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Diary of a Light Seastar

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          Dear Diary,

          I need to tell you something INSANE! The other day, when Master Corey was performing summons, some sort of golden light burst out of the incubator! Master and I had to shield our eyes. When the light faded, this tall woman with straight blonde hair and an eye patch and and a spear and a blue and gray...bathing suit...thing! Eve said she was a Water Odin, which was incredibly rare, and that we were lucky to summon her! We're calling her Sara. When I approached her and attempted to talk to her, she only smiled and ruffled my hair. Even all-powerful spear ladies must be a little shy at first!

          That day at class, we learned about 5-star Astromons and their incredible power. Then, at the end of class, everybody chipped in to create a welcome banner for Sara-senpai! We drew her in the middle, holding hands with the rest of the class. I drew her and myself! Then, on the back of the banner, we wrote "WELCOME TO OUR AIRSHIP SARA!" Then, after class, the two Cupids in our class tied either end of the banner to something, then the class was free to roam on the airship! I noticed Sara-senpai see the banner and smile, then attempt to talk to Kiamara-senpai. Kia-senpai was actually kind of excited to talk to her, since she doesn't quite have many friends. Miyako-chan and Kim-chan approached me and wanted to talk to Sara-senpai with me. So together, we took a breath and strolled up to her.

          Sara-senpai said she remembered me from the Special Shop, but she never got my name. So, I formally introduced myself as "Lucy, a Light Seastar!" Then Miyako-chan and Kim-chan introduced themselves. Kia-senpai talked about us to Sara-senpai to help her get to know us better. We spent most of the day getting to know Sara-senpai, and she showed us some cool stuff with her spear!

          The next day in class, everybody was approaching Miyako-chan and Kim-chan and I, and they were asking us how we had the confidence to talk to Sara-senpai! That day, the three of us were about as famous as Sara-senpai is now. I would have told you all this earlier, but I was so busy getting to know Sara-senpai that I got distracted! We have been blessed with this amazing encounter!

Don't be mad at me,