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m i n e

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You slept with Sans the fucking skeleton.


Hehe fucking 


You had woken up that morning and you were tangled in another person’s body. Sans body. He was holding you tightly, almost possessively. You looked around, realizing you were in his fucking bedroom. He had never let you go in there before, regardless of the fact you were close friends. The first thing that caught your eyes was the giant pile of dirty clothes on the floor. You quickly but carefully untangled yourself from his body, making sure not to wake him up in the process. He stirred a little, and let out a tiny growl before clinging to the comforter, obviously searching for you. You found your clothes on the floor, only your bra and underwear were torn to shreds. You quickly put on your shirt and pants, mourning the loss of your bra, and made your way out of the room. You tip toed downstairs and were met with Papyrus, who was watching Mettatons cooking show.


“OH, HELLO HUMAN... DID YOU SPEND THE NIGHT WITH MY BROTHER? YOU SMELL OVERWHELMINGLY LIKE HIM.” He asked you. You had a good friendship with Papyrus, him being your second best friend. You blushed and stuttered out an answer “Uh.. y-yeah. I’m gonna… gonna g-go home.” He shrugs and you quickly slide your shoes on and exit the house.


Now you were home, sitting in your bed, trying to remember everything that happened. You could only remember little bits and praises. The way his tongue felt, and the way his voice sounded…


But you couldn’t remember anything after he... entered your body. After he touched your soul. Your head hurt so bad, and your soul was aching and you didn’t understand any of it. Why couldn’t you remember? You felt weirdly sick, like you had the flu.


You felt a strange aching on your neck and looked in the camera in your phone.  There was teeth marks, and it was glowing with red . Okay, that’s gonna scar.


You jumped when your phone started ringing, Sans ringtone playing. You had him set to Boss Ass Bitch to piss him off one day, and you never changed it. You didn’t want to speak right now, so you let it go to voicemail. His voice made you ache. You had never been so anxious to hear him speak. 


“we need to talk. call me or I’m gonna come over. you have until 11.” His voice was sleepy and sexy. You looked at the time on your phone after the voicemail went away. It’s was 10:30. Shit. You shivered when a memory played in your mind.


“you're m i n e. all fucking mine... say it, kitten.” He whispered in your ear as he slammed into you at a perfect pace. You cried out in bliss and whimpered out “Y-yours…” and he chuckled deeply, praising you with neck kisses.


You whimpered when you pulled yourself out of the flash back, a deep blush on your face. His? It… it was a one night stand. Right? He didn’t… he didn’t want you. There’s no way he ever could. You were just… you.


You got up and put on some comfy sweat pants, along with a white tank top. Your hair was down and curly, and you had bed head but you didn’t care. He had seen you worse than this anyways. 


You heard an urgent pounding on your door, and you almost screamed. You slowly walk down the stairs and you suddenly don’t feel so sick anymore. You felt good. Like something was clicked back into place.


You opened the door and there he was. His face was flushed and he was in sweat pants like you, only he was wearing his jacket. He stared at you for a second, and it was like a flash of relief went over him. “hey…” he speaks softly, bringing his hands up to cup your face, cradling it. You felt yourself blush and say “H-hi?” this was very unlike him.


He looked like he was snapped out of a trance and he let go of your face. He shoved his hands back in his pockets and blushed. You moved to the side to let him in, and he accepted. He walked into your living room and sat down. This was nothing new, he had been there so many times.


You sigh softly as you shut the door. You walk into the living room and sat down on the opposite side of him.


“so, what, I got cooties now?” he asked you sarcastically, laying his chin into his hand. 


“N-no? Just… I don’t know. Just… shut up.” You stutter out feeling like an idiot. He was smiling, but it wasn’t his usual mocking smile, it was a smile with.. admiration. You looked at him for a second but you couldn’t keep his gaze, you looked down into your hands. He chuckled.


“W-What did you wanna talk about?” you ask him, looking around, basically everywhere but at him. His smile dropped a little and he scooted closer to you. You felt strange.


“...can I see your soul for a second, baby girl?” he asked you gently, his eyes soft. He had never called you that before, but you decided you liked it. It sounded so good coming from his lips. You nodded slowly.


He reached to your chest and pulled gently. Your soul came out, only… it wasn’t your soul? Your soul was usually pink for Euphoria, but now… in the middle of it was a red heart. It looked just like his, even with the small scar in the middle. He was smiling at it softly, and you wished you understood what was going on. “i fucking knew it.” He says softly under his breath.


Suddenly, he kissed your soul and you whimpered, clinging to his arm. He chuckled and returned your soul back to you. You whimpered as it reentered your body. He moved the hair out of your face and he kissed your forehead gently. “m i n e.” he practically growls against your forehead.


You quickly stood up, feeling very uncomfortable all of the sudden. Sans was always so cold and edgy, it was like he was a completely different person right now. He raised a brow bone at you. “Uh… I-I think I’m gonna get some water...” you say, and you quickly exit the living room, making your way to the kitchen. You could feel him staring at you as you disappeared.


You leaned against the counter as you sipped from the water bottle you got out of the fridge. This was really starting to freak you out. He was acting like you were dating… were you? What the fuck happened last night? Suddenly he walked into the kitchen and you were snapped out of your thoughts.


“sup?” he asked you, standing close to you. Closer than he usually would.


“N-Nothing…” you stutter out. 


He grabbed your chin and made you look at him. His eyes were intense and it felt like he was looking directly into your soul. You felt intimidated and weak in your knees. He pulled you into his arms and hugged you. You pressed your face against his chest and he hid his face in your neck, inhaling your scent. This was all way to intimate for friends.


You pull back and ask “Okay, s-seriously, what’s going on? You’re not acting like you.” He looked in your eyes again and spoke softly “what, you don’t like me like this? you don’t want me close?” he looked a little nervous for your answer.


“I-I… don’t mind, I just… I don’t get what’s going on.” You manage to stutter out, still unable to meet his gaze. He kisses your forehead and you get another flash back. 


“i want you closer…” he practically growled in you ear and it made you shudder. You clung to him tighter, trying to fulfill his wishes. He was at a steady pace and he was deep. He pulled out your soul and you whimpered, unsure of what he was doing. He made it levitate above both of your sweaty bodies and he pulls out his own. They both danced together above you and you watched in awe as your whole body pulsed with pleasure. He was moaning and grunting in your ear and you were so close.


You gasped a little, coming out of the flashback and he smiled at you. “our souls bonded babe. you’re all mine now. You don’t exactly have a choice anymore.”


You freeze and look up at him. He had a territorial look in his eyes and your neck ached. “O-our souls? Bonded?” he kissed your neck and made a “Mhm” sound. You knew about soul bonding from Alphys and Undyne back when they bonded.


“I-I never agreed to- Ahh-“ you were cut off by him sucking and nipping at your neck. It’s felt so fucking nice. His teeth went into the previous holes he made the night before, and you moaned loudly. He squeezed your hips and you clung to the back of his coat. He pulled away gently, licking the mark before resting his forehead against yours.


“yeah. yeah, you did. last night.”


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Next thing you knew you were being placed onto your kitchen counter, and he was standing in between your legs, and his tongue was in your mouth. You coward slightly under his touches, and he noticed, and he smiled. It pleased him. 


Fucking sadist.


His kisses sent magic across your lips and it was so good. You whimpered and he chuckled into your mouth. Your arms laced around his neck and he squeezed your hips a little to hard. The pain seemed to enhance the experience, making the pleasure all that much greater. 


He moved to start kissing your neck, and you clung to him, desperately trying to get more pleasure out of this. He purred in satisfaction, and you were learning that he really liked you being close to him. Suddenly you smelled some type of smoke and you closed your eyes tightly, knowing he was about to teleport. 


When you opened your eyes you were back in his bedroom, lying on his bed. He was above you, straddling you with a sexy look on his face. You blushed darkly and covered your face in embarrassment. He laughed and effortlessly moved your hands to kiss you gently. His gentle kisses were now your favorite, making you weak in your knees. He bit your bottom lip gently and you squirmed slightly, causing him to let out an evil sounding chuckle. He was so intimidating, but so fucking attractive. His hand snuck up your shirt and you felt butterflies. It felt so right when he touched you, but your mind was telling you it wasn’t. He played with your left breast as he sucked and bit your right shoulder “S-Sans..!” you cry out desperately, and he growled. That scared the shit out of you. He was so feral and scary!


“you're so beautiful.” He whispered into your ear, finally leaving your neck. You blushed and stuttered out “N-No, I’m nothing special.” You had always been insecure, and he always knew.


He grabbed your arms and pinned them to either side of your head, before staring into your eyes intensely. You whimpered slightly. “you are fucking special. you're m i n e. that alone makes you special. but you were always perfect to me. understood? ” He spoke with admiration and your heart melted. You nodded slowly. “good.” He muttered before removing your shirt completely in one swift motion. 


You gasped and tried to cover yourself, but he wouldn’t let you. Tears started to poke out of the corners of your eyes from embaressement, but he wiped them away and kissed your stomach. Your heart was seriously pounding and you felt so nervous. Were you about to have sex again? Soul Sex? 


He held one hand above your head, and the other slid into your pants. You moaned softly as his fingers found your clit. He rubbed small circles into it and you used your other hand to cling to him. He was skilled, that much was obvious, and he liked to show off. 


