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Raidy and the Lamia

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Activity circulated between the main chamber and the hallway hidden behind the bed. This was a time assumed to be morning, since no one could really tell what time it was and none of the servants were allowed outside without Mistress' permission. They moved silently about as to not disturb their Mistress and her newest toy, cleaning up the floors and some of the women lying around.

Soon, a servant with a bowl of berries strode over to the bed, pushing away the curtain and standing by one of the recently replaced fanning females. Behind them, more women were unchaining their collars and heading towards the deeper chambers.

The cocoon of coils around Raidy's body squeezed a little tighter as Freya awoke, stretching her arms out and yawning before sitting up. Beckoning the feeding girl her way, she savored many of the purple berries fed to her as well as the aroused expression of the girl as the Lamia cupped one of her breasts and bounced it. The silver nipple piercing gleamed in the torchlight as she played with it.

Actually, that reminded Freya of a detail she'd barely acknowledged. She pet the feeding girl, then motioned her away, turning her attention to the warrior wrapped up in her coils.

"Raidy-chan," she cooed, squeezing a bit more. When the response was a muffled moan, Freya popped her tail out of Raidy's mouth and pulled her closer. Her fingers brushed through the redhead's hair. "Time to wake up, Raidy-chan."

Peeling open one eye, Raidy smiled, happy to once again see her Mistress. She opened up her other eye, showing off the spirals dancing in both of them and her complete submission to the powerful Lamia. She yawned and squirmed through those fantastic coils, head leaning forward as Freya pet her.

There was a twitch in Freya's smile, subtle enough that none of the girls noticed, not even Raidy. A thought struck the Lamia, making her loosen her coil's grip around the girl. She sighed and snapped her fingers, two unchained servants crawling onto the side of the bed to meet the call.

"Take Raidy-chan to the dungeon and have her cleaned," she ordered, slipping the dreamy-eyed Raidy into the slaves' awaiting and obedient arms. "I want my new favorite especially clean when she returns. Do you understand, Raidy?" She scratched under the warrior's chin, eliciting a low groan from her, and waved her escorts off.

The two servants hefted Raidy off behind the bed, into a hall, where at the end was a stairway, and followed the steps all the way down. At the lowest floor was where all the extra activity circulated.

Women were gathering water from what appeared to be a reservoir of some kind, bringing it in wooden buckets to a wash area on the other side where they and awaiting women stood around cleaning each other.

The water source came from a crack in the temple wall, pouring in steadily from somewhere outside, likely a river. Where the women were bathing, the floor tilted away subtly from the reservoir, taking all the used water away from it.

Raidy noted all this as she was dropped by the bathing servants, though confused as to why that information mattered to her. A girl helped her to stand and began rubbing a wet purple cloth along her back, dumping water on her head next. Raidy whimpered as the girl's hand moved in between her thighs.

This didn't feel right at all.

Something metallic clattered onto the wet stone, startling Raidy and a few other girls nearby. The one cleaning her picked up Raidy's headband and was about to toss it away when Raidy snatched it out of her hands. As she slipped it back in her hair, Raidy questioned what was so important about keeping that.

The cleaning girl disregarded her strange behavior and went back to washing her.

After tying the ribbon back up, the redhead flinched as a wave of confusion suddenly crashed into her.

Raidy wasn't supposed to be like this. She wasn't supposed to allow this servant to clean her. She wasn't supposed to let that Lamia above play with her and violate her mind and body. She was supposed to fight the monster and free all the slave girls.

But why would she fight her Mistress? Those lovely coils were her new home and protection. As long as she obeyed, she was safe and cared for. She loved being toyed with and petted and wrapped up and squeezed. It was all so nice and...

The cleaning girl froze before Raidy, sensing the distress in her mind. She cautiously waved three onlookers closer and all of them grabbed one of Raidy's limbs and carried her off past the pond.

This was the prison area. The area where servants were locked up when they began questioning their Mistress' power over them and the hypnotic spell ran its course.

Raidy was tossed into an empty cell, still naked, wet, and now cold as well. She groaned and sat up, shaking her head to clear away the dizziness. When she opened her eyes, the colorful spirals were gone and she was instantly aware of everything that had happened while under.

"Shit," she cursed, turning to find the cleaning girl locking the cell door and marching off behind the others, taking the key with her back to the shower room.

Now alone, Raidy let the memories of what had happened to her rush through her mind. She shivered at the phantom sensations of scales dragging along her bare skin. That seductive voice, however soothing it might sound, luring her into a false sense of security and toying with her weakened body. Her mouth felt strangely violated in a way from merely imagining the tail wiggling inside of it. And yet, despite all her disgust, Raidy found herself aroused by all the Lamia's perverse antics.

