you, Alex, a lot. And you promise you’re okay with it too?”

“I put on the only lingerie I own for you. Yeah, I’m sure. And we can always stop if we need to,” she added, feeling like it was more for Sawyer’s benefit than her own, given that she could have been ready for this many weeks ago.

“Right,” they nodded. “In that case, can this go?” they asked, motioning to Alex’s bra.

“Yes,” Alex hissed, lifting up and flinging the garment off.

“And if I had wanted to do the honors?” Sawyer laughed.

“Next time.”

They might have said something witty in response, but suddenly they found themselves very pleasantly distracted by the sight of Alex’s breasts so close to their face. Alex slowly guided their hands to her chest, holding one of her hands over theirs as she helped demonstrate how she liked to be touched. Sawyer moaned at the feeling of Alex’s nipples hardening under their touch.

Alex dropped her head down to the pillow as Sawyer gave careful attention to both of her breasts, first with their hands then with her mouth—tentative at first, but growing bolder as Alex laced her fingers into their short hair, pulling them closer and holding them tight against her.

Afterward, Sawyer wouldn’t be able to answer what drove them to be so bold, but with Alex’s nipple in their mouth, her abs warm and clenching under their hands, her hips bucking up into theirs, they blurted out: “Can I taste you?”

Before they could start apologizing, Alex drew them up to look at her directly while she spoke: “Fuck, yes.”

With a desperate whine, Sawyer nodded and dropped to their knees between Alex’s legs, moving only to pull off the final layer of lace, whimpering again at the sight of the soaked fabric. It didn’t really feel like the moment for teasing, so they got right to it, licking a slow path up Alex’s pussy, gathering more and more of her arousal on their tongue with each stroke up.

“You’re so good,” Alex whimpered, adding a touch of intimacy to the moment as she threaded her fingers through Sawyer’s, holding their hands tight against her stomach. She whimpered loudly upon catching sight of Sawyer looking up at her through thick lashes, their pupils blown wide with lust.

“I want you inside me,” Alex whispered, “if that’s okay with you.”

Nodding, Sawyer carefully slid one finger inside of Alex, pumping slowly in and out of her.

Biting her lip and feeling slightly embarrassed, Alex spoke up again. “Um, could you maybe add a second finger?”

“Oh, sure! Sorry!”

“No! Don’t apologize! Sorry, I just, yeah, sorry. Everything is really good. You’re really good. Am I taking too long?”

Pulling back, Sawyer grinned. “You’re fine. Trust me, I am enjoying every second of being down here, okay?”

“Yeah, alright,” Alex nodded, closing her eyes in pleasure when Sawyer resumed their ministrations, gently swirling their tongue around Alex’s clit, then adding in a second finger and picking up the speed slightly. They experimentally curved their fingers up, dragging them down Alex’s front wall, which earned them a low groan and a gush of wetness.

Sawyer kept up their pace, as Alex’s hips thrust ever more erratically against their fingers and mouth. When they sucked Alex’s clit between their lips, Alex panted out, “Don’t stop! Please, please don’t stop,” which petered out into a breathy mantra of “please.”

Feeling heat coiling low in her abdomen, Alex struggled to keep her breath as her back arched off the bed and her muscles tensed. As Sawyer hooked their fingers forward and circled her clit with their tongue, Alex finally crumpled back to the bed, her body trembling as waves of pleasure crashed across her.

With shaky hands, Alex finally drew Sawyer back up her body. “You. Are. Amazing,” she grinned, kissing Sawyer between every word. “So good. So, so good.”

Sawyer grinned and allowed Alex to draw them down into a sloppy kiss. “Can I do anything for you?” Alex asked.

“Um,” they hesitated.

“We don’t have to! I just, you made me feel amazing, and if there’s anything I can do, I want to, ya know?”

They nodded. “Can I just ride your thigh?” They hoped it didn’t seem weird.

“Of course, Alex nodded, slotting her right leg between Sawyer’s. “Let me know if you want me to touch you.”

“Anywhere but my chest is good. Not feeling that tonight.”

“Okay, thanks,” Alex smiled, glad to have the clear instructions. She wrapped her arms around Sawyer and drew them down into a deep kiss, pushing her thigh up and flexing, hoping to give Sawyer everything they needed.

Grinding against Alex’s thigh, Sawyer soon found themselves panting, their tongue slipping into Alex’s mouth as their kiss grew desperate.

Alex tried to keep herself under control. It wasn’t necessarily Sawyer’s intention to have their thigh pressed up against her pussy, to be dragging it against her with every thrust. It wasn’t their fault that Alex was so fucking turned on that even unintentional pressure had Alex hovering on the edge, holding her breath as she sought to regain some semblance of control over her body. But then one of Sawyer’s hands slid down to her chest, gently tugging at one of her nipples, as her thigh dragged deliciously through her wetness. And suddenly Alex was hurtling over the edge, her hips stuttering against Sawyer’s as a whimpered “fuck” slipped past her lips.

Of course, Sawyer didn’t mind in the slightest, finding the sight of Alex coming beneath them as hot as it had been the first time, and they told her as much, whispering filthy things against Alex’s skin that only drove her to push against Sawyer harder. When Alex dropped her hands down to their ass, pulling them closer, urging them on harder, faster, Sawyer felt like their whole body was electrified, each touch sending waves of pleasure pulsing through them. With a hard thrust, they finally came with a low groan, shuddering against Alex as their head dropped to her shoulder.

“You’re so fucking sexy,” Alex managed to get out, rolling over to face Sawyer.

“So are you,” Sawyer returned, grinning up at Alex.

“I just want to hear that noise you made over and over again.”

“Mm, I think that could be arranged.”



Chapter Text

Movie night in their household was always a bit of an event. Between a detective, the Director of the DEO’s desert base, and the second-in-command at the DEO’s city base, finding time alone was a challenge, though they tried to carve out one night a week for a date night with all three of them. This Friday, they had finally secured a night when none of them were on duty or even on call. So, after a delicious dinner that Maggie had prepared with Lucy’s help and Alex’s loving support from the sidelines, they happily settled in for a movie.

Alex brought out several boxes of candy for the film. Since she wasn’t particularly useful in the kitchen, she took it upon herself to at least buy the snacks for movie night, and she had to say, she was fairly certain she had outdone herself this time if her girlfriends’ expressions were anything to go by.

“Hot cocoa?” Alex offered.

“Yes please!” Lucy yelled from the bedroom where she was changing into pajamas.

“Me too! With almond milk!” Maggie chimed in.

“Yes, dear,” Alex replied, laughing that Maggie still reminded her. It was one time—one time!—that she had messed up and served Maggie a hot chocolate with skim milk, and the woman still wouldn’t let her forget.

While Alex prepared the cocoa, Maggie set up the movie and Lucy lit the fireplace, adjusting the logs until it was crackling perfectly, casting the room in a warm glow. Even though it wasn’t “Nebraska cold,” as Maggie continually reminded her California girls, National City had been going through a bit of a cold spell, and they had even gotten a few days of light snow. In honor of the weather, Maggie decided that they should watch Carol again. After all, there was snow in the movie. It didn’t matter that the movie seemed to make it into their rotation no matter what the season was—Maggie claimed it was one of the best lesbian movies of all times (and, having been out the longest, she would know); Alex insisted that the cinematography and score were gorgeous enough to justify watching it on near repeat; and Lucy, well, Lucy was pretty honest about her aesthetic appreciation of Cate Blanchett and those cheekbones.

Within a few minutes, a tray was set out in front of the sofa loaded with boxes of candy and three steaming mugs of hot chocolate. Alex sat down in the middle of the sofa, holding her arm out as Lucy snuggled into her side. Maggie hurried back carrying a stack of fleecy blankets. After flicking off the lights and grabbing the remote, she curled into Alex’s other side, draping two blankets over all of them.

“Ready?” Maggie asked. Receiving nods from both Lucy and Alex, Maggie hit play and settled in to watch the movie.

They sat in rapt attention through the first half of the movie, moving only to drink their cocoas and grab handfuls of candy. Around the time they got to the scene in Waterloo, though, Lucy began shifting restlessly, her hand lingering on Alex’s stomach and thighs. She let out a small whimper at the sight of the two characters moving together. Even though Maggie and Alex had come to expect this reaction from Lucy, it still made Alex bite her lip and force back a moan, while Maggie just rolled her eyes at her girlfriend’s antics.

Maggie, however, couldn’t help but get choked up during the custody hearings. Normally she could power through, but today, she felt the need to pause the movie for a minute. She’d had a rough week, dealing with a few domestic abuse calls and some bias-related crimes, and seeing a woman’s child being forcibly taken from her simply because she loved women broke her heart.

“I’m so glad we live now,” Maggie whispered. “I know it’s not perfect—I’m not blind—but I just, well, I like that I could find you. I like that we can have an apartment together and that, in most places in California, we only get glares because there are three of us, not because we’re all women.”

Normally Lucy would have teased Maggie a bit for her rare moment of sentimentality, but she sensed that there was more to today’s short speech than just the movie.

Alex leaned forward, wrapping her arm around Maggie and drawing her closer. “I’m just glad you were brave enough to come out in a place that wasn’t California, that you were strong enough to help me find my own way out of the closet, even if it took time.” She kissed Maggie’s cheek, then closer to her mouth, then finally let their lips meet. Turning back toward Lucy, she pulled her in closer as well. “And you, all those years in the military, I mean, you’re strong too. You were both so brave in situations that weren’t ideal, in situations that were more like Carol’s.”

“You were brave too, Al,” Lucy added, her voice soft as she carded her fingers through Alex’s short hair. “You’ve had to be strong enough for Kara your whole life. Coming out—that was just a new type of strength.”

Maggie nodded in agreement. “You’re brave, Alex, even when you don’t give yourself credit for it. Both of my girls are.” She leaned over and pressed a soft kiss to Lucy’s lips. She had intended to draw back and press play again, but when she went to move, Lucy’s fingers pulled her back in as she let out a soft whimper at the increased pressure.

Sensing what was happening, Alex combed Lucy’s hair over her shoulder and began kissing her way up and down Lucy’s neck, whispering loving comments against her skin. She let her free hand drift up and under Maggie’s shirt, curling around her back as she ran her fingers up and down the soft skin.

Making sure that Alex didn’t feel left out, Lucy pulled back from Maggie, moving the other woman’s hand to her bare thigh, as she reached out to Alex, moving the redhead up from her neck. “I love you, Alex. I love that you and Maggie let me in, let me in to your lives and your home.”

“It’s our home,” Alex interjected, not wanting Lucy to feel like she was an extra added in at some later time. “It’s not us and you. It’s all of us. Always.”

Ignoring the feeling of hot tears threatening to fall, Lucy leaned forward and met Alex in a kiss, running her tongue across Alex’s lip and moaning softly when she was granted entrance. Maggie could feel the exact moment when Lucy’s tongue slipped into Alex’s mouth by the feeling of Alex’s grip tightening around her side.

“I know we’re all very flexible, but perhaps we should move this to the bedroom,” Maggie suggested, grinning at the pouts being sent her way by both of her girlfriends.

“Fine,” Lucy conceded, offering a hand to Alex to help her off the couch, where she had gotten rather cozy in the blanket nest.

“I don’t get a hand up?” Maggie asked, her voice tinged with mock indignation.

Laughing softly, Alex bent over and scooped the woman up into her arms bridal style. “Better?”

“Much,” Maggie whispered, taking the opportunity to kiss and suck at Alex’s neck and collarbones as she was being carried to the bed.

After carefully setting Maggie down on top of their bed, Alex slowly pulled Maggie’s flannel pants off, checking in that she was okay with it, only to receive a very enthusiastic “yes.” As Alex ran her hands up and down the newly exposed skin, Lucy removed Maggie’s shirt, dropping her mouth down to the woman’s chest and taking a nipple into her mouth while her hands touched as much skin as they could find.

Alex kicked her pants off as she settled in between Maggie’s legs drawing her arms around Maggie’s hips as she kissed across Maggie’s boyshorts where a rather noticeable wet patch had developed.

Maggie whimpered at the sight of her two girlfriends tending so carefully to her needs. She tugged at Lucy’s shirt. “Off?” she whispered, and Lucy quickly complied, leaving only her boxer shorts on.

None of them talked about why tonight was about Maggie; they knew, had known since the first time they all watched Carol together and Maggie had broken down crying. It had been the first book she’d ever read where the lesbian gets a happy ending—not quite the storybook happy ending, but close enough. Her aunt had purchased it for her during the first week she spent with her, the first week she spent after her own parents had kicked her out of her home. But the hopeful ending didn’t erase all the pain that came first, all the pain that came from living in a society and among people who couldn’t recognize difference as anything other than intolerable.

So Maggie let herself be touched and held and loved by her girlfriends, knowing that she would return the favor, that there were nights when both of them needed something more, and she would be there for them. They would take care of Alex on nights when she felt like she had failed Kara, had failed to protect her bulletproof baby sister the way her mother expected her to, the way she expected herself to. They would hold Lucy close after her trips away, her time spent among old, white generals who couldn’t be convinced that the reversal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was a positive change. But tonight—tonight was about Maggie.

“Can these come off?” Alex whispered, her fingers laced under the waistband of Maggie’s boyshorts.

“Yeah,” Maggie nodded, her lips soon recaptured by Lucy’s as the woman’s fingers tangled in her hair.

Alex gently tugged the last barrier down and, shedding her shirt, settled back between Maggie’s legs. Slowly at first, she ran her tongue up and down the length of Maggie’s pussy, moaning softly at just how wet Maggie already was for them. After a few minutes, she felt Maggie’s hands in her hair, urging her closer, and Alex let her tongue dip into Maggie. “You taste so good,” she whispered.

Maggie whimpered at that, bucking her hips up and into Alex’s mouth. With a grin, Alex took Maggie’s clit gently between her lips, flicking across it with her tongue.

As Maggie began to whimper and writhe more insistently, Lucy dropped her lips down to Maggie’s chest, sucking at Maggie’s breasts, feeling her nipples harden under her tongue.

With a low, murmured, “Fuck,” Maggie came, quivering under her girlfriends’ tongues, her hands buried in the comforter as Alex licked her through it.

When it seemed like Maggie was done, Alex crawled back up to her, kissing her deeply to let Maggie taste herself on Alex’s lips. Having decided that it wasn’t fair that Alex got all the fun, Lucy maneuvered herself down toward Maggie’s lower half and gently licked between Maggie’s thighs, cleaning her up, then letting her fingers ghost up and down her opening. “Can I?” she asked, earning a chorus of whimpers from both Maggie and Alex.

As she dipped two fingers inside of Maggie, slowly working her way into a rhythm that had Maggie thrusting up to meet her, she leaned up and drew Alex into her with her free hand. Alex bent over and captured Lucy’s lips in a heated kiss, sharing the taste of Maggie between them.

Watching her girlfriends make out on top of her, Alex’s hands trailing up and down Lucy’s bare torso, Maggie whined and panted, pumping her hips harder and faster against Lucy’s fingers.

Taking the hint, Lucy increased her speed as she moved her thumb around to put pressure on Maggie’s clit. Maggie teetered on the edge, watching her girlfriends with bated breath.

“Come for us, Mags,” Lucy purred, her voice low and raspy.

And with a strangled cry, Maggie fell back into the pillows, waves of pleasure crashing over her as Lucy worked her through her orgasm. Lucy drew back up to kiss Maggie, make sure she still felt safe and loved. When Maggie dropped her head back down to the pillows, she caught sight of Alex, sucking Lucy’s fingers clean, while her own fingers circled her clit.

“Need something, Danvers?” Maggie asked, a teasing grin playing across her mouth.

Blushing a faint pink, Alex pulled her hand back. “No, no, just watching.” Sensing further protests coming from Maggie, Alex dropped down to the pillows and curled around Maggie. “I just want to cuddle you, that’s all.”

“That’s all until tomorrow morning,” Lucy promised, kissing Maggie and then Alex softly as she pulled the comforter up and around them. “I’ll get the fire. Then I want snuggles when I come back.”


Chapter Text

Maggie and Alex were snuggling up with a movie when the first AP News notification pinged. Maggie debated not looking. With the sheer number of “breaking news” items that came in everyday, the noise alone made her tense. She assumed it was yet another story about something Russia-related that Trump or Flynn had covered up.

“Do we look?” Maggie asked.

“We’ll be distracted if we don’t,” Alex admitted, getting up to grab her phone. Maggie deserved a bit of time away from it all. Even though she was with the Science Division, just by virtue of being a member of the city’s PD, Maggie had to deal with the repercussions of the new presidency and the impact it was having on daily life much more than Alex did. She knew that J’onn dealt with the brunt of the heat being directed toward the DEO, but for once Alex was glad that they still had the reputation for being a kind of alien Guantanamo, even if J’onn had taken great strides to improve conditions. The President didn’t have to know, didn’t need to find out that they were trying to protect aliens as much as they were fighting to stop the ones who meant to do harm to earth and all of its residents—human and alien alike.

“Two dead at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester,” Alex read out.

The tension loosened in Maggie’s shoulders. “Okay. That’s not good, but it’s not as bad as I thought.”

“Yeah,” Alex agreed, curling back into Maggie as they hit play.

Half an hour later, their phones pinged again. “My turn,” Maggie muttered, turning around and pulling her phone down from the coffee table. “Oh, fuck.”

“What?” Alex asked, suddenly on high alert.

“Now police are involved in the concert. Apparently it’s more than just two people dead. It’s multiple people dead and even more injured.”

“Shit,” Alex murmured, shaking her head.

They put back on the show, though neither of them were paying much attention to it. The phone’s pinging again was almost welcome—a sign of more information coming through. Alex grabbed it, reading out: “At least 19 dead following a possible terrorist incident in Manchester.”

Maggie bit back the tears that stung her eyes. Alex knew, though, of course she knew. She swallowed her own anger, her fear, her frustration, and pulled Maggie into her arms, stroking her hair. They both went through their mental checklists of friends and family members, trying to think if they knew anyone in Manchester. No, not this time. It didn’t make it any less of a tragedy, nor did it make it any better, but at least it removed the immediacy. They had known people in Orlando. Had friends in Charleston. Knew people near San Bernardino and Newtown and Santa Barbara. It had meant that they spent the first hours desperately trying to get in contact with them, wishing beyond hope that there had been something, anything, they could have done to prevent it.

But no, they were never preventing. They were always reacting. Always following up and checking for survivors. Always treating injuries—physical and mental. Always donating and defending.

As the details poured in overnight, Maggie braced herself for the looks she would get the next day. The scowls and glares and murmurs that she shouldn’t even live in “their” country. It didn’t matter that she was born here. It didn’t matter that she wasn’t Muslim. It didn’t matter that terrorism was terrorism and didn’t have a religion. Because those people? Those people wouldn’t listen. They wouldn’t call domestic terrorism what it was. They wouldn’t call the acts of mass violence perpetrated by their own white boys terrorism. They were isolated incidents. They deserved compassion. They deserved treatment for mental health issues.

Alex swallowed down angry tears and the yells that threatened to break free. Because anger was all she had left. She couldn’t help feeling like over and over again she was failing, failing to do anything except read notifications and react. Sure, she donated when she could, and she listened when people who knew more than her spoke, and she worked as an ally to the Muslim community to push back against people who used these attacks as an excuse to perpetuate even more hatred. But it always seemed like too little, too late.

At least when their own election had happened, it felt like she had tried. She had campaigned and knocked on doors and raised money. She had voted and brought her friends out to the polls as well. And when the vote went the other way, she had mourned, but then she had fought back. She had been out there from day one, taking to the streets, hand-in-hand with her girlfriend. She had used her position of authority to protect as many vulnerable populations as she could. She had called senators and representatives and demanded that they vote against legislation mired in hatred and bigotry. It didn’t stop the administration, but dammit, she felt like she had done something. Anything.

But when tragedy struck across the world—even somewhere as close as the UK, somewhere that seemed similar enough to America to catch the attention of the popular media and conservatives, who would tweet out their prayers and their condemnations of Islam without giving a second thought to the backlash it would cause for their own Muslim constituents—Alex felt useless.

And so they mourned. And they yelled. And they cried. And they sparred and took their anger out on punching bags and wrapped each other’s bloody hands. And they took Kara to the lot full of old cars and kept an eye out for media while she was allowed to vent her own frustrations—something the public was never to see, never to hear of, never to even imagine. And they brought James and Winn over for dinner while Kara went to Lena. And they fought to hold together whatever small community they had even as the world seemed to crumble around them.

Tomorrow they would fight. They would donate to the organizations offering relief. They would push back against whatever conservative narratives were being spread. They would publish news that sought to tell the truth. They would get out in the streets to serve as allies to the communities being targeted in the wake of the attack. They would resist. Tomorrow.

Chapter Text

Within a week of learning about the existence of the DEO, Cat Grant was being led on a tour by a rather reluctant Alex. Sure, Alex had come to respect Cat during their time working together in the trenches (aka Dollywood), but she still didn’t take kindly to reporters other than her sister strolling the halls of the DEO. Of course, being personal friends with the President tended to get one places—namely, the heart of secret government organizations. And, being a “friend of Olivia” meant that Cat was basically free to roam as long as she had supervision, which came in the form of an easily distracted Supergirl.

It wasn’t Kara’s fault that she was so excited by the prospect of spending additional time with her mentor, who had been missing for quite some time. And maybe she was fangirling just a little bit. And maybe she wasn’t quite paying attention while they were walking through the alien artifacts room. And maybe they absolutely should have had Alex accompany them to ensure their safety. But she hadn’t, and Cat Grant was sifting through technology from other planets without a care in the world while Supergirl rambled about everything that had happened during Cat’s time away, even though Cat had obsessively kept up with all things related to both Kara and Supergirl (even in the Himalayas).

When Kara finally turned her attention back to Cat, she grabbed the whole load from her hands and shoved it back into the box, chastising the older woman for not being careful. “This stuff could be dangerous!”

“You can be dangerous,” Cat countered, “yet here I stand.”

“That’s different and you know it,” Kara retorted, putting her hands on her hips and attempting to invoke some semblance of authority.

“Perhaps,” Cat mused, “but nothing bad happened, now did it?”

Kara shrugged but hurried Cat back to the main area, knowing that Alex would kill her if she let anything happen to Cat (or let Cat happen to anything).


The next morning, Kara woke with a start to a warm arm snaking around her waist and pulling her against them. When she tried to jump out of bed to assess the situation, she felt heavy, as though gravity had a significant pull on her body. She settled for twisting around, only to find a rather gorgeous Black woman staring back at her with a sleepy grin. “Good morning, beautiful,” she murmured, kissing Kara warmly on the lips.

“Who are you?” Kara squeaked, still startled. The woman looked vaguely familiar, but no one she could place.

Furrowing her brows, the woman glared back at her. “C’mon, Cat, you were gone for a year, not a lifetime. Don’t pretend like you don’t remember me. Lifelong friend. Old roommate. Occasional lover,” she teased.

Kara twisted her face—or rather, Cat’s face, she corrected, guessing what had happened—into what she hoped was a comforting smile. “I know, I know. Weird dream, that’s all. Still confused. Um, I really need to get to work!”

“It’s a Saturday, don’t you get a day off,” the woman asked, nuzzling into Kara’s neck and pulling the blankets up around them.

“Big interview…with Supergirl!” Kara exclaimed, hoping Cat would be that excited about talking to her.

“Ah yes, your hero. Go get ’em, tiger! Then come back to me? We can get Thai and watch old reruns of Ally McBeal.”

Kara forced herself to smile as questions about Cat’s personal life raced through her head. “Yes, absolutely! I’ll be here.”

She scrambled out of bed, embarrassed to find Cat in nothing but an oversized t-shirt and trying not to look as she pulled on the clothes that were blessedly folded in a perfect stack on the dresser. Noting the purse that was surely worth more than her rent, Kara grabbed it, throwing the phone she recognized as Cat’s inside of it and racing to the door.

“In that much of a hurry to leave?” the woman asked, rubbing sleep from her eyes and trying not to look hurt.

“Just don’t want to keep the Girl of Steel waiting. But I promise, relaxing night in tonight.” The woman smiled softly and nodded at Kara. “See you tonight!” Kara yelled, “Love you!”

It was only when she made it out the door that she realized that might have been the wrong thing to say. Just because she yelled “Love you!” to her friends and sister upon leaving, perhaps Cat did not. Realistically Cat did not. If she still had her powers, she would have looked back through the door to gauge how bad the reaction was, but alas, she was left to wonder. She’d probably have to tell Cat, but now wasn’t the time to dwell on the horrible things that would happen.


Over in the “rent-controlled side of town,” Cat woke up to an insistent banging on the door.

“Wake up! I know you’re in there! I come bearing donuts!”

“Who in the fuck would think I might eat fried dough and sugar this early in the morning?” Cat grumbled as she pulled herself up, only to launch herself across the room, taking out the dresser with her momentum. She pulled herself up and looked in the mirror, finding her former assistant staring back at her. Well, there was all the confirmation she needed about Kara’s being Supergirl. She had been 99.99% sure, but any doubt about it just came crashing down. Let’s see her try to deny it now, Cat mused.

The pounding on the door had gotten louder, echoing in Cat’s now super-powered ears. She threw on the hipster glasses Kara wore, figuring she should keep the disguise up in case the woman knocking didn’t know her secret. She was pleasantly surprised to find that the glasses kept her vision normal, and she could stop accidentally looking through furniture. She made a mental note to ask Kara why that was.

“Hello?” she asked, swinging open the door in a huff of annoyance.

“Kara! I’ve been so worried,” Lena rushed in, sweeping Kara into her arms, then pulling back to inspect her for any injuries. “You’re not hurt, are you?”

“Uh, no,” Cat answered. She wondered why the young Luthor was at Kara’s door this early in the morning. “Did we have plans?”

“When have you ever been annoyed about surprise donuts?” Lena laughed.

“Ah…yes, okay,” Cat reasoned, trying to figure out how Kara would act in this situation. She should probably be more excited, but she couldn’t bring herself to plaster a smile that big on her face without her piping hot latte and its necessary dose of caffeine in her system. “Um, how are you?”

“Better now that I’m with you.”

Cat tried not to let her reactions show. She had noted how often Kara’s articles included quotes from Lena Luthor; perhaps they had grown to be friends over the course of many interviews. It wasn’t unheard of… “Mm, you flatter me.”

“Always,” Lena flirted, biting her lip.

That was…unexpected. “Any plans for the day?”

“I’ve got to run into the office this morning—hence the early donuts—but I thought we could try that new Persian restaurant for a late lunch? You can invite Alex and Maggie if you’d like; I think I remember Maggie saying she had wanted to try it too.”

“Sure, yes. I just…I will call my sister.”

“Are you sure you’re alright?”

Cat nodded. “Just tired, that’s all.”

“Well then, I’ll let you go back to sleep for a little while. The donuts will still be here when you wake up.” Cat tried her best impression of the Sunny Danvers smile, earning a smile back from Lena in return. “Text me when you’re really awake,” Lena teased. After grabbing her coat and purse, she turned around, pulling Cat in for a firm kiss before leaving.

Cat really needed to get caught up on Kara’s life.


Realizing that Cat would be waking up in a super-powered body—something that Alex was so going to kill her for—Kara quickly grabbed Cat’s phone, grateful when the thumbprint scanner worked. As she walked down the stairwell of the mystery woman’s apartment building, she dialed her own number, hoping Cat would answer. Before she brought the phone up to her face, she noticed the contact name that had been given to the number: “Kara/Supergirl.” At least she had gotten her name right….

“Yes, Kiera,” Cat drawled.

“Ms. Grant! I can explain what happened! Just stay where you are.”

“Hmm, yes, I wasn’t planning to leave. Don’t need to break any more of your IKEA furniture.”

“Oh, um, yeah, so, Supergirl and you switched bodies…”

“Yes, Kara, we did. You and I did switch bodies,” she repeated, needing Kara to give up the damn charade already.

“Right…yeah. There’s no denying it anymore, huh?”

“No, Kiera, there is not.”

“Yeah…it’s not that I don’t trust you. It’s just, I just—”

Cat interjected: “I’m the Queen of All Media, and the last thing you needed was the media publicizing your identity and putting everyone you love at risk. That about right?”

“Um, yes. That would, that would be it.”

“Very well. Now chop, chop! There will be a driver downstairs. Just give him your address. Oh, and don’t try to make small talk. It will confuse him.”

Rolling her eyes, Kara muttered her understanding as she headed toward the curb. “Wait! You owe me an explanation of where I am! You know my secret now, so I definitely get to find out who I woke up in bed with.”

Cat nearly blushed (though she’d deny it to her dying day). Quickly recovering her composure, she shot back: “Yes, and you can tell me how long you’ve been dating Ms. Luthor.” She hung up while Kara stuttered incoherently on the other end.


Sitting side-by-side on Kara’s couch, Cat and Kara waged a battle of wills over who would crack first. Kara had quickly brief edCat on what had happened and texted Winn to have the device ready to switch them back. Winn told her he would have it ready around noon, which left them with a couple more hours in the wrong bodies.

They continued to sit in silence. Of course, Kara was finally the one to break it. “So…who did I wake up next to this morning?”

“Really, Kiera? You call yourself a reporter, but you fail to recognize one of the state Supreme Court justices?”

“Rao, That’s why she looked so familiar! Since when are you sleeping with Judge Raddick?” Kara asked, thinking back to all of the CatCo galas where she’d been shocked to find the judge’s name among the distinguished guests. Of course, other politicians, CEOs, and philanthropists had all been in attendance, so it wasn’t a huge shock, but she was a more consistent guest than just about anyone, save for Cat’s male suitors.

“Renee and I have been close friends since Metropolis. We lived together while I was just starting out at the Daily Planet and she was finishing up law school.”

“Mhm…and do you wake up curled around all of your close friends?” Kara teased.

“Well, no. Hillary, Madeleine, and I get our own rooms for visits,” Cat conceded.

“So are you…?”

“I’m as straight as Supergirl apparently.”

Kara blushed. “Um, you aren’t going to out Supergirl are you?”

“No, Kara, I wouldn’t do that to you. Unless you wanted to make it a big issue of CatCo Magazine? Think of all the celebrities we could get together. You. Ellen. Younger Ellen. Ruby. Cynthia. I can picture it now! A whole Pride month issue. We’d sell out by morning.”

“Not yet, Cat.”

“Cat? How bold.”

“Oh, um…sorry, Ms. Grant.”

“I suppose we’ve both seen each other naked at this point. We can probably drop the formalities.”

“We have not! I closed my eyes.”

“Of course you did,” Cat laughed. “So tell me about Lena.”

“Er, well, it’s not been going on for very long. Just a few weeks. I mean, I liked her for a while before then, but it took me a long time to admit it—to her and to myself.”

Cat made a quick dash for the box of donuts and returned to the couch, curling up to listen to the story. When Kara reached for one, Cat swatted away her hand: “Not in my body! Some of us don’t have superhuman metabolisms and work hard to look that way at 50.”

“Fine,” Kara grumbled. “But that means you have to tell me more about Renee first.”

“Ugh, deal,” Cat caved, figuring the conversation would have happened while they were killing the time anyway. “She was one of my only real friends in Metropolis. The Daily Planet was still a real old boys club, so I needed a few female friends. As you know, Lois and I didn’t exactly get along, but then this brilliant woman answers my ad looking for a clean, polite, quiet roommate. In reality, she was clean, but she was neither polite nor quiet. Well, maybe quiet during her finals. But she called me out on all of my shit, which, as it turned out, was a good thing. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone quite like her…” Cat trailed off, looking almost dreamy.

“And you dated?”

“Well, not quite. We both dated plenty, but no one seemed to last. One day I caught her sneaking her date out of the apartment early in the morning. And, well, her date was a woman. A stunning woman, as is only appropriate for a woman like Renee. My shock made me say stupid things, which led to a bit of a fight and then a long conversation about why I was so surprised. We sort of let it go for a while. We stayed close friends, but she didn’t talk much about her dating life anymore. One night, I came home a little inebriated after a rather terrible date, and I suggested that perhaps I should try women instead. Nothing happened that night, but the following night, when I was sober, she asked me about it. One thing led to another and, well, you know how the story goes.”

“So you…dated?”

“Kiera, I thought your generation was all about the hook up culture. Why do you insist that we’ve dated?”

Kara didn’t want to admit that she needed something close to a relationship to appear before she told Cat that she might have said, “I love you” to her fuck buddy. “I just…when you talk about her, it sounds like you really care.”

“Oh, I do! We’re close friends, and she’s been there for me longer than just about anyone.”

Kara grinned. “And she always came to your CatCo events.”

A small smile snuck across Cat’s face. “Yes, she did. Even the ones I told her would be boring. She always said that if I had to endure it, I might as well have someone else there too.”

“Maybe you two should date…” Kara suggested, looking up at Cat. She wondered if her big doe eyes were as effective on Cat’s face.

“Hmm? Oh, that’s not how we work.”

“Well, um, maybe you should, I don’t know, prepare yourself for a conversation about it? Tonight?”

“What did you do, Kiera?” Cat snapped.

“I told her you’d get Thai and watch old TV reruns,” Kara explained.

“Oh, okay. That’s fine.” Cat breathed out a sigh of relief.

“Uhm, also I maybe told her you loved her,” Kara rushed out in one breath.

Cat’s face switched rapidly from confusion to shock to anger to shock again to even angrier to what looked almost like desperation. “Excuse me?”

“Um, what was it you wanted to know about Lena?”


“Is that really Ms. Grant?” Winn asked, cocking his head as he looked at Kara.

Popping her hip out and pressing her hand to it, Cat glared at him. “Yes, Winslow, it is really me. Now turn on the machine and send me back, since these two won’t let me test any of my powers,” Cat griped, motioning at Alex and J’onn, who stood with their arms crossed, scowling at the real Kara.

“Right,” Winn said, quickly handing over the device.

As soon as Cat was back in her own body, she found herself being shepherded out of the room and off to J’onn’s office to sign countless NDAs, each of which she would contest on principle.

Alex glared at Kara. “How could you?”

“I didn’t know! Can I make it up to you with Persian food and lesbian gossip?”

Alex pursed her lips. “It better be damn good gossip.”

Chapter Text

Lena was nervous. Lena was panicking. Because Winn was out of town for a tech conference, and she desperately needed someone as smart as her who would be able to keep up in the lab, and he had suggested Alex. But Alex wasn’t just another genius. She was also the older sister of her best friend. She was also the sister of her best friend who she had the biggest fucking crush on. She was also a highly trained agent that probably knew how to kill her hundreds of different ways. And now they were supposed to spend an entire day together getting things ready for her meeting on Monday to pitch a new device that might work toward the same end goals that Biomax had but following proper protocols.

Across town, Alex was being shuffled out of her door and away from her very warm and very cuddly fiancée by her nervous sister. “Alex, please!” Kara whined. “Can’t you just behave for me?”

“You know, I might be in a better mood if you left me alone with Maggie for another half an hour,” Alex huffed back.

“Ew, baby sister here.”

“Am I not dragging my ass across town to help your big gay crush out with her project? See, I’m moving.”

“Yeah, yeah, keep moving. And she’s not a crush. Don’t say anything like that to her!” Kara suddenly hesitated, as though she were wondering about what it would mean to leave her sister and her best friend in a room together.

“I’m going. Look, she’s saved you and the city more than once now; I owe her this much,” Alex admitted. “Tell her I’m grateful, and we’re watching horror movies only for the next month.”

“I’d never admit that you have human emotions,” Kara laughed, poking her sister in the side.
“Want a ride over there?”

Alex hesitated. On the one hand, she should take her bike. On the other hand, a ride with her sister meant she’d be early enough to get coffee. “Alright, make it quick.” Before Alex could even finish her sentence, Kara had her tucked into her chest and was soaring across the city, basking in the warm morning sunlight and the quiet of a city still waking up.

“We have arrived!” Kara announced, giggling at Alex, as she blinked rapidly, trying to adjust to the sudden change in surroundings.

“Okay, yeah, you’re way too chipper for 7am. I’m going for coffee. Tell your friend I’ll be up soon.”

“Lena,” Kara corrected. “You know her name.”

“Yesss,” Alex whined. “I’ll be good once I have caffeine.”

“In that case…” and in a minute Kara was back, clutching a steaming hot latte with an extra shot of espresso. “Play nice!”

Grumbling, Alex made her way into L-Corp. After giving her name at the front desk, she was handed a badge to access the elevator and asked to wait for Ms. Luthor. Alex nodded and paced around the lobby, looking over the design sketches that hung on the wall alongside write ups of each of the inventions and any awards they had garnered.

“Ms. Danvers,” Lena said, hoping that she wouldn’t startle the other woman.

“Alex is fine. This is all very impressive,” she admitted, motioning at the awards adorning the walls.

“Ah, well, thank you,” Lena replied, bowing her head slightly. “Never enough for mother, but, what can you do? Apparently genocide is the only thing that would have been enough,” she said, laughing darkly.

“I’ve got an MD and a PhD, and I’m still desperately seeking approval from my own mother, so I’m probably not your best bet there,” Alex joked back.

Lena grinned, glad that for once she wasn’t getting pity. It probably helped that the large-scale, interplanetary deportation had been Alex’s father’s grand “solution” to her mother’s genocidal scheme.

“So,” Alex began, “Winn says you’d like a second set of eyes.”

“Yes, preferably connected to a relatively intelligent human being,” Lena laughed, earning a smile from Alex.

“Of course. Lead the way.”

As they walked, Lena gave Alex a quick overview of the project. It helped that Kara had already briefed Alex and that Alex had been following the Biomax coverage, so she already knew the general goal, while Lena just had to explain how she was tweaking the design to make it work without taking over a human’s consciousness. Of course, at this stage, they weren’t going for a fully autonomous AI system; Lena understood that the problem stemmed from the work that went into giving the bots life of their own.

Alex nodded along as Lena talked, interjecting with questions whenever she didn’t understand the motivation behind a specific decision or wanted clarification on a process. Each time Alex spoke, Lena had to bite back a grin at the eagerness with which Kara’s older sister was accepting her and believing in her work.

They spent hours together in the lab, driving each other to new and more creative solutions, passing tools back and forth, cursing when things didn’t work. When they were both comfortable with the amount of progress that had been made, knowing that Lena only needed to show promise, not perfection, for the investors, Lena ordered a late lunch for both of them, insisting that they needed a break.

Once the food arrived and they had settled down, the conversation grew stilted for a few minutes as they tried to find their way back to the rhythm of a normal conversation—one not held in bits and pieces over microscopes and computers.

“So, uh, gone on any more lunch dates with my sister lately?” Alex asked.

Lena promptly choked on her sandwich and had to gulp down large sips of her water before she could respond. “Um, what? We, uh, we haven’t seen too much of each other this week.”

“Ah, right, Kara did say you were busy getting ready for Monday’s big meeting.”

Lena nodded, looking very nervous about the direction the conversation was taking. Alex debated letting it go, but she and Maggie had bet Winn that they could get the two idiots together faster than he could, and Alex wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to win. So she kept talking: “Of course, Kara doesn’t think you should be worried in the slightest. According to her, you’re basically the prettier, smarter Steve Jobs. A 2.0 model, if you will.”

Blushing furiously, Lena stammered, “Oh, well, you know, she’s just being sweet. As she always is. You’ve seen where we are. Obviously I’m not completely ready.”

“No, not completely,” Alex concurred, “but you’re quite a bit further along than Biomax ever was. And you haven’t killed anyone in the process. I think.”

“I have not,” Lena confirmed, not wanting Alex’s girlfriend to come arrest her again. Deciding she’d like the conversation to shift away from her, Lena asked, “How’s Maggie?”

“She’s great!” Alex grinned. “Did Kara tell you the news?”

“No, what news?”

“Ah, I suppose if you haven’t seen her much this week, that makes sense. We’re engaged!” Alex wasn’t one to get overly excited about a relationship, but she couldn’t help her enthusiasm when it came to Maggie.

“That’s amazing!” Lena gushed, smiling broadly at Alex.

“Thank you. We’re excited. It’ll probably be a longer engagement as we work through everything, but still, it’s good to know, to know that we want to spend forever together.”

“Yeah,” Lena nodded, smiling softly.

“What about you?” Alex ventured. “Anyone special?”

“No, no. Too busy. Work and familial vendettas. It all adds up.” She tried smiling, but it looked more defeated than anything.

“Ah, well, I’m sure you have people lined up around the block if you ever decide you have the time.”

Lena made a noise, but didn’t say more.

Alex finally decided to just come out with it. “Do you like my sister?”

“What?” Lena asked, eyes darting as she searched for a way out of the room, out of the conversation.

“I mean, I know I’m new to the gay thing, but I can’t help thinking that there, how does Maggie talk about certain ‘friends,’ oh right! I can’t help thinking there isn’t a heterosexual explanation for the way you two act around one another.”

Lena blushed bright red. “I, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“We don’t have to talk about it, but c’mon, cut the crap. You know, I used to get this defensive about my friendships with women, if people joked that we acted like a couple. And I can’t help but notice that straight women never seem overly defensive about it. They’re the ones who make the jokes…because they don’t have anything to fear, anything to hide from a society that would make them villains if suddenly their jokes weren’t jokes.”

“How very…astute,” Lena commented drily. “You are correct, I suppose, I’m not straight.”

“And the crush on my sister?”

“Would be irrelevant if it existed.”

“Hmm, okay. I’m just saying, Kara doesn’t eat vegetables, but I’ve seen her posting so many photos on Instagram of the two of you drinking vegetable juices and eating at all vegan restaurants and smiling like she just won the damn lottery. And I’m telling you, she isn’t smiling at the food. I’d know: I take her out for burgers after your fancy food dates.”

Lena hummed and looked down at her lap. She didn’t dare look up lest Alex see the hope growing. “So, um, back to work?”

Alex nodded, figuring she would give Lena some time off of the hard conversations. She just hoped she had made some solid strides in the right direction.

After a few more hours, Lena finally felt comfortable enough with their progress to call it a day. They were both slightly hunchbacked from the hours spent craned over small screens and even smaller bots, and they were in dire need of some relaxation.

As if reading Lena’s mind, Alex asked, “It seems like time for celebration. What do you normally do to relax?”

Lena didn’t want to admit that she’d normally call Kara and ask if she were free for dinner, so she shrugged. “Whatever works. You’re the guest; it’s your call.”

“Well, I’m always a fan of the shooting range.”

Grinning, Lena nodded. “I do have one in the cellar here…”

Alex smiled back. No wonder the woman was such a good shot. No wonder she managed to take out villains and assassins with no formal training or tactical gear. “Lead the way.”

Chapter Text

Sawyer could hear the knocking on their door but couldn’t bring themselves to get up and answer it. The knocking just kept getting louder. Incessant. Theoretically, they knew it was Alex. They knew it was Alex because they’d managed to send a text this morning before things went even more to shit. But they weren’t sure they wanted Alex to see them like this just yet. Because they had been dating for a couple of months, but so far, Alex had seen cocky Sawyer, funny Sawyer, sexy Sawyer, sometimes even angry Sawyer. But she hadn’t seen Sawyer when the world and their body seemed to be insisting that they were Maggie. Margaret. She hadn’t seen the moments when Sawyer broke down, when everything was a little too much and they weren’t the perfectly put together human they pretended to be for the world.

“Sawyer, please,” Alex pleaded from the door.

Sawyer debated answering it, but that would involve getting up, moving, becoming ever more concretely aware of the physicality of this body that felt so fucking off today. They pulled out their phone and texted Alex instead: “I’m fine. You go have fun. We’ll do something this week?”

They could hear the ding of Alex’s phone when the text came through. Then they could also hear the sigh she let out. “Please? I don’t have to stay, but please let me see that you’re alright? I brought cookies…I’ll let you eat all of them if I can just come in and put them on a plate for you. I’ll leave right after if you want.”

Figuring it was worth not stressing their girlfriend out any further, not alienating the woman who was too supportive, too caring, too good for them any further, Sawyer yelled out: “It’s unlocked.”

“Oh.” In a second, Alex was through the door, her eyes sweeping across the apartment, looking for signs of anything that had gone wrong. She came over to Sawyer and carefully, without touching them in case that wasn’t okay right now, pried the half-drunk glass of Alex’s scotch out of their hand. “Let me replace that with cookies, alight?”

Sawyer shrugged. They didn’t like scotch; they had it for Alex. True to her promise, Alex placed a small tray of cookies in front of Sawyer instead. “This is probably a dumb question, but how are you?”

“It’s not dumb,” Sawyer mumbled. But they didn’t expand.

“Can I sit next to you?” Alex asked, gesturing at the other end of the couch.


“Do you want anything? A glass of water maybe? A blanket? Some advil?”

Sawyer shrugged again, so Alex grabbed a glass of water and placed it in front of them, then put on water for some tea, just in case. She found that tea helped most situations. Sawyer would make it to drink after their morning meditation on the days when things were tough, so she hoped maybe it would help today too. Once the water boiled, she prepared a teapot with some of the peppermint tea Sawyer had picked up last week and set it out on the coffee table in front of the couch.

“I don’t deserve you,” Sawyer mumbled.

“I know it’s bad to tell someone they’re wrong, even though it’s one of my favorite pastimes,” Alex chuckled, “but you are not right. You are a wonderful partner, Sawyer. You’re fun and sweet and considerate. You know how to cook and have expanded my horizons far beyond takeout. You’re a terrific shot and have actually taught me a thing or two, even with your shitty local police-grade gun. You’re also just freakin’ awesome, ya know? Like, you’re one of those people that you see and just think, damn, I want to know them. And I get to! And that’s amazing. Because you’re amazing.”

Sawyer didn’t respond verbally, but they inched closer toward Alex, turning their blanket fortress into a portable blanket nest. They sat in silence together for a little while until Sawyer figured out what it was they wanted to say to Alex. They cleared their throat, and Alex immediately shifted her attention to them.

“Um, so, thanks for coming. I don’t know, I feel stupid. But I just, today isn’t a good day.”

Alex nodded, wanting to show that she was listening without interrupting.

“Right, well, um, I got my period, which is already something that often makes me feel uncomfortable in my body. Because, right, we turn it into this big feminized ritual. Like, you become a woman when you get it, and I don’t identify as a woman, yet here I am…still having it. And then it makes my chest bigger, but I can’t bind and I can barely wear a sports bra because I’m so sensitive there because of the damn period. And so it’s like this whole fucking shitshow cycle. And then my insides feel like they’re exploding because of the cramps, but I don’t want to get outside to try to exercise them away, and I can barely even get up to go get Advil. And, yeah…” they trailed off, already berating themselves for unloading all of that onto Alex.

“I’m sorry. That sounds like it really sucks. But you have me here for as long as you want me. And that means that I’m at your service. Need Advil? I’m cramp-free today and happy to get it for you. Want a back rub or a foot rub if you’re okay with touch? I got you. We can order takeout, and I’ll deal with the delivery person, so that you can stay here or do whatever makes you feel most okay. And if that okay isn’t enough, I’m here to listen, okay?”

Biting back tears, Sawyer nodded. They weren’t sure why Alex was still here. They weren’t sure why Alex was being so kind and understanding. They weren’t sure why they weren’t hearing the typical responses—even the well-intentioned but tone-deaf ones. But they didn’t want to question it right now; they just wanted to bask in it, to let Alex’s care work toward making them feel more whole, more right.

“How about we start with that Advil,” Alex suggested. “Or did you already take some?”

They shook their head no.

“Alright, two Advil coming right up,” Alex announced, jogging to the bathroom and returning with the pills and the heating pad she knew Sawyer stored under their sink from the morning she had woken up here with her own period. “Do you want the heating pad?” Alex asked, getting an enthusiastic nod back. She found an outlet to plug it into and handed it over to Sawyer, who gratefully accepted it, slipping it under their oversized sweatshirt and moaning in relief at the contact.

“Do you want any food yet? I mean, the cookies are here, but I know you’re into the whole ‘voluntarily eating vegetables’ thing,” Alex teased.

“Sorry for making sure you don’t die of scurvy,” Sawyer joked back, grinning for the first time since Alex had walked in. And even though it was gone with the next stabbing pain that cut through their abdomen, it still felt like progress. “I’m not too hungry yet.”

“Alright. Let me know if you wanna do anything. I may or may not have packed up some games when you said you weren’t doing so well.”

That caught Sawyer’s attention. “What’d you bring?”

Alex drew her backpack around to the front of the couch, and Sawyer noticed that it was absolutely bulging. “We’ve got: cards for some good old fashioned poker or gin rummy; Taboo, though we’d just be practicing for next game night instead of competing with anyone; um, I also packed my super old GameCube and a handful of games if you’re into it.”

Sawyer gave Alex a disbelieving look. “Really? And it still works?”

“Oh yeah! I mean, Winn might have given it a tune up or two over the years, but it’s great. I brought over Mario Party, Simpsons Road Rage, one of the Harry Potter games, um, Zelda, and let’s see, oh Pokémon Colosseum.”

Laughing at the range, Sawyer had to ask: “Who chose these games?”

Without hesitating, Alex replied, “Me, duh.”

“Well, I’m down with anything, but maybe we start with one that’s easy to jump right into?”

Alex nodded and pulled up the Simpsons game and Mario Party. “Your choice.” Sawyer motioned at the Road Rage box. “Simpsons it is.”

They spent the next couple of hours racing each other and destroying as many trash cans and mailboxes as they could, cackling with glee every time they nudged each other off course. The medicine had finally kicked in, and with the help of the heating pad and an Alex Danvers-sized distraction, they were feeling better, less aware of their body as they got lost in the gameplay.

Once they were tied at some ridiculously high number, Alex paused the game. “Time to get food in you.”

“Fine,” Sawyer sighed. “What do you want?”

“You know I’ll eat pretty much anything.”

“We both know that’s not totally true,” Sawyer laughed. “But I could go for Indian food if you’re up for it.”

Alex nodded and pulled out the menu. “The usual?”

“Yes please!”

Without having to ask, Alex pulled out her own phone and called in their order, giving her own phone number for when the food arrived. “We’ve got 30 minutes. Want to switch games?”

And so they spent their afternoon taking turns kicking each other’s asses at nearly 20-year-old video games and eating a bit too much takeout and even napping for a little while. And that evening, Alex went back to her place because she knew Sawyer wouldn’t let her sleep on the couch but wasn’t really up for snuggling in bed. But she left with the promise to return the next morning with coffee and bagels. And she left the GameCube behind “just in case” Sawyer decided to become a Pokémon master overnight. And she gave very specific instructions to Sawyer to call if they needed anything, even if it was just hearing Alex’s voice or getting to vent for a little while.

And even though Sawyer didn’t magically feel completely better, and their cramps were still acting up every now and again, they were hopeful about tomorrow. They were fairly confident that the cramps wouldn’t be so bad, wouldn’t constantly draw attention to what was happening to their body. They were fairly sure that they wouldn’t be so sore and would be able to bind or put on a tight sports bra and go for a run long enough to sweat out some of the worst feelings. And if nothing else, they knew that Alex would be back tomorrow, would be there to listen and share food and act like a huge nerd who, as it turned out, had a near-encyclopedic knowledge of the Pokémon universe. And that could be enough to get through the night.

