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The Strings of Fate (Made Them Stronger Together)

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The CEO looked up from the list she was double checking when she heard her name being called, her red lips turning into a smile when she saw Kara walking inside her office with bags of take outs.

Leaving the list on her desk, Lena stood up and met Kara by the couch, giving her friend a side hug and the now usual kiss on the cheek.

"So, is everything okay at Catco?" Lena asked when they settled on the couch, Kara with her Italian pasta and Lena with a quinoa salad, to which she saw the blonde making a disgusted face but chose to ignore.

"Oh, yeah! Everything's great. Although Snapper's now making the lives of a new group of interns a living hell, but, they'll survive." Kara said. "What about you?"

"I was checking the list of things we'll need for Lucas' birthday, actually. I want it to be perfect and safe, but most of the locations have a pool."

"Oh, I was checking it myself this morning! We could have one of those playground ball pools instead. Like, a big one. Luke will love it! " 

Lena chuckled when she saw Kara's eyes shining with excitement. 

"Alright, I'll get you one of those."

Kara gasped, "It's not for me! I want it to be perfect for him and the other kids."

Lena shook her head, smiling. 

Since Luke's one year old birthday was coming up, Lena decided to throw him big party slash fundraiser to raise money for the Children's Hospital and the National City's Orphanage. And even thought they didn't know the exact date of his birth, they chose the day Lena found him at the park as his new birth date, and were decided to shower him with affection and a day full of fun.

Even though Maggie said he wouldn't remember a thing, but Lena and Kara ignored her.

"This will be his first public appearance." Lena said quietly.

"We will all be there, so it's gonna be fine." Kara squeezed Lena's hand gently.

"I know. But a lot of important people will be there to meet him. I'm kind of nervous. I don't want him to be like the next... Prince George or something."

Kara scoffed, "Pff, please, Lena... Lucas is way cuter than Prince George!"

Lena couldn't help but swoon at the reporter's words, "He totally is!"

They shared a laugh, before falling silent for a few minutes as they ate, but Lena knew Kara long enough to know something was bothering her for a couple of days now.

"Is something wrong, Kara?"

Kara looked up from her now empty plastic container, adjusting her glasses on the bridge of her nose nervously.

"I felt like something was... off that day. Is it because I didn't warn you I was leaving Luke with Alex and Maggie? Because if it was, I'm so sorry! J'onn called me and I left in a hurry an-"

"What? No, of course I wasn't mad at you for that! I know it's your job, and they've watched Luke before."

"Not for that long, though." 

"I trust them and I trust you. I know Alex would never let anything happen to him and Luke loves Maggie's craziness." 

Kara nodded, but Lena knew she still wasn't completely convinced. 

"Did Alex say something to you before I got there?" Kara suddenly asked, looking up right into green eyes.

This time Lena was the one who avoided her gaze, bring caught off guard so suddenly by the blondes question.

"I... no. Of course she didn't. Why would she say anything to me?" Lena responded, still not meeting Kara's eyes.

"Don't lie to me, please."

Lena sighed, finally looking at the superhero. 

"She didn't say anything..." Lena said, and Kara motioned for her to keep talking, "But... I don't think your sister likes me very much. I feel like she doesn't really approve of you spending so much time with me and Luke."

Kara slid even closer to Lena in the couch. "Why do you think that?"

"I'm Lex Luthor's sister, Kara. I know when people feel uncomfortable around me." Lena confessed with a bitter smile.

Kara sighed, and Lena noticed her cheeks turning slightly red as she said her next words.

"Alex has nothing against you, specifically. She's just... s-she's... being an over protective big sister. She tends to do that with people I... care about." Kara said, quickly completing. "But don't worry, I'll talk to her!"

Lena frowned for an instant, before she too felt her cheeks burning.

"Oh." She cleared her throat. "Shouldn't you be giving Maggie the shovel talk?"

Kara smiled proudly, "Oh, believe me, I did. And with my suit on."

They laughed, but Lena still felt like Kara was holding something back.  

"Anything else's bothering you?"

