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Karaoke Kraze

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When the girls walk out of the bathroom, Lucy is the last to leave it.  Levy, Cana, and Juvia walk past Natsu smiling, Levy even squeezes his shoulder before the trio head back to the VIP section.  When Lucy walks back out she looks like nothing had happened, the girls having done a good job cleaning her up.  “Natsu,” she reaches out her hand to take ahold of his uninjured one.  “Could we talk, before meeting up with the others?”

“Sure Luce,” he squeezes her hand and smiles. 

She leads him to the bar, “Mira could I ask you for a favor?”

“What’s up?”

“I wanted to talk with Natsu in private but the place is kinda packed…”

She waves her hand, “Use my office, it’s fine.  You know where it is right?”

The blonde nods, “Thanks Mira.”

“I’m just glad to see you both together again.” The bar made smiles, “But before you go, let me take care of your hand Natsu.”  Mira cleans and dresses the wounds mainly on his knuckles.  Luckily there doesn’t seem to be any broken bones but it was starting to swell a little so, she sends them off with an ice pack.


Mira’s office is located at the end of the hall past the bathrooms.  After leading Natsu in, Lucy closes and locks it for privacy.  Inside the cozy room is a typical office with a desk, shelving, and cabinets but it also contains a couch where she and her siblings sometimes relax at the of a long day.  Prompting Natsu to sit next to her on the love seat, she lets out a big exhale.  “Natsu I just wanted to say again thank you for what you did for me back there and I’m sorry about this past week…” She looks down, “I hope you’ll forgive me.”

“Lucy…” he puts his arm around her shoulder, “I told you I’m not mad at you, I don’t think I ever was.  Hurt yes, but mad never.  I’m just glad you’re okay and he didn’t do any further harm.”

“My face stings a little where he slapped me but…  I think I deserved it.”

Natsu turns her face towards him, “Why would you think you deserved to be hit like that!” his voice a little annoyed that she would even think such a thing.  But she keeps her calm.

“What I mean is, this small amount of physical discomfort is nothing compared to the emotionl pain I put you through.  It was like karma stepped in and did to me what I tried to do to you…”

“But Lucy, there is a big difference.  Yes, you were being a little pushy but you weren’t getting violent and when I told you to stop you did.  Sting wasn’t going to.” He flinches when he thinks about what could have happened. 

“I know…” she sighs.  “But I’m still scared to think that if I had been strong enough to force you…  would I have?”

“Luce, I think you know the answer to that is no.  I don’t believe you have that side in you.”

With a half-smile back on her face, she reaches up and cups his cheek, “My mom once told me that if I listen to my heart, I’ll know when I’ve found the one…  I think, no, I know in my heart that it’s you and I was so worried that I had hurt you too badly for you to ever give me a second chance.  So, thank you Natsu.”

He grins, “I’ve been in love you with you for so many years, it would take a lot more for me to walk away now.  But, were you really okay with not rushing into…” he blushes, “you know, the whole sex thing?”

Exhaling, “I’ll be honest, it’s torturous because you just have such an effect on me...”  She smiles, “But if that’s how you feel, I’ll do my best to respect your wishes.”

“That’s good to know.” Grinning, “I’ll try not to torture you for too much longer.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It wasn’t exactly easy for me to turn you down that night, I wanted it just as badly but I really did worry that you would wake up the next day thinking I was taking advantage of you.”

Lucy leans her head on his shoulder and sighs, “I wouldn’t have thought you were taking advantage … but I can admit now, you did the right thing Natsu.”  Exhale, “So where do we go from here?”

“I think for starters,” he leans his head on hers, “we do things properly.  Will you… be my girlfriend Luce?”

She lifts her head and turns his face towards hers, “I’d be honored to be your girlfriend Natsu.”

He leans down and kisses her, “The honor is mine.”

As soon as their lips meet a surge of electricity race along both their spines.  They can’t deny the chemistry between them as the world slows again just for the young couple.  He cradles her face planting soft kisses over her luscious pink lips, light tingling sensations travel along her arms as she twists her fingers through his hair.  Sighs, and little moans murmured through breaths speak volumes as they reverberate through his mind.  He has such a sizzling way of tantalizing her senses and she unknowingly is driving his mind crazy.  All the memories of long forgotten dreams, of passion filled trysts with his blonde coming flooding back.      

Natsu forces himself to take things slow, pulling Lucy into his lap so he can hold her closer and control her movements.  Any pain he feels from his injuries are forgotten as the adrenaline overrides his senses.  Her kisses steadily increase in their demands, beckoning him to keep going… they whisper to his very soul.  Drifting his fingers over her arms, gripping them just a tad to keep them from wandering lower he refuses to relent to her desires, rather savoring this moment with her.  They have all the time they need to explore the future and he doesn’t want another misunderstanding to get in their way; well at least while they’re still in the club he remarks to no one but himself. 

