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New Life

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Claire accelerated her motorbike, speeding the Scottish Highlands landscape which crossed her helmet. The motorbike had been a good idea, she thought, a better way to drive to work in such wild place than her old blue Smart.

It was her first day on her new work, as nurse of the Scottish Helicopter Ambulance Service. Her friends at her old hospital at London thought she had lost her mind at accept a job so “far” from civilisation, but this was precisely why she applied for it- She needed to be far from civilisation at that point of her life.

The helicopter station was at the end of a thin secondary road. A small building painted in white with an adjacent wood shed, she supposed for the Helicopter tools and supplies. She knocked the door and waited for a couple of minutes and started to wander around. She heard some music and voices and walked towards them.

That was when she saw the helicopter for first time, looking more intimidating than in the photos she had seen during her training, painted in bright red with yellow stripes. Two men were talking about something technical- one while looking at the motor and another one- tall, big and with a mane of red hair almost as bright as his jumpsuit, by his side.

‘Hello’ Said Claire, getting closer to them.

The red haired man turn to her, a pair of blue eyes hooking into hers. ‘Hello, need any help?’ He said to her in a thick Scottish accent.

‘I’m Claire Beauchamp. I’m the new nurse, I need to present myself to…’ She said looking for the paper she kept on her jacket’s pocket,’…Captain Murtagh Fraser.’

‘He’s not here right now, but you can wait here in the meantime. It won’t be long. There’s cold drinks on the shed, if you want one.’ The red haired man told her.

‘Thanks, and you are?’ Asked Claire to them.

‘This is Rupert, our mechanic.’ He said, the other man saying something in a strange language at what the red haired man laughed and answered quickly. ‘And I’m James Fraser, but ye can call me Jamie.’

‘Fraser? Are you related with the Captain?’ Claire asked him promptly.

‘Och, aye. He’s my Godfather.’

‘Is that how you got the job?’ Claire asked him.

‘It’s a long story, but ye can resume it like that, aye.’ Jamie said to Claire.

‘Where did you say those cold drinks are? I could do it with one now, meanwhile I wait.’ Claire said.

‘Let me show it to you.’ Said Jamie.

Claire turned and began to walk towards the shed, unaware of the fact that Jamie’s eye locked onto her arse for the whole time.