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Raidy and the Lamia

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Pebbles crackled along the stone path as the strong winds rushed by. Devoid of as much life as possible in that particular area, the rocky and crumbled ruins were encased in a sphere of silence.

The vacancy of noise was only then filled by the sigh of a lone woman, who stood at the top of the multitude steps leading to the ancient abandoned temple, barely deterred by the state of her surroundings.

When the Lightning Warrior, better known as Raidy, learned from the nearby civilization down below that many of the young females had been disappearing into the temple ruins, she made it her immediate mission to investigate what had happened to all of them.

Treading carefully towards what appeared to be the entrance, carved rock in the shape of a strange human deity's head with its mouth open, Raidy noticed the scratch marks in the stone beneath her. It was as if countless battles had been fought at the top of the temple, continuously wearing into the rocks with age. She couldn't see any recent ones, as far as she could tell, but the sight was a little off-putting.

Despite this, Raidy crossed the darkened entryway and passed the narrow and winding hall into the real part of the temple, an area where the stonework was much less destroyed. Though the walls, hung torches, and surrounding work were prettier, they couldn't distract from the rather unique 'decorations' that lined the room.

Collared and chained to the walls, women were strewn about the perimeter, moaning and pleasuring each other as if it were the only thing they knew. Raidy gulped and tried to avoid staring at the bodies pressed up against each other, groping, toying and teasing one another. All of them even had piercings on their breasts, which clinked whenever two chests pushed into each other. Some even took to pulling or twisting them.

No, no. Stop. Raidy wasn't looking. Anymore. No. Focus, Raidy. Focus!

Instead, Raidy shook her head of any wild thoughts before returning back to the task at hand and forcing herself to stare at the floor as she walked. Her ears were met with the happy climaxes of multiple females, which brought a bright blush to her cheeks. Daring to look again, her red eyes darted along the masses lining the walls until she found one girl alone at the foot of a sort of curtained-off bed of some kind.

"H-Hey," she called as she knelt down before the nodding-away girl. "Can you tell me anything about whoever is keeping you all here?"

The girl smiled and hummed, eyes shut but body still awake and aware. Her hands rubbed her inner thighs as she responded, "Mistress takes care of us and keeps us all safe and happy. She's absolutely perfect and loves us and plays with us and... Ahh." Sighing blissfully, the girl opened her eyes and stared dreamily at Raidy.

The warrior gasped. To her shock, the girl's eyes were filled with rapidly spinning spirals, almost like a kaleidoscope of color spewing from her pinprick sized pupils. Looking around at the others, she could see a few nearby had similar spirals in their eyes too. She assumed the rest were afflicted with this strange magic as well and shivered.

Some kind of charm magic, maybe? It was Raidy's first guess and she was positive she wouldn't get an answer from any of them if she asked about it. Better it would be if she made sure to avoid any spells this Mistress might try on her.

Turning her attention back to the girl in front of her, Raidy waved her hand in front of that dazed expression. "Err, do you think you can tell me anything specific about her? What she looks like or any magic she might use?" She frowned as the girl ignored her and began squeezing her own breasts. There went her only lead on the situation.

Standing back up, Raidy observed the curtains surrounding the circular bed, parting them slightly only to be met with another female tumbling off the side.

This woman groaned, twitched, and panted as she rolled over onto her back. Before Raidy could speak to her, two more naked women came from behind the curtains, walking over to the fallen one and dragging her off to somewhere behind the bed before the hero could do anything about it all.

Curious as to what was really happening behind these curtains, Raidy finally pushed them aside, amazed with what she found.

In the middle of the bed, lazily resting upon it like a comfortable throne, was a Lamia, a woman of half-human, half-snake descent. At her sides were two females fanning her while another rested by her lap, feeding her chunks of fruit from a bowl. A few others relaxed on the edges of the bed and it was strange to note that all these women were not chained to the wall, but still collared and eagerly resting with the Lamia. It had to be whatever spell she put on all of them.

