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The Strings of Fate (Made Them Stronger Together)

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Lena didn’t believe in destiny.

She didn’t believe in fate.

But if she had to choose a moment for where she started to believe that maybe there was something out there that connected people’s lives together, invisible strings bringing them closer, and then closer until they didn’t know where one ended and the other started, her mind would always wander to that sunny day.

The day that she made a few small and casual decisions that lead her to find something very close to fate.

Because he was hers, and she was his the moment the invisible strings changed their lives forever.

Lena felt the headache coming from miles away. And she had just started her day at the office.

Projects and labs to supervise, new investors to meet, board members to overpower, interviews to give.

She thought starting the day even earlier than usual would help her keep her schedule on time for once, but clearly the lack of sleep didn’t seem like the brightest idea right now.

And she skipped breakfast, something Lena promised Kara she wouldn’t do anymore.

Now her system craved breakfast.

Feeling defeated and slightly guilty for not following her friend’s requests, Lena stood up, grabbing her light coat and black purse, walking out of the office, stopping by Jess’s desk to inform her secretary she would eat something at the small Café down the street.

It was a sunny day in late July but not too warm, just perfect. She walked inside the Café and not surprisingly, one of the waitresses quickly ran to her, scribbling down her order and running back behind the counter to prepare her soy latte, toast and bagels – damn Kara for that.

As she waited, Lena observed the park across the street through the glass windows. A couple of people were running, a man was playing with his dog with a frisbee, and a few kids threw bread crumbs to the ducks in the small pond as they followed their parents to school probably.

Once the waitress came back with her order and giving the young girl a fifty dollar bill telling her to keep the change, Lena decided to enjoy her breakfast in one of the park’s benches.

She sat there in silence for a few minutes, sipping her latte and chewing her amazing bagel, when someone sat on the other end of the bench.

Lena didn’t notice them at first, just watching the ducks inside the small lake and enjoyig her breakfast, headache forgotten, but then she heard some fumbling and whining.

A young blonde woman was sitting there trying to soothe a not very happy baby in her arms.

“Having some trouble there?” Lena asked.

The girl looked up and only then Lena noticed the blonde was so much younger than she first had thought. She couldn’t be older than seventeen. She was wearing worn out clothes, both she and the baby looked like they could use a bath and judging by the stains on the girl’s cheeks, she too had been crying.

The girl looked Lena up and down carefully, as if deciding if she was worth her time, but then she looked down at the baby who started to whine again.

“No, he’s just... hungry.” The girl grabbed a small bottle with milk from the bag she had left on the ground, and offered it to the baby, who sucked the bottle's nipple hungrily.

Lena frowned, and she couldn’t help but keep watching he girl feed the baby, who was now kicking his legs with satisfaction.

Lena has seen homeless people before, she donated hundreds of dollars for shelters, she wasn’t dumb. The more she observed the two of them, the more she realized the girl probably had been wandering around for God knows how long.

The girl sniffed, crying quietly, and Lena saw the baby kicking his legs so much that one of his dirty socks slipped off of his small foot. Lena grabbed the sock and sat a little closer to them.

“Here...” she slipped the sock back on, before asking, “how old is him?”

The girl placed the now empty bottle inside the bag and adjusted the baby in her arms,

“Seven months...” she said quietly, eyes never meeting Lena’s.

“Right...” Lena bit her bottom lip, as the girl kept trying to make the baby burp. “Look, maybe I could help you? I have money and you look li-“

“I know I'm fucked up, okay? I don’t need a snob rich lady to remind me!” the girl said angrily.

“No! I’m only trying to-”

“To remind me that I ruined my life!” The girl interrupted Lena again. The baby started crying again. “I already carry a seven month reminder, thank you! I made a mistake... he was a mistake... I didn’t want any of this. I don’t want any of this...” the girl was crying harder now, and the baby kept screeching loudly, and before they knew it, he burped, spitting vomit on the girl’s jacket.


She looked down at the mess on her jacket and shirt, swearing under her breath and trying to not drop the baby.

Lena sighed, “Let... let me hold him.”