Kara sighed, looking back down at her hands. "I've been meaning to ask you something for the past couple of days, but I didn't know how..."

"You know you can talk to me about anything, Kara. Just ask away."

The kryptonian took a deep breath, her blue eyes meeting green ones, before she finally asked, "I just wanted to know how you're feeling with Lucas calling me mom, too."

Lena bit her bottom lip to stop herself from smiling at Kara's nervousness, placing their empty containers on top of her coffee table to take the blonde's hands in hers.

Luke's vocabulary still consisted of some insistent babble, fingers always pointing at things he wanted, and screaming 'Ma' every time one of them was in the room. 

And Lena loved every second of it. 

"To be completely honest with you, I love sharing this with you." Lena said, chuckling when she saw Kara's surprised expression. "You've been with us since the beginning, Kara. Luke can't sleep without hearing your voice when you sing him beautiful kryptonian lullabies, he gets so excited when you're there to play or watch cartoons with him, and not to mention that one time he pushed me away so you could feed him. We even have a schedule."

Kara blushed and looked away, trying to hide her smile, but Lena saw it anyway.

"He's yours, too." the brunette intertwined their fingers, biting her lip, leaning in and touching her forehead with Kara's, their noses brushing together when Lena boldly said, "And so am I."

Kara smiled.


Lena was in her kitchen preparing a natural smoothie, when she heard the front door opening, footsteps approaching the room only a few moments later.

"Hey, Lena."

Lena looked over her shoulder, seeing Alex carrying what looked like a very heavy box in her arms.

"Oh, hey, Alex." 

Alex left the box on top of Lena's marble kitchen island, opening it with a swiss knife so casually the CEO almost laughed. 

"Kara said she's coming, but she got stuck with Superman doing... whatever it is they do in that Fortress of Boredom. So she asked me to stop by the printer to get Lucas' party invitations. And she gave me the key, I hope she warned you." Alex said, still fumbling with the box's lids.

Lena nodded, "She texted me." 

Lena poured her smoothie in a mug, "You want some?"

Alex looked up from the box, checking Lena's mug before shaking her head, "No, I'm fine. It's green. Maggie will probably want to taste it when she gets here. You guys are weird."

Lena chuckled this time, because even though Alex and Kara weren't blood related, their disgusted faces after seeing a natural green smoothie were exactly the same.

Maggie would probably agree.

Alex finally opened the box and reached inside to check one of the invitations templates. 

"Damn, is this a kid's birthday party or wedding invitations? It looks good but so expensive."

Lena smiled, "It's also a fundraiser and we're inviting a few of the most important and richest people in the city."

Alex raised an eyebrow at the box, "A few? Right." Alex looked around, frowning after realizing how quiet the place was. "Where's the kid, by the way?"

"Boy's Night Out." Lena said with a quick shrug.

For a few weeks now, a couple of hours before their weekly gatherings, Winn, James and Mon-El would come by to pick Lucas up for a stroll around the city, only the boys for some 'male bonding' as the photographer said once, before coming back for a night of games and junk food with the whole gang plus the baby.

Lena actually loved how Kara's (and hers) friends quickly got attached to Lucas, and how they always made time for him. 

"You're still letting those wackos take him out?" Alex asked with a smile. "God knows what they're using your kid for. Probably to pick up some girls."

"I trust them!" Lena laughed. "You and Maggie take him out, too."

"That's completely different." Alex smiled, before staring at Lena for a moment. "So... Kara talked to me about... some things."

Lena suddenly felt alarmed.

"She did?"

"She said you think I don't like you." 

Lena closed her eyes for a moment, "She didn't have to." 

Alex crossed her arms over her chest as she leaned against the counter.

"It's okay. She was pretty pissed, actually." Alex chuckled, before taking a deep breath. "I have nothing against you, Lena. Honestly."

Lena nodded, looking down the floor.

"I really trust you to protect Kara no matter what and I'm very grateful to you for that. And don't even mention Lucas... I adore that kid."

 Lena gave her a small smile. "But?"