She sighs, realizing, remembering her promise to respect his wishes.  It won’t be so bad, he’s not going anywhere…   ‘Just enjoy whatever he is willing to give you right now.’    


30 minutes later, it’s Lucy who interrupts the moment.  “Natsu…” half sighing for having to do this.  “We should get back to our friends.”

He gives her another sweet kiss on her neck, warm air wafting over her as he breathes his response.  “I know…”

“We have plenty of time…” she turns his face to hers and smiles.  “…to continue this later.”  Kissing his nose.  “It’s almost closing time for the club.”

His long exhale, more to calm his own desires then a lack of air, ‘she’s respecting what you asked for…’ his conscious pipes up.  ‘Yeah, yeah, don’t need to remind me.’  “Yeah, okay.  You’re right.  They’re probably wondering what we’ve been up to.”

She chuckles, “I can imagine.”  Lucy climbs out of Natsu’s lap and straightens out her clothes as Natsu wills down the mild chubby still plaguing his jeans.  Holding out her hand to him, she takes ahold of his…


“Well if it ain’t our Crazy couple finally emerging from their make out session.”

Both blushing at Cana for her blunt assessment, “we were just talking…” Lucy stammers out.

“Uh-huh, try again.  I went to check on you two and I didn’t hear no talkin’ going on.”  Gray quickly quips.  “Just some other sounds.” The grin growing on his face.

“We weren’t doing that!” Natsu sneers at him, though the red hue on his face is still etched onto his cheeks.  “Wouldn’t do that in Mira’s office, that’s rude.”

“Hey!”  Gray puts his hands up in defense.  “I believe ya.  Just glad you two are on good terms again.  Cause dealing with you two drama queens is exhausting.”  Snickers from the other males.

“Stop listening to these idiots, Luce, why don’t you guys sit and relax.”   Levy pats the couch next to her.

But just as Lucy’s about to take up her friends offer, Natsu’s grip on her hand tightens.  “Actually, I think I’m kinda tired from all the excitement, how about a rain check, huh?  Let’s all meet here again tomorrow night.”

Lucy looks up at him trying to figure out what he’s up to.  Seeing her gaze, he winks before feigning a yawn for the group.

“R-right, yeah I think I agree with Natsu.  You guys stay if you’d like, the tabs already covered but I think I should see him home.”

“Oh yeah, whose ho…” Gajeel tries to question before receiving an elbow to his side from his girlfriend.

“Sure,” Levy plays along as she side-eyes Cana with a grin.  “Get some rest and tomorrow we’ll do this again; without the drama.”

Natsu and Lucy hug all their friend’s goodbye and she calls Capricorn to pick them up.  As they wait outside along the curb, Lucy still holding his hand is a little nervous.  It was obvious to her he wanted to get out of there but what was next?  Did he really want to go home?  She didn’t want to end the night just yet but at the same time, asking him might seem too forward and she had promised to move on his terms. 

Still fidgeting as Capricorn pulls up to the curb, Natsu opens the door so Lucy can get in first.  “Where to miss Lucy?”  the driver asks as she settles in her seat.

“Um, take us…”

“To the mansion.” Natsu interjects as a stunned Lucy stares at him. 

“Yes sir.”

“Natsu?  A-are you sure?”  The cracking in her voice evident.

But he just smiles at her and puts his arm around her shoulders.  “I’d like to continue our conversation, if that’s okay with you?”

Her eyes widen slightly before softening.  “I’d really like that.”


“Welcome back Mr. Dragneel.”  Virgo greets them at the door.  “I’m glad to see Ms. Lucy hasn’t scared away a new friend.”

Lucy shoots her a glare and is about to retort but Natsu counters gracefully for her.  “On the contrary, we’ve known each other since high school.”  He smiles at the blonde next to him.  “And there’s no way she could get rid of me now.”

“You two met way back then?  Ms. Lucy, you never mentioned him before.”

“I thought he was out of my league…” she mumbles

“Well I think you make a gorgeous couple.” Virgo smirks.  “Take care of our Princess, Mr. Dragneel or I will be forced to punish you.” 

This time it’s Lucy who responds for Natsu.  “Virgo, I think that’ll be all for the evening.  Thank you.”  Dragging Natsu away up the stairs, she hurries to get away from the mischievous eyes of her maid.

‘I like this one…’  Virgo smiles on her way back to her own suite.


Upstairs in her suite, it is quickly apparent to Natsu that Lucy has become uncharacteristically very, very nervous as she sits stiffly on the couch next to him.  Gone is the confident singer who can silence the room with her melodic voice, or the brazen girl who one week ago threw herself at him on this very couch.  He chuckles in his head at what he’s turned her into.  She was comfortable in Mira’s office but here, she almost seems too petrified to move.  Is it because of this couch and the memories they bring back to her?      

