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hey, love, stay.

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"What is he like, Hyung?"

jeongguk asked, tilting his head to the side as he watched his older friend smile, ruminating at the question. His older friend, yoon-do pursed  his lips as if seriously contemplating the perplexity of the question.

This gave jeongguk time to study every wrinkle, every pore (or lack there of), and every dark spot on his friend's ageless face. 




For a twenty-eight year old, you're not half bad; jeongguk thought, unless, — is that BB cream?

His pupils narrowed in on the patch of light-medium cream not smeared properly on his strong jaw. Psh, jeongguk scoffed in his head, can't even put BB cream on right.

"Well," yoon-do starts slowly, "jimin is — well, he will be easy to deal with, he's very easy going and happy. But he's a quiet one, so don't be surprised if you feel like you're living alone. He doesn't have much presence at all — so you won't be able to tell if he's there or not."

"You're really helping me out here, Hyung," jeongguk sighs, gripping his cup of untouched, cold coffee.

"No problem, jeongguk." yoon-do says with a nod," jimin will be coming back from his trip tomorrow. So make sure you settle in."



jeongguk welcomed the slightly empty apartment suite as he roamed about and began unpacking his boxes of clothes and appliances. He had realized that yoon-do almost emptied everything out of the suite, leaving only some things in the kitchen, a television and some things in the bedrooms.

jeongguk was very careful in trying not to misplace any of his new roommate's stuff. But as neat as he tried to be; the suite still looked like a tornado had ripped it apart. There were boxes of stuff stacked in the living room, trails of clothing leading to his room, with luggage and bubble wrap scattered throughout the room.

His new roommate was most definitely going to have a bitch-fit.

"Hello!" An excited, somewhat airy voice echoed, "I'm home!"

jeongguk stopped dead in his tracks, a small box in his arms. Slowly, very slowly, he  turned his head to find a smaller man with light hair staring at him with wide eyes — also frozen in place, a look of confusion on his face.

And at that moment, he realized yoon-do had lied to him.
jeongguk stared at the smaller magnificent beauty with dazzling eyes and regarded him as someone that had spectacular presence. jeongguk would most definitely know if he was around.

"I'm sorry," The smaller man says as he began walking backwards towards the door, his eyes still on jeongguk. He turns the handle — eyes still on jeongguk, he opens the door — eyes still on jeongguk, he walks backwards a few steps — eyes still on jeongguk.

jeongguk moves forward towards the smaller man, watching him closely in amusement. His new roommate was surely odd, jeongguk almost smiles when he sees the smaller man frowning at the address on the front door, his face betraying more confusion at the fact that he hadn't mistaken his address.

"W-who are you?" He finally speaks as he begins moving forward again.

"Hello, I'm jeon jeongguk." jeongguk says nodding his head, "And you are, park jimin?"

The smaller, light haired man's lips parted, but remained speechless. But in his wide eyes, question marks danced in a pool of black. jeongguk watched as the smaller man contemplated the situation, his hands twitching softly.


jeongguk felt uneasy about the smaller man's reaction, felt — uneasy in the tense atmosphere that surrounded the suite. He wouldn't be surprised if somehow a dry roll of hay rolled in between them as they did in most old western movies, you know — before someone gets shot, and you know, dies. 

"And why are you here?" Was the smaller man's response.

This time jeongguk was the one frowning, "I'm your new roommate, didn't yoon-do hyung tell you?"

"Oh," The smaller man mouths, his voice coming out as a loud sigh, "I guess he failed to mention that to me. Well then jeongguk, My name is park jimin and welcome to my - or, our apartment suite. Make yourself at home, literally."

Figuratively, jeongguk wants to correct, but decides against it.

jeongguk nods at the welcome, and places the box he was holding on the living room table. damn, he really is very calm jeongguk thinks to himself, atleast hyung didn't lie about that.



"Hey, do you have any beer?"

Are you some kind of alcoholic, asking for another man's beer jimin-shii? jeongguk wondered to himself as he shuffled passed boxes and towards the fridge where he indeed had a case of beer.

jimin had been shyly peeking through this bedroom door, his head popping through the door frame as jeongguk handed him the can of beer, "you know, this is your home too — you can move around as you please."

jimin laughed at that, a shy laugh that made him unintentionally duck his head. "You're right, I forgot somehow," he took one step out of his room, and walked towards the living room. jeongguk followed and ended up standing beside him, eyes fastened on the couch placed awkwardly in the middle of the room.

"Hey jeongguk-shii,  can we move the sofa near the window?"

"Sure," jeongguk replied almost immediately, and they both walked over to the new couch jeongguk had bought and moved it to the window. And instantly, Jimin sank comfortably into the cushion, the beer can in his hand.

"Hey, that's a new couch," jeongguk said startled, "please don't get it dirty,"

"Well, I guess you shouldn't have bought a white one," jimin replied rather smugly. Jimin's response allowed jeongguk to throw shooting death stares at his new smug roommate, drinking his beer on his couch.

What a damn princess.

jeongguk coughed a bit, a short, nervous cough. "Well, I'm glad you're calm about this situation. Getting a new roommate out of the blue isn't easy for some people."

"It's quite easy for me I suppose."

"Right," jeongguk smiled, "It isn't like you were abandoned by a lover or something—" and he saw Jimin's eyes shift, and jeongguk could have just punched himself for saying something so stupid. jeongguk thought about it; it being opening the window and jumping, and if somehow he survived, running and never looking back, "could it be —"

jeongguk could feel the start of cold sweat forming at the side of his head, his eyes fastened on the smaller man who was slowly turning his head to face jeongguk. They stared at each other for one — two — three seconds before jimin opened his mouth and started to laugh rather hysterically, his little feet kicking the air.

"I got you!" He laughed, his hand meeting his lips, "the look on your face, you are really too cute jeongguk-shii!"

jeongguk could only stare, blood draining from his face in sheer embarrassment. He couldn't help but feel like his new roommate was trying to torture him into leaving the suite.

"But thank you, you seemed to genuinely care. I really appreciate it." jimin flashed him with a brilliant smile, "but did he say anything about me?" This time a serious expression tinted his face as he leaned forward towards jeongguk who was now sitting on the floor after his near heart attack.

"Hm," jeongguk pondered, hesitant even.

"Go on," jimin urged softly, "it's okay, whatever it is, I'm just curious is all."

And with that, jeongguk reiterated yoon-do, "something like, he doesn't have much presence at all." And for the life of him, jeongguk didn't know why he repeated that, why he decided to be honest. Shit, why couldn't I have said something nicer; he thought to himself whilst ducking his head in shame.

"Oh, I see," jimin sighed, taking another gulp of beer, then another. "I guess I shouldn't have expected anything."

"How do you know yoon-do hyung?" jeongguk inquired as he watched jimin take a laying stance on his brand new couch, beer still in hand.

"Mutual friends really, a friend of a friend of mine. He was always that hyung that hung out with the younger crowd. You?"

"He's my senior at work, I was transferred here from the Busan branch and yoon-do hyung took me in as my mentor. Since I have no family here in Seoul, I was basically living in my office. But thank God he told me I could move in here," and before jeongguk knew it, jimin was half asleep, his eyes heavy with drunkenness.

His mouth slightly open, muttering softly about being born in Busan first, then succumbing to deep sleep.

jeongguk took a moment to register his roommate's words but waved it off as drunk stupor. "Have you forgotten, we have also met once before park jimin." jeongguk whispered getting up and removing the empty beer can from jimin's small hand, then covering his body with a blanket

jeongguk's first day was quite awkward, nerve-wracking and somewhat torturous. But he figured things would get easier, since jimin was a quiet man, after all.



jeongguk was awakened by shuffling sounds, accompanied with light banging and — garbage bags? With heavy eyes, and a drowsy mind jeongguk finds himself getting up to check on the ruckus. He drags his feet to the kitchen where he finds jimin on his knees, his hands in the garbage cans.

"Good morning jimin-shii, what are you —"

"I'm separating the trash!" He exclaimed, his face taking on a darker expression, "I put a post-it on the wall saying that you should separate them, didn't I? Did you not see it, or did you choose to ignore it? You can't expect to save the world doing stupid shit like littering and not recycling you know!"

what. the. actual. fuck, jeongguk thought to himself, he was supposed to be the quiet type, but it's only day two and he's already scolding me.

"I'm sorry," jeongguk replied, obviously a taken-aback, "let me help you."

"No, no it is okay. Just be careful next time — the landlord can be a bitch if you know what I mean." jimin said with a lighter tone. "And, thank you for the blanket last night. You're pretty nice jeon jeongguk."

And jeongguk smiled at the compliment, "It was nothi —"

"But," jimin cuts off, "would it have hurt you to give me a thicker blanket. Like really jeongguk-shii, I thought I was going to die of hypothermia or some shit."

jeongguk couldn't help but stand and stare at his smaller roommate, a foot in his mouth. Holy shit, What have i gotten myself into?  He mentally groaned to himself.



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"What the fuck was that?"

jeongguk questioned himself, leaning back into his leather chair. He twirled his pen between his fingers and watched it go round-round-round before sighing, "Really, what is up with that guy," He repeated, a mental picture of jimin's various facial expressions coursed through his mind.





"Hey, you seem a bit distracted. Care to share?"

A clear, deep voice penetrated jeongguk's thoughts, causing him to drop his pen onto his desk and look up to see the face of the most robust man he ever knew. jeongguk found himself a bit - what is the word? - Awestruck, yes, awestruck.





"Hae-sol shii," jeongguk said as he stood up and bowed. He heard the older man laugh heartily.