No! No, it wasn't like that! Raidy didn't feel that way at all. She couldn't have enjoyed it. The entire experience felt amazing because of the hypnosis. Yeah, that was it. She was forced to love it all. There wasn't a tiny part of her mind that rambled on about how perfect it was to feel the Lamia's breasts against hers and those soft hands caressing her ass. It was all part of whatever spell she was put under and Raidy was definitely not the kind of girl that enjoyed those sorts of things. Nope. Absolutely not. It was terrible.

Trembling again, Raidy then realized how cold she actually was. Her entire body was still soaked from the shower and it didn't help that she was in a chilly, dark prison cell deep inside a stone temple. She whimpered and scoured the meager area for something to ease the growing despair within her. Some way out or a shred of hope would be nice.

At the very least, she could find something to cover her naked body. A blush crept to her cheeks from the embarrassment of it all. She'd been captured, exposed, and toyed with so easily by Freya. Oddly enough, this scenario gave her a sense of déjà vu the more she thought about it.

"Ah... Damn it," she grumbled, looking at the cell bars when the memory struck her. "This is like... How Lecille... Wait." She looked down at her hand, beaming with joy when she saw the thief's lock pick Amura gave her still tied to her finger. Like Lecille, Freya hadn't noticed it when stripping her of all her armor and other useful items. It was tiny and insignificant enough to them, but just what Raidy needed.

Scrambling toward the bars, Raidy scanned for any witnesses or guards before trying to unlock the cell door. After hearing the resounding click, Raidy quietly but happily celebrated the small victory, her first step in finding a way out of this whole mess and reassessing the situation somewhere safer.

Creeping out of the cell and sneaking past other empty ones, Raidy found herself back in the shower area.

Some women still lingered, washing and drying each other while a few others carried some buckets upstairs, likely to any of the other floors she'd barely given notice to while being brought down here.

A lone blue haired female marched down the steps, carrying a folded, white blanket over to the reservoir and placing it on the edge before she jolted up stock-still. Her eyes darted about aimlessly, spirals in a flurry, before she spun around and made her way back up the steps.

Though confused as to what she'd just witnessed, Raidy didn't hesitate in nabbing the blanket and covering herself with it.

There was an instant relief that came with not feeling so exposed; a comfort that Raidy took for granted otherwise. She cloaked herself in that cozy and warm blanket, tying two ends around her neck and making sure her hair wasn't so noticeable as to not give away her location to any guards who might start looking for her soon.

She scurried off to the stairway, making her way up two steps at a time. On the way up to the main room, she almost ran into that blue haired girl, who was carrying something else now. Deciding it was safe, Raidy flanked behind this girl, keeping pace and doing her best to appear as normal as any other servant marching around.

When they finally made it to the main chamber, a sense of dread hit Raidy. How would she make it past Freya? She had no weapons or even much of a plan. All she had was this blanket. There was no way she was fast enough to sprint all the way across the room without the Lamia catching her.

Well, it was better to try.

Continuing to follow behind the girl, Raidy carefully considered how far she would make it. Would she even be able to? The entranceway was right there, mocking her. It wouldn't be hard to try, but it wouldn't be easy to escape.

They stopped by the bed, much to Raidy's dismay, and the girl stood patiently still as Freya was being fed by one of the girls what Raidy hoped was pink fruit. The Lamia had a coil around the feeder's stomach, squeezing and caressing as she ate.

It wasn't until Freya looked up at the blue haired girl that Raidy finally ducked down to completely hide. Hopefully she didn't notice that.

"What's all this about, lovely?" Freya asked, moving a hand out to pet one of the servant's thighs.

"M-Mistress, Raidy escaped the dungeon herself, but I escorted her here for you like you asked," the slave explained, tilting her head in Raidy's direction.

Well, shit.

"Raidy-chan? Really?"

The feeding girl was suddenly dropped onto the side of the bed and before Raidy could even react fast enough, the tail swiftly wrapped around her ankles and had her hanging upside-down before Freya.

"Oh, Raidy-chan, you came back to me. You're even more perfect than I realized. I'm so proud of you," she congratulated as she began slowly and methodically coiling up Raidy's legs.

Raidy squirmed her legs and feet in an attempt to fight off the imminent wrap up. A hand pulled her sheet around to hide the rest of her body from the Lamia's view. Right after that, a memory flashed into her mind and she scrunched her eyes shut.