He slid a finger inside of you, and his thumb continued to toy with your clit. It was just then you realized how wet you were. You moaned loudly, and he rewarded your noises with kisses. He removed your sweat pants with one swift motion, and you felt suddenly very vulnerable and nervous. You tried to move away and he growled at you. “fucking don’t. bad idea.” he said in a warning tone, and he pulled you back against him, and he grinded against your naked body. You let out a soft moan when you felt the magic in his pants swell against you. You wanted them off. You started to pull at his pants and he chuckled, removing them for you. You whined when he pressed against you and he removed his coat. 


“i’m gonna make you scream my name, dollface.”


He spread your legs and you bit your lip in anticipation. This was really happening again, and you were scared, and you were excited. The tip of his dick touched your entrance and you moaned, feeling that familiar ache.


“i’m the only thing that’s gonna cross your mind.”


He slid in and you cried out in pure bliss. “S-Shit” you whimpered out softly, and he let out a half hearted laugh. You clung to him, and he grabbed onto your hips. His phalanges dug into your sides and it was magical. He bit your shoulder and you winced, not expecting the pain to be so intense, but you felt him put his essence into you.


He pulled back and pulled your soul out, being gentle, and he got his out too. As soon as they were both out they levitated and seemed to dance again. You watched in awe as they gently touched, bringing you immense bursts of pleasure. Suddenly, they combined. You screams out in pure bliss when they did and he growled into your neck, which he had been giving little kisses to. 


His thrusts got faster, and the feeling got more intense. Your breath was hitching and you felt him drawing blood on your hips, clinging to you.


closer.” He commanded, and you wrapped your legs around him, desperate to fulfill his wish. You screamed as you came, your walls tightening around his dick, making him feel even better as well. He snarled loudly and bit your neck, drawing blood. You whimpered, pain encasing your neck quickly, but you still clung to him. He came inside of you, and you felt it. It was slimy, but so arousing. Your souls turned back into two souls and returned to your bodies.


It was then you realized he knotted you. You whimpered as he adjusted himself to cuddle you. You relaxed a little in his hold and he kissed your ear. “we're gonna be here for at least an hour. take a nap. i’ll wake you up when it’s gone.” He whispers in a soothing voice. You whined but still fell asleep.



When you opened your eyes, you were snuggled into Sans chest. He was snoring softly, and the knot was gone. You went to sit up, but he pulled you closer and growled. You sighed softly and settled into his embrace. You knew you were gonna be there for a little while. Looking around his room, you noticed there was a flat screen TV. You wished you could turn it on so you could pass the time. 


When his eyes fluttered open, he immediately searched for you, and he visibly relaxed when he saw your face. He kissed your forehead and rubbed your back. This was a lot. Yesterday morning, you were playing video games and yelling at each other, and now today you were bonded.  “morning beautiful.” He whispered into your ear and you snuggled closer to him. He was so warm.


“Its one in the afternoon.” You say back, having seen it in the alarm clock. He chuckled and kissed your lips gently. 


“you're m i n e.” he whispered into your ear and you clung to him. “say it.” He commanded.


“I’m yours.” You say back. You remembered having to do the same thing the first time, so it felt like a reflex. He smiled and licked at the mark he gave you.


“damn right.”



You finally managed to get him out of bed and down the stairs. 


“HUMAN! YOU ARE STILL HERE! I THOUGHT YOU HAD LEFT?” Papyrus asked you as soon as you entered the living room. 


“she did bro, she came back.” Sans replied for you, pulling you down on the couch and against his chest. 


“OH... WELL I THINK SHE CAN ANSWER FOR HERSELF SANS!” Papyrus scolded him, and Sans just rolled his eyes and kissed the top of your head.


Maybe you could get used to this?


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You were in the bathroom doing your hair and getting ready for work when Sans came in and demanded to know “where do you think you're going?”


You stared at him for a second, startled, before saying “Work?” he knew you worked week days.


no. you're not. i want you to quit.” He stated sternly. You stared at him in disbelief before you scoffed and rolled your eyes.


“Why the hell would I do that? I like working.” You say and go back to straightening your hair. That was a lie, but you weren't quitting.


He growls lightly and your neck aches in a strange type of response. “you don’t need to work. i can take care of you my fucking self.” He says, weirdly angry. You sigh, turning off the straightener and turn to look at him.


“Why do you want me to quit all of a sudden?” you ask him.


“because i don’t like it when you’re anywhere except in my territory. it makes me sick.” He grabbed your chin during his words and forced you to look at him. He all but growled the words he spoke.


T-Territory?” you ask him, your voice small. His eyes were intimidating you a little bit.


He wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your forehead I'm a soothing manner. “yeah. as in this house, my stations, and grillby's are all considered my territory. i don’t want you in anyone else’s.” he explained lazily, seeming to relax a little by your small voice.


“But… I’m only working 2 to 8 today. A-and you could come visit me if you want.” You try to reason with him.


He sighs. “...fine. you have one chance in this, don’t talk to anyone I don’t know or like,” He bargains back with you. You rolled your eyes. How would he know who you talked to? Exactly, he couldn’t! You nodded regardless and he left you to finish getting ready.


you secretly flipped him off




When you got to work, which was a part time job at the shop, the first thing that happened was Bunnie, the shopkeeper, pulled you to the back of the store.


“You mated with Sans!?” she asked you, raising her voice a little.


You blushed a deep scarlet and stuttered out “W-what!? H-how..?” that was so blunt.


She laughs and says “His scents all over you. I thought you were just friends?” she teases you, using finger quotes.


“W-we were… I don’t really remember what happened, all I know is when I woke up yesterday morning I was bonded with him I guess. He even wanted me to quit today.” You say back. 


She scoffed. “I’m not surprised. I am surprised that he didn’t force you to quit though.” She says and she walks back to the front of the store. “Organize the clothes, will ya?” she calls to you from the front of the store. 


“Yup.” You call back, and you start to fold and sort the items of clothing. It took you about 15 minutes to sort all of them, and after that you went to the front of the store so Bunnie could leave. Her shift ended a few minutes ago but she waited for you to finish up in the back.


“Have fun! Don’t forget to lock up!” she says as she exits the store. You wave in response and lean against the counter.


You take out your phone and start to play a game on it, since there was nobody in the store at the moment. The store was usually empty, since Snowdin was such a small place. The bell rung on the door and you looked up to see Aaron entering the shop. 


“Hello ; )” he says upon entering.


“Hey Aaron. Need something?” you ask him.


“Yeah, can I get a cinnamon bunny ; ) I would ask for your number but… it’s obvious you’re taken ; )” he says as he hands you 25G and flexes. You take the money and hand him the Cinnamon Bunny. His words make your face flush again.


“Yeah. It seems everyone can tell.” You say, leaning back on the counter. He says goodbye and he leaves, and you eat a Cinnamon Bunny yourself. Bunnie never minded when you had one. 




Work was slow, and before you knew it, it was closing time. You closed the shop and locked up. 


“hey.” You hear behind you as you lock the door. You jump a little, startled. You turned around and there was Sans. His face was red and he had a content kind of smirk on his face. 


“Hi.” You say back, and he pulls you against him. He nuzzled the top of your head and you giggled a little. He acted like such a cat sometimes. You wrap your arms around him and he kisses the top of your head before letting you go.


“we gotta talk. like, as soon as we get back to the house.” He says, holding your face and looking into your eyes. His eyes looked lustful and needy. It made your stomach flutter. Something about him felt… off. He pulled you against his chest and you felt the room spin. You shut your eyes tightly.


When he let you go you pulled away to see you were back at his house. It made you realize you needed to go home soon and water your plants. You had been staying here for about a week. He sat down on the couch and let out a shaky breath.


“Are you okay?” you ask, moving to sit next to him. You press the back of your hand against his forehead to feel his temperature. His expression went soft and you stared into his eyelights. He pulls you into his lap and made you straddle him. You blush darkly and try to move away, but his hands hold your hips tightly in place. “I-I…” you start to stutter, but he shushes you. He let out a small sigh and brushed the hair out of your face and behind your ear.


“Alright sweetheart. Here’s the deal.” He starts, placing his forehead against yours. “i’m... going into heat. and you’re gonna have to help me out.”



Wait, what?


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You quickly stand up and move away from Sans, and he fucking growls at you. “What are you a fucking cat? Don’t cats go into heat?” you ask him in disbelief. Honestly, like what the fuck? He gives you a look that says ‘Bitch, really?” and you roll your eyes.


no, i ain't a fucking cat. i’m a monster, dumbass.” He says, clearly becoming Mr. Attitude. Fine. You could catch an attitude too.


“Okay but you're, like, a cat.” You say back, a grin spreading on your face. You knew you were pushing it and he clearly wasn’t in the mood for jokes, but you couldn’t help it, this was ridicules. “don’t push your luck, kitten.” He says, clearly starting to get agitated, but still making his stupid pun. Dick. 



Were you gonna push your luck?



Of course you were!



“What? It’s cool I like cats. I could rub your belly if you want.” You were clearly suppressing giggles and Sans clearly didn’t find this ‘humorous.’ He was giving you a full on glare now.


“last chance to shut the fuck up y/n.” His voice was an octave lower and it intimidated you, and spread heat through out your body. His eyes were cold and warning.


