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Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans

Sniffing (prompt taken from 19senchi and spiced up )

Metal screeches slightly as gears were screwed tight together. Tapping noises persisted within a certain cockpit of the striking hot pink Ryusei-Go as the final touch up for the day completes.

“Yamagi. This is the last of it for tonight,” the husky voice of the middle age old man rebounded into the dark cockpit as it opened to reveal a young blond teen. “I’m heading back to catch some rest… You should too!” a tanned macho arm brought upwards to cover his yawn.

The quiet porcelain skinned teen nodded in acknowledgement and Nadi responded with a wave of his hand. “Don’t stay up too late kiddo!”

As the older male left, he flipped a few switched and turned off 80% of the lighting, leaving those near Ryusei-Go and the entrance lit. Several minutes passed as the typing perpetually decreased in pace and slowed to a halt. The blond teen placed his tablet down behind him on the seats a flew out of the cockpit. His ocean-blue orbs scanned his surroundings and noted that he was very much alone in the Mobile suits maintenance station. The blond heaved a small sigh of relieve before returning to his tablet.

His knees made contact with the seat first. Then his body bend forward slightly, bringing his usually expressionless face close to the backrest. He took in several sharp breath and calmly turned around, sitting in the pilot’s seat. His eyelids closed shut as he immersed himself in the smells of his one-sided crush. His facial features eased and his muscles relaxed. Both his arms caressed the limb controllers and glided his fingers over the metallic surface. Taking one last deep breath, he slowly opened his eyes, gradually pulling his gaze to the outside of the cockpit.

Ocean-Blue met a pair of Hazel brown eyes before his brain processed of the intruder’s presence, Yamagi shrieked and pulled the lever above his right, in embarrassment. His petite body tensed as hard as a rock and his brain muddled into a pool of mortification. He saw didnt he? Shit. What do I do? Im doomed! This is such an embarrassment! I cant face him. OMG. Fuck what are my choices now?

As thoughts crowded Yamagi’s head, the brunette just outside his Ryusei-Go was amused at what he saw. Yamagis so cute to teasebut Shino raised his knuckles to knock on the cockpit’s cover as he cleared his throat.

“Yamagi?” He called out with is charming lovable idiotic voice. “I didn’t see anything… Can you come out now?”

“You sure?” a muffles voice projected to him through the metal covering.

“Ya. Ya, I’m sure. I just got here anyways. I was just wondering why were the lights still on so I dropped by to have a look.” Shino sheepishly laughed and continued, “can you come out? I assure you I didn’t see anything! It’s too dark anyways.”

The blond took a breath and reluctantly pulled on the lever again. He hastily unplugged his tablet from the Mobile Suit system and propelled himself out of the cockpit with a kick. Shino on the other hand, offered Yamagi his hand and pulled the adorable male out with a small tug. As they both floated towards the exit, Shino pulled the blond to close their gap. He voiced, “Does it smell nice in there?”

The blond turned swiftly and punched the brunette right smack in the gut as he shook that hand off and float away from his teaser. Clutching his middle, Shino winced but did not miss that adorable shade of red that contrasted with the pale porcelain doll-like skin of Yamagi’s. He likes me, doesnt he? A smile plastered upon the stupid brunette’s face as he chased after the curious boy who likes him.

“ Nee… Yamagi! Wait up~ shall we have dinner together?”