She heard Freya's low chuckles and tensed up. Was that a good sign or not?

"Hiding that yummy body from your Mistress? You know I don't like my servants wearing anything. We'll take that."

Raidy felt herself being lowered and a pair of hands yanking away her only shield from her body. She whimpered and crossed her arms over her chest, shivering as though a rush of cold wind swept across her naked form.

"Much better," Freya declared with another soft laugh. "You know, Raidy-chan, I'm always baffled whenever I see you humans covering yourselves like you do. Is it some sort of ritual? What is the benefit of clothing to a human? I don't understand or enjoy that aspect of your kind all that well. Isn't it better to be bare and happy with your body like you are now? Isn't it better than restricting your beautiful skin under all that dirty armor of yours?"

The coils slithered across her thighs, causing her to twitch and whine in response.

Oh, no. She was getting horny from this!

Freya had her coils squeeze a little before she continued speaking, "I suppose that won't be a problem in the end, so we don't need to worry about that. Soon you'll be my mate and we'll be together for the rest of our lives, making love whenever we want. I'll be able to enjoy your perfect and nude form as much as I like." She ran her fingers through Raidy's hair, humming as she went on.

"Mate? What does that mean?"

"Exactly what you think it means. You see, Raidy-chan, a Lamia's hypnotic power can effect your kind for a long time, depending on how powerful the Lamia is. My hypnotic strength is greater than more common Lamias, so my slaves take months before they break from the spell," Freya explained, easing Raidy down lower and lower and wrapping around her ass now.

"A mate is a human who can snap out of a Lamia's hypnosis quickly and easily on their own. You, my lovely pet, took only a day to free yourself, which means you belong to me now," she continued, putting her hands on either side of Raidy's upside-down face.

Flinching back, Raidy pushed Freya's possessive hands away and tried to peel off the tail slithering along her crotch and towards her stomach. "N-No!"

"Don't be so difficult, pet. Fine. What do you want? As your Mistress, I'm charitable enough to offer something in return for your body," Freya suggested, playfully swinging her tail around to rub and stimulate Raidy.

"Give me back my armor and let all the girls you captured go," Raidy ordered, trying her best to stop the insistent tail. Her body was heating up. She needed to think of something to stop Freya and fast.

Freya laughed, louder and longer than her usual moments of mirth. "Oh, Raidy-chan, why would I ever do any of that? All these girls belong to me. You do, too, and you know my rule about clothing," she reminded her mate.

Gravity slowly began working against Raidy. Her head started pounding and her arms felt heavier than boulders. The pressure of the moment and of all the blood flowing to her brain made it harder to think. She needed to act. Raidy needed to try anything or this escape would be hopeless.

Focus, Raidy! Think of something!

An energy surged within her, familiar and powerful. That right! Raidy wasn't called the Lightning Warrior for no reason! It was the only thing left for her to try, so hopefully it worked. One large burst would be enough, wouldn't it?

Without her sword, Raidy's lightning sparked out of her body, zapping the coils now up to her breasts. A few sparks even landed on Freya's outstretched hand.

"Fascinating. Is that magic?"

Huh? Wait. It didn't work?

Raidy opened her eyes in disbelief, but immediately regretted the decision.

"As interesting as that little trick was, Raidy-chan, I'm afraid you've lost. Now comes the fun part," Freya said as she dropped Raidy's limp body onto the bed.

"Fun?" Raidy repeated, trembling as she tried crawling away. Why did she open her eyes? How could she forget why she even had them shut in the first place? How was that short blast of spirals enough to slow her down?

Wrapping her arms around her human, Freya brought Raidy closer and turned her around so they could be face-to-face.

"Yes, Raidy-chan. I told you how a Lamia finds her mate, but not what comes next. You see, a Lamia has this special power she can only use on her mate, which allows her to absorb them into her body and turn them into the perfect lover and pet when they come back out." Freya pet her struggling partner, humming a little to soothe Raidy.

Having no other choice but to stare into Freya's hypnotic eyes, Raidy bumped her forehead against Freya's in a final, futile attempt to break free.

She didn't want to be a pet. She wanted to save the day. She wanted to escape and figure out more about her lightning powers. She wasn't meant to be a snake woman's lover.

"You're the only one, Raidy-chan. Out of all the servants I hypnotized, you were the only one to easily free yourself. You are what fate promised me so long ago. You are my mate, and now I get to absorb you, as you're meant to be," Freya declared.

Raidy mentally struggled, unable to move her body anymore. Her whimpers were silenced by a finger to her lips. Her body was eased onto Freya's stomach, and her hand began to magically sink in.