“Okay, okay I’m sorry.” You say softly as you sit back down next to him on the couch.


Then your stupid ass let out a high pitched meow, because fuck him. He’s a cat. 





And that was a big mistake.


It all happened very fast. His head snapped towards you and his magic flared from his eye socket. You screeched as he grabbed onto your arm, and next thing you knew you were underneath him in his bed. He was hovering above you, both hands next to either side of your face.


“you really just can’t keep your fucking mouth shut, huh?” he snarls at you, a stern look on his face. You whimper beneath him, not expecting any of this to happen from a simple joke.


“I-I..” you start but he snarls. “shut the fuck up y/n.” he growled. Okay. Yup. You could do that. Sure.


You quickly shut your mouth and you felt weak again. He always made you feel so fucking weak. You knew it was a side effect of new soul mates, but it still make you anxious. He licked the mark on your neck and you involuntarily shuddered. You felt his smirk against your neck and he gave it soft pecks.  You let out a quiet whine and you feel him chuckle a little.


His hand snakes its way up your shirt and you gasp “W-wait sto-!” you start to panic but he quickly kisses you, gently kneading your breast in his hand. All of your anxieties were starting to peak because your body was so fucking sore. He fucked you every chance he had! You whined against his mouth and he seemed to be enjoying your weakness. He pulled away to take off his jacket. You whimpered when his touch was back on your breasts.


“relax, sweetheart. let me take care of you.” His voice went soft and loving again. His voice made you feel safe, but anxious. It was the most confusing thing.


“W-wait! Please just- ngh… hang on.” You stutter, gently pushing him away. He pulls back and looks at you, irritation clear on his face.


what?” he asks in a snippy tone, sitting up.


“C-can you please explain this heat thing? Jokes aside? I don’t… really know what it is.” You say, slowly sitting up and tucking your knees against your chest. You felt weirdly vulnerable. 


He sighed. “okay… okay. so, when a monster goes into heat… they get very… strange? yeah. we'll go with strange. when they have someone they have heavy feelings for… like i have for you,” your face flushed as he spoke, “we get more… what’s the word..?”


“Possessive?” you ask him, remembering the way he acted this morning over you going to work.


He chuckled, that cute one that always made your heart flutter. “well, yeah, definitely possessive… but I was thinking more along the lines of that our uh, sex drives sky rocket, and uh…” his face flushed this time, and he turned away “we want to, uh… procreate? i guess, that’s the word?” he turned his hands into fists and placed them in his lap. That’s was one of his few nervous actions.


Your heart was pounding. Procreate? As in breed? He wanted to have a baby with you?


Your whole face was bright red. “S-so… you wanna have a baby with.. me?” you ask him, your voice timid and careful.


He let out a groan and covered his face. An embarrassed action. He was very rarely embarrassed so this was kind of amusing.


“look, baby, I’m really horny an-“


“You're always horny.” You cut him off. He stared at you for a second and then he blinked. 


“i swear to god, if i didn’t love you i would literally kill you.” He says with the most deadpan face.


Wait… love?


You stared at him and searched his expression, but he didn’t really have one.


“You love me?” you finally ask after a few moments.


His eyes get wider for a second and he scratches his cheek. Another nervous action.


“well… yeah. that’s kinda… y’know, why i claimed you that night. i didn’t have to, but i wanted to. i wanted you to be mine.” His voice was stern and made your legs feel like jello.


He looked so cute. His cheeks red and eyes soft. The cute action of scratching where it was flushed made him seem slightly innocent.


“…I am you know.” You speak up softly after a moment of silence.


“what?” he asks.




He froze, and then his face lit up and he pulled your face against his into a gentle kiss. You could feel his smile against your lips, and it made you smile. He pulled away and kissed your nose before pressing his forehead against yours. “damn fucking right you’re mine.” He looked so genuinely happy. 


“Okay…” he said, pulling away and sitting back where he was. “we’re gonna need safe words.”


“Wha… w-why?” you ask softly. Was he gonna, like, tie you up or some shit? Honestly you wouldn’t be that surprised.


“well… when i’m in heat it’s really, really fucking intense. It’s not like how we have been. it gets pretty… heavy.” He explained and you noticed his blush had gone away.


“Okay… so, what safewords?” you ask, positioning yourself to sit crisscross style. 


“well, let’s keep it simple. we'll use colors. okay? green will mean everything’s okay, yellow will mean slow down, and red will be stop completely. good?” 


You nod and he says “okay, say it back to me.” You say it back to him and he kisses you. 


It starts out very gentle and soft, but then he gently bites your lower lip. It causes you to shudder and suck in air. He licks where he bit and then slips his tongue in your mouth. His taste was very sweet and oddly reminded you of cherry jolly ranchers. He gripped onto your hips and dragged you down so you head landed on the pillow and he once again straddled you.


He kissed down to your neck before looking in your eyes and saying;


“get ready baby girl. We're gonna be here a while.”


Chapter Text

He wasn’t lying when he said it was gonna be intense. 








He started by giving you a sweet kiss, making your lips tingle, almost as if they were vibrating. He kissed down the side of your face and licked your neck. You could feel every inch of your skin starting to get goosebumps. You shuddered and clutched at the sheets below you. His tongue left your skin all tingly, causing you to shiver slightly. He moved away from your neck and pulled your shirt over your head. You whimpered as the cold air met your skin. He smiled and kissed your stomach before unclipping your bra rather skillfully, and tossing it on the other side of the room. He pulled back and you quickly covered yourself, feeling rather insecure suddenly. The cold air felt like a slap in the face now.


He quickly moved your arms away, earning a whine from you, and he kissed in between your breasts. He went up to your ear and whispered “don’t hide from me. you’re so fucking beautiful y/n. you have no idea what you do to me.” His voice gave you goosebumps and made you visibly shiver. He smirked and kissed your earlobe before moving to trail kissed down your torso. He reached your belly button and stopped, starting to shimmy your leggings off. You lifted yourself up to help him, and he tossed them in the same direction as your bra. He smiled and pulled back to admire your body, now only in a red pair of panties. You blushed and squirmed under his gaze. He pressed a gentle kiss against your lips, sliding his hand into your panties. You let out a breathy moan as he starts to circle his fingers around your clit. The sensation is really indescribable, and it heats up your whole body, especially intense in the pit of your stomach.


“my god. you're so cute.” He says, continuing to torture you with his sweet fingers. You whine softly, biting your lip. Your hips grind against his hand involuntarily, and he let’s out a condescending chuckle. He pulled his fingers away and brought them to his mouth. He licked them as he stared in your eyes. You blushed and covered your face, not being able to hold back a little giggle. He looked so good right now.


“you taste sweet.” He says, and you can practically hear the smile on his face. “…i want a better taste.” As soon as he says that you look at him in disbelief. He wasn’t gonna… was he? Oh god. Please. You had always wondered what his tongue would feel like.


He smiled at the look on your face and started to remove your underwear. You find yourself excited, but also very fucking nervous. He backed away to observe you again, and he let out a happy sigh. It made you feel good, the way he looked at you was like someone was looking at something they always wanted but could never have. He dodged down and spread your legs with one swift motion. You yelp and try to close them, but he quickly licks in between your thighs, going from your entrance to your clit. You moan loudly and he chuckles against you. His tongue made your skin vibrate and tingle. You moaned loudly whenever his tongue would roll over your clit, hands gripping the sheets tightly. The feeling inside your stomach was tightening, and you placed your hands on his skull desperately trying to find some sort of leverage. He noticed this, and he intertwined your fingers with his as he continued to circle his tongue around your clit. Your legs were twitching and you were having a really hard time staying still. His tongue felt just like you always thought it would; amazing


Suddenly he pulled away, and you immediately shot up and whined in protest. “No, no wait please! Don’t stop!” you beg him, surprising yourself. You didn’t usually beg or ask for anything. He gives you a smirk and starts to pull off his shorts. “don’t worry sweetheart. i’ll take good care of ya.” You felt yourself shudder at his words. He gently pushed you back onto your back and your head landed against the pillow. You felt nervous. It obviously isn’t your first time together, but you always got anxious before hand. Especially now, since you knew he wanted to have a fucking kid. You would be a shit mom, what were you thinking!? You were about to protest until he kissed you, hovering above you. You could faintly taste yourself, but it was overpowered by his taste. It felt so good, and you felt loved. Wanted. 


Gripping his jacket tightly, you kiss him back, trying to ease yourself into the idea of a family. A little Sans running around. Oh god, it would be a delinquent. You almost giggle at the thought until you felt the tip of his dick against your entrance. You let out a small gasp as he pulls back and looks you in the eye. “remember the safe words?” he asks softly. You nodded, going over them in your head. You really doubted you would need to use them, but whatever. Doesn’t hurt to make sure. You cling to him a little tighter as you feel him starting to push in. It stings, but you’ve grown pretty used to it at this point. You can feel him holding back. He’s tense, like he doesn’t wanna hurt you. He gets about half way inside of you before he briefly stops and asks “how you doin’ kitten?” His voice is very hoarse, and you can feel how difficult it is for him to stop and make sure you're okay. It makes your heart flutter that he cared that much. 