"But," Alex continued. "I'm still her older sister. I've always felt like it was my duty to protect her. Sometimes I forget she's a grown woman." The DEO agent smiled. "And after Lucas, I confess I was worried about her. About how attached she felt to your baby. She lost her entire world, and no matter what I did, she just felt so lonely at times. I was worried she could get hurt if you didn't return her feelings, and that I wouldn't be able to pick up her pieces after."

Lena felt her cheeks burning at Alex's words. 

"F-Feelings?" She chuckled nervously.

Alex laughed, shaking her head. "Really? You guys raise a kid together! You can't possibly not see that my sister is crazy about you."

Lena blushed, heart beating fast inside her chest, "I'm crazy about her, too."

"I know. That's why we're having this conversation. Because if you hurt her..." Alex pointed a finger at Lena as a clear warning, but the smile on her lips betrayed her.

Before they could say anything else, the front door opened again, loud voices and laughes being heard from the kitchen. 

Lena and Alex went to the living room, only to see James and Winn carrying at least a dozen pizza boxes (Mon-El and Kara did eat a lot), Luke perched on the dexamite's shoulders, arms wrapped around Mon-El's forehead and surprisingly Maggie with a few packs of beer. 

"Hey, babe, I'm a honorary bro now and-" Maggie said, showing off her dimples towards Alex, squinting her eyes as she looked from her girlfriend to Lena. "You were giving her the shovel talk, weren't you?"

Alex shrugged as Lena blushed just as Supergirl decided to walk in through the balcony's door in that exact moment.

"You were threatening her?" Kara asked angrily, hands on her hips. 

"It was just a warning." Alex rolled her eyes. 

"Oh, Alex's threats are a little bit scary. I remember when she did that to me." Mon-El said, looking between the Danvers sisters. 

"So, the shovel talk really happened?" Winn asked curiously.

"Are you guys official now?" James questioned with a hopeful smile. 

Lena and Kara shared a look, looking like a pair of bright red tomatoes, before they started to laugh nervously.

"What do you even-"

"Official? What-"

Luke's and Mon-El's heads went from side to side ad they stared at the baby's mothers trying to come up with poor excuses for why they weren't together yet.

"Well, Lena did flirt a lot with Kara even when we were still dating. And Kara flirted back." The daximite said. "I even offered her for Lena to join us, since on Dexam a three wa-"

"I-I.... just.. shut up and give me my son!" The superhero quickly said, walking over and taking Luke in her arms.

Lena approached a still red Kara, but she chose to ignore what the other alien said, avoiding that particularly subject like always, running her hand through Luke's dark blonde hair. 

He seemed happy to just be in Kara's arms, his hands curiously touching her suit. 

"Hey, sweetie. Did you have fun with your crazy uncles?" Kara asked, kissing his forehead gently.  

Luke obviously didn't respond, but he smiled at the guys when his mother mentioned them.

"It was awesome!" Winn said, already chewing a slice of pizza.

"It was really fun, we fed the ducks at the pond." James nodded.

"Not to mention it's incredible how women easily give out their numbers when we have a human cub! Earth's amazing!"

"Mon-El!" Winn and James yelled together. 

"Maggie, I can't believe you let that happen!" Alex grumbled.

"I got there after that!"

"See, Lena, I told you they were using my nephew to pick up on girls!" 

As told hey kept arguing, Lena only looked at Kara.

"Your friends are crazy."

"I think you mean our friends." The blonde said, leaning in to finally kiss the CEO's cheek like she always did after getting home from work, but this time suspiciously close to Lena's mouth.

Luke's birthday party slash fundraiser was amazing.

Lena felt completely surprised to see a few of her important guests like politicians, business partners and snob philanthropists actually enjoying themselves, wearing casual clothes as they all chased their children through the green yard of the huge mansion she rented for the weekend. 

But nothing made her feel more accomplished than seeing how happy Lucas was, even if he was only one year old and wouldn't remember this party.

His almost jumped out of Lena's arms when he saw the huge playpen set up outside (Kara did crawl inside to enjoy the ball pool with him), his eyes shined with every new birthday present placed in his arms, and he seemed absolutely fascinated with the idea of shaking people's hands.