"Please sit jeongguk, I come as a friend." The older man swiftly, as if walking on air, found his way to the chair across from jeongguk and sat down. jeongguk could have cried at that moment, kim hae-sol was everything he ever wanted to be. Just to be breathing the same air as him was an honor. Yeah, jeongguk was a fan boy. A big one at that.

He found himself locking eyes with the man he aspired to be, his pupils dilating every second he stared at his handsome boss. "I'm fine hae-sol shii, I just have a lot on my mind."

"You mean, you have a lot on your hands?" hae-sol inquired, his already small eyes narrowing.

Even with small eyes, jeongguk thought, he can be quite cute. His face immediately contorted with confusion at his own thoughts, what the actual fuck was I just thinking?

hae-sol noticed the brief expression and laughed playfully, "thinking dirty thoughts jeongguk?"

In shock, jeongguk straightened his back and feigned a soft cough, "my new roommate seems to enjoy scolding me." jeongguk responded.

"That's right!" The older man asserted, "You moved into yoon-do's old apartment. Is jimin-ah giving you a hard time?" he asked with a slight tilt of the head, "that's quite odd, jimin is usually very quiet. Every time I saw him he was always too shy to utter a single word."

Then why is it, jeongguk thought, that jimin can't seem to shut his mouth whenever I'm around.

jeongguk nods slowly, still quite confused, "about yoon-do hyung, I haven't been able to reach him. Do you happen to know where he is?"

With a big smile, jeongguk's boss claps his hands together, "He went on an impromptu trip to Hawaii with his girlfriend. Simply just packed his bags and said he needed to go. I would've whipped his ass too if it wasn't for the desperation on his face. So I let him go. I'm surprised he didn't tell you, you two seemed like the best of friends."

Not really jeongguk wanted to say but decided to nod awkwardly instead, lips slightly ajar with silent protest.



"Oh right, hyung has a girlfriend, how could I have forgotten that," jeongguk shook his head at himself as he stared at the bright light of a lamppost. He was on his way home now, walking a mere six to seven minutes from work.

The sun had already gone down and the sky was a dark shade of gray and blue. He liked the feel of the atmosphere, the quiet stillness of the air around him.

"jeongukkie-yah!" A very clear voice from above called out to him in long syllables. "jeon-guk-kie-yaaaa," He hears again, his silence blatantly disturbed. In annoyance, jeongguk snaps his head up and sees jimin waving at him with both hands from the third floor of their suite, a head of messy blonde locks peeking through the window sill.

Don't call out to me like that jeongguk thought to himself with a frown tugging at his lips, and when did he start referring to me so affectionately?

The look on jimin's face had a subtle expression of expectation, a somewhat calm and gentle smile tugging at his full of complaints rosebud colored lips. His eyes were glassy, with a far-away gaze that made him seem almost delicate. He almost looked — beautiful. No — he was beautiful. The expression on jimin's unblemished face was simply unforgettable.

But it was an expression that bothered jeongguk, because he couldn't understand — couldn't for the life of him; fathom it.



"Welcome home," jimin greeted once jeongguk set foot into the suite, a sudden frown dimming his face, much different from the smile jimin had given him a mere one minute ago. "You could have waved back you know, jeonggukie-yah."

"Why would I do that?" jeongguk asked back with a shrug, incredulous.

"Never mind!" jimin let out an exasperated sigh and retreated back to the couch where he sat on the exact same spot near the window. "Don't wave back then," jeongguk heard him mumble, it was almost inaudible — but jeongguk heard it clearly as if jimin had said it right into his ear.

No, but seriously, why should I? He wondered to himself, shaking his head as he took off his blazer and loosened his tie as he advanced into his bedroom only to find a slender, slightly taller man with hair as light as Jimin's and sharp piercing brown eyes standing in the middle of his room, his hands in his pockets. His eyes trained on jeongguk like a predator locking in on its prey.

It was then jeongguk remembered jimin's calm smile.

"Who are you?" jeongguk said with a deep tone masking his fear. He scanned the other man's slight build, and then looked right back at the man's dangerous eyes. They were staring at each other now, jeongguk's hand grabbing a pen from his pocket as a weapon. "A hit man, a thief? How did you get in here?"

I'll stab him in the face, or the neck — but that would look gross, too much blood. That would take me forever to clean, and I'd have to move out and find another place. I can't do that, the eyes — yeah but he could still attack me. Maybe the spleen, I don't know where that is exactly but it sounds fucking cool. No one ever thinks of the spleen, various thoughts raced through jeongguk's head, things that didn't even remotely make sense. Dear God, jeongguk prayed, direct me to his spleen!

He inched closer to the taller man, but the taller man didn't move. Instead, he grinned — a sardonic, playful grin tinting his lips, "Are you planning on stabbing me with that?" His eyes strayed to the pen jeongguk was gripping tightly. Then calmly, almost teasingly, he took a step forward and proceeded to walk past jeongguk and exited the room.

"jimin-shii!" jeongguk screamed out immediately as he ran after the taller man, quickly grabbing him and putting him into a headlock — only to realize there were two other men in the living room staring at him with wide, startled eyes, curiosity painting their pale complexion.

"Oh jeonggukie-yah!" Jimin said coming out of the kitchen, his eyes widening as he saw jeongguk and the taller man in his hold. There was an awkward silence that surrounded the suite as all eyes were on jeongguk. "Well, this is fun," jimin broke the silence with a shy laugh, "yoongi hyung, namjoon hyung — that man strangling taehyung is my new roommate, jeon jeongguk. He is — how old are you?"

"Twenty-one," jeongguk answered immediately, still in awkward shock.

"Oh! I'm older than you. I guess I'm your hyung!" jimin said excitedly, "jeonggukie, these are my closest friends, taehyung, yoongie and namjoon, they decided to come over for dinner so I guess we will be ordering in since they didn't bring shit," despite jimin's attempt to lighten the atmosphere, jeongguk and guests all remained staring at each other still taken aback. As the silence overtook the room for a good minute or two, everyone was in a state of pause — a stillness that made every minute more torturous than the last.

"But where is yoong-do hyung," the slender man, taehyung, questioned still bent over in jeongguk's grip. It seemed as though both jeongguk and taehyung had forgotten that they were gripping each other during the awkward situation.

Upon hearing the question, jimin's eye twitched. It was brief, if jeongguk had blinked even once, he would have missed it. But jeongguk didn't blink, he saw the twitch. But the others surely missed it.

"He left." jimin responded simply, gathering himself and then flopping himself back onto the couch, "he was already gone when I got back from my trip."

"Weren't you two supposed to go on that trip together?" the smaller, softer looking man who jimin called yoongi asked, "Does this mean you and yoon-do have broken up — " then he paused, and decided not to keep going. But jimin looked unfazed, calm even, jeongguk — on the other hand was ready to smash himself face first into the wall.

"That piece of shit," taehyung growled, "I'll kill him. Punch his stupid brains out!" Jeongguk felt the taller man tense in his hold, could feel his body shaking with outrage.

"Come on taetae," the tall, medium built blue haired man named namjoon said with a slight smirk, dimples protruding, small hooded eyes involuntarily squinting,  "you couldn't — wouldn't hurt a fly."

"You're more glare than bite." yoongi said affectionately, his eyes lively in contrast to his lethargic expression, "you're too gentle to hurt anybody."

jeongguk felt taehyung's body slacken in his hold, like, why the fuck am I still holding him, jeongguk thought to himself as he peered down at taehyung, coming to the conclusion that the slender man was actually pretty weak in the way that he let jeongguk overpower him. I guess it's just his glare that's scary jeongguk concluded, "So, taehyung-shii" he says, finally, "on the count of three, could we let go of eachother?"

"Yeah, that would be great, my back is starting to hurt," taehyung nods, still bent over. Once out of jeongguk's grip and standing upright, taehyung gives jeongguk an acknowledging smile whilst finding a seat right beside jimin who without delay began massaging his shoulders, "jimin, you know I could have just moved with you. You didn't need a new roommate."

"What are you talking about taetae, you already live around the corner!" jimin laughs, hands flying to his face in pure amusement. His petite body falling onto taehyung's legs while namjoon and yoongi smile at jimin with a sympathetic look in their eyes, and jeongguk can understand why.

So jimin and yoon-do hyung were lovers, and jimin still loves hyung. Whereas hyung —



"Good morning jimin-shii," jeongguk greeted a kneeling jimin. He had been up early doing the chores left over from last nights awkward dinner with his friends. Jimin had been kneeling on the kitchen floor, swift hands knotting the garbage bags as a satisfied expression touched his glowing face, "I'm sorry for leaving you to do all the chores, jimin-shii," jeongguk said with a voice saturated with genuine guilt.

jimin had cleaned everything spotless, he would be the perfect housewife jeongguk thought with a nod, only if we could do something about all that damn noise that came out of his mouth.

"No, it's fine jeonggukie-yah," jimin said with a slight smile, "I like doing this kind of stuff. it keeps my mind busy so I don't think about things. Somehow it makes me feel kind of — needed, you know?"

This caught jeongguk off-guard, jimin didn't seem the type to display any sort of emotion, much less; vulnerability, but that comment was tinted with such gentle sorrow that jeongguk almost felt his heart vibrate.

"Anyways," jimin said shrugging off his own comment, "take out the trash on your way out okay? The husband always takes out the trash."

"What husband!" jeongguk stuttered, "whose husband am I." jimin was looking at jeongguk with defiant eyes now, but jeongguk didn't back down this time, "why didn't you just take out the trash yourself. By the time I go out for work the garbage man would be long gone."