You realized then that you could use safewords just when he was asking you questions like this, so you did. “Green.” You answer, and he leaves a little peck on your lips as he starts to move again. He gets all the way in and you moan softly at the feeling of being so full. His smile is quick, but genuine. He gently starts to move out, and then back in. It stings pleasantly, and you can’t help but notice how noisy his bed is. It creaks with each thrust he does and it’s distracting. Suddenly, he speeds up. It isn’t to much, it’s just a little overwhelming. You force yourself to breathe, calming yourself in the process. You're okay. He does it again, and it’s weird. He hadn't done this any other time. He was always gentle until you were close. 


It hit you then that it must be the heat. He warned you it was intense and he was right. Something about him being in complete control was intimidating right now. He sped up again and it hurt this time. You wrap your arms around his neck and cling to him, whimpering out a quiet “Y-yellow.” And he immediately slowed down. You let out a little sigh of relief and he pulled back to give you three quick kisses. You knew he wouldn’t hurt you on purpose, so you relaxed a little. The sound the bed was making was starting to annoy you a little, but you just tried to ignore it. His hands slid up to your breasts, where he gently started to tease your right nipple. You whined and turned bright red, snaking your hand up his jacket and starting to caress one of his ribs. He shudders a little, before speeding up a little bit. It didn’t hurt this time, it felt good. You let out a breathy moan and he chuckled. 


His laugh always made you feel small in a way. I wasn’t a bad feeling, just strange. Like he was something bigger than you really knew. His hand slid from your breast down to your clit. You mewled his name softly and he groaned. It felt so amazing. “how you feelin’ baby?” he whispers in your ear. It sends shivers down your spine, and pleasure towards your core. “G-green…” you moan out softly. He sped up again and you felt your end drawing close. You didn’t want to come yet though, so you decided to focus on something else. On the squeaking. Your letting out tiny moans by the second and he has his skull buried in you neck. He starts to suck on it and your so close-




“SANS WHAT IN THE-“ Papyrus stands in the doorway, frozen. His eyes go from locking with Sans’s, to your bodies, to locking with your eyes. Nobody moves for a couple minutes until finally, Sans says, “so, you gonna just stand there, or you gonna go?” and Papyrus blinks a few times.


“OKAY. BYE.” He says, slamming the door. You hear him fall down the stairs and you look up at Sans. His eye lights are out.


You have a feeling you won’t be finishing. 


Chapter Text

...He was still above you for about two full minutes before you decided enough was enough.


You snapped your fingers to get his attention and watched as he blinked a few times, his eye lights reappearing and then focusing down on you. Your face held concern, even as it was flushed and you were clearly embarrassed from being caught in this situation. He searched your face for a moment before he let out a soft sigh and leaned down to kiss your sweaty forehead. He leaned back down to your neck, and to your surprise, he started to kiss it again.


“..W-Wait, we… we’re not done?” you asked slightly breathy, not in complaint, but in surprise.


You were expecting him to be too mortified to want to continue, but apparently you were wrong. You felt him twitch inside you and realized he was still fully hard. How had Papyrus interrupting you not have deterred him in the slightest?


He groaned in response and you gasped as he started to thrust again, gently.


Okay, so no. You weren’t done.




You couldn’t really feel your legs.


You had been going at it for about two more hours after Papyrus had walked in, and he finally stopped because he had finally, finally been satisfied, five orgasms later.


Thank God. You can only take so much before you collapse.


After he finally decided he was done, he had kissed you and then rolled off of you and started to get redressed. You couldn’t even move, so how the hell was he still able to even stand up? You were fine with literally never getting up ever again at this point. You were exhausted.


He had kissed you once and then told you he would be right back, and you didn’t even bother asking where he was going. You didn’t care. All you cared about right now was sleep, and maybe food.




Okay, yeah. Food and then sleep.


You sat up and stretched, wincing a bit as you realized just how sore you really were. You looked over your body and almost cringed at the amount of scratches, bruises and bites. Some of them weren’t all that bad, but a few of them you were definitely going to have to disinfect and clean very well. There was a dull ache in your stomach and thighs, and you were pretty sure you were bleeding a bit from your crotch based on the amount of moisture you could feel.


Your eyes wandered over the sheets. There was a bit of blood and… other fluids sticking to them. He had managed to kick the comforter off of the bed during the middle of it, so that had been spared. For now, at least.


You slowly shifted to the side of the bed and then gradually put your weight onto your legs as you stood. You managed to stand and then let out a breath you didn’t even realize you were holding. But as soon as you took the first step, you fell.


Luckily, your fall was cushioned by a pile of clothes that Sans never put away, and for once you were glad he was so lazy. You could’ve actually gotten pretty hurt if that wasn’t there to catch you.


You managed to pull yourself back up and then got dressed before making your way down the stairs, cautiously. You stepped into the kitchen and you were met with Papyrus.


He looked down at you, and his face instantly turned bright red. Guess he was just as embarrassed and uncomfortable as you were at the moment.


“...Uh… hi,” you said awkwardly, shuffling your feet slightly. You had never been in this situation before. Should you just avoid each other completely for a week or two?


You would probably be okay with that.


“HELLO. HAVE YOU FINISHED YOUR PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES?” he asked, looking literally everywhere except for at you.


“Oh my God.” You swear you were about to explode. “Okay, yeah, we’re done.”


“GOOD. GOOD… Kind of disgusting,” he commented under his breath.


Oh, hell no, bitch.


You gave him a look. “...You know I’ve heard you and Mettaton going at it before. Don’t even start with me about sex being gross.”


His eye sockets widened for a moment, his face getting even brighter somehow. He cleared his throat(?) and looked towards the stove. “I WAS GOING TO MAKE SOME LASAGNA. WOULD YOU LIKE TO ASSIST ME?”


You were honestly very grateful for the subject change. “Yeah. Okay, sure.”


You both shifted to opposite sides of the kitchen. You sat at the table and started to cut tomatoes, and Papyrus was preparing the baking sheet and noodles by the stove.


Your mind started to wander back to Sans. So was the heat thing over now? Didn’t last that long if it is. Where was he anyways? You didn’t care at the time, but now you just wished he was here. Where was he going? It must be important if he had to leave right after sex. You usually cuddled afterwards and he would give you affection and take care of you. Was he embarrassed? Is that why he left so sudden? Wouldn’t be very surprising. Most importantly, when was he gonna come back!? Usually you didn’t really mind when he went anywhere, but… lately you’ve been feeling rather clingy.  Usually he was the clingy one and he always wanted to be around you. He still did most of the time, but… any time he leaves anywhere for any amount of time, you miss him the entire time.


You finished chopping the tomatoes and moved them into a bowl before standing and handing them to Papyrus for the sauce. He thanked you quickly and you gave him a small smile before moving your knife into the sink.


You went back upstairs and decided to take a shower.


That should help soothe your aches and pains.


You stepped into the bathroom and slowly shed your clothes, looking over your marks in the mirror. They were everywhere . You could feel the ache in each one as you looked them over, focusing on them individually. The biggest and most painful one was on your shoulder, right by your neck. You really hoped Papyrus hadn’t seen any of these, that would just make the situation even more awkward.


You tore your gaze away from the mirror and walked over to the shower, turning it on and making sure it was hot. You stepped in and hissed slightly as the water washed over you and started to clean your marks. Your thoughts of course went back to Sans and you swear you could feel your shoulder throbbing even worse just at the mere thought of him.


Why wasn’t he back yet? It had been at least half an hour at this point, so how long was he going to be gone for?


Okay, to be fair, that really wasn’t all that long. But still, he left abruptly and at a weird moment, and it made the situation worse not knowing where he was.


You started to wash your body, using the soap that was mostly unscented that Sans insisted you used instead of any scented products. He was weird about that. He always got upset whenever you bought scented shampoos and soaps. He never let you wear perfume either, and that frustrated you sometimes, but you never made a big fuss about it. It wasn’t worth it and you learned to pick your battles with him.


When you finished cleaning yourself you turned the water off and started to strain out your hair. You jumped the slightest bit when you heard the bathroom door open, and you felt that ache in your shoulder go away.




As soon as you said his name, the shower curtain drew back, and there he was. He looked tired.




You blinked and then looked down, noticing the towel in his hands. He gave it to you and you wrapped yourself in it, feeling grateful he handed you one of the more fluffier ones. You stepped out of the shower and he wrapped you in a hug, clearly not caring about you being wet.


“Where’d you go?” you asked, nuzzling your face into his chest gently.


He started to stroke his phalanges through your hair, gently untangling it. “had to go pick up a few things.”


You hummed softly, enjoying the feeling. “Like?”


“stuff,” he muttered softly, taking a moment to make sure your towel was secure around you before he picked you up like a baby. You sighed and rested your head on his shoulder.


You always felt so much more content when he was around. Safer. Less lonely. You had Papyrus around sure, but it was a different type of lonely when Sans wasn’t around. Like a part of you was missing, as cheesy as that sounds. It’s the only way you could really describe it.


He sat you down on the bed gently and kissed your lips softly before pulling back and then walking over to a corner in the room. You held back a cringe as you remembered how dirty the bed sheets were at the moment. You stood and started to dress yourself, turning away from him momentarily. You heard him shuffling, but didn’t pay any mind. You hummed softly as you put on your underwear. You heard him walking closer to you, and he wrapped his arms around you as you had just finished putting your bra on. You put your hands over his arms and leaned into him slightly, enjoying his warmth and the way you could feel his soul pulsing slightly.


