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Of The Lilies

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For what once was desk to now a roof sat the now past pair
For them they know but love can find itself in ladies old or new
Maidens but in their prime, dreams long spent, still mingle in the air
Those down below, souls lost as they sit now, a love they not knew

From the top they oversaw all from the land, to sky, and to sea
All blues and all greens met in their eyes down to the classes on below
No throne for them yet built, but the rail lent them a seat most royally
Pairs left for them to intertwine, thread crimson on women bestowed

Hours to days and days to months and but months turn to years
The sat waiting for the next in line worthy of their task, of their crown
A humble lady, a chef, did they bless to play matchmake with her peers
To turn this but to a Yuritopia from what was once but a ghost town

The ladies, spirited as spirits can be, gave word for her quest
She wondered can ghosts be laid and sent to the heavens hereafter?
‘Fore she was answered, and she set forth for her task at their ghastly request
Their last chance at a romance lest they be led to disaster

And rode forth did she with all of her might, the might of a gale
Betwixt two women longing she would tie their red string in a bow
Just under a year it took but to the end her task she did hail
To set right the school that sat down under these ghosts now below

With but smile and grace she sat things right through the piling days
What should block her way she threw down for love finds a way
To make her school go from those lovelorn to feeling quite gay
And sun would soon rise again on every following day

The ghost girls did grin at the task she had done
They could may now find love too with peace she did bring
As they sat on the roof with the warmth of the sun
Forever in generations their love between all girls they would sing

“Yuna Of Lilies” she was dubbed as a queen would a knight
Was a more honoring title than some other names brought
As she came down and settled in from her long holy fight
The Yuritopia was now complete, the queendom the spirits long sought

With wreath on her head, of lilly and pearl and other flowering fair
The ghosts named their new queen that day, a queendom now saved
Love of two women aplenty abounded with the ghost maidens’ prayer
And for all we now claim - All hail Yuritopia! And all hail Yuna The Brave!

And so ends our tail of a heroine not born but of the lilies was made

The tale now passed on by the ghosts of the roof they guarded so well
Women emboldened by passion free and scarlet now pass through their halls
A new era has dawned as the day is greeted by the schoolhall’s bells
Ladies, you are safe now here, with respite as I their tale now regale

Yuritopia is a place for all ladies who seek the romance between lilies full flowered
Made for you and for me between ghosts and the living in an old romantic tale
No barriers does it see, all of the world does this Yuritopia now empower
Between you and but me and all women grown to see its queendom entail

I say now thank you all and may you find truest love
As our ghostly leaders Sachi and Megumi would see us enact from the heavens above

I say now as they see from the heavens above
A merry Yuritopia to all and to all now free love!