"So?" jimin pushed back, "just as long as it's out of this suite. What's the problem jeonggukie-yah, you're going outside anyways. Why make such a fuss, be a man." And with that jimin dropped the bags of trash at jeongguk's feet, satisfaction dancing like flames in his eyes. And once again jeongguk was rendered speechless.

"So, jeonggukie-yah," jimin said with a softer tone as he moved towards the kitchen sink, jeongguk followed, "Yesterday, you caught my lie. I'm really embarrassed."

"About you and yoon-do hyung?"

"I'm bisexual," jimin admitted with a sigh, "I like both women and men, but if you're talking about preference, I prefer men more. Does that  do you feel weird about that."

"No, not at all." jeongguk answered truthfully, "Do you still love him?"

"Yes," He answered, "I do still love him, very much. But I knew from the beginning, that if he found a woman and had to choose. He would choose his girlfriend. I knew it, I prepared myself."

"Why," jeongguk said, his eyes looking jimin over, "why don't you just cry?"

jeongguk's question seemed to startle jimin, as his eyes expanded and his lips parted, "If crying would bring him back to me, I would gladly cry a river. But it won't, so why bother?"

Have you given up on him jimin-shii, even though you love him?

      Or maybe because you already know, you don't stand a chance. Knowing yoon-do hyung, crying would only annoy him.

             The bastard.

"By the way," jimin smiled brightly, as if casting the deep conversation aside, "I also did the laundry." He pointed to the balcony where he had hung the clothes to dry. jeongguk felt thankful as he saw many of his clothes were washed and drying. Until something caught his eye that made him want to stamp his feet, fall to the floor and roll around in sheer frustration. "I realized that you and I had the same kind of underwear, same brand and everything. So that we don't get mixed up, I put your name on yours."

"Are you fucking kidding me?" jeongguk practically screamed, his hands flying to meet the bed of hair on his head. He was almost at his boiling point as he looked at the ugly scribble of his name right beside the crotch pocket of his underwear. He really, if he could, wanted to cry. It wasn't really that big of a deal, and yet he couldn't believe the blatant vandalism on his Calvin Klein's.  "Couldn't you have put an x or an o or something? Maybe on the back, maybe on the label? Didn't that occur to you? Why did you have to write my name on the front?"

"Oh!" jimin smiles so wide his eyes disappeared into two crescent moons and jeongguk forgets to breath, "I hadn't thought of that, I guess that would have been better," he says with a scratch of his head, "I'm sorry, please don't be mad."

 And with that, jeongguk relents with a wave of his hand, "I guess I should write your name on your underwear too then. Tit for tat, eye for an eye, you know the saying."

"Go ahead and try it, next time I'll write your full name on your underwear, jeon jeonggukie-yaaah," He sing-songed playfully, a pompous expression on his childish face.

jeongguk's second and the morning of his third day was just as awkward, nerve-wracking and somewhat torturous as the his first day with his new roommate.

He didn't know if things would get better, if things would get easier but for some reason he didn't care so much anymore. As he looked at jimin's face, he realized he couldn't just leave. Because, somehow — in some way, he became an idiot. A damn stupid idiot for his infuriating roommate park jimin.

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Four weeks passed since jeongguk moved into his new apartment suite, a suite that came with another man named park jimin. Since then, the whirl wind of chaotic exchanges between him and his unconventional roommate simply tormented the shit out of him, jimin was; for lack of a better word,  insufferable as fuck.
jeongguk's days consisted of waking  up, getting scolded, going to work, getting scolded via phone, going home, getting scolded, then going to sleep with nightmares of being scolded. And everyday, when he came home from work, he would find jimin drinking his beer on his couch.  A don't do this, don't do that, do this, do that — jeonggukie-yahhh always tinted pretty on his pink pouty lips.



On the days jimin was too lazy to get up off the couch and cook or order in, jeongguk would take it upon himself to boil up his favorite cup ramen soup. He would leave it in the kitchen to cook thoroughly while he went around the suite doing small chores only to come back and find jimin already eating it.

jimin had a sort of, what's mine is yours and what's yours is mine mentality, which should have benefited jeongguk to say the least but past occurrences with jimin proved otherwise.

"Hey!" jeongguk whined shamelessly, "that's mine, make your own jimin-shii."



And as if not hearing a thing; jimin would keep eating, "I make dinner for you all the time jeonggukie-yah, I slave away over the boiling hot stove just to make delicious meals for you to enjoy and you don't even have an ounce of decency to make me a cup ramen? You're so inconsiderate jeonggukie-yah."

jeongguk just never learned his lesson, and the lesson was — whatever jimin says goes, and that jeongguk's arguments were basically, well, always invalid.

But this time, jeongguk thought with a smirk, I have a plan. A plan of epic proportions. The most greatest, massive ass, mega charizard sized plan that will fuck jimin up!

It wasn't really, all he was going to do was put a few drops of sudden death spicy sauce in his ramen to teach jimin a lesson. That's all, it wasn't anything big. But it was for jeongguk, because he wasn't the type to take revenge on people. So with a brilliant, satisfied smile on his face — he thought his plan was absolute genius and well deserved at that.

In the days following, jimin cooked dinner or bought take out food and jeongguk was getting anxious as to when he could finally unfold his mind blasting plan. He waited, and waited, and waited some more until — finally! He came home to find jimin sitting on the couch, remote in the left hand — a beer in the right hand and a taehyung wrapped around him like bubble wrap.

"Yo!" taehyung shouts, an arm swooping up to give jeongguk a thrashing wave and wide toothy smile that made jeongguk almost coo at how cute he was.

"Hey." jeongguk smiles back almost a little too fondly as he resisted the urge to walk over and pet his head like he would his own dog back home in Busan. "Shit, I'm pretty hungry, have you guys eaten yet?"

"Nah, we were going to order some Chinese," taehyung answers as he points to both his and jimin's iphones on the table, "but we are too lazy to get up." 

jimin remained mute throughout the whole conversation, the expression on his face blank and distant as his eyes focused on the movie that was playing on the tv.

"What are you guys watching?" jeongguk asks curiously peering over to the tv.

"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," taehyung suddenly answers with a hushed tone as he reverts back to watching the movie with his head on jimin's thighs.

"I guess I'll go make some ramen," he says aloud, enough to clue jimin in. But jimin doesn't move an inch, doesn't even blink, his eyes still glazed over. He wonders if they were high or something, cause whatever they were on, jeongguk wanted in.

Shrugging, jeongguk walks into the kitchen, boils the water, cooks the ramen, adds fifteen drops of the sudden death sauce and leaves the room to wait for jimin to skip like a bunny into the kitchen and grab it. But he doesn't come.



"jeonggukie-yah" jimin says finally turning to look at jeongguk, his eyes glassy and bright. "Come here and watch with me?"

 'Us," taehyung fakes a cough.

jeongguk didn't know why jimin was being so soft but what he did know was that he needed to execute his plan. So jeongguk brought the ramen to the living room, pretending to eat it and put it on the living room table.

Almost instantly, jeongguk hears jimin whisper a, "may I?" followed by him leaning forward and grabbing jeongguk's chopsticks from his hand, twirling the noodles and then slurping it all up, 'Oh!' jimin beams, his eyes twinkling with delight, "jeonggukie-yah, how did you know I loved spicy food! I was always hesitant to cook spicy food because I was worried I'd kill you, but now that I know you like it also, I'll make lots of spicy foods for you!" 

jimin goes on to feed taehyung, completely devouring the ramen between themselves.

jeongguk hates spicy foods.

"Is there anymore?" jimin asks, his breath hitching, "can you add more spicy sauce?"

And jeongguk swears he felt his face fall, felt his jaw hitting the floor, felt his eyeballs popping out of its sockets. He catches taehyung's glare, a sudden smile itching his lips.

"I'll go order some Chinese," taehyung says, his voice dripping with laughter as he disappears into the kitchen with his cellphone.



 As the night progressed, jeongguk felt a sense of comfort in the presence of his two companions as they sat around the living room table; beers in their hands. They talked about little things, like who was stronger Iron Man or Thor. Or who was cuter bulbasaur or pikachu. They talked about taehyung being the heir to a multi-million dollar company, and jeongguk couldn't believe that the slender guy before him wearing an oversized black and white polka dot t-shirt and cheetah print flare pants could possibly be running a company.

taehyung was a little too soft, a little too sweet with his expressive wide eyes and carefree smile. A face for the magazines, jeongguk thought.

jeongguk watches as jimin dotes on taehyung, how he massages the back of his neck affectionately while taehyung talks. He watches as taehyung consistently praises jimin for every little thing he did, watches as jimin ducks his head in shyness every time but always asks, 'how about me, how about jimin?' shamelessly.

"Yes, of course you are cuter than taemin-hyung," taehyung laughs ruffling jimin's hair, "you're the cutest boy in the world."

And jeongguk agrees that jimin really is the cutest boy in the world. But not out loud of course.



"jeonggukie-yah, I bought some grapes today. Big red juicy ones, want some?"jimin asks once taehyung had left and all the dirty dishes were in the sink.

jeongguk nods, his eyes small with drunkenness.
"Are you okay jeonggukie-yah, you seem to have drank a little too much," jimin teased as he put the bowl of red grapes in the center of the table. jeongguk coughed, his eyebrows raised in surprise at jimin's rather maternal tone.

"What are you talking about?" jeongguk feigns ignorance as he mindlessly pops a grape into his mouth.