Chapter Text

“Congratulations,” Ms. Smith said on Friday afternoon, smiling at Alex.


“Your hard work tutoring Maggie really paid off. She got a perfect score on the first test, so she’ll be joining your AP class.”

Alex grinned but felt that she needed to correct Ms. Smith’s assumptions. “There was really almost no tutoring needed. She already knew all that stuff, so she’ll be great in AP. I mean, I think she wants to go over a few things, but I’m sure she’ll be just as good at the new material.”

“I trust your judgment, but do let me know if you need any material from me or if you find that you no longer have time to serve as a tutor.”

Alex nodded as she packed up her books. There was no reason to admit that she would rather sacrifice any number of hours of sleep to tutor Maggie, so long as they got to spend those hours together.

As she walked to her car, she tried not to think too much about the fact that tonight would be her first date with Maggie, her first date with a woman, her first date that she was looking forward to. She hadn’t told anyone except Winn and Kara yet, though she assumed James probably knew from Maggie. There was no need to say anything just yet. What if it all went poorly? What if she totally messed up? What if she found that she wasn’t ready for all of this just yet?

She ended up taking the long way home, driving long, lazy loops through the surrounding neighborhood as she tried to get herself in the right headspace for their date. She was excited. That much she knew. Maggie had invited her over to her place with the promise of a home-cooked meal. Alex wondered if the offer was made in part to spare her the gossip that would come the second they were finally seen out together—not as friends, but as a couple. Not that they had established what they were just yet. They were just two girls. Going on a date. And hopefully kissing.

After nearly an hour of pacing around her room trying to find the right outfit, Alex heard Kara crashing through the front door chatting excitedly about her latest assignment for the newspaper. “Kara!” she yelled down the stairs. “Come help me!”

“Alexandra,” her mom snapped, “inside voices!”

“Sorry, Mom,” she mumbled.

Kara came trundling up the stairs and into Alex’s bedroom, grinning broadly at the sight of numerous outfits strewn across Alex’s bed. “Are you excited?” she squealed, glad to finally see her sister going out on a date.

“More like nervous,” Alex grumbled.

“It’s gonna be great! Maggie seems so cool. I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun.”

Alex shrugged, not wanting to point out that she wasn’t worried about Maggie being cool and fun. “I don’t know what to wear.”

“Ooh!” Kara loved a challenge, though she suspected tonight was more about being casual and comfortable than dressing to impress. Sifting through Alex’s closet and the clothes that were already out on the bed, she began handing different items to Alex to put on.

A few minutes later, Alex stood in front of Kara in skinny jeans and brown boots with a white henley. “Is this too casual?”

“Hold on!” In a moment, Kara was back with a brown faux leather jacket. Alex had gotten it out at the mall with Kara one day last year, but after a group of boys started talking about how it was “gay,” she had stored it in the closet, assuming that after a few months her mother might have donated it to Goodwill. Alex slipped the jacket on and looked up to Kara for her approval. “Perfect.”

“You sure?”

“Absolutely. She’s going to love it.”

Alex nodded, looking so serious that she might have been mistaken for a soldier heading to battle.

“Hey, Alex?” Kara called.


“Remember to have fun.”


“You must be Alex,” a young woman announced as she swung open the door.

“Um, yes,” Alex nodded, trying to covertly wipe her palms off on her jeans.

“Tía, don’t embarrass me!” Maggie called out, shoving her way into the doorway and smiling at Alex. “Hey, come on in.” Alex looked to the other woman for approval. Seeing no sign of annoyance, she stepped forward and inside. “Alex, this is my Aunt Maria. Maria, this is Alex Danvers.”

“It’s really nice to meet you,” Alex said, offering her hand. She didn’t know what to call this woman, unsure of the last name and very nervous that she was already screwing up. The woman was so young—young enough to be Maggie’s sister, probably.

Guessing Alex’s fears, Maria added, “Maria is fine. It’s nice to meet you too. Good to finally put a face to the name. Maggie hasn’t stopped talking about you,” she laughed, ignoring Maggie’s red-faced protests. Alex smiled and followed Maria toward the living room. “Maggie, why don’t you go check on dinner?” She said it like a suggestion, though Maggie heard it for the order it was.

Once Maggie was out of the room, Maria shifted her attention to Alex. “What are your intentions with my niece?”

“Huh?” Alex froze. She had definitely never been on the receiving end of such a talk. “I, um, I…” Alex stammered.

Maria laughed softly. “Sorry, I don’t mean to play the role of the mean sitcom dad, but I do want to make sure that you’re here for the right reasons. I don’t know how much Maggie has told you about Blue Springs—and it certainly isn’t my story to tell—but I won’t sit back and watch her be hurt by another person claiming to be her friend.”

Setting her jaw Alex looked back up at Maria and answered earnestly, “Hurting Maggie is the last thing I want to do. Even if, um, dating doesn’t end up being the right thing for us, she’s still my friend, and that matters more than just about anything.”

“Good,” Maria nodded, seemingly satisfied as the smile she wore when she opened the door returned to her face. “Sorry to have caught you off guard; I just can’t deal with watching my little Maggie get hurt again.”

“What are you two talking about?” Maggie asked, poking her head through the doorway, a wooden spoon in hand.

“About your most embarrassing childhood stories,” Maria yelled back, earning a loud grumble from Maggie.

“Food is ready if you can find it within yourself to stop gossiping for a few minutes,” Maggie huffed.

Laughing, Maria stood and motioned for Alex to follow her to the kitchen, where a small table was set for two.

“Are you not joining us?” Alex asked.

“And third wheel your date? Not a chance. I’m actually taking my food to go; I got stuck with the night shift today.”

“I’m sorry. Where do you work?”

“I’m a nurse down at the hospital. Luckily Midvale isn’t quite Chicago. That’s where I did my residency the first year after I graduated,” Maria explained. “So it shouldn’t be too hectic.” She turned her attention back to Maggie. “Be good. Call if you need anything, and I mean anything. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

“Yes, Tía. Have a good night,” Maggie said, offering her a container with what Alex assumed was her dinner.

“Love you, Mags,” Maria added, kissing Maggie on the cheek. “It was nice meeting you, Alex. Hopefully next time we can talk more. I’d very much like to get to know you better—outside of the bits and pieces I hear from Maggie, of course.”

While Maria gathered her things and headed out the door, Maggie prepared two plates. “Are you okay with red sauce?”

“Uh, yeah, sure,” Alex nodded.

“I make mine a little spicy. Try first?” Maggie held out a spoon with a small amount of sauce on it for Alex to test.

Feeling a little silly but also like she might be in one of the romcoms Kara adores, Alex leaned in and tasted the sauce. “Oh my god, that’s amazing!” she gushed. “How is it so good?”

“Secret recipe,” Maggie winked. “And lots of garlic.”

Alex laughed, thinking about how different this version of Maggie was from the one she saw in school that first week, the girl who stalked down the hallways with her head down and her fists in her pockets, always ready to fight, always ready to run.

Maggie set out two plates with ravioli and sauce, then put down a bowl with salad in the center of the table. “Dinner is served,” she announced with a flourish, spinning the towel she had used to hold the hot saucepot.

“Before dinner,” Alex mumbled, blushing a faint pink as she leaned over and kissed Maggie briefly on the lips. “It’s good to see you.”

Maggie grinned, glad to see that Alex didn’t seem to be having any doubts about being into girls or into her or into the idea of them dating. At least not yet. “Aww, it’s like we haven’t seen each other every single day.”

“Shut up,” Alex grumbled. It was true. With Maggie getting transferred into AP bio, her whole schedule had shifted so that not only did they share the same science class, but the same English class and lunch period as well. Maggie was quickly welcomed to their lunch table as she joined Kara, James, Winn, and Lucy. Lucy, Kara, and Winn were all in the grade below Maggie, Alex, and James, so other than Winn’s AP Bio class, they only saw each other at lunch. Despite Winn’s laughable (but adorable) attempts at giving Maggie some version of the shovel talk, Maggie liked the younger boy, especially since he had welcomed her to their lab group since there were an odd number of students in the class now.

Maggie just grinned at Alex and motioned for her to sit down. Over dinner they talked about classes and the clubs Maggie might want to join. They soon made it to the topic of colleges and what they wanted to do when they grew up.

“I think I want to work with the police. Or maybe the FBI. I want to do forensics, maybe work as a detective or something,” Maggie answered.

“But you’re so little,” Alex blurted out. “Sorry, not that you can’t, but just, it’d be sort of adorable.”

“You’re not exactly big and bulky yourself,” Maggie retorted.

“No, but I want to work in a research lab. The gangly awkward look is sort of their aesthetic.” Maggie laughed loudly at that comment. Alex continued, “I’m sure you’ll be very intimidating. All your criminals will just have to look down while you’re marching them away in handcuffs.”

“Oh shush,” Maggie laughed. “You know I can be intimidating when I want to be.”

Alex thought back to the other girl’s first week at the school and conceded that yes, she did know how to project an air of confidence that screamed, “Don’t fuck with me.”

“Anyway, I thought maybe we could watch a TV show or a movie? Or we can play a game? I don’t know. I don’t have a car, so we’re a little limited.”

“I drove my car here, but I’m also happy to just hang out with you,” Alex answered honestly. Her few dates with Rick had been so scripted. They went to the same Italian restaurant that everyone took their dates to, then they went to the town’s only movie theater where Rick had them sit in the back row and tried to make out with her through the movie. It was nice to be on a date where things just felt natural, like an extension of them hanging out but suddenly they could let their fingers touch in the middle of the table or kiss each other hello or flirt openly—none of which she had any inclination toward doing with Rick.

“Well then, maybe we move to the living room? That’s where the TV and all the games are.”

“Sounds good.”

Once they had put their plates in the dishwasher and cleaned up the table, they headed out to the other room. Catching sight of the stack of games on the shelves, Alex added, “My sister is going to love you! You should see our game nights.”

“Oh really? Sounds like a good time. Maybe you’ll have to invite me over to one.”

“Tomorrow night. Come over?”

“Wow, already asking me on a second date, huh? Must have done something right with that dinner.”

Alex blushed, but kept on course. “The food was amazing,” she laughed. “But I’m serious about the invitation. And yeah, I mean, I’d like to go on another date with you if you want to as well.” She really hoped she wasn’t the only one who felt like the night was going well.

“That sounds amazing,” Maggie answered, stepping closer to Alex and smiling up at her.


“Yeah, really. It’ll be good to hang out with your friends outside of school.”

“They’re not just my friends, Maggie. They like you too, ya know?”

Maggie just shrugged. She wasn’t used to being liked, wasn’t used to having friends. She used to have friends, but they had been quick to abandon her as soon as Eliza started talking about what had happened between them, which convinced Maggie that they must never have been friends to begin with.

Eventually they settled in with the marathon of Rizzoli and Isles currently playing on TNT because, as Alex teasingly explained, “You need to get ready for you future career.” They were also happy enough to watch something that didn’t require their full attention, as they found their conversations from the commercial breaks extending into the show as they talked about their favorite characters and guessed who the real criminal likely was as well as who the show would try to pin it on first. Alex was also incredibly distracted by the feeling of Maggie’s hand in her own—something that had happed toward the end of the first episode when they scooted closer together.

“Is this show…is this show really gay?” Alex asked, earning a loud laugh from Maggie.

“I mean, technically no. But subtextually? The gayest. It’s called queerbaiting, but I mean, it’s still a fun show to watch.”

“And they’re hot,” Alex added, pulling another laugh from Maggie.

“You’re such a quick study to the whole gay culture thing,” Maggie teased.

“Yeah, well, I guess I have a good tutor too.” She stuck her tongue out at Maggie.

Maggie bit her lip. “Should we, uh, go over any other aspects of the lesbian lifestyle?”

“That is the cheesiest pickup line ever,” Alex declared, laughing loudly.

“Whatever,” Maggie sulked.

“I didn’t say it didn’t work…” Alex trailed off, the teasing grin having been replaced with an earnest (if slightly nervous) look as she licked her lips.

“Oh. Right, yeah!” Maggie leaned forward, waiting for Alex to meet her, not wanting to push anything on Alex before she was ready. But in a moment, Alex was meeting her and kissing her more like she had in the car. After a bit of nose bumping and teeth clashing, they finally got used to the other person’s movements and were soon proceeding more smoothly. Slowly, tentatively, Alex moved one of her hands from her lap to Maggie’s waist, which earned her a warm hand between her shoulder blades, pulling her slightly closer.

Maggie was fairly certain this was the best moment of her life. Unlike the car kiss that had been so surrounded by drama and her own fears, this one was happening in the midst of an amazing date with a very pretty girl who seemed genuinely into her—something she didn’t believe would happen, at least not until college.

Alex still couldn’t believe how much better this was than kissing boys. When she felt Maggie’s tongue tentatively dipping between her lips, then pulling back, she worried a bit. After all, there had been nothing worse than having Rick stick his tongue down her throat. She had no idea what the appeal was in that type of kissing; it was slimy and wet and unpleasant at best. But when Maggie tried again, it was soft and gentle, more like a caress of her own tongue with Maggie’s that was over soon enough that she actually missed it. It felt intimate in a way that wasn’t off-putting, and Alex found herself wondering what would happen if she tried back. But maybe she only knew how to do it wrong. After all, Rick was the only other person she had kissed. And just because she thought he was terrible didn’t mean that she would be any better.

But then Maggie was doing it again, and Alex didn’t want to seem like she wasn’t into their kiss, so she tried it back, keeping her motions small and slow enough not to feel sudden or jerky in the way that Rick’s always had. And her efforts earned her a small whimper in return that sounded like the best noise Alex had ever heard in her life, a noise that stirred something inside her, leaving her feeling warm all over with heat radiating out from low in her abdomen. And suddenly she was surging closer to Maggie and wrapping her other arm around her, letting out some sort of squeaking noise when Maggie threaded her fingers through Alex’s hair.

Eventually a loud gunshot on the television startled them apart. Once they realized it was only the show, they calmed down, then laughed as they took in their slightly disheveled appearances. Alex’s hair was sticking up slightly in the back, while Maggie’s shirt was noticeably wrinkled. Their cheeks were pink and their lips swollen, and they sat side-by-side breathing heavily.

“That was, um, I would do that again,” Maggie managed to get out.

“Yeah, yeah, me too,” Alex added, nodding fervently.

They rejoined their hands as they sat watching the end of an episode they had almost completely missed. “I guess I should probably start heading home,” Alex said, looking disappointed as she noticed that it was already after 10. Her mom wasn’t big on curfews, but she also didn’t want to make a bad impression on Maggie’s aunt or have to explain just yet where she was for so many hours to her mom, who just knew that she was going to hang out with Maggie, not that it was a date. It wasn’t that Alex would never tell her, but she had wanted to be sure that it wasn’t just a fluke. Maybe that first kiss would have been great, but then they’d try again and it would be as bad as kissing boys (it hadn’t been, not even close). Or maybe she or Maggie would realize that they were better as friends and that their witty, flirty banter didn’t translate super well into actually dating (it did, actually, and it made time fly by on their date). So now she needed to think about how she would tell her mother, but that could all wait for another day.

“I’ll walk you to the door,” Maggie offered, standing up and grabbing Alex’s coat from the closet.

“Thanks.” Alex shrugged on her coat and fished her keys out of her pocket. “I guess, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow for game night. If you still want to come over?”

“Of course,” Maggie nodded, leaning in and pressing one last kiss to Alex’s lips before she could leave and second-guess everything.

Smiling dumbly, Alex nodded and promptly stumbled over her own feet as she turned for the door. “Can we, um, can we pretend that didn’t happen?”

“Sure, Danvers,” Maggie laughed. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Chapter Text

Dating Maggie was, well, in a word, amazing. It was easy and fun and just felt right. And kissing Maggie? Alex could do that that all day long. Sure, she still had to work on the whole coming out thing, but right now the most important thing felt like spending all of her time with Maggie, which really made finding time for the whole one-on-one conversation with her mother a little difficult.

People at school were gradually figuring it out, though Alex made sure to keep it quiet lest it stir up any bad memories for Maggie. Of course, this time they had a group of very loyal friends who would gladly beat the crap out of anyone who so much as looked at the couple the wrong way. So when Rick made some snide comment about how he figured there must have been a reason why Alex didn’t fall over herself to be his girlfriend and, of all the reasons, this one was pretty hot, James was there before Maggie and Alex could begin to threaten him on their own. “Don’t act like that, man. Don’t remind Alex of every single legitimate reason she had for not wanting to be with you.” And James’ deep voice coupled with his bulging muscles made Rick back down pretty quickly. As for the others? Well, between Kara and James prowling the halls, muscles out from their morning track workouts, Winn reminding everyone that he was a tech genius who could hack into their computers and make very public every single thing they’d ever searched online, and Lucy somehow being intimidating without ever doing more than arching an eyebrow, Alex and Maggie didn’t have to worry too much.

Maggie had quickly been accepted as a regular in their weekly game nights, and she and Alex were a force to be reckoned with when it came to Taboo, managing to tie Alex and Kara’s earlier record. So the next weekend, it was no surprise that Maggie was over at the Danvers, huddled in between Alex and James as the group laughed at Lucy’s terrible drawing skills that left her team at quite a disadvantage in Pictionary.

“I hate this game,” Lucy whined, throwing down her marker after no one guessed her clue…again.

“Luce,” Kara began, her voice gentle, “I mean, what even is that?”

“She,” Lucy corrected, “is a ballerina.”

“Oh! I can see the bun now!” Maggie exclaimed, looking genuinely pleased at having recognized any part of the drawing.

Winn and Kara just shook their heads, clearly displeased at the team distribution. After all, Winn wasn’t much better, which left Kara as the only talented artist on their team. Of course, Alex stuck to stick figures, but she and Maggie were in sync enough that they managed to still guess about half of her drawings.

“Whatever, let’s play a new game,” Lucy suggested.

“Any suggestions?” James asked.

“Truth or Dare!” Kara yelled out. Having come to the planet as a teenager, she felt like she had missed many formative experiences—foremost among them, middle school sleepovers full of silly games like truth or dare. Of course, people still played in high school, but now it was more often paired with drinking games and hooking up.

Alex groaned but acquiesced to Kara’s request. After all, she could rarely say no to her little sister. Eventually everyone gave in, though they insisted that if they had to play, they were getting snacks first. James offered to drive anyone who wanted to come with, and he quickly found his car packed with Kara, Winn, and Lucy. “Did you two want to come?” he asked.

“We’re okay,” Alex laughed, waving him off. Snack shopping with Kara was always an experience. And putting her and Winn together just made them both act even crazier. There were already two stores in town that wouldn’t let the lot of them back in without adult supervision after Winn had rigged the self checkout scanners to announce comic book catchphrases instead of the product names when items were scanned and Kara had accidentally knocked down an entire end display of soup cans while having a shopping cart race. Luckily Lucy was pretty good about reigning everyone in, while James just laughed at the lot of them.

Once they drove off, Alex pulled Maggie back inside and toward her room, fully intent on making out until the rest of the group returned. But she thought that perhaps she should give Maggie other options. “Did you, um, did you want to watch something, or, I don’t know, we can talk?”

“We haven’t stopped talking for hours. And we talk when I’m not at your place,” Maggie teased, stepping into Alex’s personal space. “Unless you’d rather talk?”

“No,” Alex quickly answered, shaking her head as she pulled Maggie in all the way and pressed their lips together. They stood like that for a while, pulling each other close and trying to keep their hands out of one another’s hair to avoid having it be too obvious what they had been up to while everyone was out.

Just as Alex slipped her tongue into Maggie’s mouth, Maggie pulled back. “Are you going to tell your mom about us?”

Alex blinked a few times, trying to figure out what had happened. “What?”

“Sorry, it’s a little sudden, but just, we’re at your house all the time. And I see your mom a lot. And I don’t want to, I don’t know, have her think that I’m some terrible person sneaking around with her daughter. That’s already happened sort of. I just, I want to do this right. And I’m not trying to push you to come out faster, it’s just, yeah,” Maggie trailed off.

Alex took a deep breath and sat down on the bed, patting beside her for Maggie to come join her. “I, yeah, I am going to tell her. And I want to tell her soon. Trust me, the last thing I want to do is hide you. I mean, I was happy to have my friends and classmates know that we’re together. It’s just, I always worry about disappointing her. Not that there’s anything wrong with being gay! But…I don’t know. I feel like I never live up to her expectations. And then whenever I want to tell her, she’s always at work or working from home.”

“She is a busy lady,” Maggie agreed, smiling to make sure Alex knew she wasn’t mad.

“Right. But I promise, I will tell her this weekend. I know she’s at work late tonight, but if she comes home before game night ends, I’ll talk to her, okay? Otherwise tomorrow.”

“I don’t want you to do this just for me, though, Alex.”

“It’s not!” Alex rushed to reassure Maggie. “I want her to know. You’re already such an important part of my life. I mean, sorry, I don’t want to sound like I’m pushing things too fast. But I mean, I like you. A lot. And spending time with you is great. And I wouldn’t want you or my mom to think that I didn’t tell her because I was ashamed or something. It’s just…nerves. And timing. Because it also requires me dragging myself away from you for a while.”

“So smooth, Danvers,” Maggie teased. “Let me know if you need anything, okay? Do you want to practice?”

“I was planning to just blurt out, ‘I’m dating Maggie. Kay, bye!’ Is that not appropriate?”

Giggling, Maggie shrugged. “I suppose it gets the point across. But she might have questions.”

“Ugh, yes, I know. But as long as she’s chill, I’ll be fine dealing with the questions.”

“And you don’t think that she’ll, um, that she’ll be mad at me do you?”

Clasping Maggie’s hands between her own, Alex shook her head. “No. Not at all. I know that she and I don’t always get along that well, but I don’t think she’s like that. I’m sure she’ll want to talk to you a little—same way your aunt did with me—but she won’t be mean. She’s always been nice to James, and she trusts Kara and me enough to let us have the people we date over to the house even when she isn’t here.”

Maggie nodded. She was nervous still, but she certainly didn’t want to put that on Alex.

“For now…” Alex trailed off, grinning and batting her eyes in an exaggeratedly flirtatious manner, “we do still have the house to ourselves.”

“Yeah, and what did you want to do about that?” Maggie laughed, and Alex gently shoved her down to the pillows.

Biting her lip, Maggie tugged gently on Alex’s shirt, drawing her down to kiss her. She tried not to get carried away by the thought that they were actually in Alex’s bed and that she was technically lying down in Alex’s bed while they made out. But then Alex twisted around so that she was no longer uncomfortably craning backward to kiss Maggie, which left Alex half on top of Maggie with their legs stretched out and tangled together.

“Is this, is this too fast?” Maggie managed to ask, trying to keep her breathing in check as her heart thundered in her chest.

“I mean, we’re still just making out, right? And we’ve done that a lot. I just, we’re just getting more comfortable. I mean, I wouldn’t want to get a crick in my neck from bending over to kiss you, would I?”

Maggie laughed. “No, we couldn’t have that happen.”

Content that Maggie was no longer worried, Alex lowered herself again, quickly finding Maggie’s mouth and tentatively sucking Maggie’s lower lip between her own, which earned her a needy whine that Alex was desperate to hear again and again.

A while later, they heard the front door swing open as a cacophony of voices flooded up the stairs. “We’re home!” Kara yelled from downstairs.

“Be down in a minute!” Alex yelled back, returning her attention to Maggie’s mouth.

“We should go back,” Maggie murmured against Alex’s lips, though she didn’t stop kissing Alex.

“In a minute,” Alex promised, determined to use her last minute to the fullest as she ran her tongue across Maggie’s lower lip.

“Alex,” a voice called out as Alex’s door swung open.

Maggie squeaked, and Alex jumped, and Eliza cleared her throat. “Perhaps I should have knocked first.”

Just as Maggie began stammering out her apologies, and Alex began stumbling over her words, insisting that there was an explanation and she had been meaning to say something, Eliza held up her hand. “I’m not mad, okay? I’m a little surprised. And that was not necessarily something I wanted to see. I am, after all, still your mother. But I am not mad, nor am I going to kick you out of my house, Maggie, or ground you, Alex. But, Maggie, would you mind leaving Alex and me for a moment? The others just got back with what looks like enough ice cream to feed the state of California, and I’m sure they’ll be only too happy to share.”

Maggie gulped and nodded, shooting an apologetic glance at Alex as she made her way out of the room and down the stairs, desperately trying not to have a panic attack among all of her new friends. James, of course, noticed right away that she was hanging back in the living room while everyone else chatted excitedly in the kitchen as they made their sundaes.

“Hey, what’s up?” he asked.

“I, um, Eliza, Alex’s mom, she, um, she maybe just caught us making out. In Alex’s bed. And Alex hasn’t told her we’re dating yet. And she said she wasn’t mad, but I think she’s probably mad. I mean, she has to be mad, right? And she’s going to yell at Alex, and Alex will dump me because her mom told her she has to. Then I’ll have to move again, and maybe my aunt will decide that it isn’t worth the trouble of inheriting a teenager.”

“Maggie,” James cut in, carefully laying one of his hands on top of hers, which he noted were trembling. “Can you breathe in and out with me? That line of thinking sounds a lot like catastrophizing. I know that everything feels like maybe it’s going to spiral out of control, but I promise, Eliza isn’t like that.”

Maggie tried to listen and tried to follow his advice and tried to practice the breathing techniques she had learned to control her anxiety, but right now, panic seemed like a really appropriate response to the situation.

“You know how I know that Eliza isn’t like that? She walked in on Kara and me once too. And Kara is the baby, the one that Eliza feels like she has to protect at all times. And I didn’t have a shirt on, and I was so sure she was going to throw me out onto the street and tell me to stay away forever. But she didn’t. I couldn’t make eye contact with her for a few weeks, but she was fine. And Kara didn’t get in trouble; she just had a long talk with Eliza. And I know, I can imagine that being gay probably makes it feel even worse, but I promise we’re all here for you if anything happens, even though I really don’t think it will.”

Upstairs, Alex sat on her bed, trembling as she tried to get words out. Finally she whispered, “I wanted to tell you. I was going to. Tonight even. I’m sorry,” she whispered, blinking back tears.

“Sweetheart, it’s okay. I’m glad that you trusted me enough to want to want to tell me. I know that I’ve been busy with all of the grant applications due this month. I haven’t really been there for you lately either, and I’m sorry.”

“You’re not mad?” Alex asked.

“No, I understand why you hadn’t told me yet, dear. And even if you needed more time to feel comfortable, that would have been fine too.”

“But, I mean, you’re not mad about the thing, the thing that I hadn’t told you yet?”

“No, Alex, why would I be mad?”

Alex shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know. It’s not, not everyone is okay with it.”

“Your being gay would never make me upset. I would have been upset with myself if I thought I had made this into a household where you couldn’t be open about these sorts of things. I can tell that Maggie makes you happy, that you’ve been smiling more these past few weeks.”

“You knew?” Alex asked.

“Of course I knew. But it wasn’t my place to say.”

“Thanks,” Alex murmured, burying her head into her mother’s shoulder as she tried to get her breathing under control.

After a few moments, when it seemed like Alex was doing okay, Eliza pulled back slightly, keeping an arm around Alex’s shoulders. “Now, I know we have rather lenient guidelines in this house when it comes to your and Kara’s dates, and those aren’t going to change now just because you’re seeing someone,” she reassured Alex, anticipating the protest at how unfair it was that Kara was allowed to have James over whenever she wanted. “But I do need you to be safe. And just because you can’t get pregnant from having sex with another woman, you can still get plenty of STDs and STIs.”

“Mom!” Alex cried out, jumping across the bed. “We’re not doing that!” she hissed.

“Not yet,” Eliza corrected her. “And maybe it won’t be for a long time, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have all of the information you need to be protected.”

Alex blushed a flaming red color. “Can we do this when all of my friends and my girlfriend aren’t downstairs?” she pleaded.

“Fine. I will do my research so that I can be best informed about what information I should pass along to you,” Eliza concluded, patting Alex’s knee as though the conversation they were having wasn’t making her daughter feel like she was about to spontaneously combust from embarrassment.

“Okay. Can I go downstairs now?”

“Whatever you want, Alex. But I think I’m going to come downstairs to make sure Maggie knows that I don’t hate her. I suspect she’s probably down there panicking without you.”

Alex gulped, thinking back to Maggie’s experiences with Eliza and her own family. “Can you, um, can you be extra nice to her? She hasn’t had the best experience with…parents.”

Anger flashed across Eliza’s eyes, but it was quickly replaced by concern, and she nodded, following Alex downstairs to where everyone but Maggie and James was still chatting in the kitchen. Alex quickly made her way to the living room, where Maggie had her head resting on James’ chest as he told terrible jokes to try to distract her.

“Hey,” Alex waved, smiling at Maggie to try to communicate that everything was okay.

“Alex, Dr. Danvers,” Maggie said, shooting up to her feet.

“Eliza is still fine,” Eliza explained. “I just came down to make sure you know that I’m not upset with you. I’m glad to see how happy you’ve made my Alex. I could tell you not to hurt her or any number of things, but I’m fairly certain you wouldn’t do any of them intentionally. So I’ll leave it at a hearty welcome. I hope you feel as welcome here as James does, and that includes knowing that I’m happy to have you here whenever you want. Well, except perhaps on school nights, unless you’re working on homework before dinner.”

Maggie nodded. Internally, she debated the merits of pinching herself to see if this was real, but she thought that would look a bit odd, so instead she managed to repeat her thanks to Eliza and wave goodbye when she made her way back down to the lab.

“Is that real?” Maggie asked.

“Told you so,” James whispered, nudging Maggie and smiling at her before heading back to the kitchen to join Kara.

“Seriously, how did that situation end that well?” Maggie asked.

“Speak for yourself. Tomorrow I have to have an extended discussion with my mother about lesbian safe sex practices. She’s already talking about getting diagrams from her labs and bringing home latex gloves and something called a dental dam,” Alex cringed, making Maggie laugh.

“But things were okay otherwise?”

“Yeah, I…I shouldn’t have been that worried. But I’m glad she knows about you, even if that’s not the way I would have chosen for her to find out.”

“It was not ideal…”

“No, not quite.”

Chapter Text

“Danvers, on your right!” J’onn’s voice crackled through Alex’s comms as she rolled to her left to dodge the attack. But as soon as she was out of the way, the attack stopped. This attacker—Alex didn’t think human, though he looked humanoid—seemed intent on getting to her and her team, rather than seeking random destruction, which was, to be honest, more disconcerting.

“We’re sending in another team, do you copy?” J’onn barked.

“Yes, sir,” Alex got out before having to sprint away as he moved the car behind which she was crouched without even having to touch it.

A few minutes of cat-and-mouse-style dodging later, the other team showed up with Lucy in command and Vasquez on her second. The attacker paused his assault, looking up to survey the new additions. A wicked grin spread across his face at the sight of them, and he seemed to focus in on Lucy this time.

Lucy found her gaze drawn up to this new villain, and something inside of her felt as though it had shifted, leaving her weak and dizzy. As she crumpled to the ground, being saved from a nasty concussion only by Vasquez’s quick reaction, the villain snapped his fingers and was gone without a trace.

“J’onn, we need a med evac!” Alex yelled into her comm as she rushed across the alleyway toward Lucy and her team. “Luce, Lucy, are you okay? Stay with me,” Alex called out, checking all of Lucy’s vital signs.

“Ma’am, you go track him down. I’ll make sure she’s okay until the med team shows up,” Vasquez added, placing a comforting hand on Alex’s arm.

Alex nodded and jogged off to survey the area. With no sight of him, she called Maggie’s work phone, figuring NCPD should get a fair warning. But there was no answer. She tried Maggie’s cell and heard an unfamiliar voice answer. “Have fun!” the anonymous person cackled, then hung up.

Alex quickly called J’onn, explaining that she suspected their villain (or another one, it didn’t really matter) had gotten to Maggie. She instructed Winn to trace Maggie’s cell phone and was on her motorcycle the second she got coordinates from him.

Breaking just about every traffic law, Alex raced across town, desperate to get to Maggie and make sure she was safe. When she got to the coordinates Winn had specified, she glanced around, trying to find her girlfriend. Spotting a police cruiser, she jogged across the street, only to find Maggie slumped forward in her seat.

She tried not to panic, schooling herself to remember her training, remember every step to make sure that Maggie was alright. While calling in for another med team, she threw open the door and undid Maggie’s seatbelt so it wouldn’t be cutting into her neck. She carefully sat Maggie back up in the seat and began checking her vitals, grateful to find that she had a pulse—weak but steady, there.

Within minutes, the med team had arrived and took over, though Alex hovered on the periphery, pacing as she tried not to let her desperation and fear show. One of the medics came over to Alex to explain what was going on. “It looks like she got hit with whatever Director Lane did. Same symptoms, but I’ll have you know that Director Lane is already coming to again.” Alex looked slightly relieved, though she wouldn’t be okay until she watched Maggie wake up, was able to run tests on her herself and ascertain that no serious damage had been done.

Since she wasn’t allowed to be next to Maggie just yet, she settled for barking orders into her comms, demanding that whoever the hell this alien was be made priority number one, given that he was targeting specific individuals related to the DEO. She didn’t mention that he also seemed to be going after the women in her life—her girlfriend, one of her only close friends, and herself, though he seemed to be content to let her wait while he attacked the others.

“We’re going to take Detective Sawyer back to the DEO’s med bay. She’s showing signs of progress, but it’s better to treat her there, okay?” the medic confirmed with Alex while the rest of his team loaded Maggie into the ambulance. Alex was pleased to see signs of life and slight movement coming from the stretcher. She nodded and quickly hopped on her bike, trailing behind the ambulance all the way to the DEO.

While Maggie was in with the doctors, Alex paced around command central, demanding answers that no one had yet. The other agents quickly learned to skirt around the central area, following the winding hallways to and from the back rooms lest they incur Agent Danvers’ wrath for not having caught their mystery man yet.

Eventually J’onn came out and guided Alex back to his office, asking her in a calming voice to please sit down.

“Why?” Alex snapped.

“We are doing the best that we can to catch whomever did this, but that means you need to trust that all of your fellow agents are doing their best.”

“Well their best isn’t good enough.”

“Maggie and Lucy have both woken up, and all initial tests show no long-lasting results. There were some anomalies in their CT scans—they’re displaying slightly different patterns of brain activity than we would normally expect—but it’s nothing too concerning to the doctors. They want both women to report back daily for the next week, but otherwise they are free to leave our care.”

“Okay,” Alex nodded. “Does Lucy have someone to stay with her through the night?” Alex definitely didn’t feel comfortable having the woman go all the way back to the desert base, but she worried that she would try to stay on her own tonight. And what if something happened? Alex wouldn’t be able to live with herself, especially given the gnawing suspicion that somehow these attacks were tied back to her in some way, that her mere existence had put both of these women in danger.

“I’m not sure, but she is welcome to stay with me if she needs somewhere,” J’onn offered.

Knowing that it was a kind offer that Lucy would most definitely turn down, Alex shrugged. “She can come back to my place. God knows I’ll be up all night checking in on Maggie anyway.”

J’onn nodded and smiled at Alex. He wouldn’t say anything to embarrass her, but he was rather proud of the woman she had grown up to become.

Strolling into the med bay, Alex found both Maggie and Lucy sitting side-by-side on examination tables. “Alright, I hear you two are free to go!” she cheered, trying to sound happy and enthusiastic. The unimpressed looks on both of their faces suggested that she wasn’t all that successful at masking her anxiety.

“Free to go with supervision,” Maggie clarified.

“Yes, that’s why I’m here,” Alex added.

“Enjoy your freedom,” Lucy announced melodramatically, reaching out her hand to Maggie as though she were Jack letting Rose go in Titanic.

“Oh knock it off,” Alex shushed Lucy, swatting her hand down. “I’m here for you too. Get your butt off the bed and follow me.”

“Aye, aye, captain!” Lucy winked.

“Did they give you something?” Alex asked, trying to figure out what had gotten into Lucy.

“Nah, it’s just nice to be back in the city. I mean, the desert base has its perks. Weird, covert operations feel. Vasquez’s sassy comm commentary. A resident mascot in the form of that weird bat that always attacks Kara. But still, good to be back, even if the first thing that happened to me was some freak attack thing.”

Alex threw an arm around Lucy. “It’s good to have you back, Luce.” Catching sight of Maggie who was staring at them curiously, Alex added, “Oh, I assume you’ve met Maggie, my girlfriend?”

“Oh please, we’re old friends. Hours together in the med bay will do that to ya. Proud of you for finally strolling on out of that closet and snagging yourself a hot girlfriend in the process,” Lucy teased, nudging Alex with her shoulder.

Alex grinned at Maggie before turning back to Lucy. “What do you mean ‘finally’?”

“Oh, honey,” Lucy drawled, earning a hearty laugh from Maggie. “It’s okay, everyone has their own timelines.”

Alex grumbled but was soon distracted by Maggie’s arms around her. “Take us home? Please,” she pleaded, feeling rather restless after spending so many hours stuck on the examination table.

“Damn, buy your third a drink first,” Lucy whistled, winking at the blushing couple.


By the time they got back to Alex’s apartment, Alex was truly starting to believe Lucy’s suggestion that she and Maggie had become fast friends, if the way they worked in unison to tease Alex mercilessly was any indication.

“I hate you both. Get into pajamas and get into your beds,” Alex ordered when they got back upstairs.

“Whatever, mom,” Lucy teased, sticking her tongue out at Alex. “Also, I don’t have pajamas with me. So either let me borrow something or don’t complain about me sleeping in the nude.”

Alex stammered and blushed at the image that appeared unbidden in her mind. “Uh, right, yes, shirt. And shorts. Yep.”

Maggie furrowed her eyebrows, looking after Alex, who was, at the moment, tripping on her way to the closet. Clearly nothing had happened between Alex and Lucy, if Alex’s big gay panic moment was any indication, but it sure seemed like there was some unresolved sexual tension between them. She made a mental note to get the full story later.

Alex quickly returned with three t-shirts and three pairs of boxer shorts, distributing them so that everyone had pajamas.

Without hesitating, Lucy pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her tanned and toned upper body to Alex and Maggie. Maggie felt guilty for staring (and, she suspected, drooling) until she looked over and caught sight of Alex’s jaw on the floor as she took in the image of Lucy standing there in only a bra.

Lucy bit back a grin at the sight of the two women trying to hide their staring. Figuring she would push her luck, see how far it would go, Lucy reached her arm behind her back and unclipped her bra, noting how both Alex and Maggie studiously turned around and looked at the floor the second her bra fell away. Shrugging, she pulled the shirt on over her head. “I’m decent!” she called out. “Well, actually, pants…” she trailed off, pulling them off to put on the boxer shorts.

Of course, Alex had turned around again as soon as Lucy called out that she was decent, only to find Maggie with her back to Lucy totally topless changing into her own pajamas and Lucy’s ass stuck up in the air as she bent down to kick off her pants. The high-pitched squeak she made quickly drew Maggie’s and Lucy’s attention back to her, and the sight of both of them, who were still only in oversized t-shirts—her oversized t-shirts—was nearly enough to do her in. She was far too gay to be dealing with this. Stammering and blushing, Alex quickly excused herself, grabbing her own pajamas and running to the bathroom to change, as she had assumed everyone else would do.

When she came back out into the living room, everyone was blessedly dressed. Lucy had wrapped a blanket around herself and was curled up on the couch, while Maggie prepared a pot of tea in the kitchen. “Type?” Maggie called out.

“Chamomile,” Lucy chimed in.

“Peppermint,” Alex added. She wondered at the domesticity of the scene, but quickly shook it from her head. Lucy was only in for the night, and beside, what was she even thinking about? The three of them playing some weird version of house?

Unaware of the odd train of thought running through Alex’s head, Lucy asked if they wanted to watch something, and Maggie and Alex both agreed. Soon they were all settled into the couch under the blankets watching old Law and Order reruns with mugs of tea.

When Alex noticed Lucy starting to slump down as her eyes drifted shut, she carefully grabbed the mostly empty mug and placed it on the end table. She nudged Maggie to head to bed, while she busied herself with turning off the television and helping Lucy get comfortable with pillows under her head and a blanket wrapped around her. “Night, Luce,” she murmured, fighting off the sudden urge to kiss Lucy’s forehead.

Alex shook her head and made her way to the bathroom. Once her face was washed and her teeth brushed, Alex hit the last of the lights and climbed into bed with Maggie. “I’m so glad you’re safe,” she whispered.

“Me too. Thanks for getting to me so quickly. The medics told me everything that happened,” Maggie explained. “I love you.”

“Love you too.” With a quick kiss goodnight, Alex let herself be wrapped up in Maggie’s arms and pulled in to snuggle.


The next morning, Alex rolled over in Maggie’s arms, grinning at the sight of her girlfriend sleeping peacefully. After the day they had had yesterday, there was no better way to wake up. Well, okay, maybe one better way…but they had company—company that was currently passed out on the couch. Alex settled for a few light kisses to Maggie’s lips, primarily as a way to remind herself that Maggie was alive and well and breathing.

Seeing Maggie’s eyes blinking open, Alex smiled. “Morning, sleepyhead.”

“Mm, morning,” came the response, followed by a large yawn. Lucy blinked her eyes open, startling slightly as she realized that she had somehow ended up in Alex’s bed. And that Alex was kissing her. Perhaps she was dreaming still. It wasn’t exactly uncommon, though ever since Alex had been moved to the downtown based those dreams had grown much less common. Of course, the news of Alex’s coming out brought back certain thoughts, but she largely kept on top of it, especially when she knew she’d be seeing J’onn.

But then Alex was leaning back in and smiling softly and stroking her cheek, and Lucy gave herself over to whatever this was—be it a dream or a fantasy or one of those things coming true. Because Alex was holding her, and Alex was deepening the kiss, and Alex was slowly rolling on top of her and tracing her hands down her side.

“Alex,” Lucy gasped.

“God, Mags, I love you,” Alex murmured into Maggie’s neck.

“Wait, what’d you call me?” Lucy asked, her eyes snapping back open.

The commotion woke Maggie, and she was soon flinging herself up and off of the couch at the sight of Alex very clearly in bed with another woman. Very clearly on top of another woman with her lips on her neck and her hands somewhere she couldn’t see. “What the fuck?” she snapped.

Alex jumped off of Maggie’s body and spun around, catching sight of Lucy standing next to the couch and glaring at her. “Sorry! I just, I just wanted to wake up my girlfriend, didn’t mean to get you too.”

At that Maggie glanced back at the bed, finding…herself? She ran the few lengths between the couch and Alex’s bed. “What the fuck? Why are you…why are you me?”

Lucy surveyed someone in her body speaking to her. “Where’s a mirror, Alex?” she demanded. As soon as Alex motioned to the doors of her closet, Lucy was up and moving, dragging her doppelganger with her. “Huh,” she declared, standing in front of the mirror and running her hands along a face that was not hers.

“What?” Alex asked, feeling very out of the loop.

“It would seem that we switched bodies.”

“No way!” Alex declared. “We’ve got that damn device locked up under so many degrees of security now.”

“What device?” Lucy asked.

“It, it doesn’t matter. Let me call J’onn.”

A few minutes later, Alex returned with bad news. “So, the device is still safely locked up, which means that we don’t have any clear answers on how to switch you two back, but J’onn thinks it has something to do with the attacks you sustained.”

“Weird,” Maggie mumbled. “So I take it we need to go to the DEO?” Alex nodded. “Good thing the NCPD already gave me off for today after yesterday’s attack. Would be a little weird to show up in a new body.”

“Or we could switch places for the day,” Lucy offered.

“Yeah, well, you already made out with my girlfriend,” Maggie shot back.

“Hey, wait. Why didn’t you say anything?” Alex asked Lucy, confusion written across her face.

“Oh, um, I don’t know,” Lucy shrugged, figuring now was not the time to admit that she thought it was one of her many recurring dreams about Alex or that she had even dared to hope that somehow Alex had decided to let something happen between them.

Maggie narrowed her eyes at the lack of explanation, becoming increasingly curious about whatever it was that had transpired between these two before she met Alex.

“But you, you’re okay?” Alex asked, turning toward Maggie in Lucy’s body.

“Yeah, thanks,” Maggie muttered. “Just confused, but I suppose that’s what working in the Science Division is all about.”

Alex laughed humorlessly. “Ah yes, fun times with aliens. Never a dull day.”

Maggie shook her head. “I’ll get breakfast started if you want to put on the coffee.”

Lucy tried to figure out how to back away from the situation, feeling as though she were intruding on a very private, domestic moment.

Alex nodded and walked toward the kitchen. “Can I, can I kiss you good morning?” she asked, unsure to whom she should direct the question. She just wanted to know that her Maggie was okay and also to reassure Maggie that she wasn’t going to cheat on her. She couldn’t imagine what it must have been like to wake up to that image, especially since she knew that she had acted a bit flustered around Lucy the night before.

“Yeah,” Maggie nodded, turning to Lucy to see if she was going to object.

Of course, after nearly having to admit to Alex that she fantasized and dreamed about her on a semi-regular basis, Lucy wasn’t going to say no to anything that demonstrated how okay she was with Alex’s relationship. But when Alex pulled Maggie in, when Alex pulled in someone that looked just like her—was her, physically—and kissed her softly, lovingly, something inside Lucy broke a little, wondering about how different things might have been if they had met a bit later. And when Maggie deepened the kiss slightly, needing to remind herself that Alex was still with her, hadn’t gone running off at the first sign of something better, the moment her shiny veneer wore off, Lucy felt heat rush through her body, coming to rest between her legs as she chastised herself for the inappropriate reaction to what wasn’t her moment with Alex.

“I, uh, I’m gonna go change,” Lucy added, quickly shuffling into the bathroom.

Alex pulled away, blushing slightly for having gotten a little lost in the kiss while Lucy was still right there—Lucy who she had accidentally made out with that morning. She shook her head and quickly pulled out her own clothes, figuring she should get dressed as well so that they could get to the DEO as soon as possible. Maggie did the same, but as soon as she stood in front of Alex in only underwear, she realized that it wasn’t exactly her body she was showing off. And those weren’t her breasts that Alex was staring at. Maggie cleared her throat, getting Alex’s attention.

Blushing, Alex looked up and into Lucy’s eyes, reminding herself that it was still Maggie, but she probably shouldn’t be looking. It was all very confusing. Because inside was a woman she loved, was a woman who was comfortable with the fact that she loved her and loved her body and loved making love to her body. But that wasn’t the right body. But that body was also doing things to her. Because no matter how much she tried, she couldn’t quite distract herself from the way her pulse was racing or how her underwear felt uncomfortably damp. And that felt a lot like cheating on Maggie in some weird, fucked up way.

By the time Lucy came back out from the bathroom, Alex and Maggie were both fully dressed and sitting on the couch sipping coffee as they watched the news, looking for any sightings of their mystery man. Lucy poured herself a mug and grabbed a bagel, joining them but sitting in the armchair, apart from the couple.

“Any updates?” Lucy asked.

“No,” Alex shook her head, rubbing her temples at the stress headache she could already feel building. “Hopefully J’onn will have some answers, and maybe the med team or R&D will be able to come up with some solution to get you two back to normal.”


As it turned out, no one was having any luck getting them back into their own bodies. Alex paced across the DEO, giving orders to anyone she could find to track down their attacker. Just as she was giving up hope, the man himself popped in front of her with a loud crack.

“You!” Alex growled, drawing her alien gun and aiming it at him. “Tell me how to reverse this!”

“True love, or maybe it’s just lust, how should I know?” he laughed, catching Alex’s gaze as she fell to the floor unconscious. Before anyone could apprehend him, he was gone with a flash. But J’onn had gotten a good look at him this time, looked into his thoughts. And he recognized the thoughts, even if the exterior was different. It was the same Music Meister who had come to attack Supergirl before portal-jumping into another earth. Only this time, it seemed as though his targets were all of this earth. He tried to figure out what the objective could be, given that his purported goal was to promote love however he saw fit, no matter how unethical the means. Though he also remembered that in the end, his goal seemed to have been pure mischief more than anything else. He shook his head and carried Alex down to the med bay.

When J’onn arrived with Alex he found a scene of total chaos. It seemed that when the Music Meister (or whatever name he was using these days, since musicals didn’t seem to be his M.O. this time around) had knocked out Alex, both Maggie and Lucy had passed out again as well. J’onn quickly provided the doctors with a summary of what had transpired upstairs, then left them to their work.

This time, all of the women were kept overnight for observation. Even though Alex grumbled at first, she was secretly glad for the separate beds to keep herself from growing any more confused.


The next morning, Alex was woken up by a lab technician by her bedside wanting to check her vitals. “Good morning, Maggie,” he announced.


“Sorry, Lucy! I forgot for a moment that you two had switched. The body thing is still rather disconcerting.”

“But I’m Alex,” Alex insisted.

“Oh, uh, let me go get the doctor…” the lab tech trailed off before turning and running for the back at full speed.

When the doctor came back, she quickly went to each one of them. Finally she announced, “It would seem you’ve all been switched again. Director Lane is in Agent Danvers’ body. Detective Sawyer is in Director Lane’s body. And Agent Danvers is in Detective Sawyer’s body. Any questions?”

“Yeah, how the hell are we getting back to normal?” Alex growled.

“I promise we’re working on it,” the doctor assured Alex, looking uncomfortable at having to deal with Agent Danvers, who was notoriously awful as a patient.

“And until then?”

“Until then you are not to be out in the field, Agent Danvers. You three will rest,” J’onn’s booming voice rang out through the room as he strode toward them.

“Sir,” Alex began to protest.

“This is not negotiable. Think about how awful you would feel if you irreparably harmed Detective Sawyer’s body because you weren’t used to fighting in it.”

Everyone saw the way Alex’s shoulders slumped at that, the fight slowly draining out of her body. “How’d you know it was me in Maggie’s body?”

“Your thoughts are still your own, Alex, and they’re rather…distinctive.”

Lucy and Maggie laughed, earning an offended glare from Alex. “Can we at least go back to my place?” She had no desire to spend any more time being poked and prodded by doctors who couldn’t do a thing for her.

“You may,” J’onn conceded, “as long as you all stay together and report back to the med bay each morning for testing.”

“Fine,” Alex grumbled, quickly standing up and throwing on a sweatshirt as she motioned for Lucy and Maggie to follow her.


Back at Alex’s apartment, the three women tried to come up with ideas for how to switch back over dinner.

“What if we try the body swapping device we have?” Alex suggested.

“Is that the metal rod looking thing?” Lucy asked.


“They already tried when it was just the two of us. Didn’t work.”

“Hmm.” Alex looked forlorn. It wasn’t that she hated being in Maggie’s body, but she wanted to be back out in the field, and there was something odd about bickering with herself.

“Did the mystery Music Meister man say anything when you saw him today?” Maggie chimed in.

“Nothing useful. I mean, something weird about true love, but then he was giggling like a madman and everything went black.”