Raidy hadn't even fully comprehended the Lamia's snake half. It wasn't exactly lengthy, all of it able to stay on the bed without slipping, but what it lacked in that, it clearly made up for in sheer muscle and strength. The Lamia had a woman wrapped up in her dark brown coils, lifted up above the warrior's head and squeezing. The ensnared woman moaned in delight and the coils seemed to pulsate in response around her.

It was almost terrifying to watch, even though all the women looked so grateful, pleased, and, Raidy only noticed it now, perfectly fine.

Despite all of the women being collared and most of them chained to the surrounding walls, they were all as clean and well-fed as the Lamia was.

And as naked. The more Raidy stood before the Lamia, the more uncomfortably aroused her own body felt. She shouldn't stare, but she did and the Lamia's human half was alluring. Her skin was tan and looked so soft and smooth to the touch. Her eyes were a dazzling sapphire blue color and her hair long, dark, and braided, almost serpentine, like her tail.

"Oh? What do we have here? Another girl comes to join her Mistress Freya in bed?" The Lamia chuckled as she finally took notice of Raidy standing before her. Setting the coiled up woman down on the bed, Freya popped her tail out of the woman's mouth and curled it towards Raidy, as if beckoning her with it.

The warrior grimaced. "Um... No. I'm here to... to..." She was distracted by the wrapped up woman panting and screaming out in pleasure. Yet even when she averted her eyes back to the Lamia, that burst of arousal rushed right back at the sight of bare chest and stomach, breasts that shook as Freya moved to relax more into the bed. Squirming where she stood, Raidy spoke the first thought that came to mind to remedy her horniness, "Wh-Why are you all naked?"

Freya had to laugh. Immediately, Raidy knew when those words left her lips, she'd receive the heartiest of laughs and she did. The snake woman held her stomach as she did and her tail wiggled around by her play toy of a girl.

"Silly girl. I have no need for those useless coverings you humans wear and neither should my servants," Freya replied as her mirth settled. For a moment, she considered Raidy, how the warrior's seemingly brave facade crumbled before her, and how beautiful she was. Perhaps this new girl would be the one? Oh, yes. Or at the very least a decent new slave. "Might I ask who you are?"

Shaking off the embarrassment and gripping tightly at the hilt of her sword, Raidy held her head high and steady with determination. "I'm Raidy and I'm here to free these women from your control," she declared.

"Raidy... Is that really what you want? I mean, look around you. My girls are all so happy. Don't you like what you see? Don't you want to taste it, even a little? Join me in bed and enjoy my coils, Raidy. It won't hurt to try," she offered, holding a hand out for the girl to take. She tried keeping eye contact, hoping to lure her in as easily as she had a few other girls.

Something in the offer made the women surrounding the Lamia moan and hum excitedly. Freya wasn't wrong about that, it seemed. Raidy gulped and bit her bottom lip.

Damn. What was she thinking? Why was she considering this? Raidy wasn't supposed to fall for these tricks. She was supposed to save people from monsters enslaving them. She was a hero, not a sex slave.

Unsheathing her sword, Raidy went into her fighting stance and grit her teeth, focused on completing her mission.

"Ah. I suppose that is to be expected of someone like you," Freya reasoned, dropping her play toy onto the bed and keeping her thinner coils in between her and Raidy defensively. "But I'm sure you'll take my offer soon enough."

The snake tail lashed out at Raidy, attempting to grab her and wrap her up. Dodging back and out of the way, Raidy swung her sword towards it to keep it as far away from her as she could before sprinting over to the bed. She aimed her sword at the Lamia, but was halted by a shimmer of some kind.

Her running slowed, eyes focused on Freya's calm expression. What was that? She was doing something and then something spiraled around in her head. Raidy shook her head and held her sword out again, only to find it wasn't in her hands.

It clattered a few steps behind her and she spun around to pick it up, but spun back again to narrowly avoid the tail making another grab at her. She ducked and dodged once more, barely escaping the crafty loop Freya had made to catch her. Making another grab for her sword, she rolled under a scaly swipe and bravely raised her weapon once more.