The girl didn’t seem too pleased to accept Lena’s help, but ended up handling the baby to Lena to wipe the vomit off of her clothes.

Lena actually never had a baby in her arms in entire life. And it’s not that she didn’t like kids, she found them... interesting to say the least, but it was never an experience she had approached before. She held him by the armpits, his legs kicking the air, and Lena found surprisingly dark green eyes looking back at her with curiosity.

“Dammit... l-look I’ll... I-I need to... clean this mess. I’ll use the Café’s restroom... can you...c-can you keep na eye on him?”

Lena nodded, still looking right at the baby’s eyes. She didn’t want to push her luck and be the next vomit target. She was wearing a three hundred dollars shirt.

The girl walked away then, and if Lena had been paying attention, she would’ve seen the young girl looking at them one last time, before walking the opposite direction of the Café.

Lena sat there for ten minutes.

Then twenty.

She started to panic with half an hour.

When Jessica called her, worried about her boss an hour later, Lena only mumbled, “Jess, I'm in big trouble.”

Lena sat there, waiting for her driver to come pick her up, looking down at the sleepy baby in her arms, his small hand found a lock of her hair and held it firmly as he drifted off to sleep.

“Well, shit.”

Lena was in panic.

Once her driver finally found her, Lena carried the sleeping baby and his bag to the car, telling John to take her back to her apartment. 

She quickly dialed Jessica's number again, glancing at the baby sprawled on the back seat every now and then. 

"Miss Luthor? Your eight o'clock is already here. He's been waiting for almost half an hour." Jess sounded desperate, but clearly Lena didn't have time for that.

"Jess, cancel everything I have for today! I need you to meet me at my apartment in ten minutes." Lena saw the baby starting to move as he opened his eyes, chin already trembling. "Actually, bring all of my PA team! I need you all there! A-And maybe a doctor... a pediatrician! See you soon!"

As she picked the baby boy up again, Lena though the unpteeth time why did she have to decide to start her day earlier, or go to that damn Café, or enjoy her fucking breakfast on that stupid bench.

She had no idea how to look after a baby. She used to skip breakfast until Kara threatened her for Christ's sake!

She was in so much trouble.

 A couple of hours after meeting her team of personal assistants - and a pediatrician - in her apartment, Lena thought she might had the situation under control. 

She had set up a small computer network in her office, where Jessica, Pam and Alana had been researching how to take care of a seven month old baby or any traces of his mother, and listened carefully to the doctor's instructions after a quick exam: the baby was mild dehydrated, but other than that he was fine, she just had to keep offering him water and juices in small doses or else he could end up throwing up again.

The four of them managed to give him a bath (it was very messy, and the baby didn't seem to like when Alana touched him), change his dirty clothes for clean ones (since Alana had to stay away from him, Lena asked her to buy a list of things babies might need), Lena finally placed the boy inside the brand new playpen in her living room with brand new appropriate toys for seven month old babies (they really did their research).

She only had him for three hours and Lena was already exhausted. How did normal people manage to raise more than one of those for years?

Closing her eyes for a moment, Lena almost groaned when Jess approached her. "What, now?"

"Miss Danvers is downstairs, ma'am. She said you were supposed to have lunch together and you weren't picking up your phone. She was worried." Jess said all that blushing for some reason.

Lena sighed, feeling like slapping herself. After everything that happened she had forgotten about lunch with Kara completely. 

"Send her in." Lena said, before walking towards the bathroom to make sure she looked at least a little bit presentable for Kara. 

Not for Kara, of course!

Just... for the visit.

Once she walked back to the living room, Jess was already greeting Kara in the hall. Lena felt something funny in her belly as she saw Kara smiling at her secretary, before their eyes met over Jessica's shoulder. 

Lena approached them, smiling. "Hey, Kara, I'm so sorry about our lunch!" 

"Forget about lunch," Kara wrapped her arms tightly around Lena, and the CEO couldn't help but hug her friend back. "I was worried sick about you! I went to the office and you weren't there or any of your army of secretaries and absolutely no one knew what was happening! You can't do that ever again!"

