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[Podfic] Outside of Normal by Heather_3017

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Title: Outside of Normal

Author: Hazel_3017

Reader: Brightnail

Fandom: Hockey RPF

Pairing: Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin/Alexander Ovechkin

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences

Warnings: None


Sidney wasn’t actually born sensory blind. It is the result of an accident when he was just a kid, pushed into the boards at just the wrong angle by an angry, jealous boy who’d known he’d never make it to the NHL and had hated that Sidney would, because that was never in question, not even at thirteen. 

It was Sidney’s first concussion. It robbed him of his soul senses and his ability to multiply by twelve.

(Seriously, he can’t do it.)

Text: here

Length 00:31:08

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