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Squirrel (a Dan and Phil One Shot)

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    Dan was sat next to Phil in the park. Okay, maybe that was a bit lame, just sitting in the park, but they just wanted to relax. It was quite a nice day, the sun was shining brightly and the sky was clear, allowing Dan to compare the colour of Phil’s eyes with it.


    Surprisingly, Phil had convinced Dan into wearing something that wasn’t black, with the argument “It’s too warm to wear black, you’re gonna overheat and die .”. Obviously, Phil had been joking, but Dan followed his instruction anyways.


    Suddenly, as Dan had innocently been playing Pokemon Go (though no one plays that anymore), Phil jumped up off the ground, receiving some confused glances from people passing by.


    “DAN. Do you remember that squirrel that attacked me?! I swear to God , that is the exact same one!!”, Phil exclaimed, pointing frantically to a squirrel that was about a metre away from them.


    Dan raised his eyebrows, glanced over at the squirrel and frowned. “Um. What the hell is it doing..?”


    “Eating newspaper! See, it’s insane! I swear!”


    The squirrel was, in fact, eating newspaper, but it looked like the paper was stuck to its face. Dan sighed and grinned. “You need to calm down, it’s just a fucking squirrel.”


    “No, it’s gonna attack me. Can we just, like, move over there?”, Phil asked, pointing to a tree approximately twenty metres away.


    “You expect me to get up , and move because of a squirrel?”




    Dan’s face broke into a smile and he laughed. “Bloody hell, fine, let’s go.” He grabbed Phil’s hand and they walked toward another tree. Phil seemed to be trying to move faster. He was honestly scared of that squirrel.


    “Thank you.”, Phil said.


    “Yeah, yeah, whatever.”