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You Probably Won't Be Up By 8

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"I still don't understand why I have to be the one to go with you to this convention. I don't even like Tokyo. It's too loud and busy." Staring out the window of the rented car, you picked at the loose thread at the hem of your sweater. "Why was it Serizawa couldn't go?"
"I told you, his mom's birthday is tomorrow. I wasn't going to make him miss it." Reigen replied, speeding down the highway with a cigarette between his fingers. "Obviously I couldn't take Mob out of school, his parents would never allow that." Taking a drag, he exhaled slowly, glancing over at you. "You were my only other choice. I couldn't show up alone, that would make me look unprofessional." He waved his left hand around as he spoke, pushing smoke around the car. "You've been my employee for almost four months now, and I believe you are a good choice to represent me, Reigen Arataka!" The conman jabbed his thumb into his chest, winking at you. Resisting the urge to roll your eyes, you sighed and leaned back in your seat, closing your eyes. As cheesy and tacky as he could be, you had to admit, he possessed a strange sort of charm that you couldn't help but smile at. Both the afternoon sun and your own thoughts warmed your face as you peacefully drifted off.


"Hey. Wake up. We're here." Reigen shook your shoulder, dragging you out of your slumber. Looking up, you winced at the neon lights from the giant "MOTEL" sign that flickered above you. "Oh, good," he smiled, his brown eyes lighting up, "I was afraid I'd have to carry you in there. N-not that you look heavy, or anything! Uh... I'm just not very strong!" He stuttered, face beginning to flush.
"Where are we?" you sat up, looking around the car. A cheap motel, with nothing but highway surrounding it. "This doesn't look like Tokyo..." you scratched at your face, trying to figure out where you put your cell phone. "What time is it?"
"It's almost 12 am, and I couldn't stand driving anymore. I figured we could stop for the night. We still have about 5 hours ahead of us." Reigen put his hand over his mouth in thought, staring at the MAPS app on his phone. "Don't worry!" he looked up quickly, "I got us separate rooms!" The pink glow returned to his soft cheeks, and he hurriedly added, "I paid for yours, too!" That explained why he chose such a shack of a place. 'Oh well, it's just one night' you thought to yourself. The two of you exited the car, and he handed you your room key.
"Well, I would like to leave around 8, if you can be up by then." Reigen said with a wink. "Goodnight then!" He waved his hand a few times and disappeared into his room. Bag in hand, you shuffled into your own and flopped face first on the mattress. After a moment, you decided to roll over and flip on the TV. Ten minutes into a rerun of an old sitcom, there was a knock at the door. Groaning and sliding off of the squeaky mattress, you wondered who would be at your room after midnight. You looked through the peephole in the dented metal door, only to see your boss looking sheepish with his duffel in his hands. As soon as you opened the door, he averted his gaze to your feet.
"Hey, uhm, hi!" stuttered Reigen, scratching at the back of his neck. "So, uh, it's funny, you see, my shower doesn't work! I tried turning it on, and it just sputtered something brown from the faucet! Very odd, I should complain, but I'll let it slide, seeing as how I'm a nice guy." He chuckled nervously. "So, m-may I use yours?" His eyes ran up to meet yours. His suddenly nervous demeanor had you perplexed, but you nonetheless let him in.
"Of course. I just hope you don't sing while you shower!" you laughed.
"Oh, you know if I did, it would be the best thing you'd ever heard." There was that signature sly grin of his. "I won't be long, I don't want to keep you up!" Reigen stopped at the door to the bathroom, putting his hand over his chin. "Then again, you did sleep most of the car ride." With a snicker, he shut the door. Once you had heard the water running for awhile, you flicked off the TV and dug your book from your bag. You figured it was safe to change, and slipped into your pajamas. Plopping onto your stomach facing the foot of the bed, you opened the novel and returned to where you had left off. After a good 20 minutes of steam pouring out from under the bathroom door, you heard the water shut off and Reigen emerged. He looked you up and down, his voice coming out somewhat nervous.
"I see you, uhm... changed you clothes." You looked down at your simple button-up top and matching pants, and giggled.
"What, does the idea of me getting naked make you uncom-" you trailed off at the last word as you looked up and finally made eye contact with the man standing near the end of your bed. Wearing confusion better than you could swear you'd ever seen, Reigen quirked his brow.
"What was that?" You blinked a few times and sputtered a few syllables in reply, taking in the sight. Wet, sandy blonde hair hung around his flushed face, dripping onto the shoulders of his ratty old Dragon Ball t-shirt. He scratched at his stomach, drawing up the shirt and bringing your gaze to rest at the trail of hair just above his waistband. You briefly wondered if he knew how lewdly those grey sweatpants framed his package.
