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You Have 487 New Messages (Or, In Which Sherlock Holmes Starts a Grouptext)

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18 March 2018

JW: Is anyone free tomorrow night to mind Rosie?

GL: I’ll be at work

GL: I know Rosie doesn’t mind crime scenes, but sadly this is the boring administrative paperwork kind of work

GL: What have you got going on?

JW: Just some plans that came up

GL: So a date, then

JW: No

JW: No, not a date

GL: Yeah it’s definitely a date

MrsH: I’ll be at a 75th birthday party for an old school chum

MrsH: I’d bring Rosie along but I think it’s going to get a bit wild

JW: Right, that’s as much information as I need on that, thanks Mrs. H

MH: While I would gladly spend an evening with Rosamund, I’ll be on a different continent.

SH: You weren’t being asked, Mycroft.

SH: John should have clarified that he prefers people who are qualified to mind children, not countries.

MH: I can assure you that I am qualified to keep another human being alive.

MH: I’ve been successful with you so far, after all.

GL: Yeah but he was dead for a while so I’m not sure you can count that one mate

MoH: Ouch.

MoH: I’ve got plans with friends sorry John :(

MoH: I could cancel though?

JW: No Molly of course not, I’ll figure something out

GL: Oi Sherlock!  Why can't you stay home with Rosie?  

SH: I’m busy.

GL: I’m sure your experiment on the tensile strength of chewing gum or whatever it is can wait

GL: John has a date!

SH: Yes, I know.

GL: So????  

SH: It’s with me.

GL: !

GL: !!!

GL: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MoH: What!?

MoH: How!?

MoH: When!?

MoH: Are you serious???!!!

MoH: Sherlock, why you didn’t say anything when you stopped by to look at the man who’d been drawn and quartered?

SH: It didn’t feel like the quite the moment what with all the dismemberment in the room.

GL: All right, which of you finally pulled their head out of their arse?

GL: I want to shake that man’s hand

MrsH: Oh boys I’m so happy!

MrsH: Also could one of you take the clothes out of the dryer please?  I’ve got a load to do

MrsH: If you’re not otherwise occupied that is ;)

GL: Oh my god is that why I couldn’t get ahold of you the other night?

GL: I had a case for you and you ignored me because you were busy having a snog?!

GL: Jesus

MH: [Attachment - Child Minders with Background Checks.doc]

GL: ^^^Mycroft’s way of saying he approves, presumably

JW: Sherlock

JW: This was not how we discussed doing this

JW: You’re impossible

JW: Shut up all of you

GL has changed Sherlock Holmes: Not Quite The World’s ONLY Consulting Detective  to Holmes-Watson Wedding Planning Committee

JW has changed Holmes-Watson Wedding Planning Committee to Fuck Off Lestrade

GL has changed Fuck Off Lestrade to Holmes-Watson Engagement Party Planning Committee At The Very Least