One of her arms disappeared into it, and Raidy barely had the strength to resist, peer up at her Mistress, and whisper, "But... But I... I have to..."

"You don't have to do anything anymore. Your mission is complete, Raidy-chan. Your journey is finally over, as fate said it would be." Freya pushed Raidy's head onto her stomach, enjoying the small side effect of pleasure the absorption experience gave her. Her coils wrapped around Raidy's lower half, lifting it up to help ease the rest of her in.

To Raidy, this experience was like many gentle hands touching every part of her they could and pulling her into a warm, soft, and eternal embrace.

"Mmn... No... No m-more..."

"Shh. Relax. No need to think. It won't hurt at all," Freya crooned. She smiled as Raidy's sleepy eyes closed and her head slowly disappeared.

The rest of the body took a minute or two more, but soon Freya fell back into her bed, rubbing her completely unaltered stomach.

"There we are. You're such a perfect pet, Raidy-chan. Now you can rest easy in there. No more travels, no more fighting, and no more worries. Once you give in completely, your home will be here, on my bed, and in my coils."

Freya sighed in delight, then snapped her fingers.

For a moment, all the slaves tensed up, but when the feeling quickly passed, they were back to business as usual, tending to their Mistress once more. Servants started moving about, the feeding girl crawling back onto the bed with her bowl in hand. The girls with their large fans smiled and continued their simple, robotic task without complaint.

As the calm settled back into the temple's atmosphere, Freya allowed it to whisk her off to sleep.

Raidy awoke, standing in front of a wooden door. As her gaze darted about, she felt a vague wash of familiarity, but disregarded it when she saw her sword and armor were back on her.

For some reason, a part of her didn't like that. She was overjoyed to be back in her old clothes again and... in some dungeon? The gray stonework was so familiar, but she couldn't explain why if she was asked.

Instead she decided to follow her familiar tactic of barging into the room in front of her. It was exhilarating to once again be in this situation, but she was suddenly out of it and tied up.

There was a shrill scream and Raidy found herself stripped completely of her armor, much to her dismay. Strong hands hefted her body up high and onto...

"N-No. No, no. Stop. Please!" Try as she might, it was as if Raidy never said a word.

The wooden horse barely hurt, which was surprising. These things usually inflicted pain and yet Raidy found herself enjoying the sensation a little too much.

When she groaned in pleasure, a light chuckle met her ears. Before she could react, a whip cracked against her back and Raidy shrieked. It was more out of reflex that she responded that way, but the feeling of pain that should have been there was replaced with immense pleasure.

Something was definitely wrong here.

Oddly enough, Raidy found herself not caring for that fact. She groaned again as the raw pleasure she felt on her skin and jutting into her pussy stimulated her more and more.

Suddenly she fell to the floor, back in her armor and completely unscathed.

"Huh?" She searched around the room, which seemed endless and empty of all life. It was as if nothing had even happened. What was going on?

"What are you looking for, Raidy?" A feminine voice whispered in her ear.

Raidy flinched as a hand grabbed her head and pulled her up to face a shadowy female figure. She couldn't make out any features, but she was immediately not allowed to as her face was shoved down below. She found herself licking at this girl's lower mouth.

A scent indescribably pleasant filled the air the deeper Raidy worked her tongue. The hand that held her head instead moved to pet it, encouraging her to keep going.

Despite how humiliated Raidy knew she should've felt, she found the pleasure and delight that replaced it much more rewarding.

The hand stopped and slid down to Raidy's cheek, but when Raidy opened her eyes to gaze up at the gentle woman, she had vanished.

Once again, Raidy was alone.

Her mind buzzed with a mix of confusion and pleasure, trying to make sense of all this. Her body responded similarly but strangely, and when she looked down at her body to assess herself, she whimpered.

Hot red wax bubbled on her arms and chest in painful looking patches. They didn't hurt her, but did warm her body. Then, in a blink of the eye, the wax turned a yellowish white and sloppily dripped onto the floor.

"Interesting memories you have, Raidy-chan."

Raidy followed the direction of the voice, looking up above and gasping.

The Lamia's tail wrapped around her neck, pulling her up into a much brighter scene in the middle of a forest.

"I hope you don't mind me watching that little show of yours. It was much more enlightening than you think," Freya approved, setting her companion down on top of her.

Raidy glared and sat up, inadvertently straddling the monster woman. "What did you do to me? What's happening around here?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Freya asked, tilting her head a bit. She used her powerful coils to push Raidy back down onto her. "Well, I guess it would make sense that you blocked that fact out. You didn't quite accept it before. I'm learning about you through your memories, taking them from you until I've absorbed them all into myself."