"Hey," he said softly, "are you alright?" Reigen took a few steps so that he was in front of you, stopping so that your eyes were level with his chest. You stared, dumbfounded, entranced by the red hue that dusted his cheeks. 'Is it all from the shower, or could it be me, too?' You wondered. Blushing, you looked up, meeting those warm brown eyes. "You know... You're blushing." He smiled, but not the "Reigen Arataka, Greatest Psychic of the 21st Century" smile that you'd seen so many times. This was a warm, soul-melting smile. You decided to take a chance and reached your hand out to touch his slender hip with the tips of your fingers. Reigen glanced down at your mouth, placing his opposite hand on your cheek. With a small upward twitch of his lips, he brought them to meet yours. You felt a surge of warmth from your lips to your toes, as you slid your arm around his waist. Your mouths moved slowly, never really parting. His slightly chapped lips felt wonderful and comforting against your smooth ones. Reigen thumbed at your cheeks with both hands, slotting his hips between your knees. He hummed into your mouth, and you parted your lips to allow him entrance. Reigen slid his tongue along your bottom lip, and you met it with your own. With a giggle, you nipped at his bottom lip, causing Reigen to moan into your mouth and push you onto your back. Hovering above you, he began to pepper kisses down your jaw. You threaded your hands through his hair as he continued down your neck, pausing at the top of your shirt.
"May I?" He asked, looking up at you with lust-filled eyes.
"Please. Don't stop, Reigen." You whined out as your heart pounded against his chest. Unfastening the first button and planting a kiss on your chest, he looked back into your eyes.
"Call me 'Arataka'. We're not at work. I think this sort of situation calls for first name basis, hmm?" You sat up, looking into his brown eyes.
"Alright. Arataka." You said with a smile, placing your hand on his head. You sat for a moment, stroking his hair, as his expression grew worried. "Hey, is something wrong?" You questioned. Reigen sat up, staring at his hands in his lap. He sighed dejectedly, and put his face in his hands.
"I can't do this." Came the muffled reply. "It's not you, really. You're beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. But someone like me... I don't deserve this. Not at all." Reigen turned so that his back was to you and his feet were on the floor.
"What do you mean? Someone like you? You're just a regular guy, why don't you deserve those things?" It didn't make sense. You couldn't figure out what was making this man whom you'd grown so fond of think so little of himself. "To be honest, Rei- Arataka, I started developing feelings for you awhile ago. I just didn't want to say anything because I assumed it wasn't a mutual feeling." He sighed again, placing his hands next to him on the bed.
"Don't. I'm a terrible person." he shook his head. "You don't want to be with a guy like me. You swore you saw a tear fall from his cheek.
"How can you say that about yourself? What have you done that's so awful?" You began to pick at a spot of the comforter where the threading was loose.
"I'm just a con-man. I have no psychic abilities. I use Mob and Serizawa. They're the real espers. I just pretend to have powers, for profit. What I can't do, I get them to do. Mob's just a kid, and I use him like that. I'm honestly surprised you haven't noticed." Reigen let out another sigh, and turned to face you. He kept his head down, but you could clearly see wet streaks on his face.
"You know," he continued, "I haven't kissed anyone like that in years." He smiled sheepishly and sniffled. "I've been a real loner. I don't feel like I'm good enough for anyone. That and I think my low confidence shows on the outside, because no one has really approached me, either." He chuckled softly and his shining eyes met yours. "Maybe it's my line of work. I think what I do causes me to keep most people at a distance." Reigen sat up slightly, averting his gaze. "I don't understand what you see in me. I'm not a good person." You shifted onto your knees and moved close to him.
"Arataka, those things you mentioned... I mean, they're kinda shitty, sure," you giggled nervously, " but they don't make you an awful person. You might have Mob do your work for you, but you've taught him some very valuable lessons and morals. And Serizawa, he wouldn't be doing as well as he is with the real world if it weren't for you. Besides, you pay them for what they do. Maybe a bit less than you should, but hey, what do I know, I'm just the secretary." You smiled and nudged his shoulder.
"You really think that?" Reigen sniffled. You smiled your biggest smile and placed your hand on his shoulder.
"I wouldn't lie to you, Arataka." You gazed into his eyes, and pulled him into your chest. Wrapping your arms around him, you kissed the top of his head. "You're a very sweet man. And I like you very much. If it's okay with you, I would like to give you the care and affection that you deserve." Sitting back up and wiping his face, Reigen looked at you, perplexed.
"You mean that after that breakdown, you're still attracted to me?" You smiled and placed your hand on his cheek.