The attacking tail fell to the floor in defeat, which caught Raidy off guard slightly. Really? She hadn't even done anything. She eyed her opponent with a concerned but cautious expression. This definitely wasn't right.

Freya had leaned closer to the edge of the bed, gazing right at Raidy with eyes full of spirals similar to the ones the slaves had.

Instantly Raidy found herself unable to look away. The more she stared, the more that previous heat built back up inside her. She whined as her thoughts slipped off into those spiraling depths, lost yet happy. The tail snaked under her chest armor and began twisting around playfully.

Finding her hypnosis' effects easily working into the warrior's mind, the Lamia had her tail remove all that useless armor and poke around Raidy's body.

Enjoying the squeaks of confusion, Freya looped her coils under and around the human, wrapping up Raidy's now bare form and having her straddle a larger coil.

Raidy whined and squirmed in the thick mass, a part of her mind working to fight the spirals. She hadn't expected them to be in the snake woman's eyes. Surely, they would've come from some magic the Lamia would chant instead. This wasn't something Raidy had encountered before. This was so... Hard to... Resist.

"That's it, Raidy-chan. Just keep looking into my eyes. Let your Mistress pleasure you and make you happy," Freya purred, lifting the naked warrior up high and petting her long red hair with her tail.

The Lamia sat back and admired her work, still keeping her eyes on Raidy's. She snapped her fingers and the extra women resting on her bed slowly crawled off and back to the walls to chain themselves up once more. The woman that fed her sat patiently by the foot of the bed, while the fanning ones continued their work, satisfied as always to please their Mistress.

All the while Raidy let her body relax into the coils, eased into submission by the scales and hypnosis. Her resistance disappeared into a small corner of her mind as her Mistress' power overthrew her thoughts. The coils around her breasts squeezed a little and she barely fought the moan that escaped her. While her eyes kept contact with Freya's, the tail worked its way along her body, tugging at her hair and tickling her neck. It looped around her neck until the end was sitting by her lips, poking them innocently.

Without really thinking, as she couldn't do much of that anymore, Raidy opened her mouth and the tail shoved itself in, cold and eager.

With Raidy's muffled sigh, Freya sat her new servant down in front of her. "See?" she spoke with a chuckle, "I told you you'd be happy here. Your Mistress knows what's best for you, Raidy-chan." Leaning against the heavy coils, the snake woman twirled a strand of red hair on her finger and nodded slowly, making her captive mirror her action.

Body heating up under the cool scales, a new adoration blossomed within Raidy. Yes. She clearly knew nothing without her Mistress. It was foolish to argue, but thankfully her Mistress was kind enough not to punish her. Mentally reminding herself never to behave so stupidly ever again, she licked at the tail worming in her mouth. She loved the way her Mistress treated her, like a good mindless slave for the Lamia to play with.

The coil between her thighs greedily rubbed and pressed into her. She couldn't contain the bubbling pleasure that rose to her throat in a whimper. So desperate and hot, Raidy loved it all and craved more. She even thrusted against it herself, searching her Mistress' sly expression for more of what she desired.

"Hm? What is it, Raidy-chan?" Freya loosened her massive coils, gently and carefully massaging the girl's shoulders with her hands. As the scaly body slid off Raidy, the Lamia popped her tail out of the girl's mouth. Lifting Raidy up, Freya brought her new servant down on top of her, their breasts pressing together and warm, drippy groin landing on the cusp of human waist and snake scales.

Mind overwhelmed by the strangely unfamiliar sensations surrounding her, her Mistress forcing more of those beautiful spirals into her eyes, coils sliding along her back and pinning her to her Mistress, Raidy let the low groan in her throat become a shriek of climax. Soon, she was riding on pleasure and bliss, possessive arms around her waist. She knew only joy and obedience. She cared only for her Mistress.