He kissed your neck gently, causing your body to shudder slightly.


“can you do me a favor?” he asked, his voice gentle as he kissed your shoulder, right where he had bitten nearly an hour ago.




“take this for me?”


You felt him reach into his pocket and then he held something out in front of you.


You blinked and looked at it.


A… pregnancy test?

Chapter Text

You took the small stick and turned around in his arms, giving him a look. This is what took him over half an hour? A pregnancy test? What the hell? That was a fifteen minute trip, maximum! And it would be even less considering he could fucking teleport!


“...Uh… you took over thirty minutes to pick up a pregnancy test..?” you questioned, your gaze falling from his face down to the object in your hand. You weren’t exactly sure how to feel about this, considering it was just kind of sprung on you today. Neither of you really discussed it, he just… you both just started going at it. Were you even ready for this? To become a parent?


Well, apparently this small stick was going to decide that for you.


You looked back up at him, noting the fact that his face had lit up a pale red, almost a pinkish shade.


“well, uh… heh, it’s not… exactly a ‘normal’ pregnancy test,” he explained, his line of sight now going downwards towards the test.


Your eyebrows knitted together in confusion. “What do you mean?”


“good that a new bra?” His eye lights wandered down to your chest as he spoke.


You groaned softly and put the test down on the bed by the bunched up comforter. “No. It’s not. Can you stop avoiding my question now?”


“i’m not avoidin’ shit,” he replied, a little too quickly, his tone overly defensive. “i’m just tryna talk to you.”


“Okay. Then let’s talk about this. Why is this so special?” you asked, walking over to your dresser. You heard him sit down on the bed as you pulled out a shirt and put it on before throwing on some sweatpants.


“...your ass looks good in those,” he ‘complimented’ you, and you could feel his stare on your.


You groaned softly and turned to look at him again.  “You’re still doing it.”


“am not.”


“Are too.”


“am not .”


You let out an annoyed sigh and sat next to him, picking the stick back up. You examined it a bit and realized it looked a bit more advanced than a human pregnancy test. Why were there two little screen thingys? Didn’t they usually only have one?




“…” he started before letting out a sigh. “it’s not from the store.”


...What did that mean?




“i got it from a friend. It’s… special. it’ll be able to detect if you’re pregnant now, even as the baby is a hybrid kid,” he explained, his line of sight drifting down to your belly.


...How would it be able to tell already? You had sex a few hours ago, that didn’t even make sense.


“...How the hell will it be able to tell if I’m pregnant now?


He chortled. “magic.”


Of course.


“...Well, whatever. I guess I can try it,” you muttered before looking back up at him, “But why are their two screen thingys?”


“it’s supposed to be able to tell whether it’ll take on a monster or a human form.”


...This all seemed way too complicated for you.


“...Alright,” you said softly, standing up from the bed. You made your way out of the bedroom and back into the bathroom, where you quickly locked the door so he wouldn’t come in. There were a lot of  things you would share with Sans and let him see, but you using the restroom was not one of them. You refused to be on display like some lion at a zoo while he watched you pee on a stick.


You set the small stick down on the counter and started to remove your pants, noting how annoying it was that you just put them on and they were already back off. You pulled down your underwear as well, and then sat down on the toilet.


You grabbed the stick once again, and then stuck it underneath you, and, well… You took the test.


After you had finished that, you set it down on the counter and cleaned yourself up before getting redressed. You sighed as you washed your hands, feeling a little ball of anxiety in your stomach.


Regardless of how chill Sans seemed about this entire thing, it was a pretty big deal. Bringing a child into the world was a big change.


What if it worked?


...What if it didn’t?


Would he keep trying until it did? You weren’t even sure you could handle anymore sex for the next three weeks after how hard he fucked you earlier.



You turned off the water and dried your hands, lazily, still thinking about everything. Were you both still going to stay here with Papyrus? Would Papyrus even want a screaming, crying baby here? He would probably get pissed if he ever got woken up in the middle of the night, so you probably shouldn’t raise a child here… but then there are other issues to take into consideration, like if you were going to move out, where were you going to get the money for it? Hell, how were you going to afford anything for this baby? You didn’t even know what Sans did other than sell hot dogs occasionally.


All of his other jobs were kept secret.


You decided to stop worrying for now, and shut off the light to the bathroom before walking about. You didn’t wanna see the results right now, and you were still overthinking. But, you could always discuss things with Sans properly , later.


You went back into the bedroom, where you found Sans hadn’t moved. He was rubbing his thumb phalange against the sole of his palm, a habit you found he did often whenever he was anxious or overthinking.


You were pretty sure he was doing both.


“...Sans?” you asked, voice soft and cautious. He looked up at you, face a bit flushed.


“...hey. what’d it say?” he asked, and you could practically feel the anxiety radiating off of him.


You sat down beside him and laid your head on his shoulder.


“Dunno. Didn’t look yet.”


“...why?” he asked, clearly confused as he turned his head slightly to look down at you.


“...Wanted to wait for you. Got nervous,” you explained, tilting your head to meet his gaze.


His expression softened and he placed a gentle kiss to your forehead.


“...okay. wanna go see now or do you need a minute?”



...You really wanted to talk to him, but should you wait until after you know or just come out with it now?


...Fuck it.


“...Can I ask you something?” you asked him, softly.


“anything.” His answer was instant and confident. It encouraged you to continue.


“...What if this doesn’t work? Like… what if I’m not pregnant,” you asked him, under your breath. You weren’t exactly sure of what you were afraid of… but you were anxious.


“...we can try again. doesn’t have to be today, of course, but… when you’re ready.”


You were a bit relieved. You had been worried you would have to fuck like rabbits all day, and you knew your body wasn’t up for that, not for a while.


“...Okay. Alright… b-but…if… when we do have a baby, will we be staying here…?”


“...i was actually thinking about that too,” he said with a soft chuckle, “i don’t think so. i’ll buy us a house nearby, though, so we have pap just in case we need him… and skeletons like the cold, so… if it’s a skele-baby it’ll be comfortable.”


“...Skelebaby?” you questioned, playfully.




“...Pfft. Okay, I… I wanted to ask about money. I know you sell hot dogs, but come one, that’s not enough to raise a baby. Hell, that’s not even enough to keep us alive. I know you’re doing more. Right?” you asked him, praying he would tell you the truth.


He sighed after a moment. “...i have multiple jobs. you don’t have to worry about what they are, or where they are… just focus of the fact we have money, and we’re gonna be fine. alright?”


“...” you knew that was the best you were going to get out of him, so you didn’t bother arguing, “...Alright.”


“good girl,” he muttered softly, kissing your head, “...ready to go look, now?”


“Mhm,” you hummed in confirmation.


He stood up and gently took your hand in his, before leading you back into the bathroom. He turned the light on and you just stared into the mirror as he picked up the test. You were starting to take notice of how tired you really were. You looked exhausted.


Did him being away for that short amount of time really do that to you?


A few moments passed, and he hadn’t said anything, so… you expected the worst. It didn’t work.


...But then you looked over at the test, and found you were wrong.

Chapter Text

You really couldn’t believe it.


It took one try, and now you were pregnant.


“...I-It…” You stuttered in disbelief. This seemed way too easy. You were expecting to have to fuck at least three times before any results came. You weren’t complaining, though… the last thing you needed was a bruised pelvis from being plowed.


He let out a chuckle, and it made heat pool in your core. The smallest things he did could make your entire body scream ‘fuck me’, and you didn’t understand how he had that much power over you. It was never like that before now.


Everything’s just… so different.


You liked how things were now, yes, but… that didn’t change the fact that it felt almost fake. Like all of this only happened by pure coincidence and that maybe… he didn’t actually feel for you.


Maybe he just wanted you because you were easy and he could get laid.



...You hated your insecurities. This was supposed to be a happy moment.


“least your body won’t be destroyed, now.”


“I d-... wait, what?”


“we weren’t gonna stop til this worked.”


...You knew it. He was thinking the same exact thing you were. Asshole.


You still didn’t understand yourself.


The things he said made you slightly uncomfortable and made you wanna yell at him, but at the same time they turned you on and you found it undeniably hot. Maybe a part of you wanted to be destroyed.



...Your own thoughts were annoying you.


He wrapped his arms around you in a tight hug, and you couldn’t help but hug him back. You wanted to be angry. Wanted to be able to have some type of control, but… at the same time you didn’t really mind how he acted.


“let’s go to bed for now. can tell papyrus in the morning.”


Being woken up in the morning was the worst thing in the world while you were pregnant.


Sans gently shook you awake, and you whined in complaint. You curled deeper into his chest, but he didn’t let up.


“up. gotta eat,” He said, continuing the shake you.


“Nooooo,” You protested, cuddling him closer, hoping he would take pity on your tortured, tired soul.


“gotta.” He started to kiss your neck, and you knew then that you wouldn’t win this. But fuck that, you were still going to try.


“...Five more minutes.”


The kisses on your neck started to slow, soft sensual. They made your body squirm and you couldn’t help the small moan that escaped your lips.




You were pretty hungry… so you just decided to admit defeat. But you wouldn’t get up yourself.


“Carry me.”


He picked you up and fixed your clothes a bit before carrying you downstairs and setting you in the chair. He sat next to you like he usually did, and you both ate in silence aside from what Papyrus would ramble about.