"You don't peel them?" jimin asks him, his voice taking on a shocked tone as he concentrates on peeling the skin off his grape, his eyebrow knitting in concentration, "isn't it hard to swallow with the peel on?"

"No," jeongguk says simply, with a straight face, "It doesn't bother me." And he pops another into his mouth.

And jimin stares at him contemplatively, his face a mask of curiosity, his sharp eyes wide as if jeongguk's actions were foreign, and slowly — almost hesitantly, he grabs a grape and puts it into his mouth. For a moment, they both just sat staring at each other in silence; but soon enough, jimin's face contorts as he struggles to swallow the grape.

"Why are you forcing yourself? Just eat it as you normally do." jeongguk says almost fondly as he sees jimin blush in embarrassment while taking another grape and peeling it once again.

"Honestly jeonggukie-yah," jimin says, his voice soft, his relief evident across his face, "with you. I feel like I can say what's on my mind. I feel like I can be my true self with you — so, I'm really glad I met you and that you're my roommate." jimin pauses for a bit, his expression thoughtful, as if he was reminiscing. "With yoon-do hyung, I probably — no, I would have forced myself to eat the skin."

It was then that jeongguk realized, yoon-do hyung wasn't the liar — it was jimin. Because, yoon-do never encountered the difficult, menacing and erratic side of jimin. It was also then that jeongguk realized that jimin was never actually the quiet type, but then again — yoon-do wouldn't have known that.

jeongguk stares at jimin, his eyes clear with sympathy. jimin's sincere words touched jeongguk's heart and made him feel warm all over.

At that time, jeongguk couldn't help but remember the first time he laid eyes on jimin. It was at a congratulatory party — yoon-do's congratulatory party. The company's co-workers gathered to celebrate yoon-do's new promotion, and jeongguk being a mere newbie then, sat alone for ninety-nine percent of the time.

jimin had been silently serving food and drinks to the guests, a vacant, detached expression on his face as he roamed the apartment suite, handing people drinks and food. If jeongguk was being honest, he had thought jimin was hired help, someone yoon-do hired to help serve and entertain the guests. Back then, at that time — jimin really didn't have much presence.

Now that I think about it jeongguk thought, his eyebrows furrowing, yoon-do's girlfriend was there too. What was her name again? — damn, who cares — she wasn't a great beauty anyway. But the more jeongguk thought about that night, he couldn't help but wonder what was going on in jimin's mind as he saw yoon-do with his girlfriend in his apartment suite, how he felt. So, no one knew jimin was living with him. All this time — goddammit hyung, you're a fucking bastard.

"Maybe it's because you really don't care if I dislike you. Whereas, you cared what yoon-do thought of you because you loved him." jeongguk suggested. In his mind, he hoped that jimin would disagree — that he would say, of course I care what you think about me jeonggukie-yah.

"I see," jimin nods at the realization, "that must be it."

What a fucking piss-off, jeongguk frowns, what's so great about yoon-do anyways? He can't even put BB cream on properly.

"What about taehyung?" jeongguk starts slowly and sees jimin stiffen beside him.

"What about him?" jimin tilts his head as he bites at his bottom lip, "he's my best-friend."

"Is that really all?" jeongguk doesn't know why he's prying,

"Taetae is off limits to me," jimin locks eyes with jeongguk, eye lashes fluttering. "He's a heir, and well, in the future he's going to need a heir too. I can't give that to him."

"He loves you," jeongguk almost whispers, a part of him not understanding what the fuck he's even trying to say.

"Yeah, I know," jimin whispers back, "but if you knew anything about taetae; it's that he loves his family more than anything in the world and disappointing them would kill him. I'm not worth that, nor would I want to come in between that. I love his family, the greatest people I know and because of that, I'll never return taetae's feelings for me." jimin spoke with something that might have been heartbreak in his voice.

jeongguk opens his mouth to speak, but doesn't utter a single world.



"Yes jimin hyung, I understand, yeah yeah yeah —" jeongguk paused, or rather, was cut off by a very pissed-off jimin who called jeongguk at work to complain about how jeongguk had forgotten to put the cap back onto the toothpaste tube, and how he had forgotten to put the left-over food into the fridge the night before causing the food to spoil overnight and now the kitchen smelt like 'someone took a shit on the egg foo young", and how jeongguk had forgotten to take out the trash when jimin specifically asked him to do so before going to work, and now jeongguk was getting it — loud and clear. "Yes, uh. Yes, I'm sorry jimin hyung. But I'm at work now okay? Can we talk about this at ho —"

jeongguk was cut off again. Honestly, he didn't have the heart to hang up, nor did he have the heart to pretend like he was losing signal either. Or maybe it was that he didn't have the balls to do so, either or — heart or balls, he couldn't do it.

Oddly enough, jeongguk had a love-hate relationship with jimin's bitch-filled phone-calls at work, somehow those calls made him a little less lonely — and yet, he hated, despised, loathed seeing jimin's name appear with rainbow colored emoji's on his iphone screen. Something that jimin had entered into his phone one night when jeongguk was fast asleep, and once again — he didn't have the heart to delete it.

And yet, jeongguk preferred to face jimin's wrath by phone rather than in person anyway. In jeongguk's experience with jimin, a furious jimin on the phone resulted in a calmer, nicer jimin when jeongguk got home from work.

If jeongguk didn't know any better, he could have sworn he was tricked into a marriage — with jimin. A man suffering from constant pms.


"Hey," A light male voice interrupted, followed by a light knock, "Hey jeongguk, you're looking good. Better than expected." The voice continued as jeongguk nonchalantly looked up to find a familiar face with a pleasant smile.

"jimin, I have to go now okay?" jeongguk whispered into his cellphone hastily and quickly hangs up before greeting — "yoon-do hyung," jeongguk says, almost breathless. "What are you doing back. Last I heard, you went on a trip with your girlfriend." jeongguk watches as yoon-do smiles, a somewhat cryptic smile that has jeongguk leaning forward with curiosity.



"Yes," yoon-do nods as he walks towards jeongguk's desk and takes a seat, "but I'm back now and I wanted to see how you were, how you were holding up at the apartment."

"Are you really here for me or are you trying to get the four-one-one on jimin?" jeongguk asked, his tone a little harsher than he intended, and yet — he felt a tinge of satisfaction seeing his old friend's face contort, stunned.

"So, Jimin told you about us I'm assuming."

"No hyung, jimin didn't tell me. I found out on my own." jeongguk replied, something about his own voice struck him odd, it sounded foreign, somewhat — disrespectful. Somewhat — bad-ass, yeah, bad-ass.

jeongguk was the type to always be courteous and respectful in-spite of any unpleasant circumstances. That was just who he was, maybe his loyalty and his wish to be liked by everyone was his downfall, but that's what he learned from his parents, what he raised with.

"You just left him out of the blue, how can you even call yourself  a man after what you did?"

jeongguk peered at his old friend with owl-like eyes, his neck moving forward as if to just — sort of — kind of - snap at his friend's stupid face. He's really not good looking at all, jeongguk thought, jimin deserved a lot better. jimin deserved the world ... the world? What the fuck —

"What's gotten into you jeongguk-ah?" yoon-do smiled, a crude smile that made jeongguk think that maybe his old friend was actually enjoying the confrontation, and that pissed jeongguk off more. "Don't tell me — have you fallen for jimin's charm? Because from what I heard earlier, you've become his little bitch." He almost spat out the last word, in a spiteful, menacing way that made jeongguk twitch as if the letters to the word came out of yoon-do's mouth and punched him in the face.

"You're a bastard, yoon-do." jeongguk challenged, "and you're a coward, jimin didn't deserve that."

"Look jeongguk-ah," yoon-do sighed, waving his hand into the air as if he were twirling a wand, "I'm sorry, I don't know what's gotten into me. I shouldn't talk to you like that. But as your hyung, I have to warn you. Do not mistaken jimin for a women. Because he isn't, he's a man. He has a cock. Therefore gay, bi or whatever, he won't respond to heartbreak like a woman will. Did he cry when I left him?" He inquired with no intention of receiving an answer. "I'm sure he didn't, why? Because he is a man jeongguk, a man. So his feelings — they aren't something that can be, how should I say this? — they aren't something I can concern myself with."

jeongguk shook his head and straightened his back, "Get out yoon-do, before I do something I'll regret."

His old friend nodded, sighed, and stood up, "jeongguk, if you're just curious about how it would be like getting into his pants, it'll be all fun and games until you get tired of him and end up going back to women. Trust me, you'll always go back to women."



jeongguk heaved a heavy sigh as he walked down the street to his apartment. The air always felt still in the evenings, as if the world had just stopped turning. During his five to seven minute walk home, his world stood suspended before him and like clockwork, he would look up to see jimin looking down at him, a calm smile on his lips, and his arms outstretched as he waved at jeongguk through the windowsill of their suite, "jeonggukie-yaaahh," he would call out, everyday — jimin never missed a beat. And everyday, jeongguk would keep on walking without returning a single wave. Sometimes he would imagine what jimin looked like once he looked away and opened the door to their apartment. What was his expression? There were times jeongguk fought the urge to look back over his shoulder just to see if jimin was still watching him.

"I'm home," jeongguk nodded a greeting to jimin who was sitting on the couch, his lips pursed together in what could have been annoyance.

"Why don't you ever wave back, jeonggukie-yah?" He asked, his arms folding across his chest as he pouted and glared like a child would.

"Why should I jimin hyung?" jeongguk sighed, loosening his tie, "you ask me this everyday, aren't you tired of this — you know, just waiting for me?"