When they pulled away Kara moved her hands to her waist with an angry pout. It was adorable but Lena wouldn't say that out loud. Lena was about to respond when she noticed Jess was still there, looking back and forth between her boss and the reporter with dreamy smile in her lips.

Lena cleared her throat, "So, Jess... you can keep working in the office."

"I already made a list of the best formulas to buy, ma'am." Jess said quickly.

"Jess..." Lena glared at her secretary, who finally snapped out of it.

"Oh! Right! I'll... go... keep working in the office. Excuse me." Then she walked away.

Kara smiled even thought she had that crinkle between her eyebrows. 

"Sorry about that." Lena mumbled, blushing a little. "And if you keep doing that Supergirl pose, more people will find out who you are."

"Oh..." Kara looked down at her hands, "Damn it. Anyway... what happened?"

Lena hummed. How could she explain a teen mom had abandoned her baby in a park with Lena and that she had absolutely no idea how to deal with the situation she had in hands?

Lena looked over her shoulders towards the living room, where the baby was still in his playpen. She could hear him playing with those noisy toys Alana bought. 

Kara followed her gaze, x-raying the wall probably since she gasped loudly. "Is that a...?"

"I can explain."

"Lena, you have a baby in your living room!" 

Kara quickly walked over to the living room, and Lena couldn't help but find extremely funny how Kara opened her mouth to say something but then closed it again, trying to keep the smile off of her face. 

The baby, feeling he had company, quickly forgot his stuffed octopus (one of the many stuffed animals Alana bought), and turned to look at the new visit. Lena noticed his eyes twinkle in recognition for a moment when he saw Kara, but too soon he realized she wasn't who was expecting and started to cry loudly, pushing the stuffed animal away in frustration. 

"Oh, no, did I upset him?" Kara asked, approaching him slowly and picking him up from the playpen, wrapping her arms securely around his small body and holding the baby close to her chest.

Lena placed her hand in her belly for a moment, feeling something very weird and unknown in her chest as she observed Kara with a blond baby boy in her arms, cooing him softly. 

Alarmed by the baby's cries, Pam came running from the kitchen with an already warm bottle of milk in hand, offering it to her boss. "Here it is, ma'am!"

"Thanks, Pam." 

When Lena’s secretary disappeared back inside, Kara looked at the brunette with raised eyebrows. 

"So, what happened?"

Lena sighed and started to tell Kara everything that had happened that morning, and how she ended up with a baby she knew nothing about but her his age in her arms.

“I can’t believe you made a task force to take care of a baby!” Kara chuckled, sitting on the couch with the blond boy in her arms, making silly faces as she fed him his beloved bottle of milk. 

"I know nothing about looking after a baby!" Lena defended herself.

"It's not that hard, you know. Alex and I used to babysit for extra money to buy junk food and punk rock CD's and we were only teenagers!" Kara mocked Lena, handling the now empty bottle to the CEO, who only rolled her eyes at her friend.

Kara made him stand up on her thighs, and Lena couldn’t help but find the two of them adorable together. He touched Kara's nose softly, then poked her cheeks before moving to her mouth, doing a curious examination of her face, before laughing when Kara pretended to bite his small fingers. 

It was the first time Lena saw him smiling, and the weird feeling in her stomach came back with full force.

"Oh, so he's not completely toothless." Lena said, sliding closer to the blondes, trying to give a better look at the set of four teeth he had. 

"Stop sciencing him!" 

"Sciencing? Is that even a word?" Lena smirked at Kara, but the blonde only shoved her away with her shoulder playfully.

"You're treating him like he is one of your work projects! He's a baby, for Rao's sake! You're making your secretaries do researches on how many calories babies should eat a day, how to he should sleep, even how to hold a baby properly. It's not how it works. He's not some empirical phase you have to deal with before writing a theses."

Lena frowned at Kara, "And how would you know that?"

Kara bit her bottom lip, adjusting the boy in her arms, letting him play with her phone for a moment, since he seemed to like the moving colors of the screen lock.