Gulping as realization struck, Raidy squirmed in an attempt to get out from under the dominating hold. There had to be a way out of this. This could be her last chance to break free. She wasn't scrounging it.

"Oh, Raidy-chan. You know that plan won't work. The only way out for you is to give in and accept your fate." Freya laughed as she casually braided a couple strands of Raidy's hair together. She was reading her mind.

"No! That can't be true! There has to be another way."

Freya stopped and stared at the warrior, that defiant gaze, determined posture, and those unyielding words echoed in her mind. "You are absolutely perfect, you know that? Even when you have no possible way of escaping, you still try to fight. You refuse to be my lover, to let your mind wander in bliss for all eternity, to feel pleasure whenever we choose."

"Because I know that that pleasure costs more than you say it does. I'd lose my mind, body, and free will so you can have your way with me. It's not whenever we choose. It's whenever you do. You'll control me. You'll manipulate me into wanting what you want whenever you want and you'll tell me it's okay. And I don't want that to begin with," Raidy snapped, baring her teeth and still struggling to escape from her captor.

"You are smarter than you look, I suppose. But Raidy... It's already too late. You really can't do anything anymore. And as much as the deal sounds terrible, is it anything worse than going back to the life you already had?" Hugging her pet close to her chest, Freya peered up at what should have been a roof or a sky.

When Raidy was given the chance and a bit more freedom to move, she turned over and saw a grassy, green field. In it, her three traveling companions, Fonfon, Tiss, and Foless stood, talking to one another. They looked to be talking anyway. Raidy couldn't hear a word, but they were grinning, laughing, and apparently having a great conversation nonetheless.

"Those are your friends?" Freya questioned, seemingly unimpressed by the other monster girls.

"Err... Sort of."

"Will they try to come find you?"

"Maybe. They'll have some trouble trying to, I think."

Freya chuckled a bit before looking back to her lover. She frowned at Raidy's upset and distant expression. "Why do you still want to try, Raidy-chan? Why do you want to go back?"

"Because I want to learn about my powers. I want to protect innocent people from all kinds of trouble and figure out why I was given control over lightning." Raidy let the tail wrap up one of her wrists, petting the scales with her other hand. It was rather soothing to do, even though she couldn't really feel the tail.

The Lamia sat up, still hugging Raidy from behind and pinning her legs down with her heavy coils.

"But doesn't that eventually become tiresome? Wandering around and fighting monsters; wearing yourself down for the sake of others. It must hurt," Freya ventured, petting Raidy to comfort her more.

Raidy tilted her head towards the caring touch, a sense of dread settling in the pit of her stomach. "It does sometimes."

"Then stay with me. Relax and enjoy endless pleasure. You'll be safe with me and one day, perhaps, we can figure out your power together. How does that sound, Raidy-chan?" Freya suggested, her chest pressing into the back of Raidy's head. She rested her chin on top and watched her coils bind her mate.

There wasn't any way out. Freya said it herself, this was the end. Was it Raidy's fate to be here? All her life lead up to her Mistress enveloping her in these strong coils, claiming her, and controlling her. That was all her journey meant.

"That... sounds lovely... Mistress," Raidy murmured, slumping into the massive hold. She closed her eyes and let the vague dream sensations take over.

Freya yawned, then pat her stomach and took the last chunk of meal her feeding servant placed into her mouth.

It had been almost a month since Raidy was absorbed. She had been very resistant these last few days, which filled Freya with a sense of pride. The Lamia had found a truly perfect mate in the Lightning Warrior.

Last night, Raidy had given in. This morning, Freya waited for her lover to appear. She could feel her pet pushing to escape, more to start her new life rather than leave her coils. She placed her tail on top of her stomach, using it to ease the presence lurking within.

A hand suddenly grabbed it, stunning Freya until she realized what was happening. With a confident smirk, the Lamia pulled up and admired the view of her submissive and naked lover.

Raidy moaned as she fell onto her Mistress, already aroused and ready to obey. She opened her eyes, revealing not her usual red eyes, but blue ones exactly like Freya's.

Her snake eyes followed her Mistress' gentle hands, enjoying the caress of her breasts and the loving petting. She gasped as the tail wrapped around her neck and tugged her head up to connect her lips with Freya's.

When the kiss was immediately broken, Raidy whined and panted, eager to please her mate more and feel that perfect pleasure again.

The tail wagged in front of her, catching her attention as easily as her Mistress had hoped.

