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Sun in your smile, Moon in your soul

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Becoming Jaebum's mate might have been the best and worst thing to happen to Youngjae.

In all the best ways possible so don't get him wrong. They've been even more inseparable than before and the only time they weren't together would be when Youngjae had school or vice versa, but even then his phone would go off with texts from his boyfriend. Everyone keeps teasing them and Youngjae hates how flustered he gets.

But either than that, everything has been going great, sans the fact that everyday at school Felix keeps staring at Youngjae. He hopes that Felix hasn't caught on yet that he's his rivals mate. Jaebum hates what had happened between Youngjae and Felix and still has half the mind to find the asshole and rip his throat.So as long as Felix stays away like he has been since the incident 3 weeks ago, then no throat ripping will happen.

But even if Felix did try something, he'd never get Youngjae alone because one of the boys are always around him, especially Jimin and Jungkook, who makes sure to look out for Youngjae because of the guilt he feels for not doing anything when he felt something was wrong that awful day. Youngjae appreciates it all, but wishes Jungkook wouldn't blame himself, or any of the boys for that matter.


He sighs as he enters the school, going straight to his locker where he knows if not one, then all of the boys will be waiting for him. He smiles at a few people as he crosses their paths. When he gets to his locker, Jimin and Taehyung are already there, bickering as usual. They have their first period together, so Youngjae greets both boys as he opens his locker. "Jimin jesus, just drop it already." He hears Taehyung hiss at Jimin. His ears perk up at what is happening between them.

"No Taehyung, I will not just drop it. I saw you two fucking kiss! Why the hell are you avoiding each other? It's obvious there's something between you, yet you're both being fucking cowards." He says and Youngjae decides to butt in when he sees Taehyung go red with irritation. Jimin must be talking about Jungkook since the boy isn't with them, which come to think of it, is a bit odd given the past few weeks.

"Uhm, Tae? Are you okay? Anyone care to explain why the two of you are arguing and who the hell you kissed?" He asks, and Taehyung goes red, refusing to answer, so Jimin does instead. "Taehyung and Jungkook kissed, but they're being stubborn asses when it's so obvious they're meant to be together and have feelings for each other." JImin says and Taehyung groans in irritation. "It's not that easy Jimin! Not everything happens as easily as it did for you and Yoongi and everyone else. I've known Jungkook since we were kids, and I knew the moment we met he was it for me but it's not that simple! We're not gonna instantly become mates like you'd think. Yes you saw we kissed but you didn't see what happened after." Taehyung says close to tears.

Youngjae now realises this is more serious than it seems and goes to Taehyung's side, comforting the boy. Jimin stands quietly, regret clearly on his face from pushing at Taehyung so much. "He doesn't feel that way for me ok? I kissed him because he was being so nice as usual, and because I'm practically in love with him and the moment felt right. But I was the only who thought that. He pushed away and ran off and refuses to speak to me. It's obvious he doesn't feel the same for me and it was a mistake." Taehyung sniffs. The bell goes and he breaks away from Youngjae.

"Now can we stop talking about this?" Taehyung asks and Jimin nods, deep in thought. Youngjae sighs, gathering his books and walking along with Taehyung, Jimin right next to him. He feels sorry for his friend, knowing how much the boy liked Jungkook. It was quite obvious for a while now whenever the two are together. And he thought Jungkook would have felt the same because of how they both were with each other. He thought they were dating for god's sake. But apparently it's one sided, which he doesn't believe for a second.

He plans on talking to Jungkook because he hates seeing Taehyung upset. Especially when he's not use to seeing anything but a smile on the boys face. So with a heavy heart they enter their class to start this long day.



It's lunch time and everyone is at their usual spot. Everyone except Jungkook. Youngjae saw how hopeful Taehyung was, looking around and hoping to see the younger boy, but he never showed up. It broke Taehyung further knowing that Jungkook was doing everything possible to avoid not only him, but everyone else.

No one else has seen him today either and Youngjae's a bit pissed. He feels an even bigger urge to corner the younger boy and demand him to grow the fuck up and admit his feelings. But it's kind of difficult when said boy practically dropped off the face of the earth. Youngjae can't sit any longer and see one of his best friends hurting. So he excuses himself to go to the bathroom, with determination to find Jungkook.

He searches the halls and empty classes, Jungkook not in any of them. He then decides to go to the one place he would if he too, were avoiding someone. The library. 


It's lunchtime so no one would be in the library, which is more than often empty. He nods towards the librarian and a few teachers who were leaving. He roams every aisle, before making his way to the very back of the library where most would go to study in peace and quiet. He thanks the heavens when he catches sight of Jungkook, looking miserable as he sits in the back.