You had to admit, though, that… you weren’t exactly paying very good attention.


You were overthinking again.


What if he didn’t like you after all. You feared he was just using you because it was easy and convenient.


About half way through the breakfast, Sans leaned over and whispered to you.


“...ready to tell him?”


You looked up and saw that Papyrus had noticed the whispering, and you felt a bit rude as you whispered back, avoiding eye contact shyly. You felt like you were back in elementary school, whispering to your friend as the teacher was trying to teach a lesson.


“...Will he flip?” You tried to keep your voice as quiet as possible, not wanting to be called out on it.


Sans shrugged, and looked a bit amused. “haven’t exactly knocked anyone up before.”


Papyrus finally spoke up, clearly annoyed by the obvious exclusion. “STOP WHISPERING. IT’S FUCKING RUDE.”


You felt genuinely bad for a moment, and stopped whispering, deciding to just be forward.


“...You tell him.”


“fuck no.”




“Sans!” You weren’t telling him, you were afraid to!


But alas, he didn’t help you out.


He just continued eating, as if the conversation wasn’t even happening.


Papyrus looked at you, waiting for an explanation, and you cowered under his gaze.


“Y/N.” He said your name rather menacingly, but… you knew he wouldn’t hurt or yell at you.


You were definitely getting Sans back for this, later.

“...I’m pregnant,” You finally just spit it out, deciding it was now or never. The last thing you wanted to do was piss off Papyrus. He would stop seasoning your food like he did that one time you accidentally dragged some mud on the carpet.


“...OH.” That was all he said, as he stared between the two of you. You knew what he was wondering.


“It’s Sans’s.” Your relationship was rather new, so you didn’t feel offended that you had to clarify.


Papyrus smacked Sans upside the skull, and you internally found this hilarious. Karma, bitch. Should’ve spoken up for you. However, Sans didn’t even flinch. It was sad that he was so used to being beaten on, but you were pretty petty, so you didn’t step in.


“ARE YOU GUYS GETTING A HOUSE?” He asked, and you assumed that meant he didn’t want you here.




“GOOD. I WILL NOT BE WOKEN BY SCREAMING CHILDREN.” You felt a bit offended, but Sans on the other hand knew Papyrus was just hiding excitement about being an uncle.


He might be a douche, but he loved kids.


Papyrus went to work after breakfast, and you and Sans went back to the bedroom. You weren’t working anymore, so you decided it wouldn’t hurt to sleep some more. You felt unusually tired, too, and you weren’t sure why.


Sans followed and sat beside you on the bed, and you shot him a scowl.


“the hell is that face for?”


You sat up and felt your face shift into an all out glare. “Wouldn’t even tell Papyrus I was pregnant.”


“because unlike you, he’d beat the shit out of me.”


“I could stop him.


He laughed. You both knew for a fact that wasn’t true. Papyrus probably would beat the shit out of him if he had been the one to say it.


But you didn’t like the laughing.


“quit it with the attitude,” He said, petting your hair gently.


“Make me.”


You regretted saying that pretty much instantly.


He went under the covers, and before you could even lift them to see what he was going to do, he bit your inner thigh.


You shrieked loudly, and tried to pull your leg away, but of course he laughed and held it in place.


“Don’t bite me! Your teeth are sharp as hell!” You complained, feeling frustrated that he had the nerve to still hold you in place. He just assaulted you. You could call the cops for that if you were above ground.


“was barely a nibble.”


You were about to make a snarky comment, considering the fact that it was not a nibble, but you felt him start to shimmy your pants off of your legs.


Oh God.


You felt him run his tongue over your clit gently. It was warm and wet, and it felt so nice… but you weren’t about to give in so easy.


“I’m mad at you,” You tried to tell him, wanting to sound angry, but since you were holding back pleasure, the anger was held back as well.


He didn’t bother responding. Instead, he just ran a circle around your clit with his tongue again, this time dragging it out, wanting to get a rise out of you. The only thing you gave him was a small shiver that you absolutely couldn’t hold in no matter how strong your will was. Your pride had to die for the moment.


And die it did, because you were a moaning mess seconds later.


He stopped his teasing and started to flick his tongue repeatedly on your small bundle of nerve endings, but momentarily let it pause to whisper against you.


“too easy.”


You felt your blood boil, but you couldn’t form a proper sentence to yell at him with, so you just continued to make small noises and hump his face gently.


The second he started to suck on it, was the same moment your orgasm exploded.


Well, exploded probably wasn’t the right word. The orgasm was soft and gentle, and felt pleasant. It wasn’t overwhelming and bad like it could be at times, and you enjoyed it. It felt cute almost.


“great. now you made me late for work.”


You almost laughed.


“Deserve it,” You said, and in return he licked where he had bitten your thigh previously. It felt good.


He came out of the blankets finally, and kissed you before getting up and leaving.


You took a nap.


Your nap felt like it only lasted five minutes, but really you were out for a solid four hours. You had no idea pregnancy could cause such deep exhaustion… was that even the cause or was something wrong with you?


Being alone in the house made you overthink a lot.


Your mind ended up going back to that dark place.


Sans didn’t actually like you.


It was all for convenience.


You were easy.


It was the only thing that made sense, after all. He never showed interest to you prior that drunk night.


Maybe this was all a big mistake.



...The door opened downstairs, and you knew Papyrus was home.


You decided to try and talk to him, knowing he might get annoyed and tell you to piss off. Was worth a shot nonetheless.


You went down the stairs and caught him in the middle of taking his shoes off.


“...Pap?” You always counted yourself lucky, being one of the very few people who could actually call him Pap and get away with it. Half the time when Sans said it, he yelled at him, but never at you.


He glanced at you and you took that as a sign to keep talking.


“...I just… do you think Sans actually likes me?”


He gave you the most confused expression you had ever seen on him. “EXCUSE ME?”


“He… He just suddenly started to like me. Before that he wouldn’t even look at me twice.” It just seemed to suspicious.




Sadly, you couldn’t tell if Papyrus was joking or not.


“Did he like me before?” You were sure you would have noticed. You always liked him, and you felt you knew him better than anybody else minus Papyrus, so it made sense that you would have noticed if he crushed on you.




You tried not to take offence.


“Humor me. I’m insecure and pregnant.”


“YES. HE LIKED YOU. NOW WHY AM I BEING INVOLVED IN THIS HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA?” You felt a bit bad when he put it like that.


“Because I can trust your opinion to be true.” He was the bluntest motherfucker you knew, and he would tell it to you straight even if it killed you.




“Thank you.” You genuinely appreciated it.


He went off to make dinner, and you went back to your and Sans’s room.


Sans came back around seven later that night, and he looked completely exhausted. You weren’t so sure how a hot dog stand could tire somebody out that much, but he had already told you he had more side jobs secretly. You just knew better than to pry.


You hugged him when he came into the bedroom, and he yawned as he hugged you back.


“Long day?” You asked, as he sat down on a chair with you in his lap.


“mhm. you nap?”




“without me? i count that as cheating.” That made absolutely no sense, but you really didn’t wanna start this argument.


“Mmm… sorry.”


“what’s next? gonna watch porn without me?”


Now that one you guess you could see making some type of sense. You’re watching other people’s naked bodies… yeah. Maybe it could be cheating.


“I’d never.” You so would.


“you sure? i saw your phone history. should really start using incognito mode.”




“...I was mad at you.” It happened like a week ago after he ate your leftovers. You weren’t even horny. Just petty.


“what else is new,” He said, petting your hair. Those were fighting words, but you didn’t engage.


“Can we talk privately?” Papyrus was in his room already, probably asleep, but you didn’t wanna talk in the middle of the kitchen.


“depends. you eaten yet?”


“No. Waited for you.” Couldn’t call you a cheater this time.


“after dinner, then.”


You didn’t protest. You were pretty hungry, and Papyrus’s lasagna always smelled good while it was cooking.


Once you had both eaten enough to satisfy your stomachs, you were carried to the bedroom and sat down on the bed while he started to undress. He usually slept in his underwear so this was fairly common after he got home from work. It seemed like the equivalent of taking your bra off.


While he was doing that, you decided to speak up.


“...You like me, right?”


He paused what he was doing and turned to look at you. He looked almost hurt. “...the fuck?”


You didn’t respond. You were afraid to.







You must’ve misheard.


“i don’t like you.”


You were on the verge of tears. What the fuck? You asked, sure, but he wasn’t supposed to say no.


You wanted to scream. Wanted to cry and shout at him, but before you could-


“i love you, fucknugget.”



Fucking asshole.


You took a deep breath, feeling relieved with that answer, You couldn’t bring yourself to say anything back since your heart was beating so fast.


“why are you asking me that?”


Kind of wished you hadn’t.


“Just… before. You didn’t even act like you liked my company.” He had always been an asshole, and you always felt like a bother. His personality seemed to do a whole 180.


“afraid of emotions.”


Well that wasn’t exactly an excuse to be so mean.


“...I was just confused. And upset.”


“don’t be upset. i love you. why would i be trying so damn hard to knock you up if i didn’t?”


You had no idea.



