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Karaoke Kraze

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She floats in a strange place where time has no consistency and where scenes from her childhood play before her; she breaks down in tears as a little girl again. A small blonde haired doll from that era, speaks softly to her, “Please stop crying big sister, its’ okay.  You’re loved by so many people.  Listen closely and you’ll hear them calling out to you.”

Lucy quiets her sniffling and focuses her mind with the melded clock to see glimpses of her friends trying desperately to save her and hear the communications coming from all over. But she can also see that something is terribly wrong…

Gray calls in for a progress check, “Hey, have we beat ‘um yet?” He and many others are working frantically to break the chains tethering the giant mechanical clock to the earth.

Levy who is back at the guild hall working on a way to free Lucy calls in to check as well, “Warren, how’s Natsu’s team doing?”

“I don’t know what happened but I’ve lost my telepathic link with him.”

Standing in a cave where the heart of the clock lies, a young, dark purple haired boy named Romeo answers first, “Natsu’s in serious trouble.”

Elfman, “Yeah, he just vanished into a swirling black hole!”

"There’s no saving your friend now that he’s been consumed by the darkness. He might as well give up the fight.” A weird stick figure with a skull for a head taunts them.

Floating in a dark limbo of nothingness Natsu fights to stay conscious. “Please just wait a little longer Lucy; I’m comin’ to save you…”

Seeing him floating in this abyss Lucy’s fears mount, ‘Oh no..’   “Natsu…”  ‘What can I do?’ “The longer I’m here, the more I lose sight of who I am.  But I can’t give in!  I’ve gotta do something!”

Midnight, an odd black/white haired man, watches with a grin as the darkness slowly consumes his enemy, “No matter how much you struggle, you’ll never escape that nightmare. Goodbye, dragon wizard.”

But Natsu’s resolve has not wavered; he’s too stubborn for that, “No! I ain’t done yet.”  Screaming out in anger flames erupt over his entire body until he is a ball of fire.  “You hurt Lucy and Michelle and now I’m gonna hurt you!”

Back in her own time void, Lucy struggles through, “I can’t keep crying forever…” She centers all of her energy and gains control of the Infinity clock she has become linked to. 

A blinding yellow light radiates out from its face and they hear a voice echoing from all around them, “Ahhh! Bring Natsu back Now!” 

Romeo, “Did you hear that?” he asks Elfman

Elfman- “Yeah,” Looking around confused, “it sounded like Lucy.”

Midnight is panic-stricken, “What happened to me?” He looks down at his now 10 year old body and his mind has taken him to a different, much more painful time frame from his past.  “The tower of Heaven.  No!  This is the real nightmare!  But how!  It must have been the girl.  My seal is all that’s left and it’s not strong enough to hold her back.  I’m such a fool!”  He loses control of his spell. 

They all turn to the sounds of more cracking. Midnight’s eyes widen as Natsu crashes through the barrier that held him followed by a blazing fire, “I heard you Lucy!”  He heads straight for and punches Midnight in the face.

Natsu, “So you made a sacrifice; give me a break!” He screams at the dazed man.

Midnight, “They say magic comes from the heart and the greater the feelings that you’re willing to abandon, the greater the power you’ll gain!”

Blowing a directed roar of flames at Midnight he manages to dissipate it. Natsu wipes at his mouth, “Whatever.  So tell me what did you sacrifice to gain all this new power?”

Midnight, “My future, the one in which I’ll ever get to see my father again.”

Natsu, “I don’t get it; you’re not making any sense. If you wanna see your dad so badly then why don’t cha just go see him?”

Midnight’s aura has grown green in color, “You’re the reason my father and I were torn apart all those years ago. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten?!”

Natsu, “So that’s what you’re pissed off about. Don’t try to act like an innocent victim buddy;  You’re the scum bag that made Lucy cry!  Now quit your whining and fight me!”  “Ahhhh!”  The two hurl towards each other, clashing fist against fist.  


Levy, “Warren?”

Warren, “What’s up?”

Levy, “I’ve got news. We’ve been double checking our notes and well…”

A guy in an explorer’s outfit cuts in, “Now listen carefully, we’ve discovered something very important that we though you and the others should know…”

Warren, “Say what? Run that by me again.”


Midnight, “Impossible! How am I being overpowered?!”  The skin on his arms are showing cracks against Natsu’s exponential energy.  

“I know what it’s like to miss having your dad around so I can definitely sympathize with you. But your wrong, the whole thing about having to abandon your feelings to gain more power is a huge crock cause you only gain it by holding them close to your heart!”  Natsu screams

Midnight, “Liar! That can’t be true.  I was told that sacrifice was the only way.”  Cracks are appearing elsewhere on his body and face. 