"What is it, Raidy-chan? Do you want something in particular?" Freya teased, dragging the tail tip over Raidy's upper lip and making her writhe with heated desire.

Raidy's tongue wasn't able to touch it. She wanted the tail. Oh, gods, did she want it in her mouth. Sweat formed on her skin from how hot her body was becoming and it wasn't stopped at all by the desperation. "Please, Mistress. Put it in my mouth. I want it."

With a delighted chuckle, Freya wagged her tail and shook her head. "Not yet, pet. There are still a few things you must do before you have your pleasure." She tapped the end of her tail on Raidy's nose, enjoying the whimpers she received in return.

Snapping her fingers, two servants marched out from the corridor behind the bed with two special gifts Freya had for her mate.

One was a collar, similar to those the slaves wore in everything but the color. It was a shimmering gold instead of the common rusty red or worn black.

Freya kept her mate's attention on her tail as she unraveled it from her neck. The distracting promise was enough for her to wrap the shiny, new collar around Raidy's neck without interruption or complaint. Not that Raidy would do that anymore.

Right when the Lamia hooked her tail around the metal ring, Raidy adored and accepted the gift, rolling over like a dog.

She adored how the collar made her feel more like the pet she was meant to be. Happy and without a care in the world. Resting day in and day out with her Mistress. That's how it was supposed to be, and it was such a lovely idea to her.

"And now for your other gift. Hold still, Raidy-chan. These might be magic, but the spell won't work if you fidget too much. Then it'll really hurt." Freya bound her lover's legs with her coils and had a servant hold her wrists before she picked up the two awaiting golden ring piercings.

Raidy moaned, but kept still and obeyed as she obviously would. No reason to fight if she was assured she wouldn't be hurt. She didn't even flinch when the piercings pinched her nipples. It was as if a buzzing traveled through her soft breasts instead.

"There we go," Freya murmured, waiting a moment before kneading Raidy's breasts. She hummed as she squeezed as much of their mass as she could.

In response, Raidy moaned again and shivered, beyond enjoying the treatment.

Shooing the two servants off, Freya rolled Raidy back onto her stomach and set her down on the Lamia's lap. She enjoyed how her obedient lover rubbed her head against Freya's midriff like a cat would. As a reward, she pet Raidy and giggled at her goofy but relaxed smile.

Then Freya noticed the headband and ribbon still tied up in Raidy's hair. Well, that wouldn't do anymore.

"My perfect mate doesn't need any reminders of her fighting days, does she?" Freya cooed, untying the ribbon.

Raidy hummed in agreement, though she didn't notice what her Mistress was even doing. No, she was locked in bliss, hugging her Mistress' waist and pressing her naked body against the scaly one beneath her.

"Yes, Raidy-chan. No more worries or doubts about it. You belong to me and nothing should say otherwise." Tugging the ribbon out of Raidy's hair, Freya caught the headband as it slipped off with it. She then tossed both to the floor, since they weren't important to either of them anymore. "There; now you're all done."

Her coils tightened around Raidy's legs, dragging up higher to bind her waist as well. Her tail tugged Raidy's head up once more, bringing her in for another passionate kiss.

Feeling her body grow limp, Raidy let the intoxicating scent and powerful hold of her Mistress overwhelm her.

She let Freya's long, forked tongue enter her mouth and groaned when she felt it wrap around her own. It was a comforting reminder that she served the Lamia, feeling it worm around her mouth.

When she was freed from the lip lock, she fell onto her Mistress' breasts, her own pressing into Freya's midriff.

"M-Mistress, oh, that was so good." She wiggled around, further aroused by the coils constricting and rubbing into her. They even continued up to her stomach, making her writhe with pleasure.

"Of course it was, Raidy-chan. You're supposed to enjoy it. You love every bit of teasing and adoration I give you because I tell you to. You no longer have reason to resist. All your simple little memories belong to me now and they were the only thing keeping us apart. Now you no longer do or have to remember why you refused to become my pet for so long. Do you know why?"

Freya's squeezing stopped, bringing Raidy out of her ignorant world. She stared at her Mistress, a thought actually entering her mind that made sense of it all.

"Because you're my Mistress. You control my mind, memories, and thoughts. I obey without question," Raidy exclaimed, only to be muffled by the tail in her mouth as a reward. She licked and sucked on the scales, reeling from being given the pleasure and comfort promised to her.

Freya laughed and stretched her arms out to relax. "That's such a lovely thing of you to say, Raidy-chan." She sighed and rubbed her back, moving to reposition her body. "Ugh. That shouldn't hurt as much as it does."

