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Sun in your smile, Moon in your soul

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Youngjae smiles as he scratches behind his new dog, Coco's ear. His mom came home one day from work with the little puppy and Youngjae died when he laid eyes on the little white fluffball. He knows his mom probably got him the dog to say sorry for 'taking you to the middle of nowhere and also working til late everyday.' That's actually exactly what she had said when she had given him the dog.

It's been two weeks since they made the move and at this point Youngjae is no longer upset about it all. In fact, he is starting to love living here. School has been especially great since he made new friends. He was still a bit uncomfortable but he's gradually overcoming that and is able to smile and talk about anything and everything with the boys he befriended.

Even Jungkook.

Although Jungkook didn't come to school for three days after they first met, Youngjae was worried it had something to do with him, but when Jungkook had come back, he immediately apologized to Youngjae and it was like he was a whole different person when he returned to school. He joked with everyone, Youngjae included, and smiled a whole lot more. Especially with Taehyung. He doesn't know if they're dating or not, but they're extremely close. 

Like really close. When Jungkook came back, he noticed how clingy both boys were with each other. And he swears he saw Jungkook sniff Taehyung. The whole thing was weird, but he didn't think too much on it because everyone was overly affectionate and a little weird but he kinda loved that about them.

Speaking of his weird friends, it's Friday and they all planned to go out into the town. They planned on going to some arcade and Youngjae was invited to go back to their house after. He also learnt that they all live in one big house with the rest of the boys he has yet to meet. Youngjae wanted to ask about it but he decided it was not his business to know why.

Coco starts barking out of nowhere and jumps off Youngjae's lap, running out of his room. Youngjae huffs, going after the dog, the doorbell going off downstairs. He quickly goes to answer the door, picking up Coco who was barking at the door. "Stop that Coco. Bad puppy." He scolds, kissing the yapping dog as he opens the door.

"Jae-ah!" Taehyung smiles, eyes going wide at the little puppy who growls at him. "Coco! Sorry Tae, I'm just going to go put her down. I don't know what's her problem right now. Come in." He says, opening the door to let Taehyung in. "Thanks. Your house is beautiful by the way. I thought I was at the wrong address that you texted me." He says and Youngjae smiles as he puts Coco into the little dog pen he got her.

"Thanks Tae. And I struggled to remember where my house was the first few days I started living here so I know what you mean. Where's the others?" He asks, realizing only Taehyung was at the door. "Oh! Right, the car's outside with everyone in it, so if you're ready we can go." Taehyung tells him, and Youngjae nods, checking his pockets for his phone and keys. "Okay, I'm all set. My mom's working late so we don't have to rush." He says, grabbing a jacket that was hanging on a chair and walking with Taehyung out the door.


After locking the house, they both walk to the car parked a few feet away from his house. He sees Yugbam(He calls them that instead of their individual names. Ha he's so creative), Jimin and Jungkook as well as another boy he doesn't know. The car opens and they both step inside, Jimin immediately going in to hug Youngjae. "Jae-ah! How's it going? It's been so long since I saw you" He says and Youngjae laughs. "Jiminie, you saw me three hours ago at school, not three days ago. I'm doing the same as I did when I last saw you." He chuckles. Jimin shrugs then giggles, just as the car starts.

Everyone says their 'hellos' and Youngjae is introduced to Hoseok, who is their designated driver for the night. Youngjae immediately likes the blonde boy, who is equivalent to sunshine and rainbows because all he literally does is smile. They converse lightly till they reach their destination.


Hoseok is the first one out of the car, screaming as he runs into the arcade. Everyone laughs after him, following him inside. Youngjae begins feeling giddy as the noise of the different games bring the place to life. He loves games so he feels like a kid in a candy store.

Everyone has an amazing time playing and goofing around. Teaming up to play ski ball, Jimin and Hoseok battling it out on Dance Revolution and Jungkook and Yugyeom versing each other in basketball.

They played for quite a while till BamBam complained of being hungry so they all gathered into the car and drove to the only McDonald's in the town. Youngjae wasn't even sure the place had a McDonald's. They decided to go through the drive-thru and order a truck load of food to take back to the house.

Youngjae feels bad for all the expenses so offers to pay for the drinks. Hoseok who was in charge of paying declined but Youngjae argued with him until he had no choice but to accept because they were holding up the line. After paying for their food, they begin driving to the house.

Youngjae gazes at the trees that seem to surround them, awing at the few pretty houses between them. They eventually reach the house and Youngjae realizes that on the other side is the river, which mean his house is not too far away, but not a walking distance either. Everyone gets out once they park near the house, and each grab a bag before going inside.

The house is huge. Which Youngjae expected since they all live together. He knows there are about fourteen people living altogether and the house looks like it fits all of them and possibly more. Youngjae wonders if their parent's all live here as well.