Lucy blushed a fantastic scarlet color in Alex’s body, wondering if there was some way that the villain had seen her thoughts. But no, she reasoned, he had locked in on her the second she arrived, long before she was alone with Alex. Another voice in her head reminded her that she had arrived to save Alex, so the redhead may well have been a high priority in her thoughts. But then, why her? Vasquez was there, and Lucy suspected that Vasquez also harbored quite the crush on the elder Danvers sister. Trying to distract from her racing thoughts, Lucy asked, “But you’ve met this guy before, right?”

“Barely,” Alex answered. “He showed up at the DEO, took out Kara with just a look, then hopped through a portal and went to another earth. For some absurd reason they didn’t let me come with them to save Kara, so J’onn and Mon-El were the only ones to really meet the guy, and only one of them is still around. I guess back then, the Music Meister was trying to get ‘true love’s kiss’ to happen, which is why he put them all in a musical. I don’t know, it’s confusing. But Kara kissed Mon-El, and Barry kissed Iris, and they all woke up again.”

“Did he tell you true love’s kiss would fix it?” Maggie asked.

“No, he said something about true love or maybe just true lust, but nothing about a kiss. Also, Kara was just passed out, not in a new body.”

“True lust?” Maggie repeated. “What is this? Some absurd fuck or die shit?”

“Fuck or die?” Alex asked, scrunching her eyebrows together.

“Aww, someone never got into shitty fan fiction,” Lucy giggled, poking Alex in the side.

“What are you talking about?” Alex whined.

Maggie stepped in. “It’s a trope people use in fan fiction. It’s fine, Danvers, you came out late in life. One version is basically to stop someone from dying, they have to fuck another character—normally someone they’ve had a crush on for ages but won’t admit it for any number of reasons.”

“Excuse me,” Alex spat out, choking on her pizza. “We are not going to have sex because some demented Broadway reject told us to!”

“I didn’t say we should,” Maggie laughed. “It just sounds like we’re stuck in some weird story based on his words.”

“Oh,” Alex sighed and shrugged her shoulders. “I just want to get back into my own body.”

“Same,” Maggie added.

“I’m chill. Now I’ve got a whole wardrobe of the world’s tightest jeans and a lifetime supply of leather jackets that fit just right,” Lucy teased. Her comments finally lightened the mood a little, getting Alex and Maggie to laugh.

“And I am getting to experience the world as a short person,” Alex conceded, sticking her tongue out at Maggie.

“What do I get?” Maggie asked, looking at Lucy.

“I’m an amazing dancer, but I think you probably need my head in there too,” she laughed.

“You are basically pure muscle,” Maggie admitted, flexing her stomach and poking at the toned muscle beneath her shirt. Alex tried not to pay attention to the conversation or all the flexing that was suddenly going on as Maggie and Lucy tested out their host bodies.

“Ooh! Push up contest!” Lucy exclaimed.

“No,” Alex protested.

“Hey! You think my body won’t win?” Maggie glared up at Alex, looking almost hurt, though her giggle soon gave her away.

“We are not pre-teen boys,” Alex clarified, rolling her eyes. “We don’t need to have some weird competition.”

“Buzzkill,” Lucy grumbled. “Well, if we’re not doing anything fun, we may as well go to bed.”

“Alright, Alex nodded.

Once they were all dressed and ready, Alex headed for her own bed. “You coming, Mags?”

Maggie looked over at Lucy, who just shrugged, trying to look like she didn’t care. “Okay, yeah,” Maggie called back, hurrying over to the bed.

Lucy stared on as her own body got in bed with Maggie’s. She had to admit, Alex’s girlfriend was rather adorable. Maybe even hot, if she were being totally honest. And she was fun, brought out a lighter side in Alex that was nice to see. Too often it seemed like Alex was carrying the world on her shoulders, but with Maggie, she got to shrug some of it off for a while. Not that she should be thinking about what amazing girlfriends either of them would make. No, that would be inappropriate.

Over in the bed, Alex tried not to focus on the fact that she was curled into Lucy’s body, tried not to notice how nice it felt or how it made her heart race. “Night, Mags.”

“Night, Alex. Love you,” Maggie yawned.

“You too,” Alex whispered, pressing a chaste kiss to Maggie’s cheek as the other woman fell asleep.


The next morning, they were woken up by the sound of Kara’s voice booming through the apartment. “Alex! What the heck?”

Lucy sat bolt upright at the feeling of someone’s strong hands on her arm. “What?”

“Why are you on the couch? And why are they…?” Kara shielded her eyes at the sight of Maggie and Lucy curled up in Alex’s bed. “Seriously, does someone want to tell me what’s going on? I left for Metropolis for two days, and I come back to this!”

“Kara,” Alex began, realizing that she was speaking from Maggie’s body and needed to get everything out in the open soon. “It’s me, Alex. There was more body swapping.”

“Oh!” Kara jumped away from Alex’s body. “So…who is everyone?”

“Lucy,” Lucy volunteered, raising Alex’s arm.

“Maggie,” Maggie offered, indicating Lucy’s body.

“And again, I’m Alex.”

“Okay, weird. I thought you hated when we messed around with that device. Aren’t you the reason it’s now under so many layers of security?”

“Yes, I am because it’s not safe to play with it like a toy! But this wasn’t the device. That Music Meister guy, he’s going around in a new body, and he did this to us.”

“Am I singing?” Kara squealed.

“No. No, you are not. I don’t know, he just said something about,” Alex hesitated, “uh, about true love. But then he was giggling and disappearing on us.”

Kara crinkled her nose. “Have you tried kissing? Because that worked for me.”

“Kissing? Why didn’t we think of that?” Alex deadpanned, rolling her eyes.

“Alex, I know it sounds absurd, but he was weird like that. I mean, a kiss saved me from an actual gunshot wound when I was under his spell,” Kara explained.

“It’s worth a try,” Maggie shrugged. Without further preamble, she leaned over and kissed Alex, while Lucy cocked her head to the side at the image of Maggie and herself kissing. It wasn’t an…unpleasant sight.

“See, nothing.” Alex didn’t expect results, but she couldn’t help feeling disappointed.

“Well, no, but there are three of you? Did you kiss Lucy?”

“I already did,” Alex sighed. “By mistake! The first morning of the body swap.”

“And Maggie kissed her too?” Kara asked.

“What is this? Kinky geometry?” Alex laughed at the absurd things Kara seemed to be suggesting.

“Alex,” Kara sighed, “it’s his game. I’m not saying you should all make out or do more, which, ew, no, don’t need that mental image. I’m simply saying try kissing. I’ll leave, since clearly you feel weird about it. But then I’m coming back at 9 to walk all three of you over to the DEO and make sure nothing happens to you on the way.”

“It’s across the street,” Alex whined, hating how useless she felt these days.

“So it’ll be a quick walk,” Kara confirmed. “See you then!” And with that, she was out the window.

The three women sat in silence for another few minutes. “So…do we try it?” Maggie asked.

“Try what?” Alex asked.

“Kombucha,” Lucy deadpanned. Seeing the confused look on Alex’s face, she rolled her eyes. “No, Alex, kissing each other!”

“Oh, um, I don’t know.”

“It’s worth a shot,” Maggie offered. “It’s not like it’s the worst way to fix a problem.” Sure, she felt a little pang of what felt like jealousy at the knowledge that Alex and Lucy made out for a bit, but it was mainly the surprise factor there. And maybe, if she were being honest, the fact that she had been completely excluded from it. Because, as she had learned from too many experiences, a threesome could be fun as long as it didn’t become a twosome.

“Fine,” Alex grumbled. Throwing herself into this solution with the same intensity she did all things, Alex grabbed Maggie in Lucy’s body and kissed her hard, leaving Maggie’s head reeling. Within a few seconds, Alex was on her feet and striding across the apartment. Trying to shake the weirdness at kissing herself, she pulled Lucy close and kissed her, ignoring the way her stomach seemed to swoop at the knowledge of whom she was kissing. “Now you two,” Alex instructed, looking at the two dazed women now staring at her.

Maggie shuffled over to Lucy, trying to remind herself that it was okay. It was for the right reasons, and Alex wouldn’t suddenly freak out or accuse her of cheating on her. Lucy looked up into her own green eyes. “Here goes nothing.” She leaned in and pressed a tentative kiss to her own lips, feeling Maggie pull her in, probably just making sure the kiss registered as a kiss, she thought. And then everything was going black.


Blinking rapidly, Alex tried to figure out where she was. As soon as the doctor saw her struggling, she ran over. “Ma’am, you’re okay. You’re at the DEO. Do you remember what happened last?”

Alex shook her head.

“Supergirl brought you in. She found all three of you passed out in your apartment and carried you here. Let me just check on the others. I’ll be right back.”

Other members of the team took the head doctor’s absence as a sign to move in and check on Alex’s vitals.

“Name?” one of them asked.

“Alexandra Danvers.”

“Oh.” He scurried across the room, grabbing the doctor again.

“Alex?” the doctor asked.


“Well, it would seem you’re back in your body. We’re going to run some tests to make sure there isn’t any lasting damage.”

A long hour or two later, Alex found herself sitting in front of the doctor with Maggie and Lucy, both of whom were also in their own bodies once more. J’onn and Kara strolled in, intent on hearing the full results firsthand, rather than trusting Alex to admit if she shouldn’t be out in the field just yet.

“They appear to be fine again,” the doctor admitted, looking almost dumbfounded. “Even the CT scans are back to normal. It’s like it never happened.”

“How did you three get back?” J’onn asked.

“Did you try—?” Kara began, quickly getting a glare in return from a blushing Alex that told her all she needed to know. Apparently she had also thought about what it was they tried, as J’onn just nodded and made his way out of the med bay, muttering about things a father didn’t need to know.

“So, we’re free to go?” Alex asked, clearing her throat.

“Yes, but you’re not cleared to go back in the field for at least another 48 hours, and the Director has mandated that you spend the rest of the day at home resting.”

“What am I supposed to do all day?” Alex whined.

“It’s already 3,” Lucy chimed in, motioning to her watch.

“Oh, wow. I guess we were out for a while.” Alex stood and gathered her things.

As the three walked out of the DEO, Maggie figured she may as well mention the gargantuan elephant in the room “So, um, do we want to talk about why that worked when the solution was supposed to be true love?”

“He said it might just be lust,” Alex offered.

“Does that make it less of a thing that should be discussed?” Lucy asked, forcing a laugh.

“Oh, uh, I don’t know,” Alex shrugged.

“Pizza, beer, and uncomfortable conversations?” Maggie suggested.

Lucy shrugged, laughing as she heard Alex mumbling something about switching out her beer for a scotch. She suspected there were worse people to have this conversation with.

Chapter Text

“I know we’re supposed to talk and that maybe talking isn’t best done while drunk, but could we maybe all start with a quick shot of something?” Alex suggested once they were all settled in back at her place.

Maggie, normally the one to object to drinking before important conversations, agreed that perhaps one drink wouldn’t hurt, so Alex pulled out a bottle of whiskey and poured them all one finger’s worth, passing them down the table.

“To whatever the fuck we’re about to discuss,” Lucy announced, raising her glass in a toast.

Maggie rolled her eyes, and Alex smirked, but they both tossed back their whiskey like they were first years in college just figuring out how to drink and eager to impress anyone around them.

“Alright, so, um, how do we start?” Alex asked, already uncomfortable about what was to come.

“Let’s start with lust, rather than love, okay?” Maggie suggested. She didn’t really need to get into the question of whether her girlfriend was in love with another woman and had been this whole time. “So, um, Alex, are you attracted to Lucy?”

Startled, Alex blushed and stammered and reached for the whiskey, finding it being taken from her hands and put back on the counter.

“C’mon, Al, we’re all going to have to commit to being honest. Otherwise we may as well just all go home,” Maggie said softly, placing her hand on top of Alex’s. “I’m not mad at you, regardless of your answers, so don’t worry too much.”

Alex gulped and nodded. “Um, I mean, Lucy is, uh, aesthetically pleasing. I think we can all agree on that.”

Lucy preened, even if it wasn’t the best compliment she’d ever received.

“Maybe I should have started,” Maggie began, trying not to grit her teeth at Alex’s reluctance to speak for herself and only herself. “I think Lucy is hot. There, I said it.”

Alex looked shocked for a moment, before shrugging. “Yeah, I mean, yeah, okay. It makes sense. She is.”

“Aww, you’re both so sweet,” Lucy laughed, tossing her hair over her shoulder.

“Your turn, Lane,” Maggie ordered, rounding on her. “You’re attracted to Alex, right?”

“Oh, uh,” Lucy gulped, unsure of how much to reveal. “Yes, I am,” she finally admitted, figuring that they were all willing to be upfront about the fact that they were an attractive group of women who all liked women (and men too, at least in her case).

“And what about Maggie?” Alex asked. “Obviously I’m attracted to her, but what about you?”

Looking appraisingly up and down Maggie’s body, Lucy nodded. “Sure, yeah, she’s sexy.”

“Thanks,” Maggie replied sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

“So, does that take care of the lust bit?” Alex asked, hoping they could call it quits with the conversation.

“No, Alex,” Lucy shook her head. “Lust means you want to bang, not just that you think the other people are hot.”

“So do you?” Alex asked, surprising everyone with her boldness in a conversation she had been, thus far, rather reluctant to pursue.

Lucy froze for a moment. “Do I, um, what? Want to fuck you two? Sure.” She gulped, wondering if she might have pushed things too far.

“I might like that,” Maggie admitted. “Only if Alex was okay with it, though! I mean, I’ve been in, ya know, open relationships before. And I’ve been in exclusive relationships where we had threesomes and been the third in other people’s bedroom.”

Alex’s jaw dropped slightly, impressed at the wide variety of situations that Maggie seemed to have gotten herself into.

“So, uh, Alex, I guess, I mean, it doesn’t actually have to happen, but would you be okay with that? Or, I guess the better question is: would you want to have sex with me?” Lucy winced at her word choice, realizing that she had cut out Maggie inadvertently.

Alex nodded, looking over at Maggie to make sure she wasn’t saying something that would ruin her relationship.

“So, I guess we could leave it at that,” Maggie began, hesitating slightly before she continued, “but I don’t think, I don’t think that’s the only thing between you two.” Seeing the panicked look on Alex’s face, she added, “I’m not accusing you of anything! I just, right, you knew Lucy before you realized you were gay. And it sort of feels like there’s a backlog of unresolved feelings that’s coming to the surface now.”

Alex gulped and nodded. “If we’re moving on to the second question, can we get a second drink?”

“Only if we switch to beer. I want us to still be with it.”

Nodding, Alex got up and pulled three beers from the fridge, popping off the caps, then sliding them down the table. “Should I put in that order for pizza too?”

“I’ve got the app,” Lucy volunteered, pulling up the order form. Once they all got their preferences entered, they turned back to the conversation they had been putting off.

“I, um, I think, maybe, that I’m realizing that my feelings for Lucy back then weren’t entirely platonic,” Alex conceded. “I didn’t have a frame of reference for it, and at first I hated you,” she laughed, thinking back to Red Tornado and the lie detector test and literally being shipped to Cadmus. “But then you came and rescued me. On a motorcycle. In bulletproof armor. And then you were there for my sister, and you were willing to reconsider your stances when you took command at the DEO. So I respected you. But I never let myself think about what else I was feeling, and I think, well, I think I was attracted to you pretty early on, but then, I think maybe I came to like you over time. Once I got to know you as a person. But then you left, and I met Maggie, and I came out, and I had already fallen so hard for Maggie. Maggie, I still love you, and wouldn’t change a thing about what happened between us. Well, maybe not getting rejected that first time, but whatever… Since I had a relationship to go to right away, I guess I didn’t have to fully think back on the other women in my life, think back to what else might have been. Does that make sense?”

Maggie nodded. “That’s sort of why I said no at first. I wanted you to see what was out there, not just to settle with me because I was the first lesbian to give you attention.”

“But I’m not!” Alex insisted, pulling her chair up to Maggie’s. “Seriously, no part of what we have is settling. I adore you, Maggie Sawyer, and it wouldn’t have mattered if you were the first or the fortieth lesbian I met and dated—I still would have felt that way.”

Picking at the wrapper on her beer bottle, Lucy tried not to pay too much attention to the conversation playing out in front of her.

“And Lucy?” Maggie asked, clearing her throat.

“What about Lucy?” Lucy asked.

“Do you, uh, do you have feelings for Alex?”

Lucy took a large gulp of her beer, then another, then another, finishing the bottle. “Yes,” she admitted, nodding slowly.

“How long?” Alex asked, her voice soft as she reached a hand across the table, stopping just shy of Lucy’s fingers as though she were unsure about whether or not she could touch them.

After closing her eyes and taking a few deep breaths, Lucy finally began: “When I first met you, I thought you were a pain in the ass and a traitor to this country. An incredibly hot traitor, but still a traitor. But then Kara came out to me—as Supergirl, I mean—and I thought back to conversations I’d had with Lois and started reconsidering my ideas about my dad and all the positions I had sort of unthinkingly inherited from him. And then, I don’t know, I got to watch you be a fucking badass DEO agent. I watched you save countless lives without a thought for your own safety—you were always putting your sister and J’onn and your agents first. And that was…well, it was inspiring. And hot. Once James and I broke up, I flirted with you, though I’ll assume those attempts went straight over your head if you thought Maggie was the first queer lady to ever notice you. But you seemed so straight, and then you moved to the downtown base, so I didn’t really think about it again until you came out. And I couldn’t help wondering what might have happened if you’d realized earlier. Or if I’d met you later. Or if I’d been more direct with my attempts to get your attention, you know? I would never want to get between you and Maggie, though! You two seem great together, but I just, I don’t know, you said to be honest,” Lucy trailed off.

By the time Maggie felt like she was in control of her emotions enough to look over at Alex, she found that her girlfriend seemed to be on the verge of tears at Lucy’s rather emotional speech. She cleared her throat. “I, uh, I mean, I don’t want to stand in the way of that, if that’s something you both still, well, still want.”

“Maggie!” Alex spun around. “I don’t, no, I would never cheat on you or leave you. I love you, Maggie. I still love you. Always.”

“I mean,” Maggie shrugged, trying to make it seem casual, “if you wanted to see other people too. I can understand that being something that you might want to try. I’m not the only person out there that would kill for the chance to be your girlfriend, Alex, and you have every right to experience that.”

“I’m not into being a homewrecker,” Lucy volunteered, drawing back into herself as she crossed her arms across her chest.

Maggie shook her head. “I didn’t say I wanted to stop being with Alex. Unless, of course, she wants to, well, break up.” Maggie’s voice cracked but she chose not to acknowledge it. “You two clearly have a history, and I don’t want either of you to have to live with those what ifs forever. I don’t need Alex to carry around regrets over missed opportunities for the rest of our time together.”

“Are you…are you telling me to date Lucy too?” Alex asked, pulling her eyebrows together as she tried to figure out what was going on.

“I’m saying I would understand if you wanted to, Alex.”

Taking a large gulp of her beer, Alex blurted out, “I might like that, but I wouldn’t want to do it without you.”

“What?” Lucy and Maggie both asked.

Before Alex could respond, the pizza delivery boy was calling to say that he was locked outside the apartment building, since the buzzer was broken. Lucy volunteered to run downstairs for it, leaving Alex and Maggie alone to talk about Alex’s thoughts.

“What do you mean?” Maggie asked, taking Alex’s hands in her own.

“I mean, if I’m going to date Lucy, I don’t want to try to juggle the two of you like competing relationships. I don’t want to feel like I’m cheating on you. And I know that you’ve done open relationships, but that doesn’t feel like something that works for me. But if, I don’t know, if somehow we were doing this together—monogamously—I might, I don’t know, I might want to try it.”

“So you mean we would both date Lucy…all three of us would be, like, a three-person couple?”

Alex seemed to hesitate, but then nodded. “I don’t know, according to Buzzfeed it’s in now,” she laughed. “But seriously, I just, I don’t want to sacrifice the closeness we have now, and I think that if I tried to date Lucy separately, we would…grow apart. Slowly. But maybe you’re right, maybe I shouldn’t let Lucy hang around my neck as this possibility I never got to explore. But if you don’t want to try, then I’m fine not trying. Because, Maggie, you matter so much to me. You said you didn’t want to imagine your life without me—and I know, then, you were talking about friendship or something, I don’t know, it was all very confusing for me—and I feel the same way. I don’t want to have to go on without you, Mags.”

Maggie blinked back tears at the honesty in Alex’s statement. “Look, I don’t know Lucy that well. We don’t have history. All we have is the past few weird days. Sure, we spent a lot of time together, including all that time in the med bay before you got hit by the Music Meister guy too. And I’ll admit, she’s fun and funny, and I could see having a crush on her and wanting to date her if we weren’t together. But we don’t have the kind of emotional intensity you two do, so you need to know that going into whatever it is we might try.”

Nodding, Alex pulled Maggie into her chest, hugging her close. “I know. But I also, if we do something, I want you two to…cultivate that same type of relationship. Because if it doesn’t work between two of us, it doesn’t work between any of us.”

“We have pizza,” Lucy called out from the doorway, balancing two large boxes as she maneuvered through the door.

“I’ll get the plates!” Maggie volunteered.

“Another round of beers?” Alex asked, getting a chorus of “yes” and “please” in return.

“So…what’d you two talk about while I was gone?” Lucy asked, wondering if she wanted to know the answer.

Figuring there was no use beating around the bush anymore, since she’d already gotten the heavy emotional walkthrough out of the way with Maggie, Alex blurted out: “What do you think about dating both of us? Monogamously.”

“Uhm, like, a triad?”

Alex looked confused, but Maggie chimed in, “Yes, exactly. I know you and I don’t really know each other that well yet, but, well, Alex thinks we should try.” She quickly added, “And I’m not opposed to the idea. I think, well, you’re someone I could see myself dating. So if you’re up for it, I am too.”

Trying to process everything that had just come at her, Lucy nodded slowly. “So…all three of us? We’d date? And do those things that come with dating?”

Alex flushed red but nodded.

“I guess…I guess I’d be willing to try. I mean, I’m new to your whole thing. I don’t want to jump right in to whatever level of domesticity you’ve got going on without me. So, you know, dating for now—not necessarily in a long-term, committed lesbian relationship yet.”

Maggie nodded. “I still want to get to know you better.”

“Right, yeah, I think that’s for the best,” Alex chimed in. “So, well, we have pizza. Should we go ahead and call this date number one?”

“We’ve spent the past few days in one another’s bodies making out with each other and seeing each other naked. I think we’re past the first date,” Maggie laughed.

“Hmm, is that your way of suggesting you’re getting lucky tonight?” Lucy flirted.

“You can only hope to be so lucky,” Maggie teased back, sucking her lower lip between her teeth.

Lucy suspected that she and Maggie were going to get along well and that this attempt at whatever it was they were going to do? Well, it might not be so bad.

Chapter Text

Alex notices that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get out of bed in the mornings. She remembers the feeling from her years in grad school, and from the months after she killed Astra, and then again when she’d abandoned her father once more to Cadmus. And she knows how she’s dealt with it in the past: one-night stands and drinking and clubbing her way to failure during grad school; copious amounts of alcohol and throwing herself into ever riskier missions after Astra; more booze, really, it’s the common factor here, after abandoning Jeremiah. But then Maggie was prying bottles and glasses out of her hand, telling her that she had had enough to drink, reminding her of the millions of reasons why she was loved.

But now, now she doesn’t know exactly what’s wrong, and she can’t figure out why it’s hard to get out of bed, why every interaction feels like a struggle. Because there’s nothing obvious. She hasn’t killed anyone lately or abandoned a family member. She isn’t failing outwardly. So, she reasons, it’s obviously not depression or any sort of mental disorder, despite the suggestions Maggie keeps making. She doesn’t need the DEO-issued psychiatrist or the “really great” therapist that Maggie still sees on a monthly basis. Because she doesn’t have issues. She’s just tired and upset and quicker to anger and tears, which just make her even frustrated.

But she’s promised Maggie she won’t drink so much, especially not when she’s alone. And she’s promised Maggie and Kara that she won’t volunteer for every single mission, especially the most dangerous ones. So every morning she drags herself out of bed an hour earlier, setting her alarm for two hours earlier just to give herself enough time to struggle with getting up. And she drags herself out for a run, pushing herself harder, hitting the hills faster, taking them at a sprint over and over again until she can taste blood in the back of her throat and hear her pulse thundering in her ears and feel her stomach churning and clenching around nothing.

She gets back and showers before Maggie can notice she’s gone. Of course, Maggie does notice. She hears the alarms—both of them—and watches Alex sneak around the house, pulling on workout clothes under the cover of darkness and slipping out the door, not returning for at least an hour, then slipping into the bathroom to wash away all evidence of her time outside—the sweat and grime and tears.

Then Alex joins Maggie for breakfast, forcing down a piece of toast and a mug of coffee before kissing her girlfriend and pushing herself to make it to the office, to get to her lab, to go on what her sister and her girlfriend consider an appropriate number of missions.

But on her lunch break and whenever the rest of her team leaves for a mission, Alex slips into the DEO gym, wrapping her hands as she has a go at the punching bags, then lifting the heaviest weights she can handle if only to feel something, to feel the strain of her muscles fighting to lift the weight, the slow tear across her palms as the weights dig into her calloused skin, forming, then tearing blister after blister, even through the wrapping. And she treats them, cleaning them with an antiseptic that burns in the best of ways, then applying the regenerative cream she invented for the agents in the field. Of course, it’s not quite as effective when used every single day, and slowly the scrapes remain, her palms and knuckles littered with scabs—reminders of the only kind of work she seems capable of these days.

And after work, she tries to push herself even more, fighting against her body’s desires to curl up and not move. Because if she never stops moving, she doesn’t have to listen to those impulses, she can run from them until they surrender. So she comes home and grabs Maggie, checking that her girlfriend is okay with everything as she pushes her up against the wall, carrying her to their bedroom and throwing her down on their bed. And the first few times, Maggie says yes, of course. Alex seemed restless and off, but not so far removed from her baseline that Maggie thought she might not be able to consent. And the sex had been rough, but not their roughest; desperate, but nothing like the nights after missions when they almost died.

But when the same pattern is happening every night, Maggie stops saying yes, watching futilely as Alex nods and apologizes and chastises herself, then puts on new running shorts and laces up her shoes and takes off again.

Then Maggie watches ever more closely, trying to get Alex to sit down and talk—to her or to a professional. She tries to keep Alex in bed in the mornings to cuddle, but the taller woman slips out of her grasp each time the second alarm rings. She knows Alex—knows that if she pushes too hard, goes beyond suggestions into demands, that Alex will shut down even further, insisting that she’s fine, believing that anything less than fine makes her broken.

But as the days go by, Alex comes home, her body looking increasingly broken, and Maggie finds she can’t keep going on suggestions alone. So when Alex licks her lips and kisses Maggie’s neck and asks her if it’s okay, Maggie doesn’t say no, but she pulls back, holding Alex’s hands in her own. “Let me take care of you tonight?”

“It’s fine,” Alex waves off the offer, trying to maneuver Maggie back toward the couch.

“Alex, no.”

“Oh,” Alex pulls back, immediately ashamed. And within seconds she’s heading toward her drawers, looking for clothes that are, at this point, all dirty.

“Wait, please. Please,” Maggie pleads, needing Alex to look at her.

“What?” Alex braces herself. This—this pausing and waiting and staying in the moment—is exactly what she doesn’t need.

Maggie takes hold of Alex’s hands and guides her to the bathroom. “Can I clean these cuts?”

“They’re clean,” Alex mumbles, shrugging off the concern.

“Well then let me help you relax, let me take care of you.”

And as much as Alex wants to say no, her body craves a moment of rest, of not moving, of breaking down and knowing that someone will be there at the end—whenever the end comes. So she nods her assent.

Smiling, Maggie bends over and turns on the tap to fill the bath, checking to make sure the water is hot but not scalding. “Do you want bubbles?”

Alex shakes her head no.

“Candles?” Getting a shrug but not a no in response, Maggie makes her way into the bedroom and collects the small tea candles that she always finds calming, placing them along the sink—far enough away from the bath that there’s no danger of knocking them in. She helps Alex out of her clothes, replacing them with a set of folded pajamas for when she’s done.

“Can I stay in here with you?” Maggie asks, and Alex nods because she doesn’t think she can bear the thought of being along right now, not when she’s about to allow her body to stop moving, stop pushing itself to its limits, for the first time in what feels like ages. So Maggie helps Alex into the bath, then sits cross-legged on the fluffy mat in front of the tub and holds Alex’s hands as she relaxes into the hot water. And once Alex has given her permission, she uses a washcloth to gently wash away the flecks of Alex’s own blood still decorating her knuckles, then carefully kneads Alex’s shoulders, helping to ease out some of the tension that’s been building for days. And at some point, Alex starts crying, but Maggie says nothing, not wanting to draw attention to it before Alex is ready. But somehow it feels like progress, like maybe not tonight, and maybe not this week, but maybe soon, Alex will open up, will talk to her, will see someone. And Maggie is ready to be there every step of the way.

Chapter Text

The next morning, Alex rolled over and found herself face-to-face with Sawyer. She grinned as memories from the night before came flooding back—thoughts of Sawyer between her legs, then Sawyer riding her thigh, how toned their ass had felt in her grip. She wondered if she should try to find a shirt or something. As it stood now, she was still completely naked from the night before, and even Sawyer was only in their black boxer briefs and sports bra looking amazing, even if their hair was sticking up at odd angles from rolling around during the night.

“Morning,” Sawyer mumbled, their voice low and gravelly from sleep. Throwing their arm around Alex’s shoulders and drawing her in closer, they pulled back slightly when they realized how much skin they suddenly felt against their body. “Is this, uh, is this okay?”

“Perfect,” Alex whispered. “Let me go put on coffee, then I’ll be right back.” Once she got her robe on, she figured she would brush her teeth…just in case. She was still holding out hope for a little something more this morning.

While she was in the kitchen getting the coffee pot set up, Sawyer came padding in behind her also smelling minty fresh. “Can I help get breakfast on?”

“You’re welcome to help, though I don’t know that I have much of anything to get ready,” Alex laughed. “I was supposed to go grocery shopping today.”

Sawyer smiled. “Nothing worse than the last meal before getting groceries. I may or may not have eaten frozen waffles with nothing on them after running out of peanut butter, jam, honey, and butter. And I may or may not have done that for both breakfast and lunch.”

“Well if you’re used to eating plain waffles, you’re in for the gourmet treat,” Alex laughed, pulling out a box of Eggos and a stick of butter. “Kara finished the last of my syrup, but I think I hid an extra thing of honey back here somewhere,” she mused, rummaging though her cabinets. “Yes! Here it is!” she yelled triumphantly, pulling out the plastic bear.

“Perfect,” Sawyer laughed, pulling Alex in and kissing her softly.

“Mm, maybe we just do this instead of breakfast?” Alex suggested, feeling her knees go weak with every stroke of Sawyer’s strong hands up and down her body.

“What about breakfast in bed? Only if you’re okay eating in the bed!” they added, not wanting to assume that everyone had as lenient of a policy around food outside of the kitchen as they did.

“You’re good. You have met Kara, right?”

Sawyer laughed, thinking back to the younger Danvers. It was true; they could imagine Kara wandering around the apartment, pizza slice in hand, gesticulating wildly as she recounted some story about her latest adventures at either her day or night job. “Fair enough; I’ll get the waffles in the toaster if you want to pour our coffee?”

“Deal.” Alex grinned at how easy things still felt with Sawyer. Sure, there were things she still needed to learn. Especially after last night, she wanted to find out what they were and were not comfortable with in bed so that she could make them feel as good as they made her feel, but she knew that the investment in time and effort to get things right would absolutely be worth it for someone as amazing as Sawyer.

Once they had finished eating their waffles and were just cuddling together with coffee, Alex turned slightly to angle herself toward Sawyer. “So, I was thinking…about last night,” she began.

“Yeah?” Sawyer tried not to let their nerves get the best of them. Alex could have been thinking about it in any number of ways.

“Mhm,” Alex nodded. “I just, I had so much fun. And I, well, I want to know about what you like in bed. What does and doesn’t work for you. Because I want to be able to make you feel good too. But if you don’t like receiving, I mean, I’m fine with with that too because it’s your body!”

Sawyer grinned, running her free hand through Alex’s hair, making the woman sigh in contentment. “Yeah? I think it’s a good idea to have that conversation. Plus, I want to know about you too—what do you like? What don’t you like? Everyone’s got their limits.”

“Right, yeah. Well, um, I liked everything you did last night.”

Maggie bit back a self-satisfied grin. “Yeah? Okay, well that’s good to know. And I liked riding your thigh too.”

“Cool. Is that…is that the extent of what you like done to you or with you?” Alex asked. She would love to do more, but she would never push Sawyer into something they weren’t comfortable doing.

“No,” Sawyer shook their head. “I don’t like penetration—I’ll say that right off the bat. And it’s not just a gendered thing. I’ve never really gotten off on it, even back before I came out as nonbinary. I’m happy to do it for you!” they rushed to add. “It’s not like I think it’s weird that other people like it. Different bodies, different things, ya know?”

Alex nodded. “I, well, as I imagine you guessed from last night, I do like penetration. I don’t need it to come or anything, but it helps.” She was glad that they were able to talk so openly about all of this—or, at least, it seemed like they were. Some of her exes had gotten freaked out by talking about what they did in bed, preferring to leave those things in bed and not bring them up in conversation. And those relationships were never the best, for a variety of reasons.

“I, I mean, I don’t have to, but I do enjoy wearing a strap on. I like being able to have both of my hands free to touch you while I’m fucking you.”

Alex grinned, thinking about all of the fun they might have with that. “I’d like that too. I have some toys that are just mine; I haven’t shared them with past partners or anything. So, if you ever want to do that, I’d be up for it and well-supplied.”

Biting back a groan at the delightful images now running through their mind, Sawyer nodded enthusiastically.

“What about you?” Alex asked, “What else can I do for you, if anything?”

“I mean, I get off on using the strap on, especially if, ya know, things are lined up right or if there’s a bullet vibrator in there.” Alex nodded but didn’t interrupt. “I, um, I personally—and this definitely isn’t for everyone, I know that!—but I actually like oral. I mean, giving, yeah definitely, but also receiving. Not all the time, since, well, there are days when I don’t necessarily like having my whole body on display because I just don’t feel comfortable with it sometimes, but there are also long stretches of time when I’m really down for it.”

Alex felt her abs clench at the thought of being able to go down on Sawyer. Clearing her throat, she tried to sound calm: “Yeah? I’d, uh, I’d definitely be down for that. Respecting, of course, whatever limits you have.”

“I trust you,” Sawyer nodded. Normally they didn’t trust people quite so quickly, but somehow, even just a few months into this relationship with Alex, they already felt like she was someone around whom they could let their guard down without fear of getting hurt—at least not intentionally.

“I’m glad,” Alex smiled. “I want to do everything I can to deserve that trust.”

“But I want to deserve yours too,” Sawyer pressed. Alex deserved an equal amount of consideration. Just because her gender identity aligned with the sex she was assigned at birth, they knew better than to assume that she had an easier time of it, that she enjoyed everything that cis-women were “supposed to” like. “So do you have limits? Things you really don’t like?”

Alex bit her lip, trying to figure out how much of this conversation should be saved for a later date. Because when it came to vanilla sex? Well, not much was off the table. She felt comfortable enough with Sawyer to know that if she ever needed to stop or just wanted to stop, they would stop—no questions asked. But she was also into things that were on the kinkier side, and there, well, there she did have limits. Hard limits. Soft limits. Things that felt great with one partner and awful with another. But maybe now wasn’t the time to bring all of that up, maybe she should wait until after they had fucked more than once.

“We, uh, we don’t have to talk about this,” Sawyer offered, noting the nervous expression on Alex’s face.

“No! Sorry, I just, I’m pretty much okay with most things. I mean, there are positions with a strap on that I do and don’t like, but I feel like we’ll work those out together.” She hesitated before deciding to a least hint at what she was thinking about when she looked so concerned. “I do have some limits, but it’s still early in our relationship, so I don’t know that they’ll be a concern yet.”

Sawyer tried to turn their whimper into a cough as the implications of Alex’s statement came through loud and clear—at least, they hoped they were hearing the right thing. Because they were into safe, healthy, consensual kink too. But with most of their partners either they hadn’t wanted to try or Sawyer hadn’t felt comfortable enough to ask or want to experiment with some of those other arenas for intimacy. With Alex, though? With Alex, Sawyer could see them getting into kink—was, in fact, now desperately trying to drive those images from their mind and be present in the conversation.

Tapping her fingers, Alex tried not to wonder about what was crossing through Sawyer’s mind at her words. Had they realized what Alex meant and been put off by it? Had the implications gone completely over their head and left them confused? Was it possible that they had recognized the meaning and were excited by the prospect of it?

“Right, right, yeah,” Sawyer finally managed, nodding enthusiastically. “Yep, I, I also have those types of limits. That we can get into. In the future—distant or not-so-distant.” They hoped the idea of a not-so-distant future wasn’t too forward, but if the look of hunger that flashed through Alex’s eyes at their words was any indication, they didn’t think they needed to worry.

Carefully placing her mug down on the bedside table, Alex turned around so that she was fully facing Sawyer. “Can I?” she whispered, leaning forward.

Gulping and trying not to stare at the way that Alex’s robe had fallen open when she spun around, leaving a long triangle of exposed skin, Sawyer nodded.

Looking all too pleased with herself, Alex carefully deposited Sawyer’s empty mug onto the table, then returned her attention to Sawyer, swinging one of her legs over their lap to straddle them. “Still good?” she checked in.

“Yes,” Sawyer nodded. Everything was still so new; they weren’t sure what was and wasn’t okay yet, so, pulling their mouth away from Alex’s lips for a moment, they asked, “Can I touch you?”

“Please,” Alex whimpered, undoing the knot at the front of her bathrobe and letting it fall open, revealing her still very naked body.

Sawyer nearly growled at the sight and let their hands trace the expanse of soft, warm skin. “You feel so good,” they murmured as they trailed hot kisses up and down Alex’s neck.

Arching her back into their touch, Alex tried to keep her hips still, reminding herself that they were only touching, kissing, not necessarily fucking. “Can I touch you back?”

They nodded. “Anywhere but my chest is good today.”

With permission, Alex let her hands roam up and down Sawyer’s muscular back, let her fingers tangle into their short hair as she pulled them closer. Meanwhile, Sawyer could feel Alex’s attempts at keeping her hips still, so they gently encouraged Alex’s movements, letting their hands drop to her ass and pull her forward, into their hips. Alex moaned at the contact, feeling their bodies fall into an easy rhythm as they nipped and sucked at each other’s mouths and necks.

Sawyer groaned at the feeling of Alex’s hips starting to stutter, her movements growing faster, desperate, erratic. They moved one hand to Alex’s chest, taking a nipple between their fingers and tugging gently, earning a low moan in response.

Before Alex could come, she caught the sound of her phone ringing across the room. “I’ll be right back,” she panted, swinging her leg over Sawyer’s lap and taking off to grab her phone.

“Danvers,” she growled, so not in the mood to have her morning interrupted.

While Alex was on the phone, Sawyer checked theirs, noting that they had just missed a couple of text messages from work. As they read through them, they heard Alex slam her phone down on the dresser and curse under her breath. “You okay?” Sawyer asked.

“No. Dead alien. They need me to come help with the investigation.”

“15th and Spruce?” Sawyer asked.

“Uh, yeah,” Alex nodded, surprised that Sawyer had managed to hear her from across the room.

“Yeah, I got the call about it too. Ready to go fight me over jurisdiction?”

“You’re so on. But, I mean, we both know it’s mine.”

“Keep dreaming, Danvers.”

Chapter Text

It was senior year, and Kara had been with the Danvers for just over three years now and living in Alex’s room for two years, eleven months, and three weeks of those two years. Because even though Eliza and Jeremiah had thought they were doing Kara a favor by giving her their reconverted home office, she had found it just as isolating and disconcerting as her pod had been, bringing up far too many memories of her time in the Phantom Zone, her years and years spent out of time and place, far away from any contact with only memories of her own planet’s destruction to occupy her thoughts.

And so after the first night, she started to creep into the hallway at night and sit outside the doors of the other two bedrooms, content to listen to the even heartbeats of their occupants as she remembered that she was no longer alone.

Somewhere around day 10, once Alex had come around to the new girl suddenly living in her house and started to take on her role as not only big sister but also protector and guide, Kara was slouched outside of Alex’s door dozing fitfully when the door swung open. Alex squealed at the sight of Kara tumbling into her room. “What are you doing?” she hissed.

“I, um, I…I don’t like to be alone at night,” Kara admitted, looking sheepishly up at Alexandra—no, Alex, she corrected herself.

“Wait, do you mean you’ve been out here every single night?”

Kara nodded.

“Do you sleep?”


“Do you…do you want to sleep in my room? Would that help?” Alex wasn’t sure she was willing to sacrifice all of her space, but she also knew she couldn’t leave Kara sleeping on the floor of the hallway, so it was a sacrifice she supposed she would be willing to make.

“Are you sure?” Kara asked.

“Yeah, it’s fine. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“Are you okay? I have heard of your planet’s diseases, do you have one?”

“No, I just, I needed to pee,” Alex admitted, blushing slightly.

“Oh, I will wait here for you,” Kara declared smiling brightly at Alex.

For the next week or so, Kara crept into Alex’s room each night, finding her big sister holding the covers up and welcoming her. And Alex was happy to help. Sure, Kara’s body temperature was a little too high for it to be comfortable during these summer nights, and Kara sometimes had nightmares that caused her to flail and startle Alex awake a few times a night, but Alex figured it was worth it to be able to soothe Kara back to sleep with a couple tentative pats on the arm when she had nightmares.

Once Eliza and Jeremiah found out, they made it a family summer project to knock down one of the walls in Alex’s room to make it slightly bigger, big enough to accommodate another bed and another desk for both girls to sleep and do their homework. And for almost three years, Alex was content with the situation.

Sure, sometimes she and Kara got on each other’s nerves. Kara’s love of pop music nearly drove Alex insane, as did her desire to decorate her side of the room with splashy colors and “accent pieces,” while Alex was content with the shades of blue theme she had going on over on her side of the room, along with the minimalist aesthetic when it came to decorating.

But overall, they got along. Both of them cared about their schoolwork, and since Kara didn’t need all that much sleep, she never got annoyed with Alex for staying up late to work on schoolwork and outside projects. And when Kara started dating James, Alex was happy enough to cede the living room to them, since more often than not they were playing games or watching movies, and on the occasional night when Kara wanted to make out with James up in their room, Alex got it, she moved her work downstairs.

But during senior year, Alex met Maggie. And Alex came out. And Alex started dating Maggie. Unlike her previous relationships, Alex actually wanted to spend time with Maggie—time that didn’t always involve being in the middle of the living room or with all of their friends. Because for the first time, Alex started to understand what her friends had been experiencing when they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other, even when they were out in public. It was bad enough having to make out with Rick at the end of their dates. Doing more of it? Voluntarily? That just seemed laughable. But doing all of those things with Maggie? It did more than make sense; it felt urgent.

So Alex learned to start locking the door and telling Kara not to come upstairs when she and Maggie wanted to make out for a little while without another person barging in and squeaking before leaving. For the most part, Kara was pretty good about it. She understood wanting to have a bit of time alone with a date, even if it wasn’t at the top of her priority list. It was just something new to adjust to; she had gotten rather used to Alex’s insistence that she would never need to kick Kara out of the room for a boyfriend. And, well, that was true enough. But now she was regularly kicking her out of the room for her girlfriend. And sometimes it got to be a little too regular for Kara’s liking, so she started kicking Alex out to spend time with James, forcing her into the living room with Maggie. Which is how they found themselves having one of their rare fights one afternoon after Kara had flung open the door and insisted that it was her turn to have the room.

“I’m 18!” Alex yelled. “I should get the room! You’re too young anyway.”

“It’s not like you two are, ya know, doing more than making out,” Kara hissed, trying to keep her voice low enough so that James and Maggie wouldn’t come back upstairs to mediate.

“You don’t know that! We could be.”

“Are you?” Kara asked, suddenly curious. She hoped that she and Alex still told each other everything.

“Well, no,” Alex admitted, blushing a faint red. “But mom gave me the whole talk!” Even though it had been painful to sit through—and even more humiliating when her mother insisted upon opening a dental dam to demonstrate how they work, followed by her explanation of why she was also providing condoms—Alex at least felt fairly confident in her ability to have safe sex with Maggie, even though it would be the first time for both of them.

“Eliza gave me the talk too!”

“Yeah, but you’re barely 16, and it’s not like you’ve used it!”


“You’re too young! Besides, you said you were too freaked out about breaking your boyfriend.”

“Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be allowed to make out with the door closed!” Kara yelled back, getting annoyed at the double standard.

“Maggie and I were already in there,” Alex whined. She didn’t mention that she also had her hands up Maggie’s shirt for the first time, but it was a real driving force behind her anger.

“But you had the room all last weekend.”

“Only because James was away at a track meet.”

Eventually their fight was broken up by Maggie and James, who decided that enough was enough.

“Hey, babe, do you wanna go see a movie?” Maggie asked.

“And we can go get pizza,” James offered.

Kara and Alex relented, deciding that as long as neither of them got the room that night, they’d be happy. Alex knew she was being petty as hell, but dammit, she had been half an inch from Maggie’s boobs, and this all felt like it was a giant stumbling block to ever getting back there again. Of course, that night in Alex’s car after the movies, they ended up making out in her cramped back seat, ignoring the stabbing pains of seatbelts and pens stuffed between seat cushions. And Alex did end up getting to feel Maggie’s chest and have hers eagerly explored in return. Alex hadn’t expected it to be this much fun—if she had known, she definitely would have fought harder for the bedroom—but now she had to get Maggie back home to help her aunt clean up the house for the guests who would be arriving the following morning.

When Alex got back to the house, Eliza had already gone to bed, and Kara was still out with James—probably making out at his house, Alex thought angrily. After the hour or so in her car, Alex was, well, turned on. And it still wasn’t something that she was used to feeling. But she wanted to know more. So she shut and locked the door and got set up in her bed. Because she had touched herself before, but it hadn’t done too much. It had felt okay, good even, but in a sort of mechanical way. She understood what it was that had made things feel better, but her thoughts kept wandering, and she insistently shoved out any thoughts of women that came unbidden into her mind.

This time, though, this time Alex invited those thoughts. She let her mind drift back to the car, to the way Maggie’s fingers had felt on her back and stomach, the way they had drifted up and pushed under her bra, nervously holding, then squeezing, then caressing her breasts. Not everything had felt great, but once she got the hang of it, Alex was quick to make her enjoyment heard.

With slow, tentative motions, Alex slowly let her fingers crawl down her stomach and under the waistband of her underwear. At this point, she wasn’t quite shocked by the fact that things were sticky down there after a night spent with Maggie, though this was the first time she was doing anything about it. She wondered, for a moment, whether this was acceptable. Should she have checked in with Maggie first? Was she objectifying her girlfriend if she thought about her during? It seemed weird, though, to text that sort of thing—like she wanted Maggie to join in or send something sexual back. Plus, she knew Maggie was busy with her aunt and wouldn’t want anything of that nature to pop up on her screen when her aunt might see it. So she convinced herself that she would ask Maggie about it later and just accept that this was probably okay.

Driving nervous thoughts from her mind, Alex dipped one finger between her folds, finding it much wetter than it had been the last time she had tried this. She circled them back up and around her clit, gasping at how much better things felt now. She wondered if it would be even better if it were Maggie’s hand between her legs, and the thought sent a rush of heat between her legs that had her abs clenching. Thinking back to the diagrams her mother had left with her after their talk, Alex lowered her finger, wondering if it would hurt to try to go inside. It definitely had the last time, but then again, she wasn’t really wet then. And she certainly wasn’t thinking about Maggie then. So she carefully slid her index finger inside herself, marveling at how little pain there was with lubrication. With a few tentative thrusts, she started to find a rhythm that actually felt good, and by the time she thought to touch her clit with her other hand, she was biting her lip to keep from making any noise. Sure, her mother would probably be very gung ho about sex positivity and self exploration, but it was absolutely not a conversation they needed to have, nor was finding Alex with her hands down her pants a memory either of them should have.

Just as Alex suspected she was nearing an orgasm that might finally live up to the hype it got in pop culture, there was a rattling at the door handle, followed by a loud banging at the door. “Alex! Open up!” Kara whined. “We said neither of us got the room tonight.”

Alex pulled her hand out of her pants as quickly as she could, stumbling to get out of bed and tripping as she tried to find pajama pants. “Hold on!” she yelled.

“Not fair, Alex!” Kara was calling out when Alex swung open the door, panting slightly and praying that she didn’t look funny.

“What do you need?” Alex practically growled.

“Girls, what is going on down here?” Eliza asked, padding down the hallway. “It is nearly midnight.”

“Kara started it!” Alex yelled, feeling slightly childish but also fully justified in her annoyance. She was always the one getting in trouble with Eliza just because she was older, but tonight was absolutely not her fault.

“Yeah, well she took the room for her and Maggie even though we called truce,” Kara retorted, crossing her arms and looking every part the role of the earth little sister.

“Well, shall we let Maggie go home? It is awfully late,” Eliza said, rubbing her head. She wondered whether she would end up with a call from Maggie’s aunt asking her why she allowed her daughters to have their girlfriends and boyfriends over at all hours of the night.

“She’s not here,” Alex said, motioning to the empty room.

“Then why was the door shut? And why is your heart racing and your face all pink?” Kara objected, pursing her lips and arching her eyebrow as she waited for Maggie to step out from behind the door and prove her right.

Alex flushed a brilliant shade of red as she stammered about just wanting some privacy and “god is that so wrong?”

Gritting her teeth and taking a deep breath, Eliza put a hand on Kara’s shoulder. “Let’s go downstairs and have a midnight snack. Your sister is a little older, and sometimes she might just want privacy for any number of reasons.” Kara glared at Alex, but turned to follow Eliza down the stairs.

Meanwhile, Alex was left alone in the doorway to their bedroom, still flushed scarlet and turned on but utterly unwilling to do anything about it now. The fact that her mother now knew, even if she had been tactful enough not to say anything, and that she may or may not be downstairs with her little sister explaining things she had left out of her sex talk on the assumption that Kara already knew about them from Krypton, made Alex cringe and want to curl up and never face them again. Instead, she settled for turning every single light upstairs off and leaving the door wide open, lest there be any misunderstanding about what she was doing when she got in bed and covered her face, trying to force herself to fall asleep before Kara got back. She listened as Eliza walked back to her own room, then heard Kara come up a few minutes later, heading straight for the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth before bed.

“Alex?” Kara whispered when she got back into the room. Alex didn’t answer. “Alex, I know you aren’t asleep yet.”

“What?” Alex whispered.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine,” Alex muttered.

“I just, I didn’t mean to embarrass you, especially not in front of Eliza. I know, um, I know what it’s like to want privacy…alone. But I didn’t really think about it. I was too focused on our afternoon fight.” Hearing no response, Kara took a deep breath and soldiered on: “Anyway, I just want you to know I’m sorry. I’ll be better about respecting the door in the future.”