"yoon-do always used to wave back." jimin's voice drifted, and jeongguk stepped back, startled.

He was never waiting for me, jeongguk thought to himself, he was waiting for yoon-do. All these times — he was waiting for yoon-do.

"I'm not yoon-do!" jeongguk almost screamed, he voice hoarse and angry, "I'm nothing like him, so get out of my face with this yoon-do shit. The bastard left you jiminie-yah, and he isn't coming back! Get over it."

jeongguk stepped back again, stunned by his own words. "I'm sorry jimin. I — I don't know what got into me." jeongguk apologized, but jimin looked unfazed. Maybe — his eyes were a little glassy as his eyelashes fluttered, his lips a little too loose, his gaze a little too — aroused.

"Don't apologize, jeonggukie-yah." jimin said, his tone a little too — seductive, "You're sexy when you're mad. I like it."

"Excuse me?" jeongguk said dumbfounded. I'm sexy — only when I'm mad? Should I get mad more often? He wondered to himself.

"You also called me jiminie-yah," jimin smiled softly, a sweet smile — a winning smile. As if he had finally conquered jeongguk. "I like it. Call me that from now on okay?"

"Excuse me?" jeongguk repeated like an idiot. He felt like an idiot, fuck, maybe he was an idiot. Whenever it came to jimin, he was just an idiot, plain and simple.

"Shit," jimin mumbled as he looked down at his crotch, "I — this is so embarrassing." jimin blushed as jeongguk realized what had happened. jeongguk had given him a boner, or well — like, jimin got a boner because of jeongguk - because he was mad, and that turned jimin on?

What the fuck, is jimin into that kinky stuff? I wouldn't be surprised if he was, or does he just like assholes? jeongguk pondered, as he stared at the innocent looking man before him, the light haired man who was trying to cover his boner with his hands. So damn cute.

Yeah, jeongguk wanted to punch himself in the face.

"I need to take care of this in the shower," jimin whispered as if he was worried someone else would hear him besides jeongguk, and he got up and jolted passed jeongguk and into the washroom.



jeongguk made his way onto the computer he set up in the living room with jimin's approval, with the condition that he was allowed to use it to look at his e-mails and such since yoon-do took jimin's laptop with him when he left.

jeongguk wondered about it, homosexual sex, to be exact. Like, he understood how it happened — he just didn't understand — well, how it happened. He turned to look at the bathroom door before entering the XXX site and clicked on the gay sex link.

"How does this happen?" He questioned himself as he clicked, one video, two videos, three videos —

"jeonggukie-yah — are you into this kind of stuff?" He heard jimin's voice behind him.

Horrified, jeongguk turned around to face a concentrated jimin. His finger was tapping his pouted lips as he watched intently, his head tilting sideways. "You know jeonggukie-yah, if you had any questions. You could have just asked me."

"Are you trying to give me a heart attack?" jeongguk fumed, "sneaking up behind me!"

"It's your fault, you tried to have fun without me!" jimin laughed, but then turned serious within half a second, "are you into this now jeonggukie-yah?"

"No," jeongguk coughed, "I was just — curious."

"Oh well, I'm glad to hear that then," jimin sighed, apparently very relieved. "You'd probably go back to a woman anyways. Now get off, I have to check my e-mails."

And without another word, jeongguk stood up from his arm chair and watched jimin in silence. He sounded just like yoon-do, you'd probably go back to a women anyways...

"Oh," jimin whispered, "I got an email from yoon-do hyung."

"Delete it, jimin." jeongguk warned, his hand on jimin's shoulder. "There is nothing he can say to you now."

But despite jeongguk's words, jimin clicked it.

And he shouldn't have.

Before them were rows of pictures. Pictures of yoon-do and his girlfriend, or — now wife. yoon-do had sent jimin pictures of their secret wedding in Hawaii.

How could he be so fucking heartless? jeongguk thought, his throat dry, his fingers twitching. Did yoon-do get a kick out of hurting jimin?

Without hesitation, jeongguk took hold of the mouse and deleted the e-mail as jimin sat back frozen and confused, his eyes glazed over.

"He got married?" He chuckled, "So that's why he left. He got married." And then jimin began to laugh. Laugh harder than jeongguk had ever heard him laugh before. It was a painful, unnerving sight seeing jimin struggle with himself. He was fighting to keep himself stable, and all jeongguk could do was watch silently — like he always had been, just watching silently. Like an idiot.

"jimin-shii." jeongguk started carefully, "jiminie-yah."

"It's just," jimin muttered, his laugh subsiding quickly, "it's just, that was supposed to be me beside him in those pictures. It was supposed to be me."

jeongguk quickly realized jimin had began crying, his shoulders sagged and shook as he hid his face with his right arm. He was embarrassed, embarrassed for caring — for hurting. Hesitantly, jeongguk turned jimin around, and stared into his tear stained face. He watched as jimin gritted his teeth.

"I thought he'd come back for me, so I waited. I waited for him jeonggukie-yah." jimin sobbed, as he allowed himself to fold into jeongguk's embrace. "I'm so stupid. So pathetic. If he had just said he wanted to leave — I would have let him. He didn't have to leave me this way."'

All along, all by himself - he was just waiting for yoon-do, in this room, just waiting in hopes that he would come back. Waiting for yoon-do to say goodbye. He'd been waiting all this time.

jeongguk stroked jimin's head, his swift fingers playing with jimin's soft locks. "It's okay to cry jiminie-yah. It's never unmanly to cry, nor are you weak for doing so. To me, you're the strongest I've ever met."

jeongguk's comment made jimin look up at him, tearful eyes glistening as his lips quivered. "You don't think I look pathetic?"

Shit, jeongguk thought, you don't look pathetic at all. You look beautiful, you look strong. And you'll get stronger, because I'm here now — for you, jiminie-yah. jeongguk thought to himself.

"You look ugly when you cry," jeongguk lied, "so no one should ever make you cry again." And with that, jeongguk cupped jimin's face into his palms and just — kissed him. It was like, time had just stopped, and it felt like they had been kissing for minutes, hours, days.

The caress of jimin's lips were softer than jeongguk could have ever imagined and without hesitation, he allowed himself to taste jimin's sweetness with his tongue as jimin opened his mouth with a low moan.

Shit, jeongguk thought, shit I'm falling —

jimin tasted like lemon mentos. Sweet and sour — delicious. jimin's lips sent him off into delirium, where it felt like everything was good and right and beautiful in the world. It was a feeling jeongguk had never had before.

And yet he was slipping.

"We can't! — You can't," jimin pulled back, his face flushed red, his breath caught, "Or else, you'll end up like yoon-do. You'll end up leaving me." Swiftly jimin stood up and jeongguk watched as he glided into the kitchen, and as if nothing had happened, he asked jeongguk if he wanted a beer.

Chapter Text

Things just kinda stopped.

Things that used to be predictable, repetitive — comfortable ended with that kiss. Things such as how jimin would demand that jeongguk take out the trash every morning, or the complain-filled phone calls at work, or the random bitch fits jimin would have everyday ceased to exist after that one breath-taking time-stopping lemon-tasting kiss.

For once, everything was more or less — easy.

jimin avoided jeongguk altogether. This consisted of two things: 1. locking himself in his room; 2. only coming out once jeongguk left for work, and/or went to sleep.

Life at the suite became quiet, uneventful and, well, boring. Quite reminiscent of a lazy Sunday just sitting on the couch browsing through Netflix.

jeongguk was infinitely baffled at his own confusion, because relaxed is what he expected he would feel. But he wasn't, instead, he felt as if were walking on eggshells every time he set foot into their suite.



Things just stopped.

When the sun set, which it always did, jeongguk would take his usual five to seven minute world-stopping walk home. His walks home didn't change much, the air around him remained still and the noises around him continued to stay mute. The feeling that he was the only sole person in the world lingered.

However, jimin no longer pulled him back into reality with his jeon-gguk-ie-yah! He was no longer waiting, he was no longer waving. No more expectant smiles that welcomed jeongguk home.



It all just stopped.

But jeongguk had no doubt in his mind that jimin was still sitting on the couch and drinking his beer. Possibly just possibly. But once jeongguk entered the suite, jimin would have already locked himself in his room.

"Yo!" A familiar howl had jeongguk turning at his heel.

"Yo." jeongguk said back as Mr. tall and slender walked right up to him, hands jammed into his pockets. taehyung was smiling brilliantly, as if running into jeongguk was the best thing that ever happened to him. This time he was wearing a tan colored over-sized hoodie and sweats set that made him look extra thin, and black crocs — crocs for the love of god. jeongguk cocked an eyebrow as he pointed at taehyung's outfit with his chin, "do you always make it a habit to look like a hobo?"

A taut little grimace passed over taehyung's eyes and mouth, "It's Gucci though," he responded, his voice low and delicate as he looked over his own outfit in childlike confusion.

And almost immediately, jeongguk was sorry, "shit, my bad tae, I was just kidding. You look cute, really. I don't know much about style, you know? I basically live in a suit and tie."

taehyung shook his head at the compliment, but allowed the subject to pass, "are you just coming home from work?"

"Yeah, I'm tired as hell man." jeongguk stifled a yawn, and taehyung nodded in mutual understanding.

"Shit huh. I was just walking over to ask if you and jimin wanted to come join me for a drink. But jimin hasn't been answering my messages, so I guess he must be busy these days."

"Yeah, I guess so." jeongguk shrugged, his eyes straying to his suite window. Still no jimin, "but I'll come with, I need a drink or two."