"Nothing in this world could change how beautiful you are to me, Arataka." Threading your hand through the back of his hair, you started into Reigen's eyes for a moment before resting your forehead on his. You both sighed and then shared a quiet laugh, slowly locking your lips in a passionate kiss. Somehow, this was even better than the first time. You tangled your fingers in his messy blonde locks, and his warm tongue darted between your lips. The messy way which he explored your mouth showed just how long it had been for him. All the thought served to do, though, was amp up your hunger for him. You slid your hands down to rest at the dip in his waist, pulling him as close as possible. It seemed the traffic outside had stopped and there was no sound other than the beating of your hearts, and the small sounds Reigen would make when you parted for air. The smell of the cheap Motel soap on his skin as you kissed his neck and back up to his ear was oddly enticing. You wondered what his skin normally smelled like, and hoped you would get to find out. Brushing hair out of the way, you brought the shell of his ear between your teeth. He moaned into your neck, as he licked a stripe from your collarbone to your jaw. Reigen mouthed at the juncture of your jaw and neck, as you continued to nibble up and down his ear. He pulled away slightly, looking lustfully into your eyes and laying you down. Returning to his earlier spot, Reigen kissed down your neck towards the second button on your shirt. Grasping the back of his head again, you let out a sign and slid your body under his. As he got the second button open and began kissing between your breasts, he ground his pelvis against yours. The feeling of his hardening member against your thigh caused a moan to rumble in your closed mouth. Growing impatient, he quickly pulled your shirt open the rest of the way and latched onto your right breast with a rough hand. Leaning up to look in your eyes, his own full of affection, Reigen planted a kiss above your belly button. He continued up until he met with the underside of your left breast. Kneading the right, he took the left nipple in his mouth and sucked. Your whole body keened as you reached for his shirt. You both laughed as you clumsily pulled it over his head. As soon as it was off, you pushed him over so that he was laying on his back and climbed on his lap. By now, he was fully hard and rubbing against your warm center. You placed your hands on either side of his head and leaned in to gently caress his lips with yours, while grinding yourself down on him. Reigen moaned into your mouth, softly rutting his hips into you. You moved your mouth down his body, stopping to suck on his sharp collar bone. Lacing his fingers in your messy hair, he threw his other hand over his mouth and bit at the back of it. Trailing your lips down his chest, you circled each nipple with your tongue, then lightly sucked each nub. you continued down Reigen's chest, your lips meeting with the golden trail that began just below his chest. Running your fingers through it, you rubbed at his sides and back down to the waistband of his sweats. Hearing a sniffle and a squeak from Reigen, you looked up at the now slightly shaking man.
"Hey, do you want me to stop?" You questioned.
"N-no, please d-don't. I'm j-just overwhelmed. No one has ever been this sweet to me. It’s n-nice." You reached up and wrapped your arms around him, letting your shirt fall open and your bare chest press against his.
"I told you, you deserve to be loved, Arataka." You placed a sweet kiss to his forehead, and ran your left hand through his happy trail. Glancing up at Reigen's nervous face, you ran your hand along his hardened member through his pants. He returned the gesture with a moan and a buck of his narrow hips. You grasped the waistband with both hands, pulling the sweatpants down to his knees. Reigen was back to chewing on his hand in a mixture of anticipation and embarrassment. You leaned in, kissing his penis through the fabric of his boxer briefs. He sighed as if he had just taken his first sip of water in days. Grabbing at the briefs, you tugged those down along with his pants, pushing both off his legs and onto the floor. His long, slender cock sprung up, curving towards his flat yet soft stomach. The head glistened with precum at the tip and was surrounded by thick, fluffy hair. Reigen covered his reddening face, muttering into his hands.
"Hmm? I can't hear you when you mumble, silly." You teased, running your hand slowly up his thigh.
"I said this is so weird. It's been so long since anyone's seen me like this. I figured no one would ever want to. I thought maybe my dick wasn't good enough or something." He gave a nervous chuckle.
"Well, I can tell you for sure, that was not the issue." You replied, grasping his smooth shaft. He bucked his hips, gasping. With a somewhat devious smile, you positioned yourself so that you were lying on your stomach, with Reigen on his back. Your head in his lap, you hooked one arm under his thigh. You slowly began to stroke his cock with the other hand, taking the head in your mouth.
"Nghh!" Reigen shot up, grasping the sheets. You continued to swirl your tongue around his penis, licking tentatively at the underside of the head. "F-fuck, God." His outburst only spurred you on more, as you took more of him in your mouth. A hand wove itself into your hair, combing through shakily before grasping onto the strands.
"Ahh, s-sorry, it just feels so good." Reigen breathed out. Sliding your mouth further down to meet the hand pumping him, you brought the other up to softly cup his balls. Letting out a soft squeak of surprise followed by a breathy moan, Reigen threw his free hand up to grip the headboard. You hollowed your cheeks and sucked harder, bobbing your head. Sliding your tongue along the underside of his cock head, you collected the precum that was leaking out.
"Sh-shit, stop-" he sat up quickly, gently cupping your face in both hands. Looking you in the eye, dark eyes blown wide with a mix of lust and dizzying affection, Reigen smashed your lips together in a searing kiss. "If you keep doing that, I'm gonna come." He explained, once your mouths parted.