Lena couldn't remember ever feeling this happy.

She had just talked with the pair of magicians she hired for some last minute arrangements, when Lena felt someone touching her shoulder lightly, turning around to meet a pair bright blue eyes.

"Lena Luthor." The redhead said with a small smirk. 

"Emma." Lena smiled back nervously, immediately feeling her cheeks blushing as she looked back at the woman. 

Emma Herveoux was Lena's first ex-girlfriend. They met in Paris, after attending a workshop about women, politics and economics in Sorbonne, starting a intense relationship right after. And even though Emma was an incredible woman, she reminded Lena too much of Lillian sometimes.

"I'm glad you see I still make you nervous." Emma's lips were still stretched in a smirk as she looked at Lena hungrily. 

"Of course you don't! I'm not... nervous." Lena scoffed, even though she was still blushing. 

"Who would've thought, Lena Luthor, a mother."

"Things change." Lena shrugged.


Lena turned in time to see Kara approaching, Lucas in her arms, his face, shirt and hands covered in blue icing. 

"Guess who decided to wander over the food table and not so sneakily grab some cupcakes?"

Lena couldn't help but smile when she saw the despite the mess, Lucas looked completely satisfied.

"Oh, so here it is the famous Lucas Luthor. Already a trouble maker." Emma said with a smile.

Lena noticed that Kara only then realized they weren't alone, turning to look at the redhead.  

"Kara, this is Emma Herveoux. We... took some college classes together." Lena said, without meeting their eyes.

"I believe we did a little bit more than that, but I'll let it slide." 

"Oh. I'm Kara Danvers." Kara forced a smile, offering her hand for a handshake, but Emma only looked down at the hand with a raised eyebrow, ignoring the gesture.

"I'm sorry, dear, but I don't commune with servants." Emma simply said, looking back at Lena. 

And that's why Lena broke up with her. 

"With... y-you think I'm..." Kara's face turned an alarmingly dangerous shade of red, and Lena thought her eyes could burn Emma down at any minute now. "I'm not his nanny!"

Emma raised her eyebrows in surprise.

"Emma," Lena started, clenching her jaw to prevent herself from making a scene. "Kara is Luke's other mother."

Kara raised her chin, holding Luke (who was still licking his fingers happily) even closer.

"You mean you're..." Emma pointed her finger between them in question. 

"We are." Lena wrapped one arm around Kara's waist, raising an eyebrow in defiance. 

"Well, good for you." Emma said, before walking away. 

"I can't believe her nerve-" Kara started. 

"I know! I'm sorry!" Lena quickly apologized. "I probably should've triple checked the guest list, too."

Kara took a deep breath, closing her eyes for a moment before breathing out, looking slightly calmer.

"I'm gonna change him. We'll talk about this when we get home."

Later that night, after the party was over and the presents were opened, they tucked a very tired and sleepy Luke in, and he fell asleep immediately. 

Kara gently ran a hand through his hair, and Lena knew she was x-raying his small body to make sure nothing was out of place like she did every night, leaning in to kiss his head.

They stood there for quite some time, only staring at him, his chest raising and falling with every breath, arms wrapped around his beloved stuffed octopus.

"I love him." 

Kara said that so quietly Lena almost didn't hear, but of course she did, and she couldn't help but get teary-eyed with teary hose words.

Because she knew Kara loved him more than anything.

Lena slowly approached Kara from behind, wrapping her arms around the blonde's middle and bringing her closer, placing her chin on the other woman's shoulder, feeling Kara relax in her embrace. 

"I know you do." Lena whispered. "Our son is so lucky to have you." 

Kara smiled at those words, placing her hands on Lena's arms.

"You told your ex we were together this morning." Kara said, turning around in Lena's arms to face her.

"I did." 

"Are we?" Kara questioned. 

"Aren't we?" Lena asked back, eyebrow raised.

Kara rolled her eyes. "Do you want us to be?"

"Do you?"

Kara pushed away Lena away, clearly frustrated.

"Stop doing that!"