"Are we that boring that you decided to bail on us and head to the library?" He asks, plopping down on one of the chairs at the table Jungkook is sitting at. The younger boy startles, giving a small smile at Youngjae. "No. Just needed to.. think for a bit." He says, looking down at the table. Youngjae frowns at him.

"So you don't happen to be avoiding a certain someone who I heard, you shared a kiss with?" He asks, not wanting to beat around the bush. Jungkook ears turn red and his face flushes. He groans, dropping his head on the table, the sound echoing throughout the quiet library. "You know about that?" He asks, lifting his head to look at Youngjae.

"Of course I know. Taehyung has been a right mess and I obviously was told the reason why. But what I don't know or understand is why the hell you're ignoring him. Especially when I know for a fact you're so fucking in love with him, that it shocks me you'd run for the hills after he kissed you." He says, Jungkook's eyes widening and his mouth stuttering to answer.


"You're an idiot is what. Do you know how much Taehyung is in love with you? How long he has been? I was pretty sure you guys were together when I had first met you and got to know you. So what gives?" Youngjae asks, curious to what Jungkook is to tell him. Jungkook sighs, muttering curses at himself.

"Okay, look. I will admit to having feelings for Taehyung for god knows how long. Probably since we were kids. I've always thought there was something about him that made him a lot different than everyone else I was close with. Something that pulled me towards him and when I got too close, I wouldn't want to be pulled away. Taehyung will always be someone special to me. I'd do anything for him. But I just think everything is happening too fast. I'm only 16 and Taehyung's almost 18. We're both still young and even though part of me wants to make everything he is, mine, I couldn't do that to him. Not when he's got these big dreams of wanting to see the world and become an actor. He's always told me ever since we were kids of how much he wanted to act in movies.

Mating him would be like forcing him to stay in this town because I don't see myself ever leaving here. This is my home. And if we become mates, I'd be taking away his dreams. And I love him too much to do that to him." He says choking up, and Youngjae frowns at his words, moving closer and flicking Jungkook's forehead. Jungkook grunts in indignation, glaring at Youngjae.

"You're sweet and you have such a good heart, but you're still an idiot." Youngjae says and Jungkook squawks in protest. "Seriously? I'm trying to be a good person and you're saying I'm an idiot?" He says, pouting. Youngjae rolls his eyes, patting the younger's forehead.

"You have good intentions, yes. But you're being a complete idiot and frankly selfish. And before you yell at me, the reason I say that is because yes, you're young and you want Taehyung to chase he dreams or whatever, but you're and idiot for firstly, ignoring him and running away when he had the guts to kiss you and basically pour out his feelings to you. And secondly, you're selfish for making decisions for him, without talking about what he wants. Don't you think it's his choice as well to have a say in whether or not you two should get together? You're not the only one who wants something more between you two, so you can't just throw his wants and thoughts away because you think that's what's best.

Taehyung may have dreams but he loves you. And love is about compromising and doing things that both parties involved will be happy with the outcome of. So you need to stop trying to be the better person and talk to Taehyung. No one says you two should mate or forcing you if you're not ready. But you need to talk about what you're both feeling and want and from there whatever happens, happens." He says, Jungkook nodding at every word.

"Shit,  you're right. I never thought about how my actions could really affect Taehyung. I messed up big time Jae-yah." He says, smiling sadly. Youngjae pats his shoulder, smiling to brighten the younger boy up. "Yes you did mess up, but it's nothing a good long conversation can't fix. So you better talk by the end of the day and sort your shit out so Taehyung can stop sulking and randomly singing sad songs. He's got a great voice but it's annoying when he keeps singing 'All by Myself' every five minutes. He is such a melodramatic." Youngjae says, groaning. Jungkook smiles the first real smile Youngjae's seen, it makes the older boy happy knowing that he at least was fixing things up some way.

"I will. When we get back to the house I'll talk to him. I think we should talk more in private." He says and Youngjae nods, standing up as the bell rings ending lunch time. He parts ways with Jungkook, reminding the younger boy to stop being a coward and own up to his feelings.

He returns to the group who began to worriedly question where he was because he went missing. He assures them he is fine and nothing bad happened. He pulls Jimin one side to tell him what happened, the pink haired boy letting out a sigh of relief knowing things will be fixed(god willingly) between his two best friends.

They all leave to their respective classes with promises of seeing each other after school. Taehyung seems a little less sad than before so Youngjae feels a lot more hopeful, knowing Jungkook's going to talk to him. He just prays it all goes smoothly between them.