Natsu, “Afraid not. You don’t know what to think anymore do you?  You’ve been twisting everything around so much your perceptions all screwed up now.  If you keep it up you can’t be true to your past!  Much less your future!”   He knees and head butts the man.  “You can’t even be true to your own heart!”

Midnight stutters, his resolve is wavering, “I’m not being true to my father?”

“You think you’re so smart but you got a lot to learn. Feelings are one thing you obviously don’t know anything about!”  He punches a final time and sends the man flying through a wall and over the edge of the cliff.  Cheers ring out.

Romeo, “We beat the last of the 6 seals!”

Elfman, “Hows Lucy?” They all turn back to look at where she had been.

“We’re too late. What do we do now?  Lucy’s completely disappeared.”

Natsu, “How’d that happen! I mean we got rid of all 6 of the seals.  Where the heck did she go?  We ain’t leaving till we get her back!”

Levy, “According to what it says here, the clock is remaining in this world because of the magic power it is absorbing from the Celestial wizards that are serving as body links.”

Explorer guy, “They’re stuck in a chrysalis like form so we need to lift the curse that’s been placed on them.”

Levy, “Lucy’s gotta alter their perception of time to 100 years in the future.”

Warren, “If she does that than the clock will break apart and all the pieces will scatter.”

Gray, “But what about Lucy?”

“She could be sent out flying with all the other clock pieces!”

Natsu, “Come on there’s gotta be another way?!”

Lucy shuts them all up, “I’ll give it a shot. The other Celestial Wizards need me.  If I don’t pull it off they’ll sleep for a hundred years….”  Focusing harder than she’s ever done before, the brilliant light of the clock envelopes everyone, “I can do this!” she grits her teeth.



Natsu awakens a top a flying octopus named Kanaloa along with his other friends. They are searching for Lucy who was indeed sent flying out to scatter along with the other pieces of the clock.  

Scanning the air, “Guy’s I’ve picked up her scent! It’s gotta be her, take us that a way octopus!”  As they get closer Natsu jumps off and rushes to reach Lucy who is plummeting to the ground like a fallen star.  Stumbling, he continues to race as fast as his legs will take him.  “Lucy!!”  Seconds before she’s about to hit the ground he launches his body as high as he can and manages to catch her just in time…”


“Natsu!” she cries out bolting straight up in her bed; still gripping her arms tightly around her chest; the warmth of his body already fading away from her memory. ‘Wait where am I?’ she looks around her bedroom.   ‘It was a dream? But so vivid!  I could feel him…’ she plops back down on her back and sighs.  ‘Friggin Levy, I can already hear the, ‘I told you so…’ But it would make for a cool story idea.’  She smiles


A little later that morning there is a knock at her bedroom door. “Lucy, its Levy and me!  We’re coming in!”  The door swings open.   “Girl what are still doing in bed?”  Cana chides her 

“Ugh, what do you guys want?” Lucy pulls the covers over her head.

“Come on, it’s almost lunch time.”   Cana pulls the covers all the way off.  “You can’t stay in bed all day just cause of him.”

“W-who said that’s the reason!” Lucy screams back in protest.

Levy- “Too bad girl, I already told Cana what happened last night.”

Tch, big mouth…” Lucy mumbles and pulls a pillow over her face.

Cana yanks the pillow and holds it against her chest, sigh “Guess I should have schooled you better on men.  Well, get your ass up so we can go get something to eat.”


Sitting outside of a Cold Stone Creamery, the three girls relax with their favorite confections. “Okay Levy I admit you were right… I ended up dreaming about him last night.”  When her friends grin, she knows the look, “But not in the way you’re thinking!”

Levy- “I didn’t say anything.”

Cana- “Neither did I.”

“Don’t even try, your faces told me everything. So in the dream Natsu’s like a dragon wizard and I’m some kind of star wizard and we go on these missions to help people.  You guys are there too, so is Gajeel, and Gray, even Mira, and Juvia and other random people I know.  Everyone’s got different powers, it’s so weird.  Anyways during this one mission, I get kidnapped cause they need me for some kind of giant clock, you guys all come to save me but to beat the machine I have to become one with it, and when I do it sends me flying out into the sky.  Natsu ends up catching me when I fall from the stars…”

“So what’s my power?” Asks Cana excitedly

“You’re a card wizard, like you use magical playing cards.”

“And what about me?”

“Levy you are a script wizard, you use words as your magic.”

“That’s so weird, cards?”

“At least that sounds cooler than words! Then again, I do like to read, Cana you like to gamble, and Lu you love astronomy.  Maybe your dreams are trying to tell you something.”

“Tell me what?”

Teasingly, “That Natsu’s your prince charming.”