"We're back and we have food!" Jungkook shouts, and almost instantaneously, people start coming out from every direction, grabbing bags to take food out. "Alright, alright jeez. Such pigs." Jimin says in disgust at his friends' behavior, before smiling at a boy with silver hair, who come up to him and kisses Jimin on the cheek. Youngjae realizes that must be his boyfriend, Yoongi. Jimin would always talk about him, so Youngjae kinda feels like he already knows him.

"Guys, we have a guest. Have some manners." Yugyeom stresses, which causes many pairs of eyes to turn to stare at Youngjae. "Guys, meet Youngjae. Youngjae meet the pigs I live with." Yugyeom says, groans of irritation filling the room.

"Such a disrespectful brat. Anyway, I'm Jinyoung. Pleasure to meet you Youngjae" A boy with black hair introduces himself and Youngjae bows slightly, his Korean manners still a habit even after so many years. One by one, everyone introduces themselves. He meets Mark, who is dating Jinyoung, Namjoon and Seokjin, who are also together(Not only is Gualala an Asian breeding ground, it's Homosexual central. Youngjae feels blessed), then Yoongi and finally Jackson.

Everyone is super nice and Youngjae gets along with them all. He especially gets along with Jackson who makes him laugh uncontrollably. He feels glad to have met this group of people who all seem to be so in sync with each other. He had friends back home, but none were like everyone here are with each other. He can see they all care for each other, and it makes him smile non stop.

"So Youngjae, from what we were told about you, you moved from San Francisco, right?" Jin asks, as everyone sits around the living room, having just finished eating and are all swapping stories. 

"Yeah, my mom and I moved here about two weeks ago." He says and Jin nods. "Wow, why did you move? San Francisco must be more exciting than here. Can't believe anyone would want to move to this place." He says and Youngjae winces a bit at how unabashed Jin is when asking questions. Jin notices he is uncomfortable and is about to apologize but Youngjae decides it's okay to talk about the real reason he moved.

"Well, to be honest, it wasn't really something I, or my mom wanted. I didn't even know this place existed. But the reason we moved here, all started back in San Francisco. My parents got divorced and my mom wanted to get away from the place she was most unhappy in. Because I was the only child of theirs living in the house, my older brother and sister living on their own, my mom and dad came to the conclusion that I would live with my mom. She found this place and got a job here so we moved." He says, swallowing a lump as everyone stares at him quietly, having been listening to him, word for word.

"Oh, I'm- that's. I'm sorry for being so nosy. But I hope you like living here. Having just met you I must say you're a great guy Youngjae." Jin says smiling at him, everyone nodding in agreement. "It's okay, no need to be sorry. I don't like talking about it too much but I can't not talk about it at all, so it's really okay. And I am liking it here, loving it if I must be honest." He says, the awkward tension dissipating as Youngjae smiles.


After that everyone goes back to fooling around, the atmosphere becoming light once again. Youngjae takes a moment to check the time, seeing it's almost 10pm. His mom will be home by 11 so he decides it's time to go.

"Well, thank you guys so much for the day, but I should probably be getting home. My mom's going to be home soon and I promised I would at least be home before she is. I really had a fun time. Thanks so much, once again." He says, getting up. Everyone comes, one by one to give Youngjae a hug, before he leaves. He was surprised at that, especially at Yoongi though because the guy barely spoke to him. But everyone hugged him goodbye, and Youngjae's heart definitely got warmer

Hoseok offers to drive him, so the two of them (along with Jimin and Taehyung who whined to go with) head towards the car. Youngjae says his goodbyes again as he closes the door behind him. They all walk towards the car, just as another car pulls up besides the other. Youngjae squints his eyes at the harsh headlights, covering his face. The lights go off and Youngjae looks on, curious to know who it is.

He then recalls that Jimin had mentioned another one of their friends had to work till late so Youngjae wasn't able to meet him. He can't see into the car, but it doesn't matter because the person gets out of the car, knocking the breath out of Youngjae. 

He is gorgeous. Smoking hot. Holy crap

The male is wearing all black, with a fitted leather jacket, jet black hair that's gelled perfectly to the back, unperturbed by the day's events and effortlessly still intact. He has many piercings along both ears, and Youngjae suddenly feels overwhelmed. Because this person, is so good looking, Youngjae is having trouble believing he is real.

"Ah, JB. Why did you park so close to the car. How are we supposed to get in? More importantly, Youngjae over here needs to get home and you just blocked me from getting in the driver's seat." Hoseok complains. Youngjae flushes when the male-JB- turns his attention to him, eyes staring at him with such intensity that Youngjae thinks he might pass out.

Suddenly he doesn't want to go home.