School had ended and everyone had left to the pack house. As soon as they stepped inside, Jungkook went up to Taehyung who was shaking a bit as the boy asked him if they could speak privately. Youngjae hoped for the best watching them leave to Jungkook's room, as he sat down on the couch, greeting the pack members who were home and not at college.

Unfortunately Jaebum had classes till late so Youngjae would only be seeing his boyfriend later. He at least had Jin,Yugbam, Jimin and Hoseok as company. They talked a while before Youngjae needed to use the restroom. He excused himself before heading to the bathroom, passing Jungkook's room where he heard voices talking.

He peaked in the ajar door when the voices stopped and what he saw made his heart melt. Everything must've gone well with their talk if the two of them kissing was an indication. He smiled, pulling away to give them privacy as he went to use the restroom. When he was done he left the bathroom, bumping into Jungkook and Taehyung, who were holding hands.

"I take it, it all worked out and you're on the same page now?" He asks nodding to their entwined hands. Taehyung smiles wildly resting his head on Jungkook's shoulder. "It did. Thanks to you knocking some sense into me. So thank you Jae." Jungkook smiles, kissing Taehyung's head. Youngjae giggles when Taehyung whines at the action, cooing at the two being so cute.

"You're welcome. Knowing you guys are happy is thanks enough. Always happy to help though. So I hope everything works out for you both." He says and they nod, the three of them then heading back downstairs.

Youngjae find that most of the others had come home so everyone was occupied with their mates and he wasn't sure what else he could do to kill time waiting for his own mate to come home.

He decides to do some exploring, telling Hoseok he's going to head outside. Hoseok nods telling him not to go too far. He then goes outside, sky becoming a bit darker seeing that it's almost 5pm. He puts his hands in his pockets, walking the pathway that leads into the forest. 

He knows he shouldn't go too far but his boredom overpowers his promise of not going in too deep. It's not like he's going to get lost. He has been too many times in this area to not know where he is going. He kicks a few rocks in his path, humming a tune as birds chirp around him.

He grabs his phone when he sees a few bunnies hopping around, capturing the cute little creatures as he walks along. He decides to head to the little meadow he found not too long ago when he was with Jaebum. He smiles when he sees the flowers, bending to pick a few. He takes some pictures, smiling when he sees a few deer grazing, taking pictures of them as well.

He's so busy trying to capture his beautiful surroundings, that he doesn't notice footsteps nearing him. When a hand is on his shoulder, he startles, turning around and expecting to see one of the boys or hopefully Jaebum. But who he sees makes his heart race and fear freeze him in place as he stares into the dark eyes in front of him.





Everyone was so busy teasing Jungkook and Taehyung and being in their own bubbles, they forgot about Youngjae. So when Jaebum gets back from college and greets everyone before asking where's Youngjae. Hoseok bites his lip, worry etching his face when he suddenly remembers Youngjae had gone out. Which was almost two hours ago. When everyone remains silent, Jaebum raises his eyebrow, his face becoming stoic as his pack members look to each other.

"Why is nobody answering me? Did Youngjae go home?" He asks once again. Hoseok curses, speaking up. "U-uhm, no he didn't. Fuck I'm sorry JB please don't be mad. But Youngjae said he wanted to explore outside and I told him not to go any further. But that was two hours ago and we were all so caught up with Taehyung and Jungkook's business that I forgot."

Jaebum is now seething. He doesn't bother yelling at them for their negligence of his boyfriend, opting to do that later when his mate isn't missing.

He runs out the house, a few others running with him, and changes into his wolf. He begins running off into the forest, tracing Youngjae's scent. Two other wolves, Hoseok and Namjoon, are beside him, sniffing the air as well. They all run towards the meadow where the smell is it's strongest.

When they all gather at the meadow, Jaebum's wolf whines when he can't find his mate. He sniffs around the place, Youngjae's scent extremely strong, but another scent is picked up. A scent that let's a menacing growl pull out of Jaebum. Hoseok howls to get Jaebum's attention, his head sniffing around an object on the ground.

Jaebum rushes forward to see what Hoseok found and he sees it's Youngjae's phone. The only proof he has that Youngjae was here, is his phone. But his mate is nowhere to be seen. Deep fear and worry for what might have happened to his mate, makes his soul ache. He can't feel his mate at all, their link not quite strong. But what he feels the most through their mental link is the fear Youngjae must be feeling.

Knowing his mate is scared makes Jaebum's eyes glow with anger that someone took him. And knowing who did, rips growls out of him. Not only is he going to get Youngjae back, he's going to kill whoever took him. No one takes him mate.

Jaebum is out for blood.