"Back on Krypton, we knew the planet was dying, and my parents knew I'd have to follow Kal-El here. I did... some kind of training. I was so young and I'd be responsible for a baby in a strange place. Of course it didn't work, but even back on Krypton my mother said I just had to learn to follow my instincts sometimes. I'm not saying every woman has maternal instincts, I'm saying everyone has survival instincts, and babies need us to follow it sometimes. They don't need it to be too calculated, they just need to feel protected."

Lena looked down at the boy in Kara's arms, trying to catch the moving colors in her phone with his fingers. She couldn't imagine the heavy burden of the massive responsability on her shoulders until now. Just like the girl in the park she didn't ask for any of this.

How could she do it?

"I... I don't know if I can do it, Kara." She said quietly, still looking at the baby.

Kara gently turned to Lena to give her one of those soft and intense looks Lena loved so much. 

"So, what else can you do?"

Lena tough for a second, "I was thinking about... finding his mother... and if I don't... then... I... don't know."

She felt like a failure right now. Lena had a pretty good photographic memory, so she had her security team looking around for the blonde girl, but it's been hours and nothing. She was left with a seven month old baby boy and she had absolutely no idea what she could do about that. 

"I don't even know his name." She mumbled.

Kara sighed, wrapping one of her arms arms around Lena's shoulders, still holding the baby with the other. She felt the blonde pressing a kiss against her temple, before saying, "Look, remember what I told you about my family motto?"

"El marayah." Lena said with a smile. She loved how kryptonese rolled off of her tongue easily now after a couple of fun classes from Kara.

"Stronger together, yes." Kara smiled. "No matter what you decide to do, I'll be by your side. I'll help you look after his mother, even. But if you decide to keep him around, you won't do it alone, Lena. I'll help you all the way, and I'll protect your both, always. El mayarah

If taking care of a baby for almost four hours was exhausting for Lena, two whole weeks was pure torture.

It's been two weeks since she last stepped inside L-Corp, having been working from her home office this entire time since she was left with a seven month old human being who's sole purpose in life was eat, cry and poop. 

And how did he poop. 

She still had Jess around to help her with work related stuff, but also to have an extra pair of hands in case the baby decided to throw a fit in Lena's arms after waking up from his is midday nap time in a grumpy mood, or if he decided to not try the mashed avocados Lena offered him, spitting everything out right on the very expensive carpet. 

She couldn't understand that. She loved avocados!

And she hasn't slept in just as long, even though he slept through the night, Lena still woke up to feed him or change his diapers. And he was a little kicker and a blanket stealer! Since she still didn't have time to buy a crib (something she wanted to do herself), the baby had been sleeping with Lena in her king sized bed. She placed him right in the middle, surrounded by pillows and blankets, but somehow, he would always roll up to her side of the bed, kicking her in the ribs or right in the face, she even woke up with him right in top of her chest once. 

And okay, she didn't get upset that one time, it was funny actually, how he always found a way snuggle up to her in the middle of the night. 

But people were starting to wonder, specially people that worked with Lena. Jess told her the board was going insane, everyone wondering what was happening and creating theories. 

"Miss Luthor. The PR team is on the line. Again." Jess said nervously, moving to pick the baby up and feed him herself as she gave the phone to Lena.

The baby grumbled unhappy, but didn't make anyother sound after being offered the bottle's nipple again. Lena noticed he looked... chubby-er.

Lena took a deep breath, before answering the call. "Yes, Mark?"

"Lena, I'm sorry to interrupt you again, but we need to give something to the press. And to the board members. There are all kinds of rumours spreading around. The board think you're partying out in Ibiza or something, the employees think you have cancer, and somehow the press is talking about the baby."

As she listened to the head of her PR team, Lena saw Kara walking inside her apartment (she had free access now). They smiled at each other, before Kara took the now excited boy from Jess's arms, softly rubbing his back to make him burp and talking quietly but animated to him.

Lena felt her lips turning upwards at the sight, because for two weeks now Kara was determined to help him say his first words , even though Lena explained babies only started to form some words from nine to fourteen months.