"Lets get fucked up then," taehyung chuckled heartily as he wrapped a baggy arm around jeongguk's shoulders.



jeongguk followed taehyung to a small hole in the wall pub just a couple minutes from the apartment.

So damn cozy jeongguk thought to himself once he set foot into the tavern that could seat maybe fifteen to twenty people. It was relatively empty except for an older gentleman sitting in the corner reading the newspaper while sipping on a pint. The place had a a good combination of both modern and rustic decor, but there was something else about the place that brought jeongguk great comfort; the smell — smelled like home. He suddenly had the urge to call his mother.

taehyung, who was already seated at the bar; motioned for jeongguk to join him. Once seated, taehyung clapped his back affectionately, a mischievous grin tinting his lips, "watch me," he whispered, eyes brows wriggling. "seokjin hyung!" he screamed so loud that jeongguk flinched, hand hovering over his heart, "two beers!"

"Shut up, stop it!" An incredibly handsome man with dark brown hair and broad shoulders came rushing from around the corner, "so noisy, so annoying, why are you even here!" he muttered to taehyung who responded only by rolling his eyes back and smiling a big toothy grin. The older man was finally standing a few inches from the duo, bar counter separating them.

"I've come bearing guests!" taehyung said, this time in his normal tone, "hyung, this is jeongguk, jimin's new roommate."

The older man's pale face lit up, "oh! wow! hey, you're actually almost as good-looking as me. Nice to meet you. You can call me jin hyung, all the kids do," he said, touching his bottom lip with his thumb and grinning, "I'm sorry for not being able to stop by, I've really been meaning to."

"Oh, that's okay?" jeongguk relied hesitantly, hand meeting his hair as he watched the older man push his circled shaped glasses up on his nose.

"You must be wondering why I would come to visit you, hm?" seokjin mused as he grabbed two glasses and filled them with beer, "I'm the hyung of the group," he began to explain, handing the duo two pints, "but since buying this pub, it's been hard for me to come out and play, so the group usually gather here to keep me company."

"No, we come here for the free food and drinks." taehyung giggles, taking two big gulps of liquid goodness. "Order whatever you want jeongguk, it's on the house."

"No taetae," seokjin shook his head, arms crossing over his wide chest, "you are too rich to be this cheap. You are paying for everything today."

"Fine," taehyung sighs, hands flying up in exasperation, "drink to your hearts content, taetae-hyung will pay." And with that, jeongguk took him up on his offer.

Six beers each and two shots of tequila later, jeongguk in drunk stupor accidentally confessed to kissing jimin and therefore being the reason the smaller man went into hiding.

"You," taehyung seemed to wince, his eyebrows raised, head tossed back, and chin up in the air as if he were looking down at jeongguk, "kissed him?" and jeongguk watched as his companion's posture grew rigid.

"Yeah," jeongguk nodded slowly, deliberately, his voice just above a whisper, "I'm sorry tae, I know about your feelings."

taehyung choked out a strangled laugh, "I'm that obvious?" and jeongguk looked at him with sad eyes. "Yeah, I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, I'm stupid like that. But the real stupid thing here is; I really wanted jimin to accept it. It's so cliche you know? Falling for your bestfriend. But we went through so much together. I mean, man, I watched him get his heart broken countless times by assholes, you know how many cars I had to set on fire? dozens — oh, please don't tell jimin that. He was there for me when I struggled through school, cause come on, me? A heir? fuck, I cried myself to sleep every night for four years, but jimin was always there ready to wipe away my tears. I want to be with him, I want to stay by his side even though I can't offer him anything."

jeongguk could hear the sincerity in his new friend's voice, could hear the tremble of want and longing. jeongguk recognized that want within himself. It made him cringe; with a trembling hand over his heart, he gently smoothed over it as if to say I'm sorry, you're going to be hurting from now on. Please forgive me.

"I'm sorry." jeongguk said again.

taehyung didn't reply, but instead sat motionless — his expression contemplative.

And within a fraction of a second taehyung began to frown, eyebrows beetled together as if in pain, jeongguk could see his lips were moving, like he was murmuring to himself.

Then finally, taehyung replied with a "don't be sorry, as long as you are serious about him — don't be sorry. I'll always love him, but it's time for me to let go. So if you are serious about jimin, I'll be okay."

"I am serious about him tae." jeongguk said, his voice high and strained, as if his vocal cords were not in his throat, but in his stomach instead.

Suddenly taehyung's eyes lit up strangely, and he smiled — a lopsided, somewhat devilish smirk. His smirk revealed a faint glow of satisfaction, "good, because I kind of like you jeongguk, I really wouldn't want to hire anyone to burn down your house in Busan."

jeongguk doesn't know how those intimidating words could come from such a warm smile.



It took jeongguk weeks, or two weeks and two days (to be exact) to bobby pin his way into jimin's room and confront him. He wasn't a creep or anything like that, he didn't become weird either. He just became unsettled, or lonely, rather.

"jimin." jeongguk cleared his throat once he passed the threshold of jimin's room.

jimin, however, did not hear him. Instead, he was flopped over on his bed, busy licking a Nutella dipped spoon obliviously, his head swaying side to side to the music coming from his beats headphones. He was half singing, half humming to, oh yeah ~ i love bad bitches that's my fucking problem - and yeah i like to fuck, i gotta fucking problem ~  which was by the way; incredibly accented, and yet his voice — his singing voice was for a lack of a better word, angelic. Such filthy words coming from such a pretty mouth.

And, oh yeah — jeongguk loved it.

jeongguk took this time to eye-ball his roommate's room. Although modern and considerably minimalistic, all black everything was the only thing that came to mind. Black leather seats, black satin bed sheets and pillows, black window drapes, black lidded lamps and a framed picture of Kermit the frog sipping on tea on a black velvet background on his wall beside the lamp.

Kermit? jeongguk wondered to himself as he couldn't control his smile, so he likes Kermit. How fucking — weird. I mean, I like Kermit, who doesn't like Kermit? But what guy puts a picture of a frog on his wall. And then it strikes him, jimin isn't a normal guy.

"I was thinking of getting a Kermit lamp."

jeongguk weighed his head to the side to find jimin staring at him, his eyes searching for an explanation as to how and why jeongguk was in his room. "But I thought maybe that would be pushing it," he continued.

"Your room is, wow." jeongguk remarked, casting a guilty eye towards jimin's Nutella jar, "it's kind of morbid."

"I like the color black," jimin said without reflection, "and besides, it would be a hassle to get white furniture, since it gets dirty quite easily, like your couch for example; which I have to steam like three times a week because it can't manage to stay white by itself. No help from you."

Uh jeongguk thought, so did I just break in here to get scolded again?

"jimin-shii," jeongguk began slowly, "jiminie-yah, about the kiss the other day. I'm sorry if I startled you. But I didn't do it because I was in the heat of the moment and I don't regret it a single bit."

"jeonggukie-yah," jimin said quickly, as if embarrassed. "You need to stop this, you are straight. I may have womanly features, and I may even have the cushion for the pushin', but all-in-all I have a dick and no boobs."

"I don't care about all that." jeongguk challenged, "but for some odd reason, I like you and I want to be with you."

jeongguk observed jimin and how his roommate cringed at the statement and how his small fingers balled into trembling fists. To jeongguk, it appeared as though jimin was resisting the urge to cry.

It was as if jimin's anxiety and despair hung in the air; making the air that surrounded them suffocating.

"You don't know anything about me jeongguk." He replied, almost inaudibly. His voice cracking as he confronted jeongguk face on with a look that could kill and held jeongguk's gaze unblinkingly.

"yoon-do knew nothing about you and yet you still loved him." jeongguk responded, head tilted back as he sighed, "which I don't even understand, considering that I think I'm much more good looking." He walked over to his flustered roommate and took a seat beside him on the silken bed. The previous angry, accusing look on his face was dissolving into an expression of desperation.

"jeonggukie-yah, look—"

"yoon-do doesn't know that you talk — a lot. You complain everyday as if you're suffering from extreme pms." jeongguk began, "he also most likely doesn't know that you're insecure, that you worry about your weight so you measure your intake; which you're going to need to stop right now, because you are so fucking beautiful, it makes me want to cry. Also for someone so small you're really scary when you're mad, definitely someone whose bark is far worse than their bite. Oh! and does that asshole even know that you are capable of being both the most self-less person in this world and yet be the most greedy person that ever walked this planet—"

jeongguk continued, listing everything he noticed about jimin. Things like how jimin had a big fat praise fetish in which  he searched for any sort recognition from just about anyone and everyone. Or that jimin was obsessed with striped shirts and turtlenecks sporting a new one everyday. Or that he always wore at least four rings, two on each hand; in which he would take off only when eating. Or that despite his small frame, he packed on muscles, often staring at himself in the mirror and twerking as he flexed his arms. Or how he was terribly terrified of scary movies, roller coasters, ants, spiders and cockroaches, usually jumping on chairs and furniture screaming for jeongguk to, "kill them jeonggukie-yah, please. I don't want spider's crawling into my ears when I'm sleeping and making spider babies in there!" .

To jeongguk, jimin was predictable and yet he was always full of surprises.

"You are both the most fearless person I know, but you also hold so many fears within yourself. You, jiminie-yah, are the biggest contradiction. You're hard and soft, you're rude and well-mannered, and you are basically the most childlike grandpa I've ever laid eyes on. You also don't think before you speak, you don't have a fucking filter and all you do is scold me and complain and drink my beer and sit on my couch."

"You're not making me feel better jeonggukie-yah," jimin half-smiled.