“Lucy, is something wrong?”

“No, nothing’s wrong.  W-why would you think somethings wrong?”

“Because you seem scared.”

“I’m not…”

“Is it the couch?  How about we sit on the bed instead?  Would that be more comfortable?”

“T-the b-bed?” she stammers.  “Wh-why would you want to be on the bed?”

He grins, “Come on…” he pulls off the couch and sits her on the edge of the bed.  “What about some music then?”  He walks over to her stereo and turns it on making sure it’s not too loud.  Ironically, the station she has it set to is romantic music from the 80’s, perfect for the mood.  He takes a seat next to her, “Just relax Luce and stop thinking about last week.”

She looks at him with a surprised expression, “How’d you know that’s what I was thinking about?”

He leans back, “Just an educated guess.”  With one arm keeping him propped up he reaches with the other to take one of her hands from her lap.  “I don’t think you’ll do that again…” he squeezes her fingers, “unless I’m ready…” 

She looks down and exhales.  “No…”

“Then smile for me.” He grins and runs the back of his hand along her jawline, “I wanna see the beautiful smile that caught my attention in class… and on the stage... and on the dance floor…”

Lucy gives him a smile, but it’s not the one he’s hoping for.  ‘She’s still too nervous.’  He remarks to himself.  Sigh.  So, he sits up and scoots off the bed dragging her with him.  “Dance with me.”


“Yes now,” he laughs and pulls her to him.  After draping her arms around his neck, he places his own around her waist.  ‘I Want to Know What Love Is’ by Foreigner is playing.  Natsu leads, slowly swaying along with the melody and Lucy follows stiff in her movements.  In effort to change her focus, “Luce…” he gazes softly at her, “tell me about the kinds of stories you write, are they romance, action, fantasy…”

“A little bit of all of that I guess but I tend to lean towards fantasy.”

“Are you working on anything right now.”  He tightens his embrace just a tad.

She bites the corner of her lip, “Well, I had a dream this week that inspired a new story.”  Averting her gaze, “It has you and me in it…” some of her bangs fall over face.

Brushing the stray hairs behind her ears, “Will you tell me about it?”  His voice is so sensual it makes her shudder slightly. 

“It’s nothing really,” looking down, “just a silly idea…”

Tipping her face back up, “Please…” he pouts, making her sigh and giggle.  That brings a smile to his face and helps her to relax a little.

“Well...” Her grip around his neck tightens just a little. “…in this fantasy world, we’re good wizards from guilds or um, like organizations that help each other to fight evil ones.  Along with our friends, we go on missions and just have a lot of fun together…”

“So what kind of wizard am I?”

“A fire dragon wizard.”

His green eyes flash, “Ooh, really, so can I like breathe fire and stuff?”  The excitement in his voice makes her giggle again and his heart leaps.  “And what kind of wizard are you?”

“Yeah you can do all that and more.  I’m a star wizard that uses keys to summon zodiac constellations.  Our friends have characters too in this world.  Like um, Levy specializes in script enchantments, Cana uses magical cards, Gray Ice magic, and so on.  I tried to come up with abilities that suits their personalities or interests.”

Noticing how much more relaxed she is, he continues.  “So, what’s this story about?”

“In the dream, I was kidnapped because they needed me to control a clock that can alter time and you guys were all trying to save me.”

“And did I, save you?”

“Yes…”  She smiles wide, her big brown eyes sparkling with vitality; it’s the one he’d been waiting for…  “You caught me as I fell.”

“I’ll always be here to catch you Luce.” He rubs her back.  “I’m really honored to have inspired one of your stories, I think it’s gonna be amazing…”

Lucy giggles again, “Well I just started it so, it’s still too early to tell.”

Natsu caresses her face, “I believe in you Luce.”  His emerald eyes are so serious and yet so mesmerizing.

“Y-you do?” she stammers out, too taken by the intensity of his gaze.

He nods his head.  “I do…” skimming his thumb over her soft pink lips, her body melts as he leans down to place a kiss on them.  Lucy matches his craving and ups the ante by tangling her fingers in his hair, humming in her excitement.  ‘She’s back…’ He grins against her lips, loving the vibration of her purrs as he pulls her body tighter against him and this time he has no plans of stopping.  She shifts her hips just enough to where they run flush against his own.  Almost growling from the close contact, Natsu feels emboldened, letting his hands drift lower to skim along the curve of her rear over the fabric.  When she gasps from the shock he nibbles at her bottom lip, grinning bigger, loving her reaction to his touch.  Spurred on by his escalation, she teases his lips with her tongue, gaining entrance to explore further.  Another quiet moan escapes him as she tickles his wet muscle with her own, sucking, before moving the dance along to other areas of his mouth. 