After a few minutes, during which time Alex could hear Kara getting into her own bed, then sniffling softly, Alex gritted her teeth together, trying not to dwell on her humiliation. “Thanks for apologizing,” she whispered, knowing it was still loud enough for Kara to hear.

She could almost hear the smile in Kara’s voice at having had her apology accepted. “Night, Alex. Love you.”

“Night, Kara. You’re a pain in the ass. … I love you too.”

Chapter Text

“Hurry up,” Alex whined, pouting as Maggie took her time walking around and around the pool table, surveying all the possible shots before deciding which one to try. Of course, when she bent over, she also provided Alex with a fantastic view of her ass. Once Maggie had gotten her shot off, Alex bent over and whispered in her ear, “Did I tell you how much I liked the new jeans?”

Biting back a smile, Maggie nodded. “You did. In the dressing room. Then again when I got home. Then before we left for the bar. So, I’m starting to think you might just like them!”

“Shut up.” Alex pursed her lips and nudged Maggie, moving across to take her turn, since the ball Maggie had been aiming to sink had just missed the pocket, bouncing off the wall and across the table.

“You know, if you’d just give up the game, we could go home right now…” Maggie trailed off, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

“But here’s the thing: you only want me to forfeit, so you can call this game a win. And I’m not about to break my winning streak.”

“Is winning really more important to you than sex?” Maggie asked, her voice low and seductive as she wrapped her arms around Alex, dipping her hands into Alex’s back pockets.

Alex just laughed and shook her head, leaning over to take her shot, making quick work of another one of the solids. “See, you think it would be faster to forfeit and go home…” she began, pausing to sink a second solid, “but I think it’d be so much faster for me to clear the table and have my way with you right here.”

Maggie gulped, trying not to let the image fluster her that much. “Please, I’m calling your bluff, Danvers. You nearly had a heart attack with how worried you were that we’d get caught having sex in my car. You’re not going to fuck me on the pool table in front of a room full of people,” she hissed.

Holding up one finger to indicate that Maggie should wait, Alex leaned over, smirking cockily as she sank two more solids, leaving her with only one more, then the 8 ball. “I didn’t say it had to be on the pool table, Sawyer. We can leave that in your fantasies, since it’s the only way you’d end up on top here.”

“Ouch, you wound me with the trash talking,” Maggie laughed, trying not to notice how sexy Alex was when she knew she was good at something. It was the same face she’d made the first time she’d made Maggie come, then again the first time she’d made Maggie come all over her chin and hand.

“Just one more second,” Alex added, watching as the last solid rolled into the back corner pocket. “Eight ball to that side pocket,” Alex declared, motioning toward the pocket on Maggie’s side of the table.

Deciding she wouldn’t make it easy on Alex, she lined herself up directly in Alex’s line of sight and leaned over, undoing one of the buttons on her shirt to make sure Alex got the best possible view. She could see the moment Alex noticed, as her grip on the cue faltered just slightly and she pulled her lower lip between her teeth. Without missing a beat, Ale lined up her shot and quickly sunk the 8 ball.

“Hmm, impressive,” Maggie conceded, not wanting to think about how wet she already was when they still needed to make it all the way back to one of their apartments.

“I am,” Alex smirked, depositing her cue and making her way around the table to where Maggie was waiting. “Now, I believe I said I’d finish this quickly so that I could get to finishing you quickly.”

“Puns, Danvers? Sure know how to get a girl to drop her panties.”

“I don’t need you to drop them; I just need to get into them,” Alex husked.

Maggie didn’t want to admit just how sexy she found this unusually forward version of Alex, but she knew they needed to get out of the bar before they got themselves kicked out or, perhaps worse, found by Kara in the bathroom again. “Let’s go,” Maggie growled, grabbing Alex by the hand and marching her to the door, neglecting to say goodbye to any of their friends in her haste.

But when they got out to the alleyway, Alex didn’t turn left to go to her motorcycle and the street. Instead, she turned right, leading Maggie further back toward the staff entrance but far enough away from any of the lights that they weren’t quite visible.

“What?” Maggie asked, cocking her head to the side.

“Tell me if you want me to stop,” Alex whispered, pushing Maggie up against the wall, being careful with her head, before dropping her mouth to Maggie’s lips.

Maggie thought about insisting that they go home, but she had to admit, she enjoyed the thrill of knowing that they could be caught at any minute and appreciated that Alex was willing to try it again for her sake. So she tangled one hand into Alex’s hair, fisting her leather jacket with the other, and deepened their kiss.

They both froze as one of the regulars stumbled out of the bar, pausing for a moment before continuing on to the street. “Still okay?” Alex asked.

“Just fuck me,” Maggie ordered. “Fast.”

Rarely one to disobey an order (in bed, at least), Alex quickly unbuttoned and unzipped Maggie’s jeans. Slipping her hand beneath the layers of fabric, Alex groaned at how wet Maggie already was. “You’re dripping for me,” Alex whispered, her voice low and raspy in Maggie’s ear.

Maggie bit back a whimper and bucked her hips forward, urging Alex on. Alex quickly caught on and slid her fingers further down, dipping one inside of Maggie as she thrust, slowly at first to let Maggie get used to the feeling, then faster as Maggie began to whine and buck her hips into Alex’s hand.

Even though the thrusts were shallower than Maggie would normally need, the way Alex’s hand was pressed hard up against her clit, maneuvering in the tight space, coupled with the thrill of being so exposed and the heat of Alex’s mouth on her throat, had her nearing the edge in just minutes.

“Mouth on mine,” Maggie hissed, needing something to muffle sounds she wasn’t sure she’d be able to bite back.

Alex quickly moved back to Maggie’s mouth, drawing her into a heated, open-mouthed kiss as she thrust even harder and faster, ignoring the cramp she could feel building in her forearm. She felt her own hips thrust into nothing with every moan and whimper of Maggie’s she muffled with her mouth. As Maggie’s knees threatened to buckle, her hips stuttering against Alex’s hand, Alex dropped her other hand down to Maggie’s ass, holding her up as she came with a strangled cry, riding out the aftershocks on Alex’s hand.

“You’re so fucking hot,” Alex whispered, her breath hot on Maggie’s ear.

“Take me home. Now,” Maggie panted.

Chapter Text

Lena got it, really, she did. Sure, she had been able to see through the literal pair of glasses Kara called a disguise since their first one-on-one interview, but she could understand the hesitation to reveal a secret identity. She even suspected that, at least for Kara, it wasn’t about her being a Luthor. Maybe the first time they met she was suspicious, but ever since then she had been one of Lena’s staunchest defenders.

The fact that she knew and understood Kara’s reasoning, however, did not stop Lena from teasing Kara at every opportunity she had. When Kara asked her if she liked donuts and she rolled her eyes, explaining that she is human after all, she made sure to look up in time to catch the light pink blush coloring Kara’s cheeks as she acted like being human was the most obvious thing in the world.

When they were having lunch in Lena’s office and both noticed the breaking news alert roll across the television screen in the corner about a bridge collapse, Lena acted like she understood why Kara, who had never once been in charge of breaking news updates for CatCo’s online publication, must absolutely sprint there to get quotes. When she came back that night with an apology donut, Lena casually asked if she could see the article Kara wrote, having already read the coverage CatCo published, which very clearly did not include Kara’s name on the byline. She bit back a laugh as Kara froze for a moment before launching into a near-tirade about how Snapper never gives her credit and always opts for someone else’s more “balanced” takes, though Lena suspected that critique was probably quite real, adding an air of authenticity to Kara’s rant.

The next week during dinner at Kara’s apartment, Kara perked up suddenly, as though listening to a noise only she could hear—a fact that Lena realized was probably true. “I, uh, I totally forgot that I have to pick Alex up!”

“Oh, do you want my driver to take you?” Lena asked, an innocent smile on her lips.

“No, no! It’s fine! I already, um, Alex left me her car to get her…from the airport.”

“Doesn’t Alex drive a motorcycle?” Lena pushed, remembering each time Alex had pulled up outside of Kara’s building on her Ducati.

“Erm, she bought a car. More practical. A Subaru even! Ya know, have pride! Tennis players! Dana Fairbanks lives forever!” Kara shouted, blushing as she listened to herself speak. “Be back so soon!”

Lena just nodded and rolled her eyes, not bothering to point out that the trip to the airport was at least an hour each way, so it wouldn’t actually be all that soon if she were getting Alex.

An hour later, Kara returned. After catching a glimpse of Lena still on her couch, she flew away from the window and into the alley where she had stashed her clothes. After changing quickly, she ran up the stairs, acting like her front door was absolutely the way she, as a human being, entered her apartment.

“Lena!” she exclaimed, as thought she didn’t already know the woman would be waiting for her.

“Kara, wow, you’re back so soon! Did you already drop Alex off?”

“Hmm? Yep. She, um, she needed the car back. So she dropped me off here, actually, then drove herself the rest of the way home.”

“That’s good.” Lena paused, noting the heavy smell of smoke in the air from Supergirl’s adventures with the fire, which she had watched on the news while Kara was out. Sniffing the air, she asked, “Do you…do you smell that?”

Kara sniffed in an exaggerated motion. She could smell a lot of things—the subtle scent of Lena’s perfume wafting over from the couch, the delicious curry her upstairs neighbor was preparing, the pizza currently being delivered to the first floor of the building. “I don’t smell anything,” she declared.

“Really? It smells really strongly of smoke. You don’t think anything’s on fire, do you?”

“Not anymore,” Kara grinned before realizing that Lena was not talking about the fire across town. “Oh, um, you’re right! I do smell smoke! But I don’t think it’s the apartment.”

Lena got up and began poking around the kitchen, acting like she was checking for fires. Kara soon joined her, pretending like she didn’t know the smell was coming from her suit, which was just under her clothes.

“Huh, it’s you,” Lena declared, glancing up mischievously at Kara, who gulped at the attention.

“Me? Oh, um, I don’t think so.”

“No, it’s definitely you. Why do you smell like smoke? I didn’t notice it before you left.”

“Oh! I forgot to tell you, Alex started smoking!”

“Really? Your MD/PhD sister started smoking?”

“Hmm, yes. Yes, she did. Terrible habit. Really awful. I keep telling her she shouldn’t get started, but, ya know, the stress is just getting to her.”

“That’s such a shame…” Lena trailed off, biting back a grin.

When she next ran into Alex at one of Kara’s small dinner party/game nights, she wasn’t at all surprised to see her bickering with Kara. And after Kara made a particularly adamant point, stomping her foot and nearly shaking the apartment, Alex sighed before declaring loudly: “I’m off to go smoke…next to by brand new Subaru…if anyone wants to join me for a cigarette.”

Just to mess with Kara, Lena offered: “I’ll come with you if you want the company.”

“No!” Kara nearly yelled, jumping between them. “Second-hand smoke is so bad for you! You should stay up here with me.”

“Thanks,” Alex muttered, “I’ll just go get lung cancer without anyone caring about my well-being.”

“Aww, babe,” Maggie teased, “I’ll come outside and risk my health with you.”

Lena opted not to say anything when Alex returned smelling nothing like smoke or tobacco but sporting two very noticeable hickeys on her neck and collarbone.

A few weeks later, Lena was determined to finally say something. She and Kara had been getting increasingly close, to the point where Lena was fairly certain they might have started dating without actually saying anything. Because their lunches, well, they felt more intimate. And their dinners even more so. All too often, Lena found her hand wrapped in Kara’s as they walked down the streets, and she even slept over in Kara’s bed after a particularly long movie night. She could swear that at the end of most nights, Kara looked up at her, then at her lips, like she wanted to kiss her before thinking better of it. Lena had a sneaking suspicion that Kara’s reluctance to kiss her was directly related to Lena’s supposedly not knowing about her secret identity.

Lena had planned to have a mature conversation about it, but Kara kept changing the topic whenever it came around to her “friendship” with Supergirl or the question of secrets. She had meant to just throw up her arms in frustration, but Kara had moved her mug while fidgeting and not answering one of her questions, and Lena soon found the back of her hand slamming into Kara’s coffee mug and sending it flying at her. As the boiling hot contents splattered across her shirt, Kara shot up like she’d been shot.

“Are you okay?” Lena rushed out. Even though she was 99.99% sure Kara was Supergirl, she was suddenly terrified that she had burned a very human woman.

“What? Yeah, just need a new shirt. I’ll go home and get one before the rest of the day!” She worried that if the coffee soaked through any further, her shirt might end up see-through, making visible the House of El crest that sat proudly below the fabric.

“I have a sweater,” Lena volunteered, reaching over to dab at Kara’s shirt with seltzer water.

“It’s fine! I’ll just go!” Kara squeaked.

“Kara,” Lena finally got out between Kara’s rambling excuses. “If you want to go, that’s fine. But if you’re worried about what I’m going to see underneath your shirt, please don’t be.”

“What? I mean, I think I should wait until we’ve kissed before you see anything there,” Kara laughed, before clapping a hand to her mouth as she realized what she said.

“Darling,” Lena comforted Kara, holding onto her shoulders. “I meant the supersuit. I know it’s under there, and I also understand why you didn’t tell me. As far as when it would be appropriate to show me that big crest, well…” And with that, Lena leaned over and pressed a soft kiss to Kara’s lips. When she pulled back, Kara’s expression was a mixture of shock and nervousness and dumbstruck happiness.

“So, um, you know?”

“I know,” Lena confirmed.

“For how long?”

“Oh, I think it’s best for your self-confidence if I don’t answer that one.”

Kara crinkled her nose as she thought about the lecture she’d get from Alex, who had not appreciated having to carry around lighters and cigarettes and drive a rental Subaru instead of her Ducati for the past month. “And, um, the other thing?”

“You make of it whatever you want, Supergirl.”

Chapter Text

“I miss your fingers,” read the text message. Alex tried to focus on her work, not to allow her attention to be drawn back to her phone and the thought of Maggie needing her that much during the workday. So she ignored it, only to jump the second her phone vibrated again: “You tasted so fucking good last night.” Alex let out a small whimper, playing it off as a cough when her two lab techs turned around to look at her.

“At work!” Alex sent back, even though she knew damn well that she had done this to Maggie before.

“I’m stuck on desk duty while my partner’s home sick,” Maggie replied. Then: “Can’t a girl fantasize a little? You coming down to the precinct…you on your knees under my desk…your tongue on my clit.”

Excusing herself, Alex stepped out of the lab and into the bathroom. She took deep, steadying breaths, willing her heart rate to even out and her mind to return to the experiments she was running and only the experiments. There was no need for J’onn to grimace at her again as he shook his head, wishing aloud that Alex would think more quietly.

With shaking hands, she managed to type: “If I send you something dirty, will you knock it off until later?”

“What if you send me something dirty now, and I respond, but I know you won’t look at it or reply until you’re home?”

Alex shook her head; Maggie could never just accept her first offer. “Fine.”

“OK…start sexting :)”

Typing as quickly as she could, knowing that she needed to get back to the lab, Alex sent: “All I can think about is you in the harness with the big purple cock taking me from behind. One day I want you to wear the harness all day so that when we get home, all we have to do is unzip your jeans and put the toy in and you’re ready to take me. And I want you to tell me when you leave that you’re wearing it. I want to think about it all day, feel myself soaking through my panties with every thought about what’s waiting for me at home. And when I get back, I want you to strip me in the doorway. I’ll be dripping for you. Then I want you to bend me over the bed and fuck me. Hard. Hard enough that the toy is slamming into your clit with every thrust. Hard enough that you’re barely hanging on, biting back whimpers, your thighs shaking as you hold back your own orgasm while you wait for me to finally come for you. Got it?”

Mustering every ounce of willpower that had been instilled in her through years of training at the DEO, Alex put her phone on silent and tucked it back into her pocket. She took a few deep, calming breaths and marched back to her lab, knowing that the sooner she finished her work, the sooner she could go home and relieve some of the aching pressure between her legs.


As it turned out, the promise of being able to get home and touch herself was a fabulous motivator, and Alex was out of the DEO in record time once she checked in with J’onn to confirm that there were no alien threats that required her attention. Which is how she found herself home at 4:30 on a weekday, marveling at just how light it still was outside when she left the DEO before 6 or 7 at night.

Of course, whether or not the sun was still up was not Alex’s primary concern. No, she was too focused on the litany of increasingly explicit messages she had gotten from Maggie during the day, telling her in lurid detail exactly what Maggie wanted to do to her when she got home. They had stopped around 4; Alex assumed Maggie must have been called off of desk duty, so she didn’t bother letting her girlfriend know that she had come home early.

Instead, Alex dimmed the lights and settled into the bed, stripping out of her work clothes and not bothering to put anything new on. Scrolling back through the text messages Maggie had sent her, Alex dropped her fingers down to tease at her entrance, not worrying about foreplay when she was already so worked up from a day’s worth of frustrating build up. She groaned at how wet she already was, her fingers sliding as she spread her arousal up and around her clit, whimpering at the contact she’d craved all day.

Dropping her phone to her chest, Alex sped up her movements, swirling her fingers around her clit in desperate, needy bursts. She could already feel her orgasm building as her legs tensed, her back arching slightly off the bed before she tumbled over the edge, her body finally losing a bit of the tension she’d been holding onto since that morning.

Having taken the edge off slightly, Alex picked back up her phone, letting herself enjoy Maggie’s messages as she teased herself, building herself back up again. She toyed with her breasts, gently pulling and twisting her nipples to stiff peaks. Dropping her hands lower, she felt the muscles in her stomach tighten with every filthy thought that crossed her mind. She teased at her thighs, scratching her nails up and down, leaving faint pink trails across her inner thighs.

She reasoned that she could probably come fairly quickly if she focused on her clit again, but that wasn’t what she wanted. No, Maggie’s texts were all about fucking her deep and hard, curling her hands, her strap on, her cock deep inside Alex, stroking her front wall and making her gush. And Alex needed that—needed that too much to wait for Maggie. So she rolled over and opened her bedside table, pulling out one of their toys, then, after a moment’s hesitation, she reached back in for the vibrator as well, figuring if she were going to indulge, she might as well go all out.

Closing her eyes, Alex let her mind drift back to some of her favorite nights with Maggie. Well, a very specific type of favorite night. Because there were also the nights when she had felt loved and cherished, when Maggie cooked for her or held her after a rough mission. And those were wonderful, but today, today Alex was thinking about the times when Maggie had made her beg, when Maggie had gently, carefully tied her down and fucked her until she swore she was nothing more than a being who wanted, needed to be fucked and filled by Maggie.

As she grew increasingly desperate, Alex coated the toy in a thin layer of lube before lowering it to her entrance and carefully slipping it inside. She groaned at how easily it slid inside her, how wet she must be to take all of it so quickly. Deciding that Maggie deserved some kind of reward for the magic her texts had worked, Alex sent her a photo. All that was visible were her flexing abs, the patch of dark curls, and her hand wrapped around the glistening base of the toy, though it was quite obvious what was happening in the unseen portions of the photo as well. “I miss you,” she captioned it, then hit send before she could second guess her boldness.


Maggie had left the station a few minutes early, hoping to get home before Alex and get set up with precisely the situation Alex described in a text that had her whimpering at her desk all afternoon. When she got home, however, she noticed Alex’s bike already parked in its spot. Pulling out her phone, she nearly choked, then fumbled her own phone at the sight of the image waiting for her.

Trying to stay calm, Maggie forced herself to walk through the lobby and take the elevator, rather than making a mad dash for the stairs. On the ride up to the sixth floor, she let her eyes rake over the photo Alex had sent, feeling herself grow impossibly wetter at the thought of what she would find when she unlocked the door.

And the sight did not disappoint. Because when Maggie finished locking the door behind her, she looked up to find Alex on that altar she called a bed, writhing and naked and panting loudly enough for Maggie to hear every gasp from the doorway. As she got closer, her knees nearly bucked when she realized that Alex had their biggest dick already inside her and the vibrator teasing at her clit as her hips thrust against the toys. And the sexiest thing? The sexiest thing was the way Alex was watching Maggie, her gaze hungry, almost predatory, as she followed Maggie’s movements, daring the woman to stop her, to finish her.

“Do you want me to make that fantasy you described come true, baby?” Maggie asked, her voice low and thick with need.

“Not if it means I have to stop fucking myself,” Alex answered honestly, arching her eyebrow in an implicit challenge.

“Well then, why don’t we play one of our other games,” Maggie offered. “You look so close…do you think you can last until ten for me?”

Whimpering loudly, Alex clenched her jaw, trying not to come at the offer Maggie was making. “Yes,” she nodded.

“Such a good girl,” Maggie purred, slowly removing her boots and her jacket before climbing into the bed. “Should I be nice? Should I give you ten right away?”

“Please,” Alex begged, beyond the point of caring that she was already begging and they hadn’t even started playing in earnest. But she had been so close to coming when Maggie walked in that door, could have greeted her with the cries of her name spilling from her lips. But she had waited. Because she knew Maggie would want to see. Because she could be Maggie’s good girl.

“Okay, then. Ten.” Maggie smirked as Alex slowed her pace to accommodate the rules, knowing that she’d have to go either faster or harder with each number.

“You know, normally I’d want you to start with nothing inside you…shouldn’t I get something for being generous?” Maggie asked, looking expectantly up at Alex.

Alex bit her lip, trying to focus on anything other than the way her body was humming with desire, pulsing with tension, waiting for release. Turning off the vibrator and letting it drop beside her, Alex made a show of licking her fingers and drawing them around her nipples, pinching and tugging at them, watching as Maggie’s eyes darkened with arousal. “Is that okay?”

“So good, baby,” Maggie praised, watching Alex’s hips jerk off the bed at her words. “Now I want to see you going a little faster, okay? Nine.”

Alex sped up her pace, feeling her walls clench around the toy as she fought back her orgasm. She could wait for Maggie. She would wait for Maggie.

“Eight.” Alex sped up again, biting back a whimper when she watched Maggie take the vibrator.

“Seven.” Alex fucked herself harder, groaning at the force pounding against her clit. “You’re so good for me, babygirl. So good.”

“Six.” Alex went a little faster, needing to keep earning Maggie’s praise. “You’re dripping,” Maggie purred, listening to the obscene, wet noises coming from the toy with every thrust into Alex’s pussy.

“Five, but let me get this one.” Alex nodded, watching with bated breath as Maggie clicked on the vibrator and moved it to her clit. She moaned loudly, clenching all of her muscles as she sought to keep her orgasm at bay.

“Four.” Alex whimpered, her free hand fisting in the sheets as she increased her pace just slightly. She worried that any more would surely push her over the edge.

“Three, and again, let me take the lead,” Maggie instructed, leaning over and nipping at Alex’s spread open thighs, pushing them ever further apart. Alex groaned at every touch, whimpering at the harder bites and the thought of Maggie marking her.

“Two.” And Maggie clicked the vibrator up to a higher setting—to the setting she knew Alex used when she wanted to come fast and hard. Alex could feel her whole body shaking as she struggled to breathe deeply, to keep her body in control. “You’re amazing, Alex,” Maggie whispered, her breath hot against Alex’s inner thighs.

“One.” Maggie drew out the word, feeling a gush of arousal soak her own underwear as Alex bucked and writhed underneath her, fighting to stay in control until Maggie gave her the final count, her last moment of permission. Alex squirmed under the pleasure, under Maggie’s intense gaze, pupils blown wide with lust, breathing shallow and ragged. It was the most exquisite kind of torture.

“Come for me, Alex,” Maggie finally ordered, moaning loudly right along with her girlfriend. Alex thrust into the toys, her free hand clamping down on Maggie’s wrist as she kept the vibrator steady against her clit, her body convulsing around the toy, wave after wave of pleasure washing over her as her mind went blissfully blank.

By the time she came to again, she could feel how soaked her hand was around the base of the toy, but she was still pulsing around it, her body pulling every last drop of pleasure from it that she could.

“You were amazing, so good for me, Alex,” Maggie praised, turning off the vibrator before moving up the bed to wrap Alex in her arms. “Are you doing alright?”

“So good,” Alex panted, “really good. Just need, like, a minute.”

Chuckling softly, Maggie nodded. “Take your time.”

“Mm, still want to taste you,” Alex mumbled as she nuzzled into Maggie’s chest.

Biting back a low whimper, Maggie just nodded again. “If and when you’re ready, baby. You were already so good for me today. I can always take care of myself.”

Suddenly Alex’s eyes, still hazy with lust, were trained on her. “Only if I get to count for you too.”

Chapter Text

Giggling (though she’d deny it if someone called her on it) at some silly joke Sawyer just told, Alex dropped her head to their shoulder. “I’m so happy,” she whispered.

“Yeah? You like this bar?” Sawyer teased.

“Shut up. You know what I mean.”

“Hmm…nope. I think I want you to tell me,” they pressed.

“I’m happy with you. Though now that you’re acting like this…maybe I need to reconsider,” Alex laughed, knowing Sawyer wouldn’t believe it for a second. And of course, they didn’t, laughing softly right back and pressing a kiss to Alex’s cheek.

But before Alex could react, one of the guys from the table full of men looking out of place in full suits in the relatively casual bar sauntered over, leaning into Alex’s space, slipping his card in front of her, and wrapping an arm around her like he had any kind of claim over her body.

“Excuse me,” Alex spat out, picking up his arm and dropping it back at his side before he could even open his mouth.

“I couldn’t help but notice you,” he began, his voice dripping with affected charm that sounded smarmy and utterly unappealing to Alex.

“Mhm, and you couldn’t help but think I must want your attention?” Alex snarked back, glaring at him.

“I’m just saying, I think you can do a lot better than that guy,” he said, casting a glance at Sawyer for the first time since he had sidled up to Alex. But when he looked at them, a sneer crossed his face. “Excuse me, her. Or whatever the fuck you are,” he laughed.

“It’s they,” Alex interjected, crossing her arms across her chest and standing defensively in front of Sawyer. “And they don’t need anyone’s approval, least of all from a jackass like you.”

“Oh god, one of those people with the made up identities. Let me guess, you’re going to tell me what’s politically correct too, aren’t you?” he sneered.

“I only need to say it because some people never learned how to behave in public,” Sawyer bit back, crossing their arms tightly and trying not to think back to the friends and colleagues who had laughed off their coming out as nonbinary, telling them they were confused, they were butch, maybe they were trans, but for now they should probably just be quiet. Because that was the last damn thing they needed; they had stayed quiet about not feeling right with a female identity for too many years not to speak up now.

“Oh, the language police. God, I’m scared now!” He rolled his eyes, trying to turn his attention back to Alex, who clearly wasn’t having it.

“Sure, but I’m also the real police,” Sawyer growled, their voice low. “So why don’t you just go back with your friends. We don’t need any trouble.” There were thousands of things they wanted to tell him. To yell at him and tear him down until he felt as vulnerable and exposed as they had been made to feel. But it wasn’t the time or the place. He had too many friends there to back him up—friends waving around credit cards and flaunting their entitlement to take up space however they damn well pleased.

“Oh, don’t worry, I don’t care about you. I’m interested in your friend. You know, the real woman.”

“Here’s the thing though,” Alex began, her voice dangerously low even as she fought to keep her anger in check, remembering everything Sawyer had told them about not wanting to draw attention to themselves and not wanting to get aggressive when the system wasn’t designed to protect people like them against people like him. “I don’t date assholes. And even if I did? You’d never get me into bed. Because I’ll take them over you any day of the week. So I suggest you take your antiquated sense of entitlement back to your friends and go enjoy whatever little conservative capitalist circle jerk you’re hosting.”

He looked like he wanted to say more, but when the bartender approached to ask if anyone needed his help, the man went back to his friends.

As soon as he was out of sight, Alex spun back around to face Sawyer. “Hey, are you alright? Do you want to get out of here? Can I do anything for you?”

Sawyer just shrugged. They wanted to be angrier, to be more indignant, but somehow they just felt…normal, like this was all they could expect. And they knew there were good people out there—so many individuals in their life had been wonderful and loving and supportive, and they didn’t want to erase that group of people—but at the same time, incidents like these were still too common, too commonplace. They settled for nudging Alex with their shoulder. “You did better, ya know? No threats of bodily harm. Only one crude insult.”

Alex beamed, but then refocused her attention on Sawyer. “That’s because I want to support you in the best way I can. So tell me what I can do for you, okay? We’ve still got half of that tiramisu Kara picked up from Florence last night in the fridge…I’m just saying, it’s got your name written all over it.”

Grinning, Sawyer nodded. They knew it might look like ceding space to the assholes, letting them win, but sometimes they had to put their own comfort and mental health first—something Alex was helping them to remember. “I just want to run to the bathroom, then we can head out.” They were grateful that this bar had gender-neutral options and, normally, was a safe space for people of color and LGBTQ folks.

As soon as Sawyer was in the bathroom, Alex strode across the bar, motioning for the guy who had been such an ass to come over to her. He grinned up at her like it was his lucky day.

“You finally decide you want a real man?” he asked, raising his eyebrows and lasciviously raking his gaze up and down Alex’s body.

“Not quite. Here’s the thing: I’m not as well-behaved as my partner is. They just wanted you to go back to your friends and not bother them, which is their right. But I want more. See, they work for the police. I work for one of those unidentified government organizations—black ops, you know the drill—and you were so helpful as to leave me with your business card. Name, workplace, phone number. So I’m gonna be keeping an eye out for you,” she looked down at the card, “Jackson. And if I see one thing about you harassing someone for their identity—or, let’s just put it out there, for any reason—I will make you disappear. And no amount of money or straight white male privilege will be enough to let you see the light of day again. Got it?”

Normally Jackson was the type to have the last word, but something about this woman seemed serious, determined, almost unhinged, so he nodded and wiped the sweat from his hands off on his pants and hightailed it back to his table, saying nothing when his buddies asked him what had happened.

By the time Sawyer was back from paying their tab and using the restroom, Alex was leaning up against the bar. “You ready to get out of here?” she asked, smiling like she hadn’t just threatened a man with all sorts of unethical things.

“Of course,” Sawyer nodded, grinning as Alex took their hand and led them outside.

They spent the rest of the night curled up on Alex’s couch, eating tiramisu and watching silly YouTube videos. When Alex yawned and made a comment about how tired she was, Sawyer looked up at her with a shit-eating grin. “Threatening to illegally detain people tire you out, Danvers?”

Spluttering and shaking her head, Alex managed to get out, “What? No…I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Danvers…I can read you like an open book. We’ve talked about the whole going Guantanamo act thing you’ve got going, haven’t we.”

Looking bashful, Alex nodded.

“And didn’t we say it’s a human rights violation?”

“Yes, but I wasn’t actually planning on throwing him in a windowless cell…at least not for longer than a day,” she hedged.

“Did you tell him that?”

“No. He deserved to be scared,” Alex declared, crossing her arms and pouting defiantly.

“No one deserves to be scared, Al.”

“But he scared you,” Alex added quietly, wrapping Sawyer up in her arms. “And that’s fucking bullshit. He shouldn’t get to always be the one on that side of the equation, so, well, I just wanted to give him a little taste of his own medicine. It’s not like I’ll act on it, but maybe that threat will stick with him long enough to make him think before he makes stupid, ignorant comments again.”

“Maybe,” they shrugged. “I appreciate that you care, okay? But let’s just…be careful.”

“Of course,” Alex nodded, knowing they would probably talk more about what were appropriate and inappropriate threats in the morning but deciding to be happy for the moment in the fact that she had made Sawyer smile for now, had made them forget for a little while about the world of jackasses out there and get lost in silly videos and puppy pictures. And if making them happy meant not threatening assholes with life imprisonment, so be it.

Chapter Text

Even after Alex and Maggie had come out as a couple, they kept their dates fairly low-key by choice. Not wanting to be a burden on her aunt, Maggie worked part time at an ice cream shop in town, but she put most of her money in savings for college. As for Alex, as happy as she was with a relationship for the first time, she still didn’t see the appeal in overly formal dates with a whole litany of things that needed to be accomplished. So she and Maggie kept things simple.

There were the countless trips to the beach, of course. As clichéd as long walks at sunset sounded, Alex loved the opportunity to be alone together. The openness gave them a chance to relax and be honest with each other, walking and talking about topics they might not have discussed if they had been sitting and facing one another.

Slowly but surely, Alex got Maggie to feel more comfortable in the water. Coming from a landlocked state, Maggie’s idea of swimming was mainly confined to swimming in pools or maybe in a lake. But this vast, boundless, living thing? No. That seemed excessive. And dangerous, though she’d never admit to being scared. But when Alex took her hand and slowly led her in, inch-by-inch, always ready to scoop her up and carry her back to safety if it got to be too much, Maggie started to think she might just be okay with the ocean.

And she was definitely okay with the ocean when it meant seeing Alex sunbathing in a bikini on warm days or out in a wetsuit catching waves each weekend. Because even when Maggie stayed out in the sand, hanging out with Kara and James and Lucy as they played an overly intense game of beach volleyball or taking cover under the umbrella with Winn, who burnt too easily to spend a lot of time in the sun, she still appreciated the view. And she appreciated it even more when Alex would come bounding back to her, energized from her swim, and wrapped her in her wet arms, ignoring Maggie’s exaggerated protests as she pressed salty kisses all across her face.


On weekends when the weather wasn’t as nice, they spent time at one another’s houses. All too often, Alex’s house was jammed full of people, all of their friends lounging about, playing games, and watching movies. While it was nice to see everyone, sometimes they wanted a bit of time alone too. Not just to make out, though that was an added benefit, but also quiet time to get to know one another better. Because Alex wanted to know everything there was to know about Maggie—even the little things, like what her favorite dinosaur was (stegosaurus because, as Maggie put it, “they were, like, the original badass vegans”) or whether any movies had scarred her for life (The Sixth Sense—having watched it at way too young of an age, she still got scared pulling back shower curtains—a fear not helped by later viewings of Psycho).

Maggie had been shocked to learn that Alex had never seen Buffy, so she set about right away in forcing Alex to start from season one, though, as soon as Alex figured out that the blonde girl was going to be the hero with crazy powers you’d never believe she possessed, she insisted that they needed to wait for Kara and all watch as a group—a request Maggie was only too happy to oblige, having come to care for Little Danvers, even if she could be a bit of a pain when it came to finding time alone in Alex’s room.


Of course, they did find time to make it out on more traditional dates every now and again. Despite her bad memories from her dates with Rick, Alex soon found herself inviting Maggie out to Breadsticks, an Italian restaurant in town that served as the go-to date spot. It wasn’t that great, but Alex wanted to make it abundantly clear to Maggie that she wasn’t ashamed to be seen with her or with another woman; she wanted to go to the date spot with her very perfect girlfriend and show her off to everyone. Even though they had spent a couple of minutes in the car, readying themselves and preparing for the worst, just about everyone already knew, saving the young couple from comments they didn’t deserve to contend with over dinner. And they had held hands at the table and made each other try their own entrees, and somehow it felt nothing like the forced interactions Alex had endured on earlier dates. With Maggie, she wanted every second of that connection.


Over Thanksgiving break, Alex talked her mom into letting them drive Alex’s car to LA for a Tegan and Sara concert and spend the night in the apartment her mom’s friends rented out while they travelled. Since Alex was under special instructions to be the only one to drive the car thanks to insurance regulations, she let Maggie DJ their trip, finding herself constantly amused by Maggie’s rather eclectic choices. They moved seamlessly from Billboard pop hits to R&B, then back to some rap and showtunes. It shouldn’t have worked, but Maggie made it fun. About an hour into the drive, they stopped for snacks, picking up bags of pretzels and chips and a tub of Twizzlers that Maggie teased Alex about but still dipped her hand into more times than she would care to admit.

Having never been to an event specifically targeted at queer women before (even if Tegan and Sara had gone mainstream), Alex was shocked by the sheer number of women there with other women, holding hands and kissing unabashedly. She giggled and blushed when a slightly older woman clad in a denim jacket with the collar popped and sleeve tattoos just barely visible through some of the ripped and worn patches winked at her.

They worried that they might not look gay enough, so they made a point of holding hands all night and being particularly affectionate, lest they be mistaken for gal pals in the unironic sense of the phrase. That night after the concert they fought off their exhaustion long enough to make out shirtless for the first time, relishing in the new planes of skin being exposed to longing looks and hesitant, then bolder touches. Without Alex’s fear of Kara’s superhearing (or Maggie’s fear of Eliza’s suddenly deciding that she wasn’t okay with Maggie corrupting her daughter), they let their whines and whimpers and low moans be heard, stopping only when they were both too tired to keep their eyes open any longer.


Over winter break, they spent long days together, ignoring the projects their teachers had assigned—well, ignoring and procrastinating by Alex’s standards, but working tirelessly by just about anyone else’s—in favor of spending time with one another and the rest of their friends. Maggie let Winn teach her how to play some of the games that took too long to play on a short game night, like Risk and Settlers of Catan, and Alex beamed at the sight of her girlfriend bonding with one of her best friends. It helped that the two had gotten to know each other during the lab sections of AP Bio, and Alex loved that Maggie was much better at giving dating advice to Winn than she was, which helped Winn to embrace her even faster.

One afternoon, while Kara and James were up in the bedroom making out in celebration of their one-year anniversary, Alex tried to summon all of her courage. “Hey, um, hey, Maggie?”

“Yeah?” Maggie asked, tilting her head to the side as she paused the movie.

“Um, well, I was thinking…the school puts on, well, um, maybe it’s lame, but the school has a winter formal every year. I’ve been in the past, and it’s not so bad. But I suspect it would be a lot better with a date I really like. Which is my really terrible, uninspired way of asking if you might like to be my date.”

“Really?” Maggie checked.

“Yeah, really.”

“I’d love to.” Grinning back at Alex, Maggie leaned forward and captured her lips in an excited kiss.


By the time of the winter ball—based on and decorated according to Harry Potter’s Yule Ball thanks to a planning committee that veered toward the nerdy/literary side of the spectrum—Alex found herself genuinely excited by the prospect of dressing up, which delighted both Kara and Eliza. She had found a red dress that she thought looked good and brought out the red highlights in her hair, and Maggie had promised that she would wear something complementary, giving no real description of her outfit.

Eliza even took the afternoon off of work to help Kara and Alex to get ready. They all went out to lunch together, then headed out to get their nails done before returning home, where Kara had made Alex promise to let Kara do her hair while Eliza smiled and took pictures of her girls. Alex helped Kara into a royal blue dress, pinning back her curls and assuring her that she looked amazing. Kara, meanwhile, gushed over Alex’s dress and curled her hair into soft ringlets that framed her face perfectly. While Alex and Kara sat in the living room taking increasingly absurd selfies, the doorbell rang.

“Coming!” Kara yelled, bounding over to the door and pulling it open, revealing Maggie and James standing together.

“You look so handsome,” Kara gushed, pulling James inside and yelling out to let Alex know that Maggie had arrived with James. James had on a well-fitting suit with a blue vest to match Kara’s dress.

“Wow,” Alex exhaled, catching sight of Maggie for the first time. She had worn a suit, which Alex somehow hadn’t even thought to imagine. But now she was almost glad it was a surprise; it made the perfection of the whole outfit even better. Because Maggie looked amazing, with a cream blouse under a tailored black blazer and black pants that tapered at the ankle, drawing attention to the rather high heels she was rocking. She held out a corsage for Alex’s wrist and was elated to receive one in return that matched the color scheme rather perfectly.

“Wow yourself,” Maggie finally got around to replying, having been too stunned to get many words out since her arrival.

“Pictures!” Eliza sang, excited to see both of her girls looking so fantastically happy. She had them pair up—first as couples, then the sisters, then James and Maggie—before pulling the full group together. And for once, Alex didn’t whine or complain about the whole ritual; she wanted to preserve these memories, to have some record of the night.

Once Eliza was finally satisfied with the number of pictures she had taken, the group headed out, having promised to meet Winn, Lucy, and their dates outside the ballroom before the dance. Maggie offered her arm to Alex, beaming when her girlfriend took it, entwining their fingers and giving them a small squeeze.

By the time they headed inside, with Lucy and her date, Susan, and Winn and his date, Jack, Maggie couldn’t help but marvel at how quickly this year seemed to have turned around for her. She had come to Midvale with no presumptions about making friends or fitting in or even being slightly happy. She was a senior, suddenly being thrust into a new school, and she suspected everyone would already have their friends, their groups. Yet Alex Danvers had been there from week one, ready to upend all of her assumptions with a smile (and, often, a sarcastic comment), and somehow she found herself at winter formal on the arm of a gorgeous woman, surrounded by people she actually considered friends—genuine friends. She wouldn’t cry, not tonight, but dammit if it didn’t feel like an occasion that warranted it.

She and Alex spent the night spinning around the dance floor, grinning at the decorations and joining Winn and Jack in pointing out the things missing from the Harry Potter books. They tried not to gag on the overly sweet butterscotch-flavored butterbeer, but eventually gave up and relied on the chocolate frogs to sustain them throughout the night.

As the DJ transitioned into a set of slow songs, Maggie wrapped her arms around Alex’s waist, pulling her close as Alex let her arms drop to Maggie’s shoulders. “May I have this dance?” Maggie asked.

“There’s no one I’d rather share it with,” Alex answered, smiling softly.

“You’re pretty amazing,” Maggie whispered.

“So are you,” Alex replied, grinning. She hesitated before she spoke, wondering whether she wanted to turn a night that had been all about frivolity and young love into something more serious. But when she looked into Maggie’s eyes, she realized that the woman didn’t expect her to keep her mouth shut to maintain some illusion, so she pressed on. “I…well, I didn’t really think that I was built for all of this. You know, intimacy. Dating. Being…liked.” They hadn’t said love yet, even though they had danced around it for a few weeks now. “But being here with you? I finally feel complete. So thank you, Maggie, thank you for helping me to figure out who I am and being there to hold my hand every step of the way.”

Taking a deep breath, Maggie closed her eyes before opening them and looking straight into Alex’s gaze. “There’s no one I’d rather have been there for, Alex. There’s no one I’d rather be spending tonight with. Because, well, because I love you, Alex.”

There was a beat of silence before a wide grin broke out across Alex’s face. “I love you too, Maggie Sawyer.”

“Really?” Maggie asked, needing to check, somehow needing assurances to convince herself that this wasn’t all some dream she had invented to survive the horrors of Blue Springs.

“Really,” Alex confirmed, drawing Maggie even closer and kissing her softly as the song came to a close.

Chapter Text

In the weeks following their conversation, Alex, Maggie, and Lucy spent quite a bit of time together—both as a unit and in pairs—as they got used to the new arrangement. A few beers in the first night, they had broken the awkwardness and odd sense of propriety that still seemed to haunt their arrangement by taking turns making out with each other, falling into a comfortable rhythm as their touches turned increasingly needy and fingers teased under shirts and around waistbands. They had ended it there, figuring it would be appropriate to wait a little longer, but at least they suspected they wouldn’t have any…compatibility issues.

The next morning they had all gone out to brunch at the diner down the block from Alex’s apartment, taking the time to get comfortable with softer forms of intimacy—holding hands, casual touches on backs and arms, soft nudges and whispered compliments.

When Alex got a call that morning at the end of brunch about a rogue alien, she insisted that Lucy should stay and hang out with Maggie, that she’d be back soon enough and they should use the time to get to know one another better. Which is how Lucy and Maggie found themselves standing outside of the diner alone.

“So, uh, did you want to do something?” Maggie offered, uncertain that Lucy really wanted to spend time with her without Alex, especially not yet.

Lucy surprised both of them by grinning and agreeing quickly. “Alright, Maggie, wow me.”

Maggie snorted and rolled her eyes, but she still reached out to grab Lucy’s hand. When Lucy remained still, she pulled gently. “Come on, you want a Maggie Sawyer date, don’t you?”

“Fine, yeah,” Lucy shrugged, allowing herself to be led away from the diner.

As they walked, their phones both dinged with a text from Alex in their new group chat: “Have fun!! Remember, if we’re all dating, it’s not cheating, so no guilt.”

“Who’d have thought that Danvers would be the quickest to adapt?” Maggie laughed.

“Considering the many months where she just nodded along with my attempts at flirting, gonna go ahead and say not me,” Lucy joked back.

“Since we just ate, what about a walk? We’ll pick up coffee and get to know each other a little better?”

“Sounds good. Actually, do you like tea? There’s a really good place a few blocks from here.”

Maggie grinned. “Finally, someone who’ll drink tea with me. I can’t get Alex to trade a single cup of black coffee for a black tea.”

“Ugh, tell me about it. Though it did mean that my fancy teas were never stolen from the break room. My peanut butter M&Ms on the other hand…”

“Yeah, you can’t leave her or Kara alone with chocolate too long if you want to have any left when you get back,” Maggie chuckled. Even if they were focusing on Alex, Maggie was glad that the conversation wasn’t stilted or awkward.

As promised, the tearoom really was just a couple of blocks away, and they arrived within minutes. “Lucy!” the woman at the counter called out, walking around to give her a hug. “It’s been too long.”

“I know! Finally back in the city for a little while,” Lucy explained. “Oh! This is Maggie Sawyer. Maggie, this is Grace Wu. We met at West Point; she was just a year above me. After her tour of duty, she came back to take over the family business.”

“Nice to meet you.” Maggie offered her hand to the woman, who shook it with a firm grasp.

“You too,” Grace replied, smiling as she looked between the two women. “So, Luce, is this business or…” she trailed off, grinning at the blush on Lucy’s cheeks. “I think I have my answer.”

“Yes, well, yes, Maggie is my date.”

“Even better to meet you,” Grace added, winking at Maggie before turning her attention back to Lucy. “I’m glad to see you’re finally moving on after James. And with quite the cutie, I might add.”

“Hush,” Lucy shushed Grace, blushing a faint pink as she dragged Maggie over to one of the tables. Once they had placed their order and gotten a pot of tea to share, Maggie asked Lucy about her time at West Point, figuring it was as good a place as any to start.

Over the course of a couple of hours, the two women talked about growing up and the strained (or broken) relationships they had with their families. They moved on to college, where Maggie talked about finally finding a queer community for the first time, whereas Lucy found herself indoctrinated even further into the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell mentality that her father had so rigorously upheld. They traded horror stories from their days in Gotham and the front lines of battle, respectively, both taking solace in their companionship even as they faced their pasts with dark humor, rather than any more open emotions.

Eventually they left the tearoom after Lucy took a few minutes to schedule a time for her and Grace to catch up in the next couple of weeks. Not quite wanting to end their date, which was going surprisingly well, Maggie suggested that they take a walk. As they strolled through the streets of National City, their conversation turned to lighter topics, and they joked about exes and their favorite queer shows and movies. As someone who typically left her guard up for a significant amount of time, Maggie was shocked at how easy it felt to connect with Lucy, to open up about things that had taken her years to even address herself. Of course, she suspected, having gone though a lot of it with Alex first probably helped. Lucy found herself thinking in similar ways, wondering at Alex’s good taste in women (considering her astoundingly awful taste in men).

Although the sky had grown gray and overcast over the course of their walk, both women were surprised when it began to rain—and not just a drizzle, but a veritable downpour.

“Shit,” Maggie muttered, not having thought to bring an umbrella, since they were only supposed to be going to brunch.

“How fast can you run, Sawyer?” Lucy asked, a teasing grin playing about her mouth.

“Faster than you,” Maggie challenged, taking off at a sprint. “Alex’s place is closer!” she yelled over her shoulder, figuring Lucy would probably feel more comfortable there anyway.

By the time they made it back to Alex’s, they were both out of breath and completely soaked. “You’re faster than I’d have guessed,” Lucy panted, grinning at Maggie, who was nearly doubled-over as she sought to catch her breath. “I mean, not faster than me, but I did win a few awards on West Point’s track team.”

“Cheater,” Maggie managed to get out between labored breaths. She was by no means out of shape, but Lucy had been a formidable opponent, tearing down the streets at a near sprint. As her heart rate finally began to slow, Maggie straightened up, grimacing at the weight and feeling of her sopping wet clothing. She shrugged out of her coat, hanging it up to dry, and quickly took Lucy’s from her as well. Before Maggie could explain that she was going to change in the bathroom, Lucy was already peeling off her wet layers, shrugging by way of explanation: “Not like we haven’t already seen everything. Literally spent days in each other’s bodies.”

This felt different, but Maggie wasn’t going to look like the big prude, so she pulled off her shirt and kicked off her shoes and pants, taking them into the bathroom to dry. When she returned, she brought two fluffy towels and some pajamas, figuring that there was no use in getting dressed up again when it was already late in the afternoon and the torrential rain was showing no signs of stopping.

Her words got stuck in her throat, however, at the sight of Lucy in only underwear tying up her hair. “I, uh, I brought this, um, this towel. For you.”

Lucy smirked, letting her eyes rake up and down Maggie’s almost equally bare body. “Lookin’ good, Sawyer,” she teased.

Blushing faintly, Maggie wrapped the towel around herself, losing her bra only once she was covered. “Pajamas too…I figured maybe we could watch a movie or something while we wait for Alex.”

“That sounds nice,” Lucy admitted. “But, just so you remember, Alex made a point of saying it wouldn’t be cheating if anything happened. And she did tell us to have fun…”

Maggie nodded. She had done this before, been in open relationships, been with other women, but for some reason she was almost…nervous. But she didn’t have to be, she reasoned. Alex had explicitly told them to have fun, and during their group make out session the night before, she had encouraged Maggie and Lucy, whimpering softly at the sight of them together. Just because it was a new part of their relationship didn’t make it wrong or something that Maggie was somehow forcing on Alex. It wasn’t a repeat of Emily; she wasn’t cheating on Alex.

“What if I put on this t-shirt,” Lucy offered, “and then we see what happens?” In a moment, she was a bit more clothed, and Maggie quickly threw on her own shirt as well, feeling much more comfortable, even if her body still ached for something more.

“Movie?” Maggie asked, gesturing to the television.

“Sure. Do you want any snacks?”

“Uh, yeah. I think there’s kettle corn in the cabinets.”

A few minutes later, having sent a text to Alex making sure she was okay and having heard back that she was spending a bit of sister time with Kara after the attack, Maggie felt a bit more relaxed. Lucy returned with the popcorn and perched on the couch, looking suddenly uncertain. Now, having heard once more from Alex that she wanted Lucy and Maggie to get to know each other and really feel a connection, Maggie felt a lot more comfortable. She held her arm out and the blanket up, and Lucy quickly took her up on the offer to cuddle, curling herself into Maggie’s side and pulling the bowl of popcorn up beside them.

Sighing in contentment, Maggie set about trying to find a movie they would both enjoy. They soon learned that they both adored early-twentieth-century films, especially anything with some of the queer ladies of old. After a bit of back-and-forth, they decided on Morocco, given their mutual love of Marlene Dietrich, especially Marlene Dietrich in menswear.

During the movie, Maggie and Lucy let their hands roam with light, gentle touches. Maggie sighed into Lucy’s touch when she ran her fingers through Maggie’s hair, and Lucy let out a low moan when Maggie began gently massaging her upper back. By the time the movie was ending, they were both rather distracted by the other. Leaning forward, Lucy looked up to Maggie, searching for approval. After a moment, Maggie nodded, meeting Lucy and kissing her softly as they got used to one another once more.