"I'm not saying any of this to make you feel better, you told me I didn't know anything about you and I'm proving that I may not know everything, but I'm willing to if you give me a chance."

jimin nodded, almost absent-minded, a soft humming escaped his lips before he looked up, his eyes alighted on jeongguk. An amused twinkle in his wide cat-like eyes.

"Do you really think I suffer from pms, jeonggukie-yah?" Was his reply, and with that jeongguk was satisfied. Because maybe there was hope for him yet.


jeongguk bit into his stuffed hotdog and almost felt a sense of euphoria cloud his mind and fill his growling stomach. Yeah, the hot dog was that — fucking — good.

The day was simply gorgeous, a cloudless sunny summer day in Seoul. jeongguk was having his late lunch outdoors, a hot dog in his left hand and his iphone in his right being held up to his ear.

jimin decided to resume his every day task of calling him, but this time they were on more friendly terms, a lot of, hey how are you jeonggukie-yah's, are you eating well's, and is work treating you okay's but an occasional, how are you? would be followed by a oh by the way, you forgot to separate the laundry or eat well okay jeonggukie-yaa — Oh! You forgot to put the food in the fridge again. Now the kitchen smells like you took a shit in the corner of the room!

Old habits die hard. Just saying. jimin just couldn't go a day without complaining at least once, or twice — or 5 times.

But the phone calls kept coming and jeongguk kept picking them up every lunch hour.

"Girlfriend problems?" kim haesol asked coming up from behind him once jeongguk hung up. jeongguk almost swooned once haesol's hand clapped his back and proceeded to massage his shoulder affectionately.

jeongguk sighed and nodded, "I don't really know what I should do hyung. I can't force it, but I'm worried my feelings aren't going through."

"Why don't you just get him drunk and seduce him?" haesol laughed a response, his eyes winking unintentionally — or was it intentionally. "Whiskey or tequila should do the trick."

"Him~ ," jeongguk's voice trailed off.

"I know you're talking about jimin. There's something about him, so I understand. I won't judge you. Nor will I say anything about it. But like I said, get him drunk and seduce him."

"Seducing was never really my forte, especially not seducing men. But, I guess It's worth a shot." jeongguk replied, hanging his head and heaving a dry, heavy sigh.

Sometimes things just weren't fair, like how someone like yoon-do easily got the love of two people who deserved better, and jeongguk couldn't even grasp one park jimin's heart.

It just wasn't fair.



"Well, speak of the devil."

jeongguk's eyes shifted towards his boss' pointed finger and then slowly turned his head to its direction, his round eyes squinting as he tried to fight off the blazing rays of the sun. "What in the world—" he mumbled beneath his breath at the sight of a man with platinum blond hair bouncing around behind bushes, a camera in his hands as snap-snap-snap, he took pictures of a toddler wobbling around the park obliviously, a small toy clown in her little hands. jeongguk was suddenly unaware of his surroundings as he began to walk towards — well, jimin, obviously.

"jiminie-yah!" jeongguk stumbled forward, his long legs half walking, half gliding. He grabbed the camera from jimin's smaller than average hands and cradled it with both hands, "You can't go running around taking pictures of other people's babies at the park as you hide behind bushes, you can get arrested for that you know!" jeongguk pauses, a slight frown on his face as he shakes his head, "the things they would do to you in prison, ohmygod."

"Uh," jimin looks innocently confused, "are you stupid?" He asks as he attempts to grab back his camera and fails, causing jimin to cross his arms over his chest defensively. "Are you out of your mind jeonggukie-yah? I don't know what you're thinking up there," He says with his finger pointed to the side of his own head, "but something tells me its not good."

"jimin-ah!" A guy with orange hair interrupted them smoothly as he walked up behind them, the same baby jimin was taking pictures of in his arms, "is there a problem?" A curious expression masked his rather feminine facial features as he scrutinized jeongguk's face with his brown hooded eyes.

"No hobi-hyung, I just have an unexpected visitor," jimin said taking the baby into his arms and began making cooing noises at her, the baby seemed to look at jimin with awe as it went in to sniff jimin's lips. "jeonggukie-yah, this is hoseok hyung, he's part of the group and  hobi-hyung, this is my roommate jeon jeongguk. He used to be straight but now he's madly and hopelessly, crazy in love with me." jimin concluded with a content sigh and a slight smirk.

"Uh," jeongguk mumbled out of shock, his face flushing by the second. "Hi." Was all he could say really, after being catapulted into an awkward situation, what else was there to say — what could he possibly say to make things a little less awkward?

Hi, I'm jeon jeongguk. I'm your friend's roommate and I've been straight for twenty-one years up until recently when I started to fall for your whiny, hot-headed, big mouth, kermit loving ant killing friend, he thought to himself, causing him to cough up a small laugh at his own stupidity.

The older guy laughed hard, his mouth opening so wide that jeongguk was sure jimin's fist could fit in there, his hands reaching out to tap jimin on the back, "hey! what did I tell you about embarrassing people! It's not nice chim." The bubbly man said with a maternal tone, "I'm sorry for his manners. tae and chimchim are the babies of the group so we tend to spoil them, that and none of us have the heart to sew jimin's mouth shut."

No, jeongguk corrected him in his mind, no one had the balls to sew his mouth shut, and in his mind, he laughed. Yeah it can happen, people laugh in their heads all the time. The majority are psycho's but still, the main point here is that it happens.

"jin was right, you really are almost as handsome as him." hoseok said, as he looked jeongguk up and down, a satisfied look on his fresh face.

Almost? jeongguk internally shook his head at the word.

"I'm taking pictures of hobi hyung's niece, cho-hee. She's really camera shy, so I had to hide in the bushes and I swear on your spleen jeonggukie-yah, some mama bee's were trying to make me the father of their baby bee's." jimin muttered in annoyance but quickly reverted back to pretend biting the baby's protruding chubby cheeks. "I guess you found out one more thing about me. I'm a photographer, jeonggukie-yah. I take pictures for a living." He said, pouted lips still pressed on chubby cheeks.

"Oh, thank god" jeongguk laugh-sighed, "I had the impression that you were a rich boy living off your parents money. I guess I was mistaken, and I'm glad I was wrong. At least I know now you weren't just doing nothing at home. So, what kind of photographer are you?"

"I'm a frog photographer." jimin declared with a pointed stare, "I get paid for taking pictures of frogs, sometimes turtles too."
"What, really?" jeongguk asks with an unsteady side glance that betrayed his puzzlement. The words I - don't - understand, rang loud and clear in his brain.

"No, not really," jimin replied with a touch of exasperation. "I'm a celebrity fashion photographer."

"He's a celebrity stalker," hoseok intercepted, earning a hard look from jimin. "He's a sasaeng fan." He went on further. This time jimin shrieked, his face paling, his head shaking.

"I am not a sasaeng fan! How — how could you call me that!" jimin asked, his eyebrows furrowing as a pained expression etched his face, "how can you say that about me? About everyone's cute little chimchim?" He proceeded to take a step back, one hand on his heart, his other still holding hoseok's niece who was now tracing a finger along jimin's chin.

"Fine, alright" hoseok said simply casting jimin's hurtful glances aside, "he's paparazzi."

"I'm not one of those crazy ones though jeonggukie-yah, I don't stalk — too much, and I don't defame either. I mean, I could ruin lives! you want the four-one-one on who is dating who? I'll tell you later," jimin was all cheek and no eyes, "But honestly, my photos are purely about fashion, you know airport style, the red carpet, and gym wear." Then a small head tilt to the left, lips pursed together as he raised his eyebrows almost innocently, "and a frog or two every now and then."

Yeah, park jimin was anything but normal.

"jimin seems to have taken a liking to you," hoseok said once jimin went back to taking pictures of baby cho-hee.

jeongguk couldn't help but smile at the revelation, "I'm glad you think so." He started with a tone of uncertainty, "but I've got to disagree. He's been pretty hard on me."

hoseok nodded, his thin lips pouted in concentration as he eyed his niece carefully, "jeongguk-shii, a piece of advice — don't rush him. jimin's been hurt a lot in the past, and because of that; he's testing out the waters with you. But once he feels completely safe, he'll let you in, and he will love you wholeheartedly with no limits. With the others, he dove in head first, completely prioritizing them. He would lose himself in the relationship and because of that, he struggled to be himself. You're different, with you, he's taking his time. You see jeongguk-shii, jimin is trying to mend his broken heart right now. But he needs to do that himself, you can't do that for him."

"You really think I stand a chance?"

"I think," he said, finally turning to look jeongguk in the eye, "jimin allowed you to get to know the real him for a reason."

Beer, Whiskey, Tequila. jeongguk laid out the bottles in order from what haesol had told him.  "Beer first, you need him to feel and act like you're his very best friend in the world, beer will open the gates. Then, Whiskey, because it will make him talk, maybe emotionally but that means progress. You need him to be honest with himself and you, and Tequila — well," jeongguk remembers haesol's devilish smirk, "It will more or less just fuck him up, make sure you don't drink too much or else you're finished. Game over."

"Oh jeonggukie-yah!" jimin marveled, his voice high with delight. He sauntered over from the bathroom where he had just taken his evening shower. He towel dried his wet locks and then proceeded to shake his head dry like some playboy model or like a cute puppy — but a model was more appealing to the mind, "what are we celebrating?" He asked quickly taking a seat on a cushion on the floor before the table. He eyed the bottles, his full lips quirking into a whimsical smile.

"I got a raise today." jeongguk lied. He was never known to be a liar, but he unfortunately couldn't think of one true thing he had to celebrate for.