Chapter Text

You knew you really needed to formally quit your job, but you were dreading it. The girl who ran the shop, Bunnie, was always decently friendly with you, sure, but you knew things were going to be different now. You knew since you had flunked out on work for the past two weeks, she was going to be pissed and probably eat you alive. Sans had offered to go with you before he went to work, but you said no. You knew it would be better to do it alone so if she said something insulting, Sans wouldn’t lunge at her. You didn’t want more problems in the underground then there already were.


You had to suck it up. You went inside the shop, and there she was. She glared at you upon sight.


Before you could say anything, she spoke up pretty harshly.


“You haven’t been at work in two weeks, y/n. What the fuck.”


You didn’t exactly have a proper excuse, but you went with the only option you could think of in the moment.


“I’m pregnant.” You were kind of afraid, but you forced yourself not to look intimidated… or at least tried.


She squinted slightly. “...For fucks sake. You’ve been together what, less than a month?”


For some reason, that question really irked you.


“He had his heat,” You told her, a bit more defensively than you really meant to. You definitely weren’t about to apologize.


“Well that’s great. Good luck with that. You here to quit?” Her voice wa mocking and offensive, and you wanted nothing more than to go home. Maybe you should have brought Sans with you after all.


“Yes.” And you couldn’t do it fast enough.


“Figured. Good thing because you’re fired.”


You were sure why, but that made you wanna cry. You forced yourself to turn around and go without saying another word. You didn’t want to give her the satisfaction.


“Good luck with your weird relationship!” She said sarcastically as you left the shop.



“Good luck with your terrible shop! It smells like ass in here!”


You ran for your fucking life, even though you heard her laughing in the background.


You ran most of the way home, but you got tired pretty fast and ended up walking the rest of the way. You knew Sans wasn’t home, so there wasn’t really any rush other than the fact you felt anxious and wanted to lay in bed.


You walked into the house, and the first thing you saw was Papyrus prepping dinner. A familiar and somewhat comforting sight.


“WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?” He asked as soon as he noticed you were there, probably since you were so shaken up. You weren’t exactly the best at hiding your emotions, apparently. You wore them like a mask.


“I told the shopkeeper her shop smells like ass.”





“She was being rude!” You defended yourself, crossing your arms.




You really didn’t want to get into it and then get yelled at for the choices you made. You were way too tired.


“...I’m just gonna go to bed now.” She was right, anyways. Your relationship with Sans was weird.





“She said my relationship with Sans is weird and rushed. I guess I got upset because she’s right.” You felt insecure regardless of how many times Sans might reassure you.




You shrugged in response, not sure what to say. You felt she was right.


He started to leave, and you were confused. Did you do something wrong?


“Where’re you going?”







You were once again alone in the house, and you didn’t like it.


You went upstairs and crawled into bed, a bit frightened. The house felt so big when it was just you inside of it… you wanted Sans to come home, or at least for Papyrus to not have left the way he did. It was scary.


...You texted Sans.


You: Sans


He responded pretty much right away.


Sans: yep


You: Hi.


Sans: hey


You: Wyd?


please come home.


Sans: working


You: What work?


Sans: what’s wrong?


You felt a bit annoyed that he dodged the question, but you definitely weren’t surprised. You were kind of expecting it.


You: Alone.


Sans: where’s pap


You wish you could tell him, but you had no fucking idea. You were pretty sure he was mad at you, and that’s why he left.


You: He just said he was going out.


Sans: we should get you a pet



...You didn’t even know they had pets down here, considering some of the people were considered pets on the surface.


You: You have pets down here?


Sans: mostly rabbits and dogs. cats are rare.


You: Dogs!


You loved doggos.


Sans: ok


You: I think it’s important for kids to grow up with dogs. Makes your immune system good.


Sans: don’t gotta beg sweetheart. already said ok.


You were grateful and happier… but still lonely and useasy.


You: Can I call you?


Sans: i’ll call you in a bit.


You wanted to protest, but he was at work after all. Getting a call in any way was good enough for you. You could wait a bit.


You: Ok.


You spent the next twenty minutes messing around on your phone while you anxiously waited for Sans to call you. It felt like forever, but while you were watching a video that one of the ‘dog squad’ members had posted, your phone started to ring. You picked up instantly.


“Hey,” You said as soon as you picked up, not wanting to wait any longer to hear his voice.


“hey. something happen? you seem upset.”



...You didn’t wanna tell him, because you knew one of two things would happen. He would either A, scold you for picking a fight, or B, go and kick her ass. Or hey, he might just try and comfort you, right? That was a possibility.


“Just… lonely.” You weren’t really lying. It was true, just… not exactly the whole truth.


“i’ll be home soon.” You could tell by the tone of voice that he knew you were lying, or at least not being completely truthful. You hated how he could read you so damn easily.




You left it at that, and you both hung up.


It felt like an eternity, but Sans finally came home.


You heard the front door open, and at first you stayed upstairs where you were, not wanting to get your hopes up in the case it was Papyrus, but once your bedroom door opened, you sat up and held open your arms without even looking at who it was.


Sans cuddled up to you right away, and you felt completely relieved when he did so. You hated being in an underground where everybody was evil and wanted you dead.


“talk to me,” He said, petting your head gently. When he ran his fingers through your hair it often calmed both you and him.


“...Don’t like being alone.”


It was true.


“something else happened.”



You sighed and held on tighter.


“...So… I went out to quit…” You started, hesitating slightly.


“mhm,” He encouraged, continuing to stroke your hair comfortingly.


“Shopkeeper found out it was pregnant with your child and she said we’d been together for so little time…”




“I quit, she said good because she’s already fired me, and said ‘good luck with your weird relationship’.”


You were expecting him to snap, but he didn’t.


“and you told pap?” He guessed, and he was right.




“well that’s where he went, then.”


“...I see.” That made sense. He was always an asshole, yes, but… he didn’t fuck around when anybody messed with Sans.


“she’s irrelevant. doesn’t matter what she says.”


You were glad he thought so. You didn’t want this to turn into a big thing.


“...I know.” You cuddled closer against him, and started to realize Sans was really the only person who ever actually cared about you down here. He was the only one who kept you warm at night, and safe, and happy. He kept you sane.


If you didn’t have him, you probably would have died by now.


You would’ve been killed, or you would have frozen to death.


“...are you happy with me?”



“Yes.” You were. You just weren’t so sure he was happy with you. That was the issue here, not vice versa.


“then that’s all that matters.”


...That wasn’t all that mattered. His feelings mattered too, but he didn’t seem to care about that at all.


You shut your eyes and decided not to talk about it anymore.


“...You’re so huggable.”


“thank you.”


You giggled a bit.


“you’re fuckable,” of course he would come back with that, “she’s only being like that because you quit, y’know. she liked you.”


You used to think so, too, before today.


“I dunno.” You didn’t really feel she liked anybody. But you were probably the closest person she had to that.


“i’m telling you. that’s why.”


You kissed him on the cheek and decided not to respond to it.


“ew. cooties.”



“I swear to God.”


He kissed you and you giggled. He tasted nice. Slightly like cigarette smoke, but besides that, it was nice.


“You’re getting infected.” Neither of you cared, but it was entertaining to talk like you were third graders.


“i know, it’s terrible.”


“Mmmm.” You hummed, waiting for him to shut up and kiss you, which he did, not disappointing you in the slightest.


You felt his hand rest on your stomach, as he gently started to rub it. You had forgotten you were pregnant for a moment, weirdly enough. It just didn’t feel as real as you thought it would. Then again, you couldn’t say much. You were barely pregnant now… anything could happen.


You found the thought of something happening to your baby extremely terrifying, even though it technically wasn’t even a baby yet.


“i know you’re questioning my feelings.”



...You blinked, being pulled away from your thoughts by the sudden accusation.


“Not.” You didn’t want this to end in a fight, so you were afraid to say yes.


“sure, sure,” He said, clearly not believing a word out of your mouth.


You couldn’t blame him.


You closed your eyes, hoping you could just sleep, but he spoke up again.


“communication is important.”


“Then let’s communicate in the morning. I’m tired.” You were, really. You had been all day, but you waited for him to properly sleep. You wanted to cuddle.


He stayed silent, and you fell asleep.

Chapter Text

You woke up in the middle of the night, and Sans was still awake.


He was sitting up beside you, and he didn’t look very happy, you could tell even in the dark room. It made you worried as you sat up and tried to see him a bit more clearly.


“...You okay?” You asked him, worry clear in your voice. Was he mad at you?




“You usually sleep like a log.” He would take any and all excuses to sleep. This just wasn’t like him at all.


“not tired.”


...Well that wasn’t right. Now you knew he was mad at you.


“...Bad day?” You were hoping that was the case. You knew in the back of your mind why he actually was upset, and you knew it was your fault. You should’ve stayed up a little longer to finish the conversation, and then none of this would be happening.


“not really.” Of course not.


“...Okayish day?”


“just go back to sleep.”


...Ouch. You were in pretty hot water.


But not hot enough, apparently, since you couldn’t shut the fuck up.


“Not tired,” You said, in the same exact tone he had earlier. You knew you were being a smart ass, you were just lucky he didn’t get mad.


“as you’re half asleep.”


Well damn, he had a point.


“One third.”


He rolled his eyelights and you smiled. Maybe you actually won.


“...just thinking a lot. you aren’t being honest.”


...The victory was short lived and felt hollow.


“...Thinking about what exactly?” Did he know what you actually weren’t saying, or was he guessing and it was going to be something stupid?