As the kiss grew more heated, Maggie and Lucy both grew bolder, letting their hands wander as they had the night before. Maggie moaned at the feeling of Lucy’s abs tensing beneath her touch, and Lucy took the opportunity to deepen the kiss, flicking her tongue across Maggie’s lower lip before being granted entrance.

A little while later, Alex returned, only to find her two…girlfriends? Her girlfriend and the woman they were dating together?...clasped in one another’s arms, tugging at clothing as they gasped into a rather passionate kiss. Swallowing a low whimper at a sight that had ignited something inside of her, Alex chuckled, “I see I shouldn’t have worried too much about the two of you getting along.”

Maggie jolted upright, glancing over the couch at Alex with wide doe eyes. “Alex! Sorry! Is this, are we, um, okay? I know you had said yes, but maybe not now…”

“Maggie, I meant what I said. If we’re going to do this, we should all be comfortable with it. And that means you and I can be together, you and Lucy can be together, Lucy and I can be together, we can all be together—it’s all fine. I’m not jealous.”

“You sure?” Lucy checked, wanting to make sure. If it looked like there were even the slightest amount of hesitation, she would step back. She had never wanted to be the homewrecker to their relationship.

“Trust me,” Alex confirmed. “I mean, if I’m being honest, it’s sort of hot.”

“Yeah?” Maggie’s face lit up, and Lucy ran her tongue across her lips.

“You wanna come join us, Agent Danvers?” Lucy teased.

“Sure I won’t be intruding on your date?”

“Shut up and get your cute butt over here,” Maggie ordered, patting the couch as Alex grinned and hurried over to her girls.


The three found themselves in a similar situation a few weeks later—a few weeks of desperate touches and make out sessions that went on for hours, always verging on more as they pulled each other close, hands trailing below clothing and mouths moving down necks and across collar bones, but also a few weeks of growing trust and intimacy as they dated and learned how they worked as a triad.

Hearing Lucy whimper loudly as her hips bucked up into Maggie’s touch while Alex sucked at her neck, Alex finally drew back. “Can we be done with the waiting?”

Both Maggie and Lucy knew exactly what she was talking about because it was all they had been thinking about for the past week or two as well. Sure, it had seemed like the right thing to do—deciding to put off sex until they were more comfortable with each other—but now it just felt like enforced chastity, even if on a few occasions Maggie and Alex had given in to their lust after Lucy left the apartment for the night.

“Are you sure?” Lucy asked, knowing that she was the unknown quantity, the reason for the waiting.

Alex, having already made her stance quite clear, looked to Maggie, needing to make sure that she was comfortable as well. Having thought about these questions quite a bit over the past few dates, Maggie nodded. “Yeah, I’m sure.”

“Well, then, maybe we move this to the bed?” Lucy suggested, looking at Alex’s gigantic bed that seemed so obviously made for situations like this one.

On their way to the bedroom, they shed layers, tearing off the last of their clothing as they took in the sight of one another in the dim lighting of the bedroom. Together, Maggie and Alex drew Lucy up and onto the bed, letting her settle between them as a sort of tacit agreement emerged to begin by focusing on Lucy, making sure she felt welcomed into a bed that had been shared for so many months by them alone.

Before Lucy could protest, Maggie whispered, “Let us make you feel good first.” And it wasn’t like Lucy was going to say no to that offer, so she lay back, reveling in the warmth of Maggie’s hands splayed out across her chest, her fingers gently grazing across her nipples as she got used to another body. Soon Alex’s lips were on hers, sucking Lucy’s lower lip between her teeth. She closed her eyes and gave in to the sensation of four hands on her body, working in harmony as they made their way down her torso. She gasped at the feeling of Maggie’s tongue running across her nipple, tracing teasing circles before taking it into her mouth and sucking gently. Maggie groaned into Lucy’s chest when she felt the woman’s hands tangle in her hair, urging her on, harder, more.

As a hand dropped lower, nails dragging up her inner thighs, Lucy felt her hips buck up into the touch, desperate for some kind of friction.

“Can I?” Alex asked, pulling back slightly to let Lucy catch her breath and answer.

“Yes. Please,” Lucy whispered, earning a smile from Maggie, who came back up to kiss her while Alex moved down the bed and between Lucy’s legs.

Letting her fingers dip between Lucy’s folds for the first time, Alex whimpered at how wet she already was. Maggie turned back to find the reason for Alex’s noises, her pupils dilating even further at the sight of Alex sucking Lucy’s arousal off of her fingers. Noting Maggie’s reaction, Alex dipped her fingers back down, circling them around Lucy’s clit before gathering more of her wetness and offering it to Maggie to taste. Lucy swore she almost came at the scene playing out in front of her. In fact, she was so distracted that it came as a great surprise when she felt Alex’s fingers back on her pussy, circling around her entrance.

“Can I?” Alex asked again, earning a nod from Lucy before Lucy’s attention was pulled back to Maggie, whose mouth had returned to her breasts and abs once more.

Lucy let her head drop to the pillow and her eyes flutter shut when Alex easily sunk two fingers inside of her, gently pumping them in and out, letting her get used to the fullness before she began fucking her in earnest. Lucy soon gave up on trying to maintain some semblance of propriety during their first time, letting loose a series of loud moans and a string of obscenities with every thrust and twist of Alex’s long fingers.

Lucy was pulled back to the moment by the feeling of Maggie biting down on her shoulder as she let out a low whimper that drew both Maggie and Lucy’s attention to her. She gasped in time with Alex at the sight of Maggie’s fingers restlessly seeking out her own clit, rubbing tight, fast circles around it as she tried not to come undone before Lucy. Sensing what Maggie was waiting for, Alex picked up her pace, curling her fingers upward and dropping her thumb to Lucy’s clit as the smaller woman writhed under her touch, begging her not to stop.

Maggie watched with rapt attention as Lucy tensed, her back arching off the bed, before collapsing back onto it with a loud gasp, her body shaking as Alex guided her through her orgasm. As soon as she felt it was safe to come without fear of pulling Lucy’s attention away from her own orgasm, Maggie let herself fall over the edge, her hips bucking into the air as her head fell forward and onto Lucy’s chest.

After a few minutes, as both Maggie and Lucy sought to regain their breath, Lucy focused on Alex. “Your turn,” she purred, licking her lips as she glanced at Maggie.

A very eager Alex let herself be led up to the pillows as Lucy took her place between her legs after confirming with Maggie that it was alright. Maggie kissed Alex hard and deep as Lucy traced teasing touches up and down Alex’s thighs and nipped at Alex’s abs.

“Can I?” Alex heard Lucy’s voice asking, and she pulled back from Maggie to confirm that yes, definitely, absolutely, that was very much what she wanted.

Seeing Lucy hesitate for a moment, Maggie moved down the bed, wrapping her arms around Lucy from behind her as she kissed up the other woman’s neck. Lucy dropped her gaze down to Alex’s waiting pussy, whimpering at the sight of the arousal that had already spilled out of her and down her thighs. Needing to taste her, Lucy bent over, lowering her mouth to Alex’s thighs and quickly making her way to their apex.

“Start with long, slow licks up the length of her,” Maggie instructed, making both Lucy and Alex moan loudly at the idea of Maggie teaching Lucy how best to pleasure her girlfriend—their girlfriend. Maggie could tell exactly when Lucy began, watching as Alex’s eyes fluttered shut and a small sigh left her lips. After a few minutes of slow, gentle teasing, she leaned back over, running her hands up and down Lucy’s back as she whispered, “Now dip your tongue inside of her and drag it up and around her clit.” The motion made Alex fist her hands in the blanket as she tried to keep her hips from bucking too hard into Lucy’s mouth. At this point, Lucy let instinct take over for the most part, listening to Alex’s body as she alternated between flicking her tongue around Alex’s clit and dipping it inside her—the two actions drawing two different but equally arousing sounds from the woman.

When Maggie could see Alex’s desperation growing, she took Alex’s hand in her own and leaned down to Lucy once more. “Now she likes it when you suck her clit. And if you fuck her with a finger or two at the same time, she’ll come even harder.”

Alex nearly came at Maggie’s words, dragging her up to her mouth by the hand she still had clasped in her own. “You’re so fucking hot,” she growled, pulling Maggie in to a searing kiss just as Lucy took her clit between her lips and let a finger slip inside her. Before she could quite process what was happening, Alex felt herself falling over the edge, her vision flashing white, before two sets of hands and two mouths carefully brought her down from her high.

“That was incredibly sexy, but it was over way too fast,” Lucy whined, shooting a teasing pout up at Alex.

Still trying to catch her breath, Alex shrugged. “Stay down there, then,” which Lucy was only too happy to obey. “And you,” Alex added, grabbing Maggie. “Would you sit on my face?”

Lucy’s eyes shot back up to the scene in front of her as Maggie grinned and whimpered and nodded as she very carefully straddled Alex’s face, slowly lowering herself until Alex got impatient, grabbing her hips and drawing her down, muttering about how she wasn’t particularly fragile. Lucy shook her head, glad to see that Alex could be pretty much exactly the same in bed as she was out in the field.

Once Alex and Maggie seemed to have gotten comfortable, Lucy dropped her mouth and finger back down to Alex’s pussy, grinning at the noises Alex let out when she made contact.

“Still okay?” Maggie whispered, getting a fervent nod back from both Alex and Lucy and finally letting herself relax into Alex’s touches. Having already worked herself up watching Lucy and Alex come, Maggie was close, holding on just to prolong the experience. But when Alex swirled her tongue around her clit and let her nails dig into Maggie’s ass, Maggie couldn’t help it as she gave herself over to the pleasure, coming hard, rocking into Alex’s mouth as her hands hit the wall to keep herself steady.

Once Alex had worked her through all of the aftershocks, Maggie carefully swung her leg back over Alex’s head and pulled Lucy up into a heated kiss, tasting Alex on her tongue, as Lucy continued to fuck Alex hard, her two fingers scissoring inside the redhead and curling up against her front wall. Between the sight of Lucy and Maggie kissing each other hard and desperate and the fingers working expertly inside her, Alex soon felt herself coming for the second time that night, and Lucy and Maggie moved in tandem to work her down from it, kissing her and holding her tightly.

After what felt like hours of exploring one another’s bodies, eventually all three women collapsed, sweaty and naked and spent.

“That was…” Alex began, trying to find words.

“Amazing,” Maggie completed.

“So, so good,” Lucy agreed.

“Yeah…yeah, that,” Alex managed to get out.

By the time they woke up the next morning, Alex was in the middle of the bed with Lucy and Maggie curled into either side of her, and she had to admit, it just felt right.

Chapter Text

“Danvers! Any word?” Detective Sawyer called from the door to the autopsy room.

“I told you that I’d tell you as soon as I had anything, didn’t I?” Alex replied, rolling her eyes at Maggie’s impatience.

“Yeah, but, ya know, you’re so brilliant, I just thought maybe you already had some possible answers…”

“Flattery will get you many places, Detective, but it won’t rush science.” As if to prove her point, Alex stood up and stepped away from the body of the Jane Doe the team had recovered from behind a row of bars that morning.

“What about the promise of pizza tonight?”

“You’re not going to make me put vegetables on it, are you?”

Shaking her head, Maggie chuckled. “You went to medical school, Danvers, how do you eat like a frat bro without worrying about your health?”

“An excellent workout regimen,” Alex teased.

Maggie bit back a more flirtatious remark about just how much good all that exercise was doing for the ME’s body, knowing it would be unprofessional. They were colleagues—well, they were friends, best friends, even—but they didn’t date, weren’t supposed to think about each other that way, even if Maggie was guilty of considering it every now and again. Besides, as far as Maggie knew, Alex wouldn’t even consider women as an option. Her last fling had been with National City’s resident genius/libertarian/asshole, Max Lord, and even though it had only lasted two dates before she couldn’t tolerate his presence any longer, the mere fact that she was willing to try made Maggie think the woman must be solidly heterosexual.

Shaking her head, trying to focus back in on the situation, Maggie smiled widely at Alex, flashing her trademark dimples in what she hoped was an irresistible expression. “Is there anything at all you can tell me?”

“That depends. Are you going to run off the second I give you something, even though I’m still working?”

“Probably…unless you can entice me to stay down here with you.” Maggie chastised herself for the obviously flirty remark, not that it was too far from their usual rapport. There was a reason half of the station already thought they were dating, Alex’s sister included. It didn’t help that Alex had stopped trying to squash the rumors these days, her first attempts having been met with a loud chorus of: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks,” and other bastardizations of the quote.

Sighing, Alex gave in. It wasn’t her fault that she had such a hard time saying no to Maggie. Any of the other detectives? It was as simple as scowling and shaking her head, and they took off running with a promise not to bother her until she called them. Well, they hadn’t at first, but once Detective Olsen caught her sparring with Commissioner J’onzz in the precinct’s gym, then brought back as many members of the staff as he could find to verify his report, they gave her a fair amount of leeway. Lena, Alex’s sister’s girlfriend and the Chief Forensic Scientist at the precinct, was pretty much the only one she’d talk to about her work while it was still in process, though on days when she was feeling generous, she’d let Winn, one of the newer scientists in Lena’s division and Kara’s longtime best friend, join them in their conversations. She actually quite liked him, even if she’d never admit it to his face.

Strolling over to the computer, Alex pulled up the results from the lab work she had run on their Jane Doe. “Well, as was expected, I found plenty of alcohol still in her system, but I also found Rohypnol.”

“The date rape drug.” Maggie gritted her teeth together, trying to mentally prepare herself for what would surely be a trying case to work. Though if they could get the bastard in jail, it would make her feel a little better.

“Correct. But there’s no evidence of her having been raped or even having undergone any sort of trauma or assault outside of her upper body.”

Maggie nodded, trying to push down the queasy feeling at the sight of the bruises and lacerations that littered Jane Doe’s torso. “But she definitely had Rohypnol in her system?” she confirmed, being careful not to suggest that the victim “had been roofied,” lest Alex correct her again on the importance of not jumping to conclusions without further evidence.

“Yes, and a significant amount of it. Of course, the drug has other uses. She didn’t have any other drugs in her system, so I don’t think she chose to ingest it,” she added, thinking back to the case they had worked a month or two back when a group of men had all wound up dead in a warehouse from lethal amounts of alcohol, cocaine, and Rohypnol. “But the drug would certainly make a target less aware of their surroundings and easy to abduct or kill if that were the goal.”

Maggie nodded, her mind drifting to all of the grim possibilities that could have led this poor girl to the alleyway last night. “Do we have a cause of death?”

“Not yet. That’s what I was investigating when you came down here.”

As much as Maggie wanted to press Alex to work harder, faster, trying to get some belated sense of justice for their victim, she also knew the NCPD ME, knew that she was likely to have skipped lunch and would probably push herself straight through dinner, especially if she felt like the case mattered to Maggie beyond a professional level. So she asked, “I’m going to meet James down at the bars in an hour to see if any of them recognize her or remember anything. Do you want to grab lunch with me first?”

“I should really stay down here. I’ve got Lena running her photos and dental records through databases to try to get an ID, since nothing popped up with her prints. And you need to know the cause of death to get anywhere.”

“Yeah, but Lena’s stuff is going to keep running through databases while you’re gone. Plus, I already saw her take a break to eat lunch with Kara, so you’re just doing what everyone else does.”

Alex didn’t mention that she felt like she needed to be better than everyone, to prove to her mother that her work was as meaningful as the lab work she had begun during her PhD training before she had switched over to med school, that it wasn’t her fault that Kara had joined the force and taken on a job that put her in the line of fire day in and day out. “I guess. But it has to be a short lunch!”


Chapter Text

Alex settled into the booth, rolling her shoulders to try to relieve the tension that had built up from hours of bending over the autopsy table.

“You alright?” Maggie asked, biting her tongue to keep from offering Alex a massage. She’d done it once before during a movie night at Alex’s place, and it was perhaps the worst decision she’d ever made. Having to listen to the contented noises that had escaped from Alex’s mouth while her hands were working at the admittedly very knotted muscles in her shoulders had been pure torture.

“Eh, fine. Part of the job, that’s all,” Alex shrugged.

“And here I thought it was those of us out in the field that did all the damage to our bodies,” Maggie teased.

“Which is precisely why my mother won’t stop texting about darling Kara.” It wasn’t that Alex didn’t love Kara and want to keep her safe—of course she did—but she also understood that her little sister was an adult now and, from what she had heard around the station, had become a damn good cop. Even with only a year of experience under her belt, she had already earned a reputation as one of the bravest recruits they’d gotten from the academy in years, though she managed to maintain a sense of compassion in all that she did. Unlike some of the more jaded (and often bigoted) cops who had been on the force for decades, Kara hadn’t come to see everyone as a possible criminal, and for the most part, she didn’t even treat the convicted criminals like criminals; she recognized that they were people too, many of whom had desperately needed help they never received. Of course, certain cases tried the limits of her empathy, and she found her hard limits when they rotated her to SVU for a month that couldn’t end soon enough, but those were the nights when she took solace in the company of her friends, her sister, her girlfriend, and a pint of ice cream.

“How are things going with Eliza?” Maggie asked, noting the way Alex had gotten lost in thought at the mention of her mother.

“Eh, same as usual. I mean, I know that she loves me, but she’s just got a…quirky way of showing it.” Knowing all that had happened with Maggie’s parents, Alex never wanted to dwell on her own less-than-perfect relationship with her mother. Of course, Maggie had never made her feel guilty for wanting a better relationship with the woman, but she still didn’t want to dredge up bad memories, especially during the workday. “You excited to spend your afternoon in the bars?” Alex teased.

“Without a beer in hand? Not even a little,” Maggie chuckled. The bartenders and bouncers would probably be fine, but dealing with the customers who were already drunk in the early afternoon was never enjoyable.

“What can I get you ladies?” Megan asked with a smile, glad to see two of her favorite customers back at The Dirty Robber.

“What are you waiting tables for?” Maggie teased. “You own the damn place, don’t ya?”

“And sacrifice the opportunity to see my favorite NCPD duo? Not a chance, Maggie.”

Ducking her head slightly at the compliment, Alex held out her menu. “Could I get my usual?”

“Of course,” Megan chuckled. It had been years since she had purchased the restaurant and changed the menu to feature primarily local, organic ingredients with plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, but she didn’t have the heart to stop offering Alex’s favorite artery-clogging cheeseburgers. During the one week she had tried, Brian, one of her fry cooks, secretly slipped in some ground beef and thickly sliced cheddar to cook Alex her usual anyway, so Megan eventually caved and put it back on their “bar menu,” which only Alex Danvers was allowed to order from no matter what time of day it was or where she was sitting.

“And could I get the tomato basil melt?” Maggie ordered.

“Of course. They’ll be up soon enough.”

Over lunch, Alex and Maggie let the conversation slide away from work into more pleasant topics.

“Got any fun plans for the weekend?” Alex asked. “Hot dates lined up around the corner for you?” she teased, though she was also somewhat serious. It seemed like Maggie managed to find an endless supply of beautiful women to date, though the relationships rarely lasted longer than a month or two, as though there were something holding her back. Alex, on the other hand, had basically given up on dating. When she went out to the bars, she still got hit on, but no one seemed to do anything for her; there were no sparks or butterflies or any of the things Kara talked about feeling when she first met Lena while visiting Alex at work one day. Besides, she was basically in a healthy adult relationship with Maggie, save for, well, one part—and she had battery-operated devices to take care of those needs.

“No dates, sorry to disappoint,” Maggie joked. “But it is Pride this weekend, so who knows? Maybe I’ll get lucky.”

Rolling her eyes, Alex laughed. “I’m sure you will, Mags.” She didn’t want to address why she felt almost hurt by the idea that Maggie would inevitably find some new woman at the parade. It was probably just the fact that she lost some time with her best friend whenever she fell into a new relationship, though Maggie made a point to keep at least a night or two per week free for Alex.

Maggie’s heart clenched at the nickname that might have bothered her coming from anyone other than Alex, but just sounded endearing when it came from the doctor. Before her brain could catch up with her mouth, she blurted out, “Do you wanna come?”

“To Pride?”

“Yeah,” Maggie nodded, figuring now she needed to follow through. “It’s fun, ya know, something different.”

“I mean, I’m not, you know, I’m not gay.”

“Right,” Maggie nodded. “I mean, allies come too. I guess I’m assuming that you’re an ally.”

“Of course!” Alex nodded enthusiastically. Stumbling over her words she managed to get out, “I, yeah, I support the cause, it’s just not, um, my cause.”

Maggie refrained from rolling her eyes. Alex was her best friend; there was no reason to get defensive (or, her brain added, to get suspicious about just how defensive Alex seemed to have gotten). There were no signs that Alex was gay…other than her fashion sense and her haircut and the way she couldn’t make it work with men and didn’t seem to have any desire to do so, but that was all. Well, all that Maggie would dwell on for now.

“Well, anyway, if you want to come, just let me know. But I get it if you don’t want to.” Figuring she’d give Alex an out, she added, “I know some allies treat Pride as space where the LGBTQ community can take priority, where they don’t need to invade the space, and I obviously respect (and appreciate) that decision too. Not that I think you’d try to invade or be really ostentatious or, nevermind, I’m rambling.” Maggie blushed a bright red. She was never the one blushing and stumbling over her words, yet somehow she had trouble keeping it together when Alex was involved.

“I’ll let you know,” Alex nodded, figuring Maggie had probably invited her without thinking and didn’t actually want her to tag along. “And maybe I’ll just go with Kara and Lena—wouldn’t want to cramp your style, going solo and all.”

Maggie didn’t add that she wouldn’t mind Alex’s company, although she suspected she’d be a bit more jealous than was healthy watching woman after woman come in and hit on Alex. “Text me if you go. We could always grab lunch after or something.”

“I will.”

A few minutes later, Alex’s work phone chimed with a text from Lena. “We’ve got an ID on our Jane Doe,” Alex told Maggie, scrolling through Lena’s message. “Name is Karen Mitchell. She was a grad student at NCU. Her roommate tried to report her as missing when she didn’t come home last night and didn’t answer her phone all morning. Lena pulled her records, and facial identification software matched them, even with the bruising and swelling on the body”

Maggie nodded. “Good to have a name. Can you send me the photo Lena used to take to the bars?”

“Sent. I assume you’ve got to go now?”

“Yeah, I should get over there and get this photo around as soon as possible. Can you ask Kara to head up to NCU to talk to the roommate, get information about Karen—places she hung out, friends, disgruntled exes, whatever. She can call James and me with questions, but I want to get out right away.”

“Will do.” Waving away Maggie’s attempts at getting her wallet out, Alex shook her head. “This one’s on me. You can get lunch after Pride.”

“So you’re coming?”

“Eh, why not? I hear it’s fun. But really, I can always go with Kara and them! I’m serious about not keeping you from having a good time.”

Maggie just nodded, not trusting herself to speak, lest she blurt out something about everything being more fun when she was with Alex.

Chapter Text

A few weeks after the “Dollywood night,” as Alex and Maggie had taken to calling their desperate fuck in the alleyway, Maggie drew herself up on her elbows and poked Alex, trying to get her attention.

“What?” Alex whined, having been quite content to fall asleep.

“I just gave you like three orgasms in a row, don’t what me,” Maggie teased. “I wanted to ask you something.”

Forcing her eyes open, Alex looked up at Maggie. “Better be good,” she mumbled, pulling Maggie back down against her chest to snuggle properly.

“Well, I was thinking about our Dollywood night…”

“Mhmm.” Alex grinned.

“And, well, I was thinking about the comments you made.”

“Which ones?”

“The ones about the pool table.”

“Oh really? Like the image, do you?”

“I do.” She threaded her fingers through Alex’s and drew them down between her legs. “Feel just how much I like it.”

Alex groaned at the feeling of Maggie, slick beneath her fingers. “Fuck.”

“That’s the idea,” Maggie laughed.

“Do you want me to get dressed up the way I was that night?” Alex asked, always happy to indulge a fantasy.

“Well, you can. But I was more interested in actually going back to Dollywood.”

“Really? You’re gonna have your way with me in front of all of our friends…and Brian?”

Laughing, Maggie shook her head. “I thought maybe we could go…after hours.”

“Since I know you don’t have a key, I’m assuming you also mean you want us to break in.”

“Well, um, I suppose that would be part of it…” Seeing the look of trepidation in Alex’s eyes, Maggie kept going. “I promise I would make it worth the small chance of a breaking and entering charge. Think about it, Al, think about being stretched out across the table with my fingers buried deep inside you, thinking about all the memories we have in that place until I make sure you can’t think about anything other than my touch.”

Alex whimpered at the idea, finally giving in when Maggie began tracing her fingers around her pussy once more, as if giving her a preview of the kind of night she could expect. “Fine. But we’re doing it on a weeknight when fewer people are around.”

“Deal!” Maggie grinned, not daring to say anything more lest she chance her luck.


While Monday night had gone out the window as an option thanks to a late-night call for Maggie, on Tuesday, both women found themselves without excuses for postponing their plans. About an hour after the bar had closed, they crept down the alley to the back entrance, having parked their motorcycles a few blocks away.

When they got to the back door, both Maggie and Alex pulled out a small set of pins to pick the lock. “Why do you have those?” Alex hissed.

“Me? You’ve got your own damn set, Danvers. Why do you have them?”


“Really?” Maggie laughed softly, getting to work with the lock.

“I got really into spy movies when I was younger, so I taught myself, okay?” Alex admitted. “Your turn. How’d you acquire the skillset?”

“Honest answer? A girl in college told me she thought it seemed sexy when people knew how to pick locks in movies, so I learned.”

Alex rolled her eyes. “Of course you did. And this girl—did she ever get to see your skills in action?”

“Mmm, which skills?” Maggie teased.

“If you wanna get laid tonight, I suggest you find your way back to my question,” Alex hissed, poking Maggie in the side.

“Fine, fine. Yes, I picked the lock to the university’s observatory. Then I got laid in the observatory.”

“So this breaking, entering, and fucking is nothing new for you, huh?”

“Doing it with someone I love is?” Maggie tried, shooting Alex a shit-eating grin.

“You’re lucky you’re cute,” Alex grumbled, her mood improving dramatically the second Maggie got the door open.

Once they had determined that the bar really was empty, Maggie locked the back door and switched on a few of the lights. Alex could feel her heart racing as she tried to focus on what they were about to do, rather than the possibility of their getting caught. Maggie made that much easier by pulling her close and pressing a hard kiss to her lips, letting her hands wander, knowing they had a limited amount of time.

“Are you still okay with this?” Maggie asked, needing to make sure Alex wasn’t only indulging her fantasies.

“Yeah,” Alex nodded, crashing her lips back into Maggie’s. Maggie took that as her cue to deepen the kiss, pulling Alex’s lower lip between her teeth and drawing a low moan out of the other woman in return. Letting her tongue flick into Maggie’s mouth, Alex dropped her hands down to Maggie’s ass, grabbing at it and drawing her tight up against her as she let her hips roll into the contact.

“Fuck, you’re so hot,” Maggie muttered, dropping her mouth to Alex’s neck as nipped and sucked her way down to her shoulder then back up, tracing her tongue around the shell of Alex’s ear.

“Just fuck me,” Alex growled, pushing Maggie toward the pool table. They both knew tonight wasn’t about soft, intimate sex; the fantasy was one born of desperation and pure arousal, and the mood suffused everything they were doing.

Before Alex could push Maggie up against the edge of the table, Maggie’s hands were under her ass, lifting her up and spinning them around so that Alex found herself sitting on the table, her legs wrapped around Maggie’s waist. Maggie grinned cockily up at Alex, then ducked her head down, pulling Alex’s shirt up and licking and sucking her way up Alex’s abs. Knowing that time was of the essence, she quickly unbuttoned Alex’s jeans and pulled down the zipper. “Can I?” she checked, getting a nod back in return.

Climbing up on top of the table, Maggie carefully guided Alex down to her back, rolling the cue ball back into one of the pockets to get it out of their way. Alex lifted her ass, letting Maggie pull her jeans down enough to maneuver her hand between her legs. She smirked as she felt how wet Alex’s boyshorts already were. Carefully, she slid one finger inside of Alex, moving slowly in and out as she let Alex get used to the pace. Soon, Alex was bucking her hips into Maggie’s hand. “More,” she panted.

“A second finger or harder?” Maggie checked.

“Both,” Alex whined, groaning in relief when Maggie added a second finger and obliged her wishes, picking up her pace slightly and pressing into her harder. She could feel herself getting close as Maggie fucked her harder, gazing down at her with what looked like a combination of adoration and lust, her pupils blown wide and her lips parted.

Pressing the heel of her palm into Alex’s clit, Maggie let herself grind down against Alex’s thigh, desperate for some kind of relief for the throbbing ache between her own legs.

“Are you gonna be a good girl and come for me?” Maggie rasped.

Whimpering, Alex nodded, feeling her walls clench around Maggie’s fingers as her thighs trembled.

“You’re so sexy, Alex, you’re perfect,” Maggie whispered, bending down so her breath was hot against Alex’s neck. “I want to feel you come for me.”

A few hard thrusts later, Maggie felt Alex’s walls shudder around her fingers, arousal soaking her hand, as Alex let out a strangled cry. As soon as Alex’s hips had stilled, she brought her hand up to her lips, sucking her fingers into her mouth and moaning at the taste. Once she had gotten her pants back up, Alex pulled Maggie down into a bruising kiss, tasting herself on Maggie’s tongue, letting her hands grope at Maggie’s ass and pull her tight against her thigh. “Do you wanna come, Mags?”

Nodding, Maggie pushed down into Alex’s leg, her hips thrusting quickly into the strong muscle beneath her. Before she could come, both women’s attention was drawn to the back entrance, where the door was suddenly creaking open.

“Fuck,” Alex hissed, trying to grab Maggie and make a run for it before they were caught.

“Who the fuck—?” rang out a familiar voice, and Maggie blushed deeply as Darla came into view, clutching the hand of a blue-skinned alien she had seen hanging around Dollywood rather frequently as of late. Taking in the sight of the two women sprawled across the pool table, Darla snorted and rolled her eyes. “Not as straight as you told me she was that first night, huh, Mags?”

Chapter Text

After lunch, Alex called Kara, relaying Maggie’s message, then she headed back into her lab, intent on figuring out the cause of death as soon as possible. After a few more tests, she was able to confirm her initial suspicion (not that she’d ever admit to Maggie that had those; otherwise she’d never escape questions about what her suspicions were hours before the questions about the conclusions began). She pulled out her phone and texted Maggie: “Cause of death: blunt force trauma. She was struck at the base of the skull by something about three inches in width and long enough to cover the length of her skull. So far no evidence of any remnants left in the wound or her hair,” she added, anticipating Maggie’s next question.

“Thanks,” Maggie replied, quickly adding: “And the other wounds? Post-mortem?” She grimaced at the idea of someone continuing to beat the victim after she was already dead.

“Only one contusion looks like it may have been post-mortem. The others all occurred before she died, based on swelling and the amount of bleeding.”

“Got it.” Maggie pulled up her texts with Kara, quickly sending: “Check records of her classmates, friends, partners, exes—anyone with a grudge, history of violence, arrest record. We’re looking for someone who would beat her to death.” With a heavy swallow, she made her way back up to the bar where her partner James was talking with the bartender.

“He doesn’t recognize her,” James informed Maggie, sighing at the third dead end they’d hit already.

“On to the next one,” Maggie sighed, waving to the bartender and thanking him for his time.


Across town, Kara knocked on the door of Karen’s apartment.

“Hello?” A young woman poked her head out from behind the chainlock.

“Hi, um, Xinlan? It’s Officer Danvers. We spoke on the phone earlier this afternoon.”

“Oh, right, yes!” Xinlan swung open the door. “Sorry, I’ve just been a little…scared, since getting the news.”

Kara nodded sympathetically, noting the red rings around Xinlan’s nose and the pink tinge to her nose. “I’m very sorry for your loss. We will do everything we can to make sure that whoever did this is brought to justice.”

“I mean, we weren’t that close yet. She had just moved in a couple months ago after she had a falling out with her old roommate. And we were both busy with classes and work.”

“Do you know what her old roommate’s name is?” Kara asked, pulling out her pen and notebook.

“Uh, yeah. Do you think he could have done it?”

“I don’t know,” Kara admitted. “But it’s important to follow up on all possible leads.”

“Right, yeah. He’s Ryan. I don’t remember his last name, but he’s in the same program as Karen is—was,” Xinlan corrected, her lip trembling slightly.

“And what program was that?”

“Oh, sorry. She’s getting a PhD in Political Science.”

Kara nodded, scribbling notes as they talked. “I know that you didn’t know her too well, but do you know if she had many friends? Was she dating anyone?”

“Uh, I don’t know much. I’m doing my grad work in biology now, so I’m in the lab a lot of nights, and sometimes I even sleep down there. There were a few girls that would come over to the apartment to hang out, but they all seemed nice. I could probably pick them out on her Facebook; I think they had photos together.”

Kara nodded, waiting as Xinlan unlocked her computer and pulled up the photos, reading out names for Kara to copy down.

They talked for a little while longer, and Kara made a point of recommending to Xinlan that she reach out to someone to talk about what she was going through, even if she felt like she didn’t need it or wasn’t close enough to Karen to be affected by it. “It’s always good to talk. I know it helps me after hard cases,” Kara shrugged, hoping that Xinlan would take her advice. “I really appreciate your help. If you think of anything more, please give me a call,” Kara added, handing over one of her business cards.

“I will. Thanks for your work on the case.”

“Of course.”


When Kara got back to the precinct, she settled in at her desk, pulling up the names she had gotten to check if they had records or anything odd posted online. First she went about finding Ryan’s last name, which was easy enough, given the Department website’s list of their current students. She went ahead and printed the whole list, figuring she might need them all at some point.

When she searched online for Ryan Jacobi, though, she didn’t get much outside of a published journal article or two, a very private Facebook page, and a Twitter account that hadn’t been used since 2011. She figured she’d look to the list of friends Xinlan had given her, hoping that some of them might have information about Karen and Ryan’s falling out.

She managed to find an office phone number for the third name on her list—Melanie Kramer, a 5th year in Karen’s program—and called her.

On the third ring, Melanie answered the phone. “Hello?”

“Melanie Kramer?”

“Uh, Mel, but yes. Who is this?”

“My name is Officer Kara Danvers. I’m with the NCPD. I wanted to see if you might have time to talk about one of the students in your program.”

“Is this about Karen?” Mel asked, her voice wavering and cracking even as she pushed through to the end of the sentence.

“Yes,” Kara confirmed, wondering at how quickly the news had spread. It was only a couple of hours ago that one of the unlucky officers had been told to call her parents, who must have called the university at some point. Kara wondered if the news had already hit social media.

“Right, um, yeah, I can try to help. Whatever you need. For Karen,” Mel added, clearly trying not to break down in tears.

“I can come to you, but it would be better if you could come down to the station.”

“I’ll come down to you. It’s not like I’ve been able to do any work since I heard the news.”

“Thank you for your time. Just ask for me at the front desk.”

Half an hour later, Kara got a call that a woman was at the front desk asking for her.

“Ms. Kramer,” she greeted, extending a hand to the woman. At first glance, she looked very professional, but a closer look revealed the ways she seemed to have fallen apart since getting the news—the red-rimmed, glassy eyes; the way her short hair was sticking up at odd angles as though she had been running her hands through it incessantly since hearing; the way her hands trembled in her pockets as she tried to look strong.

“Mel is fine,” the woman managed, nodding as Kara gestured for her to head back to one of the rooms—the room reserved for family and friends, stocked with tissues, water bottles, and snacks.

“Can I get you anything?” Kara asked, wishing she could take the woman’s pain away somehow.

“No, no, I’m okay. Thank you.”

“Let me start by saying again how sorry I am for your loss. I really appreciate your coming down to the station to talk to me as we try to find out who did this to your friend.”

“Girlfriend,” Mel interjected.


“Karen wasn’t just a friend, Officer. She was my girlfriend.”

A wave of emotions hit Kara as Lena’s face suddenly replaced the young woman’s in her mind. “Right, right, I’m so sorry. I, I, um, is there anything I can get for you? Really, anything.”

“No. I’d just like to get through this if that’s alright with you,” Mel said, gritting her teeth as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“Of course.” Quickly pulling out her notebook, Kara hurried into her questions, wanting more than anything to let the woman go home and process her grief. “Can you think of anyone who might have had something against Karen?”

Mel shrugged, shaking her head. “She was so well liked in our program. Her students, her peers, her advisors, they all adored her. Why wouldn’t they? I mean, she was brilliant and funny and sweet.” She paused to wipe away the tears that had begun flowing freely. “I don’t know who would have done this to her.”

Kara gritted her teeth, remembering that she was trained for this, that her job mattered because she might be able to lock up whoever had done this to Karen. “Karen’s roommate mentioned a falling out with another student in your program—Ryan Jacobi. She said Karen had been living with him until recently, that something had happened. Do you know what it was?”

Mel’s lip curled up in obvious distaste. “When he found out that Karen and I were dating, he started pressuring her. At first it seemed teasing, though she didn’t care for it, but it kept going. He would ask her to leave me for him or ask her to let him watch or even join us in bed. She said no, but it wasn’t until she finally made it clear that he was not to ask again that he got angry. Started yelling at her and threatening to out her to everyone at the university. She got scared and moved in with my roommate and me for a week or two until she could find a new place.”

“Were these threats to her life? Do you know if she ever reported them?”

“I think she mentioned it to one of the faculty members, trying to see if she could keep him out of her classes, but she didn’t want to go through reporting it and dealing with what she assumed would be even worse backlash from Ryan in response.”

“And the threats?”

“I don’t think they were physical, or at least, not many of them. It seemed to be more about making her feel guilty for not wanting him. But then again, I don’t know what people are capable of. I don’t want to say he’s innocent without proof. I certainly can’t stand him, and he definitely made Karen uncomfortable.”

“Thank you,” Kara nodded. She went through a couple more questions before wrapping up the meeting and sending Mel on her way with another apology and a promise to track down any and all leads to find out what had happened to her girlfriend.

Even though it was after 5 already, when Kara returned to her desk, she found Maggie and James both in the room working steadily as well.

“Find anything, Little Danvers?” Maggie asked, looking up from her own computer.

“I just spoke with Karen’s girlfriend, Mel. She gave me the full story on Ryan Jacobi—doesn’t necessarily think he would have killed her, but he threatened her about her sexuality for turning him down. I think he’s a lead worth pursuing.”

“There’s the motive. Let’s bring him in first thing tomorrow morning for questioning and see if we don’t discover means and opportunity,” Maggie nodded, trying not to let emotion seep into her voice at the thought that Karen’s murder might have been a hate crime as well.

“He has scheduled office hours every Thursday morning from 9-11am. Should we show up before they start to bring him in before his students arrive?”

Maggie nodded. “James, do you mind going with Kara? I have a lead from one of the bars to follow up with tomorrow. A waitress at one of the bars where Karen was apparently a regular told me to come back, since the bartender who had been on duty the night of the murder wasn’t in today.”

“Will do,” James nodded, smiling at Kara.


Kara growled from behind the two-way glass as she watched James interrogate the frustratingly smug man sitting in front of him. With every question James asked, he deferred to his lawyer, who almost always told him not to answer, since he hadn’t been formally arrested yet.

“If you don’t want to be formally arrested, you’ll at least tell us where you were on Tuesday night between the hours of midnight and 2am.”

Smirking, Ryan finally spoke up: “I was at home in bed.”

“And do you have anyone who can confirm that?”

“I do, in fact,” he grinned. “See, my new roommate is a much better addition to my life, and she can tell you exactly what I was doing all Tuesday night.”

Kara gagged at the image, waiting for James to come back in with the information so they could verify his whereabouts.


Unfortunately his alibi checked out with the new roommate, and the video cameras outside the building confirmed that he had entered the building at 10pm and not emerged again until 9 the next morning. Seeing just how angry Kara was, James offered to be the one to release Ryan. As much as he detested the man, he couldn’t keep him for being a homophobic asshole.

Maggie, at least, came back from the bar energized. “I don’t have a name, but I have someone who was bothering Karen in the bar Tuesday night!” she announced, glad to have some progress after hearing that Ryan had fallen through as a lead.

“Any info to go on?” James asked, desperate for something to break open the case.

“Apparently he kept talking to her about her work, some articles she had been writing, or maybe it was on Twitter. He got rather belligerent, yelling and such. So I think the first step is to go talk to Karen’s professors, see if they knew of anyone who really didn’t like the work she was doing.”

“Would someone kill over an academic journal article?” Kara asked incredulously.

“I don’t know, but I guess people have killed over even smaller stuff,” Maggie shrugged.

They divided up the faculty members to interview, deciding that after lunch they would head to NCU together.


“Doctor Danvers!” Maggie called from the doorway of Alex’s office, finding the redhead immersed in an article on her desk.

“Hmm?” Alex looked up, smiling when she saw that it was Maggie. “How’s the case going?”

“Eh,” Maggie shrugged, “could be better. What are you up to?”

“Oh, I’m taking lunch…so this isn’t really work related.”

“Reading something embarrassing, Danvers?” Maggie teased.

“No…no. It’s just an article from a really cutting-edge biologist whose been working with some advanced technology to create better, more responsive prosthetics for amputees. I heard an early version of the paper at a conference last year, but a longer form version is finally out in print.”

“Nerd,” Maggie laughed. “But wait, that’s a good thing. You know about the whole academic lifestyle!”

“Um, not that much. I dropped out of my PhD program, and it’s not like I teach, other than a few lectures a year at NCU.”

“But you were in it for some amount of time, which is more than James, Kara, and I can say. Karen, our victim, she was being harassed in the bars about her work or her posts. I don’t know that it would be enough to incite someone to beat her to death, but the bartender said the guy bothering her did get rather angry. We’re going to talk to her professors, but can you think of other places where he might have first met her?”

“I mean, academics can be plenty snarky in their articles. Has anyone written a response to or a critique of something she’s published? Though, I don’t know that you’d really go looking for a bar fight if you’re already having a professional dispute. You often find an asshole or two at conferences, you know the type, the guy who stands up and says he has a question, but turns it into a monologue about his own opinion, ignoring everything you just said.”

“Sounds like you’re speaking from experience.”

“Eh, a little bit, yeah. Again, I don’t know that these people would be murderers, but I guess anyone can be,” Alex shrugged, feeling a shiver run up her spine at the thought of how vulnerable everyone really was.

“Well, I’ll let you know if we hear anything from the professors.”

“I mean, you don’t have to,” Alex admitted, knowing Maggie certainly didn’t report to her or anything.

“You’re my best friend; of course I’m going to keep you updated,” Maggie replied as though it were the most obvious thing in the world. “Do you want to do a movie night? I could really use some downtime. And some Alex time,” she added, hoping she didn’t sound overly flirtatious.

“I’d love to, but I’ve actually got friends showing up today. They’re in town for Pride, and they’re spending the first night here at my place.”

“Oh, yeah, of course,” Maggie scoffed, shaking her head. “Wouldn’t want to assume I’m your only friend! So…who’s coming?”

“Lucy and her girlfriend Susan. Lucy and I met during undergrad when we lived together. I hated her at first, but eventually we grew on each other. She was ROTC, waking up every morning at 5am sharp, and I went through a bit of a…party girl phase, as you know, so the blaring alarms made me want to pull my hair out. And I don’t think she appreciated my crashing through our front door at all hours of the night and sometimes stumbling into her bed before I made it to my own.” She could laugh about it now, though it had taken her a few years to get over the shame at having been such a failure, at least she thought so.

Maggie ignored the surge of jealousy at the idea of Alex getting into another woman’s bed—another queer woman’s bed. “Ah, well, I hope they enjoy Pride.”

“Yeah! You’ll get to meet them, of course, since I’ll see you at or after the parade.”

“Right,” Maggie nodded, very much looking forward to having a day away from the case, though she sincerely hoped that they would at least have someone in custody by then.


The afternoon passed in a blur of increasingly ridiculous interviews. Maggie didn’t want to call the professors out of touch, especially when so many of them had looked truly devastated about Karen’s murder, but she also couldn’t fathom how they seemed to misunderstand their questions to such a degree. They had all been presented with the same questions about someone who might have targeted Karen over her academic work, but none of the answers she, Kara, or James had received thus far seemed even close to a compelling motive, though she resolved to at least run them by Alex.

She looked through her notes at the different possibilities they had all gotten:

“She often dismissed purely quantitative analysis as irresponsible.”

“I believe she was listed as a first author on a paper where she might have properly been the second author.”

“She was in charge of last year’s graduate student conference, which meant she sent out the decisions about accepting or rejecting paper proposals.”

“She did receive a few critical reviews on her latest journal article. Ended up with a revise and resubmit.”

“She was the first to publish on a particularly juicy data set that I think we all had our eyes on!”

Maggie took a deep breath before walking into her last interview. She didn’t have high hopes, but at least this woman was Karen’s primary advisor, so maybe she had some better ideas. As it turned out, she did, talking about the social media presence Karen had built around the election and how critical she had been of the now president during the primaries, then the election cycle, and even once he took office.

“She’s gotten a lot of anonymous hate that’s more often than not very violent, including plenty of threats of sexual violence against her,” the professor told Maggie. She looked up, tears swimming in her eyes. “I told her I thought we all had a professional responsibility to keep at it, to resist in whatever ways we could. Do you think, do you think I’m responsible for this? Am I the reason she was killed?”

Even though Maggie had no way of knowing, she shook her head. It wasn’t her place to put guilt on a woman for something she herself had said plenty of times too. “Do you have the names of anyone who was a repeat offender? The more violent threats, perhaps?”

The professor nodded and forwarded a few emails from Karen that had included screenshots of the threats she received. Maggie forwarded them straight to Lena and Winn, hoping they’d be able to track down something related to the usernames or email addresses.


A few hours later, while Maggie sat with a two slices of cold pizza, trying to read through all of the posts Karen had made on social media over the past few months, Winn came bouncing up to her.

“We found something!”

“Oh really?” Maggie asked, arching an eyebrow at the rather excitable new scientist.

“Yes, I promise it isn’t embarrassing pictures of Kara this time,” Winn answered, having the wherewithal to look chagrined for the last time he had made a big deal about something non-work-related during an ongoing investigation.

Nodding in approval, Maggie followed Winn down to the Forensic Science lab, popping her head into Alex’s office on her way to make sure the woman wasn’t staying late and missing her own guests to try to work on the case.

“Well, it took a lot of work, but I found two of the most frequent commenters! Well, I found seven of them, but one is a woman, which wouldn’t match the bartender’s description, and four of the others live across country and have been active with IP addresses on the East Coast during the time of the murder.”

“Alright, hit me.”

“Right, well, here they are,” Winn said, pulling up two profiles on the large screen mounted on the wall. Maggie soon found herself looking into the faces of two scowling white men, one of whom had quite the rap sheet already.

“Well done. Can you print me out their information?”

“Already taken care of,” Winn smiled, eager to impress the detective. “I included a few extra color copies of their headshots for you to take to the bartenders. If that’s something you want to do, of course!” he rushed to add.

“You did good, kid, don’t worry so much.”

“Right, okay, yeah,” Winn preened at the compliments.


The next morning, after a confirmation the night before from the bartender that the one with the rap sheet had been harassing Karen on the night of her murder and having successfully obtained a warrant for Jesse O’Reilly’s arrest and for a search of his residence for the murder weapon, Maggie and James pulled up in front of the suspect’s apartment building with backup right behind them.

“Open up! NCPD!” Maggie yelled, as she and James took their positions around the door, two other agents positioned behind them.


Many hours later, having recovered a baseball bat that matched the approximate size of the murder weapon from Jesse’s apartment, Maggie collapsed into her chair. Jesse was in custody; Alex had the bat to test it for any of Karen’s DNA; and Winn and Lena were going through the computer they had confiscated to look for proof of additional threats or any plans to suggest that the crime was premeditated. Now all Maggie could do was wait as her Friday afternoon turned into Friday night.

Chapter Text

By the time Maggie and Alex left the precinct, it was nearing midnight. Of course, the time spent had been well worth it, as Lena had uncovered a trove of threatening and violent messages sent not only to Karen, but also to many other women online, and Alex had been able to match a small chip of paint that had been left on the victim’s body to the brand name painted on Jesse’s bat, giving him means, motive, and opportunity—enough to lock him up until a bail hearing could be scheduled.

“Do you want to crash at my place?” Alex asked, knowing that even though Maggie had been able to get a suspect in custody, her nerves would probably still be frayed.

“Uhm, any chance we could do my place? I’ll want to grab my stuff for Pride tomorrow, and your apartment is on the way to the parade for you to get whatever you need.”

“You mean I shouldn’t wear my suit to the parade?” Alex teased, following Maggie over to her car.

“You could go full power dyke aesthetic,” Maggie laughed, not bothering to add how much her type it would be ever since falling for Bette in The L Word.

“Now you’re gonna have to explain all the categories to me. Winn already gave me the full rundown of the bears and cubs and otters and stuff. Do lesbians get sorted into different kinds of animals too?”

“No, there are some labels, though they’re not nearly as intense as in the gay community. We’ll go over your lesbian education after the parade. Speaking of, how was your night with your friend and her girlfriend?”

“Oh, they’re great!” Alex exclaimed as she climbed into Maggie’s car, tossing her bag into the backseat. As Maggie began driving them home, she told her all about their dinner and the stories she’d gotten to hear from Lucy and Susan, who apparently went by Vasquez most of the time.

“How’d they meet?” Maggie asked, secretly wondering about how Alex had so many queer friends.

“Vasquez was one of the instructors at the police academy while Kara was there. Kara, being the living embodiment of sunshine that she is, actually managed to get Vasquez to smile during training, and once she had graduated from the academy, she became friends with her. Kara invited her to my housewarming, she met Lucy, and the rest is history, I guess.”

“Aww, that’s sort of cute.”

“Yeah, yeah. Anyway, what about you? Got any friends coming to Pride?”

“A few, though most of them are marching in the parade this year, so they’ll be pretty busy. A lot of my friends are still in Gotham, so I try to make it out to their Pride on the years when it doesn’t overlap with National City’s.”

“That’s fun,” Alex smiled. “Now…what do I wear?”

Maggie shrugged as she parked the car. “Whatever you want. It’s supposed to be pretty warm, but otherwise it’s your call.”

“Okay.” Alex didn’t quite know why she was so nervous about doing something wrong tomorrow, but she definitely didn’t want Maggie to think she had made a mistake by inviting her.

As they strolled into Maggie’s apartment, Alex flung herself down on the bed. “Oh, flat surfaces, my old friend!”

Chuckling, Maggie shook her head at Alex’s antics and moved to grab them both some old t-shirts and boxer shorts to sleep in. “Since you’ve claimed the whole bed, want me to take the sofa?” Maggie offered.

“Excuse me. Half the fun of a sleepover is getting to cuddle and fall asleep watching shitty television. Get your butt in here!”