Perhaps she'd rested too often on this bed. Her back was killing her, neck to waist. All her plush pillows and soft sheets did nothing to ease the pain. No matter how much she shifted, her back found no solace.

A muffled garble from Raidy made her finally acknowledge her companion's awaiting expression.

Curious to know what she was trying to say, Freya popped her tail out.

"I could... massage your back, Mistress. Make the pain go away and please you," Raidy suggested, out of breath and heavily blushing. Her body was hot beneath all these cool coils, but that didn't matter to her. All that mattered was keeping her mate happy.

As Freya contemplated the idea, she moved around again, only to growl in agitation. She definitely needed something to ease this dreadful ache.

"Alright, my pet. Please me."

Raidy found herself being lifted as her Mistress rolled over, then dropped out of her bindings and onto the Lamia's back. She straddled Freya's waist, right where the snake half began.

"Do a good job and I'll reward you, Raidy-chan," Freya cooed, wiggling her tail in front of her lover's face. It tightened around Raidy's collar for emphasis.

"O-Oh, yes, my Mistress. Whatever you command of your lowly mate." Raidy let out a quivering breath, her hands pressing dutifully onto Freya's back. As her fingers made slow, methodical movements along Freya's spine, her pussy twitched and dripped her lustful juices onto the Lamia's scales.

"Lowly?" Freya chuckled. "That's not true, Raidy-chan. In fact, you're the most important girl here. My mate is above all my servants. You can even order them around if you want to. All servants obey their Mistress and her mate." She sighed in delight as the pressure eased the pain away.

Before her eyes could close to take in the pleasure and rest, a servant appeared in front of her.

"What is it, slave? What's that in your arms?" Freya grumbled, not in the mood to deal with the girl's presence.

"Apologies, Mistress," spoke the familiar blue haired girl. "We've been holding onto these for some time and none of us are sure what to do with them." She held out a pile of heavy armor, shields, clothing, and a sword.

"Ah, yes. Raidy-chan's useless items. Hm, I have no need for much of it. Though, I suppose... that weapon could be of some use, wouldn't it, Raidy-chan?" Freya pet her mate's happy little head with her tail, knowingly.

The warrior giggled, glad to still be the center of the Lamia's attention.

"Put the sword by the bed, servant. Those other items can be thrown away, for all I care," Freya commanded, waving away the girl with a lazy hand.

"Of course, Mistress. Whatever you say," the girl replied, placing the sword on the floor. She then took the rest of the items in her shaky arms and left through the exit of the temple, instead of behind the bed.

Back to her comforting massage, Freya relaxed her body. Her mind and gaze were still on the sword however.


"Yes, my love?"

"You'd protect me, should any more intruders come in, right?" she questioned, removing her tail from around Raidy's collar.

"Of course, Mistress! I will keep you safe to the best of my abilities! No one will harm you as long as I'm around!" Raidy declared. She leaned over Freya's human half to increase some of the pressure in her massaging. She wanted to prove herself to Freya, display her devotion in any way she could. She loved her Mistress and the pleasure she gave.

Before she could react, something entered Raidy's pussy.

Freya wriggled her tail around inside her mate, chuckling at Raidy's gasp. When Raidy fell on top of her back, Freya playfully tapped a finger on Raidy's nose.

"Such an obedient girl you are, Raidy-chan. Your reward now is the pleasure you've craved for so long. My mate is the only one I can have sex with, you know. You should be honored to have such a privilege," Freya commented. She continued to dig her tail into Raidy, then shivered as the satisfying juices of her lover mingled with hers inside.

Raidy whined and whimpered with each jerk and twitch of the tail inside her lower mouth. "I... I am honored, Mistress... oh, so... C-Cool... Mmn... Ah! Ahh! It's– Oh, M-Mistress! It's in..." Raidy panted and jerked her hips. She hugged Freya's shoulders in an attempt to keep sane. "Ahhh! It's inside my... Oh... My womb."

"Do you enjoy it, Raidy-chan?"

"Y-Yes. Ah... I love it." Raidy's blue eyes darted around the bed, chamber, towards the chained up servants, anything to keep herself grounded. She couldn't think straight, but it all felt so great. "C... I-I... Ah, I'm gonna... Ahh!"

"Go on, dear. Come all you'd like. No one will judge you for it." Pumping the tail in and out a few times, Freya laughed at Raidy's groan of release. Afterward, she slipped her tail out and shook all the gooey, sticky juices away in victory.