"Oh good job, jeonggukie-yah!" jimin said reaching over to give jeongguk a short massage on the shoulders. "You're amazing after all!" He said with a genuine smile that made jeongguk feel as light as a feather despite his bald-faced lie.

jeongguk, however, did not listen to haesol.

As the night advanced, jeongguk unfortunately drank more than he should've and his plans were falling apart fast. He should have taken jimin's high tolerance for alcohol to account in the past, so there he was spilling his life story when he should have been trying to coax everything and anything from his roommate. Surely they were talking, or slur-talking, rather — but everything just went in one ear and out the other by jeongguk's 10th shot and jimin's — like 100th shot.

Somewhere between all the chaos, jeongguk boldly revealed that in high school he was a hot shot dancer and jimin busted out laughing at such a confession, his body thrashing around as if satan himself was trying to possess him,  "Oh! no wonder you have the thighs of a greek god jeonggukie-yah!" He teased, but proceeded to coax jeongguk into doing a few moves. "Prove it, show me some sexy moves!"

The tequila moved him up and down and around and around, and before he knew it he was pop, drop and locking to the music in his head. Drunken feet swaying him as he did the wave, yeah — the fucking wave. Somewhere in there, he began to beat box and rap at the same time, well kind of, it more like he was spitting into his hands. Liquid courage made him think he sounded a-fucking-mazing. He didn't — not at all.

But jimin didn't seem to mind, as he also got to his feet, tiny feet stomping on hardwood floors and began to clap wildly, his cheeks flushed deep crimson as he began rapping, "yo yo yo, one two three fooouuu, annyeonghase-yo, park jiminie ie-yo!"

Shit, they were so faded.

When things began to blur and their hype slowly took to a calm, jeongguk found jimin's head in his lap. "Your hair, why did you dye it this color?" jeongguk asked, clumsy fingers stroking jimin's hair.

"Back then," jimin began, he eyelashes fluttering slowly, "yoon-do hyung told me I had no presence, he said 'jimin, sometimes I don't notice you even though you're the only one in the room with me' and I just didn't want to be invisible anymore. I thought if I did something different he would start to really look at me. So I cut my hair short and dyed it blonde," he paused and inhaled deeply, "but he didn't and I was left looking like a wannabe boy band member."

There was a brief silence for a moment or two before jimin began to speak again, "you know jeonggukie-yah, yoon-do wasn't a bad man, I think you of all people would know that. He's a kind, loving man, and I'm sure at one point he must have loved me. But he was so confused, and he had to choose. That's really when he started treating me like I wasn't there." He smiled, a pained smile, but a smile nonetheless, "I think, maybe, he wanted to hate me, or he wanted me to hate him and leave him. But I didn't and I made it harder for him to leave. Just because I couldn't let go."

"Your hair, It looks good on you," jeongguk whispered, ignoring jimin's rant about yoon-do. He was the last person he wanted to talk about. jeongguk twirled a soft strand of platinum blonde around his finger, "have you considered going back to your natural color? I think black would suit you beautifully. The natural you." jeongguk suggested, his fingers leaving jimin's hair. With slow, deliberate movements jeongguk traced his fingertips along the surface of jimin's porcelain face in which he counted seven tiny freckles.

jimin's hooded eyes fluttered open, his expression startled — but only for a moment, for which he finally allowed himself to be taken in by jeongguk, "you know jeonggukie-yah," jimin said with warm smile, his eyes wide and searching as he stared up at jeongguk's expectant face, "you really scare me sometimes."

"Yeah?" jeongguk responded, a little taken-aback.

"It's like," jimin paused, his voice unsteady as he fought to find the right words, "It's like, a part of me knows you're the one. That I belong to you, or with you — but I can't do it." jimin paused again, "I can't let you in, because if I do, you'll leave me. Men as good as you don't belong with someone like me. I just want you to stay by my side a little bit longer."

Inspite of jimin's words, jeongguk found himself smiling, a toothy accomplished smile. "Is this a confession of your feelings jiminie-yah?" He asked, his tone almost teasing. "You want to be with me too?" jeongguk smiled, leaning forward towards jimin's face, "you want me as much as I want you?"

jimin almost nodded, but caught himself, and turned his head in embarrassment. "Don't do this to me now jeonggukie-yah," jimin almost whined and abruptly sat himself up  as he poured himself another shot and downed it, then another. Two hard hits to the head.

"No. No. Don't do that jiminie-yah," jeongguk said fondly. "jiminie-yah," he whispered as leveled his face with jimin's and slowly, but without hesitation pressed his lips onto his. In that moment, the world didn't stop like before, but instead it was as if the suite circled around them in slow motion as they sat in the middle, two lovers melted together. Heat surged his body as jimin kissed him back, pouted lips finding jeongguk's bottom lip. "Shit," jeongguk managed to whisper as his throbbing hands roamed his roommates body, his hands finding his way into jimin's shirt, hands quick to feel as he felt jimin's hands trying to unbutton his pants.

"Shit." He swore again, and he laid jimin down on the floor, lips still attached as he laid on top of him, fast hands removing clothes as both jeongguk and jimin laid half naked as they caressed each other.

jeongguk's been infatuated, surely he had been. But his unwillingness to commit always held him back from having any sort of relationships in the past, and yet a man — a man like jimin was able to capture his heart in mere months. jeongguk was unable to pinpoint the exact moment he fell in love with jimin, maybe it was the first time he laid eyes on him, or the first time jimin scolded him, or maybe — maybe it was when jeongguk saw jimin cry for the very first time. Or possibly, he just fell in love over and over again with the only person that ever challenged and controlled him, making him feel like no other person could.

"Ugh," jimin moaned, "it won't — I can't" jimin whimpered, lips still pressed onto jeongguk's, and jeongguk felt his heart just stop and tremble and for a second he felt as if he were suffocating, "I can't unbutton," jimin fussed, referring to him being unable to unbutton his own jeans. jeongguk exhaled, and felt relief fill his body from head to toe.

jimin's clumsy fingers lingered upon his own pants, groaning as he struggled to unbutton it. "Kiss me," he grabbed at jeongguk, "kiss me now I said." jimin demanded, his head lolled back as he closed his eyes. jeongguk continued to rain soft kisses on the beauty before him.

"Ugh," jimin said again, "come, yoon —"

jeongguk moved back, startled. yoon?

jimin opened his eyes, realizing what he had just said. Without words, he shook his head and sucked in his cheeks. He stared at jeongguk with sad, apologetic eyes, his expression as fragile as eggs in a carton, and jeongguk knew he couldn't possibly get upset at him. The heart wants what the heart wants, and jimin's heart did not want jeongguk.

"I'm sorry jeonggukie-yah." Was all jimin said, his voice saturated with emotion.

jeongguk nodded, abruptly standing up, "I'm sorry too," he replied back, and then retreated to his room, leaving jimin to sit alone in his own affliction.

And as if nothing had happened, they resumed back to their daily activities.

Or, well, kind-of.

jimin took to drinking at seokjin's pub everyday with taehyung at hand as his very best friend in the whole wide world.

And jeongguk, well, he decided to let go of his feelings towards his roommate park jimin. It was a vicious cycle, loving someone who loved someone else, who loved someone else and jeongguk didn't want to be a victim of that anymore. His love just couldn't — wouldn't, reach jimin.

But even so, every night he would go to pick jimin up from his night of drinking and singing sad karaoke songs. taehyung would call, and jeongguk would come only to find jimin still taking shots, his face red as a old-dutch ketchup chip, or vomiting into the cushions of the booth as namjoon tried to calm the pale-face grief stricken seokjin, assuring him that jimin would pay for the damages.

"jeonggukie-yah," jimin softly moaned, "you're finally here to bring me back home?"

"Yes," jeongguk replied, his voice hard as he took jimin's arm and led him out of the booth "let's go home."

"Okay jeonggukie-yah," jimin answered obediently as he staggered into jeongguk's arms.

"Hey," taehyung appeared before them, visibly upset, his face flushed as he eyed jimin. taeyang's eyes were something short of wild, like he was about to set another car on fire. Like jeongguk, yoongi also saw the look and took taehyung aside, both of them talking in hushed tones.

"Hey, hey," yoongi said quietly, trying his hardest to placate the younger who had balled his fists up, "there is nothing you can do now tae. Just calm down and let's get another drink."

taehyung shook his head, "how dare that fucker come around here. I swear, if yoon-do even tries to set foot in here —" 

"yoon-do?" And in a blink of an eye, jimin took off running out the door with jeongguk following at his heel. He watched as jimin searched, and searched. The look on his face dazed and expectant, a desperate expression masked his flushed cheeks.

jeongguk''s heart ached for him, almost as much as his heart ached for himself.

And finally, jimin grounded a complete stop upon finding yoon-do with his wife, holding her hand as they walked down the side walk.

"yoon-do hyung!" jimin called out to him. To jeongguk's surprise, yoon-do turned around only to find jimin standing a short distance away from him. jeongguk studied his old friend's face, his expression both sad and genuinely sorry. jimin said no more, but instead, he waved a short wave and smiled through the tears that fell from his glassy eyes. yoon-do also seemed to have been fighting his emotions as he forced a smile, despite the glint of despair in his eyes and waved back.

"Goodbye yoon-do, have a happy life," jimin whispered to himself as one last tear fell from his eye.

With one swift turn of the heel, jimin faced jeongguk, his face wet with tears, his voice shaken, "jeonggukie-yah, just hold me. Please."

And jeongguk did, maybe just for a little while more.