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You Have 487 New Messages (Or, In Which Sherlock Holmes Starts a Grouptext)

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4 March 2018

JW: you awake?

SH: Obviously.

SH: I can’t speak for anyone else but considering it’s two in the morning I would assume no.

JW: Rosie go to bed ok?

SH: Of course.

SH: You aren’t enjoying Jacob’s party.

JW: i didn tsay that

SH: I told you you wouldn’t.

SH: You don’t like loud clubs or exotic dancers. Or Jacob, particularly.

JW: well you goto stag parties when you get invited to them, dont you?

SH: I wouldn’t know.

SH: I’ve only ever been invited to the one.

JW: it was a good one though

SH: I don’t have a basis for comparison but I found it to be acceptable.

JW: untl the part where we got arrsted

SH: Perhaps Lestrade has an opinion on stag parties, he seems the sort of man who would receive plenty of invitations.

SH: Any thoughts Greg?

JW: i didnt really mind getting arrested though

JW: you were there after all

SH: Yes, I recall.

SH: Part of it, at least.

JW: dyou ever think about if that client hadnt shown up

SH: What do you mean?

JW: dunno

JW: its just

JW: well

JW: you, i suppose

SH: You’re drunk.

JW: deduced it have you

JW: brilliant as always hahaha

JW: i do hate this party

JW: im much too old for this

SH: Come home then.

SH: If you’d like.

JW: i would like

JW: quite  abit

JW: probably more than that

JW: youre ringing me

JW: what are you ringing me for

JW: i cant pick up in this club you berk

JW: and anyway you prefer texting

JW: you said that years ago you know

JW: i remember it

JW: i remember everything youve ever told me i think

JW: whered you go

JW: sherlock?

SH: Yes?

JW: oh hello

JW: ill come home no wi think

JW: youll be up?

SH: Obviously.

JW: good

JW: see you soon


GL: Well, 56 new text messages is certainly one way to wake up.

GL: Did you two have a good night then?  

GL: ;)

GL has changed  Pictionary: 1, Sherlock Holmes: 0 to Texts From Last Night

SH: John vomited twice and then fell asleep on the sofa.


MoH: Good morning Mr. Drunk Texter!

MoH: How are you feeling today?

JW: Oh Jesus Christ

JW: Was I texting all of you?

MH: Indeed.

JW: Why didn’t anyone TELL me?!

MrsH: Some of us were asleep!

JW: Hope I wasn’t keeping anyone awake.

GL: Only Sherlock

GL: Pretty sure he didn’t mind though

JW: What’s that supposed to mean?

GL: Nothing!

GL: You’re tetchy when you’re hungover aren’t you??