Swallowing the excitement that bubbled up in her chest at hearing Alex say that she liked cuddling with her, Maggie nodded, pulling on her pajamas and climbing in next to Alex, studiously avoiding looking at her as she changed clothes.

“So, what do we watch tonight?” Alex asked, pulling Maggie closer to her and dropping her head to the detective’s shoulder. For the first time all day she finally felt like she was able to relax.

“Just go look under recently watched and pick something,” Maggie yawned. Despite how wound up as she had been all day, she could already feel herself crashing now that Alex’s warm arms were wrapped around her.

After a few minutes, Alex had on an old episode of The Great British Bake Off.

“Night, Al,” Maggie whispered, pulling the covers up to her chin and rolling onto her side to face Alex.

“Night, Mags,” Alex whispered back, feeling her heart warm at the sight of her best friend finally letting go of some of the stress of the day.


The next morning, Maggie was shocked to realize they had both managed to sleep til 9. Of course, having been at work until almost midnight helped, but still, her body normally forced her out of bed by 7 most days.

“Morning,” she yawned, seeing Alex begin to stir.

“Not yet,” Alex grumbled, wrapping her arms around Maggie’s neck and pulling her back down into the bed to continue snuggling.

Maggie tried not to read too much into anything. Alex was straight, she kept repeating to herself. Best friends cuddled. Sure, the neck thing felt more couple-y than usual, like she was about to pull Maggie down into a kiss, but it wasn’t totally out of the ordinary. She couldn’t help but feel that somehow their relationship had shifted slightly since her last breakup. Alex hadn’t hidden her dislike of Rachel, but it was more than that; the way she talked about her feelings sounded almost…jealous, as though she were feeling possessive over Maggie in a way she really hadn’t with past girlfriends. Maggie wondered if it was because this relationship had lasted longer than any since Emily, who Alex had never met, or because Rachel had also seemed inordinately jealous about how close Maggie and Alex were, despite Maggie’s reassurances that Alex was her very straight best friend.

After a few more minutes, Maggie grew impatient. Too aware of the way their bodies seemed to fit perfectly together, Maggie couldn’t relax. “Alex,” she whined. “Get up! We need a big breakfast before the parade.”

“Fine,” Alex huffed, “but you’re cooking.”

“When do I not?”

“Uhm, I double toast your gross dry bagels for you.”

“Yeah…that’s not cooking.”

“No, it’s burning. But that’s what you’ve requested,” Alex teased, finally releasing Maggie as she stretched her arms above her head. “You excited for today?”

“Yeah, I mean, it’s always fun.”

“Hey, c’mon, am I making this less exciting for you? Do you want me to do a better job of hyping it up?”

Maggie chuckled, pulling herself out of bed. “No, no. You’re good. I think I’m just a little sleepy. Coffee and food will work their wonders soon enough.” As she padded around the kitchen gathering ingredients, Maggie tried to shake herself out of the weird mood. Going out and being around tons of other LGBTQ folks always made her feel better, and she didn’t see any reason for today to be an exception. Plus, Alex was probably right; she would likely meet someone. It didn’t matter that she wouldn’t be Alex; Alex wasn’t an option.

As soon as Maggie left the room, Alex has flopped back down on the bed, excited to enjoy a few more minutes of dozing before she really needed to get up. She found herself migrating to Maggie’s side of the bed and nuzzling into the other woman’s pillow, which smelled like Maggie’s shampoo—sort of citrusy, but not overwhelmingly so. The thought made her smile as she drifted back to sleep.

Rolling her eyes at the sight of Alex asleep again, Maggie called out: “Wake up! I come bearing pancakes.”

“Fine,” Alex sighed, forcing her eyes open.

“And how did you end up on my side of the bed?”

“It’s nicer; it smells like you,” Alex answered, too sleepy to think before speaking.

Blushing faintly, Maggie tried to ignore the voice in her head screaming that friends didn’t care about how their friends smelled, and they definitely didn’t choose where they slept based on it. “Right, well, scoot over. We can eat in bed.”

Once they finished eating and Alex had loaded the dishwasher, she came back to find Maggie pulling on the most colorful outfit she’d ever seen the detective wear.

“That shirt is…pink,” Alex laughed.

“It’s the one day a year when you’ll find me in color, so enjoy it while it lasts,” Maggie replied, winking.

“The, uh, those shorts, they’ll probably help…with the ladies, ya know?” Alex stumbled over her words as she noticed Maggie’s black spandex running shorts that were highlighting all of her curves. Of course, Alex was allowed to notice this; magazines told her to notice these things. She certainly shouldn’t feel weird about the way the image made her heart race slightly.

Maggie laughed, trying not to notice the way Alex’s eyes had lingered on her backside. “We’ll see.” She threw on a pair of white converse she had painted rainbow with a group of her friends in Gotham before their first Pride parade. Since she only wore them for a handful of events a year, they were basically good as new. She laughed at the sight of the glitter still stuck on the laces from last year, wondering at just how much of the stuff she’d drag home this year.

Grabbing her phone, keys, sunglasses, and wallet, Maggie made for the door. “Alright, you ready to go?”

“Yeah, sure,” Alex nodded, following Maggie and hoping that no one would see her leaving in her pajamas with her work clothes in a bag. They spent most of their time at Alex’s place, since it was larger and closer to the precinct, so Alex had never worried about keeping a set of clothes at Maggie’s place, whereas the detective had more than a few outfits in her closet.


After a bit of fretting, Alex was finally ready to go. Like Maggie, she didn’t have much color in her regular wardrobe, save for some maroons and blues, but she found a pair of blue shorts that she paired with a white tank top with a rainbow on it that Kara had left at her place one night. With a thorough application of sunscreen, she was set.

“Alright,” Maggie explained, “we’re going to park at the station and walk the five blocks over, since they close down most of the roads around the parade.”

“Got it,” Alex nodded. “Kara and Lena are on their way with Lucy and Vasquez, so you can also ditch me whenever, you know?”

“Alex, seriously, I don’t mind hanging out with my best friend at the parade.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, I’m sure,” Maggie reassured her.

“Okay, well, would you want to hang out with the whole gang?”

“Yeah, that works. It’s actually better if you have a big group; you can’t get pushed out of your spot as easily.”

“Oh, yeah, I doubt that Lucy would let that happen anyway,” Alex laughed.

“Then I think Lucy and I are going to get along just fabulously.”


“Kara!” Alex called out, spotting her sister’s blonde ponytail in the crowd.

“Alex! Yay, we found you!” Kara exclaimed, wrapping her sister in a tight hug. “I see you also found my shirt,” she laughed. Noticing Maggie, she waved to her as well. “Hey, Maggie! Love the shoes!”

“Why thank you! Love the glitter.”

Kara blushed slightly, wondering if she had overdone it a bit. She meant to just dust her cheeks with it, but then she’d gotten some on her upper arms, so she figured both arms needed to match, and before long basically her whole body was covered in glitter.

“Maggie, this is Lucy Lane, and this is Susan Vasquez,” Alex introduced, gesturing between her friends.

“Nice to meet you,” Maggie said, extending her hand.

“You too,” Vasquez added, returning the handshake. She couldn’t help but notice how cute Maggie was, thinking of all the single friends she had who would kill to be set up with a woman like her.

Lucy was a bit preoccupied scouting out locations for their group. Once she spotted one, she was up and pulling everyone with her. It was survival of the fittest out here, and Lucy Lane was not one to sit back.

Once they had gotten settled in, Lucy finally turned around and properly introduced herself to Maggie, while Alex caught up with Kara and Lena.

“Dykes on Bike!” Vasquez called out, hearing the distant rumble of engines drawing closer.

“Who?” Alex asked, but Maggie just gestured as a huge line of women drove by on very nice motorcycles—so nice, in fact, that it took Alex almost a full three seconds to notice that wrapped around the drivers were shirtless women waving rainbow flags. She didn’t think she had seen that many boobs…ever. Before she could ask whether it was even legal to be topless, Maggie, Lucy, and Vasquez’s loud cheering was drowning out all thought. She didn’t think she had ever seen Maggie or Vasquez look quite so gleeful.

It wasn’t until they had passed that Maggie turned around, eyes sparkling in delight, to explain: “Dykes on Bikes start the parade every year. They’re pretty amazing, huh?”

“Uh, yeah, yeah that was something. So do they, uh, audition? Or do you just have to own a motorcycle?”

“It’s a group, but anyone with a bike can join,” Vasquez chimed in, having once considered it herself.

“Why don’t you do it?” Alex asked, looking at Maggie. She knew the woman adored her motorcycle; it was one of the first things they had bonded over during Maggie’s early weeks at NCPD.

Blushing slightly, Maggie shrugged. “Not like I’ve got someone to ride on the back.”

“Please,” Alex scoffed, nudging Maggie, “you know women would line up around the block for you.” She tried not to think about that image, but found it rather stuck with her, turning her cheeks and chest a faint pink.

Vasquez watched the interchange with interest. Was that sexual tension? She was the first to admit that she assumed Alex was gay until Kara had corrected her, but she’d bet money that Alex had just given Maggie the up and down. And now she had her arm wrapped around Maggie’s waist, leaning in slightly to listen to Maggie’s descriptions of the different floats that went by, along with her own commentary about the coopting of pride by corporate and sometimes rather conservative sponsors. It almost made her nostalgic for the homegrown parades of years past, back when the floats were homemade and the participants weren’t primarily white gay men with sculpted six packs coated in baby oil.

Over the next half hour, the group watched and cheered as the floats went by, jumping to catch the beads and novelty gifts thrown from some of the floats. Pretty soon, they all had a collection of rainbow beads strung around their necks and pockets full of lollipops and condoms.

“Here, I’ll trade ya so we’ve both got something we can use!” a man in a shimmery rainbow top announced, holding out a handful of rectangular packets and gesturing at Alex’s condoms.

“Uh, sure?” Alex wasn’t quite sure what had happened and turned around as soon as he left to ask Maggie to explain.

Biting back a grin, Maggie just gestured for Alex to get Lucy to explain.

“He thought you were gay,” Lucy chimed in. “He gave you a bunch of dental dams in exchange for condoms.”

“Oh…um, okay,” Alex nodded.

“You can have our condoms,” Vasquez offered, seeing as both she and Lucy had fistfuls from the last float.

“Eh,” Alex shrugged. “Not like I’ve needed one for years.”

While Lucy was shrieking about how she would find someone for Alex while she was in town because years was unacceptable if Alex still wanted sex, Vasquez caught the smile that quickly appeared (and just as quickly disappeared) from Maggie’s face at hearing how long it had been for Alex, then hearing Lucy’s promise to remedy the situation.

“It’s really fine, Luce,” Alex explained, trying to end the conversation before her face turned an even brighter shade of red.

“Danvers! It’s good to get laid!”

“I, just, it’s never as good as, whatever, it’s fine, okay?” Alex huffed.

Luckily Vasquez intervened, pulling Lucy into her chest and kissing the top of her head. “We can have plenty of sex to make up for it,” she whispered, though Kara, with her freakishly good hearing, caught it and glared, remembering that Lucy and Vasquez were staying at her place again.

As the parade began to wind down, the crowd dispersed as everyone headed to find some place to eat before the parties started that night. “What do you wanna do for food?” Maggie asked, looking at Alex.

“Uhm, anything is good with me. Are there places that have Pride specials?”

“Honestly? Any restaurant within a 10-block radius of the parade route is going to have stuff going on. They know what a big boom today is for business.”

“Should we go to The Dirty Robber, then? It is our place. We can see if Megan is in?”

“Yeah, that works,” Maggie nodded. Given the new heavily vegan menu, the restaurant was sure to be crawling with queer women.

“Our place?” Vasquez mouthed at Kara, earning a shrug and a small smile. It wasn’t her place to question her sister’s relationship with Maggie. According to Alex, they were best friends, and Kara would stick with it until Alex told her otherwise.


Alex looked on, a small frown on her face, as what seemed like the twentieth woman approached Maggie with a smile and her number.

“What’s up?” Vasquez asked, motioning to Alex’s furrowed brow.

“Nothing,” Alex grumbled. “Maggie’s just…making a lot of friends.”

“She is a very attractive woman,” Vasquez laughed.

Rounding on Vasquez, Alex scowled. “You have a girlfriend! She isn’t yours to look at that way.”

Biting back a grin at Alex’s wording, Vasquez nodded appeasingly. “I know I have a girlfriend—a smoking hot girlfriend. I just meant that your friend is hot; it makes sense that other people have noticed her. But, uh, she isn’t mine, huh? Whose is she?”

“Whatever,” Alex waved off the question, turning her attention back to the menu as though she might order something new. “I’m gonna get a drink from the bar. Want anything?”

“I’m good,” Vasquez answered, determined to figure out what was going on in dear Alex’s head. She resolved to ask Lucy, since her girlfriend was a bit closer to Kara’s older sister than she was.

While Alex was up at the bar waiting for her beer, a woman who looked to be about her age sidled up next to her. “Hey,” she said, grinning at Alex. “I’m Marisha. What’s your name?”

“Alex,” she answered warily, wondering why the woman was being so friendly.

“What are you drinking?” Marisha asked, moving closer to Alex.

“Uh, beer.” Trying to be polite, she asked, “And you? What’s your drink of choice?”

Across the room, Maggie stood with her arms crossed, watching intently as some woman—a very pretty woman, she thought angrily—put her hand on Alex’s arm and laughed loudly at a joke Maggie was sure wasn’t all that funny. But Alex wasn’t moving the woman’s hand or leaving.

“Why the anger? It’s Pride,” Lucy asked, looking at Maggie’s very obvious scowl.

“I’m not. It’s just, someone should go tell that woman that Danvers isn’t interested.”

“What if she is interested? You heard how long it’s been. Maybe she’s ready to try dipping her toes into the lady pond,” Lucy teased, only to be greeted with an even deeper scowl.

“I think someone should make sure she’s okay,” Maggie declared, striding across the bar and straight to Alex.

“Hey,” she smiled, wrapping her arm around Alex’s waist. “They said our table is almost ready.”

“Oh, great!” Alex beamed at Maggie. “Maggie, this is Marisha. She’s new to National City and wanted to hear about the best things to do for Pride. I told her you were the best resource.”

Marisha plastered a fake smile on her face. “Since you have your table, I won’t keep you any longer. I’m sure I can find other people with recommendations too.”

“Huh, she had really wanted to talk.” Alex shrugged, clearly confused about the rapid change in demeanor.

“Yeah, well, I think she only wanted to talk to you, Al.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean she was hitting on you.”

“Oh. Really? She’s so pretty. Why would she possibly talk to me?”

Because you’re gorgeous, Maggie thought. “Not so bad yourself, Danvers,” she shrugged instead.

Over lunch, both Lucy and Vasquez stayed in observation mode, texting each other plenty of updates from under the table as they kept tabs on Alex and Maggie’s non-relationship relationship. Luckily Kara was too busy giggling and holding hands with Lena to notice their spying; otherwise Kara would surely have chastised them for it.

Chapter Text

After lunch, they decided to part ways, since everyone but Alex wanted to rest up before the parties that night.

Before Alex could head back to her place (or, more likely, Maggie’s, Lucy thought), Lucy grabbed her. “Hey! Alex, it’s been too long. Let’s catch up, shall we?”

“Umm, we just had dinner, but sure. I have missed you, Luce.”

“Yeah, you live close, right? Let me walk you home.”

“Okay,” Alex nodded, still slightly confused.

Once they had gotten far enough away from everyone, Lucy turned to face Alex. “Alright, you like how I’m pretty no nonsense, straight to the point, right?”

“Yeah, I mean, it was the worst when I barely knew you,” she teased, “but now I know it’s just part of who you are.”

“Right. So here’s the deal. Are you and Maggie a thing?”

“What? Pfft, no,” Alex brushed off the question, laughing slightly too loudly. She’d heard the question enough times that it didn’t really rattle her, but hearing her own friend ask was new.

“Alex, I’m serious. If you aren’t into her like that, you need to let her go.”

“She’s my best friend!” Alex snapped. “I’m not going to stop hanging out with her because people think we’re a couple. She still dates plenty of other people!”

“How long have those relationships lasted?”

“I don’t know. A few months, maybe.”

“And when did her last relationship end?”

Alex shrugged, feeling herself growing defensive and trying to shake it off. “Around the holidays, I think.”

“So it’s been half a year since she’s dated anyone?”

“Yeah, and? It’s been years since I’ve dated anyone.”

“Not really helping, Al. Look, I’m just saying, falling for a straight girl, especially your straight best friend, is like, the oldest story in the book. And it will fuck you up in the worst of ways. So if you don’t think of her like that, you need to make that clear, okay?”

“Fine,” Alex shrugged, not wanting to pay attention to the way her gut clenched at the idea of having to give up any of what she had with Maggie. “Look, I’m tired. Out in the sun all day. I’m just gonna, I’m gonna go home. Are you okay to get to Kara’s?”

“Alex,” Lucy pleaded. She knew she had been a little harsh, but she had been the gay friend hopelessly pining after the best friend that would flirt back when it was convenient without ever letting it mean anything more, and she knew just how badly it could hurt. “Please?”

“I’m just tired, Luce. I’ll talk to you later.”

Lucy swallowed thickly as Alex walked quickly off in the direction of her apartment. Eventually she turned and walked back toward Kara’s place.


Back at Kara’s apartment, Vasquez was sitting down with Kara while Lena ran back to her place to get clothes for that night.

“Kara,” Vasquez began, searching for the right words.

“Vasquez,” Kara teased.

“I know that you’re going to say it isn’t my business, but I have to ask: what’s going on with your sister and Maggie? I mean, I know they aren’t a couple, but they sure act like one.”

“It’s her life, Vas,” Kara shrugged.

“Yeah…but she was pissed when girls were hitting on Maggie, and she’s so touchy with her, and they have ‘a place.’ You’ve got to admit, it seems coupley.”

“It’s good for Alex to have friends, okay?”

“Fine,” Vasquez sighed, though she didn’t seem pleased.

“Look,” Kara said, dropping her voice. “I see it, alright? Of course I see it. They act like a couple. They’ve both been single for months, and neither of them seems to be looking, which is fine and a totally valid choice, but it sure seems like they’re not looking because they’re already in a relationship. But Alex has never said anything about being other than straight, so I’m not going to push her on it, especially given the way she freaked out last time I tried to bring it up.”

“Wait, you’ve talked to her about it?”

“Well, not about Maggie,” Kara clarified. “Our high school had a big reunion for all the classes to celebrate its centennial, and we ran into this girl, Vicky, that used to be Alex’s best friend. I made some joke later about Alex having a crush on her and that being the reason she’d gotten mad enough to end the friendship over Vicky’s new boyfriend, and she freaked. She got plastered, and I had to carry her home and hide her outside until Eliza went to bed.”

“Oh, fuck.”

“Oh, fuck, what?” Lucy asked, popping her head in the door.

“Nothing!” Kara exclaimed, smiling innocently.

“She already knows, Kara,” Vasquez explained.

“Are you two talking about her?”

“Oh, you mean Alex and her totally platonic girlfriend?” Lucy asked. Kara dropped her head into her hands while Vasquez chuckled. “She, um, she might need to talk to someone who isn’t me in the near future,” Lucy admitted, looking sheepishly at Kara.

“What’d you do?” Kara asked, looking almost panicked.

“I just told her that if she isn’t into Maggie, then she needs to let the woman find someone else to date. You know as well as I do how much it sucks to fall for a straight girl. Does Siobhan not ring any bells for you?”

“Fine,” Kara grumbled, making a note to text Alex in a couple of hours just to check in.

“So…she probably won’t be coming to any of the parties tonight, huh?” Vasquez asked, looking to Kara.

“Definitely not,” Kara shook her head. “And it’s really for the best that we don’t put her near that much booze.”


Across town, Alex sulked around her apartment. Her first instinct had been to call Maggie, since that was what she normally did when she was upset or wanted to talk to someone, but now apparently she wasn’t supposed to. She tried reading, then watching television, but nothing seemed distracting enough for her current mood. So she took a long shower, then got in bed, wondering if she might be able to fall asleep.

Instead, she spent half an hour on top of her blankets staring at the ceiling and running through all of her interactions with Maggie. Was she keeping her best friend from having a fulfilling life? Sure, she hadn’t liked Rachel, but it wasn’t like the relationship was particularly healthy. Rachel had tried to police Maggie’s time and friendships—okay, only with her, but still. She had never been anything but supportive of Maggie’s earlier relationships. They hadn’t lasted, but she was sure Maggie (or her exes) had perfectly legitimate reasons for ending them.

The second she let her mind flit to the possibility that maybe she and Maggie should date, her mother’s face popped into view, telling her how she needed to set the right example for her new foster sister, how she should try harder, how she should strive for perfection. She could hear Kara’s objections—she was out, and Eliza had never been anything other than supportive—but she also knew that Kara had never been held to quite the same standards. Kara received leeway Alex never had and somehow managed to still surpass any expectation Eliza set.

A text from Kara pulled her out of her thoughts. “Hey, how are you?”


“Okay, um, that doesn’t seem really fine…”

“What? Lucy talk to you?” Alex could just picture them all huddled up in Kara’s apartment dissecting the minutiae of her relationship with Maggie, trying to parse out her sexuality like it was their right to know or discern it for her.

“Alex, I’m just checking in. I wanted to make sure you got home alright, see if you want to do sister night tomorrow.”

“Okay,” Alex replied, knowing it would settle Kara’s nerves. She really didn’t need her sister coming over when she was still so freaked out about Lucy’s comments.

“Perfect! I’ll bring ice cream, and you can even pick the movie.”

Alex replied with the thumbs up emoji. She knew the offer was more of a bribe than anything, but she still appreciated the opportunity to not have to sit through another romcom.

Seeing that it was after 5, Alex figured she probably deserved a drink stronger than the beer she got at lunch. It wasn’t unhealthy if she waited for happy hour. Plus, Lucy had clearly been sipping from a flask throughout the parade, and she saw plenty of drunk people out and about. She was just fitting in.

A few fingers of whiskey later, Alex finally felt like she could relax slightly. She settled in with Netflix, ignoring the text Maggie had sent, and searched for a show to watch. She settled for Gray’s Anatomy, since Kara was already fully caught up, while Alex was still back on season 5. When she remembered what Callie and Erica’s storyline had been lately, she topped off her glass once more, settling back down on the couch.

Alex woke up slightly confused, clearly having fallen asleep, though she didn’t think it had been for that long. Netflix was still playing, so it hadn’t been long enough that they wanted to know if she was still watching—always a good sign. Focusing back in on the episode, she found that it was exactly the storyline she’d been avoiding front and center on her screen. She took a deep breath and decided to power through. After all, she wasn’t gay, so it shouldn’t matter that someone else was going through these emotions.

“You are glasses! I am so gay. I am so, so, so gay. I am extremely gay!” Erica exclaimed. Alex rubbed her eyes. She had definitely missed something because none of that made sense. So she found herself rewinding. Just to get the context right, of course. As she sat through the full speech, she felt vaguely uncomfortable, though she couldn’t pinpoint what exactly was wrong. Maybe it was just because it had been so damn long since she’d been on a date…or, as Lucy kept reminding her, gotten laid. It just wasn’t good or fun or any of the things she wanted it to be. She didn’t dwell on why that sounded vaguely reminiscent of the missing point Erica mentioned. Surely sex with women would be just as unsatisfying as sex with men, Alex reasoned. None of them were the same as her vibrator, and that’s all she needed. Maybe that was what she needed… Turning off the television and pouring just a splash of whiskey more into her cup, Alex made her way into her bedroom, kicking the door shut for good measure.


As Alex rubbed her eyes, she turned over in bed, rolling into Maggie’s warm body. “Hey,” she mumbled, voice thick with sleep.

“Morning,” Maggie whispered, wrapping an arm around Alex to keep her close.

“Do we need to be up for work?” Alex asked.

“No, you’re fine. It’s just Sunday.” Alex relaxed as Maggie ran her fingers through Alex’s hair.

“Oh. Oh, good.”

“Mhm. Should we start our day off right?” Maggie asked, grinning widely.

“What do you mean?”

“Maybe a repeat of last night…” Maggie trailed off, letting Alex put it together. As soon as Alex nodded, Maggie was ducking down and pressing her lips against Alex’s—softly at first, then building in intensity. Alex whimpered as Maggie’s tongue flicked into her mouth and her hands dragged down her body, fingertips dancing across her stomach, then down to her inner thighs.

“Maggie,” Alex panted, rolling to flip them over. Only when she flipped, she wasn’t on top of Maggie; she was alone in bed, sweaty and tangled up in her sheets with a terrible hangover that was only going to get worse as she tried to figure out what the fuck she had been dreaming about.

Chapter Text

“Can I help you?” Maggie asked, laughing as Alex’s hand found its way to her thigh again.

“No, we’re just watching a movie,” Alex answered, smiling innocently back at Maggie.

“Right…” Shaking her head, Maggie tried to return her attention to the movie, eventually threading her fingers through Alex’s to try to make them less distracting. They’d been dating for a couple of weeks at that point, and they’d gotten quite comfortable with making out and touching each other under their clothing, but they had agreed to move slowly, make sure that they were both completely ready at every step. That didn’t stop either one of them from wanting more or from kissing each other at every opportunity. But tonight they were really supposed to be watching a movie, and Maggie was trying so hard to pay attention.

Noting Maggie’s determination to actually watch the movie, Alex gave up, dropping her head to Maggie’s lap and focusing her attention back on the film. Sure, she’d missed a little bit, but she had confidence that she would catch up soon enough.

Maggie grinned down at the image of Alex looking so completely relaxed in her lap. She ran her fingers through Alex’s hair, watching as the last of the day’s stress seemed to seep out of her body. She soon switched her attention to Alex’s arm, gently kneading at the tight muscles in her shoulder, then running her fingers up and down Alex’s biceps, tracing random patterns across her forearms.

Alex sighed contentedly, reaching up and pulling Maggie’s hand down to her ribs before placing her own on top of it. She seemed to settle in, curling around the soft pressure of Maggie’s hand.

A little further into the movie, Alex stretched, her shirt pulling up and leaving part of her very toned stomach exposed. And really? Could anyone blame Maggie for getting distracted? So she let her fingers drop a little lower, gently skimming the warm skin below her shirt’s hem.

“Mm, can I help you?” Alex teased, throwing Maggie’s question back at her.

“No, no. We’re watching a movie.”

“You know, they made this crazy new invention. It’s called pause.”

“Shut up, Danvers,” Maggie laughed, tickling Alex for just a second before she remembered how Alex’s agent training had kicked in the last time and she’d almost ended up with a broken nose.

As a show of her gratitude, Alex hit pause and rolled over so that she was facing Maggie. “Kiss me?”

“How could I say no?” And then Maggie was leaning over and helping Alex to sit up, their mouths searching one another out. Maggie smiled as soon as her lips met Alex’s, feeling Alex return the expression. Throwing her arms around Alex’s back, Maggie hugged her closed, kissing her harder, more insistently. Alex’s lips were soft and pliant, moving perfectly with her own.

As Alex let her hands dip under Maggie’s shirt, feeling the muscles in her back tense, then relax at her touch, Alex deepened the kiss, pulling Maggie’s lower lip between her own and sucking lightly, earning a whimper from the smaller woman.

And suddenly Maggie was carefully (though not particularly gracefully), squirming out from under Alex and throwing one leg over her lap. “Is this okay?”

“Yes,” Alex sighed, lowering her head down to let Maggie lie on top of her. Seeing Maggie’s slight hesitation, she looped an arm around the back of Maggie’s neck and drew her down, trying to communicate that she was perfectly happy to be getting horizontal again.

Smiling, Maggie dropped back down to Alex’s lips. Once they had settled back into a rhythm, Maggie flicked her tongue into Alex’s mouth, tasting the peppermint ice cream and coffee she’d had after dinner. Her whole body shivered as Alex threaded her fingers through her hair, her short nails scratching deliciously at the back of her neck and head.

Without thinking, Maggie moved one leg between Alex’s own, pressing down in response to the small whimpers Alex was making. And then Alex’s hand were on her ass, urging her ever closer as her mouth opened wider, her lips and tongue responding to every small thrust of Maggie’s hips. Pulling back to gulp down air, Alex let her mouth drop to Maggie’s neck, grinning as the smaller woman shuddered on top of her at the contact.

Maggie could tell that she’d have marks that would need to be covered the next day, but she couldn’t quite bring herself to care. Because Alex was nipping and sucking, then soothing the skin with her talented tongue, and that was all Maggie wanted. Well, maybe not all, but all that she wanted from tonight.

When Alex had finished with one side of Maggie’s neck, Maggie dropped her mouth back down to capture Alex’s lips, deciding she probably had enough hickeys for one night. “This is amazing,” she whispered, her breath warm on Alex’s lips as her hand moved up to cradle Alex’s jaw lightly.

“It really is,” Alex sighed.

“But it’s late.”

“And we have work tomorrow,” Alex admitted.

“But I’ll see you for dinner?” Maggie checked.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Alex grinned, pressing a chaste kiss to Maggie’s lips before she could get up and leave for the night.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Maggie added, pressing another kiss to Alex’s lips.

“Tomorrow,” Alex repeated, copying the gesture.

“I’m leaving,” Maggie laughed, finally pulling herself off Alex.





Chapter Text

The morning after Pride, Maggie woke up with a pounding headache, a harness still strapped to her hips, and a woman in her bed who looked far too much like Alex Danvers for Maggie to pretend like she had her crush under control. Since it was her bed and her apartment, she couldn’t very well pull on her clothes, creep out of the room, and act like nothing had happened.

Apparently the sun was a little too bright for the other woman as well, forcing her eyes awake as she blinked and rolled over. “Hey,” she rasped, grinning lazily up at Maggie.

“Morning,” Maggie greeted, wondering how to end this. Because the woman had Alex’s hair but not her eyes, her bearing but not her personality—none of the things that actually made Alex Alex.

As if she could see the panic in Maggie’s eyes (and Maggie guessed she probably could), the woman pulled herself out of bed. “Last night was fun, but I should really get going. Friends will wonder why I’m not at post-Pride brunch,” she laughed.

“Right, right. I should also probably check in with my friends.” One in particular. “Need to find out how their nights went too.”

As she pulled on her shirt and stuffed her feet into her shoes, the woman nodded, adding: “Morning after brunch is one of the best parts of Pride. Well, enjoy yourself. Maybe I’ll see you around.”

“Yeah, maybe. Have fun at brunch.”

With a small wave and a smile, she was out the door, leaving Maggie alone with her headache and her racing thoughts. She checked her phone, finding that Alex still hadn’t replied to any of her messages from the night before. As much as she knew that calling was probably a bad idea, she also needed to hear that Alex was alright.

“Hello?” Alex answered.

“Hey, I, um, I guess you’re fine? I just wanted to make sure you were okay, since you didn’t answer any of my texts. Which is fine too!” Maggie ground her teeth, wondering when she had turned into such an idiot. Clearly she was still smooth enough to get someone to come home with her. Someone…Kate! That was her name.

Alex interrupted her inner monologue: “Oh, yeah, sorry. I was just…tired after the parade. I fell asleep watching some television.” That was true enough.

“Oh, okay. That’s good. Um, did you want to do something today?”

Alex sucked her lower lip between her teeth, debating what the right answer was. On the one hand, of course she wanted to see Maggie. She was her best friend; she always wanted to see Maggie. On the other hand, she didn’t necessarily want to see the woman who starred in her sex dreams last night. Plus, Lucy had suggested she back off a little bit. “Oh, I’d love to, but Kara and I are hanging out today.” Totally true. “Um, how was your night, though?”

“Oh, it was…fine.”

“Meet anyone?” Alex asked, trying to sound as supportive as possible.

“No one special,” Maggie replied honestly. “Anyway, I guess I’ll let you go get ready for Kara. See you tomorrow, Al.”

“See ya, Mags.” Alex did not feel any better after hanging up the phone. She already missed Maggie’s voice and hated herself for feeling that way. After a few minutes of deliberating, she decided to call Kara. It was already noon; she was probably awake at this point.

“Hello?” came Lena’s voice.

“Oh, hey, Lena. It’s Alex. Is, uh, Kara there?”

“Mhm, one second.” Alex heard scuffling noises before, “Kara, wake up. Wake up! It’s your sister.”

“’Lo?” Kara yawned into the phone.

“Hey, Kar, sorry for waking you.”

“No, no, it’s fine. What’s up?” Kara asked, rubbing sleep from her eyes and glaring jealously at Lena as she burrowed back under the covers.

“I just wanted to say hey. See when you wanted to meet for sister night.”

“Right! Yeah, wanna say 5? We can order Chinese food and watch movies?”

“Sounds great. I’ll let you get back to bed.”

“Thanks, Alex,” Kara replied, listening as Alex said goodbye before hanging up the phone. She dropped back into bed, groaning as her body seemed to protest the effort.

“So, what happened to Ms. I never get hangovers?” Lena teased.

“Shut up, please. I don’t know what I was drinking, but the whole world was…floaty.”

“I know,” Lena said, letting out an uncharacteristic giggle. “You told the whole bar. You may have also implied that you could fly.”

“Urgh, no more of those drinks. Ever.” Looking around, Kara narrowed her eyes. “Why is the bed full of glitter?”

Lena shrugged. “Your guess is as good as mine. Should we go see how our guests are doing?”

Kara nodded, excited at least to hear about Lucy and Vasquez’s night. She stumbled out into the living room, finding Vasquez happily curled up on the couch under the blanket and an almost completely naked Lucy sprawled out across the floor, which was, luckily, carpeted.

“Good morning, princess,” Kara called out, laughing when Lucy groggily blinked open her eyes, clearly unsure about where she was or how she had gotten there.

“Make the room stop spinning,” Lucy grumbled, slowly pulling her head off the ground.

“Hey, babe, maybe try a shirt?” Vasquez suggested, looking surprisingly awake.

“Why don’t you look like the rest of us?” Lena asked, eyes narrowed at Vasquez’s chipper demeanor.

“Because someone needed to make sure this one got home safely,” she laughed, looking at Lucy who was still sprawled out in nothing but boxer shorts.

“I wasn’t that drunk,” Lucy protested.

“Nope, not at all. You were very sober, babe,” Vasquez teased, throwing a shirt at Lucy.

“Well, I’ll make pancakes and coffee,” Kara volunteered, pulling Lena with her. “And seriously, Luce, put on a shirt. If we can behave, so can you.” She stuck her tongue out at Lucy, who grinned wickedly back at her.

“You call what you did last night behaving?”

Looking suddenly nervous, Kara shrugged. “Uh, yes?”

“Mhm…okay, then.”

“Wait, what happened? I still remember just about all of last night, and I don’t recall doing anything that crazy while we were out except making out with Lena in front of a whole bunch of people.”

“Oh, no, you were good while we were out,” Vasquez clarified, biting back a grin. “I think Luce is talking about when we got home.”

Kara closed her eyes, trying to recall what had happened. She remembered Vasquez shuffling them all inside and getting them water and snacks. In retrospect, she should have realized the other woman was still sober. And then she remembered taking Lena to the bedroom. She wondered if they had been loud…

“So you don’t remember telling us about how you had learned about contouring with glitter from some of the drag queens?” Vasquez asked.

“Oh, yeah! Shit…is that why my bed is full of glitter?”

“Probably,” Lucy nodded, smirking at Kara. “You also decided to demonstrate for us—specifically how one enhances cleavage with glitter. And you wanted to practice on Lena, even though, and I’ll quote, ‘she already has the best boobs ever.’ But when the glitter wasn’t sticking, you decided it needed some…adhesive, so you licked your girlfriend’s tits in front of everyone then poured, like, a bag of glitter on her.”


Lena pulled her collar away from her neck, looking down her shirt and finding that she did, indeed, have an inordinate amount of glitter stuck to her chest. “You’re helping me wash this off,” Lena demanded, mock-glaring at Kara.

“Yes, ma’am,” Kara teased, looking far too pleased with her punishment.

“Anyway…” Vasquez trailed off, really not needing to see any more after last night. “What are your plans for the day?”

“I should head back to my apartment soon,” Lena admitted, looking slightly sad at the idea. “I need to get laundry done before we go back to work tomorrow.”

“And I’m meeting with Alex tonight,” Kara added, sending a slightly annoyed look in Lucy’s direction.

“Can you tell her that I’m sorry for being a little too…forward?” Lucy asked, looking mollified.

“Yeah, yeah, I can do that. What time are you guys heading back?”

“Honestly? We should probably leave pretty soon,” Vasquez answered, looking at her watch. “But we’ll stay for breakfast!”

“Is it breakfast if it’s already noon?” Lena asked, laughing softly and earning a chorus of groans from the other women.


By the time Kara knocked on Alex’s door, Alex still wasn’t sure what, if anything, she was going to say to Kara. She suspected her sister might want to talk about what Lucy said to her, and part of her almost wanted to admit to how her night had gone, if only to have someone to talk to, but at the same time, saying anything aloud might make it true.

“Kara!” Alex exclaimed, pulling her sister into a hug. “You’ve got a little glitter,” she laughed, gesturing at Kara’s ear.

“Ugh, better than it was,” Kara admitted, shutting the door behind her and kicking off her shoes.

“So I take it you had an enjoyable night?”

“It was fun. Definitely not something I want to do every weekend, but fun for a once a year type of event. What about you? How was your night?”

“Um, fine?” Alex knew her answer sounded rather unconvincing, but she didn’t have the energy to keep hiding everything, especially not from her sister.

“Lucy wanted me to pass on her apology. I think she would have come herself, but she wasn’t sure if you’d want to see her yet.”

Alex nodded. “She probably has a point.”

“About you not wanting to see her yet, or…?”

“Both,” Alex answered, her voice quiet.

“You want to talk about it?”

“Not yet.”

“Okay, well, we have all night. And, you know, forever,” Kara laughed softly. “Want me to order dinner?”

“Yes, please!”

A little while later, they had settled into the couch, cartons of Chinese takeout in hand, as they debated what to watch. “Wanna keep going on Gray’s?” Kara suggested.

“No!” Alex yelled.

“Sorry…I thought you liked it.”

“I, um, I do. Just, I already watched some last night, so I’m looking for something new.”

“Okay,” Kara nodded, though she wasn’t quite sure she understood what had happened with the show. “Have any other suggestions?”

Alex wanted to reply with something about television. Instead she blurted out, “Do you think I’m the reason Maggie hasn’t been in a relationship for a while?”

“Uh, what?”

“Nothing.” Alex shook her head.

“No, it’s not nothing. Does this have something to do with what Lucy said to you?”


“Okay. Do you want to tell me what she said?”

“Not really.”

“You know I wouldn’t judge you for anything. Well, except for the fact that you don’t like chocolate pecan pie. That’s just madness.”

“Ugh, it’s too sweet.”

“No such thing.”

Figuring she should speak before her courage left her again, Alex segued directly back into the conversation about Lucy. “She said I was Maggie’s straight girl crush, and unless I like her too, I need to stop taking up all of her time.”

Kara narrowed her eyes, resolving to have a stern talking to with Lucy about her word choice. She knew Lucy meant well, but Alex was already so defensive about her love life, it really wasn’t the right way to approach the topic with her. “Maggie is a grown up. If she wants to spend her free time with you, she can do that.”

“But do you think…do you think she likes me?”

Duh, Kara thought, though it wasn’t her place to say something for Maggie. Instead she asked, “How do you think you would feel if she liked you?”

Alex shrugged. “I don’t know.” In fact, she had spent the whole day wondering what to make of Lucy’s assessment. As freaked out as she was about what it would mean for her, the thought made her stomach flutter with a kind of nervous anticipation. Part of her wanted to know what might happen. The part of her that conjured up that dream out of somewhere definitely wanted to know what might happen.

“That’s okay too,” Kara reassured Alex. “But maybe you should talk to her about it?”

Alex scoffed. “Oh, please, what would I say? Hey, Maggie! My friends who met you for all of a few hours think you’re head over heels in love with me. Is that true?”

Kara shook her head in frustration, chuckling at Alex’s response. “Yes, Alex, that’s exactly what you should say. No, dummy! First, you need to figure out how you’re going to respond either way.”

“Well, if she says no, I mean, nothing has changed, right?” Of course, everything had sort of changed. Because now she had these images of Maggie in her bed in a very non-platonic way, and maybe she had somehow developed feelings for her friend, for her female friend. But she wasn’t gay? Right? She had been straight for 30 years. That had to count for something.

“Alex, where’d you go?” Kara asked, looking at the vacant, slightly panicked expression in Alex’s eyes.



“I just had a weird dream thing, that’s all. But dreams don’t mean anything.”

Kara shrugged. “To some people they do. Want to tell me about your dream?”

Alex shook her head, then seemed to reconsider. She didn’t really want to, but at the same time, she suspected that if she didn’t tell anyone, it would continue to eat away at her. “I had a sex dream about Maggie,” she finally blurted out, looking very far away from Kara’s face.

“Okay, that’s alright, you know?”

“Yeah, I don’t know, it’s just…weird.”

“Well, can you think of any reasons why you might have been dreaming about that?”

There was the conversation with Lucy, and the weird jealousy at Pride, and the fact that she and Maggie had woken up in bed together that morning, and the stupid Gray’s Anatomy glasses scene, and maybe, just maybe, she had let her thoughts wander slightly while she was…enjoying herself alone, but in all fairness, she was pretty drunk. “Uh, maybe what Lucy said?” Alex tried.

“Okay,” Kara nodded, fairly certain that wasn’t all of it. “It doesn’t have to mean anything, but it’s also okay if it does. It’s okay to like Maggie or want to do something with her, and it’s okay if you still like men or don’t know if you like women or if it’s just a Maggie thing. And it’s okay if none of that is true.”

“Thanks,” Alex whispered. Sniffling quietly, she dropped her head to Kara’s shoulder, smiling as Kara’s hand came around to rub soothing circles on her shoulder. As much as Kara loved Alex’s being the protective big sister, it was nice to be able to be there for Alex sometimes too.

After Alex felt like she had her emotions under control enough to talk about it more—figuring that after this conversation ended, it would take a lot to ever start it again—Alex quietly asked, “How disappointed do you think mom would be?”

Kara wanted to say that Eliza would never be disappointed in Alex for something like this (and she truly believed it), but she also knew that the two had a somewhat tense relationship. Between Eliza believing in Alex so much that she pushed her a little too hard to be all that Eliza thought she could be, and Alex taking every poorly worded encouragement as a demand that could make her a failure if she didn’t meet it, there were plenty of issues that would need to be resolved before Alex could simply believe that Eliza would never truly be disappointed in her.

“You can explore these things and figure out what happiness looks like for you before you talk to Eliza, Alex.”

Alex seemed to consider it. “Okay, right, I guess so.”

“I think you should really talk to Maggie, though,” Kara added.

“Ugh, why must I do the difficult things?”

“You talk to her everyday.”

“We work together,” Alex protested.

“Yeah, but you also have breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner together, and half of the time I swear you sleep in each other’s beds!” Kara countered.

“Best friends do that,” Alex huffed.

“So do girlfriends,” Kara teased, glad to see that Alex didn’t seem to be pulling away just yet.

“Whatever, I’ll get around to talking to her.”


“Fine! What do you want me to say?”

“Text her to schedule something for tomorrow. That way you can’t back out of it. Well, I suppose you could still back out of the conversation, but it’ll make it harder.”

“Why?” Alex whined.

“Because it’s the right decision. Unless, you know, you want to have sex dreams about her forever. Also, if the answer to that is yes, please don’t tell me.”

Alex laughed at Kara’s pained grimace. “Fine, fine. Hand me my phone.”

Looking placated, Kara handed the device over to her sister.

“Done,” Alex declared.

“What’d you send?”

“Drinks after work tomorrow?” Alex read from her screen.

A couple minutes later, her phone buzzed. “Dirty Robber?”

“Yeah,” Alex replied.

“See ya then, Danvers.”

“Perfect!” Kara exclaimed, hugging Alex tightly before she could panic.

“Why does this feel like a terrible idea?” Alex muttered.

“Because you’re nervous.”

Chapter Text

“Ready to head out?” Maggie asked, popping her head around the door of Alex’s office.

“Oh, yeah, just give me a second. I just want to email this report up to SVU, then I’m ready.” Maggie nodded, leaning up against the doorway and checking Facebook as she waited. “Ready!” Alex announced, trying to psych herself up for whatever conversation it was they were about to have.

“Alright, let’s go,” Maggie grinned, glad to see that Alex was still being (relatively) normal around her after Pride. She worried after the night where all of her texts went unanswered, but Alex must have just been tired, like she said.

When they arrived at The Dirty Robber, Alex was happy to see Megan busy dealing with issues and a relatively new waiter assigned to their section. She didn’t really want to have this conversation in front of anyone they knew.

“Can I get you ladies started with something to drink?” the young man asked.

“Could I grab a Pale Ale?” Maggie ordered.

“Could I get a scotch? And, uh, make it a double.” Alex ignored Maggie’s questioning look. She needed a bit of liquid courage to get through this conversation.

“Can I see your IDs?” he asked. Though neither of them had been carded, especially here, in a very long time, they smiled at the new waiter and pulled out their wallets. “Right, coming right up.”

“So, what’s with the double?”

“Uh, just felt like I could use it. Not like I had your weekend,” Alex said, forcing a laugh.

“Fair enough.” It still struck Maggie as odd, but then again, Alex had been working on an SVU case, so she might just need a little something to take the edge of what was probably a rough day.

Within a few minutes, the waiter was back with their drinks. “Do you know what you want to eat?”

“Always,” Alex laughed, ordering the usual and feeling especially thankful that it was properly happy hour and she wouldn’t need to confuse the new boy by ordering something off menu. She finished her drink by the time Maggie was through ordering, earning a concerned look when she went to order a second. “Er, make it a beer. Same as hers is fine.” Maggie seemed pacified by the switch.

“How was your day?” Maggie asked, hoping to get Alex to open up a little bit about whatever it was that was bothering her.

“Eh, alright. Busy. What about yours?”

Deciding not to push her on it just yet, Maggie launched into a play-by-play of her own day. It hadn’t been particularly exciting, for which she was always grateful as a homicide detective, but there were a lot of leads to chase down from ongoing cases and paperwork to file for Jesse’s arrest. She had ended her day by gathering evidence for her testimony at his bail hearing in case she ended up being called to the stand. By the time she was done talking, their food had arrived, along with Alex’s drink.

“To the day being over,” Maggie toasted.

“Cheers,” Alex chimed in, clinking their bottles together.

“So, what’s on your mind?” Maggie asked around a bite of salad. “You seem a little…off.”

“Oh…nothing. Just had some, uh, interesting conversations with Kara and Lucy and stuff this weekend.”

“Oh, really? What about?”

“Nothing in particular. Well, I guess Lucy wanted to talk about my lack of a dating and sex life.” Alex forced out a self-deprecating laugh, failing to mention that she’d been more interested in Maggie’s nonexistent dating life these days.

“It’s your life,” Maggie reassured Alex, trying to tamp down the way she felt so pleased about Alex’s singledom.

“Right, yeah, and I mean, it’s not like you’re dating someone now. Unless, are you?”

“No,” Maggie shook her head. She basically was, though she wouldn’t freak Alex out by pointing it out.

“Yeah, so, it’s both of us.”

“Uh, yeah,” Maggie nodded, trying to figure out where this conversation was going.

“And Lucy made this point—I mean, it’s probably such a dumb point—but, uh, she thought that maybe there was some connection there.”

“What kind of connection?” Maggie tried to breath normally, to keep her anxiety in check as thoughts raced through her mind about all that Lucy, who had watched her so intently, might have suggested to Alex about how Maggie felt.

Taking a large swallow of her beer, Alex forced herself to sound casual. “Just that maybe we were keeping each other single. Or, more so, that I was keeping you single.”

“Why would she say that?” Maggie asked, laughing nervously.

“It’s Lucy,” Alex shrugged, as though she couldn’t think of plenty of reasons.

“I mean, I don’t have to be single. I went home with someone during Pride,” Maggie added, desperately hoping that Alex would just drop it before getting to whatever comment Lucy made to Alex about how Maggie pined after her.

“Oh.” Alex tried to ignore the way her heart clenched, though, she supposed, if they were having this conversation, maybe she should be paying attention to these clues. “That’s, uh, nice. Are you going to see her again?”

Maggie shrugged. Of course not, but Alex didn’t need to know that.

“Well, um, can we Facebook stalk her like we normally do?” Alex hoped her tone sounded normal, not high pitched and forced the way it did in her head.

“Oh, no.” Because the girl looked enough like Alex to raise suspicions, to seem fucking creepy, if she were being honest.

“Why? I mean, it’s your choice obviously!”

“I, uh, I don’t know her name.” That was half true. She had a first name, but there were way too many Kates to try to find a specific one on the internet.

“Ah, so it really isn’t serious,” Alex sighed, letting go of the anxiety she had been holding onto since hearing the news.

“Well, no, I suppose not. Point is, it’s not like I’m incapable of finding someone else. I mean someone new. New. Since Rachel.”

“Right, yeah, of course,” Alex nodded.

“Mhm,” Maggie agreed, focusing intently on her food. At this rate, she was basically done with her salad and was hoping the waiter would come back so she could order another drink.

“Am I the reason you aren’t dating anyone?” Alex blurted out, flushing a fantastic shade of red.

“Uh, what?”

“Sorry, no, nothing. Ignore me.”

“No, seriously, Al, what do you mean?”

“Just, am I, like, ruining your life…by taking up all of your time and emotional energy and shit?”

“No,” Maggie shook her head definitively. “Absolutely not.” Sure, Alex took up most of her time. And she was head over heels for the woman. But it wasn’t Alex’s fault that she seemed so damn perfect for Maggie.

“Okay. So you, um, you don’t like me?”

“What? No!” Maggie could feel her heart racing in her chest. It was like Eliza all over again, and all she wanted to do was bolt before Alex could decide that their close friendship was too much, too weird, too queer.

“Oh. Okay.”

Was that…was that disappointment? Maggie wondered. Was there some possibility that Alex liked her back? That this straight girl was thinking about her in a less than platonic way?

“Why?” Maggie asked, looking earnestly up at Alex and hoping that her expression would convey everything she wasn’t saying.

“Just, nothing. Something Lucy suggested.”

“Oh. Sorry, I hope she, uh, didn’t freak you out.”

“No!” Alex blurted out. Because yes, she’d been a little freaked at first, but not about Maggie—never about Maggie.

“What did you think…when she told you?” Maggie pressed, hoping her voice didn’t sound too hopeful, too invested in Alex’s answer.

“I don’t know exactly. But then I couldn’t, well, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. And I just wondered if…if, I don’t know. It just, it made me, well, think about things.”

“Would you two like any dessert tonight?” their waiter interrupted, earning a death glare from Maggie.


“Okay, then,” he replied, looking rather concerned about what he had done wrong. “I’ll just leave the check here.”

“Wait,” Maggie snapped, grabbing her wallet and tossing a card at him. “Sorry, here, just, you can take it now.”

When Maggie looked back at Alex, the woman looked like she was about to cry. “Alex, no, it’s just, I think maybe we should talk outside of the bar, that’s all.”