The body on top of her relaxed into the bliss that followed her orgasm, resting her chin on Freya's shoulder.

"I'm proud of you, Raidy-chan. You held out for much longer than I expected you to. Perhaps, with more practice, you'll become better at handling penetration and hold out for longer," Freya said with a hopeful smile.

An absentminded hum was her only given response, Raidy completely exhausted from all the stimulus. Her eyelids drooped closed and she snuggled up to the snake woman to take a nice nap.

Freya didn't mind at all. In fact, she enjoyed the cute, satisfied smile on her mate's face. "I love you, Raidy-chan," she whispered as she hooked her clean tail onto Raidy's collar again.

She chuckled at the vague murmurings in response; something along the lines of "I love you, too."


Licking her lips of all the remnants of juice, Raidy opened her mouth again.

As dutiful as ever, the feeding girl placed another chunk of red fruit onto Raidy's tongue and waited for her Mistress to finish. The innocent smile faltered as wandering hands rubbed her thighs and teased her eager groin with the promise of pleasure.

Yes, please, Raidy. Dominate your loyal subject and play with her. She's begging to be in between you and your Mistress, to be toyed with and pleasured beyond all comprehension. Please, take her.

"Mm, I think you've had enough, Raidy-chan," declared Freya.

The heavy coil on Raidy's lap practically attacked the feeding girl with how fast it ensnared her and dropped her to the side of the bed. Raidy herself did nothing to fight the arm that pulled her onto her lover, despite her physique being muscular and agile from the past month's work.

In fact, this past month had been rather productive for Raidy and Freya. After a few days of toying with Raidy, Freya had decided to keep her end of the deal and actually train Raidy. Her tail was quick and strong, and over time able to outmaneuver her pet, which wouldn't do at all. So every presumed morning, Freya would have Raidy train, running around the temple, lifting up large rocks or even the servant girls, and eventually battling Freya's snake half until she was exhausted.

Now Freya's coils could glide over Raidy's stomach and enjoy the toned curves that had formed there. Squeeze her rear and enjoy its firmness. Have those powerful arms pinned to Raidy's sides and feeling her muscles move beneath the bundle of coils surrounding them.

As the coils made their way around her lover, Freya pet her and pressed the back of her head against the snake woman's soft, perky breasts.

"Are you comfortable, Raidy-chan?" Freya asked as she hugged her close.

Raidy hummed happily in reply, swaying her hips from within her bindings.

"What would you like to do today?"

"Whatever you want to do, Mistress," Raidy murmured. She had little care in the world other than pleasing her Mistress. Her decisions were made by Freya, so it didn't even matter what she wanted anyway. In the end, it was all the snake woman's choice.

Freya giggled and wrapped her tail around Raidy's collar, moving her pet to sit up. "I think you know what I want, Raidy-chan."

The slaves and chained up women around the bed gave a chorus of groans. They were all eager to be a part of the main event. It was quite often that Freya pulled one or two of them out of the bunch to play with; even Raidy had the choice too. Today was one of those special intimate days that a servant was rarely a part of, but hoping to be. Since Raidy had become the Lamia's mate, Freya focused more on her rather than the other girls.

The upside, however, was that whenever the slaves were brought into the mix, more were chosen to play instead of the mere one or two from before. With two women in charge, there was more love to go around and all the girls wanted a piece of the pleasure pie.

Raidy tugged away the tail, rubbing the end before turning over to look into Freya's seductive and knowing gaze. She pounced on top of Freya and their lips connected as they desired. That invading forked tongue grabbed Raidy's, intermingling as intimately as they themselves did.

When they broke apart, Freya panted, wide-eyed and astonished with her mate's behavior. "You've become so passionate, Raidy-chan. It's unlike you to be so good at that."

"I do it for you, Mistress. My only desire is for you to be pleased with my obedience. Nothing else matters to me," Raidy explained, her strong arms wrapped around Freya's neck. She pressed her pierced breasts onto Freya's much larger ones to emphasize her lust and desire.

"Mm, and I am quite pleased by that. Actually–" She snapped her fingers, alerting all the other servants to her incoming order. "Leave us to our privacy, slaves. Raidy-chan and I require the chamber to ourselves for the time being." She waved a lazy hand towards the inner stairway, directing the others that way.

The whines and moans in response were ignored as Raidy lifted her waist up, ready for Freya to act. The Lamia grinned, burrowing her tail into Raidy's pussy and proceeding to deepen their love and passion for one another.

Raidy continued to serve her Mistress Freya's needs and stayed her mate for a long time. For the time being, Raidy’s story ended here.