Tch, whatever; it’s just a stupid dream.”

“Maybe… or Maybe not. Come on a dragon saves the beautiful young girl; it’s a classic fairytale love story!  Though I can’t be surprised about your crazy imagination; hey you should write it down as another one of your fiction ideas!”

“I thought about it… Maybe I will.”

Cana- “Now back to Natsu, Lucy you’ve gotta suck up your pride and just apologize to him.”

“For what? If he didn’t want to have sex then he shouldn’t have sent out those signals.”

“It doesn’t sound like he was. You guys were making out, that doesn’t automatically equal ‘let’s have sex’.   You got the wrong impression then reacted like a spoiled brat when he told you no."

“I wasn’t acting like a spoiled brat! I-I was hurt so of course I just wanted to be left alone…”

“Fine, call it whatever you want, but you were still more in the wrong than he was. Be the bigger person and just apologize.”


“Ugh! You are so stubborn sometimes!”

“Lu, I swear you’re going to lose out on an amazing opportunity with him. Don’t let this one go….”


The following Monday Levy, Cana, Natsu, and Gray are hanging out at Gajeel’s house. True to her word Levy’s come up with an idea she thinks will get Lucy back with Natsu and Cana agrees with her. 

“N-no way, I-I don’t think I could pull that off. She knows I’m shy with girls, s-she’ll never believe it!”

Levy- “Natsu, we know her better than anyone else, this plan could work. You need to trust us.”

Cana- “Yeah, it’ll get her so riled up! And since she hates to lose she’ll try to take you back by force if that’s what it’ll take.”

Gajeel- “Oi, and it’s not like you gotta kiss or make out with the girl, it’s just going to be a fake blind date. The most you gotta do is maybe hold hands, just look interested in her.”

“You guys are all crazy! And who is this poor girl that I’m supposed to date?  Cause based on your thought’s she might end up beaten up by Luce.”

Levy- “Erza.”

“Hell to the N-O!!”

Gray- “Why not?!”

“She scares me That’s why!”

Gray- “Well then there’s no worry about Lucy beating her up right, we just gotta make sure she doesn’t beat up Lucy...”

Levy- “Look Erza’s already game for this, and Jellal is okay with it. So what do you say Natsu?”

“I-I, don’t know…”

Gray- “Eh, do you want Lucy back?”


Gray- “Well then you don’t have a choice. The plan will take place on Friday.”


Over the course of the week, Levy and Cana work on their friend who’s still upset over Natsu. Sometimes she’s all about wanting him back, while at other times its’ wanting to never see him again.  What she hasn’t told them is every night she still has the same dream about the clock. 


She sits at her desk putting the story down on paper one afternoon when her mind starts to ponder. ‘Could my dream really be trying to tell me something? Why about a clock, does time have any significance?  I can understand everyone’s magic, those fit each person’s personas; Natsu likes fire so why not a fire breathing dragon wizard and I love the stars so a Celestial wizard fits…  But time?  I’m not that old and my biological clock isn’t ticking yet; or is it?  Is my mind trying to tell me it’s time to settle down and that he might be the right one to invest with?’  “Argh!  Mom I wish you were here to tell me what I should do!”  She drops her head on the desk, ‘I miss you so much…’  


“Lucy? Darling where are you?” She hears quiet giggling as the 6 year old little blonde girl hides behind some rose bushes. “Why I wonder where my little girl could be?”  More quiet giggling.  “Could she be…”  Layla Heartfillia moves the bushes aside.  “…right here!”  The little blonde girl squeals.

“Mommy you found me!”

“Come now Lucy, it is time for lunch.” She takes the little girls hand.  “Spetto has set up our meal on the patio.”


Happily munching on her sandwich the little girl asks her mom a question. “Mommy when you met daddy how’d you know you loved him?”

“Well, first I found him attractive.”

Lucy giggles, “He was handsome.”

Layla chuckles, “Yes. He made mommy’s heart beat faster, I would get all happy when I saw him, and he made me feel special.”

“But mommy, when I see you I get happy and you make me feel special.”

She pulls her daughter onto her lap, “Oh my little one, that’s the bond we share as mother and child. But it is different when two adults fall in love.”

“So how will I know when I fall in love?”

“Just listen to what your heart tells you. When that time comes, you’ll know if you’ve found the man of your dreams.”  She kisses her daughters forehead, “but that will be many years from now Lucy so don’t worry about it.”

“Okay mommy!” she bites into her sandwich again and smiles.

“I love you Lucy.”

“I love you too mommy!”


She opens her eyes and sits up on her chair, stretching out her arms and legs that have grown a little numb from the position. “Thanks mom…” Lucy smiles