“Um, okay,” Alex nodded, terrified that she had already fucked up one of her only real friendships—her best friendship.

Seeing the look of sheer panic in Alex’s eyes, Maggie did the only thing she could think of, reaching across the table and taking Alex’s hand in hers. “I promise, nothing is wrong. I want to hear what you were saying, okay?”

“Alright.” Alex looked slightly more comforted, though her heart was racing at the feeling of Maggie’s hand on hers, Maggie’s fingers tracing light circles against her palm to calm her down. She’d done this before, but this time felt different—more significant somehow.

As soon as the waiter returned, Maggie slipped her card back into her wallet and signed for a rather generous tip to make up for her snappy responses at the end. “C’mon, let’s walk.”

“Should we go get your car?”

“No, we’ve both had a bit to drink. I’ll walk you to your place, alright?”

“Yeah, okay.”

Once they got a few block away from the restaurant, Maggie turned toward Alex. “What were you thinking about? After Lucy told you?”

“I mean, it doesn’t matter. It’s not true, like you said. Lucy was just guessing after having only met you for a day.”

“And what if it were true?” Maggie asked, her voice quiet, a slight tremble in it that Alex would have heard if she known to listen for it.

Alex gulped. “Then maybe I would have things I needed to talk to you about.”

“And what if this were me telling you that it’s true?”

“Is it?”

“It can be.” Maggie hoped beyond belief that Alex would understand why she couldn’t just say that it was, why she needed to protect her heart and this friendship—no matter how platonic it would end up being.

“Then I might tell you that I started thinking about what she said, started wondering why it made me feel nervous in a good way, started picturing you and me as an us and trying to figure out what it all meant. But only if what she said were true, of course.”

“Of course,” Maggie nodded. “Did that image, that image of us…what did you think about it?”

“It scared me at first,” Alex admitted, her voice small. “But maybe the voices telling me to be scared were wrong, maybe they weren’t the ones I should listen to when I make decisions. Because maybe they don’t have my happiness as their primary goal.”

Maggie slowed down as they approached Alex’s building. “I think we could be happy.”

“We—you and me? Together?”

“Yeah, Alex. Because I’m happy to be your friend—of course, I am. But I think I could make you happy in other ways too. I think that’s one of the most important things I could do.”

“Kiss me,” Alex whispered, her voice surprisingly steady considering the way her hands were trembling.

When Maggie looked up, ready to ask for clarification, she saw the glint in Alex’s eyes that told her all that she needed to know. So she stepped forward, moving them off of the sidewalk and toward the entry to Alex’s building, then let her hand gently cradle Alex’s cheek as she moved in slowly—always giving Alex time to pull away if she wanted to—finally connecting their lips. She fought to keep it chaste, moving to pull back after just a moment of everything she’d wanted for too long now.

“Not yet,” Alex whispered, moving her arms up and looping them around Maggie’s neck to draw her back in, kissing her—a real, proper kiss. She felt her heart swoop at the way Maggie moved with her, the feeling of her lips soft and pliant beneath her own, the very soft sigh Maggie let out when Alex pulled her closer. And then Maggie was tilting her head and sucking on her lower lip and running fingers through her hair, and it was everything a kiss was supposed to feel like.

“That’s hot!” a voice rang out in the otherwise quiet night, accompanied by a few loud wolf whistles.

“Fuck off! It’s not for you!” Maggie yelled back, glaring at the group of drunk 20-something guys stumbling outside of Alex’s building.

“Whatever, dykes!” one of them yelled back, laughing loudly as they made their way toward the bars.

“I, uh, I’m sorry, Maggie, but I can’t, I can’t do this. I’ve gotta go.” Alex turned and walked quickly to the door, rushing before she could let Maggie see the tears welling up in her eyes, the way she was so quick to crumble at the first sign of what her life might look like if she started dating Maggie, started dating women. She was weak, and she knew it, but Maggie didn’t need to know it yet.

Chapter Text

Alex stumbled back, her feet nearly slipping on the tile floor, slick from water that had splashed over the edges of the pool during practice. She heard the words echoing back in her head: “disgrace,” “disgusting,” “sinner,” “hell,” “wrong.” And suddenly she was going through every reaction she’d worried about. Suddenly, she was imagining what it was like when Maggie was 13 years old and being thrown out of her home and into the street by the people who were supposed to love her unconditionally. When she looked at Pete, she didn’t see her sweet 14-year-old teammate who just needs a little extra consideration in certain situations; now she saw the demons her mind had created for the months it took her to finally gather the courage to come out. Now she saw her nightmares: her mother grimacing at her; her friends abandoning her; Maggie’s father come to blame her for corrupting his daughter even further. And when Pete raised his hands, she didn’t just see movement; she saw a gesture that was meant to be threatening, meant to be violent, meant to scare her and remind her that she still lived in a country where the Vice President could be applauded for saying someone like her didn’t deserve rights.

And she knew Pete didn’t mean it, knew he was stressed and scared and repeating things he’d heard from his homophobic father. Because Alex knew Pete, knew he was sweet and brilliant and considerate. But right now? Right now his world was spinning out of control. Because the lights were suddenly blinding, and every noise echoed against the tile floor and walls, and the scent of chlorine hung thick and heavy in the air, and then Alex had bumped into him—had been pushed into him by two of the freshmen horsing around, still high off the energy of competing in their first meet. And suddenly everything was too much to handle, and he needed to let some of it out somehow.

He tried to run, but it was too crowded, and there was no way through the throngs of loud bodies that blocked his way to the exit. So he panicked, and he yelled, and he didn’t even know what he was yelling until it was out there—until he had spit back all the phrases he’s heard his dad screaming at the television night after night—the phrases his mother has tried to muffle, tried to keep him from hearing. But he had heard—of course he had heard. His mom calls him brilliant, gifted. His teachers—the ones who aren’t so well-versed on the issues, who don’t care enough to try to learn—they’re always shocked when he can recite back whole passages from the textbook on his tests, even though he doesn’t participate during class, even though he learns differently from most of the other kids.

But now he had said it. And now Alex Danvers—one of the first people to accept him on the swim team, to learn his boundaries and how to respect them and how best to help him when other people don’t know how—she was biting her lip and blinking her eyes and trying so hard not to cry in front of the team she’s supposed to lead. Because even though she knew Pete didn’t mean what he said, didn’t realize just how deep those words would cut, they were bringing back every nightmare she’d ever had about how people might react to her coming out. Even as she fought not to rehash Pete’s interjections, she couldn’t seem to help it, couldn’t help but flash back to other times when he had repeated his dad’s words without thinking. And she knew that the next day she’d be angry at Pete’s father—because who tries to instill homophobia in a child? Who tries to teach an impressionable young boy that anyone who isn’t Christian will go to hell? That anyone gay deserves a punishment even worse than hell?

But now? Now everything was a little too much. And so she bolted, tears falling freely as she fought her way through the bodies. Knowing Pete would need help, she stopped briefly on her way out, tapping her coach on the shoulder and muttering that Pete was overwhelmed, that he needed somewhere quiet with low lighting, but she couldn’t be the one to help him right now. And she tried not to beat herself up over not being able to be the captain, the leader who could overlook personal hurt to take care of someone in need, because Maggie was helping her learn to take better care of herself. Maggie. Maggie, who was exactly the person she needed.

With shaky hands, she dialed Maggie’s number, trying to convince herself that she wasn’t going to be a burden on yet another person if she needed help.

“Alex!” Maggie’s voice came through the speaker. “How was practice?” But when Alex didn’t answer, when all she could hear was faint sniffling, Maggie pressed: “Hey, wanna come over? My aunt gave me money for pizza and left me with the car for the night. Where are you? Want me to come get you?”

“Yeah,” Alex hiccupped, heading into the bathroom in the school—the bathroom far away from the sports lockers where everyone would be able to see her break down.

“I’m already in the car,” Maggie told her, and Alex could hear the engine revving to life and something that sounded suspiciously like tires squealing.

“Don’t do something stupid like die or get a ticket,” Alex managed to get out.

“Yeah, totally comparable faults,” Maggie laughed, earning a watery chuckle from Alex. “Want me to stay on the phone with you until I’m there? I’ll put you on speaker.”

“Okay,” Alex nodded, also putting her phone on speaker as she stripped out of the wet one piece, groaning when she realized she had left her towel back in the locker room. She tried not to focus on the discomfort at having to pull her clothes pver damp skin, her braid, leaving an even wetter trail down her back.

“You okay?” Maggie asked, hearing the noises Alex was making.

“Just forgot my towel.”

“We’ll get you into dry clothes back at my place, don’t worry! I’ve got you.”

“You always do,” Alex whispered, now cradling the phone close to her face.

Once she was finished changing, Alex headed outside to wait for Maggie by the parking lot. All she wanted to do was leave, to get away from here and the words that still rang in her ears as soon as possible. Just a few minutes later, Maggie was pulling up in her aunt’s red Honda Civic, rolling down the old-school crank windows to wave at Alex, who hurried over, throwing her bag into the back and curling up in the front seat.

“You okay?” Maggie asked, her voice quiet.

“Not really,” Alex admitted, hoping it didn’t sound like weakness.

“Want to tell me what happened?”

“It’s just, you know Pete?”

“Yeah, of course. Little freshman on the team?”

“Mhm. It’s just, everything got too much, and then he lashed out, started yelling back all this shit his dad says.” Maggie ground her teeth, having met Pete’s father at the PTA meeting on whether their school should start a GSA. His dad had been the first to speak out against it, throwing around enough slurs to get himself escorted out of the meeting for that topic of discussion. “I know he didn’t mean to hurt me, and I know you’ve gone through so much worse, so I really shouldn’t be upset when it’s just one person and everyone else has been nothing but supportive, but I freaked out, ya know? Because it was like everything I had worried might happen if I came out was suddenly coming true.”

Maggie took one hand off the wheel and held Alex’s hand with it, squeezing gently to let her know she was there. “Alex? It’s okay to be hurt and upset. Hurts don’t have to be quantified or measured. Yeah, my parents were awful. But that doesn’t make hearing those types of things thrown at you any less awful.”

“You sure?” Alex asked, her voice cracking.

“Yeah, I promise.” Alex nodded, not trusting herself to say anything more just yet. “So, how about we go pick up the pizza I ordered, then go back to my place and relax. I ordered enough to feed all of our friends too. I thought you might want to see them, but if you don’t, that’s alright too. We can always just wrap up the leftovers.”

“You’re the sweetest, Maggie Sawyer. Has anyone ever told you that?”

“I believe normally you’re calling me annoying,” Maggie teased, sticking her tongue out.

“Shh, just enjoy the moment.”

Maggie laughed but nodded. “I love you.”

“Love you too.”


By the time they got to the pizza place, Maggie’s order was ready, and on their way back, Alex called everyone, surprised (and touched) to find that they had already been put on alert that there might be a get together at Maggie’s that night.

“We’re bringing board games!” Kara yelled, and Alex could hear James laughing in the background. “And I told Winn to buy ice cream!”

“Thanks,” Alex mumbled, wondering how she had gotten friends so perfect. And as they spent the night playing a long game of Monopoly with breaks for some Disney karaoke that left James, Lucy, and Maggie stunned at just how talented the other three were, Alex felt the stress of the day finally leaving her body. Because right here, right now? She was surrounded by people who loved her, who would always love her, and that was enough.

Chapter Text

“Alex,” Sawyer whimpered, as Alex nipped and sucked her way up their neck. “Please.”

“Please, what?” Alex teased.

“I can feel your smirk,” Sawyer retorted, trying to ignore the way their hips bucked up into nothing as Alex kept her body off to the side.

“You should probably do something about it then…”

Before Alex could say another teasing word, Sawyer had her in their strong arms and was flipping them over so that Alex was on her back. “You good?” they checked.

“Perfect,” Alex purred, drawing Sawyer down into a searing kiss. She let her fingers wind through Sawyer’s hair, tugging hard enough that they were moaning into Alex’s mouth. They were still getting used to one another, still figuring out what they did and didn’t like, but they learned early on that they both liked things a little harder, a little rougher. With their jobs, it was satisfying to come home and take each other hard and fast, both solid presences against the threats and aliens and criminals that just never stopped looming. Of course, they were gentle sometimes and always caring—even during the kinkiest of sex—but tonight wasn’t a night for careful. Tonight was a night for confirming that they were both still here, both still alive, both still breathing, even if it was only gasping now.

So Sawyer dropped their hands lower, pausing to check that yes, Alex wanted this, needed, this, before thrusting two fingers into Alex, who was already wet, already dripping for them. “You feel so good,” they rasped, letting Alex get used to the feeling of their being inside her.

“Harder,” Alex begged, her hips bucking up into Sawyer’s hand.

Sawyer happily obliged, setting a punishing pace as they straddled one of Alex’s legs, feeling the way their boxer briefs had grown damp as they dragged down Alex’s thigh. “You’re so sexy,” Sawyer murmured, loving the way they could feel Alex’s walls clench around their fingers at the words. “Can you be good for me?”

Alex could feel another gush of arousal spilling out and into Sawyer’s hand. “More,” she panted. “More and I’ll be good for you.” But when Sawyer added a third finger, curling them deliciously up against Alex’s g-spot, it still wasn’t enough. “Can you, can we, can you wear the strap on?” Alex asked.

Sawyer couldn’t help it; they moaned loudly at Alex’s request. They had talked about it, had gone over how they both felt about it and decided that they would just let it happen naturally. But Sawyer didn’t want to be the one to demand it, had worried, despite Alex’s reassurances, that they might be pushing it on her. So they checked: “You sure?”

“Please,” Alex begged. Normally she waited to beg, but she had been waiting so damn long to ask Sawyer for the strap on, had wanted to let them ease into this new relationship, into intimacy with a new partner. But the look of need that flashed clear as day across Sawyer’s face at her begging seemed as clear an indicator as any that the desire was mutual. So she tried not to whimper too loudly at the loss when Sawyer pulled out her fingers, slowly and sensually sucking them clean, though she couldn’t resist pulling Sawyer back down to the bed to kiss them hard, flicking her tongue into their mouth and tasting herself.

But Sawyer was pulling away with whispered promises to be back in just a minute. And then they were fastening the buckles on their harness and adjusting their cock so the base would hit them perfectly, even though right now all they really cared about was making Alex feel good.

When they stepped back into the bedroom, they barely had time to think about their nerves, about the thrill and fear of their partner seeing them for the first time in a harness and the questions about whether she would think they looked silly or ridiculous. Because as soon as they stepped through the door, Alex was keening and Alex was up and on them and growling as they threw them back into bed with promises to make tonight perfect. And then Alex’s mouth was on their cock as she checked in, asked if it was okay. And yes, of course, it was perfect. Because it was Alex. But all too soon Alex’s hips were dropping and rocking, and she was desperate for something inside of her.

“Let me help you,” Sawyer whispered, pulling Alex back up to their mouth. “How do you want me?”

Even though Alex knew how she wanted Sawyer to take her—wanted them to take her from behind, hips driving hard into her ass with every thrust—she also suspected that they should start with something slightly more intimate. It was the first time, after all. “You can start on top,” Alex answered, smiling softly down at Sawyer.

Sawyer smiled back, applying lube to their cock as Alex got set up with a pillow under her hips. “You ready?” they asked.

“Yeah,” Alex nodded, watching with wide eyes and bated breath as Sawyer carefully lined themselves up with Alex’s entrance, slowly slipping inside of her, watching her eyes for any sign of discomfort.

When they were all the way inside of Alex, they looked up. “Are you okay?”

“Perfect. Now please fuck me.”

Lowering themselves, Sawyer dropped one arm on either side of Alex’s chest, leaning down to kiss Alex as they began to thrust their hips into her, feeling heat rush between their legs with every small whimper that escaped Alex’s mouth.

Alex wrapped her arms around Sawyer, pulling them down closer and groaning as she felt the way their back muscles tensed and flexed with every thrust. She canted her hips up into Sawyer, needing more. “Can I touch your ass?” Alex asked, careful not to do anything without checking in first, knowing that some days were better than others.

But Sawyer just grinned and nodded. They felt good today, felt amazing inside of Alex, and for now, the touching was perfect. And then Alex’s hands were on their ass, her fingers digging in as she urged them to fuck her harder, faster.

Alex moaned at the feeling of the harness and Sawyer’s hips brushing against her clit with every thrust. But she also knew she probably wouldn’t get there anytime soon this way, so she found herself putting a hand on Sawyer’s shoulder and asking, “Could we try a different position?”

“Yeah! Are you okay? Did I hurt you?”

“No, you’re fine. It’s just, other ways work a little better for me.”

“Yeah, of course,” Sawyer nodded, carefully pulling out and sitting back on their heels. “How do you want me?”

“Would you be okay, uh, taking me from behind?”

Sawyer tried hard not to look too excited, but the idea of Alex’s ass right in front of them, their hands wrapped around Alex’s hips as they pulled her back into them, hard and fast—it sent a rush of heat straight between their legs. “Yes, yes, definitely.”

Hearing the unspoken excitement, Alex grinned and flipped over, spreading her knees and looking over her shoulder at Sawyer, who was a little distracted with just gazing at her body. “You want to fuck me or just stare some more?” Alex teased.

With a small growl, Sawyer was up on their knees, sliding their cock into Alex, who sighed at the new angle, at the feeling of being full. Once she was used to the new position and had begun rocking her hips, Sawyer took control, wrapping their hands around Alex’s waist to control the pace. “Do you still want hard?” they asked, their voice low and gravelly.

“Please,” Alex whimpered, driving her hips back before Sawyer took charge again. And when they took control, it was everything Alex needed.

With every thrust of their hips, Alex moaned, and when they picked up the pace, slamming their hips into Alex’s ass, barely biting back groans and whimpers of their own at the delightful pressure of the cock between their legs, Alex let her head drop down to the pillows. “I want to hear you, babygirl,” Sawyer ordered. “That okay?” they checked.

“Yes, yes,” Alex panted, shifting so that her mouth was free from the pillows. And just in time because then Sawyer’s hand was moving around her waist, their fingers dropping to her clit and rubbing tight circles around it that left her panting and bucking and hovering on the edge. “Please,” she begged, “please. So close.”

Sawyer drove their hips even harder into Alex, nearly growling at the sight of Alex’s back arching, her thighs trembling until finally her whole body was shaking as she cried out Sawyer’s name. They slowly worked Alex through her orgasm, making sure she got to enjoy every last minute of it. But before they could slip out, Alex was pushing her hips back again, grinding her ass insistently into Sawyer and asking: “This okay?”

As Sawyer felt the pressure between their own legs growing, their muscles tensing and quivering in anticipation, they nodded, barely getting out a “yes,” before they were falling over the edge, collapsing onto Alex’s back as waves of pleasure crashed over their body, leaving them spent and a little sweaty and blissfully happy.

This time Alex let them slide out, and Sawyer promptly fell to the bed, pulling Alex down with them to cuddle.

“We should probably clean up…and you should probably take off the cock, unless you’re gonna be little spoon,” Alex teased.

“Shh, just one minute,” Sawyer pleaded, slipping the toy out and placing it on the bedside table to cuddle Alex properly.

“Only because you’re so damn cute. And amazing in bed.”

Chapter Text

Between the destruction the young Marcus accidentally caused and the devastation Rhea and her soldiers intentionally wrought, CatCo was in desperate need of repair. Cat, the same woman who worked through holidays and attacks, who remained in her office when electrified former employers came looking for her, was forced to admit that the building was no longer safe for human occupants, so she dispersed her employees to floors of other buildings and communal workshare spaces that those millennials seemed to adore so much and even to their apartments where she was sure they lounged about in pajamas without the fear of Cat in their hearts to motivate them to work faster, harder, better.

Kara had tried working from both the DEO and her apartment, but she found it was too easy to stay in her Supergirl persona all day, responding to calls that could just as easily be handled by local police and EMTs instead of drafting articles that always came back littered with scathing comments. So eventually she ended up at Lena’s office, curled up on her pristine white couch, trying not to think about the long nights they had spent making out here and focus instead on writing her article on the hero menace movement that was raising its obnoxious voice once more.

“Hey, Lena,” Kara called out quietly, hoping Lena wasn’t too deep in her work.

“Mhm?” Lena replied, barely looking up from her computer.

“Do you have a second?”

“Why? Is it lunch time?” At that Lena finally drew her gaze away from the screen, looking down at her watch and seeing that it was only 11. Of course, that could still mean lunchtime for Kara, but she hoped the woman would be able to wait until noon. She had purchased a “jumbo” tub of animal crackers and Twizzlers for her girlfriend to prevent just this sort of interruption. Not that she didn’t love having Kara here, but it could also be distracting—not something a young CEO still fighting for her reputation needed.

“No, well, it can be! But I just wanted to see if your internet is working. I can’t get anything to load.”

With a furrow of her eyebrows, Lena quickly loaded a few pages. “No, it seems to be working just fine for me.”

“Are you on the ‘LCorp’ wifi?” Kara asked, checking her signal again.

“Oh, no. That’s our public wifi; I use my own personal hotspot in the office. Helps prevent hackers from getting access too easily as well,” Lena explained.

“Oh! Okay, cool. Since I’m not a hacker, can I use your wifi?”

Lena blushed as she thought about the name and password she had assigned to her office after a night with a few too many glasses of red wine. “Uh, let me see if I can get Jess to just give a call to the wireless company. For the amount they pay, they should really respond quickly.”

“Okay, yeah, sure, but I really need to get this to Snapper, like, twenty minutes ago.”

Lena bit her lower lip. “Let me just ask Jess. Hold on one moment.”

“Fine,” Kara sighed, wondering if Lena thought she would be dumb enough to download some virus on her wifi. Sure, when she got a link about puppies sometimes she was a little overeager, but she was otherwise quite brilliant.

Lena was grimacing by the time she got back. “None of the usual fixes worked, so they’ll have to send someone out.”

“I’m sorry. So…can I get on your wifi?” Kara asked, looking up and fluttering her eyelashes.

“Why don’t you head down to the Communications Department? Theirs is working just fine!”

“Ms. Luthor,” Kara began, looking suddenly serious as she adjusted her glasses, “I’m beginning to suspect that you’re not telling me the full story.”

“Hmm? What, no, just that Communications is great! Up and running.”

Kara narrowed her eyes. She was an investigative reporter, dammit, she should be able to investigate her way to answers. “Tell me, Ms. Luthor, what might I find if I searched for other wifi connections available in this room?”

“Nothing!” Lena snapped, striding across the room as she let her normally perfect composure snap. Deciding distraction was the way to go, she pried Kara’s computer out of her hands and settled on her lap. “Isn’t there something else you’d rather do?”

Kara sucked her lower lip between her teeth, eyeing Lena, who was currently arching her back and pushing her chest up toward Kara’s face. Lena did know exactly what it took to distract her. But in a moment, Kara had unceremoniously dumped Lena back onto the couch and pulled her computer back, using a burst of superspeed to open the list of all local wifi connections. Quickly scanning the names, she cried out triumphantly: “Aha! I found yours!”

“And what do you think you’re talking about, Ms. Danvers?”

Blushing slightly and adjusting her glasses, Kara cleared her throat before reading aloud: “Are you not Fortress_of_Sexitude?”

“Well, now, that just sounds rather obscene. Certainly improper for the workplace,” Lena declared, her expression a mask of innocence from years spent perfecting her poker face.

“Are half of the things we do here really proper for the workplace?” Kara flirted, her voice low, because the wifi required a password, and Kara suspected that whatever it was would prove even more delightfully embarrassing.

“Why don’t we try, then you can decide?” Lena purred, pushing the computer away once more before hiking up her pencil skirt and straddling Kara’s lap.

“We can try…but first I’m going to need your password.” Kara grinned up at Lena.

“That’s not going to happen.”

“Oh, but I think it will. See, I have ways of making you talk…” Kara whispered, as she let her hands slip beneath Lena’s skirt, pushing aside the layer of silk and letting her fingers trace a feather light path up and down Lena’s pussy. “You might be all in control behind that desk, but on top of it? Well, there you have a hard time staying silent.”

“And what makes you think in the throes of passion I will simply let loose with my wifi password?” Lena teased, the breathy quality of her voice the only indication that she was being affected by Kara’s teasing touches.

Figuring Lena needed a little more persuasion, Kara carefully spun them, depositing Lena on the couch and dropping her mouth between her legs as she licked a torturously slow path from Lena’s entrance up to her clit, then back down again. “Oh, I think I’ll make you talk.”

“Make me talk?” Lena repeated incredulously, even as her hips bucked up at Kara’s careful ministrations.

“By any means necessary, dear,” Kara purred, dipping her tongue inside of Lena and drawing out a long, low moan.

“Fuck,” Lena groaned, threading her hands through Kara’s hair and drawing her closer. She could feel her muscles tensing as her thighs clenched around Kara’s head.

But before Lena could come, Kara pulled away, dropping to her heels and smirking up at Lena. “Tell me the password, or you don’t get to come.”

Lena nearly growled, “Excuse me?”

“You heard me,” Kara taunted.

Huffing, Lena stood and pulled down her skirt, trying to act like she couldn’t feel the silk of her underwear sticking to her arousal or the way her body cried out for release.

“Ms. Luthor,” Jess’ voice rang through the intercom, “your 12 o’clock will be here in just a few minutes.”

“Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe you said that was an important meeting.”

Lena arched her eyebrows, wondering when Kara had learned to be quite so bold. “Perhaps,” she admitted.

“You wouldn’t want to be so…on edge. So how about you just give me the password so I can send in my draft, then I’ll make you forget you even told me.” As Kara spoke, she wound her way around to the other side of the desk and pushed Lena’s skirt up once more, letting her fingers tease the wet patch on her underwear. “You’re soaked, baby. I know you want to come. It’ll only take one word…”

And as much as Lena wanted to resist, she was weak. Because Kara’s fingers were pushing the material aside and dipping inside of her and sending delicious waves of pleasure through her body that weren’t enough. “Fine!” she relented. “But this had better be one fucking hell of an orgasm.”

“It will be,” Kara purred, grabbing her laptop to enter in the password. “Now spell it out for me.”

Clearing her throat, Lena kept her eyes trained studiously at Kara’s fingers and away from her eyes. “It’s, uh, k-a-r-a-x-l-e-n-a-4-e-v-e-r,” Lena spelled out. She tried not to pay attention to the way that Kara’s hands hesitated over her keys, feeling very much the part of the middle school girl whose diary had just been discovered by her crush. It wasn’t even like they had been together very long—no more than a month or two—certainly not long enough to let such schoolgirl fantasies run through her head.

But then Kara was smiling—not mocking or taunting, but looking so perfectly earnest as she grinned broadly at Lena. “As long as you don’t jinx us,” she whispered, before dropping back to her knees, tearing the silk in half, and pushing two fingers inside of Lena, scissoring them and dragging them down her front wall. As Lena groaned and clenched around her fingers, Kara dropped her mouth down and took Lena’s hard clit between her lips, sucking lightly and swirling her tongue around it. With a burst of superspeed, she had Lena writhing in her chair, back arching and muscles tensing until her vision flashed white as she cried out. After what felt like ages, she finally slumped back down, breathing heavily.

“So…did I make it worth your while, Ms. Luthor?”

“Do it one more time tonight, and I think we’re even,” Lena panted, throwing her torn underwear into her bottom desk drawer and straightening her skirt as she tried to look presentable enough for her noon meeting.

“I’ll be waiting for you tonight, then. I’m nothing if not a woman of my word.”

“Don’t I know it,” Lena muttered, shaking her head as Kara hit send on her email to Snapper and strolled out of her office with a bounce in her step that definitely wasn’t there earlier in the day.

Chapter Text

“Alex!” Maggie called, pounding on Alex’s door. “What, what changed?”

Swallowing and trying not to sob, Alex choked out: “Not tonight. We’ll talk later.” A moment later: “I’m sorry,” she mumbled. Because she was. Because she was a coward, and she didn’t deserve someone like Maggie. She didn’t even deserve a drink, though she would most certainly have a few of those, resigning herself to one hell of a hangover the next morning.

Maggie sat outside of Alex’s apartment door for a few minutes until she realized the woman really wasn’t coming back for her. She swallowed the sobs that threatened to overwhelm her, forcing herself back outside and down the block. She focused on the sound of her feet hitting the pavement, counting every step until she reached the precinct and got in her car. As she started the engine, she finally let herself collapse, if only for a moment. With her hands on either side of the steering wheel, she let her head fall forward, berating herself for letting this happen. Again. Letting herself fall for the straight best friend and think it could end in anything but heartbreak.

With a shuddering breath, Maggie took off the parking break and pulled out of the lot, letting herself get lost in the rhythms of the familiar streets before she got home and had to deal with whatever had just happened. All too soon, she found herself pulling into her assigned spot and dragging her exhausted body out of the car, into her building, and up the stairs to her fourth floor walkup.

It was only after she had locked the door that she let her thoughts return to the night, to the kiss that had seemed so damn near perfect until suddenly it wasn’t, to the abrupt way Alex had run off. It was like every one of her fantasies had suddenly segued into her nightmare, from Alex saying that yes, she wanted it too; no, she wasn’t alone; to Alex bolting, fleeing, leaving Maggie alone and confused and helpless.


After a night of tossing and turning, Maggie pulled herself out of bed hours early, determined to catch Alex before work because she couldn’t stand the idea of an entire day of not knowing, an entire day of waiting for Alex to find her, to reject her, to slowly distance herself until their friendship was nothing more than a distant memory. Because that was what happened to Maggie: she fell for her best friends and ruined everything in her life that made her happy, and she hated herself for it.

Hastily tucking a gray button up into black jeans and clipping on her badge, Maggie strode outside, opting to take her motorcycle, since it wasn’t like Alex would be hitching a ride with her anymore, even less likely that she’d ever deign to cling to Maggie’s waist, legs wrapped firmly around her, as they zipped their way out of the city and down the coast for a surprise daycation.


Alex was vaguely aware of the pounding—the pounding at her door and the pounding in her head. She wondered if her head would stop when the door stopped. As she pulled herself to her feet, her vision swam and her head spun, but she managed to stagger her way to the front door and wrench it up, determined to tell whichever neighbor it was bothering her to go shove it. But when she opened the door, it wasn’t a neighbor. No, it was so much worse. It was the face of her best friend flashing from anger to concern, then back to anger in a matter of seconds as she took in Alex’s appearance.

“You look like shit, Danvers,” Maggie assessed, not bothering to mince words.

“Yeah, well…if you’ve come to tell me that, you’ve accomplished your goal,” Alex mumbled, moving to shut the door.

“No! No, you don’t get to bolt and then slam the door on me too. I’m still your best friend, Al,” Maggie pleaded, her voice soft and vulnerable. “Right?”

And it broke Alex’s heart to see Maggie like this, to see Maggie mourning the death of a relationship that never was—a relationship that never would be because Alex couldn’t deal with everything it might entail. “Yeah, of course,” she nodded, immediately chastising herself for moving her head as the room spun and her stomach churned. She staggered backward, desperate to find a place to sit, and Maggie was at her side in an instant, grabbing hold of her elbow and kicking her door shut as she helped guide Alex to the living room.

“You’re okay,” Maggie murmured, brushing the hair off of Alex’s face before she seemed to think better of it, withdrawing her fingers as though they had been burned. She shuffled into the kitchen, grabbing a glass of water and popping two waffles into the toaster after catching sight of the bottle of gin sitting on the counter with a significant amount now missing. She grimaced; Alex didn’t even like gin.

“Drink this, you’ll feel better,” Maggie explained, placing the cup in front of Alex as she went back to get the waffles. Once they were ready, she brought them back to Alex and sat down on the opposite side of the couch. “Want to tell me what happened yesterday?” Maggie asked, wishing her voice would stop trembling but resigning herself to it. Because scared as she was, she was angry too. Eliza had a homophobic family that didn’t teach her any better, but Alex should know better, should at least have the courtesy to sit her down and tell her that she thought she could make it work, but she just doesn’t feel that way, doesn’t have those feelings for other women, instead of running and slamming the door in her face.

“We have work,” Alex whispered, needing not to have this conversation now. Not to have this conversation ever. Because how could she bear Maggie thinking so little of her, Maggie finding out what a coward she was?

“We have work in an hour. That’s a whole hour to talk, Danvers.” Normally she wouldn’t push Alex like this, but she deserved some kind of answers too. She had put her heart on the line, finally confessing to her feelings after months, maybe even years, of denying them, repressing them, convincing herself that she could be just as happy as friends. And she could have been, but now she knew what it might be like to be more than friends, now she knew what it was like to feel hope surging in her chest at Alex telling her she wasn’t alone in feeling something.

“What do you want me to say?” Alex snapped.

“Say that it meant something! Tell me you weren’t just acting like every drunk straight girl who decides it would be fun to experiment for one night without thinking about the other person’s feelings!” Maggie shouted, her voice cracking as tears stung the corners of her eyes.

“Isn’t it easier if that’s it?” Alex asked, her voice a whisper to Maggie’s shouts.

“I don’t want what’s easy, Al, I never have. I want you to tell me the truth.”

“The truth is that I want what’s easy. I crave things that are just easy, that are normal, that fall below the radar.”

“Is that what this is about?” Maggie scoffed. “Those drunken men-children?”

“You can laugh all you want,” Alex sneered, feeling herself getting defensive, “but, yeah, I’m allowed to get freaked out by the first sign of what’s to come. I’m allowed to get scared when I can’t stand in my own doorway without having a group of grown men jeer at me from the street. I work with murder victims every fucking day, Maggie, and so do you. So don’t act like there isn’t something to it when I talk about feeling unsafe.”

“I’m not promising you perfect safety, but, Alex, you can’t let the assholes win. You can’t let them dictate your own happiness. So what? Our first kiss got interrupted by our first time being catcalled and yelled at together. Does it suck? Yeah. But we’ve got other, better firsts to look forward to if you still want this.” Maggie fought to keep her hope in check, but if this was it, if all Alex needed was a little reassurance, then she could do it, she could be there for Alex as she learned to navigate the world as an out queer woman.

But Alex was shaking her head and wiping at her eyes and turning away. “I can’t,” she whispered. “I can’t fail again.”

“So I’m a failure?” Maggie growled.

“I didn’t say that,” Alex whispered, shaking her head, her eyes downcast.

“But that’s the implication,” Maggie countered.

“It’s fine for you! It’s different for me! It always has been.” She thought back to her childhood, to her mother pushing her. An A was never enough if she thought Alex hadn’t put in her full effort. Her surfing was fine, but couldn’t she also look at some of these other sports that Eliza was so sure she’d excel at? And then Kara came along, and Alex just couldn’t compete. Because Kara was perfect and polite and wonderful and everything Alex could never hope to be, could never measure up to in her mother’s eyes. She couldn’t bear to see the vague sense of disappointment in her those eyes as she told her about yet another part of her life that didn’t line up with the master plan Eliza had envisioned for the perfect daughter of her dreams.

“So you’re saying I’m not worth it, not worth the risk.”

“I’m telling you that being with me isn’t worth it,” Alex corrected.

“That sounds a lot like a nicer way of saying the same shit.”

“Maggie, please,” Alex whimpered. “I’m sorry, I just, I can’t.”

“Fine, but I need time away first.”

“Okay,” Alex nodded, feeling like the situation was anything but.

“I’m gonna go.”

And Alex watched her best friend, the person she was fairly certain she had already fallen head over heels for, the woman who had kissed her and shown her what intimacy was supposed to feel like, walk out the door without a glance back.


Days stretched into weeks as Alex waited for Maggie to pop her head back into her lab. Instead, she found a slightly confused James standing in her doorway every time the homicide team needed information, and she fed it to him begrudgingly, knowing it wasn’t her place to demand that Maggie get over it.

She stopped going to The Dirty Robber, unsure of what she would do if she were to run into Maggie there, unsure on how she would answer Megan’s questions about where her favorite duo had been these past few weeks.

She avoided Kara like the plague, knowing her sister had too many questions for which she had no answers. She basically blocked Lucy’s number to avoid the knowing text messages, surely based on information from Kara. She only stepped into the forensics lab when it was absolutely necessary, silencing Winn with a glare and shrugging off Lena’s comforting touches. She didn’t deserve comfort; she had fucked up and deserved whatever pain came with it.

At night, she drank just enough to put her to sleep, to earn her enough hours of rest to function the next day as though she were all there. And on weekends she drank a little more, finishing off the bottles of weird liqueurs and flavored vodkas purchased for parties and mixed drinks over the years because somehow if she wasn’t going out and buying new bottles, she felt like a little less of an alcoholic.


Maggie spent the ensuing weeks in a pattern of self-hatred and remorse, as she drove herself to the edge at work everyday, then pushed herself nearly to the point of collapse in the gym before going home to shower, eat, and go back out before she could dwell on anything too long. She spent her nights in gay bars, picking up random women who looked nothing like Alex for a night of meaningless, barely satisfying sex that they both knew wouldn’t matter the next day.

She ignored the inquisitive looks she got from Commissioner J’onzz each time she shirked away from a crime scene with a body for Dr. Danvers to investigate. She shrugged off all of James’ questions about why he needed to go down to the autopsy lab when the sight of the bodies cut open on the table made him gag. She had a hand up before Megan could even ask about her partner each time she went into The Dirty Robber to pick up her lunch—always take out, never sitting there, never lingering in the place that was home to so many good memories now tainted with the sting of what came later.


On one of the rare nights when Alex was drinking but not drunk, barely even tipsy, she decided to clean her apartment. Over the weeks, dishes had piled up in her sink and clothes in her hamper. Her sheets smelled like sweat and vodka and stale pizza, and her floor had a thin layer of crumbs strewn across it. At first, the cleaning was methodical, cleansing, as though she could purge her bad memories if she could make everything look like it was perfect. But when she did her laundry, she found Maggie’s clothes mixed in with her own. And when she cleaned out her fridge, she found Maggie’s vegan ice cream and some rotting vegetable that Maggie had surely been planning to force Alex to consume. And when she wriggled into her closet with a duster and a handheld vacuum, she found boxes of photos and old ticket stubs from her first few years in the city, too many of which reminded her of all the things she did with Maggie as they found themselves becoming best friends—maybe destined for more, though now they’d never know.

In an act of impulsivity, Alex had her phone in her hand before she could talk herself out of it. “I miss you,” she sent, followed quickly by: “I know I’m not the person you wanted me to be, and I’m sorry I’m not that strong or brave or whatever the fuck. But I don’t want to imagine my life without you in it, Mags. Please.”

After minutes of agonizing, deafening silence as she watched her phone, praying for it to buzz, maybe even praying for some undeliverable, bounce back message to pop up on her screen, her text alert chimed. “Dirty Robber tomorrow night.”

“See you then,” Alex sent back, feeling overjoyed at even being given the opportunity to return to some tense friendship with Maggie.


Only, the next day Alex didn’t get to see Maggie, didn’t get to find out just how stilted and uncomfortable things would be over dinner. Instead, she found Commissioner J’onzz in her office when she returned to get her keys and bag.

“Is everything okay?” she asked, seeing the look in his eyes.

Never one to sugarcoat things—a fact for which Alex was eternally grateful—he shook his head. “There was an incident during one of our investigations. Detective Sawyer was shot by a suspect when she and Detective Olson showed up with a warrant for his arrest.”

Alex felt the air rushing out of her lungs and her field of vision narrowing as she struggled to stay upright, to breathe. “Where is she?” she forced out, gulping down lungfuls of air that were never enough.

“She’s at the hospital. The bullet didn’t hit any vital organs, and she’ll be okay, but she’s going to need stitches and plenty of rest. I though you might want to know.”

Alex was fairly certain she muttered a thank you, but she was too busy grabbing her things and rushing out of the office to really know. She couldn’t recall getting to the hospital, but suddenly she was hurtling though the doorway and demanding the receptionist’s attention. “Maggie Sawyer,” she panted, “where is she?”

“That information is confidential,” the receptionist explained.

“I’m a coworker. And family!” Alex yelled, needing to get to her best friend, to see for herself that she was still alive, still breathing, still Maggie.

“And what relation?”

“I’m her emergency contact,” Alex explained, hoping that was still the case, hoping that Maggie hadn’t immediately wiped out all traces of her influence, of the way their lives had wound together over the years.

The receptionist asked her to wait, looking through the records as she pulled up Maggie’s file. “Alexandra Danvers?”

“Yes,” Alex breathed a sigh of relief.

“She’s still being treated, but then she’ll be moved to Room 311. We’ll let you know when you can visit her. In the meantime, I believe some of your other coworkers are sitting in the waiting room.”

“Thanks,” Alex nodded, making her way back to the waiting room and steeling her nerves.

When James caught sight of Alex, he was up and to her side in an instant. “She’s going to pull through, she’ll be just fine,” he assured her as much as he reminded himself.

“What happened?” Alex asked. Because she needed more answers than a bullet to the arm.

“Someone must have tipped our suspect off because he was ready for us. He didn’t answer, but as soon as we kicked down the door, we were being shot at. Luckily we had on our Kevlar, since we both caught a few in the chest. We fired back, aiming just to wound, but he kept shooting after I thought he was down.” James looked chagrined and devastated. “I was on my knees after having the wind knocked out of me from a shot straight to the gut when he got off another round. Maggie shoved me out of the way, probably saving my life, but a bullet hit her arm.”

Alex wrapped her arms around James, pulling back when she felt him wince from what must have been the deep bruises scattered across his torso. “Did you get him?”

“We did,” James nodded, not elaborating. Now wasn’t the time.

“And Maggie?”

“I wrapped her arm as soon as I could and drove as fast as was safe to get her here. They admitted her right away, and that’s all I know. They promised me that she was okay, though.”

“They told me the same thing,” Alex confirmed, hoping those words meant something. Maggie had on her Kevlar vest, Alex repeated to herself, needing to remember that she was safe—nothing vital harmed—in order to stay grounded, to keep herself breathing and standing.

James helped guide Alex to the couch, and they sat side-by-side, holding one another and trying to help each other remember that it wasn’t their fault, that their partner, friend, colleague was going to live, was going to be just fine.


Almost an hour later, a doctor appeared, pulling out her clipboard as James and Alex stood, the other agents and techs who had gathered all recognizing that they should be the first in to visit.

“Well?” James asked. “How is she?”

“She’s doing just fine. We removed the bullet fragments, applied an antiseptic, and stitched her back up. She’ll need a lot of rest and a course of antibiotics to keep her arm from getting infected, but she should be back on her feet without the use of that arm in just a day or two. It’ll be a few weeks on desk duty, though, until she can get back to a gym to work on rebuilding muscle in that arm.”

Alex grimaced and nodded, feeling her heart clench at the idea of some part, any part, no matter how small, of Maggie being damaged. “Can we see her?”

“She’s resting, but you can go see her in pairs,” the doctor nodded. “She’s in Room 311,” she added, watching as James took Alex’s hand and led her to the elevators.


Alex bit back a sob at the sight of Maggie looking so very small and vulnerable, a blue knit blanket drawn across her chest and her left arm wrapped in a thick layer of gauze with an IV hooked into her other arm. “You can go first,” she whispered to James, seeing the stricken look on his face at the sight of his partner looking so unlike herself.

Alex sat outside in the hallway while she waited for James to say his few words, to just sit with Maggie for a few minutes, watching her breathe, counting her heartbeats along with the monitor as a kind of constant reassurance that she was alive, here, okay.

When he had finished, he came out and tapped Alex on the shoulder. “Want me to stay?”

“No,” Alex muttered, “if it’s okay, I’d like a few minutes alone.”

“Sure, I’ll have the others wait for you to get back,” he nodded, giving Alex a small smile of encouragement as he squeezed her shoulder lightly.

After a few minutes of silent pacing, Alex finally settled in next to Maggie’s bed. “Hey,” she whispered, feeling the tears already starting to fall. She took Maggie’s hand in hers, stroking her thumb across it, feeling her heart rate slow slightly at the warmth of Maggie’s skin—the warmth that meant she was still alive.

“We missed dinner today,” she continued, her voice low and hoarse from the hours of crying and panicking. “Don’t worry, we’ll reschedule. I’m sure you’re not that worried. Because I’ve been terrible, so goddam terrible, Maggie Sawyer. Because do you know the truth? The truth is that I haven’t been able to forgive myself for the way I treated you that night. You know which night. Not that you can hear me… But I was awful. All I could think about was those men and my mother and every other asshole out there—not that my mom is an asshole, just, you know, mom issues or whatever Freud wants to call them—but I was so scared about what people would say that I didn’t think about how lucky I was to have even had a chance with you. Because you, Maggie, you are spectacular. And I was stupid enough to let you get away because…because why? Because our first kiss got interrupted by the first time we got catcalled, that’s what you said, right? But I ended our firsts over one bad one without even thinking about how good the other one was. And it was so much better. I want a lifetime of firsts with you, Mags. I don’t want to have to spend the rest of my life regretting my choices, regretting being a coward and running away from the woman I like—no, I probably love you, and not just love you in the way we’ve always said I love you. I want to have to tell Lucy that she was right as much as it pains me to admit it. I want to tell Kara and have her squeal and claim all the credit for us because she finally got me to schedule that dinner. I want James and Winn and Lena to all have to pay up to whichever person in the precinct had money on the actual time when we’d realize how perfect we are for each other. And I want to take you to The Dirty Robber and hold your hand and pretend I hate your gross vegan ice cream and kiss you no matter who’s watching. I want you to come home with me for holidays and make them so much more bearable. I want to kiss you under the mistletoe and when the ball drops and on Valentine’s Day and finally understand why people felt the need to make a hundred and one different holidays about love. So don’t go dying on me, Maggie. I need you to pull through. I need to apologize and hope that one day you’ll be willing to give me a second chance even though I screwed up. I screwed up so badly. But I want to spend the rest of my life making it up to you,” she finally finished, tears streaming freely down her face as she held Maggie’s hand between her own, her thumb resting right on the inside of Maggie’s wrist to feel her pulse beating alongside her own.

Maggie cracked open her eyes, licking her lips to try to return some moisture to them. “I didn’t know you were such a sap, Danvers,” she rasped, a smirk playing at the corner of her mouth, even as she grimaced in pain.

“You’re awake!” Alex sobbed, her eyes racing over Maggie’s face to take in every detail of her expression.

“Yeah, I’m awake. And you’ve got quite the flair for the dramatic,” she teased.

“I’m too happy at seeing you and hearing your voice to be embarrassed,” Alex admitted, her voice breaking on nearly every word.

“You shouldn’t be embarrassed, Alex.”

“Really?” Alex checked, feeling hope rising in her chest.

“Yeah, really.”

“So, uh, you’re saying you like me?” Alex teased, pointing between the two of them.

“I believe you went ahead and jumped straight to love,” Maggie joked back wincing as she went to make the same gesture.

“Let’s get you hopped up on some pain meds so that we can have a proper first I love you later, huh?”

“Whatever you say, Al. Doesn’t matter how high you get me, I’m always gonna remember that you’re a big sap.”

To cover up the brilliant blush on her cheeks, Alex leaned over and chastely kissed Maggie on the lips. “For you? Yeah, sure, it doesn’t sound so bad.”

Chapter Text

A week or two after their night in the bar, Alex thought they might finally be able to make it through a conversation about what they did and didn’t like, if anything, about that particular fantasy without their conversation rapidly devolving into flirting and fucking. So she brought Maggie’s coffee over to her at the counter and began: “Let’s talk about last Friday.”

“Hmm, okay,” Maggie flirted, her eyes raking up and down Alex’s body.

“No, no,” Alex laughed. “I actually want to talk for a few minutes first. I mean, I know it was my thing, so I want to see what you liked about it. Obviously I sort of already knew what I wanted out of it.”

“The fact that it was your thing and watching you enjoy yourself—Al, I don’t think you understand just how much your being turned on does it for me.”

“What else?” Alex pressed.

Letting out an exaggerated sigh as though she were actually bothered by any of this, Maggie started to list them. “Well, I loved how confident you were. And the flirty banter. You know, I wouldn’t have changed anything about how we got together—well, maybe I wouldn’t have gotten lasered in the shoulder, since that hurt like a bitch…point is, though, that we didn’t get to flirt as two out queer women. So role playing like that in the bar sort of gave us a glimpse of what it could have been like, maybe what it is like in one of those other universes Kara jumps off to sometimes. Also, watching you in the mirror, and watching you watch me fuck you…fuck, that was hot.”

“You liked it too?” Alex checked. Because she couldn’t get over the visual, still returned to it sometimes when she closed her eyes, came back to it on the one lonely night since then when Maggie had gotten stuck with the overnight shift at work and Alex found that she just couldn’t keep her fingers from wandering.

“Yeah, I liked it.” And Maggie knew they were supposed to be having a conversation, knew that Alex had been trying to get them to talk about it for a while now, but she also couldn’t help how wet she could feel herself getting at the memory. “Can we, uh, can we pause this conversation?”

Alex rolled her eyes and tried to act annoyed, but she wanted it too. “I suppose so…”

And with that, Maggie had Alex’s hand in hers and was dragging them to the bedroom and throwing open Alex’s closet door to reveal the large, floor-length mirror inside of it. “You good?” Maggie whispered, her breath hot on Alex’s ear.

“Yes,” Alex whined, wanting nothing more than Maggie’s hands on her.

“Now watch us in the mirror, okay? Can you do that for me?”

“Yes,” Alex nodded again, following Maggie with her eyes as the smaller woman moved behind her.

“Good girl,” Maggie purred, and Alex’s knees nearly buckled at the sight of Maggie caressing her and holding her. Maggie let her hands dip below the hem of Alex’s shirt, her fingers roaming up Alex’s torso and slowly dragging the shirt up with her. “Can this come off?”

“Anything you want can come off,” Alex breathed out.

Maggie quickly pulled the shirt over Alex’s head, dropping her hands back to Alex’s abs and scratching across the toned muscle, leaving pink scratches that stood out on Alex’s pale skin and made the taller woman hiss in pleasure. While her mouth stayed busy trailing hot kisses across Alex’s shoulders and upper back, she made quick work of Alex’s bra, letting it fall to the floor while her hands came up to cup Alex’s breasts.

“You’re so sexy, Alex,” Maggie whispered, her breath ghosting across Alex’s back. “Look at how perfect you are.”

Alex whimpered, her abs clenching and her hips bucking at nothing as Maggie pulled and twisted her nipples into stiff peaks.

“It looks like you want something,” Maggie teased. “Can you use your words for me?”

“I want you to fuck me,” Alex asked, earning a round of whispered praise that made her whine even more loudly.

Wanting to reward Alex, Maggie quickly popped the button on Alex’s jeans and pulled down the zipper, pushing the material down her long legs, then dropping to her knees to get them the rest of the way off. She let her hands slide up and down Alex’s thighs, coming closer and closer to where Alex wanted her, needed her.

“Are you wet for me?” Maggie asked, her voice low and husky.

“Yes. I think so,” Alex clarified, though she was fairly certain she was dripping at this point.

“Let’s check, okay?” Maggie let her fingers stroke Alex through the very nearly soaked material of her boyshorts, smirking at her in the mirror. “I’d say you’re very wet for me. You’re so good to get that wet for me, baby girl.”