"Isn't that the point, silly?" You questioned, lightly stroking his engorged member. He let out a sigh, shaking his head as he leaned in and began sucking lightly at the base of your neck.
"Wanna fuck you." He mumbled into your warm skin. "Wanna feel you around me. Wanna make you feel good." Reigen began trailing his lips down your body, stopping for a moment to suckle at your nipple again. You let out a quiet moan and held a hand up to your mouth as he continued to move lower. Dipping his tongue in your bellybutton, he planted small, quick pecks down over your mound, stopping at your now dripping center.
"So fucking wet." Was all he said before plunging his middle finger into your opening. You cried out as Reigen placed his mouth around your pussy. Sucking your clit into his warm mouth, he hummed as he ran his tongue along the hardened nub. You bucked into him, lacing your fingers in his hair and moaning. The sound of your ecstasy drew a moan from Reigen, as he used the hand that was not pumping in and out of your core to fist at his leaking cock.
"Okay, I can't take this anymore." You exclaimed, pushing Reigen off of your sex and onto his back. Grabbing his painfully hard cock, you straddled his lap and plunged yourself down. Reigen shouted out, his hands immediately grasping at your hips and bucking up into you.
"FUCK! You have to warn me! Jesus, you can't just do that, you could have given me a heart attack!" His words were harsh, but the unsteadiness in his voice and the way he looked at you told you that he was completely happy with your decision. You leaned down to meet his lips, and began slowly rocking your hips against his. "O-ohh sh-i-it. You're s-so warm. And you feel so good around my cock, dammit. You're squeezing me per-ahh-perfectly." Reigen stared up at the ceiling, slipping his hands down to grab onto your ass. Meeting your thrusts, he closed his eyes and slid one hand up to rest on the back of your neck. Between his deep, guttural moans and high pitched squeaks, Reigen's eyes began to water.
"Hey, are you okay? You asked, reaching down to thumb away a tear that slid down his cheek.
"Yeah, I just feel so good, and so happy. I really- nghh!- lo-like you. This is n-ahh!-nice." He smiled up at you. "But, I think I'd like to do something a bit differently." Wrapping his arms around your torso, Reigen rolled you over onto your back, his pulsating cock never leaving your soaked pussy. Now in charge, Reigen picked up the pace and began slamming into you with increased speed. The change in angle caused his long, slim cock to repeatedly hit a deep part of you that you hadn’t even known was there.
"Yes! Y-yes, God, shit-" he squeezed his eyes together and laid his head between your breasts. Reaching between the two of you, he began to toy with your sensitive clit.
"Ohmygod, Taka, I'm so close!" you shouted, eyes opening as you arched your back off of the bed.
"M-me too, baby. Please, come for me." He rubbed at your pussy harder, wrapping his other arm around your upper back. Curling his fingers over your shoulder, Reigen pulled you down to meet each thrust. With a grunt, he pushed into you harder, while his lips made their way up your chest and neck and to your jaw. Suddenly, and with a surprised gasp, your orgasm hit you like a storm.
"I'm coming, I'm coming, Arataka!" You shouted out, throwing your hips up to meet his as you moaned into the back of your hand. The feeling of your walls clamping down on his cock sent Reigen over the edge.
"Oh, FUCK!" he shuddered and harshly thrust forward, stilling as he released inside you. Throwing his head towards the ceiling, he sucked in a breath and muttered something inaudible while you slowly rode the rest of your pleasure out on his cock. Reigen made a few more staggered thrusts before lowering his forehead to yours. You noticed a few tears were rolling down his cheeks.
"Arataka, are you alright?" Thumbing at the wet streaks, you kissed his nose. "What did you say?" Reigen wrapped his arms under your upper back, nuzzling into the crook of your neck.
"I said... I love you." He squeezed tightly, sighing out your name as if it were the sweetest song he'd heard. Squeezing back, you smiled and turned your head to bury your face in his still damp hair.
"I love you too, Arataka." Finally pulling his spent cock out of your body, Reigen rolled onto his side, keeping his arms wrapped tightly around your middle.
"No one has ever made me feel so… Loved." He let out a yawn, pausing for a moment. "Come to think of it, no one has told me they love me in seven years. Other than my mom." He giggled into your shoulder and continued,
"In fact... I haven't even slept with anyone since then. I've felt so awful about myself and I guess I haven't attracted anyone. I assumed I was destined to be alone." You couldn't help but grin, feeling somewhat special.
"Well, I guess you just needed the right person to remind you that you're worthy of love, eh?" Reigen poked your side and curled into you as tight as possible.
"I think I was subconsciously waiting for my perfect match." You flicked his nose for the cheesy comment, and settled into his warm arms.