"Avoiding it! We've been avoiding everything that's happening between us, avoiding those feelings, the signs... I know you, Lena. And I know the way look at me, and the way you touch me, and the way you keep over thinking if you should kiss me or not." 

Lena looked down at her feet, feeling extremely ashamed of herself. 

"I know you're afraid I'll say I don't want you." Kara continued, stepping closer again, cupping Lena's cheeks to make her look up into blue eyes. "But I won't. Because I do want you. I love our family and I am in love with you."

Lena felt her lips stretching in a smile as she wrapped her arms around Kara's body and finally kissed her, trying to pour down everything she felt for the kryptonian in that kiss.

When they pulled away, they were still smiling, breathing heavily, and Kara looked over her shoulder towards the crib.

"We should probably move this to-"


Lena stifled a yelp when Kara suddenly carried her bridal style, holding tightly into her shoulders until they reached the bedroom, still sharing small kisses on the way.

Lena was used to overthink every little aspect of her life, mainly her professional life.

If there was something she always used as a escape route to not think about things, it was sex. Sex for her used to be rough and intense and all about power, but always quick, after all she didn't have time.

She didn't think about it, she just did.

But sex with Kara...

She felt her mind overflowing with thoughts as her skin burned.

And for some reason she started to think about philosophy and poetry. 

About how in the first time Kara touched her, Lena felt like she was breaking little by little, and when the blonde ran her hands slowly against Lena's sides before intertwining their fingers to pull the brunette up to sit on her lap, taking one of the CEO's nipples in her mouth reverently, Lena felt like Kara had just reconstructed her piece by piece.

Lena's brain overloaded when she thought about power, about how she easily gave in to Kara's wishes when the blonde turned her around, kissing the skin between her shoulder blades down her spine until she nibbled Lena's asscheek, getting back up only to hold dark locks firmly in one hand as she fucked Lena with the other from behind.

And the kryptonian kept building and rebuilding Lena over and over again through the night.

And Lena suddenly realized she had never made love.

"I like my body when it is to your body..." Lena whispered, eyes closed as she played with the ends of Kara's hair, the first rays of sunlight hitting their bare skin through the window. "And possibly I like the thrill of under me you so quite new..."

Kara raised her head from its comfortable spot on Lena's chest, frowning confused even though she had a small smile on her lips.

"What is that?"

Lena smiled, "A few pieces of some E.E. Cummings' poem."

"Oh, yeah?" 

She caressed Kara's cheek tenderly with the tips of her fingers. "Lady, I will touch you with my mind. Touch you and touch and touch
until you give me suddenly a smile, shyly obscene."

Kara blushed furiously as she smiled at Lena's words, biting her bottom lip, and the CEO only chuckled. 

"I wasn't too rough was I? I-I'm sorry I just couldn't... control myself." Kara gently touched the bruises on Lena's neck.

"Don't worry. It was actually very hot.

They laughed, kissing softly, before hearing Luke waking up through the baby monitor. 

"I'll get him." Kara kissed Lena lips one more time, standing up and wrapping one of Lena's robes around her body, walking out of the room to get Lucas.

Lena sighed happily, deciding to take a quick shower, joining Kara and Luke in the kitchen a few minutes later.

They snuggled on the couch, the TV playing some cartoons as Luke kept walking around the living room's floor where his new toys were all scattered. 

"Who would've imagined that we'd be here five months after finding that little guy?" Kara said, staring at Lucas as he studied his new set of shape sorters. 

"I certainly haven't. I thought I would stare longingly at you forever!"

Kara laughed, "I'd probably say something." Lena felt Kara staring at her with a small smile. "You were so pretty, and I was already so in love with you."

They kissed slowly, before they felt Luke climbing their legs to sit between them, making his mothers pull away from each other.

"Hello, there!" Lena chuckled.

"Mom!" He pouted towards them, and Kara smiled, offering him a eskimo kiss. 

"And to think it all started when I decided to go to that park." Lena wrapped her arms around her favourite blondes in the whole world. "I didn't believe in fate until the day I met him. Something brought him to me. To us. I'm so grateful for our family. I love you both so much."

"And we love you, Lena."