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Chai Tea Latte

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     Love bleeds into your life without notice, blends into every crevasse, soft, strong, and beautiful. If Yoongi had to describe love, he'd say the sunset, it paints the sky slowly, till the cold blue is a flushed blend of red, pink, and orange. Most people don't notice the beauty till it has fully taken over, blinding and overpowering the beauty of everything else.


     The first time Yoongi saw Hoseok, he felt like a child again, seeing his very first sunset, breath taken in the wind as his body flushed with a strong warmth. Yoongi stood in shock behind the cashier stand, hands gripping at his apron as his eyes stayed following the beautiful man. He had a cream backpack in one hand and a pair of headphones around his neck, his hair was a fluffed mess from the gusting wind in the streets, cheeks slightly pink from the cold. He stood with squinted eyes at the menu for a moment before puling out his wallet and approaching Yoongi.

"Hello," he smiled brightly at Yoongi, causing his heart to beat rapidly against his rib cage. "May I get one medium Chai Tea Latte with extra foam and an oatmeal muffin, please." He slipped a ten onto the counter.

“C-Coming right up,” Yoongi fumbled with the change, almost ripping his hand back when their finger tips met. His face is flushed as he quickly turned around to make the order, his hands where shaking and he didn’t understand it. He has never been affected by someone so easily in his life and it scared him.

Placing the order onto the counter, he looked down at the cup and realized he had forgotten to get the man’s name. he sighed heavily, thumb twitching and he forced himself to not bite onto it. “One medium chai tea, extra foam and a muffin,” his voice vibrated hastily through the buzzing café.

The man looked up from behind other people waiting for their orders, smiling at Yoongi before rushing to take his latte and muffin. He nodded small thanks, turning and making his way to find a seat.

Yoongi shook his head, brows furrowed as he got back to work. His eyes wondered over to the man a few times, he just couldn’t help it, he didn’t even know why he couldn’t stop staring.

Suddenly, music blasted through the café. Yoongi looked around shocked, along with almost everyone else, till all eyes settled on the man. His eyes were widened dramatically as he quickly mumbled apologies, slim fingers fumbling to plug in his headphones, and there was a hot blush dusted on the tips of his ears that somehow warmed Yoongi’s stomach.

Once everything calmed down and the music halted, Yoongi bubbled out a giggle, hand over his mouth as he made eye contact with the man. He looked embarrassed, and then he sheepishly smiled at Yoongi before going back to his papers.

Through the morning Yoongi watched from behind the counter, absentmindedly making orders while his eyes laid curiously on the man who was constantly moving round in his chair while listening to music.


The next day the man came in and it was almost empty, the heavy rain forcing most people to stay in doors. As he walks towards Yoongi, his eyes stayed on the pastry racks.

“Hello, what would you like to order today,” the words were robotic and rehearsed but Yoongi tried to keep them sounding soft and welcoming.

The man looked down to Yoongi, and that’s when he noticed that the man was slightly taller than him, this news made his stomach flutter. He smiled softly, humming in a thinking manner. “I’d like a medium Chai Tea Latte with extra foam, please.” He bit his bottom lip for a moment, releasing the plump skin, “and one of those coffee cakes, they look absolutely delicious.” And he slid his money onto the counter.

Yoongi’s face flushed brightly, his collected facade falling as the man’s eyes never left his. Yoongi handed him his change and picked up a cup, breathing in shakily as he picked up a marker. “May I get your name? For the cup.”

The man tilted his head to the side slightly, a large smile spreading across his face, “Jung Hoseok.” And Yoongi was sunned, his smile was radiant, and he couldn’t help but smile back at him, eyes crinkling. Yoongi had almost forgotten how to smile like this.

He said Hoseok’s name back softly as he wrote it onto the cup, he then placed it to the side and looked back at Hoseok. “Your order will be done shortly, would you like your cake with you now or with the latte?”

His smile hadn’t left his face, and Yoongi wondered if maybe it would never go away. He didn’t know if he liked the thought or not, but it didn’t really matter in that moment because his cheeks were warm, his heart was pounding, and the only thing that truly mattered to him then was that he finally knew the beautiful man’s name and he might have just fallen in love with Hoseok’s smile.