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You took the small stick and turned around in his arms, giving him a look. This is what took him over half an hour? A pregnancy test? What the hell? That was a fifteen minute trip, maximum! And it would be even less considering he could fucking teleport!


“...Uh… you took over thirty minutes to pick up a pregnancy test..?” you questioned, your gaze falling from his face down to the object in your hand. You weren’t exactly sure how to feel about this, considering it was just kind of sprung on you today. Neither of you really discussed it, he just… you both just started going at it. Were you even ready for this? To become a parent?


Well, apparently this small stick was going to decide that for you.


You looked back up at him, noting the fact that his face had lit up a pale red, almost a pinkish shade.


“well, uh… heh, it’s not… exactly a ‘normal’ pregnancy test,” he explained, his line of sight now going downwards towards the test.


Your eyebrows knitted together in confusion. “What do you mean?”


“good that a new bra?” His eye lights wandered down to your chest as he spoke.


You groaned softly and put the test down on the bed by the bunched up comforter. “No. It’s not. Can you stop avoiding my question now?”


“i’m not avoidin’ shit,” he replied, a little too quickly, his tone overly defensive. “i’m just tryna talk to you.”


“Okay. Then let’s talk about this. Why is this so special?” you asked, walking over to your dresser. You heard him sit down on the bed as you pulled out a shirt and put it on before throwing on some sweatpants.


“...your ass looks good in those,” he ‘complimented’ you, and you could feel his stare on your.


You groaned softly and turned to look at him again.  “You’re still doing it.”


“am not.”


“Are too.”


“am not .”


You let out an annoyed sigh and sat next to him, picking the stick back up. You examined it a bit and realized it looked a bit more advanced than a human pregnancy test. Why were there two little screen thingys? Didn’t they usually only have one?




“…” he started before letting out a sigh. “it’s not from the store.”


...What did that mean?




“i got it from a friend. It’s… special. it’ll be able to detect if you’re pregnant now, even as the baby is a hybrid kid,” he explained, his line of sight drifting down to your belly.


...How would it be able to tell already? You had sex a few hours ago, that didn’t even make sense.


“...How the hell will it be able to tell if I’m pregnant now?


He chortled. “magic.”


Of course.


“...Well, whatever. I guess I can try it,” you muttered before looking back up at him, “But why are their two screen thingys?”


“it’s supposed to be able to tell whether it’ll take on a monster or a human form.”


...This all seemed way too complicated for you.


“...Alright,” you said softly, standing up from the bed. You made your way out of the bedroom and back into the bathroom, where you quickly locked the door so he wouldn’t come in. There were a lot of  things you would share with Sans and let him see, but you using the restroom was not one of them. You refused to be on display like some lion at a zoo while he watched you pee on a stick.


You set the small stick down on the counter and started to remove your pants, noting how annoying it was that you just put them on and they were already back off. You pulled down your underwear as well, and then sat down on the toilet.


You grabbed the stick once again, and then stuck it underneath you, and, well… You took the test.


After you had finished that, you set it down on the counter and cleaned yourself up before getting redressed. You sighed as you washed your hands, feeling a little ball of anxiety in your stomach.


Regardless of how chill Sans seemed about this entire thing, it was a pretty big deal. Bringing a child into the world was a big change.


What if it worked?


...What if it didn’t?


Would he keep trying until it did? You weren’t even sure you could handle anymore sex for the next three weeks after how hard he fucked you earlier.



You turned off the water and dried your hands, lazily, still thinking about everything. Were you both still going to stay here with Papyrus? Would Papyrus even want a screaming, crying baby here? He would probably get pissed if he ever got woken up in the middle of the night, so you probably shouldn’t raise a child here… but then there are other issues to take into consideration, like if you were going to move out, where were you going to get the money for it? Hell, how were you going to afford anything for this baby? You didn’t even know what Sans did other than sell hot dogs occasionally.


All of his other jobs were kept secret.


You decided to stop worrying for now, and shut off the light to the bathroom before walking about. You didn’t wanna see the results right now, and you were still overthinking. But, you could always discuss things with Sans properly , later.


You went back into the bedroom, where you found Sans hadn’t moved. He was rubbing his thumb phalange against the sole of his palm, a habit you found he did often whenever he was anxious or overthinking.


You were pretty sure he was doing both.


“...Sans?” you asked, voice soft and cautious. He looked up at you, face a bit flushed.


“...hey. what’d it say?” he asked, and you could practically feel the anxiety radiating off of him.


You sat down beside him and laid your head on his shoulder.


“Dunno. Didn’t look yet.”


“...why?” he asked, clearly confused as he turned his head slightly to look down at you.


“...Wanted to wait for you. Got nervous,” you explained, tilting your head to meet his gaze.


His expression softened and he placed a gentle kiss to your forehead.


“...okay. wanna go see now or do you need a minute?”



...You really wanted to talk to him, but should you wait until after you know or just come out with it now?


...Fuck it.


“...Can I ask you something?” you asked him, softly.


“anything.” His answer was instant and confident. It encouraged you to continue.


“...What if this doesn’t work? Like… what if I’m not pregnant,” you asked him, under your breath. You weren’t exactly sure of what you were afraid of… but you were anxious.


“...we can try again. doesn’t have to be today, of course, but… when you’re ready.”


You were a bit relieved. You had been worried you would have to fuck like rabbits all day, and you knew your body wasn’t up for that, not for a while.


“...Okay. Alright… b-but…if… when we do have a baby, will we be staying here…?”


“...i was actually thinking about that too,” he said with a soft chuckle, “i don’t think so. i’ll buy us a house nearby, though, so we have pap just in case we need him… and skeletons like the cold, so… if it’s a skele-baby it’ll be comfortable.”


“...Skelebaby?” you questioned, playfully.




“...Pfft. Okay, I… I wanted to ask about money. I know you sell hot dogs, but come one, that’s not enough to raise a baby. Hell, that’s not even enough to keep us alive. I know you’re doing more. Right?” you asked him, praying he would tell you the truth.


He sighed after a moment. “...i have multiple jobs. you don’t have to worry about what they are, or where they are… just focus of the fact we have money, and we’re gonna be fine. alright?”


“...” you knew that was the best you were going to get out of him, so you didn’t bother arguing, “...Alright.”


“good girl,” he muttered softly, kissing your head, “...ready to go look, now?”


“Mhm,” you hummed in confirmation.


He stood up and gently took your hand in his, before leading you back into the bathroom. He turned the light on and you just stared into the mirror as he picked up the test. You were starting to take notice of how tired you really were. You looked exhausted.


Did him being away for that short amount of time really do that to you?


A few moments passed, and he hadn’t said anything, so… you expected the worst. It didn’t work.


...But then you looked over at the test, and found you were wrong.