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40 Fandoms

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Fee Fi Fo Fum,
Here is fandom number one.
Giants stalking 'cross the clouds,
See the Doctor on the ground.
A mad man in a big, blue box,
Fighting Daleks on the docks.
In Dock Green here's Sergeant Dixon,
Getting help from Joan Hickson.
Miss Marple watches from her chair,
Sees a vampire stalking there.
Dracula is stalking blood,
Watching out for Robin Hood.
Sherwood outlaws weather the rain,
They don't see Pinky and the Brain.
Two lab mice, bent on conquest,
Journey far to the mystic West.
Monkey fights with an iron staff,
While below the Joker's out for a laugh.
Batman tracks the Joker down,
To a quiet country town.
In Midsomer, Tom Barnaby,
Walks the night all melancholy,
Human blood is all his yen,
And that was fandom number ten.

Avada kedavra, legilimen,
Accio fandom number eleven.
Harry Potter casting charms,
Where shadows provoke a Call to Arms,
Laying siege to Babylon 5,
But Duncan MacLeod is staying alive.
Immortals clash with faith and steel,
While wide boys look to make a deal,
Del Boy haggles with Arthur Daley,
Hiding their heads from the New Old Bailey.
Joseph Dredd on a Judge exchange,
hunting a werewolf about to change.
George Sands chases a chicken trail,
Past Roman Senators crying hail!
Mark Anthony asks for a loan of ears,
As Mr Griffin disappears,
To plot his reign as Invisible King,
If he can find the Ruling Ring!
So hobbits dare the fiery peak,
To burn the thing all enemies seek,
Thus thwarting evil plans a'plenty,
Here in fandom number twenty.

Rising moon and setting sun,
Herald fandom twenty-on.
Luna's warriors, long Forsaken,
See children Lost, or rather taken,
And dark undead dance a Requiem masque,
While the wise Awaken to a sombre task.
'Bove a World of Darkness they spy,
A great leviathan sailing by.
Moya serene and kind and wise,
Passing by the Enterprise.
Jim Kirk flirts with best warp speed,
While clashing with vast and cosmic greed.
Galactus swells with power hard won,
To battle with ancient Unicron.
Far below this Titan's clash,
Sun blasts undead flesh to ash.
In dawn as dire as Slayer's stake,
Here rides a maid your heart will break.
A lady fairy without mercy,
Brings our count to ten by three.

Sing of the rage of Thetis' son,
To usher in fandom thirty-one.
I'm sure it is all Greek to me,
But off sails a hero on an Odyssey.
And it is above as it is below,
On the trail of Discovery mankind go,
With Jupiter their destination,
Leaving a bear at Paddington station,
Eating a sandwich with marmalade,
Watching Zorro write with his blade.
The outlaw battles a dozen men,
In sight and scent of Mother Wolf's den.
Frog-child learns from a panther and bear,
But over his head flies daring Dan Dare.
For Venus this hero's cohort depart,
Away from the beat of a Telltale Heart.
A raven squats and quoths Nevermore,
And creatures stir behind the door.
Star Spawn coil in an ageless deep,
In the shadow of Camelot's towering deep,
Where Uther Pendragon broods in a rage,
And is read with the rest onto a page,
By master reader's Silvertongue,
And with that these 40 fandoms are done