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You Have 487 New Messages (Or, In Which Sherlock Holmes Starts a Grouptext)

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27 October 2017

MrsH: [Photo - Puzzle.jpg -  27.10.2017 21:01]

MrsH: I know it’s past her bedtime but she just finished her puzzle and she’s so proud!

MrsH: I asked her if she wanted to try out the one with the lovely animals on it but she preferred the skeleton

MrsH: Anyway I just thought you’d like to see, how’s the case going boys?

JW: We’re a bit busy staking out a couple of locations at the moment

JW: But thank you for the photo, well done Rosie

SH: Of course she prefers the skeleton.

SH: The other one is highly unrealistic.

SH: The forest animals are SMILING.

GL: What’s wrong with smiling forest animals?

GL: I think I got her that one actually

SH: Figures.

SH: Are you both still in place?

JW: Yes, of course, though I don’t know why

JW: Since you’re convinced it’s the brother

SH: Nearly convinced.  The evidence was inconclusive, there’s a .5% chance it’s the cousin.

JW: Yes, and I’m hidden in a damp maintenance cupboard for a .5% chance

JW: Lovely

SH: Improbable does not mean impossible.

GL: Well my team is in place

GL: I hope you’re right about this, Sherlock

SH: I always am.

JW: And so modest, too

MrsH: Should you three really be texting so much if you’re on a stakeout?

MrsH: Won’t someone notice?

JW: I’m in a cupboard waiting for someone who only has a .5% chance of being a murderer

JW: I’m not too fussed

JW: Shouldn’t the brother have been there by now Sherlock?

SH: Possibly.

MoH: Hello everyone

MoH: Er, so I’ve got something that might be relevant

MoH: The brother is here

JW: What, at Barts?

JW: Why in the hell would he be at Barts

MoH: He’s dead

SH: Oh.

SH: Interesting.

JW: shit

JW: he’s here

JW: the cousin’s here

GL: Hang on

GL: Sherlock, were you WRONG?

SH: I said it was IMPROBABLE.  How many times must I explain statistics to you?

GL: John, I’m sending backup your way

JW: he hasn’t seen me

JW: yeah he’s definitely armed

MoH: That would make sense considering the body I’ve got here here was shot several times

JW: he’s leaving again, I’m going to tail him

SH: Be careful.  He’s killed three people.  He’s clearly desperate.  

JW: right, which is why we’ve got to stop him now

JW: im on him

JW: Lestrade how far are your men?

GL: Five minutes

JW: hes seen me

SH: John?

SH: John, reply immediately.

MrsH: Oh dear

SH: John.


MH: Sherlock, answer your phone.

MH: I’m attempting to locate him.

GL: Three minutes

MoH: Oh my goodness

MrsH: I’m sure he’s just fine, you boys always get yourselves out of these scrapes

MrsH: Nothing to worry about!

MrsH: Right boys?

MoH: Any updates????

MrsH: Boys, this isn’t funny!

JW: Hello all, sorry for going dark

JW: I’ve got him, the police are here, it’s all fine

MoH: Oh thank god!

MoH: You had me a bit nervous there haha

MrsH: Well done boys, I wasn’t worried for a moment!

MH: Congratulations, Dr. Watson.

MH: In the future, might I request that you not drop out of contact for such an extended length of time?

MH: My brother very nearly started an international incident out of concern for you.

SH: Shut up Mycroft.