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He wasn’t lying when he said it was gonna be intense. 








He started by giving you a sweet kiss, making your lips tingle, almost as if they were vibrating. He kissed down the side of your face and licked your neck. You could feel every inch of your skin starting to get goosebumps. You shuddered and clutched at the sheets below you. His tongue left your skin all tingly, causing you to shiver slightly. He moved away from your neck and pulled your shirt over your head. You whimpered as the cold air met your skin. He smiled and kissed your stomach before unclipping your bra rather skillfully, and tossing it on the other side of the room. He pulled back and you quickly covered yourself, feeling rather insecure suddenly. The cold air felt like a slap in the face now.


He quickly moved your arms away, earning a whine from you, and he kissed in between your breasts. He went up to your ear and whispered “don’t hide from me. you’re so fucking beautiful y/n. you have no idea what you do to me.” His voice gave you goosebumps and made you visibly shiver. He smirked and kissed your earlobe before moving to trail kissed down your torso. He reached your belly button and stopped, starting to shimmy your leggings off. You lifted yourself up to help him, and he tossed them in the same direction as your bra. He smiled and pulled back to admire your body, now only in a red pair of panties. You blushed and squirmed under his gaze. He pressed a gentle kiss against your lips, sliding his hand into your panties. You let out a breathy moan as he starts to circle his fingers around your clit. The sensation is really indescribable, and it heats up your whole body, especially intense in the pit of your stomach.


“my god. you're so cute.” He says, continuing to torture you with his sweet fingers. You whine softly, biting your lip. Your hips grind against his hand involuntarily, and he let’s out a condescending chuckle. He pulled his fingers away and brought them to his mouth. He licked them as he stared in your eyes. You blushed and covered your face, not being able to hold back a little giggle. He looked so good right now.


“you taste sweet.” He says, and you can practically hear the smile on his face. “…i want a better taste.” As soon as he says that you look at him in disbelief. He wasn’t gonna… was he? Oh god. Please. You had always wondered what his tongue would feel like.


He smiled at the look on your face and started to remove your underwear. You find yourself excited, but also very fucking nervous. He backed away to observe you again, and he let out a happy sigh. It made you feel good, the way he looked at you was like someone was looking at something they always wanted but could never have. He dodged down and spread your legs with one swift motion. You yelp and try to close them, but he quickly licks in between your thighs, going from your entrance to your clit. You moan loudly and he chuckles against you. His tongue made your skin vibrate and tingle. You moaned loudly whenever his tongue would roll over your clit, hands gripping the sheets tightly. The feeling inside your stomach was tightening, and you placed your hands on his skull desperately trying to find some sort of leverage. He noticed this, and he intertwined your fingers with his as he continued to circle his tongue around your clit. Your legs were twitching and you were having a really hard time staying still. His tongue felt just like you always thought it would; amazing


Suddenly he pulled away, and you immediately shot up and whined in protest. “No, no wait please! Don’t stop!” you beg him, surprising yourself. You didn’t usually beg or ask for anything. He gives you a smirk and starts to pull off his shorts. “don’t worry sweetheart. i’ll take good care of ya.” You felt yourself shudder at his words. He gently pushed you back onto your back and your head landed against the pillow. You felt nervous. It obviously isn’t your first time together, but you always got anxious before hand. Especially now, since you knew he wanted to have a fucking kid. You would be a shit mom, what were you thinking!? You were about to protest until he kissed you, hovering above you. You could faintly taste yourself, but it was overpowered by his taste. It felt so good, and you felt loved. Wanted. 


Gripping his jacket tightly, you kiss him back, trying to ease yourself into the idea of a family. A little Sans running around. Oh god, it would be a delinquent. You almost giggle at the thought until you felt the tip of his dick against your entrance. You let out a small gasp as he pulls back and looks you in the eye. “remember the safe words?” he asks softly. You nodded, going over them in your head. You really doubted you would need to use them, but whatever. Doesn’t hurt to make sure. You cling to him a little tighter as you feel him starting to push in. It stings, but you’ve grown pretty used to it at this point. You can feel him holding back. He’s tense, like he doesn’t wanna hurt you. He gets about half way inside of you before he briefly stops and asks “how you doin’ kitten?” His voice is very hoarse, and you can feel how difficult it is for him to stop and make sure you're okay. It makes your heart flutter that he cared that much. 


You realized then that you could use safewords just when he was asking you questions like this, so you did. “Green.” You answer, and he leaves a little peck on your lips as he starts to move again. He gets all the way in and you moan softly at the feeling of being so full. His smile is quick, but genuine. He gently starts to move out, and then back in. It stings pleasantly, and you can’t help but notice how noisy his bed is. It creaks with each thrust he does and it’s distracting. Suddenly, he speeds up. It isn’t to much, it’s just a little overwhelming. You force yourself to breathe, calming yourself in the process. You're okay. He does it again, and it’s weird. He hadn't done this any other time. He was always gentle until you were close. 


It hit you then that it must be the heat. He warned you it was intense and he was right. Something about him being in complete control was intimidating right now. He sped up again and it hurt this time. You wrap your arms around his neck and cling to him, whimpering out a quiet “Y-yellow.” And he immediately slowed down. You let out a little sigh of relief and he pulled back to give you three quick kisses. You knew he wouldn’t hurt you on purpose, so you relaxed a little. The sound the bed was making was starting to annoy you a little, but you just tried to ignore it. His hands slid up to your breasts, where he gently started to tease your right nipple. You whined and turned bright red, snaking your hand up his jacket and starting to caress one of his ribs. He shudders a little, before speeding up a little bit. It didn’t hurt this time, it felt good. You let out a breathy moan and he chuckled. 


His laugh always made you feel small in a way. I wasn’t a bad feeling, just strange. Like he was something bigger than you really knew. His hand slid from your breast down to your clit. You mewled his name softly and he groaned. It felt so amazing. “how you feelin’ baby?” he whispers in your ear. It sends shivers down your spine, and pleasure towards your core. “G-green…” you moan out softly. He sped up again and you felt your end drawing close. You didn’t want to come yet though, so you decided to focus on something else. On the squeaking. Your letting out tiny moans by the second and he has his skull buried in you neck. He starts to suck on it and your so close-




“SANS WHAT IN THE-“ Papyrus stands in the doorway, frozen. His eyes go from locking with Sans’s, to your bodies, to locking with your eyes. Nobody moves for a couple minutes until finally, Sans says, “so, you gonna just stand there, or you gonna go?” and Papyrus blinks a few times.


“OKAY. BYE.” He says, slamming the door. You hear him fall down the stairs and you look up at Sans. His eye lights are out.


You have a feeling you won’t be finishing.