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You Have 487 New Messages (Or, In Which Sherlock Holmes Starts a Grouptext)

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29 July 2017

SH: Rosie has something to share with all of you.

SH: [Video - RosieABCs.jpg -  29.7.2017 19:08]

MoH: Oh that's the cutest thing ever

MrsH: Well done Rosie!  

MrsH: Now that she’s mastered it, perhaps you can stop singing it yourself Sherlock?  I can hear you from down here!  

GL: Wild Saturday night over at Baker Street I see

SH: For some more than others.

SH: John's on a date.

MoH: Oooh is he?

JW: It's not a date

JW: Just an old friend from uni in town

GL: You shouldn't be texting when you’re on a date

SH: She's in the bathroom or he wouldn't be.

SH: Obviously.

JW: It’s not a date!

SH: She thinks it's a date.

JW: Well, I can't help that, can I

MrsH: You looked very smart in your jumper when you left!  I'm sure your date agrees!

MoH: Which jumper did he wear?

SH: The grey one with the stripes.  Gift from Harry, Christmas 2016.

MoH: Ooh that one is lovely, very form fitting too.

MoH: Though personally I'm always partial to a nice button down on dates

MoH: Not that I go on that many!  Haha!

GL: Why do you all keep track of John's clothes?!  Women are mad

GL: *women and Sherlock Holmes

JW: Hear hear

GL has changed the name of #AnythingButFitspiration to The Bachelor Viewing Party

JW: fuck off greg

30 July 2017

GL: So how was the date?  Spill, Watson

SH: He arrived home after 3.

SH: Deduce from that what you will.

GL: Cheers mate

MrsH: Oooh exciting! I'll be expecting all the details at tea today!

MoH: Yay John!

MH: The British Government extends its congratulations, Dr. Watson.

JW: I hate all of you