“Lucy…” he groans again, this time squeezing her ass when she tugs at his hair. 

“Do you…” she kisses his neck.  “want to stop?”  her teeth graze his skin.

“No…” he moans, realizing that slow and steady isn’t in her dictionary and if that’s what she wants this time he’s willing to play along.

“Do you… want to go further…” she gyrates her hips against him, intentionally rubbing against the growing bulge in his pants.  Natsu growls deep in his throat.  “It’s okay to stop…” she murmurs while nibbling his ear, her hot breath tickling his neck.     

“Don’t stop…” he rumbles, “…but you will pay for being naughty again.”

“You’re gonna punish me…” she gently teases him with another nip to his neck.  “This…” Lucy reaches between them, “…bad, bad… girl…” and rubs his crotch.

“Tit for tat you little tease.” He slips a couple fingers into her panties and skims along her already moistened clit.  She gasps as an aching quiver buckles her knees. 

“Natsu…” Lucy whimpers as he repeats the motions a second and third time. 

“I like the sound of my name upon your lips.” His husky voice adding to her shivers.  “Do you like this Luce, do you like how it feels?”

“Oh God yes!” she moans. 

He yanks her panties down and lets them fall to her ankles.  “Say my name again…” and slips a finger into her opening. 

Her cries, strangled as she gasps, “Natsu!”  back arching in response when he slides his finger in and out, slowly and meticulous, rubbing her very core.  “More…” she manages to choke out. 

“Are you sure…” he teases her again

“Please…” she begs, the throbbing between her legs growing by the second.             

With his hands holding her up firmly under her rear, she instinctively wraps her legs around his hips while he carries her to the bed.  Crawling all the way up, he doesn’t let go until her head hits the pillow and she relaxes her hold around his waist.  With a satisfied grin plastered on his face Natsu lays propped on his side, slowly trailing his fingers along her thighs starting lower and working his way towards their junction.  The higher he travels the shallower Lucy’s breathing becomes, almost stopping when he’s near the sweet spot.  Her sighing laments, make him chuckle when he moves his hand back down again. 

She pouts, “You’re being mean Natsu…” 

“I said punish, not reward…”  he taunts her.  “You want me that badly Luce?”

“I’ve never wanted anyone so much before!  It… hurts!” 

A sense of pride wells up in Natsu.  To have his first crush, begging him to take her…  Any reservations he once had, his rules about intimacy no longer applied.  Hell, the throbbing in his own jeans reminding him how badly he wanted her too.  He sighs.  In his dreams, their first experience was slow and sensual but maybe that was just the naivete of a virgin.  The long-awaited desires built up, especially in his case over several years were demanding action and her body was calling out with the same voracity.

He leans over and skims her lips with his…  “My terms…” he slips a digit through her entrance while covering her mouth with his own.  Without missing a beat his fingers find a rhythm and their kisses take on a greedier desire.  Hot and rough he trails his mouth down her neck and shoulder, nibbling and teasing creating a wave of shivers along her body.  Lucy’s hands move from his neck to his arms and back, nails digging when he nips her lightly.  A second finger is introduced stretching her further, preparing her cave for the final visitor.  She writhes against him with every motion, but soon she can’t take it anymore… Too much stimulation and yet not enough.  No, she wants more, she wants all of him… 

Halting his hand and his kisses for a moment, “I-I can’t…  I’m sorry…” she lifts her upper body off the bed and yanks the tube top off tossing it somewhere in the room along with her skirt, she didn’t care. 

“L-lucy?” he stammers, his already flushed face turning a little more crimson as her supple breasts are released from their imprisonment.  For a second he can’t move but only stare down at the fully naked goddess beneath him.

“Natsu…  I couldn’t control myself…”  She sees a conflict in his eyes and for a brief second, she worries she just took it too far but… 

“Damn it you’re so beautiful Lucy…”  he hesitates…  “Do I really deserve you.”

“You do Natsu…”  She cups the back of his neck, “My heart would be empty without you…” her passion filled kiss relaying everything else she wants to tell him… 

“I need you too.”  he moans through the kiss. 

Lucy yanks on his shirt.  “Please…  Natsu…” as she pulls off his shirt she almost loses her train of thought, “…Be my only…” his body is so fucking sexy… “Damn…” she bites the bottom corner of her lip and her mind goes completely blank when the rest of his clothes hit the floor.   

Poised over her, he drinks in the vision of his long-time crush, still amazed that she was really here and no longer just a dream.  “No… regret’s, right?”

Lucy smiles and wraps her arms around his neck, “Only one….” A single tear trickles down her cheek, “…I wish I had caught you in high school...”

“But you did…” Natsu caresses her cheek and wipes it away.  “You just didn’t know it yet.”