"Oh, sorry, Mark. Look, I'm really sorry to put you in this position. I'll have something for you by the end of the day, okay?"

She heard him sigh on the line, but she couldn't do much else.

 "Okay. Bye."

Lena ended the call and approached Kara and the baby.

"Hey, you." She greeted her friend.

"Hey, yourself." Kara offered her cheek for Lena to kiss and honestly, if Kara Danvers offered you her cheek for a kiss you just kissed her damn cheek. 

So Lena did.

When she pulled away the baby was smiling all bashful like at them. 

"Oh, I think he wants a kiss, too!" Kara turned to him. "Don't you, little one? Do you want to be lucky enough to get a kiss from that beautiful woman right there?" She pretended to listen to him. "Oh, he told me he totally wants you to kiss him, too!"

Lena laughed at Kara's silly act, the familiar warmth in her chest whenever the reporter was around or said something like 'beautiful woman' to Lena, making itself known again.

Lena shook her head. "I'm not kissing this little poop machine."

Kara gasped. "He is not! As if Lena Luthor doesn't poop! She totally does, little one!" 

"I don't make people wipe my butt!"

"Stop embarrassing him and kiss him!" Kara pushed the baby in her direction and Lena pretended she didn't want to kiss him once more, before finally giving up, wrapping her arms around Kara and by extension, the baby, kissing his blonde head with affection. 

She really loved the little poop machine. She pretended she didn't, but it was so hard to not love him and the way he only fell asleep in her arms, a lock of her hair wrapped around his chubby fist. Or how he smiled at her silly faces as she fed him, or how he looked at new things with such an interest and curiosity she was almost certain he was the next genius in the world. 

"It wasn't so hard, was it? This little man deserves all the love in the world! All the love. You deserve everything that's good out there." Kara said quietly, holding him even closer, and Lena noticed the reporter was teary-eyed. 

"Kara... what's wrong?"

The blonde sniffed, and Lena guided lead them to her bedroom for privacy. Once they were there, she sat next to Kara on her bed.

Kara was silent for a moment, before she said quietly, "I found his mother."

Lena gasped. She knew Kara was looking around for the girl, but Lena was almost giving up by now. 

"How? W-When?"

"I used that digital image you made of her." Kara said. "She wasn't in National City anymore. She's in Gotham."

Lena frowned, "And? Did she say something about getting back?'"

Kara looked right into Lena's eyes, and for the first time since they met, Lena saw Kara angry, her voice trembling.

"She's not coming back. And I don't want her near him!" 

"What happened?"

"She's a drug addicted. When I tried to convince her to come back for him, she said he's lucky she didn't thew him in a trash can like she felt like doing so many times. She said she trated his formula for drugs once and he kept crying all night! She said he ruined her life! She doesn't want him and she doesn't deserve him!" 

Lena was breathing heavily now, hands clenched in fists as she thought about everything Kara just told her. How could someone say all that about its own child? She felt like her jaw might break from how hard she was clenching and unclenching it.

"That fucking bitch." She seethed. 

Lena looked at the baby, chewing his thumb as he looked up at them innocently, before smiling.

And that's when she knew. 

"So... he's mine?"

Kara chuckled through her tears, smiling and nodding happily. "He's yours. He's always been yours."

Lena picked him from Kara's arms carefully. She was much better in holding him now, and she made him face her, kissing his forehead softly.

"Did she at least say his name?"

"She said you can name him whatever the hell you want."

Lena scoffed, "Of course."

They stared at him for a while in silence, until Kara asked, "If you ever had a baby, what would you name him?"

Lena thought for a second, before smiling. 


"What is it you Luthors have with L names?" Kara chuckled, wiping away the tears on her cheeks. "But, he has a Lucas face, I guess."

"Lucas Luthor." Lena tested, looking at Kara. "Sounds good?"

"Sounds amazing! We can call him Luke." Then she frowned, "Wait... you're not doing this to possibly name a future daughter Leia right?"

"Would you mind?" Lena asked with a smirk and an raised eyebrow. 

Kara laughed, wrapping her arms both of them.

"Probably not."