You hoped for the later.


“you don’t think i love you.”


God damnit.


You didn’t deny it. You couldn’t. You could hide certain things, sure, but you couldn’t full out lie to him.


It was clear pretty instantly that he didn’t appreciate the silence. He stood up, anger clear on his face, and he went to the door before turning to tell you where he was going. “i’m gonna sleep on the couch.”


“...No, wait-” You started, but he left before you could finish your sentence. He shut the door behind him, and you felt like shit.


You didn’t mean for this to happen… you just felt insecure, and in turn you hurt him.


You felt like shit.




You slept on Sans’s side of the bed. It smelled like him, and it lulled you to sleep pretty easily since you were used to smelling him at night time. It meant it was time to sleep, and your body knew that.


You just felt weird having to hug blankets instead of him.


You had stayed in the bedroom for a while, even though you smelled breakfast cooking. You didn’t want to go downstairs even though you were hungry. You hated any type of confrontation or tension, but there was nothing you could do.


You were scared.


But then Papyrus screamed for you to come down for breakfast.




You cringed a bit. You had never been late for breakfast before, and he seemed pretty upset about it.


You forced yourself to be brave, and got out of bed before making your way downstairs.


Sans and Papyrus were already at the table, already eating. Papyrus made eggs, and you were pretty excited to eat, but that didn’t change the fact that you didn’t really wanna be in the same room as Sans. Only for the reason that he was mad at you. Any other day you’d be happy to eat with him.


Luckily for you, Papyrus loved to ramble on about work and other random things at breakfast, and today was no acception. He spoke about the royal guard and a new cooking show he started watching recently.


You had to admit you didn’t really care enough to pay attention to what he was saying.


But all good things come to an end, and Papyrus had to go to work.


You were alone, with Sans, but not for long. He went upstairs to the bedroom, and you were left to finish your food.


You wanted to go up, too, but you were afraid to. You knew he wouldn’t yell at you or anything, but he was definitely good at being passive aggressive.


...You sucked it up, and followed after him.


By the time you got in the bedroom he was already asleep in bed. You had a feeling he didn’t actually sleep on the couch. He probably stayed up all night, especially since he looked completely exhausted, even in his sleeping state.


...You slid into bed next to him, quietly, hoping not to wake him, and slowly cuddled up to him.


You were a bit shocked when he wrapped his arms around you, but you didn’t flinch or move. You leaned into it even more.


He was a lot less intimidating when he was asleep.


“you don’t trust me.”


You felt like you were being stabbed in the heart.


You started to cry a bit, your hormones too much for you.


“why?” He asked, sounding just as broken as you felt.


“I-I don’t know!” You knew it was because you were insecure, and that he wasn’t doing anything wrong, and Jesus, you must be making him feel like shit by thinking he didn’t love you. He was doing his best, and you were doubting him! You didn’t even think of how bad this must all make him feel!


He held you and waited for you to calm down, rubbing your back while you cries softly. Something people did for the ones they loved.


You felt awful.


“what did i do wrong?” He asked, trying to keep his cool, but you knew he was hurting. You knew it was all your fault.


You owed him an explanation.


“...I-I… it was such a sudden change from seeing you acting like you hated me, to acting like you love me, and I’m just....”


Insecure and broken.


“just don’t trust me?”


“I’m just stupid and insecure about things, it’s not your fault.” You regretted not telling him sooner, because you looked like a liar trying desperately to grasp at straws.


“okay.” You could tell that was exactly what he thought, too.


“...Y-You love me, right?” You just needed to hear it one more time, so your stupid mind would shut the fuck up.


“i do.” He sounded hurt, having to say it, but this was the last time you would ask.


“I-I love you too.”


So much.


“how would you feel if i said i didn’t believe that?”



“...Upset.” It would crush you.


“it hurts.”


You were hurting him.


“I’m sorry.”


“i forgive you, just… don’t doubt me when i tell you i love you.”


You nodded, and you kissed each other. After that conversation, neither of you ever spoke about doubting the others feelings ever again.








You had no idea they had ultrasounds in the underground.


Then again, you probably shouldn’t have been too surprised. They had almost everything that you had on the surface, only slightly different, sometimes better sometimes worse. The ultrasounds seemed to be slightly better. The screens were more advanced and the pictures were a bit clearer.


You liked being able to see your baby, but…


You were pretty fucking upset with the fact that Alphys had to draw your blood for some fucking reason.


Sans didn’t seem upset or suspicious about it, so you didn’t argue, but you hated needles. You hated getting blood drawn ever since you were little, and growing up didn’t change that at all.


You always jumped away when the needle came close, but eventually she got some blood.


“Th-That’s got something in it!” You exclaimed.


“that’s your blood, babe.”



“...Th-That was the last needle, right?”


“yep. all done.”


Alphys handed you a cookie, and you were skeptical of that. You stared at it for a moment, and then at Sans, who just rolled his eye lights. You just weren’t sure if it was poisoned or some shit.


“you gave a shit load of blood. you need it.”



...You did feel a bit dizzy.


You ate the cookie, and Sans smiled at you reassuringly. You knew Alphys wouldn’t poison you in front of Sans, but you were paranoid.


“Ready for the machine?” She asked, turning back to you after doing God knows what to your blood.


“...The ultrasound?” You asked, wanting to be sure to what you were agreeing to.


“Yes,” She said, sounding annoying and s\as if you were fucking stupid.


It irked you.


“...Not my fault everyone’s vague.” Now, usually, you weren’t this ballsy. You would never talk back to a monster out of fear you would be fucking shanked, but you felt confident for some reason. Probably the hormones.


“Excuse me?” She said in a tone that made you want to get up and run, but Sans stepped between you two before you could.


“drop it.” His voice was threatening, and she did what he said with an attitude. She mumbled under her breath, words you couldn’t make out, as she set the machine up.


You laid down when the time came, and you almost screamed when Alphys squirted the cold gel onto your stomach. She smirked and let out a small apology, but everybody knew she did it on purpose.


Christ that’s cold!” You decided when the baby was born she wasn’t going anywhere near it.


Your mood was ruined for a moment, but… as soon as you saw the picture on the screen, you perked up.


It was your baby.


You stared in complete awe. It was so tiny, no bigger than the size of an orange, and there was a tiny soul in the center. It didn’t seem to have a color, but you assumed those came later on… you couldn’t even ask. You were too engrossed.


“Wanna know the gender?” Alphys asked you both.


They could already tell? ...Damn. You assumed it had something to do with the soul, but you weren’t sure what.


“...No. I wanna be surprised.”


“i wanna know,” Sans said, which you didn’t mind. He could know, but you didn’t want to.


Alphys wrote it down on a piece of paper and handed it over to Sans. You looked away so you didn’t see any of the letters, and you only turned back again when you heard the paper being put into his pocket. The look on his face was insanely joyful, and despite how curious you were, you still didn’t ask.


On the way home, you didn’t want to admit it, but the curiosity was killing you. He just looked so pleased and happy, and you didn’t ask him before hand what he wanted the most, so you couldn’t just put two and two together. It was really just a blank to you.


“Someone’s happy,” You said, trying your best to hide the slight annoyance. You weren’t annoyed with him, no… you were annoyed that you didn’t know, nor did you plan to ask.


“i’m excited. feels more real now that i know what it is.” Well that was a little reassuring to you. Even if you did ask him, you wouldn’t know what it was. He was just happy it was a baby.


You decided to change the subject.


“...She’s not coming anywhere near the baby once it’s born.” You hated her so much.


He blinked and gave you a look that screamed ‘how’.


“...she kinda has to deliver it, sweetcheeks.” The tone of his voice was slightly condescending, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care. That was just how he was.


“After that. She’ll never see them again.”


The look on his face intensified, and so did the tone of his voice.


“she kinda has to be their doctor.”


Why did you love this man-child?


“...I hate her,” You said, knowing that would change his attitude. Your words were less silly, and now more serious. You loathed her and you weren’t even entirely sure why? She acted just like everybody else did down here… cynical. Rude.


But then again, there were all of maybe five people down here that you didn’t hate.


“i know,” He said, petting your head, the tone shifting to something more comforting.


“Too many needles and too much bitchy-ness.”


That pretty much summed up just about everybody, and you knew he was going to comment on that.


“that’s how we all are.” He said, tucking you into the blankets. You didn’t mind.


You smiled. You were getting better at predicting what he would say next.


“Not you or Pap. No needles.” If either of them ever came at you with a needle, you’d probably piss yourself.


“besides needles. maybe bones?”


He lied beside you, and you shimmied a bit closer in your blanket cocoon.


“Oh no. Such a terrible fate.” You loved his bones.


He chuckled before stuffing his hand in his pockets. He could feel the small piece of paper, and you could hear it. The look on his face changed to one of calmness.


“...sure you don’t wanna know?”


...You did, but you wanted to wait.


“I’m sure.” You were going to be happy no matter what, so there really was no reason for you to know, right?


“but i wanna tell you.”


“Mmmm nope.”






“no, no, like the meme you told me about… where he points and is like ‘boy’.”


...Thank God.


“Okay… phew.”


“...or is it?”


“Shut up!” You didn’t want this to be spoiled!


“hmph.” He shut his eyes, and you giggled.


“I love you.”


“i love you too.”