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The Hogwarts Years: Classmates, Birthdays, and Ages

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  • Chapter One: Contents and Introduction

    That would be this chapter. :-)
  • Chapter Two: Table Showing Hogwarts Entry Years

    Chapter two is a big monster table listing students and when they entered Hogwarts. It starts with the students entering in 1900 and continues to the present. All the students with a definite birth year or Hogwarts start date are listed there. Some additional students who don't have a clear start date in the books are also listed here if I was able to narrow down the options for their start dates.
  • Chapter Three: Trio Era Students With Incomplete Information

    Of course some students weren't described specifically enough to be sure of their class year. Chapter Three gives information about some additional students who attended Hogwarts while Harry was there.
  • Chapter Four: Additional Marauder Era Students and Staff

    Information on many of the Marauder Era characters is sketchy at best. The table in chapter two only lists some of them. Chapter four lists some additional Marauder Era students (and staff) who we can't pin down as precisely, but who were definitely at Hogwarts with Severus, Lily, James, Remus, Sirius, and Peter.
  • Chapter Five: Characters at Hogwarts during the Molly/Arthur Era

  • Chapter Six: Characters at Hogwarts during the Tom Riddle Era

  • Chapter Seven: Fifty Years Ago

    Attempts to establish timelines for both Tom Riddle and Rubeus Hagrid are based on some key phrases in the books. This chapter looks at how reliable those calculations are.
  • Chapter Eight:

    In progress.
  • Chapter Nine:

    In progress.

I hope you find these tables and lists helpful. They are for:

  • fanfiction writers who want to know which characters went to school with a character they are writing about
  • people who want to know exactly how we know an individual character's age or class year (Every source is listed.)
  • people who love Pottermore and love every last interview JKR has ever done (Secondary canon sources are also listed.)
  • people who dislike Pottermore and only want book canon (Book sources are clearly labeled, and in the main table in chapter two, book canon is in bold text.)
  • people who want to know what facts are definite and what ones are calculations or educated guesses
  • people who just like footnotes ;-)
  • and also for myself because I got heartily sick of looking up the same things over and over