"I guess I overestimated you, Raidy-chan. You might have beauty and strength, but that isn't enough to make you my mate. It does make you my new favorite slave, I suppose." Freya laughed at the human's confused and ignorant expression, clearly not paying attention to those details. She slid her hands down to her slave's butt, an excited shiver riding down Raidy's spine. "You're just too easy to play with, Raidy-chan. Such a shame too. You'd be such a perfect pet otherwise," the Lamia continued, letting up on her hypnotic ability when she knew Raidy would never think of escape.

Freya squeezed those butt cheeks, taking in every happy groan until Raidy started panting instead. Interested to know how this new eagerness apparently evolved, the snake woman quickly had her all coiled up from waist to neck.

Immediately, Raidy's panting became fervid, practically begging for more on its own. The scaly body was so cool and comforting on her hot skin, like Mistress' special protective and loving embrace. Though the coil in between her legs wasn't there, she still loved the feeling nonetheless.

Tightening them a little more, Freya smirked at the loud moan in response. She even reveled in the bit of kicking Raidy added in. Her desperation was fascinating and delicious compared to the other slaves. Something primal and personal in her wordless pleading delighted Freya in a way she hadn't been before.

"It's almost as if you enjoy the pressure of my coils. So soft and sensitive to them. Do you like them, Raidy-chan?" she asked, petting the warrior's head with her tail.

"Mm, yes, Mistress. So-oh! Much!" Raidy cried with joy as her legs were wrapped up as well. She was positively bathing in horniness but she loved every second of the feeling. She could barely wait for more.

"Oh? Do you? I was under the impression that you didn't want them at all. What do you want now, Raidy-chan?" Freya questioned further, enthralled by this servant's indescribable uniqueness.

"I w-want to obey. I want to be toyed with and told what to do. I want to be a good, obedient servant for you," Raidy declared, squirming to feel more scales around her. She wanted to be squeezed. She wanted Mistress to abuse her and make her beg. She could barely contain her want any longer.

Freya tightened the hold a little more, but only subtly and slightly. She had to leave the girl wanting more. It was in her nature to tease and so much fun to watch Raidy's torment. "So who am I to you then, Raidy-chan?"

"Mistress! You are my Mistress, who plays with her servants and loves them and is adored by all for her perfection. I love you, Mistress," Raidy answered, groaning out half her words as her pent up desires grew. She wanted this so badly. She loved it all so much, trapped and mindless in her Mistress' coils. Dripping crotch and begging for more, she restlessly writhed and panted.

"And you mentioned obedience. Who do you obey?"

"You! You, Mistress! I obey you, my perfect and powerful Mistress. I'll be your obedient servant until my dying breath." She was so close. So full and happy and lost in her mind to pleasing her Mistress. She barely remembered who she was or what she was saying, but it wasn't like it mattered. She served. She obeyed. She was Mistress' slave and toy. She didn't need to think. She was lucky enough to be the center of Mistress' attention as it was. She wasn't supposed to be thinking about anything other than pleasure and her Mistress. Nothing else mattered.

"I'm glad you've chosen your fate wisely, Raidy-chan. You've been such a good slave. I think you deserve your reward," Freya cooed, letting Raidy drop onto the bed.

There was only one coil on her, pressing into her core and rocking her. Nevertheless, Raidy was pleasured beyond all thought. The scaly body slithered away as she screamed in pleasure, "Y-Yes, Mistress! Ahh!"

As she slowly relaxed into her post-climax stupor, Raidy rubbed her thighs together and let the joy and hypnosis fully drag her into blissful slumber. Wrapping her arms around her Mistress's stomach, she laid her head against the Lamia's breast and drifted off.

"I like you, Raidy-chan," Freya murmured, yawning and hugging her new toy closer. "You're different from the others. Not quite a mate, yet still different." It wasn't something she could particularly explain. Perhaps there was something to Raidy that she wasn't noticing or didn't know about yet. Nevertheless, Freya was very fond of this new slave.

Coils slid around Raidy's legs and waist, up in between her breasts, and the tail pressed its way into her mouth with enough persistence, leaving a little space for her to breathe. Soon both women were asleep, and along followed the rest of the servants, all exhausted from ecstasy.