Alex looked nearly pained as she moaned loudly at Maggie’s words. “Don’t worry, I’ve got you,” Maggie reassured Alex, pulling down the boyshorts and kissing the path of newly exposed skin, nipping lightly at Alex’s ass, then kissing her way down the backs of her thighs. Once all of Alex’s clothing was off, Maggie pulled off her own shirt and sports bra, tossing them onto the bed, then kicked off her shorts and underwear, letting Alex have a minute to take in the sight of the newly exposed skin.

“Are you ready for me to touch you, Alex?” Maggie asked, letting her fingers skim across Alex’s hips and through the damp curls between her legs.

“Please,” Alex begged, finally breathing out a sigh of relief when Maggie let her fingers dip lower, teasing across her clit then dropping even lower, gliding through her arousal and around her entrance.

“Now, I want to give you a reward, since you’ve been so good waiting for me. Would you like that?”

“Yes, please” Alex whimpered, bucking against Maggie’s hand, which was now moving more insistently between her legs.

Maggie slowly walked around Alex’s letting her fingers drag across Alex’s skin as she made way in front of her, pulling her in for a deep kiss that made Alex’s knees weak and left her desperate for Maggie’s touch.

“I want you to watch. Don’t take your eyes off the mirror, okay?”

“Yeah,” Alex nodded, her mouth falling open slightly as Maggie’s fingers found her entrance once more. Maggie teased her for just a moment before sliding two fingers easily inside of Alex and setting a quick pace.

“You’re so wet for me,” Maggie rasped, tilting her head to kiss and suck up and down Alex’s neck. She made a point of artfully tossing her hair over her shoulder, making sure Alex got quite the show in the mirror.

Alex watched as Maggie fucked her, watched as Maggie’s lips dragged across her neck, her free hand roamed up and down her side. And when Maggie curled her fingers inside of her and pushed her palm against Alex’s clit, Alex came hard, her orgasm surprising even her with its speed and intensity.

When she finally stopped trembling, Maggie’s fingers having slowed inside of her, she was surprised to find Maggie starting back up immediately. She let out a loud, low moan at the sight of Maggie dropping to her knees in front of her.

With one hand on Alex’s ass to keep her steady and the fingers of her other hand buried deep inside of Alex, Maggie slowly and deliberately kissed across her abs, feeling the woman shudder into her touch. “You came so fast the first time. Do you think you can be a good girl and come for me again?” Maggie asked, looking up at Alex.

Not trusting herself with words, Alex just nodded fervently. Maggie grinned at her, then dropped her head down, her tongue flicking across Alex’s hard clit and pulling a loud gasp from her. As she curled her fingers inside of Alex and sucked her clit between her lips, she felt Alex’s hips rocking hard against her.

Alex watched in the mirror as Maggie’s back muscles rippled and her biceps tensed with every thrust. Dropping a hand to Maggie’s head and tangling her fingers in her hair, Alex drew Maggie impossibly closer, urging her on. “You’re so, so hot,” Alex panted watching with wide eyes as Maggie put on a show, sticking her ass out and moaning against Alex’s clit. “Can I, can I come now?” Alex asked, unsure of what she would do if Maggie said no.

Pulling back for just a second, Maggie looked up at Alex, her lips and chin glistening with Alex’s arousal. “Come for me, Alex,” she purred, quickly taking Alex’s clit back between her lips and sucking more firmly as she pumped her fingers hard and fast inside of Alex, feeling her walls clench against her until finally, with a loud cry from above, a gush of arousal spilled out into her palm and Alex collapsed forward, her hand dropping to Maggie’s shoulder to keep her upright.

Once Maggie had eased Alex down from her orgasm, she carefully stood up and guided Alex toward the bed, letting her collapse on top of the comforter, her chest still heaving as she sought to catch her breath.

“That was…amazing,” Alex finally got out.

“Mmm, I have to agree,” Maggie added, sucking her fingers to taste every last drop of Alex’s arousal.

“What can I do for you?”

“Oh, I think we’ll find something soon enough,” Maggie grinned devilishly, biting her lip as she gazed down at Alex.

Chapter Text

“Kara!” Lena called out, “What is on my couch?”

Kara came sliding back into the room, cheeks bulging slightly from whatever she had been eating. “Uh, what do you mean?” she mumbled.

“I was flipping the couch cushions, and this one is covered in something bright red and greasy. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it was that pizza I asked you to eat anywhere but on the white couch.”

Kara blushed a bright pink. “Um, see, I have my super reflexes and all, ya know? So dropping food isn’t normally an issue. But, um, you’ll remember the big alien attack downtown that happened mid-meal…and I, uh, I maybe threw my pizza without thinking. I was going to buy you a new couch! I just forgot…” Kara trailed off lamely.

“Hmph, I feel like I have a right to be annoyed, but you’re frustratingly cute.” Lena rolled her eyes, wondering when she had grown so soft, at least when it came to her girlfriend.

“I’m really sorry,” Kara pleaded, her eyes wide.

“Perhaps you should be punished,” Lena flirted, sucking her lip between her teeth as her eyes took in Kara’s workout attire and the very fit body on display.

“Oh, uh, sure, yeah!” Kara responded enthusiastically, thinking back to the conversations they’d had about Kara’s desire to be spanked. “Should I…should I be more repentant?”

“Do you remember the colors?” Lena checked.

“Yes,” Kara nodded, remembering just how seriously Lena took questions of consent and safety, even if Kara did have superhuman strength.

“Then, yes, I’d say you should start begging me to forgive you right about now,” Lena growled, her eyes flashing as she looked Kara up and down, running her tongue across her teeth.

“Please, please just tell me how to make it up to you…” Kara hesitated, wondering what to call Lena right now. Should she still call her Lena? Ms. Luthor? Mistress?

“That’s the thing, though, it’s a very expensive couch. Not one you’ll simply be able to pick up at the mall. So I think we’ll need to make alternate arrangements.” Lena stalked over toward Kara, letting her manicured nails trail across Kara’s sensitive skin as she prowled in a circle around the woman, assessing her, appraising her.

“What kind of arrangements?” Kara asked, feeling herself already getting wet in anticipation.

“Turn on the red sun lamps,” Lena suddenly ordered, watching Kara as she hurried across the room and flicked on the sun lamps that would seriously dull her powers. Of course, since the blinds were still open, she’d still be stronger than most humans, but there would be enough give to her skin for Lena’s hand not to break on impact, for Kara to feel the delicious sting of Lena’s hand falling heavily on her.

Lena nodded when the lights flicked on, moving back to the couch in question and sitting down on the pristine cushion, leaving the other one flipped up as evidence of Kara’s “misbehavior.” With a snap of her fingers, Lena gestured toward her lap. “Across my lap. Ass up,” she ordered, her voice a low command that made Kara shudder.

Kara quickly made her way over to Lena and positioned herself across Lena’s lap, ensuring that her ass was up and easily accessible. Lena ran her fingers up the back of Kara’s thighs, her nails skimming under the hem of her workout shorts. After a whispered, “Still good?” that earned her a, “Very green,” in response, Lena stripped Kara of her shorts and soaked underwear in one go. “That’s better,” she purred, as she let her nails graze across the newly exposed skin.

With a few teasing flicks of her wrist, Lena had Kara writhing on her lap. “Needs to be harder,” Kara panted, “I was bad.”

“Hmm, so I really should punish you?” Lena asked, a smirk playing across her lips.

“Yes,” Kara hissed, her hips thrusting against Lena’s strong thighs.

“Wouldn’t the real punishment be my leaving you here like this? Refusing to take care of you? Refusing to let you take care of yourself?”

“Please don’t,” Kara pleaded, her voice thick with arousal.

“I suppose I’ll be generous and punish you now. But if it happens again…” Lena trailed off, letting the threat hang in the air. Of course, both she and Kara knew that the threat would only be exactly what they both decided they wanted it to be. “Now how many do you think you deserve for this particular offense?”

Kara demurred, “You know best. I’ll take whatever you give me.”

And god, did Lena almost lose control with that, her will power stretched to the breaking point as her hips threatened to buck up underneath Kara, to flip her over and ride her mouth until she couldn’t stay upright any longer. “We’ll do ten,” Lena announced, her tone cold and impassive—the mark of years spent in the Luthor family. “I’ll decide at the end if you need more. Until then, you can count for me.”

Kara nodded, accepting her orders as she braced herself for the first impact, a thrill of anticipation coursing through her.

Lena’s hand came down—hard but not too hard, a force that would leave Kara still wanting more. “Ten,” Kara breathed out, goosebumps erupting across her skin as she shivered involuntarily.

Another swat, slightly harder, to the other cheek. “Nine,” Kara moaned, her hips rocking into Lena’s thighs. She swore she could come from even the smallest amount of pressure, but she knew that within this scene Lena wouldn’t be happy with her if she didn’t wait.

The next three were teasingly light, two to her inner thighs and one on her ass. They all left her whimpering, wanting more without daring to demand it. She could feel arousal beginning to drip down her inner thighs, and she knew the exact moment Lena noticed it by the slight hitch in her breath and the nearly imperceptible buck of her hips.

“Five,” Kara cried out when the swat came down—harder than any that had come before it and delicious in its unexpected quality.

“Four,” Kara moaned as a particularly stingy slap came down hard, the sound echoing around them.

The next two came one after the other, leaving Kara barely room to pant out the numbers before she was gasping and struggling to maintain control.

“Uh, uh,” Lena chastised, as Kara’s whole body shivered with anticipation, her hips rocking into her thighs. “I won’t move until you’re perfectly still.”

With a small whimper, Kara managed to still herself, her body nearly aching with the challenge. But it was all worth it when Lena brought her hand down—hard and stinging—as she breathed out the final, “One.”

Because then Lena was plunging three fingers into her and fucking her hard and fast. “Don’t you dare come until I say you can,” Lena demanded, her voice low and dangerous.

Kara tried to be good, to stay still, as Lena’s fingers curled and twisted expertly inside of her, hitting everywhere she needed even as she refused her release. “Please,” Kara panted. “Please, Lena, please! I’ll always listen to you in the future. I’ll be so good. Just please let me come.”

“And I should just believe you?” Lena taunted, grinning devilishly at the sight of Kara squirming helplessly on her lap.

“Please,” Kara begged, too far gone to come up with anything better, more convincing.

“Fine,” Lena relented, driving her fingers into Kara and swinging her free hand down to collide with Kara’s ass, pushing the blonde over the edge as waves of pleasure broke across her skin, leaving her trembling under Lena’s touch, which had suddenly turned gentle—caresses where there had been pressure, gentle circles delivered by the same hands that had spanked her.

“How are you?” Lena whispered, as Kara finally seemed to relax into her lap.

“Amazing,” Kara groaned, stretching out as she crawled back up and onto the couch, studiously avoiding the stained spot.

Before Kara could get too comfortable curled around her, Lena was up and striding cross the room, flicking off the red sun lamps to make sure that Kara was in perfect shape in case there were any emergencies that required Supergirl’s assistance. She couldn’t well justify putting her girlfriend in danger like that. Once she was convinced that everything was set, Lena made her way back to the couch, letting Kara curl up and put her head in Lena’s lap as Lena stroked her head, running her fingers through her hair.

“That was really fun, Lee,” Kara added, eyes fluttering close. “Like, lots of fun.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, darling. And it wasn’t too much?”

“No.” Kara shook her head adamantly. “No, it was perfect.”

Chapter Text

Normally, Alex was a firm believer in a strict enforcement of library policies. She was a firm believer in the idea that study time is sacred time. But now that she was done with all of her exams and only had to proofread a lab report due a full 48 hours from now…well, now her attitude began to change. She still kept Maggie company in the library, of course. Sat with her down in the absolutely silent basement level where computers weren’t even allowed because “the keys are too noisy.” And she read ahead in her organic chemistry textbook, prepping for the next semester before the fall semester had even formally ended.

Across from her, Maggie had her head buried in a textbook, cramming for her last exam. Looking around and seeing that no one was even here anymore—Maggie’s exam was on the very last possible day of exams, so most people were already done by now—Maggie whined, “I hate this. I don’t wanna study anymore. I want to be done.”

“Aww, babe,” Alex whispered back, a sympathetic look in her eyes. “You’re gonna be great, I promise.”

“You know how much I hate this class,” Maggie groaned, dropping her head down into her book.

“I know,” Alex agreed, stroking Maggie’s hair as she pulled her chair closer. Maggie wasn’t quite as much of a nerd as Alex—a fact she regularly teased Alex about—but it wasn’t like she was a distant second either. So when Maggie hated a class, it was normally for a good reason. She had already aced all of her science finals, plus the paper for her lit elective, but she kept procrastinating on her International Relations class work. The professor, a smug asshole who thought that anyone who didn’t subscribe to the Realist school was a naïve millennial, constantly assigned his own essays—essays that had Maggie grimacing and ranting about the hubris of some white American man who truly believed that the US is and has every right to function as the world police, bombing and going to wars with countries whose policies he openly admitted to not fully understanding and whose people he dismissed as incapable of self-governance.

“How about this,” Alex suggested, “for every right answer you get on this practice test, I’ll kiss you.”

“Do they have to be his right answers, or can they be the morally right answers?” Maggie cheekily teased.

“For the exam, tragically they’re gonna have to be his answers.”

“Fine,” Maggie relented, bracing herself to spew nonsense about why war is great and military intervention is key and oil prices are a perfectly legitimate reason for acting in some countries and ignoring blatant human rights violations in others.

They made it through the full first page of whispered questions and increasingly less chaste kisses before another student came downstairs, glaring at them for their soft whispers.

“I guess we should head to one of the regular floors,” Maggie scrawled across her notebook, drawing a sad face below her writing.

“Pack up your stuff,” Alex wrote back, though she had other plans before going upstairs.

Maggie shoved her books into her bag, secretly debating just heading out the front doors and resigning herself to a less than stellar grade on the final. Though perhaps she could get an A by just circling the answers that made her the angriest…

Before Maggie could head for the stairwell, though, Alex had her hand wrapped around Maggie’s and was tugging her back further into the floor, toward the creepy stacks that had to be cranked open to reveal dusty tomes that hadn’t been picked up in ages.

“What are we doing?” Maggie whispered, her forehead crinkling.

“I’m just making sure you feel motivated to keep studying,” Alex flirted, carefully taking Maggie’s bag off of her shoulders and placing it down at the far end of one of the rows of stacks. And before Maggie could quite grasp what was happening, Alex’s lips were on hers, her mouth hot and insistent as she pushed Maggie into the stacks, wrapping her arms around the shorter woman as her hands came to rest on Maggie’s ass, squeezing less than gently.

When Alex tilted her head to deepen the kiss, her tongue flicking into Maggie’s mouth, Maggie swallowed a low moan and wrapped one leg around Alex, drawing her girlfriend even closer. It was only once she was panting and desperately in need of something more than just making out that Maggie pulled her mouth back an inch or two. “We should go back to your room,” Maggie whispered.

“I think we should stay here,” Alex whispered back, a hint of a challenge in her voice.

“There’s at least one more person down here, plus the librarians who come down to reshelve the books.

“Shh, let me show you how worth the risk it can be,” Alex purred, dipping her hand under the waistband of Maggie’s baggy sweatpants—her finals “uniform,” she had called it. “You okay?” Alex asked, her fingers on the outside of Maggie’s underwear.

“Yeah,” Maggie nodded, feeling her muscles twitch as Alex’s fingers scratched against the neat curls, still through a layer of fabric that she would give anything to make disappear.

“Good. Now be quiet,” Alex ordered, dropping her fingers lower, but keeping them over the noticeably damp fabric. Figuring they should keep things moving, Alex quickly found her way to Maggie’s clit and rubbed tight circles around it, knowing that always worked Maggie up relatively fast.

Maggie quickly recaptured Alex’s lips, too distracted to really kiss her, but desperately needing something to muffle any sounds that might escape. Feeling Maggie’s hips bucking into her hand and hearing the faint whimpers Maggie was breathing into her mouth, Alex picked up her speed, letting her fingers rub directly across Maggie’s clit, earning a quickly muffled gasp.

Maggie’s knees nearly buckled as she let her back fall against the shelves behind her, and her hands grasped at Alex’s sweatshirt, holding her close as she pushed Maggie over the edge. Maggie bit down hard on Alex’s shoulder to keep from crying out as waves of pleasure surged through her body.

When she finally felt steady on her feet, Maggie pulled back, looking dazed as she tried to focus her attention on Alex. Alex was biting her lip, her eyes wide and pupils blown. “We should, uh, we should get back to your place,” Maggie muttered, desperate to help relieve some of the aching pressure she was sure Alex must be feeling if her expression was anything to go by.

“No, you should study. You can make it up to me after you ace that exam, okay?” Alex offered.

“I love you, and I hate you,” Maggie declared, pouting at both not being allowed to fuck her girlfriend and having to study for her least favorite class.

“You love me,” Alex declared confidently, picking up Maggie’s bag and offering her arm to walk Maggie up to a table on a floor where they could study without glares.

Chapter Text

Lena groaned as she felt Kara’s fingers splayed out across her thighs, slowly but insistently creeping ever higher. “Kara…I need to study.”

“You’re already a genius,” Kara pointed out. “It’s not like you actually need to study.”

“You know what mother thinks: Lex will always be better, smarter. I’ve got to keep up at least a little bit.”

“But, Lee, we both know you’re way smarter than Lex. And your mom has always been rude; it’s why you spend all your holidays at our place, right?”

“Maybe it’s just because of the killer tiramisu your sister’s girlfriend makes,” Lena teased, sticking her tongue out at Kara.

“C’mon, I’m bored. Let’s go get ice cream,” Kara offered, holding out her hand.

“I am not leaving the library until I’ve gone through all of my notes at least one more time. We can’t all be aliens from another planet who literally learned this type of math at age 6.”

“No…but that doesn’t make you not a genius,” Kara countered. “But fine, we’ll stay in the library. Can we at least have some fun in the library?”

“What has gotten into you?” Lena laughed, arching an eyebrow at Kara.

“It’s sunny and 70 out. I had leftover pizza for breakfast. We’ve only got one exam left, and it’s one that we are both totally prepared for already. Plus, you look beautiful,” she added, fluttering her eyelashes.

“Kara,” Lena groaned, crossing her arms across her chest until she noticed the way it caused Kara’s gaze to drop quite a few inches below her face. “I’m up here, babe.”

Blushing a bright pink, Kara stumbled over her words: “Yeah! I know that, duh. Uh, yeah, you were saying?”

“I’m saying that I have work to do. Exams will be over tomorrow, can’t we please just wait until then?”

“Did you know that studies say that you retain information better when you’re turned on?”

“Hmm, is that why you seem to have perfect recall about all of our first dates?”

“What? No,” Kara huffed out, elongating her words in the way she did when she was lying.

“Also, that sounds like pop psychology bs,” Lena laughed.

“Okay, maybe,” Kara admitted. “But! Even you have admitted that you’re not supposed to study without taking breaks. So take a break with me.”

Lena wanted to be stronger, to insist that she needed to finish studying, but dammit if Kara’s eyes weren’t bigger than she’d ever seen them and her mouth utterly irresistible. “Ten minutes, max,” Lena declared, her eyes hard even as a smile flickered across her mouth.

“Deal!” Kara squealed, using a burst of superspeed to throw all of Lena’s things into her bag and sling it over her shoulder before Lena could change her mind.

“Kara!” Lena hissed. “What if someone saw?”

“There are, like, four people here. Guess where everyone else is?”

“Studying in their rooms where people like you can’t bother them,” Lena retorted.

Kara rolled her eyes. “No! They’re out on the front lawn enjoying the perfect weather.”

“Fine, fine, lead the way, darling.”

Kara quickly took Lena’s hand in her own and brought her back to the stacks, slipping all the way to the end of the row, where she carefully put down Lena’s bag, and drew her girlfriend close to her. A look of what seemed almost like guilt flashed across Kara’s face. “If you, uh, if you really want to study, you should do that. I don’t want to, you know, keep you against your will.”

“Kara, you’re literally the only person I would break my studying for, and I’m happy to do it. But thank you for asking.”

Kara grinned and nodded, gently pulling Lena into her chest as she placed a series of light kisses across Lena’s cheeks and lips.

“We probably could have stayed at the desk and done this,” Lena teased. “Here I thought I was being led back here for something more…”

Not one to back down from Lena’s challenges, Kara pushed her lips more firmly against Lena’s, sighing as she felt Lena’s lips mirror hers, pushing firmly back against her. She let out a small whimper as Lena sucked hard on her lower lip, Lena’s hands slipping under her shirt and her nails running across the hard muscles she found there.

“I can’t wait to celebrate the end of finals with you,” Lena purred, dropping her mouth to Kara’s neck, sucking hard, knowing she wouldn’t be able to leave a mark. “I don’t care how nice the weather is; we’re spending the whole day in bed.”

“Mm, deal,” Kara moaned as Lena’s teeth found her pulse point. While Lena busied herself with Kara’s neck, Kara let her hands skim under Lena’s top and cup her breasts. Squeezing gently, Kara’s hips bucked forward at the feeling of Lena’s nipples hardening under her touch, even through her bra.

Before they could get any more involved, they both froze, hearing whispered voices coming their way. Lena looked panicked as she remembered that there was no way out at this end of the aisle. She had full confidence in her own ability to act as though nothing were happening, but Kara tended to giggle and blush when caught—something she found out the first time Kara’s older sister had found them in the living room of their shared apartment. And being a Luthor, there were certain things that were simply unacceptable, including being caught doing anything remotely improper, especially with another woman, even more so with a woman who didn’t come from money. It didn’t matter that Lena didn’t agree; all that mattered would be what happened if word ever got back to Lillian.

Catching sight of Lena’s expression, Kara quickly pulled the bag onto her shoulders, picked Lena up in her arms and gently floated them up and over the shelves just in time, as the two intruders stumbled into the exact aisle they had been occupying just moments before.

“That was close,” Lena mouthed silently, narrowing her eyes when she heard sounds suspiciously like the ones they had just been making. Had they been ousted simply so that another couple could take their place?

Catching on, Kara turned around, pulling her glasses down to look through the shelves. “Rao!” she mouthed, looking disgusted as she turned back to Lena.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s Alex and Maggie,” Kara whisper-yelled back. “First they interrupt us in the living room. Then I find out they did it on our kitchen counters—is nothing sacred? Even the places with food? And now they’re stealing our aisle!”

Lena bit back a laugh. She was fairly certain Alex might say the same things about them, though she wouldn’t admit it to Kara. “I really needed to go back to studying, anyway. We’ll find our way back here soon enough, I promise.”

“Can I at least push a book onto them for kicking us out?” Kara asked quietly.

Laughing silently, Lena shook her head.

“Fine,” Kara whined.

Chapter Text

“Come play with us,” Lucy whined, covering the page of Alex’s textbook with her hand.

“You know I’m studying,” Alex explained, gently nudging Lucy’s hand off of the page.

“You’re studying for the MCATS. A whole year in advance. Even you have to admit that’s a bit excessive,” Maggie teased. “Plus, it’s the first full week of the summer. You are the only damn undergrad left in the library.”

“The grad students and the med students are still here,” Alex countered.

“Yeah, and when you’re one of them, we’ll leave you alone,” Lucy added, trying again to push the book away from Alex. “C’mon, I just got back from my visit with Lois. You know I need some stress relief after that,” she pouted.

“Kara says she’s really not so bad,” Alex grumbled.

“Kara isn’t Lois’s little sister,” Lucy retorted. “Point is, I could really use some fun in my life, and somehow watching your cute little brain work is much less fun than watching your cute little butt. Or playing with your—”

“Not now,” Alex hissed, cutting off Lucy’s words before she could say something that would leave her thoroughly distracted. “Look, let me finish this chapter, then we can do something, okay?”

“Fine,” Lucy conceded. “But Maggie and I are gonna go have some fun of our own. You come find us when you’re done.”

Alex looked almost hurt before nodding in resignation. It wasn’t like her girlfriends should have to wait around in silence on the first week of vacation that they were all back together while she studied.

With a grin, Maggie grabbed Lucy’s hand and dragged her out of their chairs and toward the stairs. “Where to?” she whispered, glad to be leaving the quiet floor where Alex chose to study.

Once they were in the stairwell, Lucy’s hands were around Maggie’s waist, pushing her up against the exposed brick wall as she nipped at Maggie’s neck. “I’ve missed you,” Lucy murmured.

“We missed you too,” Maggie replied, moaning softly as Lucy’s lips finally found hers. Maggie felt like she lost track of time, but eventually she managed to pull back, her eyes dark and her lips kiss-swollen. “Should we at least move this to the back stairwell? Wouldn’t want to be interrupted when I’m finally getting to touch you again after a whole week away.”

“You make a compelling argument,” Lucy got out between kisses to Maggie’s lips, her hands roaming across Maggie’s upper body. “I suppose you can lead the way,” she gave in, swatting at Maggie’s ass as soon as it was in front of her.

Maggie quickly dragged Lucy up to the fourth floor. “Why here?” Lucy asked, looking around in confusion. Sure, there weren’t a ton of people around, but it seemed…random.

“I’ve got a nice clue for Danvers, a way to let her know how to find us. Plus, it’ll be in the form of a puzzle, so you know it’ll get to her, and she’ll have to solve it.”

“I like the way you think,” Lucy grinned, wiggling her eyebrows as Maggie took her hand and dragged her toward the back.

Once they had made their way through a row of books, Maggie shepherded Lucy into one of the cubicles in the back that stood abandoned now that finals had ended. She scooped Lucy up and deposited her on the desk, then held up a finger, getting out her phone to text Alex. She pulled Lucy in for a heated kiss, snapping a slightly off-focus and off-center photo of the two of them and captioning it: “Come find us where the lesbians are, then take a left.”

Lucy looked like she wanted to ask, but soon found she didn’t care all that much once Maggie’s lips were attached to hers again, nipping and sucking at her lower lip as her hands dropped lower and lower, her nails raking up the exposed skin of Lucy’s thighs, pushing at the already high hem of her jean shorts.


Downstairs, Alex finally closed her book with a loud sigh. Her eyes were exhausted, and all she wanted was to go home and curl up with her girlfriends. Or maybe lie outside in the sun…get out of the stuffy basement for a while. Picking up her phone, Alex gasped when she caught sight of the photo Maggie had sent. She quickly opened her texts and found the ambiguous clue that accompanied the picture.

“Where are you??” Alex sent, growing increasingly frustrated when she received no reply. She read back over the text…”Find us where the lesbians are, then take a left.” A look of comprehension suddenly dawned on her as she raced up to the second floor to where the queer women’s group met for their biweekly discussion hours at the library’s coffee shop. Only, when she turned left outside of the coffee shop, she just found a couple of med students quizzing each other. She did a few laps around the floor, hoping she hadn’t just missed them, but there were no texts waiting for her.

Alex tried to think through any conversations she’d had with Maggie or Lucy about lesbians in the library…but she came up blank. Eventually she made her way to the elevators, figuring she’d head to the top floor and work her way down. But when she got in the elevator, Alex noticed the library classification guide and the list of which letters were on which floor. Pulling out her phone, she looked up how the sexuality studies books were classified. HQ, which, based on this guide was housed on the…fourth floor!

She waited impatiently as the ancient elevator creaked to life and carried her up the two flights. As soon as the doors were open, Alex was out like a shot, ignoring the odd looks she got from the two graduate students sitting in the front section as she made a beeline for the HQ aisles. When she reached the end, she nearly let out a huff of disappointment at the lack of anyone there until she remembered the second half of her instructions: turn left.

She turned and walked quickly ahead and into the back corner of cubicles and study carrels. It was almost eerie how empty it was back here, when just two weeks ago students were ready to fight each other over the rare sight of an empty one. While it was quiet, it wasn’t quite quiet enough to be empty. She quickly picked up on the sounds of soft sights and moans and even a shushed giggle.

With a smirk on her face, Alex made her way to the desk where all the noise was coming from and popped her head around the wall, finding Lucy perched on the desk, her legs wrapped around Maggie’s waist and her face buried in the crook of Maggie’s neck as Maggie’s hands roamed across her chest.

“You know, your text said to join, but it looks like you’re doing just fine on your own…” Alex teased, laughing softly when both women’s heads snapped up to find the source of the noise.

“Yeah, but we’re doing so much better now that you’re here,” Maggie flirted back once she had recovered from the initial shock.

“I’ve missed the future Dr. Danvers,” Lucy added, reaching out and dragging Alex toward them as she planted a kiss on Alex’s lips. “Missed you a lot,” she repeated, deepening the kiss.

“If you’re done studying, maybe we take this back to my apartment,” Maggie offered, feeling herself growing increasingly turned on at the sight of her girlfriends making out in front of her.

“You don’t want to see how quiet Danvers can be when we teach her what else can be done in the library?” Lucy asked, a wicked smirk playing at her lips.

“Later,” Maggie promised. “Right now I want to hear you both.”

Chapter Text

“Socks!” Kara called out, reading through Alex’s rather detailed packing list while Alex checked her suitcase.

“Got ’em!” Alex yelled back.

“That’s it for clothing. Did you want me to go through toiletries next?”

“No, no, I’ll do them on my own. Thanks for your help.”

“Of course. It’s not everyday your big sister leaves for her first college visit.” Alex gulped; it wasn’t that she was scared or anything—after all, the hard part was getting in, and that was done—but she still worried about making a good impression. Seeing Alex’s expression, Kara reassured her, “You’re gonna be great. You know schools will be fighting to have you pick them. And anyone that isn’t? Well, they’re not worth your time.”

Alex wished it were really that simple, but she nodded, accepting Kara’s words. “Thanks,” she mumbled, before heading into the bathroom to grab the last of her things. While she was packing up her travel toothpaste and toothbrush, she heard the doorbell ring.

“Got it!” Kara yelled, taking off down the stairs and pulling open the door. “Maggie! Come in!”

“Hey, Little Danvers,” Maggie waved, wheeling in a small suitcase. “Alex ready?”

“Almost!” Alex called from upstairs. “Be down in just a second.”

“No yelling in the house,” Eliza chastised as she walked past the bathroom, though she smiled fondly at Alex when she caught her gaze. Stepping into the room, Eliza leaned up against the sink. “I’m sad I won’t be with you on this round of accepted students visits, but it’s good for you to make decisions on your own too. You’re growing up so quickly. I…I know you had to grow up a lot faster than most kids your age. Between welcoming Kara and, in so many ways, being a third parent to her when it came to watching over her at school, and losing Jeremiah, your dad, at an age when we shouldn’t have had to lose him, you’ve been through so much already. And I need you to know, to hear, just how proud I am of you. For everything, Alex.”

Swallowing hard, Alex nodded, blinking back tears as she let Eliza pull her into a tight hug. “I love you, mom,” she whispered.

“I love you too,” Eliza whispered back, her voice cracking slightly as she thought about how different it would feel when yet another member of her family left the house in just a few short months.

“I should probably get downstairs. We wouldn’t want to miss our flight.”

“No, of course not,” Eliza admitted, smiling and ruffling Alex’s hair before heading downstairs herself.

A few minutes later, Alex came trudging down the stairs, backpack on her back and small duffel bag in hand. “Hey, Maggie!”

“You ready to see NCU and Stanford?” Maggie asked, a broad smile on her face as she thought about the long weekend they had ahead of them, visiting colleges without the stress of wondering whether they could even dream of being accepted and spending long nights in hotel rooms without the fear of Kara intruding—even if all they did was make out and cuddle.

“Yeah!” Alex grinned, suddenly letting herself get excited about the trip after a long night of packing and stress-induced nightmares. “I packed us some bagels for the trip over to the airport,” she added, popping into the kitchen and grabbing a bag for each of them.

“So sweet,” Kara commented, playfully poking Alex in the side. “Have fun, you two! We’ll miss you at game night.”

“We’ll miss you too, but it’ll still be spring break when we get back. Plenty of time to kick your butt at Taboo,” Maggie laughed.

“I don’t mean to interrupt the banter, but we really should get out on the road in case we hit traffic,” Eliza said, grabbing the keys and her phone.

After a long hug with Kara, Alex nodded and made her way to the doorway, grabbing Maggie’s hand as they followed Eliza to the car.


“You fly like a monk, Danvers,” Maggie teased, looking at the stoic, unblinking expression Alex wore through the entirety of take off until they reached altitude.

“What do you mean?” Alex huffed.

“You looked like…I don’t even know what like. You just seemed very reserved.”

“I don’t love flying. I feel like something awful could happen up here, and so I sort of have to resign myself to not being able to do anything about it except react, you know?”

“That’s, I mean, I guess you’re right. But it’s sort of disquieting to think about it when we’re up in the air.”

“Shit, sorry! I don’t want to make you scared, Mags,” Alex rushed out, grabbing Maggie’s hand with her own and rubbing calming circles with her thumb in the way she knew helped Maggie to relax.

“You’re okay, Al, I’m mainly teasing you. But by all means, keep up the nice hand massage,” she joked.


Once they had arrived and checked in at the hotel, Alex consulted their itinerary. “We have another hour before we have to leave for NCU.”

“Yes, captain,” Maggie nodded, saluting Alex and earning an exasperated eye roll.

“We can drop our stuff off, but then did you want to walk around the town or just hang out?”

“I’m not starving, but I could probably eat something. Do you know if the opening session has food?” Maggie asked.

“Let’s look at the packet they sent when we get upstairs.”

“Wow, something the great master of planning doesn’t have an immediate answer to?” Maggie teased.

“Shut up,” Alex grumbled, lightly shoving Maggie toward the elevator and up to the room they’d share for the next two nights.

“Ooh! A big TV!” Maggie exclaimed, jumping onto the bed and looking around for the channel guide.

“Big TV? Look at the giant bed!” Alex laughed, jumping on next to Maggie and marveling at all the room they still had on the king-sided mattress.

“Big enough to have fun?” Maggie flirted, wiggling her eyebrows.

“I don’t know…” Alex trailed off, before breaking into a grin and pushing Maggie down onto the mattress, letting her lips find the other woman’s. As lighthearted as she was acting, Alex had thought extensively about what exactly this weekend would hold for them. Sure, they’d spent time alone in both of their houses, but this felt different. They were actually guaranteed to stay alone the whole night, for one, and in a hotel room, for two. Plus, they had been accepted into colleges, moving one step closer to independence. And Alex certainly wasn’t opposed to doing more with Maggie than they had done so far, but she was still nervous; it would be her first time, after all.

Sensing Alex’s distraction, Maggie pulled back, drawing them both up to the head of the bed. “Nothing has to happen, you know? I mean, I love making out with you, but we don’t even have to do that. Just because we’re sharing a bed doesn’t mean we have to do anything more than sleep.”

Alex smiled and held Maggie to her chest, remembering all of the reasons why she loved her. “Yeah, and that’s exactly why I think I want more than that,” she admitted. “If you do!” she rushed to add, not wanting Maggie to think today was only about her comfort level. Sure, she had come out a little later, but Maggie would still be equally new to this type of intimacy.

“Right, yeah! I mean, I think it would be fun, but, I guess, let’s just see?”

“Good idea,” Alex nodded. Noticing the time, she jumped up and grabbed their schedule, looking up the itinerary for today. “So we do get lunch today, but we’re on our own for dinner. Want to look up places in the area before we head over to campus?”

“Sounds good,” Maggie agreed, pulling out the one laptop they had brought with them to find their options.


While Maggie and Alex had decided the responsible thing to do would be to meet other accepted students during the info sessions and ice breaker activities, separating into new groups, they joined up again for the campus tour, which was their last scheduled activity for the day.

“How’d you like it?” Alex whispered.

“It was fun! I met a few cool people who are pretty sure they’re going here. What about you, meet anyone you like?”

“I met someone else who wants to be pre-med,” Alex nodded. “Then during the panels, I got to go to a few with the science professors who volunteered to be here this weekend. They seemed like they could be great mentors.”

“Yeah, I got to meet a few of them too. I went to one of the later sessions. I talked to the scholarship and financial aid people first. I have to say, it’s hard to beat their offer. In-state tuition plus a scholarship that covers almost everything else…it’d be nice to be able to use the money I’m making at my job to just cover books and stuff without having to worry about loans.”

Alex nodded earnestly. She had been so proud of Maggie when she got the letter about the merit scholarship and had taken her out to celebrate, ignoring Maggie’s protests about it not being a “big deal” because it absolutely was. “That’s really great, Mags. I’m glad you got to talk to them too. See anything else?”

“I picked up some flyers about stuff in the area for the block of free time we have tomorrow.”

“Ooh, good thinking. I asked around about restaurants, and everyone suggested that Noonan’s would be a good place to go for dinner.”

“Sounds great. It’ll be a nice date,” Maggie grinned. “Now, shall we pay attention to the tour?”

“We did already go on it…” Alex trailed off, looking only slightly guilty.

“Damn, breaking the rules, Danvers. What’s next? We abandon the itinerary altogether?”

“Never!” Alex gasped, a look of mock horror crossing her face.


Over dinner at Noonan’s the two women talked about their impressions of the campus and what they thought they might want to do over their break the next day.

“Isn’t this where CatCo is headquartered?” Maggie asked.

“Yep,” Alex agreed. “I swear, Kara has some kind of hero worship thing going on with Cat Grant.”

“Really? Little Danvers has a thing for older women?”

“Eww,” Alex squealed. “She’s my baby sister!”

“Fine, fine,” Maggie conceded. “Would probably be cool to work for her, though. I mean, doesn’t your sister want to be a writer?”

“Yeah, a journalist,” Alex confirmed. “What about you? Still thinking of being the world’s tiniest cop?”

“Hush,” Maggie laughed. “If I can find a way to do some science and bring a bit of social justice activism into my work, then yeah, I still wanna be a tiny cop, maybe even a tiny detective!”

“Ooh, very fancy! And I can be your favorite doctor at the local hospital,” Alex teased, a playful grin on her lips.

“Mhm, all professional at work, but then we’ll make out in the break room. Very Gray’s Anatomy.”

“So realistic. Definitely how hospitals work,” Alex nodded, trying to maintain a serious expression.

“Definitely,” Maggie concurred. “Now, do you want dessert, or should we get the check and head back to the hotel?”

“Let’s head back,” Alex replied, excited to spend the night alone with Maggie, even if nothing more happened.


“You feel so good,” Alex sighed, as Maggie kissed up and down her neck, careful not to leave any marks for their college visits.

Pulling back just slightly, Maggie looked up at Alex. “Should we, uh, talk about this? Or, I mean, maybe nothing happens. Do you want something to happen?”

With the way her body seemed to have come alive with desire, her heart pounding and her breathing shallow, heat coiling low in her stomach and an insistent pulse between her legs, Alex knew the answer to what she wanted. “I do want something, but do you? I mean, we’ve been together half a year now. We love each other. I trust you, ya know? And it’s not like it’s a huge leap from what we’ve done so far. But we can always stop! I don’t know. What do you think?”

“I think…I think I like you a lot. I mean, I love you,” Maggie chuckled nervously. “And I think I’d like to sleep with you too.”


“Yeah,” Maggie nodded, smiling softly as Alex captured her lips again in a kiss that was more heated, more determined, more purposeful. She let her hands slip under Maggie’s shirt, her touch both eager and nervous.

“Should these, um, come off?” Alex asked, gesturing at their clothing. On the one hand, there was nothing she wanted more than to see and touch all of Maggie. But on the other hand, she was nervous: what if Maggie didn’t like what Alex looked like without any clothing? They’d always kept shorts or pants on when they were making out so far. What if she couldn’t figure out what to do, or wasn’t good at any of it?

But then Maggie was nodding and wrapping her fingers around the hem of Alex’s shirt, carefully lifting it over her head, then reaching back to unhook Alex’s bra, letting it drop to the bed. “Do you want to, uh, take off mine?” Maggie asked.

“Right, yes!” Alex nodded, jumping into action and quickly unbuttoning Maggie’s shirt before pulling the sports bra over her head. “Can I take off your jeans too?” Alex asked, her fingers hesitating over the button.

“Only if you want to,” Maggie replied, looking earnestly up at Alex.

“I do,” Alex confirmed, hurriedly undoing the button and pulling down the zipper with slightly trembling fingers. Maggie helped her, kicking off the skinny jeans so that Alex wouldn’t have to fight to tug them down her legs.

Getting up on her knees, Maggie moved toward Alex. “And yours?” As soon as Alex nodded, Maggie was tugging at the black pants and pushing them down Alex’s legs. “You’re so beautiful,” Maggie whispered, her voice soft and reverent as she took in the sight of her girlfriend lying next to her in just a pair of tight black boyshorts.

“So are you,” Alex added, letting her hand run all the way down Maggie’s side and across her thigh. Deciding it would be best to make out a little while longer before they took off the last of their clothing, Alex drew Maggie in and kissed her deeply, whimpering when Maggie’s hands began exploring the newly revealed skin.

Carefully rolling on top of Alex, Maggie propped herself up on her elbows before ducking down and returning her attention to Alex’s lips. As Maggie let her tongue flick into Alex’s mouth, Alex ran her fingers up and down Maggie’s back, slowly and tentatively dipping lower with every stroke until she had her hands curved around Maggie’s ass, squeezing gently. Maggie groaned at the feeling and dropped her hips, coming to rest with one leg between Alex’s thighs.

Their kiss soon grew deeper, both of them pulling at one another, holding each other tighter as they lost themselves in soft sighs and heady kisses. When Maggie pulled herself up slightly, her thigh dragged up and across Alex’s center. Alex whimpered loudly and bucked her hips up into Maggie’s thigh, blushing a brilliant shade of red when she realized what she had done.

“Sorry,” Alex whispered, her heart pounding and her breathing irregular.

“Don’t be,” Maggie replied, shaking her head. “I mean, it’s good if it feels good, right? That’s sort of the point.”

“Right, it’s just, I don’t know, we’re not even naked yet…” Alex trailed off, not wanting to add that even with her underwear still on and just one thrust of Maggie’s thigh, Alex felt as close to coming as she did after long stretches of touching herself on the rare evening when Kara really was out of the house.

“Should we be?” Maggie asked, looking vaguely nervous, even though the thought of being able to see all of Alex made her heart pound in anticipation.

“Okay,” Alex nodded. Deciding to just go for it, Alex quickly pulled down her own boyshorts, trying to ignore just how wet they had gotten. She wondered if it was weird to be that wet. Would Maggie be that wet too? The idea of Maggie wanting her that much made Alex giddy, and she leaned over to play with the waistband of Maggie’s underwear. “Can I take these off?”

“Yeah, it might, uh, be a little, um, sticky,” Maggie stuttered, blushing more than Alex had ever seen as she lifted her lips to let Alex pull the last remnants of her clothing off of her hips.

Alex nearly whimpered at the sight of the string of arousal connecting Maggie to her underwear. “Don’t worry,” Alex whispered, “I was, you know, the same.”

“Yeah?” Maggie checked, looking up at Alex with wide eyes.

“Mhm,” Alex nodded. As they sat across from one another, both of them equal parts nervous and turned on, neither moved.

“What do you like done to yourself?” Maggie asked, finally breaking the silence.

“What? I’m, uh, new to this,” Alex replied, stumbling over her words.

“Right, yeah, but, uh, do you not…do you not, well, touch yourself?”

“Oh, uh, yeah…sometimes. Sister. Sharing a room. Little hard to find the privacy,” Alex explained, choosing not to tell Maggie about how she’d pretty much been caught by both her mom and her sister thanks to the fact that, oh right, her little sister had superpowers.

“Right, that must suck,” Maggie laughed, feeling like the awkwardness of the moment had finally broken enough that they were back to being Alex and Maggie. Alex and Maggie naked, of course, but still.

“Since you’ve got the room to yourself and an aunt who works nights sometimes, why don’t you tell me what you like?” Alex challenged, a smile playing at her lips as Maggie suddenly blushed.

“Maybe we just lie down together and make out and figure out what comes naturally?” Maggie suggested, suddenly feeling shy at the idea of talking to Alex about exactly what she does to herself in her bedroom, especially given what she normally fantasized about.

Alex nodded and let her head hit the pillows, grinning as Maggie came back down, once more positioning herself on top of Alex and slotting a thigh between the other girl’s legs. When she thrust forward this time, leaning in to kiss Alex, Maggie sighed, “You really are wet.” Preempting Alex’s blushing, she added, “It’s hot.”

Sucking her lower lip between her teeth, Alex used her hands to guide Maggie more firmly down on her own thigh, marveling at just how good it felt to have nothing left between them. As they made out, Alex felt herself getting embarrassingly close to coming, their thighs both slick with each other’s arousal from grinding into one another.

When Maggie pulled her thigh away, Alex whimpered at the loss of contact until Maggie rolled onto her side and let her fingers graze down Alex’s stomach, stopping an inch or two below her belly button. “Can I?” she asked, earning an eager nod from Alex, who let her legs fall even wider apart as Maggie’s fingers found their way to her center.

“You feel really nice,” Maggie whispered, wondering if it was proper etiquette to comment on these sorts of things. But Alex seemed to preen at the compliment and relax further into her touches, so Maggie figured it wasn’t the worst decision she’d ever made. She let her fingers fall a little lower, circling around Alex’s entrance as she gathered wetness on her fingertips before moving back up and searching for Alex’s clit. She carefully parted her folds, feeling slightly at a loss when it wasn’t exactly where hers was.

“Um, here,” Alex whispered, putting her hand on top of Maggie’s and guiding her fingers to a spot a little higher up than where she had been. “That’s, uh, where I normally like it,” she added, caught between a sense of embarrassment that she knew Maggie would tell her was unwarranted and a sense of desperate need as Maggie began tracing gentle touches around her clit.

Maggie grinned at the sight of Alex’s hips shifting under her touch. “Is this good?” she checked.

“Yeah, but, uh, you can go a little harder too,” Alex answered honestly, sighing in contentment when Maggie eagerly followed her instructions.

“Shit, that feels, that feels really good,” Alex panted, feeling her muscles tensing as Maggie added a second finger and quickly flicked the two back and forth across her hard clit. And as much as she wanted to last longer, she felt like all of her concerns about propriety were rapidly dissolving under Maggie’s insistent touch. Before she knew it, she was coming with a sharp thrust of her hips and a strangled cry.

Once Alex’s head dropped to the pillow, Maggie pulled her hand away, only to feel Alex’s fingers grabbing at her once more, putting her fingers back where they had been. “Just some pressure, maybe slow movement, is good for a few more seconds,” Alex explained, her body shuddering once more as if to demonstrate why.

“Right, sorry,” Maggie apologized.

“Don’t apologize,” Alex added, looking far too blissed out to care about anything.

“I just, when I’m coming from clit alone, I get really sensitive right after,” Maggie explained.

“Do you, um, can you come from not your clit?” Alex asked, looking genuinely curious. She had tried, but didn’t quite get the hype. She had wondered—both now and alone in bed—whether it might be different with Maggie’s fingers—a hypothesis she was eager to test.

“Oh…yeah,” Maggie nodded. “I mean, not always, and I still normally touch my clit too,” she added, wondering if she seemed weird now.

“Could I, um, could I try, could I be inside you?” Alex finally managed to get out.

Trying to keep her hips on the bed and not to moan loudly at the very idea, Maggie nodded. Keeping her voice steady, she added, “Only if you feel comfortable with it.”

Alex nodded eagerly, hopping up onto her knees and coming to rest between Maggie’s legs. She let a finger trail and up and down between Maggie’s folds, biting her lip at just how wet her girlfriend already was. Once Maggie seemed sufficiently ready, Alex carefully slipped her index finger inside of Maggie, smiling at how intimate the act seemed with another person.

Maggie groaned at the sudden feeling of fullness, too far beyond the point of caring whether or not she was supposed to be making noise yet. After all, Alex was her girlfriend, and she didn’t judge Maggie for anything except her taste in ice cream. Plus, after watching Alex come under her own touches, Maggie was rather desperate and closer to coming than ever.

“You can, uh, move your finger in and out. Then you can probably speed up or go a little harder,” Maggie explained, sensing Alex’s hesitation over possibly hurting her girlfriend.

“Right,” Alex nodded, taking Maggie’s instructions and following them to the letter. She delighted in the little noises Maggie made while she got used to the feeling of just slowly sliding in and out of her, and her breath caught in her throat at the deeper moans Maggie let out when she began fucking her properly.

“You’re so hot,” Alex whispered, her voice deeper and raspier than she was used to.

Maggie whimpered, her hips coming up to meet Alex’s hand with every thrust. She could feel her own arousal coating Alex’s finger and spilling out onto Alex’s hand and her own inner thighs. Every so often, Alex’s hand would graze against her clit, making Maggie shudder hard. Finally, when she could feel herself getting close but not quite close enough, Maggie dropped her hand between her legs, pressing her own fingers into her clit as Alex continued to fuck her.

Just as Maggie felt her muscles all tensing, Alex stopped moving. “Are you, um, am I not doing something right?” Alex asked, her voice trembling slightly.

“No!” Maggie rushed out, trying to catch her breath. “I just didn’t want to overwhelm you. What you’re doing with your fingers is so good. I just needed something on my clit too.”

“Oh, yeah! Um, can I try? I want you to be able to relax and enjoy yourself,” Alex shrugged.

“I was, don’t worry,” Maggie laughed softly. “But yeah, if you want to do it, that’s fine too.”

Alex nodded, sucking two fingers into her mouth to wet them in the way that she did for herself, then brought them back down where Maggie’s had been, fumbling slightly until she found the hard nub that made Maggie gasp. Once she got into a pattern of rubbing small circles around it that seemed to have Maggie whimpering, Alex concentrated on thrusting her finger at the same time, gradually finding her way back to a steady pace.

She watched on in wonder as Maggie’s hips bucked into her hand before faltering as her back arched and her thighs tensed. Knowing better than to stop, Alex tried to keep doing exactly what she was doing, even though Maggie looked amazing and sexy and so very distracting. And then suddenly Maggie’s walls were fluttering around her fingers, her body dropping down to the bed as she let out a low moan of relief. Alex quickly moved her fingers off of Maggie’s clit, but kept a finger moving slowly inside of her, hoping it would help make Maggie’s orgasm better.

Finally catching her breath, Maggie reached up and pulled Alex down next to her, kissing her soundly. “I love you,” Maggie whispered.

“I love you too, Mags,” Alex whispered back, punctuating each word with a light kiss. Realizing they were probably done with certain things for now, Alex carefully slid her finger out of Maggie, smiling at the quickly swallowed moan Maggie let out at the feeling of movement inside her once more.

Alex looked at her finger, noting how it was still coated in Maggie’s arousal. With a quirk of her head, she brought it up to her mouth and licked. “You taste good,” she commented, earning a choking noise from Maggie whose pupils were rapidly dilating again.

As Alex swirled her tongue around her finger, Maggie looked on helplessly, feeling almost painfully turned on at the sight. “You, uh, it’s only fair, you know, if I get to taste you too…” Maggie trailed off, moving down the bed and settling between Alex’s legs. “If that’s something you might be interested in trying?”

Alex could only gulp and nod, wondering how she got this lucky.