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The Invincible: Kagome's Journal

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Kagome’s Journal

No. 1: Love? (Nah that’s just too…Sappy because I’m not in love… with anyone)

Music: Unapologetic-Rihanna (Yea it takes a whole album for me just to write a journal entry haha but I think that’s because I have gotten spoiled with this new technology)

Mood: Blah :P

What more to say…

Febuary 6, 2013

Hi Journal,

So it’s been a long time since I wrote…in any type of journal. All the things that I am going to say in here will only be read by me for me I even had to lock up Carmen just so I can give you all the Juicy gossip Journal ;D.I think this is why I love technology now because I used to get blisters and chafing from writing and carving. You get the point right anyway so….. What to talk about…Okay so Kai… I think that Kai believes that I’m oblivious to his advances (I mean yeah it did take both Sango and Ai to tell me over a century ago that the kid likes me but hey….I know now) Is like him….Oh I don’t know how much but I think the boy is like a Adonis in every women’s eyes it goes the same for Sesshomaru who gets on my every loving mind I mean yeah ur hot but…GET OVER YOURSELFE I mean how ego struck can you get. I’m not complaining thought I like that in a guy.

I think that both he and Kai have things that I find great in a Demon man (Because not all species of man is the same I would know I’ve been here for ages) for instance they’re both very very very…… Um where was I again….Is..Is that….Drool on the paper…Ewww I just grossed myself out…Hold on Diary… (Why am I writing to you like your real…Awkward much?) Okay so where was I again. Oh yes they are just delicious which is an awesome quality (Not trying to sound superficial but them being hot makes it better I’m not one of those girls that think if he’s ugly and doesn’t have status I won’t date him because if one of them were ugly but did have a great personality then I would still be okay.) Another thing is that Sesshomaru has the stoic thing going for him that’s what I’ve noticed so far but I think it’s hot. Kai is a sweet fun loving guy the guy that you can call if you need any help. I think that these things in them are amazing. I think that this is all I gout for right now….I’ll write back later

Best Wishes,

Miss. Kagome


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